Jolt (2021) – Transcript

A bouncer with a slightly murderous anger-management problem that she controls with the help of an electrode-lined vest she uses to shock herself back to normalcy whenever she gets homicidal. After the first guy she's ever fallen for is murdered, she goes on a revenge-fueled rampage to find the killer while the cops pursue her as their chief suspect.
Jolt (2021)

A bouncer with a slightly murderous anger-management problem that she controls with the help of an electrode-lined vest she uses to shock herself back to normalcy whenever she gets homicidal. After the first guy she’s ever fallen for is murdered, she goes on a revenge-fueled rampage to find the killer while the cops pursue her as their chief suspect.

* * *

[woman narrating] What makes a person extraordinary? Everyone wants to be normal. But no one wants to be ordinary.


And what is normal? We all see the pretty pictures on our feeds. Normal party, normal family, normal adorable little girl. But, there’s always more behind the facade. Most of the time Lindy seems quite normal. But buried deep in her DNA she has a gift. Some call it a condition, or even worse, a disorder, that’s just waiting to be activated and it makes her anything but normal. When people do bad things, Lindy cannot control herself. Maybe if she’d had that normal loving family, she could have been extraordinary. But, just like Lindy, mommy and daddy had their own demons. Whether it was that mummy’s pills made her so sleepy, or that daddy got so angry when he drank too much, we’ll never know. But whatever it was, Lindy never got the love she needed. Instead, she got angrier and angrier, and her disorder got worse and worse.

And then her parents got her diagnosis. The doctors called it Intermittent Explosive Disorder. She could not live safely in the world, and no one would be safe around her. So to live at all, she would have to live alone, isolated from others till the cure could be found. The huge amount of cortisol coursing through Lindy’s body, made her faster than normal, stronger than normal, which made her incredibly attractive to certain interested parties.

But her condition also made her extremely volatile and far, far angrier than normal. Lindy had a hair trigger. Once provoked, she would snap. Until she could gain control, she was no use to anyone. Her life as a human lab rat began. The results were mixed. So they thought, maybe the military would give her the structure to channel her unique gifts. … Or maybe not.



[whistle blows]

All right, stop!

Get off!


Get off him, now!

Stop means, stop!

[woman] They were so kind and supportive. It’s a wonder it didn’t help. Of course, all these cures only made it worse. You would think they’d learn not to piss her off.


It was looking more and more like they would just lock her up and throw away the key. Lindy would be alone, forever. And then a breakthrough, a chance to be normal. The treatment was brutal, barbaric, outrageous and surprisingly effective.

[electricity crackles]

[“Handsomer” playing]

♪ You’re checking out my story Like you don’t care ♪

♪ But every time I look I see you right there ♪

♪ Why you Tryna watch my joyride ♪

♪ Ride, ride, ride, ride? ♪

[siren wailing]


[heartbeat thumping]



[man] This is ridiculous.

I’ve been waiting here for five fucking minutes. How hard is it to find my fucking car keys?

I know, I know. I’m sorry, but give me just a minute, okay?

Is “fucking idiot” part of your job description?

[attendant] I know, I’m… I’m sorry, sir… There’s like a million keys here.

And apparently you’re too dumb even for a minimum wage job.

Is this your key?

[man] Yes, that’s my key, you fucking moron.


Hey, this is my car!

Yeah, I think you forgot something.


Your manners.

[both grunting]

Sorry, is this your key?

[man] Huh?

Yes, that’s my key, you fucking moron.

[electricity crackles]


[man] Don’t expect a tip!

[“Handsomer” continues]

♪ You can tell That she your princess ♪

♪ She’ll never wear my crown ♪

♪ She’ll never wear my crown ♪

Um, Justin? Hi. I’m Lindy.


Yeah, actually I’m not staying so… um, I thought a date might be fun, but I’m not in the right head-space, so I didn’t want to bail, without saying something, ’cause I’m not a total bitch.

[Justin] Okay.


You know it’s funny? Uh… This isn’t even the worst date I’ve ever had.

Yeah. I feel bad… I’m sorry about that…

Herpes! Yeah, herpes, chlamydia and, um, warts.

Uh… Okay.

This girl just kept listing off, all the sexually transmitted infections she had. It was… it was unexpected.

Yeah, I mean, warts generally are, aren’t they?

You don’t have a disaster date story?

Uh, me? No, I don’t date that much. No.

Oh, is that ’cause you’re always leaving before they start?

No, you’re doing quite well. I normally don’t even come in.

Oh, why not?

Uh… [sighs] I hate people.

Like who?

I don’t know. People who… who talk with their mouth full and… and, uh, people who, who chew too loudly, people who hum. Um, men who wear jeans with flip-flops…

I can’t stand people who walk too slow.

Yeah. Exactly.

Or tell you to have a nice day.

Yeah! Like, fuck off I might not want a nice day.

Or, uh, people that talk in elevators.

Yeah, that’s bad.

Yeah, aside from people that fart in elevators. That’s… That’s worse.

Do you fart in elevators?

Do you fart?

No, I’m from England, we don’t…

Are we ready to order?

I’m actually not staying, so I don’t know.

Sir, I’m afraid if she won’t be dining with you, we will need the table back.



Uh… Okay, um… Okay, I’ll just, um… I’ll just have the chicken really quickly then.

Uh… Fish please, without the pine nuts.

We don’t do substitutions.

Oh, no. I’m… I’m… I’m allergic, so…

It’s restaurant policy.

Uh, okay. The pasta, please.

There is a walnut sauce.

