No Sudden Move (2021) – Transcript

A group of criminals are brought together under mysterious circumstances and have to work together to uncover what's really going on when their simple job goes completely sideways.
No Sudden Move (2021)

Set in 1955 in Detroit, No Sudden Move centers on a group of small-time criminals who are hired to steal what they think is a simple document. When their plan goes horribly wrong, their search for who hired them – and for what ultimate purpose – weaves them through all echelons of the race-torn, rapidly changing city.

* * *

[suspenseful music playing]

[suspenseful music continues]

[blues song playing on radio]

You said a man wants to see me.

Alley out back.

He can’t come in here? What is he, white? [scoffs]

Oh, boy. Man.

Who is he?

Never met him before, but he said his boss was looking for a reliable guy to do some work.

Who’s his boss, Jimmy?

No one I knew.

But I heard you were looking for something quick.

See, I thought we were cool, man.

[Jimmy] Mmm-hmm.

And now you’re gonna bring me into some sketchy shit?


Well, you’re lucky anybody’s calling after that Gotham Hotel mess.

Now, I get my fee no matter what.

Just go hear the man out.

Give me your Roscoe.

Curtis, now that’s… Curtis. Curtis.

See? Trouble.

[gun clicks]

Just trouble.

You Curt?

[Curt] Who are you?


You work for Frank?

[Jones] I’ve done work for Frank. This is not Frank.

Okay, ’cause if he’s in, I’m out.

What did I just tell you?


[chuckles softly]

Do I look like I work for Aldrick Watkins?

So what’s the score?

We’re sending a man that works in an office to pick something up from that office and bring it back to his home.

You are part of a babysitting team watching his family while he does it. No one gets hurt.

Three hours of work.

For this, I’m offering you two grand now, and three on the other end.

For three hours?

They said that your number was five grand.

Is this something you think you can do?

[Vanessa] Then he calls me an opportunist, like being married to him is some kind of opportunity.

When he’s out doing, you know, whatever.

You know how he gets.

Well, you used to, and it is way worse, now that he’s fancy.

Do you think I’m a schemer, Ronald?

I think you have ulterior motives.

But I find that sexy.

[Vanessa] Oh, I get it.

So, this is my scheme, is it?

Don’t kid yourself, Ronald.

We both know who you’re really fucking here.

How could you say that?

Oh, and that’s another thing that ticks me off.

How many times a week do I put on this dress?

And he has yet to notice I couldn’t hit a tennis ball to save my life.

I can’t reward that kind of inattentiveness.

I simply will not.


You look cute.

Come here.

Oh. [giggles]

Mmm. Lipstick.

Do you love me?

Of course I love you, Ronald.

You better.


[softly] Hey.

We’re almost there, okay?

I’ll be calling you.

[knocking on door]

Where’s the fire? It’s five of.

[Jones] Really? My watch must be fast.


Close the door behind you.

Imagine my surprise when I got your call.

Self-interest is the sincerest form of flattery.

They want you, Ronald, much as I mighta tried to dissuade them.

Then are you gonna tell me who they are?

Because this “Outfit outta Chicago” ain’t gonna do it.

No, they’re not prepared to do that.

If Frank is involved, you can let yourself out the door.

Everyone has a problem with Frank these days.

Who’s “everyone”?

For our purposes, no one.

Look, they agreed to match your price.

Three grand up front, 4,500 upon completion.


What’s this?


You think I’d be all right with that?

Maybe that’s how they do things in Chicago now. But not here.

All right, give me that envelope back.

I’m gonna find someone else.

He sits up front.

You’re not gonna get stabbed in the neck, Ronald.

I like to sit in the back.

So sit in the back.

Mister, you mind sitting up front?

I do.

I’d like to sit in the back.

[Jones] This is ridiculous. We’re wasting time.

Be my guest.

[Jones] Curt, meet Ronald. Ronald, Curt.

The other man’s inside.

Now there’s another man?

It’s a three-man job.

You never said that.

He said we wasn’t gonna be working alone.

So who’s this fucking guy?


Not that guy. This fucking guy.

And who the fuck is Charley?

Like you, I’m meeting ’em both today, too.

[Charley] Do we need to go over anything?

[Ronald] Instructions seemed pretty clear to me.

Ask Sambo.

Name’s Curt.

Like he told you in the car. [spits]

You’re Curt Goynes.

You didn’t hear about this guy?

[Ronald] Why would I?

I don’t know anybody that knows him.

[Curt] Hmm.

Well, you know Frank.

Frank who?

No. Frank Capelli.

How do you know Frank Capelli?

[Curt] I met him once, briefly.


Yeah, and if you’re Ronald, then you got to be Ronald Russo, ’cause you sure as hell match the description.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

[Curt chuckles]

You seem worried about how you might be described.

Let’s be clear, the only thing I’m worried about is this thing getting fucked up because of you.


What’s that supposed to mean?

It’s not your fault.

You were born like that.

Born like what?

[Charley] Okay.

All right. This isn’t why we were hired.

And who did hire us, Charley, huh?

You gonna tell me straight up this ain’t some Frank Capelli production?

No. No, no, no, no.

It’s, uh, some outfit out of Illinois, wants to expand to Detroit.

The guy pitched it like “get in on the ground floor” kind of thing.

They grow their presence and we have an in. Kind of thing.

What’s with the fucking eye?

Sometimes when people lie, they tend to over-explain. Kind of thing.

[Charley] So he’s been running numbers for Watkins, but then decides that he wants a little bit of his own turf.

And Watkins stakes him, like, 25 g’s.

But Goynes wants a bigger score.

Exactly. They always do.

They’re never satisfied.

So he goes to the Italians and he sets up this big meeting at the Gotham.

And he wants to play them off each other.

You know, the blacks and the Italians.

But Watkins gets tipped off and things get really fucking ugly.

Both sides lose people, Watkins loses his 25k.

And both blame Goynes.

But not for the deaths because that’s, you know… people.

The big thing?

Watkins’ code book goes missing.

Every bet, every debt, every bribe, every payoff.

The real names. Ten years’ worth.

So he has Watkins’ code book, huh?

[Charley] That gets out in the open, everybody’s going down.

Cologne again.

[Matt] Hmm? Oh, yes.

Mary. Yes, I do. I sometimes wear cologne.

Maybe it covers up the other odors.


Yeah. Sure. Maybe that’s it.


So I was awake for a while last night.

How is that news?

[Matt] That is not news.

[Mary] Matthew?


There’s no clean socks.

Just borrow some from your father.

Dad’s are too big.

They’re not that big.

[Mary] Peg, you need help tying those?


You sure? ‘Cause I can…

I don’t need help.

Okay. Amy’s coming early so you can set up show and tell.

I know.

Good morning.

[Mary gasps]

[Charley] Hey, shh, shh, shh.

[Mary whimpers]


Shh, shh, shh.

This is a typical morning. Nothing changes. Okay?

Now, what would you do now, normal Monday?

I would make breakfast.

[Ronald] Well, there you go then.

What do you want?

[Charley] Is that something you’d say, normal Monday?

