Knox Goes Away (2023) | Transcript

A contract killer, after being diagnosed with a fast-moving form of dementia, is presented with the opportunity to redeem himself by saving the life of his estranged adult son.
Knox Goes Away (2023)

Knox Goes Away (2023)
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Director: Michael Keaton
Stars: Michael Keaton, Al Pacino, James Marsden, Suzy Nakamura, Joanna Kulig

Plot: When a contract killer is diagnosed with a fast-moving form of dementia, he is presented with the opportunity to redeem himself by saving the life of his estranged adult son. To do this, he must race against the police closing in on him, as well as the ticking clock of his own rapidly-deteriorating mind.

* * *

[clock ticking]


[soft jazz music]

[engine buzzing]

[indistinct chattering]

[utensils clanking]

Cassie, can I have some coffee?

[Cassie] Okay.

[clears throat]

You heard about this broad out in Weasley?

Oh, old-school, newspaper, I like it.

Yeah… You know, the news does come on your phone now, it’s a new thing.

Says the man with ten thousand books.

Hmm. Thank you.

Makes her husband breakfast, for 35 years.

One day, she starts putting a little bit of antifreeze on his orange juice every morning.

Why, was he cold?

[Muncie] What we got here?

Oh… “Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind”.

[laughs] Bunch of crock.

Wilfrid Sellars wrote this?

Yeah, interesting guy. You know Wilfrid Sellars?

No, but I know Peter Sellars.



It took this guy eight months to die from the antifreeze.

That’s dedication.

You gotta give her points for tenacity.

Come on. Eight months?

Can you imagine hating anyone that much?

Honestly? I can think of a few candidates, yeah.

How did they catch her?

Mmm… doesn’t say.

Maybe they… [laughs]

Maybe when they tried to embalm the guy, the formaldehyde wouldn’t set.

“I pumped two barrels of that shit into him and it keeps leaking out.”

Put him in the deep freeze and he’s still warm.

[laughs] That’s good, that’s good.

Thank you.

Hi there, Cassie.

Cassie, can I get a coffee?

Already got you.

I guess I need it.


You’re such a skinny dude.

Where you put all that?

My old man said I have a hollow cock.

[laughs] Really?

Your father said that, “hollow cock”. Interesting.

Yeah, he’s a philosopher, too.


I’m going to go right to the airport from here.

I have to go out of town for a couple of days.

You? What for?


Personal stuff, no big deal.

I’ll be back the day after tomorrow.

Actually, I’ll be back tomorrow.




Because if Jericho found out you went out of town on a job…

Give me a little credit, I don’t have a death wish.

Then why are you even going?

Like I said, personal.

No big deal.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


[Knox] Yeah.

[utensils clattering]

Are you okay?


[Muncie] Okay…

I’m going to get the check.

The check? We just got the plate of food.

I know but I don’t want to be late, I have to get to the airport.

You got five minutes to eat some food.

[Knox] Hurry up, take five minutes.

Jesus Christ…

All right, anything comes up, call me.

What the hell?

When did you get the new car?

Oh… Eh… Oh.

So, you’re not even going to tell me where you’re going now.

I’ll tell you when I come back.


[door closing]

[engine starting]




[grunts and clicks tongue]


[loud buzzing]



[loud noises]

[loud buzzing]


[door opening]

How are you today?

Well… you tell me.

My initial suspicions were incorrect.

It’s not Alzheimer’s.


What is it?

You’re suffering from a condition known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

It presents initially in much the same way as Alzheimer’s.

So, what’s the difference?

Speed of progression.

I’m guessing… you don’t mean it’s slower.

In your case, it’s incredibly fast.

What’s the treatment?

There’s no treatment.

The thing you have to remember about dementia is the thought-feeling connection.

You have a thought, creates a feeling.

You lose a thought, you’re left with a feeling.

So, you’ll be going along and all of a sudden,

you’ll be unreasonably happy and you won’t know why.

Or you’ll have this wave of depression and you won’t know why.

You’ll find yourself… [echoing] forgetting people, even those you have a connection with.

You’ll become displaced in time and space…

[distorting and fading]

[muffled sound]

Right now, you’re mostly lucid with small patches of confusion and mental lapse.

So, then it’ll reverse.

The moments of lucidity will become the exception and eventually, go away altogether.

How much time do I have?

It’s progressing more aggressively than I would like…


How much time?

You’re looking at weeks, not months.

If you have any arrangements to make,

I suggest you do so as quickly as possible.

Do you have family that can take care of you?

None that would.

[doctor] All right.

Then, I suggest you look into care facilities.

This is a very good place in your area.

I’m sorry.

That’s okay, doc.

Even if I hated you for telling me, I’d forget soon enough.

[soft jazz music]

[piano music]

[woman] What do you want to know?

[Knox] I think you have secrets you don’t want to tell me.

[Annie] Secrets are secrets, so I can’t tell you.

[Knox laughs]

[Annie] I finished the last book you lent me.

[Knox] Oh, yeah?

What did you think?

I liked it but the end was stupid.


He just lets them chop off his head while the other guy walks away?

Well, see…

His whole character arc leads to that moment. You know?

It’s a… sacrifice for the greater good, you know?

Mmm… like the end of Casablanca?

Yeah, like the end of Casablanca, exactly.

It was bullshit, too.

Rick would take the girl 10 times out of 10.

“A far, far better thing” my ass.


Is everyone from Kraków that cynical?

I’m not cynical, I’m realistic.

What day is it?


No, no, I mean…

I mean what date.

The fifth, does that mean something?


It’s my son’s birthday, who hasn’t spoken with me many, many years.

Why does he hate you so much?

I’m what the Science journals refer to as a “lousy father.”


