Riders of Justice (2020) – Transcript

Markus goes home to his teenage daughter, Mathilde, when his wife dies in a tragic train accident. It seems like an accident until a mathematics geek, who was also a fellow passenger on the train, and his two colleagues show up.
Riders of Justice (2020)

RIDERS OF JUSTICE follows recently-deployed Markus, who is forced to return home to care for his teenage daughter after his wife is killed in a tragic train accident. But when a survivor of the wrecked train surfaces claiming foul play, Markus begins to suspect his wife was murdered and embarks on a mission to find those responsible.

* * *

(music playing)

(indistinct chatter)


Good evening. My niece wants a bicycle for Christmas.

(indistinct chatter)

Mm, it’s pretty, but I don’t like red. Do you have it in blue?

Do you want me to order one?

Please can I have it?

Nothing is certain in life. Christmas is a long time away. Maybe you’ll get it, maybe you won’t.

I think I’ll get it.

God willing. We’ll see…

(dial tone ringing)


(dial tone ringing)

(car engine starting)

(cell phone vibrating)

It’s Dad. (inhales)

Hi, honey. Is everything okay?

Everything’s okay. Has Mathilde left yet?

No, her bike was stolen at the station, so I’m driving her. But the car won’t start.


Should I call back later then?

No, she’ll be late now anyway.

What’s up?

They’ve asked me to stay.

For how long?

Three months.

(birds chirping)


So he’s not coming home?


Oh. At least he won’t be sitting in the barn, staring into space like a vegetable.

Come on, we’ll walk to the train. Put the phone away. Let’s go. We’ll take the day off.

So the algorithm concluded unequivocally that the lowest income group drove Kia, Fiat and Hyundai. The middle income group drove the larger Toyota models, Ford, Volvo, while the top group predominantly chose Mercedes, Tesla and Audi. So how did it do this? Well…

Board member: Let me stop you there, Otto.


How long have you and your “team” spent on this algorithm?

Oh boy, it’s difficult to say exactly.

Forty-six weeks. But we mainly did it at night.

So we’ve spent a year and a fortune on an algorithm that can figure out that poor people drive Kia and the rich Mercedes?

But the interesting part is that the algorithm itself found and collocated 82,504 registration certificates with tax returns from 46 municipalities to generate the statistical basis.

Are any of those correlations of interest to us, Otto?

Sure, but that isn’t the goal. You have to think bigger.

This algorithm can, in theory, when we’ve developed the computing power, predict events before they happen.

Try and explain that to us. Events such as?

All events are products of a series of preceding events. Because we often have insufficient data, we categorize events as “coincidences”. But they aren’t. When an intoxicated driver crashes a car during a blizzard we don’t call it a coincidence, as we have precisely the data needed to form a causal conclusion. We often even call it obvious. But imagine if the flaw was discovered before it could occur…

What is “macrodactyly”?

It means clubfoot. My aunt in the city of Horsens suffers from it on both feet.

So, your algorithm has also examined if there’s a correlation between having a clubfoot and being hard of hearing?

Lennart: That’s one of my favorite topics.

Lennart, let me.

Here, the algorithm gathered 41,534 patient records from 1912 to 2020. The earliest it found was quite amusingly…

Was there a correlation, then… between being clubfooted and hard of hearing?

Correlation? No, not at all.


(indistinct chatter)

It was pretty.

It really was.

Please, take my seat. There’s room for one.

There’s no need. I’m fine.

By all means. I need to stretch my legs.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

(train brakes screeching)

(groans, pants)


(groaning, screaming)


(people screaming)



Mathilde: Mom?


(indistinct moaning, crying)

Mathilde: Mom! (whimpers)

(music on radio playing)

Good work, boys. We’ll meet up in the tent for debriefing in five.

(indistinct chatter)


The police are examining the crash site. All train operations are suspended until 6 a.m. tomorrow. The police have ruled out terror as everything points to an accident. The accident happened at 3:31 p.m. It seems part of a parked freight train collided with the oncoming train. Mainly the right hand side of the three front carriages incurred damages.

Reporter: The death toll is now at 11. It has been confirmed that biker gang member Johan “Eagle” Ulrichsen and his lawyer are among them. The Eagle was set to testify against his former gang, Riders of Justice, including the leader of the gang, Kurt “Tandem” Olesen. The case in question is the high profile Kaalund Street homicide case in which four Turkish men were murdered.

(police sirens blaring)

(indistinct chatter)


(sniffles, sobs) Are we going home now?

I don’t know. Not yet, I think.

People go through four phases, the shock phase in which you and Mathilde are now. The reaction phase…

I’d like to see my wife.

I strongly advise against that.

I’d like to see her.


Stop talking. I want to see my wife.

(inhales, exhales)

(indistinct chatter)

(telephone ringing)

I’ve worked with probability calculation and statistical data for over 26 years and there are too many indications that this wasn’t an accident.

(telephone ringing)

(indistinct chatter)

I’ve worked with probability calculation and statistical data for over 26 years — and there are too many indications that this wasn’t an accident.

(clicks tongue) Such as?

The probability of a key witness in a gang-related homicide case and his lawyer dying in an accident 13 days before he set is to testify is, according to my calculations… Let’s see. One to 234,287,121. Too big of a number for it to be ignored.

It is most unfortunate. But nothing indicates that it was anything other than an accident.

The numbers do. The numbers never lie.

But that would require someone in the Riders of Justice knowing exactly which carriage and what seat the Eagle would be sitting in. It doesn’t make any sense.

Isn’t your job to make sense of it? All I’m saying is it’s too big of a number.

And we are very grateful for that. We’ll look into it. Thank you for stopping by.

The problem we’re left with is that I also noticed a suspicious looking man getting off the train right before the “accident”.

Okay? What was suspicious about him?

He got on the train with a Joe and the Juice sandwich and a large juice, but he only ate a small bite and didn’t drink any of the juice. And he suddenly stood up… and threw the entire sandwich and juice in the trash… and got off the train.


A Joe and the Juice sandwich costs seven euros and 37 cents. Eight euros, ten if it’s with extra filling, and a large juice costs seven euros. No one throws away more than 14 euros worth of sandwich and juice like that.

Police officer: We’ll look into it.

