Herself (2020) – Transcript

This is the story of young mother Sandra who escapes her abusive husband and fights back against a broken housing system. She sets out to build her own home and in the process rebuilds her life and re-discovers herself.
Herself (2020)

Single mother Sandra (Clare Dunne) has been struggling to get by with her two young daughters. After the housing system refuses to give her a new home, Sandra decides to build her own with the help of a friendly community and a handful of new friends. With this new purpose, Sandra rediscovers herself: that is until her abusive ex-husband sues her for custody of the children.



(gentle clattering)

(clattering continues)

(all laugh)

MOLLY: Done.


I’m doing your eyes now.

SANDRA: Okay. Cool.

What do you call that again?

Molly, you know it’s her birthmark.

Why do you always ask?

Why do you have it and nobody else, Mam?

I already told you, love, I was born with it.

All right. I was in God’s pocket, and He had me in His art shop, and He said, “Ah, if I have to find you, I’m just gonna have to give you a little mark because there’s… loads of Sandras in Dublin!”

“Loads of Sandras in Dublin!”

Yeah, well, we won’t cover it, then.

ALL: ♪ One, two, three, one, two, three, drink ♪

♪ One, two, three, one, two, three, drink ♪

♪ One, two, three, one, two, three, drink ♪

♪ Throw ’em back till I lose count ♪

♪ I’m gonna swing ♪

(Sandra laughing)

♪ From the chandelier ♪

♪ From the chandelier ♪

♪ I’m gonna live ♪

♪ Like tomorrow doesn’t exist ♪

♪ Like it doesn’t exist… ♪

(music stops)

(girls laughing)

MOLLY: Daddy!

EMMA: Daddy!

Ah! (chuckles)

EMMA: Dance with us, please!

Oh, geez, will yous let me get in the door?

Will you do something for me? Will you go outside and play and let me talk to your ma?

SANDRA: Oh, Gary.

Please, I don’t want to go out.

SANDRA: It’s cold out.

They’ve coats.

MOLLY: No, please.

Go on. Out.

Please, please.


SANDRA: Come on. Come here.

Black Widow.



Taped under a seat of the car.

Oh, you’re planning your escape?

(heavy breathing)

(horse neighs)

♪ ♪

(heavy breathing)

EMMA: Call the guards!

Hurry up, it’s me mammy!


(screams, cries)

GARY: Take your fucking money.

You did this. It’s your fault.



EMMA: Here. I’ll do it.


Good girl.


Watch out.


SANDRA: Ah, Emma, that is amazing.

Shading and everything.

Can we take a picture and send it to Dad?

You can show him on Saturday.

Oh, okay.

EMMA: Where will the new house be?

SANDRA: I don’t know, love.

Here, do you want to kiss Granny’s wedding ring and make a wish for a new house?

How long has Granny Michelle been in heaven?

Going on six months now, love.

I left my hair bobbin in her house.


(indistinct chatter)

(airplane flying overhead)

MOLLY: Did you sign my test copy?

SANDRA: Yeah, I signed it last night.

(music playing on radio)

(exhales sharply)

SANDRA (sighs): Come on.

WOMAN (on radio): …hotel will be the tallest in the capital and is part of a 150-million-euro develop…

(music playing on radio)

Here, don’t put that– here, I’ll carry that.

I’ll carry it.

Go, go, go.

Gorgeous. Bye.

You be good in school, yeah?


Bye. Love you. Bye.

Here. Take your bag.

Right. Go.

SANDRA: It’s only me, Dr. O’Toole.

Sorry I’m late. The traffic this morning…

PEGGY: Oh, fuck off!

(knocks on door)

(Peggy sighs)

SANDRA: Do you need a hand?

Stupid thing.

(Peggy scoffs)

SANDRA: Did your one turn up last night?

Oh, God. They sent a replacement.

He tried to put me to bed at half past 6:00.


Sorry. Sorry.

Yes, I’ll do that.


Have you taken your tablets?


Just help me through.

I’ve already wasted half the morning.


Oh, how does this bloody thing go?


Get a grip on, on it.

Up you go.


Just take it easy now, all right?

Nice and steady. Take your time.

I broke my hip in a field hospital in Africa, Sandra, not tripping over in Marks & Spencer’s.

Would you please stop making me feel like an old woman?

How’s himself behaving? Access visits going okay?

Well, he’s been kicked out of the house.

The landlord is selling. He’s at his ma’s and da’s now.

So, he wouldn’t do anything there.

Well, if he does, remember you have a three-year safety order.

He lays a hand on you, it goes straight to the criminal court.

Jo, we can’t go on being this far from the school.

You have to keep on to the council about that.

I am, Jo, but it’s costing me over 30 euro a week in petrol.

Just keep telling yourself, it’s temporary.

Only temporary. Now, hang on.

I have– Aha!

I got a tip-off.

Kimmage. Fully furnished

and the landlord takes rent supplement.

Give him a buzz.


Oh, Sandra,

I have forms for you to fill.

Hang on.

Jo, I don’t have time. I’m late for work.

Go. I’ll drop them round.

Sandra, give the men’s a good clean, will you?

Young fella left them in an awful state there last night.

SANDRA: Right. It’s just that you said that I could leave earlier.

What? If you’re finished.

You’re nowhere near done yet.

AMY: Prick.

Tell him to go fuck himself, Sandra.

Where are you living these days, Amy?

A squat, up in Rathmines.

It’s a fucking shithole, like, but the humans are sound, so…

EMMA: Watch it. Watch it. Do you want a zap?

Oh, dang it. Watch it. Zap!

SANDRA: I’m sorry.

I told Ms. Doyle I would wait with them.

SANDRA: I called ahead to say I was late. Thanks a million.

Mam, we made Saint Brigid crosses.

SANDRA: Aw, deadly. You can show me in the car.

MOLLY: Okay.

Well, Rosa’s taking Lucia to the park. Can we go?

Uh, not today, love.

We never get to.

All right, Emma. Another day.

We have to go.

Maybe we could have a playdate.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah! Playdate.

Playdate. Playdate.

Will I take your number?

KIDS: Playdate. Playdate.


(phone chimes)

ROSA: Now you have mine.

No excuses.

EMMA: Yeah! Dad!


Oh! There’s a hug. Did you miss me?

EMMA: Yeah.

GARY: Yeah. Daddy missed you.

Go on. I’ll see you in a few days.

Come on, Molly, sweetheart, please.

She’s got a cough.

There’s medicine in her bag.

I’d say five mils will do at bedtime.

Okay, great. Yeah.

Because I’ve never actually been a dad before.

Don’t be making a scene, Gary.

I don’t want the neighbors thinking that my son is any more of a fuckup than he already is.


MICHAEL: If yous are having a row, get inside.

Home sweet home, huh?

EMMA: Granny Tina.

GARY: Look, what are we doing, Sandra?

Do you think this is good for the girls?


(breathing heavily)

♪ ♪

(inhales deeply, exhales)


(car engine starts)

(indistinct chatter)

MAN: Miss? Miss?

Excuse me.

May I remind you of the rules? You can’t come through here.

(airplane flying overhead)

(classical music playing on radio)


(packet rustling)

All right, that’s me, Dr. O’Toole.

Mind yourself on the floor, there. It’s still drying.

