Locked In (2023) | Transcript

A kindly nurse tries to unlock the secrets of a coma patient's injury - and discovers the bitter rivalry, infidelity, betrayal and murder behind them.
Locked In (2023)

Locked In is a 2023 psychological thriller film directed by Nour Wazzi and written by Rowan Joffé. It stars Famke Janssen, Rose Williams, Alex Hassell, Finn Cole, Anna Friel, Cain Aiden, Georgia Thorne, Toby Ryan, Guy Robbins, Sam Lockwood, Karl Collins.
The movie was released on Netflix on November 1, 2023.
The plot revolves around Lina, an unhappy newlywed, who is pitted against her mother-in-law, Katherine, in a romantic crime thriller. An affair sets off a chain reaction that results in a love triangle, a murder, and a plot to bring Lina down. The movie was filmed in London and St Albans, England.

* * *

[woman] Ready?







Someone tried to murder you?

Who tried to murder you?

[tires screeching]


[doctor, muffled] Mrs. Carter?

[thunder rumbling]

Mrs. Carter?

[thunder crashes]

[doctor continues indistinctly]

Can you open your right eye for me, Katherine?

Mrs. Carter?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

You’ve sustained serious head trauma.

You’ve been in a coma for three days.

[machine beeping]

Your brain stem has been damaged.

Brain imaging and EEG are normal, but I… need some indication that you can understand me.

[loud bang]

[tires screech]

Are you able to blink?



[engine revving]

I want you to follow my finger with your eyes.

Right eye worries me.

Left eye appears incapable of voluntary movement.

[nurse] Is she even aware?

[thunder crashes]

[engine revs]

[machine clicks, hums]

[nurse] Mrs. Carter, I’m just gonna sit you up.

My name’s Nicky Mackenzie.

I work for the hospital, but don’t let that worry you.

I haven’t killed anyone yet.

I’m just gonna move your head.

Right. I know that there’s damage to your right eye,

but can you try and move your left eye for me?

I won’t give up if you don’t.

Not until you can blink or move your eye

from the left to the right.

I’m going to continue to assume that there’s someone in there.

Well, I’m out of a job if there isn’t. [chuckles]

[man speaking indistinctly over phone]

I know.

I’m waiting. I’ll let you know.

[Nicky] Lina Carter.

You don’t remember me, do you?

Come on.

[Lina] They said something about, um…

locked-in syndrome.


It means

a loss of limb function and speech

in what they call “cognitively intact individuals.”

So usually,

if she was conscious, she’d be able to communicate

with, um, a blink or a movement of her eye,

but in her case,

the good eye is immovable.


[inhales] Well…

[sighs] It means

she’s either in and out of consciousness,

or she can’t control her eye,


she’s in a vegetative state.

We just don’t know yet.

Will she recover?

If she’s in there…

I’ll find her.

I’m a neuroclinical nurse. It’s what I do.

Tell me about her.

[gasps softly]

[Lina] I’ve known Katherine all my life.

And when Mom died, she became my legal guardian.

And Rowling Manor became my home.

Back then, Katherine was rich, glamorous and famous.

I loved everything about her.

And I would’ve done anything for her.

I suppose all I ever wanted was for her to love me. [gasps]

But everything had been turned upside down.

When Katherine’s husband died,

he cut her out of his will and left everything to his son Jamie.

[crowd chattering]

[Lina] And it poisoned their relationship.

I’d just lost my mom, and I needed a family.


[Lina] If they couldn’t be there for each other, I’d be there for both of them.

I couldn’t save my mom,

so I was damn well gonna try and save them.

[dog barking]

[horse chuffing]

[crowd continues chattering, laughing]

Hold on.

[Lina grunts]

[horse whinnies]

[playing slow-tempo tune]

[children laughing]


[Lina] Jamie!

Katherine, help!

Aren’t we supposed to grab his tongue?

Not unless you wanna lose a finger.

What if he chokes?

Turn him on his side.

