The Tearsmith (2024) | Transcript

Adopted together after a tough childhood in an orphanage, Nica and Rigel realize that unexpected but irresistible feelings pull them together.
The Tearsmith (2024)

The Tearsmith (2024)
Original title:
Fabbricante di lacrime
Directed by:
Alessandro Genovesi
Starring: Caterina Ferioli, Simone Baldasseroni, Angelo Tanzi, Sabrina Paravicini, Alessandro Bedetti, Roberta Rovelli, Orlando Cinque, Eco Andriolo Ranzi, Nicky Passarella, Sveva Romano Candelletta, Laura Baldi, Matteo Capraro, Anna Cianca, Juju Di Domenico, Filippo Giacomelli, Eugenio Krauss

Plot: Within the walls of the Grave, the orphanage where Nica grew up, a legend has always been told: that of the maker of tears, a mysterious craftsman, guilty of crafting all the fears and anxieties that inhabit the hearts of men. But at seventeen years old, the time has come for Nica to leave fairy tales behind. Her biggest dream is about to come true. Mr and Mrs Milligan have started the adoption process and are ready to give her the family she has always wanted. In her new home, however, Nica is not alone. Along with her, Rigel, a restless and mysterious orphan, the last person in the world Nica would want as an adoptive brother, is also taken from the Grave. Rigel is intelligent, smart, plays the piano like an enchanting demon and has a beauty that can enchant, but his angelic appearance conceals a dark nature. Even though Nica and Rigel are united by a common past of pain and hardship, living together seems impossible, but kindness and anger are two different ways of fighting pain to stay alive and to conceal the emotions that devastate their hearts, becoming for each other that tears-maker of legend. To the maker of tears you cannot lie: and they will have to find the courage to accept that desperate force that attract them towards each other called love.

Released on Netflix on 4 April 2024.

* * *

[insects chirping]

[wind gusting]

[bird screeches]

[“Budapest” by George Ezra playing]

♪ Miles from Budapest… ♪



♪ My beautiful castillo…

Mama, where does it hurt?

Right here.

[girl] There. All better.

[mother] Thank you, Nica! You are so gentle.

You can heal anything when you’re gentle.

♪ Give me one good reason ♪

♪ Why I should never make a change… ♪

[gasps] A wolf!

[mother] So beautiful!

Wolves are bad. I hate them, they’re scary.

[mother] Honey, only because someone made them the bad guys in fairy tales,

but that’s not always true.

[father] Ah, Nica, I don’t see it. Where’s the wolf?

[horn blares]

Watch out! A truck!


[father] No!

[repeated crashing]

[steam hissing]

[wolf panting]

[somber music playing]


[gentle piano music playing]

[young woman] We told a lot of stories at Grave.

Bedtime stories, whispered tales.

Legends escaping lips by candlelight.

The most well-known story among us was the tale of the Tearsmith.

[thunder rumbling]

[young woman] It told of a world where no one was able to cry, and people lived like empty souls, devoid of all emotion.

But hidden from the world, and enveloped in its deep solitude, was a lonely Tearsmith.

He dressed in shadows, he was pale and hunched, and from eyes as clear as glass, he could fashion crystal tears.

People went to him, asking him to make them cry, in order to feel even the slightest shred of emotion.

And the Tearsmith would put his tears into people’s eyes, and that was how the people were able to cry.

They cried with anger, despair, pain, and anguish.

Those tears contained burning passions and disillusionment.

I had never thought that such a place could actually exist.

I’d never thought I’d miss my parents so much.

But, most of all, I had never imagined that I would become part of that story.

[woman] You must be Nica.

That is the name of a butterfly.

How strange to name a child after an insect that barely lives more than a day.

We have very few rules here.

Order, respect and obedience.

Just follow them, and you will be fine.

Take it. Hurry it up.

All possessions here belong to everyone.

Give me your necklace. As I said, personal items are not allowed.

[gasps] But it was my mom’s.

Order, respect, obedience.

You want to adhere to the rules on your first day, don’t you?

[thunder rumbling]


[Nica gasps]

[adult Nica] You see, for me, it wasn’t just a story.

At Grave,

I was to meet the Tearsmith.

Crying won’t bring back what you have lost.

Adeline, please take her to her quarters.

Go on!

Children, back inside.

[gentle piano music continues]

That was Julia’s bed. She was adopted yesterday.

[thunder rumbling]

Have you been here a long time?

The thing is I’m pale, and ugly.

Miss Margaret says people think I’m sick.

Can we be new best friends?

[piano music intensifies]

[piano and string music playing]

[rat squeaks]

[music softens]

Nica, they’re here.


I’ll visit you, Adeline. I promise.

Don’t you dare. Just get away from here for good.

I wouldn’t have survived without you.

He’s yours now.

[both chuckle softly]

[Nica] At Grave, I felt like I was in a prison.

I’d spent every day of every year wishing that someone would come and adopt me.

That they would look me in the eyes, and choose me out of all the other children there.

That they’d want me just the way I was.

Do you feel bad?

Go away!

[Nica] Even if I wasn’t special.

[heavy rainfall]

But no one had ever chosen me.

It’s okay, it’s fine.

[Nica] No one had ever wanted me, or even noticed me.

I had always been invisible.

[door slams, echoing]

So are you ready?


I feel a bit afraid as well.

Uh, do you want me to help you with your things?

Only one thing.

At Grave, we encourage all our children to share.

Have you hurt yourself?

Oh! She has a little habit of making friends with animals.

She’s always covered in cuts.

Well, Nica.

Please hold onto what you’ve learned.

Order, respect, obedience.

And don’t forget this is a trial period.

Your custody can be revoked.

If you create problems, we’ll come for you, and the adoption will be canceled.

It’ll all work out fine, I’m sure.

Right. Shall we go out?

[distant piano playing melancholy tune]

[melancholy tune continues]

[Nica] Those hands…

Those white hands gliding skillfully over the piano keys.

He was Grave’s pride and joy, the child of the stars, the child everyone wanted, perfect to everyone.

Everyone but me.

Who’s that?

That is Rigel.

[continues playing]

The boy’s file has caused others concern. Are you really sure?

We’ve got a big house, and Nica should feel more at ease.

Be that as it may, it’s hard enough taking care of one teenager, let alone two.

Rigel’s needs will also likely prove problematic.

Frankly, I feel that we’re better equipped to care for him.

Don’t worry, Miss Margaret. Anna and I know what we are doing.

[car door shuts]

And anyway, this is just a trial, right?