He found out what I did for a living.

[woman] Yeah?


[woman] What do you do for a living?

I work for the IRS.

Just like that, I hate you too.

I’ve been coming here once a week for almost… four years and that’s the first thing you’ve said about yourself.

What do you want to know?

I’ll tell you anything, just ask me.

Is that your real name, Aristotle?

No, it’s a nickname the guys in my platoon gave me,

I was in the first Gulf War and I used to read a lot of books, like philosophy and… like that.

[phone vibrating]

I got to go.


The thing with your son explains a lot, though.

What do you mean?

You know how they say haunted houses have cold spots?

Stand in certain areas, and a chill goes down your spine like an artic breeze.

What the hell you’re talking about?

That’s what’s like here.

You walk in the door and you feel it.

Only it isn’t a ghost.

What is it?


See you next Thursday, not really Aristotle.

[Muncie] This guy’s a piece of work.

[Knox] I don’t care.

Human trafficker from España.

Why do we always have to go through this?

Why do we have to go through what?

You ask me if I want to know the details of the job and I say, “no, I really don’t” and then you tell me the details of the job and then I say, “shut up” and we go through it again and again and we always go through the same thing every fucking time!

The question is, why don’t you care who the guy is?


[mariachi music in background]

Hey, this could be my last job for a while.

What the fuck is going on, John?

Nothing, I just need to take care of a few things

I’ll clear it with Jericho.

Okay, how long are you going to be out?

Hard to say.

Come on. Let’s go.

This motherfucker sells men for human labor, that’s a thing now.

Jesus Christ.

I thought trafficking was like sex shit.

Same thing every time.

Didn’t we just go through this at the car?

Why don’t you care who the guy is?

Because in ten minutes,

Tommy, he’s not going to be anybody.

Let’s go get this done.

[motorcycle buzzing]

[dogs barking]

[door squeaking]

[dogs barking]

[indistinct conversation]

[voice and laughter on TV]

[suspenseful music]

[voices on TV continue]

[music increases]


[noise on TV]


[intermittent sound]

[distorted sounds]

[distorted noise on TV]

[voices on TV continue normally]

[water running]

[groaning, gasping]


[loud thud]

[water keeps running]

[Knox] Damn it.

[water keeps running]

[water stops]

[motorcycle buzzing]


[buzzing continues and fades]

[buzzing increasing]

[distorted voices]


[phone buzzing]



Well, we were

expecting only one person to be there.

We got split up.

I guess he figured…

I don’t know, we could cover more ground.

And I heard shots…

[muffled sound]

Christ, Tommy.

[Muncie moaning]

I didn’t mean to.


I’m sorry, Tommy.


Yeah, he was.

Yeah. I made sure the scene was clean and then I left.


Thank you.

[camera shutter clicking]

[camera shutter clicking]

You’re buying this?

Five bullets, three victims?

Had to happen fast.

Are you thinking there’s a third shooter?

There’s no evidence of that.

Growing up, I hated my mother.

Is that right?

She was a stereotype, overbearing,

Asian, hellicopter mom.

An “A” minus meant I didn’t have any pride.

My mother was a drunk, so…

This is about me.


She hates my chosen profession but, ironically, made me a good detective.

Realizing her wanting me to excel was about her and not me,

[camera shutter clicking]

gave me my first lesson in motive.

She taught me that the details were important.

The answers lie in the little things other people, she meant white people, overlook.

With all due respect, is this going somewhere?

There’s water all over the floor.

That means the shower was on when the curtain came down.

[Rale] Okay.



he killed them, they killed him,

all in a hurry, bang, bang, bang.

Who turned off the shower?

[Arabic music playing]

[electricity buzzing]


[door alarm]

Hey, Knox.


Sit down. Want a drink?

Yeah. Yeah, whisky.

So you just swing by to say hello?

No, closing out.

I have to do it pretty quick, too.



Jericho knows?

He can’t.

That makes it tough.

Raise your commission, I guess.

I’m uh… I’m going away.

For good this time.

And I don’t want this blowing back on Jericho.

What happened?

A job went South.

I set the scene out to buy myself some time but…

It’s not going to last long.

I’m sure about that.

Three people, all shot each other with the same gun.

Yeah, that’s not good.

My gun.

That’s worse.


So time is of the essence. How do you have your capital.

Mostly cash.

Got some paintings you got to sell. Some stones.

That’s simple enough.


A list of three people.

All three, equal shares.

Nothing in here for Muncie’s family?

Muncie didn’t have anybody.

I can’t have any of this touch those people.

This money has to be clean.

Gather your assets, I’ll set it up.

A couple of days.

Hey, this stays between you and me.

Yeah, and I’m going to tell who?

All right.

All right, thanks.

[birds singing]

[machinery beeping]

What’s up?

This key doesn’t work on the… uh…

The thing, the…


Lock, yeah.

All right.

Yeah, the green ones, they go to our other facility, out in Van Nuys.


Hey, could you do me a favor?

Could you… uh… write down the number…

The address?

The address.

Yeah, got you.

[crickets chirping]



[aggressive knocking]


[wood floor creaking]

[aggressive knocking]

Sorry, I didn’t mean to just to show up like this, I should’ve called.

I didn’t mean to ambush you, I’m sorry.

Do I know you?

Okay, I guess I deserve that.

You got to know I wouldn’t be here unless I was desperate.

Okay? I need your help.

Dad, could you please just talk to me?


Miles… yeah.

Sure, Miles. Come here. Come on in.

Thank you, I just… [clears throat]

Have a seat.


[glass clanking]

[cork popping]

No, no, no, I’m… I’m sober. Nine years.

That’s your blood?

Yeah, my hand is… Uhm…

I cut it in a…

This is my blood and that’s someone else’s.

