Citizen Kane

Mank and How Citizen Kane Was Born

Orson Welles was movie’s producer, director, star, and dominating force, but “Citizen Kane” would never have existed without Herman Mankiewicz.

Pauline Kael: The Citizen Kane Book

Miss Kael’s view of Citizen Kane is in keeping with what she has written before. It is, she says, a ‘shallow masterpiece’. That is to say, she concedes what is undeniable, the power of the film, but denies it profundity because its psychology is unconvincing.

1941: Orson Welles in 'Citizen Kane', directed by himself for RKO.

Citizen Kane: What Is the Film’s Solution to the Mystery of Kane?

People not involved in the study of film are often surprised to learn that Citizen Kane is so highly regarded. The rapid pace and newspaper montages and the Rosebud business — all that looks so typically Hollywood. But that view belongs to the old days, when films appeared briefly, were seen once, and then vanished to make way for next year’s model.

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