Thank you.

[foreboding music playing]

[car door opens]

[car door shuts]

[engine starts]

[car door shuts]

[emotional string music playing]

[Nica] I’d always wanted a family.

A home.

A life away from Grave.

Now it was finally happening, and I couldn’t believe that I would still be with him.

Out of all the people in the world, Rigel was the last person I would want to come with me.

And yet, I didn’t hate him. I couldn’t.

A part of my soul had seen a part of his.

And so many times, I was unable to feel the raw detachment that I wished I could.

[father] Come on in.

[Anna] Well, this is it.

It’s not a mansion, but we’ve got everything we need.

And just to let you know, Anna’s a neat freak.

But I can’t say the same for him.

[parents chuckle]

[Nica] Oh do you play the piano?

[father] Uh…

Our son used to play.

Let’s show you your rooms.

Norman, can you take Rigel?

Of course.

[plays high notes]

Shall we?

I got a friend to help me decorate.

[cat meows]

I hope you like your room.

[Nica] I haven’t had a room of my own for a long time.

[Norman] I don’t know if it’s your thing.

Ah! Uh, if you want, tomorrow, you can wear this to school.

I think it’s your size. It belonged to my…

Well, we can buy you a new one.

You don’t have to do that, really. It looks perfect.

This is your uniform for tomorrow.

And this is Klaus. [laughs]

Huh? Hey.

He’s rather solitary.


But he can be very friendly when he wants. Hmm?


[breathing shakily]

[ominous music playing]


[Nica] Can I come in?

[slams drawer shut]

Look, Rigel, now that we’re…

Now that we’re what?

Now that we’re here together,

I really want things to work out with Anna and Norman, with the adoption.

If you want things to work out, leave me alone.

And never, ever come in here.

You understand? Never.

Is that a threat?

Just a little advice…


That’s my greenhouse out there.

I grow and sell flowers and plants.

And you, Norman? Do you work in flowers too?

[Norman] Uh, no, I’m in the pest control business.

Uh, cockroaches, ants, beetles, mice… [chuckles]


Uh, but primarily only creatures that have already died or are dangerous.

So, were you two friends at the orphanage?

Well, we grew up together.

We’re like brother and sister.

[somber music playing]

Yes, Nica and I are very close. Like brother and sister.

Well, excuse me for a sec.

Of course.

[footsteps receding]

[Anna] So, “Rigel” is the name of a star, right?

I guess your parents loved astronomy, didn’t they?

Miss Margaret chose my name. I never, um…

I never knew my parents.

Excuse me, I need to use the restroom too.

[Nica] I could still feel the imprint of his hand, as though he had branded me.

His poisonous charm infected everything.

I don’t know how much of this I can take.

He was an infestation.

[Rigel] You shouldn’t have run off like that.

Our future parents are very concerned.

Everything’s a game to you, huh?

It’s just a game.

You wanted it this way, moth.

Stay away from me.


What if Anna and Norman were to see how much hate you have in your heart?

That you’re not as perfect as you try to look?

Maybe they’d reconsider.

One day, they will see you for what you truly are.

Who am I to you?

Well, I know that you’re the Tearsmith.

[emotional music swells]

[rain pattering]

[music softens]


[rainfall continues steadily]

[thunder rumbling]

Are you crying?


Don’t lie, or the Tearsmith will take you away.

[thunder crashing]

Do you think he really exists?

[Adeline] Who?

Him, the Tearsmith.

I don’t know.

Maybe they tell us that he does because they don’t want us to feel any emotions.

We will never be like all of them.

Rigel’s very sick again! Come quick! Hurry!

[Nica] What?

[Adeline] Hear that?

[thunder crashing]

[distant moaning]

I said go to bed! Now!

[children gasp]

[distant sobbing]

[moaning continues]

[Margaret] It’s all right. It’s all right.

Everything will be fine.


There, there. It’s okay.

[Nica sighing]

[Margaret] Everything’s going to be okay.



[Anna] Kids, it’s getting late!

Will you be able to find your way home?

Of course.

It’s just over the iron bridge there.

All right. Don’t worry, okay?


[Nica] See you tonight!

[Norman] All right, then.

[Nica gasps]

[“vampire” by Olivia Rodrigo playing]

You take care… moth.

♪ And every girl I ever talked to told me You were bad, bad news ♪

♪ You called them crazy, God I hate the way I called them crazy too ♪

♪ You’re so convincing ♪

♪ How do you lie without flinching? ♪

♪ How do you lie, how do you? ♪

♪ The way you sold me for parts ♪

♪ As you sunk your teeth into me, oh ♪

♪ Bloodsucker… ♪

First day photo! The name’s Billie. I’m on the Student Council.

At Barnaby, we take everything very seriously.

Follow me.

Nica. Short for Nikita?

It’s just Nica.


Everyone has that look on the first day.

You should’ve seen mine. Take it.

I love taking photos of faces. Oh, I have one of every student.

But I may have more than one of him. ♪ How you think’s ♪

♪ The kind of thing I’ll never understand… ♪

I don’t have one of my best friend, though.

It’s impossible to photograph Miki. She hates photos.

I’ll introduce you, come on.

Miki! This is the new girl.

Hey, there.

Don’t worry about her. She’s really sweet deep down.

Okay. ♪ You only come out at night… ♪

[school bell rings] ♪ I used to think I was smart… ♪

I’ll smash that new girl within a week.

♪ You made me look so naive ♪

♪ The way you sold me for parts ♪

♪ As you sunk your teeth into me, oh ♪

♪ Bloodsucker, dream crusher ♪

♪ Bleedin’ me dry like a… ♪

Good morning, Nica. Welcome.


I’m Mr. Kirill.

I see you got excellent grades in science. Well done.


Stay there. In your seats.

[girl] What’s going on?

Should we…

[all murmuring]

[Mr. Kirill] Hey, move out the way. Let me through! Hey, hey!

Boys! Stop it now!

[Nica] Rigel!

[Mr. Kirill] Stop! Hey! Stop it! Stop it!

Phelps! Get up now! On your feet!

Do you wanna get suspended again?

He started it, come on. I swear!

Want to explain this to the principal?

No, please.

Are you Rigel Wilde?

Do you need to go to the nurse?

Well, get to class then.

Go on! Otherwise, it’ll be detention if it happens again.

What are you all looking at? Get to class, all of you! Go!

[Phelps giggles]

Man! Are you related?

No, we’re not related.

You’re right, we’re not.

It was about time that someone taught that asshole Phelps a lesson.

