The New Mutants (2020) – Transcript

Five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves.
The New Mutants (2020)


The film starts with Dani Moonstar (Blu Hunt) mentioning how her father used to tell her that inside everyone were two bears – the good one made up of compassion and kindness, and the evil one made up of fears and aggression. Cut to Dani waking up as her father William (Adam Beach) waking her up, as their reservation appears to be hit by a tornado. As the residents flee, William hides Dani behind a tree as he goes to help the others. Moments later, William is thrown back in front of Dani, dead. She tries to run for it as a a growling entity approaches her, but she tumbles down a hill.

Dani wakes up in a facility. She meets Dr. Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga), who tells her that she is in a kind of hospital for people with abilities like hers, and that she is the sole survivor of the incident on the reservation. Reyes tells Dani that she is a mutant, but Dani is not aware of any powers she may has.

Reyes holds a session with the other members of the facility – Rahne Sinclair (Maisie Williams), who has the power to turn into a wolf and suffered trauma from when the priest of her church tried to kill her; Illyana Rasputin (Anya Taylor-Joy), who carries a purple dragon hand puppet that she calls Lockheed; Roberto da Costa (Henry Zaga), who comes from a wealthy family from Brazil; and Sam Guthrie (Charlie Heaton), who appears with a black eye and broken arm. As Reyes tries to counsel the teens, Dani joins them. She is greeted with smarmy remarks from Roberto and Illyana. Reyes has Ilyana show Dani around the campus, but Illyana couldn’t care less and just sprays graffiti on a nearby fountain. When Dani tries to run away, she ends up running into a force field. Illyana laughs at her, but when Dani tries to attack her, Illyana just disappears in a flash.

Dani contemplates jumping from the clock tower, but Rahne comes up to talk her out of it and convince her to stick around. After helping her back in, Rahne shows Dani around the facility a little more. She shows Dani that Sam’s superpower is flying at super speed, which he practices by hooking himself up to a large weight, and it causes him to hurt himself since he doesn’t know how to fully control it. Roberto won’t say what his power is, and the girls agree that Illyana is the worst.

Dani returns to her room to sleep, while Reyes monitors her and the other teens. Dani dreams about the incident at her reservation, and Reyes notices readings of psionic energy coming from Dani.

Sam and Roberto are in the laundry room until Roberto leaves. Sam hears a banging coming from one of the washing machines. He approaches it and sees a hand pressed against it. It takes him to a mine he used to work in back in Kentucky. He walks past other miners until he reaches his father (Thomas Kee), who appears undead. Sam is then blasted against the wall by the force in the machine.

Later, the teens are in the recreation room, when Illyana makes more derogatory comments to Dani (“Pocahontas”, “Standing Rock”). Dani doesn’t take the abuse any longer and calls out Illyana’s behavior, which leads to them fighting. After Dani punches her, Illyana’s right arm produces the Soulsword, which she almost uses against Dani until Reyes comes in and uses her force field to stop the fight, then put the girls in solitary confinement. Dani overhears Illyana whispering to herself in her room. She is shown having a flashback to her childhood where a tall, gaunt man in a smiley mask loomed over her. Dani later has a nightmare where she finds herself in the snowy woods close to where she lost her home and father, and a monstrous entity tries to attack her. Reyes finds her covered in something wet, and she proceeds to take more tests from Dani.

Rahne goes to the chapel for confession. She hears what sounds like a voice telling her she is inhuman and will go to Hell. Rahne runs out of the chapel to avoid what she thinks is a demon.

After Reyes falls asleep, Sam and Roberto invite Dani and Rahne to join them (and Illyana) up in the attic since it’s the one place that is apparently not monitored. They mention Reyes’s superior that she keeps alluding to, stating that after their time there, they may go to the facility for special mutants. The guys think she is talking about Professor Xavier and his Mutant Academy. Illyana then has them do lie detector tests, wherein it is revealed that she killed 18 men in her old town. She asks Dani about her bear necklace, which was given to her by her father.

