We Can Be Heroes (2020) – Transcript

When alien invaders kidnap Earth's superheroes, their children must team up and learn to work together if they want to save their parents and the world.
Pedro Pascal in "We Can Be Heroes" (2020)

When alien invaders kidnap Earth’s superheroes, their kids are whisked away to a government safe house. But whip-smart tween Missy Moreno will stop at nothing to rescue her superhero dad, Marcus Moreno. Missy teams up with the rest of the superkids to escape their mysterious government babysitter, Ms. Granada. If they’re going to save their parents, they’ll have to work together by using their individual powers – from elasticity to time control to predicting the future – and form an out-of-this-world team.

At a time in the world where things were feeling less and less certain, there was one thing you could always count on… the Heroics.

Our planet’s team of superheroes.

And our heroes… never failed.

Sorry I’m late.

I had to put the ISR synthetic aperture together.

Let’s just hope it’s more than just a downed satellite… so the whole team can spring into action.

Let’s not.

Be careful with that thing.

When am I not careful?

All the time.

Hey, Tech-No.

What’s up?

The solar array, it’s blown to bits.


There’s something coming, a spaceship of some kind.

It just blasted some kind of energy ray at me.

Do these clowns not know who I am?

I don’t mean to be a nudge, but any idea how long this’ll take?

I’m running on fumes.

Just a quick selfie for my socials while I stop this thing…

Wait a minute.

There’s not one ship…

There’s a whole armada out there.

Funny, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you sound a little worried.

Miracle Guy?

H-Base! Come in, this is Tech-No!

Miracle Guy’s been hit!

Hit with what?

He’s barely conscious!

Miracle Guy is barely conscious?

Have a catcher ready!

I’m out!

This was the day our heroes fell.

All of them.

But from that… others would rise.

It’s funny how when you look back on a day like this, it always begins so normal.

I mean, look at me.

I’m actually putting real thought into what I’m gonna wear.

Like any of this was gonna matter in an hour.

This one says, “Talk to me,” and this one says, “Leave me alone.”


Time for breakfast, Missy.

Good morning, Dad. Be right there.

In rather bizarre news, both Miracle Guy and Tech-No were spotted plummeting from the sky this morning.

Must have been some kind of test drill for the Heroics defenses, for they deployed a giant safety net and caught the celebrated…

Morning, kiddo.

You sleep okay?

Did you?

I see you’re wearing “leave me alone.”

You know, I want you to try to make some friends.

Yeah, not today.


Is that Miracle Guy?

That is just a training exercise, probably.

A… a “what if.”

As long as there’s no “what if” that involves you rejoining the team.

Relax. Even though I’m still the leader of the Heroics, I’m doing it from the safety of my own office.


Because a deal is a deal.

See you later, Dad. -Mm-hmm. Be good.

Hey… what’s wrong?


I’m just, uh… I love you.

An “I love you” at 8:00 a.m. on a random Tuesday?

Are you sure you’re okay?

I love you too.

Got the force field’s up today, so something’s going down.

Did they really see an armada out in space?

Next stop, Heroics lobby.

We’re tracking over a hundred alien vessels.

Who do you wanna send?

How about…

Blinding Fast and Crushing Low?

They haven’t gotten along since the Crisis of Edinburgh.


How about…

Sharkboy and Lavagirl?

They still married?

This isn’t a two-hero job.


Okay, so we’ll send three. Happy?

I’m afraid those are just the scouts, the tip of the spear.

This is what we’re really up against.

We’ve never dealt with anything like this before.

That’s impossible.

Which hero should we send, ma’am?

All of them.

Call the president. He’s the only one that can authorize a full Heroic attack.

It’s before noon.

He’ll still be asleep.

Wake him up!

Excuse me, Marcus.

What are you still doing here?

When I said everyone, I meant everyone.

I can’t suit up.

I promised my daughter.

Okay, well, I’m sorry.

They’ll need all the help they can get, and you know it.

It’s time for you to rejoin the team.

Time to be a Heroic again.

That is an order.

Yes, ma’am.


Just grab it!

I’m trying!

Can’t you just fly up there or something?

I can’t fly.

Use your magnet hands.

I don’t have magnet hands.

Hurry! I’m getting tired!

How about hurricane breath?

Hurricane breath? That’s not even a thing.



What’s up? Did she get it?

She tried, but she doesn’t have any powers.

But you’re…

Marcus Moreno’s kid.

I know. It’s weird.

Not me. Gravity.

Thanks for the ball.

You’re welcome.

Missy Moreno?


You’ll need to come with us.

What was described earlier today as merely telescopic observations…

So where are we going again? And why?

…above the Earth’s atmosphere is now confirmed to be something more serious, causing a mass mobilization of superhero personnel…

What mobilization?

