Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021) – Transcript

A criminal mastermind unleashes a twisted form of justice in Spiral, the terrifying new chapter from the book of Saw.
Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021)

Working in the shadow of his father, an esteemed police veteran (Samuel L. Jackson), brash Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks (Chris Rock) and his rookie partner (Max Minghella) take charge of a grisly investigation into murders that are eerily reminiscent of the city’s gruesome past. Unwittingly entrapped in a deepening mystery, Zeke finds himself at the center of the killer’s morbid game.

* * *




WOMAN: Hey! My purse! He’s got my purse!

MAN: Hey, stop him!

Come on.

WOMAN: Somebody stop him! He’s got my purse!

Police! Freeze!

Hey! Stop! Out of my way!

Get out of my way! Out of my way! Police!



You did not just go down there…


What the fuck?

Fuck sakes.




Get your fucking hands in the air! [ECHOING]

I ain’t gonna say it again, motherfucker!












[DISTORTED] Hello, Detective Bozwick.

I want to play a game.


The 3 train is arriving in two minutes.

It is up to you to decide if this will be your final stop.

You have taken the witness stand many times, and railroaded innocent people with your lies, putting them away in jail.

Today, it is you who will be railroaded.

You have one chance to live.

Tear from your mouth the tongue that has so often been used to lie and to deceive.

Take a leap of faith, and you will live.

Only your weight will rip away your lying tongue and save you.

Live or die, make your choice.
















MAN: What you talking about? That movie won awards.

ZEKE: You know, Tom Hanks is a straight pimp, man, but I don’t know if you could make that movie today.

MAN: What the fuck you going on about?

Special needs abuse.

MAN: Special needs?

What, you woke now?

ZEKE: Not woke, but you can’t say “handicapped,” you can’t say “retarded.”

You got to say “special needs,” I’m trying to be respectful.

Forrest Gump was special needs, man.

What was the name of the girl?


ZEKE: Jenny.

He did everything for Jenny.

This motherfucker did some shit.

He jogged across the whole country.

He beat China in ping-pong.

You know how fucking hard that shit is?

He was a war hero.

Who the fuck is nicer than Forrest Gump?

His best friend was a ni*ga and a white boy with no legs.

He made a billion dollars selling shrimp.

And she still wouldn’t fuck him.

Hey, eventually, they got together.

Yeah, after she got AIDS.

As soon as she got AIDS, she’s like, “Hey, Forrest…”


Get the fuck out of here, man.

Giving that guy AIDS?

Are you kidding me?


That shit’s abusive.

But he ain’t get it.

I ain’t see no sequel. Where’s Gump 2?

Yo, Rico just got off the elevator.

Oh, shit.


Let’s do this.

Get down! Get down right now!

Get down right now! You know what this is!

You know what this is!

That’s right! Put it all! Come on! Down!

Fill up this bag! Put it in the motherfucking bag!

MAN 1: Come on.

You know what to do!


Get back!

MAN 2: I want that coke! I want that money!

[LOUDLY] I want everything!


MAN 3: Ninety seconds, we gotta go!



OFFICER: Freeze! Police!

Hands up! Get your hands up!

OFFICER 2: Get out of the car. Get the fuck out of…


Zeke? Is that you?


GARZA: What the fuck is wrong with you?

You do an undercover op…

You don’t clear it, there’s no coordination.

We are Homicide, but you’re robbing drug dealers in a fucking hotel.

I had a dozen 911 calls come in.

What if someone got killed?

That crew killed four people last week, and we got them.

And we could have got more of them if my cover wasn’t blown.

Fuck your cover, Zeke!

You were off on your own, as usual, no backup, nothing.

No backup, ’cause there’s nobody on the force

I can fucking trust!

From now on, you’re going to learn to be a team player.

You’re getting a partner. Jeannie, send Schenk in.

Do I look like a fucking Jamaican nanny?

Do I smell like jerk sauce and baby wipes? No!

[IN JAMAICAN ACCENT] Me no want no partner!

[IN NORMAL TONE] I’m not babysitting some fucking rook.

Yes, you are.

Just because your dad was Chief fucking Marcus Banks doesn’t mean you get out of the shit.

Stop making this about my father, okay?

He’s gone, you’re the head of the department now.

[SOFTLY] Yeah. Drama queen.

Zeke, it’s been 12 years.

Yes! Twelve fucking years.

Twelve years ago, I turned in a dirty cop, I get a medal for it. Big fucking deal!

I also got a bullet, and I got to look over my back for the rest of my career.

Shut up!

It is too fucking hot in here for me to listen to this bullshit.

I got a heat wave going on.

We got rolling blackouts, the city is nuts. Stop!


You wanted to see me, Captain?

Yeah, come in.


Zeke, I want you to meet Detective in training, William Schenk.

He was the top of his academy, so don’t screw this up.

Zeke is going to break you in, show you the ropes.

Detective Banks, it’s good to…





[OFFICER 1 ON INTERCOM] Officer Harris, 1-0-3.

Officer Harris, 1-0-3.


[OFFICER 2 ON INTERCOM] Sergeant Jones, front desk.

Sergeant Jones, front desk.

So, uh… How do you take your coffee in the morning?



Hey, man, I get it.