Police officer 2: Thank you for your help, Mr. Hoffmann.





(birds chirping)

I’ll come inside in just a sec.

I want to go to school after all.

(sighs) I don’t think you should. If you want to get outside a bit, we can go for a run.

I want to go to school.

Have you stopped running?


When did you last go for a run?

I don’t know.

(sighs) Then you aren’t running three times a week like we agreed. Mathilde, it’s for your own sake…

You’re such a dick.


Mathilde. Why don’t I drive you then?

Otto: It wasn’t an accident. It was an assassination. But I can’t prove it. But if you can hack into Fitness World’s server, that might help.

Fitness World? The chain of gyms?

No, the stone masonry, Lennart.

Be nice to me or I’m not gonna help.

Sorry. But would you be able to?

A blind kid could do that with their feet. I’ve hacked their servers lots of times.

You’ve hacked their servers plenty of times?

To get Emmenthaler free Pilates.

Emmenthaler does Pilates?

Jeez! See how little you know about your team! Emmenthaler has been suffering from back pains the past three years! What do you expect to find on their server?

The Eagle.

(dog whines)

The Eagle worked out every day, which indicates that he was methodical. If we can prove that he also used the same treadmill every day… there are grounds to believe that he would also pick the same train seat and then they would’ve known where he’d be sitting.


Thanks, Lennart.

I have to renew my crossfit card anyway.

(bell tolling)

Priest: When miracles happen, we often attribute a divine character to them. However, when lightning strikes, when a tragedy becomes reality we have a hard time assigning a return address and thus, we refer to it as coincidences. Because how could a merciful God ever be part of as cruel a tragedy… as the one, which tore your beloved mother and wife, Emma, from you?

Mathilde: (sobs)

Priest: But if everything is merely coincidences… isn’t the most natural reaction then to feel that nothing matters?


Then where do we go with all our sorrow, all our anger, all our fears and loneliness?


(door creaking open)

(inhales, exhales)

(inhales) What’s up, sweetie?

I can’t sleep.

Try closing your eyes and counting backwards from 500.

Why do you think Mom died?

No good’ll come from talking about it.

You really think it was a coincidence?

Yes. I’ll walk you to your room.

But what if it wasn’t a coincidence?

(sighs) What else would it be?

I don’t know. God?

Stop it. Forget about that priest. She didn’t understand half of her own nonsense. Try to close your eyes and sleep, sweetie.

Grandpa believed in God.

Sure, but he wasn’t all that smart.

But didn’t you when you were a kid?

I also believed in Santa. But when you grow up you have to be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

The priest was certain that God had a reason for why Mom had to die. We just don’t understand it.

Dammit, listen to yourself. It’s the kind of stuff crazy people say.

Sorry. I just miss her so much. (whimpers) And I can’t stand the thought that she’s… all alone.

I understand. But she’s not alone. She’s nothing now. She’s gone.

It’s so unfair.

Yeah. When people die, they’re gone for good, sweetie. And you might as well learn that now. For unless you also die at a young age you will end up burying most of the people you love. And if you keep tormenting yourself every single time with false hope about souls and little angels in the clouds, you’ll go crazy. Okay?


Now… Close your eyes and sleep. Count backwards from 500. It helps.

(door shuts)



Markus Hansen? Good evening. My name is Otto Hoffmann, and this is Lennart. I was on the same train as your wife and daughter. Is your daughter okay?

How did you get my address?

That was easy. I told Otto to call first, but he insisted…

I was standing right next to your wife and your daughter.

What do you want?

I think you have the right to know that it wasn’t an accident. Do you know who the biker gang member Johan “The Eagle” Ulrichsen is?

May I?


I’ll just move these…

This sure is some barn. (chuckles) It’s disproportionately large compared to the main building. Do you know what year it was built?

No. What is all this?

These are status certificates from the Eagle’s doctor medical records, criminal record, bank information, phone records and text messages.

Where did you get all this?

Lennart is good at finding things.

It’s not illegal. Or, well, it is illegal. But not very. The penalty matches that of building a private wooden pier without a permit.

Why wasn’t it an accident?

Because the security material from Fitness World shows us that he wasn’t just a man of habit, but that he suffered from OCD, which his medicine card also confirms. He was on Citalopram and Diazepam, which is given to OCD patients. And his criminal record shows six cases of assault on various train lines.

Most recently in November this year when he kicked a retired gardener in the face when he refused to give up his seat.

So we have the massive statistical anomaly, we know the Riders of Justice knew that the Eagle, because of his OCD, always sat in the second carriage, row two.

And we also have him.

Markus: Who is that?

Otto: We don’t know yet. But he debarked quickly at the station where your wife and daughter got on, mere seconds before the accident.

But surely a lot of people did?

Otto: Right. But this guy threw out a whole sandwich and a full juice. The previous night, the same man was at Østerport Station at 10:14 p.m., where there was free access to the parked freight train, which later hit the passenger train.

Have you told the police about this?

We can’t exactly show them this. But we’ve talked to the police three times. They couldn’t care less.

They just think we’re a couple of overly intelligent charlatans.

This guy is the key. We just have to figure out who he is.

We’re on it, but it isn’t easy right now.

We have considerable disagreements with our facial recognition expert.

Can you resolve those disagreements and find out who that man is?

We have to get Emmenthaler on board.

We need him.

No way! Wasn’t that a great barn, huh? Just like the one we had back home in Horsens.

Are you sure you want to reverse here?

Yeah, there’s lots of room.

Otto: Watch out for the rock.

(indistinct chatter)

Psychologist: The shock phase is very individual. Some want care, contact and conversation. Others just want to be left alone, and both ways are perfectly okay. But we offer both of you cognitive therapy, individually or together.

Thank you. I’ll let you know if that becomes necessary.

We can have both a child and an adult psychologist visit you at home.

I think that’s a great idea.

I don’t want it.

Why not?

Psychologist: Often, you’re not aware of the…

We’re trying to get our lives back, so we don’t want people running around. Come along.

(news on TV playing indistinctly)

It’s Dad again. It’s quarter past now, Mathilde. Call me back in five minutes, or I’m gonna go looking for you. (sighs)

Buster and Gustav were annoying.