[crickets chirping]

[birds calling]

[knocking at door]


[folk song playing quietly]

Are you still studying?

Just taking notes.

Do you happen to know why Rigel didn’t want to eat dinner with us tonight?

Was there a problem at school?

No, he’s just tired.

That’s lovely. Who took that?

Billie. From the Student Council.

You’ve made friends already? You must like it there.

Yes, and the teachers are really nice.

I’ll let you study. But don’t stay up too late.

Good night, Anna.

Good night.

Uh, Anna?


Thank you.

No, thank you.

[Norman] Everything okay?

[Anna] Yes, everything’s fine.

So you’re just gonna keep staring at me?

[Nica] Why?

Why did you let them adopt you?

You think it was my decision?

Every family who came to Grave wanted you.

But you never agreed to any of the adoptions.

What has changed?

I think you should get outta here.

Wrap the ice in this, Rigel.

Don’t you dare touch me like that.


Or else what?

Or else…

[suspenseful music playing]

I won’t be able to hold myself back.


[Nica] I’d always believed in fairy tales.

I’d always hoped to be part of one.

And now I was, but it was the wrong kind of fairy tale.


Hi, there.

Did you sleep well?


If you want, we can go into town after school to buy you some clothes.


Can you take these to Rigel now?

Thank you, dear.

[gentle music playing]

[music becomes ominous]

[gentle music resumes]

You don’t understand “stay away from me,” do you?

I only did it for Anna.

And I guess you just don’t understand what it’s like to be nice.

It wasn’t very nice when you said I was the Tearsmith.

The wolf in the story.

So then, tell me…

In your opinion, would you call it kindness

to wish that someone you know would disappear

or hypocrisy?

[Nica breathing shakily]

[Rigel] Look at you.


[Nica gasps]

Hearing my voice, it even scares you.

Just tell me what it is you want. I can’t make it out.

[Nica gasps]

Know why most fairy tales end “happily ever after”?

[Nica shudders]

So we learn that certain things can stay the same, Nica.

But we’re not the same, you see? You know we left Grave.

You’re grasping for this happy ending.

[romantic, somber music playing]

[Nica sighs]

Are you brave enough to imagine a fairy tale that doesn’t have a wolf?

Your name’s Nica, right?

Named for the butterfly?

Guess you already looked up my name, didn’t you?

Uh, yeah, I had to look it up.

Wait a minute.


Don’t move.

What the f…

Hey, she’s very shy.

She was taking refuge. Her shell is where she lives.

But if her shell ever breaks, she could die.

You see, the thing that protects her…

could also be the thing that hurts her the most.

Well, thank you for saving me.

Actually, she was the one I saved.

It’s nice to meet you, I’m…

In the way.


Are you two together?

Uh, we… No. No. No.

There you are. Come on, we’ve got that test.

Sorry, Lionel, I’ve gotta go over something quickly.

I’m so nervous.

[Anna] There it is. They have some amazing clothes.

[Nica] Anna, there’s no need, really.

Ah, one more!

That dress is so beautiful.


Right! Let’s go in.

[Nica] Anna, honestly, we’ve already bought so many things.

[folk song playing softly]

[woman] Hello, there!

[Anna] Hello.

We’d like to try on that one there.

[woman] Yes, of course.

Thank you.

♪ I would find a way To come and save you… ♪


♪ In the end… ♪

Oh my, you look so lovely.


Of course you are! You’re pretty, Nica.

Don’t hide yourself from the world.

Wait just a minute, we need a belt.

♪ Withering away ♪

♪ With your mind dearly calling For friendship and love ♪

♪ I will never leave you ♪

♪ Lying in your bed… ♪

[suspenseful music playing]



[breathing shakily]


[echoing] Here, this will look perfect.

[muffled sounds]

[tense music playing]

[Nica gasps]

[gasping for breath]


[echoing] Nica?

Nica? What’s wrong?


Nica, take a deep breath.

[gasping for breath]

[echoing] Norman!


[footsteps approach]



[Rigel] What’s wrong?

[Nica] Margaret knew everything about us.

[Norman] Nica, can you hear us?

[Nica] She knew all of our fears and our desires.

She knew about my love of animals and my fear of the dark.

She knew Peter’s fear of loud noises.

[Margaret] Move it!

[Nica] And Adeline’s love for her long hair.

She knew the dreams we clung to in order to endure life at Grave,

and she destroyed them.

She stamped out any trace of love.

That is, except for the love she gave Rigel.

[Nica] No! No!

[Margaret] Go on!

[Nica] She broke something inside of us.

[Margaret] Go!

She shattered something that should have helped us grow,

thereby keeping us small forever.

Fragile, childlike, and broken.

[Nica, echoing] No!


[fluttering sounds]

[Nica] Every time, in that utter darkness,

I would have screamed until I lost my voice,

if it hadn’t been for those soft footsteps in the dark,

coming to my bedside.

Those warm fingers reaching for my hand.

Then the pain would subside, my heart would stop racing.

All I had was that touch. She was my only source of comfort, always.


Well, then? Answer me now.

[sniffles] You’re right, I have acted badly.

You deserve to be punished, Nica,

because you have been a most disobedient girl.

Who would want to bring home a child like you?

I’m sorry, Miss. I’ll be better.

And God’s sakes, pull down your sleeves!

[somber music playing]

Welcome, everyone. This way.

[man] It’s gonna be okay, my love.

[woman] Wow. A lot to choose from.

[man] Come on, let’s see…

[adults’ voices overlapping]

[woman] Maybe… That one kind of looks like you.

[man] Let’s get a look at that one.

[woman] She looks fat.

[echoing voices overlapping]

[Margaret] Smile.


[Nica] When the past became too much to handle, I’d think of Anna.

I couldn’t tell her the truth, but she was there for me,

and there was no longer any reason to be afraid.

I was far away from that place, safe and free.

And I finally had the chance to be happy.

[Anna] Thank you! Bye!

[girl 1] Let’s go.

[girl 2] Okay.

[dog barking]

You’re awake. How are you feeling?

Better, thank you.

You slept a long time. You needed the rest.

After all, I know it’s been a tough few days for you.

Guess so.

Our sweet friend Klaus here slept on your bed all night.



I think he knew you weren’t well.

Thankfully, I’m okay now.

Actually, I was thinking of going to school.


[wistful music playing]

Oh, did you hurt yourself?

Roses. Everyone tells me to cut off the thorns.

But I think they show us even beautiful things can hurt us.

[Nica] May I?

