The Croods: A New Age (2020) – Transcript

The prehistoric family the Croods are challenged by a rival family the Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved.
The Croods: A New Age (2020)


A flashback shows the death of Guy’s parents when he was a kid. As they drown in tar, they tell him to find somewhere called ‘tomorrow’. He goes on a long journey to find it and in the process, meets a young Belt before taking him along for the ride.

Some time after the events of the first movie, the Croods (along with Guy and their pets Chunky and Douglas) are still searching for a place to settle down at all while surviving many dangerous creatures along the way. Grug is repeatedly annoyed at Eep and Guy’s blossoming romance and it gets worse when he overhears them thinking about settling down together somewhere else away from the Croods. As Grug walks off in anger, he soon comes across a giant wall and leads the whole pack to them. When they bust inside, they see that the wall covers a huge land full of fruits and streams and they believe they have finally found a place to call their home. They are soon caught in a net and are released by the owners of the land, a couple called the Bettermans, Phil and Hope. When the Bettermans meet Guy, they reveal that they know each other from Guy’s late parents.

The Bettermans welcome the Croods to their giant tree-home as house guests, where they meet their daughter and Guy’s old friend, Dawn, who immediately befriends Eep. Life with the Bettermans becomes degrading for Grug due to their evolved lifestyle rubbing off on his family like Thunk getting hooked on watching stuff from their window (similar to a television) and them sleeping in separate beds rather than together and the Bettermans soon reveal themselves to be biased against the cave family because of how destructive they are, believing that Guy is better off with them and hatch a scheme to get Guy to leave the Croods. Phil eventually takes Grug to his secret man-cave (a sauna-like place behind some waterfalls) where he manipulates him into believing Guy should leave their pack. Also, Hope gets on Ugga’s bad-side by passive-aggressively saying they should leave while Guy remains with them.

Eep and Dawn soon take use Chunky to escape the land and jump their wall for a joyride that ends with a bee stinging Dawn and having her hand swell up. When Eep takes her back home, Guy, upon finding out, chides her for her recklessness, ending with him insensitively calling her a ‘cave-girl’. At dinner, tensions rise between the parents, Guy and Eep, especially when Dawn’s swelling is revealed. Having enough, the Croods decide to leave in the morning, but Guy decides to stay after he and Eep have a falling out. Soon, the land is attacked by ‘Punch-Monkeys’ (monkeys with human-like strength) on account of Grug and Ugga eating a bunch of bananas the Bettermans hoard around their land and have forbidden Grug from eating. Phil reveals he sends the Punch-Monkeys the bananas every day so that they leave the Bettermans alone and since Grug and Ugga ate them, the Punch-Monkeys get upset and kidnap Grug, Phil, and Guy and take them to their homeland.

As the men are taken, Thunk, Ugga, Eep, Gran, Sandy, Belt, Sash (Dawn’s pet sloth), Hope, and Dawn go to rescue them, but eventually get marooned on an island full of Dog-Spiders. During their time together, Hope soon grows to accept the Croods and eventually form a team called the Thundersisters (which was an old girl-group Gran was in when she was younger) to mount a rescue and in the process, Gran revealed that her hair was just a furry bat. At the Punch-Monkey home, Grug, Guy and Phil soon discover that Phil unintentionally deprived the Punch-Monkeys of their water resource and that the Punch-Monkeys need the bananas not only to eat, but to offer to a giant Punch-Monkey in hopes of appeasing it. Since the bananas are gone, they need a substitute. The monkeys make Grug and Phil fight gladiator-style to see who will be the sacrifice and when they wear each other out, they exchange their bitter feelings with each other, making Guy regret what he said during his and Eep’s fallout.

Soon, the monkeys dress all 3 men as bananas to sacrifice to the giant Punch-Monkey. Grug and Phil apologize for their poor behavior and for putting pressure on Guy, but just as they are about to be eaten, the Thundersisters show and to rescue them. A long and perilous battle soon ends with Guy and Eep on a giant skull-chandelier where they reconcile and soon use it to defeat the giant Punch-Monkey by using fire to cut the ropes and send it falling into the abyss below when it catches Eep’s ‘peanut toe’ (which she uses as a prosthetic limb) and pulls it off, allowing the families to escape.

With their differences finally settled, the Bettermans allow the Croods to live in their land as neighbors, with Guy realizing that Eep is his ‘tomorrow’ and he and Eep soon move into one of the Betterman’s bedrooms together and Grug finally accepts his daughter leaving with Guy.


♪ Dun-dun-duh ♪


Guy. You’ve got to go!

Guy, it’s okay.


Son, the tar is rising. You’ve got to go.

No, not without you!

Don’t look at us. Look behind you.

Do you see the light? You need to follow that light, okay? Don’t stop. Don’t hide. Follow the light, and you’ll find Tomorrow.

“Follow the light.”

Travel log: Guy here. It’s been 14 moons since the mission began. Following the light, but no sign of Tomorrow yet.

Travel log: it’s been 29 moons. Still no sign of Tomorrow. I did find this little fellow. He’s all alone, just like me. He’s a good lookout. I’m thinking of calling him “Watch.”

Travel log: it’s been 54 moons.

Seventy-three moons. A hundred and ten moons.

Two hundred moons.

Travel log: it’s been… a lot of moons. All the moons. Still no sign of Tomorrow. Something’s coming. Belt, disguise mode.

It’s a person!

Oops.  Yeah, that was me.

Hi. I’m Eep. In my defense, I had been living in a cave my whole life, and I didn’t really come across other people very often, let alone… a boy! And to think, the only two teenagers in the world, and we found each other. It’s like fate brought us together. My whole family loved him…


…except for Dad. But eventually, Guy won him over.



And now we’re traveling the world, searching for a perfect place to call home, a place Guy calls Tomorrow.

Ooh! Tomorrow.

Isn’t Guy amazing? He gives me a funny feeling, like I have butterflies in my stomach. Not just the ones I had for lunch, but other butterflies. I don’t know what this feeling’s called, but it looks like this. And this, and this, and this! I love drawing this shape! I don’t know why. It just feels right.

Eep likes Guy. Eep likes Guy. Gross. Right, Douglas?

Mom! Thunk is looking at my diary again!

Thunk, leave your sister alone!

Come on, Eep. Share the tablet.

I’m not done yet! Give it back!


Kids, stop fighting.

Get him, Eep! Go for the groin.

I will turn this death cat around!

There have been plenty of obstacles along the way, but it’s nothing us Croods can’t handle.

We’ve got some angry kangadillos on our tail.


Belt, seat belt mode.

I told you, don’t take the canyon!


You never take the canyon!



Drop her!







Hey! Get your head in the game!

That’s my girl.




Dad always says, “The pack stays together.”

The pack stays together!

But with Guy, sometimes it feels like it’s just the two of us.

