Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire (2023) | Transcript

When a peaceful settlement on the edge of a distant moon finds itself threatened by the armies of a tyrannical ruling force, a mysterious stranger living among its villagers becomes their best hope for survival.
Rebel Moon - Part One: A Child of Fire (2023)

From Zack Snyder, the filmmaker behind 300, Man of Steel, and Army of the Dead, comes Rebel Moon, an epic science-fiction event decades in the making. When a peaceful settlement on the edge of a distant moon finds itself threatened by the armies of a tyrannical ruling force, Kora (Sofia Boutella), a mysterious stranger living among the villagers, becomes their best hope for survival. Tasked with finding trained fighters who will unite with her in making an impossible stand against the Mother World, Kora assembles a small band of warriors – outsiders, insurgents, peasants and orphans of war from different worlds who share a common need for redemption and revenge. As the shadow of an entire Realm bears down on the unlikeliest of moons, a battle over the fate of a galaxy is waged, and in the process, a new army of heroes is formed.

* * *

[rousing choral anthem plays]

[narrator] On the Motherworld, one thousand kings ruled unchallenged in succession.

But in the royal bloodline’s lust for power, they consumed everything upon their planet.

[deep mechanical rumbling]

The Realm marched its armies into the vastness of space, conquering everything in its path.

The glory of the Motherworld seemed without end until the treachery of an assassin’s blade struck down the King and Queen, severing the royal bloodline forever.

In the chaotic aftermath of the King’s death, several conquered planets on the edge of the Motherworld’s reach began to whisper of revolution.

A senator named Balisarius used the opportunity to seize power, declaring himself regent.

As a show of strength, he sent his most brutal commander into the outer reaches of the Motherworld’s dominion to find and crush without mercy those who would call themselves rebel.

[ethereal choral music plays]

[uraki whinnies and snorts]

[metal thuds]

[woman grunts] Whoa.

[melancholy violin music plays]

[uraki groans]

[woman grunts]

[uraki bellows]


[man] Kora.


I thought you were finished.

Everyone’s up in the Longhouse.

These are my last rows and I’ll be done.

All right.


[man] Oh. Uh…

Den was asking where you were.

He and his brother got a big snow-elk, male.

He wanted you to see it before he dressed it.

Why was he asking for me?

Well, you know, because he’s…

I, I just thought…

I just thought…

You thought?

[chuckles softly]

Move up.

[uraki groans]

[jolly folk music plays]

[villagers cheer and laugh]

It’s been a while since we’ve had fresh meat. Forgot how good it is.

[man] Den said they saw the summer herds returning.

Maybe three days’ ride away.

[folk music continues]

He was asking for you.

[Kora] I heard.

And, yes, it’s quite impressive.

Which one? The animal?


[Den whoops]

Or the hunter?

[villager] Hey!

[Den laughs]

[horn blares]

My people,

it is my duty as the head of this community

to remind you that the gods of the harvest demand a tribute.

[villager] Yeah.

[leader] An offering.

But we all know it is the thrusting of hips…

[villagers exclaiming]

…and the loud sounds of pleasure that summon the seedlings to sprout.

[villagers laugh] Yeah!


So make love tonight.

For the harvest. For the very food we eat.


[villagers] Yeah!

For the gods!

[villagers cheer]

Let’s have some music.

Some music to get us in the mood.

[jolly folk music plays]

[villagers cheer and clap rhythmically]

[door closes]

Den is a good man.

You should be asleep.

He’s the best hunter among us.

And a loyal friend.

Have you thought of a more permanent relationship?

I know that he’s amenable to the idea.

He’s asked me himself.

It’s easy between us.

Does it have to be more than that?

It’s just, uh…

That would be your last step to becoming a full member of this community.

I’m telling you, this is home now.

I want that to be true.

[wistful music plays]

You know,

the two seasons I’ve spent here have given me happiness

that I don’t deserve.

But understand, I am a child of war.

To truly love and be loved, I…

I don’t know if I’m capable of either.

The very idea of love, of… family was beaten out of me.

I was taught that love is weakness.

And I…

I don’t know how that will ever change.

You should get some rest.


[wistful music continues]

[birds chirp]

[woman] I noticed you left early last night.

Were you tired?

[Kora] That’s right. I thought I’d make it an early night.

I thought you were doing your part for the harvest.

Because as I walked home, I passed Den’s house.

That’s what it sounded like.

[Kora laughs]

Sam, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

[both laugh]

[Sam] I think you do.

[Imperium dreadnought rumbles overhead]

[Kora gasps softly]

[deep mechanical rumbling]

[Kora pants]


[bell tolls]


[tense music plays]

[dramatic music plays]

What do you think they want?


[villagers murmur]

I don’t care what the potential upside might be,

a warship hanging over our land cannot be good.

That’s your problem. Your first reaction is always fear.

The Motherworld has deep pockets.

I’m simply saying maybe we can get a better price

from our friends in low orbit there,

rather than having to deal with the cutthroats in Providence,

selling our grain to God only knows.

[villagers chatter]

Don’t act like we don’t know you’ve been selling our surplus grain

to the enemies of that ship up there.

I wonder what they would say if they found out where our excess went last year.

Well, I’m no revolutionary.

They offered the best price. I don’t care about their cause.



Sindri, I don’t have a side, only this community.

That’s my only loyalty.

And I say we start by showing them goodwill, not fear.

That we are their partners, not their adversaries, right?

Did you say “partner,” Gunnar?

I did. Is that a problem?

That ship does not represent prosperity.

Its purpose is to destroy, to subjugate, to enslave.

Partnership is not in its vocabulary.

[villagers gasp]

Give them what they ask for.

But volunteer nothing about how fertile this land is.

And hope they leave before digging too deep

into who Gunnar sold last year’s grain to.


I’ve heard enough. We volunteer nothing.

Is that clear?

[villager] They’re here!

They’re coming! They’re coming! They’re coming!

[dropships warble]

[rousing choral anthem plays]

[mechanism whirs]

[metal thuds loudly]

[mechanism whirs]

[footsteps thud]

Hello. I am Sindri, father of this village.


I’m Admiral Atticus Noble.

Loyal representative of the slain King.

I welcome you to his warm embrace.

