The Good Doctor – S07E03 – Critical Support | Transcript

Shaun continues to be tested by Charlie when their newest case prompts her stream of questions as usual - all in pursuit of an answer. Meanwhile, Morgan struggles on who to name as guardian for Baby Eden should anything happen to her
The Good Doctor - S07E03 - Critical Support

Original air date: March 19, 2024

Shaun continues to be tested by Charlie when their newest case prompts her stream of questions as usual – all in pursuit of an answer. Meanwhile, Morgan struggles on who to name as guardian for Baby Eden should anything happen to her.

* * *

♪ Or you can take a ride ♪

♪ You can get a tan Or stay inside ♪

♪ But the sun Keeps on shining ♪


[exhales sharply]


That should not have been so hard.

[Lea] You’re getting old, Pops.

Thirtyone is not old.

It is in parent years.

They’re like dog years.

Damn you!

Why won’t you let us sleep?

We shouldn’t curse in front of him.

We didn’t.

And he’s obviously gonna be a rock star.

So might as well get used to hanging out with lowlifes.

He screams like Axl Rose.

And he’s definitely a night owl.

Crying uses the vocalfold muscles very differently than singing.

And lots of jobs work at night.

Janitors, truck drivers, polysomnographic technologists.

All I know, with those eyes and that smile, no way he ends up in any job that doesn’t involve being swarmed by supermodels.

Of whatever the hell gender he prefers.

I think we may need to get a swear jar.


Wouldn’t work.

Ask my dad.

[Asher] I’m sorry. I just don’t get what the big deal is.

I’ve never even met your niece.

Yeah, because you’ve turned down every invite to a family gathering.

Okay. I’ve just been really busy lately.

Last time my brother had a barbecue, you went to a karaoke bar with Jordan instead.

That is not true.

It was an ax-throwing bar.


I’ve gone out of my way to be sensitive to your family history.

Mine is different.

We’re all super close.

And… And this is a big deal. It’s her confirmation.

I’m not asking you to go to the church service. Just the after party.

I can’t tomorrow night.

I have a ton of work to catch up on. I gotta go.

Good morning. I’m Dr. Shaun Murphy.

This is Dr. Kalu and Doctor…

It smells like a brewery in here.

Sorry. We had a party at our fraternity last night.

Um, I was gonna shower, but my roommates, they insisted I go to the ER immediately.

I–I can’t hear out of my left ear.

When did you lose Miss Lukaitis is one of our med students.

She is here to observe.

Med students do not take patient histories unless directed to.

I wasn’t taking a history.

I see you got into a fight last night?

No. It was… It was a drinking game.

You take turns slapping each other in the face and whoever flinches, they have to drink.

Sounds fun.


I woke up with an insane headache.

I think I ruptured my eardrum.

I slapped my friend the other day to treat his hemophobia.

It seemed safe, but I’m probably not as strong–

There’s bilateral otitis external and significant cerumen blockage.

Cerumen? [chuckles]

Yeah, you have an ear infection and a lot of earwax.


Whoa. What happened here?

[Jared] Ooh.

Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just a bruise.

Take more than a slap to cause that.

One of the guys in my fraternity has one of those foam round shotguns that the police use for riot control.

Um, so we were testing it out on each other.

[Asher] Mm.

[Shaun] Mm.

Flush the ears with warm saline and administer polymyxin B drops.

Then get X-rays to rule out a broken rib.

You can go with them.

I’d rather continue to shadow you.

I already know how to clear out earwax and–

Go with them.

[EMT] 43-year-old male, hand and arm caught in a meat grinder.

Bay 6.

Okay. Got it?

We got it from here. Thanks.

[tense music]

Can you move your fingers?

I–I’m not sure.

Get a BP cuff on his other arm.

How’d it happen?

I manage a food processing factory.

You got it upside down.

I was demonstrating how to clean the meat grinder when an apprentice butcher decided to turn the breaker back on. [chuckles]

[groans] I hate new employees.

