Moana (2016) | Transcript

In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by Maui reaches an impetuous Chieftain's daughter's island, she answers the Ocean's call to seek out the demigod to set things right.

Moana Waialiki is a sea voyaging enthusiast and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators. When her island’s fishermen can’t catch any fish and the crops fail, she learns that the demigod Maui caused the blight by stealing the heart of the goddess, Te Fiti. The only way to heal the island is to persuade Maui to return Te Fiti’s heart, so Moana sets off on an epic journey across the Pacific. The film is based on stories from Polynesian mythology.

* * *

GRAMMA: In the beginning… there was only ocean… until the mother island emerged.

Te Fiti.

Her heart held the greatest power ever known.

It could create life itself.

And Te Fiti shared it with the world.

But in time… some began to seek Te Fiti’s heart.

They believed if they could possess it… the great power of creation would be theirs.

And one day… the most daring of them all… voyaged across the vast ocean to take it.

He was a demigod of the wind and sea.

He was a warrior.

A trickster.

A shapeshifter who could change form… with the power of his magical fish hook.

And his name… was Maui.



But without her heart, Te Fiti began to crumble… giving birth to a terrible darkness.

Maui tried to escape… but was confronted by another who sought the heart.

Te Kā!

A demon of earth and fire.

Maui was struck from the sky… never to be seen again.

And his magical fish hook and the heart of Te Fiti… were lost to the sea.

Where, even now… 1,000 years later… Te Kā and the demons of the deep… still hunt for the heart.

Hiding in a darkness that will continue to spread… chasing away our fish… draining the life from island after island… until every one of us is devoured… by the bloodthirsty jaws… of inescapable death!


But one day… the heart will be found… by someone who will journey beyond our reef… find Maui… deliver him across the great ocean… to restore Te Fiti’s heart… and save us all.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Thank you, Mother. That’s enough.


No one goes outside the reef.

We are safe here. There is no darkness.

There are no monsters.


There’s no monsters, no monsters…

It’s the darkness!

No, there is nothing beyond our reef, but storms and rough seas.

I’m gonna throw up.

TUI: As long as we stay on our very safe island…

…we’ll be fine.

GRAMMA: The legends are true.

Someone will have to go.

TUI: Mother, Motunui is paradise.

Who would want to go anywhere else?


Shoo, shoo!





TUI: Moana!

There you are, Moana. What are you doing? You scared me.

What? I wanna’s go back.

I know, I know. But you don’t go out there.

It’s dangerous.

Moana, come on.

Let’s go back to the village.

You are the next great chief of our people.

And you will do wondrous things, my little minnow.

Oh, yes. But first, you must learn where you’re meant to be.


Make way, make way

Moana, it’s time you knew

The village of Motunui is all you need

The dancers are practicing

They dance to an ancient song

Who needs a new song This old one’s all we need

This tradition is our mission

And Moana, there’s so much to do

Don’t trip on the taro root

That’s all you need

We share everything we make

We joke and we weave our baskets

The fishermen come back from the sea

I wanna see

Don’t walk away

Moana, stay on the ground now

Our people will need a chief

And there you are

There you are

There comes a day

When you’re gonna look around And realize happiness is

Where you are

Consider the coconut

The what

Consider its tree

We use each part of the coconut It’s all we need

We make our nets from the fibers

The water is sweet inside

We use the leaves to build fires We cook up the meat inside

Consider the coconuts

The trunks and the leaves

The island gives us what we need

And no one leaves

That’s right, we stay

We’re safe and we’re well-provided

And when we look to the future

There you are

You’ll be okay

In time you’ll learn just as I did

You must find happiness right where you are

I like to dance with the water The undertow and the waves

The water is mischievous Ha! I like how it misbehaves

The village may think I’m crazy Or say that I drift too far

But once you know what you like Well, there you are

You are your father’s daughter Stubbornness and pride

Mind what he says but remember You may hear a voice inside

And if the voice starts to whisper To follow the farthest star

Moana, that voice inside is who you are



I was only looking at the boats. I wasn’t gonna get on ’em.


Come on. There’s something I need to show you.

