Split (2016) | Transcript

Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities. They must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th.

Split (2016)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Runtime: 117 min
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Cast: James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula
Plot: Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all of the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey, Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him — as well as everyone around him — as the walls between his compartments shatter.

* * *

CLAIRE: (LAUGHING) Happy birthday to me!

ALL: Happy birthday!

Oh, my God!

GIRL: Anybody want this?


That’s what happens when you do a mercy invite.

I believed you wanted to invite everyone.

Dad, I can’t invite everyone in my art class except for one person without social networking evidence inflicting more pain on that person than was intended.

And I’m not a monster.

I’m proud of you. I think.

She gets detention a lot and she yells at teachers sometimes.

There was that rumor that went around that she just kept running away from home.

Um, maybe she can Uber.

I seriously believe that we can go home now.

Um, did I mistakenly convey this was a democracy?

We are not going till she gets picked up.

Uh, the car broke down. I’m just gonna take the bus.

You’re not taking a bus. I’ll drive you home.

Claire has almost saved her half of the money she needs for a car.

Isn’t that right?

This’ll be one of the few times left I can drive you guys around. Huh?

Uh, I…

You won’t be able to hear my dad tell jokes that only he thinks are funny for an entire car ride unless you come.

You don’t really wanna miss that.


CLAIRE: Wow! I got more gifts than I thought I did.


MARCIA: Can I put this in here?

MR. BENOIT: Yeah, I’ll get it. Thank you, Marcia.

CLAIRE: Maybe he just is into…


Maybe he’s just content where he is.

Hey. Can I help you?


MARCIA: This is the one. He’s really funny.

He does these weekly videos.


See? It’s so random. That is so weird.


CLAIRE: Yeah, you have a crush on him.

I don’t get it.

MARCIA: Pause it.

Yeah, go back.

Why don’t you get it?

I just don’t get it.

He’s blond and he’s cute.

CLAIRE: No, his eyebrows are just like…

Shut up. His eyebrows?

That’s the one thing you couldn’t get?







MARCIA: Oh, my God.

Oh. You see what he does, though?

CLAIRE: How does he even do that?

MARCIA: That’s the whole point why I’m showing you.


MARCIA: So bad.



Pardon me, sir. I think you have the wrong car.










CLAIRE: We woke up in here.

What the hell is going on?

What are we doing here?

What happened to my dad?

He’s out there.

Do you know what happened to my dad?



I choose you first.

It’s only gonna be a minute.


Pee on yourself.

Pee on yourself.








CLAIRE: Open the door!



CLAIRE: Hey, are you okay?

MARCIA: He wanted me to dance for him.

The outside door is locked.

Everything’s okay.

We’re okay.

We’re okay.


UNCLE JOHN: I hear the tiniest little splash and here it comes.

A freak of nature, like this.

So, he comes across the stream and he’s so tall that the water doesn’t even get to his belly.

Then he stops.

And my heart’s coming out of my chest.

You got buck fever.

Uncle John’s got buck fever.

That’s not true, Casey. Your daddy’s a liar.

How big was the rack?

It was huge.

Where are you supposed to look when you shoot, Casey?

CASEY: At the body.

Then why was he looking at the rack?

‘Cause he had buck fever.


She’ll say anything you say.

You gonna do that when you get your mentored hunting license in three years?

No, sir.

Make sure you put your gloves on after you finish.

Your feet and your hands get cold first out there.


Three students abducted.

The father of one of the students woke up dazed in King of Prussia, reportedly drugged.

He found the kids and the car missing.

Neighbors are in disbelief.

A normally quiet community is reeling after this abduction.

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of these girls, you are urged to contact the police.


MARCIA: It doesn’t matter if you open that door, Claire.

There’s a second locked door.

CLAIRE: He’s gonna come in here again, any second, and we’re not letting him take one of us out again.

We just cried and screamed and we didn’t hurt him because we were afraid to get him upset.

God, that’s victim shit. Jesus!

We should fight him.

We should drop a crazy-ass bomb on him.

I saw him carry one of you and lay you on the bed like you weighed nothing.

One punch from him would knock one of us out.

I took six months of Kenpo karate class.

And you distract the assailant with pain.

Everything is so easy for you guys.

You do one thing, you can predict the next thing.

It’s not the way it’s gonna be in this situation.

CLAIRE: We’re not getting out of here.

You’re saying that you’re not gonna fight with everything in you?

You know the only chance…

The only chance we have is if all three of us go crazy on this guy.

We have to hurry.

MARCIA: We need you, Casey.

Claire’s smart. Let’s listen to her.

I’ll do it if you’re gonna do it, too.

We can win.