It turns out Reyes was monitoring the attic as well and tries to admonish the teens for disobeying her. Later, Illyana spikes her tea to get her to pass out, and the teens proceed to have fun. Dani and Rahne dance together, Illyana makes fun of Reyes, and Sam and Roberto spend time together. Sam tells Roberto that he accidentally killed his father and half the miners when he lost control of his powers. Roberto refuses to say what happened that got him into the facility. Dani and Rahne go outside where Rahne shows Dani the night sky under the force field, which looks lovely. The two then share their first kiss. Meanwhile, Roberto finds Illyana in the pool. They start to hook up, but he reveals that he burned his girlfriend to death with his powers. Illyana says he cannot hurt her, but moments later, she appears to vanish. A demonic creature appearing as Roberto’s girlfriend on fire then tries to attack him. He rages out and his fire powers are activated. The others come in to help him, and Reyes pushes him into the pool. Illyana appears and says she was never in the pool.

Reyes punishes Illyana for drugging her by confining her to her room. Rahne takes a shower and sees the demonic image of her priest (Happy Anderson), whom she killed, approaching her with a W branding iron similar to one he used on her back years earlier. The priest brands Rahne’s neck, and the others try to calm her down. Illyana somehow gets out of her room and tells the others that all of this is happening because of Dani. She tries to attack her again with the Soulsword and transports her briefly to a hellish landscape before Dani snaps her out by manifesting one of the creepy smiley masks to scare Illyana. Reyes runs more tests on Dani, and Dani starts seeing visions of mutant children being tortured at the Transigen facility (from “Logan”), making her realize that they are not going to be sent to the Mutant Academy. Reyes reports to her real employers, the Essex Corporation, who determine that Dani’s power makes her a threat, and that she must be killed.

Dani goes to Illyana’s room to try and talk to her. She gives her back Lockheed since she dropped him, and Dani asks her where she transported her to. Illyana says it’s Limbo. She explains that her powers manifested when she was kept as a prisoner by the men in masks (Smiley Men).

Reyes takes Dani away for what is supposedly one last test. Rahne follows as she knows something is not right. Reyes tries to put Dani to sleep before injecting her IV with poison. Rahne uses her wolf powers to sneak through the vents and attack Reyes, clawing at her until she flees, and Rahne saves Dani. Meanwhile, Illyana and Roberto are attacked by the Smiley Men, who remove their masks to reveal their hideous blind faces. After using the Soulsword and Sam’s speed to kill the Smiley Men, the teens go into Reyes’s office to find files on them. Illyana was the most viable candidate for Essex since she is classified as a killer, but they learn that Dani’s power was going to have her killed. They figure that, in order to leave the facility, they have to find Reyes and kill her.

Rahne sniffs out Reyes’s trail, but she traps the teens in her own force fields. She tells them that Dani’s power is to bring out your greatest fears and traumas to use against you. Before she can kill Dani, the facility comes under attack by the Demon Bear, the entity that destroyed Dani’s home. The Demon Bear mauls Reyes to death, which breaks the force fields, but the Demon Bear proceeds to attack the teens. Illyana goes into Limbo with the Soulsword and brings Lockheed to life to fight the monster. They take the fight to the chapel, where Dani is unconscious as she feels she is not strong enough to fight it. Sam and Roberto unleash their own powers to fight back, while Rahne wolfs out to claw at the creature’s face. As the others are getting demolished even with their powers, Dani sees a vision of her father encouraging her to fight back. Just before the Demon Bear can devour Rahne, Dani wakes up and talks to it calmly, bringing it to a non-monstrous form that goes to rest and no longer harm them.

The sun rises on the new day. The teens discover that the force field barrier has gone down, meaning they are free. Dani thanks the others for saving her, but Rahne says she saved them. They all then decide to head into the nearest town as they start new lives.

There’s an old Native American proverb that says… inside every person, there are two bears… forever locked in combat for your soul. One bear is all things good. Compassion, love, trust. The other is all things evil. Fear, shame, and self-destruction.

What’s happening?

We have to run… as fast as we can!


Don’t let go of my hand!

What’s happening?

Here! Hide here! I have to go help them.

