Fast & Furious 9 – Transcript

Cipher enlists the help of Jakob, Dom's younger brother to take revenge on Dom and his team.
Fast & Furious 9

In 1989, Jack Toretto participates in a race, with his sons Dominic and Jakob in his pit crew. Dom argues with rival racer Kenny Linder about his dirty tactics. As the race resumes, Linder’s car clips Jack’s bumper and causes the car to hit a wall and explode, killing him. After the crash, Dom is arrested after nearly beating Linder to death. While serving his sentence, he recalls that Jakob had worked on Jack’s car the day he died, and concludes that Jakob killed their father. Upon release, Dom confronts and challenges Jakob to a race, forcing him to leave town when he loses.

In the present, two years after the confrontation against cyberterrorist Cipher, Dom is retired, raising his son Brian with his wife, Letty Ortiz. Roman Pearce, Tej Parker, and Ramsey arrive with news of Mr. Nobody capturing Cipher, with his plane subsequently being attacked by rogue agents and crashing in Montequinto, a fictional location in Central America. Dom agrees to help them after realizing Jakob is involved. Searching the plane, they find part of a device named Aries, which can hack into any computer-controlled weapons system. The team is then ambushed by a private army led by Jakob, who steals the device. The team rendezvous with Michael Stasiak en route to their safe house. Dom’s sister Mia arrives to help, and Dom reluctantly allows her to join them, and leaving their kids for protection with Brian. The team learns that Han Lue is connected to Aries, and Letty and Mia go to Tokyo to investigate.

Meanwhile, Jakob meets with Otto, his associate. Cipher, after failing to sway Jakob, tells him the other half of Aries is in Edinburgh. Dom meets his father’s former mechanic, Buddy, who took Jakob in after his exile, and learns that Jakob is in London. Letty and Mia find Han, still alive, along with his ward, Elle. Roman and Tej recruit Sean Boswell, Twinkie, and Earl Hu, who have been working on a “rocket car” at a German air base. In London, Dom meets Queenie Shaw, who gives him Jakob’s location. Dom confronts Otto and Jakob, who tells Dom to leave. Otto has Dom arrested, but Leysa, an old friend of Dom, rescues him.

Tej, Roman, and Ramsey join Dom in Edinburgh, where Jakob is using an electromagnet to steal the second Aries device. Tej and Roman find the truck containing the electromagnet; as they fight Otto’s men, Ramsey commandeers the truck to chase after Otto. Dom intercepts Jakob, and the two fight throughout the city. Before Otto can extract Jakob, Ramsey runs his car off the road and uses the electromagnet to capture Jakob.

Otto recruits Cipher. At the safe house, Han reveals that he was assigned to protect Elle and Aries, as Elle’s DNA is its final component. When one of Mr. Nobody’s agents, later revealed to be Jakob, went rogue, they used Deckard Shaw to fake Han’s death and protect Elle. Otto attacks the safe house and frees Jakob, who reveals that Jack, wanting to escape his debts, instructed Jakob to tamper with his car so he could intentionally throw the race. The plan failed due to Linder’s interference. Jakob and Otto kidnap Elle and take the second Aries device.

Otto launches a satellite into orbit, while Jakob has Elle activate Aries. They begin uploading Aries to the satellite, moving throughout Tbilisi in an armored truck. Dom, Letty, Mia, Ramsey, and Han give chase to stop the upload. As Mia and Han try to breach the truck, Otto betrays Jakob, throwing him off the truck. Dom and Mia save Jakob, and he helps Dom access the truck. Using the rocket car, Roman and Tej enter orbit and destroy the satellite, stopping the upload. Cipher, remotely flying a jet, bombs the truck, killing Otto, in an attempt to kill Dom. Dom uses the ricocheting truck to destroy Cipher’s plane. Cipher escapes. Dom and Mia reconcile with Jakob, and Dom allows him to escape in his car. Roman and Tej reach the International Space Station and are safely returned to Earth.

The team celebrates their success with a barbecue at Dom’s house. While preparing to say grace, Brian O’Conner arrives in his car. In a mid-credits scene, Deckard is surprised when Han arrives at his door.

* * *

(grand orchestral fanfare playing)

(quiet panting)

(engines revving faintly)

(engines growing louder)

(engines roaring)

(tires screeching)

ANNOUNCER (over P.A.): That’s the cleanup crew up on the track, and that’s a lot of racers involved there, folks.

(crowd cheering)

♪ ♪

(grunts) Jack, you realize you got this in the bag, right?

Season’s wrapped up, man. Doesn’t matter where you place.

I’m telling you, I got intermittent miss.

Last two laps.

On it!

Get those plug wires!

Jakob! Now.

Hey, Pop.

Tell me what you see, Dom.

Got an oil spill going into turn two.

Bell’s driving safe.

Corbin’s got a sponsor in the stands, so he’s pushing it.

MAN (in distance): Talking about me?

You got a real problem with car 23.


MAN: About to whip your ass, Toretto!

MAN 2: Settle down, pretty boy!

That’s right.

Shut up!

Yeah, you. You want to tell your driver he’s gonna get somebody hurt?

What’d you say?

JACK: Hey! Leave it!

MAN: Go home! You suck!

He’s just pissed I got that spot

in the Busch Series next season, not him.

Life’s got no shortage of guys like Kenny Linder.

You’re good!

It’s not about being the stronger man, Dom.

It’s about being the bigger one.

(engine revving)

♪ ♪

(engines roaring)


I swear to God, this guy.

Pop, turn two, turn two!


Got it. I’m walking him in.

(grunts) Shit!

Tell me what you see, Dom.

He’s gonna come at you for that.

Get ready on your left.

(engine sputtering)

(tires screeching)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(birds chirping)

Three-eighths ratchet.

Three-eighths driver.

Six-inch extension.

Are you sure?

♪ ♪

Remember what your daddy told you.

Be precise in life.

It can make all the difference.

Now, watch this.

See how it’s working now?


And you see what’s happening?

LITTLE BRIAN: It’s turning the screw.

DOM: You’re right.

Water heater’s out again.

It’s the price we pay for peace and quiet.

Want to come and give us a hand?

(engine roaring in distance)

Are you expecting someone?

Brian, remember what we practiced.

♪ ♪

ROMAN: Yo, yo!

We come in peace. We come in peace!

It’s me!

Roman? Maybe you don’t recognize me ’cause I’ve been tanning all week, bro.

(Letty and Roman chuckle)

B, come out, son.

What you gonna do with that thing, man?

What, you out here trying to kill elephants or something?

We would’ve called first.

Except you actually need phones in order to get phone calls.

You know that, right?

ROMAN: Little B!

RAMSEY: Wow, you’re so big.


TEJ: Wow.


(Letty laughs)

Now, I know you don’t carpool.

So what’s up?

(staticky): Mayday! Mayday!

My plane is under attack by a rogue agent!

(garbled chatter)

(rapid gunfire)

We’re being boarded. I’ve got dangerous cargo on board.

I need you to assemble the team.

(garbled): …still alive. I’ll explain…

(static crackling)

It’s an SOS transmission from Mr. Nobody’s plane.

It came through with a mess of encrypted data, most of which I’m still trying to crack.

Did anybody else get this?

TEJ: Well, that’s the thing.

He sent it only to us.

Why just us?

He caught Cipher.

But there was a midair attack, and she was extracted.

It seems his plane crashed somewhere here, over the northwest region of Montequinto.

TEJ: If Mr. Nobody survived, we need to find him.

But the whole area’s sealed off.

Isolationist, run by military.

We’re not on call anymore.

ROMAN: Wait, wait.

Dom, this is Cipher.

The woman who killed the mother of your child.

Things change.

Listen, we’re wheels up at 8:00 a.m., if you change your mind.

Thank you.

(insects trilling)

LITTLE BRIAN: Daddy, do you know where God is?

DOM: Where is God?

In your heart.

DOM: He’s in your heart, too.

And you know something?

I’ll always be in your heart.

Hey, little guy.

I have a gift for you.

Your father gave this to me.

And now I’m gonna give it to you.

It’s very special.

Take care of it.

♪ ♪

(whispers): Good night.

This isn’t who we are.

Brian and Mia got out of the game when they became parents.

We’re not them.

