Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans (2021) – Transcript

The heroes from the Trollhunters series team-up on an epic adventure to fight the Arcane Order for control over the magic that binds them all.
Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

Arcadia may look like an ordinary town but it lies at the center of magical and mystical lines that makes it a nexus for many battles among otherworldly creatures including trolls, aliens and wizards. Now the heroes from the hit series Trollhunters, 3Below and Wizards, team-up in their most epic adventure yet where they must fight the Arcane Order for control over the magic that binds them all.

* * *

[dramatic music playing]

[inaudible dialogue]

Gather around and allow me to tell you the story of stories, the final adventure, the tale of it all.

It begins, like all great stories do, a long, long time ago…

[dramatic music playing]

…as a war between mankind and magic raged.

A conflict between humans, allied with good-hearted, peace-seeking trolls, and the relentless evil trolls who would see them destroyed.

The mightiest wizard of all, Merlin Ambrosius, sought to maintain the balance by forging a powerful weapon, the Trollhunter Amulet.

Millennia passed, and trollkind settled in the shadows, beneath the human world, in the quiet hamlet of Arcadia Oaks.

In this very land, the Trollhunter, Kanjigar, was felled in battle by an evil troll.


[Blinky] And for the first time since its creation, Merlin’s amulet called to a human.

At first glance, an unremarkable one.

[Jim] My name is James Lake, Jr.

It’s not easy being the Trollhunter.

It’s even harder being the first human Trollhunter.

Fortunately, I had my friends to help. Friends from Arcadia.

And a little further away.


[yells in slow motion]

[Jim] Uh, heh, when I said friends, I might have been exaggerating.



[both yell]



[Jim] Although we saved Arcadia and the world numerous times…

[Blinky] The Trollhunter could not save himself.


[Blinky] Tragically, Master Jim was felled by dark magic.

The Trollhunter Amulet was destroyed.

[dramatic music playing]

Malevolent wizards known as the Arcane Order saw to that.

Then, much to everyone’s surprise, one of the Arcane Order turned to the side of good.

[Jim] The other two are on the hunt for her.

You see, they wanna use something called the Genesis Seals to…

Well, I don’t know what the seals do, but you gotta figure it’s bad.

The point is, the world has never been in greater danger, or needed the Trollhunter more.

But without the Amulet, am I still the Trollhunter?

[woman over PA] This train is scheduled for maintenance.

The next train will be arriving shortly.

[man sighs]

[Nari humming]


[Nari continues humming]

This is a bad idea.


No more running, Douxie.

No more running.

[ominous music playing]

Can you feel it too, Nari?

They’re here.

Here we go.

[Bellroc chanting in foreign language]



[Skrael] Nari.



[Skrael] Nari…

We have tracked you down and we are bringing you back.

Causa crepitus.

Magna torna tuess.

[Bellroc chants in foreign language]

Nari, you’ve been a naughty girl.

[Nari grunts]

You are coming back with us.

[Bellroc growls]

You cannot hide from us forever.

Who said we were hiding?

[dramatic music playing]



Nope. Now I hunt wizards.


Cutting it a bit close.

You try opening a shadow portal on a subway going 55 miles an hour.

[Nari grunts]

What the…?


Well, that… was close.


Go. Remember the plan.

[Archie] Got it.

Thanks, Archie.

Mm, cat.

Later. We’ve gotta stop this train.

What do you mean, later?

Stink-Man, Creepslayer, this is Warhammer. On track to stop the wagon.

Do you copy?

Stink-Man reads you.

And recalls asking for a less offensive codename.

Power her up. They’re about to be right under us.

Akiridion technology.


When they stop below us, trifurcate radiation will nullify all magic.

That should put a stop to the wizards.

Uh, radiation? This is… This is safe, right?

Yeah, safe-ish.

When you approach us, hit the brakes.

[Toby] Got it.

Whoa, wingman, don’t be that guy who underestimates his strength, breaks the thing, and makes the situation worse.

I’ll do it. [laughs]


Come on, come on. You got it. You got it.


[gasps] I made the situation worse.

[Stuart] They’re almost under us.

I’m ready.

On my count. Five, four, three, two, one.

[subway car rumbling]

Whoa, they didn’t even slow down.

I know.


[Stuart] We’ll have to do it on the move.

[woman screams]

[horns honk]

[man] Hey, watch it!

[Steve screams]

Where’s the ray? Why didn’t we stop?

We haven’t slowed down.

[dramatic music playing]

[yells, then groans]


[Bellroc snarls]


We’re next to them.


[horn blares “La Cucaracha”]

And now they’re above us.

Quick, open the taco hatch.

Got it.


We’re under them. Now.

[Claire] It’s working.


Their magic’s gone.



[Krel] Watch it.



[AAARRRGGHH!!!] Get off tracks!

[crowd screams]


And now… it is time for the once-mighty Trollhunter to die.


Without your amulet, you are nothing but a frightened little boy.


Oh, my… Jim!

Trollhunter is down. Trollhunter is down.

He should’ve never gone without armor.

You follow a leader through the highs and the lows.

This is what low looks like.

Archie, tell Claire.

Got it.


Jim’s been hurt.

Tell them to keep him safe.

Slow down!

Can you stop it?

Too fast.

We’ll never make that turn.

[in vibrating voice] We need to work together.

[both grunting]

Uh, you might want to know, we’re all going to die.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Toby screaming]

[Douxie] Oh, no. Come on.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

[dramatic music playing]

[crowd screaming]


I am Gun Ro… Robot.


[both scream]

[doors chime]


[man] You okay?

[woman] I don’t know.

[sirens wailing in distance]

Where’s Nari?

Check out those costumes.


[crowd yelling]

[Bellroc laughs]

[gasping, grunting]


No, you can’t have her.

And who’s going to stop us?

