Encanto (2021) | Transcript

A young Colombian girl has to face the frustration of being the only member of her family without magical powers.

Encanto tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-every child except one, Mirabel. But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope.

* * *


(IN ENGLISH) Open your eyes.


This is where our magic comes from?


This candle holds the miracle given to our family.

How did we get a miracle?

Long ago, when my three babies had just been born, your Abuelo Pedro and I were forced to flee our home.

And though many joined us, hoping to find a new home, we could not escape the dangers and your abuelo was lost.

But in our darkest moment, we were given a miracle.

The candle became a magical flame that could never go out.

And it blessed us with a refuge in which to live.

A place of wonder.

YOUNG MIRABEL: An encanto.

ABUELA: An encanto.

The miracle grew.

And our house, our casita itself came alive to shelter us.

When my children came of age, the miracle blessed each with a magic Gift to help us.

And when their children came of age…

YOUNG MIRABEL: They got magic, too.

ABUELA: (CHUCKLING) That’s right!

And together, our family’s Gifts have made our new home a paradise.

Tonight, this candle will give you your Gift, mi vida.

Strengthen our community, strengthen our home.

Make your family proud.

Make my family proud.


Yes, yes, casita, we’re going!


What do you think my Gift will be?

You are a wonder, Mirabel Madrigal.

Whatever Gift awaits will be just as special as you.



(EXHALES) Make your family proud.

Morning, Abuelo!

Hey! When’s the magic Gift happen?

My cousin’s ceremony is tonight.

What’s his Gift?

We’re gonna find out!

What’s your Gift?

Who’s asking?

ALL: Us!

Well, “us,” I can’t just talk about myself.

I’m only part of the amazing Madrigals.

Who’s all the amazing Madrigals?

Ah, you’re not gonna leave me alone, are you?

Casita, help me out.




Let’s go!

This is our home We’ve got every generation

So full of music A rhythm of its own design

This is my family A perfect constellation

So many stars And everybody gets to shine


But let’s be clear Abuela runs this show


She led us here So many years ago


And every year Our family blessings grow

There’s just a lot You simply got to know so

Welcome to the family Madrigal

The home Of the family Madrigal

We’re on our way

Where all the people are fantastical

And magical

I’m part Of the family Madrigal

Oh, my gosh! It’s them!

What are the Gifts?

I can’t remember all the Gifts!

But I don’t know who is who.

All right, all right, relax!

It is physically impossible to relax!

Tell us everything!

What are your powers?

Just tell us what everyone can do!

And that’s why coffee’s for grown-ups.

(SINGING) My tía Pepa Her mood affects the weather

When she’s unhappy

Well, the temperature Gets weird

My tío Bruno

ALL: We don’t talk about Bruno!

They say he saw the future One day he disappeared

Oh And that’s my mom Julieta

Here’s her deal


The truth is she can heal you With a meal


Her recipes Are remedies for real

If you’re impressed Imagine how I feel


Welcome to the family Madrigal

The home Of the family Madrigal

Hey, coming through!

I know it sounds a bit fantastical

And magical

But I’m part of The family Madrigal

Two guys fell in love

-With family Madrigal

With family Madrigal

And now they’re part of

The family Madrigal

The family Madrigal

See, yeah, Tío Félix married Pepa

And my dad married Julieta

That’s how Abuela became

An abuela Madrigal

Abuela Madrigal

Let’s go Let’s go

We swear to always Help those around us

And earn the miracle That somehow found us

The town keeps growing The world keeps turning

But work and dedication Will keep the miracle burning

And each new generation Must keep the miracle burning

Wait, who’s the sister and who’s the cousin?

There are so many people!

How do you keep them all straight?

Okay, okay, okay.

So many kids in our house So, let’s turn the sound up

You know why? I think it’s time for a Grandkid Round-up!

ALL: Grandkid Round-up

Cousin Dolores Can hear a pin drop

Camilo shapeshifts Antonio gets his Gift today

My older sisters

Isabela and Luisa

Isabela and Luisa

One strong, one graceful Perfect in every way

CHORUS: Isabela

MIRABEL: Grows a flower And the town goes wild

CHORUS: Isabela

She’s the perfect golden child

CHORUS: Luisa, Luisa

MIRABEL: And Luisa’s super strong

The beauty and the brawn Do no wrong

ABUELA: Let’s get ready!

