Meg 2: The Trench (2023) | Transcript

A research team encounters multiple threats while exploring the depths of the ocean, including a malevolent mining operation.
Meg 2: The Trench

Five years after the events of the first film, Jonas Taylor has been involved in fighting environmental crimes while also helping Mana One in exploring a further deep part of the Mariana Trench where the Megalodon has been found…

* * *

[insect buzzing]

[waves crashing]

[creature calling]



[snarling continues]

[bird screeches]

[birds screeching]






[dramatic music playing]





[prey shrieks]

[“Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie playing]


♪ Pressure pushing down on me ♪

[breathing heavily]

♪ Pressing down on you No man ask for ♪

♪ Under pressure That burns a building down ♪

♪ Splits a family in two ♪

♪ Puts people on streets ♪

♪ It’s the terror of knowing ♪

♪ What this world is about ♪

♪ Watching some good friends ♪

♪ Screaming, “Let me out”♪

♪ Pray tomorrow Gets me higher ♪

♪ Pressure on people People on streets ♪

[indistinct chatter]

[captain] It’s highly toxic.

Come on, lads, keep it moving.

Keep it moving.

[crewman 1] Go, go, go!

[men talking indistinctly]

Is this double pay or what?

There is toxic waste.

[captain] What are you doing sitting there, mate?

You’re almost there.

[camera shutter clicks]

I want this filth off my ship as fast as possible.

[parrot squawks]


[camera shutter clicking]

[parrot] What you doing, then?


Naughty. [squawking]

Help! Help!




Keep your little beak shut.

[parrot] Not very nice.

Otherwise, you’ll go for a swim.

[man speaking indistinctly]

Help! Help!

Help me! Help me!


Ah. Well done.

I’m here from the home office.

[parrot] Bullshit.

Here checking on, uh, security protocols…

[camera whirring]

…and, um, taking a few pictures, so smile.

[camera shutter clicks]

[both grunting]

What are you doing in here? [groans]

[parrot] Not very nice.

What’s going on?


That’s him!

I’ll get you!

[crewman shouts indistinctly]

[crewman grunts]



[screams, grunts]

[crewman 2] Hey, hey! Get at this!

[speaks indistinctly]

[chain rattles]

[all grunting]

[crewman 3] Get up.

[crewman 4] Get Him down!



You two, go left! Cut him off!

I want him caught, dead or dead.


[captain] Not there! Go around! Go around!

There you go, mate. End of the line.

[Jonas] Okay.

You’re all under arrest.

[crewman 4] Huh?

For the illegal dumping of radioactive materials.

[man scoffs]

Yeah, you, you, you, you and you.

What, me and… and him, and him? And him?

Kill him.

[Jonas] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I know. You want to see the warrant.

It’s right in my pocket. [exhales]

I’ll see you in court, yeah?

We’re out of shipping lanes, and you’re 200 miles from shore.

So enjoy your swim.

[engines roaring]

I’ve got him. Just off the port side.

He’s like a green James Bond. I like it.

[captain] Oh, no, my hat!

[Mac] Hello, suckers.

Looks like he’s been making friends.

Wherever he goes, people just love him.

God knows why.

[engines roaring]

Do you got this?

We’ll see.

Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.

Maybe this isn’t the best idea.

[sighs] This is gonna be awesome.

[Mac] Define “awesome.”

[Rigas] I’m about to.


Opening hatch.

[plane rumbling]

Next time, put a little more air in this thing.

It’s like breathing through a straw.

Worked, didn’t it?

You okay?

If you love your job,

you’ll never work a day in your life.

[both chuckle]

[Curtis] Okay, bring in Test 15.

Initiating suit powerup.

[man] Clear.

[machine whirs]

[“Dare” by Gorillaz playing]


[Curtis] The exo suit is performing way beyond what we expected, Jiuming.


[Curtis] 21% increase in power.

Not bad, huh?

So cool.

I can’t wait to use these in the trench.


[in Mandarin] What’s up favourite niece?

I’m supposed to tell you not to be late for the party tonight.

Of course.

[in English] Maybe 25. Hmm?


[Meiying] I mean it, don’t be late!

[indistinct chatter]

[Mac] I cannot believe you got this far in life without knowing how to tie a tie.

First, let’s not overstate how far I’ve gotten in life.

Second, never involved wearing a monkey suit.

Perfect. You look great.


Ah. Maybe this is the start of something.

[sighs] Don’t count on it.

[both chuckle]


[Jonas] That guy look familiar to you?


[Jonas] I don’t like him.

You don’t like anyone.

[sighs] I like you.

That’s ’cause I save your life all the time…

I buy you beers and I back you up in bar fights.

It’s ’cause you’re a special guy.

You’re both special. [inhales sharply]

Wish me luck.

[both] Good luck.

Thanks for the money.

[woman] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 10th anniversary

of the Oceanic Institute.

I’m Hilary Driscoll.

Thank you for coming tonight, and for joining me in funding this incredible work.

[guests clapping]

Stop. Don’t fidget.

Why exactly do I have to be up here anyway? [breathes deeply]

‘Cause you’re a team player.


Please give a warm welcome to the director of the Institute…

[guests cheering]

…Zhang Jiuming.

Thank you, Hilary.

[in Mandarin] As the great poet Song Lian said…

“Man is limited only by his imagination.”

My father named me Jiuming, which means ocean

or abyss.

My father and my sister spent their lives studying the ocean.

It wasn’t until they were both gone that I began to wonder what my purpose was.

But through Suyin’s daughter Meiying,

I saw that there was a future.

I merged my father’s research institute with my company to carry forward

the spirit of exploring the unknown in their honor.

[guests cheering]

[in Mandarin] To mark this tenth anniversary, I want to introduce you all to someone very special.

[device clicks]

[water sloshing]

[in Mandarin] Her name is Haiqi.

She is the world’s only megalodon in captivity.

We found her injured as a pup.

Thanks to Haiqi, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about the megalodons

as well as the trench where they live.

[in English] Thanks to the generous donations from our supporters, we have been able to create the technology to pass through the thermocline, a thermal layer of freezing cold water that separates Haiqi’s world from ours and into a trench 6,000 meters below sea level.

Thanks to you, we have the ability to go further than ever before.

[in Mandarin] Love the ocean and protect the ocean.

Thank you

[guests cheering]

[Driscoll, in English] And thank you. Zhang Jiuming.

So, thank you all for being part of protecting this incredible ecosystem.


Thank you for coming.

[greets in Mandarin]

[in Mandarin] Do you think there are more creatures to be discovered down there?

There has to be.

[Mac, in English] Who wants to get a selfie with the man who fought a megalodon and lived to tell the tale?

We give you, ladies and gentlemen, Jonas Taylor.

[guests cheering]

There he is! There he is.

I know this was your idea.

[camera shutter clicking]

I’m gonna kill you.

Smile and pretend you love it.

[Mac] Go on, give him a hug. Give him a tickle.

Oh, he loves people.

[waves splashing]

[ominous music playing]

[Meiying] I wanna go to Mana One with you.

I want to dive the trench.


Sorry, Meiying.

Why not?

Mom was diving all the time at my age.

Not to 25,000 feet.

Saying it’s too dangerous?

Too dangerous for you.

But not dangerous.

In psychology, they call that “cognitive dissonance.”

In the real world, they call it “parenting.”

