Pinocchio (2019) – Transcript

Geppetto, a poor Italian carpenter - upon seeing the puppet theater run by Mangiafuoco - decides to build a wooden puppet to tour the country and earn him a living. He visits his friend and colleague Mastro Ciliegia to ask him for a piece of wood to work on...
Pinocchio (2019) by Matteo Garrone

Geppetto, a poor Italian carpenter – upon seeing the puppet theater run by Mangiafuoco – decides to build a wooden puppet to tour the country and earn him a living. He visits his friend and colleague Mastro Ciliegia to ask him for a piece of wood to work on. Frightened by a living log, Ciliegia gifts it to Geppetto who begins to build the puppet, which he decides to name ‘Pinocchio’. During the process, Geppetto realizes that Pinocchio is alive and sentient, and decides to take him as his son. Now that he has a body, Pinocchio starts running outside and returns home while Geppetto is still looking for him in town. Geppetto’s roommate, a hundred-year old Talking Cricket, tries to help Pinocchio by giving him advice, but the puppet, considering him annoying, throws a hammer to shut him up.

Later, Geppetto returns to his place and finds Pinocchio with his feet burned, since he had fallen asleep near the ashes of the chimney. After having to rebuild them, he forgives Pinocchio for his actions. In order to educate him, Geppetto sells his jacket to buy Pinocchio an ABC book. Struck by this sacrifice, Pinocchio sets off on his first day at school. However, his good intentions are diverted by the puppet theater, for which he sells the book to buy a ticket. In the theater, the other puppets notice Pinocchio in the audience and call him to come up on stage, impatient to meet their new brother. Furious that his production went upstream, the puppeteer Mangiafuoco locks Pinocchio in his caravan and leaves the town. At night, Mangiafuoco plans to use Pinocchio as firewood in order to cook his dinner. Pinocchio begs the puppeteer to release him in order to return home from his father, certainly worried about his non-return. Sneezing with emotion, Mangiafuoco decides to let him go, choosing to burn another puppet in his place: however, Pinocchio does not accept that someone should pay for a disaster he did, and accepts his punishment. Surprised by Pinocchio’s action, Mangiafuoco lets him go, and out of pity, gives him five gold coins to give to Geppetto.

The next day, Pinocchio returns home. Along the way, he meets a fox and a cat, both pretending to be disabled. Attracted by the coins, they suggest that he should try to sow them in the Field of Miracles, a place where they will sprout in a tree full of money. Enticed by the idea of becoming rich, Pinocchio allows himself to be accompanied by the two to the Field of Miracles, which is located in the Land of Barn Owl. The three stop to eat at a tavern, at Pinocchio’s expense. After agreeing to resume the journey at midnight, the Cat and the Fox separate from the puppet, saying they have to go to find a sick relative. Pinocchio resumes the journey alone. Ignoring the warnings of the Talking Cricket, Pinocchio ventures into the woods and has an unpleasant encounter with two hooded assassins (the Cat and the Fox in disguise). Pinocchio hides the remaining four coins in his mouth and attempts to run away, but is caught and hung from a tree.

Pinocchio is rescued by a young blue-haired fairy, who lives nearby. The next day, the Fairy calls in some doctors, an Owl, a Crow and the Talking Cricket, who each give their diagnostic. Pinocchio refuses to drink a medicine until he is scared into taking it at the prospect of dying and being put in a coffin, carried by a group of undertaker rabbits. Once healed, Pinocchio is asked why he was in the forest and not at home or in school. Embarrassed, he lies but his nose becomes bigger and bigger with each lie he tells, until the Fairy is forced to summon a flock of woodpeckers in order to shorten his nose. The Fairy befriends Pinocchio and sends him off to be reunited with Geppetto.

However, on his way home, Pinocchio again meets the Fox and the Cat who, seeing that their plan has failed, stick to the original plan and convince him to go to the Field of Miracles. Upon arriving to the Field, Pinocchio plants the coins and goes to get some water. In the meantime, the Fox and the Cat steal the coins and run away. Discovering the theft, Pinocchio runs to the local court to report the fact to the gorilla judge. Since justice does not favor the innocent in Barn Owl, he is sentenced to life sentence. Pinocchio manages to get exonerated by saying that he previously committed a crime, making him guilty, and thus he is then released.

Pinocchio returns home but, through his neighbors, discovers that Geppetto has left to go look for him everywhere and decided to continue his search overseas in North America, still thinking that he is in the hands of Mangiafuoco. Pinocchio reaches the port and dives into the sea to find Geppetto, but is unsuccessful and shipwrecked on the Island of the Busy Bees. Fortunately for him, Pinocchio is saved by a woman, who is none other than the Blue Fairy in adult form. Pinocchio express his wish to become an adult as well, and the Fairy promises to turn him into a real boy if he studies and behaves well.

Pinocchio goes to school and ends up becoming the most studious boy in his class so his fairy will fulfill his dream of being a true boy. But he befriends Lucignolo, a naughty and disobedient boy, and when invites him to come to his party Candle call his to came along with him to Toyland, a place where children can have fun all day long without schools or adults ruining their fun. Initially undecided, Pinocchio chooses to follow him and in the end, after having spent a day of fun in Toyland, he wakes up with donkey ears and a cloth covering them Pinocchio looking for Lucignolo and when he sees that he has the same problem, when showing his ears he falls to the ground and we see that little by little they are turning into donkeys. The Coachman sells the kid-donkeys, and Pinocchio is sold to a circus where he is forced to perform acrobatics. One day, while noticing the Fairy in the audience, Pinocchio trips and cripples himself. The circus director decides to drown him in the sea and then use his skin for a drum. While in the water, the Fairy summons many fishes that nibble away Pinocchio’s donkey skin, bringing him back to normal.

After getting rid of the director, Pinocchio begins to swim, continuing his search for the father, until he is swallowed by the Terrible Dogfish, a gigantic and ravenous sea monster. Inside , Pinocchio first encounters a talking tuna and, to his great joy, also finds Geppetto. Taking advantage of the Dogfish’s asthma, which forces him to sleep with his mouth open, the two flee from his mouth, together with the tuna who accompanies them to shore.

In search of a place to rest, Pinocchio and Geppetto find an abandoned country house. With the intention of healing his father, who has gotten sick from the sea trip, Pinocchio is hired by a farmer to earn milk for Geppetto. Pinocchio also once again meets the Fox and the Cat, now badly reduced and no longer faking disability, not missing the opportunity to mock them and ignore their apologies. Pinocchio continues to work and study hard, to help Geppetto until he recovers. Later, the Fairy visits him at the farm and grants his wish. Pinocchio returns home to Geppetto, and shows him that he has become a real boy.