Holy fuck!



I fucked up.

I fucked up really bad.

Okay… okay.

Okay, take it easy.

Catch your breath.


Tell me what happened.

I killed someone.

Did they deserve killing?

Okay, start there.

[Miles] Okay. [Clears throat]

[exhales] You have a granddaughter.


How did you know about her?

Your mother told me, right after she was born.

Yeah. Yeah, Kaylee.

What is she, like 12? 13?

She’s 16.


Cute kid.


She’s a kid.

And she met this guy…

Online. This piece of shit!

The guy was 32 years old.

This son of a bitch gets her pregnant.

She’s 16 years old, she’s my little girl.

So, I go over to his house, you know?

I was just going to put the fear of God on him.

And I show up and he’s [exhales and sniffs]

more than I expected. Okay?


He wouldn’t shut up. Just kept talking, and talking and talking about my fucking daughter.

Like, saying shit about her, like “she loves it,” “She wanted more.”

Called her “ripe.” Called her ripe, dad!

[groans] Fuck! I just lost it.

So I grabbed a knife and I sho…

I shoved it into his neck.

And I stabbed him.

I just… couldn’t stop.

[muffled scream]

I didn’t care.

Because I wasn’t even in the room, I was…


Did you bury this guy?

Did I bury him?

[Knox] Yeah.

No, why?

Because if you did, I was going to dig him up and kill him again.



Oh, my God…

So, why did you come to me?

Are you kidding? [Laughs]

Well, I mean…

You’re the only person I know that can… I…

This isn’t my world.

I don’t know how to…

Get rid of a body.

I never asked you for anything in my life.

Okay? And I’m here because I had nowhere else to go.

Now you need me.

[Miles] Yeah, that’s what this is, I’m desperate.

Okay? I’m so fucking desperate that I’m here, at your house, asking you for help.

Now, are you [shouting] going to help me or not?

[crickets chirping]

Where’s the murder weapon?


Put your clothes in that plastic bag, then take a shower and scrub down everything.

Underneath the fingernails, clean everything.

Then, afterwards, I’m going to wrap and clean that hand of yours.

Then what?


You go home to your wife and you never mention this again.

My whole life, I never asked you for anything.

Yeah, you said that already.

Here, use that. I’m going to need those boxers, too.

Hey, where’s the body?

Write it down. Write it down.

[suspenseful music]

[football match in Spanish]




[crickets chirping]

There you are.

What are you doing?


I talked to her.

[Miles] What did she say?

She wants you to take her.

[Miles] What?

Well, I assumed this would be you know, like, a mother-daughter thing.

Well, apparently it isn’t.

What happened to your hand?

I have to tell you something.

[tension music]

All right, what do we got?

Elian Zubiri, out of Barcelona.

We’re waiting for the Interpol jacket but safe to say he wasn’t a model citizen.

The woman was local, Annette Elmora.

Yeah, we’re thinking maybe he picked her up at a club or something.

You know, wrong place-wrong time kind of thing.

Victim number three is where it gets interesting.

Meet Thomas Muncie, suspected hitter for Jericho.

Conspicuously missing from the carnage, this man, John Knox.

Traffic cam shot this six blocks away around the time of death.

Facial recognition flagged him.

That could just be a driver, though.

We’re sure this guy’s a driver?

What’s his jacket say?

Not much. He did a six-year stretch for tax evasion and that’s only because someone ratted them out.

Other than that and his service record, there’s nothing on him.

Which means, whatever this guy does for a living, he’s pretty good at it.

[Ikari] Smart, too.

According to the tax auditor’s notes, John Knox holds two PhDs.

One in English Lit and one in US History.

Even taught in Bucknell a couple of years.

And we’re thinking this guy kills people for a living?


Hopefully, we’ll get to ask him ourselves.

What branch of service was he in?

Army. He was a deep reconnaissance officer.

Remind me what that is again?

Someone who goes off alone behind enemy lines for weeks at a time.

Then, maybe we just bring him in as a cooperating witness.

Friend-of-the-victim kind of thing.

He might slip up and give us something.

Does he seem like someone who makes mistakes?

Hey, boss, check your texts.

[voices in radios]

Another body.

And now, we got three on my board already.

Victim’s Aryan Brotherhood.

That’s your métier.

Métier? Really?

[salsa music playing]

John Knox.



Is he upstairs?

Yeah. I’m supposed to think he’s doing the books.

What’s he really doing?

Watching TV.

I married a little boy.


Well, he married up, that’s for sure.

[Ludmilla laughs]

[Knox] Xavier! Coming up.

[voices on TV]

Look at this skinny son of a bitch.

They rescued him from a big cat sanctuary.

Locals toss him stray dogs in a cave so he can have something to eat.

Kind of reminds me of you.

You know, when I first found you after your war.

I never ate a dog.

[Philo] What’s this, grocery list?

It’s a plan, and I’m going to need your help.

Just read it.

Hey, Ludmilla looks good.

She still hasn’t realized what a mistake she made marrying me.

You’re learning any Russian?

Just the stuff she says I need to know.

“Yes, dear.” “Please.”

All the essentials.

Okay, lay it on me.

Stabbed at least 17 times.

I put time of death between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon.

I’ll get a more precise time frame when I get him to the shop.

All right.


Thanks, bro.

There’s no murder weapon yet, but there’s a knife missing from that kitchen block.

I mean, it doesn’t even look like anything was stolen.

He’s got an expensive watch on his wrist, he’s got a wallet full of large bills…

I know this racist piece of crap.

His name is Andrew Palmer.

He moves cash around for the Aryan Brotherhood but… he’s a cog.

Not a shot caller.

So, he winds up dead.

