Old (2021) – Transcript

A vacationing family discovers that the secluded beach where they're relaxing for a few hours is somehow causing them to age rapidly, reducing their entire lives into a single day.
Old (2021) by M. Night Shyamalan

Married couple Guy and Prisca Cappa travel to a tropical resort with their young children Maddox and Trent as a final family vacation before they divorce. On the advice of the resort’s manager, the family visits a secluded beach also occupied by three additional parties: rapper Mid-Sized Sedan and a female companion; surgeon Charles, his wife Chrystal, their young daughter Kara, and Charles’s mother Agnes; and Jarin and Patricia Carmichael, a close-knit husband and wife. Tragedy strikes the group’s vacation when the drowned body of Mid-Sized Sedan’s companion is discovered, which is followed by Agnes suddenly dying. Strange events soon occur, including the three children becoming teenagers. The group realizes that the beach is rapidly aging them, with an entire year of growth passing approximately every 30 minutes. They also discover that at least one member of each family has an underlying medical condition and that trying to leave will result in them blacking out and waking up on the beach.

Further tragedy occurs when a bond between the maturing Kara and Trent leads to Kara rapidly giving birth, only for the baby to quickly die from the beach’s effects. Amid the group struggling to escape the beach, Trent and Maddox discover the notebook of a previous traveler, along with indications of them being watched. The attempts to leave grow tenser when Charles’s worsening schizophrenia causes him to kill Mid-Sized Sedan. Jarin drowns and Kara falls to her death as they look for a way off, while Patricia and Chrystal die from their respective conditions of epilepsy and hypocalcemia becoming exacerbated. Charles eventually attacks Guy at night in a schizophrenic episode, but Prisca slashes him with a rusted knife, instigating a fatal infection. As the night winds down, an elderly Guy and Prisca make amends before dying moments apart from each other.

With only the now-adult Maddox and Trent remaining by the next morning, Trent revisits a secret message given to him by the manager’s nephew, which he deduces is connected to an underwater coral passage. Believing that the passage will allow them to leave the beach without losing consciousness, he and his sister start swimming through the coral. After they fail to emerge from the water, a resort employee monitoring them reports that the entire group has died.

It is revealed that the resort is a front for a research team conducting clinical trials of new medical drugs, who have been using guests with medical conditions as unwitting test subjects. Since the beach naturally accelerates the lives of the guests, the researchers have been able to complete the drugs’ lifetime trials within a day. The researchers move forward with luring a new group to the beach, but are interrupted by the arrival of Trent and Maddox, who survived their underwater swim. Using the notebook as evidence of several guests going missing, the siblings are able to bring the police to the resort. Once the researchers are arrested, Trent and Maddox head home to live with their aunt, uncertain of their future.

* * *

Somewhere on the edge of sleep

There is a taste of peace

Every night, we dance in my dreams

But Cupid’s an archer

His violent departure

Leaves us at the altar

Wounded, weak and ready to bleed…

Sing it, girl.

Mom, now I can’t.

Her spontaneity has been stripped from her.

I’m sorry.

You have such a beautiful voice.

I can’t wait to hear it when you’re older.

Will this place have scuba diving?

How old does a child have to be to do scuba diving?

I don’t know, Trent.

I think you’re a bit too young.

You’re a baby.

You said five minutes.

Technically, it’s been way, way more than five minutes.

Are we close?

Stop wishing away this moment.

Look out the window. Look how pretty it is.


Work stuff?


Lead by actions, Mom.


This is much better than Cancún.

Mr. and Mrs. Capa, welcome to our version of paradise.



So, this is Madrid. She’ll take care of you.

From your food and beverage preferences you selected, we’ve made you cocktails to welcome you.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Look how big you guys are.

We have a drink fountain for you two.

Can we go?



Let’s go. Let’s go.

Can you believe I found this online?

My favorite thing: open 24 hours, the candy station.

Oh, my God. Come on, Trent.

Mix the vanilla and strawberry in it.

Say hi, Trent.


I’m Idlib.

My uncle’s the resort manager here.

He’s Trent. I’m Maddox.

I can do a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, which is a considerable thing to do.

My dad and I put clear glue on them and hang them on my wall.

I collect conch shells.

I have 42 conch shells.



I might need a little help with this.

Right, so you do strawberry and vanilla?


Thank you.

Yes. Ah, okay.

Okay, I got it.

Okay. Come on.

Thank you.

Great job helping.



I touched your jacket. That counts.


There’s 250,000 furniture-related injuries in the United States per year.

25% of those… coffee table injuries.

Hey. Hey!



Warren and Warren must be affiliated with this resort.

They must have conventions here.

We love this pharmaceutical company at work.

We’re considering asking our clients to use Warren and Warren drugs as a way to lower their insurance rates.

Ah, hmm. Yeah.

“No kids allowed on the beach”?

What? Hold on.

“No Kids Week”?

That’s not true!

It says no ki…

Let me see that!

Prisca, you should’ve checked.

Let me see that!

It’s your mom’s fault.

Let me see!

No, no, no, really.

No, it says this. No.

Oh, my God, let me see.

She should’ve checked. It says this.

Let me see!

Yes, of course.

Let me see!

I know this is very painful news for you all to bear, but now…

Let me see!