What is believed to be an alien…

Can you turn it up?

Wait, wait. Did they say, “Aliens”?

Dad? Dad, what’s going on?

Missy, where are you? Are they moving you to headquarters?

I think so.



Not worried, not worried…

So I’m Miss Granada, director of the Heroics program.

You’ll be staying in our underground stronghold where children of superheroes are kept safe while their parents fight enemy forces.

We can’t afford to have even one of you fall into enemy hands.

This way.

Do I really have to go in?

Because I won’t fit in.

I just don’t belong.

I mean, I’m different from all of them.

Besides, my dad doesn’t fight anymore.

And after my mom died, he promised that…

Yes, well, you know what they say about promises?

You should always keep them or you’re a liar who can never be trusted?

Are you going to be a problem, Missy?

Shall we?

Everyone… this is Missy.

She will be joining you today.

Missy, I’d appreciate it if you would take a seat right there and quietly continue your studies along with the other children.


thank you for respecting my rules.

Your parents will be very proud when I tell them of your exceptional behavior.

Well done.

She’s gone!


Hey, I’m Wheels.

Yes, they call me that on account of the wheelchair.

It’s a little on the nose, but I like it because it’s cool.


You may think I’m in the chair ’cause my legs are weak, but it’s the opposite.

My muscles are so strong my bones can’t support ’em.

But lucky for me, my brain’s the same way.

It’s supercharged, so I’m good.

So, Wheels, who’s your new friend?

Missy, this is Noodles.

We call him that because, well…

He stretches and twists around like a noodle?

Yeah, basically.

And that’s Ojo.

Her power is she’s a genius drawer.

Like Van Gogh mixed with Monet with just a sprinkle of Salvador Dali.

Can I see that?

A kid standing on top of floating chairs?

An exploding exercise ball?

Nothing she draws makes sense.

That me?

Why’d you draw me in front of the class?

Oh, she won’t answer.

She only speaks through her drawings.

No, you don’t. You have no clue.

And this is A Capella.

It me.

That’s your superpower? You can sing?

Yep, but I have an unusual range.

I can go low… or I can go high!

I can even go really…

I don’t hear anything.

It’s beyond human hearing.

Miss A Capella Vox, please refrain from using your high voice.

Every dog in the neighborhood has surrounded our building.

And she can sing so low that she moves objects.

Show her how you make things float!

All righty, let’s see who’s left.

That’s Blinding Fast’s kid, Slo-Mo.

He’s actually moving very fast, but somehow, his powers have him stuck in a time warp.


That kid over there…

Two packs of candy for crossing our eyes.

…is Facemaker.


Beat that.

He makes the craziest faces.

It’s impossible!

I can even change my face to look like you.

He’s cheating! I can’t compete with that!

Oh, dude!

Rewind, clean up on aisle two.

That’s Rewind. He can rewind time but just a few seconds.

They’re twins. It’s crazy, right?

What twins? What are you talking about?

Fast Forward, are you at it again?

You were taking so long, I skipped you forward a bit. Sorry, not sorry.

She and Rewind are twins.

Opposite powers.

The only thing they agree on is they don’t like each other.

At all.

At all.

They’re twins. It’s crazy, right?

And then, there’s our fearless leader, Wild Card.

There’s not a power in the world he doesn’t have.


Sure, he has every power imaginable, but since he can’t focus his energy, they show up randomly.

Also true…

until now that is.


And last, but definitely not least, Guppy.

How are you making that?

My mommy is Lavagirl, but my daddy is Sharkboy.

So instead of lava, I move water.

I need hydration for my powers to work.

That’s really cool.


So, new girl, what’s your superpower?

Yeah, uh, so with the whole powers thing…

Wait a second.

I remember you.

You’re Marcus Moreno’s kid.

Yeah, my dad hasn’t gone on any missions for a while, so I’ve been chilling with the normal kids.

Why would they put a kid with superpowers in with normal kids?

Oh, I get it.

You don’t have any powers.

You’re powerless?

Whatever. Can we put on the TV?

I want to see if there’s news about our parents.

You know this is an epic Heroic smackdown event when they’ve called in Sharkboy!


Earlier today, Sharkboy appeared from the ocean depths, landing on the beach of South Padre Island.

And moments later, Lavagirl blasted up from inside an active volcano.

Go Sharkboy and Lavagirl!

She’s from the Earth’s core.

And here’s Mayor Doolittle at today’s ribbon cutting for his new city hall, rebuilt after the last time the Heroics went into action.

Did you see that?

Of course you didn’t.

That means it’s none other than Blinding Fast, the fastest Heroic on the planet.

Go, Dad!

