Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver (2024) | Transcript

Kora and surviving warriors prepare to defend Veldt, their new home, alongside its people against the Realm. The warriors face their pasts, revealing their motivations before the Realm's forces arrive to crush the growing rebellion.
Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver (2024)

Kora and surviving warriors prepare to defend Veldt, their new home, alongside its people against the Realm. The warriors face their pasts, revealing their motivations before the Realm’s forces arrive to crush the growing rebellion.

* * *

[ominous music plays]

[rousing choral anthem plays]

[Jimmy] On the far edges of the Motherworld’s reach, circling the gas giant Mara, was the small moon of Veldt.

There, a village of humble farmers lived a simple life, born of the earth, until the shadow of a warship fell upon their fields.

The ship’s commander, Admiral Noble, demanded more than Veldt’s people could give.

So it was that a woman named Kora, and a man named Gunnar, set forth from the village to gather warriors to stand against the Dreadnought.

On Neu-Wodi, they were joined by the mighty Tarak.

In the mines of Daggus, the fierce Nemesis.

In the colosseum of Pollux, the wayward General Titus.

And on the planet Sharaan, Darrian Bloodaxe and his lieutenant, Milius.

In an ambush on the floating docks of Gondival, Kora triumphed over Admiral Noble, leaving his shattered body on the rocky coastline.

The victorious warriors returned to Veldt to collect their pay, the threat of a Dreadnought extinguished…

Or so they believed.

[electricity crackles]

[chief technician] Commander Cassius.

He is alive?

[chief technician] He is.


But he’s far from recovered.

[switch clicks]

[Neurolink powers up]

[Neurolink hums]

He had no brain function for quite a while.

We don’t know how bad the damage was.

We’ll know what’s left of him when we bring him out of the chrysalis.

[ominous music plays]

[liquid gurgles]

[cable whirs]

[machine beeps]

[breathes heavily]

[gasps for air]

His airways are clear.

He’s breathing on his own.

[Noble coughs]


Admiral, it’s me.


[Cassius] Yes.

Where am I?

You’re aboard your ship, sir.

The King’s Gaze.

We have been holding in orbit around Gondival, hoping for your recovery, sir.

And thank the old gods, our prayers have been answered.

Cassius, listen to me.

She’s on Veldt.


Who is?


[inhales deeply]

The Scargiver.

She’s on Veldt.

Set course for Veldt.

[Cassius] Yes, Admiral.

It will be done.

[dramatic choral music plays]

[uraki bellows]

[“From Far” plays]

[female singer] ♪ From far ♪

♪ Over ever rolling fields ♪

♪ My heart is taken out of me ♪

♪ Fire within fire ♪

♪ My end will I meet ♪

[uraki bellows]

I’m Hagen.

This is Den.

We welcome you to our humble village.

You must be tired and hungry.

And thirsty.

Well, we have prepared food and drink for you in the Longhouse.

Come on. You’ll see what great hosts my people can be.

Let’s bring these urakis to the stable.

They’ve come back.

Well, how do they look?

Strong, like warriors, I guess.

How many of them?


With Kora and Gunnar.

[Aris] Six.

It won’t matter how strong they are, will it?

[transmitter burrs rhythmically]

[knobs click]

[frequency tunes]

[radio warbles]

Commander Cassius.

Soldier. All is as it should be, I trust.

Yes, sir. All is on target.

Nothing out of the ordinary?

No, sir.

[Cassius] Very well.

Ensure that the harvest is brought in as planned, and ready for our arrival in five days’ time.


Five days?

[somber music plays]

[ethereal music plays]

[FLIR trills]

Come. [clears throat]

Now, please eat. You must all be very hungry.


Our villagers have prepared a bounty of food and drink to show their fealty and gratitude at your arrival.

But where is everyone?

[hesitates] How would you feel?

The lot of you, if you were not capable of standing to protect your own home?

[Hagen] Mmm-hmm.

If you had to ask others to lay down their lives for you.

[Milius] They should see there’s no shame in our being here.

To swallow their pride to ask for help, that is bravery itself.

Thank you.


And as it happens, nobody need lay down their lives.

A defense won’t be necessary.

Admiral Noble’s dead.

[Hagen] What?

He’s dead?



You need to say it again. He doesn’t believe it.

[Hagen exclaims happily]

He’s dead.


You do not believe that they will return?

[Kora] I don’t.

It’s Imperial protocol in the event of an admiral’s death to return to the Motherworld at once.

Then we owe you an even deeper debt of gratitude…

[Aris] You’re wrong.

I just received word.

[sighs] They’ll be here in five days.

Is that true?

[Den] Five days?


I thought you said that you killed Admiral Noble.

I did kill him. His body was smashed on the rocks. He is dead.

It’s against protocol to come without an admiral to command the ship, right?

That is true.

But death is not always deterrent enough for the designs of the Motherworld.

They must be more in need of this grain than we could have known.



Call your villagers. Let me talk to them.


[villagers murmur]

[somber music plays]

Dark days lie ahead of us all.