(engine starts)

♪ ♪

MR. NOBODY (staticky): …under attack by a rogue agent!

We’re being boarded. I’ve got dangerous cargo on board.

(garbled): …assemble the team.

…still alive. I’ll explain…

…alive. I’ll explain…

♪ ♪

(engine roaring in distance)


(“Exotic Race” by Murci feat. Sean Paul & Dixson Waz playing)

♪ Yo voy pa la calle y quiero velocidad… ♪

(song continues in Spanish)

(engines roaring)

Coming up on the signal, two miles.

It’s deep in the militarized zone of Montequinto.

I hope everyone’s ready.


Y’all want to make jokes about me not making practical decisions?

This is as prepared as it gets.

We all see you, man.

Nobody thinks you’re compensating for anything.


LETTY: I’ll take point.


Careful’s when you get hurt.

RAMSEY: Right now, we have a ten-minute window between patrols.

Mr. Nobody’s signal is close, but we’ve got to move quickly, guys.

We do not want to cross paths with the military here.

♪ ♪

(device beeping steadily)

(birds calling in distance)

It’s inside.

Cover us.

(electricity crackling)

The source of the SOS signal is coming from inside this thing.

(Ramsey grunts)

(devices beeping)

Somebody wanted in.

Plane must have gone down before they could cut through.

Or it was sent down on purpose to stop ’em.

Yeah, well, their mistake was trying to cut into it.

But just give me a minute. I can get in.


There’s not a soul in sight.

No sign of Mr. Nobody.

(device beeps)

RAMSEY: Got it.

(electrical trilling)

What the hell is this?

Whatever it is, Mr. Nobody wanted us to find it.

How’s that work…

(rapid gunfire)


(motorcycle engine revs)

(man shouting in Spanish)

(men shouting in Spanish)

What?! You don’t know who I am?!

You think I’m scared?!


(gunfire continues)


(men shouting)

(Roman yells)

(men shouting in distance)

(guns cocking)

(men shouting)


(man groans)


♪ ♪

(engine revs)

(Ramsey gasps)

Roman, where the hell are you?!

Who’s compensating now, Tej?!

(gunfire continues)

“Peligro minas.” What does that mean?

Tej, how fast we got to go to clear ’em?

Please don’t tell me you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking.


What does “peligro minas” mean?

Tej, how fast?

I don’t know, man.

ROMAN: Somebody answer me!

What does “peligro minas” mean?

“Peligro minas” means “danger, land mines”!


How fast, Tej?

Assuming a 50-foot blast radius and a-a half a second trigger delay, I’d say about 80.

I can’t!

My speedometer only goes up to 70.

What do I do?!

You put your foot to that floor, and you pray!

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Get to that palm plantation, and then we’re clear.






Roman, you good?

ROMAN: My ass is en fuego!

(tires screech)

Tej! Wait! Land mine!

(screams, grunts)


(rocks rumbling)

(vehicle creaking)



(Roman screams)

(vehicle creaking)


(Ramsey gasps)

♪ ♪


How in the hell are you not dead?

(Roman muttering)

Wait, okay, I think I found us another way out.

Two miles to what looks like a bridge across the border.

Good. The sooner we get out of here, the better.

DOM: Letty, on the right.

(man grunts)

(Letty grunting)

The device.

♪ ♪

(birds squawking)


(engine revs)

Get in.

♪ ♪

That was Jakob back there, wasn’t it?

♪ ♪

Always check your mirrors, bitches!

Oh, hell no.

Are we supposed to drive across that?

Well, I said it looked like a bridge.

(Ramsey grunts)

(Roman screaming)

ROMAN: Oh, my God!

(sign creaking)

(screaming continues)


The military’s not giving up.

We got to get past the border.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Where’s the bridge?

No. No, no.


(Letty gasps)



(glass tinkling)

Well, that was new.

Look, we’re in the clear.

But this thing is a mess.

The headlines out there?

Secret spy plane crashes in a hostile country?

Followed by some kind of covert ops firefight?

I’ll get you where you need… and then I’m gonna need to back off.

I appreciate the favor.

I got to stop doing so many favors.

What we doing, Ramsey?

Like, where are we going?

I-I was able to decrypt the data that came through with Mr. Nobody’s SOS, and I found GPS coordinates, definitely included on purpose.

You knew about Jakob?

Question: Who is Jakob?

LETTY: Jakob is… or was Dom’s brother.

Oh, my-my bad.

I’m sorry. I’m just processing.


You got a brother?

Who also happens to be some kind of super spy with his own private army, who drives literally like a bat out of hell, who preplanned an aerial jump and landed at the bottom of an airplane?

Who does that?

TEJ: Who does that? A Toretto.

That’s my dad! That’s my dad!


He’s gone! He’s gone!

DOM: We got to get him out of there.

We got to get him out of there! That’s my dad!

That’s my dad! That’s my dad!

That’s my dad!

Get him out of there!

That’s my dad!

There’s a couple of release forms we’ve got to sign.

Few clearances.

Everything else is down there around the corner.


Nobody’s supposed to be around here.

You Toretto’s other son?

You’re the useless one, right?


What is that?

Get out of here. Go.

So a man can’t pay his last respects?

That’s what that is?


No, not you.

You’re the one that killed him.

No, racing killed him.

Look, he knew that I was gonna pit him into the wall.

He knew that.

Now, I don’t know if he dropped gear. I don’t know.

I swear… I swear to God, if you don’t get out of here…

What? What?

Go find Buddy.



All right, well, now we got the golden boy.


You here to make threats, too?

“Leave” is a simple word.

Man, what is it with you Torettos where you’re all the heroes in your own stories?

Look, I’m gonna tell you a secret.

You, your dad, me… we’re all stuck, going round and round in the same shitty circle.

And we ain’t never getting out.

You ain’t half the man my dad was.

At least I’m alive, asshole.

What did you say?

Get off me!

BUDDY: Dom! Dom!



Dom, no! Dom!

(tool clanking)

No, man!

(Dom grunting)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

(chains clinking)

OFFICER: In here.

(door closes)

♪ ♪

(door whirs, clanks)

(helicopter whirring)

(indistinct chatter)

(engine starts)


I simply cannot believe that magnet trick actually worked.

It looked so damn cool. Look at this here.

I got this off the cockpit feed.

Oh, I love being rich.

JAKOB: It was sloppy. He almost had me.

She say anything?

Nope. Nada.

You know, I look at her and I feel creeped out.

And sort of turned on at the same time.

Is that weird?

(electrical whirring)

CIPHER: Nice operation.

You snatched me off Mr. Nobody’s plane midair without a scratch, and you took him down.

Money well spent.

Do you know who I am?

I know who you are.

Do you?

East L.A. is a tough enough place to grow up.

But it was your brother’s shadow that turned you into this.

Isn’t it?

So your whole life, you pushed yourself to be faster than Dom.

Smarter than Dom.

Stronger than Dom.

Tell me, do you hate him enough that it keeps you up at night?

(whispers): Still?

All these years later?

I should’ve just hired you instead of coercing your brother a couple of years back.

I don’t work for the competition.

That’s cute.

You thinking you’re the competition.

Says the woman in the box.

Look familiar?

The other half’s hidden in one of the agency’s thousands of vaults.

I need you to find out which one.

We secured the master drive here from Mr. Nobody’s plane.

The rest of the hardware is a bit dated.


To make sure you don’t go hack into anything we don’t want you to.

Say you get what you’re after.

A weapon so dangerous it shouldn’t exist for another half century.

What would you do with it?

Launch some global attack?

Sell it to the highest bidder?

Or maybe you see yourself as a necessary shock to the system.

I bet all you ever wanted was a hug.

You read my psych eval. Good for you.

I read your second-grade report card.

That’s what I do.


Your chin… it’s distinctive.

I know the Torettos have quite the mixed bloodlines, but I never detected a Nordic strain.


Finding the two halves of Project Aries is the easy part.

Add in your brother Dom to the mix?

(whispers): You don’t have a chance.

Plans are in motion.

Qasar Khan.


Genghis Khan’s little brother.

Nobody’s heard of him either.

♪ ♪

(seagulls squawking)

(air hisses)

(rats squeaking)

RAMSEY: Talk about off the grid.

ROMAN: I don’t think they had grids when this place was built.