Good morning, Geppetto.


Good morning.

Good morning.

Can I bring you something?

For me?


No, no. I wanted I wanted…

Me nothing, I came to warm myself up, because outside it’s freezing.

It’s terrible.

May I sit here? For a moment to warm myself?

Yeah, sit down, sit down.


Excuse me but I very nearly broke my foot.

Look here.

This could break at any moment!

No, it’s fine like this, it won’t break.

But I can do this work in half an hour. It’s cheap, Moreno.

It’s solid. It’s fine like this.

Alright, just as you want.

But here…

Excuse me, but…

This table is all leaning to the right. See?

The table?

You can’t eat off it.


The problem is more serious, it will take a couple of days, but…

I don’t mean right now, I’ll pick it up tomorrow, I’ll fix it easily.

Geppetto, this is fine like this, don’t worry.


So, I’ll be going. See you.

You can’t get a grip on this, the door can’t be saved.

Entering it, it won’t open, going out, it won’t close.

– Listen, I’ll fix it up like new.

Come here.

Don’t fix anything. Come here.

– Have a seat.

It won’t cost you anything.

– Have a seat.

Shall I fix the door?

No, sir. Come and eat. This on the house.

If not, bit by bit you’ll demolish the entire inn. Sit.

Alright, Moreno.

Anyway, the door has to be changed.

I know.

I’ll give you this nice piece of bread with cheese, too, see?

– Thanks.

But don’t say anything else. Alright?

I mean, it’s not that urgent.

Could last some days. Actually, for me…

The table is fine too like this.

– It’s almost fixed.

Even the chair, yes, it’s acceptable.

Come enjoy the entertainment! Come and be merry!

For all the children and all the families!

The Great Theatre of Puppets!

You can also pay with things to eat!

The entertainment is guaranteed!

Excuse me… But puppets like how?

– What kind of…

Puppets, puppets.

– But made of wood?

Yes, what else would they be made of?

Ah, yes? Can I see? One moment.


Come on, hurry up!

Tonight, everybody with just four coins!

The most beautiful puppets in the world!

It’s a wonderful show!

For all the children, for all the parents!

Hurry, hurry!

Real puppets!

They’re real puppets!

Enough! You can’t see, I told you that!

No, but you can’t see through there, I wanted to see…

– Very well. Thank you.

See you tonight?

– Tonight.

Come on, hurry up!

Children, bring your parents!

It’s the most beautiful show of all time!

Mastro Ciliegia!

Mastro Ciliegia!


Ciliegia, what’re you doing down there?

Nothing, nothing.

Ciliegia, it’s me.

What’s up? Alright?


Speak, speak.

No, I just came because…

To ask you a favour…

Listen, this morning I had an idea, like a dream for me.

You listening to me, Ciliegia? May I tell you?


I’ve been thinking to make with my hands, by myself, a wooden puppet.

But not a puppet that’s ordinary!

It must be the most… The most beautiful in the world,

so they can say, “But who made this?” They must be overwhelmed when they see it.

And together with this puppet, I want to travel the whole world

and try to make my living honestly.

I already found a name!

I thought of Pinocchio. Nice, right?


– Ciliegia.


Ciliegia, tell me the truth. You been at the bottle?

No. I didn’t touch a drop.

– You had one too many.


I know it. And you can tell me.

Geppetto, from me, what do you want?

I want a small favour. I care for you very much.

– I always cared for you.


Mastro Ciliegia, I would need, if for you it doesn’t matter a piece of wood,

because in this moment I have nothing.

– Do you have a piece of wood?



I’ve one. I’ve one.

Take that one.

Ciliegia, what you mean? Are you drunk for real?

But this is too much!

Take it. Take it!

No, I can’t accept it. Any old piece is enough.

This one. It’s a present.

No. This one, no.

I need it.

It’s a gift for you!

But Ciliegia, this…

Let me see…

Oh, mamma, but this is…

one of the most beautiful pieces of wood I have ever seen in my life.

I can make… I can make a puppet that’s marvellous.

There. Almost finished, right?

Can you hear me, Pinocchio?

Can you hear me?

Try, Pinocchio.

Pinocchio. Try, say something.

Move your mouth, to your babbo.

There, say “babbo”.


Watch, watch.


Come on.




I have a son!

My son is born!

I have a little boy! Do you hear me?

I’ve become a babbo!

I’m a babbo now!

What’s happening?

Remigio! You’ll never guess what happened.


– I have a little boy, just born!


Come on! Well done!

Thanks. I’ve become a babbo!

– Oh, Geppetto!


– What’s going on?

Well, Barbara, it’s amazing!

I have a little son. I’ve become a babbo!

From one day to the next? All of a sudden?

What you mean “from one day”? From one minute to the next!

– Are you pulling my leg?


Well, I’m happy for you, but now go to bed, right? Please.

You’ve woken up the entire neighbourhood.

No, no, I don’t want to wake anyone. But, just to tell what happened…

My son is born!

Almost finished.

Almost finished.


There. This is you, Pinocchio. Do you like yourself?

D’you like yourself?

Do you like the way I made you?

I’m delighted.

Now then, Pinocchio, careful. Your babbo will teach you how to walk.

You must walk properly, otherwise you’ll fall and hurt yourself.

You have to be careful.

Watch, I’ll teach you.

First one leg and then the other.

One… And two. Watch me.

And one… and two, and one…

and two, and one… and two.

If you do like me, in two or three days you’ll be walking alo…


Pinocchio! You learned already?



Pinocchio! How come?

I haven’t even finished and you’re already disrespectful to babbo.

It’s not a good start, my son.

Not good at all!

Babbo, I’m going!

Listen to babbo. Don’t go away.







Who’s there?

It’s me.

I’m the Talking Cricket.

And I’ve lived here for more than a hundred years.

I saw the way you behaved with your father.

And I want to tell you a great truth:

Woe betide the children who disobey their parents.

They will never get very far in this world.

But I don’t feel like obeying.

Really? And when you go to school?

In fact I don’t feel like going to school.

Poor Pinocchio.

I feel great sympathy for you.

And why?

Because you’re a puppet.

And what’s worse, you have a wooden head.

Now I’m really fed up with you!

Just because I called you wooden head?

Yes, that’s what makes me so angry!

There, you are a wooden head!

– Stop it, shut up!

Yes, a wooden head!