And here comes Crushing Low!

And there goes the mayor’s new building in record time.

These battles are insanely expensive for taxpayers, but so entertaining.

Pass the popcorn. This battle’s gonna be epic!

This is unprecedented.

All of the Heroics have been called into action against the alien threat.

We’re getting some live footage now.

And look who’s back in action.

It’s Miracle Guy.

You didn’t expect him to actually lose, did you?

He’s not supposed to be there.

Oh my God!

No way! No one’s ever taken down Miracle Guy!

Evasive maneuvers!

You okay, Sharkboy?

Oh no. I’m just getting some terrible news.

It’s almost unimaginable, but two of our heroes have been captured by the intruders.

I thought the Heroics were unbeatable.

They are unbeatable.

It’s not over yet.

It looks like our heroes are fighting amongst themselves again.

Ladies first.

I don’t need your dated chivalry.

Fine, I’ll go.

How dare you!



Go, Dad!

How dare you!

I want to see it again.

And I don’t want to see it again.

And here comes Mrs. Vox to the rescue.

She’ll get those aliens singing a different tune.

They took Mrs. Vox!

They got Tech-No.

There goes Lavagirl!

What is happening? Our heroes are dropping like flies!

They won’t get Blinding Fast.

Not him, he’s too…

It’s all up to Marcus Moreno now.


Dad, we had a deal.

I know.

I promised I wouldn’t be a hero anymore.

But I’m still the leader of the Heroics.

Dad? Dad, run! Get out of there!

And a good leader… leads by example.


I’m sorry, honey.

This is… unbelievable.


Ladies and gentlemen… the Heroics have fallen.

We’re getting word that the president would like to address the nation.

People of America, as you have witnessed, the Heroics have been captured.

Military forces are stepping in, mobilizing to bring our heroes back.

But while it looks rather hopeless… it’s bad, it… It’s hopelessly bad.

How did this guy get to be president?

He can’t even put two sentences together.

We have just received a message from the supreme commander of the aliens that has been decoded.

It reads, “We are from the planet Ogima.

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to prepare you for… takeover.

Please comply, or else Earth will be destroyed.

You have three hours.”

I’m afraid that was the entire message.

There are no heroes left.

God save us all.

Children, for your own safety, we’re going into full lockdown.

No one leave your seats.

As long as you stay where you are, you are all safe.

Yeah, right. They can’t protect us from that. We just saw it.

You got a better idea?

We should probably do what Miss Granada says.

Uh, pardon me, but…

The last look on my dad’s face will haunt me forever.

What do they want from us?

Do you think our parents are okay?

Uh, excuse me?


We need to leave this room right now.


Because the aliens know where we are, and they’re coming for us next.

How could you possibly know that?

Can I borrow this a minute?

Ojo drew these.

Facemaker standing on top of the floating chairs,

Noodles smashing the exercise ball…

She draws what she sees, big deal.

She drew these things five minutes before they happened.

Ojo’s superpower isn’t that she can draw, she can draw the future.

Okay, cool.

Good for Ojo. What’s your point?

She also drew these alien creatures breaking into this very room.



You’re saying they’ll come through there?

She’s right. All these drawings suddenly make perfect sense.

Ojo can see the future.

Let me get this straight.

Some new girl shows up with absolutely zero powers, and suddenly we’re gonna do what she says?

Seems like she’s got a point.

A moment ago, you agreed that we weren’t safe here.

We’re safer in here than running around outside with you playing captain.

I just want to get out of here.

If anybody wants to join me, you’re free to follow.


We’re getting out of here, but only because I say so, you got that?

What’s the plan?

Granada said this place is on lockdown. There’ll be guards everywhere.

Yeah, Missy.

What’s the plan?


I figure this is kind of like making an omelet.

You always start by…

Breaking some eggs.

Hey, is that updog?

What’s updog?

Not much. Just living my best life over here.

Not like I’m totally up to no good or anything.

So don’t ask us how we know this, but aliens are about to attack, and we’re no longer safe here.

This place is a fortress. Nothing’s getting in.

And I’m afraid no one’s getting out, either.

Those are the rules.

Oof! Then we’re definitely getting out of here, and so we’re gonna need your access cards.

Like, now.

And you think we’ll just hand these to you?

No, but it would have made this a whole lot easier.


What are these for?

Tell him, Guppy.

To protect your butts when you hit the ground.

Why don’t you get back in line?

Oh, no!

She’s got shark strength!

Have a nice nap.

Aliens really are about to attack, so we’ll have to leave your expert care until you and Miss Granada know what we know.

This was a bad idea.

Wheels, next time this happens, don’t let the guard reach the alarm.

Noodles, you’ll take his jacket and cuff them.