[Archie yowls]

[Bellroc] Nari.

No! [grunts] No!


I’ve got you.

Claire, can you get her out of here?

[grunts] I’m trying.

Hey, get back.

Everyone, back up.

You’re not helping.

Back up.

[crowd screaming]

[woman] What is that?

Let go, or the humans perish.

And so do your friends.

Hang in there, buddy.

[Douxie] Come on! Come on! Come on!

Douxie, let go.

We can’t let them take Nari.

Come on. Come on.

But they can take me.



[siren wails]

[officer 1] Dispatch, you are not gonna believe this.

[crowd clamoring]

Douxie, I couldn’t protect Nari.

I’m sorry.

[giggles as Nari]

[as Nari] Yes, you did.

They switched places?


[officer 2] Put your hands up now!

You’re under arrest.

[reporter] What happened?


[detective] Move to the middle.


[detective] Pose.

Not awesomesauce.

[detective] Next!


Or not.

[detective screams] Oh. Oh. Oh, okay. Okay.

No! What the…? Oh, come on.


So you’re not gonna talk?


Guess not.

Uh, I can see you there.

Sorry, but you’ll find that none of us will talk.

Okay, check this out.

There are trolls and wizards and aliens, and the aliens have robots.

Toby said all that?

Jimbo, my best friend, used to be the Trollhunter.

We found this amulet forged by Merlin,

but it broke, which is a huge bummer, because now he’s lost his mojo.

I got a Warhammer out of the deal, but Claire, she can make shadow portals.

[chuckles] He said that too?

[detective] So why don’t you just portal out of here?

Um, I’m kind of spent.

So there are these three super wizards, who created everything in the universe.

That’s the look my science teacher gave us.

Nari’s naughty by nature, Skrael’s got that cool ice, and Bellroc, ooh, watch out for that fire.

And I think they’re mad because we screwed up the planet.

They stole these Genesis Seals that lock away evil.

Once the wizards get their powers together in one place, look out, end of time.

[in spooky voice] Woo!



Whoa. How you doing that?

Nature is a melody the Earth can hear.

This is real. We’re your only chance.

[detective] You can stop doing that. Stop it!





At least you’re not weird, kitty.

Thank you.


[purposeful music playing]

You can’t go in there.

Back off, human.

Sure thing, talking kitty.


I’m Agent Tarron. I’m here to take custody of the prisoners.

On whose authority?

Area 49B.




And your mom.

My mom or his?


You kids, [scoffs] you’re in a lot of trouble.

We’re very sorry.

Nature is mother to us all.

You can say that again, again, again…

Oh, no.

What’s going on, kitty?

Again, again, again…

Move along. Nothing to see here.

Throw the book at them. Murder one. Or two? Do I hear three? Sold.

Excuse me?

Freeze. Now melt. Thaw.

That’s what I get for using pharmacy batteries.



Told you there were robots.

What is going on?

♪ I got the NYPD blues ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

[dramatic music playing]

Don’t… Don’t let them get away.

Aye, aye, aye, captain.

[yelps] Kitty, why so mean?

Holy smokes! Look what you just did! Was that door even locked, AAARRRGGHH!!!?


[horn honks]

Burritos, anyone?

[Toby] Ooh. Me, me, me.

[horn blares “La Cucaracha”]

[growls] Where are they?

[horn finishes “La Cucaracha”]

Mm. [grunting]

[all cawing]

[dramatic music playing]

[groans] Oh.

[Jim grunts]

You gave us quite a scare there, Young Atlas.


[Barbara] Shh. Don’t move.

[Jim] Mom?

What happened? [winces]

Careful, honey. You have three bruised ribs.

It must hurt like mad.

Oh. Not as much as a bruised ego does.

[melancholy music playing]


I’m not… I’m not the Trollhunter anymore.

I’m just some kid who convinced himself he was a hero, when all he was… was just lucky enough to find a magic amulet.

Every hero in the annals of history has faced dark hours, Young Atlas.

In such moments, it’s important to recognize one’s limitations.

What are you saying?

Perhaps you should consider staying behind the lines.


So you don’t risk yourself, or your compatriots.


Looks like you could use something to lift your spirits.

I don’t know. They’re pretty heavy.


[tender music playing]

I would be honored, Jim, if you stood by my side as my best man.

I was your student, your enemy, your friend, and now best man.

The honor would be all mine.

Well, your friends are all waiting to see you, but, mwah, take it easy.

Doctor’s orders.

[Claire] So we live to fight another day.


Yeah, with three bruised ribs.

You’re only human.


And that’s enough for me.

Oh, how’s Nari?


[electronic dance music playing]


[splutters] How long will this spell hold?

Douxie’s transmogrification spell won’t last forever.

Go. Which is why my fervent studies cannot be interrupted!

[music intensifies]

[heavy metal music playing]


[groans] Can you stop with the infernal noise?

[opera music playing]

I don’t know. Kind of like it.

It helps me concentrate. You try doing this.

Now what?

My sister’s returned from Akiridion-5!

Aja? My ninja-angel love muffin? Whoo!

[man singing exuberant opera music]

Sister, it’s been far too long.

Let’s try to keep to the same side of the universe from now on, hmm?

[Toby] Hey, Your Majesty!

Your Majesty.

Your Majest…

My Majesty!

No, Steve, don’t…

Oh, my blond oaf, you shouldn’t have done that.

Why not? I… [squeaks]

[funk music playing]

Oh, you, uh… [mumbles] huh?

[scoffs] Uh-huh!

You got a new boyfriend?! I knew I wasn’t good enough for you.

[laughs] Eli is not my boyfriend.

[snaps fingers]

[Steve] Pepperjack?! What?

[whispers] What?

What? Pepperjack? Pepperjack?

[Krel] Sister!

