Dragonkeeper (2024) | Transcript

The fate of ancient China rests on the shoulders of one young girl, who must find the last remaining dragon egg and fulfill her destiny.
Dragonkeeper (2024)

Dragonkeeper (2024)
: Action, Adventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy
Director: Salvador Simó
Stars: Lucía Pérez, Mario Gas, Fernando Castro, Carlos de Luna, José Gómez Adán

Plot: Set in Han Imperial China, the plot follows the adventures of enslaved girl Ping with ancient dragon Long Danzi. Dragons had been banished from the kingdom. Ping, an orphan, finds one of the last remaining dragon eggs. Palace guards force Ping to run away in order to return the dragon egg to the ocean and save all dragons from extinction. Ping discovers that she is a true Dragonkeeper.

* * *

[bright electronic music]

[upbeat music]

[dramatic music]

[bright music]

[mysterious music]

[woman] In ancient times

when necromancers waged war against all living beings,

forces were joined between the empire and the dragons.

A sacred bond was forged between dragons

and a few chosen pure of heart.

But from the ashes of victory came jealousy of their power.

And the new emperor hunted the dragons,

jailed them, and persecuted their fellow humans.

[music continues]


[crickets chirping]

[thunder rumbling]

[suspenseful music]

[horse nickering]

[Diao] Wait, you wouldn’t mind

if I try first, would you?

It’s not that I don’t trust you, but…

I don’t trust you.

Of course, of course. [laughs]

[Diao] Excellent.

I’m pleased you’re pleased.

We’re all pleased. Aren’t we, lads?

Are you pleased? Yeah, we’re pleased.

Smiling. Ha!

20 gold pieces, as agreed.

I’d give you a thousand times more

if you could bring me one alive.

[laughs] A live one?

Who do you think you are? The Emperor?

Sir, 20 pieces of gold now.

[weapons clang]


It’s a pleasure doing business with you.

Well done.

[baby cooing]

Now how all is in your hands.

[baby cooing]

[baby crying]

[reigns whip] [horse neighs]

[cart rumbling]

[Wang Chao panting] Oh!

Oh, stop cryin…

Oh, you’re not crying.

[baby crying]

Who’s crying?

Boy, check it out. Go on.

[baby crying]

Sorry for being late!

Where have you been?


You fool.

I just, the carriage was…

was broke down on the [stammers]

The wheel.

[mysterious music] [baby crying]

Over here!


[baby cooing] [mysterious music]

[baby crying]

[crying continues] [indistinct chattering]

[crying continues]

[Master Lan] Shut up!

We changed you! What else do you need?

[echoing] What else do you need?

[crying continues]

[Master Lan] Give him something! Please!

[music continues] [Master Lan shouts indistinctly]

[bell clanging]

[crying continues]

[doors rumble]

[crying continues]

[man] Oh, welcome back.

Welcome back, Master.

[crying continues]

Oh my! [groans]

What? What did you…?

[Master Lan] How can something so small make so much noise?

[crying continues]

Because it’s a baby.

They do that. Yes.


Just, just make it stop!

Make it, stop it before

I feed you both to the…

[dragon roars in distance]

[horse whinnies]

[crows cawing]

[gentle music] [cooing]

[Lao Ma] Her name is Ping.


Hello, Ping.

[Ping cooing]

[Lao Ma humming]

[Diao] Bring the jars in.



Hold on.

I have the dragon parts.

This time the medicine will work.

No, my son, it’s too late.


Wang Chao?


Hurry up with the vases.

Yes, Master.

Oh, my back!

Please, stop.

My time has come.




It’s already started in you.

So soon.

I will find a cure.

Don’t make my mistake.

Don’t worry about how you’re going to die.

Worry about how you’re going to live.



[Diao sobbing]

[somber music]

This will not be my destiny.

I swear.

[Lao Ma] Ping?


[gentle music]

Wake up!

[Ping yawns]

Honored guest?

What? Wake up!

You’re having silly dreams again.

[Ping] I can’t control my dreams.

[Lao Ma] Come, come, come.

It’s daybreak.

[Ping groans]

[whispers] You can sleep a little longer.

[Ping groans]

[Lao Ma] Come on! It’s feeding day today.

Today? It’s really today?

You’re finally going to let feed them?

Oh, finally!

What do you think?

Yes, I think you mean the other animals.

You get to feed the chickens.

Oh, yay.


Come now. Get moving.

Master will be up early.

Yes, Lao Ma.

Your day will come, Ping.

When I’m too old to look after them.

But you’re already old.


Sorry, Lao Ma.

[Ping sighs]

[Ping humming]

[chickens clucking]

Morning, chickens.

Wait for it.

There we go. One at a time.

[chickens clucking, squawking]



[playful music]

Five, six, seven, eight, nine.

10, 11, 12.

Good morning, Hua Hua.


Look what I got you.


Took it from the Honored Guests’ basket.


[gasps] No, Hua Hua!

You can’t eat the eggs!

They’re all for Master.

[dragon growls]

[Hua Hua squeaks] [chickens squawking]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

Don’t be silly, Hua Hua.

The Honored Guests never leave their palace.

They’re just telling Master to hurry up with their food.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

No, Hua Hua! I said no eggs.

I better go now.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Be a good boy.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[light music]

[Master Lan] Come on, guys.

I don’t wanna wear this stupid ceremonial outfit all day.