I’ll talk to you.


Don’t know why we bothered.

None of us are gonna get to see this gaff.

(indistinct chatter)

WOMAN: Told you. Should’ve worn me suit.

Sorry, guys.

SANDRA: Heya. Did you have a nice time?

Yeah. Daddy got us new runners.

Mine flash.

SANDRA: Ah, cool.

GARY: Yeah, they were so good for their nanny and granddad.

I thought they deserved a little treat.


SANDRA: Emma, come on.

Need a hand with that belt there, Mol?


Big girl now.


I got a little bonus.

There’s so much work out there for joiners now.

You can take your pick. It’s like back in the day.


I’m getting help.

I’m seeing a counselor.

I didn’t walk out, which, I mean, I wanted to, but…

I stayed.

Emma, come on.

(car engine starts)

Mam says you can stay if we want to try again.

Try and make it work.

For them.

Uh, I have to go.

EMMA: Oh, look. That is so cool.

Don’t, don’t touch that.

You’re asking a thousand for this?

LANDLORD: It’s cheap for the area.

I’ll take rent allowance, and it’s available.

Of course it’s available.

LANDLORD: We’ll obviously fix the electrics, paint it up a bit, before you move in.

I’d rather stick my head in there.

Bleeding disgrace.

EMMA: Bleeding disgrace.

SANDRA: You’re a bleeding disgrace.

Uh, sorry, you’re the disgrace.



Here, go on and mind Molly, and watch the cars.

(Molly screaming)

Ah! Oh, my God.

I’m dead as… (groans)

MOLLY: You can’t be dead. We need you for chips!

(Emma giggles)

Tickle her.

MOLLY: Tickle her.

(all chuckling)

SANDRA: Please stop.

Mummy is…

MOLLY: Under the arms.

SANDRA: Come here, you little messers!

Yous only need me for chips, do yous?

EMMA: Hmm. Yeah.


SANDRA: All right. That’s it. I’m gonna eat you! (growls)

(all chuckling and squealing)

All right. Do yous want some real chips?


MOLLY: Yeah.

All right. Come on.

(whispering): Do you want to hear a bedtime story about Saint Brigid?

(sighs) Yeah. Go on.

So, Brigid prays to God and says, “Will You make the king of Ireland’s heart all soft? ‘Cause it’s gone icy and like a rock or something.”

And God did, and she smiled and said to the king, “Will you give me as much land as this cloak will cover?”

‘Cause she was wearing this cloak, just normal size, right?

She bends down, and the cloak is magic, with the Holy God Spirit in it, and she tells her four sisters with her…

They were like her sidekicks, right?

They take a corner each and spread it out all over the land, and it goes out for miles.

It’s just like a miracle.

And then the king says, “Well, Brigid, what’s the story?

How’d you do that?”

And Brigid says, “It’s ’cause you’re being so stingy with all the poor people in your land.”

And he says, “All right, then, you can have loads of me land.”

And she gets it and starts a convent and helps all the people in the town.

They start a farm where they made jam with the berries on the land.

Hmm, like a little community center type of thing.

But then everyone was grand.

How do you remember all that?

I don’t like the way my teacher says it, so I remember it my own way.

She’s got a real moany voice.

♪ ♪

(choral music playing on radio)

(water running)

SANDRA: 35,000.

12 by four.

(choral music continues)

(choral music continues)

CIARAN: You’ll learn as you build.

You need very, very few skills to be part of a team that’ll build a house.

Pass on the skills to your children.

(choral music continues)

What can I do for you?

I want to build a house.

Um, these are some of the vacant sites that you have going spare.

And the addresses are on the back.

And this is how much it would cost me for the materials and a plumber and an electrician.

It’s 35,000 euro.

You see, I figured out that I cost you 33,000 in rent and welfare in one year alone.

Um… And at number 653 on the housing list, that’s three or four years keeping us in hotels, which would cost you 120,000, maybe even more.

But if you lend me the money and let me use a site, then I could have that built by Christmas, and be paying you rent for the house.

Do you see what I mean?


You’d even be making a profit.

I’m really sorry.

(stamps paper)

I can’t help you with this.

(airplane flying overhead)

(knocks on door)

SANDRA: Dr. O’Toole…



Dr. O’Toole?

Hello? Can you hear me?

Dr. O’Toole?

Listen, it’s Sandra, your cleaner.

Wake up. Come on.



Oh, thank God.

Dr. O’Toole, it’s me.

Will I call an ambulance?



No. I probably should.

No, no, no.

Just to be safe.

No. It’s fine.

Stop fussing.

I must have fainted.

I’ve not been able to eat.

Are you sure now? ‘Cause you have a cut.

No. Well, if I was a horse, they’d shoot me, but I’m not.

I’m a doctor, and I’d know if I needed to go to the hospital.

So help me get up.


Give me a hand.

Here. You ready?

(both grunting)

Right. All good. I’m just gonna walk you back here.

Right. Easy.

Sit down there now. Yeah.

(Peggy groans)

Are you all right?



Do you feel dizzy or anything?

Why didn’t you ask me?

Ask you?

Ask you what?

I have designed a house that costs just 35,000 euros to build.

It’s a self-build, so you can literally DIY a permanent home.

I didn’t mean for you to see that.

Well, I did, so… here’s my proposal.

(birds chirping)

PEGGY: It’s land, Sandra, going to waste.

Use it.

Build a house for you and your girls.

Dr. O’Toole, this…

Why would you do this?

PEGGY: Your mother was far more than a cleaner to me.

She was a friend.

She helped me through some bloody awful times.

I want to give you the land… and lend you the money to build your house.

(sniffles) Not this much.

You can’t.

I can.

And you can pay me back over as many years as, as we decide.

Hmm? What do you say?

(exhales sharply)

Is that a yes?

Uh, yeah. (laughs shakily)

(sniffles) Yeah.


All right, now get back to work.

Good woman.

(birds chirping)

CIARAN: These are approximate figures, so you need to check all the costs before you commit.

Where’d you get this?

Uh, online.

Online. (sighs)

Are these costs inclusive of VAT?

Value added tax– are these prices plus or including?

Yeah, I-I think– I-I’d say so.

‘Cause there’s a big difference.

Yeah, I know.

I’ll be with you in a sec there.

Onduline. Don’t know what that is.

Do you know what thickness of insulation it is?

There’s loads of sizes, like.

Oh, yeah, no, uh… I’ll-I’ll ask.

Biobase. Never heard of it.

Wha-What about, um, like, basic concrete?

Well, that’s actual ready mix.

It’s-it’s not bags?

No. Concrete would-would have to come in a truck, in cubic meters.

You’d have to go to Roadstone.

Do you mind if I serve this fella?

Yes, my friend, what can I get you?

Some manners, a bit of courtesy.



You’re Customer Service. Serve the customer.

She’s only after a price check. It’s not rocket science.

You’re throwing away the good bit.

Can I ask your advice on something?

I’m building a house, like a self-build.


And I’m only starting, but…

I don’t know where to start, I suppose.

Where’s your site? Have you got a field?

A back garden. A woman I work for is giving me the land.

Giving you it? Why is she doing that?

Trying not to think about it too much.

I would.

Nobody does anything for nothing, not in this country.

