Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse | Transcript

Miles Morales catapults across the multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero.
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Miles Morales catapults across the multiverse, where he encounters a team of Spider-People charged with protecting its very existence. When the heroes clash on how to handle a new threat, Miles must redefine what it means to be a hero.

* * *

[suspenseful music playing]

[music turns dramatic]

[drums playing]

[Gwen] Let’s do things differently this time.

Like, so differently.

[band playing dramatic rock music]

His name is Miles Morales.

He was bitten by a radioactive spider.

And he’s not the only one.

He hasn’t always had it easy.

And he’s not the only one.

And now he’s on his own.

And he’s not the only one.

You think you know the rest.

You don’t.

I thought I knew the rest, but I didn’t.

I didn’t wanna hurt him.

But I did.

And he’s not the only one.

[Glory] Hey!

Yo, Def Leppard!


Is the song over?

Seems over.

[Glory] Are you okay?

You don’t hang out, and you don’t wanna talk.

I didn’t join a band

so I could talk about feelings.

I did.

I joined it so I could hit my feelings with sticks.

Yo, if you don’t tell someone what’s going on,

you’re gonna snap.

I’m fine.

That’s not how someone who’s fine would say that.

They’d say, “Great. Thanks. How are you?”

I’m great. Thanks.


How are you?


Gwen. Come on.

I don’t get you, man.

You’re right!

I play drums.

[“Self Love” playing]

I always wanted to be in a band.

Guess I just never found the right one.

In this line of work,

you always wind up a solo act.

Before Miles…

How many did you take?

…there was Peter.

I think you look great. I don’t know.

Is this that dangerous menace?

No, no, no. She seems like a good guy.

Why wear a mask if you’ve got nothing to hide?

All right, no politics at the dinner table.

Thank you, May.

But they didn’t really know me.

And I didn’t really know him either.


Touch him again, Ned.

[Peter] Gwen, it’s okay.

[Gwen] Until it was too late.


[woman] Hey, Gwen.


[Gwen] Peter?




[Gwen] What? No.

No, no, no.

What did you do?

I just wanted to be special.

Like you…


[Gwen] Gwen?

Don’t worry.

[Gwen] Who’s Gwen?

Everything’s gonna be okay.


Everything’s gonna…

Don’t go.

Oh, Peter.

[dramatic, poignant music playing]

[George] Hey, hey! Hey!

[gun cocks]


[Gwen] I never really made another friend after that.

Except one.

But he’s not here.

And there’s no way to get there.

[Jonah] Pressure mounts

as Captain George Stacy leads the manhunt for Spider-Woman.

Who is she? And why won’t she show her face?

Peter Parker, an innocent young man…

I’ve known May and Ben Parker for 12 years.

Peter Parker ate at my table.

He was my daughter’s best friend.

And I will not rest

until I find this Spider-Woman.

Hey, hey, hey. How’s the band?

Uh… Uh, yeah, great. I quit so, you know…

You did, huh? Okay.

…thumbs up.

[poignant, pensive music playing]

We, uh We caught a break in the Spider-Woman case.


That’s good.

We’re close. I’m telling you, I can feel it.

[Gwen clears throat] Me too.

[sighs] It’ll be good for us.

Don’t be so sure.

She killed your friend.

You don’t know that.

What do you mean? I do know that.

I was there. She ran from the scene.

Maybe she didn’t have a choice.

I got a job to do, Gwen.

It won’t bring him back.

Uh, I don’t wanna argue about this, okay?

Yeah, I can tell.

Say, uh…

too punk rock to give your old man a hug?

[dramatic, poignant music playing]

[woman 1 over radio] All units, possible superhuman event.

Guggenheim Museum.

Oh. Hey, this could be it.

Suspect is Adrian Toomes.

Also known as the Vulture.

So I’ll see you later?

We don’t know the full scale of the threat yet.


Uh, I’ll call. I love you.

[tense, pensive music playing]

[woman 2] 4920, on scene.

We’re gonna need all the help we can get.

It’s a real mess down here.

[dramatic music playing]

This is Captain Stacy. I’m five out.

I need you to look alive. Good chance our girl shows up.

[siren wailing]

[sirens wailing]

[crowd chattering]

Yuri, explain to me how a guy with a 40foot wingspan

just waltzed into the Guggenheim unnoticed?

Hey, it’s New York. Everyone’s got their thing.


[Vulture speaks in Italian]

Do we know what he wants?

Do you speak Italian?

Uh, I’m an Irish cop.

Maybe you love pasta or something.

Everybody on my signal!

[officers yelp]

Look out for signs of Spider-Woman!


Hey! [grunts]

Yup, we got our sign.

[in deep voice] How’s the manhunt for me going?

[muffled] You’re under arrest!

Good to know!

[in normal voice] Vulture!

Screaming their name usually works.


[grunts, then groans]

I guess that worked.

[in English] I am the Vulture, the pinnacle of man’s genius.

You’re not my Vulture. What are you, made of parchment?

What cursed world have you brought me to?

[unsettling music playing]

[Gwen] You’re glitching, huh? Been there.

Uh, where you from, bud?

I am an artist, an engineer.

Oh, great. A Renaissance man.

Ooh, let me guess.

You were having an espresso in some oldtimey Leonardo da Vinci dimension, and suddenly a portal opens up and you wind up here.

[lively music playing]


Am I warm?

Yes, that’s pretty much it.

[Gwen grunts] Sidebar,

uh, maybe you could stop making a mess of the art museum for no reason?

You call this art?

We’re talking about it, aren’t we?

[Vulture speaks in Italian]

[man] Oh, that’s cool.

[Vulture yells]

[Gwen] I mean, it’s more of a meta-commentary on what we call art,

but it’s also art.

Oh, look. It’s your cousin.


[Gwen] I wouldn’t play with fire, dude. You’re kind of made of paper.


[speaks in Italian]


Oh, no.


[energy pulsing]

[ominous, pensive music playing]

I’m sorry. Who exactly are you supposed to be?

It’s classified.

You’re the Blue Panther.


The Caped Blusader?


Dark Garfield.


Macho Libre.

I’m from another dimension.

You are?

Wow! Actually, I’m not confused.

My name is Miguel O’Hara.

[dramatic music playing]

I lead an elite strike force dedicated to the security of the multiverse–

Actually, forget it.

[music stops]

Can you go to any dimension you want with that watch thing?

It’s much cooler than a watch.

Okay. Sensitive.

There is a big flying turkey from the Renaissance I have to bring to justice, so if you don’t mind…

[Miguel] It’s all right, kid.

I’ll take it from here.

[Gwen] Okay, knock yourself out.

[Miguel] Why are you saying it like that?

[grunts] You’re not funny!

[Gwen] Eh, I don’t know.

[lively music playing]

[Miguel] Been really fun cleaning up your shocking mess, by the way.

[Gwen] What mess?

[Miguel] Kingpin’s collider.

What are you guys talking about?

You shut up.

None of your business. Nosy.

We saved the multiverse.

[Miguel] You left a hole wide enough for guys like him to randomly get shot into the wrong dimension.

Now I’m stuck putting everybody back where they belong before all of time and space collapses.

And don’t even get me started on Doctor Strange and the little nerd back on Earth199999.

[Gwen] Who’s Doctor Strange?

Sounds like he maybe shouldn’t practise medicine.

Sorry, captain, can’t talk right now.

Hey! Hey!

[Vulture speaks in Italian]

[Gwen] So you want me to handle this one or…?


[Miguel speaks in Spanish]

[in English] He’s got hammerspace!

[Gwen grunts]


[Miguel] LYLA, can you please, you know…?

Nah, you gotta say it first.


Call for backup.


Call backup.

Come on.

Please just call for

I already called her.

But I enjoyed that.

[dramatic music playing]

[energy pulsing]

[engine revving]

[Vulture groans]


Me too.

Are you, uh…?

Oh, this?

We don’t know the sex yet. My husband wants it to be a surprise.

[laughs] He’s really corny. But so hot.

Will you adopt me?


What? What?

[Miguel] Guys, can we focus

on the big, firebreathing threat to time and space, please?

Yep, yep, yep.

[Gwen] Right.



What about her?


We could use the help.


‘Cause she called you Dark Garfield?


Do you say anything but no?

No. Yes.

Why not?

You know why.

[in English] Enough of this.

Take a good look at my Greek fire from my backpack.

[dramatic music playing]

[Miguel] Don’t let him out!

He’ll disrupt the canon.

[Vulture speaking in Italian]

[man] Go to the ground.

Will you get out of here?

[man] We have you surrounded.

[Miguel] But I’m a good guy.

[man] You don’t look like a good guy.

[Miguel] You’re just gonna have to shut up and trust me. No!

[man] Mayday! Mayday! We’re hit!

We’re headed for the ground!

Clear the building!

[people scream]

[intense, suspenseful music playing]



[man] Yeah, I think it’s a Banksy.

[Vulture groaning]

That’s what I was gonna do.

[pensive music playing]



[ominous music playing]

[groans, then sighs]


Hands in the air!

Captain, come on.

Suspect is armed.

With what? I’m out of webs.

Get down on the ground.

Which is it? Hands in the air or get down on the ground?

You’re under arrest.

I just saved a bunch of people!

For the murder of Peter Parker.

Come on.

You have the right to remain silent.

You don’t understand!

[tense, poignant music playing]

[George] You don’t understand.


I’ve thought about telling you.

But you can see why I didn’t want to. You can see why I didn’t wanna tell you.

I didn’t murder Peter.

I didn’t know it was him. I didn’t have a choice.

How long have you been lying to me?

Can you just not be a cop for a second and be my dad here and listen to me?

Do you really think I’m a murderer?

You’re in this to help people, right?


Well, so am I.

