The Mandalorian – S03E05 – The Pirate [Transcript]

The people of Nevarro need protection from rampant pirate attacks.
The Mandalorian - S03E05 - The Pirate

Chapter 21: The Pirate

Released on Disney+ on March 29, 2023

Gorian Shard invades Nevarro in retaliation for Vane’s expulsion, and Greef Karga contacts Carson Teva. Suspecting that the attack is a prelude to a new rise of the Empire, Teva informs one of his superiors, but when Colonel Tuttle shows indifference, he tracks down the Mandalorian covert and asks Din Djarin for help. Djarin convinces the covert to come to Karga’s aid despite their prior confrontations with him, and Bo-Katan assumes command of the attack force. As the Mandalorians overcome the pirates, Vane flees and Shard is killed, and welcomed back by Karga and the people, the covert moves back to the city. The Armorer meets with Bo-Katan, acknowledging the Mythosaur’s reappearance as an omen that Bo-Katan is the one who can reunite all Mandalorians, has her remove her helmet to symbolize this new position

On his way back to Adelphi, Teva encounters the wreckage of Moff Gideon’s prison transport, which went missing during transit, and a fragment of beskar alloy suggesting that Mandalorians have broken Gideon out.


Make a note, let’s move the trade district closer to the shipping terminals.

That’s a wonderful idea, High Magistrate.

Wait a minute, where’s the rail spur? We’re going to be moving a lot of cargo in and out of here.



Hold on a second.



DROID: High Magistrate, there’s a pirate Corsair violating the airspace of the population zone. Shall I begin negotiations?

No, no, no, no. If we buy them off, that will set a bad precedent.

Ah. Yes. Oh. You’re being hailed, sir.

You get the citizens to safety. I’ll handle this. Engineers, thank you. To be continued.


Gorian Shard. I knew that Corsair looked familiar.

I don’t believe my eyes. The voice sounds like Greef Karga, Guild Master of the Nevarro Hunters, but all I see before me is a pampered nobleman dressed for the pomp of his wedding feast.

Believe your ears then, and don’t mistake my hospitality for weakness.

Is that what you call gunning down my helmsman in cold blood? When he let down his guard on your planet.

He shot first.

Well, now I will shoot first.

Are you sure that’s a good idea? Nevarro is now under the protection of the New Republic.

My charts indicate that Nevarro is an independent world. You are no longer under the protection of Moff Gideon.

The Spinward patrol passes through here regularly.

(LAUGHING) The New Republic can’t even protect the Mid Rim from the Pirate Nation. This isn’t sabacc. You can’t bluff your way out of this one, Karga.

I thought you…

Don’t hail me again unless it’s to surrender.





High Magistrate, the escape pod is ready. I will lead you to the launch site.

I won’t abandon my city. We have to get the people to safety. Send out a directive immediately. Let’s go!

DROID: Evacuate. Alert! Alert! Please evacuate. Retreat to the lava flats. Alert!






Can I use your viewer?


Excuse me.

Thank you.



Captain Teva, we have been attacked by Pirate King Gorian Shard. You once offered that I might reach out to you. I am humbly requesting the New Republic to send a patrol to clear out the raiders. I don’t ask for your aid lightly. The situation is dire. I’m afraid that our planet will fall and Shard will turn this into a pirate base.


Too bad. I really thought Nevarro was gonna make it.

I’m gonna forward this to Coruscant. Request permission to intercede.

They haven’t returned a dispatch in weeks. They’re swamped. You’ll never get an answer in time.

Then I’m just gonna have to go there and talk to them myself. They can’t ignore me face-to-face.

I like your attitude. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.




CARSON TEVA: Captain Teva here to see Colonel Tuttle.


CARSON TEVA: It’ll only be a minute.


No, no, no. Do not put any more stuff on that part of the desk. That’s my work area.



It’s okay. He can stay. You, scoot.


And you are?

Carson Teva. Adelphi Base.

Adelphi? You’re a long way from home. How may I be of service?

I’m requesting authorization and backup for Adelphi squadron in dealing with a pirate siege on Nevarro.

Nevarro? Haven’t heard of it.

It’s a small planet on the Outer Rim. The High Magistrate of the capital city sent me this message.



Captain Teva, we have been attacked by Pirate King Gorian Shard. You once offered that I might reach out to you. I am humbly requesting the New Republic to send a patr…


(SIGHS) I get the gist. It does sound concerning.

Excuse me, Colonel. I’m going down to the commissary, can I get you anything?

Thank you, I’m fine for now. I’m sorry, officer, you spent some time in the Outer Rim, right? Have you ever heard of Nevarro?

I have. I spent some time there, in fact. They have yet to sign the Charter. They’re not a member planet.

Uhoh. That’s not good.

What does that matter? We can’t leave them defenseless.

Of course not. But we have a backlog of requests from member worlds that have priority. I don’t even know if we have the resources. Especially for pirates.

