One Piece – S01E02 – The Man in the Straw Hat | Transcript

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami find themselves imprisoned on an island overtaken by the deranged clown pirate, Buggy. Koby joins the Marines and proves his mettle.
One Piece - S01E02 - The Man in the Straw Hat

Original release date: August 31, 2023

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami are captured by Buggy the Clown, a pirate who has imprisoned the people of Orange Town in his personal circus. Luffy swallows the map before capture and learns of Buggy’s ties to his childhood idol, Shanks, from whom Luffy received his straw hat as part of a promise to become king of the pirates. Buggy attempts to drown Luffy in a tank of seawater, but Zoro and Nami escape and rescue Luffy, inspired by his optimism. Buggy, whose Chop-Chop Fruit powers allow him to split himself apart, has his body parts locked in boxes while Luffy launches him away, freeing the town. Meanwhile, Koby meets with Garp, who deduces that he was with pirates prior to joining the Marines. Garp allows Koby to stay due to his honesty, and punishes Morgan for lying about the attack on the base. While sailing away, Nami contacts someone about having the map in her possession.

* * *

[Luffy] You want trouble?

You just found it.

[Western movie music plays]

Gum Gum… Pistol!

Luffy, can’t you practice somewhere else?

[Luffy] I can fix it. Got any glue?

It’s not the chair I’m worried about.

You need to be careful with your new abilities.

I know it’s exciting, but there might be some people who’ll be afraid of you now that you’re… different.

I like being different.

These Devil Fruit powers are gonna make me the greatest pirate ever.

Luffy, what do you know about Devil Fruits?

They don’t taste very good.

[Makino scoffs]

No two are the same.

You see, they each grant you a unique ability, but there’s a reason they’re called Devil Fruits.

It’s because of the deal you make when you eat one.

Mother Ocean turns her back on you, and the sea can take away your strength.

All I know is that the Gum Gum Fruit is worth more than all of Shanks’s treasure, and I ate it, so that makes me worth more.

You ever heard, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?”

Is it lunchtime?


How about you put my chair back together and I’ll see what I can find?

Shanks! You gotta see what I can do now. Gum Gum…

[Makino] Luffy, no! I’m running out of furniture.

I’d listen to the lady, Luffy. Are these…

[Makino] Couple more in the back.

You have to let me join your crew. I’m tougher than ever.

Just because you’re made of rubber does not mean you’re invincible.

I’ll do anything. I won’t take up much space.

[Yasopp] Makino came through, Captain.

Enough supplies for a few months then some.

[man] Come on, man.

[Luffy] A few months?

Are you going after the One Piece?

Yeah, as soon as we resupply.

When will you be back?

We’re not coming back.

[somber music plays]

What did you tell him?

[Shanks] The truth.

[lock clicking]

Can you not do… that?

Sorry. It’s hard to sit still.

[lock clicking]


I’m feeling so… so piratey.

Yeah? Well, you’re gonna end up feeling watery if I have to throw you overboard.

I told you I need absolute silence.

I know. I know. Absolute silence.

It’s just that this is my first real pirate score.

Can you believe that?

[Nami] Yeah, I can,

because you told me right after you asked me, yet again, to join your crew.

We do make a pretty good team.

[Luffy grunts]

[lock clicking]

Is it open yet?

No. And can you please give me some quiet and some space?



Not cool.

Don’t mess with my hat.

[Nami] Why do you care so much about that old thing?

It looks like you fished it out of the trash.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

[Zoro groans]

Will you two knock it off? I’m trying to take a nap.

Oh, I’m sorry. Were we interrupting your beauty sleep?

Don’t like what you see? Look away.

[lock clicking]

[lock thuds]


[suspenseful music plays]

[Luffy] You did it!

[Nami sighs]

That’s it? Isn’t there supposed to be gold inside a safe?

Or jewels?

This is more valuable than gold. It’s knowledge.

This is a map to the Grand Line.

[Luffy] The Grand Line.


The Grand Line is just right…

Where is it exactly?

You’re going there, but you don’t know where it is?

Guess I need a navigator on my crew.

The seas are divided into four quadrants.

East Blue, North Blue, West, South.

This thin strip of land that circles the globe is called the Red Line, and this band across the middle is the Grand Line.

A treacherous stretch of ocean with bigger islands, bigger cities, bigger pirates.

Flush with riches and ripe for the picking.

And that’s where we’re gonna find the One Piece.

I’ve taken out a lot of pirates looking for that thing.

What is it? Like, a big diamond or something?

It’s Gold Roger’s treasure.