I’ve had enough!


Who’s there?


Home at last? But I’ve been looking for you all day!

I’m here. I’m your babbo. Open up. Let me come in!

I’m coming, babbo!


Pinocchio, open up!

I can’t! I can’t use my legs anymore!

What d’you mean, you can’t use them?

Pinocchio, open up!

– I can’t use them!


Wait, I’m coming!

Quickly, babbo, I can’t use them!


Pinocchio, here I am. Here comes babbo.

Don’t worry.

But what the…

How did you manage to burn your feet?

I fell asleep with my feet in the fire!

You fell asleep with your feet in the fire?


But you have to be careful!

If I hadn’t come back, you would have burned yourself completely.

Look at them.

I made you two feet, Pinocchio, beautiful, beautiful, so beautiful.

I liked them a lot.

And what do we do now?

Another pair?


Because with another pair, you’ll run away for sure.

– Come on, I beg you!

I said no!

The moment I made you and you learned to walk away.

I looked for you all day long. I won’t make them anymore.

Please, babbo, please babbino!


Will you make them again? Please, babbo.

Pinocchio! Go to sleep now, stop moving your legs.

Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it! Down!

How beautiful they are, right?

Down, enough! Enough!

But they are new, babbo!

I understand that they’re new, but you will use them tomorrow.

Come on, you have to get up early. Now rest, go to sleep.

Tomorrow morning we have to go to school.

Together with all the other pupils.

With the spelling book you will learn to read and write.

But, what is a spelling book?

What is a spelling book, Pinocchio… It’s a book.

A book where there are letters. And spelling.

And to attend school, we must buy it.

We must buy it…


Good morning.

Good morning.

I have need, but quickly of a spelling book.

Of course.



Well, now… Right now, I can’t pay you.


I have lots of little jobs coming my way, they pay me, I’ll pay you!

I get it, but if they don’t pay you? What happens?

If they don’t pay me? They will for sure.


– I need the spelling book.

I know.

– I need it right away.

I’m sorry, but it’s not possible.

Alright, listen, so…

It’s alright if I give you… Look here, my jacket.

Look what I’m forced to do.

Look what a beauty. It’s for you, as an advance.

But this is an old rag, it’s ancient. I can’t sell it.

I don’t get it, Cecconi. What did you say?

It’s a hundred years old. I can’t.

It is not a hundred years, Cecconi, it is two hundred.

This here, it’s not ancient, it’s antique, a piece for collectors.

You know whose this was?

Only the great-grandfather of the marquise.

Just imagine! Thanks.

But even the waistcoat was from the great-grandfather of the marquise?

– You want this too?


– The waistcoat too?

So we have the set.

– The waistcoat, the jacket…

When it’s freezing, Cecconi?

Well, alright. I need the spelling book.

Anyway, also the waistcoat was from the great-grandfather of the marquise!


And… the trousers?


These were from my grandpa. Not from the grandpa of the marquise.

Good morning, Anna, Albertina. I’m taking my son to school.

– Good morning.

Come on, we’ll be late.

Come on, Pinocchio.

Mastro Ciliegia!

I was looking for you. Look!

This here is the piece of wood I got from you.

Good morning.

Bravo, Pinocchio.

Didn’t I make a masterpiece? His name is Pinocchio.

He’s my son.



This is my son.


Have you been drinking?

Very well. Goodbye, Ciliegia. Don’t drink so much.

Come on, Pinocchio. Let’s go to school.

Come enjoy the entertainment! Come and be merry!

– Pinocchio, what is it?

And all the families!

Babbo, what’s down there?

What’s down there? The Theatre of Puppets.

Where your brothers are. Puppets like you.

Rather not like you. Because you are much better looking.

Come on, hurry up.

What are they doing?

They’re being… puppets, and…

enjoying themselves, entertaining the audience.

Come on, now we go to school.

First you study, afterwards perhaps we’ll go.

Hurry, to school, now.


Ciao, Pinocchio.

Ciao, babbo.

You must be cleverer than the other children.

Will you promise?


Ciao, my little boy, ciao!

I just took my son to school!


Wait, you’re a puppet?

But where are your strings?

– In you go.

But I don’t have strings.

Looking for work?

No, I’ve just come to watch.

That’s four coins. You got them?

– No.

Then beat it.

Come on, hurry up, it’s only a question of minutes.

Hurry up, hurry up! Just a few seats left!

You can’t go in! It’s the last show!

– Do you have four coins?

No. I haven’t, no.

Excuse me.

Do you have four coins to give me?

Four coins?

In exchange for what?

The spelling book of my babbo.

Let me see it, no?

I’m so tired!

Today, I really don’t want to do anything!


I’ll pretend to be deaf, so I won’t work.

Arlecchino, go and look for my kitten.

Shall I go to the kitchen?

What kitchen? The kitten!

Go and take it to the veterinary.

– But I don’t know any Mary!

Who is this Mary?

– Do you know any Mary?


– Is your brain full of fog?

The dog!

I lost the dog, help!

– Has someone seen the dog?


But what dog? Fog, fog!

What the devil!

The Devil!

Who called me?

– He called you!


So, disgraceful wretch… So he can hear me, then.


Pantalone, tell me the truth. Which one of you was it?


The mouth of truth.

Who called the devil?


It was Pantalone!

So, decide, both of you! Who was it?

– It’s him who’s the joker, not me!

Do I dream or wake?

Deities of the firmament!

– Heavens, that one is a wooden puppet.


He’s a puppet like us?

It’s true.

What’s your name?



Come to the arms of your wooden brothers.

Come to our arms, Pinocchio.


– Come.


– Pinocchio!

Our Brother…

Run, Pinocchio! You must run!

Run, Pinocchio!

– What’s going on here?


– Eh?

But why?


Come here.


Who are you?

I am Pinocchio.

And your strings?

No strings?

Come with me, come.

Carry on with the show. Come on!

Colombina! Colombina!

Come on! Come on!

Carry on with the show!

Come with me. Hurry! Come!

Excuse me.

– Excuse me!


No, don’t close it yet, because a child is missing.

If I close it, it means I’ve checked, there aren’t anymore.

No. Look, a child’s missing, my little boy.

I brought him this morning.

But if I tell you no… Well, anyway, describe this little boy.

He’s a little boy.

Bonny, with a red hat, with a red suit, a new spelling book I bought him.

He’s called Pinocchio. And, well, you know…

Alright, he is wooden, you know.

How come? Wooden?

Listen, pardon me, the only wooden stuff here is the seating.

