Injustice (2021) | Transcript

On an alternate Earth, the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois Lane, which causes a rampage in the hero. Superman decides to take control of Earth, Batman and his allies will have to attempt to stop him.
Injustice (2021)

[overlapping voices]

[alarms ringing]

[heart beating]

How often do you do this? [chuckles] It’s a little weird.

You’re… You’re pregnant?

[gasps softly] We’re pregnant?

We are! We’re pregnant. Mostly you, but I helped.

Okay, okay. The preschools are better here, but I really want him or her to go to high school in Smallville. And what about college? Do we want our child to study abroad? A broadened worldview is important, but people will notice if I’m constantly patrolling Oxford.

We have our entire lives to make all of those wonderful decisions. But today we work, like always. I have to go get ready.

[thug in distance] It’s Batman! Shoot him!



[theme music playing]

[thug 1 grunts in pain]

[thug 2 groaning]


[gun squeaks]


Ahh! [grunts]

I had him.

Nice to see you, too. And to what do I owe the pleasure?

The Joker is in Metropolis. I’m here to find out why.

[device trilling]

Joker. Right. I have news, Bruce.

Lois is pregnant.


Your hands didn’t tremble when you faced Doomsday. They are now.


And you’re grinning like an idiot.

Well, I’ll be. I’m terrified.

Congratulations, Clark. I’ll be out of your city as soon as I find the Joker. You mind cleaning this up?


Every single time.

[Jimmy] Say “cheese.”

[camera shutter clicking]

Something’s wrong. Let’s go.

[Jimmy] Just one more…

[gasps] Jimmy!

Well, well, well. [chuckles]


Imagine meeting you here, Lois. [chuckles]


[Lois grunts]

[Harley Quinn chuckles]

Vacation is so fun, puddin’.

Only the very best for you, Harley. Ew… I got some Jimmy on my shoe.



You were experimenting with Kryptonite. Why?

Well, no… not to hurt Superman. We wanted to know if it could be used to cure disease or as a power source. We’re scientists, not monsters.

It’s in the hands of monsters now. I want a list of every…

I can’t find Lois. I can’t see her, I can’t hear her.

Superman, we’re not alone.

He has her? Help me. Please!

This is a priority call to all Justice League members. I need as many of you as we can spare in Metropolis. A woman is missing.

You want the whole Justice League on a missing person case?

[Batman on radio] Yes. We believe she was taken by the Joker.

I’ll be there as soon as I can.

Who is this woman, Batman?

[Batman on radio] She’s one of ours. Her name is Lois Lane.


[Batman on radio] Diana, Miss Lane was last seen at the Metropolis docks. Find out if anyone saw her or the Joker. I’ll meet you there.

I’m on my way.

[Batman on radio] Flash, we’re searching for Lois Lane in Metropolis. Superman is in the air. I need you to search everything underground.

[Flash] On it.

[recorded laughter looping on speaker]

[laughter continues]

Batman, I found Scarecrow. He’s dead. Joker toxin. His lab has been ransacked. [groans] Something’s wrong. Ugh. Can’t move…

[distorted] Rest in pieces. [maniacal laughter]





Flash, come in. Flash!

The Joker is no longer in Metropolis. He’s stolen a submarine with Harley Quinn. They took Lois with them.

I see it. Batman, one of the warheads is missing.

[gasping for breath]

[echoes] Where is she?



No! I will not let you hurt anyone!

[sighs] Time to go, honey. Good guys are coming and they tend to get punchy.

[both chuckling]

[Harley Quinn screams]

[Joker] Huh?

You’re not going anywhere.


Scarecrow’s fear toxin, mixed with Kryptonite particles. What did you do?

I’m pulling the best joke ever. It’ll be my masterpiece! [laughs maniacally]

Superman, stop. Whatever you’re seeing,

[on radio] it’s not real.

[heart beating]


[beeping continues]

Ta-da! [laughing]


Brace yourselves!

[Batman] You took his wife. You took his unborn child and his city. Why?

After all these years, Batsy, you really need reasons from me?

This has always been about us. Why do this to him?

Because every time you and I play, I lose. So I thought I’d try our game on easy mode for once. And it was as easy as beating a puppy to death with a kitten! [laughs maniacally]

Kal-El… Clark.

Diana. I killed them.

No! That madman orchestrated this. He’s responsible. Only him.

Will you keep her safe?

Of course.

Superman, are you okay?

Where is he? Where is the Joker?

Batman took him to Arkham Asylum. But I don’t think you should be anywhere near him.

You’ve had an unfathomable loss. You need time to process it.