He’ll hurt us.

No. Shut up.

Both of you.

CLAIRE: You’re gonna pick your miserable self up and help us get out of here.

Blow me.

And your six months of karate at the King of Prussia Mall can blow me, too.

No! No, no, you can’t do this today!

You can’t do this right now.

Why do you do this? Why do you act like this?

Why do you act like you’re not one of us?

When you’re aiming, Casey, always keep both eyes open.

Cover your target with the barrel then move with it to get its pace.

I’m warning you, it’s gonna be frustrating the first times.

You’re gonna shoot under it or behind it.

You’ll learn to stay with it.

Females are smarter than the males.

But you know that, it’s like humans.


Females use their nose to stay alive.

They make sure they have cover.

They always remember they’re trying to stay alive.

Bucks go off by themselves.

Bucks get dumb during mating season.

Boys make too much noise.

(CHUCKLES) Yes, they do.

I’m better than a boy, right?

Yes, you are.



I’ll let you know when I hear something that makes sense.

We don’t even know what this is yet.

Hey! I was inspired.

No, no, no, that one.

That one, before the pink frock coat with the thorns.

That’s supposed to be like a tailored jacket, but I’m gonna hand-print it with newspaper headlines.


KAREN: I’m a simple blouse and skirt person, but these…

These are very artistic, Barry.

Just the kind of thing Hamptons ladies would spend $15,000 on to wear once at a charity ball.

Shut up!


You know, I can’t stay too long.

This is just a visit.

Well, tell me what’s going on.

What, you mean the email?

No, just the usual things.

Just feelings of being overwhelmed.

The terseness of your email made it sound specific and time-related.

Are you looking for something?



I’m just admiring. I’m better now.

How’s work?

It’s great.

When I last spoke to them, they believed you were a model employee.

They found you meticulous and conscientious.

You know this, right?

I do.

You’ve managed there for 10 years.

You’re functioning very well, Barry.

And it’s a rare and wonderful place for you to work.

Yes, it is.

You know, of all my other clients with your disorder, you’ve been the most consistent at your job.

Did something happen, Barry?

How old are you?

Just… The Internet is inconsistent on this point.

Why is that on your mind?

Who’s gonna look after us when you retire or pass on?

You know, we’re gonna have to take care of ourselves and nobody even believes that we exist.

If ever something were to happen to me, I’ve made arrangements with a colleague from Baltimore to take over.


Hey, do you, uh…

You live alone?

You know this.

I’m sorry, I just meant how long?

(CHUCKLES) Always.

That must be so lonely.


Uh, you know what?

I’m doing much better. I shouldn’t have emailed you. I’m just…

Look at me. I’m too impulsive.

By the way, is anybody listening?

Does anybody care about us?


The University of Paris has asked me to do a lecture, in fact.

I’m going to be doing it via Skype from right here.

People are believing more.

Let’s meet at our usual time next week.

I would rather you didn’t leave, Barry.

Did something happen?

Don’t worry.

This was just a visit.

I’m doing much better, I actually…

Don’t you want your sketches, Barry?

You’re usually very protective of them.



I’ll see you next week at our usual time.

Thanks for fighting for us, Dr. Fletcher.

Thanks, Dr. Fletcher.


I just think I’m gonna blow it.

No, you’ll be great. I’ll see you next week.

Okay, thank you.


…DJ’s exclusive million dollar Holiday Bucks Bonanza.

I don’t know how you work with those people.

What people?

Your patients.

You can’t use your thumbs to spin the wheel, dumbasses.

They always use their thumbs. Oh.

Well, we look at people who’ve been shattered and different as less than.

What if…

they’re more than us?



Do you believe them? Your patients.

Just between you and me.

Yes, I do.


Flick it! Flick it!

GAME SHOW HOST: …coming up next, right after this.

I don’t believe it.

No offense.


WOMAN ON TV: …but when you call, we’ll send you a second easy-feet absolutely free!

Just pay separate processing.

So that’s two easy feet…

Now, that, I need to buy that.

(WHISPERING) He’s back.

There’s a lady outside.

PATRICIA: Dennis, admit what you’ve done.

DENNIS: (WHISPERS) Don’t get upset.

PATRICIA: Don’t tell me.

I’m getting frightened.

I thought that you had this under control.

Please tell me it’s not too late.

DENNIS: The food is waiting.

PATRICIA: Is she in that room?

We’re here!

Help us!

We’re in here!

What is this? How many are there?

DENNIS: No, don’t go in there!

Don’t go in there!


Don’t worry.

I’ll talk to him.

He listens to me.


He’s not well.

He knows what you’re here for.

He’s not allowed to touch you.