And the way to help right now is to listen to me.

Please, Dad.

You’re all I have left.

You have the right to remain silent.


Anything you say can and will…

Dad, are you really this afraid of me?

You have the right to an attorney.

Dad, stop!

Don’t get any closer.

Hey! What?

[dramatic music playing]


Hey, hey, hey. Come on.

Just breathe.

We got you. Right, Miguel?

LYLA, scan this mess.

No further anomalies.

Canon remains intact.

[Jess] We can’t just leave her here.

She’s doing this on her own.

[poignant music playing]

I don’t know how to fix this.

[Miguel] Yeah.

Well, join the club.

[dramatic music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

[“Guess Who’s Back” playing]

[woman] I know he’s just a sophomore,

but we wanna get a jump on the college conversation, so…

I’m sure he’s gonna be here any minute.

He’s very serious about his future. [chuckles]


Excuse me, do you have an ATM machine?

Around there in the back.

Preferably not chained.

[Lenny] What?

[Spot] Nothing!

This should be simple enough.

Just make a hole…

grab the money.

Nope. That’s not right.

Just get…

Uh [grunts]

Give me your money.

Where are you, money? Where are you?

Come here!

Oh! [grunting]

[man] Hey, who left this ATM on the sidewalk?

[Spot grunting and groaning]

Yo, what you doing back there, man?


Nothing. Everything’s cool, man. It’s all good.

Just forgot my PIN number.

Get out of here!

No! Sir! Let me rob you!

I’m going to rob your spotted face.

[Spot] No reason to bring wood into this.

I’ve never robbed anybody in my life. Please don’t make this a bad experience.

[Lenny] “Bad experience”? I run a business here.

[Spot] I’m like Robin Hood, if he gave to himself.

Oh, wow, is this curry powder? See, I’m a scientist. Or I wa I am.

Anyway, you’ve heard of Alchemax? I used to work there.

I was considered handsome by scientists’ standards.

I had a little accident. [yelps]

[grunts] Give me my foot!

Oh, man.

I’m so sorry.

First of all, I’m not even robbing you. This machine doesn’t even belong to you.

Belongs to the bank, the real criminals.

You’re the criminal. You’re robbing me.

You know, I can’t really get a job anywhere anymore, being like this.

So I’ve turned to a life of crime.

Why do people say “ATM machine”?

[Spot] Huh?

Who said that?

The M stands for “Machine.”

Spider-Man! [yelps]


Hey, Lenny, how much do I owe you for this beef patty, man?

Spidey, if you catch him, it’s on the house, brother.

[Spot] Oh, Spider-Man. Wow. [yells]

This is real!

So are you, like, a cow or a Dalmatian?

I am…

[dramatic sting crescendos]

…the Spot.


We meet again, Spider-Man.

That’s funny to you?

Of course not. No.

So is that a costume?

Unfortunately for both of us, this is skin.

Oh, dang.

[Spot] You see…

I’m from your past. One year ago

[dramatic music builds, then stops]

[cell phone buzzes]

Hold up.

Oh, come on.

[Miles] Uhoh.

This has been fun.

Who you talking to?

But I really gotta wrap this up.

Are you gonna be a while? ‘Cause

[grunting and groaning]

Maybe just pay me now.

[Miles] Okay, let’s do this one last time.

My name is Miles Morales.

[lively music playing]

I was bitten by a radioactive spider.

And for the last year and four months,

I’ve been Brooklyn’s one and only Spider-Man.

And things are going great.

Hey, hey, hey!

[people scream]

You could hurt somebody.

Catching all sorts of bad guys.

Let’s go.

[Miles laughs, then grunts] Oh!

Can’t you act like a regular supervillain so I can catch you?

I designed my new suit with some fly ambience down the side.

Aunt May moved to Florida.


I guesthosted Jeopardy!

Endorsed baby powder. Apologised for endorsing baby powder.

I made a mistake.

My moustache came in.

[deep voice] Moustache.

[Miles] And out.

I made another mistake.

Been developing a new twist on my venom thing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!


How much longer can I keep lying about who I really am?

I hear that new Spider-Man is Puerto Rican.

[laughs] Nah, he seems more Dominican to me.

I mean, would they get it if I told them?

We love you and accept you, even though you have been lying to us for a year.

[Miles] Maybe in some other universe.

Sometimes I just wish I wasn’t the only one.

But I don’t dwell on it.

[lively music continues]

I miss my uncle sometimes.

Miles, I see exactly what you’re doing there, man.

[Miles] Even though he turned out to be the Prowler.

I try to do what he told me:

Just keep going.

[Miles] “Just keep going.”

[cell phone buzzing]

[Spot] You’re looking at texts? This is the fight of our lives.

Sorry. Just a second.


No, no, no. Go ahead. Take the call.

You turn off your phone in a theatre, but not when you’re fighting me?

[Jeff] Ah! “In a minute.”

Ah! He wrote it all as one word. That’s cute, right? The youth.

[Miles] Okay, that’s weird.


[grunting] Oh, my nose!

[Miles] Sorry. I gotta be somewhere.


Whoa! [yelling]

[chuckles] There’s bubbles now. Hold on.


[Spot yelps] I think this is going great.

Still bubbles on here.

I think it’s probably okay.

[Spot] I love it.

We’re figuring it out. We’re finding our rhythm.

[Spot yelling]

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

[Spot] Hey, where’d that goose come from? Whoa!

I don’t think I want this costume anymore.

Almost there, Mami.

Smileyface. Prayer hands.

[Spot] Oh, my God.

Is this your goo? Get it off me, get it off me!

[Spot grunts]

[Miles yelps]

[Miles] At the end of the day…

[Spot] I got you right where I Ow!

So aggressive!

…I’m Spider-Man. No one can take that away from me.

[Spot] Unbelievable. Come back to your nemesis!

Don’t escape.

Your costume’s too tight in the back, by the way.

[“Take It To The Top” playing]

[Miles yells]

Yo, what’s up, man?

Uh, I’m writing an essay.

There’s a bad guy on the Petersen building.

Call the police, tell them to pick him up?

Sounds like a slippery slope.

Just this one time.

It starts with one call,

then it’s walkietalkies, synchronised watches.

In a month, it’ll be a SpiderSignal. I’m not your “guy in the chair.”

Are those my Jordans?

I can’t help it if we’re the same size.

[students chattering]

You see, every person is a universe.

And my job is to capture your person’s universe

on this piece of paper.

That’s blank.


I have no idea who this kid is.

I don’t know if he knows.

He’s gotta decide if he’s going to commit himself to his future

or whatever he’s doing instead of being here.

Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Unless you bake two cakes.


Interest in comedy.

How’s this going? College!

Now, son, what do we always say?

“On time means five minutes early.”

I know, I know, I know.

I gotta get back to being a great student, so can we make this quick?

[Ms Weber] Okay.

Miles’s grades are pretty good.

A in AP Physics…

That’s my little man.

…and AP Studio Art.

He takes after his uncle.

Aminus in English.

She’s a tough grader.

And a B in Spanish.


Whoo! Okay.

Miles! [speaks in Spanish]

Are you trying to kill your mother?

[speaks in Spanish] Eso no es my fault.

“Esto no es my fault”? ¿Tú estás tomando la clase en Spanglish?

I missed a few classes.

Oh, just a few classes. Well, what’s “a few”?

[Miles] I mean, you know, like…


[in unison] Five?!

Actually, six.

You’re dead.

A truant.


[sighs] Takes after his uncle.

But I just have a lot going on.

All right. We can still salvage this.

I’m sorry, “salvage”?

Miles has a great story to tell.

Having a story at all seems gross.

Your name is Miles Morales.


You grew up in a struggling immigrant family.

I’m from Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is part of America.

We own a floor in Brooklyn. Ah… Struggling? [muttering]

Doesn’t matter. You’re all struggling.

I make captain next week.

Now his dream is to attend the top physics programme in the nation…

Whatever it takes, we’ll do it.

…at Princeton University.

In New Jersey?

No, no, no. That’s too far.

New Jersey’s too far from New York?

There’s great schools in Brooklyn.

Mom, Princeton has the best quantum researchers in the country.

Quantum. Mmhm.

They’re moving electrons across dimensional thresholds.

Electrons. Uhhuh.

They’re studying dark matter!

I don’t know what any of that means.

I could help figure out how to travel to other dimensions.

Yeah, okay.

That sounds like a really good fake job.

Dad, when you were my age, you followed your dream

and went out on your own to start a business with Uncle Aaron.


That’s different. We used to

See, when you were born [laughs] Plus, your mom used to

Look, life is a journey.

You all got me into this school because you thought I could do something special.

[dramatic, pensive music playing]

And now I think so too.

And the special thing I wanna do is this.

There are people out there

who can literally teach me the things I wanna learn.

But they aren’t all in Brooklyn.

[fist thumps]

That’s your story!

Now just stick to the script.

[Jeff] Miles, are you paying attention?

Miles, pay attention.

[Spot whoops]

Ow. That hurt my tailbone.

[Miles] Are you kidding me?

Ooh. I gotta go. You guys keep talking. This is all great stuff.

Miles, wait. Did you order the cake for tonight?

Totally. I’m You know, call me I gotta go, all right? Bye!

This kid. I swear, what are we gonna do with him?

[man] All units, supervillain event in progress.

I gotta go too.

What? You’re gonna leave too?

He leaves, you leave, everybody leaves. Why am I here?

I know. I’m so sorry. But we’ll figure it out.


Wow. Excuse me, I’m so sorry.

[Ms Weber] He’s lying to you.


Your son.

He’s lying. And I think you know it.

How’s your essay?

Marinating. This is part of my process.

Oh? Oh, really?

I think your guy got away.

Thanks, I’m on it.