You need to start taking me seriously as a scientist.

You’re 14.


I know every system on Mana One, every dive protocol and every animal we’ve seen down there.

[sighs] Hey, look.

You can come to Mana One.

To observe the dive.

And that’s it. [exhales]

Jiuming is swimming with the meg.


[indistinct announcement]

[Curtis] Haiqi’s vitals are elevated.

Be careful, she’s definitely aware of you.

[Jonas, over radio] Why are you swimming with the meg, Jiuming?

I’m conducting an experiment.

Is the experiment “Do I taste good?”

[in Mandarin] Uncle, are you crazy?

[in English] It’s okay.

I’ve been training Haiqi since she was a pup.

A meg is not trainable, Jiuming.

But if you wanna be eaten in front of your niece, go ahead.

Fifty bucks says this is gonna end badly.

I’ll take that action.

[Sal] I am all in for team shark.

[DJ] What? You can’t bet on a shark, man.

That’s bad karma.

Come on, guys, focus. That’s not cool.


I’d like to respectfully suggest that this is truly a terrible idea.

Megs and humanity were never meant to mix.

[radio beeps]

Haiqi and I have a special bond.

Watch this.

One click to come. Two clicks to go.

[device clicks]

[breathing heavily]

[device clicks]

[Lance] Whoa. I think she’s looking at us.

You see?

[Curtis] She’s coming around. Heart rate is up.

Moving in fast.


[Lance, over radio] Four hundred meters.

[in Mandarin] Slowly, slowly.

[computer beeping rapidly]

[Curtis, in English] Jiuming, she’s not responding.

[Jiuming] Come on, Haiqi.

[Lance] Two hundred meters.

One hundred meters.

[device clicks]

[Curtis] Jiuming, move.

It’s too late. She’s coming in too fast.

[Lance] Fifty meters.

[Mac] Pull the cord.

[Lance] Twenty meters.

[Mac] Jiuming, get out of there!

[Meiying] Uncle, no!


[metal groans]

Did it get him?

I don’t know. I couldn’t watch.

I don’t see him.

I knew this was a bad idea.

[door opens]

[in Mandarin] Total success.

[DJ laughing]

[Meiying] [in Mandarin] Uncle! Are you crazy?

[Jiuming] It’s all right, I’m good.

Huh? [chuckles]

[in English] That was exciting, huh?

I can’t figure out what’s wrong with her.

She’s been acting strangely all week.

[Jonas] You can clickety-click all you want.

The problem is that it’s a meg.

And you’re a snack.

[woman] Yeah.

[indistinct chatter]

For the record, you scared the hell out of Meiying.

You’re one to talk.

What were you doing on that ship?

Actually, don’t tell me. I don’t wanna know.

Well, the Institute’s mandate is to protect the oceans, right?

We can’t be a part of any illegal activity.

Oh, I abhor lawlessness.

Oh, good.

Especially the illegal dumping of radioactive waste.

You’re taking bigger and bigger risks each time you go out.

Well, I guess we both know about that.

It’s not the same.

With me, there’s a calculation of risks.

Not that I see.

Do you miss your mom, big fish?

[man] Doctor Howard.

[indistinct chatter]

Are you ready for Mana One?

[in Mandarin] Yes, whenever you’re ready?

These new suits will let us travel anywhere and at any depth underwater.

[Meiying, in English] Say.


[machine whirrs]



[in Mandarin] No worries, no worries.

[Meiying] Mom and Grandpa talked about you all the time.

Nothing good I suppose.

Wanna guess?

See this scar?

When I was 11 my father was busy in the lab.

So I snuck out to swim with my friends on the rocky shores… and had to get nine stitches as a result of it.

When I returned home my father taught me a real lesson.


Of course.

He was kind to you because you’re his granddaughter, but he was tough on me.

So after college, I started a company.

I wanted to get away from him.

I hadn’t had any contact with your grandfather for many years.

Then he asked your mum to bring me this calligraphy.

“Dragon travelling across the Four Seas.”

I thought it was a form of ridicule… but I came to realize that he wanted me to find my own way.

[helicopter whirring]

[Jiuming] [in Mandarin] Like the dragon… I hope you can find your own fate.

[in English] Ground crew, we’re approaching Mana One.

[crew member, over radio] Hey, Rigas. Good to have you back.

[Rigas] I missed you guys.

[crew member] Are you ready to do some diving?

[Rigas] You know it.

[waves splashing]

[suspenseful music playing]

[metal creaking]

[wind whooshing]

[water splashing]

[Mac, over radio] Morning, everyone.

Let’s get this show underwater.

[Jess, over radio] Dive 1 and Dive 2, descend to 25,000 feet.

We’re exploring Area 19.

Collecting rock samples and logging any new species.

[DJ, over radio] Diving in Tminus 20 minutes.

All eyes open for a straightforward sweep and scan. The usual.

Yeah. There’s no usual down there.

System’s up.

[system powering up]

What’s with all these toys you have hanging around your console, Lance?

[gas hisses]

They’re not toys, they’re figurines.

[Mac] They are definitely toys, Lance.


Thank you.

[crank whirring]

[Jess] Ready for the drop, guys?


[enthralling music playing]

So, are you and Sal, like, ComicCon guys or what?

Uh, absolutely right. Yeah.

Do you, um, dress up?

Uh, yeah.

Don’t get him started, unless you want to see a million photographs.

[Rigas, chuckling] Oh, yes, please.

[Jonas, over radio] Stay focused, guys.

[DJ] Passing 17,000.

[Jess] Telemetry’s good.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

[captivating music playing]

Passing 18,000 feet.

All systems nominal.

Looking good, team.

Let’s pull up the grids we’re gonna map today.

[Lance, over radio] Area 19.

When are we going to look at something different?

[Curtis] You know, there’s like 100 more sectors to explore.

Jonas, can you confirm O2 levels?

[Jonas] Consumption is 11% over mission spec.

Guess Rigas is nervous.

More like you’re a mouth breather.


He totally is.

[Rigas] Can feel the breeze from over here.

[Jonas] Yeah.

Firstly, it’s called a deviated septum.

Second, I distinctly remember deviating it while saving your ungrateful ass from a 70foot megalodon.

Passing 20,000 feet. Approaching the thermocline.

Checking O2 lines and tank pressure.

[Sal] Well, if there was a leak, there would be a fluctuation on the readings.

I’m not seeing anything here.

[Curtis] Check the pressure on the auxiliary O2 tanks.

[Sal] Okay, I’ll check again.

That’s not the problem.

Uh, Jonas?


[in Mandarin] What the hell are you doing?

[in English] You gotta be kidding me.

I see that you’re angry.

But I believe that this is a reasonable and responsible decision.

Stop the dive.

[submarine slows down]

Full stop.

But before you start yelling, can I just say… [sighs]

I did all kinds of stupid things when I was 14.

And look how I turned out.

We’re surfacing.

[Meiying] But I don’t see what the problem is.

This is your 26th trench dive without incident.

Subs have electric predator countermeasures, and emergency dive suits.

Which you don’t have.

Actually… I packed one while you were doing the predive meeting.

You know, now’s maybe a good time to, uh, sit down and be quiet for a minute.

I can do a seatbelt by myself, you know.

[Jonas] I know you can.

[Jiuming, over radio] Jonas.

It’s not your call, Jiuming.