They never talked to me before…

Mathilde! It’s 10:30. Why don’t you answer your phone?

Sorry. We went to the movies…

You have to tell me that! And you shouldn’t be out at 10:30.

I’m allowed. Mom and I agreed on 11.

Go home. Inside!

Sure, but you don’t have to shout.

What was that?

I’ll go. But using that tone with Mathilde is not what she needs now.

What the fuck are you doing? You’re insane!

Sweetie, open the door. Come on.

Why don’t you just kick it in, you fucking psycho? (whimpers)


Mathilde, I didn’t mean to hit him that hard. I shouldn’t have hit him. Who is he? Is he your boyfriend?

I don’t know now that you beat him up!

Yeah, that was kinda… I didn’t know he was your boyfriend.

No, because you were never around. You don’t know anything about me. You don’t know me at all!

Please open the door.

I’ve gone to bed.

Right… Then sleep tight. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?

(scoffs, pants)




(door bell ringing)

Man: What do you want?

It’s Otto and Lennart.

I can see that. Go away.

Come on, Emmenthaler. We need you. We’re unraveling a murder case.

We’ve brought pizza.

(door buzzer buzzing, unlocks)

(computer beeping)

(keyboard clicking)

I’ve got him. Aharon Nahas Shadid, 38. Works as a clinical dental technician. Nazlet Al Seman Al Kebli, 21, Nazlet El Semman Al Haram, Cairo, Egypt.

Then it isn’t him.

Yes, it is. He’s the only match above the 99.12 percent biometrical marker threshold limit.

Please stick to matches with Danish addresses.

I’m telling you, there is no fucking balls to match piss in Denmark.

What’s the highest match percentage you’ve got on a person in Denmark?

Emmenthaler: I haven’t looked at that at all. There’s no one over the 99.12 percent threshold.

But what if, for example, we lowered the threshold to 95 percent compatibility?

Sure, but it wouldn’t make any sense. To qualify for the Olympic high jump, there’s a minimum requirement…

I’m not gonna listen to that fucking Olympics story a third time! We get your point, but we’re asking you to change it so that we don’t just find people in fucking South America and Africa.

We’ll just fucking shit call it a day here. I won’t stand for this cunt dick. Take your pizza and get out!

You already ate it, you fat pig.

Take it easy… both of you. Emmenthaler, listen.

(inhales, exhales)

Both photos of the man were taken from a high angle… so any match will be subject to uncertainty no matter what, correct?

Sure, we don’t have enough data for a 100 percent match no matter what.

Exactly. So we’re asking you to show us what you’ve found in Denmark.

Okay, but it just doesn’t make any sense.

Emmenthaler: (sighs)

(inhales, exhales)

(computer beeping)

There’s one right there at 95.84 percent. Can we see him? Please?


That’s him. That’s the fucking guy. I recognize him from the train. Palle Olesen. Look here.



Good morning, sweetie. Are you hungry? I bought eggs and rye bread.

I don’t eat eggs. Can’t you spend less time hiding all your empty cans and empty the ashtray instead? It’s really gross.

What can I do to make things right again? Should I call him? Talk to his parents and apologize?

He told his mom he fell, because he doesn’t believe in revenge.

I’m sorry.

He could’ve reported you to the police. You gave him a black eye.

What if I made Spaghetti Bolognese? We could all eat here and I could meet him, apologize to him properly.

Spaghetti Bolognese? Do you think we are three years old?

So we’ll get takeout. Just tell me what you want. Come on, Mathilde. I’m doing my best here.

I’ll ask him.

There’s the barn, Emmenthaler.



This is Emmenthaler.

Did you find out who he is?

Everyone has been eager to see the barn… so why don’t we go over there and talk?

His name is Palle Olesen, and this is where it gets interesting. He’s a trained electrical engineer specializing in train components.

He got off before the accident and hung out by the freight car the night before?

It gets even better. He’s the brother of Kurt “Tandem” Olesen, president of Riders of Justice.

The Eagle was testifying against him.

Shut up. He knows! He’s just processing it all…

So they’re brothers.

We’re all aware that we’re on our way to meet a psycho gang member, right?

His brother is a gang member. He’s an electrical engineer specializing in train components.

Narcotics, assault, aggravated assault, aggravated assault, theft, complicity in manslaughter, horse theft, possession of a narcotic, illegal possession of a firearm…

So an electrical engineer specializing in trains, who moves in bad circles.

And stole a horse.

And at some point he stole a horse, but that doesn’t make him a gang member.

We’ll see his reaction when we mention the accident and then go to the police.

(birds chirping)

Go for a ride. He isn’t ready yet.

Hello, my name is Markus.

So what? He still isn’t ready. Go for a drive.

You don’t understand. My wife was on the train that crashed.

So was he.

I survived.

We know that you were on it, too…

What the fuck is this?

We’d like to ask you…

I think you should fuck off.


Shut the fuck up!

Do you want a bullet between the eyes? Fuck off. And take your three little piggies with you. I said, fuck off!

Well, that’s clarified, then.

Markus, no, no…

Fucking… (grunts)

(grunts, pants)

Is he dead?



Should I call the police?

No. We can’t do that.

It was self-defense.

No police. Let’s get out of here.

If we don’t report it, we at least have to get rid of the body. Forensic evidence brings down the perpetrator in 87.4 percent of all homicides. Markus’s DNA is all over him. Emmenthaler, get in here and help. Now! Before someone sees you.

We can’t take him with us. It’s so outrageously illegal. I want no part in that.

It was a mistake. I shouldn’t have done it. I made a mistake. Let’s go.

He deserved it. (inhales) He deserved it. If you knew how many times piss assholes like him have been on my case. (sniffles) You’re not so tough now, huh? Try bullying us now, you fucking piss shit. Who’s a little piggy now, you fucking cunt dick? (grunts)

Emmenthaler, easy now.


Easy now.

Okay? Good.

Let’s get going.

What about him?

We’re not bringing a dead man.

Let me at least find some detergent with DNA dissolving components.

Good idea. Something containing sodium hydroxide or hydrogen nitrite.

Benzyl sulfonamide would be best.

Give the chemistry lesson a rest! Go wait in the car. I’ll handle it.

