The Good Doctor – S07E06 – M.C.E. | Transcript

The team must deal with a mass casualty event that forces them to put aside their emotions following a recent tragedy.
The Good Doctor - S07E06 - M.C.E.

Original air date: April 9, 2024

Still reeling from Asher’s murder, the hospital has to deal with a mass casualty event with half of the staff away at a medical conference when a man drives a car through a crowd. As Lim operates, she places Shaun in charge as he won’t let his emotions get in the way, but Lim struggles with continually losing her patients, including one who resembles Asher. Lim’s mother later reveals that her father had secretly suffered from clinical depression, something that she’s worried Lim might have as well. Taking her mother’s advice, Lim bonds with a patient as she treats his injured arm. Consumed with anger over losing Asher, Jordan finds it difficult to treat the driver, but finds empathy for the young man after talking to his mother. At Shaun’s request, Glassman returns to the OR to successfully treat a critical patient and enjoys ending his surgical career on a win. Charlie helps Shaun when he gets overwhelmed and they save a father of two together, changing Shaun’s opinion of her and causing Charlie to withdraw her complaint against him. Lim later commends Shaun for his leadership during the crisis. While treating non-critical patients, Dom is forced to contend with his squeamishness, and Morgan reassures Dom that his inventiveness at one point proves that he belongs. At the end of the day, Asher’s friends gather to share their fond memories of him.

* * *

[somber organ music plays]

Are you okay?

Yes. I am meeting with HR to discuss Charlie’s complaint this afternoon.

Okay. It’s just been three days and you’ve barely mentioned Asher. I’ve read that grief reactions are delayed in people with autism.

When a loss finally hits, it can be really intense, sometimes even overwhelming. If that happens, find me anytime.


Asher and I came from different worlds. I am a devout Christian from Oakland, and he was an Orthodox Jew turned atheist from Brooklyn. But when we met at St. Bons, he became my closest friend. Asher had a way of making you feel like he saw the best version of you, but he still loved you at your worst. He was also one of the most courageous people I knew. Brave enough to leave behind the people he loved to be the person he knew he was inside. He was stubborn and opinionated, [chuckles] had a strange affinity for grandpa sweaters, made a crazy-good margarita, and he was just so, so much fun.

[blinds opening]

I’ve made breakfast.

I’m not hungry.

You’re barely eating.

I know. I’m exhausted. I couldn’t sleep last night.

I know.

I’ve heard you up every night since… Isn’t your friend’s funeral today?

Yeah. I–I think I’m coming down with something. I’m gonna do a swab at work.

I don’t think you’re sick. You should talk to a therapist.

[scoffs] I just need sleep.

I have to tell you something about your father. And I should have told you this years ago, but I promised him that I–

Mom, I cannot do this right now.

[cell phone chimes]

You idolized him, and he never wanted you to see him vulnerable. You won’t listen to me, but you will answer a text?

Well, it could be work.

Honey, your father–

Ma, I gotta go.

[downtempo music plays]

He was one of the most considerate people I knew and a damn good doctor. He knew what the patient wanted, so he fought for it. He made it happen. But that was Asher… standing up for his beliefs. Even if it cost him his family, even if it got him in trouble, Asher always did what he thought was right. [voice breaking] And now he’s gone… because of a couple of ignorant, hateful monsters. They knew one thing about Asher. One thing. And they killed him for it. Left him lying there bleeding on the pavement. And those animals, they get to live. And now he’s dead. And I hate them. I hate them for taking my friend.

[cell phones chiming and buzzing]

Have to go. We all do.

[chiming and buzzing continues]

Excuse me.

A guy drove his car through a crowd at San Jose SpringFest.


Doesn’t look that way.

How badly are we outnumbered?

Still early intel, but it looks pretty bad.

Activate Mass Casualty Event Protocol.

Alerts are out. ORs are up.

Elective patients are canceled.


We have eight surgeons away at the Cleveland Conference.

I need a surgeon. Severe head injury, hypoxia, and seizures.

[sirens wailing in distance]

Skull fracture, brain herniation with CSF leak.

I’ll take him up.

Call Dixon. He’s the backup Team Leader.

He’s in Cleveland, too.


Put Murphy in charge until I get back.

You sure?

Today’s gonna be messy, especially after losing Asher.

You’ll help him.

Shaun won’t let emotions get in the way.

[sirens continue wailing]

[theme music playing]

[dramatic music plays]

Dispatch said we’re getting over 25 patients, many critical. First wave just arrived.