No! No, Dad, please!


Please don’t leave me alone!

Dani, I have to go back. Stay here.


Run! No! Get away!



Hello? Hello? Let me out of here!

Relax, Dani. I’m on my way to you.

Where am I? Where is my family?

I know you’re scared, but you’re safe now. If I could come in, I’ll explain. Would that be all right?

Doors. Infirmary.

Hi, Dani. I’m Dr. Reyes. If you take a seat, I’ll free your hand. Dani, what I’m about to tell you… is going to be very difficult. An F5 tornado touched down on your reservation.


You’re the sole survivor of a terrible tragedy.

No, no. It was growling! Something was chasing us!

What? Sometimes trauma makes us remember things… that aren’t real. Here. I think this may be yours. I’m really sorry.

Why didn’t I just die with them? Why me?

Survivor’s guilt is a common reaction to trauma. We look for reasons. Most of the time, we find none. But the reason you survived… is because you’re a very uncommon girl. Your reservation was wiped off the face of the earth. But you made it out with barely a scratch. Do you know what mutants are? Mutation most often occurs in puberty. You might spend the first 13 years of your life… relatively normal. Then, just like that… you come of age and discover your true nature.

What’s my true nature?

We’ll have to figure that out together.

Then how do you know I’m a mutant?

The man I work for has a way of recognizing new mutants… the moment their condition reveals itself. That’s how we discovered you and your fellow patients. You’re not alone, Dani.

This is a facility for young mutants like yourself. Teens who need some extra care… before they can go on to live healthy adult lives. There’s some warm clothes. Toiletries.

How long do I have to stay here?

Until I decide you’re not a danger.

Danger to who?

Yourself. You have been through a lot. Get some rest, okay? We’ll talk more in the morning.

Dr. Reyes. There’s really no one left?

But you’re in a safe place now. Nothing can hurt you in here, Dani. Good night.

Yesterday, I asked you to think about… the first time your mutation manifested. Would anyone like to share? Sam? Illyana? Roberto? Rahne? Look, we can’t help each other unless we talk to each other. I’ve said this a hundred times. This program can’t help you if you refuse to participate. So, Rahne, why don’t you start?


Please join us, Dani. This is our new patient, Danielle Moonstar.

Oh, it’s serious.

Let’s do our best to make her feel at home. Go ahead, Rahne.

Right. I was 13. I remember running through the woods.

How did you feel?

Free. Like, the most free I’d felt my whole life. But guilty, too.

Why guilty?

Because I knew it was bad. I went to Reverend Craig… to see if he could pray it out of me. He asked me to show him, so I changed.

And what did Reverend Craig do?

Beat me about half to death. Said I was a witch… that I was going to hell.

Would anyone else like to share their first time?

New girl. How fucked up are you?


Drugs, I bet. Or a nympho, maybe. Hopefully.

Keep behaving… exactly like you are right now… and we can all just spend the day in solitary. I want all of you to think very carefully… about how you’d like to use your time here. And how long you want that time to be. Illyana, since you’re already up… why don’t you show Dani around?

And why do I have to?

Because I’m asking you.

How long have you been here? Are there any other doctors? Why aren’t you…

Shh. What’s that, Lockheed? Oh, I know. I hate her, too. Dr. Reyes! Main building. Dorms. Chapel, if you believe in that shit. And garden. You don’t know how to grow weed, do you?


What kind of Indian are you?


I wasn’t actually asking. You’re my lookout.

Where are we?

Who knows? Dr. Reyes always says… the closest town is 20 miles away. But she could be lying… to keep us from trying to escape.

There’s no fence.

Nope. No fence. Nothing between you and freedom. Run, new girl, run! Faster!

Aw. This isn’t a hospital, Pocahontas. It’s a cage. And now you’re trapped in it forever. Man, I really should have warned you.

I have to go to help them.

No! No, Dad, please!

Dani! Please don’t leave me alone!

Survivor’s guilt is a common reaction to trauma.

Stay here!

You’re the sole survivor.

What are you doing out here? Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Wow, this is really high up. A fall from here would mess you up.