…now I’ve gotten power.


Yes. And you have to do it.

Yes, you have to understand.

It’s like this. Life is like this.

It’s tough, and sometimes things don’t go the way you want.

Oh, my gosh.

Come on. Blue team’s winning.

Ah, good hit.

What’s your name, and what do you do for a living?

Hey, guys. I’m Annette.

And what’s your name?

I’m Trent. This is Idlib.

Hey, nice to meet you.




Hi. I’m Trent. This is Idlib.

What are your names, and what do you do for a living?

Oh, well, I’m Sophia Watson.

I’m a chef.

I’m Greg Mitchell. I’m a cop.


And I’m Malin Mitchell.

I’m a dancer.

Wow. That’s cool.

Okay, bye.




Hey, let’s go over there.

Truth-telling game. Go.

I can’t do a push-up. Go.

I don’t have friends.

I’m your friend.

You’ll leave.

My mom might let me FaceTime you.

Then we can be friends.

You can come over to my house and make up stories.

Then we can go to the same college together and become neighbors with mortgages.


It’s weird.

I know.

It’s hanging over me. I can barely eat.

And I don’t feel anything?

We agreed… we’d give them

one last vacation before telling them.

I can’t understand why we don’t take into consideration…

That shouldn’t affect anything.

The doctor said it’s a nonfactor.

It’s probably been there for years, he said.

We were on a course to separate.

That’s confusing enough for us.

Let’s not bring an irrelevant medical condition into this.

Let’s get through this, Guy.


It’s only for three days.

You found a place?


Oh, Prisca, come on.

You’re always thinking about the future!

It makes me feel not seen!

You’re always thinking about the past.

You work in a goddamn museum!

I think they stopped.

Why don’t you play?

Good morning.

What would you like for breakfast?

I’ll have the Calcium Bomb juice drink.

I have a calcium deficiency.

So, is it really calcium-rich or just a catchy name?

It has all calcium-rich vegetables, ma’am.

Sit up, Kara, honey.


All right?

You don’t want to be hunched when you grow up, baby.

It’s very unattractive.

Boys will get turned off.

Give me the Calcium Bomb juice.

And maybe you could recommend one of these.

This one.

I recommend the granola parfait.

Um, it’s a good choice.


So, how is the Capa family?

Any plans today?

Well, one of our kids wants to do Jet Ski, and the other one…


…wants to do anything but that.

Well, there’s, um… there’s a private beach on the nature preserve side of the island.

It’s impossible to find.

It’s surrounded by stunning rocks, very unusual minerals.


Oh, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so…

A natural anomaly.

I only recommend it to certain guests.

But I liked you guys immediately.

All right? You’re a nice family.

So I-I could arrange a van to take you, if…

Hmm. Yeah.

Sounds like a great memory for us.

It’s our little secret.

I’ll make all the arrangements.

Thank you.


Okay, so I think we should get the Calloway Kale-away for Trent.

Idlib, what did I tell you about being in here when you shouldn’t?

You can’t… You know, I told you so many times.

You know, we have certain…

I’m a doctor.

My wife has epilepsy.

I’m a nurse.

My name is Jarin.

Right, she’s having a grand mal seizure.

Keep things away from her, please.



All right, Jack, I think if you just leave her lying here for a while, put something under her head,

I think she’ll be fine.

Thank you, Doctor.

It’s Jarin, by the way.

For my next act, I’ll spin my head around 360.

I’m sorry I ruined everyone’s breakfast.

You always want to be the center of attention.

My goodness.

Let’s get you something to drink?



Oh, can’t be that secret of a beach.

We were told to keep it quiet.

So were we.

Sit down, Gustav.

Good boy.

Come. Stay.

Okay, guest checklist.

Books, sunscreen.

Did everybody leave their passports in their safes?

I don’t want anybody to lose anything.


What are your names and occupations?

Okay, my friends.

You can just call us, and we’ll pick you up whenever you’re ready to come back.

Or I’ll pick you up at 5:00 p.m.

Just follow the path down to the beach.

Is that also food?


Wow. That’s a lot of food.

Well, kids eat a lot of food.

And you got three of them with you.


Seems like a waste, but thank you.

Could you help us carry some of these bags, please?

We’ve got an elderly person here and a child.

I’m sorry. I got to get back.

But it’s not far. Just walk down.

You’ll see a beautiful slot canyon.

Walk through that, and in a few minutes, you’ll be there.

Enjoy, everybody.

Do you think there’s…

Come on.

Do you think there’s snakes?

Of course.

Cool. I want to see one.




You okay?


Could, uh, someone please tell me what just happened?

Look out.

Oh, this is so exciting.

Careful, Maddox.

Let’s go!

I’m gonna win.


I just got chills.

Come on, darling.

Let’s show Gustav the sea.

Hey. Maddox, Maddox, look.

Listen, I… Let’s move somewhere else.

I think it’s much nicer closer to the water, right?

No, but I…

No, it’s…

Look, it’s beautiful.

Have you ever seen anything like that?

They were right to send us.

Lie down.

Good boy.

Kids, look at the beautiful coral.

I’m gonna get… Aah! Stop!

What are you going to do?

Now I’m gonna splash you.