You seem really stressed.

[Miles] I agree.

You’re stretched too thin.

Yeah, thanks for the tip. [yelps]

That was bad.

[Jeff] I know.

What’s really going on with this kid?

I don’t know!

Oh! Hey!

[Spot] Boom!


[Miles] Officer Morales! I mean:

[in deep voice] Officer Morales.

[Spot] This is not what it looks like.

Hey! Hey!

[Spot] Officer

My kid goes here, man!

[Spot] This is fun.

I’m on the PTA. You know how many lemon bars I gotta bake for that?

[Spot] You left in the middle of a fight.

[Miles] I did not. It was at the end.

[Jeff] Are you serious?

[Spot] It was inconsiderate, super rude.

And a little cocky.

Yeah, you got me agreeing with the bad guy right now.

[Miles] “Bad guy”? He’s barely a villain of the week.

[Spot] What’d you call me?

You realise I’m right here.

Come on!

[Miles] Everything…

[Jeff yells]

…is under control.

[lively music playing]

[Jeff groans] Unbelievable.

[Spot] Wow.

Of course we’d end up back here.

[Jeff] You know, you are just like my son.

[Miles] I am? I [laughs] That’s so silly. Imagine that.

[Spot] Back where it all started!

[Miles] Look out!

[dramatic music playing]

[Spot] The crucible of our connection!

[Miles] Don’t try to wow me with big words.

I do the crossword every day.

[Spot] Is it all coming back to you?

[Miles] What are you talking about?

[Spot] The creation event.

[Miles] What?

[cell phone ringing]



Hey, we got cut off.

This is our son we’re talking about. Nothing is more important than family.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Jeff yells, then grunts] I’m kind of in the middle of something.

[Spot grunts] Destiny brought us here.

You see now, don’t you?

I really don’t.

[Spot] I am your nemesis.

Dude, you are not.

You missed. You can’t contain the Spot. Ow!

You really don’t remember what you did to me?

What I did for you?

[Miles] Uh… No.

[Spot] I worked at Alchemax.

I ran a test on this collider

that brought a spider here from another dimension.


[man] Its home dimension.

[Spot] It escaped. And it bit you.

My spider made you Spider-Man.


You ran through the cafeteria.

He took a bagel!

You hit me with a bagel.


I’ve hit a lot of different villains with a lot of different food.

[Spot] You make your flippy, little sassy jokes,

and everyone loves them.

But no one knows what it feels like to be on the other side of them.

[in deep voice] I’m just trying to lighten the mood.

I created you.

You created me.

Spider-Man, why did you create that guy?

I didn’t. He’s talking crazy.

I was in this collider room when you blew it up!

[dramatic music playing]

[past Spot screaming]

[Spot] Because of you…

I lost my job, my life,

my face!

My family won’t even look at me.

I made you into a hero.

You made me into this!

Look at me! You did this to me!

Look at me! I’ll make you respect me!

[yelps] Ah! Ow!


I am your neme

Well, where’d he go?

He kicked his own butt.

[Jeff] You know we’re supposed to catch the bad guys, right?

[Miles] I always do.


[siren wailing]

Gutierrez! Get the crane, man.

[Gutierrez] Yes, sir!

[Jeff groans] This here is why nobody likes us, man.

[Miles] “Us”?

I am trying to do right out here.

I’m trying too.

You need to be a better role model.

I’m a great role model.

[siren wails, then stops]

Hey, Gutierrez, you can cancel the crane.

I swear, I’ll quit my job!

[pensive, poignant music playing]

Do you wanna talk about it?

Are you crazy?!

Well, men of your generation ignore their mental health too long.

[Jeff] Oh, boy.

What am I even doing?

‘Cause no matter what I do, someone always thinks I’m blowing it.

[Miles] I know the feeling.

So your son.

How’s he doing? You think he’s gonna figure it all out?



He’s a good kid.


It’s scary. He says these things that are so smart.

Cool. Well, I should probably

And then he does these things that are so stupid.

I just don’t want him to mess it up.

Maybe get off the kid’s ass.

I’m sorry, what?

What? What? I don’t know.

And I hate that he’s not being honest with me.

Maybe he’s scared to talk to you.

Why would anyone be scared to talk to me?

I don’t I don’t know.

It’s just You think you’re getting pretty good at being a parent.

You think you got it licked.

And then they go and grow up.

I just don’t wanna lose him, you know?

Well, as an objective observer with no skin in the game,

I say you gotta let him spread his wings, man.

Like this.


I don’t know.

If this isn’t nice, what is?

I should go.

Yeah, and catch that holes guy.

Don’t worry. I don’t think that guy’s gonna show his face again.

[Spot] What?


I think I kicked myself…

into myself.

[enchanting, pensive music playing]

Well, this is new.

Hello? Hello? Echo, echo. No echo.


I’m going to put my head in that hole.

[lively jazz music playing]



Ow! Please! Ow, ow, ow!

Stop it, stop it, stop it! [groans]

That was cool.

My holes can take me anywhere.


[people screaming]

[Spot chuckles]

[pop music playing over radio]

Excuse me. Hi.

Sorry to bug you. I know you’re busy.

What do you want?

I know it’s weird. I came out of nowhere.

But I think I’m becoming a transdimensional superbeing.



I’m literally splitting the fabric of space and time.

For you, it’s just a Tuesday night.

You’re acting like weird stuff like this happens to you all the time.

Can I have some gum?

Oh! Whoa!


The power of the multiverse in the palm of my hand.

My holes aren’t a curse! They’re the answer!

Can you stop talking about your holes?

You’re making everyone uncomfortable.

No, no, no. You’re gonna love this. Look, look, look. [grunting]

[groans] I’m out of spots, wouldn’t you know it. Uh…

As you were, gentlemen.

I’m coming for you, Spider-Man!

[man 1] Take this one step at a time.

[man 2] Does anybody have the instructions for this building?

[ominous music playing]

Oh, no.

Tomorrow morning, Spider-Man, page one, with a decent picture.

You’re right, boss.

Shut up.


Get out of here!

You got it, boss. I’m on it.

I need a raise.

[imitates beep] Miguel, it’s Peter. We got an anomaly.

Thank you, Peter. You’re one of our best.

Jess, who’s on this?

[imitates beep]

[“Silk and Cologne” playing over speakers]

[guests chattering and laughing]

There you go.

Have you seen Miles?



Have you seen Miles?

[woman speaking in Spanish]

What are you doing?

[in English] Speech!

Okay, everybody.

No. I’m terrible at speeches.

[woman speaking in Spanish]

Oh, dear God, no.

Rio, come on.

Um… Hi.

[Miles] And I want you to know, no matter what,

even though we’ve had our ups and downs,

I’m so proud of you today, and every day.

[woman] Hey.

Parentheses. Mostly. LOL.


Hey, Mr Spider-Man, it won’t fit on one cake.

[Latin pop music playing over radio]

Can’t you write smaller?

Can’t you write shorter?

Come again!

What else can I say about Jeff?

That he was almost 10 pounds as a baby. I know you’re gonna be embarrassed.

He almost killed his mother. Look at those shoulders.

Oh, no. Okay. That’s it.

[Rio] A big baby.

Okay, okay.

Oh, my God.

[Rio and Jeff laugh]

He’s so funny.

I’ll take the mic. No more mics for you, okay?

Thank you, Rio, for that.

[groans] Where is that kid?

[Jeff] I didn’t always know what I wanted to do in life.

I was pulled in a lot of different directions when I was young.

Me and my brother came up in this neighbourhood.

Just a couple of knuckleheads running the streets.

It is I, the Armadillo [grunts] Oh!

[chuckles] You guys used to chase us out of your stores.

And now, if you can believe it, it’s my job to look out for you.

And then I had a kid.

Stop, thief!

[Jeff] And everything changed for the better.

[Miles] Oh, no.

I don’t even know about giving a toast ’cause I should be toasting you all.

No, no, no!

[poignant music playing]

So to my brother, who we miss every single day.

He’s definitely up there laughing at me right now.

They’re making me captain, bro. [chuckles]

To my wife, mi amor.

I can’t even start because I’ll never stop.

Have to take the mic from me.

[all chuckling]

And to my son…

[clears throat]

The reason that I do any of this in the first place.

I love you, Miles.

And I will always, always be here for you.

Benny, man. Come on, drop the beat!

[“I Can’t Stop” playing over speakers]

[growls] I’m gonna kill that kid.

[man] Hey! Congrats, Jeff!

Hey! Hey, hey.

Thank you for coming.

[women whooping]

Hey, Miles. Where have you been?

What’s up, man?

You keeping your head up at that school?

[Miles] Oh, yeah, you bet.

Hola, Miles! Hi.

Your parents have been looking for you.

I don’t know why.

I’ve just been here the whole time.


Ah! Hi.

You were supposed to be here at 5.

I know.

You disrespected your dad.

[Jeff] Yup. Mmhm.

Missed his beautiful toast.

Come on. Did you even see the cakes? There’s some heartfelt messages on them.

That’s not what I meant.

Your dad studied for eight months.

Nine. It was like giving birth.

No, it wasn’t.

Of course not.

You made us sit in that office and talk to that lady without you.

There was an emergency.

What, a graffiti emergency?

A partyingwithsomefriends I’venevermet emergency?

Explain yourself.

Sounds like you’re explaining it pretty well.

That’s funny. Jeff, we got a funny son.

I’m not laughing.

[speaking in Spanish]

I don’t feel grownup.

[in English] Wow, this is a cool shirt.

Okay! Okay, okay. Have you checked out the spread?

[indistinct chatter]



Who you running around with?


Is it Ganke? I never liked him.

Yes, you did.

He calls me by my first name.

Ugh. We hate that.

I have more friends than just Ganke.