Please, father, tell me about this beautiful village.

Walk with me up to our Longhouse.

We can have a cup of ale and I will tell you about life here.

Oh. Sounds perfect. Lead the way.

[Sindri] We’ve carved out a simple life here.

And we take pride in the love of our community,

and the hard work it takes to survive here.

[Noble] Your people seem healthy and well-fed.

As their leader, much of that prosperity must be credited to you.

No, we are a community. The credit is no one person’s.

Oh, I know that in the best of times, the credit’s shared,

but when the stores are empty, you know where the responsibility falls.

The weight of the leader, I suppose.

So you… you understand the feeling of, like, a father,

the need to feed your children, yes?

I was hoping that your land and the people of Veldt might help

as we search for a small band of revolutionaries hiding in this system.

Who my commander, the Regent Balisarius, bid me find and bring to justice.

We are humble farmers,

far removed from the politics of the Motherworld.

[ax clatters]

And still you can serve. Hmm.

The rebels we seek have been attacking our supply ports.

Led by a woman named Devra Bloodaxe, and her brother Darrian.

Their capture’s inevitable.

However, it’s taken longer than anticipated,

and we found ourselves admittedly low on stores.

And as you know or may have heard, an army runs on its stomach.

I was thinking of a partnership, where you supply us with food.

Whatever you have to spare, of course.

In exchange, you’re compensated at…

Let’s call it triple the market value, shall we?

With that windfall, you’ll be able to buy plenty of harvesters, robots,

and won’t have to do this difficult work by hand.

We believe that doing the work by hand connects us to the land

and honors these sacred fields that give us life.

[Noble] There’s peace of mind knowing that you’re invaluable

in the important mission of rooting out enemies of the Motherworld.

[Sindri] It’s quite a proposal.

[Noble] Yes.

[Sindri] If only we had some surplus to offer.

You see, the land is rocky

and yields barely enough to feed ourselves.

So, it is with sincere apologies that we must decline the offer.

However, we are grateful

for the presence of such a benevolent and powerful protector.


No surplus?

None at all?


[Noble] Huh.

But your land looks so fertile.

Your fields seem larger than what your population might need.

Of course, I understand how it might seem.

Yet the scale of the planting is evidence of the poor soil.

And our harsh winters only add to the short season.

Now, what do you say we share that cup of ale, eh?

[Noble scoffs]


It’s just…

I mean, look at these beautiful people.

I can’t imagine these glowing complexions are nourished by a barren field.

[Noble chuckles]

Now… who’s the man or woman among you who oversees the harvest?

There must be one whose thumb is greener than the rest.

[Noble chuckles]



[Gunnar] Yes, sir.

[Noble] Ah.

That is me.

[Noble] Good.

Yes, I oversee the harvest.

Well, if these people trust you, then so do I.

Trying to understand how I could be so wrong about what this land could yield.

That’s all.

Well, sir.

Sindri, our beloved father, is always looking out for the welfare of our village

and so insists on keeping reserves in case of famine or drought,

which, as you know, is the responsibility of a leader.

[splutters] But we have been lucky these last few seasons.

Our surplus has been more than we can store.

So, there might be

a chance that we can spare a small amount.

Depending, of course, on the scale of your needs.

Mmm. Good. Good.

Yeah, I mean, it’s always wise to hold some in reserve, isn’t it, father?

Yep. Yep.

I am confused though.

Curious why you should have me believe

this land could barely yield enough to feed your people.

Seems that wasn’t entirely true.

[Gunnar] No, wait, wait.

Admiral, no one is trying to mislead you.

Sindri simply has a slightly more conservative view on reserves than I do.

But we’re both excited about a possible partnership.

Just bear in mind the reality of what we can supply.

Father, who is this exactly?

Uh… My…

[Sindri] He’s of no consequence.

I have been empowered by my people to speak for them.

This man has no authority here.

You would be wise to ignore him.

[Noble] Well… a rift.

It’s not quite the idyllic community I’d first seen.

Father, if I may

offer you some advice when dealing with subordinates who need to be kept in place.

I find people can lose sight of the stakes and sometimes need a gentle reminder

of just how those with power deal with those without.

[Sindri] Admiral.



No, I… I would never…

It’s fine.

[Noble sighs]

[nervously] I…

Let me show you what I mean.


[Sindri] Please.


[villagers gasp]

[Noble yells]

[Gunnar] No, stop!

[villagers scream]

[villager] No!

[Krypteian blade buzzes]

[villagers scream]

[she sobs]

[Gunnar] What did you do?

When can I expect my harvest?

[shuddering] Oh…

I don’t…

I said, tell me, partner, when I can expect my harvest.

Uh… Um… [splutters]

Nine… nine weeks.

Very well.

In ten weeks, I shall return.

You shall have my 10,000 bushels prepared for my ship.

Twelve… We barely produce 12,000 bushels.

We’ll starve to death.

I don’t understand what you want.

Well, it’s simple.

I want everything.

[dropship engines blast]

All right, listen up.

I need all of this gear moved to this big stone building.

That should suit us for now.

Marcus, you’re gonna help me evict the current residents from our new home.


Copy you, boss.

Copy you.

Hello, everyone.

[lever clanks]

[air hissing]

I am JC-1435 of the Mechanicas Militarium,

defender of the King.

Correction, of the slain King.

It is my honor to serve.

I’m Private Aris.

We’re moving supplies to that building, if you wouldn’t mind lending a hand.

Thank you, Private Aris.

That falls perfectly into my protocols.

[Marcus] I’m talking to you, you dirty drain turtle. Come here.

[shouts] The hell you waiting for? Get out, man!

[shouts aggressively]


[Marcus] Mmm.

Thank you.

[ladle clatters]

Now, what in the name of the old gods are you looking at?

I’m sorry, I was just waiting to see if you needed some more water.

Some more water?

[shouts aggressively]

[makes kissing sound]

That’s how I like ’em. Young, strong enough to put up a fight.

[commander chuckles]


[commander] Hmm?

Look, they left us a Jimmy.

It’s a Jimmy, man.


I didn’t know we had any of those left.

All right, careful. The ground’s uneven till you get to the bridge.

Thank you, Private Aris, but I believe I can manage.