He knows that.



JOE: Karen. Joe.

JOE: They said you can’t have your own panel at the national conference.

They conceded, however, that you can be part of the mood disorder panel.

KAREN: It’s not a mood disorder.

JOE: Oh, I’m aware of your beliefs, Karen.

Well, were they open this time with the new evidence?

JOE: One of your arguments is a dog?

You submitted video of a dog acting differently to one of your patients at different times?

It is more dramatic than that.

They are what they believe they are.

The brain has learned to defend itself.

JOE: You speak of them like they’re supernaturally gifted.

Like they have powers or something.

Karen, these are patients.

They have been through trauma.

And perhaps now they are capable of something we’re not.

We have brain scans now.

DID patients have changed their body chemistry with their thoughts.

He’s just trying to scare us.

He was having a full conversation with himself.

What was that line about? “The food is waiting.”

Does everyone get how wacked this is and that we need to get out of here now?



Please, keep your area neat.

The bathroom, it’s unacceptable.

To make it easy, I’ve color-coded these.

Use the blue bottle for the floor and the pink bottle for the ceramic surfaces.



Patricia has reminded me that I was sent to get you for a reason.

That you are sacred food.

And I promise not to bother you again.


Maybe he has a dog or something.

You think he’s gonna feed us to his dogs?



My name’s Hedwig.

I have red socks.

He’s on the move.


He’s… on… the… move.


Someone’s coming for you and you’re not gonna like it.

You guys make noises in your sleep.

Tell us.

I’m not supposed to say.

But he’s done awful things to people and he’ll do awful things to you.

I have blue socks, too.

We’re his food?


How old are you?


So you’re not the guy that took us?


You’re not the lady?

What are you, blind?

You don’t know how they think?

No, they don’t tell me much.

I just ate a hot dog.

Could you help us, Hedwig?

No, I’m not even supposed to be here.

I stole the light from Mr. Dennis, but he’ll be back real soon.

I can’t steal the light for too long or he’ll know and get angry.


See you!

CASEY: Wait.

We heard something.

We didn’t understand it, but now we do.

Do you know what we heard?

What did you hear?

Come here.

I’ll whisper it to you.


CASEY: (WHISPERS) This guy… is coming for you.

You’re a big fibber.

I never lie, Hedwig.

But Mr. Dennis, he said that he followed those two girls for four days and that he knew that they were the ones that he would want.

When you’re not around,

Dennis and the lady talk about it.

They talk about how he wants a boy this time.

They’re going to give him you.

No, Miss Patricia, she said…

She said she’s not mad at me anymore.

She sings to me sometimes.

I think Miss Patricia is still a little mad at you.

Miss Patricia thinks I’m…

She thinks I’m stupid.

She thinks I make silly mistakes.

Look at me.

We’re like your babysitters.

We’ll let you watch TV and make you a fun dinner.

We all need to get out of here.

You could show us the way out.

We could be gone before anybody gets back, but we have to hurry, Hedwig.

We have to hurry and get out of here.

Wait a minute.

It took forever to get this place safe without the nosey bodies that work here finding out.

You can’t get out of here!

I have to blow my nose.

No, wait! Please don’t go!

MARCIA: Who’s coming?

This is seriously scary.

No one’s coming.

CASEY: He said something.

He said something about making the room safe.

This is all new drywall.

What was unsafe?





Wait, are we sure about this?


Casey, you were right.

There’s something here.

He was covering up a way out.

Tell me if you see him.

MARCIA: Casey, tell us what you see.

CASEY: He’s here.

You can’t let him in! You can’t let him in!

This is our one chance.

CASEY: We’re not gonna make it.

CLAIRE: Yes, we are!



Hey, what are you guys doing?


Okay, quit it.

Okay, guys?

Let me in.

Give us a second. We’re changing.

What are you guys doing?

Let me in.


Guys, you’re not being funny.


You’re being bitches! Now, I’m gonna slap you!

I’m gonna slap you in your face.

Just give me as much time as you can.

You’re gonna get me into trouble.




All right, push up.









I thought I lost you.

Would you, uh…

Would you step outside, please?


You like to make fun of us.

But we’re more powerful than you think.

Step outside.


You shouldn’t trick children.

That shows who you are.

Look at your sweater. It’s ruined.

It’s dirty.

Remove it.

I’m trying to be good.



You will not see your friend again.


She will be kept separate.

You take off your skirt. You take off your shirt.

Clothes you got all dirty from the dust.

One identity in an individual with Dissociative Identity Disorder can have high cholesterol.


There have been cases where one identity is allergic to bee stings.

The others are not.

Are there moments where two identities can coexist at the same time?

