The Midnight Sky (2020) – Transcript

This post-apocalyptic tale follows Augustine, a lonely scientist in the Arctic, as he races to stop Sully and her fellow astronauts from returning home to a mysterious global catastrophe.
The Midnight Sky (2020)

Augustine Lofthouse is an ambitious scientist who works towards finding habitable planets where humanity could expand. One night at a gala he meets Jean and after a brief adventure she leaves him due to his obsession with work and inability to form bonds with other human beings.

Thirty years later, in 2049, a cataclysmic event wipes out most of the Earth, killing almost all of the population with powerful radiation. Two weeks later, Augustine, now working in the Arctic, refuses to evacuate his base, knowing he hasn’t got long to live due to his serious illness requiring dialysis. Alone, he tries to contact any space mission hoping to warn them about the situation on Earth but finds that all but one have been decommissioned. Only one mission, the space craft Æther, is still active and currently returning from Jupiter after having explored a habitable moon, K-23. On board, the crew is unaware of the events on Earth. Augustine attempts to contact them, but the antenna is too weak for his signal to reach the ship.

One night while working, Augustine finds a young girl in the station who doesn’t speak. He tries to contact his previous colleagues but quickly understands they are all gone. Thanks to her drawing, he understands that her name is Iris. Reticent at first, Augustine grows fond of Iris and the two set off for another base in the Arctic hoping the antenna will be powerful enough to contact Æther. The pair faces the freezing temperatures of the North Pole and a series of obstacles that causes Augustine to lose his dialysis equipment, thus condemning him to die soon. Arriving at the base, he manages to contact Æther, briefly warning them about the situation, but the crew is interrupted by a meteor strike that damages the radar and communication systems on board.

To fix the ship, pregnant astronaut Sully and her partner, Commander Adewole, conduct a spacewalk with their flight engineer Maya. The team manages to fix the comms and radar but are caught in the middle of a second meteor strike that fatally injures Maya who, despite Sanchez’s best efforts back on the ship, dies moments later. A broken Sully reaches out to Augustine who tells her not to come back to Earth but to instead go back to K-23 and start a new life there. Æther’s pilot, Tom Mitchell, refuses, but upon discovering his wife’s final words and seeing the scorched surface of the Earth, understands it is in the crew’s best interests to go back to Jupiter’s moon. However, he decides to use one of the space shuttles to go back to Earth hoping to find his family. Sanchez, who saw Maya as a second daughter, decides to accompany him and bury her body. The two set off back to Earth.

In her final communication, Sully understands that she’s speaking to Augustine Lofthouse, who was one of the reasons why she joined NASA. She thanks him, telling him her mother Jean knew him. Augustine realizes that Sully is in fact the daughter Iris he had with Jean thirty years prior, and that the young Iris is merely an illusion, an image his mind created to motivate him. Before succumbing to his illness and the radiation, Augustine tells Sully he’s proud to have finally met her. Sully and Adewole, now the only survivors, set a course for K-23 where they hope to give humanity a second start.



[microwave whirring]

[microwave beeps]

[dishes clattering]

[microwave door shuts]

[grunts softly]

[silverware clatters]

[man] Still time to change your mind.

[Augustine] Like a race to see who’d die first.


Terminal patient outlives the rest of humanity.

Someone should put you in a medical journal.

Nobody around to read it.

[man] If you stop the transfusions, you won’t last a week.

If I was in a hurry to die, I’d go with you.

[man] We all want to be home.

Where is that?

[man] Well, for you, I guess that’s here.

As good a place as any.

[woman 1] Ana? Ana!

[soldier] Leave everything behind.

Ana! Ana?

[soldier] Leave all belongings behind.


My little girl is missing!


I can’t find my daughter. She isn’t here.

What’s the problem?

I can’t find her!

[woman 2] Katherine!


She already left.

[Katherine] What?

They put her on another helicopter. I saw her.

[crying] What? She was alone?

No, with Doctor Rogg.

He said to tell you he will meet you on the ground.

[soldier] We have to go.

[Ana] Come on.

[man] Are you checking off names?

Nobody gave me a list. I just put people on the chopper.

What about him?

[man] He’s staying.

[soldier] Let’s go!