When the time comes… we may all have to stand together, in battle, as brothers.

To succeed, there must be trust between us.

In time, we will teach you how to fight.

But first, you must show us your strength.

The way of the land.

If we do not act quickly, the destruction of your village… is all but assured.

Now, how long does it take to bring in your crop?

Half a cycle around Mara.

No, it must be done in three days’ time.


It can’t be done.

[villagers murmur]

[Titus] We need every man and woman who’s able.

The grain is our most powerful weapon.

Without it, they are liable to blow us out of existence from orbit.

If we bring it in fast, we can use it, both as a bartering tool and shield.

Now rest well.

The work begins at dawn.

[Hagen] You heard the man.


[villagers murmur]

[somber music plays]

You think they’ll learn to trust one another?

They’re frightened… of outsiders, the battle to come, for their lives.

Trust? I don’t know.

I just hope they all have the courage to stand and fight, if it comes to it.

I had no idea what it would be like to fight.

How much it would scare me.

You are afraid to die.


[chuckles] That’s okay. Everyone is.

I didn’t even think about dying in the moment.

If you would’ve asked me before how I feel,

I would have said I’d be petrified.

And I was scared.

The most afraid I’ve ever been in my life.

What was it you were so afraid of?

If it wasn’t death?

It was you.

It was losing you.

[Kora breathes heavily]

[birds sing]

[crickets chirp]

What Noble said… about you being the most wanted criminal in the known universe.

[Gunnar scoffs]

You don’t become that simply by running away.

[Kora sighs]

You remember how I told you I was raised by Balisarius?

[Gunnar] Mmm-hmm.

Regent of the Imperium?

And how I was the bodyguard to the Princess Issa?


And that you were a decorated warrior.

Friend of the royal family.

What happened to them?

Under the healing influence of his daughter, the King had begun to see many things in a different light.

[dramatic music plays]

[royal dropship whooshes]

It was the dedication of what would be the last Dreadnought class battleship.

A symbolic end to an age of expansion.

In accordance with tradition, the King would dedicate every ship, but not this time.

This would be the princess’s first royal duty.

Her first official act.

The ship would be named Peacemaker and bear her royal seal.

Make no mistake.

I was the loyal daughter of my adopted father.

I could not betray him or defy him.

He had told me the princess must die.

And die she would.

[haunting choral music plays]

My father said he would not stand by and watch this child dismantle the war machine we sacrificed so much for.

I had faith that Balisarius would protect me and the Empire he so loved.

[Guard of Honor] Attention!

[solemn adagio plays]

[King] Strange.

Something’s wrong.

[door closes]


Where is the Kali? Why aren’t the furnaces lit?

Balisarius, I am talking to you.

Answer me, man!

Issa, run! Issa!

[Issa gasps]

You bastard.

[tense music plays]


[man grunts]

[King yells]

[men shout]

[guardian gun powers up]

[dagger swishes]

[King yells]

[plays tense notes]

[Balisarius] Do it.

What are you waiting for?

[breath trembles]

What are you waiting for, child? Do it!

[King whimpers]

Do it.


No, no.

[Belisarius] Do it. Kill her.

[exhales heavily]

Kill her!



[music stops]

I forgive you.



[guardian gun fires]

[divine resonance]


[thud echoes]

[coronet clatters]


[King sobs]

[King groans loudly]

[Balisarius grunts]

[dagger clatters]


What have you done?

What have you done?

Seize her!

[Kora grunts]

There she is, gentlemen.

The assassin of the royal family.

An off-worlder.

[Kora cries out]

A cancer of ethnic impurities.

[shouts] Murderer.

[senator] Murderer!

[general] Murderer!




[senator] Snake!

[man] Scum!

[Kora grunts]

[guardian gun fires]

[officer screams]


[tense notes play]

[breathing shakily]


[Kora yells]

[breathes heavily]

[Kora] I fought my way to the shuttle.

And I’ve been living life as an outlaw ever since.

I thought about letting them kill me or just not fighting.

But somehow, the last words of the child…

Her forgiveness.

I felt the only way to honor her was to run.

And try to be, I don’t know… more than a weapon.

More than a weapon.

It’s what we’re all trying to be.

It’s what you are.

[Hagen] Good morning!

[bell clangs]

[Sam] Morning!

This is the wake-up call. Wake up, everyone.

People, get up.

It’s time to work.

Come on, you lazy people! Wake up!


We don’t have much time!

[“From Far” plays]

[female singer] ♪ From far ♪

♪ I hear my homeland cry ♪

[female singer vocalizes]

♪ Under ever gloaming skies ♪

♪ Fire within fire ♪

♪ I follow your feet ♪

[female chorus harmonizes]

[chorus] ♪ Far from far Your wandering soul ♪

♪ Under stars I’ll never hold ♪

♪ Must I let you go ♪

♪ Far from far My heart, my home ♪

[female singer] ♪ Far from far ♪

♪ My heart, my home ♪

[King’s Gaze engine thrums]

Commander, I have the chief medical technician.

Put him through.

[hologram buzzes]

[Noble] Release me!