What you mean? There must be my little boy.

I brought him this morning. Check better.

Since you described him, why don’t you try at the Theatre of Puppets?

Don’t waste my time, I won’t tell you anymore.

Have patience.

Theatre of Puppets?


– Cecconi!


I’m sorry, but wasn’t the Theatre of Puppets here?

Yes, it was but they’ve left.

But where did they go?

Where did they go. I don’t know…

– You didn’t see, right?


Did you see if there was a red puppet?

– He’s my little boy. Was he there?

Yes, he was.

– He was.

He went to see the show and then…

I don’t know.

Ah, you don’t know.

They’ve taken him.

They have stolen him.

He was too beautiful. Was too well made. I knew it.

They robbed Pinocchio, they robbed me of my son.

But I’ll find him again.

I must find him, even if I have to go beyond the sea, I’ll find him.

I’ll find him.

Everything goes out here.

The fire needs reviving. Gendarmes!

Bring me that puppet, the new one. He’ll burn nicely.

No. Please, let me go!

I don’t want to die! Save me! Please!

I don’t want to die! Save me!

He sneezed. Go on like this.

Touch his heart and you’ll see that your life will be saved.

Go on.

I don’t want to die.

I don’t want to leave alone my poor babbo.

He doesn’t have anyone in the world, he only lives for me!

– The mutton is half raw.

He does everything for me.

– I’m hungry.

I beg you, no!

Into the fire. Come on.

My babbo only has me!

Don’t let me die like this, I beg you!

Let him go.

Sure, your poor babbo…

wouldn’t be pleased if I threw you in the burning coals, right?

Poor old man, I…

But if I can’t burn you, I mean…

I should be pitied as well. I’m hungry.

I don’t like eating mutton half raw.

If I don’t burn you, I’ll burn someone else.

Bring me Arlecchino, come on!

Throw him on the fire, quick!

But, signor Mangiafuoco, why Arlecchino?

Arlecchino, yes. Come on!


– But why Arlecchino?

I don’t want to die!

– I don’t want to be burned!

Arlecchino, no!

It’s him or you. Quickly! Come on!

– I didn’t do anything!

Let him go!

– Throw me into the fire!

I don’t want to die!

– Let him go!


You’re a good puppet, you know.


Come here.

Give me a kiss.

So that means…

I guess I’ll have to…

eat my mutton half raw.

Because of Pinocchio, I grant Arlecchino his pardon.

Thank you, Pinocchio!



Come here.

What’s your father’s name?


And what does he do?

he’s poor.

Does he earn much?

He earns so much, he never has a penny to his name.

These clothes, how did he make them?

– With his blankets.

With blankets?

He’s poor… So…


Take these five gold coins.

Give them to your father.

Five gold coins?

Thank you very much, signor Mangiafuoco.




– Ciao, Pinocchio.

Ciao, Pinocchio.

– Ciao, Pinocchio.

Come back and see us.

Ciao, Pinocchio.

Safe journey.

Give him my regards.

Thank you so much, signor Mangiafuoco.


Give him my best. Ciao

Excuse me!

Excuse me! Do you know where my babbo is?

You see it, see it, see it?

Do you know where Geppetto’s village is?

We are fishing here. Go away.

I need to find him as quickly as possible!

There was one there.

What a pity, I wanted to give him these five gold coins.

Five gold coins?

Wait, wait a minute.

– We’ll help you find your babbo.

We’ll help you.

Did you say five gold coins?

They really are five gold coins.

Five gold coins.

Five coins.

– Golden. – Golden.

– What d’you want to do with these coins?

What d’you want to do?

I want to buy a new jacket for my babbo…

And the spelling book for me to study.

– The jacket is a wonderful idea.

The jacket for babbo is wonderful.

– The spelling book to study…

The spelling book to study…

– The spelling book to study…

The spelling book to study…

I tell you something?

I, because I studied, I almost lost a leg.

Almost lost a leg.

He, because he studied, almost became blind.


Instead, if you listen to me…

– If you listen…

I advise you.

…advise you.

Something I want to tell you just because you’re beautiful.

Because you’re beautiful.

– Introductions first, I’m the Fox.


– Magnificent name, magnificent.

I am the Cat.

– Pinocchio.

Magnificent name.

Anyway, would you be interested, since you have to buy a jacket for your babbo,

in turning these five gold coins…

into fifty?


– One hundred…

One hundred.

– Five hundred…

Five hundred.

Five hundred?

– One thousand…

One thousand.

– Two thousand…

Two thousand.

– How about that?

How about that?

– That much?


And I tell you how.

But now we’re friends, I can tell you.

It must stay between us, no one else must know.

It’s a secret.

I know a certain place…

– called the Field of Miracles.

Of Miracles.

– It’s nearby… – It’s nearby.

– Shhh… – Shhh.

If we go there, the three of us I mean…

We take the coin, the gold coin, we dig a little hole in this field, we bury it,

then we cover it well… Then we add what? Some water, abundant water, right?

Water, water, water, water!

Then we wait, a few hours. What happens?

The seed germinates…

Germinates, germinates, germinates…

Germinates, germinates, germinates…

– Up pops a plant…

Up pops a plant.

– Which has plenty of coins…

Which has plenty of coins.

There is one coin, one plant with five hundred coins.

Five hundred coins.

– Eh, you interested?

You interested?



Want to go?

– Yes?


Let’s go. Come with us.

Now that I think of it.

We have to wait till dawn, so how about…

– We nibble a little something…

A little something.

– So we become friends.

Become friends.

We nibble a little treat, a little something… And we wait.

Till daybreak, we bury the coins and the plant in the morning blossoms.

But I’m not hungry.

It doesn’t matter, we nibble something.

Nibble something.

At the daybreak, the plant…

five hundred coins, one coin.

Two coins, one thousand.

– Lots of plants, packed with coins.


So, if I replant 1,200 coins, even more will grow?


You said just a nibble.

It’s a very delicious one too.


But if…

There’s the marrow.

But if I plant five gold coins, how many will come out?


First of all…

keep your voice down.

– They’ll hear us.

They’ll hear us.

I already told you, if you plant one coin, five hundred.

– Five coins, 2,500, no?


Let us nibble, let us nibble something.

Two thousand five hundred? That much?

May I give five hundred to you?


No, there’s been a misunderstanding.

If you act like this, you offend us.

You offend us.

This feather…

We are not driven by self interest.

– Self interest.


– We are driven only by friendship.


Because you are our friend.

– Are we friends?


