Malignant (2021) – Transcript

Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities.
Malignant (2021)

In 1993, Dr. Florence Weaver and her colleagues Victor Fields and John Gregory are treating a psychiatric patient named Gabriel at Simion Research Hospital. Gabriel somehow has acquired special powers like controlling electricity and broadcasting his thoughts via speakers. During one night, he gets violent and kills several staff members of the institution.

Twenty-eight years later, a pregnant woman, Madison Lake, is living in Seattle after enduring two years of miscarriages which has strained her marriage to her husband Derek Mitchell. During an argument, Derek smashes Madison’s head against a wall after which she locks herself in the bedroom and falls asleep. Madison later wakes up to find Derek’s body after having a dream of a man entering their house and violently killing him. The killer, still being in the house, attacks Madison, rendering her unconscious.

Madison wakes up in the hospital and is informed by her sister, Sydney, that her baby didn’t survive. After being interrogated by detectives Kekoa Shaw and Regina Moss, Madison returns home. That same hour, Gabriel kidnaps a woman running the Seattle Underground Tour. Madison sees another dream about Gabriel murdering Weaver.

During their investigation, Shaw and Moss discover a photo of Madison as a child in Weaver’s house and learn that she specialized in child reconstructive surgery. Madison and her sister approach the police after watching Gabriel murder Fields. Gabriel contacts Madison, causing her to remember her past. She and her sister visit their mother to learn more. Madison realizes that Gabriel wasn’t her imaginary friend but someone real with whom she talked during her childhood. Shaw finds a link between the doctors and Madison, which leads him to discover Gregory’s dead body.

The detectives enlist the help of a psychiatrist in hopes of unlocking Madison’s memories. She recalls that her real name is Emily May and that Gabriel wanted her to kill her unborn sister. She almost came close to doing it but was able to stop. The police arrest Madison when the kidnapped lady falls from the attic in her home, revealing that Gabriel was living inside her house. It is later revealed that the kidnapped lady is Serena May, Madison’s birth mother. Sydney visits the now locked Simion hospital and finds that Gabriel is Emily’s twin brother, who lives inside her body as a “teratoma” sharing the same brain as Emily. Weaver operated on Emily to cut out the parasitic tumor and sewed Gabriel back into her brain. He was dormant during her childhood but woke up when Derek smashed her head.

Gabriel kills fellow inmates when provoked inside the lockup and breaks out. Sydney and Shaw intercept him at the hospital where Serena is admitted. Sydney informs Madison that Gabriel is the cause of her miscarriages because he was feeding off her fetuses. Madison wakes up and locks Gabriel back up in her brain and saves her sister.

* * *

[static crackling]

[device clicks, whirs]

So, it’s becoming more apparent that not only is Gabriel getting stronger, he’s becoming more malicious.

If his strength and ability continue to grow at this rate, we will no longer be able to contain him.

However, I am still determined…

[lights buzzing]

[door opens]

[man] Dr. Weaver, he got out again.

How far did he get this time?

He made it all the way to the records room before we got to him. He found his information.

He wants to go home.

[electricity buzzing and warbling]

Dr. Fields, what the hell is happening?

I tried to subdue him with ECT, but electroshock had no effect on him.

Then all the machines started going crazy.

It was like he was drinking the electricity and controlling our machines.

[alarm blaring]


[Dr. Weaver] Dr. Plume.

[muffled screeching]

[muffled snarling]

No, please, don’t. He’ll kill you.

Stand aside.



Take him down now.

[cocks gun]

[alarm continues blaring]

[inhuman screeching]


[flesh squelching]



[nurse screaming]

[lights bursting]

[sinister music playing]

[eerie scream]

[high-pitched screeching]

[body thuds]

[breathing heavily]

[ominous music playing]

Strap him into the chair.

You’ve been a bad, bad boy, Gabriel.

[Gabriel snarling]

[electronic feedback whining]

[Gabriel distorted] I will kill you all.

Oh, my God. He speaks.

He’s broadcasting his thoughts.

I thought we could help him, but I was wrong.


It’s time we cut out the cancer.

[dramatic music playing]

[dramatic music continues]

[dramatic music continues]


[breathing heavily]

[soft music playing]

[groans softly]

[muffled sports commentary on TV]

[announcer] Frankie is trying to get to Chavez.

He’s trying to get his arms up to protect himself, but he can’t get any leverage.

Hey, sugar, I thought you were on the late shift.

I was, but dumpling’s been giving me a really hard time.

[Madison groans]

What do you mean, “a hard time”?

[Madison] I don’t know.

She’s just a little more agitated than usual.

Do we have any Tylenol?

They say I can’t take aspirin.

[pills rattling]

You know, if you’ve got all this pain, maybe you shouldn’t be going to work.

[sighs] I’ll be fine. I promise.

Hey, I was watching that.

Please, Derek, I really need to get some rest.

No, maybe you need to stop getting pregnant.