Just keep on reading, I guess.

You just splashed me.


I didn’t mean to splash you.



What book am I reading?

I don’t know.


No reason.

Prisca, I wanted to tell you something.

No, never mind.

I’ll tell you later.

Oh, my God.

That’s Mid-Sized Sedan.

What? Mid what?

He’s a rapper.

“More Dough for the Cookin'”?

Mid-Sized Sedan?

Begin an activity.

Dad, I have to. I have to!

Yes. Okay.

You and Mom on one side.

No, no, no, no, no. Leave him.

Sounds like fun. Come on.

No, because it’s, like, a private, you know…

No, Dad, stop! I need to say hi.

He’s on vacation. He’s on vacation.

What’s his surname? Sedan?

Oh! Oh.


Whoa. All right.

Here’s a big one. Aah!

Help me with this.

We should have a housewarming party.

Isn’t our house so beautiful?


Aah! You!

Come. Come back here!


Not gonna get me!

Kara, you know, I’m gonna get you right now.

Come on.

Not gonna get me!

No, I am.

Come on, Kara.

Whoa! Oh, my God.

Caught you.

Ha. Never gonna catch me.

Honey, I’m home.

I told you, I don’t want to live like this.

I’m gonna live in a condominium.

I’m going for a drive to calm down.

I’m really, really hungry.

Me, too. My stomach’s growling.

Me, too.


Who would leave this?

Hey, Mom!

From the hotel!

They’re so rusted.

Put that down!

You can get infected or you’ll cut yourself.

Come away.

Next activity.

What’s happening?

Let’s play hide-and-seek.

I don’t know.

They found stuff from the hotel in the sand.

18, 19, 20.

No fish.

Ready or not, here we come!


Mom! Mom!

Mom! Mom! Mom!

What is it? What is it?


Someone over there.

Over where?

Come on, give me a hand. Get the legs.

Make your list.

Make your list.


Red and orange.

Red, orange.

Come away from here, babies.

Let the doctor try and help this lady, yeah?







What happened?

It’s okay.


Blue. Blue is good.

In there.


Green, yes.


Yellow. I love yellow.

Call the police, right?

I’ll get my mobile.

Oh, damn.

What happened to her, Mom?

I don’t know.

I’m still hungry.

Me, too.

Was she with you?

I was waiting for her.

She swam out by herself.

Yo, I don’t know what the hell happened.

I ain’t saying nothing else.

Did you strike him?

I don’t need to know the context of…

What? No. Of course not.

So why’s your nose bleeding?

I told y’all, I ain’t got nothing to say to you.

My chest feels funny.

Well, you know, we should’ve gotten a yacht, like I suggested, Agnes.

You shouldn’t have fought me on that.

You see? Now we’re mixed up in some island issue.

I mean, I…

Mom, my swimsuit is hurting.

I have to take it off.

Well, just loosen your…

We’re from Philadelphia.

I’m on a break here with my wife and kids. That’s them.

That… Well, yeah, over there.

And for the record, I know most people who die on vacation die from sun exposure, overexertion, overindulgence of food or alcohol or-or a mixture of all of the above 99.4% of the time.

How you know all this?

I’m an actuary.

I calculate people’s insurance rates based on their risk profile.

I ain’t do nothing, man.

She was into me.

Somebody will figure this out.

We’ll just have to wait for them to get here.

No reception at all.

I guess our beach day’s over.

You got to keep an eye on him and the body.

Oh, my goodness.


Did you just get dropped off by the resort?

Yeah. We were supposed to come earlier, but we rested in the room first.

Great. We have to get the resort people before they leave.

I think we will all have to leave this beach.

Wait. Why?

They left already.

What happened?

We really don’t know what happened.

Well, I think this man had something to do with it.

Man, if I was involved, why would I be standing around, bro?


His nose is bleeding.

I think he got that when she was trying to defend herself.

I don’t like this dynamic at all.

Yo, my nose has been bleeding for hours, man.

I don’t know why it’s doing that.

Charles, something’s wrong with your mother.

She’s asking for you, honey.

Well, we’re all in this now.

We are responsible for that woman.

And I’ve got nothing against this man.

I’m just doing what needs to be done.

No cell phone reception on this beach.

You stay here.

I’ll go to the clearing in the jungle where they dropped us and try to call.

They obviously have a signal out here.

How else do people call to go back?


Oh, my God.

You stumbled back out. You were holding your head.

You looked like you were in pain, babe.

You blacked out.

I felt this pressure in my head.

Are you okay?

I’m fine, Charles.

I-I think it’s the shock.

Try to help Gustav, or he’ll be sick.

Yeah, of course it’s the shock.

Listen, I’m gonna get a van to take us back to the resort, but first, I’ve got to deal with all this, all right?

Are you okay?


I know you’ve been stressed.

Don’t let this upset you.

Help these people through this, Charles.

So, what did you hear?

Help these people through this, Charles.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. I saw you were talking to my husband.

I know you’re dealing with a lot with that woman right now, but something is wrong with my son.

Some kind of reaction.

Is… is it severe?

I don’t have time for this.

What kind of doctor are you?

I’m a cardiothoracic surgeon and chief medical officer.

You don’t know me.

I curate exhibits for museums.