Put it under his head. Here.


[Lina] Should we call Dr. Lawrence?

What do we do?

[Katherine] We keep an eye on him.

If it lasts more than five minutes, we’ll call an ambulance.

[Lina] He’s not breathing.

He’ll start again in a minute. Check his airway isn’t blocked.

[operator] Emergency services. Which service do you require?

[Katherine sighs] He’s breathing.

False alarm.

[phone beeps]

Are you all right?

First night out in two years.

You look so beautiful.

Where are you going?

I’m meeting a director.

My mobile number’s on the fridge.

Call me if you need me, but, uh, don’t call.

We’ll be fine. Jamie’s feeling better today, and he’s never seen your show. I’m gonna make him watch season one.

He milks them, my stepson, the seizures.

Then he brings them on to punish me the moment I try to live any sort of life for myself.

Maybe he just misses his dad.

It’s hard when someone you love dies.

I should know. [exhales]

You’re a good girl, Lina.

Your mom was lucky to have you.

[exhales] How do I look?


Ready for my big comeback?


Ugh. Mutton dressed as lamb. [scoffs]

[man shouts on screen]

[dramatic music playing]

[girl] Mommy?

[Katherine] What’s wrong?

I’m scared.

Oh. You’re a very brave girl, and we’re gonna get through this together, okay?

I heard what happened.

To your mom.

You’re safe here.

With me.

You’ll protect me, will you?



[chuckles] I promise.

What was she like?

My mom?

She was brilliant.

She played the piano.

Well, sort of.


She taught me the basics, anyway. I can teach you if you like.

I don’t remember my real mom.

I remember my dad.

Sometimes his face gets a bit fuzzy though.

Like I’m starting to forget him too.

Katherine got rid of the photos.

Most of them, anyway.

It’s hard.

Losing someone.

Anyway, we’ve got each other now.

[dramatic music playing]





[machines beeping]

[Nicky] You know, it takes an act of faith to say to yourself, “She’s still the same underneath.”

The police say that, um, she was knocked down by a driver.

Is that right? A hit-and-run?

They’re not sure.


Hmm. Will you help me out with something?

I… I just can’t wrap me head around it.

[inhales] Um, Katherine’s your adopted mother, but she’s also your mother-in-law.

It’s complicated.

Oh. Well, I like complicated.

I couldn’t abandon him.

By the time we were married, Jamie depended on me for absolutely everything.

[classical music playing]

He needed me. And to be honest, I needed him too.

I’d looked after him for so long, he’d become my whole life.

She’s had too many.


[Lina] I was Jamie’s reason for living.

And I told myself he was mine.

[Katherine exhales]

[Lina] But Katherine thought I was a treacherous gold digger.

She thought I was stealing her home.


[Lina] When all I was trying to do was make us a family.

[glass clanking]

[sniffles] Lina.

My beloved daughter-in-law.

Which I did not see coming. [laughing]

[exhales] Who’d have thought that when you turned up here…

[sniffles]…a helpless waif and stray, completely dependent on my kindness, that… that you’d end up…

[laughing]…lady of the bloody manor.

To Jamie and Lina. [sniffles]

[all] To Jamie and Lina.


[dance music playing]

[chattering, laughing]

[man laughs]

Look at her.

Showing off.

She’s not.

[Jamie] She is.

She was nice to you before we got engaged. Suddenly, starts treating you like shit.

What does that tell you, hmm?


This house, that’s all she cares about.

Not us. Definitely not me.

Will you stop it? This is our wedding night.

Exactly. Anyone would think it’s all about her.

Fucking Hollywood has-been plays lady of the manor.

I’ll spoil her fun.

Jamie, don’t you dare.

[Jamie grunting]

Please! [exclaims]

[crowd gasps]

[Lina grunts]

[man] Clear the floor.

[woman] Stand back. Give him some space.

[man] Somebody help.

Excuse me.

[man 2] I presume she knows.