♪ I think I love you ♪

Come on!

♪ I think I love you So what am I so afraid of? ♪

♪ I’m afraid that I’m not sure of A love there is no cure for ♪

I gotcha.

♪ I think I love you Isn’t that what life is made of? ♪

Hang on! I’m coming!

I gotcha.

♪ Though it worries me to say That I never felt this way ♪


♪ Hey, I think I love you ♪

♪ So what am I so afraid of? ♪

♪ I’m afraid that I’m not sure of ♪

♪ A love there is no cure for ♪


So… hungry.


I still would’ve eaten that.

All right, pack. Nothing has tried to kill us in the last ten minutes, so let’s camp here. Gran and Thunk, you find us a place to sleep.


Here’s good.

Sandy and Chunky, you stand watch. Ugga and I will forage. Guy and Eep? Guy and Eep? Guy and Eep?







Hello! Hey! You’re in charge of the fire.

No problem, Dad.

You can count on us, Dad.

Don’t call me that!


“Hey” what?

Hey, you.

“Hey, you” back.

Uh-uh. I “Hey, you’d” first.

And I’m “heyying” you right back.

Look at them! Guy used to have so many ideas. I mean, wasn’t he the one that gave us fire? Now he’s useless! Th-They’d never survive on their own!


I know, Thunk, and we’ll eat our ration of dry twigs and bitter roots just as soon as two pack members, who shall remain nameless, do their jobs and start the fire!

Come on, man. Just chill.

No, you “come on, man!” I’m gonna chill your a…

Hey, hey, hey, Grug. Easy. Calm down, big guy. You know, Grug, eventually, Eep and Guy, they’re gonna wanna start their own pack, just like we did. It’s our nature.

No way. Not happening! The pack is stronger together.

Yes! You did it!

Eep would never leave us. No. Like Eep would ever… Come on.

No. No! Pack stays together. Pack stays together. Pack stays together.


Eep. Eep, are you awake?


Hold on. I’m coming over.

Aah! Oh. Hey, Gran.



Can he hear us?

Nah. Once he’s out, he’s out.




No, no. This is a “hey” with a question. Um… So, uh, I was thinking…

That’s not my hand.

Anyway, uh…

I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about Tomorrow. Our Tomorrow.

Our Tomorrow? What do you mean?

What I mean is, um, maybe our Tomorrow is different than the rest of… of the pack’s. Maybe our Tomorrow is a place of our own, you know? Like a home. Just the two of us.

Just the two of us? Hmm. Guy, I’d really miss my family. But that does sound amazing! A place of our own? Our home? Ooh! Can our home have flowers?

Sure can. And butterflies.

And a sweet, babbling brook?

And privacy.

Ooh! What’s “privacy”?

It means you only smell the feet you wanna smell.


So, um… do you, Eep Amber Crood, think you could spend your Tomorrow with me?

I do. I’m going to fall asleep and dream about our home. Good night, Guy.

Good night, Eep.

Just the two of them?

Warping my baby’s mind with whispers and kisses. “Can Grug hear us?” Oh, yeah, Grug hears. Grug hears all. All about your private two-person house of Tomorrow, whispering, kissing, butter-babble-brooking. What the heck is that?

Thunk, make it stop.

Hit snooze!

Stop it, tummy.

Another glorious morning.

What’s that? You wanna play? Go get it, boy! No, Sandy! Mom! Sandy’s fetching Douglas’s stick again. Uh, what’s that?

Kill circle!

Safety off, babe.


Today is a good day to die!

Hey, everyone! You’ll never guess what I fo…

Oops. Sorry, honey. We thought you were a predator trying to kill us.

No, never apologize for an effective kill circle. You have to come see this. Follow me! Come on. This way. Whoo-hoo! Yes! You’re gonna love it!




What is that?

I’ve never seen anything like it.

What is it, Mom? Make it leave.

There’s something about this.

I think it’s… the end of the world.

Looks like I’ve seen it all.

Well, that’s it for me. I’m glad it’s you, Chunky.

It’s not the end.

It’s just the beginning.

Welcome to our Tomorrow!




Look at all this food!

Guy, are you seeing this?

You’re the best dad ever! Let’s eat!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. One moment, Thunk.

Before we eat, I’d like to say a few words.

Let this flag mark the day I discovered our home, filled with flowers, and butterflies, and a sweet, babbling brook.


Here, right here, all your needs will be met…

I’m hungry!

In a minute!

Go now! He’s not looking.


Whoa. Ahh.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just a minute. Just a minute. One minute.

No, no, no. Wait, wait. Just wait.

This is our home, a place we’ll always be together forever and ever, and you’re welcome!

I did this.

Problem solved.



Isn’t it strange how this food grows in perfectly straight ro…



I don’t feel like eating anymore.

Mom, am I sick?

No, honey. You’re full.

Full feels weird.

I can’t eat another bite.


Yes, I can.



I tasted one once, long, long ago.

It was summer. The sun was warm on my shoulders.

Flowers were in high bloom.

I was just a cub.

Well, I ate that banana in one bite.

And ever since, a day hasn’t gone by without me thinking about it.

What was it like, Father? What was it like?

No words can describe it, Thunk.

No words are good enough.

We get it, Dad. Just grab the banana!

Come here, sweet thing.

Do you guys hear that?

What is that?

What’s happening? I can’t see.

It’s getting closer!

Kill circle?

Something got over the wall.

Don’t get too close.

Who knows what kind of weird beyond-the-wall creatures they are.

Let’s just jab at them from afar.



Jab, jab!


Wait a moment.

Look past the matted pelts and gnashing teeth.

The eyes, there’s a kind of humanity in them.


It’s trying to communicate.

Hope, these are people!

Cave people.

I thought cave people died off years ago.

We happy meet you.

In hearts…

…much joy.


Much joy to you too.

Oh. They speak beautifully.

Oh, forgive our condescension, friend.

I’m Phil.

And I am Hope. And we are…

The Bettermans.

“Better man”?


Emphasis on the “better.”

Well, we’re the Croods.

And this is…


Wow. Good guess.

Mr. and Mrs. Betterman?


What-What’s going on here?

Oh, Guy.

Guy. Guy!

Hope, it’s Guy.

Guy, Guy, Guy.

What’s going on here?

I grew up with Hope and Phil.

They were my parents’ best friends until…

Oh, Guy.

We thought we lost your whole family.

That was the moment we realized, in such a dangerous world,

there had to be a better way to live.


Is that your home?

Whoa! That’s their home!

Whoa, mama!

Look, Dad!


Hey, Guy, race you to the top.

Oh, um, excuse me, little tiger girl?

Uh, we don’t climb this tree.


There’s a “Betterman” way.

Unofficial motto.


Okay, everybody in?


Yeah, the, um, death cat will have to stay outside.

See ya, Chunky.

Sorry. Animals track in too much… um, dirt.