Lim’s gonna be in the OR for a while.

SpringFest was six blocks from our house.

You were gonna take Eden.

I know it’s horrible, but these things are pretty rare.

Are they? Look at Asher.

Are you okay?

You seemed pretty angry at the funeral.

Seems pretty reasonable.

[paramedic] Watch your backs.

Do you need me to slap you?

I hope not.

You gonna have a problem working with Dr. Murphy?

I hope not.


Doctors Park, Kalu, and Allen, you’ll be treating Red Tag patients.

Dr. Reznick, you’re with the ER physicians on Yellow Tag patients.

Dom, you’re on Green Tags in the waiting room.

Green Tags?

Red Tags are urgent surgical patients.

Yellow, urgent nonsurgical.

And Green, minor injuries.

Minor injuries. I can do that.

What about me?

You’re on Black Tags.

But they’re already dead.

Yes, every Black Tag patient needs a pronouncement checklist completed before they can be moved to the morgue.

Those bodies are taking up valuable space.

It feels like you’re punishing me for filing an HR complaint against you.

I am not. Not working with you is an unintended benefit.

That’s not how you’re gonna get her to drop the complaint.

And you’re gonna need all the help you can get today.

Yes, and I need more surgeons. Like you.

I’m not available. Remember?

You have experience, and I am very shortstaffed.

You’re short-staffed everywhere you look.

Give me Yellow Tags.

Bay six.

I’m taking her for an Exlap.

Jordan needs you.

[paramedic 2] I’ve got a red tag. I need a surgeon.

Flora, blunt abdominal trauma, 40 weeks pregnant.

This is Ken, massive flail chest.

I need a surgeon now.

There are only two of us.

Move them to adjoining bays.

She is critically hypoxic.

My patient’s bleeding out.

My guy’s here because of him.

Ken jumped in front of the car, saved a little girl.

This the driver?

Yeah. His leg’s a mess.

Femoral artery’s lacerated. Tourniquet there.

[machine beeps]

Pressure’s critically low.

She must be bleeding into her abdomen.

FAST ultrasound. What do you see, Dr. Allen?

Massive cardiac contusions, pulmonary artery trunk tear, lung lacs…

Okay, those are terminal injuries.

This patient needs a cut down to clamp his common femoral artery.

I can cross-clamp Ken’s aorta.

That won’t fix his heart. He is a Black Tag.

He risked his life to save a kid.

That is very heroic. He will be dead soon.

You can still save the driver.

We should try to do everything we can.

You have. Move on.

She’s in cardiopulmonary failure.

[alarm blaring]

She’s…dying. I can’t save her, but I can save the baby.

Prep trauma one for a Csection.

Dr. Allen, the leg. Now.

[machines beeping, sirens wailing]

[man] Crash cart!

[indistinct PA announcements]


They’re unhurt, but their dad was just brought in.

Can you check on the status?

I don’t know where to start.

Start with the patients on the left side of the room and work your way over to the right.

Hi. I’m Dom. How can I help?

There’s a uterine rupture here.

Fetal decels are critical.

[alarm blaring]

[baby crying]

Baby looks good.

Dr. Murphy, we can take it from here.

Get a Black Tag for the mom.

I need a thoracotomy tray.

I might be able to save the mother, too.

[alarms blaring, sirens wailing]

That’s two more units of O neg.

His pressure’s stabilizing.


[Dr. Lim] That’s the last bleeder. Bipolar.

[nurse] There’s just so much vascular damage.

[Dr. Lim] I think I have good profusion.

Let’s close the dura.

[alarm blares]

[JL] Cerebral pressure is spiking.

[Dr. Lim] His brain’s herniating.

I need to remove half his skull.

[JL] Blood pressure dropping.

[highpitched alarm blares]

She’s minutes from anoxic brain injury.

There. In the pulmonary trunk…

Dr. Murphy, four more Red Tag patients just came in.

There it is.

Amniotic fluid entered her bloodstream.

The clump of hair got stuck, blocked her circulation.

Mom and baby will be fine. Yes?

While you’ve been in here, four Red Tags arrived, two nurses need central lines, and Kalu’s asking for you.

[sirens blaring, people shouting]

[woman] We have incoming ambulances with multiple casualties.

[dramatic music plays]

The damage to your husband’s brain was too severe.

[softly] He didn’t survive.

I’m so sorry.