Worse than worthless.

Oh, my God.

[Dr. Park] Get me an ortho-powered driver with a 4-millimeter hex head.

Get the double-action rongeur so you can use it to pull off the grill.

[drill motor whirring]

Just skin and flesh. I don’t see any bone.

Oh, thank God.

[Dom retching]

He’s just… new.

[opening theme music playing]

Thanks for the walk invite.

I keep planning to exercise,

but then I wake up feeling like a broken-down old boxer.

Ugh, I know the feeling, and I didn’t even go through childbirth.

Babies are damn hard work.

Yeah. Damn hard. Thank you.

I’ve been wanting to talk to you.

I’m creating a living trust to make sure Eden’s taken care of.

And I’d like to name you and Shaun as Eden’s guardians if Park and I die.

Wow. I’m…

I’m flattered.

You and Shaun are great together.

And given Eden’s special needs, you guys are a perfect choice.

Thank you.

That… That means a lot to me.

And I’ll talk to Shaun about it tonight.

[gentle music]

[sighs] I’m sorry.

It’s okay.

I got a few minutes till the patient’s sedatives take effect.

I’ve tried every antiemetic I could find.

Even started wearing this here wristband, but nothing works.

I was a cop for 15 years before med school.

Saw a lot of rookies lose their lunch at a crime scene, but never met one who didn’t get used to it.

It’ll become just part of the routine.

I just got to get through this rotation.

Hey, if you want to sit this one out, I’m fine.

You can hit the skills lab, practice suturing.

Before I went to med school,

I was a D1 tackle.

Two most important things I learned is, it’s better to give than to receive, and quitters never win.


Then let’s go save a hand.

[gentle music]

[elevator bell dings]

What are you doing?

I mean, besides forgetting about this morning’s board meeting.

I didn’t forget about this morning’s board meeting.

So we’re still doing this?

No, I didn’t skip the meeting to prank you.

I did it to be here for the delivery.

A gift for both of us.


You prefer to stay in your office, right?

And I’m certainly not going to leave the clinic.

So I thought, why not convert the president’s office into the president’s lounge?


CoPresidents’ Lounge.

Oh, might as well add a putting green and a wine cellar while you’re at it.

I work better with a pool table.


The board had a list of issues they want addressed ASAP, and since I actually attended the meeting,

I get to divvy them up.

Your half.

[quirky music]

He’s a cutie.

He’s a moron.

When I’m fantasizing about him tonight, I’m not gonna be picturing him helping me study for biochem.

Uh, that is not something we needed to know.

He’s kind of got a Peter Parker vibe,

which is exactly my type.

How about you guys? What’s your type?

Uh, we should probably just focus.

I bet you like tall women.

[Jared] Uhhuh.


[both laugh]

I like sweet, handsome, caring, and, yes, tall men.

You’re gay?

Right on. [chuckles] Top or bottom?

Oh, wow. Charlie… you’re not in your med school study group, okay?

That is an inappropriate question for a coworker.

You could be fired.

Employers have to consider

my neurodiverse communication style.

No one should be forced to change who they are to be considered more professional.

Well, I’d suggest checking in with HR.

They may have a different idea of reasonable accommodations.

People at work talk about their relationships all the time.

Asking about someone’s relationship’s a little different than asking about their preferred sexual position.

The expression doesn’t refer solely to sexual positions.

No rib fractures.


what is that?

[pensive music]

[Jerome] The bleeding’s stopped.

The blades are acting like a tourniquet.

We need to get this hand out before his fingers get necrotic.

What if we pull his arm while manually turning the blades in reverse?

Could grind up whatever’s stuck even more.

We have to cut the machine open.

How? The Jaws of Life are way too big, and a saw could cut his arm or overheat the metal.

Not if you irrigate with cold saline as I work.

I’ll go just deep enough to weaken the metal, and then we’ll break it apart with a rib spreader.


