The Collapse of Israeli Narratives: A New Era in the Middle East

The pro-Israel lobby aims to delegitimize the International Court to prevent Netanyahu's arrest, exposing longstanding propaganda. New technologies reveal the truth, challenging the narrative and marking a potential new era.

The article discusses the pro-Israel lobby’s attempts to delegitimize the International Court to prevent Netanyahu’s arrest, highlighting the longstanding propaganda portraying Israel as a victim and democracy. This narrative is challenged by new technologies revealing the truth about Israeli actions, leading to global skepticism. The article criticizes the manipulation of public opinion and the use of anti-Semitism accusations to silence opposition, suggesting that the collapse of this propaganda marks the beginning of a new era in the Middle East.

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The pro-Israel lobby has launched an assault on the International Court, aiming to delegitimize it so that the arrest warrant for Netanyahu will come to nothing. This is the fascist mentality at work: destroying anything that opposes its goals by any means necessary. It’s a relentless push forward. Fascism knows no brakes, only the accelerator, and sooner or later it crashes.

But what truly shakes Israel is not the prospect of Netanyahu’s arrest, but the potential collapse of the propaganda they have successfully instilled in the world for decades. The narrative that portrays Israel as a poor victim surrounded by bloodthirsty, unreasonable terrorists, and as a Western-style democracy full of rights without obligations, not even to answer for its crimes.

War is also fought through propaganda, which is essentially a biased interpretation of reality serving one’s own ends. For decades, the world has been told the tale of Israel as the attacked rather than the aggressor, justifying any atrocity in the name of the right to exist and defend itself—a right not extended to the Palestinians, the original inhabitants. A total distortion with the now grotesque trick of labeling anyone who opposes the Israeli government’s neo-fascist drift as anti-Semitic.

This propaganda worked for over seventy years but exploded in Gaza along with the thousands of innocent civilian victims. As yet another war erupted, politicians and traditional media began to mindlessly repeat the usual pro-Israel mantras, all to no avail. Faced with a de facto genocide and thanks to new technologies, the world has opened its eyes, and the full truth has emerged. This is what Netanyahu and his entire clique fear most. It’s what every regime fears most: the truth.

Manipulating public opinion is crucial to power, especially in war. Facts are one thing; how people perceive them is another. Reality is one thing; the stories people believe are another. Humans have always killed each other based on stories someone has drilled into their heads, based on perspectives and beliefs. It’s history. It’s collective madness. And when no one believes in certain fairy tales anymore, a new era begins.

The arrest warrant for Netanyahu, rightly putting him on the same level as Hamas leaders, is another severe blow to the pro-Israel narrative and the propagandistic indoctrination they have patiently built over decades of behind-the-scenes lobbying. That’s why they’re furious, why the pro-Israel lobby has launched a raid on the International Court. Backed by the United States, led by an increasingly incapable president. A White House adrift in senile chaos with a wave of indignation over the Gaza genocide at its gates and administrations of all colors forever on a leash to the Israeli cause.

Neither Israel nor the United States have joined the International Court, and this is no coincidence. Both love to wield weapons with complete freedom. But no matter how the arrest warrant issue ends, the entire world no longer believes in Israeli propaganda, traditional means to manipulate public opinion are obsolete, politicians are hated everywhere, and all this will lead to a new healthy era, even in the Middle East.

Tommaso Merlo


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