[Justin] Uh, how about the pork chop?

Pistachio crust.

Fuck me. Perhaps you can suggest something that might work.

Please don’t take that tone with me.

No, I’m not.

Sir. You are.

You’re making it impossible for me to impress my date and it’s embarrassing.

How about the chicken?

[electricity crackles]

[waitress] Sure.

Thank you.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you.

You know, if you were planning to stab her with that knife, it’d be totally cool with me.

Look, I have to pee actually.


[Lindy] I’ll be right back.

[waitress laughs] I know, right? A guy just told his wife he is having an affair. Some old woman’s dentures got stuck in her steak.

But hold up, you should see the first date I just served. I gave the guy some attitude and he practically cried into his napkin. Yeah. And his date just sat there and watched him squirm.

[laughs] Oh, my God. It was so embarrassing. I mean, screwing with the customers isn’t fun anymore. It’s like my own private freak show.

[electricity crackles]

The guy had, like, allergies to pretty much everything on the menu. [laughs] It was pathetic. [laughs] I know. [sighs] Total losers. Anyway…

[waitress grunts]



She’ll call you back.





[siren wailing]

[up-tempo music playing]


Oh! Ain’t you a fine little piece…



[Lindy] It’s not working. Okay. Fix it!

You’re probably just building up a tolerance.

No, I’m not.

Look, this is cutting-edge, avant-garde treatment.

Okay. Well, I’m sure you’ll get the Nobel Prize once you’re dead.

Is that a threat?

Can you fix it or not?

All right.

[Lindy] Okay.

Here. Your emotions must be running pretty high, in order for you to override the system.

Yeah. I have an unnaturally high level of cortisol, so my emotions are running high all the time.

But you cannot keep using biochemistry as an excuse, all the time. So, I’m assuming that the date was a disappointment then?

I mean… [sighs] Given that its primary function, was to test if I could partake in a customary social situation without beating the shit out of someone, then yeah, I would say yeah. It was a… it was a real disappointment.

How badly did you hurt him?

[sighs] I didn’t even get round to him.

Who did you get around to?

A waitress. Look, it doesn’t matter. Your thing failed.

Lindy, this is not a cure. I’ve told you that. The only way we’re going to make progress, is if you begin to reconcile with your past.

I’ve told you my story.

But there’s a difference, between talking about your past, and actually working through it.

[Lindy grunting]

[doctor grunting]

[electricity crackles]

[Lindy exhales slowly]


Jugular bleed.

Classy. Here you go. I’ve upped the voltage, but there’s only so much that the human body can take.

You don’t care about me. I’m just an experiment.

Why would I risk my life’s work if I didn’t care? And why won’t you admit that you really like this guy?

Because I didn’t.


Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I think last night proved that your exposure therapy didn’t work.

What… what… what would you like me to do? Hmm? Would you like me to put leeches on your skin? Would you like me to drill a hole, in your head to release the demons? Would you like me to make you drink your own urine?

Actually tried that.

That’s disgusting. Anyway, I think that really you need to admit, that the answer to all of your problems is close, human connection.

Penis is not gonna fix me, Dr. Freud.

Um, I just…

And I’ve tried that as well.

[doctor] You like this guy, so for once have a relationship.

Oh, please fuck off.

I’m talking about love.

No, I don’t want a boyfriend! We both know I’d end up knocking his teeth down his throat.

Maybe you won’t, but I don’t know why you would walk away, from somebody who made you feel something.

Ugh! Okay, I’m walking away from you, ’cause you’re getting on my nerves.

Thank you.

[Lindy] See you next week.

Yeah, I can’t wait.

[upbeat music playing]


[Lindy] Looks so good. [laughs]

Thank you so much.

[Justin] Not bad, huh?


Not a shitty waitress in sight!


I’m glad you called. I’d hate to miss a second chance to disappoint a pretty face.

How are you planning on doing that?

I don’t know. Depends if you find lame-ass accountants cool or not.

Well, that depends. Who do you work for?

[Justin] I work for a private company. This guy named Barry. You? What do you do?

I used to work in Security.

Okay. So you know your way around a pair of handcuffs?

Less BDSM, more… bouncer in a crappy bar.

[laughs] You’re not a bouncer!

[chuckles] Yeah! What?

What do you weigh? Like a Buck-O-Eight?

It’s not about size Justin.


Don’t know what you’ve heard…

Then what’s it about?

Other things, like speed and endurance, fearlessness, things like that.

Okay. What happened?


You crazy bitch!

[man shouts]

Um… I’m currently seeking a new career path.

Oh, you got fired.

Yes. Well, it wasn’t my fault. It… I mean, it was actually entirely my fault. I don’t know. My heart wasn’t in it.

No? What is your heart in?

I like photography.

Yeah? What do you take pictures of?

Mostly, naked accountants.

[both laugh]

I don’t know, just people going about their lives. I… I just… I take pictures on my phone sometimes for fun. It’s not really…

It sounds kinda voyeuristic to me.

Oh, I am wanking, constantly.


Well, uh… I’m sorry if I can seem kind of boring.

Thank you for apologizing. I am quite bored.

There’s nothing I can do about it.

There are a couple of things that you could do.

What can I do?

[breathing heavily]

Maybe this is a mistake. I have to warn you, I’m really crap at dating.

How bad could you be?

[Lindy grunts]

[Justin mumbles]

Very bad.

I’m not scared of you.

Well, maybe you should be.


[breathing heavily]

Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hold…

It’s, um… They’re… they’re… They’re a…

Is that like a… Like a kinky thing or?

No. No.