[Marcus] They won’t fight anymore.

What do you mean they won’t fight anymore?

It’s something in their programming.

Once the King was killed,

they just laid down their weapons and refused to fight.

Just watch, no matter what I do, he doesn’t fight back.

[plasma ricochets]

[uraki whinnying]

[Marcus] Hey!

Careful with that stuff, you stupid machine.

I’ll turn you into scrap, you dumbshit. You hear me?

You’re not hearing me.

[gun fires]

[Aris] Hey! Stop.

What if I shoot you instead, huh?

I could kill you right now and no one would care.

Would they?

[commander] That’s enough.

What do you say? Wanna die?

What’s it, huh?

Come on, boy.

[gun powers down]

I said, enough.

Get these crates into that house now, Private.

Yes, boss.

Are you malfunctioning?

No, sir.

Get up. Go to the river. Clean yourself.

The rest of you, stop staring.

Get back to work.

[Marcus] Get back to work, assholes.

[commander] That includes you, Marcus.

[soldier 1] You got it?

[crate clangs]

[Marcus grunts]

[Sam] Excuse me.

[JC-1435] Thank you. That is kind.

You’re a soldier?

Long ago.

Do you mind? I’m Sam.

[JC-1435] Please.

Tell me, Sam. Do you know the story of our slain King

and his beautiful daughter, the Princess Issa?

I don’t.

Well, you remind me of her.

In myth, she was called the Chalice or the Redeemer.

She was pueri salvatoris.

And even before she was born,

I and my brothers pledged everything we were,

everything that dwells inside this metal skin,

to fight in her name.

So when word reached us on some distant battlefield

that she, as prophesied, had been born of flesh and blood into our world,

I felt a great warmth for the universe

and trusted that she was to usher in a new age of peace and compassion.

And bring us home.

She was magic.

[JC-1435] Ah, yes. She was more than magic.

On the day of her coronation,

she, along with our honored King and Queen,

were assassinated in cold blood by those they trusted most.

I fear we lost some measure of our honor since that betrayal.

I’m afraid our compassion, our kindness,

our very joy,

died with that young girl.

I think it lives in you.

This is your fault, Gunnar!

I didn’t know that he would kill them.

Doesn’t matter. He’s dead now.

[villager 1] What about the soldiers? Next, it’s gonna be the other house.

[villager 2] I don’t know.

Stop, please.

How about we bring in the crop and we fall on their mercy?

[villager 3] Yeah.

We make ourselves invaluable. They wouldn’t be able to kill us.

They would need us.

He’s right.

Farming, that is our skill that we can do, that they cannot.

If we show them how good we are, they will be forced to spare us.


Yes. Yeah.

Do we agree? Our work fights for us.

[all] Yes!

Our work fights for us. Yes?

[villagers] Yes!

[Den] It’s settled then.

We show them how valuable we are.

[villager 3] Okay.

[Den] And when we have fulfilled our side of the deal,

they will be forced to rethink how much food they leave us.



We can appeal to those gentlemen in the granary, appeal to their humanity.

[villager 3] Yeah.


So… it’s running.

Would’ve thought you’d have had enough of that.

You heard them. They’re delusional.

They think those soldiers will show mercy even after what they did to Sindri,

right in front of them.

When I found you in the wreckage of that ship,

I considered leaving you.

I was afraid you could bring trouble to us.

But do I for a moment regret bringing you into our lives?

I do not.

You’ve become a part of us.

And yet, now you leave when we need you most.

When your people need you.

I can’t.

You mean, you won’t?

This place is already lost.

But what if that could change?

What if we did fight, not only us, but others?

Who else would come here and fight?

Others! Others!

Others that have reason to hate all that the Motherworld represents.

Kora, you know this universe better than I.

What if you could find the warriors that Noble seeks?

The outlaws to fight alongside us?

If I find warriors to fight for Veldt, I give the village hope.

If I give them hope, they fight and surely lose.

I won’t have that blood on my hands.

Nor will I throw my life away the same as the rest of you.

[melancholy violin music plays]

Check this.

Hey, water girl!


[Marcus] Come here.

[Sam] What is it?

Did you need some more water?

Just a… a little water.

Stop it!

[bucket clatters]

[Marcus] Or what?

[Marcus yells]

[Sam shouting] Help! Help!

Please, help!

[Sam and Marcus grunt]

[Sam screams]


Shut up!

Get off me!

Help me!

[Marcus] Shut up!

[Sam] No. Please!

[Marcus] Shut up.

Someone help me, please! Please, help!

Help me! Get off of me!

[Marcus] Shut up!

Get off me! [screaming]

[Sam grunts]

[Aris] Don’t!

Attaboy. What do you have in mind?

[Aris coughs]

I’m gonna tie you to a post and make you watch every day

as she turns from a farm girl to a whore.

[Aris growls]

[Marcus yells]

[soldiers laugh]

Marcus, my good man…

This all sounds nice,

but you’re not gonna do anything.

Not until I split this sapling myself.

[Sam struggles]

Then you may have her.

Then you can all have her.

[Sam groans in disgust]

[soldiers laugh]

[Sam sobs]

[Sam screams]

Get off her!


[Kora] Stop!

[Kora pants]


Dessert. [chuckles maliciously] Perfect.

Definitely get her.

[Sam sobs]

[soldier 1 groans]

[gun powers up]

[Sam grunts]

[all grunt]

[Kora yells]

[soldier screams]

[Kora yells]

[knife clinks]

[soldier 2 screams]

[both yell]

[gun powers up]


[gun powers up]


[commander] I will kill her.

Is that what you want? Huh?


Ah, look who decided to join us.

Kill her. Kill them both.

[Sam whimpers]

[Sam grunts]

What are you waiting for? I gave you an order.

Kill this b…

[villagers gasp and murmur]

[villagers gasp]


We’re gonna have to fight.

[man] Kora, you may need this.

I found it at the site of the crash.

I thought it was lost.

Our culture is not for such weapons.

[guardian gun hums]

I feared it could be dangerous.

You were right.

Thank you.

Where will you go?

There is someone, a general named Titus.

Once a hero of the Realm

who turned his own forces against those of the Motherworld.

Last I heard, he was still out there somewhere.

