Why the EU is the Biggest Threat to Europe

Marcello Veneziani criticizes the EU for weakening Europe and mishandling key issues. He urges rejecting the current EU to preserve European values and interests.

Marcello Veneziani argues that the European Union (EU) is the greatest threat to Europe, criticizing its foreign and domestic policies. He claims the EU weakens Europe’s strategic position, mishandles migration, and prioritizes peripheral issues like LGBTQ+ rights over pressing military, economic, and social concerns. He accuses the EU of eroding Europe’s cultural and religious heritage, promoting excessive and ineffective legislation, and undermining true European values. Veneziani concludes that to save Europe, one must oppose the current EU.

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by Marcello Veneziani

I oppose Europe because it is against Europe. How? In the sense that the worst enemy of Europe, its people, and its nations today is the European Union. It harms itself and does everything to disfigure and hurt Europe. It flirts with the risk of a world war. It doesn’t foster European integration but national disintegration.

In foreign policy, the EU takes positions that weaken Europe, making it lose its strategic mediation role and centrality, creating new enemies and reinforcing old hatreds worldwide. It aligns itself with NATO and the US even when it goes against European interests, compromising profitable trade relationships and draining Europe economically and militarily. Europe has lost face and acts against its interests in Ukraine, supporting the US; it’s a zombie in the Middle East, Palestine, and on the global stage. It lacks the courage to condemn Netanyahu as it did Putin, alienating the rest of the world; it doesn’t know how to manage migration flows or protect real European interests globally. I note with pleasure that Italy has corrected its stance compared to the EU on the Ukraine intervention and the Palestinian tragedy.

Domestically, Europe cannot express an effective and unified stance on security, migration control, health, social rights, or defending the people’s primary interests. It is the foremost enemy of European peoples, with constant financial priorities over real lives. It wastes money on useless or harmful things and ignores primary needs and social policies. In this international situation, amid war threats, growing global antipathy towards the Euro-Atlantic West, and severe instability in neighboring areas, the EU, on the eve of elections, decided to focus on LGBTQ+ rights, with eighteen countries against nine (including Italy) voting to promote European policies for transgender communities after declaring war on homophobia. We’re dangerously sliding towards a third world war, and Europe is playing with pride parades…

It’s not about being for or against LGBTQ+ rights, nor about siding with the Pope in denouncing pervasive “homosexuality,” but about returning to reality and the law: every European citizen has equal rights and duties regardless of ethnicity, sex, or inclination; existing civil and criminal laws in European countries are enough to punish anyone who uses and abuses with violence, offenses, discrimination without creating special protected categories. The truly vulnerable groups are the sick, children, and the elderly. Laws are universal and should not become gender or trend-specific, protecting individual minorities, groups, or lobbies. Judges can apply aggravating and mitigating circumstances case by case. If someone assaults or offends a gay or trans person, there are already laws to punish them if the conditions are met.

This idea of legislating every time a violent incident occurs or a media topic ignites, creating new, harsher, special laws, kills the fundamental legal principle of equal and immutable law; excessive legislation harms justice and its application, making jurisprudence a variable subordinate to current events and fashion trends, and—as seen—doesn’t even reduce crimes and phenomena. Think about femicides; the more special laws are created, the more they occur; or at least they continue to happen despite special laws. Violating codes and undermining the universality of laws doesn’t achieve the results for which ad hoc norms are introduced.

It’s absurd that, facing enormous military, strategic, social, economic, and health problems, the EU (and its local peripheral, Mattarella) focuses on homophobia, as if there’s a mass persecution and it’s a priority for European peoples. Or alternatively, with a twisted neck, in the face of today’s real formidable enemies and false friends and allies, it’s absurd that Europe should worry about the Absolute and Eternal Enemy, the Nazi-Fascist threat (with Mattarella and a swarm of local mourners). It should not block the road to anyone who doesn’t think like the mainstream.

Finally, today’s Europe is ashamed of its civilization, denying and erasing its history, civil and religious traditions, and common sentiment. The latest case isn’t from the most uprooted and de-Christianized countries but from a country symbolizing true, living, participated Christianity, Poland of Woytila. Warsaw’s mayor, already a candidate for Poland’s leadership, Rafal Trzaskowski, a transgender supporter, signed an ordinance against Polish tradition and constitution, banning crosses, saint images, and other religious symbols from public employees’ walls and desks, and from any civil event. LGBTQ+ symbols might be allowed, but not the cross or Christian symbols. And to think that the preamble of the Polish Constitution, as noted by Polish correspondent Vladimiro Redzioch in Rome, states: “Grateful to our ancestors for their work, for the struggle for independence paid with enormous sacrifices, for the culture rooted in the Christian heritage of the Nation and in universal human values.” If even in Warsaw they want to erase Christian tradition, imagine in Paris or Brussels. By dismantling European civilization, the alternative left is between global nihilism or radical Islamization. Or worse, their mix.

The erasure not only involves religious tradition but also civil, national, secular traditions, art, literature, history, and its protagonists. They’re dismantling piece by piece the structure of European civilization.

Therefore, when I hear these professions of Europeanism every day from those who actually aim to undermine it, when I hear that we need more Europe and that the real divide in next Sunday’s vote will be between those who are pro and those who are against Europe, its policies, and civil rights, I think that if you truly care about Europe and Europeans, the first thing to do is to reject those who speak in its name and then deny and undermine it. The first enemy of true Europe is the fake Europe, made of cardboard, called the EU, Drunk Eunuchs.

La Verità, June 2, 2024


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