[woman 2 gasps] Oh, my God, what happened?

[dance music continues, muffled]

[Dr. Lawrence] Seizures aside, Jamie, we’ve got to get you off of these pain meds.

You’re the one who gave them to me.

With the strict proviso not to drink.

I keep telling him.

It’s my wedding day. Anyway, I pay you to write prescriptions.

You’re a village GP. You’re not some Harley Street specialist.

You’ve got ideas above your station.


[Jamie] She’s bad enough. She watches me like a bloody hawk.

I take them as prescribed.


I’m in pain.

Neither of you know what it’s like.

[Lina] We understand, Jamie.

Right. I will come and see you tomorrow morning.

Yeah, yeah, fine.

[exhales] I’m so sorry this has happened, tonight of all nights, Lina.

If there’s anything I can do, anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you.

[Dr. Lawrence] I’m just looking out for you, Lina.


[Nicky] I’m just gonna lie you back.

There we are.

I’m going to do your hands now.

Just gonna go in between your fingers.



[Nicky] Mm-hmm. Come on.

Well, you’re gonna have to learn how to do it at some point.

Do you wanna get her shoulder?

Go on.

Oh, here. Hands.


Just take that down.

Just careful around the ECG spot.

Up round the neck.



[Nicky] It’s an unlucky lot, your lot.

First Jamie, now… now Katherine.


I used to look after him.

Do you not remember me?

What’s Jamie got to do with anything?

I don’t know.

You tell me, love.

[Lina] Jamie was always ill.

First, it was the seizures.


[Jamie] Lina!

[Lina] Coming!

…lots of things.

[Jamie] Where are you?

Your Royal fucking Highness…

So he never left the house.

[Jamie] Lina, come on!

[Lina] And neither did I.




No, my fault.

[both chuckle] Oh!

[Katherine mutters]

All right. [sighs]


What’s that?


[sighs] Here you go.

No rest for the wicked. [exhales]


You’ve got to get off these pain meds.

Don’t start.


[groans] It’s dripping.

Don’t be such a baby.

I’m soaking wet now.


It’ll cool the inflammation.

[Jamie sighs]



[sighs] Yeah.

Yeah, thank you.

We should get married again.

[exhales] It was the happiest day of my life.

Passing out?

Dr. Lawrence had to carry you up the stairs.

[groans] Him again.

Don’t ever leave me.

Say that you won’t.


It’s not safe out there, Lina, beyond these walls.

[pills rattle]

You of all people know that.

I’m only going for a swim.

It’s cold out there.

[pills rattle]

On the streets.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

[Dr. Lawrence] Good morning. How’s his nibs?

The pills are making him worse.

I’ve got some steroids we can try.

If they reduce the pain, then we can wean him off the Oxy, gradually.

But in the meantime, I don’t want you wearing yourself out, waiting on him hand and foot.

You’re ten years too late.


Win the lottery, did you?

Oh, you mean these? No, they’re just good fakes.

I mean the car. [chuckles]

The car, yes. [laughs]

What do you reckon? Nice, huh? Splashed out on a loan.

You off for a swim?

If I can make it without the bloody bell ringing.

It must be freezing in there.

I jump in before I can get second thoughts.

Do you?

What’s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke?

I don’t know.


[both laugh]

That’s awful.

[Dr. Lawrence] It’s absolutely terrible.

But you laughed, and that means you definitely need to get out more.

Where would I go? [gasps]

Oh, Lina.

There’s a whole world out there.

You can’t hide out here forever.

Can’t I? [inhales]

[classical music playing]

[bell tolling]

[tolling continues]

[tolling continues]

[Lina] Jamie!

[Katherine] What’s happening?

Call an ambulance.


[machines beeping]

How’s our patient today?

Oh, uh, he seems to be doing much better.

[Nicky] Hmm?

I’m sorry, you are…?

[clicks tongue] Yes, uh, Dr. Robert Lawrence.