It would kill me. Instantly. I wouldn’t feel a thing.

I want to get out of here, too… but not like this.

My home is gone. My dad’s dead.

Where I’m from, we believe suicides go straight to hell. Always kinda scared me out of giving it a go.

I don’t wanna be here. I wanna be with my family.

If they’re gone and you’re here… maybe it’s for a reason. Maybe it’s not time to be with them just yet.

But I’m all alone.

There’s two people up here. You calling me a nobody? Please. It’s going to get better. I promise.

Let’s live a little longer, Dani Moonstar.

Dani, where were you?

Uh… I was just… showing her the chapel.

No one is ever to be unaccounted for, Rahne. You know that.

I’m sorry, Dr. Reyes.


Did I just get you in trouble?

It’s okay. She likes me. I’m one of the good ones. Me and Sam.

Holy shit, I thought he just exploded.

No. That’s his thing. He can blast off. Zero to 100 like a cannonball. Not so good at landing, though.

Is this, like, practice?

I don’t know. Sometimes it seems like he’s out here… just trying to hurt himself.

He grew up in a small town in Kentucky. Did really well in school… but had to drop out to work in the mines with his dad. Help the family and all.

Poor guy.

Right? Poor guy. And then there’s Roberto. His family’s, like, the richest family in Brazil.

Thanks, doggy.

Probably living the sweet life before he got here. Something must have gone really wrong.

What’s his power?

He won’t tell, but he’s got something. Parents sent him here to be cured.

Is there a cure for being an asshole? Maybe he’s just the crazy one.

No. That spot’s taken.

Well, I really enjoyed spending… the day with you, Dani, but I should go. We’re not supposed to be in each other’s rooms and…

Why is she always watching us?

For our own good. She means well. She’s trying to help us. If you follow the treatment, you’ll get out of here, Dani. Probably before the rest of us cuckoos. Well, night.

Rahne? Thank you for helping me.

What do I know? Maybe we both should have jumped.

Dish duty is really trimming down the wardrobe.

Every time your shirt gets dirty… you just throw it away?

Here. It’s all yours.


Was it scary? Working in the mines?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.


Oh, Jesus.

I got it. You couldn’t pay me a million dollars… to go in one of those things.

I couldn’t pay you a million dollars anyway.

When we get out of here, I’ll spot ya.

My folks are good for it.

Night, Kentucky.

Night, man.

Hello? Somebody!


Samuel. What did you do?


There aren’t any cameras in here, are there?

Only safe place in the building. But there could still be mics, so… Shh.

Wow, that’s, um… That’s some serious body art. Tattoo wasn’t painful enough?

It wasn’t my idea.

What’s it stand for?

I’m sorry. I don’t want to talk about it.






And… control.


I can’t do this.

I have one arm.

It takes two.

We can do this.

Hey, Standing Rock. You want a buffalo wing? You people love buffalo, don’t you?

Jeez, Illya, will you just… leave her alone?

No. It’s okay.

“Standing Rock.” That’s a good one. More original than “Pocahontas.” That was huge in fifth grade. You don’t scare me. My dad told me about bitches like you.

Oh. Well, here. Why don’t you show us on the puppet… where Daddy touched you?


Hey, guys, come on!

You keep my father’s name out of your mouth, bitch! You don’t know anything about me.

Do you know anything? Sixteen years old and doesn’t even know her power. Seems like that mutant period should’ve kicked in by now.

Leave her alone.

Yo. Hold up.

I’m helping her. This is therapy!

Get your hands off me.

Or you’ll what? Let’s find out. What are you gonna do, huh?

Fuck! Bitch!

Illyana, don’t! You know the rules. No powers in here. And definitely no fighting.

Sorry, Doctor. I thought maybe Dani was invincible. Just wanted to see if I was right.

Solitary. Both of you.

But it wasn’t Dani’s…

Everyone else, lights out in 10.

I’ll see you in the morning.


I’ll see you in hell.

Come on.

What’s that, Lockheed?

Don’t be scared.