I wouldn’t want to be stuck with some random kid either.

You don’t want to be my partner.

You don’t know that.

Your dad’s the reason for all of this.

He’s why I wanted to do this in the first place.

And I’m not him.

Prepare to be underwhelmed.


GARZA: Banks and Schenk…

Some homeless guy got hit by the 3 train. You’re up.

[OFFICER 3 ON INTERCOM] Detective Peterson, pick up 2-2-1. Detective Peterson, 2-2-1.

SCHENK: This is you?

Beats the squad car.

Detective Banks en route to that 10-19.

Would that be north or south side of the street?


ZEKE: Copy that.

What are you doing?

Oh, it’s just family.

This is my wife, Emma, this is my son, Charlie.

They’re cute. Enjoy it while it lasts.

“While it lasts”?

Nothing happier than the wife of a new detective, and nothing more angry than that same bitch 10 years later.

Maybe it’s ’cause you call them bitches.

I’m half-Italian, trust me.

Women do not like it when you call them bitches…

What are you telling me about women, young motherfucker? Shit.


I just said it to you, I didn’t say it to a woman.

I don’t say it to their face. It’s not like I’m Too Short.

We just met, but, you know, you’re firing already, and I appreciate it.

I mean, all I’m saying is, you know, most crime happens on weekends, holidays, so you would think anybody married to a cop would understand this.

But no.

One day, your wife will be angry ’cause you couldn’t go to her sister’s birthday dinner.

You can give a woman 600 Tuesdays.

It ain’t worth three Saturday nights.


So, uh… I’m guessing you’re divorced.

Divorced, no, not yet. I’m going through a divorce.

That’s even worse. It’s kind of like chemo.

Shit. Sorry.

Sorry for what? We’re cops. This is the life we choose.

Highest divorce rate, highest suicide rate.

Highest rate of domestic violence.

Yo, when you decided to become a cop, you pretty much assured yourself you were gonna die alone.

SCHENK: My wife and I, we’re doing this counseling.

She’s got me, uh, working on, like, communication.

ZEKE: Counseling? Yeah, that’s nice.

Yeah, my wife fucked the counselor.

Fuck, really?

ZEKE: Yeah.


ZEKE: Women cheat, too.

It hurts. God damn it, it hurts.

Women cheat, too, but here’s what happens.

Women cheat in the daytime.


You can get away with a lot of shit in the daytime.

That’s right. You can ride a lot of dick before dusk.



Shit, man, I just found out Pilates doesn’t even exist.

Wait, seriously?

Emma loves Pilates.

I’m sure she does. I’m sure she does.

But don’t worry about it.

You’re gonna be fine. You gonna be married forever.

What do we got?

See for yourself.

Watch yourself.


[GAGS] Ugh.

If you’re gonna throw up, don’t do it on the evidence.

Are you kidding me?

I’ve been dreaming about this since I was 12 years old.


You see a lot of TV sets on the subway?

ZEKE: You get everything down here.

Damn. Wow.


SCHENK: This bum’s gonna be tough to ID.

I’m not too sure this is a bum.

I don’t know a lot of bums trying to get their steps in.

Whoever this is, is married… and wears a Fitbit.


This package just came in.

For me?


SCHENK: What is that?

“Play me.”



SCHENK: Whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

Don’t want to fuck up my computer.

[DISTORTED VOICE ON VIDEO] Hello, Detective Banks.

I’m here to help reform the Metro Police, to remind them of their oath to the people of this city.

One officer from your station refused to be reformed.

He will not be the last to play my game.

If that spiral is what I think it is…


Wait, I thought the Jigsaw killer was dead?

Yeah, but if it’s another copycat…

It’s gonna be a shit show.

I recognize that building.

It’s the courthouse.

Let’s check it out.


SCHENK: What are you guys doing here?

Well, we thought you boys might need some backup.

Fuck you, Fitch, it’s not your case.

Yo, Zeke.

What do we got here?

What the fuck is that?

Is that a fucking tongue?

[GROANS] Fucking shit.



4-5-3… Who’s 4-5-3?

GARZA: Circle up!

Okay, here’s what we know.

Dental records confirm it’s Boz.

Sorry, guys.

But, look, we got to catch the son of a bitch that did this.

Train conductor says he didn’t see much.

Says he saw Boz hanging in the air right before he hit the windshield.

Says he thinks he saw Boz bleeding from the mouth badly.

The package was sent from a delivery service that picked it up on a stoop on Anglin Drive.

What about the spirals?

Hey, Cap, obviously it’s a Jigsaw copycat, so that’s where we got to concentrate our focus.

Sure, Fitch, but I want you to stick with hard evidence.

Kraus, contact the Feds, get anything they got.

Files, old videos, anything.

Do we have street images?

We’re working on it, but Digital Forensics was able to map Boz’s movement off the Fitbit.

Last place it was registered was Stuart’s Point, time-stamped during the fireworks.

Someone needs to call Kara, his wife, let her. know.

Yeah, I already called her.

You called Kara?


Do you know Kara?


Did you actually talk to her, or did you text her?

Let me guess, you sent an emoji.

Do they have a dead husband emoji?

I talked to her, asshole.

Hey. We had to notify her before it leaked to the press.