[Anna] Mmm.

Nica. If there was any sort of problem at school or anything,

you would tell me, right?


But where did all the roses go?

Oh! They’ve all been purchased for Garden Day.

Garden Day?


Don’t tell me you don’t know Garden Day?


[both laugh]

Each student gives a rose to whomever they want, anonymously.

There are lots of colors, and each one means something different.

The day before, you have to leave your locker open.

I took the liberty of opening yours.

And then we all guess who gave us the roses! [giggles]

Sounds exciting.


Just exhilarating.

She’ll criticize, but her locker’s always full. As you can see now.

Give them to me, you’ll let them die.

All yours.

Who gave them to you?

A psychology student who’s madly in love with her.

Let’s open mine now!

I can’t do it. Nica, you do it.

Um, okay.

No, no. I’ll do it! I can do it. Whew.

Gimme a rose, gimme a rose, gimme a rose.

Yes! [squeals]

He always gives one.

Who does?

No clue, that’s the fun of it. He gives me one every year. I think he’s shy.

Which is one of the things I love about him.

Now, Nica. It’s your turn. Open it.

I won’t have any roses in there.

Never say never.

[emotional piano music playing]

I haven’t ever seen a black rose here.

It’s so beautiful.

It signifies a tormented obsession, a love that’s impure.

Who might have given it to you?

I have to go.

[slams locker door]

Walking into the den of the wolf expecting to leave in one piece?

Did you give me this rose?

Me? Give you flowers?

Give that back to me! It’s mine!

[Anna] Nica?

[Nica gasps]

There’s a boy waiting for you. So Garden Day went well, I guess?


We have a dinner with other small business owners tonight, in the next town.

Shall I make you something to heat up?

No, it’s fine, thanks.


You don’t want to keep him waiting. He seems nice, huh?


[Lionel] Hi.


You left this at school, and your address is on it, so…



Would you like an ice cream?

Yeah… yes.

Okay, cool. Let’s go.

[Lionel] How old were you?

[Nica] Eight.

[Lionel] You were so young.

[soft pop song playing]

What’d your parents do?

They were biologists.

Before I went to bed, they would tell me that, during mitosis, cells split.

As opposed to reading a bedtime story.

That’s why they say you’re the genius in science.

Who knows, maybe you’ll turn into one of those people who changes the world.

Give it to me, I’ll toss it for you.

No, it might come in handy.

[chuckles] Handy for what?

I could construct a splint for a little bird’s wing.

And… [laughs]

Can you fix broken hearts too?

A heart’s a little more complex.


[thunder rumbles]

I think it’s time to head home.


[rain pattering]

[piano slightly out of tune]

[breathing shakily]

[exhales slowly]

[Lionel chuckles outside] Careful over there!

No, over here. Watch out!

Nica, watch your step. Here we are.

That’s it. Keep going.

Are you covered?

[Lionel chuckles]

[Nica laughs]

I’m, uh, proud of myself. I managed to get you here safely.

Without you, I would’ve drowned.


I think you would’ve been just fine if you were on your own.

[thunder rumbling]


Well, you know…

Your life is so different from mine,

and the lives of all of the other kids I know at school.

You… are really strong and…

you’re beautiful and…

I have to go in.


So then… see you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

[piano playing inside]

[thunder rolling]

[Nica] A voice was telling me I was staring at him too much.

But I’d always found it impossible not to stare at him.

That moth was both naïve and brave.

Or maybe just foolish and helpless.

I’d seen moths crushed by the children at Grave so many times.

Maybe he wasn’t just anger and pain.

Maybe there was a light in him too.

[Rigel groans]

[Nica] In my heart, I knew… that Rigel wasn’t a monster.

[Rigel gasping]

I couldn’t give up on him.


Rigel, what’s wrong?

Don’t you touch me!

I only wanted to make sure you weren’t in pain.


Oh, that’s right. It’s your nature.

Hmm? You can’t help it.

You want to repair me.

It seems like all you want for me is to hate you.

And do you?

Do you hate me?

Do you hate me, moth?

Is that what you want?

Yes. That’s what I want.

[Nica] I didn’t hate Rigel. I just wanted to understand him.

Maybe one day, I’d solve the mystery behind his behavior.

But there was one thing I was absolutely sure about.

Whether he was the Tearsmith or not,

nothing made my heart race the way he did.

[phone chimes]

[foreboding music playing]

Look what your brother did.

I tried to get him to stop, but he kept hitting me for absolutely no reason.

[breathing heavily]

Why did you do this?

Why don’t you ask him?



Rigel, what have I done to deserve this?

Don’t touch me.

Tell me why.

Because you are my Tearsmith.


You’re burning up.

What’s wrong? Let’s go upstairs.

Come on, help me.

Help me!

Let’s go up. [grunts]

[horns honk]

[man on radio] Due to extreme flooding,

cars are still blocked on the highway.

All the roads into the city are closed,

and we don’t know when traffic will start to move again.

Conditions in the north are just starting to improve.

We will have more information…

[Anna] I’ll call the kids.

[radio] …how long and extreme this weather may get.

For more on that…

[Norman] Yeah.

[Nica] Help me, lift your arms up.

[Nica sighs]

Lean on me.

[shoe clatters]

[line ringing]

[radio] …areas particularly affected…

They’re not answering.

Perhaps they’re already asleep.

Shall I try again?

[radio] Meanwhile, traffic…

[phone ringing]


Hi, Anna? Hi, Nica.

Is everything okay? Yes, fine.

We’re stuck in terrible traffic on the highway because of the storm.

Don’t worry about it.

You sound a little off. Are you sure everything’s all right?

Yes. Rigel has a bit of a fever, that’s all.

Where’s the medicine?

Check the bathroom’s cabinet.

Should we be concerned? Not at all. I can handle it.

Are you sure?

Yes, it’s… it’s fine, Anna.

Wait a minute… One sec

Okay, I found it.

Oh, good.

Can we talk later?

Yes, of course. I’ll call you. Take care.

[horns beeping]

[radio] …and if you are indoors, please do not attempt to go outside.

Rigel’s got a bad fever.

[radio] Until we have more updates, ciao for now.

You have to take one of these, Rigel.

Help me.

[tender music playing]

Open your mouth.

[thunder rumbling]


Stay with me.

[breathing shakily]

Stay right there. I beg you.

[Nica gasps]

[music swells]

[somber piano music playing]

[somber piano music continues]

Miss Margaret?


The new girl has arrived just now.