I hit my growth spurt. Who would’ve thought?

Puberty’s a lot more pleasant on an alien planet.



Why didn’t you wanna kiss the Palchuk? Makes no sense.

[gasps] Are you breaking up with me?

No, no.

If my math is right, that was our seventh kiss.

Oh, no.

Why’s that a big deal?

On Akiridion-5, the seventh kiss makes baby.

[bird screams in distance]

You mean you’re pregnant? Like, right now?

No, of course not.

Oh, good. Phew.

You are.

[dramatic music plays]

[whispers] Wha…?

[squeaks, then gulps]

Mazel tov.

I’m gonna be a father?


Oh, wait. I’m gonna be a mother?

Oh, man, I’m so glad I’m here for this.

[Steve screaming]

[Blinky] Now that we are all here, Merlin’s grimoire has enlightened me to the destructive forces of the Arcane Order.

Oh, boy. Whenever he opens a book, it’s pretty bad.

[Jim grunting]

Room for one more at that big table?




Ah! Master Jim!

By Gorgus, it is good to see you on your feet.

[grunts] Barely, but I am happy to stand by your side, Blinky.


So, what are we dealing with?

The Arcane Order.

[ominous music playing]

They seek to reawaken the Titans.

Imbued by the Arcane’s primordial energies, three Titans were their handmaidens to the birth of the universe.

They have been in stasis for a millennia, awaiting a reckoning of epic proportions.

A reckoning this world, or any other, has never seen.

When they combine in the center of the universe, Earth will be reborn, back to the age of first creation.


Don’t tell me they’re going to destroy the Earth.

The opposite. They will erase all life, burn the oceans, flood the cities.

That’s destroying it.

No, it’s a new start. Life will begin again.

Life will start anew.

That’s a joyous spin.

Where is the center of the universe?

You are very familiar with it.

We don’t technically have a school. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn.

We’re going on a field trip, zoomers.

[students groan]

Wait, Arcadia, our hometown, is the center of the world?

Of the universe.

Explains a lot, when you think about it.

Nothing is getting reborn as long as we have Nari.

They need her to complete the ritual, correct?

All three primordial wizards must be present, correct.

Tell me you know where the Arcane Order is.

[eerie music playing]

[voices whispering indistinctly]



[Bellroc] Struggle all you want.

The breaking of seals requires only your presence, not your commitment.

[ominous music playing]

[both] Three will rise

Three will form

Unite and be one

The worlds are reborn

Huh? Why isn’t it working?

[laughs as Douxie]

[growls] She is not Nari.

[Skrael] Who is it?

[as Douxie] Abracadabra, butt-snacks.

Prattle on.

This world was created to become a paradise in which every creature would live in harmony.

Humans disrespected that balance.

Abused it.

We will reset the world to its original plan, and delete humanity from it.

I’ll warn you, breaking your spell will be quite painful.

Do your worst.

As you wish.

[groans, then screams]



What’s wrong?

They’re breaking the spell.





Fight it, Nari. Fight it.


It’s working.

Trollhunter make Ninth Configuration.

[gasps] Krohnisfere will make right.

[gasps] Get it.

Get it!

[gasps in normal voice]


[Archie purring]


What did you say?

[in normal voice] I didn’t say anything.


[Toby] And he’s back.

I think you said, “Trollhunter make Ninth Configuration. Krohnisfere will make right.”


What’s the Ninth Configuration?

What you said. Or she said.

Uh, whoever said it.

Ninth Configuration? Sounds like an ’80s boy band.

But she said “Trollhunter.” Jim, you must know.

I don’t. I’m not the Trollhunter anymore, remember?

I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

[enchanting music playing]

[Jim] Whoa.

You guys fixed my amulet.

Actually, it’s new and improved.

Built from Merlin’s own blueprints.

And a piece of Heartstone from our homeworld.

Have you tested it?

How could we? You’re the Trollhunter.

[Jim] “For the good of all…”


Thank you for this.

I’ll need it. Douxie, where is the Arcane Order?

Jim, you’re hurt.

They’re about to summon the Titans.

Did you see where they are?

It was dark.

Someplace circular.

That narrows it down.

There were seven large doors, and rails on the ground.

Rails, rails.

Circular. It’s a roundhouse. A switching station for locomotives.

That gives us something to go on.


Over 3000 somethings in North America alone.

Or I can lock on to Nari and portal us there.

Um, uh… I can do that.

[yells] Yeah!

Where are they?

I connected to her. She should be right here.

She’s right.

The bricks, the masonry. It’s the right place, just…

We don’t have time to guess.

Everyone, start searching. We have to find them.

[pensive music playing]

[gasps] Guys, guys!

What? What is it?

I found a penny!


I’m afraid they’re not here.

But they were here.

Bloody balroths, the train tracks. Maybe they still are.

They didn’t leave this place. It’s an illusion.

Just as the amulet mechanizes an incantation, the train tracks…

The train tracks. Look, they’re a sigil. A giant mechanical invocation.

[dramatic music playing]

[gasps, then grunts]

Oh, no, no! My penny!

[Douxie] See? It is a sigil.

Get ready.

[Bellroc & Skrael] Three will rise

Three will form

Unite and be one

The worlds are reborn


Too late. She’s under Bellroc’s control.

They haven’t united.

There’s still time.

For the good of all, Daylight is mine to command.

Oh, no. Not now.

For the good of all, Daylight is mine to command.

[Bellroc & Skrael] …are reborn

Daylight is mine to command!

[Bellroc & Skrael] Three will form

Unite and be one

The worlds are reborn

We have to destroy the Genesis Seals.

Oh, no.


Oh, please. Come on.


Jimbo, what do we do?

[Bellroc cackles]

It is time.


What just happened?

The amulet failed.

I failed.

So now what?

