Laurel and Hardy – by Vincent Canby

2020-04-12T23:38:26+01:00April 12th, 2020|CINEMA|

During the last ten years or so, movie producers have been ravaging Laurel and Hardy features and shorts for scenes that they have then compiled into anthology features, some more lovingly and intelligently put together (Robert Youngson’s The Golden Age of Comedy and The Further Perils of Laurel and Hardy) than others, especially Jay Ward’s The Crazy World of Laurel and Hardy.

Il tragico tour finale di Laurel e Hardy

2019-04-10T16:40:56+01:00February 10th, 2019|CINEMA|

In attesa dell'arrivo nella sale italiane di "Stanlio & Ollio", interpretato da Steve Coogan e John C Reilly, ripercorriamo ciò che realmente accadde nel tour del 1953 con la più grande coppia comica della storia