We’ve got company.

[scanner trilling]

Guys, it’s a meg.

[alarm blaring]

[Sal] Approaching fast.

That’s not possible.

they can’t go through the thermocline.

It’s not come from the thermocline.

I’m tracking it from the shore.

Dive! Flank speed!

[Sal] Engaging. Rerouting battery array.

[Rigas] Hold on.

Charging the predator countermeasures.

We’ll be dead before they’re online.

Thermocline’s our only hope.

I’m reading Haiqi’s tracker.

[sighs] Impossible.

[DJ over radio] Well, impossible just got possible.

Five hundred meters to the thermocline.

[Lance, over radio] Haiqi’s closing fast.

[Sal] One hundred meters.

She’s right above us.

Come on, come on!

[Rigas, over radio] Entering the thermocline.

Dive 1, Dive 2.

Switch to low-frequency light, you don’t want to attract any more megs.

[Jiuming, over radio] I’ve lost her.

She can’t follow us through.

[Lance, over radio] Can she?

[Rigas, over radio] Going dark.

I’ve never crossed the thermocline at 60 knots.

[Jess] Careful. You don’t want to burn out the engines.

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna break the pretty toys.



She’s still on us.

[Jiuming, over radio] Thirty seconds for the countermeasures.


She must have followed our heat signature.

[Meiying yelps]

[submarine rumbling]

[Rigas, over radio] How did your pet shark get down here, Jiuming?

[Jiuming] She must have escaped.

How did that happen?

[Sal] Predator countermeasures active.

[electricity crackles]

Proximity alert.


No way.

[foreboding music playing]

[Rigas] That’s the biggest meg I’ve ever seen.

Biggest meg anyone’s ever seen.

That’s gotta be the apex predator.

[submarine thuds]

[Jiuming, over radio] Incredible. Megs are solitary.

It’s like they’re being called.

I’m changing the dive plan.

We have to see what they’re up to.

And what about Meiying?

Well, I vote we go.

I wasn’t asking you.

[Jiuming, over radio] Oxygen reserves are at maximum.

Predator countermeasures are deployed.

Right now we are perfectly safe.

Right now, yeah.

If I see anything dangerous, I’m pulling the plug.

[Jiuming, over radio] Mac, we’re changing the mission profile.

Proceeding on heading 227.

Now, they’re already off mission.

They need to stay on course.

Jonas, you’re going way outside the sector we have already mapped.

[Jiuming, over radio] This is an exploration mission.

Let’s explore.

Copy that.


Eyes open, watch your backs.

Really, Mac?

So, we’re gonna follow some giant sharks to a unknown sector?

[clicks tongue] Man…

This some dumbass shit, mark my words.

[automated voice] Entering sector 21.

[mysterious music playing]

Commencing geographical scan.

It’s so beautiful.

Your mum loved this place more than anything.

I’m glad I finally get to see it.

Don’t get used to it.

You’re grounded for the rest of your life.

[Meiying] I love you, too.

[Jonas chuckles]

[Lance, over radio] Haiqi 400 meters ahead and holding.

[Meiying, over radio] Where are we going now?

[Rigas, over radio] Into the unknown.

[Jiuming, over radio] That’s what we came for.

I’ve got Haiqi’s tracker ahead.

Looks like she’s circling.

[sonar beeping]

Look up.

It’s some instinctual gathering.

[Rigas] Incredible.

They’re here to mate.

This is why Haiqi has been acting strangely.

Oh, great. More megs.

[scanner beeping rapidly]

[alarm blaring]

The scanner’s detecting an abnormal structure.

No way.

[Curtis] Is that a wreck?

It’s some kind of sea floor station.

What could they be doing down here?

Rigas, run all spectrums.

[Rigas] No, that’s no wreck.

I’m getting heat signatures off it.

[Rigas, over radio] Just can’t see what’s inside.

[Jiuming, over radio] Multiple airlocks, power generation.

The resources needed is staggering.

Who would even have that technology?

[sonar beeping]

Sonar says there’s something above us.

It looks like a submarine.

Let’s take a look.

[automated voice] Charges set.

Priming zone for detonation.

[man] Come on. We need to blow this ridge.

[diver, over radio] Yeah, okay, okay.

We don’t wanna be down here any longer than needs be.

[man, over radio] Yeah, well, this is the only place to mine this stuff.

Slow and steady.

[diver] Hey, Montes.

Why do you get to stay in the submarine?

[Montes] It’s good to be the king.

[automated voice] Incoming object detected.

[sonar beeping]

[Montes] Zoom in 400%.

[speaking Spanish]

[Montes, in English] Mana One crew is below us.

There’s no way they haven’t seen the station.

[diver] What are we gonna do?

[Montes] I’m arming the explosives right now.

You have to get out.

What? Wait, no, you can’t do that.

There isn’t time. You know there isn’t time.

It will take ten minutes to get clear.


Sorry, guys.

[diver] Montes! Montes, don’t do it!

[Sal, over radio] What was that?


I can’t get ahead of it. I’m gonna have to go through.

[alarm blaring]

[Montes grunting]

[alarm blaring]

[Montes grunts]

[Jess] Guys? What’s happening?

I’m reading a thermocline breach.

Something’s ripped a giant hole in it.

Rerouting the thrusters. This is all we’ve got.


Vertical control is down.

Hydraulics are nonresponsive.

We’re pinned.

[Jiuming] Coming in.

[Jiuming] Hold us steady.

[inhales sharply] Yeah.

[Jonas, over radio] Jiuming. Sixty degrees down.

Two feet forward.


[alarm blaring]

Go, go, go!

Full thrust! Full thrust!

[Jiuming gasps]


[Jonas] Jiuming!

[Meiying] No!

[DJ] There’s no telemetry.

Dive 1, Dive 2. Do you copy?

Dive 1, Dive 2. Do you copy?

[DJ] We’ve got nothing here.

Keep trying, DJ. Jess, prep the rescue sub. Stat.

Ugh, what happened?

I don’t know.

How do we know if they’re still alive?

Prep the rescue vehicle.

[DJ] Dive 1, Dive 2. Do you copy?

Come on, Jonas.

[Jonas, echoing] Meiying.

[Meiying coughing]

[echoing] Meiying.


[electricity crackles]

[Meiying] What happened?

[Jonas] Took a nasty hit.

Uncle Jiuming?

Where’s Uncle Jiuming?

Where is he?

We can’t raise him.

Hey. We work the problems one by one.

We do what’s in front of us…


…and then we do the next thing.

We’re gonna be okay.

[Jess] Mac!

The rescue sub isn’t working.

[over radio] The battery array was deliberately shorted out.

It looks like sabotage.

How’s that possible?

This isn’t a secure area.

There are 30 people who work here.

Well, how long to fix it?

It’s the control boards, Mac. There is no fixing it.

[Rigas] Try it now.

[Meiying] What’s our status?

[Jonas] No comms, no heat.

We’re losing air fast.

[Rigas] This isn’t working.

Flood in my extra O2.

Already done.

[Sal] I’ve got one last idea.

Route the power through the heating cell.

[radio static]

I got Dive 1. Mac, I got Dive 1.


[Jonas chuckles over radio]

Good to hear your voice, Mac.

Not as good as it is to hear yours, brother.

Talk to me.

[smacks lips] It ain’t good.