Where’s the basket?

Ma? Ma?

Master’s already outside!

I know, I know. How many eggs?

12, Ma.


Let me see.

[Master Lan] Come on,

you old woman! Where’s the food? Where is it? Hey?

Quick, give me a hand!

How can you let him treat you like this?

He’s the Master and we are just servants.

This is not fair. Why?

Ping! [whispers] That mouth.

This is what we are.

You can’t change destiny.

[both grunting]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Lao Ma] Don’t forget to put out the laundry.

Yes, Lao Ma.

[Master Lan] Will you hurry up?

[Lao Ma] Sorry, Master.


We haven’t got all day.

Yes, Master.

[Master Lan, mockingly] “Yes, Master. Ah!”

Hurry up!

[Lao Ma grunting]

[Ping gasps]

What now?

I’m sorry, Master.

[mockingly] “Sorry, Master! Sorry!”

Lao, you can save yourself. Get up!


Oh, if you don’t get up now,

I’m going to beat you back to your ancestors!

Get up!

No, Master!


Please don’t hit Ma.

Why not?

Master, I’ll do it for her.

Ping, no!

[Master Lan] You?

You’ll carry the basket?

[Lao Ma] No!

The only thing I’ve ever seen you carry

is disease with that filthy rat.

No, Ping, no.

It’s okay, Ma.

I can do it.

Fine. Fine.

Anyone fancy a wager?

[group laughing]

The boss has five coins on rat girl carrying the basket.

Who’s in?

Huh? Bunch of cowards.

Come on!

[Ping grunting]

[all gasp]

Very good, girl.

Now make sure…

[Ping groans]

[Master Lan] you don’t drop it.


Yes, Master.

Now let’s get going.

[men chanting] Drop it. Drop it. Drop it. Drop it.

[Master Lan] Keep looking at me. Keep looking at me.

Keep it up. Keep it up. There we go. Don’t stop.

[dramatic music] [chanting continues]

[Master Lan] I win! [laughs]

Everybody back to work.

[door creaks]

[door shuts]

[Ping breathing heavily]

Most exalted honored guests.

His majesty, the divine emperor.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

In accordance with the ancient treaty. [mumbles]

Go on, dump it down.

[Ping grunts] [Hua Hua squeaking]



What are you doing here?

Oh, come on. Drop the food.

No, wait!

[Hua Hua squeaking]

Hua Hua! No!

Don’t even look down there, you fool.

Do you wanna join your dirty rat?

If the Honored Guests so much as see ya,

they’ll have you for breakfast. Hear, girl?


And that’s for the money I just lost on you!

That you all lost! [laughs]

[men laughing]

That’s right! [laughs]

Who’s a winner? Who’s a winner?

Well, that’s another day of hard work

done in his majesty’s service.

Let’s see what the hens got for breakfast, eh?

Double or nothing, it’s gruel.

Haven’t you lost enough money today?

Oh, come on, Master Lan.

You have to give me a chance to win it back.

Nah, you’re never gonna learn.

You already owe me two years worth of wages.

[door creaking]

[somber music]

[mysterious music]

[Ping grunts]

[Ping shouting]

[suspenseful music]

Hua Hua? Are you there?

[Ping gasps]

[Ping groaning]

[grunts] Ow!

[Hua Hua squeaking]

Hua Hua!

You’re okay!

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[footstep thuds]

[ominous music]

[footsteps thumping] [Ping panting]

[chains rattling]

[Ping whimpering]

[dragon growling] [Ping whimpering]

[roaring softly]

[footsteps thumping]

[Ping whimpering]


[Ping gasps]

Uh, um…

Thank you so much.

Have I seen you in my dreams?

[dragon roars softly]

[footsteps thumping]

What is that?

[mysterious music]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[dragon growling softly]

[Ping laughing]

Forgive me, Honored Guests.

I didn’t mean to fall into your palace,

but I was afraid you might eat Hua Hua.

[Hua Hua squeaks] [dragon growls softly]

He is my friend. He’s an orphan like me.

Well, I need to look after him.

Oh, Lao Ma is going to be so worried!

I need to go!

[dragon growls softly]

Thank you, Honored Guests.

[dragon growls softly]



[Ping grunting]

By the way, my name is Ping!


[dragons growls softly]

[music continues]

[door creaks]



[door creaks]

[Ping gasps]

Wow. So beautiful.


[mysterious music]

[Ping laughs]


[Ping grunts]


[twinkling music]

[Ping laughing]

[dragon] He likes you.

Isn’t he beautiful?

What is his name?

[dragon] Look inside yourself, Ping.


His name is Kai.

[dragon] It means the song of victory

because he will bring change.

He must bring change.

Kai is ready to hatch, but he needs to come here.

Only these waters can dissolve the shell of a dragon’s egg.

And he’s running out of time.

We’ve been waiting some time for you.

What do you mean?

That is why we had you brought here.

But Master Lan found me.

Yes, and that was no coincidence.

Wait! Don’t go!


[dragon whispering] Help us, Ping, help us.

Only you can help us.

Me? But I’m just a servant.

You are not a servant, Ping.

[Ping gasps]

[mysterious music]

[Ping gasps]

[earth rumbling]

[vases cracking] [Lao Ma gasps]

[Ping breathing heavily]

What is that?

The Dragon Stone.

One of the Honored Guests has died.