[chief technician] You should come down here.

[Noble] This is treason. I command this ship.

By the old gods, I’ll have each and every one of you court marshalled!

I swear it! Every one of you will die! I need none of you!

[chief technician] Come down here now.

On my way.

[Noble] I’ll murder every one of you myself!

[chief technician] Admiral, you’re not ready for this.

[Noble] I am still commander of this ship!

Why do you stand there staring at me? Cowards!

This is treachery!

Welcome back, sir.

Are you ready to resume your command?

Yes, of course I am. Now tell these idiots to release me.

[chief technician] Sir, as I’ve already told you, there are protocols before you can be cleared to resume command.

Tests that need to be conducted to see if you are mentally and…

[chief technician groans]

[sinister music plays]

Let me help you with your evaluation. [grunts loudly]

Unhook him!

How far are we from Veldt?

A few days, sir.

[cables whirs]

Admiral, my apologies for the scar that was left by this incompetent medical team.

I’m sure it can be removed.


No, leave it.

She gave it to me.

When I deliver her to Balisarius and her body is displayed in the rotunda of the Senate, I shall bare my chest.

And it will stand as a symbol that it is I who brought to justice the Scargiver, as it is I that stands before my people as a savior.

[dramatic choral music plays]

[birds call and coo]

[intense music plays]

[straw rustles]

[male voice vocalizes]

[female voice vocalizes]

[female chorus harmonizes]

[children laugh]

[boy laughs]

[uraki bellows]

[boy gasps, pants]

[children laugh]

[chuckles softly]

[solemn folk music plays]

[hologram buzzes]

How’s the harvest been going? Any protests from the villagers?

[Aris] No, sir.

All is to schedule.

I’ve not seen Faunus or Marcus during your reports.

They’ve been busy driving the villagers, sir.

Getting that extra bit of work out of them.

Very well.

The work has continued around the clock.

We should have all the grain milled into flour just in time for your arrival.

Excellent, Private.

And if the villagers have held up their end, maybe some mercy’s in order.

These dogs deserve nothing but our boot.

Is that right?

We’ll see… when the job is done.

For the slain King.

For the slain King.

[Noble] Well, it’s clear that Faunus and Marcus and the rest of their men are dead.

The Scargiver’s among them.

And it seems our young private has chosen a side.


[spirited music plays]

[man grunts]

[“From Far” plays]

[they chatter]

[female singer] ♪ Far from far ♪

♪ My heart ♪

♪ My home ♪

[bell clangs]

Everyone, if I could just…

I wanted to welcome our new friends.

I want to give you these small gifts I’ve made.

I know you all come from places much richer and more sophisticated than here, so I hope my gifts don’t insult you with their simplicity.

But I’ve made them with gratitude.

When I first saw you all ride into our village, I felt like General Titus was like the mountains themselves.

Strong and unmoving.

Thank you.

[Sam] Tarak.

Your spirit is untamable…


…but your nobility is undeniable.

Like the snow elk.

Thank you. Thank you.

Young Milius… who shines as the sun upon our faces, warming us and bringing us comfort, steadfast and true.

Thank you.

[Sam] Nemesis.

Fierce as a storm with its flashes of lightning, but with its life-giving rain.

That is the source of life.

The storm is the mother of us all.

Thank you.

[Sam] Gunnar.

You are our heart.

You give us hope.

[Gunnar chuckles]

It’s beautiful. Thank you.

[Kora kisses]

Look at this.

And Kora.

You are our guardian wolf with bared teeth.

You stand between us and annihilation.

The strength of all of us together.

[uplifting music plays]

[villagers applaud]

[upbeat folk music plays]

[villagers cheer]

[villager] Let’s eat!

[villagers whistle]

[lively chatter]

[both laugh]

[upbeat folk music continues]

[all cheer]

You all right?

[both chuckle]

[Kora sniffles]


Yes. Yeah.


[Kora exclaims]

[villagers whoop and cheer]

Den, show us that move again!

[Den] You ready?

[Gunnar] That’s it! [chuckles]

[Den whoops]

[upbeat folk music continues]

[villagers clap]

[they chatter]

[chatter stops]

[breathes deeply]

[Titus sings in Fon] ♪ Maman tché… ♪

♪ Do atchê djitché ♪

♪ Do atchê djitché ♪

♪ Wan gnigni toé ni wrlin mi gan ♪

♪ Dada sêgbo tché Lê ♪

♪ Wan gnigni toé ni wrlin mi gan ♪

♪ Wan gnigni toé ni wrlin mi gan ♪

[in distance] ♪ Wan gnigni toé ni wrlin mi ♪

♪ Do atchê djitché ♪

♪ Do atchê djitché ♪

♪ Wan gnigni toé ni wrlin mi gan ♪

♪ Wan gnigni toé ni wrlin mi gan ♪

♪ Wan gnigni toé ni wrlin mi gan… ♪

[bell tolls loudly]


[villagers murmur]

[Titus] All right.

Today, we begin the preparation for our defense.

We start by moving the grain into the village, so that they can’t shoot us from orbit without risking its destruction.