Almost every system is down, and we’re losing air fast.

We’ll get into the emergency dive suits… and we’re gonna need a ride up.


it’s not gonna be possible.

What are you talking about?

The battery array. It shorted out the control board in the rescue sub.

We’re investigating it now.


Jonas, can you hear me?

Jonas, we can’t get to you.

[breathing heavily]

We’re gonna walk.

We’re gonna walk back across the trench.

Make it into that sea floor station.

And we’re gonna get inside.

And then we’re gonna get to the surface.

Those suits have two hours of air tops.

They’re only designed for brief extravehicular work.

We’ll go slow and steady. They’ll hold.

It’s three kilometers.

You’ll be defenseless out there.

What do you want from me, Mac?

This is what we got, and this is what we’re gonna do.

[breathing heavily]

Half our team is dead, and I’m not losing the other half.

[automated voice] Beginning suit initialization.

Joint actuators functioning.

Ultrasonic signal communications online.

Initialization complete.

Abandoning Dive 1, Mac.

[air hisses]

The radios won’t relay to the surface, so we’re going dark.

Talk to you on the other side.

Godspeed, Jonas.

[automated voice] Emergency escape initiated.

[distant chittering]

[Jiuming, over radio] Hey. Whoa!

Almost killed you.

The hell are you doing?

Saving your ass.

And walking back to that station.

What are you doing?

Saving your ass.

And walking back to that station.

Don’t have much time.

Let’s get going.



[in Mandarin] Uncle, I thought you– You’re not going to get rid of me that easily.

[Rigas, in English] Hey.

Hey. Let me check.

[automated voice] Air left…

Hey, you need to calm down or you’re gonna run out of oxygen, Lance.

[breathes heavily] I don’t think I can.

[Rigas] Think of it as cosplay.

[Sal, chuckling] Or we could be paintballing.

[Curtis] Like the ultimate teambuilding exercise.

[Jonas] We need to cover distance while the megs are still occupied.

[automated voice] Three kilometers to destination.

[Meiying] Away from the megs is fine by me.

[Jiuming] We’re a strong group.

We can do this.


Lighting courtesy of Mother Nature.

[Sal] It’s incredible, there are new species all around us.

Hey. Look.

Look at this. It’s beautiful.

[Lance] Hello, my little biolum–


There’s a snake! There’s a snake!

Get this monster off my head!


[grunts, breathes heavily]

No touching stuff.

[Lance, breathing heavily] He started it.

[Mac] Everyone clear the station.

DJ, what’s our time on Jonas?

[DJ] Forty-one minutes since they went dark.

At best, it’ll take another hour

for them to cover the distance.

Listen up.

We know there’s some kind of rogue operation in the trench.

Now, some bastard’s got his fingers in our operation here.

That sub was definitely sabotaged, so we’ve got a mole on the station.

DJ, I want you to pull all surveillance footage from the sub bay for the last 24 hours.

Jess, run the personnel files on the crew, look for anything suspect.

We’re gonna get these sons of bitches, but we have to watch our own backs.

One of us mans the DCC at all times, understood?


[Rigas, breathing heavily] Is it just me, or does walking three kilometers underwater sound like hard work?

[Curtis] It certainly wasn’t on my todo list.

[Lance] Baby octopi.

So many colors. That’s incredible.

[breathing heavily]

[Meiying] Anybody wanna play a game?

[Jiuming] A game?

[Rigas] This isn’t a game.

She means to keep our minds occupied.

[Rigas] Right now, my mind is pretty damn occupied.

[breathes heavily, yelps]


[Lance screaming]

There’s a… there’s a… It’s… [screams]


What was it?

[Curtis] I didn’t see.

[Sal] Where’s Lance?

[Sal] Is it a meg?

[Sal] Some… something’s happened to him. I know it.

[Jiuming] Lance?

[breathing heavily]

[Sal] No. Oh, no.

We have to keep moving.

No, we… We can’t just leave him out there.

We need to find him!

Please, Jiuming.

I’m sorry.

[Sal sobbing]

He’s gone.

Rigas, cover our six. Shoot anything that moves.

You bet your ass I will.

[electricity crackling]

[tool clanking]

[Montes grunts]

[automated voice] Comms online.

[laptop trills]

What happened to you?

[Montes] The Mana One crew stumbled upon our station.

I took them out with a landslide.

Okay, this is… this is out of control.

[scoffs] You authorized me to do whatever’s necessary to protect our operation.

No. [chuckles]

They’re not dead.

They are walking right now to the station.

If they get there, we are screwed.


[tool clatters]

[Rigas] There’s still a kilometer to go, straight through that valley, and we don’t have the bioluminescence to cover us.

[Jiuming] We’re going to be totally exposed out there.

[Jonas] We don’t have a choice.

We only have enough air to go straight through.

[breathes deeply] Let’s keep our lights on low spectrum.

[Rigas] Yeah. We don’t want to attract the megs.

[automated voice] One kilometer to destination.

[Rigas exhales]

[Jonas] O2 check?

[Meiying] 65%.

[Rigas] 50.

[Sal] 26%.

It’s not gonna be enough. [breathing heavily]

[Rigas] Hey, look at me. Look at me.

Look at me, okay? Focus, okay?

You can do this. Remember the training.

[Jonas] Anything on sonar?

[Jiuming] I got something, right at the edge of my range.

Keeps going in and out.

[sonar beeps]

Stalking us.

[automated voice] Proximity alert.

[Meiying screams]

[Sal] What is it?

[all grunting]

[Jonas] It’s just a shoal of fish.

[all breathing heavily]

[Jonas] Stay calm, everyone.

[Jiuming] Are you okay?


[Jonas] Keep moving.

Ayo, Mac.

We got jack on the security footage.

Somebody deleted it.

For the sub bay?

For the whole damn station.

They’re good, but they don’t know everything.

There’s a satellite uplink with an encrypted backup.

I’m gonna go to the server room, see if I can pull it down.


One hour, 50. They’ll be out of air soon.

I’m scanning all channels, but nothing yet.

That’s it. Maybe 400 meters.

[automated voice] Warning.

Entering oxygen reserves.

You can do this.


Yeah. [breath trembling]

[Jiuming] I’m getting a reading.

Many contacts to our right.

Coming in fast.

What, megs?

No. Smaller. Faster.

Everybody make it to the station!

Go, move!

[automated voice] Warning.

Oxygen level low.

[Rigas] Come on.

[Jonas] Come on.

[Sal] I’m out of air.

[Jiuming] They’re coming over the ridge!


What are those things?

[Jiuming] It’s too far.

[Jonas] We need to make a stand!

Turn and fight!

[creatures snarling]



Come on!

[creature snarling]

[Meiying screams]


[Meiying] Help! Shoot their head!



[Jiuming, grunting] I’ve got you!

[in Mandarin] Hold on!

[Meiying, in English] They’re biting through the suit.

[Jonas] Meiying!


[creatures snarling]



[groans] No. No.

Hold on, Curtis!

[Sal] Too many! We don’t have a chance!


[tense music playing]

[creatures screeching]

Everybody stay back!

Keep going!

[Jonas] Jiuming!

[Jiuming] There’s no choice.

You really want to die, don’t you?

[metal creaking]

[all grunting]

[Meiying shrieks]

Gotta make it to the airlock!

[automated voice] Warning. Low air.