He hid it somewhere in the Grand Line. All in one piece.

It’s a myth.

The reason no one’s found it in 22 years is that it doesn’t exist.

Can’t wait to see the look on your face when we find it.


Is that the Marines?

[Nami] How did they find us?

[adventurous music plays]

This smoke smells weird.

Raise… [coughs]


[theme music plays]

[Luffy whispers] Hey.


They took my swords.

And my rucksack, ugh, with all my navigation gear.


They didn’t take my hat.

Yeah, small blessings.

Damn it, we’ve lost the map.

[Luffy] No.

No, we didn’t.

It’s in a safe place.

Ew. Hey.

Stop. Stop that. Stop that.

What? I’m trying to find a way out.

We’ve been captured. We need a plan.

I don’t need a plan. I just need to beat the hell out of every Marine I see.

Hey, everyone, relax. We’re fine.

We’re not fine. The Marines will throw us in jail if we’re lucky.

Execute us if they don’t.

They… they are not Marines.

Before I got knocked out, I saw a Jolly Roger.

We’ve been captured by pirates.

That’s much better news.

No, he’s right. Marines have training. Pirates are easier to kill.

Shanks used to say not every situation can be solved with violence.

Who the hell is Shanks?

We don’t need to fight.

I can talk to them. Pirate to pirate.

That won’t work.

Why not?

To start, you’re not a pirate.

Yes, I am.

[Nami] No.

You are some stretchy guy in a tattered hat.

I’m a different kind of pirate.

Pirates are pirates. There’s only one kind.

[circus music plays]

[crowd] Yeah!


[man] No. No, no, no, no.

Stop clapping!

No, stop! It’s all wrong!

The spotlight was late. You completely missed my entrance.

And where, oh, where was the dancing lion?

Hey, I know you.

I saw your wanted poster in Shells Town. You’re the clown guy.

Um, uh… Binky, right?


Buggy the Clown.

Buggy, the Flashy Fool.

Buggy, the Genius Jester.


You have a lot of names.

I bet everyone in the East Blue knows who you are.

[audience gasps]

[ominous music plays]

What did you just say?

[Luffy] Just that everyone knows who you are.


[crowd murmuring]

Are you making fun of my nose?

Well… I wasn’t.

But now that you mention it, is that thing for real?

[audience gasps]

What’s real is I’ve been scheming for months to steal that map from old Axe-Hand Moron…

[men chuckle]



…only to find out that I was upstaged by three little nobodies, who stole it from right out under my no…

No! It’s in my head now.

Ah! [groans]

[Luffy] Hey, I’m not a nobody.

I’m Monkey D. Luffy.

And I will be King of the Pirates.

[Buggy laughs]

Oh! [laughs]

Now that’s funny.

[audience laughing]

[laughing stops]

My bounty poster graces the marquee of every Marine outpost for miles.

And my menagerie of outcasts and freaks is the most dreaded pirate crew the East Blue has ever known.

I am destined to find the One Piece.

And when I do…

I will be king.

No, you won’t, ’cause I’m gonna find it first.

You? Don’t make me laugh.

[audience laughs]

I said don’t make me laugh!

[Zoro] All right, listen up.

I’m Roronoa Zoro.

Drop your weapons now and I may let you live.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a celebrity in our midst.

Too bad I hate sharing the spotlight.

Now, maybe we should skip right to the finale.

My freaks put quite a bit of rehearsal time into this little abduction.

And if I can’t reward them with that map…


I suppose I’ll have to offer them a pound of flesh instead.

Wait. Wait. What if I have something else to offer you?

Something more valuable than the map?

What if I give you a new freak for your crew?

A rare talent. The most spectacular act in all of the East Blue.

Besides you, of course. [chuckles]

Go on.

[Luffy] Hey!

[suspenseful music plays]

[Luffy grunts]


Oh my God.

[gasps] Get…



What did you do?

What did you do to their town? You destroyed everything!

Not everything.

I let ’em keep their hands.


Here end the theatrics.

I know one of you has my map, and I’m gonna get it back.

What was it you said, Rubber Boy? That it was in a safe place?

Don’t look so surprised.

I’ve got eyes and ears everywhere.

So please make our guests uncomfortable in the green room.


I am gonna have a chat with my stretchy new pal.


[military marching music playing]

[fanfare playing]

[Marines] Hut!

Who’s that?

Don’t you know anything?

That’s Vice-Admiral Garp. Hero of the Marines.

The man that captured Gold Roger.

[Morgan] The attack came without warning, sir.

The vicious Devil Fruit eater and his crew stormed the base, killing innocent Marines.

