Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023) | Transcript

Brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther breaks out of prison to hunt down a sadistic serial killer who is terrorising London.
Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023)

[tense music playing]

[pop music playing faintly on earphones]

[vacuum running]

[phone ringing]

[phone continues ringing]

[vacuum shuts off]

[song stops]


[male voice on phone] Callum.

[male voice] I want you to meet me in 15 minutes.

[Callum] What? Tonight? Now?

At this location.

[phone chimes]

Uh, no, I… I don’t think I can make that in time.

[man chuckles] Fine.

I mean, I’m happy to text your girlfriend the screenshots if you like, or, uh, or your mum.

No, don’t.

[breathing shakily] Please don’t tell my mum.

Well, then, be here in 15 minutes, or everyone in your contact list will get the screenshots.

[tense music continues]

[tense music continues]

[Callum] Shit.

Not now. No.

[phone dialing]

[breathing shakily]

Emergency. What service do you require?

Yeah, uh, hello?

Fire, police or ambulance?

Uh, ambulance, please. Um…

Uh, maybe police. There’s been a crash.


No, there’s someone in the road.

[Callum] A man. Uh, maybe someone in the car.

[Callum] I think they’re, um…

[music plays on radio]



Yeah. I… I can check.

Uh, the man in the road is, um…

No. No, I don’t think he is.

Okay. Just stay on the line.

Just don’t leave me alone.

[Callum] Shit.

[suspenseful music playing]

No, the passenger… looks really bad.

[panting] No, it looks like they’ve…


[Callum grunts]

[taser clicking]

[taser clicking]

[tense music playing]

[camera shutter clicking rapidly]

[indistinct police radio chatter]

[Luther] Morning.

There you go.

Cerys Jones, city banker, high achiever, disappeared seven years ago.

Suspected suicide.

[Luther] So where’s she been?

[Schenk] Well, from what we can tell, on ice.

What, for seven years?

[Schenk] Well, we won’t know for how long until we can run proper tests.

And the car?

Reported stolen. South London, ten days ago.

What about the lad that called it in? What’s his name? Um…


[Schenk] Callum.

What was he doing here?

[Schenk] Yeah, well, that’s the question.

He left work to drive here for no reason that we’ve been able to establish.

Saw the site, called 999, and then evaporated.

This isn’t a case of wrong place at the wrong time, is it?

Someone wanted him here.

[officer] Sorry. We can’t let you through.

I have to. I’ve been waiting too long.

Who’s that?

[Schenk] It’s the mother. Corinne.

Corinne, hi. I’m DCI Luther.

I’m in charge of finding your son.

Where is he?

[Luther] Well, we don’t know. Not yet.

This scene is…

It’s… it’s unusual.

My son is out there somewhere right now. So you need to find him.

[Luther] I’ll do the very best I can.

[Corinne] It’s not good enough.

I need you to promise me.

I need you to promise me you’ll find Callum.


I promise.

I’ll bring your boy home. Okay?

Now, try not to worry too much.

[tense music continues]

[male voice] No, no, no relax.

This isn’t about you and your predilections.

There’s this chap, Detective Chief Inspector Luther.

And he’s in charge of finding this poor young lad Callum, and I can’t allow that to happen, I’m afraid.

Now, listen, listen.

From what I hear, DCI Luther’s a bit of a bad apple.

Trouble is, he’s a very analog bad apple.

Doesn’t have what you might call an online presence, which is why I’m calling you.

I want everything on him.

Every furtive little secret, every intimate disgrace.

I want his corruption.

I want evidence of any misstep.

Any wrongdoing.

Any line he’s crossed.

I want… his shame.

[tense music playing]

Extraordinary scenes today outside London’s Old Bailey, where following the release to the media of an apparently incriminating dossier,

DCI John Luther, a storied police officer, is appearing in a multitude of serious criminal charges.

[reporter 2] And yet he now stands charged with a shocking catalog of crimes including breaking and entering, suspect intimidation, tampering with evidence, bribery.

A litany of alleged vigilante activity that critics say attest to a man who felt entitled to take justice into his own hands…

Detective Chief Inspector John Luther was in charge of the hunt for missing London teenager Callum Aldrich at the time of his arrest.

Since when, London police have been heavily criticized for the lack of progress in this case.

DCI Luther had recently apprehended husband and wife serial killers Jeremy and Vivian Lake, whilst leading the hunt for the missing teenager Callum Aldrich.

…for the metropolitan police commented that the search for Callum Aldrich remains their highest priority.

Good luck with that, now, mate.

[reporter 2] …we expect to see Luther being driven out through the gates of the Old Bailey to begin a lengthy sentence at Hawksmoor maximum security prison.

[man] Here he comes! Here he comes!

[people clamoring]

[camera shutters clicking]



[man] Hey, Luther! Luther!

[people yelling indistinctly]

[reporter 2] As a former police officer, what life will be like for him there is anybody’s guess.

Okay, then. I think we are about ready to go.

[tense music playing]

[inmates chattering]

[bird chirping]

[man 2] Stand up if you hate police!

[men chanting] Stand up if you hate police!

Stand up if you hate police!

[door unlocking]

[men] Stand up if you hate police!

Hurry up.

[men] …if you hate police!

[chanting] Stand up if you hate police! Stand up if you hate police!

Stand up if you hate police!

[metal clanging]

Come on, let’s go.

Out of the way. Come on. Move! Move!

Come on.

[inmate 1] Fuck you, copper.

Move. Get out of the way!

Back up!

[banging continues]

[officer] Come on.

[indistinct chatter]

[inmate 2] Watch your back, copper.

Fuck off.

[ball clanks loudly]

[inmates jeering, laughing]

[guard] Come on. Let’s get moving.

[shower running]

[inmate yells]

[Luther grunts, groans]

[blows landing]


[telephone ringing]



[boy] Mum?

Who is this?

Mum, can you come and get me?

Who is this?

Mum, it’s me.

Callum? Is it really you? Callum?

[thunder rumbling]

[phone ringing faintly]


[phone continues ringing]

[voicemail] Hey, it’s Callum. Sorry I missed your call.

Uh, leave me a message at the sound of the beep.


[echoing] Hello?

[phone ringing]


Callum, it’s me. It’s Mum.

[voicemail] Hey, it’s Callum. Sorry I missed your call.

