The Good Doctor – S07E05 – Who At Peace | Transcript

Asher's views on the construct of marriage complicate his future with Jerome. Meanwhile, Asher also briefly revisits his religious past to aid a patient's conversion to Judaism for his fiancée.
The Good Doctor - S07E05 - Who At Peace

Original air date: April 2, 2024

Asher’s views on the construct of marriage complicate his future with Jerome. Meanwhile, Asher also briefly revisits his religious past to aid a patient’s conversion to Judaism for his fiancée.

* * *



Should we just


Can’t we just check on him? It’s been 10 minutes.


I’m rounding up.

You shouldn’t. This process is tiring and difficult.

But once we finish, we will all be happier and more wellrested.

[crying continues]

How does the crying not bother you?

In prehistoric times, when infants awoke in the night and didn’t see their parents, it could mean they had been killed by wild animals or competing tribes.

Steve’s cries are designed by nature to alert other adults to take care of him.


How much longer?

10 seconds.

9, 8

7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Don’t worry, Steve. Mommy’s coming.

[alarm beeping]

[beeping stops]




That was fun.

[both chuckle]



I have to go, unfortunately.

When’s your first meeting?

After this.

I have a consult.

No, Shaun, please stay.

Sorry. I was, um…


I was just about to tell Shaun

that he’ll be working with Charlie Lukaitis today.

No, I’m going to work with Dom.

Charlie is disruptive and distracting.

She should be failed out of this rotation.

That’s a harsh assessment,

and one you can’t make until she’s completed her rotation.


I want to opt out of being a teaching attending.

You can’t do that, Shaun. This is a teaching hospital.

You can’t opt out.

Well, actually, you can,

but you lose access to the residents

Jordan, Kalu, Asher.

I prefer to work alone.

And you’d stick to simple surgeries

lap choles, appendectomies, hernia repairs.

Not to mention, you’d lose a third of your salary.

I cannot teach her.

She interrupts me, and when I point out her mistakes,

she just argues with me.

Well, why don’t you stop pointing out her mistakes?

Why don’t you start

pointing out things she does well?

Why would I do that?

Because when you criticize people, they feel bad,

and that leads to arguments.

And that leads to Charlie standing alone,

mute in an elevator.

And that leads to more meetings with us.

I can’t just let her mistakes go.

So, how about you try a compliment sandwich?

When you need to give negative feedback,

stick it between layers of praise.


doesn’t have two pieces of bread to work with.

Then make it a compliment openfaced sandwich.

Find the bread, Shaun.

[theme music playing]

Hi, honey.

Hey, you okay?

Your door was closed when I left.

I wasn’t there. I, um…

stayed over at Aaron’s.

You… sslept over there?




I hope you don’t have a problem with that.

You’re a grown woman.

That decided to have sex with my copresident.

Sure. That’s…fine.


It was amazing, Audrey.

I mean, for a man his age,

you cannot believe the stamina and the decisiveness.

That’s great, Mom.

It’s just sex.

I’ll be going home after the study is over.

But as sex goes, this is pretty high quality.

Where did you fall?

In the shower.

I hate how old that makes me sound.

Don’t worry, you also look old.

Oh, thank you for that.

BP’s 100 over 70, heart rate 75 BPMs.

Hip bone’s swollen and deformed.

Does this hurt?

Ow! Ow!

You have a fractured and dislocated hip.

Oh, no.

Don’t worry. We’ll get him to the O.R. right away.

Your dad will be fine.


[chuckles lightly]

He’s my fiance.

Then your fiance will be fine.

Thank you.

Hi! I know the last time we worked together

could have gone better.

I always quote the great Taylor Swift

at important moments,

so let me just say

Don’t do that.

I promise I won’t interrupt you today.

I’ll work extra hard to be helpful.

What were you doing when you first started throwing up?

Walking with Mom.

We weren’t overdoing it or anything.

We walk together every morning before school.

It’s our special time.

That’s awesome. Do you know Mirna Valerio?

She’s a largebodied woman who runs ultramarathons.

You could work your way up to that.

Or just marathons.

That wasn’t an interruption.

It was…

good that you did not interrupt me,

but you did not need to tell that story.

Although…it was not completely irrelevant.

With the fever and white count, I thought she had a UTI.

Lucy, please lie down.

Take a deep breath.

[Inhales deeply]


Positive Murphy sign.

And it was spotted by Dr. Murphy. So cool.

It wasn’t named after Dr. Murphy, though.