Like who?

Well, there’s There’s Peter.

You know, uh, but he left town.

Um, there’s There’s Gwanda.

You know, she also left town.

Miles, dame un break.

Is that Spanglish?

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I’m just doing benign, private,

unremarkable things when I’m not with you guys?



I am 15 years old. I am basically an adult.

Oh, right.

You don’t have a driver’s licence.

Neither does Mom!

We live in New York

and never plan to leave.

It’s my life.

It’s not your life.

It’s mine and your father’s and your abuelos’ y abuelas’,

who put you in this spot that I’d give anything to be in.

All right. Whatever, whatever.




[Jeff laughs]

Do I get to say it? Please tell me I can.

Say it.

You’re grounded!


Oh, yeah!

For how long?

A month!

Dad. Mom, are you? Seriously?

Yeah, dead serious.

You don’t understand.

You are right.

I have no idea what’s going on with you! So why don’t you tell me?

[music volume increases]

Just listen to me!

Okay, champ, you got it. Go for it. Say whatever you wanna say.

What do you got to tell me so bad?

[music stops]

[sighs] You know what? Never mind.

All right, great, walk away.

Because now you got two months!

[“Hummingbird” playing]

That was good, right?


Two months.

I’m Spider-Man. I’m not grounded.

[Gwen] Miles!


You got a minute?

Oh! Whoa!


How did you get?

How did you get? How have you been?

Uh, I’ve been good.

I’ve been Yeah, just great. Look at you.

You, uh You grew, huh?

Had a little growth spurt?

Uh, yeah. Your hair has gotten pinker.

Is this the room you grew up in?

It is. Um…

[lilting, pensive music playing]

But my dorm room is very adult.

Cool. Yeah, no, I used to play with these when I was younger too.

Uh, that’s a collectible.

I used to have this one.

An extremely rare, highly sought

Why is it still in the package?

Eee! Um… [laughs]

That’s fine.

Are these your drawings? They’re good.

Hey. What? No.

[Gwen] Wow, there’s so many.

Missed you too.

So, what are you doing here?

I mean, I thought I’d never see you again.

Wanna get out of here?

I’m grounded.


Is Spider-Man grounded?


I mean, I…

[dramatic music swelling]


[Rio] Miles?

Your dad’s ready to listen now.

[“Mona Lisa” playing]

That’s three months!

[Miles] Wait, hold on.

There’s an elite society with all the best SpiderPeople in it?

Okay, so there’s this lady, Jess Drew.


She rides a motorcycle.


Oh, my gosh, I’m learning so much from her.

Oh, yeah. I’ve learned a lot of stuff too.

I’ve levelled up my whole thing. See?

[Gwen] Oh, yeah?


[Gwen] Let’s see it, then.

Let’s go.

[Gwen] Thread the needle.

[truck horn blaring]




[Gwen] And Miguel.

The whole thing was his idea.

[Miles] Right.

And who’s Miguel?

[Gwen] Oh, he’s like a ninjavampireSpider-Man but a good guy.

[Miles] A vampire good guy. I’d pay good money to see that.

So how long ago did they invite you?

Only like a few months ago.

“Months” is kind of a long time.

[Gwen] Okay, this one counts for two.

[Miles whoops]

Ha, ha!

Look at you.

Look at me.

[Miles] Keep the change.

So this club.

Look at that dumdum.

[Miles] What kind of stuff do you do?

[Gwen] Guy in the stripes, ten points.

We’re trying to keep the multiverse from collapsing.

[Miles] I thought we did that already.

[Gwen] Like, last week we had this mission to some Shakespeare dimension.

[Miles] What?

And Hobie and I just, like

[Miles] Who’s Hobie?

[Gwen] Oh, my gosh, you would love him.

He lets me crash in his dimension sometimes.

[Miles] What does that mean, you stay overnight or…?

[Gwen] Anyway, they’re pretty strict about where I go,

or I really would have come to see you sooner.

Right. So, uh So why’d you come now?

Don’t do that. [yelps]

Hey, Gw Uh, Gwen?

Where’d you go?

[siren wailing]

Where did she go?


[Gwen] Ah!

Oh, hey. There you are.

What were you doing?

Waiting for you.

[ominous music playing]

[Spot groaning]

[Miles] No, it’s not the Greek burger place.

[Gwen laughs]

This is a cool thinking spot.

[Miles] Right?

Who needs a treadmill when you have the Williamsburgh Bank Building?

[Gwen laughs]

[“Another Dimension” playing]

So, uh, you and your dad.

You still haven’t talked?

What exactly would we talk about?

“Hey, Dad, how have the last few months been?

You still think I murdered my best friend?”

I don’t know.

I mean, my parents I mean, maybe if I told them


Trust me on that.


Maybe some things are supposed to be just for us.

[Gwen] Hm.

That’s a nice way to think about it.

I’m just a really emotionally intelligent guy.

Beyond my years.

[scoffs, then laughs]

It really is always so great to talk to you.



I mean, how many people can you talk to about this stuff?

You don’t even know.

[poignant, pensive music playing]


You’re the only friend I’ve ever really made after Peter died.

Other than Hobie, right?

That’s different.

Yeah? How’s that?

I don’t know.

You and me, it’s…

We’re the same.

In the important ways, you know?

In every other universe, Gwen Stacy falls for Spider-Man.

And in every other universe,

it doesn’t end well.

Well, there’s a first time for everything, right?

[music turns hopeful]

[laughing and chattering]

Mmm! Oh, wow. Feelings make me hungry.

Oh, yeah,

these plátanos are just deepfried feelings.

She looks old enough to vote.

I bet she doesn’t even speak Spanish.

Well, qué barbaridad.

[Miles] This keeps you from glitching in other dimensions?

[Gwen] Yeah. Pretty cool.

[Miles] What’s it gonna take for Miguel O’Hara to notice Miles Morales?

[chuckles] I’ll put in a good word.

I’m just saying, if I had a watch, I could come with you.

Miles, look

I did save the multiverse.

It’s a really small, elite strike force.

I can turn invisible. I have, like, electric powers.

There aren’t a lot of slots.

Think about it.

Ah, right.

Look, if it was up to me, you

I know. I know, I know.

Oh, no. No, no.

Don’t do that. Miles!

All right.

It’s, uh, really delicate.


Sorry. I didn’t mean to, um, snap.

Okay. All right. I’m sorry.

Hello! Hi.

[Gwen and Miles yelp]

Oh, boy.

I’m Miles’s mom.

Rio! Hi! I’ve heard so much about you.

You’re using my first name. Okay.

This is nice. We found it in Miles’s room, so…

I guess you must’ve been there, huh?

And you must be Jeff.

She called me Jeff. That’s very sweet. “Jeff.”

You must mean Lieutenant Morales.

Soon to be Captain Morales.

Ah! Captain.

Gwanda and I are friends from school.

Yeah, we were just catching up.


Don’t take him from me.


[laughing] I’m just kidding. He’s grounded, so you can’t.

Don’t break his heart.


Alpha Squad, Zero Red Spider Alert.

Shoot, I have to go.


Yeah, I forgot to get my steps in.

[laughs nervously] Really, really wish I could stay longer.

I’m sorry.


Yeah, bye.

[pensive music playing]

I can hear you being quiet, Mom.

I, um…

I hope I didn’t ice your game, man.

No one my age says those words in that order, Mom.

It’s just hard to see my little man not be my little boy all the time.


[poignant music playing]

Papá, you know you can tell me anything.

[speaks in Spanish]




I’m sorry I was late.

[in English] Go.

She seems like a nice girl.

Is this a trick?

It’s not a trick.


What are you?

Let me fix you. Just…

For years I’ve been taking care of this little boy, right?

Making sure he’s loved,

that he feels like he belongs wherever he wants to be.

He wants to go out into the world and do great big things.

And what I worry about most…

is they won’t look out for you like us.

They won’t root for you like us.

So here’s the deal.

Wherever you go from here,

you have to promise to take care of that little boy for me.

Make sure he never forgets where he came from.

And he never doubts that he’s loved.

And he never lets anyone at those big, fancy places he’s gonna be in

tell him that he doesn’t belong there.

And when he comes home, and he better come home…

you’re gonna be early,

and you’re gonna be holding a normal, nice cake.

Yeah, okay.

You gotta promise, Miles.

I promise.


don’t get lost.

Mmhm. Okay.

[speaks in Spanish]

All right.

[in English] Cool.

[speaks in Spanish]

[laughs, then speaks in Spanish]

[in English] Now go. Get out of here.

And when you come back, you’re still grounded.

Ha, ha!


Yeah, I’m smiling like it’s a joke, but it’s true.

Yeah, I figured.

See you later.

With a cake.

[music turns hopeful]

[“Annihilate” playing]

[dog barks]

[camera clicks]


[indistinct police radio chatter]


Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, the car!

[Gwen] Shoot.

[ominous music playing]

Oh, shoot, shoot, shoot.

Show me what happened.

[LYLA] Replay commencing.

[Spot] Spots. That’s the thing. I need more spots!

Ha! Oh, my gosh. It was right under where my nose would’ve been.

I just need a little bit more dimensional juice or whatever.



Never came up with a good name. Branding was never my strong suit.

The city power line to my micro collider prototype

could generate a little more concentrated dark energy.


This is what I love about science!

[Gwen] Shoot!

I just need enough to get me somewhere with a fullsize collider.

And, Spider-Man, I’ll make you pay for everything you took away from me.

All right, this is gonna work.

Or vaporise me and everything in this building,

which would not be good.



[dramatic music playing]

[dialogue distorting]

Oh, man.





[LYLA] Replay complete.

Why, why, why? [groans]

Gwen, Gwen, Gwen!

Gwen. Hi.