[“Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton playing over stereo]

♪ Used to spend my nights Out in a barroom ♪

♪ Liquor was the only love I’d known ♪

♪ But you rescued me From reachin’ for the bottom ♪

♪ And brought me back ♪

♪ From being too far gone ♪

♪ You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey ♪

♪ You’re as sweet as strawberry wine ♪

♪ You’re as warm as a glass of brandy ♪

♪ And, honey, I stay stoned On your love all the time ♪

[machine hissing]

[exhales sharply]

[young Augustine] In our galaxy alone, there are billions of stars, each one a sun to its own solar system.

And most of those suns have planets, so it stands to reason that of these hundreds of billions of exoplanets that exist in our galaxy, at least one of them has the potential to support life.

This is K-23, Jupiter’s previously undiscovered moon.

Not quite an exoplanet.

The moon’s atmosphere is governed not by the sun, but by its thermal volcanic activity.

In simpler terms, when studying K-23’s lunar spectrum, its biomarkers and water vapors, it appears as though it’s being heated from the inside out.

While further probing will need to test for atmospheric habitability, we can confidently say that based on its mass, radial velocity, and orbit, it could be just right.

[jazz music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

I haven’t met him personally, but I gathered research for his partner years ago, read his papers.

Was that at Oxford?

No, Michigan.

[chuckling] Oh, Michigan.

Very cold.

Yeah. Have you been?


What are you drinking?


Whiskey. What are you drinking?

Same as you.

There’s a place called Portobello Beach.

Have you heard of this?


It’s so beautiful. You should go there. Just off the coast near Edinburgh.

In the height of summer, it’s probably gonna be raining.

It’s a tourist trap.

Yeah, I’m sure.

You should go to the beach.

It’s beautiful.

I will.

But, um, while I have you, can I ask you a very serious question about your very serious book?

How much of what you’re searching for is reality, and how much of your planet is just


[alarm beeps]


[exhales sharply]


[system whirring]

List active missions.

[system beeps]

[system voice] Neowise, inactive.

Voyager 3, inactive.

International Space Station, evacuated.

Orion 2, inactive.

Aether, active.

Geofen 3, inactive.

Jason 4–

Show me Aether.

How long till Aether’s in range for direct contact?

[system voice] Aether will be in range in 11 hours and 54 minutes.

Set an alarm for notification.

[system voice] Alarm is set.

[device beeping]

On my way.


No! Wait!


Wait! I’m here!



You awake, Maya?

[Maya] I’m awake. How are you feeling?

[Sully] Like a moose.

Morning, Sully.

[Sully] I’m not speaking to you.

Why is that?

[Sully] I had a dream you left me on K-23, so I’m not talking to you.

[monkeys grunting]

[Sully] You started early.

Champions never rest.

You still trying to beat your boys’ times?

They pay you to distract me, don’t they?

Nah, I do it for free.

You hear anything from home?

[Sully] I’m trying.



Good morning, Sanchez.

Morning, Sully.

Your decaf.

[chuckles] Whoa! Thank you, thank you.

Anything yet?

[Sully] Nothing yet.

This is Aether Mission K-23, open on all channels.

Does anyone copy?

[system whirring]

[Sully] Repeat.

Does anyone copy?

[whirring continues]

[radio noise whirring]

[Sanchez] What’s she hearing?

[Ade] What frequency is this?

I’m running S, X, and Ka.

[Ade] That puts our last contact–

Including the control blackout?

[Ade] Post-blackout.

Three weeks.

If Mojave goes offline, then Spain or Australia immediately grabs the signal.

No gaps. We’re not receiving anything.

I’ve taken everything apart, rebooted it a dozen times, and nothing works.

I also couldn’t make contact with the K-23 colony flight, which should’ve been in the air a week ago.

I mean, it could be atmospheric, RF pollution, or maybe a geomagnetic storm.

But none of that could last this long or disrupt both hemispheres.


[alarm blaring]

[alarm continues blaring]


[alarm stops]

[exhales sharply]


Hello, this is Barbeau Observatory. A family member has been left behind.

Somebody needs to come back for her.

[radio noise whirring]

Hello, this is Barbeau Observatory. An outpost child has been left. Sh–

What’s your name?

Your name– What’s your name?

[hesitates] She’s a– She’s an unidentified child.

She’s seven or eight. She’s alone.

Somebody has to come back. Sh–

[radio noise continues]

Is anyone out there?