[phone ringing]


[voicemail] Hey, it’s Callum…

[line ringing]

[phones ringing]

[phones ringing loudly]


[phones continue ringing]




[Corinne sobbing]

[woman yelps]

[people yelling indistinctly]

[piano strings popping]


[knocking continues]

[tense music builds to crescendo]

[phone ringing]

DCI Raine. Yep. Okay.

[siren wailing]

[officer] Back up, please. Back up.

[news anchor] Our reporter, John Cunningham, is at the scene.

[Cunningham] Details are sketchy at this stage.

The scene is tightly cordoned off, but there are unconfirmed reports that a number of bodies have been found in the house.

We’re awaiting confirmation that one of the bodies is that of the missing teenager Callum Aldrich.

The police are yet to issue any official information.

[water dripping, sizzling]

[Raine] Eight victims.

Each officially a missing person until last night.

The house belongs to a Saudi national who hasn’t set foot on British soil in five years.

Our killer must’ve known that. Let’s find out how.

Earliest crime goes back 11 years.

The most recent dates back to last year.

So, where were the bodies stored in the interim?

And who would have the kind of space, time, or money to do something like that?

This has been carefully planned and executed over a number of years, so there’ll be a lot of data to parse.

But… you find me one point of commonality between these victims, just one, and you’ll have our killer.

[detective] Yes, ma’am.

Let’s get to it.

Find me that connection.

[keys jangling]

[footsteps approaching]

[paper rustling]

[footsteps receding]

[softly] Shit.

[radio tuning]

[static hissing]

[Callum on radio] No, no, no! [screams]


[Callum sobbing]

Mum! Ah! Ah! Please stop!


[male voice chuckling]

[laughing] Hello again, John.

Do you know who that was? Oh, I’ll bet you do.

Oh, poor Callum.

[chuckling] You know, I had him.

Yeah, I had him tucked away, and I stood next to you at a bus stop.

Offered you a mint, and you took it.


I looked you right in the eye ’cause I was curious.

I wanted to know if you’d see it in me.

Because that is who you are, isn’t it?

The man who knows all about people like me.

But you didn’t see me.

And now you are in a cage because I put you there.

It makes me wonder how you’re gonna feel, having to watch what happens next.

[door unlocking]

You all right?


[guard] Someone’s here to see you.


Barbra Streisand. Fuck do I know?

[Luther] Corinne?

Well, you remembered my name at least.

[Luther] Of course I remember your name.

Corinne, what are you doing here?

Corinne, I’m so…

Do you know what they did to him?


Can you talk me through it?



So you can help?

Well, you already promised me that once.

You looked me in the eye and promised me.

But it seems you were busy with more important things.

I hope someone tells you what they did to my son.

I hope you never sleep again.

Corinne. Corinne, wait. Wait, wait. Corinne.



Thank you so much for doing this.

I never could have driven myself.

Honestly, no worries. I…

Anything that you need.

Anything. You just…

You just have to ask.


[reporter] Police are yet to reveal any official information, although we have been informed that there are multiple fatalities, which occurred in a fire shortly before midnight.

We are awaiting further information from the authorities surrounding the circumstances.

[Raine] So, no neighbors. Plenty of space…

Excuse me, ma’am. There’s a call for you.

He says it’s urgent.

Thank you.

DCI Raine.

DCI Raine, it’s, uh, DCI John Luther…

Well, I mean, it’s not…

I, um, was a DCI in your department.

Of course. I’ve heard of you.

How did you get this call out to me?

Callum Aldrich.

That was my case.

[Raine] I’m aware of that. Yes.

[Luther] The killer contacted me and sent me a recording of Callum’s death.

Now, he also sent me a personal message.

Okay, I’m… I’m sorry.

I can’t imagine how that must feel, but truthfully, he has contacted everyone.

He did what?

He sent recordings of the murders to all eight families.

So why… why does he make an announcement?

Why does he make an announcement right now?

I’ll tell you why. Because something’s coming.

And whatever it is, he needs… he needs an audience.

That’s the kind of personality he is. He needs an audience.

Read the room, John. Stop.

He wants us to see it.

Get ahead of him, get ahead of him and stop worrying about where he’s come from, but where he’s about to go next.

I said enough! Enough.

[sighs] Jesus.

Do you think I give a shit about a dirty copper’s unfinished business?

Do you think I need advice from you?

You can’t help me, John, and God knows you can’t help Callum Aldrich.

It is still my case.

No, it’s not. It’s mine.

You abdicated yourself of that privilege when you did what you did.

And… and you know, honestly, I’m glad.

I am glad that you’re ashamed.

I’m glad that it hurts to be where you are because… because it should.

Now, do not call this office again.

If you do one call and I will have you slammed up in solitary for the duration. Clear?


Well done, Raine. I’m still a copper.

[Raine] Ah no. No, you’re not.

Not anymore.

Put a call in to the prison governor. Get that phone taken off him. Thank you.

[man] To be honest, I don’t know why you bothered calling.

It’s not even my area of expertise.

I’m basically a thief.

I’m not asking you to fucking marry me.

I’m asking you to do me a job.

It’s not the job I’ve a problem with. It’s who I’d be doing it for.

Oh, for fuck’s sake.

[sighs, sniffles]

Look, I didn’t trust you when you were the right side of the law.

Why would I now?

Dennis, you been watching the news?

The Bishops Avenue thing. Have you seen that?

Have you seen what that prick has done?

Yeah, yeah, I saw that.

So, you can… you can see why I’ve got to get the fuck out of here.

You’re having a laugh.

[alarm ringing]

[inmates yelling]

I know what happened to you and to your mum.

And I know that you were eight years old.

That’s why I’m calling you, you of all people, because you hate pricks like this.

And so do I.

[inmates jeering]


So what are you asking?

Stand still!


[thunder rumbling]

[rain pattering]

[Luther] Me being in here…

I know it makes your life very difficult.

Make me someone else’s problem.

Get me transferred out tonight.

We can’t make that happen by magic. There are systems in place.

I know what systems are in place, which is why you’ve gotta let ’em have what they want.

Let them come at me, so big, so loud, that the system has to kick in, has to transfer me.

Let them at you?


How does that make sense?

Because I’m ready.

Can you do it or not?