Man: (mumbling, whimpering)


Have you killed someone before? It certainly didn’t look like it was your first time. I’m sure you’ve always worn a uniform when you’ve done that.

Let’s be quiet, Emmenthaler.

I know how you’re feeling, Markus. It might not be exactly the same, but as a kid, I loved playing the French horn.

How do you make that correspond to…

Let me finish! Fucking interrupting all the time! What I’m trying to say is, I played in the Tivoli Orchestra in my red uniform and black bear skin hat, but when I turned 17, you weren’t allowed to be a part of it anymore. Then you’re on your own. I tried playing a couple of times, but… It was as if it had been me and the uniform playing together, and I couldn’t do it by myself.

Perhaps we should listen to some music? There.

(radio playing)

(car engine starting)

Lennart: I’m not driving all the way up.

Emmenthaler: Is he grabbing a cab?

Lennart: I’m not reversing back out. Last time I almost hit the fence.

Emmenthaler: Drive him to the house, fucking cunt.

Will you pay for the bodywork if I hit anything?


(music playing)

(door creaking open)

Hi. Sirius is here.


Hi, Sirius. And I’m sorry.

No need to apologize. It is a difficult time for you both.

Yup. Okay, good.

There’s a clear correlation between your job and how you handle life crises. A yoga instructor will meditate their way out of the problems. An athlete will implement a competitive element in a conflict solution model, and so on. And violence is part of your work and everyday life, after all.

It’s part of you, Dad, and probably has been so for so long, that it has become the only solution strategy you know. Do you understand what we’re trying to say?

I think so.

What if you’re a baker? How does a baker solve conflicts?

Naturally, the model doesn’t apply to all occupations.

Oh, it’s that sort of model. What else did you guys do today?

You need to get some help, Dad.

Have you talked to anyone?

(clicks tongue) Sure.

Mathilde: Who?

(sighs) You. We talk.

Sirius meant a professional. And, no, we don’t.

Well, I think we do.

My mom is a psychologist and available if you’re…

Stop it, Mathilde. (sighs) What do you want me to do?

You need help, Dad. Please let those crisis psychologists come. It would be good for both of us.

I can’t do that, sweetie. Not right now. I can’t deal with it.


(door opens)

(door slams shut)

Today, the verdict was passed in the case of the Kaalund Street killings. Two members of the Riders of Justice were sentenced to 16 years in prison, while the president, Kurt “Tandem” Olesen, seen here leaving the court with his right hand, Kenneth “Turbot” Jensen, was acquitted on all charges.

Naturally, we are disappointed, but without the Eagle’s testimony, we practically had nothing. It couldn’t be more unfortunate.

Reporter: Kurt, a quick comment?

Kurt: Today is a great day for my brothers and me and for justice in general.

Reporter: But is there much cause for celebrating, considering your brother’s death?

My brother would have wanted us to celebrate that justice has prevailed. So we will.

(indistinct TV chatter)

Markus: (exhales) Thank you all for coming.

Why are we here?

I want you to find everything you can on the Riders of Justice. How many members, what crimes they’ve been convicted and suspected of, names, addresses, family relations, where they hang out and so on. Can it be done without anybody being able to trace it?

(chuckles, laughs)

(chuckles, laughs)

We get that it’s super easy for you.

It’s super easy for me.

What do you want all that for?

I want to avenge my wife.

You want to kill them?

I’m in!

No. Just get me close to them. I’ll do the rest.

We want to do it all. We’ve discussed something similar.

It’s a great idea. I’d like to help.

Emmenthaler: Me too!

We haven’t talked about murder.

No, but you wanted to drain their accounts and sign them up to lots of memberships.

There’s a pretty big leap from that to murder.

My point is we’ve discussed revenge. If you consider the deal we’re entering, Markus will be handling the very illegal part of it.

Otto, it’s a biker gang. We’re not bombing a kindergarten. We’re in.

Look, we’ll gather the information, but we won’t kill anyone.

I knew it! You’re such a poor leader.

That’s how we’ll do it, then. You get the info, and I’ll handle the rest.

Call me if you need to, okay?


See you.


Hi, sweetie. Home so soon?

It’s Wednesday. School finishes at two. What’s going on?

That guy was on the train. Him and Mom talked.

That’s right, so that’s Otto. Yes, he was on the train.

What’s going on, Dad?

Well, he…

(Markus stutters)

(clears throat) I’ll tell you. We’ve set up a confrontation between your father and Otto. Otto feels guilty about giving your mother his seat on the train.

It has proven very beneficial.

Very, very beneficial.

Yeah, that’s what we’re doing, Mathilde.

Oh, Dad, thank you. I was so hoping you’d let them come. I also want to talk to them.

Right… to who?

The crisis psychologists. You are psychologists, right?

Sure. That’s exactly right.

Are you a child or an adult psychologist?

Adult. Dr. M.D., Ph.D. Lennart Horsens… Horsenstownfarm.

Hi. And my colleague, child psychologist, Ulf Emmenthaler.

Ulf Emmenthaler. Crisis child psychologist.

Hi. I’m somewhere in between. What would you advise me to do?

From a therapeutic standpoint, you’re an adult. You should talk to me.

Or maybe you should wait.

No, that’s why we’re here. It’s good to break down the initial barriers right away. Come with me, Mathilde.

Lennart’s brilliant. He’s seen more than 25 different psychologists in 40 years. He’s in personal contact with pretty much every diagnosis.

The other day, Sirius and I saw a dog get run over. It bled and wailed.

Now you’re afraid of getting run over.

No… It’s just that I didn’t feel sorry for the dog, I didn’t feel anything.

Perhaps it’s because you’ve just lost your mother…

I don’t buy that because my mom died and I’m grieving, I don’t have the emotional capacity to feel for others.

That’s not what I was going to say. I was going to say something completely different, but it doesn’t matter now.

I’m afraid I’m like my dad. I’m sad every morning, don’t care about anything. I don’t want to do anything.

Well, of course you resemble your dad. You have his genes.

And if I have kids, they’ll have those genes, and won’t give a damn about anyone else and be cold and violent.

You can’t say that for sure.

Statistically, they will.

(chuckles) Statistically, you could drown in a puddle. But you’re not afraid of that.