It’s no use

I’m holding you back.

Low air.

It’s not too far.

[breathing heavily]

You can make it!

[automated voice] Warning. Low air.

[Jiuming grunting]

Warning. Low air.

[breathing heavily, grunts]

[Jiuming gasps, yells]

[automated voice] Air depleted.

[Sal screaming]

[Jiuming screams]

[grunts, screaming]

[Meiying] Uncle!

[breathes heavily]

[automated voice] Visor failure imminent.


[Jonas] Jiuming!

[breathing heavily, grunting]

[both breathing heavily]


Okay. We gotta go. We don’t have a choice.

[Jonas] He’s coming back around!

[Curtis] Oh, God!

[Jonas] Go, go, go!

We have to do the override.

[Curtis and Rigas panting]

[Jiuming] Come on, hurry up.

Rigas, come on!

[suit beeping rapidly]

[Rigas] You can do it. Get in!

[Meiying screams]

Shut the door!

Curtis, you’ll be okay.

[automated voice] Suit implosion imminent.

Almost there. Almost there!

[Curtis] Oh, my God.

[all grunt]

It’s gonna implode.

[Rigas] Depressurize the room!

[beeping continues]

No, no, no.



[both scream]

[somber music playing]

[Rigas] Son of a bitch!

I hate these things!

[Jonas] Hey, Rigas.

Let’s try to keep it together.

We ain’t out of the woods yet.

[electricity buzzing]

[footsteps echoing]


[Meiying] Where is everybody?

[exhales sharply]

What is that smell?


Nobody home.

[Rigas] I’ll cover the door.

Whoever’s running this is not our friend.

We need to contact Mana One ASAP.

Think you can handle it?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

What is this that they’re mining?

[Rigas] Whatever it is, they’re sending it

up to the surface with these pods.

[keyboard clacking]

Mmm. Rare earth metals.

They’re used in superconductors, aerospace and quantum computing.

This box alone could be a billion dollars.

“Billion” with a “B?”


[laptop trills]

Mana One.

Jonas. Comms are live.

[radio static]

[Jonas] Come in.

It’s Jonas. Getting this?

Hey, you’re alive.

What’s your status?

We lost Lance, Sal, and Curtis.

We’re at the station.

It’s a rogue mining operation.

Is there anyone down there?

Not that we’ve seen so far.

They’ve infiltrated Mana One.

The rescue sub was sabotaged.

By who?

We’re working on it.

But check this out.

I was going over the video of when you went over that station before.

Look at the north side.

[Jiuming] Looks like emergency escape pods.

[Meiying] It’s the opposite side from where we are.

[Meiying] Feels dead in here.

Stay close.

These are my designs.

How do they have this?

Looks like this is it.

[Jiuming sighs]

On three.


[both grunting]

[Jiuming] Again.

It’s not gonna work.

[both grunting]

After you.

[Rigas] Ah, this is more like it.

Let’s crack open a pod and get out of here.

[Jiuming] Nothing here.

These controls ain’t working.

We need to close the hatch.

[Rigas] On it.

[hatch whirring]

Guys, that wasn’t me.

Jonas, now that I have you here, we need to talk candidly.

I have full control of the station, and I’ve locked down this room.


Your life is in my hands.

What are you doing, Jess?

These are your friends.

They’ve been with you for years.

I know it hurts.

And we’re talking because I’d prefer we were on the same side.

All making so much money, it ceases to have meaning.

You’re offering us money?

Three of our friends are dead because of you.

You think I’m gonna forget about that?

No, no, no, no, no! That’s the first escape pod!

Son of a bitch!

Rigas? Rigas, you can save Meiying.

Take that speargun and shoot Jonas in the heart.


[breathing heavily]

Don’t shoot him.

[breathing heavily]

Do it.

Go ahead.

It’s the only way Meiying survives.

Do it.


Do it!

[Rigas breathing heavily, shuddering]

Do it!

No. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. [exhales]

[breathes deeply]

[breath trembling]

That was the last pod.

I told you that wouldn’t work.

Put me on.

[Driscoll] Oh, sorry it had to come to this.

So… we’ll be back at work in a week, using your technology to take whatever we want.

Your institute’ll be a platform that we use to plunder the ocean for decades.

[in Mandarin] Karma will get you.

[Driscoll in English] And before you start whining about the ecosystem, who cares? We’ll make billions.

And no one is going to see the damage we do.

[in Mandarin] Shut up!

[Driscoll, in English] Jess, I’ve already dispatched a cleanup crew to Mana One.

Finish this.

[metal thuds]

[Rigas] How do we open the door?

[Jiuming] If we could cut the comm link to the surface… she couldn’t control anything.

[Rigas] But it’s back in the first room, and there’s no getting through this door.

This airlock still works!

Why would you go through the airlock? There’s no pod.

I’ll swim to the airlock where we came in and do the override.

You have no suit. How could it work?

[Rigas] Water doesn’t compress under pressure, so if he can force water in his sinus cavities, he could survive 30, maybe 60 seconds before he passes out.

It is possible.

[breathes deeply]

We work the problems one by one.

[breathing heavily]

We do what’s in front of us, then we do the next thing.

[hatch whirring]

[Jiuming] If anyone can do this, it’s you.

[machine buzzes]

[Meiying] Won’t he be crushed by the pressure?

[Rigas] It doesn’t work like that.

You don’t see fish wearing metal suits, do you?

It’s about air. It reacts under pressure.

And that’s why he has to blow it out of his sinuses.

[handle rattles]


[muffled grunt]

[tense music playing]

[hatch opens]

[alarm blares]

[water dripping]

[Montes] Hey there, tree hugger.

Jonas Taylor, ecowarrior, fighting the good fight.

Well, guess what?

You lost.



[Montes speaking Spanish]

[in English] I spent two years in a Manila prison after you and your eco-freak buddies had our ship seized.

I thought about you every single day.

You don’t even remember me, do you?


[breathes deeply]

[Montes] No?


There’s a million scumbags in this world. [grunts]

It’s hard to keep track of all of ’em.

[both grunting]

[in Mandarin] I don’t think I can make it!

You can do it. It’s okay.


[both grunting]


[both grunting]

[machine powering up]


[Montes groans]


[machine stops]


[in Mandarin] We’re going to die!

It’s ok, it’s ok.



[Jonas yelps, grunts]

[Montes grunts]

[both grunting]

[alarm blaring]


[both grunting]

[alarm sounding]

[water rushing]



[Jiuming and Rigas coughing]

[Jiuming gasps]

[Meiying coughing]

[helicopters whirring]

Clean up crew approaching Mana One.

About time. We are on alert.

Everyone confined to their quarters.

We need to get control of Mana One and dispose of any liabilities.

[DJ] What’s the emergency?

[Mac] I got into the security backup.

Look at this.

Jess disabled the rescue sub.



Like she could be repairing it, right?

But no, wait.

[DJ gasps]

[Jonas] It’s Montes’ sub.

That’s our ride out of here.

[system beeping]

[system powering up]

There’s a leak in the hydraulics.

Predator countermeasures are down.

[sighs] We’ll never make it past the megs.

[Jiuming] We need a distraction.

[Rigas sighs]

Light up the station. The megs will attack it.

Yeah. And kill us.

Not if we’re fast enough.



[Jonas] Hey, Rigas.