If I could find him and men for him to lead…


Last year, in Providence, you sold grain to the resistance.

Yes. I met a man there who introduced me to the insurgents.

The Bloodaxes.

Would he still know how to find them?

It’s possible.

Then you’ll take me to him?

Of course I will.

[uraki whinnying]

[Gunnar] Hey! Bring down one more uraki!

A general and an army?

We might stand a chance.

Be careful.

[uraki grunts]

[uraki bellows]

A safe journey… to the both of you.

[urakis bellow]

[haunting music plays]

[haunting music continues]

[urakis snort]

[urakis bellow]

[Gunnar] So you were a soldier for the Motherworld?

Fighting for the Realm?

[Kora] You could say that.

Of high rank, I suppose?

[animals bay in distance]

I mean, are you wanted for desertion?

That and more.


Anything else you wanna ask me?

[Gunnar] They won’t just kill us, will they?

I mean, I understand making an example of Sindri

to keep us in line.

But we’re just farmers, we’re not a threat.

How can you know they will destroy us?

When they first came to my world, I was nine years old.

They never asked for anything.

There were no terms.

[foreboding music plays]

[Kora] Only the lust for destruction.

[people scream in distance]

[guns fire]

The Motherworld’s forces were commanded by a young general named Balisarius,

who relished the ecstasy of combat.


The people of my world had mounted a brave defense,

but it had served only to enrage the young general

and gave him provocation to take out that anger on the innocent.

[people scream]


[knock echoes]

[menacing music plays]

I found myself face-to-face with Balisarius,

who loved commanding his troops,

not from the conning tower of his ships,

but on the battlefield itself.

[gun cocks]

[menacing music builds]

[young Kora yells]

[gun clicks]

[solemn music plays]

[Kora] Balisarius killed my entire family and took me with him.

I don’t know why he spared me.

Why, of the hundreds of thousands that died at his hands,

he chose me to live.

Saw something in me, I suppose.

Someone to share in his pain.

They gave me the name Arthelais,

began my training and education in the histories of the Motherworld.

And for five years, I lived on that ship with its soldiers,

who were my only family.

No softness.

Only the hard lessons of war.

[solemn music continues]

He took me often on missions of diplomacy,

and I was his child.

I was his protégé. I was his student.

I was one of them.

Daughter of a decorated commander.

Friend to the King and the royal family.

Living a life of privilege.

[muted dialogue]

[soldiers cheer]

[cheering continues]

[Kora] But regardless of my social standing,

I was expected to do my duty.

To fight for the Motherworld.

[somber music plays]

At the Academy Militarium, they encouraged us to find a lover.

Someone we would defend with our lives

when the politics of expansion became too abstract,

and the why of the conquest was lost in sheer savagery of combat.

Come on! Let’s go! Come on!

[Kora yells]

[distorted gunfire]

[Kora] So, at the age of 18, I was made an officer and given a command.

[plasma fires]

[somber music continues]

[soldiers scream]

[loud explosions]

[gun powers up]

[yelling echoes]

[rousing choral anthem plays]

[metal thuds]

[Kora] I fought for the King on distant worlds

under the banner of a people who murdered my entire family

and destroyed my world.

They had trained me,

broken me, and rebuilt me in their image.

I’m only telling you this so you know who I am.

You asked how I know that they’ll destroy you.

That’s what I would do.

[thunder rumbles]

[ship engine rumbles]

[thunder rumbles]

[urakis snort and bellow]

[men shout in distance]

[men grunt]


[Hawkshaw grunts]

[man groans]

Bounty hunters. They work for the Imperium.

[man groans]


[man screams]

[Gunnar] Oh, no.

That’s our guy. That’s the man we came to see.

The one that introduced me to the Bloodaxes.

Did the Bloodaxes give you any other way to contact them?

No. They said they were sheltered on a planet called Sharaan.

Protected by a king named Levitica.



[suspenseful music plays]

[indistinct chatter]

[creature chitters]


[Hawkshaw speaks Anurian]

[coins clink]

[speaks Anurian]


[bartender speaks Xanadite]

Anyway, I think our best chance to find the Bloodaxes

is to contact the Leviticans.

[Kora] It might expose us.

First we find General Titus, then we’ll see about your rebels.

[gags, clears throat]

Is this your owner?

Move on. He’s not for sale.

Everything’s for sale in this place, so… [inhales sharply] how much?

You know, I have a room upstairs…

…with relatively clean sheets.

That’s a very generous offer. But I don’t think so…

[Gunnar groans]

I guarantee you, by morning,

you’re gonna be begging me for more.

I said, move on.


Come on, Mama.

[tense music plays]

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Let him come and play.

You need to leave.

Listen close, you jealous little bitch.

[Gunnar yelps]

[bones crack]

[screams in pain]

[man yelps]

Now you listen close. I told you, you need to leave.

[man groans]

[Kora yells]


[patrons chatter indistinctly]

[patrons laugh]

I’m looking for information.

Has anyone here heard of General Titus or know where he might be?

[indistinct chatter]

[creature squeals, chitters]

Of course, General Titus.

Crazy bastard. Turned his own men on the Motherworld’s forces [grunts]

at the Battle of Sarawu.

Do you know of his location?

Last I heard, he was fighting in the coliseum at Pollux.


[creature chitters]

I’d be careful if I were you, little miss.

Last hunter who went looking for him ended up with his head on a pike

outside the coliseum entrance

as a warning not to bother him.



So, he’s on Pollux.

That’s your plan?

That’s my plan.


Guess we need to find a ship to take us to Pollux.

You’re catching on.

Hey! Bitch!



You should have killed me.

Now you’re gonna die.

I’m gonna give you one chance to just turn and walk away.


Are you gonna give all of us one chance?

[suspenseful music plays]

[gun cocks]

[patrons murmur]

[breathes steadily]

Kill her.

[gun powers up]

[bartender chatters]

[creature squeals]

[Gunnar grunts]

[Hawkshaw screams]

[Gunnar groans]



[Kora] Were those Hawkshaws that paid you working for the Motherworld?

I don’t like bounty hunters.

[man] I didn’t ask.

And to be clear, I don’t like bounty hunters either.

[Kora] So you’re a gun for hire?

No. That’s not my thing.