I’m telling you this because I want you to trust me and not think I’m being hysterical when I say there’s something very wrong with my child.

He seems fine to me. He’s playing with my daughter.

You look different, too.


Uh, I don’t know.

You just look different.

Hold my hand.



Japanese maple. Evergreen.

If you get scared, just tell me, okay?

What do you keep looking at?



Way, way up there on the side of the hillside.

What do you see?

I thought I saw something shiny.

Here comes Mom.

Charles, she stopped breathing!

She stopped breathing!

I didn’t do anything, Charles.

You guys just… you just walked away, and she just stopped breathing all of a sudden.

She… I mean, she was peaceful.

Can you step back, please?

We’ll take the kids away from here.

Is this happening?

She couldn’t take the shock.

She-she saw a murdered woman, and her heart couldn’t take it.

What are your names and occupations?

I’m Jarin. I’m a nurse.

I’m Patricia. I’m a psychologist.

He remembers everyone’s names and things about them.

Everything’s gonna be okay.

What’s your name?

I’m Trent.

This is my sister Maddox.

How old are you guys?

I’ll guess. I’m good at this.

You’re 11, right, Trent?

I’m six.


Really, are you ten, 11?

He’s not lying. He’s six.

I’m specifically six and a quarter.

She’s 11.

They’re feeling unsafe. There is a lot going on here.

They’re playing with us.

Let’s leave it.

Okay, what’s your best friend’s name?


How sweet.

Have you seen my children?

Is-is everyone trying to play a joke on us?


Aren’t these your children?

I’m right here, Mom.



Why are you looking at me like that?


I think we should leave.

Get the kids back to the resort.



Yeah. Dad, it’s me.

What’s going on?

You see? You see?


How’d we get here?

Take it easy.

Intense cranial pressure.

It’s like being deep underwater.

Hey, can you get up? Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy.


Yeah, no, I’m-I’m all right.

You okay?

I’m fine. I’m all good.

We’re leaving right now, and we’re taking our kids.

For some reason, people are blacking out going this way.

Three people have blacked out now.

That’s ridiculous. Come, move.

No, no, no.

I saw it, Prisca. I saw Jarin black out.

What I know is that we have to get these kids to a hospital.


Look, let’s stop talking about it.

The kids are scared.

I can stay here with them, but everyone else should try and find a different pathway off this beach.

Break off into groups of two in case people black out.

Chrystal, go with me.


Whatever you do, just stay close.

I’m feeling very uncomfortable right now.

Just… Hmm?

Don’t get up too quickly.

Kids, let Mom and Dad talk for a second.

No. Mom, we’re scared.

Please, stay right here.


If I cry, please don’t let them see.

I won’t.

Your hands are shaking.



Yeah, they are.

Yeah. You okay?

We’re on a beach with two unrelated dead bodies.

That is just statistically impossible.

All three kids are reacting to something.

Only the kids.

I mean, look at the doctor’s daughter.

The kids are reacting to something they ate.

Or they caught something.

We’re on a remote, undeveloped island, but we have a doctor here, so… let’s get the doc to look at the kids.

I still can’t get any reception.

Doctor, before we do anything else, can you take a look at our children, please?

He’s got a knife!

There’s a damn hole in my cheek.

Oh, my God. Are you okay?

Put that down right now, Doctor.

Watch out, Jarin.

Listen, I don’t know why I did that.

I thought he was gonna hurt me. Sorry.


What’s he talking about, “sorry”?


Let me see that laceration.

Man, that’s assault, man!


Calm down.

What’s your name?

Mid-Sized Sedan.

I must be in shock. I’m numb.

I’m not feeling the pain no more.

Please, let me see.

No, this is not making any sense, Prisca.

I need to get my ass to a hospital now.

What’s with all y’all faces?

It’s hard to explain.

This is messed-up, man.

Where’d it go?

This is some kind of parlor trick.

Yo, I know I tried to dip, but I am freaked, man.

I just want to go back to my hotel room.

This was supposed to be a zen trip, man.

She and I only started talking because she was sick and so am I.

She had just been diagnosed with MS, so we started rapping about that.

I didn’t do nothing to that girl, man.

She was like Michael Phelps swimming out there, backstroking and whatnot.

She swam way the hell out.

What did you say?

No, I-I-I don’t know, man. Maybe it was butterfly stroke.

I don’t watch the Summer Olympics like that.

You came vacationing here because you were sick, and so did she?


I thought that was a cool coincidence.

Maybe this is some kind of group psychosis.

I’ve studied this.

We’re all emotionally shaky from our lives.

We don’t believe we can leave this beach.

Mom, is there any more food?

I’m still hungry.

Well, she’s definitely aged.

Honey, how can you still be hungry? We just…

I’d put her biological age somewhere between 12 and 13, and she turned six two weeks ago Tuesday.


We’re older?

Am I okay?

I don’t know what’s happening to the three of you, sweetheart.

For now, I have another swimsuit in my bag, and maybe you should change into that.

Uh, it might be a virus, maybe.

Could be mosquitoes where…

the way they behave on this part of the island.

Something’s happening to her that’s triggering her hormones.

The dog has died!

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

He was only just alive.

Kara, hold on to me, baby.

What’s happening?

