Ticket to Paradise (2022) | Transcript

A divorced couple teams up and travels to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago.
Ticket to Paradise (2022)

The film follows Wren Butler, a recent University of Chicago graduate who accompanies her best friend Lily to a post-graduation jaunt to Bali. Lily’s abrupt decision to marry a Balinese local triggers her parents to try and stop her from repeating their mistake from 25 years ago. Wren stays in Bali for the engagement/wedding festivities and, in the process, finds her own love with a local doctor.

* * *

[siren wailing]

[architect] So you’re asking her tonight?

[sighs] Yeah. Any advice?

Go for the grand gesture. I used to do stuff like that all the time.

He never did anything like that. It was totally out of character.

[auctioneer] 40,000. Do I have 45?


[auctioneer] 45,000.

…David’s proposal was probably the only time he ever surprised me.

[David] We dated all four years she was in college.

I had a spot in the master’s program for architecture, so I was definitely staying in Chicago.

Then out of nowhere, I get an offer from a great gallery in LA.

[auctioneer] 70,000?

[art collector] Seventy.


So the night before graduation…

…and she springs it on me she’s leaving.

And I’m calm. You know, happy for her.

[art collector] He freaks out completely.

So, the next morning, the ceremony, I’m up there walking towards the dean and my diploma, and suddenly, there’s David, right next to me, down on one knee.

And she starts crying.

I’m so embarrassed.

The whole place erupts. Everybody’s clapping and shouting.

Except her parents. They thought she was too young.

They thought I could do better.

[auctioneer] Going once.

But who ever listens to their parents?

Sold to Georgia Cotton.

Long story short, she didn’t move to California, and a month later, we were pregnant with Lily.

[breathes heavily] That’s amazing! Wait, how long ago?

Let me do the math.

March 7th, it’ll be 25 years.

Incredible. Twenty-five years of marriage.

Oh, God. We’re not married.

God, no. [grunts]

[chuckles] We divorced five years later.

And it’s not one of those amicable divorces you see on TV.

I try not to be in the same time zone if I can help it.

But Lily’s graduating tomorrow, so here I am.

Wow, that’s gotta be awkward.

What? No. Ancient history.

Oh, yeah. Nightmare. [chuckles]

Check, please.

[students chattering]

What are you doing?

I’m packing.

You’re packing work.

Don’t pack work. Why would you pack work?

Because it’s a short vacation and a very long life afterwards.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that,

and I really don’t think this whole “being an adult” thing

is gonna work out for me.

[cell phone vibrating]

[sighs] Yeah, well, I don’t really have a choice.

Hey, Mom.

So I’m just steaming my outfit, and I am wondering where I’m sitting.

Not that it matters. To me, I mean. Just… I mean, it doesn’t matter to me at all.

Then why did you…

[cell phone beeps]

Oh, hang on. It’s Dad.

[steamer hisses]

Hey, Dad. Mom’s on the other line.

[David] Don’t say hi from me.

[Lily sighs]

You’re not sitting together, okay?

You’re on opposite sides of the auditorium,

which is the size of Rhode Island.

That’s the smallest state.

[cell phone beeps]

So you promise? No mean comments, no arguing, no passive aggression?

What about aggressive aggression? Is that okay?

[chuckles] I love you.

[Georgia] I love you.

[sighs] This is gonna be an unbearable day.

Come on. We shake an old guy’s hand and wear a dumb hat.

What could possibly go wrong?

They’re sitting together.


[feedback whines]

Good afternoon.

Excuse me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Pullman University…

Big day.

…It is my privilege to welcome the parents, family and friends

of our graduating seniors.

You gotta be kidding me.

Guess this is my seat, as you haven’t had a date since Lily was in braces.

At least when I do date, it’s age appropriate.

[Georgia scoffs]

You just don’t like him because he’s French.

I like the French. I like their fries. Their toast. Their mustard.

I specifically asked Lily not to seat us together.

You called her? That’s so pathetic.

Shh. It’s starting.

Don’t shush me.


Don’t shush me.

So, without further ado, let’s begin the roll call.

Wren Butler.

[all cheering]



Excuse me. That’s my armrest.

No, it’s in the middle.

This is so like you. Take, take, take.

It is not a metaphor. It is an armrest.

Give me half, please. I would like half.

Just stop. Just stop.

Just give me half! What is wrong with you?

I just want half!

[dean] Lily Cotton.

Take a picture.

You take a picture.

I’m in the moment.

Why do you need a picture?

So I don’t forget the moment.


[Georgia] Love you.

Love you more.

So proud.


[Georgia] The most proud.


Couldn’t be more proud. Bursting.

She got my nose. You’re welcome, honey.

[David] Yeah.

Love you, Lily.

I can’t believe my baby’s a lawyer.

You and me both.

Can everyone please stop shouting?

Who’s shouting?

There you go again.

Some of us maybe had seven too many Jägerbombs last night.

Just one too many. The other six were perfection.

Well, it’s a long flight to Bali. You can sleep on the plane.


Lily can work on the plane.

[Georgia] She had at least 90 hours of exams in the last week.

[David] Well, in the next three months, she starts at the top law firm in Chicago.

You can’t show up at a gunfight with a tan.

Okay, she needs to decompress, and you need to calm down.

You know, telling someone to calm down has literally never calmed anyone down

in the history of the universe.

I know that.

You know that.

[whispers] Inside voices, please.

I’m taking briefs. I’m taking sunblock. I’ll be fine.

You know, for once, you could back me up.

I could, but then I’d be wrong too.

[Lily grunts]

Okay, we should go.

Do you see what you did? You blew the goodbye.

I did that.


It wasn’t just him. Bye.

I love you.

See, it wasn’t just me.

Hey. Bye.

Bye, Dad.


Bye-bye-bye! [chuckles]

Bye, Lily’s dad and mom…

[David chuckles]

…’cause my dad and mom don’t even know I’m going.

I love you. Be safe!

Make good choices.



[David chuckles]

[Georgia] And she’s gone.

See you again. Never.

Hopefully not that soon.

[“Go Where You Wanna Go” playing]

♪ You gotta go where you wanna go ♪

♪ And do what you wanna do ♪

♪ With whoever you wanna do it with ♪

♪With whoever you wanna do it with ♪

♪ You don’t understand ♪

♪ That a girl like me can love ♪

♪ Just one man ♪

♪ You gotta go where you wanna go ♪

♪ And do what you wanna do ♪

♪ With whoever you… ♪

[both gasping]

This place is incredible.

I say we just move here.

I’d need more sunblock.

I say we think about it.

I say we really, seriously, just…


Where’s the boat?

Oh, shit. They forgot us.

Uh, no, no, no. It’s fine. We’re good swimmers.

How far do you think that is?

[Wren] A mile?

A hundred miles?

Who can ever really tell?

Okay. Uh, let’s go. Come on!





If we don’t make it, I love you like a sister.

Don’t talk. Conserve your energy.


You hate your sister.


I love you like how a person is supposed to love their sister, like, if their sister wasn’t a total bitch.


[boat approaching]



Over here! Help us!

It’s us! Hey!

[Lily] Come over here!

Over here!

Hello? Hey!


See? It’s gonna be okay.

All I see is one super hot boat guy.

You’re a long way out for a swim.

The boat forgot us.

How could they forget about you?

That’s what I’m saying.