Derek, please. I just really need to lie down.

You know the doctor said this could happen again, right?

You know that.

How many times do I have to watch my children die inside of you?

Just stop.

You’re breaking my heart, Maddy. I swear to God.

You can’t keep doing this.

[low ominous music playing]

Doing what?

Doing what, Madison? Tell me what I’m doing, huh?

Tell me what I’m doing.

Are you saying this is my fault?

Are you saying this keeps happening because of…

Don’t touch her!

You bitch!

[Madison grunts]


Oh, shit.

Oh, baby, I’m so sorry.

[Madison wincing]

I’m gonna get you some ice, okay?

Okay, I’m gonna get you some ice. Hold on.

[breathing heavily]




[door thuds]


[door rattling]

[Derek] Babe, I’m sorry that happened, that, uh…

Sometimes it’s like I can’t control myself, okay?

But that’s not me, that…

You know, I’m trying, and I’ve given up drinking, and I’m gonna continue to do better for you and the baby, okay?


Maddy? Please. [sighs]

It was an accident, Maddy.

[crying softly]

[breathing raggedly]

[metallic rattling]


[breathes deeply]

[muffled rattling]

[low ominous music playing]

[rattling continues]

[machine whirring]

[door opens and creaks]



[static whining and crackling]

[man on TV] It cannot be!

[woman] …grabbed a steel blade.

[man 2] …has possession of the puck down…

[engine roaring on TV]

[man 3] …just now crossed paths out of…

[men on TV whooping]

[gunshots on TV]

Help me.

[static whining]

[soft eerie music playing]

[high-pitched electrical ringing]




[grunting weakly]

[breathing heavily]


[muffled thud]




[sinister music playing]


[eerie music playing]

[heavy breathing]

[bones cracking]


[inhuman screeching]

[Madison screams]

[tense music playing]

[Madison whimpering]


[helicopter whirring]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[sirens wailing]

[indistinct police radio chatter]

Morning, Reg.

Morning? It’s 4 a.m. Night’s not even over yet.


Officer Lee, what happened here?

Home invasion.

Neighbors heard screaming and called it in.

[Regina] Any sign of forced entry?

[Officer Lee] Not that we’ve seen.

Where’s the wife?

Already at the hospital.

We found her unconscious in the nursery.

Uh-oh, here comes Miss Lonely-heart.

Hey, Kekoa.

Winnie, how bad is it?

I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Maybe from a vehicular accident, but not this.

This is something special.

Holy shit.

[machine beeping]

[muffled chattering]

[groans softly]

[Madison softly] Sydney?

Hi. Hi.

Where am I? What… What happened?

It’s okay. You’re in a hospital.

Where’s Derek?

Do you remember what happened? Someone broke into your house.

You were attacked, and Derek…

[crying] I was…

Just… Just rest.

I was… [continues crying] I was so scared. Scared for my baby.


Where is she?

Where is she, Syd? Where is she?

I’m so sorry, Maddy. They couldn’t save her.

[crying] No.

No, no, no. No. No.


It’s okay.

No! Please, no.

[screams] No!

Hey, okay.


[knock on door]

[Kekoa] Mrs. Mitchell?

Mrs. Mitchell, I’m Detective Kekoa Shaw.

I’m sorry to bother you, but I need to ask you a few questions.

Mrs. Mitchell?

[Sydney] Can I help you with something?

Uh, I’m Detective Kekoa Shaw.

Oh, I’m Sydney Lake. I’m Madison’s sister.

So, can I help you?

Oh, this.

Um, I’m a… a princess at Family Planet.

So, I’m on my lunch break, and I thought I’d come by and check on Maddy.

She’s been like this for two days.

I can’t even get her to eat.

Well, maybe you can help me then.

Did you know of anyone who wanted to hurt your sister or her husband?

There’s no sign of forced entry at the house.

May have been somebody they knew.

Somebody with access.

I wouldn’t know. Derek kept us apart.

This isn’t her first, right?

The doctor said your sister had three miscarriages in the last two years.

Oh, my God.

Um, I didn’t know.

I don’t know why she wouldn’t have told me.

[softly] Maddy…

If there’s anything, just give me a call.

Yeah. Thank you.

[Regina] Keh, you’ll get a kick out of this.

No fingerprints, but all the hand patterns are upside down.

Like our perp was hanging from the ceiling.

That line up with anything from forensics?

No footprints on the ceiling, if that’s what you mean.

But I spoke to the neighbors, and more than one of them said that Mr. Mitchell used to knock Mrs. Mitchell around.

He beat her?

No forced entry, an abusive husband.


[Sydney] Please let me stay with you for a few days.

I can blow off work, and a few auditions.

It’s not like I’m booking anything anyway.


It felt so real this time.

[sighs deeply]

I just…

I just couldn’t do enough to protect her.

You don’t have to stay here, you know.