For a moment, I thought you were gonna kill me back there.

[sighs] Well, she did say to shoot you in the heart.

And I know for a fact you ain’t got one of those.


[grunts, breathes heavily]

[in Mandarin] Thank you for working.

[Rigas grunts]

[electricity crackling]

[Rigas grunting]

[in English] Gotta close the hatch, Jonas.

[Jonas yelps]

[metal creaking]

We’re all gonna die.


He’s gonna make it.

No, he’s not.

[Jiuming yelps]

He’s gonna make it.


We have to close the hatch!

[screams, grunts]

[Rigas] Close it! Jonas!

[alarm blaring]


[Jiuming] I’m here!


[Jonas] That’s him!



[Jonas] That was close.

Too close.

You should have shut the hatch.

Yeah. Meiying would have killed me.

You thought about it, though.

Yeah. We thought about it.

Didn’t we, Rigas?

[sighs] Shut up.

Just a little bit.

[in Mandarin] Very funny.


[Jiuming, in English] Explosives?

Check this out.

Look what else.

[Meiying] Is that gonna be a problem?

[Jiuming] It’s a hole in the thermal layer.

It must have been caused by the mining explosions.

It will seal up eventually.


Yeah. Within an hour.

[Meiying] Can the megs follow us through?

[Jiuming] I hope not.


Boys, I don’t want to harm you, but I do need you to come out of this room.

It’s Jess. She’s got three soldiers.

[DJ] Yeah. It’s go time.

Take this.

The hell is this?

It’s a Taser.

Open up.

They tried to kill Jonas,

they’re definitely gonna kill us.

Okay, listen. Here’s the plan.

On the count of three, you’ll open the door and I’mma pepper spray ’em.

Right, and you’ll shut the door and you’re gonna wait.

Then go out there and use the Taser.

One, two, three.

[mercenaries screaming, groaning]

[DJ] No, Mac, no! No, Mac…

[Mac screams]

[Mac] It burns! It burns! [screaming]

[DJ] I’m sorry!

[Taser crackling]

Sleepy time.

[suspenseful music playing]

What’s that?

[computer beeping]


[Rigas] So, we’re walking fast and with a lot of determination, which is great.

But what exactly is the plan here?

They’re armed and we’re not.

[breathes deeply]

[Rigas] All righty. So what are you thinking?

What are you thinking?

You and I find Mac and DJ.

Rigas, grab what you can.

Secure a Zodiac so we can get off this thing.

[exhales] Rock and roll.

Safest if Meiying goes with you.

[indistinct radio chatter]

I’ll protect her with my life.

And I’ll protect her with mine.



[Jonas] No.

Let’s go.

[DJ] I told you to wait before you went out that door.

How’s your eyes?

My eye stings.

[grunts] If we climb up to the communications array, we can bypass the DCC and we can call for help.

What are we supposed to say?

Uh… terrorist action?

Yeah, good. Terrorist action.

Yeah, terrorist action.

[DJ] Okay.

You got a better idea?

[mercenary] Freeze!

[Mac yelps]

Oh, no.

[all grunting]



What the hell?

Wow! Yeah, baby! Get some!


Run, Mac! Run!

[Mac yelps]

[DJ] Go, go, go!

[Mac grunting]

[both scream]

[mercenary] Spread out! Find ’em.

[grunts] You got Tasers? Now you can swim?

All of a sudden you run around like you’re frickin’ Batman.

Hell yeah.

[both panting]

After last time, y’all begged me to come back.

“DJ, oh, we family, DJ.”


“DJ, we need you.” Yeah, all right. Bet.

But I ain’t stupid.

I trained up, I learned how to fight, I learned how to swim, and I will never go anywhere without my survival pack.

Survival pack?


Check this out.

Mmm-hmm. Come here, baby. Come here.

Bam. [exhales]

Yeah, I even made poison-tipped bullets, just like Jaws 2.

[DJ grunts]

[mercenaries scream]

Come on, DJ! Let’s go, let’s go.

[both panting]

This is insane.

[mercenary 1] Freeze, assholes.

[mercenary 2] Yeah, freeze.

You got this?

[DJ] That was some unfortunate shit back there.

[Jiuming] No, please! Don’t shoot!

[grunts, gasps]

[in Mandarin] I know you’re looking for me and Jonas.

I also know you don’t speak Chinese, but I’m speaking it to distract you guys, because my friend is about to attack you from behind.

[in English] What?

[mercenaries grunting]

[both grunt]

[DJ yells]

[Jiuming] sucker.



I thought you were dead. [chuckling]

[Jiuming grunts]

Wishful thinking, Mac.

[DJ] If it ain’t the deviated septum.

Boat’s leaving.

[DJ scoffs]

[Jess] What’s our status?

[mercenary] Bravo team are inbound.

ETA, ten minutes.


Uh, what are you doing here?

[Jess chuckles]

[Montes] Mmm.

[breathes deeply]

Are you okay?


Jonas is on Mana One.

We need to lock this place down now.


[tablet beeps]

Search the station top to bottom.

Secure personnel in their quarters, kill anyone else.

Go! Go!

Oh, my God.

Uh, guys?

We’ve got a big problem.

[ominous music playing]

[Jess, over phone] We tracked three megs that escaped before the breach closed.

We’re gonna need a good cover story for this.

Well, that shouldn’t be hard.

Everyone knows Jonas and Jiuming were reckless.

No, we need a hero.

Like, someone to emerge from this unforeseeable tragedy, who can step into a leadership position at the Institute.

Jess, are you ready for promotion?

I appreciate your confidence.


It’s from the thermocline breach.

But you can relax.

This place? Meg-proof.

I mean, Jonas was always afraid of this, but I think, between trackers and gunships, we can solve the problem and come out the other side with a significant positive PR spin.

Yeah, I’m on it.

I was also thinking…


[Meiying yelps]

[Rigas grunts]

[Montes yelling]


What now?

It’s our only way off. We have to take it.

But that thing doesn’t have the range to get us to the mainland.

You’re worried about the destination?

What about the first hundred yards?

That’s where we goin’ die.

We paddle out slow.

No engines. Minimal motion.

We won’t look like food.

When we’re clear, we make a run for it. Huh?

Let’s do it.

[DJ] I still think we look like food.

[Jiuming] Shh. Quiet, everyone.

Paddle slowly.

This feels unpleasantly familiar.

I just hope it goes better than last time.

What happened last time?

You don’t wanna know.

[Jiuming] Oh. Here he comes.

[tense music playing]

[commander] Go, go, go!

Let’s not bring ’em back alive.

[engine starts]

You do know how to drive this thing, right?

Stop! Stop the engine right now.

Or you will attract the megs.

Okay. Be still.

No motion whatsoever.

[engine stops]

I have the shot.

Take it.

Get down!

[mercenary] Mate, do your job.

Take the bloody shot.

It’s not easy as it looks.

[mercenaries screaming]

[DJ] He got ’em! He ate ’em!

He ate the whole boat!

What happened?

[Montes, over phone] Jess is dead.


We stabilized Mana One but Taylor and Zhang have escaped.

What do you want me to do?

[Driscoll] Fix it! Kill them!

You do this, you write your own ticket.

You are set for life.


There’s only a couple places they could make it to.

Are you crying, Montes?

[line disconnects]

[canister hisses]

Any sign of the megs?


There’s no way this thing’s gonna work.