Okay, O’Brien’s got point…


This is mine.

Me and the rook were first on scene.


I’m sorry, isn’t this protocol?

Now you’re part of the team again, Zeke?

Fuck you.

No, fuck you.

[SOFTLY] Come on, Zeke.

When all you motherfuckers were treating me like shit, shooting me in my fucking back,

Boz was my friend!

Boz played with my kid.

We went to fucking games.

Fuck me? No, fuck you.

Fucking assholes…

GARZA: Zeke! Zeke, fucking stop!

[SIGHS] In here! Now!


Zip up! Get out.

OFFICER: Okay, Captain.


Damn, nigga, wash your hands.


I get why you want this.

Boz was my friend, too, but you can’t do this alone.

I need the whole department on this, working together.

I’m not trying to do this alone, okay?

Boz is my family, man. You gotta let me take lead.

You gotta let me catch this motherfucker.


All right, guys, we got a change of plans.

Banks is taking lead.

ZEKE: Listen up.

I know some of you guys think I’m a rat.


Some of you think I’m a snitch.


Some of you are mad I fucked your mother.


Boz was last seen at the July 4th parade at Stuart’s Point…


…so there should be plenty of surveillance footage, so check your hashtags, Instagram…


Now, we got a dead cop here, guys, who was brutally killed.

A fallen brother whose tongue was ripped out.

We need to focus on the case and solve this.

So get the footage to Detective Banks and put your personal shit aside.

O’Brien, you good?

No problem here, Captain.

GARZA: Good.

Let’s go.



Yo, where we going?

Pay our respects. Put on a suit.






It’s okay.

Whoever did this, I’m gonna find them.

I don’t understand… How did it happen?

WOMAN: Kara, your mother’s on the phone.

KARA: Yeah, okay.



You okay? I, uh… I texted you.

Yeah, I got it.

Is Brian here?

No, my sister’s watching him.

Your sister… So, Rhonda gets to see my son, but I don’t?

Are we really gonna do this here?

No. Not today.

Hey, I’m William.

ZEKE: Stop.

Zeke’s partner, yup…


I’ll wait outside. I’ll wait outside.

KARA: Jamie’s at the neighbor’s.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to tell him what happened to his dad.

ZEKE: I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now.

I know this is a bad time, but I got to ask you a couple of questions.

In the last few weeks, did you notice anything unusual?

I mean, did Boz say anything, or act stressed out?

He was a cop, Zeke.

So nothing out of the ordinary?


There was one thing, there was a black SUV parked outside one night last week.

You get a make?

Range Rover, Escalade, Lincoln?

I don’t know.

I told Boz about it and he went out, and he walked up, and, I don’t know, the next thing I know, he was yelling at somebody inside.

Any idea what they were yelling about?

Did you hear anything?

No. If I see it again, I’ll get a license plate.

If you don’t mind, could you get me his devices?

I need to look at his iPad, laptop.


Thanks, Kara.

Nice… I gotta go, guys. All right, be safe.


He knew you were a good cop.

You find out who did this.


You pull a gun on your old man?

You out of your fucking mind?

I could have killed you.

What are you talking about? I got the gun.

I could have killed you.

How’d you get in here?

Did you forget who the landlord is?

Yeah, but that doesn’t give you the right to just walk in here anytime you want.

Renters got rights.

You start paying some rent, you can get some rights.

Heard about Boz. You all right?

No, Dad, I’m… I’m fucked up.

Sorry to hear that. I know how close you were.

Jigsaw copycat. [SUCKS TEETH] That could be difficult.

What are you saying?


Just, you know, being lead detective, a lot of responsibility.

You got a problem with that?

Or are you just scared I’m gonna embarrass you?

See? That right there.

This ain’t about you.

You always making shit about you.

That’s the shit that ruined your career and your marriage.

So, now you’re giving fatherly advice?

What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

Dad. We live in the same building.

I saw you out front the other day, you nodded at me like we were the only two black guys in the mall.

We haven’t had a meal together in over a year.

Haven’t had a meal?

What? Are you hungry, nigga?

You want to go get a fucking slice?

Let me tell you something.

My father went to work, came home. That was it.

All right, I’m gonna get out of here, son.

I’m gonna go to Kara’s, pay my respects.

You’re gonna be all right.

Come over tonight, I’ll order some food, we’ll go over the case.

Just because your dad was Chief fucking Marcus Banks…

Stop making this about my father. Twelve years ago,

I turned in a dirty cop.


ZEKE: Pete! Pete!

What happened? What happened?

He pulled a gun on me.

The witness pulled a gun on you?

Because there’s nobody on the force I can fucking trust! [ECHOING]


I’ve been staring at this shit for five hours.

I don’t even look at porn that long.

Okay, I’m out. What’s next?

Well, why don’t you check with Digital Forensics and see if anybody in Boz’s phone log has a black SUV?

SCHENK: My phone is dead, you got a charger?

Your phone’s dead, what are you, a little girl?

Let me borrow your phone, shut up.


SCHENK: Thank you.

Don’t drain my battery watching Twilight.

Glad to see you joined us.

You think this is linked to John Kramer?

I sent some pictures to the Feds, we’ll see what happens.