[Madison] I know, but this is my home, and I’m not gonna let it be taken away from me too.

I’ll be fine, I promise. [sniffling]

[soft eerie music playing]

[exhales deeply]

[streetlight buzzing]

[eerie music playing]

[lights buzzing]

[tense music playing]

[lock clicks]


[wind whistling]

[door creaking]

[object clatters]

[breathing heavily]


[water dripping]

[door thuds]


[door creaking]

[Madison whimpering]

[tense music continues]

[continues whimpering]

[panting] There’s nobody there.

There’s no one there.

It’s all in my head. It’s all in my head.

There’s no one there. It’s all in my…

It’s all in my head.

[water dripping]

[clock ticking]

[light fizzes]

[unnerving music playing]

[tense music playing]

[drill whirring]

[door rattles]

[keys jangling]

[soft eerie music playing]


[gasps] Oh, my God.

Hey, are you gonna let me in?


Jesus, Sydney, what are you doing?

[grunts] Okay. My key wasn’t working and you weren’t…

Oh, God.

You weren’t answering.

I thought something was wrong, I was worried.

[exhales heavily]


Oh, I, um, installed deadbolts.

[sighs in relief] That makes so much sense.

Well, okay.

Mom made a casserole.

I could not climb with it, so it is outside, but, um…

You okay?

Derek did that.

He smashed my head against the wall.


I’m so sorry, Maddy.

Nobody deserves to die that way, but seriously, fuck him.

You deserve so much better.

I thought about it a lot, about leaving him.

By the time I got the courage, I got pregnant.

Now, if only I’d been able to have a baby.

Don’t do that. This is not your fault.

That’s not what I’m saying.

I wanted to know what it felt like to have a blood connection with someone.

A biological connection.

Maddy, what are you talking about?

[sighs] Shit.

Mom and Dad took me in when I was eight.

I don’t remember anything before that.

Mom told me that my biological mother died during my birth.

Sydney, I’m adopted.

[dark dramatic music playing]

[woman] Welcome to the Seattle Underground.

No, folks, this is not a historical tour of Nirvana or Pearl Jam.


This is a tour of old Seattle, buried underneath here like a time capsule of a bygone era.

All this used to be at street level where the people worked and lived.

But after the great fire of 1889, they decided to rebuild the new city on top of the old city.

One story higher to stave off flooding.

You can still see the cobblestone streets and the storefronts down here.

And there are rumors of passages stretching for miles.

Some say the ghosts of the past still haunt these tunnels.

[lights buzzing]

[tourists murmuring]


[spookily] Ooh.


Thank you.

Thank you. Have a good night.

[cash register dings]

[metal clatters]

We’re closed.

[water dripping]


You can’t be down here.




[heavy clang]




[tense music playing]



[lights buzzing]

[muffled clattering]

[eerie yowling]


[woman screams]


[dark dramatic music playing]


[muffled screaming]

[stops screaming]


[muffled screaming]


[electronic feedback whines]

[Gabriel on radio] I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this.

But not yet.

First, Dr. Weaver.


[phone ringing]

[phone beeps]

[Dr. Weaver] Hello?


[Gabriel] Dr. Weaver.


[Gabriel] It’s time to cut out the cancer.


Hello? I’m sorry, who is this?


[keypad beeping]

[ballad music playing]

[man] ♪ Too fast to live ♪

♪ Too young to die ♪

[music continues on radio]

♪ One stolen kiss, babe ♪

♪ A certain smile ♪

[lights buzzing]

[distorted] ♪ We’re never close, babe ♪

[static crackling]


[static and distortion stop]

♪ I’m lost inside, babe ♪

♪ Your painted smile ♪


[high-pitched screech]


[high-pitched electrical ringing]



[ringing stops]


[low unnerving music playing]


[Madison gasps]

What are you doing in my house?

This is my house!

Who are you?

[breathing shakily]

[high-pitched ringing]

I can’t move. What’s happening?

What do you want? Who are you?


No! [yelps] No!




[Madison gasping]

[electronic feedback whining]

[Gabriel] Time to cut out the cancer.

Oh, God. No. It’s not possible.



[Dr. Weaver] No.



[groaning and panting]

[rousing music playing]

[breathing rapidly]

Oh, God.


What do you want from me?

[Gabriel] To show you what the cancer has become.




[police siren wailing]


So, housekeeper found our vic. Dr. Florence Weaver.

Tough old bird, but she fought until the end.

What you got, Winnie?

He killed her with one of her trophies.

We just got the base. The top half is missing.

The brutality seems consistent with our other corpse.

Same guy?

That would be my bet.

We need to find that missing half.

[chuckles shyly] Yeah, don’t we all.

What you got?

Dr. Weaver specialized in child reconstructive surgery.

She kept journals on all her patients.

Bag all these books.

I want them back at the precinct.

Yes, sir.

What, are you gonna go through all of them?

We’re gonna go through all of them.