Then, so what?

But why can’t we leave now for the Field of Miracles?

– First we’ll nibble…


– And then we take a little nap…

A little nap.

Tomorrow at dawn we’ll be in place.



Come here. Come, come.


– Look.


Do you like it?

– See how that plant has flowered?


Beautiful, right?


And you didn’t believe it…

– Go and take the coins.


They’re all yours.

Run, go!

– Coins… Coins…

Take them.

Jump higher! Hop!

He can’t reach them.

He’s small, our little friend.

We can help you.

We’re here on purpose.

We are your friends.

Take this one…

This one, that one, there…

– And this one, and this one…

That one!

– Which one?

This one.

So many coins!

So many coins for your babbo!

So many coins for your babbo!

– So many coins…

For your babbo.

Here, here, stop!

Wake up! It’s midnight!

– Who is it?

The innkeeper.

Are my friends up and ready?

They left already.

They said they’d wait for you at the end of the woods.

And that someone has to pay the account.

But didn’t they give you the money?


Because they were afraid of offending you.

– Offending me?


Come on. Up!

Hurry. I’ll wait downstairs, OK?



Who is it?

Pinocchio, it’s me.

I want to give you some advice.

Retrace your steps.

Take the four coins you have left to your poor babbo,

who’s weeping, he’s so desperate…

He’s afraid he might have lost you.

Cricket, it’s impossible what you say.

Babbo tomorrow will have two thousand gold coins.

Listen to me, Pinocchio.

Don’t trust those who promise to make you rich in a blink of an eye!

Either they’re mad or they’re pitiless crooks.

Take my advice, go back home.

I’ll go on, instead.

Pinocchio, remember that children who want to act on their own,

before long they’ll regret it.

Well, good night, Cricket. Now be quiet though!

Good night, Pinocchio.

And heaven save you from assassins.

Shut up!

Assassins don’t exist.

– We are the assassins!


Give us the coins!

I have to give them to my babbo!

– Give us the coins!

The coins!

– The coins!

I can’t!

Please, open up!

Please, let me in!

I’m being chased! Please, I don’t know what to do!

There’s no one in this house.

They are all dead.

How come, no one? I see you, please open up!

I’m dead as well.

What d’you mean, dead?

Wait, I beg you!

– Don’t go away! I beg you!

Grab him!

Give us the coins, come here!

He put them in his mouth. Get them out!

But he bites!

– Then let’s hang him up!

Hang him up!

Spit them out or I’ll hang you from the first tree.

He’s still moving a foot…

Just a little.

We wait for him to die.

So no more biting.

Then we open his mouth and take out the coins.

The coins.

– And we go to the inn.

To the inn.

– We nibble.

We nibble…

– A little treat.

A little treat.

Let’s see.

Still a few little twitches…

We wait…


if you were here…

Little Fairy.

The doctors have arrived.

And the Cricket is here too.

Let them in.


Doctors, please come in.

Come in, please. Please.

Why did you polish with wax?

Sorry, the fact is… The Snail, well…

What can you do, right?


Alright, let’s look at the patient. Come on.

Deep breath.


We’re facing a very banal case of acute trunkitis.

You’ve got acute trunkitis.

– Dottor Raven, what do you mean? – Why?

Here we’re facing a very grave case of morbus lignorum, vulgarly called wooditis!

You’ve got morbus lignotus.

What did I tell you? You never listen to me!

So could you please show me this wood grain?

Yes, there’s the wood grain, but there’s scraping too.

We need a resin compress.

You maybe specialised in wooditis, but here we’re talking about acute trunkitis.

Excuse me, doctors. What’s the diagnosis?

Will the puppet live or will he die?

The puppet will live.

– The puppet will die. – What?

– He will die. – He’ll live.

– There’s nothing more to do, he’ll die. – Don’t you worry, he’ll live.

– Be silent, it’s chippingitis. – He’ll die.

He’ll die.

– He’ll die! – Come away!

Pinocchio, I did tell you! You didn’t listen to me!

Do you remember how many times I told you?

You have to listen to me! You have to listen to me!


Ciao, be seeing you.

Quickly, the puppet’s burning up!

Calm down!

Everything has its own time.

These things are done very gently.

If you take this medicine, you’ll be fine in a few days.

But it’s sweet or bitter?

It’s bitter, but trust me, you’ll be better.

I really can’t.

Oh, Pinocchio, it’s just a medicine.

A bitter one.

What a fuss!

Look, Pinocchio, if you don’t take the medicine, you’ll never get better.

It’s not true.

Yes, Pinocchio, you’re sick in a bad way.

It really doesn’t matter.

Ah, no?

And if you die?

It doesn’t matter.

– Ah, it doesn’t matter? – No.

– You don’t mind dying? – No.

– No? – No.

We’ll see. Let them in.

We’ll see.

Come in!


This way…

This way, this way!

It’s slippery.

But, who are they?

You didn’t take the medicine and now they’ve come to get you.

They’ve come to get me?

But I don’t want to die! Please, little Fairy!

And what can I do about it?

Please, give me the medicine, I beg you!

Wait a second.

He wants the medicine now.

no! The call has been made.

We can’t go back with an empty coffin.

I’m sorry, Pinocchio. It’s the rule.

You should have thought of it before.

The call has been made and the coffin must be filled.

– Right? – Yes.

What d’you mean, filled?

Give me a hand.


I beg you! I don’t want to die, please!


Get out.

It’s a pity to go back empty coffined, right?

– Let’s go. – Let’s go.

On three. One, two…

– Did they go away? – No.

– Are they leaving? – Yes.

– This way. – Now?

– Have they left? – No.


– Now? – The stairs!

– Ouch! – Yes.

Right. Now come on out and take the medicine.

So, now that you’re well again…

why don’t you tell me all the things that happened to you?

I was in the Theatre of Puppets…

How come?

Well, the school was closed.

I was waiting for it to open,

and so I went to the Theatre of Puppets.

And you entered without paying?


They let me in like that.

– What’s going on? – No, nothing.

Never mind.

Come on, tell me.

There was Mangiafuoco too who gave me five gold coins.

And then?

But then I lost them and met two assassins in the woods.

So, tell me,

there wasn’t anybody who told you to be very careful and to listen to him?

No, I didn’t see anyone.

But, what’s going on with my nose?

Oh, no, nothing, you see…

you told some lies, that’s why your nose is growing.

And careful where you point it.


Stop him! Stop him!

If not, he’ll break everything!

No. Careful, don’t hurt me.

Don’t hurt me.