Careful. Gotcha. I gotcha. [chuckles]


[breathes heavily]

You okay?


I’m Lily.

Well, pleased to meet you, Lily. I’m Gede.



A little help down here?

[“Don’t Go Yet” playing]

♪ Don’t go yet ♪

♪ Oye, don’t go yet, don’t go yet ♪

♪ Oye, don’t go yet, don’t go yet ♪

♪ What you leavin’ for When my night is yours? ♪

♪ Just a little more, don’t go yet… ♪

So, what do you do when you’re not swimming for your life?

I’m a lawyer.

[chuckles] I will be when I get home.


I just graduated from college.


That’s exciting.

You think?

Don’t you?

[sighs] I don’t know. I just…

I mean, my whole life, I’ve been working towards this, like, far-off thing on the horizon.

And now that I’ve finally gotten there, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve had the plan wrong all along.

I don’t know. But it’s… it’s too late.

You know, I can’t not do it, you know.

I can’t let everybody down.

Who would you be letting down?

Well, uh, my parents, for one.

Who else?

Uh, well, I guess just them. [chuckles]


And what about you? What’s your story?

I’m a seaweed farmer.



That’s a sentence I haven’t heard a lot.

Well, you’ve been spending time with the wrong people.


My father was a seaweed farmer, his father before him…

And what about his father before him?

He was a fisherman. They can’t all be winners.

[both laughing]

Why are you looking at me like that?

I’m sorry. [chuckles]

I just, um… I have this crazy…

I just really wanna kiss you right now.

But don’t worry. I won’t just, like, you know, suddenly…


[birds chirping]

[chirping continues]

[people chattering]

The water’s warm.

[Lily] Oh.


You been out here for a while?

The floor isn’t that comfy.

I wish I went to work in a bathing suit.

[chuckles] This isn’t work.

It’s a partnership. With Dewi Danu, the goddess of the sea.

All we have to do is understand her tides and moods…

Not throw plastic into her, not over farm her, and she’ll give us wonderful lives.

Nature, God and people.

Balance the three, and you have harmony.


I am so out of balance.

You can find it here.

[artist] It’s a savage commentary on the illusion of freedom in our society.

But look closer and you’ll divine a fundamental compassion that…

I think it’s upside down.

[artist] Really?

[cell phone vibrating]

Would you excuse me, please?

I’m working, David. I really don’t have time.

Unless you became an oncologist since we last spoke, you got time.

There you go, always diminishing what I do.

What you do diminishes what you do.

Check your email.

I do check it. You’re blocked.

Lily wrote us.

Whatever this is, it’s your fault.

[people chattering]

She what?

[passenger] Excuse me.

Thank you.

[PA system chimes]

[pilot] This is East Atlantic flight 576 with continuing service to Denpasar, Bali.

Thanks for everyone’s patience as we welcome aboard our Los Angeles passengers.

Can I get you some champagne?


Two, please.

I only drink when I fly. [chuckles]

I’m Beth-Ann Flannery.

I like to befriend my seatmates in case we crash, so they’re more inclined to pull me from the wreckage.

I have two children and a dog…

[speaking Italian]

[in English] Okay? Okay.

[Georgia] Excuse me, ma’am. I think your things are in my seat.

[Beth-Ann] Oh, sorry.

Oh, come on.

You’ve gotta be kidding me.

You speak English!

You’re still doing the Italian tourist bit.


Excuse me, ma’am?

I need to sit somewhere else.

I’m sorry. It’s a full flight.

We used to be married.

The worst 19 years of my life.

We were only married for five.

I’m counting the recovery.

I can’t sit there.

There’s nothing I can do.


I’ll swap with you, dear.

Just remember, in case we go down.


[Beth-Ann] You owe me one.

Thank you.

I told you I was gonna go get her.

In four days’ time…

Our daughter’s going to marry a guy she just met, millions of miles from home.

Excuse me, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

She’s throwing her career away.

Just like her mother did.

Which is why I’m the only one that can stop her.

She doesn’t listen to him.

She listens to me.

Oh, did she respond to your email?


And there she is!

Oh, my God. Paul!

[Paul chuckles]


I know you love a surprise. I know you do.



Looks like someone upgraded.

She hates a surprise.

David? What are you doing here?

I’m flying to Bali. What are you doing here?

I’m flying you to Bali.

I couldn’t let her go alone…


…so I traded flights with a friend.

Gotta captain three long hauls to Uruguay next month, but…

The things you do for love, right?

[whispers] It’s so sweet.

[whispers] I know.

[Paul] Mmm.

So sweet.

[speaking French]

[Georgia] Mmm.

[Georgia] Ah, oui. Me too.


[both grunting]


[speaking French]

[chuckles, in English] Oh, my. Those eyes.

Couldn’t you just swim in them?

They’re blue. Big deal. So are my socks.

And Frenchmen make such great lovers.

That’s a rumor they started about themselves.

Oh, keep telling yourself that.




Oh, two, please.

Just leave the bottle. Thank you.

Baby, I don’t think that him tagging along on your trip is going to help.

Well, that’s a hot take.

The last time David was actually helpful was the night we made Lily.

[chuckles] There’s an image I’m not crazy about.

Mmm. You live. You learn. You upgrade.

[curtain opens]

Aren’t you supposed to be flying the plane, Paul?

Or at least not making out with the passengers?

Just this passenger. The only one that counts.

It’s a totally foreign concept to you, but Paul puts me first.

He supports everything I do.

That’s because everything she does is perfect.

He’s exaggerating.

Is he?

Are you?

I’m really not.

Sure you are.

If you say so.

[plane rumbling]

[passengers clamoring]

Okay, it’s just a little turbulence.

The plane is actually designed to right itself in…

Please go back to your seats.

[fasten seat belt sign chimes]

[passengers gasp]

That was my house. My garden. My house.

Why do I have so many pictures of my house?

Oh! There’s Charlie. He’s my dog.

Did I mention he’s very old and unwell?

[thunder rumbles]

It’s gonna be all right. Really.

You’re right. It’s gonna be fine.

[passengers clamoring]


[passengers gasp]

[Paul] These things happen, of course, you know.

Pilots aren’t magicians. We only have so much control up there.

Of course. People understand that.

You’re the fucking worst.

Nice try killing us, asshole!

Maybe you should go, before they get out the pitchforks.

I’ll see you when you get back here.


Okay. I’ll see you in four days.


Don’t blame yourself, Paul.

It could happen to anybody who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Where’s Lily?

I thought you got her email. She’s meeting us off the boat.


This is the most incredible place I’ve ever seen.

[David] You know what’s incredible?

Hawaii. And it’s in America.

You’ve never been to Hawaii.

You don’t know where I’ve been.

You’ve never been to Hawaii.


Okay. Let’s talk game plan.

As much as this will pain us both, we have to call a truce to make this work.

Yes, we need to be in lockstep.

No meanness.

No arguing.

We speak as one.

Exactly right.

When do we start?

Right after we see Lily.

We tell her the wedding is off, and we’ll bring her home.

[Georgia] Well, you know whenever we say “don’t” to Lily, she just hears “do.”

I say we go in 100% there for her in all ways.

Just supportive and loving.

And that’s how we trick her into dumping Mr. Seaweed.

That’s interesting. Now, I’m thinking about a Trojan horse sort of thing.