I don’t think that this is an isolated episode. Nevarro has reported accounts of Stormtroopers in the streets and TIE Fighters openly flying above. The citizens speak of Moff Gideon occupying the town, and now a pirate king is attempting the same thing? These events could all be connected.

I think that’s a bit of a leap.

Really? Because I’m hearing Moff Gideon never made it to trial.

COLONEL TUTTLE: Captain, this isn’t a rebellion anymore. We have a structure now. I work in Requisitions. So, let’s focus on what you require.

Okay, okay. I’m requesting authorization and backup for dealing with pirates on Nevarro, sir.

Perhaps the leaders of Nevarro need to understand why becoming a Republic signatory is valuable.

By letting them suffer? Sounds like a rather Imperial way of thinking.

Captain, you’re out of line.

OFFICER G68: It’s fine. I’m used to that kind of talk. But from experience, it often takes a new perspective before one is able to see the light.

You and your sort didn’t “see the light.” You were captured.

OFFICER G68: No. I was liberated.

In any event, thank you, Captain, for bringing this to our attention. We’ll see if we can allocate some additional assets. Apologies, we can’t do more.

There’s something dangerous happening out there. All these events, it’s not a coincidence. And by the time it becomes big enough for you to act, it’ll be too late.


Citizens of Nevarro, we’ll make camp here for a short while. Help will arrive soon. Very soon.

MAN 2: How soon?

MAN 3: Who’s coming to help?

MAN 2: How are you so sure?

I have sent a message to the New Republic. Help is on the way.






There you are.



Captain Carson Teva, Adelphi Rangers. I have a time pressing matter to attend to.

PAZ VIZSLA: Clear out, Blue Boy. The New Republic isn’t welcome here.

Sorry for dropping in unannounced, but if I’d given warning, your settlement would’ve cleared out before I ever hit atmosphere.

THE MANDALORIAN: How did you manage to find us? Mandalorians pride ourselves on our secrecy.

Fortunately, someone I served with in the Rebellion is amongst your ranks.


Thanks, R5.

THE MANDALORIAN: The entire covert will now have to relocate.

PAZ VIZSLA: Or we could kill him. Stay right here.

THE MANDALORIAN: This man cut me a break once and now I’m returning the favor. Clear out, Blue.

Greef Karga sent this holomessage. Nevarro is under siege by pirates. He’s asking for help.

(SOFTLY) Why are you really here?

They’re about to blow Nevarro to hell.

Then call in a strike. We don’t even have ships.

Coruscant doesn’t care. Karga is your friend. You won’t let him die.

What’s in it for you?

The New Republic has to know that the Empire is growing again.

And you think the Pirate King has something to do with it?

(SIGHS) I can’t say for sure, but something doesn’t smell right. Look, it’s not your fight. I just came to tell you, your friend is in danger and I thought you should know.


I know you’ll relocate anyway, but you have my word, I will not reveal your location. Sorry to intrude.

BO-KATAN: So, what are you thinking?

He’s right. I gotta help the guy.

BOKATAN: You can’t do it alone.

THE MANDALORIAN: Now, many of you don’t know Greef Karga. And those that do fought against him when you rescued me from his ambush many cycles ago on the streets of Nevarro.


Since then, he’s had a change of heart and has risked his life to save mine as well as the foundling in my charge.



I stand before you to petition an intervention. To help rescue Nevarro before it’s too late. I am in no position to ask any more of you. However…


However, the enemy that decimated this very covert were Imperials, not Greef Karga’s bounty hunters. Greef Karga is now a High Magistrate and has offered me a tract of land on his independent world. Perhaps it is time for us to live in the light once again on a planet where we are welcome. So our culture may flourish and our children can feel what it is to play in the sunlight.


ARMORER: Does anyone else wish to speak?

THE MANDALORIAN: It’s up to them now.

PAZ VIZSLA: I do. I was there on Nevarro that night. I fought against Greef Karga and his hunters. I saw my brothers and sisters fall at the hands of the Imperial butchers that hunted us in the sewers. I saw many die to save the life of this one, tiny foundling. And now we are asked to sacrifice yet again. The question we should be asking ourselves is, “Why? Why should we lay our lives down yet again?” Because we are Mandalorians. I have had my disagreements with this man, but he risked his life to save my son. And Bo-Katan Kryze did not give up on my child’s life even when the rest of us did. These two are asking us to take up arms in the name of a brighter future, and I for one will take up arms to fight by their side.


This is the Way.

ALL: This is the Way.

ARMORER: This is the Way.

BO-KATAN: This is a Kom’rk Class fighter transport. I’ll use this to drop you in and you will operate as a tight military unit. Din Djarin and myself will reinforce from above. If everyone acts as they should, we can use the element of surprise and defeat an enemy that outnumbers us.