Please don’t do something you’ll regret for the rest of your life.

I already have.

[Joker] Someone took everything from you, didn’t they? And look at what you became. The punching, kicking embodiment of wrath. What do you think he’ll become, hmm? A god who deluded himself into believing he was just a man? What will Superman turn into?

There are some things even you can’t corrupt, Joker.

Oh, Batsy. You honestly think he’ll still be fun to play with?

He’ll grieve, but he will continue to be the best man I know.

Oh, no. This time, the joke’s on you. And the world will burn.

[laughs maniacally]


[Joker groans]

Now that’s a punchline.

[sputters, groans]

[siren wattling]

[female newscaster] And we’re getting reports that Superman has broken into Arkham Asylum and killed the Joker.

Finally, some good news.

[Harley Quinn grunts] Screw you!

[cop 1 choking]

[cop 2] Hey!

[Harley Quinn straining]

[tires screech]

[siren stops]

[Harley Quinn singing] ♪ My puddin’ can light up a room ♪

♪ With a happy giggle and grin ♪

♪ My puddin’ can light up a room ♪

♪ Burnin’ the people within ♪

[man] Harley Quinn!

What? How’d you find me?

You’re not exactly keeping a low profile.

Oh! Think so?

[grunts in pain]

Get ready for a permanent low profile.

[mallet squeaks]


I wanted the smashy mallet, not the squeaky one.

[mallet squeaks]

Luckily, these ain’t squeaky bullets.

[gasps] No freaking way! Do it again.


Oh. Are you taking me to get pulverized by Superman?


So where are we goin’?

To a secret location.

Oh, won’t be secret for long. Hey, how come your little beard looks both ridiculous and cute, huh? Huh? Huh?

Oh! What’s this one do?

[beeps, gas hisses]

[weakly] You suck…


[overlapping voices]

[female newscaster] …a criminally insane clown in Gotham City had some connection to the disaster.

How all of these so-called heroes…

How can we feel protected with the threat of instant nuclear death hanging over every single one of us?

Clark, how are you?


That is your right.

No. You’re better than that. You have to be, or the consequences could be fatal.

Those are the consequences. Eleven million dead. Lois, my child.

We’re not executioners.

How dare you moralize to this man? How many times did you catch this Joker? How many times did he escape to kill again? Do you even care?

I care. But the law must be followed.

Your laws are weak and ineffective, twisted by evil people to escape just punishment. Or they simply don’t apply at all.

…that cost thousands of lives continued last night, despite a strongly-worded UN resolution.

Diana’s right. This can’t go on.

Don’t. You’ll throw away everything the Justice League stands for. Everything you stand for.

I won’t be held back by ideals that don’t protect the innocent.

You’re grieving.

No more, Bruce. No more. We were wrong.



[rapid gunfire]

[soldiers scream]

Mr. President, I’d like a word.

You! You can’t do this!

Yes, I can. I’ve realized that now.

You have no right. I’m their leader!

Not anymore.

…and after destroying Biyala’s military forces, Superman and Wonder Woman deposited President Hussein at The Hague for trial.

Well, that happened.

[groaning] Hey, where am I?

You’re in the Arrowcave. It’s underground and lead-lined. You should be safe for now.

Ah! It’s nice to be drugged and wake up handcuffed in a lair. Puddin’ and I used to do this every Thursday.

Ugh! File that under “things I didn’t wanna know.”

Arrowcave is a stupid name, though.

How about we play the quiet game?

Batman has the Batcave, that makes sense. Bats live in caves.

Arrows don’t. They’re, whatchamacallit, inanimate.

Okay. Quiet game. Lightning round.

Oh! Why not call it the Quiver?

That’s… That… That’s actually much better. How did I not… Argh! This is so annoying.

Eh, I’ve always been good at naming things. Joker Fish was all me.

Stay put, Harley. Superman will turn you into paste if he finds you.

Got nowhere to go now that Mr. J is gone. What will I do? Could you maybe chain me by the computer so I can update my resume?


Ugh. [weakly] Asshole…

You all know me as Superman or Kal-El. But my Earth name is Clark Kent. I am… was… a reporter for the Daily Planet. I spent my time there writing about the evils of this world. I spent my time as a hero, reacting to many of those same evils. I failed you on both counts. What happened to Metropolis can never be allowed to occur again.

He wouldn’t.

He is.

I don’t care about your lands, beliefs or petty squabbles. I don’t care if you’re a freedom fighter or a terrorist, dictator or president. Monsters will not be allowed to roam free.