[continues playing]

[kisses] Keep playing, dear.

[tender piano music playing]

[Margaret] We have very few rules here.

Order, respect, and obedience.

Give me your necklace. As I said, personal items are not allowed.

[gasps] But it was my mom’s.

Order, respect, obedience.

You want to adhere to the rules on your first day, don’t you?

[thunder rumbling]


[emotional string music playing]

You feel bad?

Just go away, moth!

[Margaret] Why aren’t you at your table?

I’m sorry, M… Miss Margaret, I…

I went… to get the salt.

Come with me.

Come with me.


No, please! No, please!

[Rigel screams]

I’m sorry! I swear I’m sorry! Please!

[Margaret] What did you do? Let me see it!

Call a doctor!

What have you done?

Someone call a doctor!

[young Adeline] I saw you. You cut yourself on purpose.

Are you serious? Why would I do something so stupid?

Show me what you’re hiding.

Go away.

No. Open up your hand.

That’s… that’s Nica’s necklace.

She thought you threw it away on her first day.

But why do you have it?

Keep it if you want.

You like her. You like Nica. You pretend you don’t, but you do.

Don’t tell her.

Nica’s convinced you hate her.

It has to stay like that.

[mellow rock music playing]

♪ Here ♪

♪ From here ♪

♪ Come and rescue me ♪

♪ From here… ♪

[car pulls up outside]

Rigel, I have to get back to my room now.

[Rigel murmurs]

♪ You’re the best I ever had… ♪

[car doors closing]

♪ Come and save me from myself ♪

♪ You’re the best I ever met ♪

♪ Come and rescue me from… ♪

[Anna] Nica?

[Nica whispers] Rigel!

[Norman] How is he?

Better, his fever’s gone down.

[Norman] Hmm.

What happened to him?

I don’t know.

Go and get some rest. We can take it from here.

[Norman] What happened to his lip?

[phone rings]

[breathing heavily]

[Nica] Something happened that night. We both knew it.

But here we were again, just like when we were children,

separated by some invisible line.

I was still the little girl from Grave.

And he was still the Tearsmith.

Things had also changed with Lionel.

We saw each other at school, but we hadn’t spoken in days.

Thank goodness I had them. It was so good to have girlfriends.

I only had that with Adeline before.

[tender ballad playing]

♪ I’ve been told… ♪

[Nica] Wow.

Miki’s a millionaire, but she doesn’t want anyone to know.

She’s embarrassed. Is that normal?

Hey, there.

[both] Hey!

I’ve had food prepared for you.

Let me get the horse clean and stabled, then I’ll join you.


Make yourself at home.

Yes. ♪ I’ve been warned ♪

♪ I’ve been warned ♪

♪ Not to push that hope aside… ♪

So do you understand the difference?

Bacteria’s an organism with a single cell, while a virus is a chain of proteins.

You should take over for Kirill. When he explains it, I zone out.

I think I have that effect on that one over there.

I’m going to the bathroom.

[Miki] Okay.

[Nica clears throat]

[thunder rumbling]

♪ Someone somewhere ♪

♪ Somehow is waiting Just to change your life ♪

♪ So it seems, so it seems ♪

♪ That the only thing You thought worth fighting for ♪

♪ Slipped away… ♪

[thunder rumbling]

You didn’t see that. ♪ So it seems… ♪

Okay. ♪ So it seems that… ♪

You can’t tell anyone. ♪ You took a shot ♪

♪ Fell for the both of you ♪

♪ You fell too hard… ♪

It’s you, isn’t it?

The white rose?

♪ Someone, somewhere, somehow… ♪

You should tell her.

Billie is my best friend. I would lose her.

You don’t know that.

I do.


♪ Someone, somewhere… ♪

Shit, it’s so late! We have to get ready. Why didn’t you guys say anything?

♪ Waiting just to change your life… ♪

What’s going on?


♪ So don’t let it get the best of you ♪

That one, yeah?

Yes, I think it would work well.

Or those two…

I wasn’t buying everything…

Nica, you’ve been avoiding me.

You won’t speak to me at school. Why aren’t you answering my calls?

Sorry, Lionel, I couldn’t. What are you doing here?

I really like you.

But you have to tell your brother to stay out of this.

He will always be a part of my life.

What does that mean?

What is going on between you?

It wouldn’t make sense.

You weren’t at the orphanage.

[sighs] Sorry, I have to go.

Wait, please.

[Nica gasps]

[Lionel sighs]

I’m sorry, I’ll buy you another one.

It was the last one.

It was for Rigel. Today is his birthday.

Is there anything else you can get for him?


He hates gifts.

This was the only thing that would’ve meant something to him.

I have to go.

[Nica] Lionel couldn’t understand.

To him, it was just a piece of crystal.

But to me, it had been a way of reminding Rigel

that he could shine like the star he was named after.

[Anna] Nica, sweetheart, there you are. Come here.

Hi, everyone.

You didn’t tell me she was so pretty.

Now, sit here and tell me how everything is going with these two nutcases.

I know all their secrets, and after I tell you everything,

you may not want them as parents anymore.

I’m Dalma and this is Asia.

And that man devouring the bread is my husband.


Anna’s told me all about you guys.

Why were you in an orphanage for all of those years, Nica?


Well, if she’s heard all of our secrets, I’d like some of hers to be told.


Good to meet you.

Sorry I’m late.

[Norman] Uh, come sit down and we’ll eat.

Who wants the first sausage, huh?

[doorbell rings]

Oh, can you please open the door?

Yes, of course.



What you are doing here?

[Anna] I invited her.

How’d you manage to get out?

Well, I’m 18 soon, so Margaret let me leave to find a job in town.

Then yesterday, Anna called.

And that’s why I’m here!

[both laugh]

Well then, shall we?

Thank you!

Um, Anna says your sister’s admired by a few of the boys at school.

Are you proud? Or are you jealous?

I’m not interested in any of that.

I know you don’t do birthdays,

but this one’s different.

And may it be the start of a whole new life for you and Nica.

As of tomorrow, you will both be Milligans.

We’re making all of it official.


[Asia] Are you kidding me?

Was it two for the price of one?


Why are you trying so hard to replace Alan?

You haven’t even mentioned him for months.

We don’t need to talk about him to remember him.

It seems to me you’ve forgotten him.

How can you say such a thing to us?

It doesn’t make sense you can do this.

[Anna] Asia!

Darling, your pain is an anchor pulling you beneath the surface.

We will never forget Alan.

Norman and I are just trying to carry on.