Going up.

Whoa! What’s happening?


Welcome to the Betterman home!


It’s beautiful!

Kind of big, isn’t it?


Whoa! I can see the clouds! But I’m inside.

What is this? What is this?

Uh, we call that a window.



Guy, Dawn will be so happy to see you.



Yeah, yeah. We grew up together.

Oh, Dawn!


Oh. That’s just your reflection. It’s called a mirror.

Oh, sorry.




Where is she?

I’m in the panic cubby!

Panic cubby!

Dawn, it wasn’t wild animals.

It’s safe to come out.

Mom, maybe we should drill some air holes in the door of the panic cubby?

No air holes. Snakes could get in.

But you’ll never believe who we just found.



Guy! Is it really you?

It’s you! You’re here!

You’re so old! So are you! That’s what I said!

Oh, together again.

These two were inseparable when they were young.


Dawn’s a girl?

Hold on, stop. You accessorize with a sloth?

I accessorize with a sloth! This is Belt!

Mine’s Sash.

Ooh la la.

Oh, oh! These are the Croods.




And this…

Wait. Nope, nope.

Yeah. This is Eep.

You’re a girl?


A girl… friend!

I’ve never had a girlfriend before!

Me either! Me either!


Okay, careful! Small bones.

Extra vertebrae!

This is amazing!

What do we do?

What do we say to each other?

What’s happening to our voices?

Why are our voices getting so high?

As our houseguests, you’re welcome to anything you want.

I know what I want.

Uh, except for that.

But there’s so many of them.

Uh, sorry, Grug.

I’m afraid we have one house rule here.

We don’t eat the bananas.

But they’re right here.

Anything else, anything at all, is yours to enjoy.

But we don’t eat the bananas.



No bananas?



We won’t eat your bananas.

It’s getting late, so…

Well, we can just sleep-pile right here.

Got it. Solid spot, Dad.

Look, Phil. They sleep in a pile.

Ooh, fun!


Actually, everyone gets their own rooms.

We get separate rooms!

What’s a room?

What’s a separate?

We Bettermans believe that privacy promotes individuality.

Unofficial motto.

Well, we Croods believe that the pack sticks together no matter…


Tell me about my room, Mr. Better-dad.

Well, son, it’s right this way.

It all started with a tree and an idea.

Wow. What a day.

I never thought I’d see the Bettermans again.

Hey, you!



Sure beats the view from any cave I know.

Yeah, I can’t believe this place.

Oh, this bed is so comfortable.

Ah, nobody’s foot in my mouth.

So much better.


So, is this that privacy thing you were telling me about?

Just feels kind of…

far… you know?




Time to watch some late-night window.

Ooh, ooh. Check it out, Douglas. This guy’s my favorite.

Okay, moommoth. Whatcha gonna do now?

Oh! What an idiot!




Kill circle!

Oh. Hey, honey.

Yeah, I couldn’t sleep either.

All these separate rooms. Who could live in a place like this?


And there’s something off about that Phil Betterman guy. Like, way off.

Grug, you know what I think?

Maybe we could stay.

Excuse me? You’re thinking about staying here?

No. I want to be in the wild fighting vulture rats for scraps.

Of course I want to stay.

Yeah, but…

It’s nice here.


And you were just worried about your daughter leaving, but the pack is together.

Sort of.

If you give this place a chance, you might actually like it here.

Do I have to like Phil?

You have to be nice. No hitting.


But if I have to be alone…

I’m gonna be alone with you.

I mean, can you believe it?

After all these years, and Guy shows up on our doorstep.

And to think that we were worrying about Dawn being alone.

And now Guy’s back!

It’s like fate brought them back together.

Like it was meant to be.

But did you see the way that cave girl was holding Guy’s hand?


You don’t think Guy could possibly be serious about that Meep?

Or “Peep”? Or is it “Eep”?

“Eep.” It’s “Eep,” right?

Well, I’m just not sure Eep fits in here. You know?

In fact, none of them do.

Poor things do seem to struggle with the concept of walls.

I don’t know if cave people belong in a modern world.


I’m going to watch window forever!

Do they know that?

I feel like we just need to help them understand that they have a bright future… outside these walls.

And Guy’s future is inside the walls.

With Dawn.

Hope Betterman, always thinking of others.

Honestly, I just can’t help it.

Ooh, that was… hands down, the best night’s sleep I’ve gotten in…

Morning, Guy!


Hi, Mr. Betterman.

Fresh bitter bean juice?

Uh, thank you?

Hi, Guy!

Ah! Mrs. Betterman.

These are for you. I made them last night.

Oh, uh, I should wake Eep up.

You know, it’s been seven hours since I said, uh, “Hey.”

That’s adorable!

You know, let’s let that poor Eep sleep. She must be exhausted.

Nah, I’m sure she’s…

Oh, look!

Here’s Dawn! What a coincidence.

Why, Dawn, whatever are you doing on this particular rope bridge at this particular moment in time?

My morning chores?

Morning chores!





Genius! Genius! Genius!


Genius. Mmm.



Couldn’t sleep last night.

Me neither.

When I woke up, your mom was missing.

You don’t think a predator took her, do you?

Nope. Found her.

It’s like this place is changing everyone.

We don’t sleep-pile anymore. We don’t wake up together.

And Thunk just stares at that box.


Not now, Douglas. The birds are on.

Dad, relax. It’s been one night.

And a little change can be… Guy?



Wow. You’re you, but you don’t look like you.

And you smell like flowers.

And soft rain.

More like a clear mountain stream.

With just a hint of vanilla.

It’s called a shower. You should try it.

You want me to smell like vanilla?

Just a hint.

What happened to your clothes?

We burned his clothes while he was in the shower.

In fact, they were so dirty that we washed them and then burned them.

Come on, Thunk. We’re going outside.

I don’t wanna. I’m watching birds.

In my day, we didn’t stare at birds. We fought them.

Let me live my life!

Hey, new friend girl! Want some breakfast?

Uh, sure!

Oh! I’ll start the fire again.



Hey, yeah. Check this out.

Now, that’s how you make a fire. You don’t need two people anymore.

I can’t believe how much time I wasted clacking rocks. This is amazing!

And it’s such a time-saver, and it’s so simple.

No more smashed fingers.

The Bettermans really do…

Oh, there you are. I was looking all over for you.

Whoa. We are really up here!

Do I smell weird to you?

You smell… different.

Like river rocks with, uh… a hint of moss.

Whoa! What’s that mark on your wrist?

Oh, it’s just a scar.


Yeah, from a thorned crab. No big deal.

Whoa! And that?

Razor worm.

Well, what about that one?

Scorpion badger.

Swamp snake, sky snake, volcano, end of the world, my little sister, my little sister, my little sister. She bites a lot.

And my dad doesn’t even know about this one.