Shaun needs you to take another patient to the OR.

It’s STAT.


[sirens wailing in distance]


I need to relocate your ankle to restore blood flow.

Can you hold this over your wound?

Maybe you should call your supervisor.


[ankle cracks]



Got it.

A new patient just walked in.

She can’t wait.


[woman on PA] Pediatric alert, bay seven.

Can you tell me what happened?

Car came through my stand.

Everything went flying.

Something hit me in the eye.

Castiron skillet, I think.

Let me take a look.


Dr. Reznick!

[Jared] I think I can save his leg

with microvascular anastomosis.

[Shaun] No, you need to amputate below the knee.

[Jared] Limb salvage is tricky, but I really think I…

[Shaun] That is a six-hour surgery

with a less than 5% chance of success.

We could save six patients in that time.

[Jared] Okay. Clamping bone two.

[Shaun] Huh. The last time I was in this room,

Asher and I were doing a colectomy.

[Jared] You need a minute?

I am faster at limb amputation than you.

See the Red Tag in the corridor.

We’re out of treatment rooms.

[Shaun] Convert the storage room into a trauma bay.

Can’t. Charlie’s still processing the Black Tags.

I need to head home to Steve.

You want to come with?

I could make you a sandwich, loan you a baby for an hour.

Steve’s cuddles can be very soothing.

Thank you.

I’m just gonna sit here a little longer.


Call me anytime.

[downtempo music plays]

[indistinct conversations]

[dramatic music plays]

The nurse says you’re my son’s doctor?

He’s in a lot of pain.

Who’s your son?

Riley Larson. He’s over there.

The driver. I know who he is.

Can you give him something stronger?

He had the standard dose of morphine 30 minutes ago.

He’s still hurting.

That’s a shame.

There’s a lot of people hurting right now.

It takes some time for the meds to kick in, but he should feel some relief soon.

Move, move, move.

Tell the OR to prep for bypass.

It’s okay, Amy. I’m here.

Look, I tried to get to her, but…

Please just save her.

We’re on our honeymoon.

[indistinct PA announcements]

These bodies need to go to the morgue.

His pupils are fixed, but I don’t think they’re dilated.

Apparently pupillary dilation is very subjective.

I’ll finish this.

“The Principles of Neurology”


[dramatic music plays]

You can’t check the pupil box because this patient is still alive!

Starting ACLS protocol.

Cardiac arrest from a tension pneumo.

Ethan needs this.

No, that doesn’t matter.

He was a Black Tag?

Lazarus effect.

When the paramedics did CPR, air compressed his heart until it stopped.

I saved his life.

No, I did.

Heart’s too fast. Amnio.

On it.

Inserting a central line.

I was right about the pupil.

You were listening to a book while he was dying.

I gotta get his pressure up.

I was learning.

You can’t learn if you don’t listen.

Asher was excellent at receiving constructive criticism.

That’s not a fair comparison. Asher–

You know what? It doesn’t matter who saved him.

Let’s just keep him safe. Okay?

Central line is in.

All right, the pressure’s good. It’s good.

Charlie, can you get us a cardiac monitor, please?

She’s not gonna be at her best, nor anyone else, if you continue to argue over every stupid little thing.

She is not helpful.

She’s helpful to me.

Then you take her for the rest of the day.

[alarm blaring]

[JL] She’s bleeding everywhere. Hanging FFP.

[Dr. Lim] I’ll do an ACP to divert all blood to her brain.

Ophtho is expecting her.

Hey, I’m sorry. I just…

I don’t think I can make it through this day.

Then quit.

Tomorrow. Right now, I need you to deal with that guy in the corner.

The EMT thought it was cardiac, but it’s just a panic attack.

Take him somewhere quiet and calm him down.

[sirens wailing in distance]

[Aron Wright’s “Have I Ever Left Your Side?” plays]

♪♪ Heaven knows What happens next ♪♪

♪♪ But we always Like to guess… ♪♪

He knew that you were gonna propose.

He was so happy.

Thank you.

♪♪ We both love and hate Surprises ♪♪

♪♪ Fairy tales And silver linings… ♪♪

I’m sorry.

They asked me to tell you that they need the room.

My apartment is so empty.

His family took him to New York.

There isn’t even a grave I can visit.

My mom used to take me to the library on Olive.

Sometimes when I miss her, I go back there and take out her favorite book and just get lost in it.