No, Ping!

Ping, wait! Wait! Stay here!

[thunder rumbling]

[Lao Ma] Don’t go out there!

What is it?

[thunder rumbling] [rain pattering]

[Master Lan] Hurry!

We have to get the body out before it loses its quality!

You are making me lose money!

Quickly, men!

Hurry up! Hurry up!

[thunder rumbling]

[somber music]

[horse neighs]

Bring me something to carve it up.

Get to task with it.

[continues indistinctly]

[music continues]

[thunder rumbles]

[Master Lan] Don’t damage the scales.

[continues indistinctly] [Hua Hua squeaking]

Don’t look. [sobbing]

[dragon] Help us, Ping.

Help us. Only you can help us.

[sobs] I can’t.

[Ping crying softly]

[thunder rumbles]

[bell clangs]

[Hua Hua squeaking] [chickens clucking]

[bell continues clanging]

[Ping gasps]

[doors creaking]

[bell clanging]

[horses whinnying]

[soldiers grunting]

[cart rumbling]

[Ping gasps]

Watch where you’re going, girl,

if you don’t want to get hurt.

Ping, where were you last night?


Never mind.

Take this to the Great Lord in the main room

and don’t do anything silly.

He is from Chang’an, from the Imperial Palace.

Hurry, hurry!

[Master Lan] No, no! Have mercy!

Your excellency, please!

It’s not my fault! I didn’t kill it!

You must understand. It’s all the iron.

It poisons them, I beg of you!

You there.

[Master Lan] Have mercy!

Don’t let it go cold.

[man] It’s not going to be easy

to bring the dragon into the cage.

It’s too risky, Master Diao.

We need to clear the ice and bring the cage

before the inner gates.

The iron here blocks the dragon’s magic.

Surely your man can handle Long Danzi

in his weakened condition.

[man] To kill him would be easy enough, but…

to force him into that cage is another matter entirely.

Long Danzi must reach Chang’an alive.

[grunts] His blood must be fresh for the ritual.

[man] We can’t underestimate the dragon.

Well, don’t just stand there, girl.

Bring it here.

The Emperor’s life hangs in the balance.

I’m afraid we must be on our way tomorrow.

Haven’t you been taught any manners, girl?

Do you not know how to use your right hand?

Or is it something else?

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping gasps] [Hua Hua squeaks]

Perhaps a left-handed girl in a house of dragons.

It can’t be a coincidence.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping gasps]

[suspenseful music]

[pot clatters]

[gasps] Wha… what?

[Diao chuckles]

Well, well, well.

I think we may have just discovered the solution

to your problem, Captain.

[mysterious music] [doors rumbling]

[door creaking]

[man] This place was designed to keep dragons in,

not to take them out.

[Diao] My dear captain, as far as I know,

there are no left-handed people left in the empire.

So this brave little girl here

will give us a hand, won’t you?


You will convince Long Danzi to come with us

to help the Emperor.

Long Danzi?

The strongest and last of all Imperial dragons.

He has one final service to render for his majesty.

The Emperor has need of his blood!

[Danzi roaring]

[Ping breathing heavily]

[Diao chuckles]

Calm down.

It was merely a simple experiment.

You see, Captain?

Now, I’m sure Long Danzi will cooperate tomorrow.

Dragons are strangely attached to their Dragonkeepers.

He won’t let her die, even if it means his own life.

[Diao laughs]

Foolish creature.

[tense dramatic music]

[soldiers grunting]

[metal clanging]

[Ping gasps]

[doors rumbling]

[Danzi roaring] [soldiers shouting]

[music continues] [footsteps thudding]

[Diao] Oh, here he comes, girl.

How exciting.

[footsteps thumping] [Danzi growls]


[soldiers grunting]

[chuckles] I think our friend needs a little encouragement.

[Ping groans]


Well done. Well done.

[Ping groaning]

I believe we have his attention.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Diao gasps] Oh, how sweet.

Even the vermin comes out to protect you.

[Hua Hua whimpers] [Diao chuckles]

Nobody wants to see you suffer.


Honored Guest!



No, no!

Lift the gate!


Don’t go in the cage!

[dramatic music] [Diao] That’s it.


[Ping grunting]

[Diao] Nearly there.

One more.

[Ping screaming] [Diao groans]

[mysterious music]

[soldiers shouting]

[Ping gasps]


[soldiers shout]

[metal clanging]

Honored Guest!

I’ve got a clear shot, sir.

[man] Wait.

[Kwan grunting]

[Danzi exhales softly]

[Ping gasps]

[Kwan grunting]

[Kwan grunts] [Danzi growling]

[Kwan grunts, shouts]

[soldiers grunting] [growling]


[soldiers grunting]

[Kwan grunting]

[Danzi growls]

[Kwan] Come on!

[Kwan groans]

[Danzi growls]

[Kwan shouts]


[body thuds] [soldiers gasp]

[dramatic music]

[Danzi growls]


[grunting] [blade clangs]


Chains! Now!

[soldiers grunting]

[music continues] [growling]


[Danzi growling]

[soldiers grunting]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[suspenseful music]

How could they have given you so much…

What? What is that?

[Diao] Hey.

Hey, wait!


Stop! Come here!

[tense music]

[Diao] Grab her! Don’t let her escape!

[all grunting]

[Diao] Don’t let her go!

Come here!

