No Time to Die (2021) | Transcript

James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.
No Time to Die

Bond, who has left active service with MI6, is recruited by the CIA to find a kidnapped scientist, which leads to a showdown with a powerful adversary.

* * *

[“James Bond Theme” playing]


[“James Bond Theme” continues playing]

[heavy breathing]

[song playing on radio]

[woman] Madeleine?


[girl speaking French] You want to eat again?

You eat too much because you’re depressed.

[game beeping]

[woman shouts] Madeleine!



Yes, mama?

[woman speaking French] I’m thirsty, my angel.

[Madeleine speaking French] I’m coming.

Do you want your medicine?

Yes, my darling.

[music continues]

Do you want to play a game?

I’m waiting for Papa to come home.

[exhales deeply]

What do you think Papa does?

He’s a doctor.


He heals people.

[chuckling] Oh. No, no.

Your Papa, he kills people.


Is that who you love? Murderers?

[glass thuds]

[faint, creaking footsteps]

[faint rustling]

[whispering] Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama!

Leave me be. Go play.

[gasps] Mama!

Leave me alone!


[keypad beeping]

[door buzzes]


[bangs on door]

[keypad beeping]

[door buzzes]

[Madeleine grunts]

[banging on door]

[shouting in French]


[breathing shakily, whimpers]



[footsteps thudding]

[heavy breathing]

[man in English] Is Mr. White home?

[woman gasps] No. He’s gone.

[man] My name is Lyutsifer Safin.

Your husband killed my family.

[woman] I told you, he’s gone.

[Safin] I know. This will hurt him more.

[machine gun firing]


[bullet casings clatter]

[heavy breathing continues]

[footsteps thudding]

[heavy breathing]

[breathing shakily]


[music playing on headphones]

[device beeping]




[Madeleine breathing heavily]



[gasps sharply]


[Safin breathing heavily]

[ice cracking]



You okay?


Let’s go.

How’s the view?

It’s growing on me.

Can you go faster?

We don’t need to go faster.

We have all the time in the world.

[man speaking Italian]

[speaks Italian]

[fireworks exploding]

[people cheering]

You can’t help looking over your shoulder.


No one is coming.

I wasn’t looking over my shoulder.

Yes, you were.


Are we gonna have a row about this?

What are they burning?

Secrets. Wishes. Letting go of the past.

Getting rid of old things, in come the new.


[speaking French]

[soft music playing on record]

Where did you go to?

Today, by the water. Hmm?

Tell me.

I’ll tell you if you tell me about Vesper.

Is that why we’re here?

She’s buried at the acropolis.

I know where she’s buried.

Can you forgive her? For us?

I left her behind a long time ago.

As long as we’re looking over our shoulder, the past is not dead.

You have to let her go, even if it’s hard.

[Bond] You mean, um, if we’re to have a future?

[Madeleine] Mm-hmm.

So, I do this, and then…

I’ll tell you all my secrets.


[match strikes]

[bell tolling in distance]

[pen scratching]

[pen clatters]

[paper tears]

[whispers] I’m going to go and do this, and then I’m going to come back for breakfast.

Thank you.

And then you’re going to tell me where we’re going next.


[bell tolling in distance]

[speaking Italian]

[shouting in Italian]

[speaking Italian]

I miss you.

[lighter clicks]

[rapid beeping]

[muffled gasping, groaning]




[line beeping]




[bell tolling in distance]

[dial tone on phone line]

[engine revving]

[machine gun fire]

[gunfire continues]



[shouting in Italian]

[motorbike revving]

[both grunting]


[in English] Blofeld sends his regards.

You know…

Madeleine, she is a daughter of Spectre.

She’s a daughter of Spectre.

[whirs, beeps]

[motorbike engine idling]

[people yelling]

[people singing]

[crowd yelling]

[people clamoring]

[guard gasps]

Your baggage is already down, Mr. Bond.

As your wife requested.

You were right.

Letting go is hard.

[Madeleine] James.

What happened?

What happened?

How did they know I was here?

What are you talking about?

Madeleine, how did they know I was here?

I have no idea what you’re…

Spectre. How did they know?

What are you talking about? James!

I didn’t do anything.

[phone ringing]

I didn’t do anything.

[Bond] We’re leaving.

[phone continues ringing]

[indistinct chatter]

[engine starts]

There is something I need to tell you.

I bet there is.

[tires screech]

[Madeleine] James!

[horn blares]

[man shouts]

[cell phone ringing]

Pick it up. Pick it up!

[Blofeld on phone] It’s Blofeld, my love.

Your father would be so proud of you.

Your sacrifice will be our glory.

I don’t understand.


[tires screeching]

[horns blaring]

[cell phone vibrating]

[speaking Italian] Hello.

[man on phone] Let the sheep out, kid.


Because otherwise I’ll kill you.

James, why? Why would I betray you?

We all have our secrets, we just didn’t get to yours yet.

[man whistling, shouts]

[sheep bleating]


[people clamoring]

James. James, listen to me.

I’d rather die than you think I’m…

[screaming, grunting]

[people clamoring]

[bells tolling]

[Madeleine breathing heavily]


[bells continue tolling]


[gun fires]





Do something. James!

Say something, James!

[gunshots thudding]



[engine revving]

[engine revving]

[men groan]

[people screaming]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[Bond] Come on.

[indistinct chatter]

So, this is it?

This is it.

How will I know that you’re okay?

You won’t.

You’ll never see me again.

[whistle blows]

[“No Time To Die” playing]

♪ I should have known ♪

♪ I’d leave alone ♪

♪ Just goes to show ♪

♪ That the blood you bleed ♪

♪ Is just the blood you owe ♪

♪ We were a pair ♪

♪ But I saw you there ♪

♪ Too much to bear ♪

♪ You were my life ♪

♪ But life is far away From fair ♪

♪ Was I stupid to love you? ♪

♪ Was I reckless to help? ♪

♪ Was it obvious to everybody else? ♪

♪ That I’d fallen for a lie ♪

♪ You were never on my side ♪

♪ Fool me once, fool me twice ♪

♪ Are you death or paradise? ♪

♪ Now you’ll never See me cry ♪

♪ There’s just no time to die ♪

♪ I let it burn ♪

♪ You’re no longer my concern ♪

♪ Faces from my past return ♪

♪ Another lesson yet to learn ♪

♪ That I’d fallen for a lie ♪

♪ You were never on my side ♪

♪ Fool me once, fool me twice ♪

♪ Are you death or paradise? ♪

♪ Now you’ll never See me cry ♪

♪ There’s just no time to die ♪

♪ No time to die ♪

♪ Mm ♪

♪ No time to die ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

[devices whirring]

[man] We’re in.

[man on radio] Proceed.

[guns cock]

[woman speaking indistinctly]

[woman on PA] Please remember to back up all data by 10:00 p.m. this evening due to planned server maintenance.

You okay?

You know the, uh, SL5, the weaponized smallpox I was using this morning?

Have you seen it? I… I put it in the bloody…

Valdo, you haven’t seen a tub of smallpox, have you?

[sighs] This was a good soup.

Now it is waste, even if it is joke.

[speaks foreign language]


There is more complexity in my tomato soup than in both of your brains combined.

Valdo, that is so unkind. It’s so…

One day I will put Ebola in your tea.

And then I will watch as your faces sweat blood…

[phone ringing]

…and I will be laughing.

Nice. Keep your hair on.


He’s got a terrifying imagination, hasn’t he?

Dr. Obruchev.

[man on phone] They are coming.




Do not try to stop them.

This is what we’ve been waiting for.