Whatcha doing?

Nothing. Uh, good. All good. Yeah, everything’s good.


Where’s the bad guy you were supposed to monitor?

He just stepped out for a moment.


He’s just some villain of the week.


Oh! We don’t need


Hey, look, I got him. Nope, never mind.

Hold on. Slippery guy.

Did you go see your little friend?

What? No.

[Jess] Miles?

I mean…

Are you kidding me?

Only briefly. From afar.

How far?

Like, you know, about this:

About this far.

That’s way too close.


Look, I had to know how he was.

I honestly can’t with you.

I know I messed up, okay?

[Jess] He can’t be part of this.

[Gwen] I know.

I’ll never see him again. All right?

[Jess] No kidding.

Hey, guys? He’s making his own portals.


He can jump wherever he wants. He could be a total canon killer.

You said he was the villain of the week. Do you know how bad this is for you?

Every dimension he stops at has an Alchemax.

What’s he up to, Gwen?

I don’t know.

[Miles] He’s making himself more powerful so he can beat me.

Amazing. My star pupil, everyone.

I’ll get him, okay? I can get backup.

If Miguel finds out I let you come

Don’t tell Miguel. He’ll kick me out and

What if he sends me home?

[suspenseful music playing]

I got him. Earth50101.

What do you wanna do?

You never made a mistake?

Never got too close to someone?

I did.

But I got over it.

Alert the local Spider. Tell him Gwen will meet him there.

[LYLA] I’m on it.

Thank you. I won’t let you down again.

Okay. You’re welcome. Shut up.

You got an hour to fix this.

Or I can’t help you.

[poignant music playing]

Goodbye, Miles.

[music turns pensive]

[dramatic music playing]


[“Bakar Bakar” playing]

[cheering and chattering]

Sorry. Congratulations!


[lively music playing]

[Spot] You see that? This is incredible.

I’m like a new person.

[Gwen] Where did you go?

[Spot] In the mirror, I wouldn’t recognise myself.

[Gwen] Stay still.

I’d envy that person I was looking at.

[Gwen] I have eyes on the anomaly.

[Jess] Try getting hands on him.

Stop hovering. You’re hovering.

Hello, pardon me, locals.

Wow, four on there. That’s very dangerous.

That looks good.

Which way to Alchemax? Oh! [coughs]


It’s a place with a big collider

Hey, cow guy! “Moove” over!

[Spot] That’s the best you could do?

[Miles] Gwen! I’m here to help!

Miles, are you?

[Spot] Whoopsiedaisy. You weren’t expecting that, were you?

[Miles] Oh, no!

[Spot] Neither was I. I’m in the zone!

[dramatic music playing]

[Miles] I got you!

Did you follow me?

No, I just saw where you went and went there without you knowing.

You’re not supposed to be here!

What are you talking about? I’m helping

No! No, no, no!


I shouldn’t have ever come to see you.


[Pav] Hey, who’s the new guy?

Hey, Pav. He’s Miles and he wasn’t invited.

[Pav] Oh! You weren’t invited and you came anyway?


New guy must be in love with you.

[Gwen] Okay, whoa.

[Miles] No.

I’m not.

I’m very good at reading people.

[Gwen] He’s not.

[Miles] Who are you?

[Pav] Glad you asked, new guy.

I’m not a new guy.

My name is Pavitr Prabhakar, and for the past six months

Six? And even he got a watch?

Yeah, uh…

Being Spider-Man is so easy.

I wake up, skip the workout,

because I’m naturally buff and I don’t wanna get too big.

Do almost nothing with my amazing hair.

You don’t use any product at all?

Just coconut oil, prayer, some genetics.

Then I swing by school. Don’t really have to try, but I do anyway.

Fight a few bad guys, feed a few street dogs,

quick break for a cup of chai with my Maya Auntie

I love chai tea.

What did you just say?

“Chai tea”?

“Chai” means “tea,” bro. You’re saying “tea” tea.

Would I ask you for a “coffee” coffee with “cream” cream?

I’m so sorry.

[Pav] Then I hang out with my girlfriend, Gayatri.

She’s an extremely classy teenager.

Hey, girl. Tonight, I was thinking

Hello, Police Inspector Singh.

This is your daughter. I do not know her.

To top it off, I live in the best possible Spider-Man city, Mumbattan.

Quick tour. This is where the traffic is, this is where the traffic is.

Traffic here too. This is where the British stole all of our stuff. Whoa!

[Spot] Hello, Spider-Man.

[Gwen] Hi.

[Pav] Hey.

[Spot] Not you.

[Gwen] You talking to him or me or him?

[Miles] Think he means me.

[Spot] Yeah. Him.

[Miles] I got this, guys.


Wow. How are you?

[dramatic music playing]

Can you tell I levelled up my game?

I’m on a journey of selfimprovement.

[Pav] And you came to India.

That’s a Western culture cliché. Don’t Eat, Pray, Love me, bro.

I did not mean it like that.

Let me guess, you’re gonna ask me about saffron and cardamom

and naan bread, which is the same as saying “bread” bread,

which is the same as saying “chai tea.”

[Spot] Oh, I love chai tea.

[Pav] No!

[Miles] Come on, man! I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot.

Let’s just talk about this.

Fine. You made me feel empty, like I had a hole inside of me.

[Spot] We all have holes.

But now I found out what to fill that hole up with.

More holes!

[Miles] That doesn’t make any sense!

[Spot] It will.

I’m okay. I’m good.

Don’t worry.

[Gwen] We won’t.

This romantic tension is so palpable.

If Spot gets more holes…

[Pav] Will they, won’t they?

…he’ll be unstoppable!

We can’t let him get to

[Gwen] Alchemax?

[Pav] See? How can you guys even concentrate?

[people scream]

Hey, does he know about Hobie?

What should I know about Hobie?

Oh, looks like he did not know.

[people screaming]


Go away. Go away. See you later. Thanks for coming.

[Pav] Would you please deactivate this strong barrier?

[man] It can’t be turned off until the collider sequence is complete.

The collider sequence? Oh, man.

[Gwen] You need to stop!

[Miles] You don’t know what you’re doing!

[Spot] I’m about to be so much more than a villain of the week.

I’m sorry I called you that, okay? You’re a great villain.

[Spot] Oh, not yet, I’m not.

[automated voice] Initialising collider.


[suspenseful music playing]



How’s it going now?

Great. Anyone got any ideas?

[Pav] Oh, I have so many, but none for this.

Stand back. I’ve been working on something new.

[dramatic music playing]

[Pav] How long does this usually take?

[Miles] Just give me a second.

Do you want us to do something, or do we just stand here?

Are you charging it, or?

No. I’m absorbing it so I can shoot it back.

[Gwen] Looks like you’re charging.

[Pav] Does this have a name?

[Miles] Hold your questions until I’m done breaking this!

Just let me do this!

[Hobie] Oi, oi!

[“On The Run” playing]


[Pav] Hobie, my guy!

[Miles] Hobie?

[Spot] Look at that, another one.

I love how many different variations of you guys there are.

Manlike, Pav! Big stepper! Yeah, mate!

What’s this dude saying?

[Pav] It’s English for “We get along great, and we’re close friends.”

Is this the younger from 1610?

Do you understand this guy?

[Pav] Hobie, thanks for breaking the shield!

[Miles] I loosened it.

Bit of advice. Use the palm, not just your fingers.

What’s up with your suit? Is he bleeding from his armpits?

[Gwen] Miles, Hobie. Hobie, Miles.

Hi. I’ve never heard of you because Gwen barely ever mentions you.

A’ight, my name’s Hobie, Hobie Brown. I was bitten by a

Wouldn’t you like to know? You know what I mean?

For the last three years, I’ve been the one and only Wait, wait, wait.

You think I’m gonna show you my secret identity? Come out of it.

That is, when I’m not playing shows, antagonizing fascists,

staging unpermitted political actions slash performanceart pieces,

or having a laugh at the pub with the mandem.

I’m not a role model. I was briefly a runway model.

I hate the a.m. I hate the PM. I hate labels.

I’m not a hero because calling yourself a hero

makes you a selfmythologizing, narcissistic autocrat.

Come on! I thought you hated labels.

[Hobie] Gwendy, you left your jumper around my place.

What’s a jumper?

[Pav] It’s a sweater.

How many sweaters do you have?

That’s not mine, I’m sure.

[Hobie] And your toothbrush.

[Miles] Wait, what?

[Pav yells]

[Hobie] Are those my Chucks?

[Spot] Y’all make a heck of a team.

[Hobie] I don’t believe in teams.

[Miles] Aren’t you in a band?

I don’t believe in consistency.

This guy’s killing me.

This is gonna be good for us, Spider-Man.

You and me, we’re finally gonna live up to our potential.

You’ll finally have a villain worth fighting.

And I won’t be just a joke to you!

[dramatic music playing]

[Miles] You’re not a joke!

Right, gang?

[Gwen] Absolutely.

[Pav] Completely unamusing!

[Hobie] I don’t believe in comedy!

Just kidding!

[Miles] See? No one here thinks you’re a joke!

[Spot] They won’t after this.

[Miles] No!

Wow. That was another easy adventure for Spider-Man.

[Gwen] No, no, no!

[Miles] No, no, no!

[all yelling]

I’m coming!

[Miles] What was that?

[Spot] Our future.

I’m gonna take everything from you, like you took everything from me.


[Spot] See you back home, Spider-Man.

[dramatic music playing]

Miles. Miles!

You okay? We gotta go.

[Hobie] Oi, oi, liven up, mate. No time to get dizzy.

[Pav] Everyone, chalo, chalo!

[people screaming]

We’ll clear the path. You slow down that building.

[Hobie] I’ll do it. But not because you told me to.

[man] Everybody, run!