Whoa. Peanut toe.

Every mark is an adventure!

My parents won’t even let me have scars.

That’s why they built the wall. To keep me safe.

You’re not allowed outside the wall?

Nope, not since what happened to Guy’s family.

So, this farm… is like your cave.

You’re just like me!

Come on.

Oh, man. Is this your ride?

Nah, it’s my dad’s.

Listen to this baby purr.

See that pig gator over there?


Wanna jump it?



See that chicken seal over there?


Wanna jump it?



You see that wall?


Wanna jump it?


No! Eep, I’m not allowed to go outside the wall!

Don’t worry. We’ll be back before anyone knows.

Are you okay?


Oh, my gosh! My heart is pounding! I feel so alive!

Let’s jump more stuff.



Let’s do it.


Again! Something bigger!


Oh! Mrs. Betterman.

We were just checking out this invention. What’s it for?

Um… It… W…

You know, why don’t you ask Phil?

He spends a lot of time in there.

Anyway, here.

I thought you might want to have this.

It’s some old pictures of our families.


Thank you.


Where does this go?

Dad, what if I miss something? I wanna go back inside.

No, Thunk. Play with Douglas. He’s feeling left out.

And he’s sad that everyone isn’t spending time together anymore.

All right. You wanna play fetch, Douglas?

Yeah? Okay. Okay. Go get it!


I’m sorry! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

I’m going back to the window!

Hey! There he is!

Grug! Over here, buddy.

Let’s go for a ride.

Grug. Gruggers.



Grug? Grug.

Wanna go for that ride?

Pretty impressive, eh, Grug?

Funny story, everything you see before you used to be a sad, hopeless, dust-filled wasteland.

That doesn’t sound funny.

But through the power of higher thought,

I devised a way to get all the water from that high mountain source to flow down here.

How interesting.

Yup, I turned a barren desert into a lush oasis.

Now we have all the water we need and then some.

Matter of fact, we’re thinking of putting in a new…

Ooh, banana.



What’d you do that for?

Sorry. I’m afraid I must remind you of our one rule.

We don’t eat the bananas.

Well, why not? I mean, they’re everywhere!

Look! You got a whole bowl full of them over there. Who are those for?

Grug, we could talk about fruit all day.

Or… do you wanna see something really cool?

I don’t know.

Hey. Fixing yourself a snack?

Oh, I thought I’d clean up a little. Noticed we made a bit of a mess yesterday.

Oh, no. I hadn’t noticed.

Um, you can just put that over there in the compost bin.

Oh, smart.

Good job.

Well, we didn’t want you to think we’re a family of savages.


Sandy, drop it.

Drop it!

Kids, right?

So, Ugga, you must really miss the wild.

Right? With the hunting…

Not really.

…and the gathering…

Not really.

…the baying at the moon.

Not at all.

Honestly, it sucks out there.

If no one’s died before breakfast, it’s a win.

It is so much better in here.


That’s nice.


Actually, Grug and I were thinking that maybe we…

Ah! I almost forgot. I made this for you.

A basket?


Well, it’s more like-like a travel basket.

Travel basket?

Yeah, for the road.

It’s got fruit, nuts, soap, more soap and a neck pillow.

Oh. Yeah. This’ll be great… for the road.

Thank you.

It’s the least we can do to thank you for bringing Guy home.




Guy’s home. You got it.

Well, gotta go. See you at dinner, okay?




Huh? Whoa!







Ahh! Eep!



I have a scar.

You have a scar!

I have a scar!



Don’t tell Mrs. Betterman, but while she thinks I’m toiling in the hot sun,

I’m actually in here, my man cave.

It’s hot in here.

Grug, you might be more comfortable if you removed your fur pelt.

I-I already did.


Yeah, it’s a place a father can escape the chaos of family life.

Relax, hang with his bros, if bros he has.

Another shark milk?

So, you come in here to hide from your family?

Not hide, help. I help my family.

So, uh, how does this help your family?


This is where I find solutions to my family’s biggest problems.


So, feeling relaxed? Comfortable?

Susceptible to suggestion?

What’s your problem, big guy?

I don’t have a problem.

Come on, Grug. I’ve seen you moping around.

What’s your problem?

I’m hot. That-That’s my problem.

Knock, knock.

I’m knocking on the door, big guy. Open it.


Open up to me.


Share with me.

Uh-uh. I don’t wanna. I’m hot.

Tell me your problem.

I don’t have a problem.

You have a problem.

Tell me your problem.

I don’t…

Tell me.

I don’t…

Tell me.

I don’t…

Tell me. Tell me.

I don’t like it here, all right?

My pack’s all split up. There’s no one to sleep-pile with.

You won’t let me eat bananas.

Guy gave Eep a rock. He kissed my hand.

They’re planning on leaving the pack.

And I don’t like you at all!

Hmm. Now, that’s interesting.

You know, maybe I just need to get to know you better.

No, not that. The part about Eep and Guy.

Oh. Guy’s trying to take my daughter away.

Father to father, I worry about my daughter too.

She was so lonely before Guy came back.


It’s almost like Guy’s the problem.

Wait a minute. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?

Yes. No.

I don’t know. Hot.

Are you suggesting… we take Guy off your hands so Dawn isn’t lonely, and Eep stays with you, with your pack?

Uh, am I?

Why, Grug, that’s a truly great idea.

You’ve done it! You’ve solved both our problems.

No. Really?

So, we have a deal, bro?


Hey, Ugga! I just had the best time with Phil!

Look at me. Standing up straight, got lots of ideas.

You know, Phil’s a good listener.

He knows a smart idea when he hears… one.


The Bettermans want us to leave without Guy.

Oh, um… You think so, huh?

As if we would ever do that.


Guy’s a member of our pack.

Kind of.

And can you imagine what that would do to Eep? It would absolutely destroy her!

Well, initially.

They think we’re just simple cave people.

That we’re so stupid, we’d trade Guy for a fruit basket.

And then she tried to make me think it was my idea!

That is a great idea.


As if we’d ever do that!

So we have a deal?


They must think we’re pretty stupid.

You’ve done it, Grug. Thinking man. You’re not stupid.






Maybe we should take it down a notch, honey.

We gotta focus. We’ve gotta get Guy and get out of here.

Okay. But first, there’s something I’ve wanted to do for a really, really long time.

Ah. I can’t believe they kept these old picture albums.

That’s the Bettermans.

Okay, this is my mom, this is my dad, and that’s me.

Yeah, I get it. I was skinny.

It’s pretty great here, huh, Belt?




Is that my dad? Hide me!

Mr. Betterman?

“Mr. Betterman”?

It’s just Guy. Hi, Guy!

Hey, you.

Where’d you go?

Took Chunky for a joyride.



We rolled the death…

Outside the wall.


You took Dawn for a joyride outside the wall?


The Bettermans don’t want Dawn outside the wall.