Who thinks they can swim a hundred lengths of a pool against currents and then turn and swim an unknown amount along the coast till we find another shore?

That’s what I’m guessing the distance is to swim out and get around this cove.

It looks too far, babe.

It’s not safe.

My name is Brendon.

I went to private school, my mom is an attorney, and my dad is a dentist.

Yo, I just wanted somebody to know that.


I have a problem with my blood.

A rare issue with its clotting.

I came to this island to see the ocean and remember I’m connected to something bigger.

That’s beautiful, Brendon.

I don’t feel the same way I felt yesterday or this morning, and I don’t think my parents would understand.

My thoughts have more colors in them now.

Yesterday, I had a few colors and they were really strong, and now I have more and they’re quieter.


Everyone, gather!

Come on, come on, come on.

Everyone needs to have a voice here.

Are you sure we have time for this?

We will make destructive decisions if we don’t feel safe with each other.

I know we don’t have time, but… why don’t we start with you two?

Why are you here?

We’ve been having a tough time…


W-We’ve been going through something.

He’s under a lot of stress as a doctor.

He needed some time away.

Everyone does.

I’m not unusual in that.

Charles, it’s okay.

I’m not gonna say anything else.


It’s nice to hear from you both.

How about you guys?


It’s nothing.

We just have to make a decision.

The kids are reacting to something.

It’s a virus. It’s-it’s probably a virus.

I just need to catch my breath.

I just started feeling weird a minute ago.

Are you okay, Mom?


What’s wrong?


Are you okay, Mom?

I don’t think it’s the…

She has a tumor.


But it’s benign. It… They said it’s benign.

Oh, my God.


Wow. Um…

Is it… Where?


It’s okay.

Can I…

I can feel it. It’s the size of a golf ball.

No, it’s supposed to be three centimeters.

All right. Let-let me see.

Whoa, whoa.



She’s gonna faint.

She’s gonna faint.



Mom. Mom!

Wake up, Pris. Don’t do this.

It’s there.

It’s been there for a while. It’s the size of a softball.


It’s grown.


What’s happening to Mom?

It’s okay.

Trent, it’s okay. It’s okay.


What’s happening to Mom?

Trent, why don’t you two guys go play somewhere else on the beach, okay?

Okay? Mom’s just a little bit tired.

Would you do that for me, tiger?

The first adult’s being affected.

Okay, what if we cut it out?


Not possible.

Actually, it is.

But it’s Guy’s call.


No, no, no. No.

I don’t want to make this decision. No.

No, I… I don’t know what to do.

Do we have alcohol?


Some bottles from the minibar.

I cannot be held responsible. You understand that, right?


Okay. Well, I mean, does anyone have a needle and thread?

We’re gonna have to sew this up.

Um, yeah, yeah. Uh…

Here. Here. Is this the right decision?

Maybe we should all talk about this.

I can’t think.

This tumor is going to kill her.

Did you know that Jack Nicholson did a film with Marlon Brando?

Oh, no.

What is he saying?

Wh-What was the name of that film?

Charles, breathe.

Are you okay?


Will you just let me do my job, please?

Is he okay?

Cut her again.

We’ll keep our hands in there to keep the incision open.

Guy, I can help, brother.

No. No, I’ll take care of her.

Does anyone know the name of that film?

It was with Jack Nicholson… and Marlon Brando.


Try again, Doctor.

Oblique incision on the side of the belly.

Four to six inches. You can do this.

Put your fingers inside the incision.


Can you open it a little wider, please?

It’s closing around my fingers.

Keep pulling it apart.

That’s it.

I’m lifting the tumor out.


It’s the size of a cantaloupe.


It’s attached to something.

Muscle tissue.

Okay. You, um, hold the incision open a little wider, if you would.

I’m so sorry, Pris.

Just cutting underneath the tumor.

Okay. Got it.




It’s okay.

I just fainted.

We took the tumor out.

It was going to kill you.

Your husband made a fast decision.

Guy, I feel better.


Come on, y’all, look at this!



Come on, y’all.

Can we all agree I didn’t do that?

What happened to her?

The body has decomposed.

How quickly can that happen?

A long time.

Mom knows this stuff.

I’m not a forensic pathologist, but from excavations for the museum, I know that it varies based on soil and temperature.

My best guess… an exposed body, the flesh will be gone in approximately seven years.

And this happened in what, three hours?

I know.

And bones, we found, will disintegrate in 30 years more.

The hell, man?

On this beach, less than 20 hours after you die, you just return to dust.

What exactly are we saying?

Something is going on with time on this beach.


You have wrinkles.

I’m scared.

It’s best to focus on specifics in the present in unsettling situations.


Like breathing.

What’s happening to us?

Are we sick, too?

No, I don’t think so.

I think we’re just growing.

Going by Trent and Maddox’s ages and the time we spent on this beach, half an hour is equivalent to something like one year of our lives.

This must be true for all of us.

We just don’t see it on everyone.

You know, it’s the first time they wished they were Black.


The kids are eating so much because their mass is growing.

They need to grow an enormous amount of mass quickly.

We’re staying roughly the same mass.

Our cells are just aging.

I don’t feel the same.

It’s like my mind is changing, too.

I’m getting many thoughts at the same time.