[static whirs]

[wind whistling]



Somebody’s gotta be coming back for you, because I can’t help you.

You understand?

I’m the wrong person.

[exhales sharply]

I’m the wrong person.


[continues coughing]


Are you hungry?

[oven beeps]

You have any brothers or sisters?

You’re not deaf, right? You can hear me talking?


Well, that’s clear.

You just can’t talk?

Or you won’t?

You just want to piss me off.

What is that? Is that an iris?

Is it–



[system beeps]

[system voice] Aether is within direct contact range.

There are no incoming messages.

Come in, Aether. This is Barbeau Observatory.

Are you receiving this?

[static over radio]

[Augustine] Come in, Aether. This is Barbeau Observatory.

Are you receiving this?

[static continues]

Don’t– Don’t touch anything.

Come in, Aether. This is Barbeau Observatory.

Are you receiving this?

No touching.

Come in, Aether.

This is Barbeau Observatory. Are you receiving this?

[static continues]

That’s Aether.

It’s a spaceship, far away, coming back from a planet that we– we hoped would be our future, but…

Things didn’t quite turn out that way.

That’s why I have to contact them.

Now, before it’s too late.

You understand?



No, no, no, no.

This is my room.

This is my room.


You sleep in here.




[breathing heavily]

Uh… [sighs]

[wind whipping]

[Augustine] The antenna’s our problem. It’s not strong enough.

Doesn’t matter what direction we put it in.

They’re not answering us because they can’t hear us.


[Iris laughing]

Well, that’s something.

Given all the variables, the fact that we can’t contact the K-23 colony flight and can’t raise Mojave on any frequency, our obvious conclusion must be… that the fault lies with us.

But we have exhausted every possible trouble area on our side and simply cannot find it.

[system dings]

[Ade] If this were a less experienced crew, this ship would be in full-blown panic.

[woman in hologram] Slow down.

[Ade] Mission Specialist Sullivan is now breaking every protocol as she attempts to make any kind of contact, including China, India… and Russia.

This action is under my direction.

Mitchell is… simply the best flier there is, but he’s anxious to get home.

Maya and Sanchez are on 12-hour shifts as they boot and reboot the comms system, again at my order.

Overall, the crew’s spirit remains high as we near the end of our journey.

Our two-year mission to K-23 has us returning with more answers than questions.

Can it sustain life? Yes. Can it expand? Yes.

Could it be home?

Yes, it could.

Every question we set out to answer, we did… except the one that lingers in the air.

“Why is it so quiet?”

[system voice] Your breakfast has timed out. Would you like another?

No. Almost done.

[wind whistling]

I know.

Doesn’t make much sense to me either.


[machine hissing rhythmically]

[Augustine grunts]

You know, there’s no rule that says you have to touch everything.

[dreamy instrumental music playing]


You see it?

[music continues]

It’s the most important star in the sky.

If you ever get lost, it’ll help you find your way.

I called you. You didn’t answer.

Sorry, I was working.

Can’t answer your phone when you’re working?

I can. I just didn’t.

I called to tell you I’m not pregnant.

You’re safe.

It was just a… possible sighting of a life-form that ultimately proved false.

You want to be an explorer, Augustine.

To discover new worlds, to… give life some hope.

But while you’re doing all that, your own life is just slipping away.

And that breaks my heart.

[sniffles] But, you know…

I’m sure it’s for the best.

[wind howling]

[birds chittering]

[birds continue chittering]

[chittering grows louder]


It shouldn’t be up this far.

Not yet.

There is an antenna that’s stronger than ours.

It’s up north.


Lake Hazen.

It’s a weather station.

It’s protected by this mountain range.

So the air might still be good.

At least for a while.

We get to that antenna, somebody’ll hear us.

It’s a long way.

[dramatic, percussive music playing]

[device vibrating]

[Augustine] It’s okay.

It’s all right. You have to.

So do I.

Just take a deep breath.

That’s not so bad, right?

Hmm? Okay.

Never take it off, no matter what.

[music intensifies]

[music ends]

[woman 1] Right? And I hear this, like… [sniffs]


[woman 2] What?

[woman 1] Then I heard this voice that was like, “Oh, damn, you smell good.”

[woman 2] What?

[woman 1] And it was the guy!

[woman 2] No way, you’re lying.

[woman 1] Why would I lie?

[woman 2] He did that?