There’s no big mystery there.

But he also did a stretch a few years back for kiddie porn.

And this… this doesn’t look like business.

This looks personal.

Detective, gate guard out front says he was knocked out last night.

I got this.

Bag the victim’s computers, any flash drives and discs.

What are we looking for?

You’ll know when you see it.

Oh, and see if you can find his phone, he didn’t have it on him.

Got it.

[voices on radios]

So, how long have you known?

Uh… not long.

Doc says this thing moves pretty fast.

Oh, Jesus, Knox.

I can’t think of anything worse.

Except maybe your pecker stops working.

Actually, I’m looking forward to forgetting some things.

Muncie… Christ. I can’t imagine what the…

That’s like me shooting you.

I don’t even remember doing it. I mean, I know…

I know I did it but I have no recollection of the event.

Well, count your blessings.

This is a radical plan.

It’s the only way I can figure it.

This kid’s DNA is all over the place.

He actually bled on the guy, he’s got his fingerprints everywhere.

He might as well just signed off on the job.

Still, if you don’t pull this off, you’re both fucked.

[Knox] Yeah.

I’m fucked either way.

That’s true.

That’s why I’m asking you to help me.

Look, just check in with me.

Just check in with me now and then. You know?

Make sure I’m on point.

Yeah, of course, sure.

Just so you don’t ever thing this stupid plan is my idea.

I’m sure you’ll remind me.

You want to know the funny thing?

Let’s say I pull this thing off, I won’t even know if I did it or not.

It’s encouraging.

This plan is precision work, man.

One hair out of place…

Oh, I know.

I know.

I know I could pull this off.

The question is, can you?

So, you didn’t see his face, didn’t see his height, nothing?



All right, thank you.

[blows out]

Beautiful day.


What did you get?

Don’t suppose he can ID our killer.

No, he was attacked from behind.

He didn’t see anything.

Happened a little before three in the morning.

Doesn’t fit the timeline.

M.E. said he was killed before 8:00 p.m.

[Rale] So you think the attack on the guard is unrelated?

It’s related, I’m just… not sure how, yet.

They get anything off these security cameras?

Well, that part is weird.

They feed into a DVR in the utility closet.

There’s no hard drive.

You mean it doesn’t work?

No, I mean the tech couldn’t get playback so we opened up the DVR and looked inside, no hard drive.

Found his phone.

[Ikari sighs]

Can’t open it, though.

It’s got one of those facial recognition locks on it.

Okay, head back inside.


What am I looking for?

His face. I assume that’s where it is…


[soft jazz music]

[clock ticking]





Did you forget I was coming?

Oh… no, no.

How are you?

Good. I’m

kind of knotted up.

That’s why I’m here.

I finished the book.

It was… better but I knew he was going to die in the end.

He kind of had to.

I’ll find you another one here.

This is your ex?


Well, she’s gorgeous.


Hey [mumbles]

put that down… [distorted and silence]

Why don’t I get ready?

Fuck me.

These paintings are all real?


It’s safer than cash.

Are they worth a lot?

Why do you have them?

Part of my cashing-out process.


What do you mean “cashing out”?

Forget I said it. Forget it.

Did you find me something?

[distant and echoing voice]

Hello? You picked me another book?

You want a book?

Knox, are you having a stroke or something?

Maybe you should sit down?

You know what? Maybe…

Maybe it’s better if you just go.

Good idea.


I just got a… Got a thing I got to do.

Same time next week?


Yeah, you bet, next week.

Are you sure you’re going to be okay?

Never better.

[suspenseful music]

[shutter clicking]

[elevator bell]




We have an appointment. Last name’s Knox.

Okay. All right, here it is.

You must be Kaylee. And you are?

I’m the father… Her father, not the…

I’m her dad.

Okay, dad.

See, sign here. Initial here, here and here.

Before we do the procedure, the law says we have to ask you a few questions.

Not about the father of the child or anything like that, just to make sure that you want to be here.

That’d be okay?

I guess so.

[nurse] Good.

Now it’s your turn.

I need a couple of signatures from you, starting here on the consent form.

[nurse] All right, guys, have a sit.

[both] Thank you.


[echoing voice of Annie] Are you having a stroke of something?

[muffled sound of phone vibrating]

[keeps vibrating]

Xavier, hey.

I’m calling to make sure you’re on track.

On track with what?

Your cockamamie plan is what.

You got your notepad?


Yeah, I’m on track, don’t worry about it.

He says “don’t worry.”

Do me a favor, unlock your phone.

Permanently, no more passcode.



Well, what if you need help and you can’t remember the code.

Right… right, okay.

Yeah, got it.


You’re there?

Huh? Yeah.

I feel like I’m getting worse every hour.

I’m running out of time.

So, stop wasting it talking to me. Okay?

[bag rustling]

[mysterious music]


[glass clanking]


[loud thud]

[glass clanking]

[glass clanking]

[glass clanking]


[key jingling]

[other line ringing]

[phone vibrating]

What? I’m in the middle of dinner.

It’s not even 4:30.

Oh, I’m almost 90.

Dinner time is very important to me.

What’s up?

[Knox] Yeah, I’m looking at some kind of locker key.

Do you know where that’s from?

[Philo] You never confided in me where you keep all your money.

I’m a crook, you know?

All right. Great, thanks, I’ll figure it out.

Hey, wait a minute.

Did you take the passcode off your phone?

Ehm… yeah, I’m going to do that now.

I’ll do it right now. Okay?

Thanks. Say hi to Becky from me.

Wait, who?


Ehm… okay.

All right.

How’s he doing?

He just called you Becky.

Who’s this Becky?

She was one of my wives.

I divorced her before you were born, baby.