[both groaning]

[man] Master Diao, are you okay?

[Diao] Never mind me! Go after her!

[soldier] Yes sir.

[music continues] [man grunting]

Stop running!

[insect buzzing]

[gasps] Ow!

Oh, what a waste. [chuckles]

Oh, I would’ve loved to have studied you.

I’ve never seen such power before in a Dragonkeeper.

[Ping breathing heavily]

Who are you really?

Oh, well, I suppose it doesn’t matter anymore.

[Hua Hua squeaking] [Diao chuckles]

Oh, be careful, girl.

That’s quite a drop there.

I’m not sure the pearl would survive it. [laughs]

[breathing heavily]

[Diao] You are going to make things very difficult

right to your very last breath,

which should be right about…

[Ping exhales]


[Danzi roaring]

[magic whooshing]

[Ping gasps]

[Danzi roaring] [Diao gasps]

[Diao shouts]

[Danzi roaring] [soldiers grunting]


[dramatic music]


[soldiers shouting]

[Danzi growls]

Don’t come any closer or I’ll drop the girl.

Stay back!

[Danzi growling]

Stay back, I tell you! Stay!

[groans] This isn’t going to work, is it?

Let’s do a little experiment instead, shall we?

Which one will you save?

[Danzi roars]

[Diao grunts]

[dramatic music]

[wings flapping]

[music continues]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Diao laughing]

[Diao gasps]

[Danzi growls]

[arrow whooshing]

[arrow whooshing]

[Danzi roars]

[Danzi roars softly]

So much power. So much life.

What? What are you doing, Captain?

Go after the dragon.

The dragon is gone.

But you have found something far greater.

What? Oh this?

[Diao chuckles]

This is the Pearl of Longevity.

If you please, Master Diao,

I should carry it for safekeeping.

You are very well informed for someone so young, Captain.

Master Diao.

Of course. [laughs]

We must bring it to the Emperor right away.

[Kwan] Ready the horses!

We’re leaving for Chang’an.

[dramatic music]

[Danzi growling]

[waves crashing]

[gentle music]

[water splashes]

[insects chirping] [birds calling]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Hua Hua grumbling]

[Danzi] Ping, Ping, wake up.

[Ping groaning]

[Danzi] Ping.

Lao Ma?

Ping, are you all right?

Can you move?


Wait, you can talk?

[Danzi] Mmm, no.

But I can hear you in my head.

[Danzi] Only because you know how to listen.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Danzi exhales] [Hua Hua squeaking]

[gasps] We have to go back for Ma!

Lao Ma will be well.

But, but I must return.

I’m a servant.

It’s my destiny.

This is a new beginning for your life, Ping.

Now you are free.

Okay, so if I am free,

I can do what I want

and I want to go back for Ma.

[Danzi] What about Kai?


[Danzi] Kai needs you, Ping.

Why me? You’re a big dragon.

You can do it alone.

You don’t need me!

[Danzi] I’m weak and Lu Yu trusted you.

But she’s dead!


[Danzi roaring] [Ping gasps]

[birds squawking]

[Danzi] They’re taking Kai to Chang’an.

It’s a long walk. We must hurry.


[gentle music]

[birds chirping]

[Ping groans] This is unfair.

I’m no longer a servant, but I’m not free.

He’s mean.

Maybe if I’d known it, I wouldn’t have helped him.

And this blue line.

What even is it?

[Danzi] That is your qi.

Hmm? Are you in my head?

[Danzi] You think too loud.

[Ping] No, I don’t.

Okay, so you’re listening.

What is this qi thing? Why do I have it?

What does that have to do with Kai or the dragons?

Who are you?

What do you have to do with me?

Who gave me this thing?

And where do I come from?

[Danzi] Ask not what lies behind,

but what awaits ahead.

Well, Chang’an waits ahead.

Now answer my questions.

[Danzi] One at a time.

Okay. The blue thing.

[Danzi] Qi is a spiritual energy

that exists in every living thing

and binds all creatures together.

Only some chosen humans are able to master it.

So am I chosen?

[Danzi] Yes you are.

But first you must learn how to use it.

Is it difficult?

Should I learn some cool moves?

How long will it take me to control it?

[horse whinnies]

[magic whirring] [box thuds]

[birds chirping] [Ping groans]

Are we nearly there yet? [sighs]


But that’s the road to Chang’an.

That’s where Kai’s going!

[Danzi] Sometimes the wider road

makes the journey longer.

[groans] No, not again.

[Danzi] I know a shortcut.

Seriously? [groans]

[horse whinnies]

[chickens clucking] [hooves thudding]

[Kwan] Hyah! Hyah!

[Diao] Wait, wait!

[Diao groaning]

This is your shortcut?

[mysterious music]

Okay, Ping, don’t look down.

One step at a time.

[bridge creaking]

Slow. Easy.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping] Easy.

[bridge rumbles]

[Ping gasping]

[Danzi] Don’t stop. Go ahead.

[Ping shouts]

Are you crazy?

[Danzi] Well, this bridge has been here

for many, many years.

It’s not going to collapse after all this time.

Stop! Stop it right now!

I’ve had enough of this!

You made me leave Ma.

[Danzi] Ping.

You asked me to help Kai but don’t tell me how.

You don’t answer my questions.

You won’t tell me anything about my past.

[Danzi] Ping!

If this is

what being free looks like

I don’t want any of it.