Turns out they had help from a network of traitors.

That’s not what happened.

Sh! No talking.

They would’ve overrun the base. Once they saw my axe, they ran off in fear.

Was that before or after you let them steal a map to the Grand Line?

[Morgan] That was regrettable.

I had to make a decision and opted for the welfare of my Marines.

It’s a good thing they had you at the helm.

What steps are you taking to apprehend these pirates?

Well, we’re scouring the surrounding seas.

Of course, they wouldn’t have gotten away if my useless son had been able to prevent their escape.

[chuckles] He probably would’ve been killed if not for the bravery of our newly-enlisted cadet.

Newly enlisted?

Just this morning. Sir.

Make no mistake, sir, I won’t rest until I have every one of those pirates hanging in my yard.

[Nami] Give it a rest. Those ropes are too strong, even for you.

I’ve got out of worse.

When I ran out of the tent, I… saw a town or… what was left of one after Buggy destroyed it.

You mean, when you tried to leave us for dead?

We were surrounded and unarmed. You were picking a fight you couldn’t win.

I know your type. If there’s nothing to gain, you’re out.

Says the wandering bounty hunter, trading lives for a handful of Berry.

I serve a purpose.

[Nami] Sure you do.

[Zoro grunts]

I think I can get us out of here.

You mean get yourself out of here.

That’s fair, but I’m going to need you to trust me.

Just like a thief to lie to my face and ask me to believe her.

[Nami] You got any other options?

Fine. Just tell me what we’re gonna do.

[Nami] What we’ve been doing.

Waiting to make sure we’re alone.

[Zoro] You have a lock pick?

[Nami] I have four lock picks.

The clowns only found three.

[Luffy screaming]

Better work faster.



I want you to think of this like an artistic exercise, because pain leads to art.

And art reveals truth.

But there’s only one truth I need from this exercise.

Where is my… map?


I’m… I’m kind of hungry.

Don’t circuses have cotton candy?



What could you possibly need that map for anyway?

You wouldn’t last five minutes in the Grand Line.

I already told you. I’m gonna be King of the Pir…


Let’s go another ten feet.

[audience gasps]

[Luffy] You can stretch me all you want.

I can do this all day.

[Buggy] I’m not asking the right questions.

We need to go deeper, get you out of your comfort zone.

What makes a boy want to grow up to be King of the Pirates?

Who are you trying to impress?

A lost love?

An absent parent?

Or was it someone

that you worshiped?

A false idol.

That’s it.

Hey, give me back my hat!

I used to know a pirate that wore a hat just like this.

Red-Haired Shanks.

You knew Shanks?

Ginger? Three scars, left eye?

We served together on a pirate crew when we were about your age.

For a time, I even thought we were friends.

Until he betrayed me.

Just like all the others. [chuckles]

He wanted to keep me out of the spotlight!

He wanted to keep my star from shining too brightly!

Is that what he did to you, Rubber Boy?

Did Shanks betray you too?

Don’t talk about him that way.

[Buggy] Ah.

Now we are finally getting to the truth.

Stretch him until he breaks.

Please, don’t make me do this.

I invite you to take part in the splendor that is my show and this is how you repay me?

With a “no”?

You’ve destroyed our town.

Made us your prisoners. Isn’t that enough?

Well, maybe you’d prefer it if I threw one of your constituents on the rack instead.

Hey, kid!


You want to get tall fast?

Boogie, I’m warning you.

It’s Buggy!

And you’re warning me?

Now that’s a laugh.

I said that’s a laugh.

[unenthusiastic laughing]


[inspirational music plays]


Put him down.

[Buggy] But why?

He’s having such a great time.

Aren’t you, junior?

[in child voice] Yes. The best, Buggy.


Gum Gum…





[crowd gasping and murmuring]


Well, well, well, looks like we have something else in common. [chuckles]

You ate a Devil Fruit?

The Chop Chop Fruit.

So you can slice me and you can dice me, but I’ll always put myself back together again.


Want to see what else I can do?



[metallic scraping]

[Zoro grunts]

[Zoro] What?

This is my life now.

[Zoro] You want to trade places?


Someone’s coming.

I need more time. Keep them talking.

I don’t talk. I hit things.

[suspenseful music plays]

Remember me?

[Zoro] No.

Must be some other homicidal, unicycle-riding clown.


I’ve been thinking about you for years.

About how you killed my brother.

I killed a lot of pirates.

My name is Cabaji,

and a couple of years ago, you hunted us across the Goa Kingdom.

Followed us for weeks through the swamp lands, day and night, never relenting, like some kind of demon.