Get me an ortho oscillating saw with a metal cutting blade.

[pensive music]

It’s a very irregular shape.

Could be an intramural abscess in his esophagus.

The contrast enhancement wouldn’t be so uniform.

Yes, that is true.

What about an esophageal cancer?

That would be unusual.

He is very young and

[Charlie] A nonsmoker.

I’m confident we can excise the mass, but we need to do an esophagogastroduodenoscopy and biopsy first.

I have no idea what that is, but it sounds awesome.

Please do it now.

Uh, Charlie?


Uh, it might be better trying to be your authentic self without repeatedly interrupting your boss.

Thank you, Dr. Kalu. I appreciate the advice.

[saw motor whirring]

I think you may need to go deeper.

I can’t risk popping through and cutting the radial.

[Dom] Park, he’s bleeding again.

Should you do a vascular cutdown and temporary ligation?

No, it’s been too long already.

We need to get this thing open.

[saw motor whirring]


Come on. Give me a hand.

II can’t.

Yes, you can. Just close your eyes. Pretend you’re at the gym.

Come on.

[Jerome] Come on.

All right. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

Keep going. It’s working.

[Jerome] Pull, pull, pull!

[Dr. Park] It’s loose!

[tense music]

Lap sponges!

Severe contamination of hand and forearm, arteries are trashed.

Major vascular gaps, radius and ulna are crushed.

Get the OR prepped.

We’re gonna have to amputate it.

[tense music]

Advancing down the esophageal lumen.

Do you have a boyfriend?


Approaching the gastroesophageal junction.

Is he tall?

Can we talk about this later?

Or not at all.

[Asher] Doesn’t make sense.

Dr. Kalu thinks I’m being too intrusive, but I’m actually trying to establish a rapport.

I wasn’t talking about him or you.

I meant the mass.

It’s gone.

[suspenseful music]

[Shaun] This doesn’t make sense.

That’s exactly what Dr. Wolke said.

The esophageal mass was definitely on the Xray.

And on the neck CT.

But nowhere on the endoscopy.

Maybe we should repeat all the tests?


We could

I can’t concentrate

if you keep interrupting me.

I didn’t interrupt you.

I asked you a question. You said no, so I attempted to make a suggestion, then you interrupted me.

Could you please just be quiet?


[sighs] Okay.

[pagers beeping]

[ominous music]

He’s disoriented and slurring his speech.

Phipps, do you know where you are right now?

Um, I go to San Jose State University.

He is disoriented, but no longer slurring.

It was worse before.

[Jared] Okay.

Squeeze my fingers.

Rightside weakness.

We should prep a bolus dose of TPA.

No, we should not do that.

Can you wiggle your toes?

But if he’s having a stroke–

His speech is improving, which makes a transient ischemic attack more likely.

And you ordered a nurse to prep an unindicated and very risky medication.

I didn’t order her, just making a suggestion.

Get out.


You refuse to acknowledge you’ve made a mistake, which wastes my time and endangers our patient.

Please leave the patient’s room now.

We need a head CTCTA to confirm it’s a TIA and not a brain bleed or tumor.

Checking pupils.

[somber music]

[Dr. Park] Ligation and sectioning of the viable arteries, veins, and nerves complete.


I’ll make the bone cuts as distal as possible on the forearm.

[Dom] Dr. Park.

[retches] I gotta leave.

[Jerome] Maybe he should sit this one out.

Bit of a worst-case scenario for him.

[Dr. Park] I gave him the opportunity.

He turned me down.

Have you gotten Morgan’s fecal sample fridge installed?

I thought the idea was to divide and conquer.

You do your half of the honey-do list, and I do mine.

Yes, but just FYI, Morgan needs the fridge installed before she starts screening for the IBS trial.

Yes, I’m aware.

Then I assume you’re also aware that it needs a new electric panel, and that Gail has put a freeze on all facility upgrades.

Not my first rodeo.


And the other stuff on the list?

I plan to ignore. You should do the same.