We make her think we’re okay with the wedding, and then once we’re in, we get her to end it herself.

That’s literally what I just said.

I don’t remember anything about a Trojan horse.

[locals chattering in Balinese]

[Georgia] Okay, so you got the plan?

[David] Of course I got the plan. It’s my plan.

Thanks, fellas.

[David laughing]

[Georgia] Hey.

Hey, guys! Hey, Dad.

Hey. Hi.


Hi. Hey and hi. [chuckles]

So, did you make a pact to not murder each other until you murder me first?

Come on. Nobody is murdering anybody.

[chuckles] No, no.

I mean, of course, we have some questions.

We are your parents. We are here for you, my love.

Yes, we’re in lockstep.

Yes. Right.

I’ve been really freaked out about what you guys were gonna say.

Especially you, Dad. I mean, you had a panic attack when I pierced my ears.


Well, it’s just about hygiene.

And I know how much you wanted the lawyer thing. It just…


We just… We want you to be happy, honey.



Wow. Okay. That is such a relief.


All right.


Oh, Wrenny, hi.

Hey, Wren.

Don’t mind me. Just here for backup.

We’re all good now.

You guys are gonna love it here, and you’ll love Gede.

Love him!

[Georgia] Gede? That’s a nice name.

Really nice.

Okay, please stop.

Can’t wait to hear all about seaweed farming.

Are you guys sure you’re good with this?

‘Cause you know you could just tell me.

You don’t have to do a whole Trojan horse thing.

What… What are you… What are you…

What? What’s it… What’s that?

Didn’t you tell me that story, Mom?

No, I told you. Trojan horse?

I told you that story. That was me.


It doesn’t matter. We just are both here for you.

Yeah. Lockstep.

I don’t see why we couldn’t have gone straight to the hotel.

Yeah, well, you were supposed to be here hours ago. [chuckles]

It wasn’t his fault.

Pilot error.

The engagement party kinda starts now, so…

Who’s gonna be there?

Just close family.

Okay. Time for a walk.

Wait, what?

We get back on at the top.

It just can’t make it with all these people.

Unbelievable. I want my 4,000 whatevers back.

You know that’s like a quarter, right?

Mom, Dad, this is Gede.

[speaking Balinese]

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] Hey.

You learned that to make me look bad.

You don’t need my help there.

Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Cotton, I welcome you to my country and soon to my home.

Mrs. Cotton is his mother. You can just call me Georgia.

Oh, as you wish, Georgia.

Yeah, I’m good with Mr. Cotton.

[motorcycle approaching]

[Wren] Hi, guys!

There goes Wren.

[Wren] Bye, guys!

Uh, Georgia, perhaps I can give you a lift?

Oh, let’s do it.



[engine starts]


[Gede] See you there!

[Lily sighs]

Isn’t he amazing?

Only if he drops her.


Come on. Let’s go.

[people chattering]

This is just close family?

[Lily] And the incredible thing is, is that they’re all actually close.

Okay. Remember, shoes off inside, eat with your right hand, and never, ever touch anyone’s head.

Why would I wanna touch anyone’s head?

Hey, guys.

[Wren whispers] Mr. C?

This is Komang, and these are his tattoos.

Nice to meet you.

He doesn’t know it, but we’re gonna be having breakfast tomorrow.


Is she coming to breakfast too?

[Wren sighs]

[Komang chattering]

I need to get one of those.

[in Balinese] Putri!

[in English] Hey.

What did he call you?

It means “daughter.”

Oh. Oh.

You’re my daughter.

My daughter.


From here on, we will share her.

We’ll be united for all of time in the unbreakable bond of family.

It’s us.

Okay, yeah. You can let go anytime.


Yeah. [chuckles]

Now give me your knife.

My… My knife?

Give me your knife.

I didn’t bring a knife.

No knife?

I didn’t bring a knife. [chuckles]

No knife?

No, no…

[laughs] Okay.

No problem.

Wow. [laughs]

It is a Balinese custom that upon meeting, the two fathers must cut deeply into their forearms, and each smear the other blood.

[laughing] You should really see your face.


[both laughing]

[Lily] Hey, guys! Gimme some.


Yeah. Ow, ow, ow!


What’s amazing is with such a big family, there’s always something to celebrate.

But if not, they just celebrate that it’s a big family.

Well, I need to celebrate learning some names because there’s just too many people to remember.

I did make a spreadsheet. I haven’t gotten most of them.

I usually just smile a lot. [chuckles]

Ah, you’re in the kitchen. That’s new.


[in Balinese] Meme!

[in English] Oh, Mom, Dad, this is Gede’s mother, Suli, and his sister, Losi.

Losi’s training to be a doctor.

[David] Mmm.

Fantastic. Hi, nice to meet you.

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] She says, “Welcome.”


[Gede] The kids play football out here in the morning before school.

[David] Mmm.

You’d be welcome to join in.

Not my game. I wouldn’t count on it.

How do you farm the seaweed?

Oh! Uh, we use nets.

Uh, seedlings are tied to monofilament lines, then five weeks later, we bring them in.

A distributor flash freezes it and ships it out.

Ships it to where?

It used to be mainly Japan. Now, all over the world.

We just signed a deal with Whole Foods. So, we’re right on your street corner.

[chuckles] Mmm.

[people chattering]

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] He says you are very beautiful.

Oh. Well, um, tell him I said thank you.

[speaking Balinese]

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] And now he is saying you remind him of a very attractive horse.

Oh. Really?

That can’t be right.

[speaking Balinese]

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] No, he… He did mean horse.

Oh. [clears throat]

[speaking Balinese]



Mr. Cotton?


I must tell you, I love your daughter very much.

I don’t blame you.

And I appreciate that it’s happening really fast, and you and Georgia must be alarmed by that.

Well, you two seem good together. Lily loves Bali.

I can see her being happy here. For a while.

For a while?

Well, nothing lasts forever.

Marriage is supposed to.

That’s what I thought till I was sitting across from Georgia with a bunch of lawyers, dividing up our stuff.

So, enjoy this.

Right up until the minute that Lily ends it.

Which she will because she’s ambitious, and she is endlessly curious.

And as beautiful as this island is, and as pleasant as you seem to be, ultimately, it’s just not gonna be enough.

A bit of advice. Don’t have kids.

Makes it much more complicated when she takes them and she goes back to the States.

I’m hungry. You hungry?

[pats side]

Yeah, let’s get something to eat. Let’s get some food.


[Gede’s father claps]

[speaking Balinese]

[chattering stops]

[in English] Today, in honor of our guests of distinction, I speak to you English.

I’m pretty sure you don’t win anything for finishing the whole pig.

Paul’s such a lucky guy. All that judgment all to himself.

Suli and I welcome with love and peace, all friends and family, into our home.

Soon also to be the home of Gede and Lily.

Or not.

[Gede’s father] And how proud we are…

Gede is having second thoughts.

I saw the two of you. What happened?

[David] I initiated phase two.

We get out of the Trojan horse. We start killing people.

We are nowhere near phase two.

Maybe you’re at a different party, but from where I’m sitting, we’re about to inherit 150 new in-laws.

Oh, God. You only ever see things your own way.

Everybody only ever sees anything their own way.

Explains why you walked out on me and Lily.

I didn’t walk out on Lily.

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] For marriage, it must to be the right place.

It must to be the right time.