Oh. [exhales]

I, um, I don’t… don’t know a doctor here with that name.

Well, I’m his GP.


What are you doing here?

[Robert] I’m also a close family friend.

Oh, okay.

You’re not the one who prescribed him the painkillers, are you?

I’m sorry. You are?

I’m Nurse Mackenzie. I’m neuroclinical.

I mean, I deal with anyone who comes in here with neurological problems, including grand mal seizures.

Right. So you’ll know that there are no contraindications between his pain meds and his seizure medication.

And you’ll know that 80 milligrams of codeine is hardly a responsible dosage to give to someone who appears to have problems with painkillers.

[Robert clicks tongue] I think we should give the family some peace and quiet.

[Nicky] Hmm?

[scoffs] All right.

[Robert] Be right back.

I don’t appreciate people casting professional aspersions on me.

No, I was just…

Especially in front of a patient and his family, by someone who barely knows the young man in question, and is, in any case, completely unqualified to make judgments about the patient’s reliance on pain medication.

I’m his GP. You’re a nurse.

Show some respect.

Mr. Carter is under my care now.

[Robert] Sorry about that.

[knock on door]

Come in.

[clears throat] Lina.

I’m interrupting.

[Robert] No, no. Um…

[clears throat] Excuse me. Not at all. Please come in.

He must have rung the bell right before it happened.

[inhales] I think he did it to punish me.


[inhales] I don’t know which is worse.

Spending the rest of my life trying to fix someone that doesn’t wanna be fixed…


[gasps]…or admitting that…

[inhales]…without him, my life would be empty.

Caring for someone like Jamie can be stressful.

It’s none of my business.

But when was the last time you had any fun?



Can’t remember.

Well… personally… I’d recommend a holiday.

Somewhere hot.

Let your hair down.

Drink till you fall over.

Dance a lot.

Preferably the samba or the rumba.

Or possibly the mumba.


The mumba?


With who?

A friend.

Doctor’s orders.

Stand up to them, Lina.

[Robert exhales]


[Lina gasps]


[respirator hissing]




[Robert] You all right?

Cut my foot.

Oh, well, hop in. I’ll take you back to the house and have a look at it.

No, thanks.

[laughs] Don’t be silly.

Let me help you. Look at you. You’re hobbling, and you’re gonna ruin…

[continues indistinct]

[horse chuffing]

[Katherine] Lina.

I’m okay. It’s just a cut. Looks worse than it is.

[exhales] You must think I’m a bloody fool.


Come here.


Katherine… is there something wrong?

When I took you in, you had nothing.

Now I’m practically a lodger in my own home, which isn’t even mine anymore.

I sunk everything I had into Rowling and for what, hmm?

You’ve had a life for the last ten years because I took over and looked after Jamie.

I’m not his wife.

I’m his mother.

His nurse, his carer.

Different words for the same thing.


This is your home.

It’ll always be your home.

How dare you offer me the crumbs from my own fucking table!

I don’t have to take this anymore.

Then leave.

Why should I?

[Robert grunts] Missed it.

[Lina] I’m just embarrassing myself now.

[Robert] Close though. I think you’re getting better.


[Jamie] What was that?

[Robert laughing]

[Jamie] Ugh, that was terrible.

[Lina laughs]

I told you I was crap at tennis.


[Jamie] Crap is putting it mildly. Jesus.

[Lina] Now you’re just showing off.

[Robert] Nice. Nice.

Get it! Get it!


[Lina] Oh, my God!


New balls!

Are you okay?


[Lina] I’m so sorry.

[respirator hissing]


[bartender] Scotch?


[bartender] There we go.


[Robert] Um…

I’ll have a Shiraz.

[bartender] Coming up.


[Robert] I’m glad you called, Lina.



[Robert] Is… everything okay?

I shouldn’t have come.

[Robert] I’ll drive you home if you like.

[thunder crashes]

[engine revving]

[windshield wipers thumping]


Pull over.