Well, I wouldn’t live in it, but it’s a roof and four walls, so what else do you need?

You wouldn’t come and have a look, would you?

No, I can’t, love.

I have a flue to install, on a job that’s growing arms and legs.

It’s only around the corner.

I can’t help you.

I can’t afford to.

Look, you don’t know me, but I think you worked with my ex Gary.

Gary Mullen?

(birds chirping)

It’s possible.


You’re gonna need somebody who knows what they’re doing.

He means a man.

No, I mean a person who’s qualified to handle compliances, put in for planning.

Could you be that person?

I don’t do contracts.

I haven’t done one in ages.

PEGGY: W-We could pay you.

We could pay you a… a consultancy fee or– for an agreed amount of days.

AIDO: Look, even if you do get planning, I’m guessing you’re gonna want somebody who’s gonna work every weekend for next to nothing.

I’m no use to you.

And I’ve just had a health scare. Dicky ticker.

GRAINNE: There you are!

PEGGY: Grainne!

Have a word with the architect, yeah?

See if he has any ideas.

I’m sorry, can’t help you.

GRAINNE: Aren’t you meant to be convalescing?

What are you doing?

Sorry, but do you know each other well enough to do this?

She’s Michelle’s daughter.

And Michelle was lovely and a really good cleaner, but…

But what?

She used to help herself to Dad’s whiskey.

(laughs) Well, she did us all a favor there.

I’m sorry, Sandra, could I just have a moment with Mum?

No, Sandra, stay.

GRAINNE: Look, at the end of the day, it’s none of my business. I get it.

It’s your land, your choice, but…

What are you gonna do about Aisling’s den?

PEGGY: Knock it down.

SANDRA: I’ll let you…

I-I shouldn’t be…

PEGGY: No, Sandra.

See you tomorrow, Dr. O’Toole.

PEGGY: Come back.

What are you doing in the car? It’s not even raining.

“How was your day, Mammy?” “Grand, thank you, Emma.”

How was your day, Mammy?

“Grand, thank you, Emma.”


EMMA: Green.

MOLLY: Green.

(indistinct chatter on TV)

(water running)

(indistinct shouting)


Yeah, I’ve been ringing round loads of builders.

Nobody’s gonna work weekends.

CIARAN: You’ve only got to say “self-build” to a builder, and he’ll run a mile.

But you are gonna need an expert.

Honestly, the only person that would do this for nothing is me, and I’m not back till next year.

Can you wait?

(“Brewing Up a Storm” by The Stunning playing)

MOLLY: Mam, where are we going?

SANDRA: To see a man about a job.

♪ Honey, if the truth hurts ♪

♪ Don’t look, it might go away ♪

♪ It’s easy to pretend that life is a rosy bouquet ♪


♪ Brewing up a storm ♪

(music continues through radio)

♪ Brewing up a storm… ♪



Oh, it’s all right, Francis, I know this girl.

And you don’t know anyone else who can help you?

SANDRA: No. Barely know anyone, to be honest, living with Gary the last ten years.

We’re in temporary accommodation.

Hotel. We had no choice.

We had to get away from him.

Well, you did well to get away from them.

Some family, eh?

Hmm. Yeah.

(sighs) Look, Sandra, here’s the thing.

Gifts of land, plans off the Internet, everything on the cheap, off your own back…

And if I wasn’t on the site all the time…

I’m sorry, darling, there’s just too many risks for everyone.

No harm in asking.


AIDO: Hmm?

Are you a size six?

These are me old pair.

Take them.

You’ll probably need them for the site.

Are you serious?

Well, let’s just see how we get on with the planning first, huh?

Good boy, Francis.

(indistinct chatter)

MOLLY: Hey, I don’t have knots in my hair.

(knocking on door)


(knocking on door)

JO: Hi, Sandra.

It’s Jo, from Women’s Aid.

Uh, Jo?

Uh, one second.

Hi. Just a fly-by visit.

Uh, council is carrying out another assessment of housing needs.

As if we didn’t know already.

Houses are needed, Christ Almighty.

Hey, Emma, hey, Molly.


JO: Have you just had a bath?

BOTH: Yeah.

You look squeaky-clean!

Uh, you’re still one parent, and he’s been keeping up on the maintenance, has he?

Yeah, he has, yeah. No difference.

It’s grand. Just, the maintenance affects how your rent allowance gets calculated.

Oh, sure. Yeah, no, I-I remember.

It’s red tape, but once it’s done, it’s done.

And it’s not going to change much, unless you’ve won the lotto and you’re not telling me.

(Jo laughs)

Listen, give me a ring if you need help filling it out, okay?

Bye, girls.

BOTH: Bye.

JO: Bye-bye. See you.

Mam? Why are you being weird?

Do yous want to get some milkshakes?

(Emma shrieks)

SANDRA: Go on.

(girls giggling)

(exclaims) Come here, quick.

Go on. Faster.

EMMA: A house?

SANDRA: Mm-hmm.

EMMA: Our own house?

SANDRA: Uh-huh.

At the bottom of a garden?

Like a fairy-house?

SANDRA: Yeah. I suppose so. (laughs)

Can we help?

Can I wear a builder’s hat?

SANDRA: We’ll see.

The only thing is, girls, and this is really important, right… we can’t tell anyone.

Not anyone in school.

Not Nanny, not Granddad, and especially… especially not Daddy.


I’m just going by what Aido the builder said.

He said that’s the rules, and you’ve seen him, right?


You don’t want to mess with him, do you?



So we have to keep this to ourselves, yeah?

Our own special secret.

Like Black Widow?

Sort of.

What’s that?


It’s just a code word.

It’s better you don’t know.

Yeah. So… no telling, okay?


SANDRA: Pinky promise?

MOLLY: One, two, three.

One, two, three.

MOLLY: Pinky promise!

Pinky promise!

(chuckles) Oh, girls.

EMMA: Molly! Come on.

SANDRA: Girls, come on. This way, this way.

(girls giggling)

(music playing on radio)

PEGGY: Sandra?

Would you drop what you’re doing, come here, please?


(Sandra gasps)

We’re off.

(Sandra chuckles)

Oh, my God.

Oh, there she is.

Great to see you out and about, Peggy.

Watch me go, Nathan.

(Nathan laughs)

♪ This is a new day ♪

♪ I’m gonna win it…♪



How are you fixed for weekends these days?

♪ Hmm, got a new car and I’m gonna drive ♪

20 metal brackets, a sledgehammer, spirit level, and a bag of lime.

♪ I’m gonna walk out that door ♪

♪ I’m telling you now, you ain’t gonna see me no more ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey♪

♪ Because I got new shoes ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey♪

♪ I got new shoes ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey♪

♪ I said hey, hey, hey, hey… ♪

AIDO: Health and safety is number one on this site.

It’s all about the hat and the boots and knowing where not to be.

You see that eucalyptus tree?

Well, beyond that is command and control.

That is your work area. Don’t be coming down here.

Builders don’t like their bosses watching over them.

On you go.

(girls laughing)

You okay with this?


We’ll let herself do the honors.


It’s your home.

You break ground.

AMY: Go on, Sandra.

(Sandra chuckles)


AIDO: Imagine you have four meters from the middle of that.