It must to be the right circumstance.

I wish someone had explained that to us. We were 0 for 3.

I for 3.


1 for 3.

Wrong circumstance, wrong time.

Right place. By the lake.

So, I announce that Gede will marry Lily in four days’ time, as suggested by Ida Anak Lingsir.

Mother of my children, do you agree?

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] She gives her blessing. For now and for always.

And David? Georgia? Do you agree?

Um, yes, we give our blessing.


Yes. For now…

And always.

And always.

[Gede’s father] Great.


That’s good.

[Lily sighs] That went great. Just great.

[Gede] Absolutely it did. Could not have gone any better.

What were you and my dad talking about by the beach?

Seaweed, mostly. He had a lot of questions.

He loves you.


He loves you. They both do.

Well, I’m the only thing they can ever agree on. [chuckles]


Good to know.

[hotel clerk] Welcome to the Hotel Waruna.

It is a very great pleasure to see your smiling faces.

You, sir, are in 221. Really good room.

Make sure I’m a long way from her.

And you, madam?

A very long way, please.

222. Almost just as really good.

Do you still snore?

Do you know anybody that snores less when they get older?

If I’m gonna be listening to you all night, I’m gonna do it from the better room.

You know, you used to do sleep karate.

You’d fling yourself around the bed like you were attacking it.

I wasn’t asleep. I was attacking you.

There you go.

Try to keep the snoring down.

I have a nasal strip.

It’s a mystery you’re still alone.



Get another one of these?

I’ll have two of whatever he’s having.

Hello, Wren. What are you doing here?

Unlike your daughter, I’ve never been a thatched-hut-with-a-dirt-floor kind of gal.

I’ve got a nicely appointed broom closet here.

Good for you.

You know, I blame you for this whole shit show.

[Wren] That’s what you think of it?

You don’t?

Lily’s happy.

And after four years of watching her beat herself up at college, I love to see that.

I thought you might too.

Hey, look, happy is great. Lily happy is the greatest of all.

It’s just that a weird thing happens when you become a parent.

When your kid is down, when they’re in pain, it kills you.

But when they’re up, when things are going great, that’s when you get really scared.

Because you don’t want it to change, and you know it will.

Does it always?


Lily’s never said.

What happened with you and Mrs. C?

Same thing that happens in every relationship.

When it started out, it was unreal…

Then it got real.



We used to bike out to this place by the lake.

You know, read, eat, whatever.

And then one day I saw that that place, that spot, was for sale.

Now, we were young. We had nothing.

But I said, “Someday, we should live here.”

And then she said, with that smile in her voice, “Why wait? Why save the good stuff for later?

Don’t we deserve some good stuff along the way?”


She was right.

Which happens occasionally.

[Wren chuckles]


We saved and we scrambled, and next thing you know, I’m building the perfect house in the perfect spot.

So, I was busy. I was working, paying off our debt.

I was tired. She was tired.

Then, pretty soon, it didn’t feel like we were married at all.

Just felt like we were…

Running a day care camp with someone I used to go out with.

We were sniping. We were fighting. We were tearing each other down.

And I thought, if I could just get her in that house…

It’d fix everything.

Make everything okay.

So, one night I get a call from the people who lived across the lake.

They said they’d seen these flames.


By the time I got there, it was just ash.

Three weeks later, we were done.

Over a house?

Seemed like a lot more than that.

Good night, Wren.

[birds chirping]

[Paul] Hey, it’s looking like I’m not going to make it till the morning of the wedding.

Uh, I’m so sorry, baby. How’s Lily?

Crazy in love.

That’s fantastic!

It’s terrible.

I couldn’t agree more.

She’s making a mistake.

And now there’s some kind of ceremony.

Gede and Lily exchange rings. It’s a whole thing.

They’re not doing the rings at the wedding?

There’s not gonna be a wedding.

I won’t let her throw her life away on some insanely handsome guy who happens to live in the most beautiful place on earth.

And yes, I do know how that sounds, but I’m still right.

[chuckles] You’re always right, baby.

We got action.

I’m really not. Gotta go.


Talk to me.

All right.

The happy couple’s about to stand up there.

The ring bearer brings two rings that have been blessed by the hat guy for them to exchange.

But if they don’t, it messes with the whole “right place, right time”…

We steal the rings.

I was about to say that.

But you didn’t. So it’s my idea.

Okay, well, the ring bearer is Gede’s cousin.

[children chattering]

Why me?

The hard stuff was always your thing.

My thing was taking out the garbage and getting things off of high shelves.

Not that high, really. And flattery won’t work.

But you’ll do it anyway.


Because it was your idea.

[children shouting, laughing]

[Georgia] Hey, guys!

[child] Can you play a chasing game with us?

Can I show you something first?


Let me show you something. ‘Cause, see, I’m from America, and in America, we eat bananas a little differently.

We slice them before we peel them.

[children] Not true!

Totally true!

Here, I’ll show you. Come here. Come sit up here.

All right. See this banana? Totally normal-looking, right?

It’s not cut on the outside.

Not cut.

All right. So, I want you to take it… Here, put your bag down.

You’re gonna take it and peel it.

[children] Whoa!

That’s how it’s done.

[children giggling]

[Gede] So the rings that we’ll give each other have been blessed in the sacred water of Pura Ulun Danu Batur.

I do the hard stuff.

Can’t believe they fell for the banana trick.

It really kills you that you haven’t figured it out.


Maybe we’ll show them to you. Uh, Ketut has them.


Here we go.

[Gede] Hey!

Can you show us the rings? Yeah?

Hmm, where are the rings? There’s nothing in there.


[Gede] It’s empty.

[sighs] It’s gone.


[Georgia clears throat]

[David] Mmm?

[speaking Balinese]

[whispers] Losi!

What is he saying?

I wasn’t listening.


Uh, “We have to have the rings for the circumstances to be right.”


[Losi] Now no one knows what to do.

And Ketut is crying.


Hey, sweetie, it’s okay.

Tell her it’s gonna be okay.

[Gede] It’s not gonna be okay.

Look, if we don’t have the rings, then we can’t…

You’re right. It’s not a problem.

We’ll find other rings.

Yeah. Did you hear that? It’s fine. We’ll just do it another day. It’s okay.

How do they look?

I’ll do the stretch thing.

The classic.



That’s good.

Is it?

What do you mean?

I mean, our daughter looks like her dog just died.

I don’t know if I feel great about that.

We’re nearly there.


You’ll see.

[whispers] I think he knows.

He doesn’t know.


[engine stops]

Are they here?

They’re here.

Who’s here?

[dolphin whistles]

[whispers] Dolphins.



Are you kidding?

[chuckles] It gets better.

What are you doing?

Ah, don’t be afraid, Mr. Cotton.

I’m not afraid.

[Georgia] You are.

No, I’m not.

I’m not afraid. Whoo!

[David] Hey!

[dolphins whistle, click]

Oh, my God. This is amazing!

[whistling, clicking continues]

[Georgia] Whoo!


[chuckles] Mom.

[David] Hey, are you sure they’re not sharks?

[Gede] They’re not sharks.

They might be working with the sharks, you know, to get us.

Don’t miss out. Come on. Get in.

Come on. Don’t be a chicken.

I’m not chicken.

Come on, chicken.

Oh, stop it.

You’ve turned chicken in your old age.

I’m chicken?