[tense, dramatic music playing]

[both grunting]

Watch out!

[dramatic music playing]

[people screaming]


Gayatri! No!

[suspenseful music playing]


[LYLA] Gwen, heads up.

Markers are predicting an incoming canon event.

So tread carefully.

I’m on it.

Somebody, help!

Hurry, everyone! This way, quickly!

[girl] Help!

[speaking in Hindi]


Inspector Singh!

[passengers scream]

I can do both!

[Miles] I got him, I got him!

[Gwen] Miles!

Don’t worry. Thread the needle, ring the bell, right?

It’s too dangerous.

I’ll be okay, I promise.


[dramatic music playing]

[Gwen] Miles!

No! No.

[Miles grunts]

You’re all right.

I promised.

[passengers chattering]

[Pav] Are you okay? I was so worried.

I mean, you seem like a nice young woman that I do not know.

[speaks in Hindi]


Not bad, right?



[in English] I’ve never seen him so emotional.

[in English] Excellent job.

Manlike, Miles! My guy!

[dramatic music playing]

[crowd cheering and applauding]

[Pav] Easy.

So, what do you think?

What I always think.

You’re amazing.

We make a good team. Yeah?



[ominous music playing]

[Pav] Guys, what’s that?

[Hobie] It’s a metaphor for capitalism.

[Gwen] It’s a lot worse than that.

Okay, guys, secure the area, clear all civilians,

and let’s contain this quantum hole.

Hey, I’m Miles. We met before, when I was invisible.

I know who you are.

Is everything going to be okay?

Okay, let me explain.

Miguel wants you back at HQ.

Miles was just about to head out.

All of you.

I don’t follow orders, neither does he.

I’m invited to HQ? Whoo!

[dramatic music playing]

How are you even cooler under your mask?

I was this cool the whole time.

Hey, over here.

Yo, this place is wild.

[Jess] Any sign of Spot?

[Malala] Let me ask.

Anybody spot Spot?

Oh, so funny. Anybody else got jokes?

Now that you mention it.

[Gwen] Well, you know what they say, we need to run a spot check.

[SpiderBeings chattering]

[Miles] This is unbelievable.

This is the lobby.


Welcome to SpiderSociety.

[dramatic music continues]

It’s a bit much, innit?

[Miles] What happened to that small, elite strike team?

A lot of these are parttime.

Gwendy, how much have you told him, hm? About his place in all this?

A little.

Maybe not enough.


My own watch!

It’s a day pass. This just keeps you from…


…doing that.

[SpiderSoldiers grunting]

[Peter] Hey, Gwen.

Hey, Peter.

Hey, I’m Miles.

[Peters] Hey, Gwen.

Hey, Peters.

I’m a new recruit.

Peter, take a team to the transport deck to help deal with this Spot mess.

[honks horn]

I wouldn’t call it a mess.

More like a success in progress.

Ben, I need

Sorry, I can’t talk right now. I’m thinking about my past.

Actually, we need you here for some reason.

[yells] That was a particularly harrowing memory.

Is he okay?



Howdy. Name’s WebSlinger.

Why does the horse need a mask?

[WebSlinger] To conceal her face.

Giddy up!


[Miles] Who is in these laser cages?

Anomalies. Folks who wound up in the wrong dimension.

[Jess] We kick their butts and send them home.

They’re not very interesting.

We got a bunch of Doc Ocks.

That’s interesting.

A Moosterio. Ms Sterio.

Video game guy.

[Miles] I love video games!

Another video game guy.

Are you talking to me?


Go to Helvetica, Spider-Man!


An interesting Kraven, a boring Rhino.

A Prowler.


[Gwen] Not your Prowler.



It’s rude to stare.

Caught that one myself.

I slipped.

You? I did all the work.

How many missions have you been on together?

Not that many.

Couple dozen.

That’s cool. Sorry.

[pensive music playing]

I’m Spider-Man.

Oh, no way! All of us are.

Can we just keep moving?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you?

I’m an avatar.

My body is back in my parents’ dimension,

chilling in a gaming chair and eating Fritos.

[woman] Right, because you don’t listen.

Here is better.

I hear that.

What does that do?

Apart from having a great name?

The Go Home Machine.

What’d I say, eh?

I voted against it.

[Margo] It detects whatever dimension your DNA is from

and sends you there.

It’s super humane and not creepy.

[Margo] See you, dawg. Don’t come back.

We should go. We don’t wanna keep the boss waiting.

See you around?

Let’s go!

Good luck out there, man.

Okay, bye!

[LYLA] Miguel sounds hangry.

[Jess] He likes those empanadas from the cafeteria.

Don’t ask me why.

[pensive music playing]

My name is Miguel O’Hara.

I’m this dimension’s one and only Spider-Man.

At least, I was.

But I’m not like the others.

I don’t always like what I have to do.

But I know I have to be the one to do it.

I’ve given up too much to stop now.

Whoa, yo.

Bet this doesn’t even do anything.

[Miles] Maybe it did before you ripped it out of a wall.

It’s propaganda, bruv. To distract you from the truth.

[sighs] And what’s that?

I ain’t got a Scooby Doo. That’s what they want.

Why you wanna be part of this lot?

[Miles] To get a watch.

Make your own watch.


Bet you got a nice setup, eh? Nice parents.

They’re fine. I mean, we got in a fight, but…

They just want what’s best for me, so…

That’s a bloody shame.


‘Cause you’re not ready for everybody else.

[girl] We did it this time!

[man] Okay, okay, mija.

[dramatic music playing]

Good job.

[Hobie] Listen to me, bruv. Whole point of being Spider-Man is your independence.

Being your own boss. You don’t need all this.

Then why are you here?

Looking out for my drummer, is all.

I want to be in a band. I

I wanna see my friends, and I need a watch to do that.

Guys, come on.

All right. Squashed.

Don’t enlist till you know what war you’re fighting.

[whispers] Yeah, I know it’s slow.

But it’s his thing.

[in normal voice] Miguel O’Hara, meet Miles Morales.

Hey! [speaks in Spanish]

[in English] I speak Spanish.

[speaks in Spanish]

[speaks in Spanish]

[in English] I’m excited to get going.

[in English] Oh. Great.

I have new ideas on how to catch Spot.

Oh. Wow. Uhhuh.

[Miles] He just wants to be taken seriously, like we all do. Whoa!

He’s worried about Spot.

I’ll worry about Spot!

What did I do?

Miguel! It’s not his fault.

Fault? Hold up.

You blew another hole in the multiverse!

He doesn’t know any better.

I do know what Not know what?

But you did, Gwen.

And you I’m just gonna try to ignore you.

I just can’t. I can’t even.

I ain’t even here.

Or here.

What’s happening?

[Peter] Hey, Miguel!

Come on, go easy on the kid.

He had a terrible teacher.

[uplifting music playing]

He had no chance.


Oh, boy.

HumblingReality Spider-Man has arrived.



Don’t be afraid of my friend Miguel. He just looks scary. He’s got no bite.

[groans] Peter.

You’re growing up on me. You look great.

You look solid, you know. You look good.

Define “solid.”

What happened? You bleeding from the armpits?

Peter, you

Don’t worry, we’ll get you a new suit.

Peter, you gotta tell them

Wait. What is that?

[Peter] Mayday!

You have a baby!

I have a baby.

This is crazy.

Don’t forget to keep your little day pass on, honey.

Oh, you have one too. I didn’t know they made those for adults.

Give me a second. Mayday!

The kid’s an anarchist.

I’m coming up to get you. Here I come. Don’t move.

[grumbling in Spanish]

I got you. I knew I was gonna regret making her that web shooter.

I shouldn’t have done it. That’s an actual mistake.

You wanna see pictures?

She’s right there.

Look at this pic!

Oh, you’ve got them.

She’s incredible.


This is her funny face. That’s her mad face.

This one is the studious one.

Watch out, the next one you’re gonna crack up.

Miguel’s gonna die. Miguel, look at this one.

I’m trying to hold a serious adult conversation.

You’re the only Spider-Man who isn’t funny.

We’re supposed to be funny.

The fate of the multiverse

You always lose me with that.

You say, “The fate of the multiverse,” and my brain dies.

Do you guys smell that? Mayday took a crap.

Yup. She’s a Parker.

[Miguel] Miles.

That’s what happens when a Parker eats an avocado.

You disrupted a canon event.

Canon event?

The kid wasn’t thinking. That’s not how he works.

That’s insulting.

Taking a crap on the establishment. I salute you.

Wait, what are you upset about? I saved those people.

And that’s the problem.

[ominous music playing]

LYLA, do the thing.

Huh? What thing?

What do you mean, “What thing?” The informationexplainy thing.


What’s this?

This is everything.

[dramatic music playing]

Can you be more specific?

Can you not talk for a second?

[Miles] Yeah, yeah, I

[Miguel] And this here?

This is all of us.

All of our lives woven together

in a beautiful web of life and destiny.

The SpiderVerse.


That’s stupid.

It’s called the Arachnohumanoid Polymultiverse.

Which sounds stupid too, I guess.

And these nodes where the lines converge?

[Miguel] They are the canon.

Chapters that are a part of every Spider’s story every time.

Some good.

Some bad.

Some very bad.

Just keep going.

Uncle Aaron.

This one, Event ASM90.

A police captain close to Spider-Man dies,

saving a kid from falling rubble during a battle with an archnemesis.

Captain Stacy.

I’m so sorry.


That happened to you?

And me.

Ey. What of it?

[Miguel] That’s how the story is supposed to go.

Canon events are the connections that bind our lives together.

But those connections can be broken.

That’s why anomalies are so dangerous.

Inspector Singh’s death was a canon event.

You weren’t supposed to be there.

And you weren’t supposed to save him.