[woman 3] No, he didn’t.

[woman 2] Oh my God. He did that?

[woman 1] Yeah, he did.

[woman 2] But why?

[woman 1] ‘Cause I smell good!

[woman 2] So, what? He was behind you?

[woman 1] He was right behind me. He came down onto my neck.

It’s okay. You can come in.

[whispers] No.

[chatter in hologram continues]

Come in!

[Sanchez chuckles]

[woman 2] Is he hot?


[woman 1] If you’re late, you’re not hot. [woman 2] Yeah, but… Okay.

[woman 1] So you don’t mind if someone’s–

[woman 2] No, I wanted to know if he was hot.

So, this is my sister.

And that is my very, very best friend from high school.

[Maya’s friend] So he turns up.


[Maya’s friend] He turns up.

Wait for it.

Here it comes.

The world’s smartest cat, Einstein.

[Maya’s sister] Hey, baby! Hey, honeybun. [kisses]

He still likes me best.

[Maya’s sister] I need to hear what happened.


[Maya’s sister] I don’t know.

[Maya’s friend] I told you, the guy with…

Is it the sniffer?

Oh, no! What?

[woman on TV] I’m so frightened.


[man] I’m so sorry for so many things.

I love you, Margaret.

I love you.

[romantic music playing]

I love you.

[Sully] Do you want to change games?

I’m on about a two-month winning streak.

[Ade] I’m pacing myself.

I got into NASA ’cause I was damn good at mathematics.

Now, I don’t like to use the word “prodigy,” but–

Yeah, I read your bio.

You also broke the family dog’s leg when you strapped it to a wooden rocket.

That’s irrelevant.

Not to the dog.


Did you know there are over 60 billion possible combinations of rummy hands at the start of the game?

So this little streak you’re on…

A streak that’s lasted from one side of the universe to the other.

…is nothing more than a minuscule blip of luck among 60 billion possible combinations.

But when you apply… genius-level math skills to the equation, you can shift those combinations to your favor.

Hmm. And that is what you’re doing now?

Overpowering me with math?

[chuckles] You, my friend,

are what my fellow mathematicians refer to as… a simpleton.

Oh! [chuckles] A simpleton!

[alarm blaring]

We’ve deviated off course.

[Ade] How far?

Can’t tell yet. Auto-deactivated at some point.

[Ade] Shut us down. Kill the engines before we get completely sideways.

Problem with navigation.

So we’re off course. How far?

No idea.

Okay, we’ll need to figure that out.

What is the variance for the alarm?

0.4 degrees.

And it sounded for what? 80 seconds?

[Maya] At 30,000 miles per hour.

Plus coast speed after engine kill.

Guidance and telemetry are–

Non-existent without comms.

Sanchez, shut off the alarm.

[alarm stops]


[system whirring]

Sully? What do you hear?

[Sully over radio] Jupiter probes, the beacon we left behind at K-23, the supply probe on its way there now, some dying satellites–

We can use that.

We can reference the K-23 beacon as our starting point.

It’s behind us.

We can still build a course from there to the satellite.

[Ade] Start building.

Sully, get him exact numbers on the beacon and pulse.

[over radio] Maya, help Sanchez with the course design.

And move fast. We’re drifting while we work.

[Mitchell] And the hits keep coming.

Ten models, ten matching results.

[Mitchell] You sure about the numbers?

[system beeps]


Yeah, but it puts us in zones that haven’t been cleared for passage.

Any risks you’re aware of?

Well, we know there was meteor activity here, and we can avoid that, but… this area… we haven’t mapped.

[Maya] Nobody’s mapped it.

Anyone else have a better idea of how to get home?

Okay, then. That’s our course.

Okay, boss, but I sure don’t like passing through zones that haven’t been cleared.

I sure don’t either.

[wind blowing]

[bag unzipping]

[Augustine] We’re okay for now.

No need to keep checking it. The air is safe here.

We’re safe.

Yeah. [sighs]

We gotta get some sleep.

You need to sleep.

I need to sleep.

[gun fires]

[gunshot echoes]


[Augustine] Stay here.

[Augustine yelping]

[whispers] You… gotta help me, please.


[breath trembling] Please…



Get out of here. Go!


[gun fires]

[somber music playing]

Let’s go.