What next time?

You kids aren’t…

Told you your plan wouldn’t work!


Rewind, send us back.

So we will have to leave your expert care until you and Miss Granada know what we know.


C’mon, let’s go!

Single file line! Like a fire drill.

We’ll be questioned less.

Let’s go!

Beginner’s luck.

Noodles, stretch and make yourself tall!

Greetings, fellow grown-ups.


Hold on one second. Hey!

I… I’m so sorry!

Seal the doors!

We’re in trouble.

That was our only exit!

Not our only one!

How are we supposed to get up there?

A Capella? You made furniture float. Can you do the same with people?

To go up high, I have to sing very…

Climb as fast as you can!

Noodles, open up the hatch!

Don’t let them follow us!

Noodles, the access cards!

We did it!

Yeah, we did it.

But the tram will only take us to just outside the force field, then they’ll catch us for sure.

Look! They’re already mobilizing!

Brace yourselves!

You too, Guppy.

A Capella, make us fly.


She can’t steer!

We’ll crash into that building!

We need to change directions!

I’m on it!

Help him out!

Back to base.


We need to find that train.

Well, that was a disaster.

That was awesome.

I’m so exhausted.



I’m running… …out of…


We get it.

What do we do?

Don’t look at me.

I’m done.

We need to find a place to hide.

The Heroics are locked in the alien ship.

Not all of them.

You know this how?

Do you think you can get us over to here?


Okay! Okay! Okay!

What’s over there that’s so important?

Well, you see, my…

Okay, this is bad. This is really, really bad.

Five to one says we die a fiery death.

You’re on!

You can do it, A Capella!

Come on, a little more.

Does anyone have a lozenge?

Hang on!

My begonias!

Get out of my flower bed, you little termites!

Hi, Abuelita!

Ah! Ah, Missy!

Come and say hello to your grandma!

No way!

Missy, your grandmother’s Anita Moreno?

The trainer of the Heroics?

She’s a legend.

No, you have to be dead to be a legend, honey.

Oh, mi amor.

I’m alive and well, which is more than I can say for my gazebo, hmm?


We’re in trouble, Grandma, and we need a place to hide.

To hide? You’re gonna need to do a lot more than that.

That thing is moving into position.

She’s right.

We only have two hours left.

Won’t be long until the takeover begins.

Everybody, get inside. Come, come.


Come on, people, how hard can it be to find a dozen untrained, unfocused children?

I’ve got something. It’s weak.

It seems to be some type of communicator.

Belonging to this kid patched into our system.

Can we trace it?

Hold on.

Got her.


But we’re children.

Yes, the children of the Heroics.

If anyone is gonna save the world, it’s you, because all of you have superpowers.

Super lame powers.

Speak for yourself.

Okay, Johnny Random.


This is no way to be a super team.

Abuelita’s right.

Aliens are about to invade, and if we want to rescue our parents and save the planet, we’re gonna need to do it now.

Are you saying that… we can be superheroes?

Well, yeah.

I guess that kinda is what I’m saying.

Sorry, it was there for the taking.

I need you all to maximize your powers.

Grandma, I’ve been trying to do that my whole life, so if you have any ideas, I’m all ears.

Um, it’s not about who is the strongest or fastest.

It’s about working together, and that’s why we’ll need someone to be the leader.

That would be me.

I was actually talking about Missy, but thank you.

Follow me!

Quickly. Quickly!

Fast. Fast!

But I’m the leader!

He’s right. I’m totally okay with that.

Well, I’m not. And we don’t have time to argue.

So, what I say goes.

Yes, ma’am.


Welcome to my training ground.

Let’s boogie.

Stand together.

Feel the rhythm.

Cálmate, Guppy!

Calm down, dear.

Whoa… oh! I can’t do this!

Nope, not for me.


Ah. Okay, nieta, your turn.

What? I’m not ready.

And that’s how you become ready, by doing it. Mwah!


I’m picking up a leap in the sound.

What are they saying?

Can you hear them?

Yes, it sounds like… they’re rocking out.


Okay, work together.

Wrong way! You’re going the wrong way!

Guppy, stay calm!

Guppy! You’re in a shark frenzy!

Attacking even your friends.

Your powers are useless if you don’t stay calm and focused.

Go meditate.

Someone catch Slo-Mo!

Noodles! I mean, no, Facemaker!


Who? Make up your mind.

I got him!

Listen to me!

Slo-Mo, you never do anything right.

I don’t understand your problem.

My problem?

Yes. You wanna come up in my face.

What’s your problem? Talk to me. What is it?

You don’t know what you’re doing.

I don’t know what I’m doing?

We do work in the same organization.

It’d be nice if you communicated.