We’ll go to our special place, okay? The Smiling Men can’t get us in our special place.


What’s happening to me?

You’re clearly manifesting something… but we need to do more tests to find out what it is. It’s okay. I’m a doctor. Actually, I come from a family of doctors. My mother was a vet. A lot of pets came in with rattlesnake bites. Did you know baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous… than adult ones? They haven’t learned how to control… how much venom they secrete. Even the mutants we call heroes today… when they first got their powers… chances are they hurt someone. That’s why new mutants are dangerous. And they need to be…

Locked up?

Sequestered… from average humans, for their safety and ours. Put pressure.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been a week since my last confession.

My superior runs a facility for gifted mutants. You could move there after this, if you wanted to.

Rahne said I could even get out of here faster… if I follow your program.

I’ve noticed you and Rahne… have taken a liking to each other. That’s good. She’s a good influence. And she’s right. It’s important we find out exactly what your power is… so we can help you control it.

I masturbated twice. I lied to Dr. Reyes. And I was up in the vents again.


I’m gonna say one Our Father and two Hail Marys, okay?


Who’s there?

Witch! You witch! I’ll flay the flesh from your bones!

Demons can’t come in churches. Demons can’t come in churches. Demons can’t come in churches.



Where have you been? Are you okay?

Yeah. Just needed some time to myself.

Come on.

Where are you guys going?

Reyes is asleep, so we’re going up to the…

To the “never mind, you’re not invited.”

Come on, Illy. Come on, we’ll show you.


So, you guys hang out in an attic?

Yeah. It’s one of the only places Reyes can’t watch us.

It’s full of cool shit… from back before this was even a place for mutants.

Let’s play a little game.


You can’t say dare.

Fine. Jesus. Truth.

How many girls have you been with?

Like I can even remember.


He’s lying. It’s a lie detector. We know.

Fine. Three.

That’s not bad.

No, look.

I told you.


Why not?

I get too hot.

Yeah, you think it’s funny? Your turn, asshole.

What’s the coal for?

My dad gave it to me. Right before… he passed.

I’m sorry.

Don’t be. I belong here, so…

I’m not sure any of us belong here.

I think I do.


New girl, he already had his question. It’s your turn.

Aren’t you gonna hook me up?

I don’t need a polygraph to tell if you’re lying. What’s your power?

I don’t know.

I thought you were going to say that. How about another question? What’s with the stupid bear?

Same as Sam. My dad made it for me.


When I was little, I was… I was really afraid of the dark. Like, so afraid, it was impossible… to get me to go to bed. So my dad, he told me a legend of a bear. A Demon Bear… that lives inside of us and feeds off of our fear.

That’ll help a kid sleep.

Shut up, Berto.

So, when you’re born… the bear is tiny and weak. And the older you get… the more afraid we become… the bigger and the stronger the bear gets.

My dad, he… he made this for me so that I would always remember… how small it was when I was born. So that I would remember to never be afraid.

Enough. Let’s do this. Well, come on. Truth.

Why are you here?

Because I killed 18 men. One by one. With my sword.

And Lockheed.

You’re lying.

No, she’s not.

You don’t believe me? I’m the most powerful mutant here.

Today, I’d like to talk about obedience. If you want any hope of moving on… to my superior’s facility… it’s crucial that I know you can be trusted. Yes?

What if we don’t wanna move on to your boss’s facility? You know, what if I just wanna go home?

Sam, you remember what happened. You think they stopped looking for you? If you weren’t here, you’d be in prison or worse.

I was… It was an accident.

You think anyone outside this room would believe that?

I would. Sam is a good guy.

Even if I’m not… do I really have to spend… my whole life in here for one mistake?

Once you’re better…

When am I better?

What’s gotten into you, Sam?

Look, something’s not right. I’m seeing things, terrible nightmares. Uh… When will I ever get better?

You’re better when I say so.

No, forget it. It’s bullshit. You’re not listening to me.

What did you do to her?

I may have spiked her tea.

Hold those bag of bones together, man!



