Resident Evil: Death Island (2023) | Transcript

D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers, when a mysterious woman thwarts his pursuit.
Resident Evil: Death Island (2023)

D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy is on a mission to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers, when a mysterious woman thwarts his pursuit. Meanwhile, B.S.A.A. agent Chris Redfield is investigating a zombie outbreak in San Francisco, where the cause of the infection cannot be identified. The only thing the victims have in common is that they all visited Alcatraz Island recently. Following that clue, Chris and his team head to the island, where a new horror awaits them.

* * *

Unit 6, come in. What’s your ETA?

Be there in five. Crossing the bridge now.

When you arrive, drop the team off and stand by for orders.

Roger that.

Why do you think they made us gear up like this?

Whatever it is, it’s serious enough to call us off-duty guys in.

Shit, Dylan, we could be in San Fran right now, eating crab and drinking beer.

Frisco isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, JJ.

Let’s just get through this.

We’re almost at Raccoon City, so listen up.

The city’s on lockdown.

Orders are to assist evacuation of Umbrella Corp execs and government officials only.

No civilians.

Repeat. No civilians.

What if they try to get past us?

You’re cleared to shoot to kill.


I want a line in front of the truck.

Double time. Move. Move.

This is a warning to all civilians.

Return to your homes and shelter there.

Repeat, return to your homes.

What the hell is going on?

That’s what I wanna know.

Heads up.

An Umbrella exec is coming through.

Close ranks and stay sharp.

They’re rioting! Safeties off. Fire on my orders.

Goddamn, this hurts!

They fucked chief up!

What’s wrong with those people?

Tore his body wide open.

They got rabies or something.

They took his body and… Motherfuckers!

I’ve stopped the bleeding.

Just hang tight, okay? We’re calling for evac.

Carl. Carl.


Copy that.

We managed to get our wounded to safety.

We need evac or they’re…

They’re infected.

Sorry, i-infected?

Affirmative. Quarantine them and wait for orders.

Y-you want us to do what?

What are you doing?

You can’t lock them in there.

We need to get them to a hospital. Now.

HQ says we have to quarantine them and stand by.


Unit 6, come in.

Anyone in Raccoon City who’s infected must be shot on sight. No exceptions.

Not even our people.

You want us to kill our team?

Terminate with extreme prejudice.

Then we’ll send evac. Over.

No, man. No.

We gotta do this. Are you fucking crazy?

That’s our team. You can’t kill them.

If we don’t, there’s no evac.

This has to be a mistake.

They just need a doctor or something!

They need help!

Don’t do this! You’ll regret it!

I’ll regret it more if they get loose!

Stop it!

So, what’s the deal with this Dr. Antonio Taylor guy?

He’s wanted for espionage and aiding enemy states.

San Francisco PD sent SWAT to his last location, but they were attacked by an unknown group with a lot of firepower.

Whoever these people are, they have Taylor now.

That can’t be good.

That’s an understatement.

He was involved in top-secret research for our military.

And now foreign agents are after him too.

We need him in custody ASAP. Like, yesterday ASAP.

You love to rush me, don’t you?

We know the route the van took.

If our calculations are correct,

it should pass you in a minute.

They’re early.

Oh, shit.

I loved that bike.

Smells rancid.

Look at that!

Excuse me.

Hey there. Are you from the city?

Yeah. Who are you?

Claire Redfield from TerraSave.

I’m William Gunnar. Fish and Wildlife.

Thanks for coming down.

There was a TerraSave tracker on this thing, so we figured you had an interest in it.

Uh… Is your group, like, an environmental protection agency or something?

Actually, we’re an NGO supporting the victims of bioterrorism.



Well, whatever.

At least someone’s here to help deal with this mess.

This bite is huge.

Was it a shark?

No. They don’t mess with orcas.

Besides, the bite radius is so big.

There’s no shark alive that could have done this.

Jill, come in.

Go for Jill.

Based on first reports, this looks like a bioweapon situation.

Cordon off the street and wait for backup.

Too late. I’m inside.

Checking for survivors. Don’t go rushing in.

Wait for backup. That’s an…


Room clear. Restack!


Stand down.

She’s with me.

Why’d you go in alone? I’m not waiting for backup when there’s a chance someone’s in danger.

Right, but…

Hi, Rebecca. Hey, Chris.

Where’s Jill?

I’m having her write up the report about last night.

Ah. I get it. Punishment.

Don’t even go there.

Anyway, the city now has 12 cases like the one last night.

Did your tests turn anything up?

Well, they were all infected with an improved version of the T-Virus, and they all have needle marks.