It is, in fact, named after Dr. Murphy.

He just wasn’t me.

It’s still cool.

There’s nothing cool about it,

since it means Lucy’s gallbladder is inflamed

and will need to be removed.

Why would she be having trouble with her gallbladder?

Probably because she’s morbidly obese.

But don’t worry,

we do the surgery every day.

Not on teenagers, though.

[Asher] I shouldn’t have assumed.

Placing second guidewire.

But are we all just going to ignore how gross this is?

I mean, he’s old enough to be her grandfather.

[Jerome] Lots of people think it’s gross that you and I are together.

Yes, but we’re actually in love. Okay? She’s golddigging.

Another assumption.

A deduction, actually.

If he’s not loaded, why would she be with him?

Also, I found her Instagram.

You should see the hotel they stayed at in Baja.

And they’ve been engaged for a year, but no wedding website.

He’s clearly stalling,

trying to have as much sex as he can before tossing her.

He’s 74.


And a man.

Implanting primary FNS screw.

[Park] If she’s after his money and he’s after her youth,

then they’re both getting something out of it.

Tightening locking screw.

[Kalu] Dissecting the gallbladder off the liver.

Processed foods, sugary drinks,

schools dropping PE…

No wonder there’s an epidemic of childhood obesity.

[Charlie] Weight is a bad proxy for health, actually. BMI, too.

It doesn’t take into account muscle mass or metabolic

[Shaun] Excuse me. What are you doing?

Oh, I, um II asked Charlie

to learn the tools by laying them out.

Laparoscopic instruments go on the left,

then clamps, scissors, retractors, and sutures.

You have done the opposite.

You…did lay them out, though.

Thank you.

[Kalu] One thing, though. Shaming people who are overweight

which, sorry, Shaun, you kind of did

with that “morbidly obese” comment

can actually lead to overeating.

[Shaun] I was stating a medical fact.

Ultrasonic coagulator. Starting the

But if your fact made her feel ashamed, then you

You inter

Charlie, you did a good job

when you were not interrupting me earlier.

Thank you.

But you did not do a good job

when you were interrupting me just now.

Oh, I just thought we were talking at the same time.

But you are doing a good job right now

because you are not interrupting

It’s mostly I’m completing your train of thought, which helps.

Okay, I am running out of bread.

[Kalu] Shaun.

Her liver has yellow diffuse deposits and fibrosis.

She has advanced fatty liver.

If this progresses,

she will need a liver transplant or she will die.

It may take a few months to regain full mobility,

but that shouldn’t stop you from walking down the aisle.

Thank you so much, Doctor.

So, how’d you two meet?

Well, we needed some legal work done at the school

where I teach seventh grade English,

and somehow, a big fancy litigator

took us on pro bono.

Not that fancy.

No. Fancy. And very modest.

I had, uh, lost my wife, Julie, to COVID

a couple of years before and…

Well, I was a mess.

I certainly never thought I could fall in love again.

Neither of us expected this to happen.

But we’re real glad it did.

It’s a beautiful story.

When’s the big day?

Hey, are you okay?

Yeah, it’s just my stomach thing.

Uh, we’re just waiting for Scott

to finish converting to Judaism.

I’m sure you know how long that process can be, Dr. Wolke.

You’re Jewish, right?


Oh, II’m sorry, I…

I assumed…

I feel sick.




Look at me.


Crash cart!

[Park] Stomach and duodenum are normal.

Are you ready to admit you’re wrong about them?

Fine. They’re in love.

But why not just peacefully live out

his golden years together?

Why is she making him jump through all these hoops to get married?

Does he really want to spend the rest of his years

studying the Book of Ruth?

She’s not forcing him to do anything.

He wants to make her happy.

Yeah, by pretending to care about

something he doesn’t actually care about.

If he wants to stay married, I also recommend pretending

to care about every other thing she cares about.

Transverse colon is normal.

Also, it doesn’t hurt for a man of his age

to have a younger medical proxy who cares about him.

So just give her power of attorney.

Yeah, maybe in a ceremony. She could wear white.

They could exchange rings. What’s that called?

Why are you so invested in this?

Why are you so cynical?


Left ovary and pelvic organs.

Dr. Glassman and Dr. Lim

suggested the compliment sandwich,

but it is very distracting having to find two things

Charlie is doing right

just so I can correct her mistakes.

There are a lot of them.

What do we do in sleep training when Steve cries?

We ignore him.

Ignore her.