[Georgia] Come on, David!

I’ll show you chicken.

[Georgia clucking]

I’ll go. Let’s go!



[whistling, clicking]



Can’t believe I got bit by a dolphin.

You were grazed.

[David groans]

This has never happened before.



Dad? Dad!

[grunting, groaning]

[Lily] Be careful with him. Does it hurt?

I bet it was that crazy-looking one with the smile.

All dolphins smile.

Now we know why.

It wasn’t Gede’s fault.


We know. These things happen.

No, he did just say they don’t.

Georgia, can you please apply pressure?

I’m gonna go grab some bandages.

We wouldn’t want you to lose your leg.


Enough things have already been lost today.

Oh, yeah. He knows.

Does it hurt when I do that?

What’s wrong with you?

He said, “Pressure. Georgia, pressure.”

Stop! [groans]

[Lily] It’s like I looked up and realized that everything I ever wanted was right in front of me.

I mean, I could go back and try and make a go of it, but I just know that every second I’d be dreaming of being here…

With him.

You know, it’s like you always say, why save the good stuff for later?

Yeah, I do.

I do.

Excuse me. I’d like to get these.

You’re tourists, yes?

Uh, well, she is, but I live here now.

Ah, then we haggle.

Oh. Uh, no, we don’t need to haggle. Just give me a fair price.

Tourists like it when we haggle.

Americans like make good deals.

800,000 rupiah?


[whispers] No, no. You say 500,000.

Just go with it, Mom.

Um… 500,000.

Enough, please. You’re killing me. Seven.

Six. Or I’m walking away.

We have a deal. [chuckles]

Thank you.

[sighs] I’m just so crazy grateful for you, Mom.

There’s no need.

Yes, there is.

This is the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my life.

You came halfway around the world to have my back.

[sighs] You are a very kind woman. Thank you.

I’m really not. I…

I don’t know what this is, but I like it.

Yeah, it’s called a martabak.


Listen, um, Lily and I will get other rings, but it would be much better if you just give them back.

What are you talking about? I don’t have your rings.

[chuckles] I didn’t say anything to Lily, and I won’t.

But, Mr. Cotton, I need you and Georgia to stop now, please.

You know what I think?

You didn’t say anything to Lily because you’re afraid she might be having doubts.

And if you did say something, she might listen to those doubts. Or worse, she might act on them.

I haven’t told Lily because I know it would hurt her very much to know the reason her parents are finally getting along is because they’re united to sabotage her relationship.

If anyone here is afraid, it’s you.

I’m not here to steal your daughter from you.

That’s the last thing I want to do.

She’s not a competition to be won or lost.

Look, trust me.

If Lily finds out what you two are really doing, you’ll most certainly lose her then.

Enjoy your martabak.

[Georgia] Remind me, were the guys in the Trojan horse the good guys?

Good or bad, they won the war.

And what was the war about exactly?

Don’t do this, Georgia.

Do you think we’re wrong?

We’re not wrong.

I think we might be wrong.

Remember when we agreed to do this together? To be in lockstep?

Yeah, but that was before we saw her. Saw them.

You know… [groans]

Great. Classic. You win again.

What does that even mean?

You know what? I had Lily one day a week and every other weekend.

You had her all the rest of the time.

She listened to you, she relied on you, and now you get to be the one that gives her everything she wants.

I never get to give her what she wants.

Yes, I was there for her. To make the rules, to fight with.

You were fun Dad. You would breeze in, take her where she wanted to go, buy her anything she wanted, then drop her off.

I didn’t want that.

Then you shouldn’t have left.

I had to. It was over.


Because the house burned down?

You didn’t love me anymore.

You didn’t like me.

You didn’t have respect for me.

You’ve never had any respect for me.

That is so unbelievably untrue.

When you proposed, did you really want to get married or you just didn’t want me to take that job in LA?

I wanted to be happy. I wanted you to be happy.

Well, I am happy now.

Good. So am I.





[David sighs]

[door closes]

[knocks on door]



What time is it?

The best time.


You don’t look like you were sleeping.

Mmm, I moisturize before bed.

All right. Well, let’s wake up… Oh.

[door opens]

What’s going on?



Okay, um, I’ve got a little job for you guys.

Come on. Let’s go.

I can’t believe we’re out here.

I’m not sure you should be, with your wound.

Sharks are drawn to blood.

She listened to you. Always.


She still does.

She never needed to make me as happy as she wanted to make you.

She’s just so like you.

[chuckles] I think she’s so like you.

Um, and I’ll tell you something else.

I’m looking at your pile of seaweed and at mine, and, of course, it’s totally not a competition.

But if it was… [clears throat]

I’d be winning.

Good thing it’s not a competition.

It’s a good thing.

Hey! You’re supposed to be gentle!

[David] Get off me. Get off!

Excuse me!

Get off it.

That’s mine! That’s mine.

[Georgia grunts]

[David] Get off.


Get off me. Get off! Get off!


[David] What are you doing?

That was mine.

That was mine. You took mine.

Get off. Get off of it.

Will you stop it?

[Georgia laughs]

Well, this is getting weird.

[both laughing]


Well, that worked till it didn’t.

[Georgia] They got new rings.

Thank you for helping with the harvest this morning.

[speaks Balinese]

[in English] Who won?

No, it wasn’t a competition.

[speaks Balinese]

You told her it wasn’t a competition, right?

That is exactly what I said. The hug is about something else.

Okay, the met at ah is beginning.




You’re with me in this, right? Lockstep?


In lockstep.



How is this even a thing?

[Gede] Ow!

They believe that filing down the canine teeth takes us away from the animals, so away from qualities that lead to an unhappy marriage.


Takes away the ability to chew solid food, is what it does.


I knew a guy who wanted to marry a Jewish woman.

Had to get circumcised. This is worse.


No, that’s worse.


[pop music playing]

[Lily] Aw, did it hurt?

[Gede grunts]

[Lily] I mean, was it as bad as it looked?

It was very painful agony.

Which is why we’re here for some anesthetic.

Here you go. Arrack all around.

[Gede] Thanks.

What’s “arrack”?

I don’t know, but last time I was here, I woke up in a tree with all this sand in my mouth.

Oh. [chuckles]

It’s a local palm moonshine. Not for the faint of heart.

[Lily speaks Balinese]


[patrons groan]

[ping-pong ball bounces]

Little help?

There you go.

[patrons chattering]




[Lily chuckles]

It’s not that bad.

Seriously, Mr. C, beware the arrack attack.

Oh, no, no, no. This is not his first rodeo.

Remember all the beer pong we played in college?

Practically minored in it. You were unbelievable.

[chuckles] Well, yes, but you had game too.

I did have game.

[patrons cheering]

[customer] Own it. Own it in here.

You’re the warrior, man. You are the warrior.

Come on. Get in there. Get in there! Yeah, boy. Yes, Shauny!

Big Shaun!

Damn it!

Okay, so that’s beer pong?

[customer] Big Shaun?

It’s not for the faint of heart.

[Georgia chuckles]


Let’s go.


Couple against couple?




[Lily groans]

And not beer. Arrack.

Arrack. Fine, let’s go.

That’s not a good idea.

[Georgia] The setup is important.

[David] That’s it.

All right. Give me a practice.

You’re gonna need it.

Okay, watch your dad.

Practice. Just a practice. Boom. Boom.