It’s weird.

I’m not as scared about what’s happening to us.

What about our hair and nails?

Shouldn’t they be growing at an abnormal rate?

Maybe it has to do with the fact that the cells in hair and nails are dead and they aren’t reacting in the same way.

On this beach, 60 minutes is two years.

We’ll age almost 50 years in one day here.

Almost a lifetime.

I think it could be the rock that surrounds this beach.

If our cells are being affected, speeding up in their processes, then us trying to leave is like swimming to the surface too fast after being deep in the ocean.

Our bodies can’t reacclimate.

That’s why we go unconscious when we try to leave.

Maybe… we could slowly walk through the canyon.

Take a step, stand still.

Do it over eight to ten hours.

Let our bodies acclimate.

But according to Prisca’s timeline, who would be willing to give up 20 years of their life trying?

I’m sorry, this is nonsense.

Let’s not shut down everyone’s experience.

Wait. Where are the kids?



Answer us now!

We need you here!

There they are.

Want some?

No, I’m not hungry.


Mom! Dad!


What did you do?

We were just playing. It’s okay.

I just got a little fat.

Mom, you’re better.



It’s okay, Trent.

Just let Mom and Dad figure this out.

My God, Guy.

It’s okay, right, Mom?

Jack Nicholson and Marlon Brando were in a movie together.

If she walked into the emergency room, I’d say she’s about five months pregnant.



Just stay calm, Trent.

She’ll only be pregnant for about 20 minutes from the time of conception.

Why do you keep looking at me like you want to steal my wallet?

Do you want me to punch you in the face?

Calm down.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

All right. Let’s just concentrate on the issue at hand.

Do you know about movies?

Dad, Mom tells you to sit down when you get like this.

Okay, we need to get her help.

Okay? This cannot happen here.

It’s gotten bigger.


It’s Kara, right?


Lay down on a blanket.

It’s gonna be okay.

There’s a lot of people here that can help you.

We’re all like your family now.

Oh, God.

Our cells are aging very fast here.

Something to do with the rocks around the beach, we think.

Just lay down on the sand. Okay.

Whatever would have happened to us is happening to us really fast.


What you did is how babies are made.

I know, but I thought you had to do that ten times or something.

Did I get that wrong?

Look, it can happen after only once.

We didn’t get a chance to talk about all this.

Are Trent and I having a baby?

Did I get it wrong?

Only a couple of minutes left if we’re right.

Is that the baby?

You got it. Okay.




I… I need to think about what to do.

Mom, I think I…

No. I need to help her.


I’m scared!

It’s okay.



Mom, it’s coming.

Stay with me. Stay with me.

Come on, baby.

Can you hold her hand? Kara?

I’ve decided… I’m gonna marry her, and we are never gonna yell at each other, and we are never getting divorced!

Trent, listen to me. She’s going to feel pain.

Intense pain. Okay?

Like she never felt before.

But then it’s going to pass.

Okay? It’s going to pass.



Hey, you blacked out.

You can’t go that way.

Come on. You’re okay now.

Come on.

Get up.

Come here.


You’re okay. Come on. Come on.

Babies crying helps them breathe.

It’s here.

We looked that up, remember, Mom?

We put him on the towel to clean him up.

He looked around and closed his eyes.

We had him on the towel for one minute.

He died from lack of attention.

Things are moving too fast here for a baby to survive.

No. No, you’re lying.

You’re lying! You’re all lying!

Trent. Shut up, Trent!

You’re lying! You’re lying!

You’re lying!

Hey, hey, hey.

Maybe we should all talk about what just happened.


Get us out of here!

It’s my baby.

Get us out of here now!

You were supposed to protect us!

You didn’t protect us!

Kara’s hurt!

I will make these decisions.

Just give me a second.

I used to see you in our neighborhood.

Who… who are you?

I’m Jarin!

I-I don’t know where you live.

Don’t condescend to me.

Put some makeup on your face.

I’m sorry about the baby.

When I was your age, I was in love with a man.

His name was Giuseppe.

He wasn’t very handsome, and I left him.

We looked silly together, he and I.

He had nothing to offer.

For some reason, I think about him a lot here.

Leave me alone.

Charles, stop!

Stop! Stop!

He’s gone.

Oh, God.

Bring your bag. Okay, come here.

I’m just going to take it… now.

It’s okay.

Everything will be okay.

I’ll find another beach, and I’ll try to find help.

She needs her medicine.

We’re lucky she hasn’t had a seizure yet.

It must be the beach, whatever it’s doing to my body.

Guy, I was on the swim team. I’ll make it.

I’ll make it.

Watch him.

Maybe I could climb that rock.

Maybe the effect, the blacking out, doesn’t happen if you go up.

You can’t do it.

I’ll do it.

Yeah, he’s strong.

He can do it. He can do it.


No. I won’t allow my son to do that.

Prisca’s right. It’s too dangerous.

It’s a last resort.


I do feel overwhelmed.

I’m managing, but no one must know.

They’ll try to stop me from working.

What should I do?

Mom, tell me what to do.

Prisca, something’s bothering me.

Charles’ family knew he had some kind of mental disorder.

Someone in each group was sick.

How did you first hear about this place?

I don’t know. I-I fell upon it.