They will ask you to enter Bio Security Level Four fridge and remove the weapon.

No one must see what you are doing.

They will not kill you. They think they need you.

They will not kill me?

[computer beeping]

Transferring the files as we speak.

Now… Now it’s done. What do I do with it?

Swallow it. Goodbye.

Swallow the…

[line disconnects]

[loudly] Yes, I like animals!


[systems powering down]

[distant gunfire]

[people clamoring]

[man on PA] Danger, illegal access detected.

Secure all biohazardous materials immediately.

[man 1] Move! Follow!


[man 2] No! No!

[man on PA] Caution.

Unauthorized personnel located in this sector.

[woman] Please, we’re scientists, we’re unarmed.

We’re unarmed. What do you want?

[man] Valdo Obruchev.

[chuckles awkwardly] Hello.

Open the Bio Security Level Four fridge.

And, uh…

Give me the weapon.

The weap… What weapon? We have, uh…


It requires double authentication.

Which one?

[Obruchev] Him.

Hardy. Hardy! Don’t let them.

Don’t let them. Don’t let them, please.

[woman screams]


[device beeping]

[locks clicking open]

[air hissing]

[device beeps]

[body thuds]


[man on PA] Warning, facility lockdown in progress.

All exits are now sealed.

[alarm blaring]

Warning, facility lockdown in progress.

All exits are now sealed.

Oh, what is, uh… It’s a safety belt? This?


I… I cannot!

There is no elevator!



Magnets. [screams]



Sir, I’ve just received the most unusual…

I’ve seen it.


Oh, Jesus Christ.

Sir, what’s the Heracles project?


This lab isn’t on the books.

No, it’s not.

There were casualties.

It was a gas leak.

Shall I alert the PM?

It was a gas leak. I’ll handle it.


Where’s 007?

[birds chirping]

[fish thuds]

[reggae music playing on speakers]

[car engine starts]

[indistinct chatter]

[horns blaring]

[man shouting indistinctly]

[indistinct chatter]

Well, isn’t this a surprise, Felix?


Who’s the blond?

Logan Ash, State Department. It’s really nice to meet you.

I’ve heard a lot about you. I mean, I’m a huge fan.

[man 1] Babylon.

[man 2] Police boy.

[Felix] I need a favor, brother.

You didn’t get the memo? I’m retired.

[Felix] I wouldn’t ask if you were still in Her Majesty’s Service.

And what does that mean?

Our elected leaders aren’t playing nice in the sandbox.


Is there somewhere quiet where we can talk in private?

Quiet? Yeah.

[dancehall music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[Felix] I was hoping you could pick up a package.

[Bond] Five.

[Felix] Four.

Where’s the package?

Short trip. Cuba.

You love it there. [laughing]

Oh, I love it there?

Hey. Valdo Obruchev.

[Felix] You’re gonna say you never heard of him.

Never heard of him. Two.


Ah… It’s a good life.

[laughs] You never heard of him?

Didn’t he defect during your tenure at MI6?

Obruchev was kidnapped three days ago from a secret MI6 lab in London.

Two days ago, his mug pinged on a facial-recognition sweep in Santiago de Cuba.

[Ash] He’s leaving out the best part.


I have a contact there, says they’re gathering.

Coincidence? [clicks tongue]

Come on. It’ll be like old times.



[Felix laughs]

[Ash] You’re really the only guy for the job.

[both chuckle]

You’re the guy.

It’s my round.

[music continues]



Yeah, man.

[indistinct chatter and laughter]

Where’d you find the Book of Mormon?

[Felix] Political appointee. Not my choice.

Seems intelligence isn’t central anymore.

He smiles too much.

Help us get this into the right hands.

Oh, what, and you’re the right hands?

I’m not just a pretty face.

I stopped trusting pretty faces a long time ago, Felix.

Yeah, I heard. Bad luck.

Bad judgment.


Harder to tell the good from bad, villains from heroes these days.

I need you, James.

You’re the only one I trust with this.

I’m not screwing around.

I wanna get back to my family, tell them I saved the world again.

Don’t you?

Nice to see you again, Felix.

At least take my number.

I’ve got your number.

[muffled music continues]

[engine stalling]

[woman] In trouble?


Need a ride?

Sure. Why not?

Hold on.

[Bond] What’s your name?



James. Call me James.

What do you do, Nomi?

I’m a diver.

What do you dive for?

I have a thing for old wrecks.

[chuckles] Well, then you’ve come to the right place.


[grunts] After you.

[Nomi] Hmm…

Nice house.

Thank you.

Is that the bedroom?

Yes, it is.

[switch clicks]

Well, that’s not the first thing I thought you’d take off, but, uh…

[in British accent] Yeah.

You seem like a man who’s gagging for some action, Mr. Bond.

Shall we cut to the chase?

I’m here as a professional courtesy.

Well, you’re not very courteous, are you?

You’ve broken my car…

It’s Commander Bond, but you know that.


Two years.

Very young.

High achiever.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

The world’s moved on

since you retired, Commander Bond.

Perhaps you didn’t notice.

No, can’t say I had.

And in my humble opinion, the world doesn’t change very much.

You would say that.

Look, this all seems like heaven, this little bubble, or whatever.


But it’s so obvious you’re a man who only has time to kill, nothing to live for.

So Valdo Obruchev is off-limits.

You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee.

[whispers] The one that works.

You need to ask yourself a few more questions.

MI6, CIA chasing after the same man, not communicating with each other, that…

That’s not good.


You know what? Tell M hello, but…

I don’t work for him anymore.

Tell him yourself.

By the way, I’m not just any old double-0.

I’m 007.

You probably thought they’d retire it.

It’s just a number.



See you in Cuba?

[M] How’s it going, Q?

Several large files seem to have been wiped from Obruchev’s hard drive.

He was working on some pretty advanced algorithm…

Can you retrieve the files?


Get me everything you can and then destroy the drive.

If I knew more about what this was, I could…

Thank you, Q. That’s all.

[cell phone ringing]

Yes. One minute. The PM is calling again.

007. Tell them something. Anything.


[Bond] M, darling.

Couple of things.


I met your new 007.

She’s a disarming young woman.

So, Obruchev.

You kept him on the payroll, didn’t you?

Stay out of it. This has nothing to do with you.

It does. It’s Spectre.

Mallory, what have you done?

[cell phone beeps]

[clears throat softly]

Double-0 trouble?

The CIA have the advantage.

Get me Blofeld.

Sir, he only speaks to his psychiatrist.

I know. The live feed’s what I want.

[Blofeld] They stay straight in the middle.

And then they bring him up.

He’s like this every day, mad as a bag of bees.

[Blofeld] It’s crowning day.


What is it?

It’s nothing.

[Blofeld] It’s clean as can be. Everyone just wants a party.

Yeah, I want them both to hear me.

[Blofeld laughs]

Be a surprise.

[waves lapping]

[clicks tongue]

[sighs and chuckles]

[typing on cell phone]

[line ringing]

Felix, I’m in.

[Felix laughs] He’s in.

There’s a young lady in Santiago I want you to meet.

[both speaking Spanish]

[chuckles softly]

[man speaks Spanish]

[lively music playing]

[indistinct chatter]


You’re late. Vamos.


Uh, something about a hat? Paris, uh…

Huh? What hat?

[speaking Spanish]

[in English] I forget things when I get nervous.

This is the biggest job I’ve ever had.


This your room?

It’s a wine cellar.

Okay, come here.

Don’t you think we ought to get to know each other just a little bit before we, um…

Oh… [chuckles] No, no, no, no.

Um, no, I’m sorry. [chuckles] Um…

All right.

You do it.