There are times when two identities can take the “light” or “the spot” or consciousness at the same time.

This happened with a student that I was working with.

And her left and right hand were taking notes in different hand-writings about separate things at the same time.

The differences in the identities can be dramatic.

As much as the difference between you and me and every person in that auditorium.

The identities have different IQ’s.

They have different physical strengths.

One personality is a Russian weightlifter and can lift three times his body weight.

Their ability to hyper-focus and have different experiences is astounding.

Have these individuals, through their suffering, unlocked the potential of the brain?

Is this the ultimate doorway to all things we call unknown?

Is this where our sense of the supernatural comes from?


It’s about depth and curves…

Hey, you see that one?

It’s kind of like a chenille sweater-dress.

Who are you?



I don’t think you are.

I’ve developed a nose for sensing whom I’m talking to and whom I’m not.

Have I done something?

You’ve emailed for an unscheduled appointment two days in a row.

We’re just feeling overwhelmed.

Garden-variety issues.

I think Orwell or Jade or Samuel or Heinrich had the light for a moment and emailed me.

And you’re here to tell me everything’s okay.

I emailed you.

May I talk to one of them, please?

That can’t happen.

I… I told them that I wanted to spend the session with you today.

I’m gonna ask again.

To whom am I speaking with now?

Dr. Fletcher, it’s Barry.

It doesn’t seem like Barry.

Barry is an extroverted leader.

Yes, I am.

I’m gonna take a professional guess based on the description of all 23 identities that live in Kevin’s body, that I’ve gotten from Barry.

I think I’m talking to Dennis.

But he’s been banned from the light because, among other reasons, he has a proclivity to watch young girls dance naked, which he himself knows is wrong and has fought against with little success.

I’m encouraged we can finally meet.

And I’ve guessed this because you’ve adjusted the chocolate dish twice since you came in here and I understand you have OCD.


I see. Now, I see. That’s clever.

That’s clever, but I’m not Dennis.

And you and Patricia have been banned from the light for quite a while now.

Primarily, shall we say, because of your beliefs.

Patricia and Dennis are very unstable.

I’m not Dennis.

Have you both taken charge now?

Please believe me, I’m Barry.


You must forgive me.

My job is to challenge you.

And, as you must know by now, I have plenty of opinions about how everyone should live their lives.


Ask me something about fashion.

I’ll prove it.

Look, look, look. Lindt.


Yeah, look.

You see? I’m not Dennis.

You want me to do something else?

You got ice cream?

Oh, this shirt’s a cotton blend anyway and the collar is from three seasons ago.

Snood? I mean, come on.


Jai, what health-conscious fast food purveyor did you originally solicit to buy these chicken wings you’ve so lovingly reheated in a minor suicidal gesture?

Hooters. And you can’t just throw them out, Dr. Fletcher.

Oh, this is wrong on so many levels.

We finished about 3:15, so look around 3:18.

You’re getting a little soft around the middle, Jai.

The authors of Hooters play on our incessant need for fat and man’s incessant need to be in the proximity of augmented breasts.

It’s like Henry V ran a fast food franchise.

It’s a good place, Dr. Fletcher.

(SCOFFS) Right.

JAI: How’d you know the trash would be spilled?

How can I say this, Jai?

You’re not the most meticulous of people.

This guy isn’t very neat, is he?

He walked right through the trash.

No, Jai.

Any normal person would have walked around it.

That was an act.

What are you up to, Dennis?

Or is it Patricia who’s deciding things?

CASEY: We’re not gonna die.

Bad things happen.

But not like this.


Talk to me.

We need to get to a window or a door, or something.

Don’t you think?

The thrill, Casey, is about whether you can or can’t outsmart this animal.

See, you didn’t used to like to come out here.

This is like our family tradition, right?

Good shot, big brother.

Thank you, John.

I have your meal, sleepyhead.


It’s good?

It’s got paprika in it.


I’m sorry.

I think I’ll put a pretty flower in your hair.

There we are.

That’s to show how important you are.

Come along.

We’ll have a proper meal.

I understand.

This must all seem so unsatisfactory for you.

But we are doing the best we can.




Can Claire come eat with us?


No, I’m afraid that can’t happen.

She almost ruined our big reception.



I’ve heard that Asian people’s music aids digestion.

I’ll make you a second sandwich.

Do you know, a family of lions can eat 35 pounds a day?

A buck can lose 30% of its weight during mating season, chasing does around.

They’re crepuscular, right?

It means they travel around during dusk and dawn.

Good for you.



It’s crooked.

Forgive me.

I don’t know if you know, but tigers have only 30 teeth.