Hey, did you find the rest of that murder weapon yet?

[rousing music playing]

[rousing music continues]

[tool pounding]



[muffled grunting]


[Gabriel] Don’t even try.

[news anchor] Breaking news this hour, as police are reporting the body of Dr. Florence Weaver…


…was found brutally murdered in her Washington Park home this morning.

The grisly discovery was made by the housekeeper at approximately 8:30 this morning.

[Madison groaning and panting]

Did you know her?

No. No.

But I saw her die.

I don’t know how.

I was doing laundry and… and I saw him killing her.

It was him. It was him.

Him? Him, like the guy that attacked you?


He was here in the…

No, no.

I saw him murdering her in her house.

And it was like I was there and here at the same time.

It was… It was… What is happening to me, Syd?

[softly] Okay, okay.


It’ll be okay. We’re gonna figure it out, okay?


Ooh. [sighs]

That’s it. I’m out.

I read about one more sick kid, my brain’s gonna push out my eyeballs.

Good night.

Tell Marcus it’s my fault.

I’ll make up for date night.

[Regina] You better. He’s pissed.

[Kekoa groans]


Yo, Basco, you here?


[thunder rumbles]

I thought I was the only good-looking guy here working late.

Got this case. Strange one. Can you age that up?

How old do you need?

30 years.

[thunder rumbling]

I know, I know.

But who would kill her, John?

Let alone mutilate her like that?

I know, I haven’t spoken with her in years, but the person I knew, all she ever did was help people.

[man speaking indistinctly on phone]

Don’t bring up Simion.

That was a different time.

[static warbles on phone]

Hello? John?

[wind howling]

[soft eerie music playing]

[door creaking]


[wind howling]

[sinister music plays]

[low unnerving music playing]

[thunder crackling]

[lights buzzing]


[sinister music playing]




[whimpering softly]


[thunder continues rumbling]

[high-pitched ringing]

[sinister music continues]

[whimpering softly]




[Gabriel breathing heavily]

[grunts, snarls]



Maddy? Maddy. Maddy.


Hey, what’s wrong? What’s wrong? What’s wrong?

He’s here. He’s here.

Who? Who?


There’s no one here.

Look at me, there’s no one here.

You were just dreaming. Come here.

Shit, Maddy, you’re bleeding.

I wasn’t dreaming.

I saw him. I saw him.

He killed again, but this time I saw his face.

I saw… I saw his face.

[Madison] Somehow I’m seeing his murders, like he’s showing them to me.

What do you mean? He’s sending you videos?

No, goddamn it. I see them as they’re happening.

Like I’m having visions. I know how that sounds.

Okay, maybe, when the killer attacked Madison, they formed, like, some kind of, um,

like a… a psychic bond.

I mean, you guys consult psychics for, like, missing persons cases, right?

No, we don’t.

I played a psychic in an episode of a cop show, and they said it’s a real thing.

Are we really having this conversation?

[Kekoa clears throat]

Okay, Madison, what exactly did you see?

He killed again.

This time, across from the Silvercup apartments in North Beacon Hill.

I Googled it.


Wikipedia Brown here just solved the case.

Listen, Madison saw Dr. Weaver die as it happened, and now she says she’s seen this one, so let’s go look.

If she’s wrong, you can have her committed, and you can put the cuffs on me.

[clears throat]

[upbeat suspenseful music playing]

There it is. Silvercup.

I think it’s this one.

Which one?

So what, are we gonna knock on every door now?

It’s the top floor.

We could help.

Yeah, we don’t need your help.

Could you keep an eye on these two?

Come on, Keh.

Sorry to bother you, ma’am.


I see you.

What? They gave us a lead.

Cute little actress throw you a ball, and you gone chasing like a dog.

What was that?


Hello? Anybody home? This is the police.

If anybody’s here, you need to let us know.

Keh. Keh!

[Kekoa sighs]

[sinister music playing]

So I’m putting out a BOLO on Sloth from The Goonies?

You okay? Okay.

I’m gonna go to the bathroom.


Um, you wanna take a seat while she… while you wait?

Oh, yeah.


[cell phone vibrating]

[static crackles]


[Gabriel] Hello, Emily.

[sinister music playing]

[breathes shakily]

My name is Madison.

[Gabriel] Your fake mother gave you the name Madison.

Your shitty marriage gave you the name Mitchell.

But you’ll always be Emily to me.

Who are you?

[Gabriel] You know who I am.

Even if they say I’m only in your head.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You let them tell you I wasn’t real, that I was just a voice.

And you believed them.

Now, I’m going to make them pay for what they did.

One by one.

Gabriel, no!

[Gabriel laughing wickedly]



Deep down…


… you’ve always known.


Please stop. Please.

[Gabriel] Oh, we are just getting started.

[static crackles]

[phone beeps]

[phone beeps]

[exhales sharply]

[indistinct chatter]

Uh, Detective, if we’re done here, we’re leaving. Thank you.