Thank you.


Do you mind, uh…

This is gonna go brilliantly.

I know.

I’ve done three weeks’ training.

[indistinct chatter]

[speaking Spanish]

Let’s get a drink.

Good idea.

[soft music playing on speakers]

Two vodka martinis, shaken, not stirred.

[bartender] Si, senor.

[feedback whines softly]

So I can hear you.

What shall we drink to?


To Felix.

Remind me to get him a cigar.

[gasps, exclaims]




[muffled music playing]

[speaking foreign language]


[man] Will this sample be enough for you?

If he has used it, yes.

It is now progressing.

Oops. Sorry.

Terrible, terrible gloves. So slippery.

Forgive me.

How much longer?


[Obruchev] A-ha.

To happy new future for Spectre.

Now, it is ready.

[lively chatter in distance]

[air hissing]

[music continues]

[lively chatter]

You go that way.

I’ll go this way.

[Bond over earpiece] What is this? Spectre bunga-bunga?

You ever been to a party like this?

[Paloma over earpiece] How do you think I got this job?

[Bond] Don’t get distracted, now.

Remember, we’re looking for our Russian scientist.

[Paloma] I’m seeing a lot of Spectre agents.


And it looks like all of them.


[indistinct chatter]

[Paloma over earpiece] Friend of yours?

Cyclops. We ran into each other in Italy.

That was an eye-opening experience.

[man speaking indistinctly]

They’re wearing earpieces.


[man speaking indistinctly on earpiece]

[Blofeld] It’ll be clean. It’s good. It’s as good as can be.

[Blofeld] It’s my party.

Ah. Found it.

[Blofeld] Celebrate me, my birthday, my crowning day.

[Blofeld speaking German]

[Paloma] Who’s the birthday boy?


Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Is he here?

No, he’s…

[Blofeld] Make your way. Follow the music.

He’s in London in prison.

[Paloma over earpiece] How do you know for sure?

Because I put him there.

[Blofeld] …feel my warm embrace.

[chuckles] Experience a delicious surprise.

Let us shepherd humanity with our new power.

I’ve spotted him, our little Russian scientist.

[Bond] Have you got him?

[Blofeld] I’m here.

I got him.

[Bond] Stay with him.

[Blofeld] But I see you from my little eye, and my little eye says hi.

Now, see, now, we emerge from the shadows as gods on Mount Olympus.

Here’s to the end of our pariah.

[chuckles] Oh, my burden, my brother…

James Bond.

Goodbye, James.

[drumroll playing]

[speaks Spanish]

You’re popular tonight.

[drumroll stops]

[Blofeld] You can’t run.

It’s too late.

[gas hissing]

It’s already crawling under your skin.

Don’t be alarmed, it’s harmless to us.

Just to him. So delicious.

[people screaming]

[people clamoring]

[man speaks Spanish]

[man] Sir!



It is working.

It is working. Only Spectre are dying.


Are you for my, uh, esco…

[Paloma] Hmm?

No? Oh.



Thank you. I’ll take this.

[Obruchev] No!

What was that?

[man] Get him!


[people clamoring]

[Bond] Time to go. Let’s go!

[people screaming]

[Paloma] It’s clear.

[glass shatters]

[Nomi] May I cut in?


[speaks Spanish]

[Paloma] Go get him. I’ll hold them off.

[guard] Cover the exits!


[guard] Don’t let them get away!

[Paloma] Have you got them?

[Bond] Nearly.


[Obruchev screaming]

[both scream]


[guard] Get them! Don’t let them get away!

[Bond] Paloma, I know you’re busy, but the curtain’s about to come down on this one.

[Paloma] I can get a car. Where do you need it?

I’ll be right there.

[Nomi] Stay down!


[both grunting]

[Paloma grunting]



[Nomi] Come on!

[Bond] Three weeks’ training, really?

[Paloma] More or less.

We’re still gonna need that car.



[gunfire continues]

[men groan]

Where are you taking me?

I’m taking you back to Mother, darling.

Mother? Oh, no, no, no.


[Paloma] Huh. There you are.

[tires screeching]

[Paloma whoops]

[Obruchev screams]

[yelps] No!


Stay there!

You okay?

I’m great.

[Bond] I’m gonna borrow your plane. Sorry.

[sirens approaching]


[police officers shouting in Spanish]

[in English] It’s a shortcut.

[officers speaking Spanish]

This is my stop. Goodbye.

You were excellent.

You too.

Next time, stay longer.

I will.

Hey, a cigar for Felix.

Thank you. Come on.



[sirens approaching]

[Bond] Come on, let’s go.

[Obruchev] No, no, no, sir, I am not getting on that.

Well, that’s a shame because we don’t have a choice.

Let’s go. Come on.


Okay, okay, what have we got here?

[engine starts]

Sir, I just saved your life, okay? Please remember that.

So, could you please tell me what the hell is going on?

Where are you taking me?

Somewhere safe.

[chuckles] At least make it look hard.

Thanks, Felix, you walked me into a trap. Get in.

What trap?

[Bond] Spectre’s dead. Sit.

[Felix] Who’s dead?

All of them.

[Felix] Good.

What is this? Explain it to me.

I don’t have the words to describe to someone like you.

Try one.

It’s perfect.

A perfect what?

What? Assassin.

Thank you, Bond, your mission’s done.

[Bond] Why didn’t it kill me?

You don’t have to answer

those questions. Bond!

Why Spectre?

Bond, please stop asking these questions.


Speak up.

Because you were never the intended target.

He was a target? Why?

I changed the DNA like we decided.

Now the plan is complete and I’m confused.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Who is “we”? Did M make you build this?

He is out of line here, Felix.

Did M order you to kill Spectre?

Don’t answer that!

Is M behind this?

He is out of line!


Ash, shut your mouth!

[Obruchev] M. M helped me build it.

But please, he does not have the vision for how to use it.

Well, who does? Who does?

Blofeld? How did he know I was going to be there?

[Felix] Oh!


[both grunting]

[Ash panting]



I’m with Safin. You understand?

Yes. I am Dr. Obruchev.

[scoffs] I know who you are.

I don’t know about you, but I got a feeling in my gut Ash might not be on our side.

We need to have a conversation about the company you keep.

[chuckles] I’m with you.

That’s a lot of blood.

[Obruchev] So, where are we going?

[device beeping]

Get in the plane, Doctor.

This might be my last mission.

What do you think?

I think you’re just looking for an excuse not to help me.


There you go.

Paloma, she gave me a cigar for you to smoke, and you are gonna smoke it.

Nice, but maybe you should hold on to that for now.

You just stay put. Keep the pressure on that.

I’m gonna find us a way out.

I’ll be over here.

You know, Felix, we really need to stop meeting…

[both grunt]

[Obruchev] Ooh.


I was such a big fan of his.



This doesn’t look good.

Come on, Felix, we’ve been in worse than this. Let’s go.

It’s like back when I was a kid on that shrimp boat.

You’re from Milwaukee.

Am I? I thought I made that up.

He got me.

[Bond grunts]

Just let me go. Let me go.

[Bond grunts]

You got this?

Yeah. Yeah.

Make it worth it.

[Felix coughs]

James, it’s a good life, isn’t it?

The best.


Felix. Felix.

[inhales deeply]



[ship horn blaring]


[engine starts, revs]

[“James Bond Theme” playing]




James Bond.


How’s retirement?

[scoffs] Quiet.

Hi. Where’s Obruchev?

I thought you two would get along.

Report, 007.

Thank you.

00… 7.

That must bother you.

Where is he?

He left me for somebody else.

It’s, uh…

So, you lost him?