SANDRA: Right.

This is what gives us hope.

AMY: I know.

AIDO: Check it.

AMY: Four meters here, yeah?

AIDO: Exactly?

Yeah, exactly four meters.

SANDRA: From the center of the thing, is it, Aido?


Nice work.

AMY: All right.

SANDRA: You got it?

(hammer pounding)

AIDO: Well done.

(“Run for Cover” by The Killers playing)

♪ Run for cover ♪

♪ Run while you can, baby, don’t look back ♪

♪ You gotta run for cover ♪

♪ Don’t be afraid of the fear ♪

♪ That’s a played-out trap, man ♪

♪ I know you’re not the only one ♪

♪ And don’t look back, just run for cover… ♪

PEGGY: Can I see that?

(music continues on radio)


EMMA: I want mine first.

SANDRA: Okay. Bath first,

and then Frozenlater. I don’t want to hear–

Yeah, I know, but I don’t want to go too late,

’cause the other night, yous were up to all hours.

EMMA: Dad!

GARY: Oh! (laughs)

Look at the state of you.

You okay, Mols?

Where have yous been playing, in the bog, is it?

SANDRA: Emma. Take your sister inside.

Emma, go on.

Come on.

EMMA: Come on, Molly.

Sandra, look, I just wanted to…

What are you doing?

Yeah. I made you dinner. Take it.

You’re not supposed to be here.

I’m not asking to come in and eat with yous,

Sandra, geez…

I just want them to have a hot meal.

And you could use one, too. You’re wasting away there.


It’s mad, isn’t it?

We could all just get into that car now.

Together. We could just go back.

To what, Gary?

I don’t know what’s happened.

GARY: Oh, that’s a great idea, Sandra.

End up some lonely fuckup like your ma!

(breathing heavily)

(exhales deeply)

(girls chatting indistinctly)

(mechanical whirring)

What are you doing?

Taking an action shot for me Instagram.

Throw that in there again.

No! No photos, Amy.

Not of me or the kids or the site, all right?

And don’t put nothing online.

All right. Relax.

Just thought you wanted to document the thing

like you were on Grand Designs, no?



AIDO: Far end.

That’s it. Side to side, and towards yourself.

We don’t want any dips in the middle.

We don’t want the water to run off the edges, you know.

Keep coming towards yourself.

Side to side, up and down.

(Sandra gasps, groans)

AIDO: You all right?

Um, yeah. I just– I just need, um…

I’ll be back in a sec, all right?


PEGGY: Okay, put away your homework now.

Time to eat.

Codeine does nothing for nerve damage.

Yeah. Well, it helps.

MOLLY: Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma.

Look what I made.

Lovely, love.

Uh, Molly?


I think you need the loo.

No, I don’t.

I can see you holding it in.

Go on.

You all right, Sandra?


Listen, we’re gonna need more people next weekend.

We can’t keep going with three. Okay?

Yeah. All right.


Um, this is a bit mad, but I’m building a house, like, uh, a self-build thing, and I need a hand for a few weekends over the summer.

And I was wondering, like– and only if it suits and if you’re around, um, if, if you’d want to help?

Oh, here, I should– I should, uh…

(school bell ringing)

…write it down for you, um, it’s…

Look, I know I’ve not been…

Like, I know that we’ve not talked much, but you just always…

Look, here’s the address, um…

And, like, there’s no pressure.

You’re probably busy or going away.


MOLLY: We got to watch Moana and play games.

SANDRA: You did?

So, look, I-I’ll l-leave it with you anyway.


(indistinct chatter)

SANDRA: Molly, come on.

MOLLY: No. No.

SANDRA: Get out of the wardrobe.

No, I don’t want to go.

We have to go.

Dad won’t let her watch Frozen.

Leave me alone.

SANDRA: Molly, will you let go of the handle?

(tearfully): No.

Molly, you might trap your finger.


SANDRA: Come on. Enough.

(Molly sniffling, sobbing)

Molly, what is going on?

Come here.

(Molly crying)

Did you…?

MOLLY: No. No.

Come here to me, pet. Come here.

It’s all right. It’s okay. Come here, I’m so sorry.

What’s wrong?

Molly, do you want to play with Pony?

Did you take that from Peggy’s?

No, she gave it to us. It was Aisling’s.

Aisling’s up in heaven with Granny Michelle.

Do you want to stay with me today, Molly?


She’s not herself.

Could be a kidney infection.

So she wants to stay with me.


Hey, Molly?

Do you know what your Granny Tina’s made?

Your favorite, eggy bread.

There’s gonna be none left.

All right, come on, let’s go. Out.

MOLLY: Stop! (screams)

Molly, stop, will you calm down?

You’re being a baby!

Gary, don’t hurt her.

Oh, the only reason she’s acting up is ’cause she knows she can get what she wants.

Now, she’s messing both of us about here, Sandra.

All right, then.

Your sister’s gonna get all the treats.

(car door shuts)

(car engine starts)

SANDRA: You all right, love?

AIDO: We got tools…

AMY: Sandra.

Hey, missus.


I brought a few heads from the squats to give us a hand.

Oh, my God, Amy.

One of them even knows what he’s doing.



AIDO: Yeah, what’s your trade again, Dariusz?

Construction and, uh, Deliveroo.

AMY: This is Yewande from…

Sligo. Originally Cameroon.

Nice to meet you.

SANDRA: Same here.

And, uh, Tomo, from, uh, down the road…

What’s the story?


I brought somebody, too.

Hello, Sandra.

Oh, hi.

Good to see you.

Hi, Francis.

Remember this girl?

Hello, Molly.


Oh, yeah, everyone, this is Molly.

ALL: Hi, Molly.

AIDO: All right, Molly, if we’re gonna start work, where would you go?

Command and control.

Good girl. Off you go, then.

AMY (laughing): Good girl.

See you later.


TOMO: Bye, Molly. See you later.

All right, people. Are we gonna help this woman build her house?

ALL: Yeah

SANDRA: Deadly.

All right. Sandra’s house is made up of five frames.

In each frame, there are two columns.

There’s a central piece, which is 3,400 millimeters long, or 3.4 meters.

Each column is made up of seven different pieces of wood.

Two are the same, at the top, two are the same in the middle, and two are the same in the bottom.

Measure twice, cut once.

(“Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia playing)

Oh, okay. Yeah.

(drill whirring)

…bolt right through here, so we’re using this drill.

♪ But all your bullets ricochet… ♪

AIDO: Okay.

AMY: Oh, Jesus. No, here, yeah?

Okay, over there.

AIDO: Okay. One of them’s upside down.

TOMO: No, definitely theirs.


After three. One, two, three.

DARIUSZ: Oh, Jesus.

AIDO: That’s it.

Now come, keep walking, okay?

Amy and Tomo, you up your pace a bit.

ROSA: Oh, my God, Sandra!


Yeah, come and give us a hand here, love.

Grab a hold.

Okay. Oh.

SANDRA: Everyone, uh, this is Rosa.

AIDO: Yeah, we don’t have time for introductions.


Let’s get this up first.

♪ I am titanium… ♪

Come towards me now.

DARIUSZ: Very good.

AIDO: We’re trying to get it six inches in front of the foot.

Careful. Okay, everybody happy?


One, two, three.