And so you’re adopting these two now?

[Anna] Asia.

We are helping these kids who just need to be loved by someone.

I need some love here too, you know? But Alan’s not coming back.

We’ll never be able to laugh again. I’ll never be able to tell him I love him.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t sit here.

No one will ever take his place.


I didn’t know Asia had been dating the Milligan’s son.

I had figured it out, even though Anna and Norman hadn’t talked about it.


Well, we all have issues.

But please, don’t get yourself caught up in theirs.

I can tell that they love you.

We all have issues, I suppose. But our problems are different.

I don’t fit in here.

What are you saying?

You’ve always wanted to have a family.

They don’t know who I truly am inside.

They don’t really know what happened to us.

I guess you could tell them.

I don’t want them to think I’m broken,

ugly, and useless.


You are not broken, or ugly, or useless.

Let go of your past at Grave.


No, it’s not impossible.

Changes are happening.

After Rigel came here, Margaret hasn’t been the same.

She’s mostly locked up in her room.

At times, she screams, and we hear furniture smashing.

What else?

I saw Peter the other day.

How is he?


His family is fantastic.

But he’s still fighting to move on.

[quiet ambient music playing]

He wants all of us to get together.

And press charges against Margaret.


Yes. Nica.

No. No.

Your testimony would be important to all of us. You were punished the most.

She had it in for you, and no one got it worse than you.

You have to help us. We need you.

Adeline, I can’t face her again.

Yes, you can.

You’re stronger than you think you are.

Dalma and George left. They wanted to say goodbye to you.

I’m sorry, Nica.

Unfortunately, Ms. Milligan, I gotta leave as well.

I have to start heading back.

Bye, Adeline.


See ya.


I wish you hadn’t heard all of that.

Asia wasn’t herself.

It’s fine.

Why haven’t you told her you came here in order to be with her? You should.

She always dreamed of finding a family.

I won’t be the one to take that away.


Tell her that you held her hand those times, okay?

She still thinks it was me who was there.

There are no fairy tales in which the wolf holds the girl’s hand.

Go on.

Bye Rigel.

See you soon.

I love you.

Love you.

[sighs shakily]

I feel terrible for Asia.

[Anna] Mmm.

[thunder rumbling]

[Anna sighs]

She can’t tell where her love ends and where her pain begins.

[Klaus meows]

She has to remember the two are different.

[Norman sighs]

[heavy rainfall]

[thunder rumbling]

[piano playing]

[Nica] I wanted to play with him,

hands chasing each other, fingers brushing.

I wanted to wash away his sadness.

I wanted to wipe Margaret away, cleanse him of the past.

I didn’t want Rigel to think of her when he played,

I wanted him to think about us,

and to remember our hands together,

our hearts intertwined.

We could be a melody full of imperfections and flaws.

But also one of laughter,

wonder, and happiness.

[stops playing]

I’m sorry I didn’t get you a gift.

It doesn’t matter.

Yes, it does.

It does to me. I want to make up for it.

I said it doesn’t matter.

There’s gotta be something that you want.

I mean anything.

Anything at all?

And what if I told you to keep still?

To stay right there.

Not to move.

[tender music playing]

[doorbell rings]

Please don’t go anywhere.


[thunder crashes]

[thunder crashing]

Lionel, what are you doing here?

Nica, I know it’s late, but I can’t sleep.

I can’t stop thinking about you.

I can’t stand you living with him.

I just can’t bear to see him anywhere near you.

You were just with him, weren’t you?

You dressed like that…

What present did he ask for, huh?

Nica, you’re gonna be brother and sister!

What will people say about you?

Think your new parents would still want you?

Get out of here!

Please forgive me.

I just really like you.

[thunder crashing]


Go away. I’m not a part of your fairy-tale life.

Go back to him.

[tender ballad playing]

[breathing shakily]

I’m not going anywhere.

♪ Time is waiting ♪

♪ To touch our souls ♪

♪ Every time you leave, every time we cry, Every time you fall ♪

♪ Every time you lose, every time I sink, Every time you win ♪

♪ Every time you ask, every time you pray, For a better feeling ♪

♪ Every time you lose, every time you win For a change to come… ♪

[both panting]

[gasps] I want to be with you.

Why don’t you just go to bed, Nica?

You can keep on deceiving yourself, chasing this fairy tale.

But we’re broken, we’re completely shattered.

Some things can’t be fixed, Nica.

Yes, we are.

We are broken. We’re not perfect.

Maybe we broke into a thousand pieces so we might fit together better.

As long as we’ve known each other, you’ve wanted a family.

And you deserve one.

You deserve new friends. You deserve a normal boyfriend.

You’re happy here.

I’m only glad because you’re here too.

Then what?

And then what?

How… how do you think this story will end?

I am only going to hurt you.

[music intensifies]


[Nica] It didn’t matter what we had been through.

Maybe our past was what bound us together,

and we were the only ones who knew the truth.

Rigel and I, eternal and inseparable.

He the star, and I the sky.

He the flame, and I the moth.


[music fades]

You’re going out?

I’m gonna study with Billie and Miki.

Then we’re all gonna go straight to the dance.

What dance?

At school.

Great! Is Rigel going?

I don’t know.

We haven’t spoken too much lately.

Hmm. I’ve noticed.

[doorbell rings]

Good morning, Mrs. Milligan.

Hi, Billie.

I’m off.

Have a good day, and don’t be out too late tonight.

Oh, there’s no need to worry. Nica’s in good hands.

[Anna chuckles]


See you.

[chuckles, sighs]

[knocking at door]

[Rigel] Yes?

Aren’t you going to the school dance?


Rigel, what’s going on?

Ever since your birthday, you’ve acted so distant.

Anna, I…

need to say something.

[Billie] Isn’t it amazing?

[Miki] Sure is.

How do I look?


Mmm… or should I wear the red one?

What’s going on with you?

Mmm… Okay, I’ll tell you. Are you ready? [giggles]

I know who’s been leaving me roses.

It’s Phelps! [giggles]


When I went to the supermarket today, he was there.

I asked him straight out, and he said, “Yes, it’s me.”

I mean, I knew, but I love that he confessed.


No, it’s not him.

You always do that. You can never be excited for me.

Billie, I know it’s not.

But why?

Because I sent them.

What’d you say?

I’ve given you a white rose every year since we met.

[Billie gasps]

Why would you do that? You just being mean to me, huh?

Tell me why you’d fucking do that? Miki, why would you have given the roses?

Because I love you.

[Billie sighs]

I messed it all up.