[Douxie] The Titans will rise.

[host on TV] Make it a good one, Jason.

[buzzer blares on TV]

Really bad spin.

Yeah, nice spin. [laughs]

[dog barking outside]


[barking continues]



What in the…?

[dogs barking outside]


[barking stops]

[dogs barking]

[dogs whimpering]

[ominous music playing]

[boy speaking in Portuguese]


[ominous music playing]

[boy grunts]

[both] Gol!

[foghorn blaring]

[in Mandarin]

[captain in Mandarin]

[dramatic music playing]


[in Mandarin]

Let the Earth begin anew.

[woman on TV] Incredible, folks. What you see is from our affiliate.

After multiple attempts to communicate, Chinese forces have been ordered to forgo peacekeeping measures.

[man on TV] Sylvia, is someone riding atop that thing?

Oh! Don’t look, my little one.

[Sylvia] I can’t tell.

The question at hand is, why have they surfaced, and what do they want?

No, the question is, [sobbing] why do the pickles taste so good with ice cream?!

They’re not supposed to be coming together as one thing, but taste incredibly delicious. [sobs]

It tastes so good.

It tastes so…

How long until they converge?

Eighteen hours, six minutes.

I’ve crammed for final exams in less time. We got this.

What do we do?

We take Nari at her word.

“Trollhunter make Ninth Configuration. Krohnisfere will make right.”

Perhaps this Krohnisfere holds the answer to combat the Titans.

We need to find it.

Its last known whereabouts had it in the possession of TrollDragons, a race so secret, so ruthless, even I have not seen them with all my eyes.

What? TrollDragons? Sounds made-up.

My dad might know. He used to keep rough company.

Even with the Krohnisfere, we still don’t have a Trollhunter.

[somber music playing]

We must summon the largest Akiridion ships and evacuate Earth.

[gasps] Evacuate Earth?

Run? Not an option.

You know as well as I, there are other planets.

Not like this.

Running away is not the answer.

Shh. It’s okay.

Mommy’s just a little upset.

Where is your trust in our Trollhunter?

Does he even trust himself?

It’s suicide. We need others.

The Trollhunter is still the Trollhunter.

[Aja] You’re not safe here. There are many other places to go.

[Blinky] Are you insane?

[Krel] Running isn’t the answer.

[Blinky] This is the only way.

[Aja] Listen to me.

We need to leave.

This is banality.

[group clamoring]



We’re facing the end of the world. We can’t argue with each other.

And we can’t play it safe.

I’ve made mistakes, but the amulet doesn’t.

It brought us all together for a reason.

It chose me for a reason.

I have to trust it.

And I’m asking all of you to trust me.

Anytime, anywhere, Jimbo.

It was the two of us at the start. It’ll be the two of us until the end.

What about the rest of you?


Ships are coming.

But until they arrive, we’ll do things your way.

You said the stone in the new amulet was from Akiridion-5.

Yes, I took it myself.

The amulet came from Merlin. The stone needs to carry the same magic.

But Merlin’s staff was destroyed.

But not Excalibur.

Excalibur! By Gorgus. The stone in the hilt.

Three Titans, three courses of action.

Stuart and Krel, get me Excalibur.

We shall get right on it.

Claire, lead a team to find the Krohnisfere.

And the rest of us?

Amulet or no amulet, we do everything we can to take these Titans down.

We got this.

Ah, indeed.

We all know only one can pull Excalibur from the stone.

Jim tried before. He failed.

But he is the Trollhunter.

Is he anymore?

We need a plan B.

If he fails, I will not.

Contact Varvatos Vex. Deploy the secret weapon.

Did someone say “secret weapon”? I wanna know.

It’s a secret.


Trust me, you’ll like it.


[Steve grunting]

Go save the world, my ninja butt-kicking angel.

Keep our little ones safe.

I will… “Little ones”?

“Ones”? There’s more than one? [yelling]

Three to five. [chuckles]

[yelling continues]

[Blinky] Aarghaumont.


Should one of us fall, well, know this.

It has been an honor to know you.


There was never one as brave and as loyal as you.

I pity anyone on the receiving end of your fury.

I pity anyone on either end of your wit.

Whoa. [chuckles]

Ah, yes, my wit has been known to reduce the bravest to tears.

[groans] Of boredom.

Let’s go.

[tender music playing]



Nice Round Table speech back there.

Yeah, thanks.

What’s wrong?

My mother is finally happy, but the world’s about to end.

And I can’t do anything to stop it.

But we can.

What if I…?

What if I never see you again?

I will always be here… and here.

Oh! Hey, guys. Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt.



Thought you’d never ask.

Everyone was picked for a team specialized for the task.

Blinky didn’t know where to place me.

That got us taking stock of my strengths and weaknesses, which isn’t so great for the old self-esteem.

Wanna fight Titans?

Does it show?

You’re with me. Always have been, always will be.

And I could use some moral support.

Ah. The lamest of the superpowers.

[mystical music playing]

Well, look who’s returned.

Not busy saving the world today, son?

If only you knew. We’re looking for something called the Krohnisfere.

[growls] Turn around, Archibald.

You’ve heard of it?

The Krohnisfere holds the power of time infinite and tells of the past and future.


Zong-Shi never averts his gaze from it.

He’s convinced it’ll show him the moment of his demise.

I don’t need to find that ill-fated relic to know only death will come to those who go looking for it.

[Archie] Well, if you don’t want to spend time with your son, then don’t.

Hmm. Will your cowardly friends be with you?

Including the troll with many eyes?

The one that screams a lot?


In that case…


[screaming continues]

[Archie] Oh, relax, Blinky.

Don’t you know, flying’s the safest form of travel?

I don’t think aging dragons are included in those statistics.

“Aging”? I’m experienced.