You’re advising I ignore the board?


Much of their complaints are trivial in nature.

They’ll either work themselves out or disappear completely, which is good for us, because then we can do our actual jobs.

The current board isn’t as passive as the one you’re used to dealing with.

The current board has some newbies, yes, and they’re very anxious to engage and nitpick over every little silly thing.

But you know what? They’ll learn. They always do.

I have an actual patient waiting.

[tense music]

Are we going in for a head CT?

Doctors Wolke and Kalu are.

You shouldn’t have raised your voice to me like you did.

I spoke with an urgency that was appropriate to the situation.

It may be appropriate to some, but as a person on the spectrum,

I don’t do well when shouted at.

I did not shout.

I’m letting you know the parameters for communicating with me effectively.

I’d appreciate your cooperation.

I’ll go join Doctors Wolke and Kalu.


You will go to the skills lab and study stroke protocols and procedures for handling a TIA.

I didn’t do anything wrong.

[somber music]

[monitors beeping]

[Dr. Park] We didn’t have to debride as much as I thought.

And there’s more than enough palmar and dorsal flaps to close the stump.

[Dr. Park] Checking my work?


Just rubbernecking.

It’s not every day you get to see a meatgrinder partial radial amputation.


But if I was checking, now that I have a better view of the injured area, the distal forearm vessels and nerves are actually better than I expected.

If you could bridge those gaps, I’m wondering if you might be able to reattach it.

[Dr. Park] Ischemic time is less than eight hours, and that’s best case, which this isn’t.

[Dr. Lim] Mm, not if there’s a blood supply.

You could graft it to his ankle, keep it perfused while you prep the forearm stump for replantation.

You could really do that?

We’ve built new ears on forearms.

[Dr. Park] Wrist anatomy is a lot more complex.

And if we spread an infection to his leg, he could end up losing two limbs instead of just one.

We could reduce the risk by planting antibiotic beads in the wounds.

[Dr. Park] Yeah, but not eliminate it.

Your call.

Prep and drape his left ankle.

Want a second set of hands?

[Dr. Park] Absolutely.

But don’t you have a hospital to run?

That’s what copresidents are for.

CTCTA doesn’t show any blockages or atherosclerosis.

[inhales sharply]

I’m starting to think this might not be a stroke or a TIA.

The neuro symptoms didn’t start until after the esophageal mass disappeared.

Uh, not true.

No, he came to the ER with neurological symptoms, a headache, and hearing loss.

Which isn’t surprising, given he let his idiot friends slap him upside the head.

[Asher] Mm.

Speaking of idiots, you should go to the confirmation party.

Jerome mentioned it.

It’s one party. You might actually have fun.


Look, you love Jerome, right?

Right. So what makes you think you wouldn’t like his brothers?


They play hockey.


Didn’t Jerome play hockey?

Yes, as a kid, and not in something called the Beer League.

This isn’t about hockey or beer, is it? You’re just afraid.

I am not afraid. I’m actually… I’m very busy.

Or you’re scared they won’t like you.

Or that it’s the next big step towards something you’re still not sure you want.

Thank you, Esther Perel, but I know exactly what I want.



And I have it.

Well, maybe you should consider making some sacrifices to hold on to it.

[gentle music]

Had a nice walk with Morgan today.

She’s preparing a living trust and would like us to be Eden’s guardians if she and Park die.


“Okay” you’re fine with that plan, or “okay,” you didn’t hear a word I said because you’re still obsessing about Charlie?

I’m fine with Morgan’s plan.

I was thinking about Charlie, not obsessing.

I can’t work with her constantly interrupting me.

She’s a student, Shaun. She’s excited.

She’s enthusiastic.

Why does it matter if she is enthusiastic?

She makes a lot of mistakes.

Well, now’s the time to make mistakes. She’s a med student.

Charlie refuses to admit she’s made them, which means she cannot learn from them.

Are you sure about that?