Why don’t you just vanish, Invisi-Girl?

Oh, I’ll make you disappear.

Don’t make me use my outside voice on you two.

If you’d fought the aliens like this, we wouldn’t be captured.

That’s what I’ve been saying.

Why don’t you cheer us up by singing one of those little songs you sing so well, Sharkboy.

Man, you got some fish to fry.

Hey, hey, hey. Calm down, Sharkboy.

He’s just baiting you.

Please, stop fighting.

You’re like children. Actually, worse.

Yeah, Miracle Guy, why not pretend there’s a camera on you?

There’s not a camera on me, and it’s kind of liberating.

I can be my true self, and my true self doesn’t like you, or you, or you.

What the heck is that?

It’s a… camera.

I demand you release us, whoever or whatever you are.

Mr. President.

Greetings, Heroics.

There’s something you should know, Mr. President.

I didn’t vote for you.

The aliens didn’t allow much time for me to give you this message.

It’s about your children.

They’ve disappeared from headquarters.

They’ll be completely helpless without us.

That’s good. Back in formation!

Keep training.

Now, now.

You didn’t expect to get it on the first try, did you?

I’m never gonna get it.

Not with a million tries.

You know why?

Because I’m useless.

Who told you that?

Everyone told me.

In those exact words.

I have trained all of the greatest superheroes, Miracle Guy, Sharkboy,

Tech-No, Lavagirl.

Do you know who the greatest superhero of them all was?

It was your mother.

But my mother was normal, like me.


And without your mother, your father never would have become someone who leads by example.

And you will too.

I’m sure of it.

Mi amor, I’m sure of it.

Miss Moreno!


Better come quick!

Oh my…

Oh no.

They sure found you fast.

They wanna take us back to headquarters.

Well, too bad.

We’ve got a world to save.


Go through this tunnel. I’ll hold them off.

Go, go, go, go. Go!

I wish you could come with us.

Hug me, as if it’s for the last time.

Hey, it won’t be.

I promise.

That’s my girl.

Go, go, go, go. Go!

Guys? Come on!

It sure is dark in here.

Ojo, can I use your flashlight?

We just have to stick…


Yeah, and find a way up to the mother ship, and defeat the aliens who defeated all the Heroics.

Oh my.


Want some lemonade?



What could we do differently from our parents?


Like we lure the aliens out of the cities, so that we don’t destroy more buildings.

She’s right. Our parents always have huge brawls in the middle of the most populated cities.

Don’t we need superhero costumes?

All superheroes have costumes.

Pads, fake muscles, tons of useless buckles.

Underwear on the outside.

Masks you can barely see out of.

That’s why they were able to pick out our parents so easily.

Because they were easy to spot.

We have to blend in.




Just trust me.

I have a plan.

Where? What plan?

I’ll show you.

The plan is we’re gonna sneak on a bus?


Holy… doo doo.

I mean, yes, very interesting.


Okay, makes sense. Yep.

Okay. Wow, that’s really smart.

Okay, everyone, Missy and I figured out a way for us to do this.

Check it out.

Ojo drew us a clue.

A supply ship.

So what does that mean?

It means there’s probably one nearby that we’ll sneak on board and pilot up to the mother ship.

That’s actually a good idea no matter who thought of it.

Thank you.

Come on, it’s time we show these aliens what’s what.

Hurry up, Slo-Mo!

Look, there’s the supply ship.

Just like Ojo’s drawing!

Ew. Gross!

Shh. Keep it down!


Wait a second.

Let’s go.

Shut the door and let’s get out of here.

Wheels, can you…

No! We’re not all here!

What? Who’s missing?


Slo-Mo! Cut it out! Run!

Hurry! They’re coming back!

Ten to one says he’s tentacled.


Come on, Slo-Mo!

All right, hold me down!



Wheels, tell me you figured this out!

It’s incredibly intuitive.


Please just choose any button!

It might be one of these.

But now what?

Don’t worry.

Any minute now, Ojo’s gonna draw a picture of all of us smiling and hugging our parents.

Isn’t that right, Ojo?

Oh, that’s just great.


why did you choose me to share the idea of looking at Ojo’s iPad?

I don’t know.

I guess I know how hard it feels when everyone expects so much from you, and you feel like you can’t deliver.

Do you believe I can?

We all believe you can.

Tell that to my parents.

I will, right after we rescue them.

I’m gonna go check it out.

We’re all good.

Am I just really small, or is this ship really big?

It’s enormous.

Yeah. How are we gonna find our parents?

I was thinking about that.

Mrs. Granada found us really easily back at Grandma’s house, and I think I know how, your bracelet.

I haven’t been able to contact my dad.

But maybe the transmitter in here that connects the two bracelets works like a tracking device.