Trust me. [laughing]


All right, all right. I trust you.

[laughing continues]

I simply love it when he screams.

[Claire] Thanks for the assist, Mr. Charlemagne, but didn’t your son tell you I could’ve used my magic to shorten the trip?

Where would be the fun in that? Plus, TrollDragons are wary of sorcery.

Their lair is resistant to shadow magic.

So we’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way.


[Charlemagne] Welcome to Stonecarver Bridge.

Our way into the TrollMarket is through there!

[girl humming]


[woman yelps]

[Blinky screaming]

[Blinky groaning]


Oh, sweet terra firma.


Mwah. Oh, I missed you.


No shadow magic,

but we are in possession of a horngazel.


[dramatic music playing]

[pilot in Mandarin]


No, don’t. They think you’re bad guys.

They’re the ones pointing weapons.

Brave aviators.

Curious eyes, merciful ears.

Though what appears before you is undoubtedly monstrous, it pales in comparison for what is next.


[in Mandarin]

But our fate is entwined and predicated on peace.

Love is the one…




Let’s go.

[Blinky groans]

Descriptions of this place hardly do it justice.

Holy frijole.


“Holy frijole” will have to suffice.

[enchanting music playing]

[Charlemagne] What is beauty, if at the cost of others?

Zong-Shi wants everything, even time itself.

All these trolls held against their will.

And for what?

He tries to avoid death, while everyone around him dies.

Ah, Charlemagne.

You finally paid me a visit.

[Claire] I just have one question.

If this TrollDragon you know never takes his eyes off the Krohnisfere, how are we supposed to steal it?

[Charlemagne] I figured you’d tell me.

[dramatic music playing]

Halt, outsiders.


Oh, dear.


Cut the pleasantries.

Just take us to your leader.

Krel’s coordinates show we should be on top of it.

Maybe his numbers are off.

What would they be on?

[ice rumbles]

[gasps] Iceberg!

[Jim] That’s no iceberg.


I’ve got this.

[dramatic music playing]

I hope the others are doing better.

[dramatic music playing]

AAARRRGGHH!!!, we’re catching up.


Keep on with its shadow.

[Douxie] There, there. Take me there.

Oh, fuzzbuckets!

[Douxie yells]

Oh, made it.

Oh, no, no, no…


[groans] Sloppy.

Man the cannons.


Come on.




[dramatic music playing]



Fire again.

[grunts] Where are you going?

To heat things up.

[dramatic music playing]


Tenebrius Excilium.

[suspenseful music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

Can you get me on that?

In this weather?

My wings would freeze.

We’d fall like a rock.

Then again, flying is overrated.


I know, Mom.

I’ll be careful.

Angels and ministers of grace, defend us.

Careful, Young Atlas. That’s a lot of explosives.

That’s the point, isn’t it?

[explosives beeping]


No. Jim!

[both grunting]

We’re gonna need a bigger castle.

[Jim] No, no, no.


No, no. Jim!



[beeping continues]

[dramatic music playing]


No! Nomura, no!


[explosives beeping]


[Strickler] You know, Jim,

I once tried to kill you.

I really did.

And now, well, I’ve never felt so good about failing.

No. No! [groaning]

I should’ve played it safe like you said.

I was wrong, Young Atlas.

To ask you not to be a hero is like asking the sun not to rise.

Take care of Barbara for me, Young Atlas.

[dramatic music playing]

Strickler, no!

What a fleeting moment this life is.

[beeping intensifies]

[Jim yells]





[ominous music playing]



[Barbara sobbing]

I’m sorry.

He was trying to save me, and it didn’t even stop the Titan.

He said he couldn’t fly. This is all my fault.

No, Jim.

You did what you had to do.

What you thought you should do. [sniffles]

That’s what Walter loved most about you.

That you never give up.

That you see things through.

You always have.

Not like your father.

We never talk about him.

I’ve always wondered.

There’s really nothing I can tell you, Jim.

No big revelation I can give you.

No great thing I can say, except… you’re your mother’s son.

You will always have me, and I will always have you.

And neither of us ever give up.

[melancholy music playing]

[Toby clears throat]

Come on, Jimbo, we have to go.


Go? Where?

[sighs] Hong Kong.

We’ve lost contact with Claire.

We never give up.


[stirring music playing]

[Zong-Shi chuckles]

[chuckles] Charlemagne, I never expected to see you return here.

Old foe. [laughs]

Look at me, you blind fool.

I am looking.

I am always looking.

You are an old fool, seeking to take that which is mine.

Mine, you hear?

And your hide will hang here as my trophy.

It’s all so futile, you see? No one can see the future coming.

I see more than you could know. [chuckles]

You demon. [grunts]

And as for your fleshy friend…

[Blinky] No.

Your armor, I shall wear it like an amulet.

[Claire] Ew.

Enough of this.

[sprightly music playing]

[Charlemagne] What are you doing?

What we came here to do.

That’s my boy.

[Archie] Claire!

[Claire yelling]

Mistress Claire, no, no, no!

Yes, I’m free!

[yelps] My sphere!

[gasps, then yelps] My sphere!

Great gruesome.

Unhand my son, you demon!

Give it back to me.

I must see what will happen.


Bet you didn’t see that coming.

[Blinky] No!

[groans, then gasps]


We got it. Let’s go.

[Zong-Shi yelps]

[Zong-Shi] After them, you fools!

[crowd screaming]



[dramatic music playing]


[both scream]

It’s heading for the bridge.

What do we do?

I don’t know. I don’t know.

I don’t know anymore.

Hold on, I’m getting…


Yes. You remember the secret weapon? It’s here.

[both] Is that…?

[in monotone] I am Gun Robot.

Jim, that’s him! That’s Gun Robot! Oh, my gosh, it’s Gun Robot! You see?