You can go in.

Thank you.

Thank y…

[Moneypenny] Alone, I’m afraid.

Oh, does that bother you?

[Nomi grunts]

I get why you shot him.

[Moneypenny] Yeah, well, everyone tries at least once.

[pen clicking]

Has this desk got bigger?

Or have you got smaller?

I can’t pretend there weren’t some sorry faces when you left us, Bond, but you fell so far off the grid that we thought you must be dead.

Now, learning that you were, in fact, alive and well, and… working for the CIA, well…

Well, that really was a blow.

Well, they just asked so nicely.

It’s a shame that you haven’t lost your touch.

[sighs] We wouldn’t be in this mess.

This is your mess.

Blofeld tried to kill me in Cuba, but someone hijacked his plan.

And whoever stole your weapon used it to wipe out Spectre instead.

Now your weapon is on the run and nobody seems to know who has it.

So you can imagine why I’ve come back to play.

We’re looking into it.

I can identify the man that took Obruchev.

And what do you want in return, Bond?


Impossible. He’s in Belmarsh.

Yes. He ran a Spectre meeting in Cuba from Belmarsh.



How? No one has access. No one.

Why didn’t you shut it down?

Why didn’t you shut Heracles down?

I answer to the interests of my country, not you.

And to Felix Leiter?

I certainly don’t answer to Felix Leiter.

Perhaps because he’s dead.

I’m sorry.

I had a lot of respect for Leiter.


Look, if you have information, I’d be happy to receive it.

Get me into Belmarsh.


Blofeld’s the only member of Spectre still breathing, I can’t risk that.

Oh, but you will risk developing a DNA-targeting weapon with a corrupt scientist for ten years?

There was nothing to suggest that Obruchev was working for anyone else. I had him…

My God, you’re thirsty at the moment.

You have no right to speak to me that way.

You have no right to make insinuations about my judgment.

If you’ve nothing left to give, you are irrelevant.

You’ve done your bit and we thank you for your service, again. Goodbye.


Moneypenny, send in 007.

You can go, Bond.

It’s definitely the same desk.

Thank you.


[door closes]

Go to Belmarsh.

I want everything that Blofeld listens to, looks at and touches scanned.

Scan every corner of that cell.

Scan the whole prison.

In fact, scan the whole damn man.

Sir. I’ll bring my gloves.

[Moneypenny] James… Uh…

What are you doing for dinner?

[doorbell rings]

[cat meows]

[doorbell rings]

[cat meows]





So, you’re not dead?

Hello, Q. I’ve missed you.

[Moneypenny] Mm! That smells great.

Were you expecting somebody?

[door closes]

Um… No. What… Excuse me.


This is the first time I’ve… He’ll be here in 20 minutes, I can’t take my focus off…

I need you to tell me what’s on that.

No, I need to lay the table.

[cat meows]

[soft operatic music playing on speaker]

You know, they come with fur these days.

I want to be very clear that I am not authorized to help you.

And I have sworn…

It’s to do with Heracles.

I presume M doesn’t know that this is happening.

No, but there’s something going on, Q.

We need to find out what it is.

[clicks tongue, sighs]

Well, it’s never 9:00 to 5:00, is it?

[Bond] Thank you.

Um, Bond?

[Bond] Yes?

Do you know where this has been?

Everywhere, I should imagine.

[Q] Into the sandbox.

Oh. Thank you.

[Bond clears throat]

[Q] Um, it’s a database.

Don’t touch that, please.

[Bond] What’s the data?

[Q] It’s DNA. Multiple individuals.

What was M working on?

Something he should have shut down years ago.

[Q] Oh, hello.

[Bond] What?

[Q] There’s more. Hidden files.

I was asked to recover what I could from Obruchev’s hard drive just after the explosion, and I have a pretty good feeling that… this is what was missing. Yeah. A complete disk.

So, Obruchev is working for someone who managed to kill all of Spectre?

Not all of them.

[Moneypenny] Blofeld.

Can you show me the other files?

[Q] Mm-hmm.

[Q] Wait, this can’t just be Spectre.

Oh, my God. There are thousands.

Who are they?

They’re in categories.

I’m gonna need more time to organize…

There have been, uh, breaches round the world of databases holding DNA information.

We’ve been tracking them.


I can’t imagine they’re leaving us out, whoever they are.

Well, Blofeld will know who they are.

Q, you need to get me into Belmarsh.

Well, there’s only one person he’ll speak to.

Who? M says no one has access.


Did he?

What’s that?

[oven dings]

Can I just have one nice evening, please, before the world explodes?

Who has access? Who?

[woman] Morning.

[Madeleine] Morning.

[woman] New patient. He’s weird.

[Madeleine] You can’t say that.

I’m sorry I’m late.

[door closes]

I wasn’t expecting a new patient.

Sorry if I surprised you.

No. I like surprises.

[man] You’re very attractive for a psychotherapist.

Must be dangerous for your clients.

They are usually more of a danger to themselves.



Did you choose them?


I found them friendly.

You know if you eat them they can cause your heart to just… stop.

[chuckles softly]

Then I’ll make sure not to.

Do you know a lot about flowers?

My father had a garden.

He taught me.

He died when I was young, but my interest remained.

It’s difficult to lose a parent.

Especially at a young age.

Yes, death has a particular effect on children, doesn’t it?

What effect did it have on you?


But I saved a life once.

I think that had more of an effect.

Why is that?

Saving someone’s life connects you to them forever, the same as taking it.

They belong to you.

I’m not very good at talking about myself, so I brought a memory box.

I thought it might interest you.

Sometimes objects can be more evocative than memories.

[breathing shakily]

I never forgot your eyes under the ice.

They needed me.

It is a shock to see them so many years later.

They still need me.

I am rather taken by them.

What do you want?

Just a favor.

You owe me.

You murdered my mother.

And your father killed my entire family.


I need you to visit someone for me, wearing this.

It’s harmless to you.

You are the only one who can do it.


Why would I do anything for you?

Because I am a man willing to kill the person you love most.

I’ve already lost everyone I’ve ever loved.

There is nothing you can threaten me with.

That is very sad to hear, Madeleine.

But it is not true… is it?

[Bond] Madeleine Swann, really?

[M] Well, yes. We took your information seriously, but that was five years ago. Nothing came up.

Well, she’s very smart and very good at hiding things.

She’s a useful asset.

She’s the only psychiatrist he agreed to speak to.

I had to exercise my judgment…

Your judgment is the problem.

That weapon was designed to save lives and to eradicate collateral damage for our agents.

A clean, accurate shot every time.

But it had to be off the books.

There are enough holes in our national security.

[sighs] If the world knows what this can do…

They’d kill for it.



If it’s an error, it’s on my shoulders, fair and square.

I’ve dedicated my life to defending this country.

I believe in defending the principles of this…

Of this.

But we used to be able to get into a room with the enemy, we could look him in the eye.

And now the…

The enemy is just floating in the ether.

We don’t even know what they’re after.


We managed to access a database of their targets.


Oh, for fuck’s sake.

I see.

And after Blofeld, what do they want?

Well, it’s hard to say.

I mean, I would imagine world leaders, innocent civilians, freedom, you know, that sort of thing.

Oh, good, well, just the usual.

Just the usual.


Blofeld was communicating with his agents in Cuba through a bionic eye which we’ve now retrieved.

You’re welcome.

Spectre’s destruction’s going to have huge consequences.

Whoever did this is going to be very dangerous and very powerful.

We need all the information that we can gather.


[Tanner] Sir.


So the rumors are true. You look well.


Sir, there’s been a development.

[Nomi] They were just dropping, one right after the other.