If a Ninja Turtle pop out on me, tell you right now, I’m out.

TEJ: No way this place was sanctioned by the agency.

This was definitely Mr. Nobody’s secret hideout.

(switch clanks)

(electricity powering up)

What now, Dom?

Whoever Jakob has become… and whatever he’s up to… it’s on me.

And me alone.


Whatever’s on you, it’s on us.

Let’s get to work.

(rap music playing quietly over speakers)

(clears throat)

Y’all ever thought about how many wild missions we been on?

How we somehow… always survive?

TEJ (chuckles): Yeah.

So far, so good, I guess.

It’s just luck.

ROMAN: No, no, no, see, y’all not listening.

Think about this.

We’ve now been on insane missions around the world, doing what most would say is damn near impossible.

And I ain’t got one single scar to show for it?

I mean, look at my jacket.

Those are bullet holes from 14 dudes trying to take my head clean off its shoulders.

We’ve taken out cars, trains, tanks.

I’m not gonna even mention the submarine.

And yet we’re still here.


Ramsey, what happens when you test a theory over and over again only to come to the same result?

A hypothesis becomes fact.

But you’re not actually suggesting that…

I don’t know, but when the improbable happens again and again, that’s more than luck.

Maybe we’re not so normal.

ROMAN: That’s what I’m saying.

We are not normal.

Okay, um… just to clarify, are you two maybe suggesting that we’re what, invincible?



Or maybe… you’re just a dumbass.

(Tej and Ramsey laughing)

Take your dumbass jacket with you, man. (scoffs)

Pretty impressive driving out there.

You miss the old life.

Do you?

(gun racks)

Every day.

TEJ: Guys.

We got a little company.

Think you know this person.

It’s so good to see you.

MIA: I missed you.

Thank you.

(whispers): Of course.

You should’ve told me.

She deserved to know.

Jakob’s my brother, too. I need to be here.

You get involved here, you put everything you have at risk.

Your kids and the whole world that you built.

We’re all risking something.

Dom, listen to me.

My kids and yours are in the safest hands possible.

With Brian.

Our world’s grown, Dom.

I got this one.

RAMSEY: The firewall on this old thing is actually pretty good.

But, you know, port scan, UDP message peek, pop to root shell, and…

(computer beeping)

…say hello to Project Aries.

What is it?

It’s what we got from Mr. Nobody’s plane.

Or at least part of it.

Aries was designed to override and assimilate anything that runs on code.

Any computer anywhere.

If it operates on zeros and ones, it’s vulnerable.

If you take Aries and upload it to a satellite, it’ll spread like a virus.

Then it’ll be a matter of time before someone can control any weapon system… traditional, nuclear, stuff we haven’t even seen yet… and just point it wherever they want.

Jakob reboots the world order within minutes.

TEJ: Ares is the god of war, right?

If Jakob gets his hands on this, he’ll be the god of damn near everything.

RAMSEY: Because of how dangerous it was, the Aries prototype was recovered and split into two halves by Mr. Nobody.

Both of which are worthless without the activation key.

Jakob now has one of the pieces.

He’ll be going after the other half next.

As for the key, it’s… it’s vanished.

So we find it.

If we’re gonna beat Jakob to it, we’re gonna have to split up.

Roman, Tej, I know a couple of guys operating out of Germany that could get us anything we need.

I’m on it.

Wait, there’s one more thing.

Mr. Nobody’s transmission had one name connected to the key.

You guys are gonna want to brace yourselves for this.

LETTY: No way.

That’s exactly what I said.

ROMAN: So you’re saying Han’s death is connected to all of this?

He has to have something to do with it.

LETTY: I’ll look into it.

Tej, can you send me all the files you have on Han?


I’ll go with you.

DOM: Letty.

I got this the day Han died.


Check the postmark.

Whatever he was up to, it ended here.


What are you gonna do about Jakob?

I’m gonna find him.


An old friend.

(buzzer sounds)

(bell rings)

(men chattering in Spanish)

Yo, what do you think?

¿Es una ilusión o es real?

It doesn’t matter.

It’s all about how you choose to see it.

BOTH: Shit. I told you I was right.

I’m Leo.


Dom. What are you guys in for?

Driving while brown.

(speaks Spanish) You see that?

Hairline crack in the fuel line.

Air gets in there, you got a lean condition.

Lean condition?

(“Appetite for Destruction” by N.W.A playing)

♪ I got a taste for wasting and tasting the blood ♪

♪ Murder, I heard her when she screamed and dropped ♪

♪ ‘Cause her son caught the slug ♪

♪ Relate this to no choice ♪

(engine revving)

♪ And listen to this straight-up man ♪

♪ Before they ban the voice ♪

♪ While I rhyme to the rhythm of a pop ♪

♪ Remember the first brother to run is the first to get shot ♪

(engine revving)

♪ Whoever said that what I say ♪

♪ And portray is negativity ♪

♪ Need to come kick it in the city with me ♪

♪ And find the black and crack, in fact, they take that back ♪

♪ Because they really can’t deal with that… ♪

(crowd cheering)

(engine revving)

(cheering continues)

MAN: Yeah! Yeah, Jakob!

WOMAN: That’s what I’m talking about!

Who wants next?

I said, who wants next?!

DOM: I got next.


Well, when’d you get out, man?

I said I got next.

Come on, Dom.

You don’t want to race me in Buddy’s old Charger.

Car don’t make the driver.

Here’s how this goes.

You win… you can come back home.

You lose… you keep driving, you don’t stop, you don’t ever come back.


What do you mean, Dom?

I know what you did.

The day we lost him, Dad kept talking about a misfire.


You were the last one under his hood that day.

A minute later, he was gone.

Tell me why you killed Dad.

Now let’s race.

Armed robbery in Echo Park.

(garbled radio chatter)

Fourth Street Bridge is open.

Clear, clear, clear!

(excited chatter)

(engines revving)

♪ ♪

(tires screeching)


(engines revving)



(tires squealing)

♪ Set the time for the battleground ♪

♪ Guided missiles will hunt you down ♪

♪ Drones surrounding your home ♪

♪ Don’t breathe, you’re not safe underground ♪

♪ Political landscape shape has been polarized ♪

♪ Now it’s time to reveal the zeal ♪

♪ Everybody breathe, get mobilized ♪

♪ Trying to buy the American dream ♪

♪ But it’s overpriced ♪

♪ Five-bil deal for the fighter jets ♪

♪ Being shipped to the Middle East ♪

♪ It’ll cost ten billion more dollars ♪

♪ For neighbors to feel safe to breathe ♪

♪ What, what ♪

♪ What, what ♪

♪ Breathe with me ♪

♪ What ♪

♪ Sometimes we got to stop and breathe ♪

♪ ♪


(nitrous whooshing)

♪ Stop, breathe ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Breathe with me ♪

♪ Sometimes we got to stop and breathe. ♪


(engine revving)

Too soon.

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)


(tires screech)

(breathes deeply)

(engine roaring)

♪ Green light, we gon’ ride the night ♪

♪ Loud pipes, we gon’ ride the night ♪

♪ Fishtailing out the parking lot ♪

♪ No cops, we ain’t gonna stop ♪

♪ Switch gears, we gon’ drag and drift ♪

♪ Hit the gas and we pack the clip ♪

♪ Muscle cars sound mad as hell ♪

♪ Whoa, whoa ♪

♪ Whoa, whoa ♪

♪ Na-na-na, whoa ♪

♪ Na-na-na, whoa. ♪

ANNOUNCER (over radio): …and beating the shortstop.

(crowd cheering)

Line drive over the head of Gonzalez on the field for a base hit.

Up next…

(sportscast continues indistinctly)

DOM: Place still looks the same.

(grunts) Just like your dad left it.

I’m looking for Jakob.

Can’t help you, man.

I know you took Jakob in after my father died.

The worst thing you can do to a Toretto is take away their family.

That’s what you did to Jakob.

You’ve got people who love you, count on you, care for you.

He ain’t got no one.

You get in his way, this ain’t gonna end until one of you guys are in the ground.

I know you did the best you could, Buddy.

But we both know he’s about to cause a lot of hurt.


(sets down tool)

I did my best to take care of Jakob.

But I’m no Jack Toretto.