I’ve wanted to bring you here from the moment you opened your eyes.

This is a sacred place.

A place of chiefs.

There will come a time… when you will stand on this peak and place a stone on this mountain.

Like I did. Like my father did.

And his father, and every chief that has ever been.

And on that day… when you add your stone… you will raise this whole island higher.

You are the future of our people, Moana.

And they are not out there.

They are right here.

It’s time to be who they need you to be.

We make our nets from the fibers

We weave our nets from the fibers

The water is sweet inside

A real tasty treat inside

We use the leaves to build fires

We sing these songs in our choirs

To cook up the meat inside

We have mouths to feed inside

The village believes in us

That’s right

The village believes

The island gives us what we need

And no one leaves

So here I’ll stay

My home, my people beside me And when I think of tomorrow

There we are

I’ll lead the way

I’ll have my people to guide me

We’ll build our future together

Where we are

‘Cause every path leads ya back to

Where you are

You can find happiness right

Where you are

Where you are

And every storm, th is roof leaks, no matter how many fronds I add.

MOANA: Fixed!

Not the fronds.

Wind shifted the post.


Mmm! That’s good pork!


Oh! I didn’t mean… I wasn’t…

(CLEARS THROAT) What? They’re calling me, so I gotta… Bye!


You’re doing great.

Is it done yet?


So close.


I’m curious about that chicken eating the rock.

He seems to lack the basic intelligence required for pretty much everything.

Should we maybe just cook him?

Sometimes our strengths lie beneath the surface.

Far beneath in some cases.

But I’m sure there’s more to Heihei

than meets the eye.


It’s the harvest.

This morning, I was husking the coconuts and…


we should clear the diseased trees and we will start a new grove.


Thanks, Moana.

She’s doing great.

This suits you.


(PANTING) There’s something you need to see.

Our traps in the east lagoon… they’re pulling up less and less fish.

Then we’ll rotate the fishing grounds.

Uh, we have. There’s no fish.

Oh. Then we’ll fish the far side of the island.

We tried.

The windward side.

And the leeward side, the shallows, the channel.

We’ve tried the whole lagoon.

They’re just gone.

TUI: Have you tried using a different bait?

FISHERMAN: I don’t think it’s the bait.

There’s no fish.

It seems like it’s getting worse and worse.

TUI: Of course, I understand you have reason for concern.

I will talk to the council. I’m sure we…

What if we fish beyond the reef?

No one goes beyond the reef.

I know. But if there are no fish in the lagoon…


And there’s a whole ocean.

We have one rule.

An old rule, when there were fish.

A rule that keeps us safe…

But Dad, I…

…instead of endangering our people so you can run right back to the water.



Every time I think you’re past this…

No one goes beyond the reef!

Well, it’s not like you said it in front of your dad.

Standing on a boat.

I didn’t say go beyond the reef, because I want to be on the ocean.

But you still do.


He’s hard on you because…

Because he doesn’t get me.

Because he was you.

Drawn to the ocean.

Down by the shore.

He took a canoe, Moana.

He crossed the reef… and found an unforgiving sea.

Waves like mountains.

His best friend begged to be on that boat.

Your dad couldn’t save him.

He’s hoping he can save you.

Sometimes… who we wish we were, what we wish we could do… it’s just not meant to be.

I’ve been staring at the edge of the water

Long as I can remember

Never really knowing why

I wish I could be the perfect daughter

But I come back to the water

No matter how hard I try

Every turn I take Every trail I track

Every path I make Every road leads back

To the place I know Where I cannot go

Where I long to be

See the line where the sky meets the sea

It calls me

And no one knows

How far it goes

If the wind in my sail on the sea Stays behind me

One day I’ll know

If I go, there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

I know everybody on this island

Seems so happy on this island

Everything is by design


I know everybody on this island

Has a role on this island

So maybe I can roll with mine

I can lead with pride I can make us strong

I’ll be satisfied If I play along

But the voice inside Sings a different song

What is wrong with me

See the light as it shines on the sea

It’s blinding

But no one knows

How deep it goes

And it seems like it’s calling out to me

So come find me

And let me know

What’s beyond that line Will I cross that line

The line where the sky meets the sea

It calls me

And no one knows

How far it goes

If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me

One day I’ll know

How far I’ll go


We’re okay, Pua.

