Umberto Eco


Umberto Eco: Il mondo di Charlie Brown

I bambini dei “Peanuts” di Charles M. Schulz ci toccano da vicino perché in un certo senso sono dei mostri: sono le mostruose riduzioni infantili di tutte le nevrosi di un moderno cittadino della civiltà industriale.

Umberto Eco

The Name of the Rose: Murders in a Medieval Monastery

Eco’s novel is not only an entertaining narrative of a murder investigation in a monastery in 1327. It is also a chronicle of the 14th century’s religious wars, a history of monastic orders and a compendium of heretical movements.

Ian Fleming


In the following excerpt, originally published in Italian in 1965, Eco offers a detailed examination of the narra­tive formula that Fleming employed in all the Bond novels, a strategy Eco regards as “the basis of the suc­cess of the ‘007’ saga. ”

Umberto Eco

Political Language: The Use and Abuse of Rhetoric | by Umberto Eco

It is moralistic to assert that political discourse must be freed of rhetorical techniques in order to relate to the truth. Running a city is a question of opinions, and it is in relation to this plurality of opinion that the game of reciprocal persuasion must be played.

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