I’m going back!

Get out of my way!

[Danzi] Ping!

[Ping screaming]

[dramatic music]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Danzi] Climb, Ping!


Danzi, do something. Please!

[Danzi] Calm down, Ping.

[Ping] Now?

You think now is the time to calm down?

[Danzi] Focus.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping shouts, grunts]

[suspenseful music]

[Ping grunts]


[Hua Hua squeaking]

[uplifting music]

[Ping breathing heavily]

I did that?

[Danzi] You did.

[Ping gasps]



You knew.

[Danzi chuckles]

You are…

[Ping] How could you be so…

[Danzi] Dragon?

This is unacceptable!

[Ping humming]

[water splashes]

[Hua Hua yawns]

[Danzi stammers] What are you doing?

Lao Ma used to teach me.

[Danzi wincing]

And did you pay good attention?

More or less. Ooh!

So you told me about qi,

but what about my other questions?

[Danzi] Well, there are questions

that should not be answered

because the answers need to be found.

So you’re not answering me?

[Danzi] Ooh! Ah!

[Ping] Oops.

[growls] Are you almost finished?

I’m just getting started.

[Danzi groans]

[hooves thumping]

[dramatic music] [horses whinnying]

[music continues]

[Diao groans]

[horse neighs]

[music continues]

[man] Captain Kwan and Counselor Diao.

[Kwan] Your Majesty.

Oh, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

[emperor coughing]

[magic whooshing]

Father, father, look!

It’s the Pearl of Longevity!

[emperor coughs]

[magic twinkling]

[emperor gasps]

[Ping grunting]

[Ping groans]

[Danzi] Ping, are you all right?

Something’s wrong with Kai.

[Danzi] Hold on tight!

[Emperor] You’ve been of great service, Master Diao.

You shall be amply rewarded.

My reward is to serve, Your Majesty.

In fact, there is a further service

I may be allowed to render, Your Majesty.

The ancient scrolls speak of the secrets

of immortality being hidden in the Pearl of Longevity.

If Your Majesty would allow me to perform…

What do you think about that, son?

You’d like to pore over the ancient scrolls too,

wouldn’t you?

The scroll said that immortality

is the gods’ reward for a virtuous life,

but to seek it for oneself is to defy the gods.

So there you have it, Master Diao.

We should not anger the gods.

Please forgive my foolishness, Your Majesty.

I only wish that…

Master Diao, you look tired,

you deserve some rest.

Write some poetry

or go back to your little insects and butterflies.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Thank you.

[ominous music]

Poetry, butterflies.

Of course, Your Majesty.

Always at your service, Your Majesty.

Oh! I can’t stand this anymore.

Soon I will show Your Majesty

the true face of a god among men.

[low rumbling]

Oh yes, Your Majesty.

Soon you will pay.

Soon. [chuckles]

[music continues]

[Diao grunting]

[mysterious music]

[insects buzzing]

Wang Chao! [groans] Where are you?

Where are you?

[hammer clanging]

Oh, welcome back, Master!

I… Whoa!

Oh! I do hope that you had a pleasant trip! [chuckling]

Whoa! Ow! Ooh!

Not like the one I just had. [chuckles]

Any delays?

How was the, uh, the weather? [grunts]

Is it ready?

Yes, it’s ready, Master.

[Wang Chao groaning]

[body thuds]

But are you sure this is wise, Master?

How dare you question me!

If it weren’t for me, you’d be in jail or dead!

Or a mixture of both.

Sorry! Yeah, yeah. Good point. Yeah, it’s ready.

[stammering] And it’s wise and good.

Oh, finally.

Finally my time draws near.

Soon I will join the gods! [laughs]

I just need to get the pearl.

The pearl?

[mysterious music]


Oh! No. Oh, I know.

Yes, yes, yes, yes! [laughs]

[Wang Chao shouts]

I’ll poison the water in the palace! [laughs]

[Wang Chao shouts]

Oh no.

[Wang Chao sighs]

No, that won’t work.

[Wang Chao groans]

[Danzi] We’re here, Ping.

Chang’an is right over this hill.

[Diao] Oh, ha ha! I know.

I’ll create a monkey spider

and train it to steal the pearl, that-

[Diao groans]

[vases shatter]

No, that will take too long!

I haven’t got time for that.

How can I get the…

Wang Chao!

Yes, Master?

Is there something you would like to tell me?

Um, no, uh, nothing.

Can’t… can’t think of anything.

[laughs] Really?

I’m hearing them again.

[Diao] Hmm.

Well, my old friend.

This is what you’re going to do.

[Danzi] There it is, Chang’an.

It is extremely well guarded.

We need a plan.

[Danzi] Yes.

You must always look before you leap.


[Danzi] Hang on!

[Ping] Thanks for the… whoa!

[Ping shouting]

[dramatic music]

[Ping coughing]

You should… [coughs]

say something!

[Danzi chuckles]

You must always be alert, Ping.

[Ping] Oh! Stop being so dragon.

I’m not laughing about it.

You are always doing whatever you want.

[Danzi chuckles]

Great, great.

Now I’m soaking.

[Danzi roars]

Nice. Very nice.

Thank you.

[Danzi] You’re welcome. [laughs]

[Ping groans] Danzi!

[Danzi roars]

[sighs] I can’t stand this anymore.

[mysterious music]

What is this place?