That’s 12 less than a dog.


I thought that was a fun fact.



Marcia, listen to me.




Go to your room. Shut the door.

Do it now.



“In the sun, we will find our passion. In the sun, we will find our purpose.”



You’ve always been protected.

You’ve never truly suffered.

And that’s why we chose you.

You’ve always been asleep.

You never had a chance.

You never had a chance.

DENNIS: The dark-haired girl, she’s gonna be kept in another closet.

You might as well know at this point.

The Beast, he’s coming for you.

All three of you, you’re gonna be kept separate.

You’ve got…

You’ve got a crumb on your shirt.

Please take it off.


Just take it off.




It wasn’t nice, what you said about Miss Patricia.

You lied.

I’m sorry about that, Hedwig.

You guys lied to me, made me scared, etcetera.

Mr. Dennis, he says you wear a lot of shirts.

I like this shirt.

Thank you.

Do you know who Dennis and Miss Patricia are?


Every one of us has to wait in a chair, and Barry, he decides who stands in the light.

But Barry lost that power because of me.

I can wish myself into the light anytime I want.

It’s a special power.

Barry just has to keep sitting in his chair if I want him to.

That’s why Dennis and Miss Patricia said I could be with them.

Dennis and Miss Patricia, they believe in The Beast and what he can do.

Have you seen him?

The Beast?

No. Can I kiss you?

I wanted to kiss the other girl with the dark hair, but she’s in trouble.

So, do you want to?

I mean, I don’t know much about kissing, though.





Okay, here we go.




You might be pregnant now.

Am I a good kisser?


I like dancing.

Do you like dancing?

I like dancing to my CD player in my room.

Kanye West is my main man.

We got my CD player set up in my room, right next to my window.

I’m like…


We gots the moves.


Maybe I could watch you dance and listen to music with you.

No, my music’s in my room.

Oh. Right.

Maybe you could sneak me there.

Are you trying to trick me?


I’ll tell on you.

I’m telling on you.

I’ll tell you something.

And you can tell me if I’m lying or not, okay?


Like a test. Okay?

I get into trouble at school, on purpose.

So I can get sent to detention.

To get away from everyone.

So that I can be alone.

Okay, I’ll show you something cool in my room.


But after Mr. Dennis has finished his getting-ready ritual.

I have to go.

He’s got an appointment.

When I fall asleep, one of the others keeps trying to reach the doctor lady to tell on us.

BARRY: That pant, it’s got a red lining.

You can see it in the long slit down the side.

KAREN: We have been talking about silk-and-wool blend for 20 minutes.

Can I guess that you emailed me in the middle of the night for an emergency session due to garden-variety issues?


I was down and I emailed you and I woke up and I feel better.

I feel better.

I had a thought.


I want to talk about the incident at work.

It’s okay, Barry.

You’re safe.

I just want to bring the details back.

We’ll just talk about the details.

A high school from Camden, New Jersey was on a field trip at your place of work and two young ladies came up to you.

And one took your hand and put it under her shirt on her breast and the second one did the same and then they just ran off laughing to their friends.

You surmised that it might be on a dare.

You said they were 17 or 18.

You said it upset you for days.

It was just a teenage prank. I get that now.

And see, that’s my mistake.

I believe that I went over this incident with you too fast.

Although you said you were fine, and the other identities I met with said it was fine,

I believe that this brought up issues from when you were a child and abused.

Sometimes another incident of abuse can cause suppressed personalities to take the light.

Dennis, if this is you,

I completely understand why you felt the need to take over and protect the others.


Doctor, not this again.

The others told me that you and Patricia told the group about this Beast.

And I told them that these are just scary stories that Dennis and Patricia tell the others to scare them.

How this Beast can crawl on walls,

like the best rock climbers using the slightest friction and imperfections to hold his body close to seemingly sheer surfaces.

How his skin is thick and tough like the hide of a rhinoceros.

Do you really believe the stories about The Beast?


If this is you, Dennis, I understand why Kevin needs you.

You are strong and disciplined.

You are precise and you will not be taken advantage of.

You can trust me.

For example,

I do have the ability to use Kevin’s full name and bring him forward as he has in the past.

But I wouldn’t do that.

I know that that would be chaos for all of you.

Everyone would grab the light.

I don’t want to hurt any of you that way.

You don’t have to hide.

I know you are someone who cares for Kevin.

You are not evil to me.

You were necessary.


Is that you?

They keep calling us The Horde.

The others, you know?

Miss Patricia and I, we are ridiculed.

Now, we’re not perfect, but we don’t deserve to be ridiculed.

We’re all struggling. They have to admit that.

I am pleased to meet you, Dennis.