Only good thing is after all this crap, it’s unlikely more is going to happen.

That’s not how statistics work. A lot of awful things can still happen in your life. They probably will. But there will also be good things. That’s what we should focus on now. Do you remember the first time you saw something truly horrific? Like on TV?

Yes. We once saw footage from Auschwitz in school. There were dead bodies in piles.

Oh, yes. Did that make you sad?

Yes. Or more scared at least. But then I wasn’t that big back then. Or, you know, I was big… but I wasn’t that old, I mean.


I wouldn’t be too worried. If there’s one thing I learned back in Horsens, it’s that people tend to stop reacting emotionally when faced with repetition. We don’t laugh at the same joke for the third time. At some point, we stop crying when we’re abused again and again and again, by your dad and uncles… out in a barn, for instance. My point is that emotions arise when we are surprised or stimulated. And there’s death and mutilation every day on YouTube and TV, which is why you don’t feel anything.

You really think it’s just that?

Absolutely. You’re not dead inside.


But you’re chubby.


You’re a chubby little salami.

(music playing)

Does he speak Danish? Do you speak Danish? What did you tell the police?

Nothing. I see nothing, hear nothing. I’m like a little potato.


See this? Maybe it’ll jog your memory. Do you remember your name?

Bodashka Lytvynenko.

Yeah, that’s not gonna work. You’re Jens Ole. It’s easier for us to remember. Much easier for everyone.

Thank you. Thank you for new name.

You’re welcome. If you don’t start remembering, I’ll break your little faggot fingers. The last thing you’ll hear is this one saying bang!


I only saw one man. He was dressed well, handsome man. Looks like the guitarist from the rock band Queen. But then I hear them shouting one name. One name. Anal thaler. Anal thaler?

No, no. Anal thaler. Like cheese sandwich. They yelled it many times.


Or Emmentaler.


(computers beeping)

(garage door opens)

That’s it. (pants) Want a hand with the wires?

No, I’ll connect them myself. Step away from the wires! Step away! Step away.


But if anything can get my blood boiling, it’s monitors with bad resolution. Look at Lennart’s shitty resolution. My eyes are going to hurt. You’re still very close to the wires, please step away. Step away from the wires!

Mathilde: (chuckling)

Okay, one more. A big sip.

Mathilde: (coughs)

One more.


You can do better.

Mathilde: (chuckling)

What are you doing?

Drinking Coke upside down. Impossible!

Lennart, Otto, come with me.

Not during a session. And now ice cream. Knock yourself out. Eat loads of ice cream.

Mathilde, don’t eat that junk.

Don’t listen to him. Eat. Eat!

Markus: Outside, now.

You’re not at work. Don’t bark orders.

Lennart knows what he’s doing.

Spit out that junk.

Now is the time to stand your ground. Go on!

(clears throat) Dad… I’m not afraid of being fat. And I’m done trying to look like a… starved sled dog just because you’re afraid of having an overweight daughter.

Sirius: Classic cognitive therapy. Lennart does not use gradual exposure but flooding. Mathilde faces her demons. Like putting a patient with vertigo on a skyscraper.

Emmenthaler: Do you work on a Core i9?

I most certainly do.

Piss moron! How can I track anything on such a small cunt processor? Someone has to go get my servers and my monitors right now. Or I’ll never get started on this fucking piss shit. Tiny shitty fuck computer.

I won’t listen to that arrogant diva! How dare you, you fat pig? As if your equipment is so superior! I’m not hauling that trailer around!

Emmenthaler: Pussy monitors! (pants)

What’s going on, Dad?

It’s MBT, isn’t it?

Well spotted, Sirius. MBT is just what it is.

What’s MBT?

We’ll get to that later. We have to get some stuff at Emmenthaler’s place.


Mentalization based therapy.

You do role play and simulations to provoke an emotional response.

That’s a simplified explanation…


Now listen up!

(indistinct chatter)

Something’s completely off.

(indistinct chatter)

It works. Look. Your dad’s interacting. Never mind the method. It’s the results that matter.

He’s acting weirder than ever before. What are they doing with that computer in the barn?

Don’t say another word to her or do anything else. Is that clear?

She’s afraid of gaining weight because you’re constantly on her case.

We’re just helping her.

She doesn’t need help.

I’ve had over 4,000 hours of therapy, so I think I know more about it than you.

Do you feel like those 4,000 hours have helped?

Says the man who snaps people’s necks but is afraid of a bit of Coca Cola and ice cream. You need help, Markus. And there’s nothing embarrassing about that. What’s important now is that you too start working on yourself. Why can’t she believe in God?


She’s trying to make sense of it all. She misses her mother.

I said stop.

Lennart: Maybe, but that’s not how it works. Once you agree to active therapy, you can’t just stop when it hurts.

I’m going to beat the living daylights out of you both if you don’t stop now. (sighs) Not another word.

No, let me tell you an educational…


(pants, grunts)

Lennart: (groans)


No! I’m sorry.

What are you doing?

No, no, no!

Hey, don’t do that.

Please don’t.

Stop that!

I’ll be good, I promise. No, no, no! Don’t do it. No. (whimpers) Sorry! Sorry!

(whimpers, sobs)

For fuck’s sake.




(crow cawing)


We don’t have to talk about it.

I’m not from Horsens.

Markus: Stop talking. I don’t want to hear it.

Lennart: I’ve always lied about it. I’m from Randers.

Is that them?

Let me see… It might be this one.


Look at them. Is that them?

Yes, that’s him.

Get down!

(gunshots ringing)






Man: (groaning)


Man: (screams)

No! Don’t kill him! Don’t kill him.

Markus: He’s seen us.

We’ll take him with us.

Are you going to kill me?

Nobody’s killing anyone here. Relax. What’s your name?

Bodashka Lytvynenko. Many call me Jens Ole… and you can, too, as much as you like.

Lennart: No, why would we? We’ll call you… that thing you said first.

Do you have a cell phone?

If they know who I am, I can’t go back home.

You’ll have to stay here for now.

Shouldn’t we all stay here tonight?


We also need to get some weapons so we can defend ourselves.

Can you do the job with Lennart’s gear?