No bites?


None of them were bitten, only their victims.

And their victims didn’t turn. They died from their wounds.

From what I can tell so far,

this virus isn’t spread via airborne particles or saliva.

It’s something new, then.

We have to stop whoever’s behind this.


Jill wasn’t bitten, was she?


Just being reckless, as usual.

Why are you so hung up on that?

You think you’re the only one allowed to risk your life to save others?


After all she’s been through, she’s finally back in the field.

If she’s being reckless, like you say, it’s probably because she’s trying to make up for what happened to her.

You mean, how Wesker brainwashed her and made her come after us?

No one’s blaming Jill for that.

No one.

Except Jill.

What’s up?

I want you off this case.

You need some time off.

You’re joking.

It’s good you’re back.

I just don’t want you to push yourself too hard.

You’ve been through a lot.

When I was being mind-controlled by Wesker, all I wanted was to kill you.

All of you.

I was conscious, but I couldn’t stop myself.

It was like living in a nightmare.

Sometimes… the nightmare sticks with you.

And if you’re not careful, it’ll swallow you up.

I’m fine now.

Don’t worry about me.

There was this guy named Piers.

I wanted him to take over after me.

I trusted him, and he trusted me.

He fought alongside me, then… he died to save me.

We have to be ready to die in the line of duty.

It’s part of the job.

But rushing in like you did last night, you’re not just risking your life.

Honestly, I probably would’ve done the same as you.

That’s why our job is hard.

We have to consider stuff like that. Always.

We’ve been in this fight for so long, we’re getting numb to it.

So we have to be even more careful now.

Because if we’re not, that numbness… will burn right down to our souls.

Innocent people are being poisoned and used as weapons.

Whoever’s doing that has no soul.

And if we wanna stop them, we can’t afford to think about being numb, or souls, or any of that shit.

At least I can’t.


Come on, Jill. Don’t…

Well… you’ve done it.

We have a prototype now.

We can move straight to the mass-production phase.

Nice work… Dr. Taylor.



Fate has decided you’ll die some other way.

Hey, Jill. Chris.

Hi, Claire. Thanks.

What’s shaking at the B.S.A.A. these days?

Same old thing.

Bioterrorists sure are stubborn.

How are things at TerraSave?

Oh, you know. Same.

I’m dealing with my own set of stubborn bad guys.

Well, neither are as stubborn as you two.

This area around the Farallon Islands is a giant national marine sanctuary.

Some whales we were tracking have been disappearing.

There, off Alcatraz.

Oh… Lost whales aren’t really the B.S.A.A.’s thing.

So why’d you call us?

I checked the DNA we got from a bite wound on an orca carcass that washed up.

It had a strain of T-Virus in it.

It’s similar to the virus we found in the infected that have been turning up in the city.

You’re kidding.

And get this.

The police couldn’t find a connection between the folks that were infected.

But I dug a little deeper and found they all had one thing in common.

No way.

They all visited Alcatraz recently.

a modern marvel of engineering.

If it’s on your list of things to see while visiting San Francisco, you can check it off right now.

And straight ahead, folks, there it is, Alcatraz.

Rebecca, we’re almost there.


Hey, this virus is similar to the other versions we already have vaccines for.

Yeah, I think I can slap together a vax for this one too.

That’s the best news I’ve heard in a while.

Get to it.

I’ll call you if we find anything.

When the National Park Service got involved, they opened up the island, so that the public could enjoy not only its rich history…

That’s where I come in.

But also the bird, marine and animal life that has flourished here over the years. Alcatraz has…

I guess he realized his days were numbered.

Oh, well. He won’t get far.


There is a torture device called the bull of Phalaris.

It was a bull made of bronze.

You put a person inside, light a fire under it, then sit back as the bull heats up and slowly burns the person inside alive.

So elegant.

You know, the man who made the bull died in it.

That’s some debut.

Now that our esteemed guests have arrived… it’s time we debuted our creation.

I gotta say, uh, this bed sucks!

Hey, it’s your boy Zach here.

And today, I’m checking out Alcatraz!

Help me!

First things first, hit that subscribe button…

We won’t find anything if we stick with these tourists.


I’ll go and check the shoreline.

You and Chris can scope out the places they don’t take the tourists.

Everyone keep your comms open.

But if the shit hits the fan, call Rebecca.

She’ll send backup.

What is that?

Oh, my God.

What is that?

Get back! Stay away from it!

He just shot him!

We gotta go. Let’s go.

Hey, let’s go. Come on.

Come on. Everybody, let’s go.

The hell was that?

Are they dead?