Uh, look, the thing is Justin, I…



Hey… It’s not… a big… deal.

It’s okay.


[electronic music playing]

[birds chirping]


Good morning.

[Justin] More like afternoon. You look so cute when you’re asleep, and I didn’t wanna wake you up.

Not really used to being called cute.

No? Well, you are. When you let your guard down. Your place is weird.

[Justin laughs] Ah, it’s… you know, it’s good weird. What’s with all the plastic plates and cups? You just move in?

No, uh, just, I… I hate washing up.


Well, in addition to the world’s most expensive Danish, I got you a little something.

Wow. Am I amazing in bed?



Oh, my God! Oh, no. That’s too much.

No, it’s not.

[Lindy] Wow!

You like it?

Love it! Thank you. Oh, um, by the way, last night… I… I never do that.


No. I mean, never.

Well, I’m… I’m glad you did. You are… you’re full of surprises. The least of which is, um, this whole situation. You, uh, you wanna elaborate? Now that we know each other better.

Yeah. Um…

You know what? You don’t have to. I’m sorry.

No! I will. Uh, it’s a new treatment for this… thing.

You’re not gonna die on me, are you?

No. No, no, no.

That’d be just my luck, you know? I meet the most amazing woman in the city and you got six months to live?

No, I’ve got, um… an impulse control problem. And that helps me to not have it.

Like Tourette’s?

No. Um, just tiny bit more intense.

[Justin] Okay. Uh, well, I mean, have you tried meditation or something?

Yeah, sort of.

[student hums, grunts]


[Yogi grunts]

Medication… Extreme sports…

[Lindy grunts]

You know, I’ve tried like, a whole lot of things, picked up lots of useless skills and, um, that’s the thing that… that helps.

Well, I don’t see anything wrong with you.

Mm-mmm. No, no, no. I gotta go to work.

Well, can’t you say you’re sick?

No, I can’t. Barry will totally bust my balls.

Oh, okay. Well, no, leave… leave the balls exactly as they are, they were good. Um, but can’t you say that something came up with another client?

Well, I only have one… and he pays for my exclusivity, so… Okay?


Come to my place tonight. Yeah? I’ll cook. I’m a fucking ninja with a piece of halibut.

[door closes]

[quietly cheering] Yes, yes, yes!

[uplifting music playing]

♪ Ever got the feeling ♪

♪ Man, I must be dreamin’ ♪

♪ Didn’t know I could feel this way ♪

♪ Didn’t have to fake it ♪

♪ Why’d you make me claim that ♪

♪ You can look, touch Touch as much you want ♪

Oh, my God!

No! It’s fine! It’s fine!


It’s fine. It’s fine! Relax.

You’re early!

Yes, I was excited to see you!


Because you’re a genius. You’re a bald and burnished genius. I’m cured.

Oh, you saw him again?

And, I had an impulse, but… it wasn’t a breaking his legs, smash his face in, slamming… Actually, there was a bit of slamming. But it was warm and romantic and… and filthy.

This is progress. Very good.

Very good? It’s brilliant! Listen, I took the vest off.

Wow! Wow.

[laughs] A couple more weeks, I’m not even gonna need this.

That’s great! But I think it’s temporary euphoria.

I can’t stop thinking about him. His hands, his face, his hair smells really amazing… Oh, my God! The penis! I almost called you in the middle of it. It, like, unfurled itself, like… to ten times its length, like… like a travel umbrella! I’ve only ever heard of that.


Never actually seen it!


Grower. Amazing! I wouldn’t know…

Yeah. Wow. I didn’t know those existed.

Oh, and he’s cooking me dinner tonight.

Stop it.

Hmm. Fish.

Fish! But you don’t like fish. No, but people change.

[doctor] They do.

I’ve changed.

[doctor] It’s true. Okay, why don’t we sit down and let’s have a little chat about this? Because… Okay, all right.

Boring and snooze. Because I want to celebrate! Can we open a bottle of something?

[doctor] No, it’s ten o’clock in the morning.

Okay, you’re being a bad friend.

I’m not your friend. I’m your psychiatrist.

I finally want to talk about dick, you should be salivating.

Gross. No, look, sit down, please, all right?

No, I don’t need a session today.

Yes, you do, because you’re manic and it’s making me incredibly anxious. And I’m worried about you.

Don’t be anxious.

I am though.

I love you.

Okay. Uh, love you too.

I love you more!

[doctor] Oh, boy.

[“Give It To Me” playing]

♪ See the diamond in my eyes ♪

♪ Cause I flicker and I’m fly ♪

♪ Bet you wish were mine ♪

♪ Bet you wish were mine ♪

[line ringing]

[man on phone] Hello?


No. This is Detective Vicars. Homicide.

[siren wailing]

[horns honking]

But how do you know it was murder?

His body was found in a dumpster, with two gunshot wounds to the head.

[Vicars sighs]

Were you together very long?

[sighs] Tonight was gonna be our third date. He was… was gonna cook me dinner. [sobs] Fish.



Hmm. You know any of his friends, family or coworkers?

No. I… I know he’s an accountant. He… was an accountant. But he only had one client. Some guy named Barry.

We’re gonna find who did this.

[woman] Let’s not give the lady false hope. Statistically, it’s unlikely.

[Vicars] I’m not giving her anything. I’m reassuring her we’re gonna do our best.

[woman] Some people prefer honesty.

Some people prefer compassion.

Can I see him?

No. Family only right now.

Can I talk to his family?

We haven’t been able to find anyone yet.

But then who’s gonna mind if I see him?