Charlie isn’t a baby.

When she makes mistakes, it affects patients.

How often do med students get to do something

that could actually hurt a patient?

Not very often.

So, when she does something annoying, just let it go.

If you ignore the mistakes,

you don’t need to look for the compliments.

Well, yeah. That is worth a try.

[cellphone vibrating]

Lucy’s coming out of anesthesia.

I have to go.

Have you forgotten something?

Something to steel you against any level of annoyingness?

It smells of adorableness and diaper cream?

Now go get your ignore on.

You have stage three ovarian cancer.

It’s spread beyond the ovaries and pelvis.

I told my GP months ago

that I was having back pain and nausea.

He said that it was probably just stress.

Unfortunately, that’s not uncommon.

70% of cases are missed at the early stages.

We will do everything we can,

starting with removing as many of the tumors as possible.

And hopefully chemo can get the rest.

Thanks. Perfect.





So, we were just talking about where to go for dinner.

Yeah, what was that place? The Chinese fusion on Elm?


Try the wonton tacos.

[sighs] Excuse me. Um…

Hey, uh, I’m guessing you’re not okay with this.

You sleeping with my mom?

My dad did it for years. We got along fine.

Since you’re not okay with it, uh, is there anything

that I can do to make this a little bit less awkward?

There’s not going out with her.

Short of that.

You asked.


Are they…?

Please don’t make me think about this any more than I already have.

Ah! Wow.

You’ve really gotta hand it to Glassman.

[sighing] I really don’t.

Sleeping with your competitor’s mom

has got to be the 49th Law of Power.

He’s not my competitor. He’s my colleague.

Imagine if they got married.

That’s why we are recommending gastric sleeve surgery.

She’s 14.

[Morgan] Lucy fits the guidelines.

She has a BMI of 40,

she’s 136 pounds overweight,

and she’s having severe medical problems as a result.

Do other kids get surgery like that?

There were 1,400 bariatric surgeries

performed on adolescents in 2022,

and it’s becoming more common every year.

Dr. Murphy will remove a large portion of your stomach.

That will help you to eat less.

And in ways we don’t fully understand yet,

it reduces the hunger signals in your brain.

That is not wrong.

I want to do this.

Mom, I think about food all the time.

I don’t want to keep fighting my body.

I’m just so tired.

Baby, I didn’t

I didn’t realize you were still hurting this much.

I didn’t want you to know.

I was trying to fight it on my own, but…

I don’t think I can anymore.

Uh, okay. Let’s do it.

Let’s do it.

Charlie will return with the preoperative consent form.

Responsibility. Awesome.

Gunderson’s doing a roboticassisted

thoracoscopic lobectomy.

Gunderson. Isn’t he a little green?

Yeah. He’ll probably push the wrong button and start a robot rebellion.

Can you assist?

I could shuffle some stuff around.

Great. Problem solved.

I do need you to write that memo to the board, though.

What memo?

“Latest Practices in Lean Hospital Process Management.”

Oh, that memo.

The one you were supposed to write.

Now that I’m bailing Gunderson out…

You don’t have the time.

Let me guess, it’s due…


What a coincidence.

Now I can’t take your mom out to dinner.

O.R. awaits.

Before I have you sign this, I need to tell you

about the risks of gastric sleeve surgery.

Yeah, okay.


One, acid reflux.

Two, vitamin or iron deficiency.

Three, hernias.

Four, internal bleeding during surgery or afterwards.

That doesn’t sound good.

It’s not.

Five, surgical wound infection.

Six, fatal blood clots.


Yeah, like a pulmonary embolism.

Oxygen is blocked from your lungs,

and you start to suffocate.

Seven, sepsis leading to organ failure.

Wait. Hold on.

I’ve changed my mind.

So have I. We’re not doing this.

Guess you don’t need to hear about number eight.

You have put that girl’s life at risk by telling her that.

I did what I was supposed to.

I listed all the possible complications.

Did you say how unlikely each one was?

No, but

Or explain that many were a complication of any surgery?

I didn’t think!

Or that this was a relatively safe surgery?

This is unfair.

Stop interrupting me.

You’re interrupting me.

I am the attending.

I have tried complimenting you,

but that didn’t work.

I have also tried ignoring you, but that also didn’t work.

But I am required to keep teaching you, though,

so you will have to go back to learning

by observing only.

You will not bother me.

You will not say a word, either in surgery

or in front of the patient.

You’re quiet.

