World Peace, One Insult at a Time: Biden’s Masterclass

Questioning peace prospects in US-Russia relations: The irony behind labeling Putin and the search for diplomacy.

by Diego Fusaro

He’s done it again. With the same insolence and the same arrogant manner of someone who believes they can judge the world from a higher plane. The rainbow-hued and aged president of the hamburger civilization, Joe Biden, has once again labeled Vladimir Putin a “butcher.”

Just two points, succinctly: first, how can one think of achieving peace if they continue to describe as a butcher someone who, in one way or another, should be the interlocutor with whom to negotiate and make agreements? There arises the legitimate suspicion that Washington actually has no interest in achieving peace and instead wants at all costs to proceed to open war with Russia, as seems supported by the events post-1989, characterized by a constant expansion of NATO into post-Soviet spaces. In short, they claim they want peace and then continue to do everything to produce the opposite outcome.

Secondly, from what pulpit and by what right does the aged Biden call Putin a butcher? If one seriously analyzes the real balance of power and the atrocities committed in the last thirty years on the international chessboard, then there is no doubt that the title of butcher fits Washington much more than Moscow. From 1989 to today, Washington has relentlessly carried out humanitarian bombings and therapeutic embargoes, preemptive wars in the name of fighting non-existent weapons of mass destruction, and imperialistic aggressions disguised as peace missions. In short, Biden has once again missed an excellent opportunity to keep silent and avoid making a poor impression.


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