Policy’s gonna mind. Those are the rules.

[Vicars] She loves rules. Look, we really are very sorry, for your loss.

[heartbeat thumping]


[Lindy grunts]


[electricity crackles]


[woman] Sounds like your guy was involved in some pretty sketchy business. Dodged a bullet or two.

All right, listen. Just give us a call, if you remember anything else.


What the fuck-hell was that?

She was upset. She’s grieving, I’m… I’m just trying to comfort her.

I think she’s angry.

I don’t think so.

[woman] That’s why you like her. You like ’em with a little rage bottled up inside. Better in bed, until it blows up in your stupid-ass face. “I’m a big strong policeman.” “Let me embrace you, and comfort your grieving vagina.”

[whispering] I don’t wanna comfort a vagina.

[dramatic music playing]

[Justin whispers] It’s not a big deal.

[both grunting]


[Lindy] You fixed me, now he’s dead! Ah! It’s not working.

[doctor] I’m going to get you a sedative. Now, you have to stop shocking yourself. Lindy? Lindy?

I’m not scared of you.

[Justin] Lindy? Lindy?

[doctor] Lindy?

Where is it?

You’re holding it.

[electricity crackles]

[Lindy sighs]

How do you feel?

I want to crush your skull with my bare hands.

I’m sorry about Justin.

I mean, they acted like it was no big deal.


The police.

Well, don’t focus on them. Focus on yourself.

It’s obvious they thought his boss had something to do with it. Which, I mean, of course. Right? He only had one client. That’s a bit weird, isn’t it?

I am sure they’ll figure it out.

Fuck them! No, I need to find out who did this. I have to talk to Justin’s boss.

What if you just took a moment, and you felt…

What if I just snapped your neck? I’m gonna find the fuckers who did this.

[doctor] If you go down that path, you are never, ever going to get better.


You’re gonna kill somebody.

You’re fucking right I am.

Wait! I have to tell you something…

Look! Some people cry. Some people drink. Some people write shit poetry. I hurt people. Might as well put it to good use.


[electronic music playing]

[phone ringing]


[Lindy] Hi, Detective Vicars? I need to talk to you. I… I think I have more information but I’m scared. Can you come meet me at my place?

Yeah. Yeah, we’ll be right there.

[electronic rock music playing]



[electricity crackles]


[siren wailing]

[elevator bell dings]


[phone ringing]


[Vicars] Hi, Lindy, it’s Detective Vicars. Lindy?

Hello Detective. You’re angry, right?

Why are you stealing evidence?

Because I want to find out what happened.

That’s my job.

Uh-huh. How’s that going for you?

I found you, didn’t I?


My partner wants to bring you in for interfering with an investigation, and robbery and probably a whole bunch of other stuff ’cause she’s ridiculously thorough. But I wanted to give you the chance to come in on your own and clear up this misunderstanding. Without all the, you know, jail. She’s on her way up now.

Fucking balls. Where are you?

I’m parked out front.

She’s not going to shoot me, is she?

No, of course not.

[detective] Freeze!



Then again, she might…

So here’s what’s gonna happen.

You’re gonna put your arms over your head, I’m gonna cuff you, I’m gonna take you down to the station, and then I’m gonna book you.

What if I have other plans?

I’ll fucking shoot you. And then waste a bunch of time writing up a report, instead of hunting down your boyfriend’s killer.

Wasn’t actually my boyfriend yet.

Commitment issues?

It was early days.

[detective] As if dating in the city wasn’t hard enough. You finally find a good man, and boom, two bullets to the brain.

Your partner is a trip, Vicars.

[Vicars] Hey, Nevin…

Is that?

Are you fucking kidding me? Give me the phone. Give me the phone.

Please don’t tell me, you just called this murder suspect…

[both grunting]

[Nevin coughs, winces]

Sorry. Having a bad day.

[Nevin] Freeze!

I didn’t kill him!

Bitch. [grunts]

[car beeps]

[engine starts]

[Vicars] Hello?

[Lindy] Oh. Hi, Detective.

Lindy, is everything okay up there? Is Nevin okay?

[Lindy] Little busy at the moment.

Busy doing what?

[Lindy] Remembering how to drive stick.


Stupid motherfucker.

Ow, ow, ow.

Holy shit! I know that sound. That’s a McLaren 600LT Spider?

[Lindy] It’s a car. A really fast one. Are you still on the phone with that kooky cuntcicle?

Fucking go! Go! Go!

Where did you learn to drive? You even trying to catch her?

I’m flooring it!

[Lindy] Guys, it’s quite hard to concentrate with you two bickering.


Oh, crap!

[sirens wailing]

Come on, Lindy.

[Lindy] Ooh.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this stick shift. … Oh, shit. Reverse!

[Vicars grunts]

Damn it!

[horns honking]

Lindy, please stay on the phone. I’m trying to help you.

Okay. I really have to concentrate now, so, it’s been really nice catching up.

[Vicars] No, wait! You go through with this and you’re… You’re on your own.

[Lindy] Same as always.

[Vicars] Lindy!

Damn it!


[engine revving]

I’m trying to help you. You’re going to get somebody killed.

If you think I had anything to do with Justin’s death, then you’re shitter at your jobs than I thought.

We don’t think you killed Justin…

Speak for yourself!

Whoa! Argh!

[man 1] Get ’em!

[man 2] Yeah!

Ah! The fuck…

I’m not doing it.

Don’t bitch out!

Fine! Fine! Fine!