This business with Knox… It’s not good.


It’s not.

[crows cawing]



[indistinct voices]


[karate shouts]

[karate shouts]

[noise continues on distance]


[tools buzzing]

[hip hop playing]

[distant salsa music]

[salsa music playing]

[utensils clanking]

[indistinct chatter]

I ordered some food, this place has great ribs.

I’m a vegan. Should we…?

Should we be meeting in public like this?

No one knows us here.

How’s the hand?

Well, it


If anyone asks you about it, you cut on broken glass.

You were at my house, we were having a drink.

What? Why would I be at your place?

You were looking for your old Hot Wheels, make something up.

How are you doing?

How am I doing?

Yeah, uhm…

Spent the day at the abortion clinic with my 16-year-old daughter so, bad, I guess.

Pretty bad.

Not sleeping, not eating. I haven’t eaten since yesterday.


My hair is falling out.

So, I’m about to lose my goddamn mind.

Okay, okay. You need to get a grip.

I don’t know how to do this, I’m not…

I’m not like you, you know?

I’m not a killer.


You are, though.


A killer.

Damn good one, too. Not half-assed.

I was out at the scene. Let me put it to you this way: That wasn’t what you call a proportional response.

I lost it.


But now I need you to pull it all together, okay?

You’re like a walking confession.

I’ll try harder.

No, do the opposite. Relax.


[plates clanking]

[exhales deeply]

Is she your only kid?

We… we lost one early on, a miscarriage.

Sorry, it’s tough.


More on Cheryl, actually.

What does she do, Cheryl?

Teaches fourth grade, public school.

Yeah and… kids love her.

All right. Boy, you guys are busy.

Working parents, on the go all the time.

What’s the typical day?

Tomorrow for instance, what would you do tomorrow?

Go get breakfast somewhere and walk around Largemouth Village and then Kaylee has soccer and…

You now.

Do that. Do that.

Just do that.

Do that?

[Knox] Yeah.

We can’t, she’s laid up in bed.

Don’t vary your routine, do what you would normally do.


What happened to vegan?

Fuck it, I’m starving.

I’ve been starving for six years.

You ever take the family up to the cabin?

The hunting cabin?


I sold it, remember?

You signed the papers two years ago.

These are so fucking good.


I remember that. You know anything about the about if the owners… I mean, if they use it full time or part time?

The buyers?


Well, I’m not renting it to them. They…

I sold it to them.

They bought it, they own it. I have no…


Why would I know what they do?

Okay, listen to me.

You just need to

hold it together, okay?

We’re almost there, couple of days.


Look at me.

I need you to use my balls.


They’re gonna connect Kaylee to the dead guy.

Then they’re gonna question you.

If you don’t think you have the balls for it, use mine.

Do whatever you think I would do if I was on that chair.

All right?


I never hated you, you know?

[Knox] Well…

Be understandable if you did.

You were a good dad in your way.

I remember a lot of good.

I remember ball games. I remember you teaching me how to hunt.

I remember you letting me eat pancakes in the pool.

I worshiped you.

I wanted to be just like you.

Then, you know, I found out.

And I thought…


What if I did?

Did what?

What if I wound up just like you?

And here we are.

Yeah, here we are.

All right… Gelfuso, you’re up.

[Gelfuso] Okay. Scene was definitely staged.

Ballistics says all three victims killed with the same gun.

Uh, didn’t see that coming. That’s a fun one.

They find the gun?

[Gelfuso] Yeah.

It was the one in shower guy’s hand.

Five shots total.

Only prints on the gun belong to the dead Spaniard.

Anybody holding out for a triple murder-suicide?

That would be a neat trick.

Specially the part where he reaches out and turns off the shower after he’s already dead.

[Gelfuso] Nice catch.

[detective] Thank you.

What else?

[Gelfuso] I scoured every surveillance camera in the area.

I can’t put anyone in the house with Muncie.

Least of all is John Knox’s character.

We know Knox’s movements?

[Gelfuso] He hasn’t used

his credit card since the murder.

Two days before them, he flies from Burbank to San Francisco for 22 hours.


[Gelfuso] That part, I haven’t figured out yet.

But I got him on the return flight then he goes dark.

I think it’s time we had a chat with John Knox.

Go pick him up, but bring him in voluntarily.

We got nothing to hold him as a suspect.

All right.

Do you know what electives you’re gonna take this year?

Did you get your syllabus?

Yeah, I actually ended up getting a class with Michelles.


[customer] I got a pick-up order for Anthony.

I-I just think that it might be too much this year.

[customer] Thanks.

Very good.

I’m still gonna do soccer. I think…

Hey, excuse me.

[customer] Yeah.

I saw you looking at my daughter.

[customer] Do I know you?


[woman] Hey! Oh, my God!

[Miles] Fuck you!

[muffled yelling]


John Knox?

Johnny Law.

We got something going on we’d like to get your help with.

If you could come with us. Voluntarily.

[Knox] Sure.

Why not? It’s my day off.

I’ll grab a jacket and I’ll follow you down.

Or we could follow you down.

Better. [Clicks tongue]


She’s on my policy. I told you, and I told the last person.

It was pre-approved.

Her doctor faxed it in.

You know, we go through the same fuck damn thing every month.

D-don’t put me on hold.


We got Knox set up in Interview Two.

Anything on the other case? Homer?

The prints we found don’t match anything on the system.

The ME confirmed that there were two blood types on the scene, but hadn’t had time to run DNA sequencing to look for a match on the second guy.

It’s always “guys” with you.


You said “the second guy.”

You also said the gate card was grabbed from behind by “the guy,” even though he never saw his attacker.

It’s always “guys” with you.

Fine. The ME has not had time to run DNA sequencing to look for a match on the second them, they or their.