(“Titanium” continues playing)

AIDO: Keep going.

Good, yeah.

That’s us. Let go of the ropes.

We’re all done.

DARIUSZ: All good here.


AIDO: One up, four to go.

Okay, well done, everyone.

How do you do, Rosa? I’m Aido.

Thanks for joining our team.

How’s that feel?

SANDRA: Deadly.

(all laughing)


♪ Raise your voice… ♪

(indistinct chatter)

SANDRA: Yeah, a little bit to the right.

Yes. Go down.

♪ I’m talking loud, not saying much… ♪

Yeah, much easier if I get it right in.

AMY: Come on, you two.

SANDRA: Come on, Amy, you legend. (laughs)

♪ I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose ♪

♪ Fire away, fire… ♪

NATHAN: Sorry. Sorry.

Before 9:00 on a Saturday, again?

PEGGY: Oh, now, do I complain about your little one waking three times in the night?

Honestly, the earlier they start, the sooner it’ll be finished.

Is this gonna be every weekend?

PEGGY: Earplugs, Nathan.

Works for me.

♪ But I won’t fall ♪

♪ I am titanium ♪

♪ I am titanium ♪

♪ I am titanium ♪

♪ Stone-hard, machine gun ♪

♪ Firing at the ones who run ♪

♪ Stone-hard ♪

♪ As bulletproof glass. ♪

AIDO: Oh, here’s herself.

MOLLY: Hi, Mam.

Uh, how are you?

It’s just a little something to say thanks for today.

Oh, Sandra, you’re so sweet, but you didn’t have to.

Here you go.

Hey, no fucking complaints here.

AIDO: Hey, hey, hey, Tomo.

This won’t even touch the sides. Thanks.

Doctor, can I have one?

Oh, one won’t kill you.


AMY: It’ll cure you.

I might even have one myself, for the day that’s in it.

(all cheering)


Right, now you go easy, Francis.



ALL: Sláinte. Sláinte.

ROSA: Sandra, you’re not having one?

Aye, now, it’s a bag of cans, boss, it’s not a bag of can’ts.

Nah, I have to get this little one home.

It’s been a long day, hasn’t it, sweetheart?


Come here, sweetie.

Oh, it’s mad, isn’t it?

AMY: I know.

There was nothing here a few weeks ago.

AMY: Yeah, absolute madness.

All right.

I’ll leave yous to it. I’ll see you next week.

Bye, dear.

All right, love.

TOMO: All the best. Thanks for the beers.

Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow.

ALL: Bye, Molly.

AMY: See you, missus. Bye.

ROSA: Bye, Molly.

Bet you’re knackered after that.

We’ll get all cozy back in the hotel.


And I’ll make you some popcorn and stuff.

Hard day’s work.


LAZLO: Ms. Kelly, come on.

Oh, Lazlo, you’re gonna make me carry her all the way up the stairs?

LAZLO: Ms. Kelly.

Come on. It’s just this once.

They have cameras everywhere.

I get in trouble, too.

She’s so gorgeous.

Come on. Come over here…

(woman giggles)

Stop, will you?

Come on, stop, stop…

I wonder if they have cameras on your face following her arse.

MOLLY: Third floor.


(elevator bell dings)


GARY: I hope you’re gonna pay for that.

(indistinct chatter)

(breathing heavily)

(car engine starts)

(tires screech)

Late three times, and you got your kids here.

I won’t have it, Sandra.

It’s a pub, not a fucking nursery.

SANDRA: It’s the holidays. They’re being good.

John, please. I need this job.


Well, make it your priority.

There’s people out there

who’d fucking jump to be in your place.

(drill whirring)

I told you to go to Goodwin’s for the big boxes of screws.

What, are they the wrong ones?

No, but they’re dearer.

You can get big boxes in Goodwin’s for half the price.

You need to think about your budget, Sandra.

You should’ve phoned me.

EMMA: Here, Mam,

I was meant to give you…

Emma, you’re not supposed to be over here. You know that.

Go on.

I thought this was supposed to be a self-build, not a call-your-builder- every-ten-minutes build.

Yeah, I did say Goodwin’s to you.

Yeah, well, I couldn’t go there, all right?

Fine. We’ll just use these, then.

(drill whirring)

(hammer pounding)

ROSA: Bye, Sandra.

YEWANDE: Ciao, Sandra.

Oh, thanks a million, girls. I’ll see yous next week.

PEGGY: Don’t stay all night now.

(drill whirring)

(drill clunks against wood)

(muttering): Fuck.

Here, Mam. I wanted to… (screams)

SANDRA: Oh, Jesus, love. I’m sorry.

Mam, make it stop! Make it stop!

Okay. Dr. O’Toole!


Mam! Mam!

SANDRA: Peggy!

There. Sorry, love. I’m sorry.

Mam, make it stop.

Ow! Ow!

I’m so sorry. So sorry, love.

Oh, my God. I cut her arm with a screw and…

That is a nasty old cut.

Now, Nurse Molly?


I have a big brown leather bag in the cupboard under the stairs.

Would you bring it for me?

SANDRA: You all right, love?

MOLLY: Okay.

And, Mummy, can I have a bowl of warm water?

Thank you. We’ll get this cleaned up.

Hold your hand right above your head as high as you can.

There you are. Good girl. That’s a good girl.

See. Ah, here we are.

Here’s your sister. She’s got it all worked out.

I know, I know, I know.

So, first of all, we’re going to clean it up.

All right. Here.

Give it here.

(Emma whimpering)

Got to get it clean, you see.


There you go. Good girl.

I’m sorry, love.

Now, can you see in there, this little box here?


Put these little things on.

Now, these are a lot nicer than stitches.

(Emma crying)

Ow. (groans)

It’s all right, love.

AIDO: All okay?

FRANCIS: What happened here?

Yes, Aido and Francis.

She’ll be all right.

Now, we’re coming up to a big decision now.

We’re going to have a plaster hold this together.

Is it going to be Elsa or Anna?

(tearfully): Elsa.

Elsa. I thought it might be.

SANDRA: Emma, love, what were you doing there, sweetheart?

Why were you there?

Doesn’t matter.


Daddy told me to give this to you. (sniffles)





(sobs) Sorry. I just don’t want them to see me like this.

Why not?

I miss him, Peggy.

Gary, I mean.

Like, I mean, I don’t miss him.

I mean I miss who he was.


It’s like it’s all the wrong way around.

I wish I could bring it back.


I want to fix it, you know?

I know, I know.

But you know, however much you may want to, there are some people who… you just can’t.


Why don’t you stay here tonight?

Have some proper food and a sleep?

I can’t.

I can’t risk Gary finding out about this. I can’t.

Sandra, darling, we’re gonna have to draw a line here.

I cannot have the kids running around…

I know. I know.

Yeah, well, what if the inspector was to drop…?

All right, Aido. I know.

Listen, I can’t be here for the next couple of weekends.

Leave everything till I get back.

It can wait.

(thunder rumbling)

Emma, come here, sweet.

Now, this is just like the safety box, all right?

What do you say?

I hurt it playing in the hotel.

All right.

It’s just a white lie, yeah?

White lies don’t count, do they?

Love you.

Love you.

Will you go in and see your dad?


Oh, Molly.