Holy shit!

Yo, yo, yo. Pan over there.

Some dude shot some other dude. You see that?

What the…?

Oh, shit.

No, no, no. No! No!

Are you okay? Did it bite you?

No. I’m okay.

Get inside!

Drag that desk over here! We need to make a barricade!

Got it! Okay.

Keep it against the door!

Watch out! Up there!

Oh, shit!

How the hell…?

No, they’re coming in!

Goddamn it!

Get back!

What the fuck is wrong with them?

Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

No, no, no.

Did good and evil exist… when dinosaurs were killing each other?

Is there even such a thing as evil… in a food chain?

Of course not.

Such concepts were unnecessary back then.

Isn’t that right…


Stop it!


Come in, HQ.

Two survivors.

One’s bit and he’s bleeding bad.

We need evac.


Orders are to terminate anyone bitten.

No exceptions.

Help me. Please.

Jill, come in.

I can’t get through.


Comms are down too.

They’re jamming us.

We have to find Jill.

Hold on. There could be more of these in here.

Tons more.

She’s alone. I can’t leave her behind.

Wait. Don’t shoot.


Well, what do you know? Jill Valentine.

How’s it going?

So, uh, Jill, what are those things doing here?

They were tourists.

That’s one fucked-up tour.

You got a gun?

Nope. Lost it.

Here. Thanks.



Let’s go.

How many of these are there?

I ain’t stopping to count.




You wanted to know how many there were.


Anybody here?

What’s going on? Are you guys security?


I’m with the B.S.A.A.

My name’s Chris Redfield. Who are you?

Well, I’m Tony. Tony Davis.

I’m Claire with TerraSave.

TerraSave? Oh, great.

Is there a problem?

Not unless you’re recruiting for your cult.

I heard what happened in Harvardville.

You’re a bunch of terrorists.

Yeah? And if you watched real news, you’d know that we got framed over some bioweapon bullshit.

That’s enough. Both of you.

We’ve got bigger things to worry about.

We don’t know what’s down here, so keep an eye out.

These are definitely not the usual infected.


They turn fast.

And without being bitten.

Wait. Where’d the asshole go?

Get away!



Let me see. I wasn’t bitten!

Shut up and let me see.

Just a scrape. You’re fine.

I… I called you a terrorist before.

You honestly think I wouldn’t help you because of that?

We’d treat your wounds even if you were one of the bad guys.


What’s up with this tunnel?

It’s to move munitions, back when Alcatraz was a military fortress.

Thanks for the history lesson.

After this, I’m putting tour guide on my résumé.

Why are you here?

Dr. Antonio Taylor.

He’s a specialist in robotics engineering.

He tried to sell his research to another country, but got kidnapped by a bunch of terrorists.

Intel said they brought him to Alcatraz.

What are you doing here?

A new virus is on the loose.

Clues pointed here, so me, Chris and Claire came to have a look around.

Our cases seem to be connected.

What’s wrong?

You feel that?


There’s a draft.

It’s coming from here.

We don’t know where it goes.

Maybe outside or farther into this maze.

Either way, it’s better than here.

Come on. It’ll be like we’re breaking out of prison.

It’ll be fun.

This is not good.

At least we know we’re on the right track.

No. You think?

Yup. Come on.

Comms are down and ammo’s low.

I wonder how Jill’s doing.

You should take Davis and get back to the city.

What about you?

I’ll find Jill.

We’re in way over our heads here.


Claire? What’s wrong?


Aw, shit!

No. Hey. Can you move?

Oh, my God.

What’s a submarine dock doing here?

Probably another holdover from when this was a fortress.

They’re using it for an armory now.

Let’s check it out.

F.O.S., this is Hunnigan.

Hey, I’m Rebecca.

So Leon’s working with you on this?

Yes, but I still can’t reach him, so let’s save the chitchat.

Did you look at the info I sent you?

Yeah, I checked it out.

But I’m having no luck getting through to Chris and the others either.

I’ve been trying for two hours now.

What do you want me to tell them?

Someone accessed the DoD’s server.

They were looking for top-secret files on previous bioterrorism cases, going back to Raccoon City.

You think this might have something to do with the op we’re on? Most likely.

They managed to steal data on key personnel on those cases: Leon, Chris, Jill, and Claire.

What are they?


That room we passed through before is the incubation tank.

The guy I’m here for, Antonio Taylor, this is his area of expertise.

And these drones look ready to go.

So he’s gotta be around here somewhere.

He can wait.

Let’s burn it all.

Yeah. We’ll start with the incubation tank.

Well, if it isn’t Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy.