Indubitably, it’s indisputable… that you are the absolute worst mutants I’ve ever seen. Ergo, my superior will be very, very disappointed in me. I surmise I may even receive a spanking… for being so, so bad. Oh. Oh, my superior!

Yeah, who is this superior she’s always talking about?

Isn’t it obvious? You know who the X-Men are, right?

Yeah. It’s just, why would we wanna be X-Men?

Right. I ain’t wearing no suit and fighting people. I’m rich.

What, they pay you to be X-Men now?

I wouldn’t mind being an X-Man.

And why would they need a dog? Children.

Come with me. I want to show you something.


It’s a surprise.

What are those two up to?


Rahne, wait.

Are you sure you know where you’re going?

Yeah. I can see in the dark. Just follow me.

You know how much trouble… we’re gonna get in for this?

What’s she gonna do? Kick us out? I don’t wanna be here anyway.

Yeah. But as long as Dr. Phil has her magic bubble… over the grounds… you don’t have a choice.

Yeah. I never did have a choice.

What do you mean?

You know, I had to go and work in the mines with my dad. I was still new to the job. And this one day, I just… I just got claustrophobic. Like I couldn’t breathe. It was…

And he blasted.

Yeah. I killed my dad. Most of his crew. I just… I just couldn’t forgive myself.

I’m sorry, man. I didn’t…

Just kept thinking… I would do anything to change that.

What about you? What did you do?


Wait, so you could get out of the building… this whole time?

I can get anywhere in the hospital… through the vents. This is the only way out, though. I’m always paranoid Reyes is gonna find it.

Yeah, she’s gonna find out a lot tomorrow.

Trust me. This is worth it. Come on, lay down.

Oh, my God.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Yeah. It is. It’s our beautiful cage. That’s what my father called it.

You had a dome over your reservation?

No. He meant our bodies. Like… how we’re trapped in them. And at death, our souls are free. Free to be with the ones you love. Sounds pretty nice, honestly.

Sorry, I thought I heard you…

Want company?


But you have to turn off the lights.

Sure. Ooh, scary.

Are you scared?


I think you are. Virgin. You have to catch me.

Hey, wait.

Doesn’t feel like it’s real.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re real.

What do you mean?

It’s just that… you’re just so nice to me. Too nice. Sometimes I feel like I made you up.

You didn’t make me up. I promise you, I’m real.

Your eyes.

Oh. I’m sorry.

Don’t. They’re beautiful.

I’ve never done this before.

With a girl?

With anyone.

What’s wrong?

I can’t. I just need a second to cool down.

Isn’t this what you want?

Yeah. It’s… I can’t get too hot. If I get too hot, I…

You can tell me.

I was with my girlfriend. I tried to hold her… but I burned her with my… I killed her with my hands.


I burned her.

Hey. Look at me. You can’t burn me. You won’t hurt me. But… you do need to catch me again.



Mariella! No!

What is it?

It’s Berto.

Control room, unlock.

What’s going on?

Go back to your room.

Damn. What happened here?


What’s the code, huh?

Give me my phone back.

I am in charge here.

You’re not in charge of shit.

Did you not see what happened?

Huh? Illyana tried to kill me.

It wasn’t me.

Roberto, Illyana was in her room.


There was nobody in the pool but you.

Did you see what I saw? Huh? We’re trapped in here with demons… and you want us to stay trapped!

Give it back.

What’s the code?

Hey! Berto, chill.

Chill nothing. I’m calling the cops and getting out of here.

You’re not going anywhere.

Yeah? Says who?

Says your doctor.

Bullshit. You’re not a doctor. I’ve known men like you. Men who like to keep children trapped in cages. I’ve known them… and I’ve killed them.

She wasn’t in the pool. But I know what you did to me. You’re gonna help the others clean this mess.

In your dreams.

Let me out of here! Damn it! I am not dying in here! Do you understand me? Let me out!

Initiate lockdown.

Today, Dani, we’re going to go a little deeper. Clench your fist. This will relax you. I’m gonna ask you a series of questions. I want you to respond truthfully. What’s the last thing you remember… before coming here?

My dad woke me up. He said we had to run. And everything was shaking.