That’s why Gwen tried to stop you.

[Gwen] Miles!

I thought you were trying to save me.

I was. I…

I was doing both.

And now, Miles, because you changed the story,

Pavitr’s dimension is unravelling.

If we’re lucky, we can stop it.

We haven’t always been lucky.

That wasn’t me. That was the Spot.

It’s what happens when you break the canon.

[Miles] How do you know?

Because I broke it once myself.

I found a world where I had a family.

Where I was happy.

At least, a version of me was.

And that version of myself was killed.

So I replaced him.

I thought it was harmless.

But I was wrong.

[people screaming]

[poignant, dramatic music playing]

Daddy? Dad.

Daddy, no!

[Miguel] Isn’t that right, Peter?


You break enough canon, save enough captains…

and we could lose everything.

My dad is about to be captain.

[ominous music playing]


[Spot] I’m gonna take everything from you…

like you took everything from me.

[Jeff] I’m coming!

Spot does it.

He kills him.

When does it happen?

When does it happen?

In two days.

When he’s sworn in.

That’s what the model says.

[Miguel] I’m sorry, Miles.

Send me home.

I can’t do that. Not now.

What am I supposed to do? Just let him die?

What about your dad?

He’s a captain, right?


[Miles] And that’s it?

You aren’t gonna do anything about it?

Okay, what about Uncle Ben?

That have been okay if you knew and you just let it play out?

If not for Uncle Ben,

most of us wouldn’t be here, Miles.

And all the good we did, it…

It wouldn’t have been done.

So we’re just supposed to let people die

because some algorithm says that that’s supposed to happen?

You realise how messed up that sounds, right?

You have a choice between saving one person

and saving an entire world.

Every world.

I can do both. Spider-Man always

Not always.

Miles, we all want to live the life we wish we had.

Believe me, I have tried.

And the harder I tried, the more damage I did.

You can’t have it all, kid.

Being Spider-Man is a sacrifice.

That’s the job.

That’s what you signed up for.

[Peni] Miles.

[Miles] Peni?

What is this?

Is this is an intervention or something?

We know it’s hard.

But it’s the truth, Miles.

Is that why you’re here? To let me down easy?

It worked last time, why not run it back, huh?

Hey, hold on. Hold on.

You were right, Gwen.

You should’ve never come to see me.

Kid, look at

Stop calling me that.

There we go.

Hobie, not helping.


Miles, please understand.

You can’t ask me not to save my father.

I’m not asking.

Just give him a second, please.

This is a great look.

Don’t! Stop it!

If we let him leave, he’ll only do more damage. We both know that.

Little man. Peter Pan. Palms.

[Miguel] Just need to hold you a few days. Sorry it had to end like this, kid.

I said not to call me that!

[all yell]


[dramatic music playing]


All right.

I’m sorry for doing this. This is bad parenting.

Just for the record, I quit.


[Spider 1] Huh?

[Spider 2] Uh…

[Miguel over PA] All stations,

drop what you’re doing and stop Spider-Man.

[music stops]





[Miguel speaks in Spanish]

[in English] Miles! Miles Morales! He’s entering Sector 4!

[“Light The City Up” playing]

Is that him?

Do I, uh, have web on my face?

What’s the deal?

[Miguel] Miles! He’s right there. He’s right in

Turn around!

I don’t see anything, boss.

[laughs nervously]

[SpiderBeings yelling]

Can this day get any damn weirder?

Wow! I guess it can.



And then I looked at my uncle, and…

Uh, let me guess. He died?


On the count of three, draw.

One You didn’t wait for three!

Hey, Miguel!

Can you take a photo of this? It’s her first chase.

[camera clicks]

[SpiderBeing yelling]

[prisoners booing]


[female Spider] Miles?

[Miles] Hi.

I’m a huge fan of your work.


Do you think SpiderPeople too often use comedy as a crutch?


Get it? “Crutch”?

I can do anything he can.

[dramatic sting plays]

Oh, dang, I pulled something.

[Dr Octopus] Hello, Peter.

[Miles yells]


There’s nowhere to run.

[Miles screams]

My bad, everybody. There was somewhere to run.

[Miguel] Stop running!

Then stop chasing me!

[Miguel] You’re so frustrating.

I know he’s your friend, but it’s the only way.

But my gut says

Then use your head.

[Ben Reilly] I’ve got you trapped in my welldefined musculature.

So don’t even [yells]



No, no. Let me go.

It is crazy to run.

Running is the least crazy thing going on.

Look, I feel bad.


But this is just how stuff works. You’re not gonna win here.

Just wait, don’t move. Stop moving so fast.


Do you wanna hold my baby?


Would you just give the baby one squeeze and then we’ll talk?

I think it’s gonna change our vibe. It’s very rejuvenating.

I’m plenty juvenated.

You’ll get more so when you go chesttochest with this magical child.

You don’t get to have a heartfelt conversation with me.

Just hold the baby, we’ll see what happens!


You’re the reason I had her, okay?

I thought that if I did a decent job raising her,

then there was a chance she was gonna turn out like you.

And that got me excited because you are a wonderful person.

And I like being around you.

[poignant, pensive music playing]

Then why didn’t you come see me?


I couldn’t.

I wanted to be with you guys so badly.

But this thing isn’t what I thought it was.

Look, bad things are gonna happen.

It makes us who we are.

But good things happen too, you know?

Like you happened.

And she happened.

Hey, I don’t…

And you are so bad at holding a baby.

[LYLA] We got your location, Peter.

Wait, wait. No, no!

You do not have my location. Over.

Send everyone.

No, no, no, Miles, I didn’t know. I promise you.

Please, man, let’s talk about this.

We did.

Good talk.


[Spider-Man] Get him!

[Gwen] Miles!

Where does he think he’s going?

[Peter] Don’t think he planned this out.

If I hadn’t said it before, by the way,

you’re a terrible mentor.

[dramatic music playing]

He did just beat you, so I’m not a terrible mentor.

[Miguel] You’re both equally terrible. Does that settle it?

Stop pretending you know where you’re going!

[Miles] Oh, I have a plan. I just haven’t told you yet.

[LYLA] Departing for the moon.

That’s not good.



What are those, claws?

Dude, are you sure you’re even Spider-Man?

[Miguel] Are you?

Who do you think you are? Really?

My name is Miles Morales.

I was bitten by a radioactive spider.

And I’m pretty sure you know the rest, jerk!

Hey. What’s up, man?

[Miguel] You don’t get it. You’re an anomaly.

Not if you let me go home.

[Miguel grunts]

[Miles] Snitch!

[Miguel] Everywhere you go, you’re an anomaly.

You’re the original anomaly.


[Miguel] The spider that gave you your powers wasn’t from your dimension.

It was never supposed to bite you.

Miguel, don’t!

[Miguel] There’s a world out there with no Spider-Man to protect them

because it bit you instead.


[Miguel] You’re not supposed to be Spider-Man.

No! You’re lying. I’m Spider-Man!

[Miguel] You’re a mistake!

If you hadn’t been bit, your Peter Parker would have lived.

Instead, he died saving you.

He would’ve stopped the collider before it ever went off.

Spot wouldn’t exist.

And none of this would’ve happened.

Peter. [groans]

And all this time, I have been the only one holding it all together.

[Peter] Miguel, go easy on him!

You don’t belong here.

You never did.

Let me go.

Miguel, that’s enough.

This isn’t what we talked about.

You talked about this?

You knew?

[ominous music playing]

You all knew?

I didn’t know…

how to tell you.

That’s why you never came to see me.

Miles, it’s for your own good.

Who decides that?

I’m not a kid, Gwen.

That’s exactly what you are.

You’re just a kid who has no idea what he’s doing!

Yeah, well,

I did lure hundreds of SpiderPeople away from your little clubhouse.


I guess he did plan this out.

And I’m about to do this.

Everyone keeps telling me how my story is supposed to go.


I’m gonna do my own thing.

[dramatic music playing]

[Miguel yells]

Goodbye, Gwen.


I taught him how to do that,

so I gotta be a pretty good mentor to pull that off.

Nope. No. Uhuh.

That’s kind of cute. Oh, no. Mmmm.

Been there. Done that.


[pensive music playing]

[automated voice] Initialising Go Home Machine.

Dimensional signature identified.

Come on.

No. No.

Oh, no.


What’s happening?

The machine activated on its own.

How is that possible?

It isn’t.

It’s not possible for the accelerator protocol

to engage without entering a sequence key.

Okay. Which…?

Which it’s doing right now.

How about this?


How about now?

You’re getting in the way.

Stop him! Now!

What does it look like I’m trying to do?

Do something.


[Peter] Miguel.

[Gwen] Miguel, stop!


[suspenseful music playing]


[Miguel yells]

Okay. Enough. It’s not the console’s fault.

[Miguel] All he had to do was listen!

Why didn’t he listen?

Maybe you weren’t hard enough.

Gwen, don’t do it.

[Miguel] You let him go.


You didn’t catch him, Gwen.

Okay, let’s all just take a breath.

Peter, you wanna back me up?

Well, okay, Miguel, as a father of a daughter and the son of a mother

Yeah, actually, stop talking.

Okay, duly noted.

Let me just talk to him.

We tried that.

He’s my friend.

Yeah. And that’s the problem.

Do you know for certain what happens if he breaks the canon?

Do you wanna find out? I told you she was a liability.

You’re wrong.

Jess, tell him he’s wrong.

He’s not.

Are you serious right now?

I told you. You let him get away, I can’t help you.

I’m not coming.

You’re right.


What the hell?

[dramatic music playing]

Go home, Gwen.

We are supposed to be the good guys.

We are.

We are.

Jess, Ben. Come with me.

Hell, yeah.

[Miguel] And somebody catch Spot.