I don’t know.

[breath trembling]

Can I just… Can I just… Oh, God. Oh, God. Thank you.

[footsteps approaching]

[breathing nervously]

Mom. Mom?

Go ahead. Move.

[Mary] It’s okay, Matthew.

[gun clicks]

[Charley] Hi, kiddo.

[Ronald] Good morning.


Everything is normal, Matthew, exactly like any other Monday. Except…

So, have a seat.

It’s fine. Go ahead, sit down.

[Mary] It’s okay. It’s okay.

[Ronald] So, Matthew… are you a Sugar Smacks guy or a Trix guy?

Can you please stop pretending this is a normal conversation?

[Mary] Matthew.


[footsteps approaching]

[Peggy] Dad?

What is this? Who are you?

[Curt] Go on. Get in there.

Mary? Mary, are you all right?

[Peggy] What’s happening?

We’re okay. It’s okay, Matt.

Why are these guys in our house?

[Charley] Hi, Matt. Good morning.

There is a document in a green safe in your boss’s office.

You and me are gonna go get it. These guys are gonna babysit.

What are you…

Everyone is going to be fine as long as we get what’s in that safe by 10:00 a.m.

[Mary shushing]

Can you shut your fucking kid up?

She’s a child.

I don’t care. Keep it quiet.

Come on, I’ll take you to the playroom. It’s okay.

Okay, we’re gonna go to the playroom.

Hey. Stay in sight.

If you want her quiet, then let her go into her goddamn playroom, Jesus Christ. [crying]


[Matt] Mary.


[Ronald] Feisty.

[Mary] Come on.

[Ronald] Hey, put her in the room and you sit right there.

It’s okay.

I’ll be right here, okay. I’ll be right here.


Forbert won’t be in the office all week. My boss.

Mel Forbert?


[Matt] I don’t have the combination to that safe.

[Charley] That’s okay, his secretary does.

And from what we understand, you have the combo to his secretary.

[breathing nervously]

Do you mind if we have this conversation without my son present?

[Charley] Do I mind? Pleasure.

Matthew, go to your sister.

Matthew, go to your sister.

[whispers] Dad, he knows Mr. Forbert.

He doesn’t know anybody.

Get in the room.

Hey, do not be a hero.

Do you understand me? Do not.

All right. Go on.

Hey, listen to your father. Get over there.


I’m not allowed in that safe.

[Charley] I’m not interested in any of that.

You’ll figure it out.

[suspenseful music playing]


He sure wasn’t smiling like this when we said that thing about the combo to his secretary.

Drop it.

Actually, there is something I’d like to know.

[doorbell chimes]

[Mary gasps]


[whispers] Answer it.

Oh, darn.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Door is that way.

Bird feeders.


Just… This way.

[Ronald shushing]

[doorbell chimes]

Is Peggy here for carpool?

Ah, sorry, Amy.

I forgot to call your mom and let her know that Peggy’s staying home today.

So, I’m so sorry. But, here, you’re gonna have to do the hummingbird thing all by yourself, okay? So sorry.

Just tell your mom everything’s fine. Okay?

[Amy] Mmm-hmm.

We’re good.


Well, I don’t think that’s the end of that.

Yeah. No, it’s not.

[Mary clears throat]

Hi, Dawn.

You okay?

Everything’s fine.


No, I’ll call you later, okay?

Everything’s fine.

Had a fight and Peg’s real upset, and we’re just gonna stay home and sort it out. So…

Oh, I’m very sorry about the bird feeder.

You sure?

Yeah. It’s fine. I’m fine.

Everyone… Everyone’s fine. It’s fine. Seriously.


I’ll call you later. Okay? Bye.

[Dawn] Bye.

[Ronald] That was good work, Mary. You’re a fine actress.

[Mary] Come here.

[whispering] They don’t want to hurt us.

That’s why they’re wearing masks.

[engine stops]

Okay. Now what?

You got 30 minutes.

Look, it’s not that easy. All right?

I can’t just walk in there…

Twenty-nine minutes and 54 seconds my boss calls your house.

Fifty-one. Fifty…

[sighs, grunts]

[car door slams]

Good boy.

[suspenseful music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

Good morning, Mr. Wertz.

The weeklies are in and Mr. Forbert needs you to compare them to the budget because I guess they underestimated…

Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. Okay. Good. Yeah. Okay. Good.

You can just leave those. Uh, I’ll just…

Leave them there.

You told her.

[Matt] What?

Oh my God, you did it. Was she okay?

Is it strange that I’m actually worried about Mary?

What? What? No. I didn’t. I didn’t. I was gonna tell her.

I was gonna tell her and then Peggy had a bird feeder thing and I’m… I…

It doesn’t matter. And now’s there another thing and I just…

Okay. Right.

I told Phil.

[Matt] Uh-huh.

As per our promise.

I need to get into the green safe right now.

Why? He cried, Matt. Phil. He cried.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. What… The combination to the green safe is what?

I came to work from the Humpty Dumpty Motel.

I’m sorry. I need the combination to the green safe.

Oh, “I”? “I,” Matt? Because what about our thing? Because I have information.

What drawer do you keep it in?

It is not in a drawer.

Everything will be fine. I promise you.

Yeah, sure, another “promise.”

I am going to tell her. I don’t…

[inhales deeply, sighs]

We’re fine. I’m fine. We’re f… We’re fine.

Well, did you even talk to the guy like you were supposed to?

Yes! But, no. I… I’ll call you.

But, Matt! Matt, what are you… You can’t… You can’t…

[Matt grunting]

You can’t do this. Matt, you can’t do this. Wait.

[door locking]

[Paula banging on door]

[breathing heavily]

He took it, Matt. That’s what I was trying to tell you.

Why would Mel Forbert…

Why would Mel Forbert what?

Naismith. He moved on it anyway.


Oh, Paula, this is bad.

What do you mean “anyway”?


This is bad.

Matt? What do you mean “Naismith”?

Are we finished? Can I… Can I go home now?

Wait at the house after, I’ll call with instructions.

[Charley] Okay, wouldn’t mind stopping for some fries first.

Well, he said that we should go home and he’d… he’d call us.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Uh, let’s go. We’ll go…

Let’s go home now. I just want to see my family.

[Charley whistles]

[Matthew Jr.] So, how does he know my dad’s boss?

[Curt] He doesn’t. I already told you that.

[Matthew Jr.] Did he… Did he work there or something? At GM?

[Curt] I don’t know. I just met him, like you.

[Matthew Jr.] So how do you know he doesn’t?

[Curt huffs]

Why are you doing this?

There’s a piece of land out there.

A man took it from me and I want it back.


Look, kid, we’re gonna be out of your hair in about 15 minutes.

Okay? Just relax.

Is my dad gonna be okay?


Yeah, that’s the plan. Okay?

Can I go see my mom, please?

Thank you.

[Curt exhales]

What happened to your plane? It run out of gas?

Actually, it crashed.

[Curt sighs]

You want to go see your mom, too?


What did he mean “after”?

[Charley] What?

He said “Wait at the house after.” After what?