[munching, smacking lips]


I am calling an immediate worldwide ceasefire. All hostilities will stop… or I will stop them. No one has the right to take innocent lives. No one. It’s over.

[all applauding]

[female newscaster] Superman stopped a genocidal war the government of M’Gota have been waging against its people.

[male newscaster] In disputed Kashmir, Superman and Wonder Woman destroyed every piece of military equipment, declaring it an arms-free zone.

You will agree to these terms or they will be agreed to for you.

[camera shutters clicking]

[man 1] Can everyone just sit down?

[man 2] It’s a bad precedent.

[man 3] What about the law?

[all heroes chattering]

Have you even considered this?

[Batman] Diana. The Justice League cannot be the world’s police force.

The week’s events have proven otherwise, Batman. Even now, Superman is saving lives while we talk.

If we continue on this path, we go from policing to occupying to jailing, then becoming tyrants.

Or justice is finally done. Some won’t like it, especially those that oppress the weak. But isn’t that why we formed the Justice League? To stop those people?

And you and Superman will decide which laws to enforce?

One law… To do what’s right. This is a time for action. With our help, Superman can make a perfect world.

So now he’s God?

The laws of Superman will not be the laws of Atlantis.

And certainly the Pentagon won’t approve of a rogue Superman.

[Plastic Man] Um… Question. How will you punish people when they break whatever rules Superman comes up with? I mean, I was a criminal. I needed second, third and fourth chances before turning my life around. So, what’s the deal there?

Obviously, the punishment would fit the crime.

And you and Superman decide these punishments? I believe my time with the Justice League is over.

You can’t be serious.

[Shazam] I also have to step back. From what I’ve heard, most of the magical heroes feel the same way.

That brings me to the Guardians. They’ve called John, Guy and myself back to Oa.

[Batman] We understand. Everyone has to make their own choice about this.

At last, we agree on something.

[drone beeping]

And that’s when the boy scout crashed our tea party. Afterwards, he swept the sky clean of every drone we had in the theater.

Estimated casualties if the strike were successful?

Minimal, between ten and 30.

Well, it seems he was protecting the innocent like he said he would.

What he was doing is fighting against the US Military. That’s called treason. Superman’s bringing down governments. Fine when it’s in our interest, a mighty big problem when it’s not.

What do you propose, Bob?

On the floor, old man!



Feisty, eh? Hold him. Light it up.

Everyone get to me for evac, now.

Dad! Dad? Pa?

He’s not here.

If you’ve hurt him…

You’ll what, put a fist through my chest? Pretty dark for you.

Where is he?

Alive. Some place not even you can find. He stays that way if you stop interfering with governments. Sit in your fortress and do nothing. If an alien comes, you can punch it.


Anything else, and we send dear old dad back to you in pieces.

[Superman] Maybe I’m wrong. Who am I to fight this fight? Maybe I’m not seeing clearly because of… You know.

You’re a good man. And even through this loss, you see what needs to be done.

But how can I make good decisions when every single second I feel like smashing something?

If you believe in your path, you cannot compromise. You’ll have to be strong as only you can.

My father is the last link to my humanity. If I lose him…

Let your friends help you, as you’ve helped us time and again. Now, who is responsible?

[rock music playing on stereo]


We’re here for the Mirror Master.

McCulloch. Time to talk.

Personal space, Your Highness. Now, why don’t you walk out of here and do it slow for me?

Give up. There’s no place to hide.

Prove it.

Huh? [struggling]


I wonder what happens if I smash this mirror with you halfway out.

You wouldn’t. Would you?

Do not test me.

You have to understand, I had orders. The kind you can’t say no to.

Where’s Jonathan Kent?

Bolivia! Bolivia! Salar de Uyuni.

Take off your clothes.

Uh, what now?

[wind howling]

[Wonder Woman] Mirror Master’s belt. You’ll need it to enter. He’s guarded by a squad of ex-special forces and a few powered villains.

Thank you, Diana. Did he help?

It’s the perfect hiding place. Ten square kilometers of endless reflected sky. But you’ll find him. You’re Superman.

[Drone General] Sir, the plan has failed. I’m sorry.

Find me another card to play.

[door closes]

That was incredibly stupid. You do not touch a man’s parents.

They said it couldn’t be tracked to me. H-How did you know? Will you tell him?

No. But if he does work it out, you’re in danger.

Ridiculous. He wouldn’t touch me. The public perception…

Are you really that naive? There’d be no evidence. You’d just go missing. And no one will think to look for your body on Saturn.

He wouldn’t do that. He’s Superman, right?

[grunting in effort]

Watch your feet.