[tires squealing]

[both groan]

[car beeps]

[man] If you can’t ascertain the cause,

of the outbreak, then you have no idea,

how many zombies you’ll have to kill over time.

[man 2] A lightsaber would solve both problems.

We specified a real-world scenario.

Yeah, a real zombie apocalypse.

Besides, there’s no way to recharge the lightsaber’s

Diatium power cell after it ran out. [raspberry]

Diatium power cells don’t run out of energy.

They recycle it.

Who’s in charge around here?

I’m… I… I’m the manager.

If you’re the manager

then you’re the last person, I want to talk to.

I need someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Who’s the biggest geek you’ve got in this place?




[dubstep music playing]

[footsteps approaching]

Okay, so what? Forget your password or something?


It’s more, the man I loved was murdered

and I stole his phone from the police,

and now I’ve got to track down the bad guy

before they do, so I can kill the shit out of them.

Oh! Cool.

And… we’re in.

Oh, wow. You’re good.


Not much here, no history. This must be a burner.

Your boyfriend a drug dealer or something?

No, accountant.

I mean, he wasn’t… We weren’t… yet. You know.

Yeah. Right, right. I get it.

I don’t.

Did your mouth just fart, Doug?



[Andy] The last seven calls,

came from an abandoned building downtown.


What does that mean?

[Andy] I’m not sure. Lets see who owns it.

Barry Kasparzki. Whoa!

FBI files showed ties to arms dealers.

Holy shit!

[Andy] That’s the guy.

How much do I owe you?

Trust me, you can’t afford me.



[electronic rock music playing]


[crowd cheering]

[fighters grunting]

[cheering, whooping]

Boys, boys, boys!

Whatever it is you’re fighting over,

I’m sure we can all talk it out.

[man] Money…

Yeah. You know, like bets?

Oh! Duh.

Is it too late to put a dollar on the other one?

Just ’cause you’re a bit of a bleeder and you drop your left when you hook.

What’s going on?

Oh, are you Barry? I guess so.

Just, you seem like, you have the biggest dick in here, so…

What do you want?

Well, I wanted to pick your brains, about the phone calls you have with the… accountant that works for you. Did you kill him?

What are you? Cop? Fed?

Oh no, girlfriend. I mean, I say girlfriend. We went on, like, two dates but… you know, I was really hopeful, I was crossing fingers.

I didn’t kill any accountant.

But you know who did.


Well, amazing! I mean, that saves me a massive headache. Barry!

You’re a sweetheart. I didn’t say I’d tell you.

Oh, seriously? Are you gonna make me go through the whole, face-stomping, bone-breaking routine? Okay, fine. I tell you what. How about I beat three of your best guys, and you tell me the name?

Sounds like fun. You, you and you. But not three in a row. All at the same time.

I like a man who challenges me. Okay, so what are the, like, rules?

No rules.

Oh. All right.

[Lindy grunting]

[crowd laughs]


[grunts, screams]

[Lindy grunts]

[both grunting]

[man] Oh!

[Lindy grunting]


[crowd boos]




[fighter grunts]

[fighter screams]

[fighter screams]

[crowd gasps]

Lucky guess.

[Lindy grunting]

That’s enough!

Fight’s over!

Everybody out!

If he had a bigger Adam’s apple, this’d be really working for me.

[Lindy panting]

[electronic music playing]

You don’t mind, do you?

I’m just a bit parched after that.

Oh! I needed that.

Okay, you were gonna tell me who killed Justin?

[Barry] Those men back there, they work for me, they respect me and they pay tribute to me.

They do this, because they know, that I am a man of my word.


Business like this, I like to keep private.

‘Cause the truth is, all that I have is because of one thing, and one thing only.

And that is… that I have never been a man of my word.

[heartbeat thumping]

So, if you’ll excuse me, I don’t like to get business on my suit.


What is it about gross old men always underestimating women?

[both grunting]


[car suspension squeaks]

Interesting ball color.

What we calling that? Ox-blood?


Just like a woman, straight for the nuts!

[Lindy] No. I only do that when I’m in hurry.

Although, evolution hasn’t really been kind to you guys, putting the on-off switch, dangling around in front for any predator to come by and flick.

Now, who killed him?

I don’t know.

Don’t be silly!

Gareth Fizel!

Gareth Fizel!

Yeah, he’s my boss.

Why would he kill his accountant?

Maybe he was skimming the books.

Look, even the government, ain’t dumb enough to go after Fizel.

Are you really that stupid?

You know what? I think I am exactly that stupid.

[electricity crackles]


[electronic music playing]


[Vicars] You enjoying that?

Mmm. Background check came in.

Your li’l girlfriend, she’s got a history of violence.

Assault. Harassment.

Interesting job history too. Classified-type shit.

So she’s got skills and an anger issue.

Not a great combo.

I still don’t think, she’s the type to blow her boyfriend’s head off.

Hope not, or else you’re next.

She’s got a short fuse. Doesn’t make her a murderer.

That’s what happens when you don’t follow protocol.

Sometimes common sense trumps protocol.

Nah. I’m good being the superior one in this relationship.

Wha… Hey! What am I supposed to eat?

I’ll see what I can swipe from the gunshot victim next door.

Always taking such good care of me. Thank you, partner.

[woman on PA, indistinct]

[door closes]

[Lindy] Aw, allergic to latex?

[clears throat] You’re no fun.

Wow! Impressive urine output. Good for you.

Oh, don’t bother.

I’ll run away and you’ll get yourself all emasculated trying to catch me.

Here. I did get a bouquet, but I gave it to this woman in the elevator.