You’ve got to make peace with the past if you… if you want hope for the future.

♪ ♪

He’s in London.

That’s all I know.


I hope you find your peace.

The chance for peace died that day on the track.

(“Bushido” by Good Gas and JP The Wavy playing)

(song continues in Japanese)

(woman speaks Japanese)


This place is a dead end.

Do you think Jakob could be onto the Han connection?

If he has all the information we do, probably.

I never told Dom… I stayed in touch with him for a while after what happened.

He was over at Buddy’s for about a year, and then… he was gone with a message not to follow.

But after he disappeared, I was so desperate to find him that I would’ve… would’ve done anything.

I even broke into a police archive, but I didn’t find anything.

You what?

You were like 16.

I did what I had to do.


How about you?

How are you doing?

(chuckles): It’s a change of pace, huh?

Just as I was remembering… who I was, everything changed.

It slowed down.

There’s peace for me in the chaos.

It’s like I… I need to face the world head-on or something to feel alive.

Seeing Little Brian hiding in a hole because we had unexpected company… that got to me.

We never used to hide.

Hey, Dom’s my brother, but you will always be my sister.

Funny how we all have secrets.


You got to be kidding me.

What is it?

Remember what Han used to say about Tokyo?

You mean how in all the old Westerns, cowboys would make a run for the border to get away from the law, how Tokyo was his…



No way.

(“Lane Switcha” by Pop Smoke and Skepta playing)

♪ I’m a lane switcher ♪

♪ Big tank, bank filler ♪

♪ Real killer, die for my gang member ♪

♪ Gun driller, dope man dope dealer ♪

♪ Gorilla… ♪


She’s ready to roll.

No. No!

No, Sean!

Tell me you are not modding the quick disconnect valve on the LOX line.

SEAN: Hey, man, chill out.

All right? It’s all good.

That tweak just saved us 0.4 seconds.

“All good”?

This isn’t Top Gun, Maverick.

You don’t follow the rules here, you die.

Hey, come on. That’s a bit much.

When you know what too much pressure in the LOX line can do, come talk to me.

Till then, stay in your lane.

Yo, you’re lucky to even be in my lane.

In case you forgot, I’m the one that figured out how to let us build rocket engines and get paid.

This whole thing was my idea.

So who are you gonna trust with your brilliant idea, this glorified mechanic… or a rocket scientist?

Without me, you’d be working at Jiffy Lube.

Guys, guys.

Look, it’s all good.

Who cares about who did what?

Kind of hard for you to do anything when you pee your pants every time you fly, Twinkie.

TEJ: Did I hear that right?

You a runner and you afraid of flying?


So you must be Ding Dong and Snoball.


Yo, uh… I don’t go by that name anymore.

You went by that name ever?

Like, ever?

(softly): I… That’s-that’s-that’s…

(woman speaking German over staticky radio)

Hey! We’re up.

Oh, good.

SEAN: Hey, fellas.

Y’all seen ten-second cars?

Well, say hello to the two-second car.

(Sean whoops, laughs)

TEJ: Is that a Pontiac Fiero strapped to a rocket engine?

Impressive, I know.


No, that’s not impressive.

(jet engine whirring)

Eyes up! Here it comes! Let the race begin!

(car engine starts)

(tires squeal)

(engine revving)

(engine revving)

(tires squealing)

Plane’s taking off!

Go, go, go, go!

(rocket engine sputters)


(Earl and Sean whooping)

We did it!

(whooping continues)

(excited shouting)


Uh… I’m confused.

Y’all didn’t actually beat the jet.

It didn’t explode.

Yeah, or melt.


She’s still in one piece.

(explosion booms)

You mean “pieces”?

Hey, Jiffy Lube, next time, will you listen to me?

Look, we heard y’all could get us some wheels.

Preferably the kind that don’t explode.

Is that possible?

Well, the Honda dealership’s about 3,000 miles that way.

Dominic Toretto sent us.

♪ ♪

Who’s Dominic Toretto?

(Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers” playing)

(quiet chatter)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(alarm wailing)

(urgent chatter)


DOM: Nice necklace, Queenie.

Diamonds and emeralds never looked so good.

Dominic Toretto.

The word on the street is you got locked up.

Yeah, well, in and out, you know.

When are they gonna learn?

Some birds can’t be caged.

Are you looking for one of me sons?

(sirens wailing in distance)

Not tonight.

You do the driving, I’ll cut you in for 15%.

My thieving days are over.

(car alarm chirps)

Mine ain’t.

You coming?

(engine starts, revs)

(tires squealing)

♪ ♪

(sirens wailing)

(tires squealing)

I’m looking for someone.

Would’ve shown up in town a little while ago.

A lot of guys, a lot of resources.

Oh, yeah, yeah, word did go round on a crew that just turned up, led by an American.

(tires squealing)

Yeah, he bought some arms off a local seller.

Rumor had it he was into something big up in Edinburgh.

Local seller, huh?

She wouldn’t happen to be wearing a stolen necklace, would she?

He paid well.

What was I supposed to do?

This geezer was about your height, actually.

Similar features.

Oh, bloody hell, he’s not your cousin or something, is he?

He’s my brother.

Get the hand brake for me, would you, darling?

(tires squealing)

Glad I’m not the only one with a family full of eccentrics.

(engine revving)

He offered payment for something else.


(“Mala” by Jarina de Marco playing)

♪ I am the thorn in your crown ♪

(distorted laugh, click)

♪ Veneno you hold in your mouth ♪

♪ That you won’t spit out ♪

(engine revs)

You know, nothing’s more powerful than the love of family.

But you turn that into anger and resentment, nothing’s more dangerous.


Don’t get yourself killed, okay?

You’re my favorite American.

♪ Yo no tengo corazón ♪

♪ Está hecho de piedra ♪

♪ Solo quiere destrucción ♪

♪ Put you bajo tierra ♪

♪ Danger, danger ♪

♪ Soy la peligrosa, rio cuando lloras ♪

♪ La-la-la-la-la ♪

(engines revving)

♪ La-la-la-la-la ♪

♪ Mala. ♪

♪ ♪

This is your kind of party, isn’t it, Dom?

Beautiful women, best cars, best everything.

You know, best security, too.

I’m Otto. I’m your brother’s partner.


Well, fi-financier.

But, you know, my dad, he’s a dictator, so we’re not talking regular people rich here.

No, no, no, no, no.

Everything you see here, I own.

These girls, if you want to meet one of them, maybe two, maybe three,

just let me know. They’re on the payroll.

I offer a bomb-ass dental plan, too. (laughs) Huh?

Where is Jakob?

He’s inside.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

The brother you’re looking for… he’s from an old life.

He’s long gone.

All I see is the same scared little kid that killed our father.


That’s your mistake.

The spy game… this is my world.

So here’s my offer.

It’s the same one you gave me.

You leave.


You drive away, and you never come back.


A deal?

I showed you mercy!

And I won’t show it to you again.

(door opens)

OTTO: Toretto.

Since my dad is head of state, it makes me a foreign dignitary and this place an embassy.

Which means you just trespassed into my country and attempted murder.

So, naturally, I called in a little favor with all my good friends from Interpol.

You keep digging around in the past, Dom, you’re not gonna like what you find.

♪ ♪

(vehicle door closes)

And here I thought my dad was a pain in the ass.

But your family is a train wreck.

Well, now that your brother’s finally out of the game, it’s time we go to Edinburgh.

Get the second piece, maybe do a little sightseeing, huh?

Any news on the key?

Don’t worry about it. Our men are closing in.

One week from now, there won’t be a superpower in the world can take a piss without our permission.

One week from now, your dad will be asking you for an allowance.


I’d like that.

I’d like that.

(siren wailing)


(speaking excitedly in Spanish)

What’s up?

Well done, Leysa.


If it wasn’t for you, I’d still be stealing gas in the D.R.

So Queenie treating you right?

Like a princesa.

I’m her number-one pick, you know.

Cara’s little sister done good.


You saw my fine ass in that white dress.

You see how I been rocking shit?

All this crew, this is mine. Huh?

I been around the world.

Oh, I almost forgot.

You might need this.

Your boy Jakob biometrics are encoded to this gun.

You’ll have no trouble tracking him now.

♪ ♪

(lock clicks)

♪ ♪

Hey, Letty.