I mean, in theory, yeah, but…

If it goes wrong, spins out of control, you’re a dead man. They’ll kill you, John.

All right, yeah. I… I can live with that.

So let ’em come.

Let them come.

[tense music playing]

[guard] Get off! Get on the ground!

[inmates yelling]

[indistinct radio chatter]


Look. Shit.

[alarm blaring]

[guard 2] Now! All available staff!




Ah! [grunts]


[keys rattling]


[alarm continues blaring]

[cell doors clang open]

[indistinct chatter]

[inmates clamoring]

Get down! [groans]

[inmate] Grab that for him!

[banging on door]

[banging stops]

[liquid pouring]

[lighter clicks]

[Luther grunts]









[inmate groans]







[flashbang detonates]

[high-pitched ringing]

[muffled screams]

[high-pitched ringing continues]

[muffled] Stop! Stop! Stop!

[muffled yelling]

[high-pitched ringing stops]

[inmates yelling]

[all clamoring]

[Luther grunts loudly]

[inmates clamoring]

[door thuds]

[thunder rumbling]

[brakes screech]

[man yelling] Don’t fucking move! Don’t fucking move!

[man 2] Get on the fucking ground.

[man speaking indistinctly on radio]

[gas hissing]


[metal banging]

[man] Open the fucking door!


Come here! Move it! Open the door now!

[gun cocking]



[man] Keep your hands still!

Come on! On your feet! Move it!

Move it! Move it!


[vehicle doors slam]

[tires screeching]



[relieved sigh]




I can’t stay long.

I just wanted to pop by and show you something.

[in Portuguese] Something was troubling her.

She wouldn’t tell us what.

But she was scared of someone.

[in English] Who is she afraid of, do you think?

Poor little Brigida.

[reporter] …the worrying spike in unexplained disappearances of young adults…

Oh, darling, no. No. Please open…

Open your eyes.


[reporter] …surrounding Brigida’s disappearance have similarities to those of missing French student Camille Fontaine and Croatian teenager, Jacov…


Portuguese police are unwilling to…

You know…

You always said… that I should talk to somebody about this.


And so that’s exactly what I’m doing… because…

[singing] ♪ I’m coming out ♪

♪ I want the world to know Got to let it show ♪

♪ I’m coming out ♪

♪ I want the world to know Got to let it show ♪

♪ I’m… ♪

[Dennis] Christ on a scooter.

These the wheels you bought from Fat Thommo Chitwood that time?

[Luther] Yeah. Five hundred quid and a bootleg David Bowie album.

Blue vinyl.

Never let me down though.

[Dennis] Never will.

If you look after it, which you haven’t.

[Luther] Yeah, well.

Cheers, Den.

I got you that thing you asked for.


Listen, Luther.

When you take this prick to the ground, you do him grievous on my behalf, yeah?

You do him damage.

You take care, John.


[telephone ringing]

DCI Raine.

[woman speaking indistinctly]



[pen clanks]

Okay, thank you.

Boss? What’s up?

Luther’s out.

Luther’s what?


[florescent lights buzzing]

Detective Superintendent Schenk.

Just Martin. I’m retired.

Well, they retired me.

DCI Raine.


My replacement.

So how are things at the shop?

Busy. Do you mind if I sit?

I presume you’ve come for background in the Aldrich case.

But for that you’re…

I know who I have to go to, which is basically my problem.

Look, I know he’s in prison, but if all you need is background, I don’t see an ethical conundrum.

Except he’s not in prison.

But… Oh.

Of course he’s not.

Listen. He’s your friend?

He is.

You know him better than anyone.

You know how he thinks.

If John really is your friend, you’ll find him, stop him nosing at my investigation.

But if John Luther shows his face and refuses an order to stand down, which we both know he will, Tactical Unit will shoot him dead.



I’m not asking you to catch him for me.

We can do that.

I’m asking you to save his life.


[steady pinging]

[tracker pinging accelerates]

[rapid pinging]

[clicks on]

[Callum screaming on radio]

[sobbing] Mum!

Mum! Ah! Ah! Please stop!


[male voice chuckling] Hello again, John.

Do you know who that was?

Oh, I bet you do.

Poor Callum.

The killer got to him using an FM broadcast. 65.8 FM.

Trace the frequency to source and you’ll find John.

Out-fucking-standing. Thank you, Martin.

Bring him in.

Martin, what are you doing the rest of the day?

[dance music playing]


I’m sorry. We’re not open yet.

I’m police.

Can I see your badge?

I forgot it in my other coat.

Sorry about that.

What’s your name?


Derek. Do you know who I am, Derek?

I don’t think so, no.

You really don’t know who I am, do you?

I really don’t, no.

So how come you’re broadcasting the recording of a murder to me?

Wait! No!


[women moaning on TVs]

[door rattling]

[Derek whimpers]

[Luther] You fucking…

Sit down!

And I want you to do me a favor.

Sit there and do nothing silly. Understand?


[sirens wailing]

[Raine on radio] Archie, we’ve tracked the signal.

Sending the coordinates now.

Where is it?

In the cup…

Where is it?

In the cupboard.

In the cupboard. Idiots.

Have you listened to this?

[Derek] No.

Have you? No?


Good, because it’s fucking horrible. You know what it is?

It’s the dying breaths of a young man.

A young man named Callum Aldrich, and it’s fucking horrible.

And I want to find the prick that made that recording.

And you’re gonna help me by telling me how this transmitter got here.

I can’t.


Okay, right, well, this is the part where I do something horrible to you like perhaps, I don’t know, tattoo your fucking eyeball.

How do you turn it on? Turn it on! Go on.


There you go.

No, please…

Don’t move. Stop moving!

Stop moving. Stop moving!

It’s all right…

[machine buzzing loudly]


[buzzing stops]

[Derek panting]

I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that. Do you know why?

[machine clatters]

I’ve got this thing, and I’ve had it since I was a kid.

It’s kind of like a instinct thing, you know, where you kind of look at someone, and you read them.

And you can tell whether they’re good or bad.

I can tell, I can tell, Derek, that you’re decent.


So, I’m gonna ask you again. How did that transmitter get here?

It arrived by courier.

Is that a fucking joke?

No, no, no!

I was told to leave it running for 24 hours and then ditch it.

Go on.

That’s it.


[sirens wailing]

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but your game’s up!

The police are here! I’m here!