I can’t stop thinking about Ronit.

If her doctor had only taken her seriously.

Imagine trying to plan a wedding

while she’s in chemo and he’s recovering from a broken hip.

Who cares about their wedding planning? She could die.

They care.

Well, they shouldn’t.

Marriage is an outdated institution

that was invented as a property transaction,

not as an expression of love.

How people feel about it now is…

That’s all that matters.

Well, sometimes our feelings trap us

in conventional ways of thinking.

Like, Rashi says that most of the Israelites

stayed enslaved in Egypt because it’s all they knew.

Are you seriously comparing a loving marriage to slavery?

Both were invented as a means of exchanging human chattel.

That is offensive on so many levels.

And I doubt it’s what Rashi, whoever that is,

meant when he wrote that parable.

It’s a Midrash, not a parable.

Well, you sure know a lot about Judaism

for someone who isn’t Jewish.

Okay, I’m not a practicing Jew,

but I don’t have to share my life story with a patient.

Why didn’t you just say, “I was raised Jewish, but I don’t”

[inhales sharply]

Hold on. I’ll get you a bandage.


I don’t feel like cooking anymore.

I’m going home.

[door opens, closes]

What are you still doing here?

Aaron and I are going out to dinner.

And salsa dancing.

You dance salsa?

You dance salsa?

My Spanish teacher got me into it.

You have a Spanish teacher?

She could actually be a Spanish teacher.

Habla muy bueno.

[Eileen] Ah, bien, actually.

Bien, actually.

So, I was doing research for this very urgent memo,

and I came upon this great article

on Lean Practices in the Argentinian Journal

for Hospital Administration, and it was in Spanish.

So I translated it for him.

So she translated it for me

and had some great ideas for the memo itself

and saved me hours of work.

Oh, don’t wait up tonight, hon.

[Asher] With an open surgery,

Park and I can get more of the tumors.

Laparoscopic surgery lowers the risk of complications,

which would allow her to start chemo sooner.

Ronit’s preop labs.

Hey, Jordan.

Hey, Jerome.

How’s Grandma E?

Doctor said she’ll recover fine.

Whether they’ll recover from me secondguessing

everything they’re doing is another question.

I’m glad to hear it. On both counts.

What was that?

We had a fight last night.

All right, this weekend,

I found a box in Jerome’s drawer.

I’m pretty sure it was a ring box.

Tomorrow night’s the second anniversary of our first date.

I think he’s going to propose.

Or I should say, was. I don’t know about now.

But isn’t that what you wanted?

No, it is.

There’s just something about the ceremony of it all,

the ancient rituals, it just feels…icky.

Ancient rituals?

We’re talking about you getting married, not sacrificing a goat.

I worry we’d only be doing it because we’re supposed to.

In Brooklyn, my path was laid out for me

study the Talmud, get married, have kids.

I didn’t really have a choice.

What if this is the same thing?

Do you love Jerome?


Then you do have a choice.

You can make a life with the man you love

or find another path without him.

Bariatric surgery is conducted hundreds of thousands

of times a year in United States hospitals.

But what Ms. Lukaitis talked about

the bleeding, the clots…

Serious complications are very rare.

How rare?

Based on my surgical record,

site infection rate is less than 1.5%,

and I would identify it early and treat it well.

Excess bleeding is less than 1%,

and death is 1/20th of that.

What do you think, Mom?

I don’t know. I don’t want her to be ashamed.

Last year…

she was suicidal because of the teasing and the bullying.

And I was too, when I was her age.

We got counseling

and were really in a place

where she loved herself, and I don’t want you to lose that.

I was diagnosed with ASD when I was five years old.

[Shaun] That’s not relevant. And I told you not

Shaun, I think they want to hear what Charlie has to say.

Thank you.

My brain…

it doesn’t process emotional signals

like other people’s brains.

Same with Lucy’s brain with hunger.

My parents wanted what was best for me,

but my mom, she didn’t want me to feel different.

So she was against me having an inschool aid.

Thought it would stigmatize me, but my dad convinced her.

They found a great aid that helped me learn

to navigate the world.

This surgery won’t stigmatize your daughter.

It will give her what she needs to thrive.

Everyone needs help sometimes.

Let Dr. Murphy help you.

Mom, please.



Good job.

[Park] After radical debulking,

I don’t see any obvious gross tumor.

[Asher] Assessing abdominal organs and spleen.

There are subcentimeter lesions on her liver.

Infiltrative hepatic metastasis.