They built the wall for a reason, you know, to keep everyone safe.

Guy, relax.

Yeah, Guy, take it down low.

What’s wrong with her?

It’s just a reaction to the bee venom.

Bee venom?

Bee venom!

What the…

It’s just a little bee sting.


Hey, you’re not the boss of me.

This is a very severe…


Eep, this is a very severe bee sting!

“This is a very severe bee sting.”

She’s fine.

No, no. She’s not fine.

I’m fine.


Eep, that was not smart. She could have been seriously hurt.

You gotta think about these things!

Why are you acting like this? You like adventures.

No! No. I like not dying. Things are different now.

But she needed to get out.

She’s just like me. This is her cave!

No, she’s not like you. This is not her cave!

She’s not a cave girl.

“Cave girl”?

What does he mean by “cave girl”?

I’ll give him a cave girl!

I trust you’ve all brought your appetites.

Chef Hope’s been working hard all day.

Mmm. This is so good, Mrs. Better-mom.

You’re eating the flower arrangement.


Uh, Grug, Ugga, what can we offer you?

Ah, we’re good.

Yeah, we ate a little something on the way over.

Oops. Pardon me.



Oh, look!


Guy and Dawn are here…


You good to do this?

Just try to keep your giant hand out of sight.



Oh, welcome, Eep. Your seat is over here, next to…


We’re not done. You called me a cave girl.

But y-y-you are a cave girl.

But you said “cave girl” like it’s a bad thing.

What’s wrong with cave people, Guy?

There’s nothing wrong with cave people.

Can I get you a towel or a utensil or something?

I’m good.

Why are you acting like this?

I’m just acting like a cave girl, Guy.

But I guess that’s not good enough for you anymore.

I never said that.

Grug, let’s take this moment to talk about your great idea.

Uh, what?

Grug felt, and I concurred, that Guy should be with his kind of people, evolved people.

And Eep should stay with her kind.

So we made a deal.

Say again?

What deal?

His deal!

Your idea.

Your idea?

Guy stays with us, and Eep stays with her pack.

Grug’s words, not mine.

You tried to get rid of me?

Really, Dad?

No! Honey, I don’t think that.

I mean, he made me think that I thought that.

He tricked me!

He took me into his stupid secret man cave, and he tricked me.

What’s a man cave?

It’s a place I go to get away.

Away from what?

Away from you! Duh!


We’re all thinking it.

How dare you?

How dare you!

How dare the both of you!

You’re trying to fix me up with Guy?

What happened to your hand?

Oh. I got stung by a bee. Oh!

Outside the wall. Oh!

You went outside the wall?

Outside the wall?

This is all your fault!

Oh! Our fault?

Can I say something?



I can’t believe you actually made that deal.

What did they do to you?

I got scars.

Our baby!

It was really hot.

I was full of shark milk. I was naked!

Why, Phil? Why?

Because privacy promotes individuality! Unofficial motto!

Well, kiddo, looks like we all have something to hide.

That’s it! Come on, Guy. We’re leaving.

Wait, hold on a second. First, you wanted to get rid of me, Grug, and now you want me to come with you?

You were trying to take my daughter away!

Promising my baby girl butterflies and babbling brooks.


You see? I knew you were listening.

There is no privacy with you people.

Oh, you mean cave people?

Not what I said.

Positives, Eep, that’s all I’m saying. Lots of things here are better.


Like not starving, no sleep pile.

What’s wrong with the sleep pile?

Oh, come on, Eep! The sleep pile reeks!

Reeks of love!

Well, at least I smell like me.

I don’t even know what you smell like.

Flowers and soft rain.

I don’t even know who you are anymore!

With your vanilla and your stupid neck rock!

It’s this place. This place is…

Home! This place is home!


This is the place my parents wanted me to find!

This is Tomorrow.

Well, clearly, I don’t belong in this Tomorrow.

I’m leaving.

Are you coming with me?

I, um…

I can’t.

Then I guess we have two different Tomorrows.


So, who’s ready for dessert?

I told you, we’re not hungry!

You ate a banana?

Nuh-uh. We ate all the bananas.

That’s impossible.

Not for cave people.

What have you done?

They’re just bananas, Phil.

“Just bananas”? “Just bananas,” she says!

That was my one rule!

Wait, we’re not done.

There was more I was planning on saying to you!

Mrs. Better-mom, I’ll just take my dessert at the window.

You kidding me? I’ve lived with her family for how long?

With the… With the dirt and the smell.

Eep? Eep, is that… you?

I don’t know.

Did you hit him?


I thought about it.

The bananas were key to our survival.

The bananas were keeping us safe.

Safe from what?

It’s here… for the bananas!

What is, Phil?

It has come every night for 100 moons or more.

I found bananas are the only thing that keeps it at bay.

What’s on the other side of the wall, Phil?

Night after night, it was never enough!

It wants its bananas!

What’s behind the wall, Phil?

What is it, Phil?

What are the bananas for?

What is it?

I don’t know!


It’s just a little punch monkey.

I’m leaving.

You just kept giving it bananas?

Wait, wait. Let me understand something.

You had no idea you were working… for an itty-bitty monkey?

Giving it bananas for years!

That’s not good.

No, no, no! Get away!


Come on, come on, come on!

Oh, Douglas, those flowers did not agree with me.

What’d I miss?

Hey, Mrs. Better-mom, wasn’t there a wall there before?


Dad? Guy?


It’s gone.

The wall is gone. Phil’s gone.

Oh, my gosh. Something has taken him, taken all of them.

What are we gonna do?

No sign of them. But I did find this though.

Is that my basket?

Good eye.

Sandy can track them with this.

Sandy, seek.

Okay, right.

You guys go, and Dawn and I will stay here and fix the wall.

Or better yet, Dawn, let’s get you back inside your panic cubby.

In fact, I think we can both fit if we suck it in.

She’s got the scent.

Whatever took them couldn’t have gotten far.


I’m going too.

Dawn, listen to yourself! We are not like them.

Dad needs us.

Wait. Dawn!

Dawn, you’ll need the travel basket.

It has a neck pillow.

Where are you taking us?

Stop talking!

If you’re going to eat us,

you should eat the fat one first. He ate your bananas.

Oh, don’t you blame me for this.

This is all your fault!

My fault?

Tell him, Guy!

She says I changed.

I didn’t change! This is the real me, baby!

You know? You know what I’m saying?

What you see, that’s what you get. That’s what you…

There you are. I lost you for a second.

Anyway, I don’t need anybody. No one at all.

Ow! Fine! Wasn’t much of a conversation anyway.

Guess it’s just me with my thoughts.

Travel log.

Literally, I’m traveling in a log.

So, it’s been a while. A little update.

Remember that Tomorrow?

You know, the one I spent my whole life looking for?

Well, turns out, the girl I love wants nothing to do with it… or me.