Stop him, please, he’ll break everything!

You’re here?

Now hold on tight. I’ll accelerate!



Look how I’m running.

She walked…



by her hair…

When she falls asleep, we’ll go play.

On her crown…

a garland of flowers…


And her gown… all studded

with diamonds…

Now go, Pinocchio.

Go find your babbo and then come back here.

And please, be careful.

Very well.

Ciao, Little Fairy.


Medoro, say goodbye.


Come on, a little nibbling!

Let us nibble something!



My friends!

What a pleasure to see you again!

But, what are you doing here?

No, just waiting, you know

– that they free up a table. – A table…

– To nibble, remember? – Nibble…

– We like to nibble. – But, where did you end up?

Me? But where did you two end up?

– We’ve been searching for you. – Searching.

– If you only knew how much we searched! – Searched…

– Where were you? You vanished. – Vanished…

Well, I was walking in the woods, I met these two assassins…

– Assassins? – Yes.

I tried to escape…

Excuse me for interrupting, but these assassins, who were they?

– You don’t know? – No.

Ah, there. No, I didn’t… Just saying. Tell, tell us.

I asked for help at a house, but they didn’t open

and before I knew it the assassins grabbed me and hung me from a tree.

The next day, I was saved by the Fairy.

The Fairy…

– Because the assassins hung me. – Fairy…

They grabbed me and hung me.

And the Fairy saved you.

She saved me.

But a question.

The coins, still have them?

– Well, yes, here they are. – Oh yes?


You see… friends?

– Friends, friends, friends… – What now?


What is it?

Today’s leftovers.

And to do what?

What you did last time. You eat them.

Excuse me, but…

– Who was he? Feeding me leftovers. – Leftovers…

– To us who are waiting for a table. – A table…

– But what leftovers? – Excuse me. What leftovers?

– You’re making a mistake, here! – Mistake…

– It’s for sure. Ah, leftovers! – It’s for sure.

Wait, wait a second. What is it?


I want everyone here to know. Serving us leftovers… No!


I can eat them, yes, but to protest!

– Protest! – We are waiting for a table.

We’ll go to the Field of Miracles. You still have all the coins?

– Yes. – Let’s go.

Here we are, Pinocchio.

This is the Field of Miracles. Do you like it? So?


– Like this? – Keep digging. Yes, bravo.

– Bravo… – Right.

– Perfect! Now the coins. – Perfect…

Come on, come on.

– Camouflage. – Camouflage…

With the grass.

Like that.

– Now we need water, to water it! – Water, water.

I can’t go because of my leg, you know.

– He is blind. – I’m blind…

So you go. You know what?

You see those trees? You go beyond the trees.

You’ll find a little lake. You go there, and get some water…

abundant. Abundant water.

We’ll water it and the plant will flower.

– Run! – Now?

Now, now. After the trees.

Run, Pinocchio, run!

– Run! – Run!

Faster, Pinocchio, disappear.

– Here? – No

– Run, go! – Run!

– Go, Pinocchio, go on! – Go, run!

After the trees, there’s the little lake.

Fine, fine.

Fine, disappear, fall into the little lake.

Fine, he’s gone. He’s gone.

Where are you, my friends?

My friends…


Cat and Fox told me about the Field of Miracles.

The Field of Miracles is where you plant money

and after you grow lots and lots of golden coins.

What have they done? Please, use more voice.

They said, “Go and fetch the water for the plants”, because I’d just dug a hole,


And then when I came back…

Because I had to water?

The coins I’d put into the ground…

Watered the coins?

Yes, becau…

– I had to… – They told you to?

I had to dig a hole and after…

cover it and water it, but when…


When I came back…

the money had vanished.

There was the hole without any coins?


Poor little thing.

And who were they?

Cat and Fox, I repeat.

Cat and Fox?

Do we know a cat and a fox?


We don’t know a cat and a fox.

Well, what do you want, what are you asking?

I ask for justice, to have back the four golden coins,

plus one they made me spend at the Red Prawn Inn.

Because only they were eating.

You want them…

So, you have been robbed!


Having been robbed you are innocent?

– Put him in prison! – How come in prison?

But I’m innocent!

The innocent go to prison!

But why?

In this country the innocent go to prison.

But why in prison?

The innocent go to prison!

I also have something to say.

I’m guilty, I’m guilty too!

Wait, wait!

What did you say?

Me too, I’m guilty!

Come back, come back.

I too am a thief!

And you’ve stolen what?

I’ve stolen a swine.

A swine? Not that much a swine, not that much.

Also a chicken!

A chicken, a swine… No, no, no, no!

Not suitable.

Now that I remember, I’ve also stolen a jewel.


A jewel?

Yes, all in gold and silver.

In that case, yes! Bravo!

Bravo, bravo, bravo! Liberate him!

Bravo! My compliments!

Imagine, I have stolen so much stuff, that I don’t even remember.



It’s Pinocchio. Let me in!

Pinocchio, what are you doing?

Your father isn’t here anymore.

He’s been gone a long time.

He went searching for you.

But where did he go and search?

He said he would go to every part of the world to find you.

He was desperate, couldn’t stop crying.

He said, “I’d go to the ends of the earth searching for him,

to the Great Americas.

I must find him.”

– But where are the Great Americas? – They are far away, the Great Americas.

You have to cross the sea to get there.

And where is the sea?

My boy, the sea is very far, you know.

He went in search of you.

Fly, be careful, hurry!

Come back!

It’s dangerous.

The sea is too choppy!

Come back!

Come back!

Come back!

You’ll never make it!

Come back!

Easy, easy.

No rush.


And the little Fairy?

She’s grown… up.


Why’s she grown up?

It’s her, fly.

The same gown… the same hair…

It’s me.

But… how did you do it?

It’s a secret, you know.

Go on.


How did you grow up? Me too, I want to grow up.

But you can’t do that.


Because puppets never grow up.

They are born puppets…

They live as puppets…

They die as puppets.

But, I don’t want to be a puppet for all my life.

I want to become a boy like all the others.

And you’ll become that…

if growing up you deserve it…

and if you behave well.

But, what can I do to deserve it?

You have to get used to being a proper puppet.

So, from tomorrow you’ll go to school and you’ll study.


You’ll go to school and you’ll study.



So, let’s see if you’ve studied.

In an enclosure, there are eighteen sheep.

Seven in the night escape.

Next morning,

how many sheep will the farmer find?


Your hand.

On the chickpeas!

Come in!

Move it, move.


Take your hat off in respect.