♪♪ Save your strength Rest your mind ♪♪

♪♪ Have I ever left your side? ♪♪

[Jordan] Stabilize the plate. I’ll place the lag screws in.

[Jared] You were pretty dismissive of your patient’s mother.

[Jordan] Forgive me if I’m not all broken up about that man’s pain.

[Jared] Riley didn’t kill Asher.

And it’s not your job to punish him.

[Jordan] I’m not.

But shouldn’t people feel the consequences of their actions?

[Jared] Maybe,

but Riley’s mother is feeling the consequences, too.

[Jordan] Her son did this. She should feel terrible.

[Jared] Your anger is totally justified.

But is it helping you? Or anything?

♪♪ Save your strength Rest your mind ♪♪

♪♪ Have I ever left your side? ♪♪

[Jordan] If those monsters hurt like we’re hurting, maybe something will change.

♪♪ Have I ever left your side? ♪♪

I did everything I could for your wife, but her chest injury was just too…



[dramatic music plays]

[sound muffles]

[man, muffled] Excuse me. Doctor.

[muffled conversations]

You need to look at this.

I’ve been waiting two hours.

[sound normalizes]

S–Someone will get to you soon.

After my arm gets infected.

We’re doing the best we can.

Then get more doctors.

Hey, look around you. People are dying.

Sit down and wait your damn turn.

You have a new patient. 20yearold, shattered pelvis.

Charlie, I need that thing.

Sorry. I was reading Ethan’s EKG.

Hook up the drain now.

Good. Start suction.

You’re doing great.

Dr. Murphy doesn’t think so.

He’s still evaluating me.

That’s why I filed the HR complaint.

We’ll deal with that when the time is right.

A bad evaluation will stop me from getting into a surgical residency.

No matter what I do, Dr. Murphy will find something to criticize.

Why is he like that?

Dr. Murphy has been held to a higher standard.

He’s doing the same thing to you.

That’s not fair.

Nevertheless, he wants you to be perfect, so you do the best you can.

I need you to treat a complex liver laceration, Dr. Glassman.

I’m not operating. I told you that.

It can’t wait.

Well, Dr. Lee should be finished by now.

I just gave him an open hip fracture.

Well, then transfer the patient to SFG.

They are on diversion.

For crying out loud, Shaun, you know the last time I was in an operating room, and a liver lac?

Yes, it is a complicated, multistep surgery.

Exactly. I might kill the patient.

He’s already dying.

You are my only option.

So it’s me or the janitor?

The janitor is cleaning trauma two.

He is very bright but is

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Just give me Nurse V. At least she’ll keep me honest.

Nurse Villanueva is running the ER with me.

Nurse Paikin, then.

Assisting Dr. Lee.

Nurse Lashelle, she is very experienced and available.

Okay, fine.

Keep an eye on Mr. Newton’s hemoglobin and Ethan’s EKG.

My son’s pain medication still hasn’t kicked in.

I’m on my way to surgery.

It’s been two hours. Please!

Then he’s likely maxed out for the next couple hours.

I know what you think of me.

I can’t even argue with you.

He left me a letter.

He didn’t think he’d still be alive.

He wanted to die doing this.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been trying to help him.

We tried everything.

Pills, therapy, inpatient, outpatient.

Seemed like he was making progress.

Maybe that’s just what I hoped.

[crying] I’m angry, too, at him.

How could he have done this?

And I’m angry at myself for not knowing what he was capable of.

I wish you would help him.

[nurse Lashelle] He’s down a liter.

[Dr. Glassman] Give me two units.

[monitor beeping]

Okay, here we go into the triangle of death.

So many things can go wrong.

[nurse Lashelle] You want to talk it out?

[Dr. Glassman] Clamp the porta hepatis.

Ligate the left hepatic to control the bleeding.

Remove the left lobe

Dr. Glassman?


I need you to look at Ethan’s rhythm strip.

Is it urgent?

He’s in sinus rhythm, but I noticed a run of PVCs.

[Dr. Glassman] Well, keep him monitored. I’ll check it when I’m done.

But a half hour ago, he had another run.

[Dr. Glassman] Didn’t I tell you to check every 45 minutes?

I’m being thorough.

[Dr. Glassman] PVCs are fairly common.

Can I do a 12 lead and electrolytes?

[Dr. Glassman] That’s a good idea, Charlie.

Run it past Dr. Paxton in cardiology.

[Charlie] Mm.

[Dr. Glassman] Okay.