It’s gonna work.

Bloke, you got more chance of blowing up yourself than one of the megs.

At least I won’t get eaten.

Ha, I hear that.

Jo, can you make me one?

I got you covered, Mac.

We have to find a way to warn people.

In case the megs move towards land.

There’s an island 60 klicks southeast of us.

It’s listed as inhabited.

Inhabited by who?

The name more or less translates to…

Fun Island.

Fun Island?

[upbeat Mandarin song plays]

[people cheering]

[all] Yeah!

[indistinct chatter, laughter]

[host] Welcome to Fun Island. Our resort has everything.

The restaurant, amazing.

The disco, incredible.

And our spa, to die for.

[man] Oh.

[woman] Oh.

[host] OMG.

It’s our special dish. Seafood Surprise!

Wow! I wouldn’t know where to start.

Well, just don’t miss out on the grilled shark.

[dog whines]

Pippin! Pippin!


Whoa, what is that?

[host] Pippin!

[tourist] What are they running from?

[businessman] Your first time at the rodeo?


I worked with your dad since before you were born.

I never had this kind of trouble from him.

[in Mandarin] Can you put your phone down?

After all these hard years we’re finally on vacation, savor the moment.

[businessman, in English] Yeah, and I yelled at him too.

[in Mandarin] I’ve already got 400 likes.

[speaks Mandarin]

[in English] I’m sitting in paradise and you are ruining it!

Who does that? Who…

ruins paradise for other people?

[upbeat song continues playing]

Hey, baby.

Wanna rub some oil on my back?

No? [chuckles]

How ’bout my front? [chuckling]


[in Mandarin] Come over.

[indistinct chatter]


[romantic music playing]


What are you doing?

[chuckles, speaks Mandarin]

[in Mandarin] Yao-yao…

Will you marry me?

Find it, idiot!


Have you found it?


[water splashing]


[in English] Hey.



Yao-yao! Yao-yao!

[boat thuds]

[people screaming]

[ominous music playing]

[people grunting, gasping]

[people coughing]

[woman shrieking]


[woman shrieks]

This doesn’t look good.

Rigas, get us there fast!

[engine revving]

Kill the cell phone uplink.

[Driscoll] There’s a lot of exposure for us on this.

Take care of Jonas and his team quickly, and quietly.

[Jonas] Everybody out of the water!

[Mac] Shark! Shark!

[Jonas] Get back on the beach!

Get out of the water!

[Jiuming speaking Mandarin]

Get back on the beach, every…


[man, over radio] Mobile comms are down. Over.

[birds chirping]

[distant gunfire]

[speaks Spanish]

[foreboding music playing]

[creature calling]


[creature snarls]

[man screaming]

[both grunting]


[creature snarls]

[in English] You copy, guys?


[mercenary] Crocodile!

[mercenaries clamoring]

What is that?

[mercenary] Move, move!

Get into the chopper.

Now! Go with her!



Mmm. Mmm.

[indistinct chatter]


[creature snarling]

[people clamoring, screaming]

[Jonas] Everybody out!

[Mac] Shark!

[Jiuming] Shark!

[in Mandarin] Go back!

Don’t go into the water!

There’s a shark!

[Jonas, in English] Get on the beach!

Go back!

We have to save them.

I’m not leaving ya.

Cell phone’s down.

Hello? Hello?

[Mac] No signal.

There’s no choice.

She’s right.

[Mac] We got no signal, guys.

Hey, you two! Find a way to call for help.

Let everyone know what happened.

Come on! Come on! This way! This way!

You’re gonna hide.

See that lifeguard tower?


You go there and you stay there.

This is not one of those things where I tell you to do something, you say “yes,” and then you do whatever you want.



You’re not messing with me?


I can’t do what I need to do if I’m worried about you.

I’ll be fine.

Promise me you’ll come back.

You know I love you.

[boat pedals squeaking]




[people screaming]


Oh, shit.

[distant gunfire]


Check that out.

[helicopter powers down]

Hey, yo, my man. You got a phone?

[people screaming]

What’s everyone running from?

[creature snarls]

What the hell was that?

[Jonas] Three megs.

Three of us.

We each grab a jet ski.

Get them to chase it away from these people and out to sea.

Then we harpoon them.

Oh, you mean with those jerry-rigged,

maybe-they-work, maybe-they-kill-us harpoons?


It’s a terrible idea.

You got a better one?

No. No.

Then we’re agreed.





[creature roars]

[creature growling]




[creature snarls]



[DJ] Let’s go old school.

The landline’s down, too.

Okay, coast is clear. Let’s go.

They can walk?



It’s those things.

They haven’t spotted us yet.


[creatures snarl]

[Rigas exhales]

[creature snarls]

What else you got in here?

Emergency stuff.

[unzips bag]



Really? Condoms?

Different kind of emergencies.

Hand me that.

Now hand me that gum in your mouth.

Thank you.


[people screaming]

There’s only one ski.

Give me your harpoons.

You sure?


I got this.

[Mac] Good luck.

We need more firepower.


I have an idea. Let’s go.

Not this time, Taylor.


[Jiuming] This should be the place.

Come on.

What are we looking for?

Ammonium nitrate.

You’re making a bomb?

This stuff is as powerful as TNT.

[mercenary] Hey!

[creature snarls]


Get in! Get in!

[all clamoring]



[dramatic music playing]

Come on!

[engine sputtering]

Come on!

[engine starts]


[DJ] Come on, let’s see if he’s got a phone.

[creature snarls]

I got the sat phone. I got the sat…

I got the phone. Why you stealing his money?

What? He’s not gonna need it.



Nice doggies. Nice doggies.


Okay, Rigas.

On the count of three, we’re gonna bolt.

One. Two. Three!

What the hell? Hey!


Wait for DJ! Wait for DJ!

[Rigas] They’re right behind us!

Let’s hide in here!

Come on. Come on. Come here. Come here.

What the hell?

Hi, DJ. Hi, Rigas.

[Rigas] Whoa.

All of you together.

Up against the wall. Hands up!

I wouldn’t point that at me if I were you. Trust me.

Shut it! Keep your hands in the air.

Hands up!

Don’t want to hurt you, so I’m going to give you one chance.

Put those weapons down.

Or you’ll do what?

Stay still, little guy.


[motor whirring]

[mercenary] No, no! Joe, Joe, door!

Stay where you are!

[mercenaries clamoring]

Go, go!

[mercenary 2] Get to cover!


[all screaming]

[mercenaries screaming]


[all grunting]

[Jiuming groans, grunts]


[phone beeps]

I got signal.

Call for help!

To get down to the beach and help people!

[Mac] Where are you going?

Stealing a chopper.

[Mac] What chopper?

Global rescue?

We need rescue!

We need you to send everybody you got!

The National Guard, the lifeguard, the Coast Guard. Anybody!

Just come now!

[engine roaring]

[tense music playing]



[engine stops]

[Mac] Ugh, looks like someone else had the same idea.

[creature snarling]

We need a plan.

We have to lead it away and steal the chopper.

Okay, you lead it away, I’ll steal the chopper.

You distract it, I’ll get the chopper.

Why me?

Can you fly a chopper?

Yeah, I can.

You have a license?

Yes, I do!

I didn’t know that.


Okay, good plan.

[whispers] Mac!