You, too.

I assume you don’t know who emailed me for the emergency sessions?

One of the others.

Are you in charge?

Yeah, we’ve taken charge.

We’re the only ones that can protect Kevin.

We’re all here to protect Kevin.

He’s very weak.

He doesn’t know how powerful we can be.

Would you mind telling me when you first came into existence?

And how you and Patricia, the other undesirable identity, became aligned?

That’s okay.

Do you still have strong beliefs?

That depends on what.

This story of The Beast.

One thing, Dennis, that may comfort you if you are confused is that you’ve met the other alters.

You’re all in a room in chairs, right?


But you never met The Beast.

Because he doesn’t reside with the rest of you.

Because he resides in the train yard, as the story goes, because Kevin’s dad left on a train.

But the fact is, you and Patricia have never met The Beast.

Have you?


That’s because he’s not an alter.

He’s not the 24th identity.

He’s a fantasy.



Hurry up! Let’s go!

(WHISPERS) Come on, it’s time.







I know.

This is your CD player?


You don’t like it?

It’s not new…


No, I’m just, uh…

I’m confused.

You said it was near a window.

Oh, that’s here! (CHUCKLES)


Now, it’s closed.

Now, it’s open.

Now, it’s closed.

Now, it’s open.

Did you think it was a real window?

So you could leave, etcetera?

Help me get out of here, Hedwig.

Just get me the keys and let me out the door.


Miss Patricia says that nobody will make fun of me anymore when The Beast comes!

She says that everyone will see how amazing I am and then all of the silly mistakes, they won’t matter anymore.

I think you should go back to your room. No!

Wait, please, I wanna hear your Kanye West albums.

Show me your room.

Let’s stay here. I’m sorry I asked to leave.

I can’t.

You said you wanted to show me something cool, right?


Show me something. Please!

I don’t want to.



It’s nice.

It’s not a toy.

This is real?


It’s Mr. Dennis’.

He doesn’t even know I stole it.

Pretty cool, right?

You can listen to people talking and they don’t even know you’re listening.

Who does this talk to?

Don’t touch that.

I just wanna see if it works.

Hey, what are you doing?


Don’t touch those buttons. You’re gonna get us found out.

VINCE: Yeah, East gate here.

What up?

Don’t talk.

What up?

Don’t talk.


I’m gonna slap you!

Who’s this?


Hello. Hello, my name is Casey Cooke.

I’m being held in a basement. I’ve been abducted with two other girls.

VINCE: Who the hell is this?



Casey Cooke.

I’ve been abducted.

You need to find me.

Betty, is that you?

This isn’t funny.

Call the police. I must be near you.

I’m being held in a basement or something.

Okay, Betty, listen.

Tell Larry and Fish I said hi.

Tell him I still got his orange headphones.

I don’t know where I am.

There’s a man here.

He abducted us and he’s going to kill me.


I only have a few hours left.


I’m begging you.

Somebody save us.

VINCE: Wait, who is this?

And how did you get one of our walkies?


PATRICIA: Put your hands together in contrition.

“In the sun, we will find our passion. In the sun, we will find our purpose.”

I read that on a sympathy card in a supermarket.

It was for funerals, but I thought it was beautiful.


Dennis will explain the meaning of this evening.

The Beast is a sentient creature who represents the highest form of humans’ evolution.

He believes the time of ordinary humanity is over.

I hope this makes you feel calm.

You will be in the presence of something greater.

I was gonna ask for your last shirt,

but I won’t.

Because tonight is a sacred night.

It’s almost over.

Casey. Come on.

Let’s pretend we’re animals again.

Come on.

Casey, come on. This is our game.

I’ll tell your dad you’re not being nice.


Come on, take off your stuff.

Animals don’t wear clothes.

(GROWLS) Come on.

Yeah, yeah. (GROWLS)

Come on.

Hey, Casey bear.

This isn’t funny.

Is it loaded?


I’m your uncle.

Stop it, Casey.

Put that gun down.

I’m getting upset.

I’m about to get very angry.

Give me the gun!


Could have killed me.




This place is closed. You can’t get in.

No, it’s okay.

Hello, Dennis.

One of the others emailed me just now.

(EXHALES) Is everything okay?

We’re fine.


Kevin is really lucky to have you.

You are quite extraordinary.

I just don’t want you guys to get hurt.

You think we’re extraordinary?

I like you, Dennis.

May I come in?

And can we talk?

I know you wanna tell me something.

Why don’t you just tell me?

DENNIS: We’re very similar, you and I.

Both on the outside, looking in.

Please, sit.

I don’t get many visitors.

Uh, I’ll get you some water.