Maybe she’s embarrassed.

Maybe you’re being a little bit too rigid.

You know, give her a chance to work things out.

I have not been rigid.

You’re being rigid right now.

Why don’t you try being a little more patient? Right?

[Steve fusses]

I will… try to be more patient.

Great. Let’s eat.

[gentle music]

[Dr. Park] Ulnar to posterior tibial artery anastomosis complete.

[Dr. Lim] Sutured the main dorsal to the saphenous vein and created a fasciocutaneous flap to provide temporary coverage.

[Dr. Park] Great. Then I think we’re ready.

Releasing the clamps.

[gentle triumphant music]


Totally awesome.

I understand you have a bit of a medical mystery on your hands.

Yes, it is very interesting.

How’s your new med student?

She talks too much, refuses to acknowledge mistakes, and doesn’t like to read textbooks.

That does sound like a challenge.

Dr. Glassman said I should just be patient and give her time to adjust.


Glassman’s favorite way to deal with a problem is to avoid it and then hope someone else solves it.

You need to tell her precisely what you want her to do.

I have done that.

Well, do it again.

She’s young and faces communication challenges that you need to be sensitive to.

All her recommendations say she’s smart but stubborn, which, if managed properly, could be a great combination.

You of all people should know that.

Uh, why should I know that?

Because you also arrived here smart but stubborn.

You’ve become a great surgeon, and she will be, too.

But for now, she’s like a puppy that needs to be trained before all the bad habits take hold.

So don’t be patient, be proactive.


[Dr. Park] There’s no cyanosis, severe edema, or venous stasis.

Looks great.

It looks gross.

Don’t worry.

As soon as we clean up all the damage to your arm, it’ll go back to where it belongs.

Good, because I’m gonna need both hands to wring that butcher’s neck.

Dr. Park?

[ominous music]

What’s wrong?

There’s some cellulitis at the forearm.

But don’t worry. You’re on antibiotics, and we’ll watch it closely until your next surgery.

[tense music]

Sorry. I’m running late.

It’s like packing for the Lewis and Clark expedition every time I leave the house now.

No worries. I got you an Americano.


Shaun agreed. We’re good to go.

One thing…

I named you and Shaun as guardians if both Park and I die, but also if just I die.

Why wouldn’t Park be her guardian?

Don’t tell me you guys are on the rocks again.

No, things are great.

Actually, better than great. They’re fantastic.

So what’s the problem?

The last thing I want is for Eden to end up with an exboyfriend if I die.

We’ve only been back together a couple months, so I’ll revisit the plan in a year.

Okay. I’ll let Shaun know tonight.

No, Shaun can’t keep a secret.

I haven’t told Park, and I’m not going to.

Are you insane?

You can’t lie to Park, and I can’t lie to Shaun.

It’s not a lie. It’s a secret.

And every marriage has them.

Uh, sure.

Like how much I spend on hair color and how often I use his toothbrush,

but this is too big.

No, it’s a tiny, temporary detail that’s meaningless unless I die in the next 12 months, which isn’t gonna happen.

Please, just take a few days, think about it.

That’s all I’m asking.

I’m not gonna change my mind, but okay.

[Jared] Head CT looks normal, but the abdominal images showed acalculous cholecystitis.

Hmm. That wouldn’t explain his neurological symptoms.

But it does explain the fever and the abdominal pain he has now.

We got another abdominal CT.

Gallbladder’s dilated with extreme wall thickening.

Looks like it’s about to rupture.

[Shaun] Doesn’t make sense.

His most severe symptoms have been neurological, and neither the bruise on his chest nor the mass in the esophagus was near the gallbladder.

Whatever the cause, his gallbladder needs to be removed.

Get him prepped.

[door opens]


We need to have a talk.

Please have a seat.

I’d rather stand.

When I’m nervous, sitting makes me feel uncomfortably constrained.


You are still a student, so it is normal for you to be making mistakes.

I haven’t made any mistakes.