From now on you stay here, no more talking.

Leave him here. I’ll deal with him.

Let’s see if you’re prepared.

Eighteen pears by two.

– Don’t know? – No, I don’t.

Don’t know, don’t know, don’t know…

The hand!

On the chickpeas!

And now copy what I write.

“The schoolteacher…

is a…






Wait for me!

– I’m coming with you. – Come.

Tomorrow we’ll go steal from a place

where they have sausages, big hams, cheeses.

But we must be careful,

’cause the last time the owner gave me a crack on the head. Look.

Who is it?

Who is knocking at this time of the night?

It’s me!

Me who?


Pinocchio who?

The wooden one!

That puppet who had promised to his Fairy

he would go to school, to study

and then he run away.

That puppet, you say? Are you sure?

Yes, that puppet.

Will you let me in?


I won’t run away anymore!

But… open up!

Dear Snail! Open up, please!



The Fairy said that this time

she’ll forgive you.

But next time she won’t let you in again.


Go to school and behave yourself.


who doesn’t go to school…


– Do you know where Lucignolo is? – Not coming anymore.

– How come, not anymore? – I don’t know, just not coming.

He has to work the fields with his father.

Why must he have to work the fields with him?

I don’t know.

– When does he come back? – I don’t know.

No talking during the lesson!


Don’t you feel anything?


“Good children…


Very good, yes.



got to…


And now, we’ll do a bit of magic.

– Magic? – Yes.

Act like this.

“He thought

to dispatch

– a magnificent…” – Go.


A shepherd, in an enclosure, has three hundred sheep.

During the night forty-seven escape, but three come right back.

Then twenty-four fall ill, nine die and the others get better.

Two more escape. How many’s that?

Two hundred and forty-five?

Right. Right, Pinocchio.


Did you see how smart Pinocchio has become?

I’ll give you a nice ten out of ten.

Ten out of ten.

Always like this. Make a little ball, then squash the little ball.

We have to make a lot of them, because tomorrow, here,

we’re having a nice feast.


A magnificent feast.

Schoolmaster says you are smart

and so tomorrow you’ll stop being a puppet

and become a boy just like all the others.

What are you waiting for?

Go and invite all your friends. Hurry!






Go away! My mother will find me!

You’ll never believe the amazing thing that’s happened to me!

– Lucignolo! – Tomorrow I stop being a… puppet.

And I become a little boy.

Tomorrow there’s a feast at my house. Will you come?

No, I can’t.


At midnight I have to leave.

Where’re you going?

– To a land… – Lucignolo!

A nice land, a fantastic land.

The most beautiful in the world. It’s called the Land of Toys.

You play, you run, you jump, all day long.

You do what you want, there are no rules, no teachers.

– You have a good time, that’s it. – Lucignolo!

Look, if you want you can come too.

If I get my hands on you, you’ll be sorry!


But I want to become a little boy.

So don’t come. I’m going.


But I… But why?

Are you sure the wagon will come?

Yes. Really sure.

But I can’t see it.

It’s coming.

It takes time, but you’ll enjoy yourself.

But I told you I would come this far, to keep you company and then home.

Come with me. We’ll enjoy ourselves.

Oh, here it is.

Ciao, Pinoccio. I’m going.

Ciao, Lucignolo.

And you, my dear?

Are you coming with us or staying?

– Children, call him! – Come on now!

– Come! – Come with us!

– Come… – Come!

– Come! – Come…

– Come! – Come!

They’re calling you. Don’t you hear?

So, come on, get on the wagon.

Come. You’ll have fun. I promise you.

– Come! – Come!

We have arrived, my dears.

Down you get, but be careful, no rushing.

Don’t hurt yourselves. Down you get.

Come, I’ll help you.

My dears…

Come on!


Come on. Come on.

Pull the robe. Pull!




And here? Everything is in place.

Goodnight, dears.


See you tomorrow.



Tomorrow we’ll have a good time!




Who’s there?

It’s me, open up!

I can’t right now.

By any chance, did you also wake up this morning with strange ears?

Actually, a little bit, yes.

Well, let me in, open up, quick!

It seems we have the same problem.

I think so.

Take off the sacking.

But you take it off first, no?

Alright, let’s do this. So, on three we’ll take them off.

One, two… three.

– What ears are these? – What ears are those?


– Hurts bad? – Yes.

watch it.

We can’t go around like this.

Yes, you’re right.

God, Pinocchio, I can’t stand up. Help me, Pinocchio. Ouch!

– What is it? – What’s happening?


My hand!

Help! Help!

Pinocchio, help me!





My dears!

I recognized you, my dears.

I can hear you!

My dears.

How wonderfully you bray!

There we are.

My dear.

This donkey is called Lucignolo.

He’s very brave.

Its vigor is legendary.

For whatever might be your needs,

would appear perfect.

– It looks like a good animal. – Thank you.

But wait a moment…

This scar on its forehead…

– But no… – No, no, no.

– No scars. – No?

Brings sadness.

I won’t take it.

Very well, we have another donkey.

Here it is.

Its name is Pinocchio.

It’s an intelligent animal.

It’s docile, meek.

And plus… And plus its mind is a sponge.

Better than a sponge, in fact.

For the numbers that you have planned,

it’s extraordinary, in my modest opinion.

Returned from a long and glorious tour

of the Indies and the distant lands of America,

folks, this evening, performing for you in numbers that are really priceless,


never seen in a lifetime…

Ladies and gentlemen,

here for you the donkey Pinocchio!


Here we are, here we are! With his clown!

Cheer up, cheer up!

Fantastic… Now, folks,

the tallest man in the world and the smallest man in the world

bringing you the Circle of Fire.


And now, ladies and gentlemen,

I know this can be a terrifying game,

too dangerous,

but we know what we’re doing.

So, let’s begin.

Roll of the drums!

I want an applause of encouragement.

And one, and two, and three!

Again? Applause…


And another one!

And one, and two, and three!

Pinocchio didn’t fall.

It’s an unusual game we invented for you

to make this show even more spectacular!

Pinocchio can’t trip over. Take him away, take him away.

And now, the strongest man in the world

will carry Pinocchio the donkey out.

Applause for the strongest man in the world!


There, look how clever this animal is.

Look how he pretends to limp.

There he goes. More applause. Thank you.


Unfortunately, you’re now lame, my beloved Pinocchio.

And now we have reached the painful moment to say goodbye.

With this skin we’ll make a big drum.

Throw him in.

And one…

and two…

and three!

And now we have to wait.