[Danzi] Wu Ching. A very old place.

It holds the memories of a war

that happened a long, long time ago.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping] A war?


Who are they?

[Danzi] Well, the humans called them the Necromancers.

They caused great suffering

and it took us great suffering to defeat them.

And this is you?

[Danzi] He was our king.

He was mortally wounded.

But we flew him across the ocean to the waters of life.

They can heal all wounds.

It was during this war

that humans and dragons first fought side by side.

But then why did they put you in cages?

[Danzi sighs]

What? What is it?

[Danzi] The entrance to Wu Ching is sealed.

Its tunnels run deep under the Imperial palace.

We would have to break the seal…

No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Ping, get behind me.

Long Danzi, you don’t recognize me?

[Danzi] What?

Lu Yu’s Dragonkeeper

from way back when.

[Ping gasps]

A Dragonkeeper.

[Danzi] Wang Chao?

[Danzi chuckles]

Oh, you must be Ping.

You can’t go through the Imperial seal, Danzi.

It’s too dangerous.

A dragon full of qi in Wu Ching?

I mean, I can’t even begin to think what will happen.

And it, it’s forbidden. [chuckles]

Oh, Old Wang knows a way to get in there.

Ha ha!

[Danzi] Ah.

[mysterious music]

[Wang Chao humming]

Ta-da! [chuckles]

[sighs] Only for small people. Only for Wang.

Maybe a little girl.

Oh! Oh, look at that!

Ha! Fortune favors us. [chuckles]

[Danzi] She can’t go alone into the palace.

She’s just a little girl.

I’m not just a little girl.

You must trust in Lu Yu. She chose Ping.

[growls softly]

He will not hesitate to attack us.

They are very dangerous animals.



the pearl is losing color.

How long is it going to last?

Until it is of no use to me. [coughs]

Your Majesty.

[emperor continues coughing] [tense music]

[Wang Chao] Ta-da!

Wu Ching, the Forgotten City.

Mmm. What you did before with that boulder,

with your hands, with your face so focused.

It was awesome!

[laughs] Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?

But I can’t control my qi.

Maybe you…

Maybe I could teach you a trick or two?

You would?

Hmm, yeah.

But this is going to be very dangerous.

This city is very sensitive to qi.

And we can awaken old spirits if too much is released.

Let’s see if you can invite

these fireflies into this basket.

Start with that one.

[Ping] This is gonna be so fun.

But… but h-how do I use it?

Don’t try to use your qi.

Let it flow through you.

The qi is the wind. You are the sail.

Too little qi, and the ship won’t move.

Too much and it will sink.

I could move that rock.

Not because I’m powerful, but because I was able to feel it.

So should I feel about the fireflies?

[Wang Chao] You should, you must.

You must feel everything around you.

[Ping gasps]

Thank you, Wang Chao.

Thank you.

It’s a pity we didn’t find you sooner, you know?

Because you’re such a great teacher.

We’re lucky to have you

and I’m sure that everything will be fine.

Ping, I…

Breathe, Ping. [inhales]

Fill your lungs with compassion.

Hey? Hmm?

That will allow you to feel the firefly.


[mysterious music]

There, good. Yeah.

Be careful!

[Wang Chao gasps]

[Ping] What is it?

Oh, those…

those… those are the Necromancers.

Shh, don’t wake them!

They are dead?

Dead, asleep.

Doesn’t matter. Always dangerous.

We have to hurry! Come on.

We must be in position before Danzi gets here.

Let’s try to fill a basket on the way.


Whoa, steady.

If I learn how to control the qi,

it means I’m a Dragonkeeper!

[Wang Chao laughs] Ah, so young.

Yeah, Dragonkeeper. Good.

[crickets chirping]

[tense music]

[suspenseful music]

Dragon attack! Dragon attack!

[soldier] Dragon attack!

[soldier 2] Dragon attack!

[drums pounding]

[soldier 3] Dragon attack!

[dramatic music] [soldiers shouting indistinctly]

Wait until he’s in range!

Get ready!

[music continues]

[soldiers shouting]

[water crashing]

[soldier] Wait for it!


[Danzi roars]

[drums pounding]

Remember the plan?

Yes, Teacher.

Be careful.

[dramatic music]

[guards gasping]

[muttering] It’s not right. No, it’s not.

One has principles.

But you don’t have a choice, Old Wang.

Not now. Master Diao, he did save you.

And he can turn you into a legless centipede.

Danzi, Danzi, will stop [indistinct]

[dramatic music continues]

[arrows whooshing]

[bricks clattering]

[guards shouting]

[Danzi roars]

[music ends]

[Prince] I want to stay with Father!

[man stammering] It’s not safe, Your Highness.

You’ll serve your majesty better by following his commands.

But I always obey his commands,

yet he never lets me do anything!

This is not fair! Why?

I have to obey everything and I’m the prince.

Where is the good on that?

[soldier] Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

The dragon’s broken through. It’s getting closer.

Your Majesty, we must move you to a safer location.

Is the Imperial throne not safe for the son of heaven?

Get out there and stop the dragon.

Do as I command.

[indistinct], guard his majesty.

The rest, come with me.

[guards shouting] [Danzi roaring]

[dramatic music]

[guards shouting]

[Danzi roars]

[Danzi growls]

[Ping sighs]

Stop in the name of the Emperor.

Who are you?