A random sweepstakes.

It came with a receipt at the pharmacy.

I just followed it up online, started getting emails.

They know our medical condition.

They chose us.

They have our passports.

We could just disappear.

They sent us a special car to the airport.

A plane.

They can…

They can make it look like we never left our house.

You were thinking about leaving Dad, weren’t you?


I didn’t want you two to suffer.

Was there someone else?

Did Dad know?



I found out about this tumor, and I got scared.

I stare at the remains of nameless people in glass cases, and I kept thinking I’m going to be one of those people.

Does that make any sense?

I feel different than I felt yesterday.

What I did feels like an illusion.

I swear.

Do you hate me now?

I just need some time, Mom.

We don’t have that, baby.

Look at you.

You’re an adult.

Be strong for everyone.

Connect to something bigger.

Here, here. Dad.

Lay him down. Lay him down.

He must have gone unconscious swimming.

Brendon didn’t do anything to that woman.

We can’t swim out, Prisca.

We’re not getting off this beach.

We never had a prom.

Or a graduation.

There are so many memories we didn’t have.

It’s not fair.

He needs to rest now.



Wait. What if you get dizzy up there?

You might black out.

Trent, we are in charge now.

My dad could hurt more people.

I have to get him off this beach.

Kara! Don’t climb that.

Come down!

We’ll find another way.

No, don’t! Trent.

Listen to Mom.

I have to go with her!

Kara, wait! Don’t climb!

Let me get your mother!


It’s not the way.

She’s panicked and desperate.

Talk to each other.

Kara, you and I should just stay together.

What if we spend this whole time trying to get out of here and we still don’t make it?

It’ll be too short if we don’t try.

No, Kara, please!

Please just stay with me, please.

If she makes it to the ledge, she might have a chance.

Go to the ledge and rest!

There has to be a way out.

It’s a mathematical certainty there must be a way out.

No. Why is she stopping?


No. Kara! Kara, wake up!

Kara, wake up!

Wake up!



Let’s all stay together.

Nobody in this family goes alone anywhere.

I think I figured it out.

I’m using these to swim out.

I have a sister.

She’s a therapist, too.

I need to get to my sister.

We never talk. We had a fight a long time ago.

She’s older, but now I am.

The fighting seems ridiculous now.




Wh-What’s happening to her?

What’s going on?

She was fine. What-what’s happening?

She keeps stopping and starting.

No. Dad, do something.

Oh, no.


Kara, where are you?

Somebody’s done this to us, Kara.

I can’t protect you anymore.


No, you don’t know.

Jarin went in a different way.

He went on, and I… and I’m a better swimmer than he is.

He’s older than me. I-I can probably swim…

Trent, stop it. No. No.

No, you’re not a better swimmer than him.

Yeah, but let me try.

Listen. Listen.

We’re not gonna let you.

Stop. It won’t work.

Well, I don’t want to give up.

I really don’t want to give up.

We’re not giving up.

And I think, if you let me try…

My back.

I need my calcium.


Chrystal, stay with us.

Don’t look at me.

Prisca, I have to tell you something.

I saw your text messages one day.

He says romantic things.

I’m sorry.

I don’t know who I would have been okay with, but… with that guy?

He’s-he’s a joke.

He’s a pretend person.

You deserve someone so much better than that.

I should have said something when I saw it.

I hide from everything. I’m a fucking coward.

This was no one’s responsibility but me.

Your anger should be aimed at me, just me.

There’s no place I want to be but with you.

Do you believe me?

I want to be here… right now.

It’s notebooks.

Well, maybe we can use some of the empty pages for the fire, keep Mom and Dad warm.

Whoever it was wanted to be a science fiction writer.

It’s full of story ideas.

“Birds that can make you black out when they scream fly too close to an Emirates commercial plane one day.”

He realized he was never getting off this beach.

He’s trying to figure out what’s going on.

“Magnetism of this exact spot on the Earth with the rocks on this beach submerged beneath the ocean for millions of years deposited with special minerals are causing our cells to age at a rapid rate. Are there other places like this? Who found this place?”

Well, maybe we can make a metal tube that we can get in that stops the effects on our cells.

Like at a dentist’s office, you know, when they put a metal vest on us before an X-ray.

I mean, then we could just walk out with it on us and…

I mean, we’ll get dizzy at first, but then, slowly, we’ll get used to it and we can leave, right?

Where are we gonna make a metal tube?

He wrote down a list of all the names and the addresses of the people with him on the beach.

Maddox, that’s a camera.

They’re recording us.

Why would they do this?

Who is that?

Prisca, who is that?

You’re gonna tell them what I did.

The man with the tattoos, he was gonna steal things from my home.



I can’t let you tell them.

I’m a good doctor.

He was gonna follow us.

He was gonna steal things from our home.

Why don’t you believe me?

I stopped him.

Tell me where the knife is, Prisca!

I keep having these thoughts.

Listen, they keep coming to me.

Don’t tell anyone.


Hide the kids! I’ll protect you!


Maddox! Trent!

I need you two to go and find somewhere to hide now!

Somewhere where someone can’t find you.

I need you to go right now.

Mom, what…

And don’t ask any questions.

Now, go! Hide!