Now, come on.

[exhales] I met a man online.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

He was into extreme submission porn.

We exchanged fantasies for a long time, months.

Decided to move things into the real world.

His needs were very specific.

[sirens approaching]

He wanted to be taken by surprise.


He gave me his details. Name, address, time he got home from work, the alarm code.

Speed it up. Come on. Fuck’s sake.

One night, I was waiting when he came home.

There was a safe word, but he didn’t use it.

So, I kept going.

I just kept going.

Because I hadn’t really been talking to him.

I’d been catfished.

Set up by somebody posing as this poor man to assault him.

He had no idea who I was or why I was there.

[officer yelling faintly]


Armed police! Get back!

And then what?

[Derek] Blackmail.


The catfisher had it all on film. All the things I did.

Who was that?

I don’t know.

You don’t know?

No, I don’t know! Just… Look… Just…

I don’t know him. I’ve never met him. I just do what he tells me, okay?

[indistinct police radio chatter]

I’ve got to make this right.

I really do.


And it’s going to be bad for you.

I know.

But it’s not as bad as you think.

Not if you help me catch this man.

I can’t.

Oh, you can.

[Luther] For fuck’s sake. What is it?


He texts me.

Armed police! Armed police!

Armed police!

He never uses the same phone for more than a day.

You should have given me this earlier.

I know.

Armed police!

Armed police! Go!

Armed police!

[officer 1] All clear.

Let’s go!

[officer 2] All clear!

[line ringing]

[in Estonian] Have we got the place ready?

It’s ready!

And the last of the livestock?

En route and on schedule.

So we’re ready to go?

We’re ready.

Here’s to the start of my new life.

I wish you could be with me at the launch party.

[computers beeping]

[indistinct chatter over computers]

[woman speaking on computer indistinctly]

[boy speaking on computer indistinctly]

[device beeps softly]

[man on computer] Where do you wanna meet?

[people arguing indistinctly]

[keyboards clacking]

[electronic beeping]

[woman moaning] Oh yes.

Yes, yes, right there. [moans]

[vehicle accelerating on game]


[overlapping indistinct voices on computers]

[woman moaning]

Oh my God! What are you doing?

Oh crap.

[church bell tolling]

[phone ringing]

[Schenk] Schenk.


I was wondering when you’d call.

[Luther] Yeah. I see you’re back in the shop then.

I’m consulting, yes.

Helping them to catch you.


Great work finding me. How did you do that?

Had a sniff around your cell.

Found the radio tuned to a dead station.

I know you to be a Radio 4 man.

Yeah, well, that or the cricket. That was very good work.

Well, there’s life in the old fucker yet.

Oh no, I never doubted it. Are they listening in?

Not yet.

I got him.

What do you mean you’ve got him?

Well, as good as. I got a number.



Doesn’t matter how, but the number won’t be good to you lot. Not yet.

They’re not my lot.

Yes, and given the fact that it was obtained by an escaped criminal, I doubt there’ll be much of an argument for a warrant on the back of it.

Can you do me a favor?

Can you trace the number?

You know I’m not going to do that.

Come on, boss. What are they going to do? Fire you?

One more time for auld lang syne, and for what it’s worth, he uses burners. The number won’t be good tomorrow.

Call me back in 15 minutes.

Hey, do you want to put 20 on it?

On what?

Twenty that I get him before you get me.

Make it 50.

[Raine] Well, he’s got some onions on him, I’ll give him that.

[Schenk] Look, I know how it feels.

I’ve sat in the same chair, expressed the same sentiments, but there’s a double play here.

Do as he asks. Trace the phone. Give him a location.


[Raine] Luther’s pulling us away from the case.

Look, the worst outcome is he’s arrested and locked up by teatime.

The best outcome?

He’s right and leads you directly to your killer.

Except if I were Luther, I’d assume you and I were having this conversation.

He knows. Of course he knows. He just doesn’t care.

All he wants is for this man to be caught and stopped.

We’d have to go in heavy.

The heavier the better, I should imagine.

I thought he was your friend.

He is. That doesn’t mean you should trust him though.

[Luther] All right, boss. What’s in the box?

Deal or no deal?

The phone’s at Piccadilly Circus.

Nice one.

[sirens wailing]

[woman on radio] All units, we’re searching for an IC3 male in the Piccadilly Circus area.

Do not approach the subject. Over.

[siren wailing]

Excuse me. Uh, excuse me.

I’m running late to see my wife. Mind if I make a quick call?

I lost my cell phone. I’ll be two minutes.

Thank you. You are a lifesaver. Thank you so much. Right, okay, thank you.

[line ringing]

So, where is he now?

[Schenk] Stationary for the last 20 minutes.

Still Piccadilly Circus.

[Luther] Something doesn’t feel right.

What is he waiting for?

John, identify the target, but do not engage.

I love you too.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

All right, all right, Luther’s on foot in Soho en route to Piccadilly Circus.

Stay on him.

[sirens continue wailing]

[vehicle horns honking]


[sobs softly]


[indistinct chatter]



Okay, that’s confirmed. Luther’s at Piccadilly Circus.

Do we take him?

[officer 2] Bravo unit. Ready to engage.

Wait for Luther to ID a suspect, then move in and take them both.


[breathing nervously]

[line ringing]


[phone ringing]

Who is this?

[Luther] You know who it is.


Excuse me. Hey!


Stand back! Police!

[people yelling]

Go, go, go, go!

That’s it. Let’s go.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


Stop! Stop!


All right, just look at me.

Back! Back!


Go, go, go, go!

[Luther] All right.


Okay. Just relax. Stop, stop, stop!


It’s over now. All right. It’s over now.

Yeah? Well, why… Why would you say that?

It’s just about to get started.

[woman yelps]

[people gasping]

[clock bell ringing]

What’s going on?

Wait for it.


[bell tolls]


[tires screeching]

[people screaming]

What are you doing? Call it off.

[onlookers screaming]

[dull thud]


[bell tolls]

[car horn honking]

[metal crunching]

[tires squealing]

[Raine] Move!

[officer] Armed police, get back!

Do you see me now?

Can you see me now?

[officer] Armed police! Stand back!

Down on the ground, now!

Do not move. On the ground!

Armed police!

Both of you on the ground now!

All right!

[officers shouting]

[Raine] Down on the ground!