I can do this.


There’s more fish beyond the reef.

There’s more beyond the reef.


Not so bad.








Whatever just happened… blame it on the pig.


Are you gonna tell Dad?

I’m his mom. I don’t have to tell him anything.

He was right.

About going out there.

It’s time to put my stone on the mountain.

Okay. Well, then, head on back.

Put that stone up there.

Why aren’t you trying to talk me out of it?

You said that’s what you wanted.

It is.


GRAMMA: When I die…

I’m going to come back as one of these.

Or I chose the wrong tattoo.

Why are you acting weird?

I’m the village crazy lady. That’s my job.

If there’s something you want to tell me, just tell me!

Is there something you wanna tell me?

Is there something you want to hear?

You’ve been told all our people’s stories… but one.

What is this place?

Do you really think our ancestors stayed within the reef?



MOANA: What’s in there?

The answer to the question you keep asking yourself.

Who are you meant to be?

Go inside… bang the drum… and find out.




Bang the drum.






We read the wind and the sky

When the sun is high

We sail the length of the seas

On the ocean breeze

At night we name every star

We know where we are

We know who we are Who we are

We set a course to find

A brand new island everywhere we roam

We keep our island in our mind

And when it’s time to find home

We know the way

We are explorers reading every sign

We tell the stories of our elders In a never-ending chain

We know the way

We were voyagers.

We were voyagers!

We were voyagers! We were voyagers!

We were voyagers!

Why’d we stop?


When he stole from the mother island, darkness fell.

Te Kā awoke.

Monsters lurked and boats stopped coming back.

To protect our people, the ancient chiefs forbid voyaging… and now we have forgotten who we are.

And the darkness has continued to spread… chasing away our fish… draining the life… from island after island.

Our island.

But, one day… someone will journey beyond our reef, find Maui… deliver him across the great ocean… to restore the heart of Te Fiti.

I was there that day.

The ocean chose you.

I thought it was a dream.



Our ancestors believed Maui lies there… at the bottom of his hook.

Follow it, and you will find him.

But why would it choose me?

I don’t even know how to make it past the reef.

But I know who does!


VILLAGER 1: The crops are turning black.

VILLAGER 2: What about the fish?

VILLAGER 3: This is happening all over the island.

Please, please settle down.

What are you going to do?

We will dig new fields. We will find a way to…

We can stop the darkness! Save our island!

There’s a cavern of boats.

Huge canoes.

We can take them, find Maui, make him restore the heart.

We were voyagers. We can voyage again!

You told me to help our people.

This is how we help our people.


What are you doing?

I should’ve burned those boats a long time ago!

No! Don’t!

We have to find Maui. We have to restore the heart!

There is no heart!

This is just a rock!



Chief! It’s your mother!


TUI: What can be done?





Not now. I can’t.

You must!

The ocean chose you.

Follow the fish hook.


And when you find Maui… you grab him by the ear. You say…

“I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat… sail across the sea… and restore the heart of Te Fiti.”

(VOICE BREAKING) I can’t leave you.

There is nowhere you could go that I won’t be with you.


There’s a line where the sky meets the sea

And it calls me

But no one knows

How far it goes

All that time wondering where I need to be is behind me

I’m on my own

To worlds unknown

Every turn I take Every trail I track

Is a choice I make

Now I can’t turn back from the great unknown

Where I go alone Where I long to be

See her light up the night in the sea

She calls me

And yes, I know

That I can go

There’s a moon in the sky And the wind is behind me

Soon I’ll know

How far I’ll go

I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat… sail across the sea and restore the heart of T e Fiti.

(GRUNTING) I am Moana…


of Motu…










It’s okay. You’re all right.


There we go. Nice water.

The ocean is a friend of mine.





Okay. Next stop, Maui.

I am Moana of Motunui.

You will board my boat… sail… across the sea… and restore the heart of Te Fiti.

(MUMBLING) I am Moana of Motu…

Board my boat!

Oh, no.


No, no, no!

Ocean… can I get a little help?