GARZA: How are we doing on surveillance?

Please tell me the $20 million the city spent on cameras got us something?


Yeah… [SIGHS] Street cameras from here to here have already been scrubbed through.

Facial recognition came up with nothing.

There were two cameras broken on this corner.

Fitch and Kraus are there now to canvas it.

No. Closed. Closed.

FITCH: There’s Boz.

KRAUS: Who’s that he’s chasing?

FITCH: I know that guy.

Benny Wrights. He’s a hustler.

Serious tweaker.

Flops in a burnt-out bread factory down on 12th.

Deals with a pusher, street name Speez.

-Should we tell Zeke?

Fuck him.

I’ll take the building, you track down Speez.

Hey, boss, let me see that gun over there.

The one on the left. Yeah, yeah, come on, come on.

On behalf of the Metro Police, I want to thank you for your generosity.


I got shit to do. I’m out.

What’s his deal?

He’s a crooked piece of shit.


Let’s just call it a night.

SCHENK: You sure?

Yeah. Go home.

Go see your wife, go see your kid.

What’s your boy’s name?



All right, I’ll put him down and come right back.

No, no, no, I’m not going to be here.

Meeting my dad for dinner, gonna go over the case.


Hey, William.


Good work today.

Thanks, man.

See you tomorrow.

ZEKE: Yeah.



FITCH: Benny?

Wake up, Benny.

Rise and shine, my man.

Benny, come on. Get up.

Come on, Benny, get up.



You all right?

[GASPS] Fuck me.


[ON VOICEMAIL] This is Deborah Kraus, leave me a message.

Kraus, call me.


[ON VOICEMAIL] Lieutenant Tim O’Brien here, leave a message and I’ll get back to you.





[YELLS] Help! Help me!









I want to play a game.


SCHENK: Hey, Zeke.


What are you doing up?

I told you to take the rest of the night off.

Uh, it’s fine, Charlie’s sleeping.


Was sleeping.

Just waiting for Emma to get home, she’s having a girl’s night.

Girl’s night out. Okay.

You better be careful with that, might be a dick night out.

[CHUCKLES] Just because you’re getting a divorce, it doesn’t mean that everyone else’s marriages have to end, too.


Sounds like you got your hands full.

You want to call me back?

Nah, it’s okay, we’re sleep-training. It’s a fucking nightmare.

Look, man, um… I know you and Boz were close, I don’t know how to tell you this.

You got something to say, William, say it.

Well, I’m looking through all the Metro records like you asked, and Boz was accused of lying on the stand more than anybody…

by like a wide fucking margin.

ZEKE: Jesus.

The courthouse…

That’s why the tongue was at the courthouse.

ZEKE: Can I help you?

Are you Marcus Banks?

No, I’m his son.

Well, Terroni delivery.

Oh, okay.



Pop, got your food.


How the fuck could you not call me first?

I tried, but you didn’t answer.

Well, why didn’t you wait for me to fucking call you back?

‘Cause you would have talked me out of it.

I told the truth.

Get the fuck out of my face, Zeke.

Can we get the room?

God damn it.


I knew I should have never let him become a cop.


This shit’s gonna go sideways fast.

He turned in a dirty cop. Pete was a scumbag.

Press will make him out to be a hero.

And what about the other cops?

You think they’re gonna call him a hero, too?

He did the right thing.

You know how much internal damage control I have to do?

We’ll handle it.

We always do, huh?


MAN: Chief Banks, WF Action News here.


Are you in?


Oh, I’m sorry, but I think your face was trespassing on my property.

Is there something I can help you with?


All right. Fuck you very much.


COURIER GUY: For Detective Zeke Banks.

OFFICER: Banks, incoming.

On my desk. Right now.

A courier brought it.

We’re holding him for questioning.



Salvation was offered, but it was declined.

This fucker thinks he’s Jigsaw.

Even got a doll this time.

I have a bone to pick with the police department, and if you’re going to point fingers…

GARZA: 12th Street Bridge. I know that place.

…you should start by pointing them at yourselves.

Geez, that’s two blocks away.

Until you come clean, many more will die.



OFFICER 1: Stay back.

OFFICER 2: Stay sharp.

OFFICER 3: Whoa, hold it there, guys.




OFFICER: What a sick fuck, man.


Oh, no…

OFFICER: God almighty.



It’s Fitch.

This is Detective Banks requesting backup. [ECHOING]

I’m on Decker Street. Request backup!

Fuck him.

ZEKE: In pursuit, requesting backup! [ECHOING]


Ah, fuck!

Fuck me.


PARAMEDIC: You’re going to be okay, stay with me.

You’re good, you’re gonna be okay.

You’re gonna be just fine.


Sir! Please, please!

Let us do our job, come on.

Come on, let us do our jobs, let’s go. Let’s go.

Where the fuck were all of you, huh?

My son called for backup three times in eight minutes and none of you motherfuckers could get here?

Nobody? Nothing?

Crickets. All right, this is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to call Dispatch and find out who was closest available, and when I do, I’m going to take this gun and shoot that motherfucker.

We clear?


Fitch, it was you?


You fucking with my son again?


God damn you, son of a bitch!

Get off me!

You’re done, motherfucker, you hear me?

