Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory (1957) Execution scene

Paths of Glory: Screening the Novel

While Kubrick and writers Calder Willingham and Jim Thompson have changed the focus and toned down some of his narrative’s brutality, Cobb yet remains the ultimate source of the film’s drama and of most of its ideas.

Paths of Glory: Kubrick’s graduation piece

Paths of Glory finds Kubrick dealing in the wider realm of ideas with a relevance to man and society. Without casting off any of his innate irony and skepticism, the director declares his allegiance to his fellow men.

PATHS OF GLORY – Review by Bosley Crowther

To a certain extent, this forthright picture has the impact of hard reality, mainly because its frank avowal of agonizing, uncompensated injustice is pursued to the bitter, tragic end.

Paths of Glory - The assault on Ant Hill

The “Anti-Militarism” of Stanley Kubrick | by Jackson Burgess

Of Stanley Kubrick’s seven feature-length films, three, including two of the best, have been explicitly concerned with militarism and war. The most recent of these, Dr. Strangelove, has made Kubrick the darling of the Ban-the-Bomb movements, being widely taken as a satirical demolition of those who have “stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.”

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