[thunder crashing]




[dramatic music playing]


[Robert exhales]

[both panting]


[Robert moans]

[Lina gasps]


Lina. Lina.


Robert’s coming over for dinner this evening.

Perhaps you’d give us all a little concert?

[chuckles] What?

Oh. I couldn’t.

It’s my birthday.

I know.

It’s just I’m so out of practice.

[scoffs] It’s only family. No need to impress us.

Tell you what.

Why don’t we pick you out a nice dress?

Something that shows off that gorgeous young figure of yours.

[Nicky] I used to watch you on the telly all the time.

You were a huge star.

Oh, Katherine, what happened?

What really happened?

Right, I know this is a bit premature, but… this is an alphabet board.

What’s gonna happen, I’m gonna read out the letters, out loud, and you’re gonna blink.




[classical music playing on piano]

[all] ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

[Lina chuckles]

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear Katherine ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Thank you. [blows]

[Jamie] She baked it herself.


It was no trouble.

Yes, it was.

Only a small piece for me. I don’t eat cake.

Since when?

She’s gutted now.

She made it especially for you.

[Lina] I’m not gutted, Jamie.

[Jamie] Liar.

It looks delicious, Lina.

[Lina grunts]

We learned that tune together, your mom and I.

I vowed that if I ever got rich, the first thing I would do is buy your mom a proper piano, so I did.

You bought the piano?

Did she not tell you?


We grew up together, Lina’s mom and I.


We were like sisters. I was always at her house. It was… safer than the foster home.

I got out of poverty. She didn’t.

I became a Hollywood star.

I didn’t let it affect our friendship, but, uh…

[sniffles]…Danielle did.

After I moved to America, she stopped making any effort, and… the more I reached out to her, the more she cold-shouldered me, until eventually, she more or less cut me out completely.

Why would she do that?


She broke my heart.

Not the first person to shatter my faith in humankind.

Sadly, not the last.

That piano cost me 12 grand.

You abandoned her.

[Katherine] If she told you that, she lied.


My mom wasn’t a jealous person.

You can bang on about your own past all you want,

but don’t you dare paint a false picture of my mother.

She was… She was a million times the woman you’ll ever be.

Sorry to disappoint you, Lina, but I was the one who maintained our relationship, for your sake.

I was the one who flew you out to California on school holidays, who took you to Disneyland, who insisted I become your legal guardian!

If it wasn’t for me, you’d have ended up in a foster home like I did.

You wanted to come home with me. You wanted to live with me.

You hated that squalid little house and your mom’s bitterness and envy.

That’s why you blame yourself for what happened.


I don’t have to listen to this.

She hasn’t spent the last ten years crawling around trying to please us because she actually loves us.

She’s here for herself. She’s using us.

Using you?

What use are you to me?

This is my house now. Mine and Jamie’s.

And there’s fuck all you can do about it.

That told you.

Should someone go after her?

It’s not me that she’s in love with.

It’s Katherine.

Ever since she got here, all she ever wanted was your love.

It’s all either of us ever wanted.

[door opens]

[exhales softly]

[exhales softly]

[Lina] I do everything for them, but it’s never enough.

I worked my ass off to become a doctor just to please my father.

And it left me empty.

Don’t let them crush you.

[horse whinnies]

[Lina panting]


[Katherine] Robert?

[Robert gasps]

[both gasp]

[bell tolling]

[tolling intensifies]

For fuck’s sake.

[horse whinnies]

[respirator hissing]

[Jamie] What are you doing?

Just getting a glass of water.

Where were you today when I… when I rang the bell?

You know, I… I know about your little journal.

I know about everything that goes on in this house.

I could have read it, but… but I didn’t, because I respect you too much.

Read it.

[Jamie sighs]

You don’t respect me.

You just don’t wanna know how I really feel.

If it’s so bad, why don’t you just leave?

Where would I go, Jamie?

What would I do?

I have no life outside of Rowling.

You’ve never let me get a job.