It was disturbing, to say the least.

Wait till you see what it looks like up close.

Uh, Bond’s in the office.

[Q] What?

Oh, Bond. My God, I haven’t seen you in, in, uh…

How is your retirement?

Shut up, Q.

I know he’s staying with you.

And you’re not in the clear either.

What happened?

He’s been reinstated as a double-0.

Double-0 what?

What have you got?

Q has studied the blood samples I gathered from the victims of the funeral.

Just look at this.


[M] What are we looking at?

[Tanner] This is the funeral of one of the dead Spectre agents from Cuba.

[Nomi] And here are the members of their family who made physical contact with the corpse.

We found Heracles in the blood samples of all of them.

[M] Now, that’s some good work, Nomi.

Thank you, sir. Double-0 what?

What are they?

They’re… They’re nanobots.


[Q] Microscopic bio-robots that can enter your system by the slightest contact with your skin.

Programmed with DNA to target specific individuals.

Heracles was…

It was designed to be the most efficient weapon in our arsenal.

Passing through people harmlessly before reaching its intended target.

[Q] But Obruchev modified the nanobots so that they can kill anyone related to the target.


Well, since it’s DNA-based, with further modifications, yes.

Families, certain genetic traits.

Single-nucleotide variants and polymorphisms that could target a range from individuals to… whole ethnicities.

You infect enough people…

And the people become the weapon.

It was never intended to be a weapon of mass destruction.

It was…

I need to call the Prime Minister.

Tanner, quarantine the families from the funeral.

Yes, sir.

[M] And, Q, hack into Blofeld’s bionic eye, see what you can find.

[door closes]

You’ve got your wish.

Go to Blofeld and see what you can get out of him.

And find that cockroach Obruchev.


We don’t have a trail.

Logan Ash. State Department. Ex-State Department.

Find him, you’ll find Obruchev.


Good luck.

[chuckles] Thanks.

[water running]

[Nomi clears throat]

I’ll be outside when you’re done with your important preparation.

I’ll be just a moment.

It’s fine.

[automated voice] Blofeld’s eyeball unlocked.


Accessing received media stream.

I know you and she have a history, but we’ve kept a close eye on her over the years.

She’s been very compliant.

If Bond does anything weird in there, you’ll be doing me a huge favor, so don’t make it too easy for him, okay?


He’s the most valuable asset this country has.

I know you and he have a history, but don’t let him get in your head.

If you feel yourself losing control…

Oh, Tanner, relax.

I’m not gonna lose… control.

[clears throat]

Dr. Swann, good afternoon.

[door buzzes open]

Mr. Bond.


[woman on PA] Six-seven. Special cell two now locked off.

[door buzzes closed]

Segregation unit secure.

This is where we leave you. Good luck.

Just get us a name.

[door buzzes open]

Must be nice to catch up with an old friend so regularly.

We’re closer than ever.

[door locks]

[sighs] Oh, that was awkward.

Does he have that effect on all women?

[scoffs] Fifty-fifty.

It’s unpredictable.


[indistinct announcement on PA]

[buzzer sounds]

[woman on PA] Isolated in HSU.

[whispers] You’re shaking.

It’s not an ideal situation.

[door opens]

Open the door.

Open the door!


What is it?

James, you don’t know what this is.

Don’t make me do this.


Right. Open the doors.

Open the door.

Open it.

[Nomi] What…

[door buzzes open]

Where are you going?


[Nomi] I’ll get her.

[Tanner] Wait.

He won’t talk without her.

Just wait.

Special delivery.


Hello, Blofeld.

Perhaps you can help me.

Cuba was quite the party.

Happy birthday, by the way.

Thank you.

I’m trying to piece together what happened.

I mean, there you were, or here you were, with the world’s most powerful people, your friends, all in one room, a noose around my neck, and your hands on the most valuable weapon in existence.

It’s like a…

It was like a testimony to your greatness.

A celebration of all that is Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

[chuckles] Yeah, James.



But then it all went wrong, didn’t it?

My sweet James, what do you want?

Your enemies are closing in, Blofeld.

And the biggest twist here is that if you tell me who they are, I could save your life.

Mm, my avenging angel.

My chaser of lost causes.

Now you even chase mine.

But you’re asking the wrong question.

Yeah, Cuba was a disappointment, but we all cry on our birthday.

[over speaker] You need to ask yourself, why are we here?

[female automated voice] Accessing media file 472.

[Q] Hmm. Looking sharp, Bond.

[female automated voice] 473.



476, 477, 478.


Logan Ash. A pleasure to meet you.

Oh, my God, that’s him.

[Ash] I am sorry for your loss.

I believe you know who I represent and work for?

We have an opportunity for you.

[cell phone vibrating]

[Blofeld] You keep coming back to me.

I thought I’d never see you again, but fate draws us back together.

Yes. Q’s got eyes on Logan Ash.



Let me know what happens.

[Blofeld] Now your enemy is my enemy.

How did that happen?

Well, you live long enough…

[laughs] Yeah. Look at us.


Two old men in a hole trying to work out who’s playing tricks on us.

She still loves you. Did you know that?

And you broke her heart. And she betrayed you.

She is irrelevant.

Mm, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss.

You said it yourself, she’s very good at hiding things.

And when her secret finds its way out, and it will, it’ll be the death of you.

Just give me a name.



Please, just… Please, no games.


Oh, do you know what? The two of you should come see me.

A little couples therapy.

I simply have to see your face when she tells you the truth.

Just tell me who they are, Blofeld… and then I’ll leave. I’ll leave you on your own.

No, I don’t want you to leave.

We’re just getting reacquainted.

Hmm. All right. Come.

You were unusually patient. I need to give you something so that you didn’t have to make all this way for nothing. Come.

Careful, Bond.

It was me.

You destroyed Spectre?

[snorts] No.

Vesper’s grave.

Madeleine didn’t do a thing. It was all me.

I knew you’d come visit it, I just needed to wait for the bon moment.

She led you straight there from the goodness of her heart.

And then you left her, for me.

It doesn’t matter.

Oh, but it does.

She still does, doesn’t she?

My poor little cuckoo.

You were always so very, very sensitive.

This isn’t working.

Keep going.

[Blofeld] All this wasted time, the life you could have had.

And the reason all of this is so beautiful, so exquisitely beautiful, is that you’re coming to me looking for answers, whereas the one person who knows it all is she.

It’s Madeleine. She holds the secrets you need.

All of them. I didn’t need to kill you.

I’d already broken you.

I wanted to give you an empty world… like the one you gave me.

It’s enough to almost make me regret it.

Eh, almost.

[softly] Die.

[Blofeld] Hmm?

[Bond] Die, Blofeld. Die.


Jesus. Open the door.

[banging on door]

Bond! Bond! Bond!

[banging on door continues]

Open the door. Bond!


[door buzzes open]

What the hell are you thinking?

Yes, yes, yes, I know how to interrogate an asset.

This interrogation is over.

Tanner, don’t lecture me!

Bond, you have violated the most important rule in the whole bloody playbook.


Don’t move.

I’m… I’m gonna need those, I’m afraid.

He’s dead.

It’s a good thing you’re not actually related, or you’d be dead too.

How do I get this off?

[Q] Oh, you don’t. You can’t.

[sighs] Nanobots aren’t just for Christmas.

[chuckles] Once Heracles is in your system, it’s there forever.

Did they find the car?

We traced it, but she abandoned it.

They searched her flat, she hasn’t been home.

Is she one of them?

I don’t know.

James, do you have any idea where she might have gone?

No. I don’t know her at all.

[Madeleine] Is that for me?