This is bullshit. Kidney infection?

For the last month?

Like, are you grooming her or something?

No. Obviously not.

You’re obviously not looking after them, are you?

Keep her, but I know when you’re lying to me, Sandra.

I always know.




(sobs, groans)

♪ ♪



(Sandra grunting)


GRAINNE: Sandra!

Will you come down!

Will you come down!

(fire crackling)

(birds chirping)

(drill whirring)

FRANCIS: All right. Look, Dad.

AIDO: For goodness’ sake, they’re doing well.

Hiya. While you were on your holiday,

the grafter’s been grafting.

AIDO: Do you want a medal?

Don’t worry, Aido. We’ve got this covered.

I hope you have it all covered, not just that side.


AIDO: Well done.

90 sheets of this to bring down,

right down to the bottom of the house.

Then we…

Then we’ll set them all up.


And then…

That’s a bit like…


A woodlouse. Nice.

♪ But it’s okay now, bathe in the sunlight… ♪

Look, see. Molly, they’ve– Molly, they’ve eaten the wood.

See, that’s what they do. That’s why it’s all, like, bitten.


EMMA: Wait. No. There’s screws in this one.


There’s screws.

We don’t need that.

♪ ♪

AIDO: Good job, but we have to go and get all the rest.

♪ On the wings of a butterfly… ♪

I’m on it.

Oh, no!


Your house.

We can put our dolls in here to play.

What are you doing?

Pulling you out.


That’s your spot.

YEWANDE: Be careful with that, Tomo, huh?

Yeah, well, do you want to see me go the other way, do you?

Ah, look. (singing)

AIDO: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Tomo, put that down!

God’s sake.

I have to give two lectures all the time.

One for everybody else, then another one for you.

You hurt anybody with that, if you cut somebody’s hand off, I have no trouble asking you to leave.

Dariusz, take this, will you?


Idiot. It’s not a playground.


How many times do I have to tell you?

I didn’t know you could get sacked from volunteer work.


♪ Bathe in the sunlight ♪

♪ Don’t mind if rain falls ♪

♪ Take me outside, sit in the green garden ♪

♪ I’ll go wherever you go♪

♪ Wherever you take me, I’ll go… ♪

Oh, my God. This is amazing.

I’m glad you like it.

Is this for me?


There were some leftovers of the wood, so…

Oh, thanks, Peggy. This looks gorgeous.

(others affirming)

Yewande did most of it.

Oh, no, Peggy. Come on. We did it together.

Gorgeous, Yewande.

Yes. It’s a Cameroonian specialty.

Aido, I’m telling you, you don’t know what you’re missing, man.

Oh, come on. It’s kondre.

It’s just– basically, it’s a stew

with some plantain thrown into it.

MOLLY: Plantain?

Yeah. With a bit of goat.

(Tomo groans)


Come on.

Come on, Tomo.

It’s in me mouth now.

You were enjoying it a minute ago.

I mean, you can’t… Goat? Honest, goat?

It’s, it’s just the same as lamb, for heaven’s sake.

Have you never eaten goat before?

Lamb, either, no.

But you were enjoying it.

Come on, Tomo.

That’s different. They– they’re…

It’s only the idea of it.

(overlapping chatter)

But then I don’t know.

Yeah, but you’re mad about kebabs.

Why would you not eat this?

Yeah, but that’s the Labrador. That’s different.

You were really enjoying it, so what’s changed?

EMMA: Labrador? Like a dog?

YEWANDE: Have some more, Tomo.

Yes. Let’s give him some more. Come on.

No. Don’t. No. Look– All right. I’m all right.

It’s better than the crap you eat in the squat.

If you don’t know what you’re eating, you don’t know what you’re eating.

But I’ve been told now.

Well, you do know what you’re eating.

Ah, but it’s in me, it’s in me mind now.

AMY: You want some salad?

Yeah, I want to have a bit of salad.

I’ll have salad. Yeah.

Yes, help yourselves to salad.

Have you got some salad down there, Molly and Emma?


No, we don’t want any salad.

You should eat some salad.

It can’t all be…

No, we’re all right, thanks, for salad.

Eh, it’s all right.

MOLLY: It’s so far away.

Ms. Kelly, I had to sign for this for you.

Breach of access?

That prick is lucky to see those kids at all, and now he’s taking me to court!

Breach of access is an offense.

You have to attend.

You have to tell your side of the story.

Oh, great. Well, shall I get out me A4 pad and we’ll get started, will we?

Fuck’s sake!

If you fight this with that kind of attitude, he’ll win.

I’ve seen it, Sandra.

I’ve seen men get barring orders back against the women they’ve hit.

I’m telling you, we can either calmly put forward your side of the story, or you can go into mediation ranting and raving and risk losing custody of the kids altogether.

How many visits did Molly miss?

I don’t know.

Seven? Eight?

Oh, Jesus, Sandra.

She literally wouldn’t get out of the car, Jo.

What was I supposed to do?

You can’t let Molly dictate terms.

Is that what you say to a crying child?

I’m sorry, love, but legally, he has a right to do this.

I know it’s frustrating.

Any more news on the house front?


AIDO: This needs to go up against this porch.

Yeah. Got it?

DARIUSZ: I got it.

Ah, here’s herself. Hello.

I want one of them Banham locks for the front door.

Do you know, do you know those ones, they, like, they flick open really easy on the inside

but then they’re real secure?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what they are.

It’s just, you’re on a budget.

Well, I want one.

Well, you can’t afford one.


Aido, you ask me for a million decisions a day, and then I finally give you a freebie, and it’s– and it’s fucking “Why, why, why,” or it’s, or it’s too much.

Fuck’s sake!

Will you stop looking at me?! Stop looking at me!

Just get back on with it, will you?

The house is never gonna get done.

ROSA: Sandra.

SANDRA: Oh, will you stop bleeding staring at us?

ROSA: Sandra. Sandra. What is going on?

What the fuck is the point?


Jesus Christ.

ROSA: What?

I’m sorry. I’m fucking sorry.


What is the point of a house…

…if I have no kids to put in it?


we should go.

(exhales deeply)


Maybe I should ring the girls, just…

Oh, the girls are fine.

I spoke to Rosa. They’re happy out. You relax.

I have a present for you.

From Amy.

Hope it’s only tobacco.

There’s Jo.

Was there a reason you didn’t leave sooner?

I… I did try to.

Uh, I-I wanted to, loads of times.

I-I made a safety box.

I just didn’t have anywhere to go.

Mr. Mullen, you claim that Molly hasn’t attended access on eight occasions?

Yes, Judge.

You’ve been keeping up maintenance?

Yes, Judge.

Okay. Ms. Breen.

Thank you, Judge.

Ms. Kelly, last time we spoke, you described suffering psychological and physical abuse throughout your relationship.

Is that correct?


And when I specifically asked you whether Mr. Mullen had ever harmed your children, you said no.

Is that correct?


Do you believe he has harmed them on access visits?


BREEN: Your Honor, we have new evidence to bring to court.

Articles 1, A to C, are photos of Mr. Mullen’s eldest child Emma.

On Sunday, August 7, Emma was dropped at her father’s place of residence with a bandage on her left arm, as you can see.

When questioned about this, Emma said she hurt it “making something in the garden with Mammy.”