I don’t know anyone.

I’ve… I’ve never been anywhere.

Do you think it’s any different for me?

Huh? You think I like being sick and… and weak and needy like this?

Locked in a body that doesn’t fucking work?

You’re not locked in.

You choose this.

You use sickness.

You’ve used it your whole life to keep yourself front and center, and you used it to get me!

You and I made a deal.

I’ve protected you from what goes on out there, in a world where people disappear forever.


She went to bed alone that night.

But maybe if you’d have been there.

Maybe if you’d have been there, you would have heard her screams, but, no, you abandoned her.

Didn’t you?

You abandoned her, and you left her to be murdered in her own fucking home.

[sniffles] Stop it.

That’s what happens when you leave people, Lina.

You lose them.

You lose everything.

You’re nothing without me, and you know it.

[eerie musical flourish]

[muffled screaming]

[door slams]

[Robert] Wait.

Does he know about us?

I don’t care anymore.

I do.

You would lose everything, including your home.

I only want you.

[sighs] Lina.

Why can’t we just leave? You and me?

I am this family’s GP. That means I’m sleeping with a patient.

If that got out, I would lose my practice and very probably my license.

They would ruin me.

I won’t let them.

They’ve stolen my life from me.

I won’t let them steal you.

If you want me… if you want us… then we have to be brave.

I’ll do anything.


[Robert inhales]


[Lina panting]

[wind howls]

[dramatic music playing]

I can’t go on like this.

I’ll go mad.

Boo! Surprise.


Jamie’s feeling better today.

[Jamie] It’s the new steroids.

[chuckles] I feel like Spider-Man.

Um, I made it myself.

Well, Robert helped me, but it was my idea.

Thinking a nice, romantic picnic on the island.

That was his suggestion. He’s quite the ladies’ man, our Robert.

You should hear some of his stories.


The island?

[Jamie] Yeah. Robert’s gonna row us out there, aren’t you?

Only if you’re absolutely sure you feel well enough.

He thinks I’m scared. [chuckles]

I’m not a coward.

You’re not strong enough to swim, Jamie. You’ve never even learned.

Lina, we’re only going on a boat. It’ll be fine.

Come on, let’s… let’s do this.

It’s about to start raining.

Look, live a little. Come on.

You’re always saying I ought to do more exercise.

And… I wanna make it up to you.

Show you that I don’t have to always be such a bloody misery.

Look, I’m sorry about what I said.

All right, forgive me?

You’re the last person in the world that I’d wanna hurt. I love you.

I love you too.

Let’s go. Okay.

[Robert] Okay?

[Jamie] Yep.

There are people on the other side of the island, cutting down trees.

I know.

Do as I say.

Get in the boat.

[Jamie] Now who’s the one that’s scared?

Will she get in? Won’t she get in?

Come on, Lina. It’s only a little boat ride.

Don’t be a spoilsport.


[Jamie] Finally. It wasn’t that hard, was it?

This is exciting, no?

It’s cold.

There’s a nice spot.

See that? That sandy bit. We’re going past it.

Where are you going?

Whoa, what are you doing? You’re missing the bloody island.

[chain saws whirring]


[Robert grunts]

[chain saws continue whirring]


You’ve dropped the oar, you idiot. He’s not much of a boatman, is he?


Robert, what are you doing?

[Lina panting]

Robert, stop!


[loud creaking]



[gasping] Robert!

[both gasping]

[muffled grunting]

[muffled grunting]

[Jamie shouts]


[gasps, coughs]





[dramatic music playing]

[music continues]

[no audible dialogue]

Jamie! Jamie!

No, no, no!

[gasps] No!

[continues shouting]


[oxygen cylinder hissing]

[rain pattering]



[Lina sobbing, muffled]

[sobbing continues]


[Nicky] Well, you must have known he couldn’t swim.

It was in the local paper.

Whose idea was the boat trip?

[Lina] Jamie’s.

[Nicky] Really?