They got a proper quarters for me in a building on the south side, but we prefer it here.

When they promoted me to head of maintenance, they said I could have it.

KAREN: Who are you going to meet?

DENNIS: I wanna talk about

Kevin and what his mother did to him.

I remember it all.

I’m happy you’re suddenly so open.

Kevin’s mother had rather malevolent ways of punishing a three-year-old.

Is that when you arrived in the light?


The one way to avoid her attention was to keep everything spotless, everything perfect.

I know you’re coming from good intentions, Dennis, but there are other ways to help Kevin now.

I’ve lost so many patients into the system.

I want you to know, Dennis, I will never stop fighting for you.

My patients have become my family.

They are what I’ve chosen instead of a more traditional path.

I hope you feel you can be truly honest with me.

I actually wanna be honest with you.

I lied before.

When you asked if I’d ever met The Beast, I said no.

That really isn’t true.

You wrote about a woman in Germany who’d been blind for 10 years.

And then, it was discovered that she had DID.

Then three of her identities developed sight.

And you speculated that her optical nerves regenerated because of her beliefs.

What are you trying to say?

There are things, Dr. Fletcher, that all of us would find hard to believe.

Are you trying to tell me there’s a 24th identity?

You protect the broken.

When you said that you thought this situation was extraordinary,

I knew you can maybe understand.

Understand what?

The Beast is real.

He’s just emerged.

You were right about everything.

What does he look like?

He’s much bigger than I am and I’m the biggest of all of us.

He’s tall.

He’s very muscular.

And he’s got a long mane of hair and his fingers are twice the length of ours.

He believes we are extraordinary.

That we don’t represent a mistake, but our potential.

You say the same things.

He’s on the move.

What does that mean?

I don’t understand.

He can’t be real.

There must be limits to what a human being can become.

And there’s another whole part of the story, isn’t there?

About the eating of the impure young?

What does impure even mean?


We should discuss that so that you can understand fully.

Understand what?

Sometimes, there’s just no other way.

Who are you going to meet?


You know what?

I would love to take notes on all of this.

We should probably discuss this in a proper session tomorrow.


You’re okay with this?

This has been so wonderful, you being so open.

I can see that you feel very empowered by the philosophies of The Beast.

I’m going to go now.

I knew you would understand. I’ll see you.

Would you mind

if I used your bathroom?


It’s down the hall, near the stairs, on your left.

How we doing?

I’m okay.


Are you real?

MARCIA: Who is it?

Help me.

Help me.

MARCIA: Is someone there?

Please help me.

They will never reach their potential.

They don’t really matter.

Listen to me, Dennis.

I should’ve listened better.

I should’ve understood what you’re capable of, how powerful you are.

Patricia says your way isn’t working.

The world will understand now.

Dennis, this is an egregious wrong.

These young women are suffering.

This is a crime.

I can’t let you keep them here.

We’ve gotta stop this.

This identity is monstrous.

I’m really sad you feel this way.

Can’t you see?

He is formed because of your time in this place.



CLAIRE: There’s a lady.

Someone’s here.

We need to get out of these rooms.

Is there anything in your room?

Anything that we could use?

CLAIRE: There’s nothing in here.

There’s a hanger.


Thank you, Dennis.

Here you go, sir.



It sounded like there were slide bolts on the outside of our doors.

See if you can move the lock through the crack in the door.





CLAIRE: Stay calm.

We’re getting out of here. We’re gonna get Casey.

You can do this, Marcia.


With regard to Chahamana’s defeat and Muhammad of Ghor’s conquests between 1192 and 1200,

I would liken it to Muhammad’s brazen ultimatum that Prithviraj either apostatize or fight.

Like Prithviraj’s defiance, we should stand up to The Horde’s advances.

In the face of their scare tactics, we should show…

I hate my insulin shots.

No one else around here has to take them.

Why do I have to have diabetes?

All the doctors, besides Dr. Fletcher, say that we’re the same person.

Just personalities, huh?

How do you explain I’m the only one that needs these, you motherfuck…

I’m wearing cargo pants from the ’90s.

And a scarf.

If it wasn’t for the Varvatos T-shirt underneath, I’d be a mess.

I got no taste for things right now.

I’m worried sick.

I have a very bad feeling that I’m losing time.

I decide who gets the light, right?

I think someone is stealing the light from me when I’m not aware.

The Horde keeps obsessing about the ones who haven’t suffered.

I don’t know where they’re going with this, but it scares me.



CLAIRE: Picture yourself in a couple hours at home.

On the couch, in that ugly-ass sweatshirt that you love.


It’s an animal!

He goes like this if there’s a coyote or something.