[machine hissing]

[music continues]

[music ends]

[indistinct chatter]

[woman] Take care of yourself [laughing] Goodbye!

Come on, then. Let’s get you in the car. Come on.

In you go.

Okay, sweetheart, buckle up.

We were on the island.

My, uh…

My father had a stroke, so we wanted to spend time with him.

Mmm. I’m sorry.

Well, you know, life.

Did you tell her about me?

If you want her to know about you, you can introduce yourself.

Take care of yourself, Augustine.

You know, this machine was actually designed to detect alien life-forms that might invade our system.

[chuckles] That sounds about right.

[heart beating]

[Sully chuckles]

[both chuckle]

[heartbeat continues]


You wanna know if it’s a girl or a boy?


Absolutely not.

[Maya laughs]

[Sully] We’re having a girl.

A girl?


Are you?

I just didn’t see this coming.

Well, you’re only human.


Are you saying I couldn’t help myself?

No, you said that, not me.

Did I say that?

I didn’t see it coming either.

So, what are we gonna name her?


[Sully] Trudy?



[Ade laughs]

[Sully chuckles] Margot?



[Augustine panting]

This’ll do.

For now. [coughing]

[pills rattle]

Is that your mom?

I knew a face like that once.

Yeah. Her hair was a little different shade, but…

She was as loud as you are quiet.

When she’d laugh, everybody would turn and look.

I think she’d laugh so much because she was that much smarter than everybody else, and she knew it.

I wish you’d tell me something about your life, Iris.

Anything would do.

Hey, Iris.

Ask me a question.

Did you love her?

[loud crash]


[water gushing]



[water splashing]

[Augustine grunts]



[Augustine groans]

[ice cracking]


[coughing and gasping]


We shouldn’t have stopped.

[Augustine] It’s all we have.

[wind whistling]

No, thank you.

I like these better.

When we get to Lake Hazen,

there’s gonna be every kind of food there.

There’s gonna be


and cheeseburgers.

Anything you want.

No peas.


[wind howling]

We keep going in that direction.

Come on.

[Augustine grunts]


It’s all right.

We’re gonna be fine.

We’ll be fine.


I see you!

[barking continues]

I see you!


[Augustine yells]

[gunshot echoing]

[Augustine] Iris?

Iris? I’m here!

[sad string music playing]

Come to my voice!

I’m here.

There’s no tracks.


I’m here.

I’m here!

I’m here.


[Augustine] I thought I’d lost you.

I thought I’d lost you.


Look what you did.

[Ade] All good?

Just going where Sanchez tells me to go.

Anything from Sully?

[Ade] Nothing yet. It’s just a glitch.

You really believe that?

[Ade] Until someone tells me different, Tom.

I understand it’s a girl.

[Ade] Yeah.



[Ade] What?

It was my mother’s name.

It’s a flower.



Some kind of flower.

[machine whirring]

[Augustine over radio] 81-40 North.

72-58 West.

Are you there?

This is the spaceship Aether returning from Jupiter Mission.

Can you hear me?


Yes. I’m receiving.

This is Lake Hazen Weather Station.

Lake Hazen, I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear your voice.

For some reason, you’re the only person who wants to talk to me.

We’ve lost contact with NASA and everyone else.

Do you have information on our transmission blackout?

Lake Hazen, are you there?

How much have you picked up about the conditions on Earth?

We’ve received nothing.

[Augustine] I wish I–

[Sully] I’m sorry, Lake Hazen, I missed that last transmission.

[transmission breaking up]

Is that Mission Control?

Lake Hazen, are you receiving this?

I don’t know all the details. I know it was a mistake.

It started with–


[transmission breaking up]

[alarm blaring]

[Sully] Lake Hazen, do you copy?


[Ade] What is it?

[Maya] I can’t pull it up on radar.

Can you rotate on this axis?

Trying now.

[Sanchez] What the hell is that?

It’s what happens when you fly in the goddamn dark.

Aether? Mission Specialist Sullivan, do you copy? Hello?

Lake Hazen, can you hear me?

[radio static buzzes]

Lake Hazen, do you copy?

Stay on current to assess any damage beyond the comms.

[Maya] It’s over.

[Mitchell] For now.

Sully, bridge status.

Contained. There’s damage to a lab wall.

[Ade] What’s the status on secondary and tertiary communications?

Lost communications.

And lost radar.