I’m more of an opportunist, you might say.

A real hero, huh?

[door opens]


Look. I heard you in there,

trying to get to Pollux.

I could help you.

Oh, understand, we’re just simple farmers.

We’re searching for soldiers for a fight against the Motherworld.

We have some money, but this is not the one you get rich on.

Aye, I understand.

Still, pay me what it’s worth to you.

Soldiers for a fight against the Motherworld?

Well, my name’s Kai.

Come on, my ship’s down at port.

[thunder rumbles]

[suspenseful music plays]

[Tawau class freighter engine whirs]

[ship engine roars]

[dramatic music builds]

Right. Setting course for Pollux.

[buttons click]

[Kai] I need to stop on Neu-Wodi first.

You know, there’s a rancher there.

He has a man that might just work out for you.

Is he worth our time?

Because we can’t afford to waste any.

I think you’ll like him.

You ever been off-planet?


What did you do on the farm?

I oversee the harvest, and planting, cataloguing seeds, and making sure that…

That sounds great. You might want to hold on.

[console beeps]

[ship engine whirs]

[ship engine roars]

[ship engine blasts]

Whoo! [laughs]


[meteorites rumble]

[deep mechanical rumbling]

[cable clicks]

[breathes deeply]

[cable clicks]

[exhales deeply]

[loud banging on door]

Come in.

[door handle clicks]

Oh, Cassius, it’s you. Good.

[Cassius] We received a communiqué from the Hawkshaws.

They’re requesting to rendezvous with us.

Apparently they’ve captured a creature

that has important information about the insurgents,

Devra Bloodaxe and her brother.

Bloodaxe? Huh.

Well, that…

[creatures chitter]

That’s excellent, Cassius.

Inform me when they arrive.

[Cassius] Yes, sir.


[ship engine sputters]

Well, if it isn’t the bastard from Saaldorun.

[man laughs]

What brings you all the way out here?

I missed your smiling face.

[man laughs]

You still got that man chained in the back?

Tarak? Yeah, he’s working off his debt to me.

Another couple dozen seasons, we should be square.

What’s it to you?

You mind if we talk to him?

Could be a deal in it for ya.

[bennu screeches]

Well, if there’s money to be made…


Hey! Tarak!

[metal sizzling]

[man] These people want to talk to you.

What got that chain on your leg?

[Tarak] A long road of mistakes.

But if you’re here to accuse me of crimes against the Motherworld,

I’m guilty as charged. Take it up with him.

No. That’s not why we’re here.

We’re here from a small village, and we’re looking to hire some fighters

to train and protect us against a force from the Motherworld.

I’m no friend of the Realm.


[Tarak] That’s well-known.

And I’d gladly fight with you,

but… I have a debt on my name,

and I honor my debts.

What’s he owe you?

[man] Uh…

300,000 Darams ought to cover any inconvenience I’ve suffered.

Oh, ya bollocks.

We don’t have that kind of money.

No money.

Well, I do love to gamble.

Here we go.

What’s the bet?

If Tarak can break that creature out there, his debts are squared with me.

[chain rattles]

[man] But if he don’t ride him,

you all get a chain and a shackle.

That’s the deal.

[man] Grab it tighter!

[bennu screeches]

[suspenseful music plays]

Watch its tail!

Can you ride him?

[bennu screeches]

Yeah… I can ride him.


[man] Yank it hard! Don’t let him fight you like that!

[bennu screeches]



Drop your leads.

She’ll tear you apart.

Drop your leads and clear out now.

Suit yourself. Drop them.

[bennu roars]

[bennu growls]

[in Samandrait] I’m not going to hurt you.

[bennu screeches]

You’re far from home and so am I.

See, you and I…

…we are alike.

We’ve been hurt. Betrayed.

Our trust has been broken.

[man inhales sharply, exhales]

We both know fear.

Yet, the biggest fear we both face…

…is the fear of ourselves.

[bennu growls softly]

[gentle music plays]

[in English] That’s it.

[in Samandrait] Let’s show them we’re not afraid.

Let’s show them we’re more than the shackles that bind us.

[bennu screeches]

[in English] Easy. Easy. Easy. Let’s go. Let’s go.


[bennu screeches]

[rhythmic percussive music plays]

[Kai gasps]

[bennu screeches in distance]

[Tarak grunts]

[bennu screeches]

[bennu screeches]

[Tarak yells, grunts]

[bennu screeches]



[bennu screeches]

[Tarak grunts, gasps]

[bennu screeches]

[Tarak laughs]



[bennu squawks]

[bennu squawks]

[bennu squawks]

[bennu growls softly]


It’s okay.

[bennu coos]


Hickman, I’ve done as you asked.

Your debt is square with me.

[Hickman chuckles]

Be good to her.

[Hickman chuckles]

[Hickman grunts]

[bennu bellows]

[Hickman chuckles]

[Hickman chuckles excitedly]

[bennu screeches in distance]

[ship engine starts]

[bennu snarls]


[Hickman exclaims, laughs]

[men] Go! Get out!

[Hickman] Hey!

[bennu screeches]




No. No.



[screaming stops]


[Gunnar] Tarak! Let’s go.

This was good. Anyone else you know of along the way?

I might have a couple ideas.

[lever clicks]

[dramatic music plays]

[lever clicks]

[elevator whirs]

[indistinct chatter]

[woman] So, what’s the job?

We represent a village on a small moon called Veldt.

This village faces the threat of annihilation

by the armies of the Motherworld.

We are looking for warriors

to join the fight to protect them.

With your reputation,

we thought it might be something you’d be interested in.

Nemesis, please, please.

Hold her.

Help her. Please, please.

[indistinct chatter]

[suspenseful music plays]

[Harmada growls softly]

[gasps softly]

[Harmada] Stay back.

I just want to talk. That’s all.

I’m clearly distressed, that’s true.

But I’m not stupid.

I know why you’re here. You want the child.

Yes, I do.

[Harmada] You can’t have this one.

This one is mine.

She has a mother who’s waiting for her.

Who’s missing her.

And why should I care about that mother’s pain

when no one is here for my pain?

[child whimpers]

This was my home before they came.

Taste the air.

It’s poisoned my body.

It weakens my eggs, and now, my children cannot emerge.

