One Piece (2023 TV series)

One Piece - S01E05 - Eat at Baratie!

One Piece – S01E05 – Eat at Baratie! | Transcript

Luffy and the gang are tested in their ability to fight together on the high seas. They arrive at Baratie, a floating restaurant, where they encounter Sanji, a young chef with a love of fine dining. A duel on the docks shocks the group.

One Piece - S01E03 - Tell No Tales

One Piece – S01E03 – Tell No Tales | Transcript

Luffy, Zoro, and Nami land in Syrup Village, where they meet Usopp, a local who introduced the group to Kaya, a sickly shipyard heiress under the care of trio of overbearing house staff. With the help of Koby, Vice Admiral Garp, a powerful marine, sets off in search of Luffy.

One Piece – S01E01 – Romance Dawn | Transcript

A boy named Monkey D. Luffy embarks on a journey to attain the greatest treasure: the one piece. After the former pirate king’s public execution 22 years ago, the world has entered a great pirate era, and Luffy aims to be at the top.

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