Girls, very, very complicated.

Dear diary. Hey, it’s me.

Remember what I said about fate?

Well, fate’s dumb and a liar.

Fate thinks it’s better than you.

Fate wants to stay with…

The Bettermans! They’re amazing. I mean, have you seen their tree house?

What’s so great about living in a tree?

Showers, instant fire, so much food, and…


Well, one thing’s clear.

It’s over!




Who cares?

Not me.

Are you okay?


It’s so bright out here.

I just need to watch the window for a… I just need to watch it for a minute!


Hey, my travel basket!

Travel window.

Ugga, can you tell your son to keep his grubby hands off my stuff, please?

Listen, I feel really bad about what happened at dinner with my parents, and you, and Guy.


Please, I’m good. It’s in the past!

You know, Guy and I, we’re too different.

Well, you and I are different, and we get along great, right?

Yeah, yeah.

But it’s-it’s complicated.

He’s a boy.

He is… um… stupid.

You know, it’s different.

What’s the matter? Boy problems?

Well, in my day, we didn’t have boy problems.

Because we didn’t have any boys, or men, or clothes.

We were a warrior tribe of wimmins.

The Thunder Sisters!

What’s a Thunder Sister?

Just Gran’s old bedtime stories.

True stories!

Okay. Dawn, stop talking to the crazy lady. Whoa!

We aren’t actually gonna cross that, are we?

Yes. Sandy’s tracking the scent.

Well, there’s gotta be another way. You know?

Maybe one that’s stable and not infested with land sharks!

Tell you what, you be in charge of gift baskets, and I’ll be in charge of tracking the men.

We cross!

Oh, no, no, no. We are not crossing this!

My cat, my rules. We cross!

Maybe we should take a vote?







Sandy, come!

Thank you, Hope. This is so much safer.

I can’t see!

What’s happening?

Where are they taking us?

Hold tight, Guy. As soon as we get out of this log,

I’ll start swinging and punching our way to freedom.

Come on, punch monkeys! Let’s get this on!

It’s-It’s not just punch monkeys.

It’s kick monkeys, headbutt monkeys, low-blow monkeys, bite monkeys, ab-tight monkeys!

Shoulders that punch! Tails that crunch!

Deranged stranglers! Strange danglers! Fanged manglers!

Mouth-breathers! Brain squeezers!

And a dude with… weird eyes.



They seem to have some kind of primitive language.

But you can’t speak it, huh, smarty-pants?

Well, no. But I’m sure after a few months in captivity…

I can talk to them. I’m fluent in punch monkey.

You are?


Oh, I really don’t want to do this. It’s not a pretty language.

Pardon me, I’d like to ask…



Ooh! I see.

So, what’s he saying?

They’re angry because Phil broke the terms of their contract!

Ludicrous! We had no formal agreement, you chiselers!

Oh! Also, they want their bananas.

Yeah, bananas are delicious. Why is that our problem?

And one more question.

Many moons ago, their world was a paradise.

This is gonna be a long story.

“It was a time of much joy.

The water flowed freely.

The bananas grew in bunches.

We had art, politics… economics…


…but most of all, bananas.

So many bananas.

Then, at full moon, the monster came for its bananas.

Yep. Good times.”

Wait. Um, go back.

Yeah. Did he say “monster”?

We are not going back! As I was saying…

“Good times.

But then, for some strange reason, the water went away.

After that, the bananas went away too.

But the monster didn’t go away. No.

It came back for its bananas.

There were no bananas.”

In summary, they really need those bananas.

Monsters, bananas.

I’ll tell you what their problem is. Their water supply is dried up.

Tell them this word-for-word, Guy.

I, Phil Betterman, single-handedly turned a desert into an oasis by diverting water from a high mountain source, much like that… one.

Wait, Guy, don’t translate that.

Too late.

It was all him!

He stole your water, ate your bananas and ruined your society!

That’s it! I will not be pelted!

Now, impertinent apes… meet the full force of my intellect.

Look upon Betterman the toolmaker and despair!

Jab, jab.


Jab, jab, jab.

Way to go, Phil.

Way to go, Hope. We lost the scent.

No, no, no! Travel window!

Come on, come on. Whoo!

It still works, everybody!

We are lost.

This is why you don’t follow cave people. One more word out of…

We have forgotten the old ways, the ways of the world when it was young, and I was young, when I was the queen matriarch of a warrior tribe of wimmins.

The Thunder Sisters.

You got it, girl. The Thunder Sisters.

We faced down danger and kicked death in the crotch!

We don’t need the Thunder Sisters, Mom. We need a way to find the men!

Oh, a way?

The Thunder Sisters always find a way!

Think you got one more flight in you, old girl?

Oh, my goodness.

Fly, Wigasus, fly!


Go and find them, Wigasus.

That is it!

You are all crazy!

And you know what? That hair’s not coming back. It escaped.

Which is what we need to be doing, Dawn.

Getting away from these crazy… cave people!


You came barging into our lives uninvited, without even wiping your disgusting… feet!

And peeping Thunk over here, with his dumb… window.

This show is for older kids.

And that flea-infested rat baby!


You dumb baby.

Okay. I’m gonna kill her.

Hey, hey, hey. Chill.

And you!

Taking my daughter outside the wall, giving her scars and stupid ideas!

Mom! Don’t talk to my friend that way.

And I’m glad Guy came to his senses and realized he doesn’t belong with a cave girl.

He belongs with us, the Bettermans!

Let’s go, Dawn!

Mom, where are you going?

Got to get away!

Cave people!

Oh, no.

What is that?


Get him, Eep! Get him!


There she is!

We’re coming for you, ice lady!

Kill circle!

Come on, stabby. Time to get stabbing.

Guys, wait a minute.

Everyone lower your weapons.

Dawn. What is she doing?

Trust her. Lower your weapons.

Come here, little guy. You can come out.

Yeah. It’s okay. You got it.

This isn’t a monster.

It’s a mom who was just afraid for her baby and being protective, and maybe a bit, uh, rude.

And maybe she just didn’t realize that the outsiders weren’t a threat but actually… friends.

And that maybe, the wolf spiders and outsiders could live in beautiful harmony together in their tree house!

I mean ice cave.


You got all that just from looking at them?

Perhaps the window by which I view the world is flawed.

I’m gonna go pet them.

Oh, look, they’re hugging me with their teeth!





Eep, you came back!


You made your choice.

No. That’s not what I wanted!

Enjoy your… Tomorrow!

Eep! Come back!


Grug, do you mind? I’m trying to think!

Well, I’m trying to get out of here before that monster shows up!

There’s no monster, you bonehead.

They just want to… scare us.

That’s it!

Time to strike fear into the hearts of these apes.

Look upon Betterman the fire maker and despair!

Flame, flame!

Great. Now they have spears and fire.