And who are you?

But my donkey, where did you put it?

It’s me!

– What d’you mean, it’s you? – Yes, it is so!

– The donkey? – Yes, I’m Pinocchio.

But how can it be possible?

It’s possible!

– The water transformed you? – Yes.

You didn’t take into account my Fairy!

A talking puppet.

We can use it at the circus.


come here.

Come, I won’t do anything to you, come!


Come here!

– Ciao! – Where do you think you’re goi…

You dive in.

Dive in.

– No, no, no, no. – What no, no…

– Just dive in. – You dive in.

It’s an order, I told you. You dive in.


Fair enough. Fine. You dive in.

– Why me? – It’s your turn.

– I don’t know how! – We’ll throw you in.

I’m afraid of the water.

I don’t care. How do you want me tell you?


– Where you going? – I can’t swim.

Come here.

Come here, you villain! Come here, you ungrateful!

Ciao, Pinocchio.



Help! Help!




It’s useless calling for help.

Who will come to save you?

– Who are you? – Me?

I am a poor tuna,

who was swallowed by this dog fish just like you.

What kind of fish are you?

I’m not a fish. I’m a puppet.

If you’re not a fish,

why did you let the monster swallow you?

But I didn’t let myself be swallowed, it swallowed me.

What can we do now?

Better that we face it,

and wait for this monster to digest us both.

Digest us?

But I don’t want to be digested!

Same here. I don’t want to be digested.

But I’m consoled by the thought that when you’re born a tuna…

it’s more satisfying to perish in water…

than olive oil.

Olive oil?

But I want to escape, I want to run away!

Do it…

if you’re able.

What’s that light back there?

Who knows?

I want to go and see.

Well… goodbye, tuna.

Goodbye, puppet.

I wish you good luck.



– Pinocchio! – Babbo!




My son!

My son…

How I looked for you!


My son, I looked for you everywhere.

Look, it’s not so bad in here after all, Pinocchio.

It seems so, but it’s beautiful.

Because what, with the shark devouring everything…

There’s fish…

I’ve eaten lots of fish. Look.

There’s a net, here.

And now that you’ve arrived, Pinocchio, we can fish together.

You stand over there, me this side.

We can even catch big fish.

Look at this nice spot with plates, look.

Then there is the bedroom,

where you can sleep too.

– Babbo. – Yes.

We must escape.

– What? Escape? – Yes, we must escape, babbo.

No, I would think about it a little more.

And plus, now maybe you’re seeing it all upside down

because you arrived without warning,

but if I tidy up a bit, Pinocchio, it will be a splendor.

– Want to see it all cleaned up? – Babbo.

We mustn’t remain here, we must escape, get out of here.

No, I’ve thought about it a lot. It’s impossible to get out of here.

– Come with me, babbo. – Pinocchio, it’s impossible.

Come on, babbo.

Babbo! Let’s go, come on.

Pinocchio, no, better not. Pinocchio…

It’s the right moment, its mouth is open.

– It could close it any moment. – Are you sure, Pinocchio?

– Pinocchio, wait. – Come, Babbo.

– Come. – Pinocchio…

I don’t know how to swim.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how.

I’m here, I swim very well.

And I’m made of wood, I float.

I know you’re a puppet, I made you, Pinocchio.

Can you imagine a puppet tall one meter like you, could carry me on his back?

We both drown, we both die, Pinocchio.


I can make it.


Let’s go. Come on.

Pinocchio, we’ll drown!

I can make it…

Hang on to me, puppet.

Hold on to my fin.

We start!

Go, tuna, go.

Thank you, my friend.

You don’t have to thank me.

If I succeeded in escaping from the mouth of the shark,

it’s because you gave me the courage.

But… why are you crying?

Because nobody has ever given me a kiss.

But you, what’s your name?

– Pinocchio. – Pinocchio…

I’ll keep you forever in my heart.

– Goodbye, tuna. – Goodbye.

What a nice… What a nice person that tuna, right?

Had I known he was also inside the shark,

we could have had a nice friendly chat together.


– Babbo. – Yes.


There’s a house. Over there.

Let’s go and see.

Let’s go, then.

Oh, yes…

Excuse me, may I have some milk?

How much?

Well, a bit, as much as you can give.

A bucket is a coin.

A coin? I don’t have a coin.

Boy, then I can’t give you anything, I’m sorry.

But it’s urgent, it’s for my babbo.

Babbo needs it, he’s not very well.

Want to turn the water wheel?

What’s the water wheel?

Can you manage it?

– Are you able? – I can manage everything.

Yes, but what’s the water wheel?

That thing over there.


Come on! Like that!

Pinocchio. Bravo!

Now, Pinocchio, stay right there.


– Ciao, Giangio. – Ciao.

There are five sheep…

three goats…

nice and chubby.

If only you could see them, one in particular…

– There’s a guinea fowl… – Guinea fowl…

Now, when it gets dark…

I jump over…

– and we nibble. – We nibble.

See you tomorrow!

– Wait. – Ciao, Giangio.

– Ciao. – Get down! Get down!



Remember me?

I’m the Fox, your friend!

How nice to see you!

I looked for you everywhere.

I wanted to tell you…

Do you know who stole the coins?

The Cat, that tramp, who’s gone… fallen dead.

I am your friend, I came looking for you.

I’m really really sorry you’ve lost your money.

What are you doing here?

– I’m working. – Are you working?

Well done! And… get paid?

Ten coins a day.

Ten coins? A day?

Excuse me, but then…

I am your friend…

The Cat’s no more. He’s dead…

We go with your ten coins to the field, we bury them, the plants…

Remember the plants?

No. You won’t trick me another time.

– No. – Look who’s behind you?

The Cat.

Why did you come out?

Why did you come out?

But no! He is the thief!

I am your friend! Pinocchio!

Why did you come out?

Goodbye forever.

But I’m your friend!

Goodbye forever.

– But, Pinocchio… – Goodbye forever.

You’ve got it wrong!

But why did you come out? Why?

Why did you…

have to come out?

Why did you come out?

Pinocchio, you’ve got it all wrong!

Sorry, not falling for that again.


Let’s plant the coins!

Goodbye, swindlers!




You have a big heart, I’ve always known.

And I forgive you all the troubles you’ve been getting into.

Be judicious and in the future…

you’ll live joyously.


I’ve become a boy!

Babbo! I’m a boy!

I’m a boy, babbo!




I’ve become a boy!


I’ve become a boy, babbo!


Babbo, I’m a boy!


I’m a boy!




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