Dan Dennett: Interview with Bill Moyers (2006)

In this interview with Bill Moyers, Dan Dennett delivers a sharp and clear synthesis of a library of evolutionary, anthropological and psychological research on the origin and spread of religion.

In conversation with Jerry Seinfeld

Empire sent Deputy News Editor Nick de Semiyen on an inter-continental journey to meet with the legendary funnyman in Amsterdam and then LA. There’s a steely focus behind the jovial veneer — he’s not exactly Robin Williams — but the man’s genial nature and precision wit make a few hours in his company fly by.

Stanley Kubrick: The Unbearable Brevity Of Being

Kubrick’s virtuosity as a filmmaker, and the range of his subjects, have served to disguise his near-obsessive concern with these two matters—the brutal brevity of the individual’s span on earth and the indifference of the spheres to that span, whatever its length, whatever achievements are recorded over its course.

Interview with Frank Capra (1973) – by Richard Schickel

Frank Capra is a brave man. He might be called a premature auteurist, since long before that critical theory was enunciated he believed that the director was the logical person to be the author of a movie. “One man, one film” was his credo and he was not modest about taking credit for his work.

In Conversation with Richard Donner, Director (2006)

Though he’s now comfortably into his eighth decade, Richard Donner shows no signs of retirement. Not only does the director have his most satisfying action movie in over a decade in cinemas, but the rest of the summer is practically his greatest hits revisited.

A Conversation with Bernardo Bertolucci (1966) – by John Bragin

The following conversation, or happening, as Bertolucci prefers to call it, took place in the middle of June 1966 when he was just beginning work on the script for his new film, Natura contra Natura. It is translated, slightly condensed, from a tape in Italian.