[people screaming]

[jumper screaming]

[man] Get out of the way!

[car horn honking]


[people yelling]

[Luther] Oi!

Sorry. Move! Move!


[Luther] Out the way! Out the way!

[on PA] The train is now ready to depart.

Mind the doors, please. Mind the closing doors.

[doors slide closed]

[sighs] For fuck’s sake.

[loud rattling]


Possible sighting. Attempting to intercept.


[faint clank]

[mice squeaking]


[track humming]






[Luther grunts]



[officer] Armed police!

[officer] Police! Police! Do not move! Police!

Come here! Come here and cuff him!

Police! Do not move!

Just fucking cuff him first, and then get me.


[officer] Do not move! Do not!


On your face. On your face!

All right.


Ah! Wait!

[officer screaming in pain]

[Luther groans]

[officer moaning]


All right, mate. All right, mate.


All right. Now, what’s your name, pal?


Jamal? Listen to me. Look at me in the eyes.

Will you look at me? All right, calm down while I take a look at your leg.

Armed police! Back away!

[Luther] Relax.

Move away!

[Luther] Mate, do me a favor and listen.

You can put the cuffs on me as long as I can sort out Jamal.

Just give me a hand here, all right? Come on. Come here now.

Freddie, Freddie!

If you got any gauze, you’ll need it.

Got some here.

I got cut, Freddie. I got cut.

It’s all right. Just relax there, pal.

Really bleeding.

[Luther] He’s cut an artery.

Fucking hell.

Never mind, put the whole thing in there.

Seriously, mate. Stay still, all right?

DCI Luther.

Yes, mate.

[Jamal] I’m sorry I hit you.

You hit me. It’s all right ’cause I’m a wanted man.

Of course you can hit me.


[Jamal] Jesus!


I did a job with you back in the day.

Did ya? On what? Put pressure on that.

Cameron Pell.

Cameron Pell?

A school bus and all that malarkey.


I remember you. Yeah. You did some good work on that one.

Really good work. You did good.


Sir, you need to go now.

He’s gonna fade fast…

Leg it. Leg it!

What? I can’t leave you.

Go now!

Go! Go! I’m fine. I’m all right.

Look, Freddie’s got this. Right, Fred?

Yeah, yeah, I got this. Go.

[Jamal] So go.


Give him a dig from me. Go.

Just go.

[Luther] Listen, you’re a good cop, okay?

[Freddie] Jamal, calm down, mate. It’s all right. Help is on the way.

Off… Officer injured!

Jamal. Jamal! Wake up! Fuck’s sake.

Jamal. Officer injured!

[phone ringing]

I thought the fucker was in prison.

Yeah, not anymore.

How much of a problem is this gonna be?

Uh, I don’t know.

It’s been a big fucking problem so far.


Look after it for me.

I mean, this is a big day for me, Archie.

[Archie] What the fuck does that mean?

Just look after it, will ya?

You know what’s gonna happen, don’t you? Hmm?

Imagine your wife’s face when she hears about what you did.

People that you work with. Hmm?

The judge.

Oh my God, your mum.


Everything all right?

[Archie] Uh…

No. Your friend’s giving me conniptions.

Ah. Yes. He’ll do that.

[indistinct creepy voice on computer]

[loud screeching]

[indistinct creepy voice mumbling]

[man screaming in pain]


[clock ticking]

[eerie distortion continues]

[in Estonian] Yes?


I need you to go ahead and get things ready.

I’m running a few hours late.

Of course. Is there a problem?

No. No problem.

I just need to stop off and pick up one extra.

How are we looking otherwise?

The site’s up and counting down.

They’re coming in numbers.


Nice one.

See you soon then.

See you soon.

[thunder rumbling]


[inhales sharply]

[indistinct chattering]

[phone ringing]

Quiet, please.


[Schenk] John, where are you?

Do me a favor, boss. Just put her on, please.


What do you want, John?

How is he?

He died, John.

You just…

You couldn’t bear not being in the center of things.

And now a good man is dead.

I hope you’re proud.

Look, if you want to bring him in, you’ll have to hold him on the line while your officers get on site.

[Schenk] All right, John.

Finish what you were about to say quickly, please.

What do we know about the way he selects his victims?

What do we know about that?

[Schenk] Sweet Fanny Adams. Victimology is all over the shop.

No pattern.

But there’s got to be something in common. Right? Some attributes.

Yeah, well, if they do, only he can see it.

Yeah, exactly.

What do we know about the jumpers?

[Raine] None of them were vulnerable in the typical ways.

Uh, they all had jobs, emotional and financial support structures, and they were in the top 5% of earners.

Yeah. They were good people, weren’t they?

Yes. All right. Explain.

I mean, it doesn’t matter who you are.

We’ve all got something that you don’t want anyone else to know about.

Something you’re ashamed of. It could be something sexual.

Could be financial. Could be criminal.

Problem is these days people live their secret lives out on the internet.

So I think he’s probably lurking, you know, fishing for secrets, and I bet he’s not going to them. No, he’s not stupid, is he?

No. He knows he’ll get caught that way. So he’s using…

blackmail to make them come to him.

Jesus, John.

All of them?

Yeah, no, all of them, because I think he’s probably figured out that in the right circumstances, the fear of shame, the fear of being called out, the fear of being caught is way more powerful than the fear of death.

There’s no way to get ahead of it. How do you catch someone who can get to anyone?

He’s… [sighs] He’s a parasite.

He’s feeding off it.

He’s on Millfield Avenue SE1.

John. Sorry, are you there? We’d lost you for a…




[sirens wailing]

[phone vibrating]

Hey, Mum.

Anya Raine, have you been asleep?

[Anya] No.

Have you been in bed all day?


I’m having a bit of a rough go of it at work today, so I might not be able to drive you tomorrow.

Yeah, no worries. Okey dokey.

But you can get an Uber on my account.

Not an SUV because you are not Rihanna.

But if I don’t get a chance to speak to you before then, good luck.

I love you.

I love you too.


If that kitchen is left in a mess, I will be very, very salty.


Kitchen’s spotless.

All right.

I love you. Bye.


[water running]

[male voice whispering] Anya.


Manda, is that you?

[male voice] Anya.

[male voice] Anya.