[Damian] Argh!

[Damian panting]

So, what’d you do wrong?


Legs. And you’re trying to hurt your opponents, which I’m trying not to take personally. Remember, some criminals are deserving of a second chance, and second chances are harder to take advantage of with a brain injury.

I was taught by the League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul.

Yeah? How’s that working out for you?


Not very sporting, Damian.

He gets pissy when he loses. I had him. [sighs] How are you?

Is he here?

Yeah, and broodier than usual. We’ll give you some space. Come on, Damian.

Superman, I’d like to say thanks. The Joker deserved to die years ago.

They took my father and you couldn’t be bothered to help?

I was. And you have to stop what you’re doing.

Stop what? Saving lives? Bringing dictators to justice?

You’re scaring them.

Good. They should be scared. Too scared to pull the trigger or press the button. They should be too scared to hurt each other. You taught me that.

You killed a man, Clark.

Not a man. A monster.

We can’t decide who dies.

One death.

It always starts with one.

I came here to make peace, but you can’t possibly understand what the Joker took from me.

I understand you’re in pain.

Look at you. Sitting in the dark, ignoring Dick and Damian. How many friends of theirs died? Have you consoled them?

Your parents were murdered, Bruce. They couldn’t be there for you. What’s your excuse?

[grunts, groans]

Show me your hand. Come on, don’t be you.

Hairline fracture of the third finger. A little ligament damage. You’ll be fine in three weeks.

Good to know.

I have an announcement planned for tomorrow in Gotham. I’d like you to be there, at my side.

I’m sorry, Clark. I can’t do that.

The Republic of North Korea is no longer a nuclear power. Their warheads have been confiscated. They are now welcome to join the world community in peace.

That statement by Wonder Woman to the UN came after her fierce fight with the DPRK led to several hundred casualties.

Peace by punching. Never thought I’d have a problem with it.

Oh! Can we watch Absolutely Amish now? I’m dying to see if Goody Anne finishes her spice rack before rumspringa.

How is no one calling Superman out? How’s Batman okay with this?

[Batman] I’m not.

You’re spying on me through my TV? For how long?

That’s unimportant.

Not to me.

Hi, Batman. When you going to bring Superman to justice for murdering my Puddin’?

Bring the arrows I gave you. Leave Harley.

I don’t regret killing the Joker. I regret I had to kill him. But there are those who continue to defend psychopaths like him even today. It’s why I’m here in Gotham. The twisted individuals in Arkham Asylum have hurt people again and again. The onus has always been on getting them the help they need. They deserve nothing. Their illnesses are not an excuse to threaten your safety.

You were right. He’s taking them.

We’re out of time.

I’ve decided to move the worst criminals to a secured facility. They won’t threaten anyone again.

[Batman] Get in, Damian.

As long as we’re going to help Superman burn Arkham to the ground.

You’re 13.

How are you the darkest thing in this cave?

Have you ever considered for a single second that you might be wrong, Father? Well, have you?

You’re self-righteous and arrogant, and you’ll never, ever learn!

You see his point, right?

You were never a stubborn as him.

Yeah, to be that stubborn a person has to be directly related to you.

You understand why we can’t let them do this?

Of course. But don’t be so hard on the kid. After all, you had way longer to indoctrinate me.


I know, Bruce. Now let’s go defend a bunch of psychotic killers from the world’s greatest heroes.

[tires screeching]

Cyborg and Wonder Woman are already in transit. We’ll be there in three minutes.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’re not done talking about you bugging the Arrowcave… Uh, the Quiver.

[call disconnects]


Yay! You used the name!

[tires screeching]

[Harley Quinn grunts]


Harley, what are you doing here? I locked you in the safe room.

Eh… Not my style. I’m coming with. To bring Superman to justice or die trying. Either-or because I’m a hero now. Hero Harley! Just came up with that.

Are you insane?

Let me answer that question with an action that reveals character.

What? [drowsily] Oh, shit…

[screams] Ahh! Here comes the boom! Ha-ha!


[doctor] He’s at a very important stage in his treatment.

I’m afraid we’ve lost confidence in this facility, Doctor. The inmates will be moved.

And you get to decide that?

[man] No.

[Cyborg] You were right. They’re exactly where you said they’d be.

Protecting the monsters.

Robin, what are you doing?

Bringing criminals to justice. I’m standing with Superman. Look who you’re standing with, Bane, Killer Croc, and whoever that is.


I know you won’t step aside, but you’re not going to stop us.

You don’t belong here.