Son of a bitch.

Full reports on all systems, and let’s at least get the radar fixed.

[Maya] On it.

Let’s see what we got.

There’s the lab wall.

[Ade] The printer can fix that.

That’s the radar.

[Ade] Okay.

[Mitchell] And there’s the comms.

[Ade] And there’s the comms.

It can be rebuilt.

But it’s gonna take a walk outside.

Where did you get this?

Stole it from the LM platform support.

NASA can worry about how to unload their supply canisters when we get back.

That should do the trick.

[Sanchez] Hey, Maya?

[Maya] Hmm?

What do you think of the name Caroline?

Uh, it’s okay.

[both chuckle]

[Sanchez] Better than Hyacinth?



How are we doing?

Should come in under the deadline.

I’ve been thinking. It’s gotta be me and Maya going out.

Okay, I’ll probably tag along, help carry that thing.

There’s no gravity out there. It’s not gonna be too heavy for us girls to handle.

[Maya chuckles]

I don’t like to miss a chance to stroll around the block.

Is he going because he’s worried about you or because I’ve never walked before?

You’ve trained for this.

He wouldn’t send you out if he wasn’t sure you could do it.

Good. As long as one of us is.


[Mitchell] That’s her fourth.

I mean, she’s so small. Where does it all keep coming from?

[Sanchez chuckles]

How you feeling?

[Maya] I could throw up again.

Now you know how I feel.

[Maya retches]

[Ade] Do it now before you secure the helmet.

It’s a bitch to get off.

[Sully chuckles]

[Maya retches and coughs]

[Ade] You need help?

[Maya] Uh-huh.

[sighs] Thanks.

Now that’s just wrong.


[Ade] You good, Maya?

[Sully] We can go as fast or slow as you’re comfortable out here.

[Ade] That goes for you too, Sully.

No rush, understood?

Oh my God.

[Ade] No view quite like it.

[uplifting music playing]

[Mitchell] There’s your radar.

[Sully] Yep.

[Mitchell] The installation site should be coming up.

[Ade] I see it.

[Mitchell] Twenty-five meters.

Twenty meters.

[Ade] Got eyes on the antenna site.

[Mitchell] Hey, Sully. What do you think of the name Florence?

The kids would call her “Flo.”

Yeah, good point.

[Mitchell] How’s the radar look?

[Sully] Uh…

Might just be knocked loose.

We’ve got some detached wires, but the nose is intact.

I’m sorry? Did you say “the nose”?

Everybody’s a critic.

[Sanchez chuckles]

[Ade] Hey, Sanchez.


How about a little inspiration?

Ooh. [chuckles]

Yeah, I think I might have the song for you.

Uh, right here. Here you go. Enjoy, kids.

[“Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond playing]


Oh, yeah.

I don’t know this song.

♪ Where it began ♪

♪ I can’t begin to knowing ♪

♪ But then I know it’s growing strong ♪

♪ Strong ♪

[Sanchez laughs]

♪ Was in the spring ♪

[Mitchell over radio] ♪ In the spring ♪

♪ And spring became the summer ♪

♪ Who’d have believed you’d come along ♪

Nope, don’t know it.

♪ Hands ♪

♪ Touching hands ♪

♪ Reaching out ♪

♪ Touching me ♪

♪ Touching you ♪

♪ Sweet Caroline ♪

♪ Good times never seemed so good ♪


♪ I feel inclined ♪

♪ To believe they never would ♪

♪ But now I ♪

♪ Look at the night ♪

♪ And it don’t seem so lonely ♪

♪ We fill it up with only– ♪


Okay, Mitchell, let’s see if we’ve got any radar.

[Mitchell] Copy that. Give me a second.

[Sanchez] All right, fantastic. Rebooting now.

[powering up]


I am in the wrong profession.

I’ve been saying that for two years.


[Ade] Maya, are we secure?

Yeah, just let me finish this last connection.

[Ade] Let’s get back and see who wants to talk to us.

Sully, you take the lead.

[Sully] Okay.

Okay, everybody, good job. Sanchez?

Can’t tell about comms, but radar looks like–

[alarm blaring]

[Mitchell] What do we got?

Maya, move!



Ade, you need to move fast. You need to go.

[Sanchez] Get out of there.

Go now, Ade!

[Sanchez] Maya! Get out of there now!

I’m stuck!