You’re fucking done!

Don’t let me see your face again. [ECHOING]

ZEKE: All right, call Kraus, find out Fitch’s last location.


I want to play a game.

The tide of justice is rising around you.

In 90 seconds, the water will rise to the height of the copper wires, and if you are still in the tank, you will be electrocuted.

Unless you make the sacrifice that will cleanse you.

FITCH: God… Oh, God…

You murdered a man because he insulted you.

[FITCH ON VIDEO] Put your hands where I can see them, motherfucker.

I said put your hands where I can see them, sir.



Your finger pulled the trigger and that cannot happen again.

Survival is simple, but it comes with a sacrifice.

Bite down on the device in your mouth, which will start the motor that will rip your fingers away…


…leaving you free to escape with your life.

But if you don’t act quickly, all that awaits you is this watery tomb.

Live or die, make your choice.
























Hey, Kraus, anything special about the bridge where we found the fingers?

Yeah, why that bridge?

It was where he shot that kid, Jimmy Lincoln.

ZEKE: Then how did you guys find out about this place?

This guy, Benny Wrights, who Boz was last seen with on July 4th.

How do you know who Boz was last seen with?

We took it off a pawn shop feed in Stuart Point.

And you didn’t tell me.

Who the fuck did this?

Somebody who has it out for the Metro PD.

Or maybe just for Fitch.

You trying to say something, Drury?

You know what I’m saying.

I doubt you’ll be shedding tears for Fitch.

All right, come on. Come on, Zeke.

ZEKE: Fucking asshole.

Okay, ignore him.

Did you get anything?

Got a name. Benny Wrights. Last guy Boz was seen with.

Okay, find him, and you got hours, not days.

ZEKE: And this is where Benny gets his meth.

You know what that is?

SCHENK: Is this a test?

Just asking you a question.

Uh, it’s a meth house.

You put the money in the bucket, the meth comes down.

Oh, somebody watched The Wire.

This is some New Jack Cityshit. Goddamn.

Don’t we need a warrant for this?

What you talking about?


ZEKE: Hey, my man, my man.

Just trying to get a five, me and my lady!

It’s our anniversary, we’re trying to celebrate, trying to do something special.

Can I get a five? How about this iPad?

It’s got everything on it.

I got passcodes, I got Netflix, Hulu, uh, Uber Eats, Postmates. Lots of food, lots of food.

Let me see that…

Yo, man, get the fuck out of here.

Do I look fucking hungry to you?

Yo, yo, it got everything. It don’t fit, though.

Why don’t you come down?

Get the fuck out of here!

Come back when you get some money!

Okay, okay. I need money, I need money.

No, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait!

I got some, I got some money.

I got some money, hold up a second.

Hold up a second, all right?

All right, send it down, baby.

Come on, come on, let’s do this.

Can’t wait!

SCHENK: Zeke, what the fuck?

ZEKE: It’s got 10 seconds, come on!

SCHENK: Jesus Christ.

[GROANS] What the fuck?


Get out of the way.

Out of my way, out of my way! Police!

MAN: Five-o!

Everybody, five-o!

Move, move, move! Come on!

Go! Coming through.

MAN: Fucking cops, man.


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Shit! Get your dog!

MAN: Fuck you, man.

Get your fucking dog!



Hey, be nice.

Jesus Christ.

Holy fucking shit.

What the fuck’s going on?

SCHENK: Back inside. Get back inside.

MAN: [MUFFLED] Hide your shit!



Fuck. Fuck!



DRUG DEALER: My fucking leg!

Why do you make this shit so hard?

What if I really wanted to get fucked up?

DRUG DEALER: Motherfucker…

You got to make it easy for the customer, skeeve!

DRUG DEALER: My fucking leg! [GROANING]

That leg is fucked up.

Yo, yo, yo, yo!

Let me get a shot for the Gram.

Hold on for one second.

DRUG DEALER: What the fuck…

ZEKE: Hold on, hold on.

My man.

Here we go! You want me to tag you?

DRUG DEALER: Fuck… Fuck you.

Can I tag you, motherfucker?

Fuck you…

You see this man before?

I ain’t telling you shit!

Why, ’cause you’re worried about that bone sticking out your leg?

Why don’t you let me sterilize it?

No… No… No! Fuck!



It’s Benny! Stop, please!

Everybody knows that motherfucker Benny Wrights!

He’s one of my best customers, man.

When was the last time you saw him?

I ain’t seen the bitch in two days, man.

Word on the street is that motherfucker OD’d.

SCHENK: Fuck this snitch.




SCHENK: Well, that was a waste of time.

Well, we know Benny’s dead.

Meth isn’t the type of thing you take a break from.

Besides, you see that device?

That was not designed by anybody with rotten teeth.

What do you think about this whole Jigsaw angle?

You think it’s a, what-do-you-call-them, one of those disciples?

John Kramer didn’t target cops.

Whoever did this has another motive.

Something personal.

And they’re not following orders, especially the orders of a ghost.

Ghost or not, somebody’s out there pulling all the strings.

You think this guy sent you the boxes because you’re the lead detective on the case, or because you’re you?

I don’t know.

Well, you got any enemies? That aren’t cops?