Kevin, Kevin.


(IN A DEEP VOICE) Thank you for helping us till now.











BARRY: I guess I should tell Dr. Fletcher about this… (CASEY GRUNTING) but she’ll worry.

She’s such a sweet woman.

I believe I will go for a nice walk and think this through organizationally.

Thus ends my journal for Monday.




(WHISPERS) Claire.





Claire, let’s go.





“Kevin Wendell Crumb.”


CASEY: Kevin Wendell Crumb?

Kevin Wendell Crumb.


Kevin Wendell Crumb!

KEVIN’S MOTHER: Kevin Wendell Crumb.

Kevin Wendell Crumb.

You made a mess.

Come out here.

Kevin Wendell Crumb!

You made a mess!

Get out here!

Who are you?

What’s happening?

Something horrible.

What’d I do?

Did I hurt you?

Dr. Fletcher.

Dr. Fletcher.

Who did that?

You did.

I swear, I was on a bus.

I don’t remember anything after that. I…

This is still September 18, 2014, right?

There’s a shotgun I bought.

It’s in the bottom cabinet, hidden behind things.

The shells are in my uniform closet out in the service hall.

Kill me.

Then kill me.

(AS JADE) Wait, no!

(STUTTERS) Don’t do that!

He can’t handle reality.

My name is Jade.

Has Dr. Fletcher been getting our emails?

This is what we have to do.


(AS ORWELL) As in 1008, when Anandapala suffered the Shahis’ most crushing defeat and Mahmud overran the entirety of the Punjab region, taking the famed temple of Kangra, we have been wronged by this alliance, this horde of Patricia, Dennis and the boy.

Their actions do not represent us.

They are every…

(AS BARRY) Everybody, just take a minute!

Oh, baby girl.

They’ve been stealing control of the light from me.

But the group are gonna work through this.

Honey, my name is Barry.


(AS HEDWIG) You shouldn’t have used the walkie-talkie.

They almost caught us.

(SOBS) Stop it, Hedwig!

They were right. Look at you.

You’re so frightened of us.

Dennis and Miss Patricia are in charge because of me.

I’m gonna give the light to them now.

No one’s allowed to make fun of me anymore.

(AS PATRICIA) Thank you, Hedwig.

Everything’s fine now.

CASEY: Kevin Wendell Crumb.

Kevin is asleep.

We’ve made him sleep far away.

You can call his name all you like, dear, but he’s not going to hear you.

The Beast has shared with us his dream of a larger group to sustain him.


Ten to 12 unworthy young next time.


This is just

the start.








Let go!










It runs in our family.

My daddy died, too.

Same way.

Heart attack.

But you don’t need to worry.

I’m going to take care of you.


you won’t be giving me any trouble, will you?

I know you won’t, sweetie.




THE BEAST: We are glorious!

We will no longer be afraid.


Only through pain

can you achieve your greatness!


The impure are the untouched, the unburned, the unslain.

Those who have not been torn have no value in themselves and no place in this world!

They are asleep!



Your gun cannot hurt me.

Can’t you see I am not human?

Kevin is a man. I am much more.






You are different from the rest.

Your heart is pure!



The broken are the more evolved.



What in the name of Mary and Joseph?

What are you doing in this area?



Just keep walking, honey.

They won’t do nothing.


Vince, call the police.

She said some people got hurt in the area below maintenance.



Now, I’m just gonna check you.

POLICE OFFICER: Third deceased name of Dr. Karen Fletcher.

Still trying to locate the family.

FEMALE OFFICER: Casey Cooke’s guardian’s here.

Your uncle’s here.

You ready to go?


(AS DENNIS) It didn’t go through.

(AS PATRICIA) We are what we believe we are.


Holy shit!

This is so cool!


They’re gonna believe we exist now, right?

(AS DENNIS) They’re gonna have to.

(AS HEDWIG) So what do we do now?

(AS PATRICIA) We trust in him.

He’ll protect us.

Look at what he can do.

Let him show the world how powerful we can be.

TV REPORTER: The suspected murderer Kevin Crumb suffers from the controversial psychological disorder DID.

The rumors coming out of the scene are almost unbelievable.

There are conflicting stories if the suspect is alive or dead after sustaining two point-blank gunshots.

Reports even indicate one of his personalities is an amalgam of the various animals in the Philadelphia Zoo where he worked.

The press is already referring to the alleged attacker by a dark name leaked by a source close to the case.

Because of his many personalities, he is being called…

The Horde.

This is like that crazy guy in the wheelchair that they put away 15 years ago.

And they gave him a funny name, too.

What was it?

Mr. Glass.

Oh, yeah.


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