Coming, Abuela!

That’s life In the family Madrigal


Now you know The family Madrigal


Where all the people Are fantastical

And magical


That’s who we are In the family Madrigal



But what’s your Gift?



Well, I gotta go The life of a Madrigal


But now you all know The family Madrigal


I never meant this To get autobiographical

It was just to review The family Madrigal

Let’s go

But what about Mirabel?

It starts with Abuela

And then Tía Pepa She handles the weather

But what about Mirabel?

My mom Julieta Can make you feel better

With just one arepa

But what about Mirabel?

My dad Agustín

Well he’s accident-prone But he means well

But what about Mirabel?

Hey you said you wanna know What everyone does

I got sisters and cousins and


My primo Camilo won’t stop Until he makes you smile today


My cousin Dolores can hear This whole chorus a mile away

Look It’s Mr. Mariano

Hey you can marry my sister If you wanna

Between you and me She’s kind of a prima donna

Oh, I’ve said too much And thank you

But I really gotta go

My family’s amazing


And I’m in my family so





What are you doing?

Uh, they were just asking about the family and…

She was about to tell us about her super awesome Gift!

Oh, Mirabel didn’t get one. (SQUEAKS)

You didn’t get a Gift?


Mirabel! Delivery!

I gave you the special since you’re the only Madrigal kid with no Gift.

I call it the “Not Special Special” since, uh, you have no Gift.


Oh, and tell Antonio good luck.

The last Gift ceremony was a bummer.

Last one being yours that did not work.


If I was you, I’d be really sad.

Well, my little friend, I am not.

Because the truth is, Gift or no Gift, I am just as special as the rest of my family.

ISABELA: Who wants more pink?

LUISA: All right, guys, where do I drop the wagon?

Maybe your Gift is being in denial.

PEPA: I made a rainbow!

WOMAN: Get the chairs out of the way.


Sorry. Excuse me.

PEPA: Dolores, can you hear if anyone is gonna be late?

Huh? Whoop!

ABUELA: Lift it higher. Higher.

CAMILO: Hey, nice job over there.

JOSÉ: Yeah, yeah.

Camilo, we need another José!


ABUELA: Luisa, the piano goes upstairs!

I’m on it! Careful, sis!


PEPA: My baby’s night has to be perfect, and it’s not perfect. And people are going to be coming.

And nothing’s ready.

You’re tornado-ing the flowers!

The flowers!

Did someone say flowers?

MAN: Isabela!


FÉLIX: Our angel, our angel!

Please don’t clap.

Thank you.

Oh, it’s nothing.


A little sisterly advice, if you weren’t always trying too hard, you wouldn’t be in the way.

Actually, Isa, this is called helping.

And I’m not in the way. You are. (GRUNTS)



Excuse me.

Mi vida, you okay? You don’t have to overdo it.

I know, Mamá.

I just wanna do my part like the rest of the family.

She’s right, amor.


First Gift ceremony since yours.

A lot of emotions.

Bee stings!

AGUSTÍN: And I’ve been there.

Ay, Agustín.

When me and your tío Félix married into the family, outsiders who had no Gift, never, ever would…

surrounded by the exceptional, it was easy to feel un-ceptional.

Okay, Papi.

I’m just saying, I get it.


Mi amor, if you ever wanna talk…

I gotta put out the stuff.

The house isn’t gonna decorate itself.

Sorry, you could. You look great.

Corazon, remember!

Yeah, remember!

You have nothing to prove!

You have nothing to prove!

MIRABEL: Mm-hmm.


FÉLIX: Ah, los musicos.

You guys can set up over here.

ABUELA: Clean your rooms! I don’t care how big they are.

TIPLE MAESTRO: Has anybody seen my tiple?

ABUELA: One hour!


Oh! (GRUNTS) No, no, no!

Maybe you should leave the decorations to someone else?

No, I actually made these as a surprise for you. Ooh!


Mirabel, I know you want to help.

But tonight must go perfectly.

The whole town relies on our family, on our Gifts.

So, the best way for some of us to help is to step aside.

Let the rest of the family do what they do best.




Pepa! You have a cloud!

I know, Mamá.

But now I can’t find Antonio. What do you want from me?