Oh, yes, he does. Superman’s got a scar now, don’t you? Do you feel it? The release that comes with it. The freedom to do anything you want.

Cyborg. Cell 83, Victor Zsasz.


Where are you you taking them?

All you need to know is that it’s escape proof.

Cell 86, Mad Hatter.

[cries in despair]

Last chance, Cyborg.


All right, Riddler, time to go.

[electricity crackling]

[Cyborg cries out in pain]

[Cyborg groaning in pain] Argh!

Okay, enough!

[Cyborg sighing in relief]

Are you hurt?

[panting] That’s impossible. The data stamp on the virus. You uploaded it the day we met.

Boy, that’s low.

[Harley Quinn] Hey, Batman! I decided to be a hero and help you stop Superman. We’re gonna make a great team!

[alarm blaring]

Hero time!

I recommend putting aside our differences. For now.





[Robin straining]

[Grundy cries out in pain]


I had it under control.

[straining] Yeah, everyone sees that.

[grunting in effort]

Hey, Robin doesn’t punch people after they go fetal.

You’re not Robin, so shut up!

[groans in pain]

Nightwing. Grayson. Get up!

[groans weakly]

Back to your cells. Now!

Get up. Get up right now!

He always blocks it. Always.

Get away from him.

I didn’t mean to. I’m… I’m…

I thought I could redeem you. I was wrong.


What the hell? Since when does the Man of Steel care about burglary?

I’m here to talk.

So talk.

Nightwing is dead.

Dick. Oh, no.

He’ll need someone.

Where are you going? You’re his best friend. Talk to him.

I can’t. Too much has happened.


[Batman grunting]

[continues grunting]

[blood squelching]

Bruce. Bruce. Bruce, stop! Stop!


Stop. Just for today. Don’t be Batman. Don’t be the mask.

[whimpers, sighs]

It’s okay. Let it out. Just for tonight. Let yourself fall apart.


I promise to hold you together.

[Batman weeping]

Bummer. That little pissant.

Welcome, Dick Grayson.

You’re Saint Peter?

Thought it’d be… less funky.

This is not where you will rest.

I, Rama Kushna,

brought your soul here to ask for your help.

The world’s existence is balanced on a knife’s edge.

On one side, a future.

On the other, a void.

Your soul, so recently departed from the mortal coil,

may tip the scales.

Though I fear, even this direct action may not be enough.

How can I help?

First you must transform, Dick Grayson.

Your soul shall be infused with my power.

Your mind, with my knowledge.

Once you were called Nightwing.

But now you shall be called…


Well, it’s not the weirdest thing I’ve worn.


Are you all right?

What happened to Grayson was my fault.

That’s my burden.

But we have more pressing issues.


You saw how prepared Father was.

He has plans for all of us.

You need allies.

You’re Damian’s grandfather.

Ra’s al Ghul.

He tried to destroy Gotham, twice.

[Ra’s] Yes.

I wanted to destroy Gotham so I could renew it.

It’s cancerous and needs to be cleansed,

much like Arkham Asylum.

My actions and yours have nothing in common.

Respectfully, I disagree.

But I have put aside my plans.

Using your powers to the fullest,

you can realize the perfect Gotham we both wish for.

I offer my loyalty and my support

to your vision of the future.

My grandfather has never bowed to anyone.

And I do not come empty-handed.

One of my projects that will help you immeasurably

is nearly complete.

It doesn’t matter.

I’d never ally myself with a villain like you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me.

How can we make him see that he’s vulnerable?

How do we change his mind?

We wait.

Time and circumstance will change Superman’s mind for us, and I will be ready.

What’s this?

I’m trying to map the multiverse. There are infinite Earths, each with their own history based on choices our other selves have made.

I’m only concerned about one.

Actually, while we designate our Earth, Earth-1, it stands to reason that our other selves would do the same. Interesting, don’t you think? So what do you need?

More of your T-Spheres.

May I ask why?

I want to get rid of guns.

For use around the world 24×7, you’d need to replicate the T-Spheres on a massive scale. Still, you could never get rid of all the guns.

But most. You know we could.

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. People would resent us.

And they’d be alive to do that. Check.

[Mr. Terrific] Some would fight.

[Superman] Let them come then, with sticks. Think of the lives we’d save. Check.



[Mr. Terrific] Cigarettes kill far more. People keep smoking even though they know it’s killing them. Their families can only watch them die.


You want to save lives? Jail every smoker. Check.

And imprison anyone who speeds. Traffic fatalities are huge. Check.

Lock up everyone who leaves a dangerous dog unchained. Check.

Finally, we kill anyone who doesn’t recycle. Checkmate.