LETTY: Yeah.

Come look at this.

What the hell?

MIA: Han never mentioned a girl, not ever.

Letty, Mia!

(footsteps running)

Down, now!


(footsteps running)

♪ ♪

(man shouts)

(man groans)



(man screams)

(women scream in distance)

(crowd murmuring)


You okay?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(electronics trilling)

(door buzzes, opens)

(door beeps)

(door beeps)

WOMAN: Welcome to Saint Giles’ Cathedral of Edinburgh.

The High Kirk has a history stretching back over 900 years.

Renowned for its stained glass windows, you can see the intricate craftsmanship…

(device trilling)

(earpiece beeps)

We’re a go.

♪ ♪

Ramsey, talk to me. What do we got?

I pulled Jakob’s biometric signature off the gun, and the algorithm I’ve run says Jakob’s team is right on top of us.

Anywhere between 80 and 100 meters.

80 meters? That’s a lot around here.

This whole area seems pretty packed in.

(British accent): So, we don’t know where the secret vault facility Jakob is looking to hit is, now, do we?

Wouldn’t be a secret if we did.

(normal voice): You know what?

I’m starting to think your little English accent makes you sound smarter than you are.

(tires screech)

Man, can I point out that a good old-fashioned tracking chip would’ve put us within like six feet of this dude?

But, nah, instead, we out here with biometrics and facial recognition imaging.

Feels like we looking for Where’s Waldo in Harry Potter world.

RAMSEY: Yeah, uh, strong argument there, Tej, but tracking chips follow the chip.

Before we know it, we’d be chasing some expensive yet tacky jacket to the dry cleaner’s.

Biometrics, on the other hand, are impossible to…

(device beeps)

(static crackling)


Guys, okay, we have a problem.

Cameras are going down all around us, and my equipment is freaking out.

(static crackling)

What the hell, Jimmy?

(alarm beeping)

Security alert. Cameras are down.

(alarm wailing)


You see anything suspicious?

Uh, where do I start?

First of all, all of this looks a little spooky.

I even seen these two ladies walking with George Washington wigs on their head from the 1700s.

I feel like I’m in Transylvania or some damn where.

(alarm buzzing, wailing)

ROMAN: Ramsey, we’re looking everywhere.

I just grew a new bunion.

This is hopeless.


You see that?

See what?

The ears.

They got cauliflower ears.

They fight for a living.

Don’t worry about it.


Hey, man, I ordered a pair of Crocs three weeks ago, and I’m still waiting!


Where are my shoes, man?!

Man, we really need to work on your planning.


Hey, Dom, you should get down to the cathedral.

Dumbass here just attacked some delivery dudes ’cause he didn’t like their ears.

ROMAN: Wait, wait, wait.

H-How much did you say you paid for that again?

You know silver ain’t magnetic, right?

You know what? Sh… Just shut up.

Just shut up.

Ramsey, say we had a big electromagnet turned up right around here.

Wouldn’t that disrupt all electronic signals?

Including security systems. That’s it.

That’s how Jakob’s getting into the vault.



(sirens wailing)

Okay, we’ve got police coming from all sides.

The area’s locking down.

He ain’t using roads.

(tires screech)

(high-pitched whirring)

I got eyes on Jakob.

(engine revs)

RAMSEY: I see Otto.

I’m gonna tail him.

(tires squealing)

He’s heading towards a blue Jaguar.

Okay, follow him.

RAMSEY: Me? I can’t.

Why not?

Okay, this is a bad time to tell you this, but I don’t drive.

Okay? I never got my license. I don’t know how to drive.

And, you know, no one really drives in London.

Okay? And that is not my contribution to this group.

It’s you or no one.


(engine starts, revs)


Guys, come on, man.

I feel like, between the six of us, we can work this out, right?

Okay. I’ve got…

(electricity buzzing)

(Ramsey screams)


Ramsey, shut it off!

Shut it off!

(buzzing stops)

Go, go, go!

Okay. Uh…

Brake is on the left, accelerator right.


(engine starts)


(tires squealing)

♪ ♪

(tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

(electricity buzzing)


KIDS: Hey!

(car horn blaring)

Oh! Sorry!

(horns honking)


(man shouts)


(horn blares)


(tires screeching)

Oh, no!

(horns honking)


Hey, that was not my fault!

(tires squealing)

Okay, that one was my fault.


(high-pitched whirring)

♪ ♪


What’d I tell you?

Not even a scratch.

Otto, sending you new pickup location.


I’ve got it. I’m headed to you now.

(woman gasping)


(bus brakes squeak and hiss outside)

(device beeps)

Otto, where are you?

Jakob, I’m there. I don’t see anybody.

It’s because you’re on the wrong street.

(Dom grunting)

(tires squealing)

(Ramsey grunts)

(tires squealing)

That’s my car, pal!


(tires squealing)


Damn it.

(engine revving)


(electricity whirring)

(Ramsey grunts)

(Ramsey panting)

You’re a natural.

(chuckles) Of course I am.

♪ ♪

Okay, listen up!

I want 50 of the best men! I want guns!

I want wheels, freaking X-wing fighters… I don’t care!

The Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca if you can get ahold of him.

Money’s no object. Go.

(snaps fingers)


(men murmuring)

(Cipher laughing)


What’s so funny?


I was thinking, if this was a movie, this would be the moment where the villain has an unexpected setback, overcompensates without thinking it through and gets crushed by the good guys.

(chuckles softly)

No offense, but you have no idea what we’re about to do.

And for the record, we’re the good guys.

Me? I’m Luke freaking Skywalker.

Are you sure about that?

I mean, I get the daddy issues, but…

Look at what you’ve built.

Really? Luke?

You’re right.

No, I’m more of a Han Solo.


You’re Yoda.



No. The little green guy?



(Cipher laughs)

Ah, shit, I’ll take it.

Because he’s a powerful Jedi, right?


Yoda’s a puppet.

With someone’s hand up his ass.

♪ ♪

(seagulls calling)

(rats squeaking)


(scoffs) So what now, Dom?

No one outruns their past.

And yours just caught up to you.

(heavy mechanical whirring)


There is literally zero industrial or weapons-grade electromagnets I can find that are this powerful.

Look at the pull strength level here.

It’s crazy.

Yeah. (scoffs)

(whispers): Wait, watch this.

(switch clicks)

(device powering up quietly)

(electricity whirring)

(Tej and Ramsey laughing)

(laughing): Every time. I can’t believe it.

What are you doing, bruh?

I’m hungry.

LETTY: Hey, guys.

(sighs): Oh, damn.


Nice clubhouse.

‘Sup, man?

(Tej laughs)

Nice to meet you.

♪ ♪

So you got my postcard, huh?

(metal slides, clanks)

(sighs) I’m just still trying to figure out…

How are you still alive?

Well, after Gisele died…

I didn’t know what to do.

I was aimless.


ROMAN: Absolutely.

But can you get to the part where the car exploded and you’re still alive?

Like, I’m trying to…

Roman, can you… can you just be quiet for one minute?

We made plans.

We had dreams.

So what’s our next adventure after this?

How about… we stay in one place?

Where you thinking?


We always talk about Tokyo.

Tokyo it is.

HAN: You know, it’s funny, Gisele led me there, and I wasn’t even looking for it.

But it became home.

Then one day, Mr. Nobody came calling.

MR. NOBODY: I worked with Gisele.

Back when I was a CIA operative running the drug trade in Central America.

The good old days.

Gisele was my best.

You can lose an asset at any time.

Bullet, knife, wire.

But I never thought I’d lose her… to love.


What do you want?

I’m offering you a job, Han.

Here, in Tokyo.

Why me?

‘Cause I saw your work with Gisele.

I saw that she trusted you.

And that means I can trust you.

And that is very rare in this line of work.


HAN: And all I knew was that I had to steal some tech from the home of a scientist couple.

But as usual… Mr. Nobody didn’t tell me everything.

In fact, he left out the most important part.

I was 11.

My parents would take me to the movies on Saturdays if I tried hard in school during the week.

I was so excited to go I forgot my raincoat, so I went back in.

(thunder rumbling softly)

At first, I didn’t see it.

By the time I looked out the window…

Mom and Dad were gone.