Maya! Move!


[both screaming]


[breathing heavily]

I’m here, Ade!

[alarm stops]

That’s it.

It’s over.

Is everybody all right? Everybody safe?

You okay?

Son of a bitch!

What the fuck? [exclaims]

Okay, okay.

Let’s get inside before Maya breaks something else.


[Ade grunts]

[Mitchell] Status report?

Radar is still up, and…

comms is still up.

Punching in now. Fingers crossed on comms.

Ugh, I need a drink.

I am gonna celebrate the first and last time I walk in space.

No, no, I’m gonna have two drinks.

[Sully] We could all use a drink.

[Mitchell] Who said that?


[Sanchez] Sully.


[softly] Help me.

[hesitating] Help– Help me.

[Sully] Maya?


I’m bleeding.

[Ade] Penetration wound.

Sanchez, have med-pack ready to meet us in the airlock.

Sanchez is on it.

Ade, her oxygen levels are falling fast.

[dramatic, percussive music playing]

Let’s get her tied down.

[Maya] What did I do wrong?

You didn’t do anything wrong.

[airlock hissing]

[Sully] Okay.

[Maya groans]

[Sully] You’re gonna be fine.

[Maya] Is it bad?

[Maya gasping]

[Ade] Let’s get this backpack off.

[Sully] Just breathe, Maya

Sanchez, get that med-pack in here!

Come on, come on.

[Maya groaning]

[Sully] Just breathe.

[Maya continues groaning]

[Sully] That’s it.

Thirty seconds!

I’m with you. Look at me. I’m with you.

I’m gonna take your helmet off.


Okay? You’re gonna be fine.


Twenty seconds.

Just breathe.

How long have we got? That’s it.

[Maya groans]

Ten seconds! Come on!

Now! Go! Clear!

[Maya gasping]

That’s too much blood.

[Sully] It’s okay.

There’s too much blood.

[Sully] You’re okay.

We don’t have time. Put pressure.

[Sanchez] Here? Hang on.

I got it

You got her?

[Maya] There’s too much blood. Too much blood.

I got it.

You’re gonna be fine. Okay?

Maya? Maya, breathe.


[Maya gasping]

Maya, please breathe. Okay?

[Ade] Puncture wound to the lower back.

[Sully] Maya?



[Maya groaning]


[Maya] Yes?

You’re gonna be fine.

[Maya gasping]

You’re gonna be fine. Yes.

[Maya] No.

[Maya gasping]

[Sully] Maya.

Why won’t the blood stop?

[Sully] Keep looking at me.


I have to stay here.

[Ade] Okay, hold on.

Mitchell, get us ready.

Maya. Keep looking at me. Maya. Maya. Breathe.


[Maya] I’m trying. I’m trying.

[Maya gasping]

[Sully panting] Maya.

[Sully] Just breathe. Breathe.

Maya. Maya.

[somber piano music playing]

[background radio chatter]

[music ends]

[system whirring]


[Sully] Lake Hazen, this is Aether. Are you receiving?

[Augustine coughing]

[continues coughing]


[indistinct chatter]

[Mitchell over radio] Captain, we just got our first view of Earth.

I tied into the signals of the old Astron satellite telescope.

[sighs] What do we do?

[Sully over radio] Lake Hazen, this is Aether. Are you receiving?

I repeat,

Lake Hazen, this is Aether. Are you receiving this transmission?

Lake Hazen, do you copy?

Yes, Aether.

[Sully] Our comm system went offline.

We’re operational now and just got a visual on Earth.

I’m afraid we didn’t do a good job of looking after the place while you were away.

[Sully] Do you see any new data

that suggests possible safe entry points for us?


All survivable areas are underground.

And those are temporary.

I’d like to suggest something.

Does this make sense to you?


If we want to get back to K-23, yes.

It’s actually a pretty good plan.

Deviate our approach to Earth,

then make gravity our friend to save fuel on the turnaround.

[Mitchell] Why would we do that?

There’s nothing left for us down there.

We’re not slingshotting back into space.

We’ll die if we go back.

[Mitchell] He’s still alive.

Poles will be the last areas hit.

[Sully] Air contamination is rising.

We don’t know anything.

We all saw what it looked like.

Our mission was to go to K-23, turn around, and come home.

We’re going home.

[Sully over radio] Lake Hazen, are you still picking this up?