[electronic rock music playing]


[Aja laughs]

But how?

Varvatos apologizes for being late.

The manufacture of Eli’s design took longer than expected.

Eli designed a whole Gun Robot?

Can I keep it and take it to school?

[Varvatos] Stand fast.

Varvatos is about to reduce this fiery beast… to a smoldering campfire.

[crowd screaming]

[dramatic music playing]

What’s going on?

[Blinky] If I were to surmise, the bridge above appears to be collapsing!

[Archie] If the bridge falls, there’ll be no way out.

[Blinky yells]

[all gasp]

Give me my sphere.

I must know my fate.


Give it to him so we can get out…


Give it to him so we can get out…

That was fortuitous.


[Blinky yells]

[Blinky] Mistress Claire!


My future.


[screams, then splatters]

Uch. Ew.


[Blinky] By Gorgus.

[laughs] And that’s why I never read my horoscopes.

[electronic rock music playing]

I am Gun Robot.

I am Gun Robot.

I am Gun Robot.

[exclaims] Yes!

One, two, and three.

He’s finished.

I am Gun Robot.

Varvatos loves it when he says that.

This is going on in front of our faces! This is real!

No evildoers shall be approaching this bridge.

Not today.

Not if Varvatos and the Robot of Guns have anything to say about it.

Varvatos, behind you.

[ominous music playing]

[Varvatos] Systems failing.

Varvatos calmly suggests you all might want to…

[Toby] Run for your lives!

We have to get away from the bridge.


Blinky, the horngazel!


Open the gate.

[ominous choral music playing]

[Aja] Varvatos!

My queen, we must retreat. The bridge is unstable.

Claire and Blinky are in there.

We can’t… I can’t leave.

Jim, it’s too late. The bridge will fall.

Without the bridge, there’s no way out.

[dramatic music playing]

You don’t have to stay, Tobes.

I’m with you, Jim. Always have been, always will be.

Oh, come on, Claire. Where are you?


[gasps] Jim.

[Blinky screams]

Oh, no.

[gasps, then groans]



[Toby] Jim, your hand!

Master Jim!



I thought I was gonna lose you.


[Claire] Archie?

Hurry, Claire.

Go, save yourself. I’ll keep them at bay.

Archie, we have to go.

I have to help him.

Tell Douxie I said goodbye.


Time to go, Claire.


Oh, good heavens. What will I do for an eternity with you?

We can play Scrabble, or take over the whole darn kingdom!

I always wanted a kingdom of my own.


[metal groaning]

[all scream]

[dramatic music playing]

We have the Krohnisfere.

[Varvatos] Where is it going?



[somber music playing]

Tell Douxie I said goodbye.

I hope he’s happy.

I’m sure he is.

He’s with his dad.

Arcadia is on the other side of that ridge.

We have to stop them here.

At least we have the Krohnisfere.

How does this bring us victory?

Do you bludgeon your foe with it?

Sort of looks like a blinged-out Magic 8-Ball.

How is this supposed to make things right?

I… don’t know.

If only Nari were more specific.

Let me talk to her. I need to try again.

She’s fused with that Titan. You saw what happened to Nomura.

I was inside her head once before.

I can do it again. But I need to be with her.

You will.

And you won’t be alone.

Aja, where is Nari right now?

[Aja] Ai-yai-yai.

♪ Ay, ay, ay, ay ♪

[“Cielito Lindo” playing]

[ominous music playing]

[Douxie] Nari!


She can’t hear you.

I have to believe you’re still in there, Nari.

If you can hear me,

please, give me a sign.




[grunts] Hurry, Douxie!

Oh, no, no. That’s not a good sign.

Blast it, Nari.

Fight it.

[Claire] Douxie!

[Douxie] I’m staying with you, no matter what.


[in choked voice] No more running, remember?

No more running.

No more running.





Where am I?

You’re with us.


You’re with us.

Nari, we have the Krohnisfere, but we don’t know how to make the Ninth Configuration.

How does it make it right?

Trollhunter make Ninth Configuration.

Krohnisfere will make right.

Please, Nari.

Time unfolds differently, like a flower.

Only Trollhunter will know.

[grunts] That doesn’t make any sense.

Well, at least we have Nari now.

No, you have a Titan.

Yeah, a Titan miles away from the other Titans.

Not for long. I know how to get you there.

No, the Titan is too big.

Jim’s right.

I can do this.

One more time!

[kids] ♪ Fifteen bottles of beer on the wall ♪

♪ Fifteen bottles of beer ♪

[man] Root beer. Root beer, people.

No. No beer.


[man sighs] Here we are.

[girl] Hey, coach.

Is this place safe?

Of course. You’ll all be thanking me.

There’s absolutely nothing all the way out here.

Yeah, not even reception.

[kids murmur]


Uh… what was that?

[wind whistling]

Hey, my glasses.


Oh, it’s getting kind of cold here.

[ominous music playing]

Ooh, ooh, I got a bar. Ooh, two bars. Two!



[screaming, shivering]

[coughing, wheezing]

[splutters] We’re going back to the city, where it’s safe!

[Toby] Guys?

It’s coming.

Great Gronka Morka.


[dramatic music playing]




[growls, then yells]


[Skrael] Nari, what are you doing?

How did you slip from our control?

My friends set me free so I can stop you.

[cowboy screams]


Everybody back to the bus! Run, run!


[engine sputtering]

Oh, come on, start. Stupid bus.



[all scream]


[horn blares]


[all cheering]

Get him, Nari!

[Claire] Nari, get up.

[Blinky] Look out.

Nari, get out of the way.









No, no!


Oh, no.


[Douxie] Nari!


[somber music playing]


[Nari] No more running.



She did it.

Nari stopped them from uniting.

[Krel] Apparently the Fire Titan did not get the memo.