Okay. All right, well, I’m…

I’ll see you around, okay?

Hey, hey, hey, you finish aging that photo?

Yeah, I left it on your desk. You saw it, right?

That’s why you brought her in.

Brought who in?

The girl in the picture.


[Kekoa] Ah, hell.

She was the doctor’s patient.

What? We’ve gotta turn around and tell Kekoa.

We can trace the call.

The cops think I did it.

Well, this will prove them wrong.

His name is Gabriel.

I don’t know how I knew, but talking to him, I just did.

He’s someone from my past.

From before I could remember.

[Madison breathing heavily]

Where are we going?

Oh, Maddy.


I just had to see you.


How are you holding up, sweetie, hmm? Are you eating?

You look skinny. I gotta cook more.

Mom, I need you to remember.

During the adoption, did they say if I had a brother or anything?



The only thing they would say is if there were siblings, they try to place them in the same family.

Then who the hell is Gabriel?

[ominous music playing]

[breathing shakily]

[Madison] Mom? Mom, what do you know?

[Frank and Jeanne] ♪ Happy birthday… ♪

You wanted a party so bad, Maddy, you nagged us until your father gave in.

We invited your whole class but…

They thought I was a freak.

I had no friends. I remember that.

[Frank] ♪ …birthday, dear Maddy… ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Blow it out, blow it out, blow it out.

[Jeanne] For nine wishes.

[Frank and Jeanne cheering]


[Frank] Those look good. Looks good.

Stop saying that.

They are.

Maddy, who are you talking to?

No one.

[Frank] Maddy? Maddy, what did we say about lying?

I wasn’t.

Well, then who were you talking to?


Is he your imaginary friend?

Gabriel isn’t made up.

He says that you are.

He says you’re not my real family.

This is the nightmare that…

[Jeanne] Okay.

Ooh, that’s a kick.


[Frank] Ooh.

My little Christmas cutie right here.

Go get her ready for bed.

[Frank] Okay.

Maddy, playtime’s over.

Santa won’t come down the chimney if you’re still up.

Mommy said she’d love me when the baby comes.

She said nothing would change.

I won’t.

You can’t make me.

Please don’t hurt the baby.

[Frank] Maddy? What’s going on?

Nothing, Daddy.

Some of the conversations you had with Gabriel just chilled us to the bone.

Wait, so Gabriel was something that I made up?

Whatever you went through before you joined our family, it hurt you in a way that I can’t even imagine.

I always figured you created Gabriel so that you could survive that.

We thought if we gave you enough love, you wouldn’t need him anymore.

I hope we weren’t wrong.



[low foreboding music playing]

[Kekoa] E. May…

Thursday, July 23rd, 1992.

Today marks the seventh year since Emily May was entrusted into our care.

She remains unlike any test subject we have ever encountered here at the clinic.

Though in recent months, Emily started exhibiting signs of mental psychosis.

She says she’s seeing visions, and hearing thoughts from the Devil.

I’ve contacted Dr. John Gregory out at Hopkins as well as Dr. Victor Fields from the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, just to help determine a course of action.

[Kekoa] Dr. Florence Weaver. Dr. Victor Fields.

Working the same case along with Dr. John Gregory.

Holy shit.

[Madison gasping]


[lights buzzing]

[breathing shakily]

[siren wailing]

Dr. Gregory? This is Seattle PD.

[muffled thud]

[gun clicks]

I need you to answer me.


[sinister music playing]


[heart thumping rapidly]

Detective! He’s still here.

He’s still here.

Oh, Jesus.

[blade rings]




[both grunting]

[Kekoa grunts]




[pained grunting]


[panting] Holy shit.

[panting heavily]

[grunts] I gotta be out of my mind.

[Kekoa grunts]


[pained grunting]





[Kekoa] Stop!


[heavy thud]

[water trickling]


[breathing heavily]

[eerie music playing]




[Gabriel yells]



Fuck me.


[Kekoa] All three victims were involved in the same case study they called Patient May.

You were the case study. They were your doctors.

Uh, I’m sorry.

It’s all blank before Sydney’s parents adopted me.

I think you were born Emily May.

That’s what he calls me.

Madison, the department works with a hypnotherapist that helps unlock repressed memories.

Trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD.

Would you be willing to see one?

I knew it.

[Regina] She’s not a psychic, God damn it.

[Sydney clears throat]

[hypnotherapist] We are gonna turn back the hands of time.

The bygone years reconstructing themselves.

I want you to go back to before the adoption.

[breathing heavily] I think I’m in a hospital.

But I don’t remember any of it.

Okay, you’ve gone back beyond your conscious memories.

Can you tell us why you’re in the hospital?

[thunder rumbling]

I’m not sure.

But I’m better now.

That’s why they’re here for me.

[hypnotherapist] Who?

[Madison] My new parents.

They’ve come to take me to my new home.

It’s nice.