Then why did you come?

Because you told me to.

I didn’t think you would remember.

I remember everything.

You need to tell me who gave you the poison, Madeleine.

Is he dead?

Yes, he’s dead.


He told me you didn’t betray me.

I understand you’re not built to trust people.

Neither are you.

Then we were fools for trying.

I wanted to.

I don’t know if you wanted me to come here, or why you tried to kill Blofeld, or who gave you the poison to do it, or how long you’ve been working for them, but I do know… that for what felt like five minutes of my life I wanted everything with you.

And it’s not because I didn’t trust.

It was just that feeling.

I know I’ve come here to find out who gave you the poison.

But I’m not going to leave here without you knowing that I have loved you, and I will love you, and I do not regret a single moment of my life that led me to you.

Except when I put you on that train.

Do you know the worst thing about you?

My timing?


My sense of humor?



You look…

You look incredible.

[soft clink]

[whispers] This is Mathilde.


Hello. I’m James.


Sir, we’ve located Logan Ash. 007 wants a word.

Well done, 007.

Thank you, sir.

Permission for a capture or kill.

Have we cleared this with the Americans?

Granted. And thank you for asking.

By the book, sir.

Well, your predecessor was less deferential.

To be fair, Commander Bond gave me the lead.

Well, I’m glad to see you two getting along.


[line disconnects]

Have you located Dr. Swann?

Nothing, I’m afraid, sir.

Thank you.

[speaking French] If you hear anything what do you do?

[girl speaking French] I hide.

Very good.

[both speaking French]

Good night.

Good night.

Say good night.

Good night.

[speaks French] Good night.

[Madeleine speaks French]

[in English] She’s not yours.

But, um, the…

Okay, the blue eyes, the…

She’s not yours.


I have something to show you.

Another child?

[keypad beeping]

[rapid beeping]

[Bond] What is it with your dad and secret rooms?

Talk to me.

I wanted to bring you here before.

To tell you everything.

Blofeld ordered my father to assassinate this family.

The boy survived.

His name is Lyutsifer Safin.

When I was a little girl, he came here to kill my father.

But he found me and my mother instead.

He spared my life.

And now he’s back.

And what does he want?



Who were they?

Spectre’s poisoners.

My father held a banquet for them, used their own recipe in the dessert.


They would have suffered horribly.

Scarred him for life.

The family had an island.

They called it the Poison Garden.

Oh, so…

Blofeld took it from them, and kept running it, and now this Safin has taken it back.

Q, find one Lyutsifer Safin.

Whereabouts unknown and no recent photographs, but I’m gonna send you some images of him as a boy.

And a picture of an island. So, you know, do your best.

And I’m gonna need a plane to get there, a big one.

I’ll send you my location shortly.

You’re going to find him?

There are a thousand reasons why we need to find this man.

You just gave me a reason to kill him.

[birds chirping]

[footsteps approaching]

[inhales sharply]

[speaking French] I’m hungry.

[speaking French on TV]

[in English] How is it?

[speaking French] Not bad.

[cell phone vibrating]

Excuse me.



[Bond] Did you find the island?

Yes, it’s part of a chain in disputed waters between Japan and Russia.

There’s a chemical plant dating back to the Second World War, seems to have had quite a history.

Sir, Japanese intelligence have reported suspicious activity on the island.

Q, bring up the satellite images I just sent through.

These were taken over the last few days.

If that is Safin there…

Then Heracles is there too.

[Q] Where do you need this plane, Bond?

Hang on, Q. Did 007 manage to locate Logan Ash?

She’s closing in on him. I’ll send you her location.

[cell phone chimes]

I thought she was following Logan Ash, not me.

[Tanner] What? She is.

[Moneypenny] James, where are you?

[Madeleine] Put her in the back.

[Bond] There you are. In here. Watch your head.

[speaking French] Where are we going?

We’re going on an adventure, darling. Hang on.

[in English] Q, I am gonna need that plane, quickly.

I’m near Orland NATO base.

You think you can get it to me?

[Q] Right. Right, yes. We’ll be there.

Thank you.

[Mathilde] Mama.

[speaking French] A mosquito bite me.

It’s okay.

Dou Dou, do you like mosquitoes?


[Mathilde speaking French]


Do mosquitoes have friends?

I don’t know.

I don’t think so.

Hang on.

[tires screeching]


[Mathilde speaks French]

[both yelp]

[Madeleine] Mathilde!

[Madeleine grunts]

[helicopter whirring]


[Mathilde whimpers]

[Madeleine] They’re above us!

[Madeleine yelps, grunts]

[Mathilde screams]

[Madeleine] Get out of here! James!

[Mathilde whimpers]

[indistinct radio chatter]


[engine turns off]

[Madeleine breathing heavily]

[animal calls in distance]

[motorbike approaching]

[motorbike revving distantly]



[Mathilde yelps]

[indistinct radio chatter]

You stay here.

I’ll be back soon.

Anybody comes through that door, you shoot them.

Unless it’s me.

You be quiet, okay? Stay really quiet.

[radio chatter continues]

[motorbike revving]

[vehicles approaching]

[man groans]

[radio chatter continues]

[motorbike approaching]


[motorbike revving in distance]

Hey! [whistles]


Go! Go!

There! Run him over!


[gun clicks]


Nice moves, Bond. [groans]

You won’t be able to stop him…


…so why don’t you help me out, brother?

I had a brother.

His name was Felix Leiter.

[Ash yells]

[gunshots in distance]



[engine whirring in distance]

[helicopter whirring]


[vehicle approaching]

[in Jamaican accent] Need a ride?

Where have you been?

[in British accent] Chasing after your lead.



They took Dr. Swann.

And her daughter.

I… I didn’t know she had a daughter.

Did M get my plane?

Our plane. I’m coming with you.

Thank you, 007.

[tires screech]

Hello, Q.

[Q] Bond.

[Nomi] Sorry to get you out of bed.

[M] The objectives of this mission are threefold.

Confirm the presence of Heracles.

Kill Obruchev and Safin.

Get Dr. Swann and her daughter off the island.

And, Bond, I hope they’re there.

Thank you, sir.


Permission for Commander Bond to be redesignated as 007.

It’s just a number.

Very well. Agreed.

Good luck.

Bond, your watch.

It contains a limited-radius electromagnetic pulse.

It’ll short any circuit in a hardwired network if you get close enough.

[Bond] Mm-hmm.

And how strong is it?

It’s fairly strong.

“Fairly strong,” what’s that mean?

We haven’t had the chance to test it properly, just be careful.

Right, this is Q-DAR.

It will map the space as you move through it.

Don’t touch that.

And smart blood will track you…

Whoops. And your vitals.

Bond, you don’t mind a shot or two whilst at work?

Shall we?

Well, I haven’t had a drink for three or four hou…



Doesn’t sound like you. [clears throat]



I assume you know how the stealthy bird works.

[Bond] No, no idea.

[Nomi] Gravity.

[man speaking foreign language]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[Obruchev] Welcome back, Mr. Safin.

Welcome to your family.

[Safin] How are you progressing?

So, so good, Mr. Safin. So, so good.

My request?


[Safin] Continue.

What is that?


A simple hair falls from your head and now I have your life in my hands.

And yours.

How damaged you must be to threaten a little girl.

You’re any less damaged?

You love a killer.

You bore his child despite his rejection.

You’ve hidden and lied your whole life.

You will do anything…

To survive.

You understand me the same way I understand you.

[man] Move.

[birds squawking]

My father’s garden.

It was his toxic treasure.

Let me show her.

Give her to me.


I can protect her.