I didn’t mean to disturb you, sir,

but I’m just here to take the egg.

What? Arrest her.

[dramatic music]

[guards shouting] [Ping grunting]

[guards gasping]



[Danzi roaring]

[Emperor laughing]


[Hua Hua squeaking]

No. How?


You should be ashamed of yourself.

What you did to the Honored Guests is very bad.

You’re just a little girl.

Where are you going? Stop!

[guards yelling] Your Majesty! Your Majesty!

There! [coughs]

Kill her! She’s taken the pearl!

[arrows whooshing] [Ping gasps]

[suspenseful music]


[Ping] Danzi! Danzi! I have it!

I have the pearl!

His Majesty is wounded!

The pearl has been taken!

[Danzi] Here, take it!

[Ping groans]

[Kwan] No!

Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!

You sent a child to her death.

[dramatic music]

You demon! Prepare to die.

[soldiers shouting]

[Ping groaning] [Hua Hua squeaking]

Hua Hua, don’t eat that.

[suspenseful music]

Hurry, Your Excellency.

This way.

Kill the girl. [coughs]

We got it!

[Hua Hua squeaks]

[Ping gasps]

[dramatic music] [man grunting]

[crowd chanting] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


[soldier, weakly] Whoa!

[dramatic music]

[Hua Hua squeaking]



[debris clatters]

[body thuds]

[Ping breathing heavily]

[Hua Hua squeaking] [grunting]

[Ping gasping]

Get, get back.

Get out. Get out of here.

Oh, you’re that servant boy.

I am not a servant.

I am his divine majesty.

Heir to the Imperial throne.

Oh, I’m Ping, servant girl.

Although not anymore. [laughs]

[soldiers shouting]

Sorry, I need to go.

Angry soldiers.

[both grunting]

I will not let you take the Pearl of Longevity, you…

It’s not a pearl. It’s a baby dragon!

Oh, how dare you!

[Ping groans]

[Ping grunts]


Oh! You’ve spilled Imperial blood!

[Ping] Don’t be such a baby.

I’ve had much worse.

You’re just a little boy.

I am not little!

[brick whooshing]



[footsteps receding]

[Prince laughs]

[mysterious music]

Look, we did it!

We’ve rescued Kai!



I mean, no!

[Ping] Let’s go!

No, no. Wait, wait. Don’t!

[Ping] Hurry!

Ping, wait! Don’t go there!

Come back!

[Prince] Captain! Captain!

Let me through. Move out of the way.

Captain! Captain!

Your Highness, you’re wounded.

Hmm, it’s nothing. I’ve had much worse.

But you must come quick! She took the pearl!

[suspenseful music]

[Wang Chao] Ping!

Wait, it’s dangerous!

Come here! Don’t!

[dramatic music]

Come back! [grunting]

[Wang Chao groaning]

No! Please, please!

Master! No!

[insect buzzing]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping grunting]


[Ping grunting]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping groaning]

Let’s not have another inconvenient resurrection.

[insects buzzing]

Wang Chao, why?

[Wang Chao] Oh, Ping.

Drink. Drink.

Come on. What are you doing?

Oh, heavens.

It’s good cloth, Master.

Waste not, want not, eh? [laughs]

Oh, you really are a pathetic parasite.

Ah, yes. Yes I am.

Yes, and what clever alliteration. [chuckles]

[Diao] You’re delaying my destiny.

[Wang Chao] Yes, yes, yes, yes, Master. Sorry, Master, sorry.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[somber music]

[mysterious music]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping groaning]

[mysterious music]

[bubble pops]

[coughing] [Hua Hua squeaking]

Hua Hua.


[arrow thuds] [Ping gasps]

Don’t even think about using your powers.

You’ll be dead before you blink.

Where is the pearl?

[Diao] Is everything ready?

Yes, yes, Master. All set.

Yeah, all set, yeah.

Good. [grunts] Good.

[door rumbles]

[Diao groaning]

Mother, forgive me for taking so long.

I couldn’t change your destiny,

but I can change mine. [grunting]

After all these years of sacrifice,

finally, I’m on the verge of becoming immortal.

I will not suffer anymore.

I will be more powerful than the Emperor. [grunts]

You know what this means?

Ah! Ha-ha! Yeah.

That I’m finally free?

[Diao grunting]

Yes. [grunts]

Free indeed. [snaps fingers]

[dramatic music] [insects buzzing]

No! No! No! No! No! No!

[Wang Chao shouting] [Diao grunting]

Get off! Get off! Get off!

Get off! No! No! No! No! [shouts] Get off!

The last time I look at the world through mortal eyes.


[dramatic music]

[magic crackling]

[tense music]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[whispering] Hua, get Danzi.

[Kwan grunts]

[music continues]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[magic crackling]

Stay here. Don’t try anything.

[insects buzzing]

[Ping shouts]

[Kwan grunts]

Oops. You got in the way.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[magic crackling]

[Ping] Sir! Sir!

Wake up! Wake up!

[Wang Chao gagging]

Oh, this stuff tastes like sugar.

Bad tasting sugar. [spits]

I need you, sir.

I don’t know how to get Kai out.

[gasps] Oh no.

It’s too late.

[magic crackling]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Danzi] What happened?

Calm down. I don’t understand you.

[stammers] Your tummy hurts?

No, you, you found an egg?

[Hua Hua squeaking]

Okay. Okay. What, what more happened?