MAN: I don’t know why she won’t give me another chance.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because you beat her when you drink too much.

You ever think of that?

That’s some tough love. Who the hell is this guy?

Ex-cop. Partner snitched on him, had to do nine years hard time.

The system spit him out, now here he is.

Hey, Pete.


Last guy I expected to see here.

You trying to get sober?

Alcohol’s not my problem.

The glass and the bottle can kill.

How you doing, Pete?

Eighteen months sober, living in a church basement, who could ask for anything more?

Who’s this?

Detective Schenk. We’re working a case together.

PETE: Working together?

Don’t let this guy catch you jaywalking, or he’ll stab you right in the fucking back.

Don’t forget, Pete, you gave me the knife.

You’re right, I did.

And you witnessed this cop throw the victim off a rooftop?

And you saw it, I mean, with your own eyes?

And you can positively ID this cop?

He’s had his foot on the neck of this community for way too long.

We can’t have this.

I’ll testify, Officer Dunleavy. I’ll do it.

Pete! Pete! What happened? What happened?

He pulled a gun on me.

The witness pulled a gun on you?

I was mad for a long time, but now I take responsibility.

I should have never pulled the trigger.

The guy had a family.

It was crazy back then, right?

We were working under Article 8.

We were out of control.

Cops were given their own discretion to crack down on crime.

Where were you July 4th at 9:30 p.m.?

Really? That’s what you’re here for?

That’s what I’m here for.

Look, some guy came to a meeting drunk and wanted to fight a sponsor, so I hit him.

Knocked him clean out.

Anyway, the cops came. I’m still on probation, but lucky for me, it was O’Brien.

He let the whole thing slide because, you know…




Take care, Pete.

God loves you, Zeke.

More than you.

SCHENK: Can’t believe that guy used to be a cop.

He shot an innocent guy, but you turned on him?

There’s a code, and you better learn how to follow it, or you’re going to spend the rest of your life watching your back.

Fair point.

Maybe it’s a good thing they made us partners.


BANKS: [ON VOICEMAIL] Leave a message.

Yeah, Dad, I’m at your apartment.

I was here last night.

It doesn’t look like you’ve been home.

All right, give me a call.


SCHENK: [ON VOICEMAIL] You’ve gotten through to William, leave a message after the beep.

Schenk, it’s 9:00 a.m., where the fuck are you? Give me a call.

JEANNIE: Just tell me what happened, okay?

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Put the box on the ground!

On the ground! Hands up! Hands up!

On the ground now! Hands up, hands up!

Don’t move!

Get him out of here.

Take him to holding.

JEANNIE: I’m sorry, Banks, he blew right past me.

No way, Zeke, that one is not the same.

I’m calling the bomb squad.

Angie, you’re the head of the department.

We got two dead cops, there’s no time.

Get everybody out.

Everybody out! Everybody out!

Everybody, go!


Is that fucking skin?


ZEKE: “Am I getting under your skin, Detective Banks?

“Careful, while you’re looking for more bodies to drop, I’ll take your head.”

“I’ll take your head…”

“Am I getting under your skin…

“Am I getting under your skin…

“Am I getting under your skin…”?

…family. This is my wife, Emma, this is my son, Charlie.


What the fuck is that?

Captain, there’s something under here.

Constantine Paints.


O’BRIEN: Thanks, yeah.

OFFICER: Follow me.

O’BRIEN: How do you know about this place?

Zeke, how do you know about this place?

My dad used to take me here.

Watch your step, gentlemen.

It wasn’t always a butcher shop.

Used to be Constantine Trains.

Like a hobby shop.

O’BRIEN: Oh, my God.


ZEKE: Anything?


FORENSICS: Well, we’re analyzing the tape recording.

DISTORTED VOICE: [ON TAPE] Hello, Detective Schenk, I want to play a game.

You were head of your class at the Police Academy.

He was obviously skinned…


Your dad’s the reason I wanted to do this in the first place.

FORENSICS: …the body was scored first to remove the pieces in larger strips, arms, neck, as he ripped the skin…

Maybe it’s a good thing they made us partners.

FORENSICS: Even the defensive wounds, he clearly tried to fight back, which explains the deeper gashes.

REPORTER: Captain, over here.

Is it a serial killer targeting cops?

Is the victim inside a policeman?

No comment. Commissioner Hart will make a statement tonight.

We got to try to keep his identity out of the press until I tell his wife.

ZEKE: “Am I getting under your skin, Detective Banks?”


Hey, O’Brien.

O’BRIEN: Yeah, boss?

You seen Zeke?

No, not for a while.

Okay, I’m heading down to Cold Case.

Copy that, Captain.

DISPATCHER: I need all available units, officer down 3rd and Beaman.

Please report, 3rd and Beaman.



ZEKE: What do we got?

I was writing a ticket and some guy in a pig’s mask, he runs up on me with a knife.

So, he stabs your arm and just takes off?

[VOICE BREAKS] I fought him off the best I could and he…

He took off running.

Is there any reason he would have to attack you?

No. He just wanted to mess with the cops.

“Careful, while you’re looking for more bodies to drop, “I’ll take your head.”

Angie, you’re the head of the department.


Ah, fuck!


Angie! Pick up!