I deserve justice.

[Nemesis] I understand.

But this is not the way.

There is a difference between justice and revenge.

Is there?

I’m not so sure.

I know a mother’s pain.

I know the loneliness of that pain.

But you can’t hurt that child.

I won’t let you.

I believe you. But understand.

I will kill this child.

[child sobs]

And I will keep killing until every mother weeps tears of regret

for ever having come to the mines of Daggus.


[Oracle steel blade swishes]



[child yelps]


[Nemesis grunts]


[child whimpers]


[Nemesis yells]

[blades clank]

[Harmada screeches]

[tense music builds]


[metal gauntlet powers down]

[Nemesis gasps]

Come on.

[Harmada screeches]

Let’s go.


[Nemesis grunts]

[Harmada screeches]


Come. Back up! Back up!

[child screams]

[child whimpers]

Come here.


[blade slices]

[Harmada shrieks]

[blades hum]

[barb clatters]



[Harmada screeches]

[Harmada wheezes]

[Nemesis pants]

[body thuds]

[somber music plays]

[child sobs]

Wow. That was…

That was amazing.

Do not celebrate this.

There’s no honor in this.

This could easily be any of you lying here

in the gutter of some forgotten world,

in the name of revenge.

You would do well to remember that.

That was good of you earlier. With the child.

I was just trying to help.

Yes, but it’s not natural for some.

[Gunnar] It is for you.

Back home, you saved Sam without hesitation.

Kindness is a virtue worth dying for.

I believe that.

I didn’t always.

I told you how I fought on countless worlds.

Well, word of my victories reached my adopted father.

And the King.

[haunting choral music plays]

[Kora] For my loyalty and service,

I was promoted to the Elite Guard of the Royal Family.

The appointment was engineered by my father.

[birds chirp]

I couldn’t have known it was something more.

I was given the honor

of being the bodyguard to Princess Issa.

The princess was named after an ancient Queen Issa,

the Lifegiver.

In the old stories of the queen,

it was said that she had the power to give life.

It seemed a myth or a metaphor

created in response to the generations of war and conquest.

[divine resonance]

Yet, the story still captured the imagination of the people.

And it was believed that the princess, my princess, might have that same power.

I saw on more than one occasion things that I… couldn’t explain.

[bird chirps]

Things that made me think that she was different.


[captivating music plays]

[bird chirps]

The King once said to me…


When she becomes queen,

I believe she’ll bring a compassion that I’ve lost

after all these hard years of war.

[Kora] “It will be the dawn of something better.”

I think your friendship makes her safer.

That our friendship made her safer.

I believed in her.

In her kindness.

I believed in her ability to save us.

[melancholy music plays]

[sighs deeply]

[wind howls heavily]

[crowd cheers in distance]

[crowd shouts in distance]

[creature roars]

The great General Titus.

Thank you.

[Gunnar] Okay.

[creature chitters]

[Kai] Oof.

[creature sniffles]

Are you sure this is a good idea?

Let’s clean him up and get him sober.

Yeah, that’ll do it.

[Tarak] Come on.

[Gunnar] Come on.

[Kai] You got him.

[Tarak] Come on.

Get off me! [yells]

What do you think you’re doing?

That’s enough. Thank you.

Did you command the Eastern ranks for the Old King?

Are you not General Titus? A legend.

I don’t know what you’re running your mouth about.

Why can’t you just leave me alone?

Because my best hope is that long-ago general is still in front of me.

What do you want from me?

My men are dead because of my surrender.

I’m tired of reliving that nightmare every day.

Now, please, leave me and let me die in peace.

I don’t think you’re meant to die here…


Stop calling me that.

I have no rank, no privilege.

I’m here to make you an offer.

To give you a chance at redemption.

I am beyond redemption.

I have no time for pity!

What about all the dead men you once commanded?

What about them?

If not redemption,

what about revenge?

[dramatic music plays]

[ship engine booms]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[energy field warbles]

This is the man who knows where the insurgents are?

It is, sir.

Well, I’m listening.

You’ll let me go if I tell you what I know?

I’ll set you free, you have my word.

I haven’t seen Devra Bloodaxe for a full season,

but at the time they were on Sharaan, under the protection of a king called…


[Noble] Go on.

This was some time ago, but they were definitely there.

Talk to him, to Levitica.

I certainly will. Thank you.

[bolt gun hisses]

Thought we had a deal!

Yes, we did.

[machinery clicks]

[system beeps]

You’re free.

[body thuds]

[Noble] Dissect his brain and see if we can find out any more information.

Then we’ll go pay our respects to King Levitica.

[Cassius] Yes, Admiral. I’ll set a course for Sharaan.

Let’s go.

[freighter engine rumbles]

[in Sharaanese] Your patience is appreciated and I can assure you…

…Devra is aware of your presence.

A decision when to receive you is imminent.

Thank you, Levitica, honored king.

We await their arrival.

[distant boom]

[Gunnar in English] Look.

[Bloodaxe fleet approaches]

[dramatic music plays]

Farmer, why would you contact us from this unknown and flagless vessel?

I was assuming we had a level of trust after our last meeting.

We bought your grain to feed our fighters.

Do not confuse your business of commerce with our business of revolution.

[Gunnar] I understand.

Your coming here is a great risk to us all and to our benefactor.

But we are no longer in need of your grain.

King Levitica’s kindness has been more than enough to sustain us,

so I suggest you leave immediately.

[Kora] We’re not here to sell grain.

Gunnar’s village was visited by a Dreadnought

that threatens its very existence.

I have recruited these warriors

and given my word to bring them back and defend the farmers.

But we’re running out of time.


This handful? Against a Dreadnought?

That’s why we have come. You have men and ships.

With you we could mount a real defense.

And, of course, we can pay you with the surplus from our harvest.

It’s all we’ve got.

[Devra] My forces against the King’s Gaze?

That’s suicide.

That ship cannot be destroyed by a few dozen fighters.

That ship and the men aboard it are world destroyers.

I’m sorry, it’s impossible.

[Kora] This man is not a revolutionary.

He’s a simple farmer.

But commerce or not,

his people toiled with their bare hands to grow the grain that fed you.

All of you!