Seklos and Gaylen.


It’s still marching.

It’s approaching Arcadia.

But why? The three can no longer unite.

Blinky, you’re sure you read the grimoire right?

Of course.

“When the three unite, Earth will be reborn, back to the age of first creation,” you see?

Uh… Huh?


“But if only one succeeds…”

“That will be the element from which the world will be reborn.”

You forgot to turn the page?

It was stuck and moldy.

And you didn’t notice?

You’ve got six eyes.

The world was ending. I was rushed.

That’s why the Titans came to Arcadia.

They didn’t have to unite with each other. They have to unite with the Heartstone.

That actually makes horrible sense.

The reason all of these trolls, extraterrestrials, wizards happened to come here is because under Arcadia

is the only surviving primordial Heartstone.

As I said, Arcadia is the center of the universe.

[man] You heard him. I want Arcadia Oaks cleared now.

[woman] This way, straight ahead.

[suspenseful music playing]



[both gibbering]

[ominous music playing]

[coach] No! No more danger!

Is there nowhere safe?!

No, look out.

[Jim] You got Excalibur?

Yeah, we’ve got it, and a little something-something.

[Jim] Meet us in Arcadia.

[Stuart] Okay, right.

[Steve] What? Arcadia? We just came from there.

[woman over bullhorn] Attention, all civilians.

This is a mandatory evacuation of Arcadia Oaks.

[horn blares “La Cucaracha”]

Yeah, now that’s the way you greet a taco truck.

[sergeant] Move those barricades, corporal.

[corporal] Right away, sir.

[dramatic music playing]

Go on, Jimbo. Take it.

You got this.

[Douxie] Come on, Jim. This is it.

This is your destiny.

Go, Jim, go. Go, Jim, go.

You can do it.

[Blinky] Yes, pull.

Come on, come on, come on.


[whimpers] I can’t watch. [sobs]


I really thought that was going to work.

[sighs] We gave your plan a try.

When my ships arrive, we will evacuate.

[Eli] Uh, guys?

[Steve screams]

[ominous music playing]

Oh, my gosh. [yelps]

Now what?

[Douxie] Oh, fuzzbuckets.

[thunder crashing]

Great Gronka Morka.


[Steve screaming]

My insides are coming out!


By Gorgus! What else could go wrong?

Take that back. Childbirth’s a beautiful thing.

You cannot fight in this state, my beautiful spherical Steve.

But I can’t leave him like this.

Don’t worry.

I’ll be by his side.

Wait, Aja. Where do Akiridion babies come out of?

They come out of… [whispers]


Okay, I’ve handled worse.


[screaming continues]

“The Trollhunter will know…” What do I know?

“The Ninth Configuration.” Okay, nine. What is…?

Ninth Configuration?

The Ninth Configuration.

[sighs] The Ninth Configuration.

[stirring music playing]

The configuration is us.

The nine of us.

We can pull Excalibur together.

Everyone, put your hands on the stone.

Surround me.



Oh, I knew I shouldn’t have taken that bathroom break.

[Jim] Take this back to Camelot. Replace the amulet stone with Merlin’s.

I know it goes unsaid, but make it quick.

Okay, right.

“Destiny is a gift.”

Our loved ones gave their lives, but we are here in this very moment of quiet desperation.

We’ve learned that what feels like a burden pushing down on our shoulders…

Is actually a sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights.

Wait, are you guys doing that “hero speech” thing?

I love the “hero speech” thing.

Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor.

That to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what makes us heroes.

Don’t think.

[all] Become.


[stirring music playing]

[electronic rock music playing]

Ah, how I’ve missed driving. [laughs]

If we stop Bellroc, we’ll stop the Fire Titan.

Blinky, we need to be right next to it.

You want us to get on top of that thing? I can’t get to the top of the rope in gym.

Don’t worry, I’ve got just the thing.

Lignum Aeternum.


What was that?

I feel all tingly.

Uh, uh…



Some sort of magical stickum. Varvatos approves.

Let’s knock Bellroc off her perch.


[horn blares “La Cucaracha”]

Slow down, Blinky.

Get closer.

[Blinky] Prepare yourselves.


[tires screech]

[Jim] All right, Trollhunters, get ready.


[chuckles] Oh, boy.

[all scream]

Come on, Trollhunters!

[Krel] Yeah!

Godspeed, my valiant…

[Toby] Come on!

Okay, [chuckles] I think he may have laid that magic on a little too thick.

[groans] Why does this always happen to me?

[dramatic music playing]

Aja, scout ahead.

On it.

[Bellroc chanting in language]


[Steve] What are you doing, Pepperjack? Get back here!

Don’t worry. I’m here.

Creepslayerz for life.


Creepslayerz for…

[bones crack]

[both screaming]

It’s happening!

Breathe, breathe, breathe. Whoa!


My virgin eyes!


[both screaming]

[Eli] I take it back. Childbirth is not so beautiful.

[Steve screaming]

[Eli] Oh, the humanity!

[Steve laughs]

[dramatic music playing]


But you cannot hunt a god.






Not good.

[chanting in foreign language]








AAARRRGGHH!!! Get Aja. I got Krel.


Tenebrius Excilium.


Got you.

Oh, no, no, no!

Stop sticking. Stop sticking. [yells]

Oh, hey, guys. Can you lend me a hand?

[Jim] Bellroc!


This isn’t over.


Come on, Stuart. Where are you?

Don’t make them like they used to. Come on.

Pop this stone into the amulet, et voilà.

Oh, come on. You’re supposed to be magical.

[dramatic music playing]


[Bellroc] So weak.

[growls] So disappointing.

You are unworthy to face a god, child.

He’s alone, no armor.

We need to help him.

Can you shadow-portal us back?

I’ve tried. I’m spent.

Besides, Bellroc’s magic is too strong.