(pants) Yes. But it won’t be pleasurable with those monitors. It’s madness to not give us weapons now and teach us how to shoot.

No weapons!

So I have to destroy my eyes in a freezing fucking barn, trying to find a huge amount of data on a tiny crap computer. If I can’t get my own piece of revenge, I’m not sure I want to be part of it. All of this screams revenge. (exhales) I’m not lifting a finger if I don’t get weapons training right here and now.

Okay… get the equipment up and running, then I’ll train you. Find everything you can on all the gang members, and focus on Kurt.

Okay. Let’s just shoot some birds for starters.

Or a fox. Can’t we just shoot one fox each and that’s it?

Yes. Just get to work.

What about Bodashka?

(music playing through earphones)

My mom paid our au pair extra, because she thought the wage was way too low. But that depends on how much Bodashka will be working here.

Just the usual, I guess. Thirty-seven hours, right, Markus?

Thirty hours per week is the maximum for au pairs.

Thirty-seven hours is very fine for me.

How much did you work at the last place?

It was different. Ten to twelve hours every day.

People are assholes. And how much did they pay you?

Well… I earned about 12,000 euros per month… but I only kept 250.

We’ll say 30 hours, and if it ends up being more, we’ll pay extra.

Won’t you stay, Dad?

Lennart: Let him go, Mathilde. It’s important that he’s allowed to withdraw.

(door creaking open)

(door slams shut)

Do you play chess, Mathilde?

No. But we can play Star of Africa. We’ve played that a lot.

I had colleague who was called Star of Africa. He was strangled New Year’s Eve by a regular client.

(indistinct chatter)

(computers beeping)




Do you want to fuck me in my ass before you go to sleep? So you can sleep well?

No. No, thank you. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. Thanks, but no thanks.

Okay. Good night.

Good night.

Lennart? Thank you for saving me. And thank you for not fucking me in my ass.

Don’t mention it. (inhales) Sleep tight, buddy.

Emmenthaler: (exhales, clicks tongue)

Good night, Emmenthaler.

Good night, Otto. (exhales)

(birds chirping)

Hi. Where’s my dad?

He’s at morning therapy.

In the barn?


Well, tell him I said hi and have a nice day.

You’re missing a button here. I’ll sew it tonight. Wait.

There. You’re very, very beautiful. Don’t forget lunch.


Have a nice school day.

Thanks, bye.

Emmenthaler: Kurt “Tandem” Olesen. Death sentence.

Kenneth “Turbot” Jensen. Death sentence.

Noah “Monkey” Frandsen. Death sentence.

Wouldn’t it be easier to name the ones not sentenced to death?

(computer beeping)

Anker Trier, Tim “Thrasher” Petersen and Vitus “Porky” Clausen are off the hook. They all have small children.

Aren’t we being too harsh? That’s 22 killings.

They tried to kill us. They know who we are and won’t stop unless we kill them. So now we’re doing it like we agreed on.

The moment they realize they’re under attack, it’ll be harder to get to Kurt.

It already is. He’s never alone, he’s always got ten men around him.

Lennart: (clears throat) How about killing one of them and making it look like an accident, and then whack the rest at the funeral?

There’ll be women and children at a funeral. We can’t do that.

What about their clubhouse?



Even though the resolution on these monitors is really poor, you can make out how the clubhouse is under constant surveillance by the police and Danish intelligence. It’s impossible. But I know where they are 24/7 and I’m tracking their cell phones and emails.

We’ll wait for a chance to get Kurt when there’s only five or six men around him.

If it’s bigger than that, we can help out. Especially after the extensive weapons training we were promised.

Markus: The M10 is an old model. It is made up of a lower receiver, buffer and spring, upper receiver and barrel, optical sight, bolt carrier, firing pin, cocking handle and magazine. Start by putting the buffer into the spring.

I can’t get it in.

It’s not as easy for you.

Put the spring into the lower receiver.


You were drafted?

I wasn’t. Look at me.

How did you do that so fast?

Well, it’s got so few components. It was kind of self-explanatory.

That’s insane. Can you do it again?

I just like assembling things.

Done! Second place. I don’t get this. When exactly will we need to assemble a rifle?

Our lives could possibly depend on it. But it’s really nice. What’s it called?

It’s called fuck you, Emmenthaler. If I wanted to assemble stuff, I’d have gone to IKEA.

(guns reloading)

My police source says the Ukrainian fag’s phone was found at exit 51.

We should just focus our energy around exit 51.


Find the Ukrainian and we find them.

Ulf Emmenthaler has two buddies. They were all fired two weeks ago. Lennart Gerner Nielsen and this guy, Otto Hoffmann. Otto Hoffmann has a retard arm. (sniffs) Don’t you think they’ll be a bit easier to find than sitting near exit 51 waiting for a Ukrainian fag to drive by, huh, Kenneth?


Then find that retard arm for me.

Man: Uh-uh.

Man 2: Huh.

Sirius: Check this out.

This is just like pizza and then again not quite.

Is that too much?

Still too much.

The queen is the strongest, right?

Numerically, yes. But strategically, it’s the pawn. But it differs from game to game, all pieces can prove to be the strongest. Chess is the only game in the world where chance and luck aren’t a factor. There are no dice, no jokers or hidden elements. Everything is right in front of us and it is purely your own actions that determine the result.

Here are some snacks for you.

Will you take a photo of us?

Sure. Go sit on the sofa.


Can I make a video?

Like this?

We’re rolling.

Let me just put this guy…

Is that…

It’s fine.

It looks like Noller and a group of seven members

are meeting tonight at a restaurant, Antorini.

It’s near the docks.

(computer beeping)

The Turbot confirms that Kurt will be there at seven p.m.

Noller’s treat.

There’s gonna be 12 of them.

Can you handle that many? Otherwise, I can come with you.

Lennart and Otto also hit quite a lot out in the forest.

(indistinct chatter)

We could get them when they leave the restaurant.

Capture them in crossfire here and there.

We won’t get a better chance, Markus.

(indistinct chatter)

You’re coming with me.


Neutrons are slightly heavier than protons.

Had it been the other way around,

atoms wouldn’t have existed.

And without atoms, no life, no nothing.

Let’s go, Lennart.

Right… where are we going?

I’ll explain in the car.