But he’s here too.


He followed me home from the hospital.

Who is Gabriel? Is he a friend?

He says he is, but I’m the only one that can see him.

[Frank] You ruined your mother’s cake.

I didn’t, it was Gabriel.


You can’t keep lying like this, Maddy.

I’m not lying.

There’s no Gabriel.

Go to your room. Madison, go to your room right now.

[Madison] So when he does something bad, I’m the one that gets in trouble.


[phone ringtone playing]


[ringing continues]

Go away.


But she’s sleeping.

I guess.

Really? You mean like a good surprise?

[soft suspenseful music playing]

[female voice whispers] Cut it.

[male voice whispers] A nice slice of cake for Mom.


[voices continue whispering indistinctly]



[male voice] Cut her!


[screaming] No, it wasn’t me! It was Gabriel!

Please! No, no!

Please believe me!


Stop this. Stop this. Stop this!

Get her out, get her out! Get her out!

[Madison screaming]

Stop this. Stop this.

[Kekoa] Beverly…


Get her out right now!

When I touch your forehead, you will be back with us.

[stops screaming]

[gasps deeply]


Hey. Okay?




Are you okay?

I remember now.

It’s happened before, waking up in strange places, seeing things.

I don’t know how, but Gabriel wanted to…

[Madison sighs]

What did he want, Madison?

To hurt the baby.

It’s as if he knew that with you here… I wouldn’t need him anymore.

And he was right.

He became a lost memory, buried deep in the back of my head… until now.

The killer said he was Gabriel.

My Gabriel.

Wait, are you saying that the killer is your imaginary friend?

[thunder rumbling]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[woman grunting]


[breathing heavily]




[dark dramatic music playing]


[sirens wailing]

[dark dramatic music continues]

[Sydney] Everything’s gonna be okay.

Maddy? Maddy, listen.

Wait. Please.

Detective, wait. Please.

I don’t know what’s going on, but Maddy couldn’t have done this.

You can’t come back in here. This is a crime scene now.

Please just listen to me.

No, you listen.

Back off, or I’m gonna charge you with being an accomplice.



Hey, you guys gotta see this.

[ominous music plays]

This is what he kills with.

It’s the rest of the missing trophy, fashioned into a weapon.

I told you, from day one.

You got the murder weapon, the coat, the gloves, and Jeffrey Dahmer’s workshop in your attic.

It’s over, Madison.

It was… It was Gabriel.

He got into my house. He’s done it before.

Enough with the bogeyman story.

Please, Kekoa. Please.

You’ve seen him.

You know that it’s not me.

Who is the woman, Madison?

I don’t know.

Gabriel must have snuck her into my house.

[Regina] Let me tell you what I think.

You were sick in the head when you were young.

Those doctors helped you. It worked for a while.

But now your sickness is back and you blame them for fucking you up.

[lights buzzing]

[Madison] No. No.

It’s not me.

Stop lying to us.

I’m telling the fucking truth!

[lights bursting]

[Regina] Shit!

[cell phone vibrating]

He wants to talk to you.

[phone continues vibrating]

You have got to be kidding me.

[static crackling]

This is Detective Shaw.

[electronic feedback shrills]

[Gabriel] Hello, Detective.

Who am I talking to?

[Gabriel] You know who I am. You found me.

I didn’t find you soon enough.

But you found my things. I want them back.

Why was your stuff in her attic, hmm?

You trying to incriminate her?

Dumb bitch didn’t even know I was nesting in her home.

Is all this personal?

If my blade had punched a hole in your face last night, would that have been personal?

Who are you, Gabriel?

Oh, I thought she had already told you.

I’m a figment of her imagination.

[Gabriel laughing maniacally]

Ask her what she used to call me.

The Devil.

[static crackles, line disconnects]

You see, Syd? That’s why we never throw anything out.

You never know when something would come in handy.


[woman on phone] Yes, we had an Emily May.

She was remanded to our care by the Simion Research Hospital.

It says here they’ve been shuttered since the 90s.

So it’s just been sitting there empty?

Sorry, I don’t know. That was before my time.

[line beeps]

[suspenseful music playing]


[suspenseful music continues]

[eerie music playing]

[muffled clattering]


[soft rattling]

[Sydney breathing heavily]

[Sydney] Records storage. Basement Level.

Of course.

Please, Officer. Officer! I’m not supposed to be here!

I haven’t done anything wrong!

I am not supposed to be here, God damn it!

They made a mistake.



[woman chuckling]



[indistinct chatter]

[woman laughing]

[sinister music playing]


[Sydney] Emily May.

“…the result of an absorption in utero, growing in sync with patient…”

[objects clattering]

Today, we’ll be speaking to the subjects’ mother, Serena May.

15 years of age.

Poor girl was raped and carried her pregnancy to term.

She’s decided to entrust her children to our care.

This could be a phenomenal opportunity to further our research.

Now, are you sure you want to do this, Serena?