But I need a pair of pliers and a heat source.

My teeth are strong because my dad’s a shark.


And I’ve got a heat source.

Heat vision!

Now he’s a toaster.

Close enough.

Is it working?

Well, it’s leading us somewhere.

Hey! That was really good back there.

Turning into a toaster instead of making heat vision?

It was heat-related. That’s real progress.

I guess it’s progress.

You just watch.

Pretty soon, you’ll be teleporting like it’s nobody’s business.

It’s about belief.

Um, guys…

Does anybody else hear that?

What is that?

It’s below us.

I can feel it.


Which way?

That way!

Look at that thing.

What the heck is the president doing here?

So they’re inside this thing? All of them?

That’s correct.

How long before the takeover begins?

According to the supreme commander, less than an hour.

So soon?

That’s what she says, and she’s never wrong.

You don’t have to remind me.

Ever wonder why we bother with all this when she already knows how it’s gonna turn out?

All part of the process, I suppose.

What is that thing?

You heard him. It’s a rocket stuffed to the gills with aliens.

In less than an hour, they’ll send it down to Earth and start the takeover.

Well, then we have to stop them. Let’s go.

Do you children have any idea what you’ve done?

Stealing one of our trains?

Turning headquarters upside down?

Flying an alien shuttle into outer space. Hmm?

Well done!

Looks like we underestimated your abilities and your leadership qualities.

You took a huge risk, but it was the right risk.

Headquarters was attacked just minutes after you escaped.

If you hadn’t broken out, you would have all been captured.

And now you’ve managed to lead us into the heart of this alien mother ship?


So proud!

Wait, so we’re not in trouble?

Of course not.

You are heroes.




Her vital signs are all over the place.

Save your breath, Granada.

They know.



Well, then… round them up!

Watch it!

Quit the pantomime, Slo-Mo.

You didn’t even scrape a knee.


Oh, good.

Just the kind of divisive attitude I’ve been counting on.

You kids are just like your parents.

The same in-fighting.

The same bickering.

Putting your own egos ahead of your team.

Take away her water.

They’re too powerful together.

Oh, don’t worry.

I won’t take away your little toy.

I already know what your future is.


Life long.


How are we getting out of here?

I… don’t know.

What do you mean you don’t know?

I mean… I don’t know.

I’m thinking. I’m thinking.

Enough thinking.

I’m gonna punch my way out of here.

I have to save my son.

That’s not gonna work.

How do you know?

While you were blinking your eyes, I went around and tried everything.

Uh, you were saying?

What are you? An alien spy?

I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

I just want to see what it is.

Don’t worry. It won’t even know I touched it.


Anita Moreno?


Hi, Mom.

No, no, no, don’t “Hi, Mom” me.

That was pathetic.

You stop training for a year and look what happens. Eh?

You… dropped your guard.

And you… attacked when you should have blocked.

And you rushed when you should’ve calculated. Eh?

I hope your kids paid more attention to me than you did.

Thanks, Mom.

I bet Miss Granada’s been working there for years.

They must have hacked the elections and put their own alien in as president so they could set a trap for the Heroics.

I’m such an idiot.

President Neil Anami.

Spell Neil Anami backwards and you have… “I’m an alien.”

Everyone thinks that the aliens only invaded this morning, but they’ve been here for years, planning this takeover the whole time.

And now we’re locked in this stupid cell with no way out.

You’re welcome.

Any luck?

I need water. Without water, I can’t use my powers.

I need food. My stomach hurts.

My arm hurts.

My ears hurt!

We never should have come. You led us here.

You think I wanted to get locked up in an alien ship?

It was all of us.

We did it together.

I wanna go home.

Me too!

We all want to go home.

The key is figuring out how to get out of this room so we can make sure there’s a home to go back to.

Wait a second.

What did you just say?

He said we all want to go home.

Not that, the second part.

“Figure out how to get out of this room so we can make sure there’s a home to go back to”?

Stop saying that.

Keep it together.

Guys… maybe it’s time to admit we’re never getting out of here.


I mean, let’s get real.

These walls and this door must be, like, two-feet thick.

It’s totally impossible.

Wow, great attitude.


We’re never getting out of here, and we’re certainly never seeing our parents again, that’s for sure.

She’s right. Pretty soon we’ll forget what they even look like.

The way they smelled…

It’ll all just be… gone.

Jeez, you guys are really bumming me out.

But I guess… this really is the end.

But I’m not ready for the end.

I was just starting to think… maybe my sister didn’t hate me.

I don’t hate you.

I love you.

That love we feel…

is real.

And… it’s that love… that’ll get us out of here.

Why are guys saying all this stuff? It’s almost like you want everyone to cry…


Guppy, quick, gather all the tears.