[Nicky] Hmm? It wasn’t Dr. Lawrence’s?

I’ve seen you both. I’ve seen the way you are together.

How long’s it been going on?

How long have you been seeing Dr. Lawrence?

The boat capsized.

We all fell in. I… I tried to save him, but he… he kept flailing around, dragging me down.

[Nicky] And then, um… [clicks tongue]…what, you, uh… you couldn’t divorce him because you’d lose everything?

It tipped!

I… I don’t remember why. One of them must have lent over too far.

Is that why Jamie had to drown?

Look, the police, they’re not gonna give you the benefit of the doubt.

They’re not.

The fact that you were dragged into this by a doctor that everybody trusts.

Except me.

A doctor that deliberately over-prescribed painkillers to a patient he wanted to get rid of.

Lina, listen.

I know what it’s like to be pushed into a corner when you’re too frightened to speak out against him.

No one dragged me into anything.

[classical music playing]


[music continues]

[muffled gurgling]


[groans softly]





[Lina exhales, gasps]



[Robert] Shh!

[footsteps thumping]

[Lina gasps]

[Lina] He comes at night.

What are those?

Something to help you sleep.


I have to go.

I don’t care where. Just far.

We can never be happy here, Robert.

Not with her.

If she…

Sell the house.


It’s yours to sell now.

It’s… It’s Katherine’s home.

Forget about Katherine.

I can’t… I can’t sell it. I promised her.

Then what’s the sense in what we did?

I risked everything for you.

For us.

This is how we get free, Lina.

If you sell Rowling, we’ll never have to worry about money again.

Is… Is that what this is all about?


No, it’s about freedom.

Yours, as well as mine.

I won’t do it.

Where did you get that?

It’s all in here, Lina.

Your bile.

Page after page of murderous fantasy.

You even talk about drowning him.

[Lina] Give it back! No!


You may think you’re a good person, but you’re not.

You’re no better than me, except that you’re a coward, so you let me do your dirty work.

I held onto him.

Yes, but how tightly?

You seduced me.

Then you took your husband, who can’t swim, out on the lake without a life jacket, and you capsized the boat.

It was you!

Why didn’t you tell that to the police?

Because I thought you loved me.

[thunder crashes]


[Robert panting]

[thunder crashes]

[engine turns over]

[thunder crashes]

[grunts] Katherine!

[thunder continues crashing]



[dramatic music playing]







[soft thudding]

Lina, what’s wrong?

Get out of my way.

Excuse me.

I said move.

You bitch.

Cat out of the bag, is it?

[groans, grunts]

[Robert] Lina!


[sobbing] Fuck off!

Lina. Lina, please, I can explain.

[Lina sobbing]


[gasps] I loved you!

Come back. Come back to the house.

[gasps] My house.

Just come.

[Lina shouts]

Get off!

[shouts, growls]




[Robert grunts]


[panting] Lina!


Lina, let me explain!

You’re the one I love. Not her!


[Robert] Lina, wait. Stop.

Oh, fuck.

[muffled] Lina, where are you?



[Lina gasps]

[Robert] I just wanna talk to you.



[Robert] Lina!

[knocking on door]


[Robert] Lina!

Get away from me!

[Robert] Let me in. Don’t do this, Lina.


[knocking on door]


[Robert] Open the fucking door!

[knocking continues]

Fuck’s sake.



[thunder crashing]


[muffled chattering]

[Robert, muffled] Look, I need to get in.

[Katherine] I know!

Why are you trying to talk to her?

[Robert] To stop her going to the police.

[Katherine] Let me try.


Lina, come out, and we can talk about this.

[Robert whispers] She’s not gonna wanna talk, not after what’s happened.

She’ll be scared. [grunts]




[knock on door]

[Robert] Lina.




[Lina shouts]

[Robert groans]


[continues shouting, exhales]

Stop her!