Can’t it wait? Mathilde baked a cake.

Emmenthaler, now!

Evening therapy session for all.

Come along. You owe it to the team!

Dad, you can’t grab him like that.

What the hell are you doing?

Why must you always…

Shut up, Mathilde! Stay out of it! Let’s go!

Otto: Markus, you can’t speak to your daughter like that.

What’s this?

Weapons? What are you up to?

Markus will explain in the car.

Lennart, hurry up!

What do we need weapons for? Isn’t it too dark to shoot now?

We’re not shooting anything.

We’re doing a crossfire. Be quiet.

This is crazy.

Killing more people will only get you shot or jailed.

Don’t you give a damn about Mathilde?

Shut the fuck up.

Otto, I wouldn’t go there…

It won’t bring your wife back.

I’ll stop the car and break your nose.

Let’s get this over with as a team.

So we can go home and eat banana cake.


All I’m saying is she’s dead…

Won’t we lack crossfire now?

What the hell is his problem?

He’s got plenty.

Right now it’s probably that he’s lying unconscious

in a bike lane.

His own daughter died in a car crash

so he can be a bit touchy when it comes

to father-daughter relationships.

Don’t feel bad, it was years ago.

He drove into a tree.

That’s also how he got the limp arm.

It was January 12, 2002.

He had a BAC of 0.092

and had his driver’s license suspended.

Got a fine of 7,200 dollars.

You also hack your friends’ files?

No, no.

Otto told us.

He mentioned it a few times anyway.

And then we just read up on the details.

He has a picture out in his home of his wife and daughter.

You’re basically asking for it,

flashing your private life like that.

(street traffic)

(bell tolling)


(indistinct chatter)

Markus: (inhales)

Get ready.

No, Lennart, you’re staying here.

Lennart isn’t coming?

Who are those biker girls?

I don’t believe it! I thought you said they’d be alone.

That’s what they wrote.

Someone must have brought ladies.

Let’s get back…

Hang on.

…to the banana cake.

(indistinct chatter)

You stay here.

Where’s he going?


(all laughs, chuckle)

Man: (groaning)

Man: (groaning, grunting)

What the fuck are you doing, man?

Man: (groaning) Fuck, man!

(seagulls chirping)


(sighs) I’m sorry.

(sobs) I’m sorry.

I couldn’t. I’m not good at that stuff.

You’re good at it. I’m not.

It’s okay.

(sobs) No, it’s not.

They’re dead now. He’s dead.

It isn’t easy killing another man.

Especially not the first time.

No, no, no. I can’t…

I don’t want to be part of it anymore, never again.

You won’t have to.

But try to focus on why we’re doing it.

Why are we doing it exactly?

What if the guy lying there

didn’t have anything to do with…

Shut up! He did! They all did.

Think of what they’ve done.

Think of all the lives they’ve destroyed.

Oh, dear God. (sobs)

Should I… Emmenthaler? Should I turn on the radio?

Would you like that? Listen to some quiet radio?



(music playing on radio)




(music playing)

(indistinct chatter)


Not now, honey. We’re working.

It’s just because you mentioned

that Otto guy with the retard arm.

Otto: Like this?



Who’s Sirius Zen?

Just some fag I’m following.

Don’t know him. He makes good recipes.

Good morning.

Good morning, sweetie.

Good morning.

What happened to you, Otto?

Did you do that?

You’re sick.

It’s fucking you who should be dead and not Mom!

(door opens)

(door slams shut)

Hi. I just came to say your dad didn’t do it. I fell.

Don’t lie.

You really suck at it.

You all do.

Don’t be angry with your dad.

Perhaps he doesn’t always do the right thing,

but he’s trying.

He really sucks at trying then.

That’s fair. But he’s not well.

No, I know.

Are those the events leading up to the accident?

And it began with your bicycle being stolen?

Yes, because if my bike hadn’t been stolen…

it never would’ve happened.

My mom wouldn’t have had to drive me,

and then it wouldn’t have mattered

that the car couldn’t start,

and we wouldn’t have gone by train.

How does your dad calling affect it all?

He said he wasn’t coming home.

My mom got so disappointed that she suggested a skip day

and that we go to the city.

You do know that each of these incidents

has its own individual course of events?

What do you mean?

I was fired, for example.

So I took an earlier train than usual.

But you must go all the way back

to when I learned to offer my seat to a woman.

Track down the man who taught me that.

And he has his own course of events.

All your incidents will have their own threads

intertwining with other events

and other people’s lives, not into infinity

but in a very big equation.

Not even the most powerful computers

in the world would currently be able

to process all your data,

and even though you’re a bright girl

your human brain will never process

just a fraction of that amount of data

and you will therefore never be able to draw

a useful conclusion.

It’ll never, ever make sense.

It’s a waste of time.

I know.

I’ve gone over it all a million times

to uncover some reason.

But there isn’t any.

Yes, that’s just it. There’s a centillion reasons.

But they won’t help you.

I sometimes dream about finding the guy

who stole my bicycle.

I see him riding off on my bike, and then I run after him…

and catch him.

But I also realize that it isn’t his fault.

It’s nobody’s fault.

It’s just easier when there’s someone you can…

(inhales) …get mad at.


My mother had seven children, but the youngest were hungry

and thin like matchstick. We freeze when winter comes.

So my mother sells a child.

Then Palle took me to Germany.

He rented me out…

I am like city bike…

that everyone can come and ride on.

But then we go home on vacation and I meet you.

We came home just three days

before you kill him dead and save me.

That can’t be right.

Palle was on the train the week before.

No, no train. We fly home.

But not three days before?

You must’ve been home from Germany before that?

No… we landed Monday and you all kill him Thursday.

I just have to check something.

Did I say something wrong?

(computers beeping)

Oh no.

No, no, no!

Oh no!

(mosque prayers calling)

I’m home.

My beautiful children. (kisses)

The country is beautiful and green and flat like a fetir.

But the food was the biggest disappointment.

Dad had the worst sandwich ever.

Worse than Grandma’s?

The tuna was old and wet…

the bread was dry like desert sand…

and I got a juice that tasted like camel droppings.

I had to throw it all into the trash

and get McDonald’s.

Lennart: It was only off

by three point twenty-eight percent.