Guy, he just gave the monkeys fire!

You ready? And shake.

Oh. And shake!

And shake, and shake, and shake, and shake, and shake!

Hey, Gran? Are you sure this is safe?

Don’t worry. It won’t hurt… much.

Where’s Eep?

She went off to get more firewood.

I’m gonna go find her.

Ugga, help me.




Oh, hey!

I’m just…

I’m just getting some firewood.

I think you’ve got it covered.

Do you wanna take a break from beating up the forest?

Are you ready to talk about it?

I can’t believe he would choose a tree over me.

I don’t think it’s that simple.

Guy knew the Bettermans when he was little.

They’re the closest thing he has to a family.

Every time I’ve been hurt before…

I’ve gotten a mark I can see.

This hurts so much, and I can’t even see it.

I can see it.

Doesn’t matter.

We’re just too different.

I don’t even care.

Eep, if something hurts this much, maybe it means you do care.

Maybe it’s something worth fighting for.

So, what are you gonna do about it?

Mom, you sure you don’t wanna join us? It’s really warm in here.

Uh, I’m not really a sleep-pile person.

I have a shawl to keep me… warm. That’s okay.

I’ll just use the travel basket to shield mys…

Aw, come on!

It’s cozy, isn’t it?


Told ya.

Hey, um, Ugga?




I just wanna say, um… that I have been terrible.

After everything I did and said, you still saved me.


Well, we always say the pack stays together.

Unofficial motto.

It’s okay.

No. It is not okay. I was awful.

It’s fine.

I tried to steal Guy from you.

It’s okay.

And I gave you a passive-aggressive basket.

Yeah, that was weird.

Who does that?

And your daughter, obviously, is not a rat baby.

She’s beautiful.

She is a beautiful human baby.



Where’s Guy?

I think I’m his new pet.

Oh, that’s rough.

What’s he saying, Guy?

The aged wise one has decreed, because we have no bananas for the monster, you will be…

I think I can translate from here, Guy.

They’re saying the oafish caveman will grow bananas for them, watering the fields with his bitter tears.

Oh. And naturally, they want me to supervise.

Not what they said.

You can’t speak punch monkey.

Can I not?

Monkeys, I have mastered your zesty and expressive language.

No, you haven’t.

Let me talk a little punch monkey. Phil Betterman is so smart, he’s stupid!

Oh, what do you have to say to this witty rejoinder?

You know what? Let me fix this.

Do you mind? Can I take this? Thanks.

Do not interrupt me!

You stop interrupting me!

Will you two stop it? I’m trying to get us out of this!

I’m in good with these monkeys. I have a job!

And you two, you’re gonna mess it up!

Like you mess up everything!

Like you messed up my beautiful teenage romance.

Guy, son, please understand.

It’s Grug’s fault.


Get him, Guy!

I am not on your side!

Yeah, he’s with me!

I’m not on yours either!


I recognize those broad shoulders.

Oh, Eep, you came for me. Boop.



What are you doing?

Where you going, Phil?

No man cave here.

You can hide from your family… but you can’t hide from me.

Well, your precious pack… is glad you’re gone… because you smother them.

Oh! Well, you built a wall around your family.

But you also built a wall around your heart.


You know what you are?

I’ll tell you what you are.


A bad…


Words as weapons?

You’re just a cave girl.

It’s called a shower. Try it.

I told her to take a shower. Who does that?

You did.

Oh, Eep.

Congratulations, Phil.

You hit me where it hurts.


Hey, Phil! Hey!

Hello, Grug!

Grug, am I hallucinating?

No. Guy’s a giant banana.

What the monkeys were trying to say was that we’re gonna be sacrificed to the monster at full moon tonight.

She’s still waiting out there.

I’m not sure her hair is coming back.

Ooh. How long was I out for?

What are you guys all staring at?


Your hair! It’s massive and wild, and I love it.


Gran, your hair!

What? It’s temporary.

No! It’s flying this way!

Wigasus has returned!

Get off me.

Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Get to the point.

Punch monkeys. I hate punch monkeys.

Wigasus says the men have been taken over yonder.

Great. What’s the plan?

What would the Thunder Sisters do?

Aw. All right, Thunder Sisters!

If we’re gonna rescue these men, there’s something we’re gonna need.

A window?


A catchy chant?


Each other.

“Each” what? No!

New tribe names.

Sandy, you shall be called “Seeker.”

Eep, “Fire Heart.”

Ugga, “Blood Horn.”

Thunk, you’re…


Smart girl whose name I don’t remember.

I’m Dawn.


You are “Sister Sunset.”

And you are “Bog Water.”

My name’s “Bog Water”?

I thought of it before you had cool hair.

I am Bog Water!

Hey, Sister Sunset.

Yeah, Fire Heart?

You see those wolf spiders?


Wanna ride them?


Thunder Sisters.

Thunder Sisters!

Thunder Sisters!

Thunder Sister!

Thunder Sisters!

Oh, it went in my mouth.


I guess this is it.

Phil, I’m sorry I ate your bananas.

I suppose perhaps I have made mistakes too.

Like weaponizing these monkeys?

Well, yeah.

Or stealing their water?


And teaching them to tie these knots?

Well, their knots were atrocious!

I just wish that I’d been able to see Eep one more time.

I spent my whole life searching for a place my parents wanted me to find, and I found it.

But now, all I can think about is Eep.

My best friend… my first and only love.

You know, your parents loved you very much.

I think all they wanted for you was to… find happiness.

And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you and Eep make each other happy.


there’s no one I’d rather my daughter spend her Tomorrow with than you.

Guy, I too give you permission to start a home with Grug’s daughter.

That’s not how it works.

But it is appreciated.

And you two twits are the closest thing I have to fathers.

Thanks, son.

We’re not so different after all, Grug.

We’re two profoundly foolish fathers obsessed with bananas… about to die an incredibly ironic death.

Grug! What’s going on?

I don’t know! I can’t see!


I can’t look. What is it?

It’s… It’s…

It’s… actually kind of cute.

That’s just its forehead? Oh, come on!

What the…


Thunder Sisters!


What the heck is that?

♪ Can you hear The sisters of thunder are near? ♪

♪ Crash, full power It’s coming right through the clouds ♪

♪ The need for speed Gonna bring you down to your knees ♪

♪ It’s big, it’s loud ♪

Fire Heart, heads up!

♪ Feel it quaking, you want more? ♪

♪ Feel the thunder Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪

♪ Feel the thunder ♪

♪ Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪


♪ Ow ♪


No, no, no!


♪ Come on, sisters ♪


Eat wig!

♪ Feel the thunder Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪


Eep! Eep! I have something to say!

So do I!

Boom! That’s my girl!


Hey! You hungry?

Come and get me!

Get to the exit!

All right, boys! We’re getting you out of here!

Whoo! Yeah!

Close one! Right?