[ON VOICEMAIL] Hey, you’ve reached Captain Angie Garza, leave a message at the tone. Thanks.

Angie, get to the bullpen! He’s coming for you.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.



Hey! Hey! Hey!


Hello? Hello! Shit!








Help! [ECHOES]


DISTORTED VOICE: [ON TAPE] Hello, Captain Garza.

I want to play a game.

You have covered up corruption in your department, never sticking your neck out for the innocent.

Now, the cover-up will be on you.

In a few seconds, boiling hot wax will be coming out of the pipe above you.

The only way to stop yourself from being suffocated is to sever your spinal cord with the blade beneath your neck, which will stop the wax.

You cannot walk away, but you can survive.


Live or die, make your choice.




Angie! Angie!

Get the fuck out of the way!





How come no one is answering the phone?

An officer was attacked, it’s fucking chaos in here.

ZEKE: Angie! Angie!


Zeke, what’s going on?

ZEKE: He’s got her!

Who’s got her?

The killer has Angie!

I guess you didn’t hear, the killer just attacked a cop at 3rd and Beaman.

That was just a diversion to get us out of the precinct.

She’s down in the fucking basement!



Did you find Angie?

In the basement, in the basement!

WOMAN: [ON PA] Captain Angie Garza, call the front desk.



ZEKE: Open it!

Hurry up!


Open it!




It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s gonna be fine.

Oh, my God.

It’s okay.

It’s okay… Oh…

ZEKE: Lock it down.

You understand me?

Lock it down, nobody gets out of this precinct.

I need all the footage from the cameras in the evidence room.

OFFICER: Okay, here…

Here’s when the call came in, but then there’s nothing until you come in.

You see right there, it jumps from 13:11 to 13:24. Glitch?

No, there’s no glitch, because look, on the first frame, the safe door is open, but on the next, it’s shut.

There’s 13 minutes missing.

Access to this footage, is that through the computer system?

Yeah, we just need a badge number and a password.

I can’t tell you who deleted the video, but I can access who logged into the server over the past day.

O’Brien, Tupper, Nicholazi…

Wait… Who’s badge number 2-1-3?

Pete Dunleavy, my old partner.

Dunleavy? He shouldn’t have access.

How long’s it been since he was even on the job?

Where you going?

To pay Pete a visit.

Zeke, he’s not the only one!

Your father had access, too.

Location of Schenk’s body, you said it was where your father took you as a kid.

When was the last time you saw your father?

This morning.


ZEKE: Motherfucker!

JEANNIE: What the fuck, Zeke?

ZEKE: Fuck you, man!

O’BRIEN: Fuck you!

Get the fuck out of here!

Get him out of here! Fuck you! You’re too close!

You’re too close to this thing, Zeke.







BANKS: [ON VOICEMAIL] Leave a message.

Dad, I’ve called you three times, please call me back!

People are asking questions and I’m sick of making excuses.

You got something to tell me? Fuck!



You wanna play games, motherfucker?

All right, I’ll play.






You okay?




Pete, wake up.



What? Zeke?


Get me the fuck down, Zeke.

Come on!

You hacked the computer.

You erased the surveillance footage.

I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, Zeke.

Did you kill Angie?


Did you kill Boz?

What the fuck are you talking about?

[SHOUTS] Did you kill Boz?

Boz? Fuck…

What the fuck is with you, Zeke?

Get me the fuck out of here!

Is this some sick fucking revenge, Zeke?

Putting me in jail isn’t enough, huh?

Get me the fuck out of here!

DISTORTED VOICE: [ON TAPE] Hello, Detective Banks.

I want to play a game.

When Peter Dunleavy murdered an innocent man, your career was shattered like glass.

Can you stand on the sidelines while justice is finally served?

There is a way to save him, or you can keep him locked up and throw away the key.

The decision is yours.

“Throw away the key,” what the fuck?




Get me the fuck out of this thing.


Oh, shit.

PETE: Come on, Zeke.

Get me the fuck out of here, Zeke!



Zeke! Help me!




Get me down, come on, man.






DISTORTED VOICE: …or you can keep him locked up and throw away the key.


I’m coming, Pete!



ZEKE: Shit.

Fuck. I got you, I got you.

Come on, Pete.





ZEKE: You disloyal piece of shit.

I’ve been loyal to you since the first day we met.

Fifteen years ago.

The day your partner killed my father.

So, Charlie, you saw this cop throw the victim off a rooftop, and you can positively ID this cop?

I’ll testify, Officer Dunleavy.

I’ll do it.


ZEKE: Pete! Pete! What happened, what happened?

PETE: He pulled a gun on me.

The witness pulled a gun on you?


Pete killed Charlie Emmerson.

What? You thought I’d use my real name?

Do you have any idea how hard it was to get placed in this department, to get assigned to be your partner?

What about your family, what about your son?

SCHENK: This is my son, Charlie.

I don’t have a son.

Charlie’s sleeping…


…was sleeping.

After Benny Wrights led Boz down the subway tunnels…

I tattooed my dad’s name on his arm.

Where is my father?

You’ll see him soon.

[SHOUTS] Where the fuck is my father?

I didn’t even ask him to come down here. You did.

Let me borrow your phone, shut up.

ZEKE: Okay.