I’m here, Aether.

[Ade] Lake Hazen, this is Aether Flight Commander Gordon Adewole.

Your numbers are intriguing, but they have me curious as to how you came up with them, and how you know so much about our flight plan.

Who exactly are you?

[Augustine] Augustine Lofthouse.

Dr. Lofthouse.

I had hoped to meet you upon our return.

Unfortunately, that seems less likely as of the last few days.


[Ade] Given your location, are you certain there are no safe regions in the southern hemisphere?


No, there’s nowhere.

I’m sorry.

We’ll discuss our options up here and hopefully, speak again.

[Sanchez] There is a message for you.

It’s downloading.

When was it sent?

[Sanchez] Ten days ago.

[woman] My love, I…

Um, I don’t know if you know what’s going on down here, but, um, we’re being asked to evacuate.

Uh… the boys are sick.

[crying] I…

I want you to know where we’re going, because I won’t be able to contact you anymore.

I love you… so much.

Captain, you got a minute?

Of course.

It’s funny when I think about how long I’ve been doing this.

You know, 20 years ago, Kath and I, we used to talk about the risks.

A certain amount of danger is involved, and… we took that into account.

I was the one that was supposed to be at risk.

And they were supposed to be safe.


and safe.

You have two reentry pods on this ship, and I’d like to take one of them.

And you were right.

It’s your job to turn the ship around, start a new life.

Do better this time.

But it’s my job…

to keep a promise that I made to my family.

I understand.

I’d feel the same way.

I know you would.

[flight jacket zipping up]

[Sanchez] It takes two to fly that.

[Mitchell] I’ll manage.

I’m going to go with you.

Why would you wanna do that?

I’ve been thinking.

[Mitchell] That’s your first mistake.


Been thinking a lot about time… and how it gets used and why.

Why one person lives a lifetime and another only gets a few years.

My daughter, Maria, she died when she was four.

She would have been the same age as Maya.

Sometimes at night, when I couldn’t sleep, I would pretend that they were friends.

They’d talk about school together.

Or boys.

I want to take Maya home.

It seems like the best use of my time.

So I was thinking I’ll take a ride home with my buddy, if that’s okay.


[chuckles softly]

Bye, Sully.

Take care of yourself, okay? And our little Caroline.

I hope you find your family.

Wish us luck.

Good luck.

This is Aether. Are you receiving?

[static over radio]

[Sully] Dr. Lofthouse, can you hear me?

I hear you.

[Sully] We’re headed into an ionization blackout, so I’m gonna lose you soon.

But I wanted to contact you first to thank you.

Commander Adewole and I are turning back.

That’s good.

[Sully] Captain Mitchell and Specialist Sanchez decided on reentry.

They have family down here?

[Sully] Yes.

[Augustine] I understand.

Flight Engineer Maya Lawrence,

she suffered an accident during the flight.

I’m sorry.

What you did…

You discovered so much up here.

I just point.

[Sully] Well, you pointed to an incredible world.

I wish you could have seen it.

[Augustine] Lake Hazen will have to do.

How did you end up there?

I thought maybe I could help someone.

[Sully] Well, you’ve definitely done that.

You know, you’re one of the reasons I joined the space program.

You had done some work with my mother, Jean Sullivan.

She brought home a moon rock you gave her.

I thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

It made me want to go up and find more.

I wish I could have thanked you for it in person, Dr. Lofthouse.



And I’m Iris.

[voice breaks] I know.

It’s very nice to finally meet you.

What’s it like there, Iris?

Tell me about it.

It’s amazing.

The colony site, it feels like Colorado.

Have you ever been there, to the mountains?


[Sully chuckles]

The air is so crisp, and… and the planet has that smell.

It’s like pine trees are hidden somewhere underground, waiting to burst through.

First weeks we were there, I kept looking up, expecting to see a blue sky, but it was orange from the light reflecting off Jupiter.

When the orbit is just right, Jupiter feels so close that… you’re sure you could almost touch it.

And that light, it makes all the colors explode, everything.

Water… flowers…

It’s like landing in Oz and seeing real color for the first time.

I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.

Dr. Lofthouse?


[static crackles]

Think I lost him.

I guess it’s just us now.

Just us?

[instrumental music playing]

[system beeps]

[music ends]

[radio noise hissing]


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