Check her diaphragm.

It’s everywhere.

She probably only has a couple months, if that.

Let’s close.

What exactly is your motivation here?

Are you trying to piss me off? Mark your territory?

What are you talking about?

You, dating my mom.

[chuckles] You think this is about you?

It’s crossed my mind.

Are you out of your mind?

Oh, come on. What do you have in common with her?

My mom’s…

She’s, uh…


Dull. My mom’s dull.

No, she’s not.

She’s a great person, a loving mother.

But she was a homemaker.

Not exactly the world’s most interesting woman.


Let me tell you something about your mom.

She learned Spanish

so she could read Don Quixote

in the original. Who does that?

She’s seen every movie in the Criterion Collection.

That’s five stars right there.

She buys The New York Times in paper form

so she can do the crossword,

which she does through Saturday.

I don’t even get past Wednesday.

She does?

Yes, she does.

Maybe you should get to know your mom a little bit better.


I certainly will.

Thrilled for you two.

Plus, the sex is amazing.

I want to marry you.

It won’t be a Jewish wedding, but…

der mentsh trakht un got lakht.

“Man plans, God laughs.”

But if a Beit Din, a council of three rabbis,

approves your conversion,

then there are only a couple steps left.

The big one being a ritual bath.

You can have a Jewish wedding here.

I’ll set it all up for you.

I was raised Hasidic.

[baby crying]

I’m sorry. I just can’t take this anymore.

No. No.

I have to rock him to sleep.

No, that is the worst thing we could do.

It will teach Steve that if he cries for ten minutes,

he will get rewarded with a hug from Mom.

Steve isn’t a test subject.

He’s our baby, and we need to be flexible with him.

He will be fine.

I’m not sure I will be fine.

This is so hard.

And you have surgery tomorrow.

Don’t you need your sleep?

We should focus on how much better it will be

for all three of us in a few weeks.


[crying continues]

Thank you for doing this, Rabbi Benjamin.

I’ve adored Scott and Ronit since I met them last year.

I’d do anything for them.

Now, time for some Jewish math.

300 gallons is about 150 se’ah.

We need 40 se’ah of natural water

and a wall between the natural water and tap water.

And we aren’t getting rainwater in here,

but Rav Kook and the Ben Ish Chai wrote

that we can use ice, so we’re going to need a lot.

We have a giant ice maker on every floor.

[speaking Hebrew]

Where do you go to shul, Asher?

Uh, I don’t.

Or, you know, not since I came out.

You can’t be gay and Jewish?

Well, aside from the explicit prohibitions

in Vayikra 18 and 20, there’s the Noahide laws

and the sin of Sodom, as explained in Sanhedrin.

You should brush up on Sanhedrin.

According to the Midrash, the sin of Sodom

was cruelty toward strangers, not homosexuality.


Is an Orthodox rabbi telling me

that the real sodomites are the homophobes?

If the Midrash fits…

You are a Jew, Asher. Whether you want to be or not.

Antisemites don’t give you a pass

because you have no mezuzah on your door,

so might as well get something positive out of it.

Respectfully, Rabbi, I have everything I need in my life.

5,000 years of tradition, and you can’t find

anything of value?

The Torah isn’t all or nothing.

Try lighting some candles on a Friday night.

Take a little break on a Saturday.

Put some spare change in the Tzedakah box for the poor.

Read Rambam…

or Philip Roth.

I do love bagels.

They’re super carby,

but I can always scoop out the middle, right?

Heresy. And yet, a start.



Now let’s make a mikveh.

♪♪ Ohh, ohh, ohh ♪♪

♪♪ Ohh, ohh, ohh ♪♪

♪♪ Oh, oh ♪♪

♪♪ You save my life ♪♪

♪♪ You take the pain away ♪♪

[praying in Hebrew]

♪♪ Oh, oh ♪♪

♪♪ You bring me ’round ♪♪

♪♪ When I’m down ♪♪

♪♪ You take my♪♪

♪♪ Breath away ♪♪

♪♪ You make me feel ♪♪

♪♪ Alive ♪♪

♪♪ One, two ♪♪

♪♪ One, two, three, four ♪♪

♪♪ Ohh, ohh, ohh ♪♪

♪♪ You make me feel ♪♪

♪♪ Alive ♪♪

[Shaun] Placing the final staples.

[Kalu] Okay. Removing the amputated stomach.

You okay?

I got less than the optimal amount of sleep last night,

but I am fine to operate.