HAN: Turns out I wasn’t the only one looking for this thing.

(explosion booms)

♪ ♪


(men chattering in foreign language)

(Elle crying softly)

(men chattering)


(men grunting)

HAN: Get down!

(Han groans)

ELLE: Han saved me.

Wouldn’t leave me behind.

He knew I’d always be a target, so he taught me how to survive.

We became a family.

“Always be a target”?


DOM: ‘Cause she is the key.

Everybody’s been looking for a thing.

It was a person all along.

ELLE: My parents didn’t want Project Aries to fall into the wrong hands, so they locked it with their own DNA, something we share.

And then, one day, Mr. Nobody gave me the heads-up that one of his best agents went rogue.

So when Deckard Shaw came calling, we used it as cover.

But you got killed in a car crash, Han.

Mr. Nobody had a way of making things look real.

(people screaming)

Pretty nifty magic trick.

Yeah, I’ve done better.

Now for the hard part.

(device beeps)

Keeping you dead.

(siren wailing in distance)

My death…

Became the best way to stay alive.

(alarm buzzing)

What’s happening?

It’s some kind of hidden subroutine the system follows.

(urgent chatter)

(guns racking)

OTTO: That’s it, right there.

Yeah, nobody moves… everybody lives.


I’m sorry, Mia.

I was the rogue agent.


Dom, you ever think about how Mr. Nobody found you?

Think he just dropped out of the sky and chose you?

I ran missions with Mr. Nobody out of this place for years.


I’ve been looking for that key for a long time, Dom.

And you just handed her over.

I told you.

This is my world.

Got it.

(Jakob sighs)

Got a lot of guys here.

You trust ’em?

Trust this.

You know the only good thing to come from Dad dying?

If he hadn’t, I’d have spent my entire life in your shadow.

And now you’re gonna spend the rest of yours living in mine.

DOM: Only good thing about Dad dying… was he didn’t have to watch what you became.

You never deserved the Toretto name.

You think you knew Dad, huh?

What, ’cause you were his favorite? You don’t know shit!


You want the truth?

Dad died ’cause he was trying to throw that race.

We were in deep debt.

‘Cause of how he felt about you, he had to ask me for help.

How was I supposed to know that car was gonna blow?

A good son would’ve said no.

And a real brother would’ve come to me.

Come to you?

He made me promise you would never find out.

And through all of it… I kept that promise.

(guns racking)

The girl comes with me.


I will stop you.

And that’s my promise.


Sue. Sue. Ah.

(Elle and man grunting)

Come on. Come on.

(Elle panting)

♪ ♪

(door closes)

(electricity whirring)


(men shouting)

(gas hissing)

(groaning, coughing)

Go! Go!

Come on!

This way!

(shouting in foreign language)

(shouting continues)

I’m always here.

Tell him.





(grunting continues)


(Dom yells)

(Dom yells)

(Dom groans)


(panting, grunting)

(screams, grunts)



♪ ♪

JACK: Dom.

Tell me what you see, son.

See, cars like this are immortal.

’70 Chargers are designed so well that if you take care of ’em, they’ll run for 100 years.


Just like a family, Dom.

Build it right, you take care of it…

…it’ll live beyond you.


Little B.

When are you coming home?


♪ ♪

No. You know I’m good for it. I promise I’ll deliver.

♪ ♪

(engines roaring)

(crowd cheering)

♪ ♪

JACK: I’m telling you, I got intermittent miss.

Last two laps.

BUDDY: On it!

Get those plug wires!

Jakob! Now.

♪ ♪


(hood closes)

(taps hood)

You’re good!

(crowd cheering)

(engines roaring)

(crowd and engines fade)


♪ ♪

(gasps softly)


You came to me, Letty.

None of it is worth a thing if I lose you.

(voice breaks): Do you hear me?

Is this who we are?


(whispers): Yeah.

(Letty sighs)

RAMSEY: From here, things move quickly.

Jakob has all the pieces he needs.

Once he activates Aries, all he needs to do is send the signal global.

And then there’s no stopping him, ever.

RAMSEY: He’ll have to launch some kind of pirate satellite, something that’ll act as an amplifier, infecting other satellites in orbit one by one.

So we find him, stop him, and then we get Elle back.

Our odds are zero here, Han.

Satellite equipment is easy enough to track, but we’re not gonna beat Jakob to a launch.

RAMSEY: Which gives us a two-target problem: Jakob on the ground…

With his own private army.

And the satellite.

RAMSEY: Which can’t be hacked.

Not remotely. We’d have to do it physically, 50 miles above ground while the satellite is in orbit.


We need help.

Otherwise, we have no chance.

DOM: We do it ourselves.

It’s where we’ve been that got us this far.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

Do y’all not understand?

Clearly, y’all don’t.

Because if you did, you’d be pissing your pants like a normal person.


That’s outer space.

That’s another level.

What we gonna do? Hijack a space shuttle?

Put rockets on our backs?

That’s exactly what we’re gonna do.


♪ ♪

(woman speaking foreign language over P.A.)

(explosive rumbling)

There goes my father’s diplomatic ties with Eastern Europe.

This place is going to be crawling with every cop in the city.

Time to get the hell out of here.

(beep, electrical humming)

(beep, electrical humming)

(electrical whirring)

Keep her close.

(electrical whirring, crackling)

It’s activated.


As soon as the satellite reaches orbit, we start the uplink.

(rap music playing quietly over speakers)

Ah, damn.


You see that?

We can’t have an air leak, man. (scoffs)

Are you really patching yourself up with duct tape?


I don’t know if you noticed or not, but this whole operation is Band-Aids and duct tape.

Man, this is insane.

We are headed to outer space.

(jet engine whooshing)

You acting like we on our way to Home Depot.

This is ridiculous, man.

I’m about to abort this whole mission and take my Black ass home.

We’re literally gonna be in a perpetual freefall.


What does that even mean?

Roman, it means numbers don’t lie.

As long as we obey the laws of physics, then we’ll be fine, okay?

It’s just all math and science.

I knew I should’ve listened to my teachers.

SEAN (over radio): Four minutes to launch.

You fellas good to go?

Yeah, we just up here putting a bunch of duct tape on shit.

You know, that’s what Tej do.

Man, please hurry up so I can stop hearing his damn mouth.

Yes, we’re good to go.

We’re not good.

This is the same car that we watched do a test run and explode.

This is not smart, Tej.

EARL: Don’t worry, man.

With my ceramic polymer coating, you’re gonna be just fine.

You’re 100% fireproof.


SEAN: All eight thrusters fully functional.

Hey, please don’t tell me you’re still running launch simulations.

Virgin Galactic launched at 36,000 feet.

The space shuttle tests around 50,000 feet.

Our last test run with this load means we’ll have to go higher… way higher!

If we don’t get them high enough, these guys are gonna be pancakes at IHOP before the coffee even gets to the table.

TEJ: Hey!

We can still hear you!

Don’t worry, guys. We got this.

We do got this, right?

♪ ♪

(tires squealing)

(engines roaring)

(tires squealing)

I’ve run thermal imaging. Elle’s in the armory truck.

And I’ve got a lock on the Aries signal.

It’s coming from the beast up ahead.

We need to get in there to deactivate it by the time Roman and Tej are in position.

Ramsey, power us up.

(electromagnet powering up)

Satellite is in low orbit.



♪ ♪

EARL: All right, we’re passing 50,000 feet!

Time to get ready, boys.

ROMAN: What we supposed to be doing with these old-ass suits that ain’t been used since World War I?

TEJ: Oh, I’m sorry.

Astronauts “R” Us was closed for shopping today.

Listen, these suits are just like space suits.

They both account for pressure differential.

Only thing is we may blow up like balloons just a little bit.

That’s the only difference.


SEAN: We just hit the launch altitude.

You guys ready for a five count?

ROMAN: No, man!

I’m barely ready to go scuba diving in this old-ass thing.

Don’t listen to him. We ready!


Yes, I said “we”!

I thought you was invincible.

Let’s see how invincible your Black ass is after this.

Punch it!

No! Tej!

Oh, my God! I don’t want to die!

EARL: Ignition!

♪ ♪


(rumbling quiets)

♪ ♪

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

(Roman chuckles)

We’re in outer space!

Told you numbers don’t lie.

This is crazy, bro!