Clamp the porta hepatis.

Ligate the left hepatic to control the bleeding.

[Dr. Lim] I need threaded pins here to stabilize the pelvis.

[JL] What is it?

[Dr. Lim] He looks a lot like Asher.

[JL] Maybe a little.

[alarm blaring]

Blood pressure’s dropping.

[Dr. Lim] There’s bleeding in the pelvis. Vascular clips.

[alarm continues blaring]

Okay, your pressure’s pretty high.

I still feel my heart racing.

That sounds normal.

Maybe that doctor lady should do another EKG.

I learned about mindfulness-based meditation last semester in psych class.

I think that could help you.

I’m here for medical care, not yoga.

Is that bad?

It’s just a little nosebleed.

Pinch hard.

I’ve never had a nosebleed like this.

I need a doctor in here. Hello?

Why is it not stopping?

Okay, 500cc bolus.

Get her to OR three with Dr. Lee.

I need to hand off to a doctor.

One minute.

Morgan can close this when she’s free.

Two more Red Tags in the corridor.

Have Jared take them.

Dr. Kalu’s still in the OR.

Then get Asher.


Oh. He’s dead.

One of the Red Tags has a chest impalement.

He could go south soon.

Doc, my crew has an urgent pickup.

Dr. Quao needs an anesthesiologist, but they’re all tied up.

I need you to look at Ethan’s EKG.

There are some unusual patterns.

Dr. Glassman is supervising you.

He’s busy. He sent me to Dr. Paxton.

He thinks this is normal,

but I think Ethan is gonna die again.


Dr. Paxton was right and I am very busy.

If you compare them over the two hours, you’ll see the clusters.


Quao really needs an answer.

And that Red Tag needs a surgeon.


Look, two hours ago


[sound muffles]

Dr. Murphy?

Dr. Murphy, Quao really needs an answer.

[paramedic] Doctor, we have an urgent pickup.

[sound normalizes]

Find Dr. Park. We need a new Team Leader.


Dr. Murphy, I see you’re covering your ears.

[sound muffles]

I think you’re feeling very overwhelmed.

I would be, too, with people coming up to me, bombarding me with questions.

But maybe it would help if you broke it down…

[sound normalizes]

…step by step, issue by issue.

We can’t wait any longer. Go find Dr. Park.

Get the plastics resident to close for Dr. Park in OR one. and send Dr. Park to the corridor patient.

EMT can hand off to Dr. Steffy in the procedure room.

And the anesthesiologist in trauma five should be finishing soon.

Come with me now.

We are going to save your patient’s life.

He has a ventricular aneurysm. His heart’s going to rupture.

There’s no empty OR and this can’t wait.

I will have to operate.


It’s not sterile.

I can treat an infection.

I can’t do anything for him if he’s dead.

[indistinct conversations]

[dramatic music plays]

Okay. You have to help me.

It seems like it’s slowing down.


This is a posterior epistaxis.

A what?

An artery ruptured in the back of your nose.

You’re bleeding out. I need help!

Look, I gotta go find you a doctor.

Uh, I don’t feel so…

Help! I need help, somebody!

Somebody help!

Inflate the balloon… Inflate the balloon…

I got the DeBakeys.

There are no Dacron sutures in the ER, but I think the Teflon should be a suitable replacement.

Yes, it is.

[woman] I need a surgeon!

Is that the aneurysm?

Yes, and we’re too late. It’s already ruptured.

Give me your finger. You need to plug this.

Don’t move.

[Dr. Lim] Clear.

[defibrillator thumps]

Push another milligram of epi.

[alarm beeping]

Charge to 50 joules.

Heart monitor’s showing asystole.

It’s an unshockable rhythm, Audrey.

[Dr. Lim] Time of death, 4:50 p.m.

Somebody heard yell–

What the hell happened?

Tacho-Comb sheet is in place.

Give me the…

Final closure.

I need to run mattress sutures to secure it.

Any error, I will destroy the blood supply to his entire left ventricle.

That sounds really bad.

It would be catastrophic.

Can I help?

You must do exactly what I tell you

exactly when I tell you.


Teflon sutures.

Cut here. Exactly here.

Very good.

Hold this forceps at a 30-degree angle.

You see that felt strip edge?

Press it down gently.

[dramatic music plays]

[breathing heavily]

I couldn’t watch the news anymore.

So I made cookies.

It’s stupid.

What else can I do?

Nothing, Mom.