Mamá, be nice to Mirabel, okay?

You know tonight will be hard for her.

ABUELA: If the Gift ceremony doesn’t go well this time, tonight will be hard for us all.


FÉLIX: Antonio!


Everyone’s looking for you.

This present will self-destruct if you don’t take it in three, two, one… Oh. (CHUCKLES)


You have nothing to worry about.

You’re gonna get your Gift and open that door and it’s gonna be the coolest ever.

I know it.

(WHISPERS) What if it doesn’t work?

Well, in that impossible scenario, you’d stay here in the nursery with me.


And I’d get you all to myself.

I wish you could have a door.

You know what?

You don’t have to worry about me, ’cause I have an amazing family and an amazing house.

And an amazing you.

And seeing you get your special Gift and your door, that’s gonna make me way more happy than anything.

(SIGHS) But, alas, I am gonna miss having the world’s best roomie.


(CHUCKLES) I know you’re an animal guy and I made this so, when you move into your cool, new room, you always have something to snuggle with.

All right, hombrecito, you ready?


Sorry, I got to get one more squeeze.


Okay, okay, we’re going!






Everyone’s coming to celebrate

Party night

Everyone’s coming to have fun

Keep dancing

Happy in my paradise

Here you go!

And revealing

Miracles on every floor





Colombia, I love you so much

(IN ENGLISH) Cecilia, up top!


I always fall in love with your enchantment

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

May you keep blessing your enchantment






Opening doors The morning is arriving


They stay open


And the coffee is made at home

Happy song So that good wins over bad

Don’t wake me up

This looks like a real dream

Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

I always fall in love with your enchantment

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh


Colombia, I love you so much

BOTH: Whoa!

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

Your charm continues to bless you



Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh…

(LAUGHS) There you are.

Look at you! All grown up.

Pepi, amor, you’re gonna get him all wet.

(IMITATES FÉLIX) You are making your papa proud.

I don’t sound like that.

(IMITATES FÉLIX) I don’t sound like that.

Abuela says it’s time.

We’ll be waiting at your door.

Okay, okay. Vamo, vamo, vamo.

(IMITATES FÉLIX) Okay, okay. Vamo, vamo, vamo.

(IN NORMAL VOICE) All right, I’m done!



Fifty years ago, in our darkest moment, this candle blessed us with a miracle.

And the greatest honor of our family has been to use our blessings to serve this beloved community.

Tonight, we come together once more as another steps into the light to make us proud.






(WHISPERS) I can’t.

(WHISPERS) I need you.


Come on, let’s get you to your door.



ABUELA: Will you use your Gift to honor our miracle?

Will you serve this community and strengthen our home?






Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

I understand you.


Of course they can come!







We have a new Gift!






It’s bigger on the inside?





You wanna go where?










(IN ENGLISH) That was great!

Okay! All right!

FÉLIX: That was amazing.

I knew you could do it!

A Gift just as special as you.

(GASPS) We need a picture!

Everyone! Come, come, come!

It’s a great night! It’s a perfect night!

Everyone, together!

ALL: La Familia Madrigal!



Don’t be upset or mad at all

Don’t feel regret Or sad at all

Hey, I’m still a part Of the family Madrigal

And I’m fine I am totally fine

I will stand on the side As you shine

I’m not fine I’m not fine

I can’t move the mountains

I can’t make flowers bloom

I can’t take another night Up in my room

Waiting on a miracle

I can’t heal what’s broken

Can’t control the morning rain Or a hurricane

Can’t keep down The unspoken invisible pain

Always waiting on a miracle A miracle

Always walking alone

Always wanting for more

Like I’m still at that door Longing to shine

Like all of you shine

All I need is a change

All I need is a chance

All I know Is I can’t stay on the side

Open your eyes

Open your eyes Open your eyes

I would move the mountains

Make new trees and flowers grow

Someone please Just let me know where do I go

I am waiting on a miracle A miracle

I would heal what’s broken

Show this family something new

Who I am inside So what can I do?

I’m sick of waiting On a miracle

So here I go

I am ready Come on, I’m ready

I’ve been patient And steadfast and steady

Bless me now

As you blessed us All those years ago

When you gave us a miracle

Am I too late for a miracle?











PEPA: ¡Muevelo!

Come on, Abuela!