Well, if it isn’t… whoever you are.

Why don’t you come out and talk?

How about you come to me?

I’m in the main prison block. Ground floor.

Chris and Claire are waiting for you.

Ready, Miss Chambers?

Good to go.

What’s that?


I just hope I made enough.

Let’s get moving, then.

Chris? Claire!

Leon? What are you doing here?

Hey, Jill. You’re okay.

Oh, my God. You’re so pale.

Claire? Hang in there.

Hurry! Get us out of here!

Son of a bitch.

Antonio Taylor.


His name’s Davis.

No. That’s a fake name.

He’s Taylor, all right. How did you…?

This scumbag’s wanted for leaking national secrets to the enemies of the U.S. of A.

Welcome to Alcatraz.

I’m Dylan Blake.

It’s an honor to have you all here.


I bet you’re wondering how people are being infected without being bitten.

That was one of my prototype bio-drones.

I tell it who to infect, and it always finds its target.


The mass-production versions are what you saw in the other chamber, and they’re ready to go.

By tomorrow morning, my virus will be all over the world.

I get it now.

The tech… the virus… you got them from Arias.

That’s why she’s here.

Arias and I did a lot of business together.

So you could say we were sort of close.

And since you murdered poor Maria’s father, I thought this was a good opportunity to settle the score.

For both of us.

Right now, they’re probably cheering us on from the afterlife.

Picking up… where Arias left off.

Oh, no.

This is way different from what he wanted to do.

Well, it’s over now.

Get your hands up.

B.S.A.A., D.S.O., TerraSave.

You still think you’re fighting evil syndicates like Umbrella, saving the world, et cetera, et cetera.

We… We protect… the innocent. Hardly.

The huge corporations and the corrupt execs that run them, the ones getting big, fat bonuses for maintaining the status quo, that’s who you work for, who you really protect.

And the innocent will continue to suffer as long as you do.

You’re nothing more than pawns, suckers.

What do you know?

What do I know?




Repeat, terminate anyone bitten.

No exceptions.

Help me.


I know I’m sick of this world and how the ones with all the money and power get to decide what’s right and wrong, good and evil.

There’s no such thing as justice in a world like that.

So I’m going to use my virus to clean the slate.

Sure. Kill everything.

Like a terrorist.

Not everything.

With these bio-drones, I decide who gets infected and who doesn’t.

Example, Ms. Valentine.

I left her alone so she could experience what I went through so many years ago, when I thought I was on the side of justice.

You’re insane.

Instead of pointing your gun at me, you should be worried about him, trapped in that cell with Claire.

She’s not looking too good.

It won’t be long before Claire turns.

And when she does, she’ll rip the not-so-good Dr. Taylor’s guts out.

And another innocent life will be lost.

You heard him.

Shoot her before she kills me!


Goddamn you!

Cut the engine. Goggles on.

Here we have Leon S. Kennedy, working hard for people who lie and cover up the truth, who propagate the endless cycle of battles he keeps fighting.

And you’re all burnt out from it.

Yeah, well, it’s a living.

And Claire Redfield.

You think your group helps people.

But they don’t do anything to stop the actual cause of all the suffering.

They offer bandages instead of real solutions.

I bet you keep doing it out of pride.

Because it makes you feel like you’re doing good.

Nothing wrong… with helping people.


Keep telling yourself that.

We both know you prefer sitting back and letting others do the dirty work.

And Chris Redfield.

Despite the fact you lose team members on every single mission, you keep coming back with more.

How many lives have you sacrificed in the name of justice, I wonder.

And finally… we come to Jill Valentine.

You could shoot Claire right now and save a life, but you hesitate.

I get she’s a friend and all, but still, I thought you want to protect the innocent.

That’s hard to do when you let your emotions get in the way, isn’t it?

Go fuck yourself.

Like all of you, I did my duty, protecting the sons of bitches in power.

The ones who forced me to watch my best friend beg for his life.

And then ordered me to kill him anyway.

None of you know what it’s like to live with that hanging over your head.

Do you?

But soon… you will know that kind of suffering.

My bio-drones will deliver it to the world.

And when people start killing their friends and family, there won’t be any more cover-ups.

And there won’t be any more use… for you.

Move out.

I got movement, 7 o’clock.

Prepare to engage.

Four hundred yards and closing.

Keep it tight.

Three hundred.

Two hundred. It’s coming in fast!

Shit, fire! Fire!

Flip and fire! Fire!

Reload! Stay alert!

It’s coming back! Twelve o’clock!

You waited too long, Jill.

I’m disappointed.