She was… [inhales]

Just been diagnosed with something horrible and couldn’t stop crying. It was really awkward.

Glad to see you’re all right.

I wanted to say thank you for warning me and…

I wasn’t warning you. I was giving you a chance to do the right thing.

Well, thank you for giving me the chance. Look, I found out who killed Justin.


Gareth Fizel.

You got any proof?

Well, obviously not the sort of person who gives a fuck about proof.

What do you know about him?

Billionaire recluse with his fingers in a bunch of different illegal pies.

He’s pretty much untouchable.

Oh, I’m gonna touch him.


And a lot. And not in a way he’s gonna enjoy.

Where can I find him?

Why you doing this?

Is this Justin really worth you risking your life for?

Yeah, it was early days. I didn’t know him.

I didn’t know half the shit he was caught up in.

But I do know, he was a decent guy.

He didn’t deserve to die like that.

Nobody does.

Well, no, but…

Most people make me want to run away screaming, or snap their fingers off. He was…

[sighs] He was nice.

He was… He was really nice.

There’s lots of nice guys out there.


They’re all frightened of me.

He wanted to cook me fish.

The Imperion Tower. Downtown.

Thank you.

I can’t let you go there.

[Lindy] You’re not in a great position to stop me, are you?

But I am.

Get back!

[upbeat music playing]


[porter grunts]

Get back here right now!


[patient screams]


[Nevin] Stop!


Bitch, get back here!


[music ends]


[baby babbles]



[baby whimpers]


[baby crying]



[heartbeat thumping]


[electricity crackles]



[crying continues]

Shh! Stop it. Stop it.

[Nevin] Freeze!

Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t fucking fart!

Oh, come on.

You’re not gonna start shit in here.

I will shoot you.

Put the gun down.

Why would I do that?

Because I want you to be ready.

Ready for what?





Don’t you dare!

Don’t do it.


I trust you!

[upbeat music playing]




[electronic music playing]

[siren wailing]

Can I help you?

Gareth Fizel.

There’s no one here by that name.


It’s gonna be a lot less painful for you, if you just point me in the right direction.

[man] Good evening.

Can I be of assistance?

Mr. Delacroix, this woman… is asking for a Mr. Fizel. And she threatened me.

You’re fired.

For what?

Your tone. Miss? Right this way.

[footsteps departing]

[Lindy] That was some pretty epic dick swinging.

[elevator bell dings]

That’s strange. I would’ve thought, the big cheese would be on the top floor.

He is.



[ringing sound]

[grunts] Ow!


Clean blow to my brachial plexus nerve group. Good one.


You must be Security, unless this is some really fucked up date.

Head of. And you are?

About to pee my pants.

I had, like, four Red Bulls on the way here.

Is that what the drain in the floor is for?

What are these for?

That is a really bad idea to take those.

I need them.

What for?

A bad heart.

[Delacroix] Well, they’re mine now.

Why are you here?

[Lindy] I need to see your boss.

Regarding what?

He killed Justin.

Justin who?

His accountant.

Why would he have killed your Justin?

Oh, I don’t know. Boring everyday, bean counter who’s cooking the books for a shady arms dealer, suddenly assassinated and tossed in a dumpster.

Sounds like he had information to disclose.

Seemed like a solid lead.

I mean, that and Barry told me.

Are you a relation of the deceased?

No. I was… Not, we were…

I see.

Do you?


Nor do I desire to.

I am going to give you a chance to vacate the premises, peacefully.

[Lindy sighs]

What if I don’t?

You will find out what the drainage system is for. And I will be keeping those.


[car door closes]

[engine starts]

[menacing music playing]


[whispering] My life vest… I need my vest.

[button clicks]


Apologies for the disturbance. We’ve had a visitor, a woman. She’s peculiar.

I need to get out of the car. Can you let me out of the car?

Look, miss, I don’t want to seem overly familiar, but I gotta take you home.

[Lindy] Unlock this door and let me out!

Asking about an accountant.

A concern?

Let me out of the car for your sake!


Let me out! Let me out!

I wasn’t sure who may have been aware, of her presence here, so I opted to let her go.

But enough of a concern to bother me with.

[tires screeching]

[both grunting]

[driver groans]

I’m sorry. I’m sorry!

More like an unknown variable.

You know… I don’t like unknown variables. Deal with her.

[door unlocks]

[Lindy] Please help me?

Oh, fuck! What are you doing here?

I lost my device. Do you have another here? I really need it. Please?

What happened to the lamp?

I figured, if things got really bad, I could bite down on both ends.

Don’t do that.


[doctor] Thanks.

Have you seen that movie Old Yeller?

Uh, yeah. It’s a classic. I’ve never seen it, but I know how it ends.

So if I… try anything, kill me.

If I make this thing for you, will you stop going after this guy?

No. But I can promise more innocent people won’t get hurt along the way.

Okay. Do you want some Chinese food? There’s Kung Pao chicken and sweet and sour… something, and some… egg rolls and all that. You should eat something.

Don’t touch the shrimp fried rice. That’s mine.


I’ll get the vest.

[footsteps departing]


[trap music playing]

[electrical cable snaps]

[gas hissing]

Je… Jesus! What are you doing?

I’m hiding from the beat cops down the street.

What are you doing?

Is sitting outside my apartment, some kind of police foreplay? Are you wearing my knickers?

I’m doing my job.


I see we’ve taken down another major drug kingpin.

He got sent home from school for setting the class pet free.

Hmm. Hamster?

Rabbit. Hey, listen to me.