Yeah. Sorry. I gotta get her down for her nap.

Not you. I’ve had the right amount of you.

[tense, dramatic music playing]



Hey, hon.

How was work?

[Peter] I don’t know.

Peter? Did you bring our baby to another fight?

Did I bring our ba? No. No, no.

‘Cause you asked me not to. So I didn’t. I wouldn’t.

Access denied. Access denied.

You think I’ll be any good at this?

You’re asking that now?

There’s no playbook for raising someone like her…

or being someone like you.

You just gotta make the right adjustments at halftime.

That’s a sports metaphor, by the way.

I understand.

Sorry. You were just such a nerd in high school. I figured

But I have watched sports.

Okay, champ.


Wanna go easy on the penguin?

Would you just…?

You gonna even look at me?

[poignant music playing]

What? What is that?

[Gwen] I’m looking at you. Like you asked.


You look skinny.

Where have you been?

Just been, uh, out murdering all my friends.

Oh, that’s funny, yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay.

[Gwen] Where are you going?

I don’t know.

[George sighs]

You’re a good cop, Dad.

You put on that badge because you know if you don’t, someone who shouldn’t will.

But you have to understand, this mask is my badge.

And I’m trying to be good too.

I was trying so hard to wear this thing the way you would want… and I didn’t.

I didn’t.

I can do all these things, but I can’t help the people I love the most.

And they can only know half of who I am.

So I’m completely on my own.

And now I don’t even know what the right thing is anymore.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. But I know…

I can’t lose one more friend.

Gwen, I always taught you to do it by the book.

And how did that work out?

I took an oath.

Then arrest me, Dad.

Get it over with.

I… I can’t.

Why not?

Because I quit.


About halfway through your big speech.


Wait a minute, you’re not gonna be captain?

That means…

My job, being captain, this whole thing doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re the best thing I’ve ever done.

[tender music playing]

It was a good speech, huh?

No wonder you got an A in English.

B. I got a Bplus.

Missed a few classes.

I don’t know what it is you gotta do… but I think that this thing is supposed to help.

The guy who left it was a real piece of work.

[dramatic music playing]

I’ll be right back.


Parenting stuff is…

a bigass mystery.

[dramatic music playing]

[Miguel] You’re a mistake!

If you hadn’t been bit, your Peter Parker would have lived.

And none of this would’ve happened.

[SpiderHam] Miles, the hardest thing about this job is you can’t always save everybody.

[Spot] I’ll make you pay for everything you took away from me.

[Miguel] You have a choice between saving one person and saving an entire world.

[Miles] I can do both. Spider-Man always

[Peter] Not always.

[Rio] Whatever you’re gonna do out there, don’t get lost.

[Peter] Bad things are gonna happen.

[Gwen] I didn’t know how to tell you.

[Miguel] You were never supposed to be Spider-Man.

[Aaron] Keep going.

[horns honking]


Did you check your locations?

Yes, Dad.

No sign of him.

LYLA, would you send everyone out? Anywhere. Anywhere he might be.

Congrats, captain.

“Captain”? You can’t call me that until I’m sworn in.

We’re all proud of you. See you, jefe.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Ben Reilly] Perfect pose.

Possible disturbance in the alley. Better go check it out.

Now I’m here in the alley. There’s something unusual happening.

Looking at the walls. Those are normal.

But there’s something in front of me. [yells]

[dramatic music playing]

I made it.

I’m home.

[music fades]


[Rio] Miles?


[poignant, pensive music playing]

Is now a bad time?

Am I too late?

What’d you do to your hair?

Are you guys okay? Tell me you’re okay.

I’m okay.

You were right. You were right about everything.

Of course I’m right. I’m always right.

What am I right about?

I saw all these amazing places and met all these amazing people, but…

[speaks in Spanish]


But they didn’t want me.

I kept thinking about what you said.

And I let them have it, Mom.

I beat them all.

I know how strong I am now.

I’m strong because of you.

And Dad.

[speaks in Spanish]

And us.


There’s something coming for us.


Something terrible.

[in English] Miles, you’re talking crazy. What’s going on?

His name is Spot. He’s my nemesis.

And I’m gonna stop him.

I know you know I’ve been lying to you.

It’s because I thought if you knew… you wouldn’t love me the same.

And then I went out there and…

And now… I’m not afraid of anything.

What do you wanna tell me?

Promise nothing’s gonna change.

Papá, I will always love you.

You gotta promise.

Always. I don’t care what you say.

Do ¿me entiendes?


[dramatic music swelling]



I’m Spider-Man.

[music stops]

Who’s Spider-Man?

The superhero? He got bit by a spider?

Gave him spider powers?

He’s me?

Is this where you dress up like your favourite character for…?

What’s it called? ComicsCon?

I don’t know what that is.

You really had me going there. Spider-Man. [speaks in Spanish]

Why don’t you have eight arms?


Do you push silk out of your culito?

I had a nightmare about that, but no.

Are you sure you woke up?

[suspenseful music playing]

Mom, stop playing around. This is serious.

Dad worked with Spider-Man.

He didn’t realise Spider-Man was me at the time, but…

I wish Dad was here to explain.

Miles, please.

I got you to take care of, I got me to take care of, so help me out.

Mom, hold on, hold on. I need to talk


Oh, no.

[Gwen] He’s in the wrong universe.

[Miguel] The spider that gave you your powers wasn’t from your dimension.


[man] Its home dimension.

[automated voice] Dimensional signature identified.

[Miles] That machine… didn’t send me home.

Uncle Aaron?


You okay?

I missed you so much.

[chuckles] Okay. All right, then.

Whoa, you took your braids out?


On purpose?


Yeah, I’m still getting used to it?

They gave me more hours at the hospital, so next month I swear I’ll pay you back.

Stop. Come on. We family.


[Rio] Hey, honey, how you doing?

Hey. How’d it go with Miles?

You know how you grounded him?


I ungrounded him.

You what?

A little. I mean, how much trouble could he get into, right?

[Jeff] A lot of trouble!

[Rio] I don’t wanna think about it.

[Rio] Oh, Miles, I have to work an overnight tonight.

Here’s the grocery list.

I’ll make sure he gets these done.

All right, we gotta roll.

Security switches out at 6. That’s the window, right?

Right. Yeah.

I’m following you in what you are saying.


You all right?

I have a cold.

Come on, man.

Hey, you sure you got the plan?

Yeah, but maybe we should go over it one more time, just to make sure there’s no…


[dramatic music playing]

There’s no Spider-Man here.

[Jeff] I’m sorry, baby, but you did unilaterally unground him.

[Rio] Jeff…

[Jeff] I just worry about him getting mixed up with the wrong people, okay?

This is probably that girl.

What is he even thinking, being with her?

I have some ideas.

Baby, you’re really not helping.

You saw the way he lit up around her.

I just hope she doesn’t get him hurt.

[Jeff] I mean, am I responsible for this?

No, no.

Maybe it’s all my fault.

Come on, papá, you’re a great dad. This is hard.

This is hard.

It’s like we got a whole new kid who just wants to grow up so fast.

[pensive music playing]

And maybe we gotta grow up too.

A little bit.

Maybe we just gotta let him spread his wings, man.


[Gwen] It’s not your fault.

It’s mine.

Oh, come on. What the heck are you doing here?

Oh, uh, his window was open so I came in.

Because that’s normal to do.

I wanna talk to your parents.

Right. My, uh, dad’s kind of hard to get on the horn.

Oh, really? What does he do? Deal drugs?

He’s a cop.

Statement withdrawn.

I’m gonna call the station.

I don’t think he’s there. Or anywhere around here.

That’s his jacket, emo. Where’s Miles?

I don’t know.

You don’t know? What do you mean, you don’t know?

Yeah, um, I’ll leave.

Where do you think you’re going, young lady?

[Gwen] I’m going to find him.

I don’t know where, exactly.

But I know where to start.

One thing I learned from Miles:

It’s all possible.

He loves you more than you could ever imagine.

I’ve seen it.

If you do find him…

tell him five months.

And tell him we love him.

You got it.

[dramatic music playing]

[ominous music playing]

Uncle Aaron? [grunting]

Wait, wait.

Listen to me. Okay, look.

You don’t understand. I’m not from here.

Listen, okay? This machine sent me here by mistake.

Wait, wait, wait. Please. Please.

Uncle Aaron, wait, wait, wait. Uncle Aaron!

[“Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City” playing over stereo]

Please. Uncle Aaron?

Just hear me out.

[volume increases]

I was bit by a spider that gave me powers.

It wasn’t supposed to bite me. It was supposed to bite someone else.

Someone from here.

I don’t belong here. I need to go home.


I have an Uncle Aaron too. I had one.

He was a bad guy called the Prowler.

[device powers up]

He looked out for me.

He did a lot of bad things, but…

I knew he wanted to be good.

He just didn’t know he had a choice, but you do.

You can be a good guy.

[Aaron] “A good guy”?

Please. Trust me. I know you don’t wanna be the Prowler.

[Miles gasping]

I’m not.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Jonah on TV] Mayor Manfredi has extended New York’s mandatory curfew as the so-called Sinister Six cartels battle for control on the streets.

Is nobody gonna try and stop them?

[Jonah continues indistinctly]

Your dad is still alive?


Your father.

You said he’s still alive.


Who are you?

[dramatic music playing]

I’m Miles Morales.

But you…

You can call me the Prowler.

If I don’t get home… our dad is gonna die.

Your dad.


You have to let me go.

Why would I do that?

[dramatic music continues]

Don’t tell Mom.

[Gwen] I never found the right band to join.

So I started my own.

With a few old friends.

[dramatic music continues]

You want in?

[“Am I Dreaming” playing]

[“Calling” playing]


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