You’re not going to help me, are you?

No, sir, I am not.

In here.

[sighs] Now what?

[exclaims] Ah!

How many lairs do you think Batman has?

I don’t know. Got to be running low if we’re using a toilet elevator.

Hello, fellow do-gooders!

I know, I know. But if Superman finds her, he’ll Kill her.

I understand your concern, but she cannot be a part of this mission.

Behave, Harley.


Superman isn’t thinking straight. He needs to be stopped. In the Fortress of Solitude there’s a Red Sun Cannon, built in case the Phantom Zone Kryptonians ever escaped. Its ray can incapacitate even Superman.

Can we back up to where the thing that we need is in Superman’s man cave?

We’ll have to break in.

Hello, Christmas morning. You take me on the best dates.

And if he’s there? He’s not going to help us carry this thing out like we’re his college roomies.

If he’s there, we have a contingency plan.

I can handle him. The Pentagon ran simulations that prove it.

Oh, and they’re never wrong.

Superman will be busy with other matters. Wheels up in five.

Cyborg and Hawkman destroyed Myanmar’s military today.


Minimal. Less than a hundred. The junta has fled. Those that stay deserve what they get.

We’re imposing peace.

Yes, your will be done.

Please don’t say that. I’m not a god.

True. You aren’t nearly as venal, cruel, or arrogant.

I just want to keep people safe.

If anyone can, it’s you.

I’m sorry, Diana. You’ve been more than a friend. You’ve held me together. But… it’s just too soon.

Forgive me.

Nothing to forgive. Let’s get back to work.

[alarm buzzes]

It seems your President is using the peace for his purposes.


I don’t want to waste time turning those ships around when you can do it with a phone call.

You can’t just…


Yes, I can.

[both] Argh!


Why are you doing this? You must know I wouldn’t let it stand.

[breath trembling]

You did know. You’re distracting me.

You say “impenetrable fortress,” all I hear is “candy store.”


You should go, quickly.

We’re leaving.

What about the fate of the world?

Superman is not thinking clearly. If he thinks even for a moment, that we’re…

[Captain Atom choking]


[Captain Atom grunts in pain] Ugh!

Calm down, son. I’m fine.

You’re all under arrest.

I don’t think so.

[grunts in pain] Argh!

What are you doing? Stop!

This needs to happen, Mr. Kent.

[Superman yelling]

[Batman] The Atom has entered your skull with a microscopic shard of Kryptonite. He’ll make sure you don’t do anything else.

[Superman groaning]

Huntress, Arrow, load it up.

[man] Perhaps… I can be of assistance.


[bones cracking]


[Superman groaning]

Breathe. This is highly concentrated chemotherapeutic gas.


[Ra’s] Radiation is harmless to you, but deadly to microscopic terrorists.

[screaming in agony]

[gunshots firing]

Don’t make me do this.




[breath shaking]


[yelling in anger]


Ollie. Run!

[Jonathan] Let them go. It was an accident.

[weakly] Try and forgive them. For me, please. I love you, son.


[Ra’s] You know in your heart they do not deserve forgiveness. Batman and his followers are relentless. They must be brought to justice. Allow me to help.

[Superman] I didn’t want to do this, but my hand has been forced. From now on, any hero that doesn’t pledge loyalty to the Justice League will be considered a fugitive. To aid with this, surveillance drones will be deployed. First in America, then the rest of the world. If you’re the leader of a country, a criminal mastermind or even a petty crook, this is your final warning. Stop committing violent acts. Or I will stop you.

Quiet, eh?


On the upside, no crime. Like you always wanted.

Now, the government is criminal. Superman has created a police state and allied himself with Ra’s al Ghul. Not what I wanted.

[mimicking Batman] “Not what I wanted.”

[loud bass dance music playing]


[crowd gasps]

You’re gathering in his name?


You had no right. Come on!

Joker was all about freedom.

He’s a fascist!

[laser zapping, exploding]

[people clamoring]

Let me go.

You can’t help them by dying!

[lasers continue zapping]

[people crying out in terror]

[woman cries out in terror]

[Harley Quinn] Still can’t believe you’re just telling me now. Green Arrow was hurt and you left him there? Maybe he was fine.

He had a hole in his head.

How’d you like a hole in your head?

Try me. [claws clang]

Sit down, both of you.

[electrical crackling]

[Harley Quinn scoffing]

[chair scraping floor]

[Harley Quinn grunts and munches]

Superman’s modified T-Spheres are making it impossible for us to move. They need to be neutralized but the technology is beyond me.