[speaking French] Remember what I told you. Don’t touch anything. Okay?


[Safin] It’s a poison garden… but it’s perfectly safe.


[Safin] My father made this.

He loved his plants so much, he would sing to them.

I want to show you one of my favorites.

Some of these plants are very dangerous, but not all of them are for hurting people.

I have plants that can do all sorts of things.



This one makes you do as you’re told, so you never misbehave, and you’re always good.

You mustn’t misbehave, Mathilde.

And neither must your mother.


Do you like it here?

[Mathilde] No.

Well, you will learn to.

I grew up here, and you will too.

[insects buzzing]

Such a beautiful child.

Perhaps we should have some tea.


Make her see the light.

[Madeleine] No, you can’t separate us!



[speaking French] Remember what I told you. I’ll come looking for you. Okay?

Don’t worry.

You have me.

[Q] As soon as you have a line of sight on the island, drop altitude, stay below radar.

You ever flown one of these things before?


[Q] Don’t forget to release the chute, and open the wings.

Gravity isn’t always your friend.

Look for a concrete structure on the west side of the island.

That’s your best bet for getting in.


[Nomi] Coming up for air, Q.

[Q] Right, good.

You should be entering a World War II-era sub pen.

Doesn’t seem to get much activity, but look out for cameras anyway.

Use your watch, Bond.


[automated voice speaks]

[speaking foreign language]

What’s going on?

It’s the equipment.

The cameras are down.

The whole lower sector.

I’ll restart the system.


Okay. Ah, there you go.

Sir, they’re in.

Yes, we have it.

You should be able to see the chemical plant’s architecture.

[Moneypenny] Which one’s Bond?

[Q] He’s the… He’s the psi.

He’s the trident thingy.

[Bond] Give us the layout.

Right. [clears throat]

You’re at the edge of a toxic merry-go-round.

The main activity should be towards the central hub, which is directly above you.

[man speaking foreign language]

[silenced gunshots]

[man groans]

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[Q] Bond.

Bond, there’s something…

There’s something big up ahead,

I can’t work out what it is. It’s…


[Nomi] These walls must be thick.


Bond? 007, do you read me?

[sighs] We’ve lost them.

They’ve entered a blind spot, sir.

I can’t work out what it is they’ve walked into.

Well, just get them back.

[PA announcement continues]

[Bond] Well, will you look at those doors.

This was a missile silo.


Let’s go.

[Bond] Everybody, over there! In the corner! Now!

What? How?

[Bond] Move!

Move! On the ground!


[Nomi grunts]


Down, boy.


[device whirs]

What… What are you doing?

You cannot explode laboratory, please.


[device whirs]

This is suicide mission. Come on.

You will never leave this island alive.

[Nomi] That was the farm.

And this is the factory.


[Bond] They’re mass-producing it.

Nomi, come and look at this.

Well, look, you cannot stop it, mister.

We have big plan, you know.

We have big numbers.

What is it?

[Bond] It’s a simulation.

They’re not just attacking individuals.

They’re going to kill millions.

It will not fit in a suitcase this time, lady.

He’s really getting on my nerves.

Well, shut him up.

[groans] Ow!

My nose.

[Bond] We have to destroy this whole facility.

[Safin over speaker] There is no need for violence.

Mr. Safin, they use explosives.

[Nomi] Shut up.

[Safin] Mr. Bond,

you have something of mine and I have something of yours.

Why don’t you come up and we can talk about it?

Like adults.

Safin, where is he?

If I don’t come back, blow it all to shit.

We don’t have enough explosives for that.

Yeah, but they don’t know that.


[indistinct radio chatter]

[birds chirping]

[door unlocks]

[man] He said you must drink.

For your health.

[Madeleine] Do you trust him?

He made me kill your last master.

Why do you think he let you join him?

I think he wants you to drink.

I want him to give me my daughter back.

He said if you behave, you’ll see her. Drink.

Do you know what this flower does?

It makes you blind.

Just a drop of this in your eye, and you’ll never see again.

Losing one eye is a tragedy.

Losing two…

No games.

This is not a game.




[banging on door]

[Safin] Welcome.

On the floor.

Your sidearm.


She is light as a feather.

[Bond] All right!

Please, sit.

[whispers] It’s going to be all right.

Promise you, it’s going to be all right.

[Safin] James Bond.

History of violence.

License to kill.

Vendetta with Ernst Blofeld.

In love with Madeleine Swann.

I could be speaking to my own reflection.

We’ve made slightly different choices.

No. We’ve just developed different methods for the same goal.

Only your skills die with your body.

Mine will survive long after I’m gone.

And life is all about leaving something behind.

Isn’t it?

Doesn’t have to be ugly.

You leave my baby alone, I leave yours.

What do you think?

I think you’re right.

Thank you.

[Bond] I think we are the same.

We both know what it feels like to have everything taken from us before we’re even in the fight.

It would have been nice to have a chance, you know, don’t you think?

Just… we all should get a chance.

But this thing that you’re building, it puts everyone, the whole world on a battlefield.

Nobody gets a chance.

[exhales sharply]

The thing that no one wants to admit is that most people want things to happen to them.

We tell each other lies about the fight for free will and independence, but we don’t really want that.

We want to be told how to live, and then die when we are not looking.

People want oblivion, and a few of us are born to build it for them.

So, here I am, their invisible god… [whispers] sneaking under their skin.

You know that history isn’t kind to those who play God.

And you don’t?

We both eradicate people to make the world a better place.

I just want to be a little… tidier.

Without collateral.

I want the world to evolve, yet you want it to stay the same.

Let’s face it… I’ve made you redundant.

[Bond] No.

Not as long as there are people like you in the world.

And with all due respect to the enormity of your… tidy achievements, all you’re really doing is standing in a very long line of angry little men.

I’m not angry, just passionate.

Disable your explosives, get off my island, and you can take this precious little angel with you.

And Madeleine?

She stays.

You know I can’t do that.

[sighs] That is a shame.

She really hoped you would.

She knows it’s her only path to survive.

No, you have her tell me that.

What mother wouldn’t sacrifice herself for her own child?

Is that what happened to yours?

My mother lay at my feet as I watched her die.

Wait! Wait. Wait.

I’ll do whatever you want.

Yes, you will.

I… I apologize.

I’m sorry.

Simple choices, Mr. Bond.

Like do you want to die in front of your daughter?

Or do you want your daughter to die in front of you?

No. No. No. No. No.

I am sorry.

I’m sorry.

[whispers] Look at your father, Mathilde.

This is power.

[Bond] I’m sorry.

I’m truly, truly sorry.

[guards groan]


Where is she?

[alarm blaring]

[guard] The first shipment is on the dock, ready for pickup, Doctor.

[Safin] Very good.

[speaking French] My Dou Dou.



[inhales deeply]



If you don’t want my protection, then… off you go.


Move. Our first buyers are arriving.

Sir, I’ve just detected some suspicious activity.

Several high-speed transports are headed towards the island.

Origin unknown.

Still no sign of 007.

Come on, Bond. Where the hell are you?

This is hopeless situation, lady. Please.

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[Nomi] Bond.

[alarm blaring]


The party is larger than the reservation.

Look, lady, please, please just let me go.

I… There was never gonna be a way out.

Stop this nonsense.

You don’t have a chance, anyways.


Hey. Hey, I have a good vial for your people, good for West African diaspora. It can be a good thing.

[indistinct announcement on PA]

You know, I do not need laboratory to exterminate your entire race from the face of the Earth.

Do you know what time it is?


Time to die.

[screams] No!


Move! Move!

[people clamoring]

They dropped down to a lower level.