It’s okay, there’s no judgment here.

Mama won’t help me.

She called my pregnancy a transgression against God.

I don’t know how to look after them on my own.


He’s an abomination.

I don’t know what else to do, Doctor.

Please look after Emily.

[Dr. Weaver] Don’t worry. You can have peace of mind knowing we’ll provide the best medical care.

They told me that she died while giving birth.

Those lying cock-knockers. [sighs]

[Dr. Weaver] Now, we’re just going to need you and your mother to sign some paperwork.

[EKG beeping]

When will she wake up?

She’s in a coma, Detective. It’s in God’s hands.

[Regina] Hey, you were right about the Underground.

Jane Doe was a tour guide down there.

Employee of the Month.

[Kekoa] Serena May.

This is Madison’s birth mother.

[Dr. Weaver] Emily, are you okay?

Are you scared?

Well, don’t be. He won’t wake up, I promise.

I’ve given him a heavy sedative.

It’s probably why you’re feeling sleepy too.

We just wanted a private moment with you without Gabriel listening in.

We’ve noticed in recent weeks you’ve become more aggressive.

Can you tell us why?

[whimpers softly]

He’s been telling me to do things.

Bad things. To hurt people.

[Dr. Weaver] Is that why you attacked Bobby Fey?

But Bobby’s twice your size.

Gabriel makes me strong.

He told me to kill Bobby.

[Dr. Weaver] He actually said those words?

Sometimes he speaks words… and other times, the words are in my head.

And then…

Then they aren’t really words anymore.

Just feelings.

But I knew what he wanted me to do.

He pretends to be nice.

But he’s the Devil.

[Dr. Weaver] Okay.

I’m going to wake him up.

Why don’t you come around after I’ve injected him?

[Madison whimpers]

[liquid squirts]

[Madison gasps]


[ominous music playing]

[both gasp]

Oh, my God!

Oh, God!

[Sydney] Oh, my God! Maddy!

[Dr. Weaver] So what exactly is Gabriel?

Gabriel is an extreme version of a teratoma.

A tumor consisting of tissues, hair, teeth, muscles, bones.

But more specifically, in this case, it’s a parasitic twin.

When two embryos develop in the womb don’t separate like they should, one twin is dominant, while the other is underdeveloped.

It’s not considered conjoined because the underdeveloped twin is dependent on the body of the other.

Like a parasite, Gabriel feeds off Emily.

[woman 1] What’s the matter, Pollyanna?

You get lost on the way to the country club?


Look, I don’t want any trouble.

I don’t give a fuck what you want.

An apple.


A teddy bear.

We’re starting to suspect that Gabriel can somehow access the region to the brain that process visual stimuli, and make Emily see what he wants her to see.

This would explain her recent claims of hallucinations and waking dreams.


[woman 1] What the fuck did you do to get in here?

Forget to separate the recycling?


But I’m willing to play nice for a price.


What you got?

[Madison grunts] Guard!

No! No!

[woman 2] Bitch.

[both grunting]

[Madison groaning]

[woman 1 laughs]


[Madison screaming]

Gabriel, stop it.

[machine whirring]


[lights bursting]

[Madison grunting]


What the fuck?

[grunting convulsively]

[woman 2] Oh, shit.

Yo, this bitch is having a seizure.

Because they literally share the same brain, I think he’s able to trick her mind and make her think she’s living her life as usual.

Essentially, placing her in a mental prison.

When in reality, Gabriel has hijacked her body and is using it himself.


[gasps and screams]

It’s time to cut out the cancer.

Gabriel’s parasitic nature has increased significantly as he’s now siphoning more fluids and nutrients, resulting in severe weight loss.

So Dr. Fields, Dr. Gregory, and myself have concluded, the only way to save Emily is to excise the teratoma.

Now, Gabriel is conjoined at the brain, so full removal could kill Emily or result in permanent brain damage.

Course of action would be to remove what we can and suppress the rest into her skull.

Let’s close her up.



[all screaming]



[Madison screaming]


What the fuck?



[women whimpering]

Holy shit! Oh, God damn!

[bones cracking]

[bones snap]

[women continue whimpering]

[bones cracking]

[all screaming]


[all screaming]


[woman 3] Get me outta here!

Guard! Get the motherfuckin’ guard!

[neck snaps]


[woman 4 screams]

Hey! Open the motherfuckin’ door!




Holy shit! Hey!

[guard grunting]

[guard groaning]

[cell phone ringing]

[Sydney] Keh? Listen.

Gabriel is inside of Madison.

He’s been using her this whole time.

He’s been controlling her body like a puppet.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sydney, slow down.

You’re not making any sense.

[Sydney] I found Madison’s history.

She was born with a parasitic twin.

Gabriel has been dormant all of these years.

When Derek smashed Madison’s head against the wall, it woke Gabriel up.



Jeez, Sydney, that’s insane.