[loud screeching on speaker]

[Anya screaming]

[screeching continues]


[doorbell buzzing]

[continues buzzing]

[Luther] Corinne, I had him.

I had him.

Look, I think he knew something, this man.

I think he knew something about Callum that Callum didn’t want anyone else to know.

Something like what? I don’t follow.

I don’t know. Um, maybe he, uh… uh, something.

He stole money, or he cheated.

He’d never do anything like that.

No, no.

But whatever it was, it was small, probably, but it mattered to Callum.

And he agreed to meet this man.

And pay him off.

Corinne, um, I know this is really difficult. Okay?

And I’m sorry for what I’m about to say.


I think you know this man.

I think… I think he’s in your life.

I don’t understand what that means.

It means I need to understand if someone new has come into your life since you lost Callum.

It would be a friend.


someone that you possibly met at the support group.

You could have met him socially.

He’s nice. He’s warm.

He never wants anything back from you. He, he, he…

Well, there’s Tommy, but it’s not him.


What can you tell me about him?

[scoffs, sniffs]

I met him at a support group.

He lost his wife, and he lost her in terrible circumstances.

Really terrible.


He took me to the prison when I…

He can’t!

That would be…

He’s been in this house. He’s picked up these photographs.

He’s touched them.

Commiserated with me.

[inhales shakily]

Please tell me he’s not that cruel.

John, please.

I need to use your phone. Can I do that?

Yeah, it’s in there.

[“Baby Love” playing on radio]

♪ How I need you ♪

♪ But all you do is treat me bad ♪

♪ Break my heart and leave me sad ♪

♪ Tell me, what did I do wrong ♪


♪ To make you stay away so long ♪

♪ Mm-bop, mm-bop ♪

♪ Baby love, my baby love I need you, oh how I need you ♪

[Schenk] We’ve been speaking to the families.

John was right.

At least five of them have been in some way befriended by a man in his 40s.

Different names, but the same approximate age, height, and general description.

Any of the names check out?


Not as such, but each of these men claims to have a wife who burned to death in a house fire in Eccleston Square.

Dates given vary from 2007 to the present day.

Good work.

[phone ringing]

Anya, sweetheart. I can’t talk right now.

[Anya screaming] Mum! Mum!

[Anya sobbing]



[phone chimes]

[whimpering] Mum…


Don’t you fucking touch her. I’ll fucking kill you, you piece of shit.

If you touch one hair on her head…

Shh. Shush, shush now, shush.

Do you know my name, Odette?


Have you told anyone?


Good. Let’s keep it that way, please.

Would you like your daughter back?

Fuck you. Yes.

Then I’d like you to deal with this Luther issue for me, please.

Do you think you can do that for me to get Anya back?

Because I’d like you to imagine something for me, if you would, Odette.

I would like you to imagine… the pain I could put you through when I am enjoying myself with her.

[Raine] Archie’s right. It’s a dead end.

Odette, you’re wrong.

It’s got legs. It’s good.

No. It’s a chimera.

Just a pattern in the noise. Listen…

You’re a great help, Martin, but it hasn’t worked out.

So you are free to go with our gratitude.

I will call you if we need you again.

Odette, I…

We’re done. Thank you.

[Luther] So what we got?

[Raine] You were right.

He’s worked his way into their lives, befriended them.

All right.

Have we got a name?

Yeah, we got a name.

Okay. Who is he?

I’m not going to tell you that, John.

Can’t have you pitching up at the arrest turning everything into a circus.

I don’t want that either.


I just… I owe you.

So you agree to meet me at a place of my choosing.

I want you cuffed in the back of my car. No tricks. No games.

You can witness the arrest before I hand you in.

This is an offer, a one-time offer, and it ends in five seconds.

Can I trust you?

Think we’re past that now, aren’t we?

Right. Okay, yeah, fine. But I choose the place.

[1930s jazz music playing]

[Luther groans softly]

Evening, sir. What can I get you?

Oh, I don’t know. It’s been a long day.

[clears throat] What do you suggest?

I’d say a long day calls for a martini.


Whiskey? We have an 18-year-old Glenmorangie, uh, Tullamore Dew.

I’ll have a glass of water.

If it makes you happy, you can make it fizzy.


DCI Raine.

So who is he then?

I’ll tell you in the car.




Name’s David Robey, city trader.

Suspected aggravated sexual assault six years ago.

Never proven.

A few months later, his wife’s planning to leave him until she’s injured in a fire.

Suspected arson. Never proven.

Did the wife survive?

If you want to call it that.


Where’s your car?

Around the corner. Next right.

[Luther] Odette.

[Raine] Just walk to the car.

What has he got on you?

What has he got on you?

My daughter. So…


[Luther] Raine…

[Raine] In.

If you do this for him, you’ll never get her back.

You must know that.

I’ll tell you what I know. I’ll tell you.

I know he never would have taken her if you hadn’t gotten involved.

No. He’d done it anyway as soon as you got close.

He’d use her to control you, which is what he’s doing now.

Enough. Get in the fucking car.

She’s alive right now. Okay.

He will kill her as soon as it suits him.

I said, “enough.”

And you’ll be alive.

And he’ll love that, so that you…

Shut up.

Jesus Christ. Put that away.

Shut up.

Get in the car. Get in.

Put that down.

He’ll love it knowing you could never admit what you’ve done.

The shame of it. Listen to me.

Shut up. Shut up.

He needs you right now, and he needs your daughter.

[gun fires]


Get in the fucking car now!

Get in the car!

I’m just saying we could use that.

All right? To bring her home. You and me, we could get her back.




Okay, so if we do this, no one can know.

Not, not Schenk, nobody, because he’s got someone on the inside.

I know he does.

How? How?

I just know. I know him, okay?

Get out.

So what now?

[nurse] She’s very weak. It’s very difficult for her to talk.

Thank you.

Georgette, I’m DCI Raine and this is…

I’m DCI John Luther.

I think you know what David’s been doing.

[Georgette] Please leave me alone, please.

Afraid we can’t do that.

Archie, where’s the boss?

I’m not sure. Why?

Oh shit. Um, nobody can raise her.

She’s probably chasing a lead. Why?

Because Luther was right. Something’s coming.

[industrial metal music playing]

[loud screeching]


Jesus holy fucking Christ.

People on-screen match people reported missing over the last five, six weeks all over Europe.