No, no.


Come on!

Help me!








I said help me!

And wrecking my boat?

Not helping!

Fish pee in you all day!





Maui, demigod of the wind and sea…

I am Moana of Motunui.

You will board my boat.

No. You will board my boat.

Yeah. I am Moana of Motunui.

You will board my…

Boat! A boat!

The gods have given me a…



Maui, shapeshifter… demigod of the wind and sea…

I am Moana of…

Hero of men.


It’s actually, Maui, shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea… hero of men.

I interrupted. From the top. Hero of men. Go.

I am…

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

And women. Men and women.

Both. All.

Not a guy, girl thing.

You know, Maui is a hero to all.

You’re doing great. (CLICKS TONGUE)

What? No! I’m here to…

Of course.

Yes, yes, yes.

Maui always has time for his fans.

When you use a bird to write with… it’s called tweeting.

(CHUCKLES) I know, not every day you get a chance to meet your hero.

You are not my hero.

And I’m not here so you can sign my oar!

I’m here ’cause you stole the heart of Te Fiti!

And you will board my boat… and sail across the sea and put it back!


Yeah, it almost sounded like you don’t like me… which is impossible because… I got stuck here for 1,000 years… trying to get the heart as a gift for you mortals.

So you could have the power to create life itself.

Yeah. So, what I believe you were trying to say… is “thank you.”

“Thank you?”

You’re welcome.

What? No, no, no!

I didn’t… I wasn’t…

Why would I ever say that?

Okay, okay.

I see what’s happening Yeah

You’re face to face with greatness and it’s strange

You don’t even know how you feel

It’s adorable

Well it’s nice to see that humans never change

Open your eyes Let’s begin

Yes, it’s really me

It’s Maui Breathe it in

I know it’s a lot

The hair The bod

When you’re staring at a demigod

What can I say except

You’re welcome

For the tides, the sun, the sky

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay

You’re welcome

I’m just an ordinary demiguy Hey!

What has two thumbs and pulled up the sky

When you were waddling yay high?

This guy

When the nights got cold Who stole you fire from down below?

You’re looking at him yo

Oh also I lassoed the sun

You’re welcome

To stretch your days and bring you fun

Also I harnessed the breeze

You’re welcome

To fill your sails and shake your trees

So what can I say except You’re welcome

For the islands I pulled from the sea

There’s no need to pray It’s okay

You’re welcome

Ha I guess it’s just my way of being me

You’re welcome

You’re welcome

Well come to think of it

Kid, honestly I could go on and on

I could explain every natural phenomenon

The tide, the grass, the ground Oh that was Maui just messing around

I killed an eel I buried its guts

Sprouted a tree Now you got coconuts

What’s the lesson? What is the take away?

Don’t mess with Maui when he’s on a breakaway

And the tapestry here on my skin Is a map of the victories I win

Look where I’ve been I make everything happen

Look at that Mean Mini-Maui just tickety tappin’

Ha ha Ha ha

Ha ha Hey

Well anyway let me say You’re welcome

You’re welcome

For the wonderful world you know

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay You’re welcome

You’re welcome

Well come to think of it I gotta go

Hey it’s your day to say You’re welcome

You’re welcome

‘Cause I’m gonna need that boat

I’m sailing away away You’re welcome

You’re welcome

‘Cause Maui can do everything but float

You’re welcome

You’re welcome


And thank you!


Let me out! You lying, slimy son of a…


You’re welcome

You’re so welcome.

No. I’m not going to Te Fiti with some kid.

I’m going to get my hook.

You have yours and I’m not Maui without mine.

Okay, talk to the back.

Boat snack.


Good riddance, you filthy pile of pebbles.

Oh, no, no, no. Don’t look at me like that.

It’s a beautiful cave. She’s gonna love it.

And I’m going to love you in ma belly.

Now, let’s fatten you up, drumstick.

I could watch that all day.

Okay. Enjoy the island.

Maui, out.

No! Stop!

Hey! You have to put back the heart!


Did not see that coming.

I am Moana of Motunui.

This is my canoe… and you will journey to…

All right, get over it. We gotta move.