[Hua Hua squeaking]

Oh, you fell asleep and got lost?

[Hua Hua squeaking]

Ping is in danger?

[Hua Hua squeaks excitedly]

Hold tight!

[dramatic music]

[Danzi growling]

[Wang Chao grunting]

We’re late.

No, Ping! Your qi will be drained too.


I told you to stay back!

[Wang Chao] Whoa!


You must not enter the chamber.

No, don’t!

[Kwan groaning]


The chamber drains your qi, all of it.

I can bring it to us like we did with the fireflies!

But it will consume all your qi, all your life!

But it’s Kai! Don’t you trust me?

I must do it!

I’m sure you could, but I need you to take care of him.

Hey, what’s that?


[mysterious music]

[Wang Chao groaning]

[dramatic music]

[Wang Chao groans]

No, Wang Chao!

[mysterious music]

[chamber rumbling]

[Kwan grunting]

[magic whooshing]

[sword clanging]

[dramatic music]

[Diao roars]

You, what have you done?

Oh. Oh, perhaps I should thank you instead.

This is beyond what I intended. [laughs]

That is mine. [roaring]

[dramatic music]

Give me that now!

No, I’m not!

[growls] You! You’re getting in the way of my destiny!

Go back, girl.

I’m going to smash…

[Ping grunting]

[Diao roars]

Kai must be safe.

How many times do I have to kill you, girl?

Seems that’s not enough.

[Diao roaring]

[chamber rumbling]

[debris clatters] [Diao growls]

This is the son of the last Imperial dragon.

Will you protect it?

With my life.

Then go! Run!

Are you sure?

Just trust me.


[Diao roaring]

You small insect.

Oh! You’ve become more ugly than before.

[Diao laughs]

Got… Huh?



[Diao roaring]

[Ping] We’re not finished!

[growling] [Ping grunting]

[music continues]

[growling] Huh? You!


Where do you think you are going?

Now, girl, this is the end!

[roars] [dramatic music]

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Diao roaring]

[music continues] [both roaring]

[Kwan grunting]

[Danzi] Run, Ping, run!

No, I’m not going to leave you alone!

[swords clanging] [Kwan grunting]

[Kwan grunting]

[music continues]

[both roaring]

[Diao] You’re just an old dragon!

Now you will die!

[Danzi roaring]

[Ping] No, Danzi!

[Diao roaring]


The Captain is surrounded! Guards!

[Danzi roaring]

Danzi, Danzi! Are you okay?

[Danzi] I’m very weak.

Hurry, let’s go.

Kai has lost a lot of qi.

He will not last longer.

[Diao laughing evilly]

[intense music]

[laughing continues]

[Danzi] Ping, go!

Now you need to save Kai.

I’ll take care of this.

I have a plan.

[both roaring]


[swords clanging]

[music continues]

Blast him with all your qi.

[Danzi] More qi?

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Diao roaring]

[Danzi] Are you sure?

Just trust me.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[dramatic music]

You are making me more powerful by the minute!

[swords clanging]

Now! Keep the flow going!

Come on!

[Diao laughing]


[Ping] Danzi, hurry!

[music continues]



[Diao roaring]

[music fades]

[light music]

Are you okay?

[Danzi] Yes. Don’t worry.

[guards cheering]

[grand music]

[Ping] Wow!

[Danzi] We’re in the dragon realm now.

From here on the wind will carry us!

[music continues]

[dramatic music] [Hua Hua squeaks]


[Danzi] Hang on tight, Ping. We’re nearly there.

[Ping] Whoa!



[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Ping] Danzi!

[Danzi] I’m… I’m all right.

That cave there,

take Kai to the birth pool, quickly!

Hua Hua, come on.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

Or just wait there.

[mysterious music]

[Ping panting]

[magic twinkling]

[mysterious music] [bubbling]



[dramatic music]


Kai! Kai!

Stop! [laughs]

[Kai squeaks]


[Kai squeaks]

Where are you going?

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder rumbling] [somber music]

[melancholic music]

[Ping shouts]

[Kai squeaking]


[Danzi] The storm comes for me, Ping.

I… I don’t have long now.

No, no, no.

You’re just tired.

[Danzi] No, my wounds are deep, Ping.

Nothing can heal them.

Ah! It’s time for me to meet Lu Yu again.

The water of life.

You said it heals all wounds.

You can go there.

[Danzi] The water of life is far across the ocean. I…

I can’t reach it, Ping.

The wind will take you there on above the clouds.

[Hua Hua squeaking]

[Danzi] This is something I can understand, Hua Hua.

[chuckles] Thank you.

Ping, now you must look after Kai.

I don’t know how to do it without you, Danzi. [sobbing]

[Danzi] Yes, you will.

You’re a Dragonkeeper.

Oh, oh, I…

[Danzi groans]

No! [sobbing]

[Danzi] This is my destiny, Ping.

You… you can’t change it.


[dramatic music]

I am a Dragonkeeper

and you teach me that I am free

so that I can change destiny!

I am tired to hear what I can or can’t do!

Kai, Hua, stand back!

[music continues]

[magic whirring]

[Ping grunts]

[music continues]

[music fades]

[Kai and Hua squeaking]

[light piano music]

[dramatic music]

[Kai roars]

[bright music]

[music continues]

[dramatic music]

[mysterious music]

[light music]


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