Where’s the site hosted? Can we track it?


[music continues]


What… what happens?

Users get to watch and vote for how they want the victims to be killed.

[music continues]

Listen, give me a second. Okay, one second. I’ll be right back.



He’s a good man.

[Luther] No, he’s not a good man.

I know you think he sent us here to test you.

But he didn’t.

Look at me.

[softly] Here. Look at me, please.

There’s no reason on this earth that you should be afraid.

Not anymore.

I know you tried to stop him.

That’s why he did this to you.

We need to know where he is.

And I know you can tell me that because I know he enjoys telling you.

Georgette, he’s got my daughter.

[whispering indistinctly]

[line ringing]

[Luther] Boss.

[Schenk] John.

[indistinct chatter]

Where are you?

In church.

They serve a nice pint there, do they?

They do.

Listen, I’m calling to tell you that I don’t think we’re looking for just one man.

I think we’re looking for an operation.

What does that mean?

They’re running a red room.


Red rooms don’t exist.

They’re an urban legend.

Yeah, no, that’s the point.

I think he wants the world to think he’s a nightmare that’s come true.

That he’s a bad dream, and that he can touch anyone he wants anywhere he likes.

Where is it? This red room?

I… I cannot tell you that.

I see.

One last hurrah, is it?

One last chance to exercise that death wish you’ve been carrying around for how long?

Boss, I’m sorry, okay? I know that I’ve let you down… way too often.

It wasn’t me you let down.

The tragedy is that you are a better man than you ever allowed yourself to be.

[door slams]

Well, look, I’m not going to ask you to trust me, okay?

But I am going to ask you for just one more favor.

Of course you are.


Just check your texts.

[phone chimes]

Can you do that?

How can I not?




[Archie] All I know is you asked me to find her, and I found her.

I set up an alert on her passport, and she used it.

[Robey] Hmm.

Used it where?

Passenger ferry en route to Norway.

And the investigation knows nothing about this?

Well, that’s… that’s a pretty time-limited situation.

Okay, good.

Now, listen, Archie.

No, no, you don’t… You listen.

Listen, listen, listen.

There’s only one person that could have led DCI Raine to here.

A woman, inevitably.

I need you to pay her a little visit.

Make sure she doesn’t speak to anyone else.

Look. No. No.

Huh? Archie. Archie…


You can’t just… Can’t you leave me alone now?

Listen, mate, you… you have come so far.

There’s no going back.

So I just want you to do this one tiny weeny little thing for me.

Yeah? And then that’s it.

That’s it. That’s… that’s your way out.

Just think of it is as opening a door to a future without me in it.

Odette, are you ready for this?

I’m doing it. I’m here.

[Luther] Yeah? Whatever comes next?

Do you have kids?

Um, no.

No, clearly not, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked the question.



That was unkind.

There was never enough time for me and my wife.

And then time just, um…

ran out.

I know you lost her.


I don’t get it.


You seem like such a decent man.

I don’t understand why you did the things you did.

Well, I couldn’t see any other way.

To do what?

What had to be done.

I know. I’m so sorry.


John told me someone would come for her.

But he didn’t know who that someone might be.

Oh, but I knew.

So what does this man have on you, Archie?

And how bad could it have been for you to allow all this?

You know, the funny thing is… it wasn’t even that bad.

Not really.

[gasps, shudders]

According to Georgette, we’re three miles out.

[tire spinning]

[handbrake clicks]

We’re a mile and a half out.

[Raine grunts]

[wind whistling]

[Raine] We can’t stop.

[Anya sobbing] Mum. Mum!

No, Mum!

Baby, no, no, no, no.

[Luther] Odette. Wait. Wait.

[Anya] Help me!

Oh my God. Oh my God.

[Anya sobbing] Mum!


[Anya on device] Someone help me. Help!

[Anya sobbing]

[device beeps]

[sobbing] Oh my God!

[continues sobbing]

Oh no!

[Luther] Okay… Hey.

[sobs, yells]

It should be you! It should be you!

Oh my God!

Get out. Get out. Get out! Get out! Get out!

Get out! Get out! [sobs]

[continues sobbing]

[ice cracking]

[door creaks]

[Raine whimpers]

[whimpering continues]

It’s not her. John.

John. [grunts]

[groans, coughs]


[cable tie zips]

[Raine wheezes]

[groans, gasps]

[wheezing inhale]

[metal door opens]


[blows thudding]

[camera whirring]

[Robey] Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello.

All right. All… all the cameras are on?

[light clicks]

[Robey] Are we live streaming?


[Robey] Okay. All right. Let’s go.




[Robey] And three, two, one.

Welcome to the Red Bunker.

All your votes are in and counted, and you’re probably expecting us to kick off proceedings with Brigida.

Actually, one of you asked if lovely Jacov could skin her like a snake, which I… I have to say really tickled my funny bone.

But as it happens, we have a surprise opening act for you as tonight’s special guest is DCI…

Well, no, actually he’s not DCI anymore.

John Luther.

So, John.

[camera whirring]

[Robey on phone] I thought I’d kick off by asking you as a…

Well, a bit of an expert in these things, apparently.

Do you think I can help being what I am?

Do you think any of us can?

Mate, I couldn’t give a fucking monkey’s.

[Robey laughs]

[chain clanks]


[Luther yells]

No, of course… [chuckles] Of course you don’t.

[Luther grunts]

Because you have got no idea what it’s like to be born like us.


To live your entire life not being able to express who you are for fear of people like you… policing us.


But nobody needs to be alone anymore now, do they?


Not even us, because we can create a place where we can all come together to express ourselves.


And to be safe. To be safe from people like you.


[chain clanks]

[Luther groans]

Mum! Mum!

Anya. Honey.


Oh my God. I’m so…


No! Don’t!

No, no, no! Mum!

Please, no!


[inhales sharply]


You’re a fucking piece of work.

[yells, grunts]

Leave her alone! Leave her!

No. No, no, no…

Stop it! Don’t. Stop it!

Don’t fucking touch her! Get it off her!


[Robey] Shush, shush.


Listen. There is a way out for her from this.

Fuck you. Get off me. Stop it. Stop!

Odette, do you actually want to stop this?

Because you have the power to do that.

Just say the magic word.