[gasps, grunting]






Jiuming! We gotta go!


[footsteps approaching]


Fuel! Get the fuel!

Gas! We need gas!


Get up!


[Mac] Get the fuel!



Lizard incoming! Hold on!

[Jiuming grunts]


Jiuming? Jiuming!

[creatures snarling]



[Mac] Run!




[Mac] Whoa, yay!

[Mac] Man, I didn’t think you were gonna make that one.


[people gasping]


[man] Run!


[people screaming in distance]

[breath trembling] No.


[Montes] Where are you going, Jonas?



[people screaming]

[barking, snarling]

Get lower! That’s Meiying!

[Mac] Are you sure it’s Meiying?

Get lower!

[Mac] Okay, okay! Hold on!

[people clamoring]

[people screaming]


Over here!

[Jiuming] Leap up!


[alarm blaring]


[grunts, groans]

[groans, gasps]

[bomb beeping]

[beeping stops]

[water splashing]


[tense music playing]




[Montes] Jonas is still alive?

Get me over there!

[people screaming]


[in Mandarin] Hang on, Meiying!

[grunts loudly]


Come on!

Come out from under the bridge, little troll!

[speaking Spanish]

[speaks Spanish]


[both grunting]

[speaks Spanish, groans]


[in English] End of the line, no?

I guess it is.

You got the gun.

I won’t be needing this.


I knew you couldn’t do it.

[Montes grunts]

See you later, chum.

[Meiying] Jiu!



[in Mandarin] Throw me the bomb!

[in English] Where?

[in Mandarin] Catch it!



[creature growls]

[creature groans]



[bomb beeping]

[rapid beeping]



[creature screeches]


[creature screeching]


[in English] Hold on! I’m coming!

[Jonas] Meiying!


[Meiying] Jonas! Over here!

[indistinct conversation]

You okay?


Uncle Jiuming and Mac’s in trouble.

Stay here. I’ll be right back.

Mac! Are you okay?




[tense music playing]


[metal thuds]

[breathes heavily, grunts]



Come on, you ugly bastard!


[metal creaking]



[Jiuming grunts]


[people clamoring]

Come on, come on, come on!

Come on, come on. I got you, I got you. Come on, come on!

Come on! Watch, watch, watch it!

Come on, come on, come on!

Meiying, what are you doing here?

I had to save the dog!


[creature snarls]

[host] Mommy’s here.

Thank you! Thank you!

You’re welcome.

[creature snarls]

[people gasping]


Oh, no, you don’t!

[Rigas] Meiying! Come!

[Meiying yelps]


[DJ] Hell yeah!

Get some! [chuckles]

Who says a .50 caliber is an impractical round?


Hey! Wait, wait, wait!

[Jonas] Everyone stay still. No motion.

No, it’s okay.

That’s Haiqi.

Who cares which one it is?

She’ll listen to me.

Let’s spread out so that thing don’t get us all.

I got this!

[device clicks, whistles]

[device clicks, whistles]

[device clicks, whistles]

[gasps, grunts]

Yes! I knew it!

I told you! We have a special bond.

It went after the dolphins.

[Jiuming] No!

She obeyed my command.


I didn’t believe it before and I don’t believe it now.

Hey, Mac, back me up.

I’m getting out of here before she changes her mind.


[Mac] You guys stay there and argue.

She obeyed my command!



It’s not my fault.

Sometimes, there’s a situation, and bad things are happening, and you just have to get involved.

I’m glad you finally understand.

I’m proud of you.

[in Mandarin] Next time don’t run around, ok?

[pilot, over radio] Rescue One to Fun Island. Over.

[DJ] Oh, it’s good to hear your voice, man.

We got a lot of people who need help.

[DJ] Yeah, I used to didn’t know how to swim, but then, you know, you out there chasing sharks, you better learn how to swim quick!

[women laughing]

The water was cold. It wasn’t that cold, but yeah, I was just having fun!

[Rigas] What about Haiqi?

She’s still out there.

Maybe pregnant.

…lucky to be alive, baby.

Oh, preferably not.

[DJ] Know what’s crazy?

Like, a few years ago…

That’s tomorrow.

Today, we count our blessings.

Here’s to being alive.

Here’s to dolphins.


To Meiying being safe.

[Jonas] And here’s to Sal, Lance, and Curtis.

So… am I still grounded?



[all chuckling]

You two are ridiculous.

But I love you anyway.

[Jiuming] Mmm.

Looks like you got a little reckless out there.

No, everything was totally under control.

[Jonas] Yeah, right.

[DJ grunts]

Well, everything’s about to be totally not under control.

[DJ chuckles]

Give me some.

[DJ grunts]

[DJ] Mmm.

Yeah, that’s the good stuff.

[DJ sighs]

[Jonas and Meiying chuckle]

[enthralling music playing]

[upbeat Mandarin song playing]

[“Chomp” by Page Kennedy playing]

♪ I’m on my way And I’m hiding out ♪

♪ In the dark sea ♪

♪ Ain’t no part of me Is gonna stop biting ♪

♪ Till the artery Is hardly repairable ♪

♪ Unbearable, be careful ♪

♪ I’m not a werewolf ♪

♪ I’m meg infested ♪

♪ Terrible ♪

♪ And I dare you to… Dare you to… ♪

♪ Dare you ♪

♪ Get ’em out Get ’em out ♪

♪ Chomp ♪

♪ Spit ’em out Spit ’em out ♪

♪ Chomp, megalodon ♪

♪ Get ’em out Get ’em out ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp ♪

♪ I’m the megalodon ♪

♪ Megalodon ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Ain’t nothing regular ♪

♪ Nobody better than Nah, nah ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Ain’t nothing regular ♪

♪ Nobody better than Nah, nah ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Ain’t nothing regular ♪

♪ Nobody better than Nah, nah ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator ♪

♪ Nobody better than… ♪

♪ I’m the meg ♪

♪ I’m the egg ♪

♪ I’mma let it rain All over you ♪

♪ Like I’m incontinent ♪

♪ And I’m pissed off Whatever it cost you ♪

♪ Call me Criss Cross Whether you’re Rick Ross ♪

♪ So back a hip toss From the big boss ♪

♪ Like lip gloss So get your drip loss ♪

♪ Get ’em out Get ’em out ♪

♪ Chomp ♪

♪ Spit ’em out Spit ’em out ♪

♪ Chomp, megalodon ♪

♪ Get ’em out Get ’em out ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp ♪

♪ I’m the megalodon ♪

♪ Megalodon ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Ain’t nothing regular ♪

♪ Nobody better than Nah, nah ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Ain’t nothing regular ♪

♪ Nobody better than Nah, nah ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Ain’t nothing regular ♪

♪ Nobody better than Nah, nah ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Nobody better than… ♪

♪ When you start seein’ ♪

♪ That’s when you see People marchin’ ♪

♪ As soon as they see That shark fin ♪

♪ They run into the land Like Martin ♪

♪ Your apartment, your house Your flight, your car’s in ♪

♪ Watch me start this arson ♪

♪ Eat my own kind ♪

♪ I’mma rip your apartment ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Ain’t nothing regular ♪

♪ Nobody better than Nah, nah ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ I’m an apex predator Nobody better than… ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ Chomp, chomp, chomp ♪

♪ Chomp on this ♪

♪ Nobody better than… ♪

[dramatic music playing]


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