PERSECUTED ARMENIA – by Nishan Der-Hagopian [Century, 1918]

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When a man has been slaugh­tering human beings for many months, and his eyes have grown accustomed to the sight of blood, his ears used to the scream of shell and shrapnel, and his soul calloused to all save his sense of duty, he moves au­tomatically, and it is only when there comes a lull, and the black-winged hor­rors lift for a little, that with clear vision and delicate ear he sees and hears the world around him.

THE GREATEST HORROR IN HISTORY – by Henry Morgenthau [The Red Cross Magazine, 1918]

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An Authentic Account of the Armenian Atrocities. Whatever else you may do, do not fail to read this account of the extermination of a Christian race by the Turks. Coming as it does from an authoritative source, we consider it one of the most striking and authentic documents of the war as well as a clear exposition of Germany’s guilt in the bloody affair.

ARMENIA AND THE ARMENIANS – by Hester Donaldson Jenkins [National Geographic Magazine, 1915]

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Armenia is a word that has widely different connotation for different peoples. To us Americans it means a vague territory somewhere in Asia Minor; to the makers of modern maps it means nothing—there is no such place; to the Turks of a few years ago it was a forbidden name, smacking of treason and likely to bring up that bugaboo “nationalism,” than which Abdul Hamid II feared nothing more, unless it were “liberty”; but to nearly two millions of Russian, Persian, and Turkish subjects it is a word filled with emotion, one that sends the hand to the heart and calls up both pride and sorrow.

L’abolizione del feudalesimo in Sardegna – di Manlio Brigaglia

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di Manlio Brigaglia Pensare a dare una sistemazione alla struttura della proprietà fondiaria e un impulso deciso alla produttività agricola, come si riprometteva l'Editto delle Chiudende, senza affrontare anche il problema dell'abolizione del feudalesimo, non era possibile. Anche per questa considerazione i feudatari si erano opposti alle chiusure, là dove [...]


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The evacuation of the BEF from northeastern France by civilian and military vessels during the fall of France in 1940 ensured that the British army would survive to fight another day.


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Dalla sconfitta alla guerra santa. La conquista di Gerusalemme da parte dei Crociati nel 1099 aprì una profonda ferita nel mondo islamico.


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One in three people in the Roman Republic were slaves. Denied freedom and rights, subject to mistreatment and abuse, they were suppressed by fear and force. But when united, armed, and inspired by a courageous leader, they proved as deadly a threat to Rome as any foreign foe.

THE TRAIL OF TEARS – Essay by Dee Brown

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The forced removal of thousands of proud and prosperous Cherokees from their 35,000 square miles in the Southern uplands to less desirable land beyond the Mississippi stands as one of the blackest episodes in American history.