Now the weapons left behind by the Imperium will help us hold our ground.

[Aris] Armor-piercing high-explosive detonators.

We’ve got some comms.

[Kora] Good.

The blood won’t come out easy, but we can try.

No, it’s perfect. Leave it. Do we have more?

[Gunnar] Sure.

[Titus] Gather and account for every hunting rifle.

Every knife.

Every round of ammunition in the village.

[uplifting music plays]

We’ll need to dig defensive positions to give us the element of surprise.

All right.

Astrid. Let’s see what you got.

[Astrid] Mmm-hmm.


Tuck your elbow.

Keep both eyes open.

[gun powers up]

[Tarak] Okay. Today we’re going to learn the basics of attack and defense.

We have turned your harvesting tools into weapons.

So, what we’re going to try and do is…

[bolo blade slashes]



[gun powers up]

[Gunnar chuckles]

[Titus] Like a professional.


[Tarak] Great.

Really good.


We’ve got a natural.

[blunderbuss powers up]


[blunderbuss powers down]

[villager] Here.


[Tarak] Coming down.

[pulley squeaks]

[Hagen] That’s Kora’s dropship.

She was in bad shape when I dragged her out.

How long has it been here?

Two seasons.

[Den] Let’s go.

[Titus] The ship Kora was found in still rests in the mountains to the east.

[dropship creaks]

Now, with sweat and working together, we could pull it out.

It could be a powerful asset.

[birds twitter]

[grunts softly]

[switch clicks]

[system powers up]

[Aris] Wow, it still works.

[system trills and beeps]

[dropship engine starts]

Hold on.

[thrusters blast]

[dropship engine roars]

[urakis bellow]

[dropship warbles overhead]

[wind gusts]

[dropship powers down, engine stops]

[Tarak] How many?

[Kora] Look, you have 15 rifles…

[Gunnar] But it doesn’t matter how many we have.

[Kora] How many people know how to work…

[Milius] Ivar should not have a weapon.

[Gunnar] I completely agree.

We’ll sharpen all the blades.

We just need to figure out what…

Listen. Listen.

[conversation stops]

I’ve never been one for making confessions.

[Gunnar] Mmm.

Now we know what each of us must do.

You’re all here because I want you to know who the hell you’re fighting with.

Everyone must share the truth.

I’ll go first.


[somber music plays]

The Regent Balisarius had sent me and my ship as a show of force to hover above the parliament of Sarawu, so the choice of whether or not to vote for independence from the Realm would be obvious.

But the brave people of that world defiantly voted for freedom, and in answer, I was ordered to open fire on the capitol.

I refused, and my ship was shot down.

Crawling from the wreckage, we fought the forces of the Motherworld till our guns were dry.

I knew my men would fight with me to the death.

So I struck a deal.

My men’s lives for the surrender of my own.

I begged for mercy from the Regent to spare them.

But mercy is not known to the Regent Balisarius.


[somber music continues]

To punish me, my men were executed before my eyes.

The decision to defy Balisarius had been mine alone.

Not a day passes that I don’t think of those men that died for me.

How my surrender betrayed their courage and condemned them to their fate.

[somber music continues]

Never again.

I’ll never surrender.

You should understand that today before you choose to follow me tomorrow.

[somber music fades]

I’ve, uh, never fought in a battle like the one that’s coming.

But I was raised in a place that was much like this.

When the ships appeared in the sky above my world, I looked to my tribal elders for how we would respond.

They cowered, submitting and giving them everything because they were too scared to fight.

They said, “What can we do against the might of the Motherworld?”

Those who were too weak or too old to work were killed.

The rest of us were scattered to labor camps all over the universe.

Families torn apart.

It was as if my people never existed.

[tense music plays]


[tense music continues]



[music swells]

[Milius] My camp was liberated by the Resistance.

And I found a new family who showed me another way.

So when the time comes…

I’ll give my life to protect this village if need be.

To stand and die for a place to call home.

What more honorable end could one ever hope for?

I had a life before.

[quavering] Long before…


It seems.

[melancholy music plays]

We were a little fishing village.

The Imperium troops slaughtered everything and everyone.

We were a peaceful people.

But we hadn’t always been.

[lid thuds loudly]

Once, long ago… we were a people of war.

I had never killed before, never spilled blood, until I spilled my own.

My pain became rage.

[gauntlet whirs]

[gauntlet clicks]

And my rage became revenge.

[gauntlet powers up]

But the bloodlust of my ancestors still lived in those ancient gauntlets.

My blood awakened them.

They showed me how to fight.

And I was reborn.

But since that day, I’ve been a creature of revenge.

And yes…

Yes, I will kill them.

None of us get to choose our parents.

And mine happened to be a king and queen.

My father, the king, insisted on presenting our terms to the armies of the Motherworld himself.

And their answer was to return his body with the promise of invasion.

My mother told me then, “A boy doesn’t become a man until his father dies.”

“Then a prince becomes a king.”

[bennu screeches softly]

That was the last time I cried.