Wait. [gasps] Magic.



[scoffs] Moral support. Definitely the lamest superpower.

[somber music playing]



The world is but seconds away from a glorious rebirth.

Don’t spend that time here. Go.

Embrace your loved ones for the final time.

No, I’m right where I need to be.

Then you will die alone.

You have no amulet, no armor.

And yet you still think yourself a hero?

[dramatic music playing]

The amulet didn’t make me a hero.

I already was.



Hmm. Such hubris.


Huzzah, I fixed it!

[laughing] Yeah, Jimbo!



[Jim] For the good of all,

Daylight is mine to command!

[Bellroc grunts]

[scoffs] Is that all you got?





[Jim] Your turn.

Give up.

[laughs] It’s too late.

The world will be remade.


[Bellroc chanting in foreign language]



My… My magic.

I’m powerless.

Don’t worry.

You get used to it.




[Claire] Jim?

[Douxie] Jim?

[Varvatos] Jim?

Where are you?

I don’t see him.


Master Jim.

Where is he?


[stirring music playing]

[Blinky] Huzzah!



[group cheering]


[horn honks]

I missed all the good stuff, didn’t I?

Eli. Where’s Steve? Is he all right?

He’s fine.

And so are Maja, Baja, Taja, Faja, Daja, Waja, and Eli, Jr.

The Palchuk has some stretch marks.



You must be Eli, Jr.


[all chuckle]

I knew you could do it.

It was Toby.

He used the un-magic generator and…




[sighs] No.


Oh, no.


Tobes. Tobes.


Oh, no.


[gasps] Wingman.

[melancholy music playing]

[Toby grunts]


[grunts] Jimbo.

Did we save the world?

Yeah, we did.

Tobes, we’ll fix you.

We’ll get you a doctor or magic or alien tech.

Master Jim, I’m afraid…

No, there’s gotta be a way.

There’s always a way.

Here, take this.

Use this. You can’t just give up.

I’m not giving up, Jimbo.

You taught me that.

You all taught me so much, gave me so much.


It’s okay, buddy.

Please, Tobes, you can’t leave me.

You’ve always been with me.

Always have been, always will be.

It was the two of us at the start. [sniffles]

It’ll be the two of us at the end.

It’s okay, Jimbo.

I didn’t think.

I became.


[sobbing] Tobes!




Don’t look, my old friend.


[Claire sobbing]

[Nari] Trollhunter make Ninth Configuration.

Krohnisfere will make right.

“Krohnisfere will make right.”

[stirring music playing]


The time stone.

What if it wasn’t the Titans this was meant to make right?

What do you mean?

“Time unfolds differently, like a flower.”

“Only the Trollhunter will know.”

Know what?

[Jim] What really happened.

“Time unfolds differently.”

If I go back, things will happen differently.

And maybe it’ll be worse.

We barely saved the world this time.

But at the cost of so many we hold dear.

Nomura, Nari, Strickler.


But if things can happen differently, Jim can save them all.

[Jim] “For the good of all.”

No matter what happens, if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Master Jim, if you do this, you alone will be burdened by what could have been.

Shouldering burdens is what heroes do.

You taught me that.

I have cherished every moment with you.

In these few years, you have grown into a man.

A man of courage, wisdom and honor.

I could not be prouder of you if you were my own son.


I will see you again, James Lake, Jr.

Somewhere, sometime, our story will continue.

And if we are meant to meet, our stars will align.

We believe that.


Whatever happens, don’t give up on me.

Don’t stop trying until I love you.

If we’re meant to be, I will always be here… and here.

Whatever happens next, I’ll make sure this isn’t goodbye.

I promise.


[gasps then laughs]

[alarm stops]

I… It worked.

It worked!

[poignant music playing]

Tobes was here when the raccoons knocked the trash over.

Where is he?

Come on, Tobes.


[bike bell rings]

[Toby] Morning, Jimbo.


[grunts, then chuckles]

Oh! Oh! [chuckles]

You seem really happy to see me.

Are you doing okay, Jim?

[sighs] It sure feels good to be back.

Um… okay.

Does, uh, this mean you didn’t make any meat loaf for lunch, then?

[coach] Are you climbing the rope?

Hang on.

[coach] Get away from it. Don’t hug it.

Do you love the rope?

Come on, Tobes.

[Claire chuckles]

[coach] Pepperjack, get off the floor!

Hup, two, three, four.


So, uh, the school play, I hear they’re looking for people.

Have at it, Romeo.

[coach] I’d keep climbing.

[Toby] Jimbo!

Hey, nice job, Domzalski.

[bell dings]


[Strickler] Romeo and Juliet.

You never showed much interest in the theater before, Young Atlas.

Yeah, I don’t know.

Something tells me this will be worth my while.

Anyway, I wanted to come by to ask you if you’d come over for dinner.


I’d like to introduce you to my mom.

My orthodontist says I’m almost done with my braces.

Only four more years.

[Steve snickers]

Uh, I’m going home before Steve finds something big enough to shove me in.

Good luck with the audition.

Hey, Tobes.

Yeah, Jimbo?

Take the canal.

Maybe you’ll stumble upon something interesting.

[chuckles] Yeah, right, Jim.

Nothing interesting ever happens in Arcadia.

[school bell rings]

I’m James Lake, Jr., here to try out for the part of Romeo.

Go ahead, Mr. Lake.


[stirring music playing]

Destiny… [chuckles]

Destiny is a gift.

Some go their entire lives living an existence of quiet desperation.

Never learning the truth.

That what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders is actually the sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights.

Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor.

That to strive and triumph in the face of fear is what it means to be a hero.

[Toby] Whoa.

[Jim] Don’t think.

[amulet] Tobias Domzalski.


[Jim] Become.



[dramatic music playing]


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