After we get there.

[Ronald] How do you do it?

I don’t like doing the dishes either.

I… I don’t know why, but I can’t bring myself to do them.

I don’t want to know anything about you.

We’re more alike than you think.

Please stop.


What if you don’t want the things that you’re supposed to want? Hmm?

Keys in the ignition.

What? Why?

‘Cause that’s what I said to do.

Hey, your mask.

Uh, it itches.

[tense music playing]

[Charley grunts]

[Mary] Matt?

[Matt] We’re good. It’s done.

Okay, I need everyone in the living room. Now.

[Matt] Why? What is going on?

What’s going on, big guy?

[phone ringing]

Hey, family. I need the whole family in the living room now.

Where’s the, uh, girl?

The little one? The little girl? Where’s your…


She’s in here.

Well, get her then. Will you give me a hand here?

[Matt] Hold on a minute, mister. Hold on, okay?

You’re scaring them and they have been scared enough.

Yeah, what are we doing here, Charley?

We’re following instructions. Living room.

Are you helping me or are you not helping me?

No, no, no, no. The man in the alley said that you would wait here and he would call you with instructions.

[Charley] Those are other instructions, which are none of your business.

The instructions at present are to get your family in the living room close together. Do you understand me?

Sir, I must respectfully ask that…

Ah, fuck.



What the fuck was that about?

Put it down. Ronald. Ronald, just think.

I am not putting it down.

All right. It was a setup, man.

Think. Think. It’s a setup, man.

[phone continues ringing]

[Curt] Where’s his mask, man? Huh?

[Ronald] This is wrong.

Think, Ronald.

Someone answer the fucking phone!

[Curt] Calm down, man.

[Mary whimpering]

[Curt] Relax.

[Ronald] Answer the phone.

[nervously] Hello?

[Jones on phone] Who is this?

Mary Wertz. Who is this?

Put the one on who just came back.

Um, he’s just…

He’s not with us. [sniffles]

Put your husband on.

He wants to talk to you.


What were you thinking, Matthew?

I’m actually asking.

What do you mean?

What’s going on?

Do you think we’re fucking idiots?

[Mary] Matthew, what is going on?

[Matthew Jr.] Mom?

[Mary] Matthew, shh!

Mom? Dad?

Matt, what is going on?

Matthew, please. Your mother said “be quiet.”

[Jones] Put Charley on. Don’t tell me he stepped out.

Who’s this?

I said put Charley on the phone.

[Ronald] Uh, he didn’t show.

Are we getting fucked here, Jones?

Put the other one on.

Put the other one on, now, or I will go so far up the chain, you will find yourself in all 48 states at the same fucking time!

What is it?

I said Charley.

He’s indisposed, man.

All right. Listen to me carefully. Fuck Charley.

Kill Ronald and the others and meet me at the Flame Show Bar in half an hour.

You’ll get your share and theirs.

Got it.

[line disconnects]

[Curt sighs]

What’d you do?

The safe was empty.

Forbert must have taken the document home.

I had to put something in the envelope.

You put us at risk?

What was I supposed to do?

What is wrong with you?

Hey, hey, hey. Shut up. Shut up!

Keys. Give me your car keys.

[hesitates] He said leave them in the car.

[Mary gasps] No.

[Ronald] Hey, hey, hey.

Whoa, Ronald.

Listen, you shot him.

Okay, he broke in, you disarmed him, and you shot him.

What the fuck are you doing?

Here. Take it.

[Mary gasps and cries]

Okay, let’s go.

Look, I’m gonna need you.

And when I do, I expect you to help me.

Understand? Hey! You understand?


Okay. Come on.

We need to find someplace to stay tonight.

[Curt] Charley knew the bagman.

He knew Jones. You couldn’t tell that?

[Ronald] I got cash up front.

Yeah, which they were gonna pick right back up off your corpse.

He told me to kill everybody in the house. You, too, Ronald.

Who told you to kill me? Jones? On the phone? Or before?

Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Go, go, go, go, go, go.

They see me? They’re Frank’s guys.

I know why Frank wants me dead. Why’s he want you dead?

[Ronald] No fucking idea.

Fuck Capelli.

[Curt] This thing is bigger than Frank.

I mean, think about it.

They gonna give us $5,000 for just three hours of babysitting?

And the thing they want is in a fucking safe at GM.

Maybe this outfit out of Chicago is real?

[Curt] Yeah.

Try to kill me. Think you’re the only one that can make a move?

Yeah, I can make a move, too. They can consider this shit a market adjustment.

Excuse me, sir.

You’re excused.

Wait. Wait. Jesus, Curt.

[Curt shushing]

Aldrick Watkins or Frank Capelli?

You can tell me the truth now.

I don’t know.

Uh-huh. Get up.

[Jimmy grunts]

Goddamn, man. I just got back to sleep.

[Curt] Get your big ass up.

Who set me up, Jimmy?

Go open that door right there.

Turn around.

Now back up. Back. Back.

Back. Back, back, back, back.

I got two kids now, Curtis,

they threatened to… to kill ’em both if I ain’t fish you out.

Fish me, specifically, out? Who?

I don’t know.

Jimmy, I will put a bullet in your gut, flip you over this rail, and let you bleed out down there.

All I know is that a guy called me a half an hour ago.

Offering me $10,000 to turn you in.

$15,000 for the white guy.

Was it Jones?

He wasn’t white.

He just said that Mr. Watkins would appreciate it, on behalf of Mr. Capelli.

Wait a minute. Wait.

You’re telling me that Capelli hired Watkins to fish me out?

I don’t know. “Hired”? I don’t know. They got some type of arrangement.

Oh, they’re working together now?

I don’t know.

That’s bullshit, Jimmy!

I don’t know!

You can throw me over this rail and I still won’t know.

[officer] Sounds like the man of the house, Matthew Wertz, says he surprised the intruder, disarmed him, and shot.

[detective] Okay. All right, thanks for your time. We appreciate it. Okay.

[suspenseful music playing]


[detectives chattering]

Mr. Wertz? I’m Detective Joe Finney,

Michigan State Attorney General’s office, Organized Crime Task Force.

Organized Crime?

Yeah. Uh, Detroit Police, uh, got two phone calls.

One from a friend, Mrs. Atkinson, she said she was concerned.

And then another from a neighbor, said they heard loud noises.

Organized Crime? Like the mob?

Well, I guess that’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it?

Yeah, her badgering was annoying him, so he took her in to get her out of the way. He was only in there a minute. Came back out.

I had followed, and so I was turning.

Um, and then I kind of came up behind him, sort of. Like here.

All three shots then from this angle?

No, I moved to here and I saw him reaching for his gun, and then I shot again twice as he was falling.

But you told me you had his gun.

How many were there?

[Matthew Jr.] One of them.

“Of them”?

One person. One person. Him.

First, I didn’t see anything. I just heard a gunshot.

I was in the playroom for most of the time.

[Finney] Yeah, “most of the time”.

When did you go into the playroom?

When my dad told me to go in the playroom?

Why did he tell you to go in the playroom?