[bennus screech]

Soon after, their ships darkened our skies.

[somber music plays]

[female singer vocalizes]

And my mother, for honor’s sake, she would not run.

I wanted to stay to protect her, but the Queen knew to preserve the bloodline and the throne.

[bennus screech in distance]

I lost my mother… and my world that day.

[distant explosions]

[somber music continues]

I was smuggled off-planet, hidden in a refugee transport headed for a near bright star.

I ran for duty’s sake, for the preservation of a kingdom and a bloodline that no longer exists.

I was robbed of my opportunity to defend them.

But no more. When we finish here, that is where I’ll go.


To atone for the… mistake of misplaced honor.

[Titus] Kora.

We haven’t heard from you. What is your story?

I am a war orphan.

The discipline of a military life suited me.

I served on a ship very much like the King’s Gaze.

Never having a family, I believed I had found one.

That is until I arrived here on Veldt.

This place taught me what a home and family could really be.

Anything else you’d like to add?




How’s the spring water?

[Tarak] What?

[Kora] For several days now, Titus pretends to drink, because he doesn’t want us to know how much he cares about the coming battle.

[cork opens]

[Kora scoffs]

It really is water.

[Milius chuckles]

Old stories can be hard to give up.

Yes, they can.

[Gunnar] Friends…

I can only say… thank you for coming to this village, and giving us hope.

Thank you.

I don’t know what will come of all of us by end of day tomorrow.

I can only pray that your pasts will burden you less.

Well said. We’ll drink to that.

The village is ready.

[Titus] Good. Whatever handful of officers they send down to collect the grain, we take them.

With all our strength in the field, with no mercy, sparing none who set foot on your land.

[Hagen] Then what?

Negotiate a trade?

You think they would listen?

I do.

But should all go wrong, as it well may, you see to it that the dropship is still in working order and first thing in the morning hidden from view.

I will.

[Tarak] Water.

Really, Titus?

And that’s General Titus.

Of course.

To you.


[Tarak groans, chuckles]

[sinister music plays]

[rousing choral anthem plays]

[dropship rumbles]

[dropship engine stops]

[system powers down]

[machinery beeps, powers down]

[suspenseful music builds]

[gasps, exhales]

Hello, James.

[Jimmy] You know, the last person who called me that was the old commander of the Mechanicas Militarium as he died in my arms.

Oh, I’m sorry.

It’s all right. I like the way it sounds.

It makes me feel something other than hopelessness.

You see…

I was given memories of a world I will never see, loyalty to a king I cannot serve and love for a child I could not save.

But the sound of that name as you say it lets me feel, even in the smallest way… why I exist at all.

Is that why you saved Sam?

I’m not certain.

I know only that the thought of her being hurt or destroyed opened a part of me that had been closed.

[ethereal music plays]

You’re choosing a side, James.

You and I are alike, designed to kill for them.

Understand, their nightmare is you and I fighting together.

Not because we are ordered or commanded, but to defend something we love.

You must know you cannot win.

[explosive clicks, beeps]

[breathes heavily]

[explosive trills, beeps]

[exhales nervously]

All set. [grunts]

[King’s Gaze rumbles overhead]

[dramatic music plays]


Finish it! Finish up! Finish up! Come on!

Quick, quick, quick!

Finish your work! Find your positions!

[Hagen] Cover it up!

[villagers grunt]

[bell tolls]

[Cassius] These are the new formations.

It’s the grain.

Look, they piled it against a building so we can’t destroy them.

And there and there, they’ve stacked it as cover to shoot from.

[Cassius] Clever.

[Noble] Hmm.

Certainly not the plans of a farmer.

It seems General Titus hasn’t drunk away his wits just yet.

Look here.

Thermal imaging shows clusters of people in the Longhouse at the top of the village.

No doubt they’re women and children.

Hmm. Good. We’ll do our best to forestall a pitched battle in the village.

While I negotiate, we’ll dispatch the Krypteia to capture the women and children.

We’ll land a small contingent of armor.

We won’t need it when they see blades at the throat of their most vulnerable.

Then we’ll see how motivated they are to fight.

[tense music builds]

[foreboding music plays]

[water bubbles]

[haunting choral music plays]

[scissor snips]

[ominous music plays]

[Mech carrier engines blast]

[dropship engines sputter]

[fighter ship engines rumble]

[Den] Everybody inside now!

Let’s go. Come on.

[villager] Come on, everybody. Faster.

Get inside. Let’s go. Move, move!

[King’s Gaze engine hums overhead]

[sinister music plays]

[dropship engines rumble]

[dropships power down]

[dramatic choral music plays]

[wind gusts]

[dropship engine rumbles]

[boarding ramp whirs, thuds]

[Noble] No village welcome, no?

Where’s my warm embrace? [scoffs]

I was never given that cup of ale, you know.


Tell me what we’re trying to achieve here.

The same thing as the last time we met.

I kill you.


What an honor it was.

A scar. From the Scargiver herself.

[Kora] No blood need be spilled here today.

I will offer you one chance to avoid slaughter.