Man, how much candy did you eat?

Well, I-I… I eat candy when I get nervous.

♪ ♪

(alarm beeping)

I thought you said you took care of this.

Yeah. Hey.

You take them back to the freaking junkyard right now!

(rapid gunfire)

(horn honks)

(electricity whirring)


(people screaming)

(man shouts)

(horn honks)

(gunfire continues)

(tires squealing)

All right, Han, Mia, you’re up!

(tires squealing)






(tires squealing)

(Elle shouts)

(man groans)




Not all of us.


(doors close)

Now, the satellite we looking for should be somewhere…


Right there. You see it?

Got it.

Tell me you know how to work the thrusters.

Tej, numbers is what you do, right?

Driving is what I do.

Two dudes from the ghetto… outer space.

You know ain’t nobody gonna believe us, right?

You’re right.

♪ ♪

Something’s wrong with the satellite array.

It’s, uh, interfering with the uplink.

I’ll handle it.

(tires squealing)


Grab the wheel.

Something’s up.


(screen beeping)

I think I can link into their feed.

Something you want to tell me, Otto?

OTTO: My bad.

Satellite uplink is actually going splendid.

Oh, and by the way, I have a new business partner.

Maybe you know her.

Guess who’s out of the box, Jakob.

But I did try to warn you.

You were never my competition.

Otto, there’s something you should know.

Yeah, go on.

Lay it on me, dude.

You’re a spoiled rich prick, and I’m gonna kill you.

Oh, man, I am so sorry.

No one told you, huh?

Spoiled rich pricks run the world.


♪ ♪

(tires squealing)

♪ ♪

(both grunting)

(tires squealing)

Come on. Come on!



♪ ♪


(tires squealing)

(alarm beeping)

What’s happening?

OTTO: Uh, well, we appear to have lost our escort and Jakob.

And, well, Dom is making things a little bit difficult here, but it’s fine.

Really, it’s peachy. Don’t worry, don’t worry.

I’ll finish this myself.

All right, let’s see what that beast is made of.

You ready, Elle?


(tires squealing)

Crank it.

If we can’t break through, we stop it.

(sirens wailing)

Guys, that thing is not slowing down and the download’s almost done.

Dom, we don’t get out of here now, we’re dead.

Letty, drop back and line up with the front tires.


If we can’t slow it and we can’t punch through, we flip it and we hit the underside.

Goddamn it! Why do I have to say this?

Flatten these clowns!

(horn blares)

(rapid gunfire)

Letty, the wires.

You read my mind.

Han, get in front of me.

Dom, I can’t get to you.

JAKOB: But I can.

♪ ♪

(sirens wailing)




♪ ♪

All right, the satellite is in range.

Let’s power up these magnets and fry it.

All right, take our time.

(electromagnet powering up)


Okay. All right.

(powering down)


Hold on. Come on, baby.

Power up. Power up.


(powering down)


(switches clicking)

Shit, shit, shit.


Talk to me. What’s going on?

The pressure of the launch… it must have jammed the cables to the power source.

Damn it, how did I not think of that?

RAMSEY: Guys, where are you?

The upload is almost complete.

Why don’t you just kill it?

Let’s smash it. Let’s run it over, right?

No. If we crash into that satellite, we’ll probably die.

And even if we don’t, the fuel that it would take to smash it… we’d be stuck out here forever.

You got to have faith, bro.

Faith? Faith is not numbers.

You know what, Tej?

You’re probably right.

♪ ♪

We’re not invincible.

We probably just been lucky this whole time.

This might be it.

But you know what?

If we’re gonna go out… let’s go out on top of the world.

RAMSEY: Guys, what’s happening up there?

We’ve got seconds left.

Let’s do it.

Let’s go.

Five, four, three, two, one.

(computer beeping)

(alarm beeping)


We did it.


We did it!

Let’s go.

Yes! (laughs)

(Tej laughs)


Not bad, man.

Not bad at all.

Hold on!

(engine revving)


(jet whooshing)

(tires squealing)


(device beeps)



(tires squealing)

Yes! (laughs)


Got to be kidding me.

(tires squealing)





♪ ♪

(tires screech softly)

(engine revs)

♪ ♪

Think these belong to you.

There’s gonna be a lot of people coming after you, Jake.


This is the world I chose, Dom.

You know, Dad wasn’t perfect.

And he loved us all the same.

Someone once gave me a ten-second car… as a second chance.

I owe you that, little brother.

♪ ♪

I lost you once.

Don’t let that happen again, okay?

(door opens, closes)

(engine starts)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(Roman grunts)

We come in peace!


♪ Pasa el tiempo ♪

♪ Y yo sigo aquí ♪

♪ Un hermano no se traiciona ♪

♪ La familia nunca abandona ♪

♪ Pasa el tiempo ♪

♪ Y yo sigo aquí ♪

♪ Un hermano no se traiciona ♪

♪ La familia nunca abandona… ♪

This was the last place I saw your grandfather.

This is where he raced.

Did you race here, too, Daddy?


But I’ll tell you something.

Everything I needed to know about life,

I learned on this track.

You did?

I did.

♪ Pasa el tiempo ♪

♪ Y yo sigo aquí ♪

♪ Un hermano no se traiciona ♪

♪ La familia nunca abandona. ♪

(song fades)

♪ ♪

(sirens wailing in distance)

It’s all gonna be okay, Jakob.

We got some rough times ahead… but it’s gonna be okay.

‘Cause we’re family.

(sirens approaching)

(tires screeching)

(Jakob panting)

(car doors opening and closing)

(indistinct police radio chatter)

(“Rápido” by Amenazzy, Farruko, Myke Towers & Rochy RD playing)

♪ Tu me acelera, me acelera ♪

♪ Oh-eh, oh-we-eh ♪

♪ Maneja me a tu manera y haz lo rápido… ♪




♪ Conduce me adonde quieras, pero rápido… ♪

EARL: What?

No way.

(Han and Earl laughing)

TWINKIE (laughs): What’s going on?

I couldn’t believe it when I heard you were alive.

It’s a long story.

But for now, let’s just enjoy the moment, huh?

Guys, this is Elle.

(Elle chuckles)

Hey, Elle. I’m Sean.

(food sizzling)

TWINKIE: Just call me T.

EARL: I’m Earl.

ELLE: Nice to meet you.


Hi. Nice to finally meet you.


Hey, guys. (sighs)



How much longer on this food?

Like, I’m-I’m… I’m ready to eat now.

I’ve been eating space food for weeks.

Oh. So Tootsie Rolls are space food?

‘Cause that’s all you ate.

It was fat free, bruh.

TEJ: Snickers and Twix fat free, too?

ROMAN: My forehead hungry.

Yeah, okay.

I’ll see you later.

TEJ: Y-Your forehead is overweight.

(making whooshing sounds)

LETTY: Oh! (laughs)

You drive just like your dad.

I do?


Do you know, this is… this is where I met your mom for the first time.

Right there.

She’s watching over you from heaven.

She is?


I think Daddy has a question for you.

You ready to say grace, kid?

But I don’t know what to say.

DOM: Oh, it’s easy.

Just say whatever’s in your heart.

LETTY (whispers): You ready?


Come on.

(grunts playfully)


(quiet chatter)

Hey, guys.


Little Brian’s ready to say grace with us.




Now, hold on.

There’s still an empty chair.

He’s on the way.