I don’t remember.

I closed my eyes, honestly, for the whole thing.

I just couldn’t believe what was happening.

[Finney] It’s very scary.

Yeah. So, I… I didn’t see what…

I mean, is there anything you can think of?

Any reason for this man to have targeted you and your family?

[exhales deeply]

He doesn’t like happiness?

Can I have the keys?

I’d like to listen to the radio.

Oh, my.


Uh, I only need a minute. If you don’t mind.


Thank you.

Clarisse home?

Angel? You have a visitor.

[Clarisse] Okay. Just a minute.

Been all right?

So, uh, I hear they’re flattening the neighborhood all the way down to the cemetery. Pulling up those trolley tracks too, huh?


Yeah, “urban renewal.”

More like “Negro removal.”

[chuckles] Yeah, that’s right.

Hey, Clarisse.

When’d you get out?

Uh, day before yesterday.

They said it was overcrowded, so…

[Clarisse chuckles] Well, Detroit.


How can we help you, Curtis?

Uh, I believe she still has my suitcase.

Heard you knifed someone day one.

It wasn’t like that.

All them fellas was mad at me when I went in there.

Guy came at me with a knife. I had to defend myself. Only way to survive.

Well, guess it worked.

Time being.

So, what’d you do in there, all that time?

Thinking. You know. Just… Just a lot of thinking.

How long are you gonna…

Oh, not long. Today, tomorrow, maybe.

Where are you gonna go?

Kansas City.




Man wants forty-seven-fifty for it now.

[chuckles] He build on it or something?

You’d think, right? Nah, he just knows I want it.

You know Aldrick Watkins is never gonna let you outta here alive.

I know. I know. I’m working on that. Trust me.

[baby crying]

[Clarisse sighs]

[baby wailing]

Thank you.


Good luck, Curt.

Curt. You’re not to come back here.

I wouldn’t think of it.

[Ronald] Is that what I think it is?

It depends on what you think it is.

You’ll, uh, let me know if you need anything else?

Oh, yeah. Don’t you worry. I’ll… I’ll definitely be in touch.


[phone ringing]

I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it!


[Curt] Can you talk?


This is that call I promised.

It stays between you and me. Do I have your word?


Get the keys to your wife’s car.

Meet us at the auto shop on Lafayette and Russell in 20 minutes.

Alone, Matt. Now hang up.

[Mary] What did he say?

[Matthew Jr.] What did they say?

[Peggy] What is happening?

Pack a bag.

[Matthew Jr.] Pack a bag? Why?

Pack a bag.

Why do we need to pack a bag? I don’t want to go. Where are we going?

Matthew! Matthew! I’m done with your lip! All right?

[Mary] Okay. Okay.

Pack a bag! Jesus Christ!

[Matt] Okay. Thank you, Dawn. Appreciate it.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Ronald] Here he comes.

[Curt] Hurry up. Come on.

Get in the car. Hurry up.

Where your boss live?

Northern Ohio. About an hour away.

Well, that’s where we’re headed then.

Wait, wait, wait. I can’t promise anything.

I’m not even sure that he’s home.

[Ronald] Only outcome is that we get that document. Okay?

[car engine starts]

[tires screeching]

What are you doing?

Making sure you don’t do something stupid.

[Matt sighs]

Wait, I…

I’m Matt Wertz.

Accounting. Well, payables.

Ah, yes.

Is there something I can do for you, Mr. Wertz?

I need to speak to Mr. Forbert, please. These are, um…

We work together. It’s, uh, it’s urgent.

[Ronald shushing] Where is your husband?

[hesitates] He’s in his office.

Where is his office?

It’s upstairs. I know where.

[Curt] All right. You got it?

[Ronald] Yeah.

Let’s go inside. Let’s go inside. Let’s go inside.

[Ronald exhales]

[Mel] Come in.

[chuckles] Wertz?

Hi, Mel. Hi. Louise told me to come up.

I’ve never done this.

I’ve never, uh, I’ve never come to you in this way, but I… I need… I absolutely need…


…to borrow whatever that document was that was in your safe.

Oh, well, that’s not possible.

And why would you need that?

Because the person that put it together made some mistakes.

And, uh, they… I told him that I would sneak it back to him so that he could come give you the revised version.

Well… [smacks lips] Uh, I put it together. Myself.

Not one other person at the company even knows about it.

Okay, that was a lie.

That’s how important it is, that I would lie to you.

And that I would do what I did at work, which I never would do if it weren’t that important.

Okay, well, you need to leave, Matt.

I can’t.

I’m gonna slowly reach for the phone.

No, no, no.

You need to go.

Oh, for Christ’s sake.

I can’t.

[hesitates] Now, what are you doing?

This is me warning you that I’m going to have to get physical.

It is literally life or death for me, sir.

Look, do you know what will happen to you if you keep going with this?

I do. I’m sorry.

[Matt grunts loudly]

I’m gonna punch you now, sir.

What the fuck, Wertz?

I’m punching you. This is going to be a punch.

I can’t give it to you. This is proprietary information.

I’m sorry.

[Mel groans in pain]

I love my job, sir!

I love my job and this is how important this is that I’m willing to be fired.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Don’t worry. Nothing’s gonna happen.

We’re gonna be out of here in no time.

[TV playing indistinctly]

[exhales] Ma’am…

[Louise whimpering]

It’s been a long day.

And I’m gonna have to put this over you so I can relax.

You understand? Thank you.

[Louise crying]

[Ronald sighs]

[grunts, panting]

[Curt] Hey.

We got it. We can go.

Bye, Louise. Thank you. Sorry.

[door opens]

You have a good time?

[door closes]

Mel! Mel?


What happened? Oh, my God, Mel.

I’m calling the police!


I’m calling the…

No police! Please, hon, please. No police.

[Brian] Wow. Though once we had in that bar, Coogan’s!

Dawn, you remember that? When the guy, the colored guy approached you and I got in the middle, but I’m a big guy.

He was one of the small ones.

But a guy with a gun? That is…

That is not what I imagined old Matt would do.

[Dawn] Brian.

What? It’s not.

I’m sorry, Mary, your husband surprised me, that’s all. In a good way.

Often wondered, myself, what I’d do, situation like that.

Don’t want to put that to the test, though.

I’ll be back for dinner.

Oh, you are not leaving, Matt.

Matt is Dad. My name is Matthew.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[Finney] Matthew?

Come here for a second.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna bite.

You’re not in trouble. Nor is your dad.

It’s the men that put you into this position that we’re concerned about. You understand?

One day, you want, you can come to my office, I’ll show you diagrams going back 20 years.

All the way back to Italy, believe it or not. Even Africa.

For right now, you can help us fill this picture in a little bit, just by answering a couple few easy questions. Hmm?

I already answered questions.

Well, you did, but there’s just this one thing that keeps sticking in my head.

You said that, uh, that “one of them” held you at gunpoint.

One of them. One of them. One of who?

No, I… No, I said “him.” He…

Well, no, no, you changed it to “him.” You changed it. You know?

But me, I’m more of a “go with your first instinct” kind of guy. Right?