[Robert grunts]


[Katherine shouts]










[grunts, sighs]



[suspenseful music playing]


[horse whinnies]

[tires screech]

[Lina gasps]

[grunts, gasps]

[dramatic music playing]








[horse whinnies]


[horse whinnies]

[Nicky] I know you’re not telling me everything, Lina.

[cell phone rings]

Hey, you’ll have to be quick. ‘Cause me battery’s about to run out.

Are you sure?

Can you make sure that, um, she’s… she’s not left alone?

Right. I’ll be there as soon as possible.

Come on.

Is he really worth protecting?

Come on, then. [sighs]

Fuck a duck.





Right. We’re gonna start by you telling me exactly what happened, all right?

I think I know, but you need to tell me I’m right.










Did someone try to murder you?

[Lina grunts]


They’re using the alphabet board.

[Robert] She’ll fuck us both.


Calm down.

[Robert] She tried to kill you, Lina.

[Lina] I know that.

[Robert] I tried to stop her.

[Lina] Bullshit.

[Robert exhales]

[Lina] But if you go down, so do I.

So we have to work together on this.

And what exactly do you suggest we do?

We take her home.


Before she can talk to the police.

And then what?

We finish this.

Yeah, uh, police, please. Police.



[Lina] I don’t want to hurt you.

But I have to protect myself.



[door closes]

[Lina grunts]

[footsteps approaching]


[gasps, groans]

[grunts, groans]

[car alarm chirps]

[Lina grunts]

Go on.


[pills rattling]

[Robert] People with locked-in syndrome usually suffer sudden, violent strokes.

Morphine and something to counteract the blood thinner should do it.

She has a lot of medication in her bloodstream, which should cover our tracks.

What will we tell the police?

She was thrown from her horse. She sustained serious head injuries.

She wandered into the road and got hit by a driver who fled the scene.

It’s all in the police report.

Whatever she told that nurse, she was confused.

I discharged her. You brought her home.

She died in her sleep.

[line ringing]

Oh, come on. Pick up, pick up, pick up.

They won’t believe us.

Doesn’t matter what they think, as long as they can’t prove it.

[gasping softly]

What are you doing?

[Lina] Worried about dents in the car.

I fixed it.

Not properly. You can still see a dent in the bumper.

Are you sure?

You need to clean the grill with alcohol, in case of any traces.

For all we know, the police are on their way. Hurry!

[exhales] Oh, fuck.

There’s nothing fucking here.


[Nicky] Lina, she didn’t try to kill you. She tried to stop him from killing you.

She blames herself for everything. She tried to save your life, Lina.

That’s how she ended up like this.




[dramatic music playing]



[horse whinnies]

[shouts, gasps]

[whinnies, snorts]

[Katherine] Lina!


[dramatic music builds]



[Katherine] Lina!



[tires screeching]



You could have killed me.

Let her go.

We’ve still got the diary.

There’s nothing she can do to hurt us.

Let her go. This was all a mistake.


You love her, Robert.

I despise the fucking pair of you.

If you hurt Lina,

I’ll tell everyone the truth.

[engine turns over]

[tires screech]

[engine revs]

[tires screech]

[Lina exhales]

Did you try and stop him?

You tried to save my life? [gasps]

[Nicky] Lina, are you there?



[Lina] I’m here.


[Lina] Uh…

[Robert] What are you doing?

[Lina] Waiting for you.

[gasps] Get on with it.




[Robert grunts]

Let me do it.

I wanna kill her myself.

You don’t have the guts.

Try me.

[Robert] Go on, then.

In the cannula.

[Lina gasping]





[groaning, snorting]


You stupid…


[Robert] You’d need treble the dose to kill me.

[Lina coughing]

[Robert exhales]



[Robert grunts] Fucking…


[blade scrapes]

[Robert grunts]


[both grunt]

[Lina panting]

[Robert grunts]



[indistinct chattering]

[emotional music playing]

[Lina gasping]

What will you tell them?


[dramatic music playing]


[orchestral music playing]

[music continues]



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