Is that better?

Welcome to the 21st century.

[whispering] Oh, my God.

Detective. How can I help you?

Save it for the tape.

Detective Emily Ikari, interviewing potential material witness, John Knox.

Case number 52698.

Interview is voluntary. Commencing at 10:46 a.m.

Ah… please state your name for the record.

John Knox.

Ah, full legal. Need the middle name.

It’s not a trick question.


Those come later.

John Henry Knox.

Okay. I don’t know what game this is, but let’s move on.

You said something about me being a witness?

I hope so. I’m working on the death of your partner.

I don’t have a partner.

Not anymore.

If you’re referring to Thomas Muncie, he was an acquaintance.

We never did any work together.

I’ve been over the crime scene a dozen times. Ah let me tell you what I think happened.


There were three dead bodies in that room, all shot with the same gun, and staged to look like they killed each other.

But… it was clumsy.

Spontaneous. It wasn’t planned.

I think someone killed Muncie by mistake and tried to stage it to cover it up.

Did you say Ikari?

Are you related to Peter Ikari?

That’s my father.

[Knox] Oh, hell.

I know Pete.

Get him in here. I’ll talk to him.

You know my father?

I just talked to him… couple days ago.

He used to patrol my neighborhood.

Mr. Knox, my father is dead.


What happened?

He was shot in the line of duty.

Twelve years ago.

Where are you going with all this?



As far as the Muncie murder goes, I wasn’t there.

And if you had anything to suggest that I was, I’d be doing this interview in a jumpsuit right now.

So, as far as you’re concerned, I’m Schrodinger’s murderer.

Schro-what now?

At this moment…

I both did and did not kill Muncie.

And with that, I’m gonna get going.

What’s your hurry?

I’m gonna be going away soon.

And before I do, there are some things…

I better put right.

Interview suspended 10:52 a.m.

What in the fuck was that?

I don’t know.

Strange fucking tactics.

So what’s our next move?

Not sure.

How about we catch our other killer while I mull it over?


Walker. John Walker.






What’s with the chrome?

What? Are you gonna shoot me?

The hell are you doing in my kitchen?

Can’t believe the key is in the same spot.

Let me get those groceries.

No, no, no, no, no. No.

Don’t touch the groceries.

What are you doing here?

I’m here.

Hey, I’m cashing out.

So there’s gonna be gonna be some money coming your way.

[groans] I don’t want your money.

Let’s… let’s skip the part where you pretend you don’t and…

I pretend to talk you into it.


Why are you cashing out?

Going away.

Of course you are.

I meant what I said about the money.

I never wanted anything from you except for you.

But I guess we both knew that was too much to ask.


So, anyway. Uhm…

I need you to make sure Miles takes his share.

That’s… [chuckles]

That’s harder.

[clears her throat]

Miles is harder.

Yeah. And have him…

So he can put ah… the girl…

She can go…

Go to the, uh…

You know.



The big school.


[Knox] Yeah.

Yeah, uh…


I mean, you know, something good has to come out of all this.

How long you going away for?

There’s no coming back from this one.

They finally caught up to you, uh?

You must be slipping.



Yeah, you could say that.

So, anyway yeah.


All right.



I still love you. Just a little.

As much as I hate you, I wouldn’t want to shoot you, so call ahead next time.

[Knox] Yeah.

There isn’t gonna be a next time.

[Ruby distorted] You must be slipping.

[distorted] But I guess we both know that was too much to ask.

[Annie muffled] Knox.

[mumbling] Fucking…

[muffled] John?

Sorry. Am I early?

No, uh…

I was just gonna… why don’t I jump in the shower?

Let’s have a drink first. I’ll make you one for once.

I wasn’t sure you’d want me here after last time.

Why? What happened last time?

You got me worried, Knox.

Jesus, Ruby!

Don’t worry about it.

I just gotta get a handle on this last part of this thing.

How is the cash out coming?

I got the paintings and I got the cash, I just have to get the stones here tonight.

The stones?

Yeah, the stones.

And then I gotta take them to my guy.

He turns everything into clean cash.

Then I just have to cut it into thirds.

[Annie] Why thirds?

Only got three people on the list. You’re on the list.

I don’t even look like her, Knox.

Here’s to every Thursday afternoon.

You just get a hand job?


You’re not gonna believe what Tech just found.

So tell me.


No. You gotta hear this for yourself. Come on!

[Heather] Okay, everything we thought we’d find based on his previous arrest record.

Oh, God.

[Heather] But where it gets interesting is in his live chats.

He was communicating with half a dozen young teen girls.

Convincing them to send nudes.

When we get the guy who killed this asshole, we should give him a medal.

First we let him loose on a few other guys I can think of.

It’s always guys with you.

[Heather] There’s one girl he talked to for over a year, but then they actually started to meet up IRL.


[Heather] In real life.

So say that.

[Heather] They definitely had sex.

A lot of sex. They talked about it.


Anybody got a Tums?

Anyway, I was able to trace her IP address.

She’s a 16-year-old girl in Silver Lake by the name of Kaylee Iris Knox.


Let’s talk to her and her parents.


You said “Knox”?

I ran the family.

It’s John Knox’s granddaughter.

[glass crashing]

I’m sorry. Why do you want to talk to our daughter?

Ah… we just have a few questions for Kaylee.

And for your husband.

You guys are gonna be right in here.

Oh, Mr. Knox.

Actually, we’re gonna put you in this room right over here.


Hang on a second.

Just be honest, okay? Tell the truth.

Detective Ikari is gonna be right with you.

[door closing]

[distorted sound]

[distorted sound]

[Miles, distorted] Like, what if I did?