You ordered a nurse to prep an incorrect and potentially dangerous medication.

I didn’t order her. I made a suggestion.

And you talk too much, often about things you shouldn’t and other times when you shouldn’t be talking

I learn more by discussing things rather than reading a textbook or attending a lecture.

I do not lecture, and I can’t do my job if you are always interrupting

At times, my speech pattern can be

You just did it again.

So did you.

Compulsive speech is a characteristic of our neurodiversity.

Please s–stop talking.

I am being proactive.

I have precisely explained my expectations.

You can’t order me to do something I’m incapable of.

I have a disability, and the law– I am trying to help you. Okay?

[pensive music]

I… understand that ASD is considered a disability.

But I also know that you are capable of being silent.

If you want to remain on this case, that is what I expect you to do.

You are to observe and nothing else.

Do you understand?


[somber music]


Now you can go join Dr. Wolke and Dr. Kalu in the OR.

[Dr. Lim] We’ve got adequate debridement of the distal forearm stump.

[Dr. Park] This is gonna work.

Good call.

Hubank, any thoughts on what suture to use for our arterial anastomosis?

I’m not sure.

[Dr. Park] Take your time.

Look closely at the angle we cut the vessels at.

I guess you could suture the ends with a 40-prolene using an end-to-side formation.

[Dr. Park] Nice idea.

End-to-end anastomosis with parachute technique would work even better.

[quirky music]

I’m Dr. Reznick.

I assume you know that Park and I are in a relationship.

Actually, no. I didn’t

Don’t lie.

I know how fast the gossip gets out around here.


How’s Park as a professor?

He’s awesome.

Intuitive and supportive without being patronizing.


The whole gentle-giant thing is lost on me.

What I respect is totally brutal, blunt honesty.

Think of me like Bill Belichick but meaner and with better hair.

You’re right. I lied.

I was actually told by a bunch of people on my first day about the relationship that you and Park had.

I was also told how you broke up then moved back in with one another before breaking up again, then got back together recently because Park wanted to help you take care of the baby that you wanted to adopt but were too overwhelmed to do it yourself while also running the clinical trials.

But I wasn’t lying about Park being an awesome professor.

He’s been pretty patient and supportive, despite the fact that I don’t want to be a surgeon, and I faint or hurl at the sight of any amount of blood.

But he’s a great guy.

And I’m sure he’ll be a great dad or stepdad or whatever the label is that you need him to be for you.

[pensive music]

Is that blunt enough?

Yes. Thank you.

But careful.

Nobody likes a smartass.


[Shaun] Freeing up the last attachments to the liver.

[Asher] Using ultrasonic coagulator for hemostasis on the cystic plate.

What about an atypical presentation of lupus?

[Jared] ANA and ESR are all normal.

[Asher] That’s why I said atypical.

I mean, what else could cause symptoms in the esophagus, brain, and gallbladder?

[Shaun] Dr. Kalu, please irrigate and lead the wound closure.

[Jared] 0 Vicryl sutures on a long needle driver.

[Charlie] Can I feel it?

Sorry. I know I’m not supposed to be talking, but I’ve never felt a live organ before.

[Shaun] It needs to go to pathology.

And please don’t distract Dr. Kalu.

[Jared] Oh, she’s not distracting me.

[Asher] It’s just gonna sit in the pathology fridge for a few hours anyway.

[Shaun] Do it quietly.

[Charlie] Thank you, Dr. Murphy!

[Jared] Sponge here so I can see better.

Need another 0 Vicryl suture.

[Asher] And I’ll take the Metzenbaum scissors.

[Shaun] That’s enough. Put it back now.

Wait. Just give me a Ow!

I think a needle got left in the organ.

[Shaun] That’s not possible.

We never suture inside the gallbladder.

I know I felt… felt it.

Ow! Okay. There is something sharp in here.

Uh, maybe it’s an edge of a gallstone?

[pensive music]

[Shaun] I’m coming.