Yeah. Just a quick…

Wait, what was that?

I gotta stretch. Hang on.

I gotta stretch. I gotta stretch! Give me a chance.

Remember the old days. The old way!

All right, here we go!

Can we get something a little more age-appropriate for these two?

Something old-school?

Focus, really. Don’t blow it.

Get ready. And…


[Lily] Oh, no.

Oh, no, no, no.

Oh, no, no. Dad?

Dad, please stop doing that.

Oh, yeah!

[“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” playing]

[Lily] People are looking!


[David] Boom!


Dad, stop doing that!

Oh, my God. Everybody’s looking. Call it off right now. Call it off.

Old-school moves.

Dinosaur moves. Damn!

I am praying for an asteroid.

♪ And it goes a little something Like this ♪

[“It’s Like That” playing]



[Lily] Oh, wow. Wow, wow, wow.

Mom! Mom, please stop.

For the sake of your daughter, stop doing that.

Please stop doing that. Please. Oh, my God.

♪ Don’t ask me, because I don’t know why ♪

♪ But it’s like that And that’s the way it is ♪

♪ People in the world Try to make ends meet ♪

♪ You try to ride car Train, bus, or feet ♪

♪ I said you got to work hard You want to compete ♪

♪ It’s like that ♪

♪ And that’s the way it is ♪

♪ And that’s the way it is ♪

♪ Huh! ♪

♪ Huh! ♪

[music continues playing]

♪ Money is the key to end all your woes ♪

♪ Your ups, your downs Your highs and your lows ♪

♪ Won’t you tell me the last time That love bought you clothes… ♪

[David] Oh, yeah!

♪ And that’s the way it is ♪

[record scratches]

[Georgia] Okay, this is it.

I got it.

You got it. Okay.

Which one?

There’s only one.


Yeah. What?

I see two.

Oh, God.

[“Jump Around” playing]

Oh, yeah.


Here he goes.

Sit down!

Okay, you really don’t have to. You don’t have to.

It’s literally the game.

Chi-town, baby! Drink it up.

Chi-town! Chi-town!

You’re gonna throw up!

Yeah, but this drink is from my homeland. It’s like lemonade.

It’s okay.

Oh, he’s going down.

So good.

Going down. He’s going down.

That was so good. You did so good.

He’s going down.


You did so good.


Oh, my God.

Where are they going?

Oh! Bye!

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

♪ Jump up, jump up and get down ♪

♪ Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! ♪

♪ Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! ♪

♪ Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! ♪

♪ Everybody jump! ♪

♪ Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! ♪

[music stops playing]

I was over served.

I need some lemon water and some bacon.

I like bacon.


What are you doing in my bed?

What are you doing in my boxers?

What are you doing in my shirt?

Give me back my underwear.

Where are my underwear?

Not here.

Oh, thank God.

Not really. I’m naked.

Oh, my God! What did we do?

Nothing. We didn’t do anything.

We were so drunk.

I think I still am. I gotta pee.

No, don’t get out of the bed. Nakedness. Nakedness.

All right, give me something to wear.


Oh, my God.

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, that’s what it was.

You went skinny-dipping in the pool last night.

So we didn’t do anything.

There’s not enough alcohol in the world.

These aren’t gonna fit.

They’re stretchy, trust me.

[knocks on door]

Lily again.


Why does our daughter love us?

She can’t see us like this.

No one can see us like this.

[Paul] Georgia, my love.

That’s Paul. That’s my boyfriend.


Did you tell him you don’t like surprises?

He surprises me so much. It’s almost not a surprise when he surprises me.

Georgia? It’s me. It’s Paul.

Okay. Wait.

I’m sneaking around. Distract him.

What? What?

Distract him!

[David] You distract him!

[Paul] Georgia, open the door.


Hey, Paul.

David. I thought this was…

Georgia’s room?


No. It’s my room. That’s her room.

This is my room. Hi, sweetie. I thought I heard you.

In that room.

Which is my room.

But, I thought the guy said…

No, we changed rooms.

So this could be my room.

It’s a much better room.


Oh, great. Can I see it?

Yes. But first…

Baby, do you mind? Could you just get me a great big bucket of coffee?

[Paul] Yeah, yeah. Anything for you.

[Georgia chuckles]

You’ve been doing yoga?

No, I just like the pants.


[David sighs]

Quick, we’re changing rooms!

Oh! Shit.


[Paul] If I had hesitated just one second, well, let’s just say there’s 170 souls that are lucky I didn’t.

And me.

So 171?

Hey. Where have you guys been?

[Georgia] Did you see Paul’s here?

He’s literally standing right next to us.

What’s the plan?

Uh, I was thinking we could visit the island of Nusa Penida.

Best place on earth to watch a sunset.

That sounds great.

Now, I’ve been reading in the guidebooks about visiting the temple at Tanah Lot?

I don’t think that’s…


Okay, why don’t I get us some cabs? Okay? Get us a couple of cabs.

I think Nusa Penida would be better.

We’ll do that right after Tanah Lot. Okay?


Hey, do you know where Tanah Lot is? It’s a temple, apparently.

[claps] Here we go, guys. Come on. Come on!

[Lily] You okay?

We shouldn’t be here.

Why? Looks amazing.

It’s cursed.

Tradition says any unwed couple that visits Tanah Lot will never have happiness in marriage.

Well, my dad couldn’t have known that.

I’m sure you’re right.

Well, hey, let’s just go.

You sure?


But it would take a lot more than a curse to mess us up.

Maybe other couples weren’t so lucky.

[Paul] Apparently, these are called the snake caves.

Oh, my God. It feels so good to get out of the sun.

Feel like my hangover has a hangover.


What are you doing?



I love you.

You are gorgeous and kind.


Funny and smart.

You’re everything I could ever want and need.

Will you marry me?



Whoa, Paul, I’m so… I’m so touched and…

And nauseous right now.



How do I put this?

Um, David…

David spent the night in my room last night.

I’m sorry.


I know. [chuckles]


Men don’t wear yoga pants. Even when they do yoga.

Oh, okay. I mean, oh, my God, nothing happened.

It’s not like that. It would just never be like that.

Stop it. Stop it.

Okay? Okay.

I trust you.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you. [chuckles]


[slurring] I trust you.

Yeah. Thank you.


Why are you being weird?

[slurring] I think maybe I just got bit by something.


Oh, a snake!

[Georgia screams]

Ah, that’s no good.

Oh, shit.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. [shouts]

It’s wet.

Where is it?

Oh, my God, there it is. Um, what do we do?

What do we do?

Do something.

Okay. Um…




[grunts, spits]

You’re amazing.

I think… I think I got most of it.

I think I got most of it.

Well, he will experience some numbness in his extremities and a little wooziness from the pills I just gave him, but no lasting effect.

Not like getting bit by a dolphin.

All right.

You saved my life.

I really didn’t.

We just heard. What an adventure.

Are you okay?

[Paul] I’m okay.

Thanks to my warrior queen.

My Georgia. [chuckles]


[in Balinese]

What are you talking about?




[Losi] We should let him sleep.

He’s going to be fine, but don’t do that again.

[David] All right.

[Gede] Let’s go.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

We’ll let you get some rest, okay? But don’t worry. I’ll stay right here.

Oh, oh, oh. You remember that important thing that I asked you?

Oh, yeah. Yep.

What did he ask you?