And she’s back.

I am Moana of Motunui…

It was Moana, right?


And you will restore the heart!

All right. I’m out.

Oh, come on!

What is your problem?

Are you afraid of it?

No! No.

(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) I’m not afraid.

Stay out of it or you’re sleeping in my armpit.

You, stop it.

That is not a heart. It is a curse.

The second I took it, I got blasted outta the sky… and I lost my hook.

Get it away from me.

Get this away?

Hey, hey, hey! I’m a demigod, okay?

Stop that. I will smite you!

You wanna get smote?


Listen, that thing doesn’t give you power to create life… it’s a homing beacon of death.

If you don’t put it away, bad things are gonna come for it.

Come for this? The heart?

You mean this heart right here?

Don’t, you can’t raise your voice like that!

Come and get it!


You are gonna get us killed!

No, I’m gonna get us to Te Fiti, so you can put it back.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.



Murdering little pirates.

Wonder what they’re here for.

They’re kinda cute.


Do something! Help us!

The ocean doesn’t help you, you help yourself!

Tighten the halyard. Bind the stays!

You can’t sail?

I, uh…

I am self-taught.

Can’t you shapeshift or something?

Do you see my hook?

No magic hook, no magic powers!

Their boat is turning into more boats!


Yep, I just did that.

MOANA: No, no!



They took the heart!

That’s a chicken.

The heart is in the… (FRUSTRATED GRUNTING)

We have to get him back!



There! Right there!

You’re turning?

What are you doing?


The heart!

Forget it! You’ll never get it back!

Besides, you got a better one.


What am I gonna steer with?

They’re just gonna kill ya!


Got it!


MOANA: Yeah!

We did it!

Congratulations on not being dead, girlie.

You surprise me.

But I’m still not taking that thing back.

You wanna get to Te Fiti you gotta go through a whole ocean of bad.

Not to mention Te Kā.

Lava monster?

Ever defeat a lava monster?

No. Have you?

I’m not going on a suicide mission with some mortal.

You can’t restore the heart without me… and me says no.

I’m getting my hook.

End of discussion.

You’d be a hero.

That’s what you’re all about, right?

Little girl, I am a hero.

Maybe you were.

But now… now you’re just the guy who stole the heart of Te Fiti.

The guy who cursed the world.

You’re no one’s hero.

(SCOFFS) No one?

But… put this back… save the world… you’d be everyone’s hero.

Maui! Maui! Maui!

You’re so amazing!

We’d never make it without my hook. Not past Te Kā.

Then we get your hook.

We get your hook, take out Te Kā, restore the heart.

Unless you don’t wanna be…

Maui, demigod of the wind and sea.

Hero to…


First, we get my hook.

Then save the world.



Worth a shot.

Okay, we go east.

To the lair of Tamatoa.

If anyone has my hook, it’s that beady-eyed bottom-feeder.

Teach me to sail.

My job is to deliver Maui across the great ocean.

I should… I should be sailing.

It’s called wayfinding, princess.

And it’s not just sails and knots… it’s seeing where you’re going in your mind.

Knowing where you are… by knowing where you’ve been.

Okay, first, I’m not a princess.

I am the daughter of the chief.

Same difference.


If you wear a dress, and you have an animal sidekick… you’re a princess.

You are not a wayfinder.

You will never be a wayfinder, you will never be a…

Really? Blow dart in my butt cheek?

You are a bad person.

If you can talk, you can teach.


Lesson one. Hit it.


Pull the sheet.

Not the sheet.



Nope. No.

Tried that one already.

You’re measuring the stars, not giving the sky a high-five.

If the current’s warm, you’re going the right way.

It’s cold.

Wait, it’s getting warmer. (GASPS)

Aah! That is disgusting! What is wrong with you?



We’re here?

See, told you I could do it!


I’m home?

TUI: Moana!


SINA: Moana!






MAUI: Enjoy your beauty rest?

You know, a real wayfinder never sleeps… so they actually get where they need to go.

Muscle up, buttercup.

We’re here.

You’re sure this guy’s gonna have your hook?

Tamatoa? Oh, he’ll have it.