Partial stomach is removed.

[alarm beeping]

Heart rate’s 115. BP is 146 over 93.

Splenic infarct?

No, it is baseline color and well perfused.

[Charlie] It could be an intestinal perf

No, it couldn’t.

Why not?

Charlie, we don’t have time to answer your questions right now, okay?

That makes sense.

Submerge the remaining stomach in saline.

Shoot air in from the endoscope.

That will tell us what the problem is.

It’s a leak.

We need to reinforce our staple line with sutures and

[alarms beeping]

Heart rate 128. BP 170.

40 Vicryls, fibrin glue.

[Nurse Hawks] Get the 40’s from the suture cart.

Why aren’t they on the back table?

[Charlie] I read in The Journal for Bariatric Surgery

that they were rarely used, so

You should have asked an attending.

I know she can be quite unrelenting,

but you should not make changes based on the instructions

of a medical student. Starting sutures.

It’s not her fault or mine.

You have the stitches now, so

I am trying to concentrate.


I need to explain myself!

Stop talking. You’re distracting me.

I wanted to impress you. It’s a top journal

Get out of the O.R.!

Get out right now.


No more anastomotic leak.

Let’s close.

Lucy, we’ll keep you here for a couple of days,

and then you’ll be good to go home.

When will I start to lose weight?

You can expect to lose 5 to 15 pounds per week

over the next few months.

You look nice. Going out?


I could tell that you were uncomfortable

when I saw you with Aaron.

And I think I knew you were uncomfortable even before then.

But I just was having so much fun, I…

It was unfair of me.

And I think that maybe I should just


It was unfair of me.

Go have fun.

Are you sure?


Thank you, honey.

Why didn’t you ever tell me about learning Spanish

or salsa dancing or anything?

You never asked.

I guess I never thought there was much to hear.

You and Dad…

He always seemed so in charge,

and you just…

went along.

I’m sure it did seem that way,

because I knew it was important to him.

He was old school.

But at its heart…

it was a partnership.

I didn’t know.

You have always been so ambitious, driven.

Is that because you didn’t want to be someone who just…

went along?


Is that why you and Clay broke up?

He hasn’t called since I’ve been here.

None of his clothes are in the closet.

He wanted to get married.

And I wasn’t sure.

So I did my usual.

I just avoided him and I focused on work.

And he took the job in Chicago.

I’m so sorry.

I love my job.

I like who I am.

I don’t need to get married again.

But I don’t always like being alone.

I am always here for you.

Charlie Lukaitis won’t listen to me.

She is putting patients at risk.

She should finish her rotation at another hospital.

I cannot work with her anymore.

Well, apparently she can’t work with you, either.

She filed a complaint against you.

Thanks for the ride.

I really enjoyed our conversation today.


Yeah. Me too.

Asher, when was the last time you wrapped tefillin?

Maybe another time.

Sorry, I just have an important dinner

to get to with my boyfriend.

I think he’s going to pop the question.

And if he doesn’t, I will.

Mazel tov.

Thank you.

Until next time.


[glass shatters in distance]

[Benjamin] Hey! What are you doing?

[man] Get out of here, man!

[Indistinct shouting]

You’re desecrating a house of worship.

[men shouting]

What’s going on?

I’ve asked them to leave.


Go, and there won’t be a problem.

What do you care?

He’s a Jew too.

Yeah, I am a Jew.

A gay one, in fact.

And I’m calling the cops.

[line ringing]


[ringing continues]

Are you okay?

Yeah. I’ll call our security.

Are you sure?


Now go get engaged.

[Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire” plays]

♪♪ And who by fire ♪♪

♪♪ Who by water ♪♪

♪♪ Who in the sunshine ♪♪

♪♪ Who in the nighttime ♪♪

♪♪ Who in your merry, merry month of May ♪♪

♪♪ Who by very slow decay ♪♪

♪♪ And who shall I say ♪♪

♪♪ Is calling? ♪♪

♪♪ And who by brave assent ♪♪

♪♪ Who by accident ♪♪

♪♪ Who in solitude ♪♪

[sirens wailing]

♪♪ Who in this mirror ♪♪

♪♪ Who by his lady’s command ♪♪

♪♪ Who by his own hand ♪♪

♪♪ Who in mortal chains ♪♪

[praying in Hebrew]

♪♪ Who in power ♪♪

♪♪ And who shall I say ♪♪

[thunder rumbles]

♪♪ Is calling? ♪♪


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