[scoffs] That’s a first. And your plan is?

[Batman] To free their inventor, Mr. Terrific from Superman’s prison. I’ve learned it’s located in the Mariana Trench. The depth would crush my sub, and since they use Cyborg to boom tube in and out, there’s no door.

Like any girl, I like a challenge, but this sounds impossible.

There’s only one hero not allied with Superman, who has the powers to get there.

And where might he or she be, Batsy?

He’s been hiding here for days.

[man] Aw, you knew?

Hm? Huh? Huh?

And you didn’t even offer me any jerky?

[Plastic Man twanging]

Hey, ladies.

Ugh. We’re gonna lose so hard.

[Ra’s] I’m impressed with your progress, Superman.

His time is valuable, Grandfather.

Of course. I give you, A.M.A.Z.O.

A robot?

Much more. This is an indestructible security and defense system that can learn and adapt. Your drones are useful. But what if… something more robust is required? Imagine one of these in every city and town, carrying out your orders.

Test it in a small town.

[Batman on radio] The drop zone is approaching. Ready?

As I’ll ever be. [screams]

[digital beeping]

[Cyborg] Stop right there! Your prison break ends now.

The lock is impenetrable, and the guards don’t have an access key.



Hey, look. I found the key.


[Plastic Man] Bats wants you out of here.

Great. Does he have a plan?

He said… you had one.


[Plastic Man shrieks]


[man clears throat]

What’s up, boys? Anything good for lunch today?


We need to break the glass.

I thought you were like, the third smartest man in the world. It’s keeping the water out.

I can’t get out the way you got in. We need to crack the dome to have any chance.

Surrender now!

[laser powering up]

Hope you know what you’re doing.

Don’t move. Or I’ll…

[men screaming]

That was unexpected.

[men yelling in the distance]


Ideas, thoughts? Look, I’m flattered, but very married. Nice tattoo, though.

It’s not a tattoo.


Hey, this thing looks really thin. Is it strong enough?

[Mr. Terrific] Probably.

[Plastic Man] Probably?

[Wonder Woman] You should be proud.

[Superman] I’ve done questionable things to accomplish this.

Was it a surprise that entrenched elites and special interests would not willingly give up power?

They should have listened to reason.

Instead, they fought and you won. And now, the world is at peace. Batman will be found. His resources have been strangled. His allies are few. What can he do?

[alarm beeping]

[people screaming]

This is playing around the world. I can’t find the source.

The source is Bruce, trying to sway people. It won’t work, not for Joker acolytes.


[people screaming]

You… You killed these children because they angered you?

No, I killed them because a lesson had to be learned. I have to be strong, like you said.

[wrench winding]

[Mr. Terrific] As far as I can tell, my reprogramming of Superman’s drones is still undetected.

To be safe, we’ll move soon.

To where? Some place worse?

She’s got a point. This is the bottom of the hideout barrel, as I am literally sitting on a barrel.

I do have some good news on the other project you set me on. It was tough adapting Kryptonian tech to our needs. I just have to finish assembly and run some tests.

How long?

A week.

[people cheering and applauding]

[both gasp]


[people screaming]

[distant explosion]

[man] Run!

[siren wattling]

[screaming and clamoring]

[girl yelps in fear]

Ra’s, take the robot offline now. It’s malfunctioning.

[Ra’s] I respectfully disagree, Superman. A.M.A.Z.O. is functioning perfectly. It is you… who are not. I told you, It learns and adapts. What I neglected to tell you is that it can also duplicate your abilities.


[Ra’s] Like you… A.M.A.Z.O. knows that whether one death, or a million are required to achieve perfection, then these deaths must occur.

[A.M.A.Z.O. grunts]

[Superman groans]

[Superman groans wearily]

[bones crunching]



[Superman coughing]

[A.M.A.Z.O. groans]


[Hawkman] Argh!

[groans weakly]

[groans in pain]

[bone crushing]

Time to get experimental. Booyah!

[Cyborg powering down]


[Cyborg grunting and straining]

[screams in pain]


[Cyborg cries out in pain]

[Cyborg powers down]

No matter what, we put that thing down.

[Wonder Woman] Ha!

[grunting on screen]

[Damian] The Justice League comms are going wild. What’s happening?

What must.

[clashing and clanging on screen]

[Wonder Woman screaming]

[Wonder Woman] Argh!


[Harley Quinn yelps]

[all grunting]

We’ll keep the thing occupied. Assemble the device.

What are you, nuts? Look, you’re a freaking guy in a suit. Let me help.

Everyone needs to follow the plan.