He’s a scavenger. Collects stuff. Thinks it makes him look cool.


And for Tamatoa, trust me… my hook is the coolest collectible.

And he lives up there?

No, no, no.

That’s just the entrance… to Lalotai.

(GASPS) Lalotai?

Realm of monsters?

We’re going to the realm of monsters?

We? No. Me.

You are gonna stay here with the other chicken. (CLUCKING)

That’s what I’m talking about. Gimme some.

Come on. That was a good one. How do you not get it?

I called her a chicken, there’s a chicken on the boat.

I know she’s human, but that’s not the…

You know what? Forget it. Forget it!

I’m not explaining it to you.

‘Cause then it’s not funny.




So, daughter of the chief…

I thought you stayed in the village.

You know, kissing babies and things.

Hey, I’m just trying to understand… why your people decided to send…

How do I phrase this? You.

My people didn’t send me.

The ocean did.

The ocean?

Makes sense.

You’re what, eight? Can’t sail.

Obvious choice.

It chose me for a reason.

If the ocean’s so smart… why didn’t it just take the heart back to Te Fiti itself?

Or bring me my hook?

The ocean’s straight up kooky-dooks.

But I’m sure it’s not wrong about you.

You’re the Chosen One!

The ocean chose you for a reason.

If you start singing, I’m gonna throw up.

So, not seeing an entrance.

Yes, because it only appears… after a human sacrifice.

Kidding. (LAUGHS)

So serious.



Don’t worry… it’s a lot farther down than it looks.


I am still falling!


You can do this.


And he sticks the landing.


What? Dum-dum, she’s not even here.

No mortal’s gonna jump into the realm of…


Well, she’s dead.

Okay, let’s get my hook.

Ew! Ew, ew, ew, ew.




Maui’s fishhook!

Yeah! (GROANS)

(GASPS) Sorry!

I thought you were a monster…

But I found your hook.

And, you’re right, this Tamatoa guy really likes his treasure.


What? No. I’m the one who found…

Listen. For a thousand years…

I’ve only been thinking of keeping this hair silky… getting my hook… and being awesome again.

And it’s not getting screwed up by a mortal… who has no business inside of a monster cave, except…

Except… maybe as bait.



The shiny, glittery cave.

And just like me… it is covered in sparkly treasure.

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.

You’re not selling it!

This is stupid! I’m just gonna walk up and get it!

You go up there, he will kill you. Just stick to the plan.

Oh, when he shows up, keep him distracted.

Make him talk about himself.

He loves bragging about how great he is.

You two must get along swell.

No, not since I ripped off his leg.

You ripped off his…



What have we here?

It’s a sparkly, shiny… Wait a minute.


Ugh! It’s a human!

What are you doing down here, in the realm of the…

Just pick an eye, babe.

I can’t concentrate on what I’m saying if you keep…

Yeah, pick one, pick one!

You’re a funny-looking little thing, aren’t you?

Don’t! That’s my gramma’s!

“That’s my gramma’s!”

I ate my gramma!

And it took a week, ’cause she was absolutely humongous.

Why are you here?

‘Cause you’re amazing!

And we mortals have heard of the tale of the crab who became a legend!

And I just had to know… how you became so… crabulous?

Are you just trying to get me to talk about myself?

Because if you are…

I will gladly do so.


In song form!

Well, Tamatoa hasn’t always been this glam

I was a drab little crab once

Now I know I can be happy as a clam

Because I’m beautiful, baby

And did your granny say

Listen to your heart

Be who you are on the inside

I need three words To tear her argument apart

Your granny lied

I’d rather be shiny

Like a treasure From a sunken pirate wreck

Scrub the deck And make it look shiny

I will sparkle like a Wealthy woman’s neck

Just a sec Don’t ya know

Fish are dumb, dumb, dumb They chase anything that glitters


Oh, and here they come, come, come

To the brightest thing that glitters

Mm, fish dinners

I just love free food

And you look like seafood

MAUI: Hey, crab cake!

I’m back.

It’s Maui Time!


What do you say, little buddy?

Giant hawk? Coming up!



Well, well, well.