There’s someone in here with us.

My body hurts to move.

I miss Giuseppe.

Don’t look at me!

Turn off the light!

I don’t want to be seen!

Kara’s dead, isn’t she?

Whoever did this killed her, didn’t they?

Kara died.

It was an accident.

Don’t look.

God, it’s already healed in the wrong position.

Turn off the light!


Turn the light off.

I’m chief medical officer of my hospital!

I am not gonna let… take it away from me!

It’s rust.

It acts like poison when it gets into your bloodstream.

I’m sorry you were on this beach.

But this is my family.

Dad, Mom, you guys got to stay hydrated.



Are you warm enough?

But Cupid’s an archer

His violent departure

Leaves us at the altar

Wounded, weak and ready to bleed

I’ll wash away someday

No monuments

Made in my name

There is no life I’d trade

You are my reason to remain

I will remain.

Were we fighting about something?

We were.

Well, whatever it was, uh, I’m not mad anymore.

I can’t remember.

Why did we want to leave this beach?

So beautiful.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s funny.

I… forget… the word.

It’s about my feelings for you.

I know.




Oh, Mom.

We have about… 13 hours left, do you think?

We just got three days older while you held my face.

Should we keep trying to get out?

I guess so.

Want to make a sandcastle first?

I wonder if everybody continues to feel like a kid when they’re our age, or…

is it because we were kids yesterday?

Idlib sent me a message I never decoded.

Yeah, we thought we were so smart.

Decode it.

Each symbol means a letter.

We thought we were like spies.

What was the big message?

What’s it say?

The coral might protect us from the effects of the rocks.

Maybe that’s like our metal tube.

Maybe we’re just making up what we want to hear.

Well, maybe he heard they took people to this beach.

Idlib heard something he shouldn’t have.

He has no idea what it means, but he knows it’s bad.

He’s trying to help us.


I need to get something.

Both of them drowned.

For a second, I thought they were gonna get through the coral.

I don’t know how they suddenly thought about going there.

Theo, are you sure they didn’t make it?

We can’t have another incident.

Sidney, relax. I watched for a minute and a half.

And the one person who got through last year ended up drowning anyway.

We’re fine.

Final members of trial 73 are deceased.

Observation’s complete.

Bringing drives back, returning to base.

All rooms for this trial have been cleared.

Uh, home computer devices have been wiped.

Three home computers still waiting to be scrubbed.


Uh, a moment of silence for the members of trial 73.

Thank you.


I’ll try not to be dramatic. Uh…

Because of this beach, we have been able to save hundreds of thousands of lives with new medicines.

Before we’re done, it will be millions.

As you know, we do trials and fail constantly.

But not today.

Tell them, Sidney.

One of this cohort, uh, was a woman with the epileptic seizures.

Her name was Patricia Carmichael.

She suffered debilitating seizures her whole life.

Nothing could help her.

The medicine we gave her when she arrived turned out to be the exact mixture.

She didn’t have a seizure for eight hours and 17 minutes.

16 and a half years.

We cured her of her epilepsy.

We’ll now fast-track trials, make that medicine and share it with the whole world.

Every single person that needs it.

Nature made that beach exist for a reason.

Warren and Warren was meant to find it on their research expedition.

We were meant to test medicines in one day instead of a lifetime.

Lots more work to be done, everyone.

Let’s do what nature wanted us to do.

Mr. and Mrs. Brody will arrive at 11:00 a.m. with six nontargeted guests.

Joseph Brody has early-onset Parkinson’s.

Florence Brody will be accompanying him.

I’m gonna be a broken record about this, Nills.

We should separate the pure medical subjects from the mental illness subjects.

Our violent schizophrenic patient cost us the data on our blood clot patient.

Sidney, I doubt we’ll alter protocol at this point, but, uh, put it in a form and submit it to Warren and Warren again.

How are you?

Those kids went home.

They don’t matter.

I tell you which kids you can play with.

You have to trust me.

And don’t ask question.




Now, those kids are fine.

See, you can play with them.



You’re a police officer.


Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Brody.

Welcome to our version of paradise.

Thank you.

Oh, it’s lovely.

Thank you.

This is Madrid.

From your food and beverage preferences that you selected, we’ve made you cocktails to welcome you.


Oh, no worries, Mr. and Mrs. Brody.

We’ll just make a new set.

It’ll only take a few moments.

I wouldn’t take anything they give you.

They left us all to die.

My name is Trent Capa.

I’m Maddox Capa.

All three are missing persons?

Sending you the rest of the names now.

Our parents are Guy and Prisca Capa.

We live at 707 Pine Street, Philadelphia, USA.

Also with us was Jarin Carmichael, who was a nurse; Patricia Carmichael, who was a psychologist…

Listen, we have to get security.

What’s happening? Are you listening to me?

May I help you?

Gentlemen. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Gentlemen, we have a problem.

I need your assistance immediately.

Two of our guests need your attention.

Solve this problem. Now.

We’ve arrested everybody here.

Subpoenas are being served at Warren and Warren’s headquarters this week.

Let’s get them to the airport.

Your aunt will be waiting for you when you land.

How’s she handling things?

How would you feel if a 50-year-old man called and told you he was your six-year-old nephew?

We’ll be okay.


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