What are you making?

I’m making a key.

Little Miss Guppy, you just saved us.

Come on, let’s go!

How long has it been this bad?

You should’ve come to me.




Don’t you remember what your generation was like when we took over?

Good point.


Well, I guess it’s up to the kids.

The next generation is always more… powerful, more…


I got it!

What? You figure a way out of here?

Oh… no. I figured out how to switch on these security monitors.

Surprisingly intuitive.


At least now we can watch something instead of sitting around yelling at each other.

Wait, what’s this?

A Capella?


Fast Forward?

Are those our children?

Wheels, how much time do we have?

Eighteen minutes.

Then we need to hurry if we want to stop the takeover.

Us? Are you nuts?

We have to go free our parents and let them handle it.

No! There’s no time for that! By the time we get there, they…

No! I’m through listening to you.

When I woke up, everything was perfect, then you come along and everything’s a mess.

If Little Miss No-Powers is who you want as a leader, fine, follow her straight into Alienville.

But Facemaker and I are gonna go get our parents.

We are?

Yes. Right now.

Guys, we have to stick together.


What can you do?

Some people are just…

Forget him.

We need to get to the rocket so I can stop it before it launches.

How are you so sure you can do that?

Because everything the aliens build is super intuitive to use, almost like it was designed for children to operate.

Get me close. I’ll turn it off.

I don’t understand. Why did we split up?

Where are we going?

How do you know our parents are this way?

Okay, this is good.

What do you mean, “This is good”?

Are you questioning my authority?

Uh… I don’t even know what we’re talking about.

Really? The confused thing? That’s what you’re going with?

Just as I suspected.

Falling apart at the seams.


We need to get that one.

He has so little control over his powers, he’s liable to blow us all up by accident.

Let’s go.

That’s it there!

Uh… no, we’re not.

Uh… guys?

What do we do now?


Why are you so calm?

Because we have something they don’t know about, a secret weapon.

We do?



Alone, our powers are special, but together we’re unstoppable!

Slo-Mo, attack!

A Capella, eardrums!

Rewind, take them down!

Guppy? Guppy?

Guppy? Guppy, what are you doing?

Staying calm.

Well, not now!

Guppy, listen to me.

Shark frenzy.

Everyone stand back!


Noodles, chin-up bar!


He’s a miracle.

Great job, Wheels!

Go, A Capella!



Focus on super strength!


Focus on teleportation.

Hmm… Nice try, kid.

Take him to interrogation.


I can’t.

We can do this.


We work together.

I’ll help you.

Noodles, get those shackles out of the ceiling!

Now fast forward, quick!



Looking for these?

Great job, Fast Forward. Excellent work, Rewind.

Excellent work, Rewind.

I just like hearing her say it.

Excellent work, Rewind.

Excellent work, Rewind.

Did you see their teamwork?

Just like their parents.

Okay, Wild Card, spill it.

What’s the big plan, hmm?

Well, the plan was to get me close enough to you to turn you into the dumbest alien that ever existed.

No way! My powers finally worked.

Keep laughing and I’ll blast you right back to Ogima.

We have ways of getting the truth out of you, you know.

That’d be a first.


We only have six minutes left!

Not a problem. Not a problem.

All I have to do is reprogram the rocket’s main contr…

What is that?

Maybe it’s a…

A force field?

No, no, no, we were so close!

But there’s no one here but us.

Who did this?

I did.

Ojo, did you just talk?

I could always talk.

I simply chose to observe and listen instead.

And what I heard was chaos, dysfunction, disharmony… just like your parents.

But that’s not true.

We were working together.

Were you?

Then where’s Wild Card?

That’s a good question.

Hey, Wild Card, old buddy.

Are you in the ship’s control room yet?

I sure am.

Just like we planned, old buddy.

Ignore him.

That’s some kind of trick.

I have Wild Card right here.

Don’t I?


Wow. I gave this plan 50-to-1 odds at best, but you fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

We got the one with the useless superpower?

Got you far away from the control center, didn’t it?

Go to the control center, now! Go, go. Go! Go!

You were working together?


I even sent him on a secret mission.

Isn’t that right, Wild Card?


And when the team leader tells you to do something, you hop to it.

Since when did you accept Missy as the leader?

Since the tunnel… when she told me you were an alien spy.

Ojo’s an alien spy?

Yep. Ojo’s a spy.

You knew.

How’d you figure it out?

You accidentally gave it away in one of your own drawings.

Your art never lies.

She’s an alien spy.

Holy… doo doo.

You work for Granada, don’t you?

Or does Granada work for you?

They all work for me.

What the…

Ojo’s an alien!

We know!