Pirate King Gorian Shard is captaining a Cumulus Class Corsair carrying a complement of snubfighters. It has aerial bombardment capabilities. The N1 will distract the Corsair and her snubfighters as we drop in to liberate the planet below. Nevarro is an independent planet and no longer under remnant Imperial or New Republic protection. But it’s that very independence that makes it appealing for you to settle. You lived there once, hiding in the sewers. But now, you can be heroes.










Captain, there’s a starfighter off our port bow.




Ah! It’s the Mandalorian. Man the gunwales. Launch the snubfighters. Follow him!

Bold of you to return, Mandalorian. Blast that ship!



GREEF KARGA: (ON COMMS) Thanks for your help, Mando.

I decided to take you up on your offer for a tract of land.

Be careful, my friend. They’ve got you outnumbered ten to one.


I like those odds.

(CHUCKLES) I bet you do.

The Corsair’s on me. Coast is clear.

BO-KATAN: Approaching drop point. First team, prepare to drop.

BO-KATAN: First team away.





MAN: Area clear. Team two, you with us?


MAN 2: Team two, moving toward courtyard.


Don’t let him get away!

I’m on the N1.

BO-KATAN: Din, what’s your position?

THE MANDALORIAN: I’m over the flats with snubfighters in pursuit. You’re clear to start your run.


There’s another ship, Captain. A Kom’rk Class fighter transport.


(GRUNTS) They took out an engine.

Tell Vane and the fighters to reform for a counter attack.

They’re pursuing the Mandalorian.

Then bring them back!


You won’t get away this time.

Vane, come in. The starfighter’s a decoy. There’s a secondary attack.


Regroup at the Corsair.


MAN: Possible ambush, take cover.



WOMAN: Behind us.

MAN: We’re boxed in.







Engaging the Gauntlet.


He’s above you.

He’s below you.


Dank farrik!


Another engine down, and shields are failing.


PAZ VIZSLA: All clear. Advance!

On me!

MAN 1: Forward.

MAN 2: Man your positions.

MAN 3: Go, go, go!


There’s only one snubfighter left, Captain.

It’s been a pleasure serving you, Captain, but it’s time to part ways.


Vane, you coward.


Sir, we’re down to our last engine.


We have to retreat.


In a puffer pig’s eye. Open fire below!

BO-KATAN: He’s targeting the townspeople.

THE MANDALORIAN: We’ve gotta take him down. Focus fire on their last engine.



It’s gonna be okay! It’s gonna be okay!


GREEF KARGA: Thank you, thank you, thank you. To all of you, and especially to our fine Mandalorian liberators, to whom this planet is forever indebted. Mandalorians, I know that we have been on opposite sides in the past, but that is behind us. From this day forward, I, Magistrate Greef Karga…

High Magistrate, sir.


High Magistrate Greef Karga, hereby cede all land from the western lava flats to Bulloch Canyon to the fine people of Mandalore. You may no longer have a home planet, but you do now have a home. Welcome.


Welcome! Welcome, and thank you.


PAZ VIZSLA: The Armorer wishes to speak with you.

ARMORER: This was once the forge of our covert. I have been to the Great Forge on Mandalore.

BO-KATAN: I remember the forge well.

It was large and ornate and the air rang with the music of a hundred hammers. And here stood a simple one. Yet, they were both forges. They served the same purpose. Remove your helmet.


ARMORER: Do you respect my station?

I do.

Remove your helmet.


Our people have strayed from the Way and it is not enough for a few to walk it. We must walk it together.

This is the Way.

We must walk the Way together. All Mandalorians.

I understand.

I was taught that the Mythosaur existed only in legends, and yet you saw it. It is a sign that the next age is upon us. Mandalore must all come together. You have walked both worlds. You are the one who can unite us.


ARMORER: Bo-Katan Kryze is going off to bring other Mandalorians in exile to us so that we may join together once again.

PAZ VIZSLA: But she shows her face.


ARMORER: Bo-Katan walks both worlds. And she can bring all tribes together. It is time to retake Mandalore.




Captain Teva to Lieutenant Reed.


LT. REED: (ON COMMS) Reed to Teva.

I found a derelict Lambda shuttle. The hull was breached. The vessel shows evidence of being attacked. Any reports in the area?

Um, there’s a record of a missing craft in the region. The details are classified.

R7, launch probe.




I’m sending you a transponder signal. Why don’t you bounce it through the flight logs at central command?

It’s a New Republic prison transport.

Check the departure times.

I’ll be damned. Flight times match the ship transporting Moff Gideon.

I knew it. He never made it to trial.

There don’t appear to be any survivors. And Moff Gideon’s body is missing.

This was an extraction.

LT. REED: Who were the perpetrators?



I’m only seeing the remains of the flight crew.


There appears to be something embedded in the cabin wall. Get in close on that.



It’s a fragment of beskar alloy.

Wait, are you saying that Moff Gideon was taken by… Mandalorians?


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