What were you running from?

He said it was a tornado.

We both know it wasn’t a tornado, Dani. What were you running from?

It was snowing.

In the summertime?

It brings the snow.

What does?

The Demon Bear.

Where are you?

I’m right here, Dani.

What is this place? What are you doing?


No! No! No!

Hello? Dani? Who’s there? You’re not real. I killed you.

And like Christ, I rise again.

Stay away from me!

Lockheed, what’s going on?

It’s her.

Focus, Dani! Can you control it?

Nobody can.


Stay back!


Oh, my God. Is that real? That’s real. See, I told you. This shit’s real.

What happened to her?

You happened. It’s Dani. It’s all Dani.

I didn’t do anything.

You brought this evil here! I now know your power, new girl. Let me show you mine.

Illyana, no powers!


She’s in our heads. She’ll kill us all.

Something’s happening to me, and I can’t control it. That place you took me… Was it hell?

Limbo. It’s a place we made up.


Me and Lockheed.

I brought someone for you.

At first, it was just our special place. We went there in our minds… whenever something bad was about to happen. But we went there so much… stayed there so long… it became real.

I saw a memory. It wasn’t mine. Who were they?

I never knew their names. They were all the same. They made us cry. And it made them smile.

How’s the pain?

Drugs are helping.

Was it really him? Preacher?

If he wasn’t real, he could’ve fooled me. Why won’t you come in? I’m not afraid of you. I’m afraid of what I saw. Of him.

But what if he only came because of me?

Even if you are the one making these things happen… you had no choice. It’s not your fault.

I saw something when Dr. Reyes was testing me. I saw kids like us. Mutants, being forced to do things. Horrible things. I don’t think this is a hospital. The place that I saw, I think that’s where we go… when we leave. If we leave.

I’m ready for you, Dani.


I have to go.

What if you’re right? Are you just gonna let her pump you full of drugs again?

Last time, I saw things, secrets. Maybe I will again. Maybe those secrets will help us find a way out of here.


I don’t know yet. But let’s live a bit longer, Rahne Sinclair.

Dani wanted me to stay with her.

I need you to wait outside, Rahne.

I know, but…

You can come back for recovery.

Doors. Hallway H.

Hey. What’s up with you?

Nothing. It’s just… Well, Reyes was…

Reyes was what?

You guys hear that?

Is that music?

I know that song.


What are we testing this time?

This is more a test of me. I told you my mother was a vet, right? One day our family dog went feral… mauled the neighbor’s boy. Lift your head. Down. It was rabies.

It’s coming from my room.

I’m going to get Dr. Reyes.

Illyana, don’t!

What the hell is this place?

No. No, I buried this. Stay away from her, you pig!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Look. Look at me.

Listen to me.

He cannot hurt you.

No! Don’t!

Look, see? He’s not real.

All right?

Go! Run!


My mother tried everything. It was too far along. I can’t tell you how hard it is… for a doctor to face that, Dani. That powerlessness. You can do your best to save a patient… but sometimes the most humane thing to do… is put it to sleep.




Help me!

Help me!

All right. It’s okay.

Oh, Jesus!

Get away! Stop!

Get off me! Let me go!

No! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

You’re the most powerful mutant… we’ve ever had. But my superiors believe your powers cannot be controlled. It’s almost over, Dani.

Dani? Dani? Dani, wake up.

Hey, Dr. Reyes!

Thank God.

You gotta help us!


Dr. Reyes!

I love you, Lockheed.

We’re gonna die.

Come on, Illyana. You gotta do something.

I can’t.

Use your powers.

I can’t!

Illyana, do something!

Oh, seriously?

Hey, Berto! Berto!

Bitch put force fields over all the exits.

Is she trying to kill us?

Don’t know. Did she make those smiley things?

No. They’re Illyana’s.

Of course they are.

Have you seen the girls?


All right. Upstairs.

Where the hell did you go?

Our special place.

That was so hot.

What the hell’s going on?

Where’s Dr. Reyes?

She tried to kill Dani.