And now you can be impressed… and defeated… as soon as I figure out which button removes the shield.

Knowing the aliens, it’s probably a big button with a picture of a shield on it.


I hate to spoil your celebration… but there’s two minutes left.

Game’s not over yet.


We’ll hold it off.

You find a way to stop the launch.


It’s not an it. It’s a them!

Then you better hurry!

Come on, everyone.

Time to show these guys what we’re made of.

Come on in. It’s broken.

I mean it’s open.

Wild Card, you have to keep those shields down.

Don’t worry, Missy.

I’m on it.

Oh yeah?

What are you gonna do, hmm?

Turn into a bowling ball?

Sure… if that’s what I want.

I can control my powers now.

Working with Missy helped me realize I was so busy trying to prove everyone else wrong when I should have been concentrating on proving myself right.

She believed in me.

Now I believe in myself.

Oh, right.

And you think that’s enough.

Believing in yourself.

You tell me.

Let’s do this.


Let’s take him.

Everyone spread out!

Slo-Mo, attack!

Guppy, waterslide!

Hey, only speed up Slo-Mo.


I’ll help you.



Did you see that? Did anyone see that?

It was too fast… for even me to see.

Wow! Whoo.




Electricity fingers.

And my personal fave…

The freeze ray.

I’m running out of water!

This is too much stress. I can’t take it.

Come on, Missy. You got this. I know you do.

Guppy, make ninja stars.

Noodles, slingshot!

Hold my leg!

Somebody pull Noodles!

I’m out. I need water.

Hey, Guppy.

This whole thing is covered in liquid metal. Liquid!


Go, Guppy, go!

Go! Yes!

Not so fast.

Noodles, make a tightrope.

Somebody go on to the center and draw them in.

No, wait!

I have to do this.

I can do this.

She’s leading by example.

Hey! Did you see that?

Did you see what my son just did?

Unfortunately, I was too busy looking at my own cool kid.

How’s it going, Wheels?


All we have to do is swap out the ignition chamber’s motherboard with one that’ll tell the device it launched even when it didn’t.

That way we fooled it…

Tell us how long.

Oh, now long.

Now put it into the ignition chamber up there.

Oh no.


I can’t reach!

It’s too high to jump.

Nobody would ever survive that fall.

I… can.



Rewind, stop him. Reverse it!

Hold on.

I think he knows what he’s doing.

We’re running out of seconds.

He did it.

Did you see that?

He did it.

Uh, guys, how are we gonna get him back up here?

Wild Card?

We need you. Right now!

On my way.

Stay cool.

Dude! You actually teleported!

Get down there, quick!



Now swap the motherboards up there!

What’s happening?

The takeover is happening.

Wait. So our parents were in the pyramid all along?

But I don’t understand.

What’s the takeover?

The takeover of power… from your parents.

You see, the next generation is always an improvement from the last.

Things are not heading in the right direction on your planet.

And you children are inheriting Earth’s problems, and need to be able to fix them, sooner rather than later.

It’s in the best interest of the entire galaxy that life on Earth survives and thrives.

So, we infiltrated both your government and Heroics headquarters so we could train you and accelerate the transfer of power.

As you’ve seen from today’s events, it’s not enough to be strong, powerful, or even magic.

If you do not use your strengths together and with good judgment… you are doomed.

But I don’t understand.

The clock hit zero.

We were one second too late.

The supreme commander knew down to the second exactly when the takeover would happen.

Your guess was close, Wheels, but not quite right.

Everything on the ship wasn’t designed for children.

Oh, it was designed by children.

That’s correct.

On our planet, the children are in charge.

So, you’re their leader?


Just as I knew you would be a natural leader.

It’s why I drew you at the front of the class.

So, from one leader to another, as we each head off to face the challenges of the universe, can we count on you to not just help save your planet… but the entire galaxy?

You have our word.

When you need us… we’ll be there.

Thank you.

I love you. Oh!

How do you feel, son?

Strong… you know, like, really strong.

You’re stronger than I’ll ever be.

Proud of you.

Put it there, buddy.

What the…

You’re so fast.

I love you.

I love you, too, buddy.

I love you too.

You’re so wonderful together. I am so proud of you.

You two make such a great team.

You two make such a great team.

Oh yeah! Come on.

Hey, Dad! Hey, Grandma!



Someone’s made a few friends.

I tell you, Marcus, natural-born leader.

I should get captured more often.

Nope. Not without me, you’re not.

If you ever go on any other missions, I’m gonna be there right by your side.


A deal is… a deal.

I missed you.

This was the day our heroes fell, but others did rise.

As for the aliens, they’ll be back, and when they call on us for help, we will be prepared.

We will be ready.

So what are we supposed to be looking at?

The future.


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