You can’t bring Asher back.

I know.

I am so sorry.



What were you gonna tell me earlier today about Dad?

[clears throat]

He was an amazing man.

Love of my life, really.

And he had clinical depression.


He traveled for work, but some of those trips, they were hospital stays.

And he never wanted you to know.


Because… he loved being your hero.

He loved being a success, being immersed in his work.

But when those things weren’t propping him up… he would get lost.

And I know that I am far from exciting.

No, you weren’t all wrong about me.

More than anything, I have found fulfillment from the small connections that I share with people… like making cookies for my daughter.

He would have been so mad that I told you, but I realized that I couldn’t keep telling you that I was worried about you without telling the truth about why.

I loved your dad, almost as much as I love you.

I am so proud of who you have become.

And I don’t want you to end up like him.



[grunts, exhales sharply]

This will help him sleep through the night.

I promise I’ll keep your son comfortable.

Thank you.

Thank you. [sobbing]

Simon. Kerry.

You ready to see your dad?

Go see your dad.

I saved Ethan’s life twice today.

You just saved him once.

The first time I did.

I may have been wrong about you.

You might make an adequate surgeon one day.

The corridor is clear,

and there are four empty bays for walk-ins.

Thank you, Shaun.

You did a great job.

It was a lot to ask, especially today.

I am a good leader.

Let’s take a look at that arm.

I’m sorry about earlier.

You were right.

Compared to what these people are dealing with, this is–

You don’t need to apologize.

It’s just that my wife’s been home alone all day.

She has MS.

I have to lift her.

That sounds tough.

Not really.

She’s an amazing woman.

An amazing architect.

What’s her name?

[indistinct conversation]

♪♪ I could never live a life Without your love ♪♪

♪♪ I could never live a lie… ♪♪

[Jordan] I’ve sat there every day since it happened.

♪♪ How small am I? ♪♪

♪♪ Ohohh… ♪♪

I came to empty his locker.

I just can’t.

♪♪ Ohohh ♪♪

♪♪ Ohohoh oh ♪♪

♪♪ I know That you’ll be there… ♪♪

Pregaming before Beyonce.


♪♪ ‘Cause when I’m in the darkness ♪♪

♪♪ I can find you when I look For the daylight… ♪♪

I’ll help you.

♪♪ I know you… ♪♪

Go home.

Rhino Rocket.

I could’ve stopped the bleeding with a Rhino Rocket, but I did everything wrong.

You were right.

I can’t handle this job.

I should quit.

Don’t be an idiot.

You saved a man’s life with a urinary catheter.

That’s some kickass MacGyver medicine.

♪♪ I know that you’ll be there Always be there ♪♪

You still got game, Dr. Glassman.

Ha. Even MJ knew when to call it quits.

This felt like an oldtimers game.

Well, nice to go out on a win, though.

Ah, thank you.

How’s Ethan’s heart?

It exploded. But we fixed it.

Oh, and I’m withdrawing the HR complaint against Dr. Murphy.

For now.

♪♪ Light in the darkness Light in the darkness ♪♪

I figured you guys would need something to eat.

Oh, bless you.

I hear you’re leaving town tomorrow.


It’s been a memorable trip.

Sorry about earlier. We, um…

Please sit. You’ve been on your feet all day.

Come join us. I have extra sandwiches.

[sniffles] I, uh… I found some things that I thought… you might want.

Asher was waiting for the right moment to slip that onto your desk.

A rep was handing these out at a medical convention that Asher and I went to.

I was going to toss it, but…

Asher stuffed it into his backpack.

I… already knew about this articulating dissector.

It is very promising.

♪♪ All we know is how ♪♪


♪♪ To say goodbye ♪♪

♪♪ But there’s… ♪♪

I will miss Asher.

He was a good friend.

He was.

I’ll miss him, too.

We all will.

♪♪ There’s no one there To see them there ♪♪

♪♪ Just leave a shadow In the sky ♪♪

I want to apologize for earlier… going off-script in my eulogy.

I made it about my anger.

And if you knew Asher, you’d know he would have plenty to say about not being the center of attention at his own funeral.


♪♪ …is how to say goodbye… ♪♪

[light laughter]

This photo.

Oh, yeah.

♪♪ …to do it right ♪♪

♪♪ You might get used to Healing faster ♪♪

♪♪ It’ll break you over time ♪♪

♪♪ All we know is How to say goodbye ♪♪

[closing theme music playing]


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