You do understand what the Regent Balisarius will give me when I bring you to your knees before him?

A seat in the Senate is what you seek, I would imagine.

It’s what I deserve.

If so, take the grain you need to feed your men on your voyage back to the Motherworld.

No more and no less.

You leave the villagers unharmed.

Report to Balisarius that the warriors you sought evaded capture.

And I should take nothing, yes?

Nothing at all?

You take your lives.

This is your choice.

Disgrace and relegation, or your head cleaved from your shoulders.

Your ship serving as your tomb.

Your families and all of the Motherworld to know that you were slaughtered by the peasants of Veldt.

I’ve been tasked with bringing honor to the Motherworld.

I intend to see that task through to its end.

What amuses me most about all of this?

You think you have any power with which to negotiate? You do not.

You think I don’t know you’re hiding your women and children?

As you stand there talking to me, your plan is already failing.

Well, unless of course a different arrangement could be made, perhaps.

I could take the grain you offered.

I could do as you asked and leave the villagers their lives.

There would be one cost to this concession, however.

And that cost is you.

Of course every member of your band would be greatly treasured by the Imperium, but there is no denying the one most sought after by the Honorable Regent is you.

Arthelais herself.

[exclaims, inhales deeply]

So herein lies your choice.

Arthelais, surrender to me.

And I’ll permit the villagers to live.

However, if you refuse, those this village holds most dear, the elderly, the children, currently sheltered up in that Longhouse, will be slaughtered by my men on their way now.

Has enough blood not been spilt in that beautiful building already?

Are you truly prepared to allow this to continue in your name?

It’s time, Arthelais.



Kora, what are you doing?

[Noble] I thought so.

Why don’t you say goodbye to your friend?

Your father awaits you.

[Gunnar] Kora, look at me.


[Kora sniffles]

What’s happening, huh?

[Kora, softly] I’m sorry.

I won’t allow this place to die for me.

I know what I’m doing.

He’s lying to you.

Just let me go. Just let me go!

[Gunnar] No!

[tense music plays]

[guardian gun powers up]

No. No.


[bell tolls]


[soldiers shout]

[soldier 1] Huh?

[Noble gasps]

No. No!

Come on.

[Javelin powers up]

[explosion pulses]

[soldiers scream]

[explosion continues]

[man grunts]

[Gunnar] Move! Move!

[dramatic music plays]

[Noble groans]

[villagers clamor]

[Gunnar grunts]

[distant explosions]


[soldier grunts]

[soldiers scream]

[Gunnar] Come on, Kora! We need to get you up to that ship.


[uraki bellows]

Come on. You’re our only chance.

[both grunt]

Let’s go.

[uraki bellows]

Get up. Go!

[distant explosions]

[tense music builds]

[sinister music plays]


[Noble yells]

[neck snaps]

[Noble grunts]

[blade slices]

[soldier 1] Get up, soldier!

[soldier 2] I can’t.

[soldier 1] Let’s go!

[soldiers whimper]

[gun powers up]

[soldier 1] Right to the front!

[officer] AA-77, get out of there immediately.

Lift off. We need lift off now!

[thrusters blast]


Bring around the main gun.

[Den yells]

[alarm blares]

[explosive beeps]

Oh, damn.

[debris clatters]

[distant explosions]


Come on!


[dramatic music plays]

[Oracle steel blade hisses]

[heroic music plays]

[battle rifle powers up]

[Krypteian guard groans]

[shouts] Hold!

[Krypteian sword slashes]

Eyes to the right!


[villagers scream]

[gun powers up]

[Aris groans]

[Javelin clicks]

You’re set! Go!

[gun fires]

[villager 2 groans]


[soldier grunts]

Let’s go!

[Den yells]

[Noble groans]

[Noble growls]

[Den strains]

[dropship engine rumbles]

[Den strains]

[Noble grunts]

[rousing choral anthem plays]

[tense music plays]

[system powers up]

[engine starts]

[thrusters blast]

[both grunt]


[Seax Bowie blade slices]

[dramatic choral music plays]

[thrusters blast]

[tense music plays]

Hold on.

[dropship engine revs]


We’ll drop into formation.

When I give the signal, start the smoke.

[Gunnar] Holy shit.

Kora, are you sure?

Now. Start it now.

[hatch door opens]

[alarm blares]

[breathes heavily]

[dropship engine roars]

[alarm continues blaring]

[dropship engine warbles]

[alarm continues blaring]

[sighs heavily]

[switch clicks]

[system buzzes, trills]


[Kora over comms] Docking.

That ship has taken damage.

[Kora over comms] I have casualties.

My instruments are not responding.

[alarm continues blaring]

[over comms] I’m surrendering control.

[officer] We’ve got you, soldier.

I’m gonna put you down into the main hangar [over comms] for maintenance and medical extraction.

[system trills, beeps]

[system beeps]

[dropship engine sputters]

[wind howls]

The time has come for all that you love.

For your home.

Protect each other and show them no mercy.

For Sindri!

[all shout]

We can’t let Titus and the others do all the work.

Are you ready?

To fight and die!