[Harley Quinn exclaiming] Hero Harley!

Come on, let’s move!

Hey, Plas, thanks for carrying all the heavy shit.

[grunting on screen]


Do not let yourself become infected with his weakness again.

[Batman grunts]

He’s my father.

You… disappoint me.

I guess that’s just the way it is with family.

[Wonder Woman groans]

This would be easier to put together, let me see, anywhere but a freakin’ battle.

Not my first choice either. Synchronizing chain emitters. Powering to phase. Back in a tick.


[Plastic Man gasps, grunts in pain]


Oh, shit, shit, shit, shit.

[Damian grunting]

Apparently, I have no worthy heirs. Prepare to die, boy.

[Dick] Let me help you, little bro.

[Damian] You… Is it really you?

[Dick] In the spiritual flesh.

[Damian] I’m so, so sorry. I was stupid. I should have…

[Dick] How about we kick your evil grandfather’s ass, and stop him from taking over the world before we have any heartfelt conversations?

[Damian] Agreed.

[grunts] It’s okay. You’ve got this, Plas. You’ve got this, boy. It’s just like building blocks.

[electricity crackling]

[yelps] Scary building blocks.


Oh, no.


[Superman and Wonder Woman grunting]

Screw this.

[Plastic Man exclaims]

Guys, do something… Ow! Before it learns to control my powers. [straining]

[Superman grunts]

[Wonder Woman grunting]

[all straining]

[electronic buzzing]

[Batman grunts]


[Harley Quinn grunts]

[Catwoman] Hyah!

[Plastic Man grunts and sighs]

[Ra’s] You are not going for the killing blow. Your father made you weak.

[Dick] Careful, Damian. He’s drawing you in.

[Damian] Stop fighting me. I can finish him.

[Dick] We need to work together.

[Damian] I will have control! [groans]

[Damian shrieks]

[Damian exclaims in pain]

I only needed you to get me close to Superman. Your use to me is at an end.

[Damian] There’s only one way to stop him.

[Dick] No. Sit back and let me do this.

Watch his feet. Wait for it.

[Damian grunts]


[Damian groans]

[Dick chuckles]

Well, he’ll have one hell of a headache in the morning.

How is this possible?

I guess you can see me because I controlled your body. In regards to how I’m here, that gets weird.

I have to say, I… You’re better than I am. And you always were. Can you forgive me?

Already have. I’ve gotta go now. Watch your feet, and remember, you don’t have to Kill everyone you fight. Please?

Hm. Fine. I’ll try it your way.

[Plastic Man sighs]

Well, that sucked.

The battle is won. But at what cost?

At least they died heroes. Unlike you terrorists, who will go to jail for your crimes.

What? They saved our lives. Though they had everything to lose, they helped us.

Are you turning on me, Diana?

I had hoped killing the Joker children was a momentary madness. I see now that it’s not.

And I see, I’m the only one I can trust.

[Batman] Do you hear yourself, Clark? Stand down. Make the decision to finally stop this madness.

[Wonder Woman shrieks]

[Mr. Terrific] Earth-9 Superman, welcome to Earth-1.

Actually, we’re Earth-1.

What are we?


Oh! Okay.

You don’t belong here.

Regardless, your Mr. Terrific told me what happened here. I’m deeply sorry for your losses, but you’re on the wrong side of this.

No one is talking me out of this. Not even you.

Yeah, we can be stubborn sometimes. Luckily, I’m here to convince you.

Well, then convince away.

[Earth-9 Superman grunts]

[both straining]


[yelps in pain]


[both grunting]

Please stop. You’re tired and injured.

Not as injured as you’re about to be.

You see… I know your secret. You’re holding back.

You always held back.

We both used to. But now I don’t.


Not anymore.

This was your big trump card, Bruce?

[Plastic Man exclaiming]

You think I’ll stop because someone will talk me out of it?

[choking] Yes.

[woman] Hello, Clark.

You’re… You’re not Lois.

And you’re not my Clark. He died stopping Brainiac. [sighs] Every life was sacred to him. Is it not to you?

I’m trying to give the world peace.

By murdering others that disagree with you? How many people, husbands, wives and children will you Kill for peace, Clark?

How did it come to this? What have I done? I deserve death.

[Batman] No. You don’t get off that easy. Mr. Terrific and I will build a Red Sun Prison. From there, you’ll be let out when we need you.

That won’t be necessary. I’ll stay wherever you put me.

[muffled heart beat]

So what happens now?

I don’t know. But maybe we’ve all earned a second chance.

What’s gotten into you?

[theme music playing]


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