You bastard!


Don’t worry about them.

They’ll suffer for a while, then turn soon enough.

As for Jill… she can do whatever she wants.

We’re at the final stage now.

Once the bio-drones hatch from their Licker hosts, we’ll have millions.

They’ll leave the island and then there’s no stopping them.

You’re bleeding bad.

I have to stop it.

Don’t bother.

Worry about yourself.

Can’t do anything about me.

But I can stop your bleeding.

What’s the point?

After what he said, don’t you feel like giving up?

He made his choice.

We made ours.

That’s all.

The world’s fucked up.

No denying it.

Destroying it is easy.

The hard part’s doing the right thing… regardless.

Can’t save the world… by killing it.

We’re all dying.

How can you be so calm?

We got Jill.

If she’s still out there… there’s hope.

Stop, stop.

Thank you. It’s okay.

My life was all about me.

I didn’t care about anything else.

If I’d met you all sooner… maybe I could’ve turned it around.

Just let me help you.

I made a back door to the network.

For insurance.

In case they screwed me over, which they did.

He probably changed all codes after I escaped.

But if you enter the password… you’ll get in.

Good… luck.

Rebecca! Jill?

Thank God you’re okay. I hope you brought some backup.

They’re dead. I have the vaccine though.

As long as the infection hasn’t killed anyone, it can bring them back.

Awesome. Okay, follow this waterway.

It’ll take you to the prison. You’ll find Leon and the others.

They’re infected. What?

I have to destroy the incubation tank.

Tell them I’m headed to the armory.

Open the floodgates, Maria.






I have the vaccine.

I saw Jill out there too.


She’s headed for the armory.

This will sting a bit.

What’s he up to?

How are you doing?

This stuff works fast.

I feel better already.

Thanks, Rebecca.

Is Leon out there on his own?

Yeah. I doubt he’s 100% yet.

No time to rest, then.

Let’s go help him.

Why’s he letting all the water in?


I am glad the virus didn’t kill you.

I wanted to be the one to do it.

You don’t always get what you want.

This is for my father!

He was Arias’s guard dog. You were his bitch.


I was wondering where you scuttled off to.

Give up.

Rebecca’s cured the others by now.

So what?

I expected she would.

It doesn’t matter now anyway.

Soon… everyone will see things as I do.

That there is no justice.

That good and evil mean nothing.

And I’ll finally atone for murdering my friend… so that I could survive.

What the hell?

I will make you pay for killing my father.

Yeah, well, your dad was kind of a dick.

Now you can be with your dad again.


You’re all okay.

Guys. They released the bio-drones.

We have to stop them.

What the hell is that?

Dylan used the virus to fuse with a bioweapon.

Looks like we’re dealing with this first.

Let’s do it.


Excuse me.

He’s all yours.

That thing doesn’t wanna die.

He’s a tough cookie, all right.



You got that password Taylor gave you?

Yeah, right here.


Take Rebecca and stop those drones!

We’ll keep this guy busy.

On it!

Don’t die!


All right.

Okay, I got this.


And… we’re in.

Great. Let’s stop those bio-drones.

Chris! Leon!

What’s that? A plasma rifle.

It heats up to 20,000 degrees, but it’s short range.

Can you get that thing any closer?

“Can we get it closer?” she says.

Hang on!

Okay, link it.


There’s three parameters on the control code.

Overwrite those. Got it.

It’s in manual mode. Now we can stop them.

Hold on a sec!


We control the drones now, so why don’t we use them?

Mm… Hm?

I hope this works.

Definitely going on vacation after this.

Time to light you up.

Is that it? Did we kill it?

One more to finish you!

Goddamn it.

Come on.

Come on!


Go get him! What’s happening?

The drones are pumping their virus in, overloading it.

It’s messing with the creature’s chemistry.


Oh, nice.

It’s heading for open water.

Like hell it is.

This controls the gate. Hurry!

Yeah. Going down.



That’s it. Come get me.

Come on.

Come get me!

Come on.

Come on!

You know how to use this?

It’s got a trigger, doesn’t it?

That goes in here.

You’d kill everyone because you feel guilty for killing your friend?

Deal with it yourself, asshole.


A little higher.



And that’s that.

Ha. We did it.

Is it dead?

Super dead.

Looks like us suckers win. Again.


And we’ll keep coming back for more.

Like always.

Well, I know what I’m gonna take away from this experience.

What’s that?

Prison tours suck.

So do giant shark monsters.

So did this op.

Yeah. But we sure did kick some ass, didn’t we?

We sure did.

All of us.

Glad you’re back.

So am I.


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