[all shout]

Let’s leave the dying to your enemies!

[all shout]

[Oracle steel blade swishes]

[blades collide]

[ancestral energy crackles]

[Nemesis grunts]

[Krypteia soldier yells]

[Sam gasps]

[Aris grunts]

[Sam chokes]

[Aris yells]


[Nemesis grunts]

[sinister music plays]

[door slides open]

[Cassius] Admiral, by now the Krypteia must have captured the women and children.

We are still waiting for an update, sir.

[tense music plays]


[Titus grunts]

[grunts and coughs]


[somber music plays]


[explosive beeps]

[beeping continues]

[somber music continues]

[breathes heavily]

[explosive beeping rapidly]

[soldiers panic]

[explosive clicks, beeps]

[all scream]

[wind gusts]

[medic 1] One down in the hold!

Can you hear me?

Hey. Are you all right?

I’m going to attempt to move you now.

I got you. It’s going to be all right.

[medic 1] All right.

[medic 2] It’s all right.

[medic 1] Two down, non-responsive!

Bring the gurneys!

Load ’em up. All right, come on, take him.

Take the shoulder. All right, I got the legs.

Pick the arm up. Here we go.

All right, let’s go. All right, calling it in.

Some shrapnel damage, infantry seems to be suffering from a small ammo wound.

Two minutes out. Visual inspection on the elevator.

Let’s go.

[elevator starts]

[thrilling music plays]

[Nemesis yells]

[Krypteia officer grunts]

[Nemesis groans]


[boy yells]

[Krypteia officer screams in pain]

[Krypteia officer grunts]

[boy struggles]

[distant explosions]

[breathes weakly]

[mournful music plays]

[chuckles softly]

[boy cries]

[boy sobs]

It’s okay.

You did good.


[mournful music continues]

[Aris pants]

[mournful music continues]

[soldiers grunt]

[suspenseful music plays]

[yelling echoes]

[guns fire in slow motion]

[solemn choral music plays]

[solemn choral music continues]

[dramatic music builds]



[all yell]

[triumphant music plays]

[villagers cheer]

[heavy footsteps approach]

[Imperium Mech blares]

[mechanical warbling]

[distorted blaring from Imperium Mech]

[foreboding music plays]

[turret powers up]


Help me with his helmet. Support the neck.

Strange. I’m not seeing any wounds.

How about that one? Stable?

Pulse is elevated.

Don’t see wounds either, but there’s a little blood.

Maybe under his armor.

[medic 1] Get the balaclava off. There’s a wound.

Checking the pulse.

This one’s pulse is very low.

[tense music builds]

Wait. That’s…

Give me the charges.

[Gunnar] Charges.


[announcement over speakers]

Make your way back to our ship and have it running.

We won’t have long to get off this thing before it blows.


I’ll be waiting for you.

Should be an elevator down this hall.

I got it. Be quick.

[Imperium guard over intercom] All personnel, stay alert.

[Imperium Mech blares]

[footsteps march]

[door hisses]

[Neurolink hums]

[mystical music plays]


[automated voice] Copy. Targeting the safe…

[metal clanks]

[turret whirs]

[powers up]

[rapid gunfire]


[dramatic music plays]



[explosive clicks, beeps]

[distant explosions]


[soldier groans]

[Imperium Mech blares]

[turret whirs, thuds]

[Javelin powers up]


[suspenseful music plays]

[guardian gun powers up]

[Imperial officer screams]

[Imperial soldier grunts]

Intruder alert. Repeat. Intruder alert.

Sending backup. What is the nature and number of the intruders?

[officer] Shots fired.

There are men down.

It’s a woman, I’m telling you…

[line disconnects]

A what? What’s going on?

There is a situation in the engine room.

He said a woman has infiltrated the ship.


[Noble] Arthelais.

Arthelais is aboard this ship.

That is impossible.

[Noble] No, it’s her.

She’s come to us.

It’s perfect.

Alert all sectors. I want her captured at once.

And Cassius?

You may fire on the village.

Sir, the grain.

There’s no need for the grain now.

The Scargiver has come to us.

But we have men on the ground.

Yes. A few less mouths to feed.

Once we have the Scargiver, we’ll return directly to the Motherworld and we won’t need the grain, will we?

Destroy it.

You heard the Admiral. Charge the cannons.

Main gun.

Yes, sir. Target the village.

Charge the cannons.

Right away, sir.

We have orders to target the surface.

[system powers up]

[officer 2] We’ve lost contact with the engine room.

[Cassius] Where is she?

We’re looking.

She’s moving from sub-level three to four.

Tell me what the hell is going on!

[officer 2] All available security personnel, report to engine room.

[Cassius] I need an update now!

[soldier 1] Sir.

Lieutenant. Sir.

[alarm blares]

[over speakers] All commanders report their headcounts to Command.

[gun powers up]

[soldier 1] Forward! Forward!

[soldier 2] Let’s go!


[soldier 1 groans]

[grunts, shouts]

[Milius] No!

I’m going!

[Titus] Go, go, go, go, go!