There is something protruding.

Small forceps.

[Charlie] Is it a hair?

[Shaun] No.

It’s a metal wire.

[ominous music]

Inside the gallbladder? How is that even possible?

It was definitely not part of a surgical tool.

Well, I read a case a few years ago.

A patient got a metal wire from a barbecue grill brush lodged in his intestines.

When we were doing surgical prep, Phipps said the last thing he’d eaten was a cheeseburger at his frat’s barbecue.

The disappearing mass in his esophagus could’ve been caused by that wire lodged there before it traversed the stomach wall and ended up in the gallbladder.

That would be amazing.

It wouldn’t explain his neurological issues.

Well, that could still be from the slaps.

But either way, we never would’ve noticed it without Charlie’s curiosity, so…

Yeah. Nice catch.

It was more of an accident than a catch, but thank you.

[inquisitive music]

We need the strongest magnet we have. Stat!

What are you doing?

I’m teaching Steve how to run the table while, simultaneously, Barry and I are trying to figure out how to lower the overhead cost of the clinic.

Try those.

[clears throat]

“The poop fridge equals presidential priority”?

You see, Steve? I told you, alliteration comes off as pompous.

He prefers “poop” to “fecal samples.”

I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself.

Meanwhile, Gail is coming down on me for things I didn’t do.

Hey, it’s my signature on the thing.

If Gail doesn’t like it, she can come to me.

She knows you don’t listen to her.

So, now, every time she has a problem, she comes to me.

Well, I can think of one way to solve that problem.

Aaron, I don’t have time for these games.

You don’t have time because you’re constantly trying to placate the damn board.

All they want is to feel recognized and respected.

All they want, they don’t know it, but what they really want is a well-run, top-flight hospital.

Well, all Gail really wants now is a full audit of all expenses for the past year.

Well, that’s a colossal waste of time.

Well, I agree.

And after a 30-minute discussion,

I got Gail to agree as well.

This division of labor isn’t working, so from now on, you can deal with Gail.

Fine. Send her on over.

Just tell her to bring cash. We don’t take markers here.

He’s an ass.

Not an ass.

What are you gonna do with that?

It may be slightly painful, but it’s much safer than another surgery.

Open wide and say, “Ahh.”



[coughs, groans]


That was in my tonsil?

Yes, it caused an infection and fluid buildup in your ear and irritated your carotid artery, which caused the neurological symptoms.

You shouldn’t ever clean a cooking surface with a wire brush, or let someone slap you, or shoot you with a foam shotgun slug.

That is so cool.

Yes. It is.

I can’t wait to get back to work.

I wouldn’t rush it.

It’s gonna take time and plenty of physical therapy to get your function back.

I don’t mean so I can work.

I mean so I can fire that damn butcher.

[somber music]

The new CTs are all clear.

No more wires floating around.

[Jared] And you might want to take it easy with the frat parties for a while.

I’m actually not that big a partier.

I grew up an only child, so I always wanted brothers, and now I have like 50 of them.


They’ve helped me through all sorts of stuff.

A lot of the crazier stuff they do isn’t my thing.


But I feel like I owe it to them to participate.

To be there for them like they were for me.

That’s very generous of you.

[Dr. Park] You’re doing great.

No, I’m not.

Can’t even watch a surgery from another room without dry-heaving.

That patient would’ve bled out in the ER if you hadn’t helped break open the grinder.

Yeah. I make a great crowbar.

Surgery is always a team effort.

I’m happy to have you on my team.

Dr. Park…

[gentle music]


Dr. Murphy, can I talk to you?

I am trying to get home to put Steve down.

This won’t take long.

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with you, how you were able to move that wire fragment from the tonsil without surgery.

It was very ingenious.

And I also wanted to thank you for letting me observe you in surgery.

I learned a whole lot.

Oh. That’s good.

And you’re welcome.

When I found the first wire in the gallbladder, it saved both the patient and us a lot of time.