To marry him.

That’s wonderful.


Maybe not for everybody.

Sorry, I get that he’s nice and all, but…

What’s wrong with nice?


Only that after a couple more years of it, you’ll be begging to watch paint dry.

Excuse me?

I mean, Mom, you’re so amazing and educated, tough, smart and beautiful.

But you’re never your best self with him.

Yeah, he’s kind and he’s got those eyes. But it’s not enough.

Being loved is not the same as loving.

Plus, the whole surprising thing? [chuckles]

[Paul] It’s actually just a curtain between us, so I heard all of that.

I feel bad.

Well, she didn’t say she said yes.

How would you feel if she did?

Like hearing an old friend you barely talk to anymore is getting married.

You’re happy for them, but you don’t feel the need to buy a gift.

Since when were you guys old friends?


That’s the way it goes.

Stuff happens.

Things change and you move on.

Just move on.

She doesn’t get to tell me what to do. Can you believe it?

I’m sorry, baby. I’m a little woozy. Am I supposed to believe it?

[Georgia] No.

No. Right, I can’t.

I know you’re thinking I’m a hypocrite.

Am I?

And you’re probably right.

Oh, good.

I mean, who are we to say that Lily doesn’t know what’s best for herself?

And if she does, if she’s truly definitively certain that she loves and is loved, then…

Oh, David is with them. [groans]

David is with Gede and Lily now.

Oh. Right, so he can break them up.

No. I don’t want him to break them up.

Damn this medication.


I have to do something.

Take this.


I’m sorry. This will help you sleep.


All right. Cool. Feel better.


You know, I’m a highly trained commercial pilot.

I can go weeks without sleep.

[Lily] The best place on earth.

[chuckles] Well, to be fair, I haven’t been to all the other places.

Your mother is gonna be so jealous.

I’ll send her a picture as soon as I get a signal.

[Georgia] No need.

[Lily] Mom!


Hey, I’m so sorry about before. I guess I was just surprised.

Of course your choices are your choices.

Well, I haven’t made any choices yet.

[Lily] Oh.


[Georgia] Hi, gents.


Is, uh, Paul okay?

He’s sleeping.

How can you tell?

God, look at this view.


Is that my boat?

[Lily] Is it drifting?

Nah, it’s just rising with the tide.

It’s floating away.

You did tie my boat up?

Yeah, I tied it. Tied it to a log.

That’s not good.

[birds chirping]

[David] How far are we from the nearest village?

[Gede] Too far to walk. Plus, it’s getting dark.

[Georgia] I still can’t get a signal.

[Lily] What are we gonna do?

[Gede] Camp here for the night.

A lot of people come to see the sunrise, so we can get a ride in time for our wedding.

[Lily] Is that gonna work?

Yeah, with hours to spare.

Uh, Georgia, can you and Lily build a fire?

On it, yeah.

Mr. Cotton, you and I will track down some food.

Hmm. What kind of food?

I’ve seen some wild pigs around.


We’ll have to make spears.


What? I can hunt. I can be a hunter.

How do you make that part pointier?

I am impressed with this situation…


…and I have, uh, matches in my bag.


You know, I don’t think I’ve actually successfully started a fire before.

Oh, really? What about your eighth birthday, hmm?

Uh, well, never on purpose. [chuckles]

Oh, God, we had some good parties.

Do you remember your tenth birthday?

The clown came and he was drunk?


No, he was a magician. But he was…



[whispers] All right. You’re the closest.

I think it’s closer to you than me.

Okay. Hey.

On my count. Okay?





[Lily] Dad!

[pig squealing]

What are you doing? We absolutely had it!

I cannot believe you.

You’re the one that scared it away.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

What are you talking about?

She found the rings.


That’s great. Where? [chuckles]

In Mom’s bag.

I knew it.


I knew it.

She wasn’t working alone because…

Wait, what?

You left it in the bag?

What do you mean you knew?

What was I to do with them?

Throw it away.

I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you.


In the trash, ocean, anywhere.

Oh, my God.

Can you stop talking about the rings?

I can’t believe this is happening.

My parents have been trying to sabotage my wedding.

My fiancé knew about it and didn’t bother to tell me.

We’re just trying to do what’s best for you.

Yeah, but you had no respect for my opinion of what that might be.

You’re just like all parents, acting like you’re giving your kid this great advice for their own good, but all you’re really doing is talking to your young, dumb selves, trying to rewrite the past and not do whatever you did 25 years ago.

That’s absolutely not true.

That’s 100% true.

And I can’t tell you how much I wish someone had been able to get through to me back then.

Stop me from making the greatest mistake of my life.

I’m the greatest mistake of your life?

Not you. Me.

[thunder rumbling]

I’m the mistake.


[David grunts]


Do you think we’ve lost her?

She’s pretty pissed.

I’ll talk to her. I’ll tell her it was my idea.

I talked you into it.

And if I’d listened to you, we wouldn’t have done it.

[thunder rumbling]

She’ll be fine.

You weren’t a mistake.

[rumbling continues]

You weren’t.

It’s been the story for years that you were the one to blame. It’s not true.

I was loving being a mom.

But I started to feel like I was losing who I was, and I thought if I’d stayed with you, maybe one day I would not recognize myself at all.

[thunder rumbling]

That was the mistake.

Not you.

[Lily] You should’ve told me.

[Gede] Well, your dad thinks you deserve better than me.

My dad thinks I deserve better than anyone.

So do I.

You gave up a lot to stay on this island.

And you know I understand that.

But what about me?

In a year from now, ten years from now…

Will I still be enough for you?

Are you kidding me?


Hey, we’re sitting here, and there’s a moon and a waterfall.

I’m in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life, and all I can look at is you.

[sighs] This isn’t some summer thing with a beginning and an end.

This is forever.

[Georgia] Morning.


[Georgia] How’d you sleep?

[David] You know. Outside.

[Georgia] I think this is my new favorite place on earth.

Close second, for me.

Yeah? What beats it?

Hmm? Aw.

Our place by the lake.



I still go there from time to time.



God, what did they build there? Please don’t say some hideous McMansion.

Nah, it’s still vacant.


I wonder why nobody ever developed it.

‘Cause I still own it.

I meant to sell it.

Took an offer once, but I couldn’t do it. I just…

I didn’t want to.

You got a…

Yeah. An entire forest.


Oh, no. No. No! [laughs]

No, no. No. [laughs]

Just… Yeah, that would not work.

Nope. No, no.

That’s bad. [laughing]

That’s not gonna work.

It’s because we’re in this romantic place.

No, the thing with Lily is just…

Everything is heightened.

Maybe if we were younger…

We’re not.

Which we’re not. We know better! Great!

So, good, good, good.

Good and great.

Good and great. Hey, hey.

Hey, hey.

Give me your hand.

What? Okay.

Give me your hand.

[Lily] Mom! Dad!

Oh! Yes?


We’re your parents.


We got rides.

Well, well, well! Hello again.

Or should I say, “Ciao”?



[“I Love You” playing]

♪ Ooh, babe ♪

♪ I love you… ♪

[thunder rumbling]

Thanks. Hey. Georgia. Hey.

[Paul] Baby!

I was so worried.

Oh, we’re fine. We’re fine. I just need the world’s longest bath.

How are you?

You were right about getting some sleep. I can almost move both my legs.