It’s improbable anyone would look that much

like Kurt Olesen’s brother.

I told you.

The biometric threshold hadn’t been met.

You just wanted it to be true.

No, I didn’t.

He was a trained electrical engineer

specializing in train components.

Statistically, it’s nearly impossible.

But it was just a coincidence.

You invented it, Otto.

Lennart: You said you recognized him from the train.

Otto: I thought I did.

I must have been too fixated on…

So it was just an accident.

Lennart: I’m sorry, Markus.

(clears throat) Who was it, then?

Lennart: What?


If it wasn’t him, who is it then?

(pants) Who is it?

(whimpers) You told me it wasn’t an accident.


But it is him.

(sobs) It is him.

It is him.

Markus… Markus…

It is…






Markus (screaming)




Otto: Markus.

Breathe. Nice and easy.


What’s going on? What’s going on?

Nice and easy, that’s it.

I’m scared.


What’s that?

I’m scared.

I understand.

(sniffles, groans)

I understand very well.

Look me in the eyes.


She’s dead. She’s gone. (sobs)

Yes, she’s dead.


Breathe now. Come here.

Come here. There…


There is old Ukrainian legend about coincidences.

It is about Liubava Vasilkovna from Vitebsk…

a beautiful princess

who was hunting bear the morning

after the first full moon of the spring.

A huge bear attacks her and bites her finger off

with her beloved diamond ring on it.

Very sad for her.

But then exactly ten years later

the morning after the first full moon of the spring

in the same dense forest, in the same place

she goes hunting again.

And now she shoots a big, old bear.

And when they open the bear’s stomach,

there was no ring inside.




Now it’ll be really exciting to see if the water

starts boiling soon.

Why did you come here, Otto?

Because the police wouldn’t help.

Or I think I came because we traded seats.

Because I was the one who should have died.

Then I saw Mathilde at the hospital…

and she looked so helpless.

Lennart and Emmenthaler, they just tagged along?

They don’t have many friends.

I sometimes think people with problems band together.

Just like fat people…

so they look less fat when they’re all together.

It makes it easier to live with.

You also have some things you need to learn to live with.

I didn’t know I’ve got things I need to learn to live with.

Otto: You have to learn to live with the death of your wife.


You need to get proper help.

Nothing helps.

Nothing matters anymore.

Yes, but…

You have Mathilde.

And we never should’ve had her.

Before she came, at least I still believed that

once we had kids, everything would make sense.

Otto: You have a responsibility toward your daughter.


You were so fucking responsible around your daughter.

(sniffles) No.

I wasn’t.

Because I was an idiot.

I only thought about myself.

But not a day goes by that I don’t wish…

(inhales) …that I could get just one more chance…


…to find her hairbrush for her or…

discuss if she could have a dog.

Or get fed up with her for leaving the milk out.


(Otto sniffling)

(Otto exhaling)

I haven’t got anything to be proud of.

But you do.

I look at you and Mathilde and I wish I was you.

Maybe nothing matters anymore,

but nothing does if you haven’t got a relationship with it.

You don’t know Mathilde.

That’s why you don’t understand her.

You’ll just have to accept that it takes time

before it makes sense.

It takes time.

But you have time.

So use it.

(sniffles, sighs)

I’m sorry if I got angry and raised my voice.

It’s okay.

And I’m sorry about… the nose thing.

(dog barking in distance)

(music playing over earphones)


Kurt: Sirius.

Is that you?



Mathilde: No, that means call you later.

Kurt: Give me your hand.


Listen up. I’m gonna break one of your fingers now

and then you’ll tell me…

where you took this video of Otto Hoffmann.

Where, when…

I’ll tell you!

Don’t break my finger.

It’s two now because you interrupted me.

Please don’t. What do you want to know?

Now it’s three, because you’re a snitch.


(bone cracks)

And you just made it four, because you’re a crybaby.

It’s just a finger.

(bone cracking)

That’s very much to the point.

It’s a really good paper, Mathilde.

You could perhaps soften it a bit.


Run to your room and hide under your bed.

No matter what, just stay there. Okay?

(Mathilde whimpering)

Roll over!


Markus: Is anyone hit?

I got hit in the foot.

My shoulder. My side.

I am unhit.

I’m unhit, too.

Emmenthaler, get down.

Emmenthaler: I managed to dodge the bullet.

Pretty amazing actually.


Lennart, I need help. Come here.

(Lennart grunts)

The bag with the M10s is at the foot of the stairs.

You’re faster than me, go.


Do you see it?

Why did you take them all apart?

Never mind, throw them to me.

(gunshots firing)



Hi there.




Kurt: Soldier boy!

Come out into the light.

Soldier boy, come out into the light.

Come out into the light

or I’ll fucking blow her head off.

On your knees and lose that shit.

And the one in your panties.

Let’s take out the old fart.


(men screaming)


(gunshots firing)

(Kurt grunting)

This really sucks.

What the hell did we ever do to you?




Markus: Don’t be scared, sweetie.

Everything will be okay. There…

Bodashka: I’ll call an ambulance.

Markus: Don’t be scared.

(Mathilde whimpering)


Mathilde: Does it hurt?


I’m just really cold.


Mathilde: They’re coming now, Dad. They’re coming.

(Mathilde crying)


I should have listened to you.

I think I need help.

(Mathilde whining)

I’m sorry.

Mathilde: Dad…

They’re coming any minute now. Just keep talking.

I’m sorry.

(Mathilde crying)


Otto: What is this?

Chess. Thanks a lot, Mathilde.

You’re welcome.

Otto: I really like it.

It’s Otto’s turn to choose a present.

Let’s see what we’ve got here. This one. Oh boy.

To Emmenthaler from Markus and Mathilde.


What the hell is that?

It’s a French horn.

Can you do magic on that, Emmenthaler?

I don’t think so.

What do you want me to play?

Who gives a fuck? Just any old song.

But what?

Just play something random.

(plays French horn)

I’ll be damned if I’m listening to that on Christmas Eve!

Easy now. Breathe.

(Emmenthaler exhaling)

You’re in uniform in the Tivoli Gardens.

We’re on the lawn.


There. I know you can do it.

(indistinct chatter)



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