Phil, are you okay?

It’s bad, Grug!

I think I rolled my ankle!

You go on. Save yourself.


Pack stays together, bro.




What the…

Best bros!


Banana bros!

Bros for life!

What are they doing?

Hey! Get your heads in the game!

Chunky, go!




Where are they?

I think I see something.

♪ I know this much is true ♪

Are we all here?

Where’s Guy?

Where’s Eep?



Eep, wait, wait. There’s something I need to tell you.


I spent my whole life searching for a place called Tomorrow, but it isn’t a…


Go on.

But Tomorrow isn’t a place.

It’s a person. It’s you, Eep.

You are my Tomorrow.




Aah! Take that!


I think I made him madder.


Come on! Get under here!

We’ve gotta drop this thing.

How? There’s too many vines!



Wow. I can’t believe that actually work…

♪ I think I love you ♪

♪ I think I love you So what am I so afraid of? ♪

♪ I’m afraid that I’m not sure of A love there is no cure for ♪

♪ I think I love you Isn’t that what life is made of? ♪





I got you!

You know what? That’s not my real toe.



♪ I think I love you Isn’t that what life is made of? ♪

You never told me about that.

Did you know she had a peanut toe?


Travel log… final entry.

After two of the longest, most terrifying moons in my life, the Croods and the Bettermans made it back together.




And the Bettermans welcomed everyone to stay… forever.

So we made a few changes around the farm.

Yeah, it really opens up the place.



Oh, and the punch monkeys moved in next door.

Man, do they party a lot!

All day, all night.

Phil actually learned to speak punch monkey.

Okay. I’ll get you that recipe. Don’t you worry.

And Grug…

Come again?

Well, he’s still working on it.

One more time.

Hey, babe. Get to the good part!

Oh, yeah. Right!

Those weren’t the only changes.

Oh, I’m really gonna miss you.

Your mother and I are here if you need us.



Get in here, son.

Goodbye, Dad.

Our baby’s leaving.

Our baby’s leaving!



Hey, everyone!

Sandy said her first word! Sandy said, “Boomsies!”



Hey, what?

Hey, you.



Gran, did you do something new with your hair?

Oh, this?

Wigasus took the day off, so I’m trying a new do.

Thunk, no window at the table.


Who’s hungry?

It’s a special dish we call Bronana Bread.

My father was afraid of the pack getting smaller.

But in the end, it got bigger.

A whole lot bigger.

Dad was right after all.

We were stronger together.

♪ We’re talking ♪

♪ I was sleeping And right in the middle of a good dream ♪

♪ Like all at once I wake up ♪

♪ From something That keeps knocking at my brain ♪

♪ Before I go insane I hold my pillow to my head ♪

♪ And spring up in my bed Screaming out the words I dread ♪

♪ I think I love you ♪

♪ I think I love you ♪

♪ I think I love you So what am I so afraid of? ♪

♪ I’m afraid that I’m not sure of ♪

♪ A love there is no cure for ♪

♪ I think I love you Isn’t that what life is made of? ♪

♪ Though it worries me to say ♪

♪ I’ve never felt this way ♪

I have to tell you something I’ve been thinking for a long time but didn’t have the courage to say.

I think I love you.

You know what? Scratch that. I do love you.

♪ I don’t know what I’m up against I don’t know what it’s all about ♪

♪ I got so much to think about ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ I think I love you So what am I so afraid of? ♪

♪ I’m afraid that I’m not sure of A love there is no cure for ♪

I’m going crazy!

♪ I think I love you ♪

♪ Isn’t that what life is made of? ♪

♪ Though it worries me to say I’ve never felt this way ♪

♪ Believe me ♪

♪ You really don’t have to worry ♪

♪ I only wanna make you happy ♪

♪ And if you say, “Hey, go away,” I will ♪

♪ But I think better still I’d better stay around and love you ♪

♪ Do you think I have a case ♪

♪ Let me ask you to your face ♪

♪ Do you think you love me? ♪

♪ I think I love you ♪

♪ I think I love you ♪

♪ Whoa, I think I love you ♪

♪ I think I love you ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Mm-hmm ♪



Come on.



♪ Can you hear The sisters of thunder are near? ♪

♪ Crash, full power It’s coming right through the clouds ♪

♪ The need for speed Gonna bring you down to your knees ♪

♪ It’s big, it’s loud ♪

♪ Yeah, we’re on the prowl ♪

♪ Feel it shaking to your core ♪

♪ Feel it quaking, you want more? ♪

♪ Feel the thunder Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪

♪ Feel the thunder ♪

♪ Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪

♪ Come on, sisters! Whoo! ♪

♪ Can you see Our power shaking the trees? ♪

♪ Bam, boom, bang You know we can’t be tamed ♪

♪ We can’t slow down ♪

♪ We’re taking it to thunder town ♪

♪ On vines we swing We’re gettin’ you in the ring ♪

♪ Feel it rumble To your core ♪

♪ You took a tumble Do you want more? ♪

♪ Feel the thunder Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪

♪ Feel the thunder Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪

♪ Come on, sisters! Whoo! ♪

♪ Feel the thunder Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪

♪ Feel the thunder Feel the noise ♪

♪ Feel the thunder, uh-huh ♪

♪ ‘Cause we’re in the mood to destroy ♪

♪ In a cave up a tree No matter where you may be ♪

♪ We are all living here together ♪

♪ This world we live in is small ♪

♪ It’s not very big at all ♪

♪ Side-by-side, living here together ♪

♪ You got your style, I got mine ♪

♪ Together we are so sublime ♪

♪ Tomorrow is another day ♪

♪ Together we will find a way ♪

♪ Tomorrow is another day ♪

Whoo! ♪ Look at you, look at me ♪

♪ I need you, you need me ♪

♪ We are all living here together ♪

♪ As a team, we are strong ♪

♪ Hand in hand, we can’t go wrong ♪

♪ And we’re all living here together ♪

♪ Yeah, whoo ♪

♪ You got your style, I got mine ♪

♪ I got mine ♪

♪ Together we are so sublime ♪

♪ So sublime ♪

♪ Tomorrow is another day ♪

♪ Together we will find a way ♪

♪ One plan is just enough ♪

♪ Just enough ♪

♪ Just enough room for all of us ♪

♪ All of us ♪

♪ Tomorrow is another day ♪

♪ Together we will find a way ♪

♪ Work together on a brand-new day ♪

♪ Another day ♪

♪ You got your style, I got mine ♪

♪ I got mine ♪

♪ Together we are so sublime ♪

♪ So sublime ♪

♪ Tomorrow is another day ♪

♪ Together we will find a way ♪

♪ You got your style, I got mine ♪

♪ I got mine ♪

♪ I like it when we intertwine ♪

♪ Intertwine ♪

♪ Growing closer every day ♪

♪ Work together on a brand-new day ♪


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