Still not ringing a bell.

You cut off his head and you stuffed it in a bag, all for a few Berry.


Okay, that does sound like me.

Let’s see if you can keep your head.


[Cabaji grunts]

[knife clangs]

[Cabaji grunts]

[knife clangs]

[Bogard] Come in, cadet. Have a seat.

[Koby] Yes, sir.

Something wrong with your uniform, son?

No, sir.

It’s just a little too big.

Are you sure that’s all it is, cadet?

The Marine insignia, it’s not for everyone, you know.

It’s only my first day, sir.


That’s not what this is about.

We both know you don’t belong here.

Being a Marine, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

And I want to believe you, but your story doesn’t add up.


How long have you been working with the pirates who attacked this base?

What? No, sir. I’m not.

[Bogard] You were seen with one of them at the local tavern.

[Garp] Time to start telling the truth, cadet.

[laughing] Or we’ll have you hanging on one of those crosses out in the yard.

I was held captive by a pirate named Alvida.

I was her prisoner.

It was horrible.

Then he saved me.




The Straw Hat Pirate?

You say his name is… is Luffy?

Yes, sir.

[Garp] What’s your part in all this?

Why are you pretending to be a Marine?

I’m not pretending.

Being a Marine is my dream.

Marines make the world a better place. One where people can feel safe.

That’s what I told Luffy.

And he set me free.

Did he now?

Why didn’t you tell anyone about this?

I was worried they wouldn’t let me enlist.

Then my dream would be over.

Telling the truth is a core value of the Marines.

Isn’t that right, Bogard?

Yes, sir.

One that seems to be lacking at this particular base.

One last question.

This, uh, Straw Hat Pirate… do you owe him any allegiance?

He’s a pirate.

Pirates should face justice.


Then we’ll find him together.


[man] All right, here we go!

[seagull squawking]

[indistinct chatter]

I know you’re upset, but you should eat something.

[Luffy] I’m not hungry.

You’re never not hungry. What’s going on?

[man] I thought this shithole was supposed to be popular.

We never got our drinks.

We are still very, very thirsty.

Get out!

You’re not welcome here.


[Luffy] You made a fool out of Shanks!

You said something, brat?

You want to talk like a man, you better be ready to back it up like a man.

[grunts] Let me go!

[Makino] Please stop. He’s just a boy.

He’s just a boy who needs to learn respect for his betters.

[Shanks] Good luck.

I’ve been trying to teach him that for months.


Look, boys, the janitor is back.

[men laugh]

Just as I was about to make a mess.

Put him down.

This little shit?

You’re lucky I don’t slit his throat.

You can spill a drink on me and I’ll let it slide.

But don’t you ever threaten my friends.




Kill them.

[adventurous music plays]

[men grunting]



Get some.

[men grunting]

Where’s Luffy?

[water dripping]

[Luffy pants]

Don’t bother. It’s seawater.

[Luffy grunts]


[Buggy] Hardly seems fair.

All those wonderful powers rendered useless from a few splashes.

Of course, you could always give me my map if you don’t want to die alone in this tank.

[Luffy] My crew…

Your crew? [laughs]

You mean the ones that abandoned you?

Just like Shanks did.

Oh, did that make you sad?

They will come back for me.

No one’s coming for you.

Your only chance is to turn over that map, and if you do, I may have a very special place on my crew just for you.




Why not?




You’re an outcast, just like the rest of us.

A freak, scorned and abandoned!

Join me… and you can serve the man who will become the King of the Pirates.

When I have that map, I will find the One Piece, and then everyone will know my name.

And they’ll love me.

[Luffy] You can’t make people love you.

Just like you can’t make them smile.

I’ll never give you that map.

Well, then… I guess it’s curtains for you.

[suspenseful music swells]

[young Luffy] Shanks is gonna grind you up and make bandit sausage.

You’re gonna wish you were never born.

Believe me, I wish that already.

He’s gonna kick your ass. There’s nowhere you can hide.

Enough, brat!

You really think anyone is coming for you?

They don’t care.

[knife clangs]

And no one… no one is gonna miss you when you’re dead.


[suspenseful music plays]


[breathing shakily]

[Luffy screams]


[somber music plays]



[Shanks] Luffy, can you hear me?

[suspenseful music plays]


[Luffy] Ah! Shanks!

[creature growls]

Get lost.

[uplifting music plays]

[Shanks] Come here.

[somber music plays]

[Luffy] No.

Shanks, your arm!

It’s my fault.

It’s all my fault!

[Shanks] It’s only an arm.