That is true.

That’s a big contribution from a medical student, don’t you think?

I believe your intense curiosity and attention to organization will one day make you an excellent pathologist.

I don’t want to be a pathologist.

I understand, but given your aversion to textbooks, your extreme impatience…

I’m not impatient.

I’m an assertive, dedicated, hard worker.

And your refusal to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes…

I just want to be a surgeon.

Like you.

Oh. You’re nothing like me.

And I don’t think you should ever be a surgeon.

[somber music]

Hey, about to head out to Elizabeth’s party.

I just wanted to say goodbye.

Should be home by 11:00.


I’m coming with you.

[gentle music]

Sure this elevator’s big enough for the both of us?

I’m not sure the hospital is.

Well, that’s fine.

I’ll resign my share of the co-presidency.

Not if I beat you to it.

[elevator bell dings]

Hey, Charlie.

Are you getting out or just taking a ride?

Charlie, are you okay?


Charlie should not be upset.

I told her she would make an excellent pathologist.

Well, you’ve only worked with her for two weeks.

And isn’t she hoping to be a surgeon?

You said that I should be proactive.

[Dr. Glassman] Proactive?

That’s not proactive. That’s hurtful.

Maybe it’s not what you meant, but

I was telling the truth.

I tried to be patient, like you said, but that also did not work.

We gave you some conflicting advice, which clearly didn’t help matters.

So maybe now, together, we can find a better strategy.

Charlie has a unique learning style–

Why do I need a strategy?

I am a good surgeon and a good teacher.

Good teachers adjust to their students, Shaun.

Maybe there’s something you could do.

Maybe there’s something you should do.

I have already made adjustments.

Okay. Make some more.



Because it’s the

‘Cause she needs–

Because she needs them, like you did.

No one ever made things easier for me.

Or went out of their way to make accommodations for me.

[Dr. Lim] Shaun.

I’m sure you believe that, but that is simply not true.

Dr. Melendez put me on scut work and threatened to fire me.

Dr. Han transferred me to pathology, but I never gave up, and I learned how to accept criticism and improve my communication skills in order to become a good surgeon.

Han and Melendez, and I’m sure many other people, were wrong about you.

But that doesn’t mean you should treat Charlie

I am not wrong about Charlie.

She should not be a surgeon.

[Dr. Glassman] You know what, Shaun?

You sound like Han now.

You’re being unfair.


I am an attending.

It is my decision how to manage the medical students on my cases.

I am going home now.

[gentle music]

That went well.

Yeah. [clears throat]

Straight pool or 8 ball?

You can break.


♪ Woke up this morning… ♪

[indistinct conversations]

This is gonna be hilarious.

And from my favorite uncle, Jerome, and his adorable boyfriend, Asher…

Is this what I think it is?

It is!

I love it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m so glad you like it.

[Jason laughs] You bastard.

She’s not wearing that in this house.

Yes, I am.


Go, Kings, baby!

Yes! Whoo!

You like them. We got it.

[both] Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

That was good! Yeah!

♪ For brighter days ♪

♪ See it through See it through ♪

♪ Gonna find a way… ♪

I told the attorney that if I die, I want you to be Eden’s guardian.

I know. You already told me that.

I was lying.

But this time, I’m not.

♪ I’ve been looking ♪

♪ For a sign ♪

♪ Guide me out of the dark ♪

♪ And realign ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Keep holdin’ on, holdin’ on ♪

♪ For brighter days ♪

♪ See it through See it through ♪

♪ Gonna find a way ♪

♪ Gonna find a way ♪

♪ Keep holdin’ on, holdin’ on ♪

♪ Oohooh, ooh ♪

♪ Keep holdin’ on, holdin’ on ♪

♪ For brighter days ♪

♪ Keep holdin’ on, holdin’ on ♪

♪ For brighter days ♪

♪ Keep holdin’ on, holdin’ on ♪

♪ For brighter days ♪

[closing theme music playing]


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