Little Maui’s having trouble with his look

Ya little semi-demi-mini-god

Ouch What a terrible performance

Get the hook Get it?

You don’t swing it Like you used to, man

Yet I have to give you Credit for my start

And your tattoos on the outside

For just like you I made myself a work of art

I’ll never hide I can’t

I’m too shiny

Watch me dazzle Like a diamond in the rough

Strut my stuff My stuff is so shiny

Send your armies But they’ll never be enough

My shell’s too tough Maui, man

You can try, try, try But you can’t expect a demigod

To beat a decapod Look it up

You will die, die, die

Now it’s time for me to take apart

Your achin’ heart

Far from the ones who abandoned you

Chasing the love of these humans

Who made you feel wanted

You tried to be tough

But your armor’s just not hard enough

Maui Now it’s time to kick your heinie

Ever seen someone so shiny

Soak it in ‘Cause it’s the last you’ll ever see

C’est la vie Mon ami

I’m so shiny

Now I eat you so prepare your final plea

Just for me

You’ll never be quite as shiny

You wish you were nice and shiny



I got something shiny for ya!

The heart of Te Fiti.

You can’t run from me!

Oh, you can. You keep surprising me.

There’s only so far you can get on those two little legs.



The power of creation… for a crustacean.

Where is it? Where is it?

We gotta go!

What about the heart?

He can have it. I’ve got a better one.

Yes, I have the…

Wait a minute.

I see, she’s taken a barnacle and she’s covered it in… bioluminescent algae as a diversion.

Come back here!



Did you like the song?


We’re alive!


I appreciate what you did down there.


Took guts.




I’m sorry.

I’m trying to be sincere for once, and it feels like you’re distracted.

No, no. No way!

Really? Because you’re looking at me like I have a…


…shark head.

What? Do you have a shark head?

Look, the point is… for a little girl, child, thing, whatever… who had no business being down there… you did me a solid.

But you also almost died.

And I couldn’t even beat that dumb crab.

So, chances of beating Te Kā?


We’re never making it to Te Fiti. This mission is cursed.

It’s not cursed.

Shark head.

It is not cursed.



What can I say except

We’re dead soon

We’re dead soon

Can you at least try?

Giant hawk.

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay We’re dead soon

All right, break time’s over.

Get up.

Why? Are you gonna give me a speech?

Tell me I can beat Te Kā ’cause I’m “Maui?”

Take a hike, Tiny.

How do you get your tattoos?

They show up. When I earn them.

How’d you earn that one? What’s that for?

That’s man’s discovery of Nunya.

What’s Nunya?

Nunya business.

I’ll just keep asking.

What’s it for?

You need to stop doing that.

Back off.

Just tell me what it is.

I said back off.

Is it why your hook’s not working?

You don’t wanna talk, don’t talk.

You wanna throw me off the boat… throw me off.

You wanna tell me I don’t know what I’m doing…

I know I don’t.

I have no idea why the ocean chose me.

You’re right.

But my island is dying… so I am here.

It’s just me and you.

And I want to help… but I can’t if you don’t let me.


MAUI: I wasn’t born a demigod.

I had human parents.

They took one look and decided they did not want me.

They threw me into the sea like I was nothing.

Somehow, I was found by the gods.

They gave me the hook.

They made me…


And back to the humans I went.

I gave them islands, fire, coconuts.

Anything they could ever want.

You took the heart for them.

You did everything for them.

So they’d love you.

It was never enough.

Maybe the gods found you for a reason.

Maybe the ocean brought you to them because it saw someone who was worthy of being saved.

But the gods aren’t the ones who make you Maui.

You are.

Okay, okay.

I love you, too, buddy.



Next stop, Te Fiti.


I figured it out.

You know, the ocean used to love when I pulled up islands ’cause your ancestors would sail her seas and find ’em.

All those new lands, new villages.

It was the water that connected ’em all.

And if I were the ocean I think I’d be looking for a curly-haired non-princess to start that again.

That is literally the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.

Probably should have saved it for Te Fiti.

I did.

Moana of Motunui, I believe you have officially delivered Maui across the great sea.

Moana! Moana! Moana!

You’re so amazing!

It’s time.

Go save the world.