This did not match what Mr. Mullen was told by Ms. Kelly, who claimed it happened in the hotel, where they temporarily reside.

We have evidence that suggests that Emma was indeed “making something in the garden” of a Dr. Margaret O’Toole, who is, in fact, allowing Ms. Kelly to build a house at her property.

Judge, I-I–

Judge, I can, I can explain…

Please wait, Ms. Kelly.

Ms. Breen, what relevance does that have to this hearing?

The matter is for another courtroom.

BREEN: Judge, if this hearing is about the character of these parents and which one is a more suitable guardian to the children, it’s certainly worth noting that Ms. Kelly did not inform Dublin City Council about this build or her change of circumstances.

No. Dr. O’Toole got planning. Uh, it was her property.

BREEN: And Ms. Kelly lied on an assessment form.

When asked in June of this year if you’d received a loan or had other housing options, you wrote “N/A,” “not applicable,” did you not?

I-I-I didn’t lie.

BREEN: Well, it’s on that form, Sandra.

Are you trying to get two houses instead of one?

No. No.

Judge, is this a fit mother?

No. You’re not doing this!

You are not doing– you are not taking my kids!

JUDGE: All right, all right.

20 minutes’ break while I go over this new evidence and your client calms herself.

GRAINNE: They might take the girls because she fudged some bloody form?

JO: Yes. Yes, they might.

Because when it comes to legally binding forms, you have to tell the truth.

Truth in the right tone of voice, though, isn’t it?

Tell the truth?

Don’t tempt me.

I’ll be here all fucking week.

(breathing heavily)

Come here to me.

Of course you were gonna stay on the housing list.

Anything could have happened.

Yeah, but look what I’ve done.

Sandra, you’re building a home for your children.

You’re working day and night to give them a childhood that they’ve been denied, and then, every weekend, you have to drop them home to that fucker.

Do they have any idea what that takes?

I can’t. I can’t lose them.


I can’t lose…

And you won’t, you won’t. Come on.

You won’t.

I know you didn’t stop Molly going to see her father.

She didn’t want to, and you listened to her.

I’m so impressed by you, Sandra.

You know… most of us get so sunk in our own pain, we don’t notice our children’s, but you did.

And that makes you a good mother, and they’ve got to see that.

You know, Jo’s right.

You go out there and you tell them the truth.

All right?



One more thing.

Come here.

(Sandra sniffles)


There’s Sandra.

(Sandra sniffles)

JUDGE: Mr. Mullen, has Emma recovered from her injury, in your opinion?

Yes, Judge, but I don’t want me kids in an unsafe environment.


Ms. Kelly.

Gary, that was a scrape.

How many times has Emma done that coming off her scooter?

JUDGE: Okay.

Let’s just for a moment look at the facts here.

The report says Molly has missed eight access visits.

Mr. Mullen hasn’t missed one.

He’s paid child maintenance.

He’s done everything that was legally required.

SANDRA: Because that’s what he does.

He does what’s required, but that’s not…

Fact, Ms. Kelly. Whereas you have not.

Why is that?

Ask better questions.

I beg your pardon?

Ask him why he’s using the children as pawns in front of us all,

while we’re all wondering why I didn’t fill in a form right?


You want to know why I didn’t let Molly go?

Because she was hiding in the wardrobe… pissing on herself… because she was so scared of seeing you.

She saw, Gary.

She saw you that day.

She watched you punch my face and pull my hair and wreck my hand.

And you didn’t see her, but she saw.

And I can’t make her unsee that.

But, Christ, I’m her mother and I’ll listen.

I’d do it again.

I would.

I’d do it a million times over.

And making out that I’m a bad person?

That I’m a bad mother?

When you all know what he did to me?

You all know from the Garda reports and the medical reports, and yet you still bring me in here and you put me through this, sit me in the same room with him, ask me questions like, “Why didn’t you leave him?”

But you never ask, “Why didn’t he stop?”

Ms. Kelly, take a seat.

This type of injury could have come from a playground, a tumble in the street.

But it didn’t, Ms. Kelly.

It happened in your care.

Albeit while you were in the process of building a house, to secure your children’s future.

I understand Molly has witnessed something she shouldn’t, but I cannot condone parental alienation.

I order that the children be assessed in the coming months to establish their needs, what they truly want.

But for now… the terms of access remain.

Mr. Mullen, you will not get custody today.

(Sandra sighing)

However, Ms. Kelly, if you want to build yourself a house, you must take full responsibility for that.

You must inform Dublin City Council that you wish to be taken off the housing list.

Your right to rent allowance will cease when you and the children move into this new house.


Yes, Judge.

Very well.

CLERK: The court is adjourned.

All rise.

(indistinct chatter)


I’m keeping me kids. (laughs)

Oh, shit, your hip.

Oh, bugger the hip.

I’m so happy for you.

(both sigh, chuckle)

Oh. Thanks.

(Sandra sighs)

SANDRA: Guess what, girls.

Aido said we can move in in three days.


EMMA: Cool.

SANDRA: Want to see what’s in your room?



MOLLY: Oh, my God.

EMMA: Oh, no. Molly.


This is such a cool bedroom.

EMMA: I know, I love it.

Can you imagine sleeping here now, Molly?

(girls continue chatting indistinctly)

(birds chirping)

SANDRA: Oh, my God.


EMMA: Wow.

Wait for me.

EMMA: Molly, come look.

Did you see the table?

This, Dariusz made this. It’s lovely, isn’t it?



(all chuckling)

All we need now is the chairs.


Or we can be just sitting like this.



ALL: Surprise!

Jesus, my heart.

Congratulations, you ledge!

TOMO: Whoo!

You did the kitchen?

Uh, that was mainly me.

Me hole, was it. Yewande was at it all day.

SANDRA: Oh, thanks.


From all of us.

Oh, my God.

Look at the box.

Oh, look.

Me own doorknob.

Thanks a million!


Come here, will you take a picture?

Ah, yeah, go on.

Yewande and everyone, will you get up on the stairs?

Oh, yeah. We’re allowed photographs now, are we?

All right, smart-ass.

Come on, it’s a group photo. Get in there, yeah.

Come here, Emma.

Yous ready?

SANDRA: Everybody in?


All right. What do we say?

Eggs, sausages, black and white pudding…


(“Dreams” by The Cranberries playing)

♪ Oh, my life ♪

♪ Is changing every day ♪

♪ In every possible way ♪

(indistinct chatter)

♪ Though my dreams… ♪

SANDRA: We did it.


And, uh, I just want to jump in and say, like, thanks to Amy, ’cause nobody trusts me with anything, Sandra.

Honestly. She’d be able to tell you that.

And I just want to say thanks, you gave me hope.

AIDO: Good man.

TOMO: That’s it.

Thanks, Tomo.

I’d just like to say…

SANDRA: Mm-hmm.

I haven’t done anything for a long time apart from, uh, odd jobs, but what we achieved here has made me very, very proud.

And it puts me in mind of the old Irish term meitheal.

Huh? Meth-head?


Francis, you explain to the young ones what meitheal means while I teach this idiot some manners.

Meitheal means where people come together to help each other.

And by doing that, they are helped in return.

So, thank you all very much for your help.