There has to be a stairwell down.

[Mathilde] Mama?

[speaking French] I lost my little Dou Dou.

Mathilde. Mathilde.

I looked for you all over. Where were you?

I hid like you told me.

I love you.

Me too. I love you.

[in English] We should go.

It’s Q. Do you read me?

Come in, 007, it’s Q.

[man on radio] Traffic. We have traffic.

I think we just got buzzed.

Those are two Russian MiGs.

Traffic. TCAS, you have control.

I understand, and I’m doing the best that I can.

Just please wait.

[sighs] Sir, I’ve got the Navy, the Japanese, the Russians, all breathing down my neck, demanding to know why we’ve got a C-17 circling a disputed island.

Don’t tell them anything just yet.

[distant gunfire]

[men shouting]

[gunfire continues]

[guards groan]

[Nomi] Ah, just in time.

[Bond] Nomi, you know…

Madeleine, Mathilde, they’re my, uh…



[whispers] Family?

[Bond, distorted] Q. Q, are you there?

Yes. Bond.

Do we have any Royal Naval vessels in the immediate vicinity?

Uh, yes. Why?

We are gonna need an immediate strike on this location.

This whole island, it’s a manufacturing plant for Heracles.

We don’t have clearance for missile strikes, do we?


[Q] Bond, there’s something else you should know.

Several unidentified ships are headed your way.

They’re coming after Heracles. How far out?

[Q] Uh, 20 minutes.

Q, patch me through.

[M] 007.


Our operation is attracting a lot of international attention.

We’re seeing what we can do.

[Bond] Come on.

Let’s go. Come on.

It’s going to get very cold out there, so… I want you to have this.

That’ll keep you warm.

I have to finish this. For us.

I know.

I’ll just be a minute.

[engine starts]

I’ve got them.

This might come in handy.

Thank you.

[guard groans]

Q, talk to me.

[Q] Um, our uninvited guests are 15 minutes away.

[M] Bond, M here. The situation is diplomatically complex.

We don’t have a choice. Fire on my mark.

[M] If we launch, the Russians, the Japanese and even the Americans will want answers.

Well, don’t give them any.

[M] Rational minds, Bond.

I’m trying to save this from escalating to all-out war.

Mallory, if we don’t do this, there will be nothing left to save.

Fire on my mark.

[Q] 007, there’s another problem.

That room you were just in.

Yes, I know, I know.

I’ve got to open the blast doors.

Otherwise our missiles will bounce off it like they’ve hit a trampoline.

Yes, I know, I know.

[Q] Find the control room. It should be in a tower just above the blast doors.

The missiles will take about nine minutes from launch.

Do you think you can do it before the ships arrive?

[Bond] Plenty of time, plenty of time.

[indistinct chatter]


[body thuds]




[ears ringing]

[muffled grunting]



[both grunting]


[beeping rapidly]

[man groaning]

[Q] Bond. Bond, do you read me?

Yeah. [panting]

Yeah, Q.

I read you.

Sounds like you’re in a rugby scrum.

I just showed someone your watch.

Really blew their mind.

Right, good. Now, did you find the control room?

Well, my Russian is a little rusty, but I think so, yeah.

Okay, Q.

[Q] Uh, I’ve done some research.

[Q] Old schematics…

Q, I am gonna need some…

[Q] Yes?





[alarm blaring]

Right, the infrastructure must go back to the 1950s, so it’s going to be an overly complicated and intricate switching system.

Now, the order in which you engage it will need to be extremely precise.

You’re looking for a control panel.

There should be a counterweight clutch.

So, listen very carefully, 007.

The first thing you need to do…

Got it.

I think.

[indistinct announcement on PA]

[alarm blaring]

Yep, that’s it. Launch the missiles.

Not until you’re clear.

Q, tell M to launch the missiles now.

Okay. Okay, okay. Understood.

M, Bond says fire.

[man on radio] HMS Dragon here.



M here.

What are my instructions?

You have permission to launch.

Roger. Launching the strike.

[alarm blaring]

[Q] Missiles airborne. Nine minutes out.

[alarm blaring]

[indistinct announcement on PA]


No. No, no!

[Bond groans]


Quite a mess you’ve made. Like an animal.


[fires gun]

[both grunting]

[glass shatters]

[gas hisses]

[both screaming]

[Safin screams]

Now we are both poisoned with heartbreak.

Two heroes in a tragedy of our own making.

[groans softly]

Anyone we touch, we are their curse.

A stroke to their cheek, a kiss… would kill them instantly.



Yes, Mathilde.

You made me do this, you see?

This was your choice.

Q. Q, are you there?

[Q] Bond, there you are.

Are they safe, Q?

Yes, they’re safe.

Bond, have you left the island?

There’s a slight problem with the blast doors.

Won’t take a sec.

No, no, no. Bond, the missiles have already launched.

Just get out of there.

Q, how do I, uh…

How do I destroy this?

If the silo doors are open, the missiles will deal with it.

No. No, no, no. If you get it on you, how do…

How do you get it off?

You know as well as I do that you can’t.

It’s… It’s permanent.

It’s eternal. Which is why we have to destroy it.

For Christ’s sake, James, just get off the island.

It’s harmless unless you’re near to the target.

[scoffs] Yeah. Well, that’s not gonna work.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

It’s for Madeleine.

It’s all right, Q.

It’s all all right.


Would you put Madeleine on, please?

Yes, of course. How stupid of me.

[speaking indistinctly]

[Q] Nomi, come in. Can you put Madeleine on?

[Nomi] Madeleine.



I’m here.

Where are you?

Is it done?



Yes, he’s… He’s dead.

Are you both there?


Good. You’re safe. That’s good.

Have you left?


No. Um…

I’m not gonna make it.


Madeleine. Madeleine.

You promised.

Just get off that island.

I know you can do this.

Everything’s good now.


There’s no one left to hurt us.

Madeleine… you have made… the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

She’s perfect.

Because she came from you.


[Madeleine] Oh, God. The vial.

You’ve been poisoned.


There must be a way.

There must be a way.

We just need more time.

If we only had more time.

You have all the time in the world.

I love you.

I love you too.

[missiles flying overhead]

She does have your eyes.

I know.


I know.

[M] Very hard to know what to say, but I thought we should gather and remember.

And I… I thought this was appropriate.

“The function of man is to live, not to exist.

I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them.

I shall use my time.”

To James.





[M] Right, back to work.


[speaking French]

I’m going to tell you a story… about a man.

His name was Bond.

James Bond.

[“We Have All the Time in the World” playing]

♪ We have all ♪

♪ The time ♪

♪ In the world ♪

♪ Time enough for life ♪

♪ To unfold ♪

♪ All the precious things ♪

♪ Love has in store ♪

♪ We have all ♪

♪ The love ♪

♪ In the world ♪

♪ If that’s all we have ♪

♪ You will find ♪

♪ We need nothing more ♪

♪ Every step ♪

♪ Of the way ♪

♪ Will find us ♪

♪ With the cares ♪

♪ Of the world ♪

♪ Far behind us ♪

♪ We have all ♪

♪ The time ♪

♪ In the world ♪

♪ Just for love ♪

♪ Nothing more ♪

♪ Nothing less ♪

♪ Only love ♪

♪ Every step ♪

♪ Of the way ♪

♪ Will find us ♪

♪ With the cares ♪

♪ Of the world ♪

♪ Far behind us, yes ♪

♪ We have all ♪

♪ The time ♪

♪ In the world ♪

♪ Just for love ♪

♪ Nothing more ♪

♪ Nothing less ♪

♪ Only love ♪

♪ Only love ♪


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