What are you doing?

Finding you a better way in!

We won’t make it!

Yes, we will!

Turn around!


Moana, stop!



Are you okay?


I told you to turn back.

I thought we could make it.


I thought I could make it.

We can fix it.

It was made by the gods.

You can’t fix it!

Next time we’ll be more careful.

Te Kā was stuck on the barrier islands.

It’s lava, it can’t go in the water.

We can find a way around.

I’m not going back.

We still have to restore the heart.

My hook is cracked.

One more hit, and it’s over.

Maui, you have to restore the heart.

Without my hook, I am nothing.

That’s not true!

Without my hook, I am nothing!


We are only here because you stole the heart in the first place.

No, we’re here because the ocean told you you’re special and you believed it.

I am Moana of Motunui.

You will board my boat…

Goodbye, Moana.

…sail across the sea…

I’m not killing myself…

so you can prove you’re something you’re not!

…and restore the heart of Te Fiti!

The ocean chose me!

It chose wrong.


Why did you bring me here?

I’m not the right person.

You have to choose someone else.

Choose someone else.




GRAMMA: You’re a long ways past the reef.


Guess I chose the right tattoo.


I tried, Gramma.

I couldn’t do it.

It’s not your fault.

I never should have put so much on your shoulders.

If you are ready to go home…

I will be with you.

Why do you hesitate?

I don’t know.

I know a girl from an island

She stands apart from the crowd

She loves the sea and her people

She makes her whole family proud

Sometimes the world seems against you

The journey may leave a scar

But scars can heal and reveal just

Where you are

The people you love will change you

The things you have learned will guide you

And nothing on earth can silence

The quiet voice still inside you

And when that voice starts to whisper

Moana, you’ve come so far

Moana, listen

Do you know who you are?

Who am I?

I am a girl who loves my island

And the girl who loves the sea

It calls me

I am the daughter of the village chief

We are descended from voyagers

Who found their way across the world

They call me

I’ve delivered us to where we are

I have journeyed farther

I am everything I’ve learned and more

Still it calls me

And the call isn’t out there at all

It’s inside me

It’s like the tide

Always falling and rising

I will carry you here in my heart

You remind me

That come what may

I know the way

I am Moana


I am Moana of Motunui.

Aboard my boat I will sail across the sea and restore the heart of Te Fiti.

Te Kā can’t follow us into the water.

We make it past the barrier islands, we make it to Te Fiti.

None of which you understand because you are a chicken.






Heihei! No, no, no!

Nice work!

Te Fiti.





You came back.


But your hook.

One more hit and…

Te Ka’s gotta catch me first.


I got your back, Chosen One.

Go save the world.


Thank you.

You’re welcome.



Hot-hot-hot, hot-hot-hot!

Hey, Te Kā!

Shark head!




Get the heart to the spiral!

Te Fiti…

it’s gone.

MAUI: Te Kā!


Let her come to me.


I have crossed the horizon to find you

I know your name

They have stolen the heart from inside you

But this does not define you

This is not who you are

You know who you are

Who you truly are.

Te Fiti!


The chicken lives.

I’m sorry about your hook.

Well, hook, no hook…

I’m Maui.

(GASPS) Te Fiti!


Hey, I mean, how you been?


Look, what I did was… wrong.

I have no excuse.

I’m sorry.


You know, it’d be rude to refuse a gift from a goddess.


Thank you.

Your kind gesture is deeply appreciated.


Gonna miss you, drumstick.

You could come with us, you know.

My people are going to need a master wayfinder.

They already have one.

See you out there, Maui.

See you out there, Moana.


Mom! Dad!


I may have gone a little ways past the reef.

It suits you.

MALE VILLAGER: She’s back!





Welcome home!


We set a course to find

A brand new island everywhere we roam

We keep our island in our mind

And when it’s time to find home We know the way

We are explorers reading every sign

We tell the stories of our elders In a never-ending chain

We know the way



I’m so shiny

Didn’t help me though, did it?

Still upside down here.

Just need a little push.


Can we be real?

If my name was Sebastian and I had a cool Jamaican accent… you’d totally help me.

You would. You know you would.


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