I’m just glad that you’re okay.


Don’t touch my hat!

What was that?

I… I couldn’t hear you over all the drowning.

You really don’t fear death, do you?

No. I just don’t fear you.

[Cabaji] You know, I’m gonna enjoy this.

As soon as Captain Buggy’s finished with you, you’re mine.

Uh, tempting as that sounds, I’m not sticking around.

[Cabaji] Really? Got somewhere else to be?

Didn’t used to think so.

But Luffy changed that.

That simpleton in a straw hat. Don’t tell me you actually believe in him?

I don’t need to. He believes in himself.

It rubs off.


[Zoro] And one more thing.

[Cabaji laughs]

Don’t turn around.


[Nami grunts]

What’s the plan?

You do have a plan, right? That’s your thing, plans.

I say we beat the hell out of every clown we see. [chuckles]

[action music plays]

You want out? You know the price you have to pay.

[action music continues]

Where are my freaks?

They’re not coming.

[audience gasps]


My map!

My hat.


You want a piece of me? Let’s see what you got.

[Buggy laughs]

Surprise, shithead!


How do I slice a guy who’s already in pieces?

This is not part of the plan.




Ah! [grunts]

[Buggy] Ah.

Would you look at that?

Somebody escaped my Tank of Doom.

Well, I’ll be back to finish you off.

Right after I tear apart your sad excuse for a crew.


You can dump seawater on me, and I’ll let it slide.

But don’t you ever threaten my friends.


[clicks tongue]

[Buggy] So you want to die first?

Be my guest.



Chop-Chop Cannon!




[Buggy laughs]




Ah! [grunts]

Nami! The crates!



Damn it!



What have you done to me?

Cut you down to size.

The One Piece will never be yours.

You’re just a sad, lonely little boy wearing another man’s hat!

I know exactly who I am.

I am Monkey D. Luffy.

And I’m gonna be King of the Pirates.

Gum Gum…

[Buggy] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, no, no!

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.


[Buggy screams]

You’re giving this to me?

You’re the navigator.

Let’s get out of this clown show.

Still one more thing we have to do.

[mysterious music plays]

Are you our new captors?


Well, you’re a pirate, aren’t you?

I’m a different kind of pirate.

[Garp] My fellow Marines, corruption rots like old fruit, spoiling all it touches.

The men and women of this base have not failed the Marines.

But their leadership has.

Since the execution of Gold Roger, we have been fighting an unending war against piracy, but we are not fighting the right battle.

We can take their ships, their weapons, and even their lives, but we cannot win if we do not take away their dreams.

This is why I am personally leading a mission to hunt down the pirates who attacked this base.

And I am taking this squadron of new cadets with me.

Together, we will show these pirates, and all pirates, that there are consequences for their actions, and we are that consequence.

For honor.

[Marines] For honor!

For justice.

For justice!

For the Marines.

[all] For the Marines!

[Marines cheer]

We don’t have much,

but please, take this as a token of our… of our gratitude.

[Luffy] You need it more than we do.

[adventurous music plays]


maybe just a snack.


[man] Bye.

[man 2] Bye.

[woman] Bye.

[woman 2] Thank you so much.

[woman 3] Bye. Thank you.

[indistinct chatter]

Thank you all for your hospitality and the food and the drink.

We’ll savor it as long as we can.

And with Lucky Roux, that should be about three hours.

[Lucky] If you’re lucky!


[indistinct chatter]

[sentimental music playing]

I think I’ll miss you most of all, Luffy.

You were right, Shanks.

Back when you wouldn’t let me join your crew.

I’m not ready.


But when I am, I’m gonna be a pirate captain with my own ship and a crew that will always have each other’s backs.

We’re gonna be the greatest pirates the world has ever seen.

Even greater than your crew.

I’m gonna find the One Piece and become King of the Pirates!

Greater than even us, huh?

Well, in that case…

This hat is the most precious thing I own. It means the world to me.

And I want you to take it.

When we meet again, you can give it back to me.

But only after you become a great pirate.

That’ll be our promise.

Be good, Luffy.

[sentimental music continues]

[Nami] Almost finished.

You fixed it.


Well, you said it was your treasure, right?

Is every day gonna be this crazy with you?

Shanks always said… that if the path to what you want seems too easy… then you’re on the wrong path.

This Shanks guy sounds all right.

[adventurous music plays]

Next stop, the Grand Line!

[mysterious music plays]

[line buzzing]

It’s me.

You can tell him I have the map.

[dramatic music plays]

[adventurous music plays]

[circus music plays]

[theme music plays]


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