So what I’m asking you, Matthew… I’m asking if you can remember any names… or any identifying characteristics, at all?

You know, Doug Jones?

Frank Capelli? Aldrick Watkins? Anything?

Is my dad in trouble?


Honestly, Matthew, the… the only time in my experience people get into trouble is when they don’t tell the truth.

There were three of them.

There were three of them.

I’m sorry, Dawn. He’s gonna do what he’s gonna do. I can’t stop him.

It’s okay. It’s okay.

Poor thing.

It’s okay. This is a really hard time.

No, it’s something else, and I can’t… I can’t talk about it.

You can talk to me about anything. You know that.

How do you do it? Actually, how does anyone do it?

What do you mean?

Just anything.

All of it. This, and this, and…

It’s impossible.

I was thinking that maybe we could go away somewhere?


Us. A trip.

Together, somewhere.

Good luck explaining that one.

So, is that the real one, Matt?

I just want this to be over.

[Curt] What is it?

Some new exhaust system. Like a muffler.

Is that what it is, Matt? It’s a muffler?

I don’t know. They don’t tell me anything.

I just push numbers around.

You’re pushing more than numbers now, big guy.

[Curt chuckles] You got that right.

All right.

May I have my car back, please?

We like your car, Matt.

[Matt] Dawn, please just put her on.

[Dawn over phone] Not tonight.

Everything is so weird right now.

Oh, Paula Cole, Matt?

Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry, I have to go.

Dawn, please. Just put her on.

Matt, not tonight. I’m sorry.

[man on TV] Gee, what a beautiful room.

[Mary sighs]

[railway crossing bells ringing]

Do you have it? Matt…

Wait. Wait.


Wait. Just wait. Just wait.

You went to Forbert’s?


And so you got it?


Okay, so you…

Wait. Just wait. Just wait. Just wait.

Wait, wait, wait.

So you have the document.

Wait, wait, wait. There’s a conversation that I… that I… intended to have with you.

[sighs] That I’ve been…

That I set aside time to have, with you, two days ago.

[Paula] Okay.

But if you remember Peggy had that bird feeder…

Anyway… the conversation that I intended to have with you two days ago, I’d like to have with you now so that you understand the chain of events that led to this moment, where we are right here now.

So this conversation that I’d like to have now, which I recognize at this point is conceptual…


Matt, where is the document?

Where is it?

Did you even reach out to Naismith in the first place?

Yes. Yes, I spoke to him a week ago.

Okay, and what did you say?

I… Let me finish.

I told him what you told me. I said that a very important person at my company has a document that involves the Big Four that I think your bosses at Studebaker would be very interested…

You said that? You…

Yes. Let me finish. Let me finish.

And he agreed. He agreed to buy it.

Okay. And?

Imagine this is two days ago that I’m telling you this, okay?

You never called him back.

No. I did. I did.

[sighs] Oh.

But what I wanted to tell you is that…

Mmm-hmm. You chickened out. Mmm.

No, I decided it was wrong.

And so you chickened out. Oh, God.

No, it was a process. A proc… A thought…

I did not just “chicken out.”

No, no, no, no, no.

I contacted a realtor.

I rented us a car for when we got to California.

I didn’t know that you’d move so fast.

Oh, God.

I didn’t know Naismith would…

Oh, my God, you said “anyway”.

Back in the office, you said, “He moved on it anyway” and I was thinking, “Anyway what?”

But now I know exactly what “anyway what?” means, it means you chickened out and Naismith knew about it and he moved on it anyway, and now I am stuck in the Humpty fucking Dumpty Motel with a guy who could see the brass ring coming around the corner and then literally watched it pass, while he was making a plan to grab that brass ring.

I was not making a plan. I was executing a plan.

To not do the thing.

That I acknowledge that we said we would do.

“Executing” how?

Calling Naismith.

And telling him we were out.

Which is what I was gonna tell you two days ago.

No, no, no, no, no.

And now…

Here we are.

Yeah. Here we are.

[Paula sighs]

I guess I’ll call the rental company.

And, I guess I’ll call Phil.

It’s all the way back.

Hey, uh, can Jones activate on his own?

No idea what you mean.

Can he call shots is what I’m asking?

Are you planning to bring Frank in?

I am considering it.

How are you gonna approach him?

Well, from what I could discern, you know his wife.

So you want me to go and knock on his door?

He’s not gonna mess with you, Ronald.

We got what he wants.

All you need to do is convince him to show up at Cafe Roma with $50,000.

Fifty? Mmm.

That’s right.

And we’ll give him the document. 25. 25.

Now if he balks, we’ll know we hit near the ceiling.

But if he bites, then we know there’s a lot more where that came from.

You know, he’s not gonna move a hair unless he sees that thing.

Yeah, you probably right about that.

[Ronald] Mmm-hmm.

Take it.


Take these, too.

[keys clatter]

[Lonnie] Curt, man, you’ve got to go.

I just can’t have the scrutiny here.

[Curt] What scrutiny?

Man, we’re talking about 12 hours tops. I’m gonna be gone in the morning.

And they just raised the bounty.


I’m talking 20 for you now. 25 for the white guy.

Wait, you telling me that the bounty is 45 for just us?

That’s what they told me.


Both gangs. Capelli and Watkins.

Shit, I thought Jimmy was just lying.

No, man, that’s what I’m telling you, Curt, things are different everywhere now, man.

Okay, this bounty. Is it… Is it dead or alive?

The white dude, either. But for you?

Capelli wants you dead and Watkins wants you alive.

That’s not good.

And that’s why I can’t have you here, man.

I been on the up and up since you went in.

I haven’t touched them numbers in four years.

I got a job now.

I’m a bellman at the Gotham.

I got a good girl.

And I don’t wanna have to lie to people, but I also don’t want people in my shit here.

All right. All right. How much you make at the Gotham?

It’s good. $11 a day.

Okay. Here’s 200. That is five times that for you tonight.

Okay, and get me a couple more guys.

Uh, I’ll give them 200 each, too.

See if you can find some of them Purple Gang boys unless the Italians done run them out of town already.

Why are you doing this?

‘Cause I’m gonna get what’s mine.

[sighs] And since when you…

I don’t need a fucking lecture from you, Lonnie.

You ain’t got no goddamn idea what’s going on.

Now, you gonna do this shit or not?

All right. So you just make sure you tell them to watch me and I’m gonna make a move or knock over my glass and hit the deck.

And when I hit the deck, they go to work.

I just got to ask you this, man. Why the extra muscle?

In case the fellow I’m working with is trying to sell me out.

And how you gonna know this?

It’s Ronald Russo.

[Vanessa] Frank, if you’re not gonna peel ’em, can you at least come get the eyes out, please?

You know how I feel about the eyes.


[Frank] Mmm-hmm.

[doorbell ringing]

Are you gonna get that?


What do you want?

Hi, Frank.

What do you want?

We had a little slip up at work.

Well, we’re about to eat.

We’ll be quick.

And you must be Veronica.

It’s Vanessa.

Oh, excuse me. Vanessa.