There’s some pretty nasty guys in the hospital, you know, and their description of the deranged psycho who put them there matches you.

What? Come on. Little old me?

How could you possibly think I could do anything like that?

Don’t fuck around with me, Lindy.

Okay, but not now, I need you to look after this.

I’m not dumping evidence for you!

I’m not asking you to.

Look, I’m… I’m giving you the chance to turn yourself in here.

Okay, I will! Just not yet.

Hey, listen to me.

Fizel’s not some dickbag gangster, okay?

He’s going to be looking for you and he’s going to kill you.

Right. Well, he already tried.

I think someone has been in my apartment…

Right, that’s it.

It ain’t your choice anymore.

No, no, no, no, no.

That’s a very bad idea. I’ve got… this condition. Okay? It makes me snap. I can’t control it and I hurt people. I wear this thing, that gives me electric shocks, so that I can stop it happening. But, really, I really don’t want to hurt you or anybody else.

I don’t think you’d hurt me.



Would you leave me on my own with him?

[control clicking]



Well, I don’t think you’d hurt him either.

You sure?

What that thing feel like?

Come on?

What are you…


[electricity crackles]


Okay, you know what that tells me?

I’m way more screwed up than you thought.

No. No, it tells me that you’d rather hurt yourself than somebody else.

Nevin says I treat you different because you’re a woman.

She says…

I’m going easy on you.

Is she right?

I treat you different because you are different.

[people screaming]

Nobody is looking for me now.


[screaming continues]


What’s that?


[sighs] fuck!

[intense music playing]

[shouting, indistinct]

[cell phone ringing]

Lindy, listen to me!

[Lindy] I’m a little busy at the moment.

Look, Lindy I don’t wanna play games anymore.

You have to stop looking for Justin’s killer.

You’re gonna get hurt.

I know what you’re capable of.

I read all about it in your file…

Okay. Are you done looking me up on some bullshit database?

‘Cause, listen, Detective.

I’m gonna do what I need to do.

[Vicars] Lindy I don’t wanna see you wind up dead.

Just let us do our job.

So, what?

Does that mean you are gonna go in and arrest Fizel?

Yes, thought not.


[electronic music playing]





I was hoping to see you.


[footsteps approaching]


You like lobster?

Uh, I always thought it was overrated and overpriced.

Most people don’t realize that lobster’s belong in the same biological phylum as cockroaches.

They are both anthropods with segmented bodies.

They both have the same compound eyes and jointed legs.

Even their meat is the same.

Lobsters must be boiled alive.

Cockroaches poisoned.


Ugly and boring. What a winning combination.

What the fuck has this got to do with me?

You are an odd specimen.

Not sure what, uh, phylum you belong in.

Me neither.

That’s something my therapist and I are really delving in to.

I understand you are here to kill me.

Something about an accountant?

Your… boyfriend?

We hadn’t put a label on it, but he was pretty special.

I kill a lot of people, I suppose some of them may be accountants. I’m…

[Fizel laughs]

I’m sorry I killed yours.

Well, apology not accepted…

You creepy fuck.



You are certainly a… a rare species.

I’m glad I took this opportunity to get one good, long, hard look at you.

Okay, but can you do it… [grunts]

[ringing noise]

[groan] Without, whacking me on the head this time.




Fuck balls indeed.

I’m getting the feeling there’s no cookie and juice after this.

Not for you.

[Lindy] Wait, wait, wait! Justin… Did you pull the trigger?

No. I didn’t. Though I wish I had.


[Lindy grunting]

This is going to take a sec so… Sit back, relax.


Enjoy the ride.

What are you doing to me?


[Delacroix] Do you know what exsanguination means?

The drainage of one’s blood.


[electricity crackles]



[Delacroix grunts]

[chains rattle]

[Delacroix groans]

[Lindy gasps]

[both grunt]

[gasps, grunts]

[both grunting]



[Lindy grunts]

[chains rattle]

[both grunting]

[footsteps departing]

[Delacroix groans]

I have a few questions.

How do I get to Fizel?

[blade clanks]

[Delacroix screams]

[dramatic music playing]

[man] Hey! Where do you think you’re going?


[Lindy grunts]

[guards grunting]

[Lindy grunts]

[guard screams]

[tense music playing]

[button clicks]


Get ready to die, you sick fuck!

[heartbeat thumping]


Bravo. Well done! You know, I gotta admit Lindy, uh… Right toward the end there I… I didn’t think you had it in ya. So, my apologies. I decided to take care of Fizel myself. What are you covered in? Is it that time of the month?

But you… I saw you. How?

The guy in the casket?

[laughing] No.

Aah, some bum off the street.

Jesus Christ!

[cork pops]

Yeah, I just paid off the coroner, you know?


[Justin] I had to get Fizel out of the way. But the CIA can’t operate on US soil. Even the government, wouldn’t be dumb enough to go after him.


Yeah! I needed someone from the outside, you know? Someone to draw the attention away from myself. Someone who couldn’t be traced back to me.

So you chose me? Why?

A glowing recommendation from Dr. Munchin. I mean, who do you think funds his batshit crazy experiments? But see, I… I knew you were something else. Yeah. My little kamikaze K-9.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Well, in the Second World War, uh… they strapped bombs to dogs and they would train them to run into enemy tanks.


The puppies thought they were just gonna get a treat or something, but they got detonated into dog-burger.


So I just had to figure out what treats I needed to use to train you to take out Fizel. And if you failed or got killed in the process, well, you know? Cost me nothing. That’s why you were perfect. Where’s my car by the way?

Who the fuck are you?