And because of that transaction,

their village is now threatened by Admiral Noble,

in pursuit of your revolution.

[suspenseful music plays]

I see.

I will go.

Thank you.

Brother, a word.

Our victories, what few there have been, have been tactical ones.

We cannot fight in the open against the King’s Gaze.

If the farmer found us, it won’t be long before Noble does.

And I will not allow another world to fall in our name.

[Devra sighs]

And what of those you command?

[Darrian] Their lives are theirs.

[Devra] Hmm.

These people, they’ve come to us with

nowhere else to turn.

They come…

…seeking our help…

…to stand against a Dreadnought of the Motherworld.

Is that not what we stand for?

Are they not who we once were?

If we will not stand with these defiant farmers to protect their home,

then the revolution is meaningless.

Under free will,

who among you is willing to die for what we believe

rather than hide behind it?

[Darrian] Milius.

Why am I not surprised?

Who is going to make sure you’ll return in one piece, if not me?

Thank Levitica and leave this planet.

[Kai pats on back]

Sister, until we meet again.

[Darrian whistles]

Maybe this isn’t suicide after all.

[ship engines blast]

Why would he agree to help you?

Bloodaxe? You think they shouldn’t?

It just seems short-sighted.

I mean, he weakens what little of

whatever word you wanna use for it there is…

Resistance, insurgency.

For what, Kora?

The chance to get obliterated by a Dreadnought?

Guilt, it’s a powerful thing.

[Kai] Aye, guilt. The underbelly of honor.

I think I might’ve had that once.


Would you believe that?

It’s true.

I mean, what do you figure?

I got ten, fifteen more seasons at most, before I steal from the wrong man.

Get stabbed to death by some dog-headed son of a bitch in a bar fight.

[Kora chuckles]

It’s really your fault, anyway.

Makin’ me wanna be an honorable man.

If you had more resisting power to speak of,

you wouldn’t need me to join you so badly.

You’re willing to fight with us?

Since you’re beggin’.

Kai, we’re not.

Well, since you’re asking, then.

If you’ll allow me.


There is one complication.

The shite in the cargo hold.

I got buyers waiting in Gondival.

Aren’t the kinds known for their patience.

Might be wise to sever my ties to life as a thief

before we go picking a fight with a Dreadnought.

Besides, you said yourself you need me.

I did not say that.

I think you did.

I’ll set the course and let ’em know we’re on our way.

Oh, shit, does that make me one of the good guys?

[Kora chuckles]

[grunts, whimpers]

[in Sharaanese] I beg you…

[distant explosion]

[in English] Please!

I’ve told you the truth.

I have nothing more.

[Noble] Right.

[scoffs] The truth…

…that you took them in, known enemies of the Motherworld,

mended their wounds, repaired their broken ships,

all out of your moral code of honor and charity.

Our civilization has lived and thrived for 10,000 years

with honor and charity as its most valued tenets.

Yes. Yes, honor and charity.

Do you see that?

That ship is named the King’s Gaze.

It was named to honor our slain father.


honor I understand.

Charity, I do not.

Our King showed charity to an off-worlder like yourself

and was slaughtered for his charity.

So, we named the ship to remind us of the power in that benevolent gaze

that was lost to charity.

And to remember that, if by God’s will, that gaze should fall upon us and be held,

for even the briefest of moments,

it could change your life forever.

Today, it falls upon you.

[rousing choral anthem plays]

We are cleared to engage.

[systems beep]


[commander] Fire at will.

[Cassius] Sir, we received a message from one of our Hawkshaws.

They’re closing in on the Bloodaxes.

[Noble] Ah.

Finally, some good news.

Well, prepare the hyperlaunch.

I’ll go ahead and personally retrieve the treasonous dogs myself.

[rousing choral anthem continues]

And what orders for the King’s Gaze, sir?

Well, once you’ve razed the planet,

we’ll rendezvous, extract the exact location of the rest of the insurgents,

and destroy them once and for all.

[Cassius] Yes, sir.

[foreboding music plays]

[distant explosions]

[ships whir and hum]

[mechanical rumbling]

[Gunnar] I’m pretty sure Kai said these boxes.

[Titus] We’ve got one.

[Gunnar] Okay.

Aye, just take the gray ones.

They’re all marked.

All right.

For God’s sake, don’t look inside. I’d hate you to think less of me.

[ventilators hiss]

[ventilators stop]


Where do you want them?

There’s space behind the bridge.


All right, put them the other side of the bridge.

Aye, let’s unload and get off this godforsaken rock.

I’ll be happy to leave this life behind.


[indistinct announcement on PA]

[Hawkshaw] Just wanna make sure that one’s on the manifest.

[crate thuds]

[ship engines whoosh]

[Darrian] Pilots!

Once you tie off those ships, see if you can get some fuel.

And you two, keep eyes from above!

[ship engine blasts]

[ominous music plays]

How we lookin’?

Everything is done.

[Kai] All right, let’s move.

[Hawkshaw] Yes.

[comms beeps]

On your mark.

This isn’t right.


[exoskeleton clanks]

[Kora screams]

[Darrian grunts, struggles]

[Nemesis grunts]

[blades clatter]

[Titus grunts]

[Hawkshaws clamor]

On your knees.

[Gunnar grunts]

Now is not the time to be a hero.

[breathes heavily]

[King’s Gaze rumbles]


[Kai] On Veldt, in Providence, the first time I heard your story.

Thought with your ideals of resistance I could round up a couple of heads.

Tarak for instance.

His world enslaved.

Then there was Nemesis.

Her whole family slaughtered.

But General Titus?

Have you any idea how much he alone is worth?

They would’ve all jumped at the chance

to exact any small vengeance against the Realm.

Even if the payment was only a sack of grain.

Then there was you. Kora.

Or should I call you Arthelais?

The biggest prize of them all.

Do you know what the Motherworld did to my planet?

They didn’t just destroy it.

They tortured every man, woman, and child.

Left them clingin’ to life as they turned them to ash from low orbit.

You know what that taught me?

Never set foot on the wrong side of history.

[Kora] Is that what you think we’re doing?

[Kai] No.

You’ve chosen the side that doesn’t even make it to the history books.

What happened to honor?

What did happen to it?

Piece of shit.

Well, who all have we got here?