[clicks tongue]



[Robey] Now, I didn’t expect either of you two to pitch up this evening, but since they have…

Mum, get us out of here. Mum!

[Robey] What I would like to do is…


[cameras whirring]

[Robey chuckles] Uh…

I would like you… to stab him.

Hmm. Would you do that for me, Odette, please?

Mum. Mum, don’t do it. Mum. Mum!

I… I can’t do that. I can’t do that.

[Robey] You can’t? Okay, well, you know what happens, don’t you?

No, stop, stop, stop! Please stop.


Tell him to stop, please! Tell him to stop, please! Stop!






Can you think of a better way?

[Anya] Mummy. Mum, don’t. Mum!



[Raine] Anya, close your eyes.

[Anya] Don’t, please.

I said close your eyes.

[whimpering] Please.

[Luther] Just get it on with it.

I’m so sorry.

Don’t worry about it. Don’t be sorry.

Do it.

[Raine] I’m so… I’m so sorry.

Do it.

[Luther] Go on.


[Raine] Okay.

[Luther] Okay.

[squelching sound]

[grunts, groans]

There it is.

[Robey clapping]

Ooh. Whoo.

You see, for all their cloying self-righteousness, the only difference between them and us is who we’re allowed to hurt and under what circumstances.

Now, how do they justify that to themselves?

All the… All the “good people”?

By telling themselves that we’re the wicked ones.

Yeah. All them monsters are telling you all and me that we are monsters.

Okay. [snaps fingers] Good girl.


[Luther groaning]

[Robey] Good girl.

[Anya whimpers]

[Luther grunts]

Mum. Mum.

Leave her alone! You prick, leave her alone!


[Robey] Now then… your turn, mate.

What I’d like you to do

is to shatter her left kneecap with that.

Make it fast.

Make it fast.

[hammer bangs]

[Luther] No.

You have to. Please.

I can’t do it. I won’t do it.

Mum! Mum!

They’ll kill her. Please.

Every one of you that are watching this right now, your IP addresses are being traced, and the police are on their way to you.

If I were you, I’d get out of here.

It’s okay. It’s okay.

This, this by the way, is a convicted ex-copper.

He has no idea what he’s talking about.

[Luther] Not true.

[Robey] All the evidence will be incinerated after the show.

You’re safe. You’re in a safe place, nobody knows that we’re here.

Except for Georgette.

Yeah, she’s alive. Alive and well.

And not only that, she told the police where this place is, and they’re on their way here, and they’re very, very pissed off with you.

She’s probably watching on one of these cameras now and watching your stupid little face after telling us all your embarrassing secrets.


Everyone can see you, but they can’t see you like we can,

David Robey.

We know who you are and who you are ashamed of being.

Are you still grinding your teeth?

From the anxiety. Are you still doing that?

Is that what she said?

That’s what she said.

You ground your teeth most of your life, and you never managed to get ahold of it because you’re an anxious man. Anxious, weak, pathetic man.

Is that what she said?

[Raine] Yes.

[Luther] You’re doing it now. He’s doing it now.

You can’t see it, but he’s grinding his teeth.

I do actually remember you when you stood by me at a bus stop and offered me some Juicy Fruit.

I remember that.

I thought, “What a sweaty, anxious twat. What is wrong with him?”


[blows landing]

[remote beeps]

John! John, go. Go!

Ah! Go, go, go!


It’s all right. It’s okay.

Hey, hey, we’re gonna go home right now.

We’re going home. Okay, all right? Okay.


[Raine] We have to go. Come on. Come on.

It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.


[alarm blaring]

I need you to get away from that valve. It’s kerosene.

If you don’t get away from that valve, we’re all gonna burn.

[in Estonian] I’d rather burn.

Get on your knees and hands behind your head. Now!

[in English] Get back!

Get down on your knees.


[Anya yells]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[Anya] No! It’s locked!



Hey, hey, hey, open the door!

Open the door, please.

[all clamoring]

Shh. Shh.

Help, please!


[Raine groaning]


Mum, I can’t turn it!

No! Don’t!

[yells in pain]

[Anya yelps]





[engine starts]

[tire spinning]


[gears grind]

[vehicle accelerates]

[Luther grunts]




[wheel squeaking]

Get that!

[Anya sobbing]

[Anya screams]


[vehicle accelerates]


No. No.


[muffled yell]

Good. Spray.



[Robey grunting]

[helicopter blades whirring]

[blades thumping faintly]


[police sirens wailing]

[men yelling indistinctly]

[wheezing cough]


This way.

[Anya] Thank you.

I’m okay. Can you take her, please?

Yeah, I’m okay. Yeah. Yeah.

[sirens wailing]

[Schenk] Wotcha.

Evidently, I owe you £20.

It’s 50.

Ah yes.


I hoped you’d forgotten.


Thank you.


You know what has to happen next, John.


[handcuffs click]

[reporter] …has been named as John Luther, an ex-Metropolitan Police detective who’s believed to have sustained life-threatening injuries after allegedly tracking the suspect…

[gasps, groans]


[footsteps approaching]

[lock turning]



So where am I?

Ah. Safe house. Evidently.



I think they got most of the blood out.

Nice piece of invisible mending.

[vehicles approaching]

Who is this lot?

Uh, not quite sure, to be honest.

But I don’t think you’re going back to prison.

A job offer, perhaps?

[Luther grunts]

[man] If I may.

Unofficially… you did a commendable job.

So now what?

Chief would like a word.

[“Paradise Circus” playing]

♪ It’s unfortunate That when we feel a storm ♪

♪ We can roll ourselves over ‘Cause we’re uncomfortable ♪

♪ Oh well, the devil makes us sin ♪

♪ But we like it When we’re spinning ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ Love is like a sin ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ For the ones that feel it the most ♪

♪ Look at her with her eyes like a flame ♪

♪ She will love you Like a fly will never love you ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Love is like a sin ♪

♪ My love ♪

♪ For the ones that feel it the most ♪

♪ Look at her With her eyes like a flame ♪

♪ She will love you Like a fly will never love you again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ Again ♪

♪ It’s unfortunate That when we feel a storm ♪

♪ We can roll ourselves over When we’re uncomfortable ♪

♪ Oh well, the devil makes us sin ♪

♪ But we like it When we’re spinning ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

♪ In his grip ♪

[singer vocalizes]

[intense music playing]

[music ends]


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