MIRABEL: (IN ENGLISH) The house is in danger!

(PANTING) The house is in danger!


The tiles were falling, and there were cracks everywhere.

And the candle almost went out.


Show me.


No, that’s…

The cracks were there.

They were everywhere.

The house was in trouble, the candle was…


Abuela, I promise…

That’s enough.

There is nothing wrong with La Casa Madrigal.

The magic is strong.

And so are the drinks.


Please! Music!

A bailar! A bailar!




MIRABEL: If it was all in my head, how did I cut my hand?

I would never ruin Antonio’s night.

Is that really what you think?

What I think is that today was very hard for you.

That’s… (GRUNTS)

I was looking out for the family.

And I might not be super strong like Luisa, or effortlessly perfect like señorita perfecta Isabela who’s never even had a bad hair day, but…

(SIGHS) Whatever.

I wish you could see yourself the way I do.

You are perfect just like this.

You’re just as special as anyone else in this family.


You just healed my hand with an arepa con queso.

I healed your hand with my love for my daughter with her wonderful brain…


…and big heart, cool glasses…




(IN ENGLISH) I know what I saw.


Mira, my brother Bruno lost his way in this family.

I don’t want the same for you.

Get some sleep.

You’ll feel better tomorrow.






Ay, Pedro.

I need you.

Cracks in our casita.

If our family knew how vulnerable we truly are…

If our miracle is dying…

We cannot lose our home again.

(SIGHS) Why is this happening?

Open my eyes.

If the answer is here, help me find it.

Help me protect our family.

Help me save our miracle.

I will save the miracle.


Wait. How do I save a miracle?


I figure out what’s happening to the miracle.

Oh, I have no idea.

But there is one person in this family who hears everything about everything.

So, if anyone would know what’s wrong with the magic…


MIRABEL: …it’s her.

Dolores, hey.

You know, out of all my older cousins, you’re, like, my favorite cousin, so I feel like I can talk to you about anything, ergo you can talk to me about anything.

Like the problem with the magic last night that no one seemed to worry about, but maybe you heard about that maybe I should know about.

Camilo! Stop pretending you’re Dolores so you can have seconds.

Worth a shot. Ah! (GRUNTS)


The only one worried about the magic is you and the rats talking in the walls.

Oh, and Luisa, I heard her eye twitching all night. (SQUEAKS)

There we go.

Everyone, to the table! Let’s go, let’s go.


ABUELA: Family.

We are all thankful for Antonio’s wonderful new (GRUNTS) Gift.

I told them to warm up your seat.

Thank you, Toñito.

I’m sure today we’ll find a way to put your blessings to good use.

(SOFTLY) Luisa, Dolores says you’re totally freaking out.

Any chance you maybe know something about last night with the magic…

(GASPS) You do!

ABUELA: Mirabel!

If you can’t pay attention, I will help you.

Oh, actually…



As I was saying, we must never take our miracle for granted, so today we will work twice as hard.

Mm-hmm. I will help Luisa.



First, an announcement.

I’ve spoken to the Guzmáns about Mariano’s proposal to Isabela.

Dolores, do we have a date?

Tonight. He wants five babies.



Such a fine young man with our perfect Isabela will bring a new generation of magical blessings and make both of our families stronger.


Okay. Our community is counting on us.

La Familia Madrigal!

ALL: La Familia Madrigal!

La Familia Madrigal!

Luisa, hey. What?

(GRUNTS) Sorry.

What is your problem?

MIRABEL: Hey! Luisa, hold up!



SEÑORA OZMA: Luisa, can you re-route the river?

Will do.

Luisa, the donkeys got out again.

LUISA: On it.


Luisa! (YELPS)

Wait a second! (GROANS)

You gotta tell me about the magic.

What’s going on? What are you hiding?

Nothing. Just got a lot of chores, so maybe you should just go home.

Luisa, my house is leaning to the…

Dolores said your eye was twitching, and it never twitches.

Something’s making you nervous.

Hey, move. You’re gonna make me drop a donkey.

Luisa, will you just… (SCOFFS)

Just tell me what it is.

There’s nothing to tell.

You’re obviously worried about something.

Luisa, if you know what’s hurting the magic and it gets worse, ’cause you won’t tell me what’s wrong…

(LOUDLY) Nothing’s wrong!