Who indeed?

Commander Bloodaxe.

Leader of the very insurgency

the King’s Gaze was sent to this backwater of the galaxy to capture.

He alone will secure my seat in the Senate.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention we are in the presence of royalty.

Tarak Decimus.

Or should I say Prince Tarak? [scoffs]

General Titus.

Needs no introduction, does he?

His actions at the Battle of Sarawu precede him.

The farmer.

The ambitious farmer.

I pride myself on never being surprised.

And yet, here I am.

I understand why all of them are here… but you.

What could you have possibly hoped to gain by mounting such a… feeble stand?

Tell me.

Oh, yes.

The legendary swordswoman known only by the name of Nemesis.

Assassinated 16 high-ranking Imperial officers

and their security details.

All in a hunt to avenge her slaughtered children.


[Noble] Of course.

[gun clatters]

Now I thought I recognized something in you,

down in that filthy village.

Out there, amongst all those simple people,

the most wanted fugitive in the known universe.

Scargiver. Arthelais.

Do you know what you’ve done for me, Arthelais, truly?

Assembling yourself as such?

When I lay your bodies at the foot of the Regent,

I’ll be a hero of the Realm.

They’ll write songs of my feats of courage.

It’s not like I didn’t do all the work.

Let’s move this along, shall we?

Let’s transport them paralyzed, in case anyone’s feeling frisky.

On your feet. I’ve got a job for you.

Look… [grunts] Okay, okay.

[gun clicks]

[Gunnar exclaims]

You play your cards right, you at least might make it out of this alive.

You’re sick.

And you’re a coward.

[Kai] All you have to do is pull the trigger.

[Gunnar] I won’t do it.

[Kai] Yes, you will.

You can do it. Just pull the trigger.

[machinery clicks, crackles]

[system beeps]

I know you’re in love with her.

[Gunnar sighs]


[Kora whimpers] Gunnar.

I’m so sorry.

You can do it.

[gun loads, fires]

[Kora gasps]

[gun powers up]

[Hawkshaws scream]

[Kora grunts]


[machinery clicks]

[Nemesis grunts]

[Hawkshaw yells]

[Darrian grunts]

[Darrian grunts]

[soldier yells]

Pilots! To your ships!

[system beeps]

[TM87 battle rifle fires]

[scanner beeps]

[pilot] Cut me loose! We gotta go!

[system beeps]




[King’s Gaze cranks]


[soldiers groan]



[alarm blares]

[screaming] No!



[King’s Gaze creaks]



[both grunt]

[metal clangs]


[Kora gasps]

[Kora groans]

[Kora grunts, pants]

[Kora yells]


[Kora grunts]


[Noble yelps]

[Kora grunts]

[both grunt]

[Kora yells]

[Kora grunts]

[groans loudly]

[bones crack]

[Noble screams in pain]

[Noble groans]

[bones crack]

[Kora pants]

[Noble groans]


This is perfect.

[haunting violin music plays]

[distant explosion]

[exhales deeply]

They gave their lives for us.

They believed in their cause.

What better thing to die for?

And I should have died with them.

I know a thing or two about

the guilt of carrying on when those you’ve sworn to fight with are gone.

Honor them.

With everything that you can from now.

Carry them.

[Tarak shouts]

[Gunnar grunts]

This was a blow to the Motherworld, what we did this day.

Criminals, nobodies, standing against a machine of war.

This small act of defiance gives voice to the voiceless.

This is more than just a fallen prick officer and some of his men.

It’s the beginning of something.

What will they do now?

The crews of the Imperium are not known for their bravery.

After the death of an admiral, protocol will demand the ship’s return.

That’s good.

We still get paid, I presume?

[Kora] A deal is a deal.

Payment awaits us on Veldt.

I owe you thanks, Gunnar. You know, I never did trust that pilot.

[Kora] We all owe him thanks.

He saved us.

[urakis bellow]

[Titus] I’ve been wondering.

Is what that dead bounty hunter said true?

That you’re Arthelais?

Kai was a liar and a thief who nearly sold you all for a profit.

Anything more you want, General?

Don’t call me General.

Hey, you see it?


That’s our village.


[Kora] Home.

I never had a place to put to the word.

It’s almost a shame you killed that son-of-a-bitch Noble

and we don’t have to fight.

This would’ve been a beautiful place to die.

Yes, it would.

Let’s go.

[dreadnought rumbles]

[technician 1] Ready him for transmission.

Balisarius is standing by.

[technician 2] Sir, should we stabilize him first?

[technician 1] No, we will not keep the Regent waiting.


[cable clicks]

[technician 2] Link is established.

[fluid gurgles]

[technician1] Connection complete.

Signal is strong.

[astral energy pulses]

[technician 1] Send him.

[Neurolink powers up]

[electricity crackles]

[astral energy crepitates]



I have found her.

I have found Arthelais.

The Scargiver.

You’re certain it’s her?

I am, my Lord.

She was in the company of the disgraced General Titus and Darrian Bloodaxe.

We are close to capturing them.

Tell me, Commander. Did you think that this would be good news?

That my daughter, Arthelais, one of the most dangerous and decorated warriors in the history of armed conflict, is now part of a blossoming insurgency?

I’m supposed to be happy that she’s joined forces with the genius battlefield commander, General Titus?

Sir, she is within our grasp.

Let me bring you her head.

[royal staff thuds]

[ice shatters]

[energy crackles]

[Balisarius] In truth, I fear the head most endangered here is yours.

You will crush this insurgency to the last man, do you hear me?

And then you will capture my daughter alive and bring back my precious child to me.

So that I may crucify her in the shadow of the Senate.

If you cannot bring her to me, then the one whose public execution will send shivers down the spines of the senators, and whose screams will echo down its marbled halls will be yours.

[royal staff thuds]

[energy pulses]

[technician 1] Did he make it back?

[technician 2] I don’t know.

I have no heartbeat or brain function.

[technician 1] Hit him with everything.

[Neurolink powers up]

[electricity crackles]

[rapid beeping]


[rousing choral anthem plays]

[sinister music plays]

[haunting ethereal music plays]

[haunting choral music plays]

[rhythmic percussive music plays]

[haunting folk music plays]

[haunting folk music fades]


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