Who am I? [laughs] I’m the only one keeping this old shitbag from killing innocent people! Fizel was an asset that became a liability. Everybody wanted him dead, but nobody can touch him. And you think this masochistic piece of shit was ever gonna stop?


Not so untouchable anymore, are ya handsome?


You lowlife piece of shit.

I’m gonna fucking kill you.

You could try. Or we just… fuck instead.

[heartbeat thumping]

[breathing heavily]

[heartbeats continues]


[Lindy screams, grunts]

What? We had fun, right? [laughs] I mean, you did all this for me? You must really be into me.


What the fuck?

[Justin] Was that too strong for ya? Oh, sorry. I did a bit of tinkering. [laughs]


[Lindy groans]

You know what though? It’s gonna turn out to be, a really beautiful story, Lindy.


Desperate, little broken princess avenges the death of her lover and then… takes her own life.

[electricity crackles]

[Lindy grunts]

Motherfucker! [grunts]




You know what’s funny? I thought you’d be harder to crack. I really did! ‘Cause you seemed pretty messed up.


You know, in… in an interesting way, but…

No, you’re easy.


Well, it turns out all you needed was to be fucked.


[heartbeat thumping]

[electricity crackles]

[Lindy sighs]

[breathing heavily]

[rock music playing]

You know what?

[electricity crackles]

It is actually that time of the month. Unlucky for you, fuckface.

What the fuck is this?

A parting gift!

[music ends]

Eat shit!

[glass shattering]

[drawer opens]

[door creaks]

I’m sorry.

You backstabbing fuck!

Wait, wait, wait! I had no idea what they were going to do with you. I’m assuming that both Justin and Fizel are dead?

Uh-huh. Guess who’s next.

No, no, no. Wait, wait. Remember, we set you free.

Well, yeah I didn’t think your exposure therapy, would be quite so fucking extreme.

Yeah, but look, it… it was able to show you how extraordinary you are.

You served me up like a lamb to the slaughter.

I had no idea! But look at you. Lindy. You’re so special.

I’m a freak. Are you gonna shoot me?


No, I don’t think so. I don’t know…

What have you got that for?


You’re not a freak. You’re magnificent.

Now, we can really start to work.


Think about the things that we can do together…

Are you out of your mind? You betrayed me!

I helped you more than anybody else in the world.

Fuck you!

[sirens wailing]


Stop fucking moving.

Lindy, drop the gun!

Hold on!

You’re hurting me!

Drop the gun! Okay.

I’m not done!

[Lindy grunts]

Ah, fuck! You shot me!


Sorry, I thought you were trying to kill him.

No, you twat! I was doing your job for you, again.

Don’t call me twat!

Ivan Marcellus Munchin, you are under arrest for practicing medicine without a license.


All right.

I’m gonna keep pressure on it.

Take your finger off my leg hole.

Little help?

And the security guards?

Uh, self-defense.

And the incident with the jumper cables?

Also self-defense.


And the maternity ward?

Mistaken identity.

What happened to “living by the rules”?

Some rules are better than others.

What, does this mean I’m not going to jail?

You’re going to jail.

You attacked me.

You drove around the city like a lunatic, in a car that costs more than my yearly pay.

You’re going to jail, sweetie.

I see you out front.

And I’ll see you in court.

Look forward to it, Detective.

This is every day for me.


They took it off you in the ambulance.

So, what’s next?

Um, I don’t know, I start over I guess.

Just… no more blind dates.

Hmm, that’s probably a good idea.

Lots of creeps out there.

I mean, there are… some nice guys too.


Here you go.

Thank you.

I’m not gonna find a bunch of pictures, of your bumhole on this, am I?

Of my bumhole? No.

What kind of sleazeball do you think I am?

I mean, the kind that shoots a woman in the leg.

[laughs] Yeah. Well, sorry about that.

Well, you know, I could always make it up to you.

Dinner sometime?

Um, I’ll… I’ll think about it.

I’m an excellent cook.

Double down on the halibut.

All right, piss off now.

[“Handsomer” playing]

♪ I don’t need a man, no ♪

♪ I just need a manicure ♪

Spare any change, please?

♪ You was kinda handsome But… ♪

Do you want that?


♪ I don’t need a man, no ♪

♪ I just need a manicure ♪


♪ You was kinda handsome, but ♪

♪ I am much handsomer ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ I don’t need a man, no ♪

♪ I just need a manicure ♪

♪ I don’t need a man, no ♪

[woman] You’re back.

Can I help you?

I was just checking it out, you know?

It looks so beat up from outside.

Who are you?

[woman] It’s like a bomb went off in here.

Yeah, I had a tricky boiler.

But why have you come back?

It’s my apartment.

Well, most people, when their lives blow up, would just keep on running.

It is so nice that you wanted to come home to try all over again.

Sorry, do I know you?

Have you been following me?


What do you actually want?

You are just as spunky as Munchin described.

You’ve done well under our care.

Okay, I’ve done enough messing around, with psychotic therapists and the fucking CIA, or whatever you are.

I totally understand.

You’ve spent years being forced to repress your anger.

I’m sorry about Justin.

What he did was unsanctioned.

But now… Now Lindy, you have seen how powerful you can be when you embrace your rage.

I’m okay as I am. Thanks.

[woman] Really?

Well, how are you?

You’re not normal.

You really think you’d be happy, living without a purpose?

Through our work, you’ll learn to harness your rage and target the right people.

Humans, are the most powerful, undetectable weapon.

[electricity crackles]

[car beeps]

Holy shit!

[rock music playing]


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