Wow, uh, sorry.

That… That snuck out there. What I meant was, um…

Why would anything be wrong?

I’m totally fine. The magic’s fine.

Luisa’s fine. I’m totally not nervous.

Your eye is doing the thing…

I’m the strong one I’m not nervous I’m as tough as the crust Of the Earth is


LUISA: I move mountains

I move churches

And I glow ’cause I know What my worth is

Of course, I mean… Hey, where are you going?

I don’t ask How hard the work is

Got a rough Indestructible surface

Diamonds and platinum

I find ’em I flatten ’em

I take what I’m handed I break what’s demanded

But under the surface I feel berserk

As a tightrope walker In a three-ring circus

Under the surface Was Hercules ever like

“Yo, I don’t wanna fight Cerberus”


Under the surface

I’m pretty sure I’m worthless If I can’t be of service

A flaw or a crack

The straw in the stack That breaks the camel’s back

What breaks the camel’s back?

It’s pressure Like a drip, drip, drip

That’ll never stop


Pressure that’ll tip, tip, tip Till you just go pop


Give it to your sister Your sister’s older

Give her all the heavy things We can’t shoulder

Who am I If I can’t run with the ball?

If I fall to pressure Like a grip, grip, grip

And it won’t let go


Pressure like A tick, tick, tick

Till it’s ready to blow


Give it to your sister Your sister’s stronger

See if she can hang on A little longer

Who am I If I can’t carry it all?

If I falter

Under the surface

I hide my nerves And it worsens

I worry Something is gonna hurt us

Under the surface

The ship doesn’t swerve

As it heard How big the iceberg is

Under the surface I think about my purpose

Can I somehow preserve this? Line up the dominos

A light wind blows You try to stop it topplin’

But on and on it goes But wait

If I could shake

The crushing weight Of expectations

Would that free Some room up for joy

Or relaxation?

Or a simple pleasure Instead we measure

This growing pressure Keeps growing

Keep going ‘Cause all we know is

Pressure like A drip, drip, drip

That’ll never stop


Pressure that’ll tip, tip, tip Till you just go pop


Give it to your sister It doesn’t hurt

And see if she can handle Every family burden

Watch as she buckles And bends but never breaks

No mistakes

Just pressure Like a grip, grip, grip

And it won’t let go


Pressure like A tick, tick, tick

Till it’s ready to blow


Give it to your sister And never wonder

If the same pressure Would have pulled you under

Who am I If I don’t have what it takes?

No cracks No breaks

No mistakes No pressure



I think you’re carrying way too much… (GRUNTS)

Maybe I overdo it.


Um… There is something you should know.

Last night, when you saw the cracks,

I felt weak.


MAN: Luisa! The donkeys!

On it!

Wait, wait, wait. What do you mean?

What do you think’s hurting the magic?

Don’t know, but I heard the grown-ups once.

Before Tío Bruno left, he had, like, some terrible vision about it.

Tío Bruno? What was in his vision?

No one knows. They never found it.

But if something’s wrong with the magic, start with Bruno’s tower.

Find that vision.

Wait! How do you find a vision?

What am I even looking for?


If you find it, you’ll know.

But be careful.

That place is off limits for a reason.

ABUELA: Such a perfect match.

So perfect.

And so good for the encanto.





Can you turn off the sand?


You can’t help in here?

I’ll be fine.

I need to do this.

For you, for Abuela, maybe a little for me.


“Find the vision, save the…”





Oh, hello.


Lot of stairs, but at least I’ll have a friend.

No. He flew away immediately.



All right.

(SINGING) Welcome to the family Madrigal

There’s so many stairs In the casa Madrigal

You think there would be Another way to

Get so high ‘Cause we’re magic, but no

Magical how many stairs fit in here!

Bruno, your room is the worst!




Come on…

Okay, I can do this.




(GRUNTS) Whoo!











MIRABEL: Quitter!






(SIGHS) What’s hurting the magic?















Where are you coming from in such a hurry?

I’m sorry, I was…

What is in your hair?


LUISA: My Gift!

(SOBBING) I’m losing my Gift!


Mirabel and I were having this little talk about me carrying too much.

So, I tried not to carry so much, but I realized it was putting me behind.

And I knew I was gonna let everyone down.