Go upstairs.

Gotham Hotel. Twelve noon.

[Maurice over phone] And what if he says no?

Well, sell it, god damn it. He’s got to go for it. It’s gonna work, but you got to tell him the whole plan.

Okay. I’ll tell the boss.

Yeah, and also tell him that he’s got to show up in person.

He’s got to. That’s the only way this works.

He says he can deliver the code book and guarantee you 50, maybe more.

A lot more.

And what does he get?

Safe passage. And five grand for himself.

So the 50 isn’t really 50, it’s 45.

[Maurice] At that price, ain’t it worth more to just turn Goynes in to Joe Finney?

And that other guy, what’s his name? Russo?

That’s more like Capelli business.

Either way, what you want me to tell Goynes?

Tell him… I’ll be there. With pleasure.

[Ronald] A Cadillac convertible.

I was set up to die for the plans for a Cadillac fucking convertible?

It’s what I heard, that’s all I know.

See, Frank, now I know you’re lying.

Because I happen to know it’s about some new exhaust system.

Well, maybe it’s an exhaust system for a Cadillac convertible.

What fucking difference does it make?

We were hired to steal some car shit, we stole some car shit.

Why are you even here? What do you want?

Because I have a proposition for you.

Okay, I’m going in my pocket.

But first, I need you to admit you picked me for this babysitting job.

Now, I’ll admit I know why you want me gone.

Just like you know why I want you gone.

I never aced you for my job.

I was in line, and you know it.

Well, you might’ve been in line, but you were walking the wrong direction.

It’s never your fault, is it? Is it?

And since you’re so sure about why I apparently want you dead, you might want to get yourself checked for the clap.

Consider it a gift from me to you through my lovely wife “Veronica.”

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

She already told me.

And I could kill you, but I’d rather give you a trophy.

You can have her.

Frank. Frank, she’s way out of my league.

[laughs] Okay.

She’s your wife.

Yeah. Exactly. Fine.

Now that we’ve established a line of open communication, okay, why don’t you tell me what your proposition is?

[Ronald] Okay. Here’s the deal.

Where’s the other half?

Goynes wants 50 grand for the whole thing.


[Ronald] Yeah, but I got a plan.

He thinks you’ll think it’s a drop in the bucket just to keep whatever deal you got going on track.

But here’s what I think.

You call Jones off the case.

We meet the moulinyan at Cafe Roma, 08:30.

He brings the other half. We do the trade, then we dump Goynes, and we split the cash.


Yeah. My 25 comes out of the bounty, which I deserve because I’m salvaging your deal and delivering the black guy.

You ask me, he’s worth more than the whole thing.

Why is that?

Goynes has Watkins’ code book on him at all times.

The code book.

You ask me, he’s running some side game with it.

Then we’re done.


Then, uh, okay,

I heard you guys are shorthanded in Reno.

Maybe you send me out there.

I would… I would like… Frank, I would like something permanent.

I can walk forward, Frank.


I just need a place to start from. You know?

Let’s take care of this first, okay?


Thank you, Frank.

You are fucking him. I was right.


[Frank] He just confirmed it.

Frank, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I wouldn’t… I don’t…

He just fucking admitted to it.

Frank, I would never do that! No, please, no! Please, please!

[indistinct chatter and laughter]

[Jones] You’re fucking kidding me.

[Frank] He said Goynes keeps it right by his chest. At all times.

What if there’s some bigger deal that he’s not letting on to?

It’s a plan of Ronald Russo’s. How big a play could it be?


Hey, you think that Reno’s gonna put up with this Ron fucking Russo’s amateur-hour fucking sloppy Russo bullshit?

Reno is never gonna have to worry about it.

You hearing me on this?

Fuckin’ Russo’s blind greed, he just gave us our own endgame.

Drink your fucking bourbon before the ice melts.

[indistinct chatter]

[Curt sighs]

You staying for dinner?

Pour you some Chianti?


Wine is good for you. Ask Jesus.

Yeah, well, so’s a clear head. Ask Pontius Pilate.


Nice to see you again, Curtis.

You got the fifty?

Yeah, right here.

You got the two halves of the document?


Let’s dispense with the bullshit.

We got the document.

You want it and it’s yours.

For a price. But it’s a new price.

What new price?

Twice the bounty you getting for us.


Really? 90,000?

That’s right.


Fifty, forty.

You’re not serious?

Yeah, I’m dead serious.

Well, it’s not my money, so I’ll of course have to get it approved.

From who?

Who the fuck do you think?

The people that I need…

No, no, no, no, no.

…to get to approve everything.

We’re here now and we’re gonna sell it.

Hey, Ronald.

Hey, Ronald, how about you let me do this…

We’re gonna sell it for the price we agreed…

Hands on the table.

Oh, Ronald.

It’s not my fault. Frank fucked us.

You see, Ron, the problem is you’re not smart enough to know how not smart you are.

Which makes you unpredictable. Which makes you untrustworthy.

And sloppy.


You fucking heard me.

This whole fucking thing is offensive. Let’s go.

Whoa. Wait, wait, wait. Where are we going?

[Jones] Get up!

Where are we gonna go?

Well, it ain’t gonna be no place good, Ronald.

Where are we gonna go?

But, you, know…


…sometimes things get sloppy.

[Jones grunts]


[woman screams]

[man] Oh, my lord. Stay down. Stay down.

[suspenseful music playing]

Frank! Don’t fucking move. Don’t fucking move.

Get your ass against that car.

Now who hired you? Who sent you, Frank? Huh?

[Frank] Your motherfucking pimp, that’s who did.

Your mother’s mother fuck…

Ah, fuck.

[Curt] God damn it. Who fucking hired you?

[Frank] Your mother’s pusher.

[yells and groans]

Who hired you, Frank?

It was her pusher, that’s who.


Dude, you gonna make me ask you again?

I offer you an olive branch and you fuck me with it, huh?

Goynes. Goynes, don’t let him hit me.

Fuck you, Frank!

Fuck your Reno and your bullshit…

He’s the one who…

Hey, hey! For the last goddamn time, who hired you to get that fucking document?

[Frank] Ow, ow, look, guys, please don’t, don’t.

I’ll sit in the back. I’ll be fine.

Get your ass the fuck in there.

Ow, watch the rib… Ow!

[Frank] Fuck! No, no, no. I’m claustropho…

[Curt] Shut the fuck up.

Hugh Naismith.

[Curt] Yeah, Mr. Naismith, um, I’m taking over your account from Frank Capelli and I’m calling to arrange for payment and delivery.

Hang on, hang on, hang on. I’m sorry, who is this?

Don’t matter, uh, we have the items that you’ve requested and I’m calling to arrange payment.

I don’t know you. They had me dealing with Frank.

How do I know you even have what I want?

This is very irregular.

Hang on. Hang on.


Okay, “compound consisting of a mixture of propane and butane fractions containing approximately 25% of unsaturates was fed to a catalytic mass at a temperature of about 495.”

Do you want me to keep going with this bullshit?

May I ask, how did you get it?

A man named Mel Forbert.