[Ikari] Detective Emily Ikari, interviewing Miles Knox. It is 4:37 p.m.

Andrew Palmer.


Pretty sure you know who he is.

I thought this was about the fight at the café.

What fight at what café?


What about that prick?

We know what happened between you.

You called them?

You said you wouldn’t call them.

No, we didn’t.

No. You promised if I went to the clinic, you wouldn’t tell on him.


Kaylee, Kaylee.

Your parents didn’t call us.

Neither your mom or your dad.

What’s this about, then? What do you want to know?

We found chats on his computer between him and your daughter.

We’re pretty sure you know what’s going on.

We know that he raped you.

[angry snort]

H-he… he didn’t rape me.

Did you arrest him?

No. He… he’s not in any trouble with the law.

Well, if you’re asking me if I want to press charges, I don’t wanna…

[Ikari] It’s too late for that.

He’s dead.


Was it an accident? ‘Cause I hope he suffered.

I wanna show you something.

[Ikari clears her throat]

See that there?

That’s your car.

Driving into the gated neighborhood where Palmer lives.

This is about 20 minutes later.

See by the time stamp. See?

That’s you, no doubt.

Yeah, that’s me.

Yeah, I went to see him. So what?

So, somewhere in this time frame, Palmer was stabbed to death in his kitchen.

Wow. You can narrow the time of death to 20 minutes?

Modern science.

This is the part where you tell me you just went to warn him to stay away from your daughter?

Yeah, it’s exactly right.

And I might have punched him.

[Ikari] Mhm…

How did you cut your hand there?

On a glass.

We’re gonna find that glass in your house?

No, I was at…

What do you mean at my house?

Based on this video, we obtained a warrant for your house and your car.

They’re being searched now.

I’m not gonna say another word until my attorney gets here.

And that goes for my underaged daughter.

Stop talking to her. Right now.


[muffled] You all right?

Hey, man. Are you okay?


[Ikari] We got you.

Do you, now?

Don’t say anything.

[Ikari] Sure.

I’ll do the talking.

Show you what we found?

Your bloody clothes found in a dumpster behind your apartment.

What? Bullshit.

The murder weapon hidden in a heating vent in your apartment.

No, no. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

That’s not right.

Miles, stop talking.

The knife has prints all over it.

We’ll be pulling yours for comparison in about five minutes.

Me? I’m confident.

Long, blonde hair recovered from the lapel of your coat.

Would you wanna bet it matches the victim?

Don’t speak.

Miles Knox, I’m arresting you for the murder of Andrew Palmer.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can be held against you in a court of law.

[Philo] Here, a little coin for your trouble.

[man] I’m good. I’m glad you guys showed up.

Take care of him.

[Philo] Thank you.

All kinds of people make this world, don’t they?

Okay, pal.

How are you even here?

I’m the last person you called, see?

Give Ludmilla your keys. She’ll drive your Caddy back.

I can drive my own car.

[Ludmilla] It’s right around the corner.

50 meters away. Come.

[Gelfuso] Hey, congrats on the arrest.


I found out why Knox went to San Francisco.

He was there to see a doctor.

!Ah… Doctor…

Frederick Burns.

[Ikari] The neurologist?

How do you know that?

[Gelfuso] Obviously,

I couldn’t get any medical records, but the guy specializes in treating dementia.

Okay. Good work.

Thank you.

Did you at least get what you came for?

Yeah… yeah.


I can only remember about…

Three hours of today.

It’s like a curtain coming down.

That’s rough.

Why me?

I mean, you know.

Trained killer, Army, and all that, I know, but…

Why’d you pull me in?

That brain of yours.

I knew you’d understand the training I was putting you through.

You know, in all this time…

[Philo] Mhm?

Never left a print behind, no DNA, nothing.

[Philo] Mmm…

I learned from the master.

What’s your count, anyway?

[Knox] Two.


Come on.

The cabbie in Chicago and a woman in the shower.

Two civilians. Fuck.

You know…


he liked to talk about the targets, you know.

Pimps, drug dealers, traffickers.


I think it made him feel better.

He never got what it was really all about.

Which was?

Guys caught behind enemy lines.

That’s all.


We only have two steps left.


Your visit and my call.

Visit and a call.

Visit and the call, visit and the call.

I can do that.

Keep the notes in your pocket.

I’ll remind you when to go.

You’ll be done tomorrow.

I’m scared.


I figured.


I need you to do one more thing for me.

Finish my cash out.

Take my stuff to Philo.

You wanna put me in charge of your money?

You know I’m a thief.

You’re not gonna steal from me.


Probably not.

Wait here. I’ll bring it out.

Okay, yeah.

[door opening]


I’m sorry, Knox.

It’s a lot of money.

Can’t argue with that.

Now what?

Get the stones.


Easy, easy, easy.

[speaks foreign language]

[man] Where you going, huh?

Eh? [Groans]


[groans and coughs]





How were you gonna split the take?

Four equal shares.


That’s funny?

[Knox] Yeah, it is.

You were gonna get a third.

[Annie] What?

You were one of the three.

You’re thinking of your ex-wife.

[Knox] No, Annie.

It was you.

My Thursday afternoon date for the last four years.

My ex-wife, my son, and you.

All you had to do was nothing.

[currency-counting machine]

He wants to make a change to the list.

Take off the last name, the hooker.

No problemo.

You split it even, fifty-fifty, between the wife and the son.

Carve out something for you?

No, I’m good.

[currency-counting machine]

What the hell, Dad?

I don’t understand why you’d…

Wait, wait, wait. Stop.

[Miles] I don’t understand…

Stop. Just listen to me.

I’m so confused.

I went to you for help.

Why? Why would you do this to me?

You’re the reason I went to prison.