Thank you.

ZEKE: And don’t drain my battery watching Twilight.

Where is he?

Don’t you want to hear my offer?

Do I have a choice?

I want to be partners.

You took a stand, Zeke, against a dirty cop, and what did it get you?

A lifetime of watching your back, working alone.

Getting the call for every homeless bum who turns up dead.

I mean, let’s be real, some of these motherfuckers are straight up evil.

Fitch not backing you up…

Fuck him.


He won’t repeat that mistake.


And Boz, always lying under oath…


But you, you’re different.

You’re Metro’s finest.

That’s why I want to team up with you on this.

You find the dirty cops and I’ll take care of the rest.

You want me to help you kill cops?

No, fuck no.

Just the bad ones.

John Kramer was right, the spiral.

A symbol of change, evolution, progress.

But why limit that to an individual when you can apply it to a whole system?

You got shot for doing the right thing.

But let’s face it, these cops?

They’re not going to clean up on their own.

But we take a tongue here, a few bones there, they’ll come around.

We’re going to fix a broken department. Okay?

You and me.



Let’s do it.

I want to trust you. I do.

I’m in. But my dad goes free.


One second.

DISPATCHER: 911, please state your emergency.

Hello, uh, I’m at the old soap factory on Madigan Lane.

There’s a crazy guy with a gun, he’s firing it everywhere. Please hurry!

What the fuck was that?

SCHENK: You better hurry, Zeke, SWAT’s on the way.

Look, I want to believe you, I do.

I want to trust you.

Take this, you’ll need it.

Come on.

Let’s go see your dad.

It’s time for your final test.

ZEKE: Dad.


Oh, shit! Get him down!

Oh, shit.

I got you, Dad.

BANKS: Zeke. Help me, son.

Don’t worry, don’t worry.

I’m not going to let you die. I will get you down.

It’s all right, just hold on.

Shoot this motherfucker right now.

Get him down! Get him down now!

I thought we were partners.

You going to shoot me, Zeke?

With your one bullet?

Bad idea.

It kills your dad.


He took a shot at me, by the way.


I wasted four.

That means you got one shot left, Zeke.

All right, cops are here. That gives us four minutes.

Do you know there’s 1.5 gallons of blood in the human body, Zeke?

At the rate your old man is bleeding out, in just three minutes, those jars will be full and your dad will be dead.

The only thing that can set him free is the bullet in your gun fired at that target.

Either way, I’ve got a foolproof way out of here.

You’re not Jigsaw.

That’s the game.

Shoot me and you both lose.

Shoot the target and we both win.

You want to play?

BANKS: I’m dying, Zeke, end it now.

OFFICER 1: [ON RADIO] In this corridor.

OFFICER 2: Roger that. Southwest entrance.

OFFICER 1: Going through the south door.

Nothing here. Keep moving.

SCHENK: I need you all in.

Dunleavy ruined both our lives and you tried to help that piece of shit?



You failed that test.

Now I need you to choose who you’re really with.

The man who corrupted the force, or the one who’s trying to save it.

You want to tell him, Chief?

Tell me what?

Tell him about all the fucking shit you did under Article 8.

What’s he talking about?

Time’s running out.

What’s he talking about?

Citizens were dying.

We did what we had to to clean up the streets.

PETE: It was crazy back then, right?

We were working under Article 8, we were out of control.

Murder rate went way down.

[SCOFFS] That’s fucking bullshit.

People felt safe again.

The streets got cleaner because the cops got dirtier.

Your dad oversaw the whole thing, by the way.

Innocent people getting shot, all in the name of justice.

Article 8 was one of the most corrupt police policies in history, and guess who was your dad’s right-hand man?

Sorry, or should I say woman, the whole time?

We’ll handle it. We always do, huh?



It was Angie.

I mean, not a massive surprise.

You think it was her stellar reputation that got her a precinct at age 35? Come on.

Shoot this piece of shit, Ezekiel. Now.

SCHENK: Yeah, that’s right, because that’s what cops do.

Shoot first, ask questions later.


You watched my father die and I’m trying to save yours.

If we’re going to trust each other, I need you to do this.

BANKS: Ezekiel…

You’ve always done the right thing, do it now.

This piece of shit is killing cops.

SCHENK: You still need to decide, you can shoot me, or…

Or you can save your dad.

Clock’s ticking, man.

Think fast.

Cavalry’s coming.

But not in time to do any favors for your old man.

Only you can do that.



Dad? Dad?

OFFICER: Shots fired!


Zeke… Zeke.

ZEKE: It’s going to be okay.

[WEAKLY] He’s getting away.

Don’t let him get away.

Go… Go!



Stop. Don’t come in.

Don’t come in.


Oh, God.

Whoever did this has another motive, something personal.

Whoever did this…


…they’re pulling all the strings.


Your dad is the reason for all of this.

He’s why I wanted to do this in the first place.

I’ve been dreaming about this since I was 12 years old.


What the fuck is going on?


OFFICER 1: Go, go, go!


Get down! Get down now!

OFFICER 2: Let me see your hands!

No! No, no, stop!

No! God!

OFFICER 2: Freeze!

ZEKE: No, no!



OFFICER: Put it down!

Lower your weapon!






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