I can clear my morning. When can we meet?

Okay, and you’re gonna have the cash, right?

[Naismith] One-twenty-five. As arranged.

One… Yeah, one-twenty-five. That’s correct.

But it’s the same deal with you that I had with Capelli and Chicago.

Nobody at Studebaker, or Studebaker-Packard, or anywhere knows about this.

Yeah, of course. Uh, so 12 noon. Gotham Hotel, you’re meeting us in the Holiday Room, but you wait down there in the lobby, we’ll come down there for you.

[receiver clicks]


Yeah, that’s what the man said.

Well, shit.

Where is the son of a bitch?

He’s going home.

And when he gets home, he’s gonna call the cavalry.

If he goes home, he ain’t calling anyone. Trust me.


[groaning softly]

Ow, fuck. Ow, fuck.

[busy signal]

Vane… [groans] Vanessa.

[Frank grunting]

What the fuck’s going on? What are you do…

Vanessa, don’t. Don’t…


Hey, Mom? Um…

[man speaking indistinctly on TV]

When I was walking earlier… the policeman, Finney… saw me, and… I… may have told him some things.

[Mary sighs]

You mean, you told the truth.


No. No. It’s not your fault.


We all make choices.

And your dad’s gonna have to deal with the consequences of his.

But you did what you did, and it was the right thing.

[wristwatch clicking]


If we stop at Naismith, we’re selling ourselves short.

Actually, I was thinking the same thing.

[Curt laughs]

I was.

All right, listen, the point is, there’s somebody above Naismith and there’s somebody above Forbert.

And that’s who we should be dealing with.

So, what? Ditch Naismith?


Ditch 125,000?

No, no, no.

Come on.

I’m not saying that.

That’s crazy.

No, no.

We’re not ditching nothing.

We adding. Whoever they trying to hide this thing from.

Let’s not get greedy, Goynes.

I need more.

Never satisfied, huh?

All right. Forget it. You don’t want to partake, you definitely don’t have to.

That is not what I’m saying.

It’s fucking bold. Fucking bold.

[Mel] Okay, okay, okay. Where, then?

[Louise] Anywhere. Sandusky.

Maybe Toledo. Maybe we can move back to Detroit.

Look, Louise, listen, I need you to think about this rationally.

There’s no logical reason for them ever to come back here.

Look, they got the thing they wanted.

I literally have nothing they need.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

[Louise gasps]

Sir, we’d like to know actually…

Shh, shh, shh.

We would like to know…


Do… Do I know you?

No idea what you’re talking about, buddy.

Listen, who paid you?

I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Who paid you to hide the document?

[receptionist] Mike Lowen’s office, how may I help you?

Yeah, it’s Mel Forbert for Mr. Lowen.

Please tell him it’s urgent.

You cancel the rental car?

What do you think, Matt?

I think you did. Of course you did.




Yeah, I kept the car.

And the appointment with the realtor.

You did?

[knocking on door]

Paula? Paula, what about the desk? Everything?

Just the third drawer, everything else can stay.

Hey, Matt.

Hi, Phil.

[door closes]

You’re going… You’re going with Phil?

Phil. You had a good idea. California. So…

Maybe one day we’ll see you and Mary out there.

He was early. And he came alone.

That’s good.

Confident man.

Certainly gives that impression.

Mike Lowen. Afternoon, Mike Lowen.

You don’t remember, do you?

Staked out the liquor, which is, counterintuitively, not entirely terrible.

Pour you boys something?

[Curt] Nothing for me.

I’ll trust you on that scotch.

Excellent choice.

You should have seen the look on my face when my caddie came running across that fairway.

I never show up anywhere on short notice, just ask my wife, and yet here I am.

Here we are. Congratulations.

This moment… stings like a motherfucker.

Of course, we’re gonna have to count it.

I’ll do my arithmetics right there.

Excuse me.

[Lowen] So where’d we blow it?

What’s the, uh, what’s the word I’m looking for?

The bridge between you and me?

Who was it? How did we get to this place?

What does any of this matter right now?

Well, I believe all truths must be acknowledged, however painful they are, or else there’s no growth.

And growth is the key. Growth! Progress!

Of course there’s no growth without reach, and the risk being overreach.

So what I want to know is where was it my guys, my structure, my weak links, my overreach, and where was it I was just simply outplayed?

Well, all that really matters is we’re here, like you said, and, uh, we know everything.

What do you know?

If I may.

I mean, it’s a hefty bite and I want to know what I’m paying for.

Black Bottom. Paradise Valley. You heard of ’em?

You leveled entire neighborhoods.

You tore up the trolley tracks and now you got this redlining bullshit everywhere.

Where are people supposed to live, Mike?

The country is re-landscaping itself, gentlemen.

I hate to break it to you, this is happening everywhere.

A hundred cities and counting. So again…

[Curt] Yeah.

What am I paying for?

And you got no control.

[Lowen] I did not create the river, I am simply paddling the raft.


[Lowen] So again, what am I paying for?

Same thing you paid Forbert for. Silence.

[Lowen] About?

You know what about.

There is no conclusive evidence that the automobile has anything to do with the pollution levels in Los Angeles, or in any other city on the planet for that matter.

And the catalytic converter will never be scaled to a size where it makes any sense under the hood of any car.

[phone ringing]

Ah. I’ll get it.

[ringing continues]

[Curt] Tell him to sit tight.

[ringing continues]


Uh, this is Naismith.


Sit tight, Hugh.

[Lowen] Quite a grab.

As long as we’re talking about overreach. I give Studebaker…

No, sorry, “Studebaker-Packard” a year, two tops, even with the merger.

Fine, I’ll address it to him. Finally this makes sense.

The clown, Naismith, somehow hears the Big Four are working together.

On what, he just has to know.

Desperate to impress his bosses who know nothing of his plan, he hires who he hires.

They hire you.

Somehow you sniff your way to the head of the pack.

And hence, the twain has met.

You and me.

Against all laws of history, nature, class…

No, caste.

All right. How we looking on the count, Ronald?

I count 375 even.

I know you think we are playing by “your” rules, but let’s be clear, you do not “make” the rules, ever, you follow them, even when you think you have autonomy, even when you think you have control, that is an illusion, you are under the illusion of control, at all times, this is fact, it is a fact you will never understand and you will go to the grave not understanding, the same way I will go to the grave not understanding the genius of God’s magnificent universe because I did not create it. But I and others like me did create these rules, in this world, on this field, and you are playing by them now even if you walk out of here with my money.

Am I clear?

What is clear is that we got your money.

Ah, it’s money. I have a lot of money.

I will continue to have more still.

It’s like a lizard tail. Cut it off, the damn thing just grows back.

I work, it grows. I sleep, it grows.

In fact, however we end up here, I’ll go home, I’ll call my banker, and I will sleep like a baby tonight.

You still don’t remember, do you?

Don’t blame you, it was years ago and I was one of a panel of four.

I was at Ford at the time.

We were trying to recruit you just out of the service.

Hard sell. I guess GM made a better pitch.

[Curt] Hmm.