[distant thunder rumbling]

[band playing “Laisse tomber les filles”]

♪ Laisse tomber les filles Laisse tomber les filles ♪

♪ Un jour c’est toi qu’on laissera ♪

♪ Laisse tomber les filles Laisse tomber les filles ♪

♪ Un jour c’est toi qui pleureras ♪

♪ Oui, j’ai pleuré mais ce jour-là Non, je ne pleurerai pas ♪

♪ Non, je ne pleurerai pas ♪

♪ Je dirai c’est bien fait pour toi Je dirai ça t’apprendra ♪

♪ Je dirai ça t’apprendra ♪

♪ Laisse tomber… ♪

Are you okay?

Never better, right? [laughs]

Miki is still really upset.

Don’t talk about it.

Tonight I just wanna drink myself to sleep, okay?

Hey! So, do you wanna dance?

Fuck you. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!

What’s her deal, huh?


Nica, I’m very sorry.

I was an idiot. It’s just…

I think I’ve got this huge crush on you.

And I just can’t handle it very well.

So now what?

So come to the dance floor.

An offering of peace.

♪ Un jour c’est toi qui pleureras ♪

♪ Non, pour te plaindre il n’y aura Personne d’autre que toi ♪

♪ Personne d’autre que toi ♪

♪ Alors tu te rappelleras Tout ce que je te dis là ♪

♪ Tout ce que je te dis là ♪

♪ Alors tu te rappelleras Tout ce que je te dis là ♪

♪ Tout ce que je te dis là ♪

♪ Alors tu te rappelleras Tout ce que je te dis là ♪

♪ Tout ce que je te dis là ♪

[song ends]

[tires screeching]


[dog barking]

[band playing rock music]

♪ One! Two! ♪

♪ Three! Four! ♪

♪ Hey! I’m counting the steps ♪

♪ That will take me there ♪

♪ Again and again and again ♪

♪ I can’t understand I can’t understand… ♪

[crowd cheering]

My head is spinning.

I’m not used to this.

Let’s go somewhere quiet.

♪ Again and again and again ♪

♪ To wanna be four, to wanna be four ♪

♪ To wanna be four ♪

[band continues playing in distance]

[door closes]

Why did you bring me here?

[Lionel] Look.



[whooshing sound effects]

Do you like it?


Come on, Lionel.

I’m better now. Let’s go back.

First you wanna come here,

now you wanna leave.

[Nica grunts]

[gasps] Lionel, please.

[Lionel] Sh.


Lionel, please, I’m telling you to stop!

Stop it!

[crowd cheering and whooping]

Billie. Billie!

Where’s Nica?

Hey! Uh… I don’t know.

She was here a minute ago… with Lionel! [giggles]

Wait. I saw… they went that way. [giggles]

Lionel! Stop it!

[gasping, grunting]

Help me!

[Rigel grunts]

[Nica] Stop!

[Lionel yells]

Hah! [yelps]

[Lionel yells]


When I let you go, you’ll leave! Okay?

So you’re the good guy now, huh?

[Rigel wheezing]

You think you’re the hero?

You wanna see how bad I can be?

[Lionel] I’m going, but we’re not done!

[door slams]

Are you okay?

Are you sure?

Do you know what the last thing my mother said to me was?

The wolf is just the villain because someone said so,

but they aren’t always bad.

And if you are the wolf, then…

I can’t imagine a fairy tale without you.

This path is nothing but thorns.

[“i love you” by Billie Eilish]

I’ve never been afraid of getting hurt.

♪ It’s not true ♪

♪ Tell me I’ve been lied to ♪

♪ Cryin’ isn’t like you ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Hmm, mmm, hmm, mmm ♪

♪ Maybe won’t you take it back? ♪

♪ Say you were tryna make me laugh ♪

♪ And nothin’ has to change today ♪

♪ You didn’t mean to say “I love you” ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ And I don’t want to ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Up all night ♪

♪ On another red-eye ♪

♪ I wish we never learned to fly ♪

♪ Fly… ♪

You’re disgusting!

I’ll tell everyone! I’ll tell them what you’re doing!

Lionel, please.

He should be treating you more like a sister, you know that!

You want to be with him?

Bad decision.

Let’s get outta here.

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Hmm, mmm, hmm, mmm ♪

♪ Maybe won’t you take it back? ♪

♪ Say you were tryna make me laugh ♪

♪ And nothin’ has to change today ♪

♪ You didn’t mean to say “I love you” ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ And I don’t want to… ♪


♪ We fall apart as it gets dark ♪

♪ I’m in your arms in Central Park ♪

♪ There’s nothin’ you could do or say ♪

♪ I can’t escape the way I love you… ♪

[muffled] Nica?

Nica. Please wake up.

[monitors beeping]

[clearly] Hey, there.

You’re in the hospital. You had a bad accident.

I’ll go get Anna and Norman.

They’re outside.

Wait a sec.

At the Grave, when Margaret… used to punish me,

it wasn’t you who held my hand there, was it?

It was Rigel.

Yes, it was Rigel.

But he always said that I couldn’t tell you.

But why?

Because he, um…

[door opens]

[Anna] Hi.


You gave us a terrible fright. We were so worried about you.

Where is Rigel?

I’m gonna go get the doctor.

Uh, yes.

[Nica] Where is he?

Where… is he?

[Anna] Stay calm.

The doctors are still running some tests.

They’ll get the results back, and they’ll be here to tell us some more.

I wanna see Rigel.

You mustn’t go anywhere, Nica.

[doctor] Good morning.

[Anna] Good morning.

Why am I here?

The two of you fell from a very high bridge.

Rigel’s body broke your fall, and he’s in a coma.

[somber music playing]

A coma?

Unfortunately, his preexisting condition has complicated this for us.

You said preexisting?

[doctor] He has neuromas in his brain.

They cause fevers and strong headaches.

I really don’t understand why he’s never undergone surgery.

[sighs] I need to see him.

None of us can see him now.

Margaret won’t let anyone in.


[Anna] Nica…

Rigel refused the adoption.

That’s impossible.

He was adamant when he told us.

He didn’t want to stay any longer.

The person making his decisions is Margaret.


He left this for you in your room.

[emotional music swells]

Take me to see him now.

I beg you.

It was only a matter of time before you destroyed him.

I should never have let those people take you away.

It’s completely your fault that Rigel is in a coma.

Please let me see Rigel.

[Margaret] Oh no, Nica.

I’ll keep you away forevermore.

I beg you.