(engine roaring in distance)

(car approaching)

♪ ♪

(tires squealing)

(engine revving)

(cars zooming)

(“Fast Lane” by Don Toliver, Lil Durk and Latto playing)

♪ Get rich ♪

♪ Yeah, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay ♪

♪ Moving how I’m speeding through the fast lane ♪

♪ They say I know magic how my whips change ♪

♪ They don’t see what I see ♪

♪ Go against the game, you know it’s pass me ♪

♪ Zero to hundred, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Play with my dogs, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Bottles on bottles, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Moving too fast, you know we on-on go ♪

♪ I hit the switch and make the wheels go up ♪

♪ If I got to make the call ♪

♪ You made the wrong-wrong choice ♪

♪ I roll it up, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Moving too fast, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Fast lane, bet I push a hundred in two seconds ♪

♪ I just spent a Bentley and a Lambo on two necklaces ♪

♪ Take ’em on a high speed, I’m too reckless ♪

♪ Demon time when I’m in that Demon, they can’t catch it ♪

♪ Bet they get the message, I’m the best of the bestest ♪

♪ And I’m still waiting for a bitch to check it ♪

♪ Who want the smoke? Better hope you don’t choke ♪

♪ I be riding two-seater, it just me and the scope ♪

♪ I like my gangster with a mouth full of golds, uh ♪

♪ He hit the lotto, that’s goals ♪

♪ Moving how I’m speeding through the fast lane ♪

♪ They say I know magic how my whips change ♪

♪ They don’t see what I see ♪

♪ Go against the game, you know it’s pass me ♪

♪ Zero to hundred, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Play with my dogs, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Bottles on bottles, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Moving too fast, you know we on-on go ♪

♪ High speed, the cars and me, you know mine cost ten of ’em ♪

♪ All the scammers calling me with cars, I need ten of them ♪

♪ Have these… flexing with these cars ♪

♪ Knowing they rented them ♪

♪ I could put some rappers all on blast ♪

♪ But ain’t gon’ mention them ♪

♪ I hit the switch and make the wheels go up ♪

♪ If I got to make the call ♪

♪ You made the wrong-wrong choice ♪

♪ I roll it up, you know I’m on-on go ♪

♪ Moving too fast, you know I’m on-on go. ♪

(cars zooming)

(gloves striking punching bag)

(man grunting)

♪ ♪



(man sobbing)


Thank you.


I tell you where the drive is, the plans we stole.

I tell you where it is.

You mean this drive?

These plans?

(chuckles): But you already got it.

Yes, mate.

How else do you think I stay in this good of shape?

(knocking on door)

Don’t go anywhere.

(man shouts)

(“Lane Switcha” by Pop Smoke and Skepta playing)

♪ I’m a lane switcher ♪

♪ Big tank, bank filler ♪

♪ Real killer, die for my gang member ♪

♪ Gun driller, dope man dope dealer ♪

♪ Gorilla, bang, bang, lane switcher ♪

♪ Foot on the gas, yeah, I’m lane switching ♪

♪ I could not show them where I’m at ♪

♪ ‘Cause they stay snitching ♪

♪ I get my killer the green light ♪

♪ Yeah, I okay the killings ♪

♪ I take the corner, window down ♪

♪ You see the chain swinging ♪

♪ 400,000 on a jet, 200,000 on my left ♪

♪ Richard Mille on my wrist and it’s icy with baguettes ♪

♪ Look, it’s me, Rocky and Skep ♪

♪ Niggas better put respect on my name ♪

♪ Nigga reach for my chain, let it bang ♪

♪ I’m a lane switcher ♪

♪ Big tank, bank filler ♪

♪ Real killer, die for my gang member ♪

♪ Gun driller, dope man dope dealer ♪

♪ Gorilla, bang, bang, lane switcher ♪

♪ I know you sicker than “Sicka” ♪

♪ When you see the big picture ♪

♪ Lane switcher, put your sister in a twister ♪

♪ Lane switcher, paint dripper, drink sipper ♪

♪ Cap peeler, blaow, make you back Flippa ♪

♪ Ain’t no man in the middle ♪

♪ Hit the gas on this V-12, it’s sounding like a gorilla ♪

♪ Drinking like I hate my liver ♪

♪ Smoking these niggas like Swishers ♪

♪ I’m just a product of Memphis ♪

♪ Run up a sack and I flip it ♪

♪ She wanna get with this pimpin’ ♪

♪ But it ain’t that simple ♪

♪ I’m a lane switcher ♪

♪ Big tank, bank filler ♪

♪ Real killer, die for my gang member ♪

♪ Gun driller, dope man dope dealer ♪

♪ Gorilla, bang, bang, lane switcher. ♪

(“Hit ‘Em Hard” playing)

♪ I got that heat, coming in hard ♪

♪ Pull out the flame, ready to spark ♪

♪ Turn up the beat, tear it apart ♪

♪ Tear off the leash, I’m in the yard ♪

♪ I hit ’em hard, I hit ’em hard, I hit ’em hard ♪

♪ I hit ’em hard ♪

♪ Ready to eat, never gon’ starve ♪

♪ Run with the beasts, swim with the sharks ♪

♪ I’m-a get mine, put it on God ♪

♪ Ice like the cross, now who the boss? ♪

♪ Lamborghini with a hundred in it ♪

♪ Ride on ’em in the drop Bentley ♪

♪ Get the money on a money mission ♪

♪ Had to focus, keep a tunnel vision ♪

♪ No mercy, I’m not even playing with ’em ♪

♪ Knock ’em off, I had my man hit ’em ♪

♪ I made me some bands with ’em ♪

♪ My diamond, they like to go dance with ’em ♪

♪ No talking ’bout jogging, we running the city ♪

♪ Opposition now under submission ♪

♪ You moving your tongue like you’re coming against me ♪

♪ You hurt, in your feelings, convertible ceilings ♪

♪ One push of a button, you coming up missing ♪

♪ Count it up, tuck it, take nothing offensive ♪

♪ Touching them M’s, what I love turned against me ♪

♪ Left me no choice but the run it up issue ♪

♪ I hit ’em hard, I hit ’em hard, I hit ’em hard ♪

♪ I hit ’em hard ♪

♪ Ready to eat, never gon’ starve ♪

♪ Run with the beasts, swim with the sharks ♪

♪ I’m-a get mine, put it on God ♪

♪ Ice like the cross, now who the boss? ♪

♪ I hit ’em hard, I hit ’em hard, I hit ’em hard ♪

♪ I hit ’em hard ♪

♪ I got that heat, coming in hard ♪

♪ Pull out the flame, ready to spark ♪

♪ Turn up the beat, tear it apart ♪

♪ Tear off the leash, I’m in the yard, I hit ’em hard ♪

♪ I’m in the dark, diamond they dancing ♪

♪ They hitting real hard ♪

♪ In the push start ♪

♪ Running my engine in the back of the car ♪

♪ I took off the chip and I’m pushing my limits ♪

♪ I’m going real fast, I’m going real far ♪

♪ I told her don’t… with the bosses and business ♪

♪ I stay in my bag, I know I’m a star ♪

♪ I stay with them crash dummies ♪

♪ We don’t give a …, we hitting ’em hard ♪

♪ And I’m using my brain 100%, I don’t need a charge ♪

♪ Used to play on the handlebars ♪

♪ Now we handling firearms ♪

♪ Just lend me the gas and I’ll do the dash ♪

♪ I’ll puff, puff and pass, can’t think ’bout the past ♪

♪ I hit ’em hard. ♪

(“De Museo” by Bad Bunny playing)

♪ Pasa el tiempo ♪

♪ Y yo sigo aquí ♪

♪ Un hermano no se traiciona ♪

♪ La familia nunca abandona ♪

♪ Pasa el tiempo ♪

♪ Y yo sigo aquí ♪

♪ Un hermano no se traiciona ♪

♪ La familia nunca abandona ♪

♪ Y yo no he cambiado ♪

♪ Por más dinero, por una mujer ♪

♪ Que la envidia no vive con nosotros se muere ♪

♪ Y yo no he cambiado ♪

♪ Por más dinero, por una mujer ♪

♪ Que la envidia no vive con nosotros se muere ♪

♪ La calle está que pela ♪

♪ Siempre andamos en el ocio ♪

♪ La máquina de museo ♪

♪ La paseo porque ♪

♪ La calle está que pela ♪

♪ Nos cuidamos de lo feo ♪

♪ Por de calle lo fronteo ♪

♪ Aquí no lo veo ♪

♪ Tu di se que le metes cabrón ♪

♪ Ya vi porque eres un mamón ♪

♪ Tu no sales conmigo ni me pelas el día ♪

♪ No, no ♪

♪ Gol ♪

♪ Y ni me pegó para la portería ♪

♪ La calle está que pela ♪

♪ Siempre andamos en el ocio ♪

♪ La máquina de museo ♪

♪ La paseo porque ♪

♪ La calle está que pela ♪

♪ Nos cuidamos de lo feo ♪

♪ Por de calle lo fronteo ♪

♪ Aquí no lo veo. ♪

(song ends)

♪ ♪

(music fades)


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