Okay, you got me.

Yes, I remember you. Michael Lowenstein. With the thing.

Umlaut. Lowenstein. I’m Swedish.

The “stein,” I found misperceived, as you can imagine, inhibited some of the traction I needed for our overseas business the last few decades.

And it wasn’t entirely helpful here, either.

I’m sure you can understand.

Oh, yes, “stein”, real drawback.

Certainly you do, Mr. “Russo.”

All right, enough. The money’s here, we’re leaving. You can too.

Then I shall get my hat.

That was a watershed year for me. That year.

1928. I thought…

we’re losing guys to GM now?

That same year, they surpassed us in sales.

We, who invented the whole damn thing, became an underdog.

Well, I left Ford later that year.

Decided I’d put my chips on the industry as a whole.

Smart. Individual companies, to me?

It’s a distinction without a difference.

I remain agnostic as to how they choose their pecking order.

And I create some space for them to spread their wings.

It works well.

So far.

There’s a mutual trust.

I believe you have something of mine.

He’s got the other half.

Mutual trust.

You know what I love? When characters you’ve long since forgotten in this great novel called Life show up at the end and the whole story gets filled right in.

Good to meet you both. Individualists.

Defiers of rules. Two men who, against all odds, somehow arrived in the same spot, from entirely different places. Reach, gentlemen.

Reach for the moon!

So GM, huh?

That was a long time ago.

Good. Now let’s go get that Naismith money.

Oh, no. This is as far as I go.

What do you mean, “Oh, no”?

I’m done. You can have the Naismith money all to yourself.

So you’re just gonna abandon the plan?

You just don’t know when to stop, huh?

[knocking on door]

It’s the bellhop.



Let him in.

Sorry, Ronald.



What’s… What’s going on, man?

Aldrick, it’s all right there.

Let’s go.

I’m sorry, man.


Aldrick, I put this whole thing together for you, man.

You’re not gonna take that money?

That money is too expensive. I got what I want.

So? How’d it go?

[Ronald breathing heavily]

It broke my way, baby. It broke my way.

[Vanessa squeals excitedly]

Oh, look at those. Ronald!

There’s more?

How much is this?

375, baby.



I have 31. That’s…

That’s $406,000.

Ronald, I can’t believe it.

How did you… How did you manage this? I can’t…

Oh, my gosh, Ronald, baby.

Oh, my goodness. We could do anything.

We could go anywhere. Around the world.

Oh, we could even take an airplane, Ronald.

We could take ten airplanes if we wanted to. I mean, I just…

You did it.

We’re not there yet. Here.

Where’s the car?

Spot 5.

Okay, get it and wait for me at the entrance.


No, no, no. I got that one.

[Vanessa] Okay.

I’ll be right behind you.


[Watkins] Hello, Joe.

[Finney] Chatty little bird in a tall tree said you might have something of mine.

So, I suppose I should thank you.

Before you do, let me play out two scenarios.

And to be clear, both end with Curtis Goynes dead.

Scenario one, you solve the murder of Charley Barnes, Douglas Jones, and Frank Capelli.

After an arduous trial that plunges an already racially-divided Detroit into chaos, you get a promotion of a thousand a year? If that?

And I make sure Goynes dies in prison.

Or number two. You still solve the murders, but the perp himself is taken care of by his own.

Which leaves you a hero and which sets an example to others like him that might be tempted to play outside of their league.

And instead of 25 grand that trickles out over the rest of your life, you get a bonus, paid instantly, that equals twice that.

[announcer on radio] No runs, two hits for the Senators.

No runs, no hits for Detroit.

Beautiful day here at Briggs Stadium.

Couple of scattered clouds out there.

But all in all, a gorgeous day, and why not play two, and we will, a double header scheduled today.

As the first one from Schmitz misses outside.

One ball and no strikes, didn’t quite connect there with his receiver.


Can you believe it’s 45 cents to park with no grace period?

Did you bring a map?

It’s in the glove compartment.

That’s my girl.

You know, you’re not the only one that can think ahead, Ronald.

Change of plans.

Oh, yeah?

[Ronald] Yeah, we’re gonna go far.

[suspenseful music playing]

Take this turn off right here.

Keep it running.

Ronald, would you relax? Nobody followed us out here.

Look at us, in the middle of nowhere.

It’s your favorite! Come on, open it.

Just open it.





[Ronald groan]

Oh, shit.

[Vanessa] Bye, Ronald.


[police siren wailing]

Oh, fuck me.



Could you step out of the car, please?

Well, may I ask what this is about?

Please step out of the car.

Well, I think I have a right to know why you’re asking me…

Stand over here.

Safe travels, Mrs. Capelli.


Oh, hey. Come in, I guess. We’re eating.

Thank you.

I’ll get Mary.

Matt’s here.


Jesus, Matt.

[inhales and exhales deeply]

My God, it’s only Tuesday.

Officer Finney.

Right this way.

I believe I have something of yours.

It’s all there.

Uh, you’d said $375,000 but I think you made a little mistake.

The actual number is 406 and change.

I must’ve miscounted.

Oh, and, uh, this 50,000 presented itself as well.

Hmm. Well, I wish I could cut you in…

Hey, it’s your money.

Right. Of course.

Listen, uh, pick one of those bottles there.

Uh, that one on the left is pretty good.

And that’s $88 wholesale.

[Finney chuckles softly]

Well, you let me know if there’s anything I can do for you in the future.

Of course.

Thanks, Joe.


[birds squawking]

Motherfucker’s got eyes, they just can’t see.

Including me.

[Watkins] Let me ask you something.

What made you think that you could trust me?

You can be trusted, Aldrick.

I took the 25 I staked you back then, plus interest.

Took another 50 for the federal man.

How do you imagine the rest of it should be divided?

I just want 5k.

Just what’s yours.

Just what’s mine.

So we’re good?

Enjoy Kansas City.

[“Well, I Done Got Over It” playing]

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Yeah I done got over it ♪

♪ Yeah I done got over it ♪

♪ Well I done got over it ♪

♪ Yeah I done got over it ♪

♪ Well I done got over it I done got over at last ♪

♪ Now the days when I first met you ♪

♪ You seemed such a sweet little thing ♪

♪ But after a while you got so bad ♪

♪ You know it was a cryin’ shame ♪

♪ But I done got over it ♪

♪ Yeah I done got over it ♪

♪ Well I done got over it I done got over at last ♪

♪ Yeah my love was so miserable ♪

♪ Although I know my love was in vain ♪

♪ ‘Cause every time I turned my back ♪

♪ You was out with some other man ♪

♪ But I done got over it ♪

♪ Yeah I done got over it ♪

♪ Well I done got over it I done got over at last ♪

♪ Now I don’t want you to be no angel ♪

♪ Or neither no gal with jive ♪

♪ All I wanted was some good woman ♪

♪ Just to keep me satisfied ♪

♪ But I done got over it ♪

♪ Yeah I done got over it ♪

♪ Well I done got over it I done got over at last ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪


♪ Yeah I done got over it ♪

[tugboat steam whistle]


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