I’m what?

[Knox] The tax evasion thing.

You’re the one who ratted me out.

What the hell? I didn’t know anything about you back then.

I did six years because of you.

No, no. That’s not true.

That’s not true, Dad.

Listen to me. I think you’re losing it.

Something’s wrong with you. Why would…

Why would you think I would do that?

Look at me.

It was you.

You turned me in.

I did not! I didn’t do it, Dad!

That’s not true! Dad, listen to me! Listen to me!

[muffled] Dad! Goddammit!

Listen to me!

Why would I do that even if I knew!

You’re wrong!

Hey, Ikari.


There’s a problem with the Palmer evidence.

Which evidence?

All of it.

It’s a first. There is a problem with the blood on the clothes.

Evidence of Erythromycin.

That’s a molecular breakdown consistent with freezing.

The blood on the clothes was frozen for at least 12 hours before it was thawed and put on the fabric.


Yeah. Same with the knife.

Wait… that’s not the murder weapon?

No, it definitely is, and the blood is the victim’s.

The issue is with the fingerprints.

No. I saw the comparison.

They matched Miles Knox’s prints, no question.

Yes, but they contained traces of monomers.

Butyl a cry late and methyl met ha cry late.

Packing tape.

Also, some sort of household spice.

I’m sorry, detective.

The prints on the knife were planted.



And then, there’s the hair from the coat.

It’s really impossible that this was the only thing we found.

I’ve been over this three times.

In my opinion, this jacket was never anywhere near the crime scene.

But we have the video.

[Heather] Yeah… about that…

Fuck me!

[phone vibrating]


You’re almost home.

One more step.


[Philo] I’m gonna make the call.

You just sit tight.

Oh, did you get rid of the notebook?

Yeah, I did.

Because this all goes to hell if they find the notebook.

You understand?

It’s gone.

[Philo] What did you do with it?

I burned it.


I’ll make the call and it’s over.

Yeah, good.

Hey, eh… X.

You should probably tell her I got three dead bodies over here.

Do you have… three dead bodies in there?

[Knox] I do.


[Knox] Three.

Oh, John.



Good luck.

[Heather] It’s almost imperceptible to the naked eye, but there’s a jump there.

And if you go into the root file, someone clearly deleted the original time stamp and wrote over it.

Hard to spot, but it’s there.

Meaning what?

He could have driven in-and-out of the gate on any day, at any time.

The footage was simply spliced in.

Miles Knox was framed?

It’s what it looks like.

It doesn’t add up. Nothing makes sense.

Detective Ikari.

Not now.

There’s a phone call for you.

I said not now!

[officer] Okay, but…

This guy says it has something to do

with John Knox.

This is detective Ikari.

You know Aristotle Knox?

You should get up to his bungalow.

Why the hell would I do that?

[Philo] He’s got three dead bodies in there.

[Ikari] Who is this?

An anonymous, concerned citizen.

Don’t move! Do not move!

[officer, muffled] God bodies.

[echoing] What happened?

Jesus, Knox.

Put your hands behind your back.

All right.

[officer] Let’s go.

Hey, hey! Ikari!

You’re gonna want to check this out.

Why would he…?

What the hell is this?



Jesus Christ.

It was him.

[woman] My client won’t be making any statements.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll do the talking again.

You can wait outside.

So, Miles.

We know you didn’t kill Andrew Palmer.


[Ikari] You’re in the clear.

We’re dropping all the charges.

You’ll walk out of here in half an hour a free man.

But first, tell me again how you cut your hand.

On a broken glass.

[Ikari] Where?

At my father’s house.

Why were you there?

[Lawyer] Don’t say anything.

At least… tell me about your dad.

In general terms.

[Lawyer] Don’t.


In general terms?

A lousy jerk.

And a hothead?

[Miles] Yeah, that’s right. He’s abusive.

He’s a despicable human being.

[Ikari] See, I get that.

But how big a prick do you need to be to frame your own son for murder?

I don’t follow.

I got all the evidence.

Everything he used to frame you was in his house.

He planted your prints on the murder weapon, hid it in your wall, put the victim’s blood on your clothes, his hair on your clothes.

Put your blood from that broken glass at the murder scene.

Why would he do that?

Why does he hate you so much?

‘Cause I turned him in.

What do you mean?

[Miles] The tax case he went to prison for.

I was the one who called the IRS.

[Ikari] Mhm… no.

The file says that was someone named…

File’s wrong.

It was me.

[cell opening]

We never could tie that gun to you.

Looks like you got away with that one.

But just between us tell me.

It was you who shot Muncie, wasn’t it?

Muncie coming?

Muncie is dead.

You killed him.

They have newspapers here.

Muncie likes to read the newspaper.

[phone rattling]

[guard] 0-5-2-3!



He’s not doing well.

Why do you wanna see him?

He tried to frame you.

Yeah, I mean…

He still killed the man who raped my daughter.

And that’s okay with you? Murder?

If I could, I’d dig Palmer up and I’d kill him again.

By the way, they’re moving him to a medical facility tomorrow.

I tried to get a move sooner, but bureaucracy.

He went so fast, didn’t he?

Fortunately for you.

How do you mean?

If he hadn’t been losing his mind, he might have gotten away with framing you.

Lucky for me, then.



Hey, Dad.

Is it Sunday?

No, no. It’s not.

It’s Wednesday, Dad.



My son likes football.

Is that so?

[Knox] Yeah.

Sometimes we go to the Rose Bowl.

I bet he loves that.

[Knox] Yeah?





[Knox muttering] Sunday…

I love you, Dad.


[unintelligible conversation]

[Kaylee giggling]

[Miles] Who wants to get beat?

I don’t know it.

[instrumental music]


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