And look, one functioning arm. [chuckles]

Where have you guys been?

It’s a long story. It’s…

Our boat drifted out to sea.

That’s not that long of a story.

Yeah, well, it felt like a long story if you were there.

Hey. Where are you going?


To Wren’s room to get ready, because this afternoon I’m getting married.

You can either get on board with that or have a nice flight home.

[David] Lily.

[knocking on door]

[knocking continues]


Your tuxedo, sir.


Are you okay, sir?

Yeah. Everything is clearly terrific.

Surprise! [chuckles]


Why would you do that?

I got us brunch.


Oh, how long have you been out here?

Oh, not so long.

Oh, is it cold?

Oh, I wasn’t sure how long you would stay in the bath.

I’m going to be having that panic attack all day.

Oh, eat something. Eat someth…

Well, maybe not the eggs. They’re a little congealed, but first…



Take two! [chuckles]



I… I love you.

You are gorgeous and kind…

You don’t have to kneel this time.

You want me to stand?

Yeah, I do. I… [grunts]


Oh, come on!

Are you okay? I’m s… [exhales] I’m gonna get you some ice.

No, I’m fine.

You’re so brave.


Oh, my God. It hurts.

[Wren crying]

[Lily] Stop crying. [chuckles]

Why would I cry?

It’s not like I’m losing someone who’s basically a substitute for my entire terrible family.

Is my mascara okay?

Uh, for a clown. Let me help.


Do you remember when we graduated?

Yes, because it was two months ago.



[knocking on door]

Mrs. C? You’re gonna have to take it from here.

I just can’t.




May I?

You lied to me.

I’m so, so sorry.


It turns out a parent will do anything in the world for their kid, except let them be exactly who they are.

Your dad and I were gonna be different.

We were gonna be better than this.

I wanted to be better than this.

There’s no one better, Mom.

No one.

Yes, there is.


Sweetie. Love you.


[Lily sniffles]

Got to get you ready for that wedding, huh?

Yeah. [laughs]

You’re kind of a mess right now.

I know, Mom.

You’re a mess. You’re my mess.

[Suli, in Balinese]

[in Balinese]


[in Balinese]

[both laugh]


Can you believe I didn’t bring anything to wear to a wedding?

There wasn’t supposed to be a wedding.

Doesn’t look like a rental.

You clean up pretty good.



[bridal party laughing]


Look at our girl.

And free!

So young, so free, so sweaty.

So sweaty.



[officiant speaking Balinese]

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] She is good.

[crowd laughs]

[officiant] And now for the final part of the ceremony.

Thank you so much.

Gede will take the knife and strike it through this pandanus, to show he and Lily will be ready to live together.


[crowd murmuring]

[speaking Balinese]

[in English] Right place, right time, right circumstance.

Sorry, but we don’t have all three.

Georgia. Mr. Cotton.

We needed your support, your blessing.

And we don’t have it.

When I push this knife through this mat, it is a declaration that…

This poem of a person and me are now a family.

We can’t be a family without you.

So I ask you.


For Lily and me.

Or we will not marry.

You didn’t wanna run that by me first?

You can do the hard stuff too.


You don’t need our blessing.

I mean, you have it. It’s here, but…

All you two really need is each other.

If your mother and I had listened to her awful parents or my dumb-ass friends, then Lily wouldn’t be here at all.

And I think we can all agree that…

The world’s a lot better place with Lily in it.

So, I…



Your mother and I are on your side.

Both of you.

Now and always.



Shall we?

[Lily sighs, clears throat]


[crowd murmuring]


I’m just kidding. Go for it. [chuckles]

[all laughing]

That’s my daughter.


Do you think if we’d kicked a coconut around a few times, things would have worked out differently for us?

I’m sure some red and white string couldn’t have hurt.


Paul proposed.

I know.

This morning, he… he re-proposed.

What did you say?

I asked him for some ice because he headbutted me.


A lot of guys would have gone in for a kiss at that point.

[both chuckle]

Let me see your nose.

Let’s see.


I think you should say yes.

Paul’s a good guy.


And if he makes you half as happy as we were when we were happy…

Then you should say yes.

I don’t know.

Maybe I’m too old to feel young anymore.

I think I missed something critical and now it’s too late.


You look like you’re in your prime to me.


Even with that crooked nose.


[guest] Hi.

What are you doing out here?

Just looking at this garbage.

You call that a sunset?

I belong here.

I know.


Will you come and dance with me?

[David] Let’s go dance.

[whispers] Wow, it’s so quiet.

[inhales sharply]



Did I wake you?


Was I kicking? I was kicking.

No, no, no.

No, you weren’t. You weren’t. I was up.





Well, the ferry is only leaving this afternoon.

I guess we could go paddle boarding.

I can’t marry you, Paul.

It doesn’t have to be paddle boarding.


Did I do something wrong?

No. No, it’s just…

It’s the wrong time, wrong place, wrong girl.

I’m so sorry.


Me too.

I’m not just agreeing to agree with you.

I’m still gonna go paddle boarding.


[David] Get it!

Kick it!

Kick it! Kick it.

[children laughing, chattering]

Hold it up! Hold it up! Hold it up!


Come on. More.


Oh, fudge! Now it’s going. Now it’s go…

It’s going! It’s going!


Where’s Paul?

He had a last-minute hop to Hanoi.

Uh, he said to say bye.

I told him it wasn’t gonna work out for me.

For him.

For me and him.

I said it better than that.

Oh, Mom.

I’m sorry.

Can we make this a little more about me?

Of course.

What am I gonna do without you?

I want you to have these.

I was fine with you getting married, but I’m way too young and gorgeous to be an aunt.




[both chuckle]

All right. All right, kiddo.


[chuckles] Dad.

Oh, no. No crying.

Okay. I love you.

And I love you.

All right.

All right.


You take care of yourself.

You too.

I love you.


I super love you.


[engine starts]

Sorry about Paul.

No, you’re not.

Not really.


[Georgia] I’m gonna miss her.


I see why she likes it here.

Yeah, it’s good.

I could see spending some time here.


Why save the good stuff for later?

[chuckles] Yeah.




[“This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)” playing]

I won’t let her throw her life away on some insanely handsome guy who happens to live in the most beautiful place on earth.

And yes, I do know how that sounds, but I’m still right.

[director] Cut!

We got action.

John, you ready?

Hey, John is ready.

[all laughing]

♪ Memories that flow Bringing you back again ♪

♪ Hurting me more and more ♪


Stop it. [laughing]

We have guests.

Big love.

Love it. Love you.

Love, love.

I made you.

[director] Cut.

[all laughing]

Right, moms? Right, moms?


♪ Ninety-eight bottles of beer On the wall ♪

♪ Ninety-eight bottles of beer ♪


[Georgia] Two, please.

Just leave the bottle. Thanks.

And a barf bag and a razor.

[director] And action.

[David] What?

Ah! [laughing]


I knew I was getting set up.

[all laughing]

[Julia] Okay, wait. I have to take a picture.


Classy. You want a straw?


You want a colostomy bag?

Thank you.

Love you like this much.

Love that you look just like me.


Glad you don’t.


[all laughing]

Do you understand?

That’s right!

Oh! Champagne!

Two, please.

Just leave the bottle.


[bottle clattering]


Are you okay?

It’s just George Clooney. We have another one.


1-800-Brad Pitt.



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