♪ I’ll puff, I’ll huff, I’ll puff, I’ll blow you… ♪


Go on, Francis.

Go for it.

ALL: ♪ Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da ♪

♪ Whack for my daddy, oh ♪

♪ Whack for my daddy, oh ♪

♪ There’s whiskey in the jar ♪

♪ Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da ♪

♪ Whack for my daddy, oh ♪

♪ Whack for my daddy, oh ♪

♪ There’s whiskey in the jar. ♪

(cheers and applause)

Well done, Dad.

AIDO: Thanks, son.

Sandra, give us a song.

AIDO: Yeah. Go on.

TOMO: Ah, yeah, go on, Sandra.

Go on, just one song.

Go on.

Go on.

I heard you singing.

When you were tiling, you were singing away.

Ah, go on, Sandra.

AMY: Please.

Right, right, right. Um…


♪ Oh, if you’ll be the lass ♪

♪ Of Aughrim ♪

♪ As I take it ♪

♪ You mean to be ♪

♪ Tell me the first token ♪

♪ That passed between you and me ♪

♪ Oh, don’t you ♪

♪ Remember that night ♪

♪ On yon green hill ♪

♪ When we first met together? ♪

♪ I’m sorry now to tell ♪

♪ Oh, the rain it falls ♪

♪ On my heavy locks ♪

♪ And the dew ♪

♪ It wets my skin ♪

♪ My babe lies cold ♪

♪ With… ♪

(door opens)

Black Widow, Mam.

(Sandra panting)


(fire crackling)

No, no.

Peggy! Peggy!

(yelling indistinctly)

No, no…

No, he can’t…

He can’t have done this to us!



No, no, no, no, no, no…

♪ Oh, if you’ll be the lass ♪


♪ Of Aughrim… ♪

I’m calling the fire department.

Yeah, call them.

(Sandra sobbing)

Shh. All right, the firemen are coming.


Sandra, come here.

Come on, inside.

(wood splintering)

(glass smashing)

♪ That passed ♪

♪ Between you and me ♪

♪ Oh, don’t you ♪

♪ Remember that night ♪

♪ On yon green hill ♪

♪ When we were together? ♪

♪ Which I’m sorry now to tell ♪

♪ Oh, the rain falls ♪

♪ On my heavy locks ♪

(Sandra sobbing)

♪ And the dew ♪

♪ It soaks my skin ♪

♪ My babe lies cold ♪


♪ Within my arms ♪

♪ And none will let me in ♪

(Sandra sobbing)

♪ My babe lies cold ♪

♪ Within my arms ♪

♪ And none will let me in. ♪

He’s been arrested, Sandra.

He’s in custody.

He’ll be going down for a long time.

You’re safe.

What he did to you…

there’s no excuse.

When he was a child, he learned well what could be done within four walls with no one watching… but…

I knew.

I just didn’t want to believe.

I have to stay with my one.

You don’t.

He’s destroyed himself, not you.

It’s over.

You’re free.

(door opens, closes)

PEGGY: Time to get up, Sandra.

I got you a tea.

Have a sip.


Good woman.

Can you stand?



And up you go.


(pouring liquid)

(birds chirping)

MOLLY: I was actually thinking,

this time, maybe I’ll go on the…

EMMA: Hey, Molly.

MOLLY: Yeah.

EMMA: Do you think we’re going to do it?

MOLLY: Yeah.

(Sandra exhales sharply)

EMMA: All right.

MOLLY: Oh, yeah. That’d be deadly.

EMMA: Deadly. (chuckles)

Oh, found this…

MOLLY: I found another.


(girls chattering)

MOLLY: Another. And another.

EMMA: Another.

SANDRA: What’s the craic, you pair of messers?

Hi, Mam.

Oh, hi, Mam.

SANDRA: Good work, girls.

Here we go.

(“Mother” by Lyra playing)

♪ My mother said ♪

♪ Don’t listen to them, child ♪


so, if you happen to find any screws,

um, you put them in this.

We’re saving them up.

For the new house.

♪ Follow your heart to the stars ♪

♪ You will find your place… ♪

(chuckles softly)

Oh, there’s one.


♪ I can hear them calling your name ♪

♪ Their voices loud ♪

♪ They’re shouting, can you hear them now? ♪

♪ I have the love, my body’s strong enough ♪

♪ To build my own kingdom ♪

♪ I am the one that you’ve been dreaming of ♪

♪ Now look what I’ve become ♪

♪ I’m rising up ♪

♪ To higher ground ♪

♪ I’m rising up ♪

♪ Can’t pull me down ♪

♪ I have offered up ♪

♪ Everything I could ♪

♪ So I will raise my cup ♪

♪ And I drink it down with you ♪

♪ Follow my heart to the stars, I will find my place ♪

♪ Out of the dark, I can hear them calling my name ♪

♪ Their voices loud ♪

♪ They’re shouting, I can hear them now ♪

♪ I have the love, my body’s strong enough ♪

♪ To build my own kingdom ♪

♪ I am the one that you’ve been dreaming of ♪

♪ Now look what I’ve become ♪

♪ I’m rising up ♪

♪ To higher ground ♪

♪ I’m rising up ♪

♪ Can’t pull me down ♪

♪ In the darkest hour ♪

♪ I can feel the rain ♪

♪ Then I hear the choir ♪

♪ And I illuminate ♪

♪ I have the love, my body’s strong enough ♪

♪ To build my own kingdom ♪

♪ I am the one that you’ve been dreaming of ♪

♪ Now look what I’ve become ♪

♪ I’m rising up ♪

♪ To higher ground ♪

♪ I’m rising up ♪

♪ Can’t pull me down ♪

♪ My mother said ♪

♪ I love you, my dear child ♪

♪ I’m rising up ♪

♪ To higher ground ♪

♪ I’m rising up ♪

♪ Can’t pull me down ♪

♪ My mother said ♪

♪ I love you, my dear child. ♪

(“Take It Back” by Cherym playing)

♪ My best friends ♪

♪ Used to tell me I should leave him ♪

♪ And he’s nuts ♪

♪ Guess who’s sleeping here tonight ♪

♪ When I said yesterday I was okay ♪

♪ After he told me that he missed her ♪

♪ I wanna take it back, take it back ♪

♪ I wanna take it back, take it back ♪

♪ I wanna take it back, take it back ♪

♪ I wanna take it back, take it back ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Goodbyes and goodbyes ♪

♪ He’s so persistent with his nonsense ♪

♪ And though I smile ♪

♪ It was the ugliest I’ve ever been ♪

♪ I always thought ♪

♪ I’d be the one to change a person ♪

♪ I wanna take it back, take it back ♪

♪ I wanna take it back, take it back ♪

♪ I wanna take it back, take it back ♪

♪ I wanna take it back, take it back ♪

♪ If I heard it all before ♪

♪ Yeah, you still surprise me ♪

♪ And now hate seems a little strong ♪

♪ But he left me hanging ♪

♪ And now you act as if he’s done nothing wrong ♪

♪ When it’s hardly my fault ♪

♪ Should I scooch our little messages ♪

♪ Just to show you what a mess he is? ♪

♪ Are you for real? ♪

♪ You’re such a weirdo ♪

♪ Are you for real? ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh. ♪

(music fades)


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