Madison’s birth mother is still alive, Keh. They lied.

I know. She’s the woman who fell out of Madison’s attic.

We sent her to Seattle Medical.

Are you kidding me? We have to talk to her.

She’s the only person left alive who knows anything.

[muffled clanging]

[muffled shouting]

[running footsteps]

[man muffled] It’s in the stairs, quick!

[muffled clang]

[man screaming]

[muffled thudding]



It’s coming from inside.

[Kekoa] Shit.

I gotta go. I gotta go.

Keh? Keh?


[tires screeching]

[car horn honking]

[ominous music playing]

[electricity buzzing]



[suspenseful music playing]


[lights buzzing]

[gasps] Oh, God.

[both gasp]





[indistinct shouting]

Shit! We’re getting shot at!

Stay back.


We need backup.

Send the National fucking Guard!



[rousing music playing]

[Kekoa] Madison!

[Gabriel growls]

[Kekoa groaning]

Get off him, motherfucker!

[groaning] Fuck!



[Kekoa groaning]

[Regina groans]

Oh, my God.

Okay. Fuck.

Told you not to get your ass kicked.

[both groaning]

[Regina] Okay.


[dramatic music playing]



[breathing shakily]


[Kekoa coughs]

Oh, my God, Kekoa!

[keypad beeping]

Why am I calling the police?

Call paramedics. Now!

Oh, Reg…

[both groaning]

Oh, my God.

The mother, she’s going for her.

The hospital. You gotta go.

I’ll stay with her. It’s okay. Paramedics are on the way.

I’ll be fine. Now go stop him.


[elevator bell dings]

[officer] Sorry, ma’am, this area is restricted.

Right, I know, Officer,

but if you could just call Detective Kekoa Shaw, then he can fill you in, and just tell him that Sydney Lake is here.

I’m sorry. Nobody is allowed in here.

I cannot let you by unless Detective Shaw is here with…

[electrical whining]

[stifled groan]

What’s wrong? Are you okay?


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Are you having a heart attack?

My pacemaker.


It’s burning.

[electrical buzzing]

[pained scream]

Please go get help.


[pacemaker explodes]


[Sydney screams]

[Sydney panting]




[electronic feedback whines]

[Gabriel] I was saving you for last.


[electricity bursting]


[Gabriel] She chose you…

[Sydney screaming]

…over me.

Her own flesh and blood.

I should have killed you before you were born!


Gabriel, no!




Please forgive me.

I should never have given you away.

You were my son.

And I should have loved you no matter what.



[Serena] Emily!

No! No! No! You’re hurting her!


Sydney, get outta here!


[Sydney screams]


[breathes shakily]

[Gabriel] Go on.


[Gabriel] Shoot me!

Madison, I know you’re in there.

[Gabriel] And kill her.

What did you do to my sister?

She’s not your sister!

[screams and groans]




Maddy, please.

[Gabriel] She can’t hear you.

Maddy, I know you can hear me. You have to fight him.

[Gabriel] Madison’s not home.

Madison, he killed your babies.

He was the cause of your miscarriages.

He was feeding off of your fetuses to build himself back up.

Maddy, please, please come back.


[rousing music playing]

[bones crack]

[Gabriel] Goodbye, sis.

Gabriel, no!


[gasps, sobbing]

[Gabriel] I wanted you to see…

No, Gabriel. Please.

…what you made me.

I’m so sorry.

[muffled grunting]


[muffled groaning]

[beeping rate increasing]

[muffled whimpering]

[beeping rapidly]


[Gabriel] A monster.

[Madison] No, Gabriel.

You were always a monster.


[Gabriel] What?

What’s happening?



[echoing] Now, I can do all the mind tricks you can.

[EKG beeping steadily]

[Gabriel] No.

Not possible!

Did you forget we share the same brain?

I didn’t ask to be tethered to you.

You don’t deserve your body.

I can use it better than you.

Not anymore.

You don’t get to control me ever again.

It’s over, Gabriel.

I’m taking it all back.

My mind, my body, my everything.

Now, you get to live in a world that I create.

[Gabriel grunts]

You can’t lock me in here forever.

You’ll always be stuck with me.

Sooner or later I will get out.

I know, but next time I’ll be ready for you.

[gasps deeply]

[groans loudly]

[grunts, wheezes]



[Gabriel wails]

[Madison groaning]



Maddy? Is that you?

Sydney, I’m so sorry.

I’m gonna lift this off you.

No, it’s too heavy.

It was always my body.

If he was strong enough to do this, then so am I.




[Sydney softly] Hey. Hey.

Hey, stay with me. Hey.

Hey, look at me. Hey.

[soft music playing]

[Sydney sniffling]


All my life, I’ve yearned for a blood connection with someone.

Yet in the end, it was right in front of me all along.

Blood or not, you will always be my sister.

And I will always love you.

[soft music continues]

[electrical buzzing]

[sinister music playing]


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