[Milius grunts, yells]

Are you hit? Are you okay? Come on.

[both panting]

[ominous music plays]

I thought dying in battle was all I wanted.

Fighting for something.

I think I was wrong.

I don’t think I want to die at all.

But if I must… [sniffles]


Come on.

[Imperium Mech blares]

[wind howls]

[solemn operatic music plays]

[ethereal music plays]

[dramatic music plays]

[ethereal music plays]

[grenade clicks]

[beeping intensifies]

[grenade explodes]


[ship engine sputters, revs]

Kora. Kora, where are you?

[over comms] The engine’s running. I’m waiting for you.

We’re running out of time.

I’m almost to you.

Okay, good.

[Sword of the King cannons thud, whir]

[guard over speakers] Stay alert.

We have a fugitive aboard the ship.

[breathes heavily]

[elevator stops]

[elevator alarm blares]

[soldiers grunt]

[dramatic music plays]

[Kora yells]


[Krypteian sword buzzes]

[suspenseful music plays]

[alarm blares]

[announcement over speakers]

[handwheel cranks]

[alarm blares]


I suppose I should say thanks for not accepting my offer of surrender.

It’ll make a better ballad when I slay you in battle.

You’ve done well to get this far.

Much better than I expected.

Much better than could be expected from a bunch of fucking farmers.



[rousing choral anthem plays]

[cannons thud]

Target acquired.

We have a lock on the village.




[explosives beep]

The gun is charged and ready to fire.

Oh, no.

[cannons power up]

[beeping stops, buzzes]

Fire at will.

[explosion pulses]

[dramatic music plays]


[metallic groaning]

It’s Kora!

[Krypteian blade buzzes]

Take her.

[body thuds]


No! No!


[both grunt]

[both strain]


[Noble shouts]


[grunts and growls]

[Kora yells]

[blade trills]

[Kora yelps]

Kora! Kora!

[Noble shouts]

[Kora screams, grunts]

[both grunt]

[Kora shouts]

[Kora grunts]

[Noble chuckles] Come here!

[Kora yelps]

[Noble grunts]

[Kora grunts]

Open your eyes. Open your eyes!

Look at me!

[cries out]


[Krypteian blade trills]

[Noble garbles]

[Noble gasps]


[gasps for air]

[Kora shouts]

[Noble grunts]

[grunts, struggles]

[door buzzes]

[Noble groans in pain]

[head clatters]

[breathes heavily]

[Kora] Come on!

[both grunt]


[dropship thrusters blast]


Come on.


[dropship engine sputters]


[alarm beeps]

[Kora yelps]

[grunts, pants]

[Gunnar groans in pain]

[Kora] Hey. Hey.

Hey, hey. Hey. Come here, come here.

Come here.

[both grunt]

[Gunnar groan]

Wait. Okay.

Hey. Stay with me.

Stay with me. Stay with me. Stay with me.

[tearfully] Why can’t I have this one thing?


Stay with me. Please.

No. It’s okay.

Look at what you’ve done.

You saved us.

All of us.


[Kora sobs]

I love you.



I know what you are.

And I love you.


[squadron passes overhead]

[dramatic music plays]


Form up on me!

Yes, Commander. On you.

Target those dropships!

Yes, Commander. On you.

[Devra] Black Mountain Squadron, take those fighters.

[villagers cheer]

[villagers cheer]

[both shout excitedly]

[villagers cheer]

Titus! Yes!



[Kora] Look, it’s Devra Bloodaxe, and the entire rebel fleet.

It’s really over. It’s…

No. [sobs]



[mournful music plays]

I love you.

I love you.


[Hagen] From other worlds they came to fight for us.

[mournful music continues]

To die for us.

May they find their peace.

We honor them now in the only way we can.

By remembering their names… when next we bring in the harvest.

A season from now, a hundred seasons.

And by carrying on.

By carrying on.

[mournful music continues]

All of you, honor the fallen.

You honor my brother and his bravery.

Do not speak of me when you speak of honor and bravery.

I’ve lied to you.

To all of you.


I know, child.

I know.

You know that I’m Arthelais?

Adopted daughter of the Regent Balisarius?

And the assassin of the Princess Issa?

I know your name. Yes.

But you were not her assassin… for the princess is still alive.

You thought she could be killed so easily?

No. She’s more than death.

What am I to do?

You have a reason now, do you not?

To find her and to fight?

If you do choose to fight, I will stand with you.

All of us.

And I as well.

[uplifting music plays]

[Kora cries]

[Jimmy] If I could be of use…

I, too, have this.

You wish to fight with us, robot? Help find this lost princess?

If what you say is true, and the princess lives, I have no choice.

I serve the line of the slain King. It is my honor to fight.

To find her and to fight.

[uplifting music continues]

To find her and to fight.

[dramatic music crescendoes]

[menacing music plays]

[somber music plays]

[haunting ethereal music plays]

[menacing music plays]

[suspenseful music plays]

[mournful music plays]

[threatening music plays]

[solemn choral music plays]

[somber choral music plays]

[ethereal choral music plays]


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