The Woke Dictatorship Against Freedom and Civilization

The West is at war with the East—Russia, the Middle East, and the Far East—and with much of the global South. But above all, it's at war with itself.

by Marcello Veneziani

The West is at war with the East—Russia, the Middle East, and the Far East—and with much of the global South. But above all, it’s at war with itself. If you don’t believe the analyses and criticisms, read firsthand accounts and biographies. Let’s discuss a Venetian girl, a progressive and radical, who went to study in the United States. Her story is exemplary, reflecting reality and predicting how things will end for us, who blindly imitate the Americans. She left for an internship in the United States fifteen years ago, then stayed to work in a cultural role at an Italian-American institution. Now, in her forties, she can no longer live under the suffocating, threatening, oppressive woke dictatorship, especially burdensome for white people and those of European heritage. “Anything I say or do can be condemned as a micro-aggression against African Americans or Latinos.” For admission tests, she had to write an essay of good intentions, not about her commitment to her studies but against racism. That is, she must not only repudiate racism but also commit to fighting against it. Not all racism, because woke culture claims there’s only one type: that of Western whites against blacks, Latinos, and Asians. At the start of her master’s, she had to apologize to her colored classmates; not for any actual, specific fault, but merely for being white, Western, and thus inherently racist. Bi-weekly, she reports, whites must also attend a self-flagellation course called White Accountability, where they undergo a humiliating two-hour interrogation to account for their latent racism and repent. Meanwhile, her African American classmates gather in Black and Safe Spaces, to cultivate their identity and denounce the micro-aggressions from white peers.

What are these “micro-aggressions”? Phrases considered offensive and banned, even though they seem entirely neutral and harmless to common sense and traditional experience. Examples better illustrate the masochistic, Jacobin madness we’re becoming victims of: never ask a colleague of color where they’re from, as that question implies ethnic discrimination; beware of mentioning “field of study” to a black person, as it could allude to cotton plantation fields and thus slavery, or evoke the manual labor of their Mexican grandfather. And if you make that mistake, you must immediately apologize and perform self-criticism, denouncing the “white privilege” that led you astray.

At Columbia University, where many excellent professors taught (including our own Giuseppe Prezzolini), the mantra is encapsulated in the acronym PROP, standing for Power, Racism, Oppression, Privilege. Naturally, whites are automatically categorized as racist oppressors and privileged for racial reasons—indeed, one might say—and others, for ethnic reasons, as victims of the aforementioned. Behind this label lies a dominant ideology, critical race theory, now the Bible of American universities.

And what about Jews? If they’re of Eastern European, Ashkenazi origin, they’re among the oppressors; if they’re Sephardic from the Middle East, they’re among the oppressed. A similar division exists on a geo-historical level: historically, Jews are quintessential victims, but geographically, as Israelis, they’re the archetypal aggressors.

And if you join volunteer groups aiding illegal immigrants, the poor, and the homeless, ensure a white person isn’t leading the collective; otherwise, it’s neocolonialism.

Then they wonder why someone would vote for Trump… But of course, out of frustration.

But how do you know this, from what source, from what blog full of fake news did you get this story? It’s not from social media or my own making; the source is yesterday’s Corriere della Sera, and the author is the well-known and credible “left-wing” journalist Federico Rampini; he met the girl and shared her story.

The issue, as you understand, isn’t about the misadventures of a single unfortunate individual; it’s the prevailing horizon in the United States and, trailing behind, the entire Western world, including Italy. We’re a small country, overshadowed by the US, and as is well known, they pat us on the head when we align with them; but they’re ready to crush us if we don’t agree with them.

This suffocating climate, which even Corriere calls a dictatorship, doesn’t just exist in the salons and radical chic circles of New York but in schools and universities, in the media and institutions, in courts and offices, in social communication and interpersonal relationships; mandated by law and culture to be ashamed of our civilization, history, religion, identity, and even our skin. Forced to feel inferior, indebted, penitent compared to anyone from other worlds. And we haven’t even touched on the other aspects of the dictatorship, concerning homophobia, feminism, correct terminology, and gender transitions…

The cherry on top and the paradox of this dictatorship is that while this self-damaging law and “shameful” ideology prevail domestically, the same country, with the same Democrat protagonists, i.e., liberals, radicals, and progressives, dares to act as the World’s Arbiter, threatening wars, weapons, interventions, and sanctions everywhere.

The woke dictatorship, centered on political correctness and cancel culture, is rapidly destroying a civilization built over millennia. If you pay attention, you’ll notice it’s quickly seeping into our culture too, in matters of racism, gender, and related issues; usually, prohibitions are evaded or passively accepted, for cunning, quiet living, to avoid confronting and criticizing them. But sooner or later, they will become as stifling as a cover, and we’ll be anaesthetized. Then it will be too late to understand and react.

La Verità, March 5, 2024


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