I told you when you were a child,

crying for what you’ve lost won’t bring it back to you.

Now get away from me.

[Nica] She wanted to keep Rigel and me apart.

But I went back every day just to be close to him.

And I wasn’t alone.

I was joined by friends, old and new.

And I didn’t give up.

But the past still tormented me, and he seemed further and further away.

There was only one way to set us both free.

Now please bring in your first witness and swear them in. It is Peter Corrin.

[lawyer 1] Mr. Corrin.

Can you tell the court whether you were ever subjected to physical or mental abuse

when you resided at the orphanage, Sunnycreek Home?


[lawyer 1] In the statement you gave on the 20th of February this year, you said,

“Corporal punishment took place regularly.”

“I myself was beaten many times, and often left to go hungry.”*

Do you remember saying that, Mr. Corrin?

I was mistaken, sir.

Mr. Corrin, you’re aware that giving false testimony is a crime?

[lawyer 2] Objection, Your Honor.

He’s intimidating the witness. Who is also a minor.

I’ll allow it.



Is he okay?

[Nica] I hope so.

Anna and Norman told me the trial began already.

How’s it going?

It’s difficult.

Listen… I really wanted to apologize for my behavior that day.

I understand.

You do?

I know how it feels

to lose the person you love.

[Asia sighs]

[lawyer 2] Miss Milligan.

You were adopted four months ago, correct?

The family adopted another boy with you, if I’m not mistaken.

Yes. Rigel Wilde.

I understand that he decided to go back to Sunnycreek Home,

after turning down the adoption.

Objection, Your Honor. That is completely irrelevant.

If you give me a moment, Your Honor, the relevance will become clear.

[judge] You may proceed. The witness will answer the question.

[Nica] It’s not what you think.

[lawyer 2] I will ask that you stick to the question, Miss Milligan.

Did Rigel Wilde indeed turn down the adoption?


You’re saying a boy who had finally found a family who loved him

suddenly decided to return to an orphanage where he was regularly tortured?

No, that’s not it. She didn’t beat him.

[lawyer 2] I didn’t catch that, Miss Milligan.

She didn’t beat Rigel.

[lawyer 2] But she beat the others?

[Nica] Yes.

[lawyer 2] Then why didn’t she beat him?

He was like a son. Like her very own.

Miss, are you in love with Rigel Wilde?

Objection, that is outrageous!

[judge] Overruled.

[judge] Answer the question.

[sighs shakily]


[lawyer 2] I see. So you were right about to be adopted

with the boy that you say you are in love with,

but then he decides to go back to the woman he considers his real mother.

He hates her.

Is that so? [scoffs]

No, I think that you are the one who hates Margaret Stoker.

An innocent woman who has been put on trial because of a personal vendetta.

Objection! Your Honor, if I may. She is intimidating my witness.

She insulted my client, Your Honor!

[high-pitched ringing]

I don’t feel very well.

[gasping for breath]



You have to carry on. This is only the start.

[Nica whimpers]

We’ll never stop her. You saw how she’s treating us. [gasps]

You must believe and have faith, Nica.

[Nica groans]

Do you feel well enough to continue?


Come here, sweetie.

[emotional music playing]

[judge] Are you all right, miss?

Are you certain you wish to continue?

If not, we can adjourn until tomorrow.

No. I’m fine.

Then please go ahead with your testimony.

We all called the orphanage “Grave.”

And it wasn’t because of the peeling wallpaper

or the dark cellars that we were locked in every day.

We called it Grave because it was a tomb for our souls.

I don’t have physical scars from what she did to me.

And only now

has it occurred to me,

I’m not just here to report the evil done to me,

to Adeline, to Peter,

and to all of the other kids,

but also to condemn what she did to Rigel Wilde.

Rigel, whom Margaret loved as a son…

was forced to watch while we were being tortured every day,

without being able to help us.


Margaret had convinced Rigel he was a monster.

She had told Rigel that he was the wolf in the fairy tale.

And when evil loves you, I mean,

how can you

learn to love or be loved?

Rigel is in a coma now.

But at least I know he’s finally alive.


Because he knows what love is,

and he knows he is loved too.


I don’t care whether you believe this or not.

And I understand why people were afraid to testify and tell the truth.

Probably, their souls are still prisoners in that orphanage called Grave.

In those dark cellars without sky.

Since no one taught them that to be loved,

or to give love,

you cannot be afraid.

You just need to have courage.

[emotional music swells]

[breathing shakily]


[monitor beeping]

We won.

Margaret can’t hurt anyone anymore.


Look, you’ve made me cry now.

It’s you, you really are my Tearsmith.

Everyone has their own.

It’s the one person who can always make us cry, and can tear right through us, or give us joy, just by looking at us.

I love you.

I love you more than anything.





[Nica] This was the same boy who had first seen me at the entrance of Grave.

This was the hand that had found the courage to hold mine in the cellar.

This was the heart he hadn’t found the courage to give me.

But which, in every way, had called out my name.

And even if our story was not a real fairy tale, and we would always be those two children who met at the orphanage, maybe happiness existed for us too.

I was no longer alone.

I had found a family.

People who had taught me about friendship.

Others who’d found themselves.

Who had allowed themselves to be seen and understood.

I had discovered how indefinitely nuanced feelings can be.

How hard it is to be yourself and let yourself be accepted by someone else.

In the end, I realized that the greatest fairy tales can be found in our hearts.


♪ Time is waiting ♪

♪ To touch our souls ♪

♪ Every time you leave, every time we cry, Every time you fall ♪

♪ Every time you lose, every time I sink, Every time you win ♪

♪ Every time you ask, every time you pray For a better feeling ♪

♪ Every time I lose, every time I win For a change to come ♪

♪ While you become ♪

♪ Someone else ♪

♪ Time has to teach us ♪

♪ To wait for the good ♪

♪ Every time you leave, every time we cry, Every time you fall ♪

♪ Every time you lose, every time I sink, Every time you win ♪

♪ Every time you ask, Every time you pray for us ♪

♪ You’re the best I ever had ♪

♪ Come and save me from myself ♪

♪ You’re the best I ever met ♪

♪ Come and rescue me from ♪

♪ Here ♪

♪ From here ♪

♪ Come and rescue me from ♪

♪ Here ♪

♪ From here ♪

♪ You’re the best I ever had ♪

♪ Come and save me from myself ♪

♪ You’re the best I ever met ♪

♪ Come and rescue me from ♪

♪ Here ♪

[song fades]

[tender music playing]

[music fades]


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