That test? It wasn’t a test. She tried to kill her.

My file. “Patient reviles authority. But her fragmented psyche and base hatred for humans… makes her a prime candidate for the program. Conclusion… A killer… with limitless potential. Recommend continued investment.”

Essex Corporation.

That must have been the place I saw.

She wasn’t prepping us to be X-Men. She was prepping us to be killers.

We don’t have much time. Reyes wants me dead. And it won’t be long… before she comes back to finish the job.

How? This place is designed to keep us inside. All our powers, it won’t work. It’s hopeless.

No. It isn’t. We got each other out of our cages. We can get out of this.

That’s all well and good. But she’s still got force fields… around the building. The windows, everything. How you gonna get past that?

By taking out the source.

Then let’s kill the bitch.

Tonight… I’d like to talk about responsibility. You have a responsibility to your treatment. I want all of you to go to your rooms right now. If you disobey, or if you try to leave this facility… I have a responsibility to stop you. No matter what it takes.

How do you know she’s still in here?

I’m a good smeller.

You’re a good killer.

What’s going on? What’s Essex Corp?

It’s a scientific organization founded by my superiors.

Founded to do what? Screw with our heads?

To save you! If it wasn’t for me… you all would’ve been dead a long time ago!

It’s okay. Hey. Calm down. Like I said… I want all of you to calm down. All right? Promise to do that. And I’ll let you go. Except Dani. Dani needs to be put down.


Let us out! Let us out!

It’s okay. It’s for her own good. And yours. I’m sure you’ve figured out her power by now. So special. She takes your greatest fear… your darkest secret… and makes you live through it.


Over and over. Over and over. Until it kills you.

That’s it. That’s it. Breathe. That’s it. You’re about to see your father again. In the spirit world.

What are you doing, Dani?

Dani. Guys, she won’t wake up. Help me. Hey! Wake up! Dani!

Dani! Guys! Dani.

It’s coming back!

It’s hunting us.

No. It’s hunting Dani.

Why Dani?

Because that’s what she fears. Come on. Help me.

All right.

One, two, three.

Take Dani to a safe place… and I’ll take care of this bear.

What are you going to do?

I’m going to play with it.

Get her out of here.

Are you crazy? That thing’ll kill you!

He’s right. It’s magic.

So am I.

No! Illy!

Hey, Yogi! Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my. Right, Lockheed?

Holy shit!

I’m gonna marry that girl.

You okay, Lockheed?

Come on!

Let’s go. Let’s go.

Berto, you have to run with her.

I can’t. I’m not ready.

You won’t hurt her. You can do this.

Come on! This way.

You guys go. I’m going back for Illy.


Gotta get better someday.

Give her to me. Hide.

Demons can’t come in churches. Demons can’t come in churches. Dani, I really need you to wake up.

Come back, you coward!

Hail Mary,
full of grace…

blessed art thou
amongst women.

Pray for us sinners now
and in the hour of our death.


Aah! No!


Demon Bear! Nowhere to run now.

I know you’re in there. Please. You’re not alone. I’m here. We’re all here…

fighting for you.

Rahne, where are you? Rahne!

Dani, I know you can hear me in there. What are you doing? I’m hiding, the same thing you’re doing.

Watch out!


Berto! Nut up!


You have to wake up…

or we’re all going to die.


No! Berto!

Only you can stop this.

I can’t.


Dad! I’m so sorry. It wasn’t your fault. But now you need to wake up.

But the bear, it’s too big.

You’re bigger.


No! Dani! Help!




Stop. No. No. I’m in charge now. Control. Good.

Everything is gonna be okay. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. But it’s time to go to sleep now.

Thank you. Thanks, all of you. For saving me.

Are you kidding? You saved us.

Hey, guys. The dome’s gone.

So we’re free?

Reyes always said the nearest town… is 20 miles away.

She could be lying. Shall we find out?

My father used to tell me that… inside every person, there are two bears. One bear is all things good. Compassion, love, trust. The other is all things evil. Fear, shame, and self-destruction. I asked him, “Which one wins?” He answered, “The one you feed.”


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