And I felt really bad, so I was grabbing all the donkeys, but then when I went to throw the donkeys in the barn, they were heavy! (SOBBING)


What did you do? What did you say to her?

Nothing. I… I don’t…

Mirabel… (SIGHS)


I have to go get the Guzmáns for Isabela’s engagement.

Stay away from Luisa until I can talk to her.

Tonight, we can’t have any more problems.

And whatever you’re doing, stop doing it.




Why am I in your vision, Bruno?



Tía! Jeez.

Sorry. Sorry, I didn’t mean to…

Shoo, shoo, shoo! (GRUNTS)

I just wanted to get the last of Toñito’s things and then I heard the name we do not speak.

Great. Now I’m thundering, and that thunder will lead to a drizzle and a drizzle will lead to a sprinkle…

Clear skies, clear skies.

(EXHALES) Clear skies.

Tía Pepa? If… (HESITATING)

If he had a vision about someone, what would it mean for them?

We don’t talk about Bruno.

I know. It’s just hypothetically, if he saw you…

Mirabel, please, we need to get ready for the Guzmáns.

I just wanna know if it was generally positive or, like, less positive…

It was a nightmare!


Hey, she needs to know, Pepi, she needs to know.

We don’t talk about Bruno.

He would see something terrible. And then…

(MAKES TICKING SOUND) Boom! It would happen.

We don’t talk about Bruno.

What if you didn’t understand what he saw?

Then you better figure it out, because it was coming for you.

We don’t talk About Bruno-no-no-no

We don’t talk about Bruno

But it was my wedding day

It was our wedding day

We were getting ready

And there wasn’t a cloud In the sky

No clouds allowed in the sky

Bruno walks in With a mischievous grin


You’re telling the story Or am I?

I’m sorry, mi vida Go on

Bruno says it looks like rain

Why did he tell her?

In doing so He floods my brain

Abuela gets the umbrella

PEPA: Married in a hurricane


What a joyous day But anyway

We don’t talk about Bruno-no-no-no

We don’t talk about Bruno


Grew to live in fear of Bruno stuttering or stumbling

I can always hear him Sort of muttering

And mumbling

I associate him with The sound of falling sand


It’s a heavy lift With a Gift so humbling

Always left Abuela and the family fumbling

Grappling with prophecies They couldn’t understand

Do you understand?

Seven-foot frame Rats along his back

When he calls your name It all fades to black

Yeah, he sees your dreams And feasts on your screams

We don’t talk about Bruno-no-no-no

We don’t talk about Bruno

He told me my fish would die The next day dead

CHORUS: No, no

He told me I’d grow a gut And just like he said

No, no

He said that all my hair

Would disappear

Now look at my head

CHORUS: No, no

Your fate is sealed When your prophecy is read

He told me That the life of my dreams

Would be promised And someday be mine


He told me That my power would grow

Like the grapes That thrive on the vine

ABUELA: Oye Mariano’s on his way

He told me That the man of my dreams

Would be just out of reach

Betrothed to another

It’s like I hear him now

Hey, sis

I want not a sound out of you

DOLORES: I can hear him now

Um, Bruno Yeah, about that Bruno

I really need to know About Bruno

Give me the truth And the whole truth, Bruno

Isabela Your boyfriend’s here!

ALL: Time for dinner

It was my wedding day

It was our wedding day

And there wasn’t a cloud In the sky

No clouds allowed in the sky

ISABELA: He told me that my power would grow

FÉLIX: Thunder

PEPA: You’re telling the story or am I?

ABUELA: Oye Mariano’s on his way

PEPA: Bruno says it looks like rain

FÉLIX: Why did he tell her?

PEPA: In doing so, he floods my brain

Abuela gets the umbrella

PEPA: Married in a hurricane

ALL: He’s here, don’t talk about Bruno-no

Why did I talk about Bruno?

ALL: Not a word about Bruno

I never should have Brought up Bruno


Miraboo! Got your party pants on? ‘Cause I…


I broke into Bruno’s tower.

I found his last vision. The family’s in trouble.

The magic is dying. The house is breaking, Luisa’s gift is fading.

And I think it’s all because of me?



We say nothing.

Abuela wants tonight to be perfect.

Until the Guzmáns leave, you did not break into Bruno’s tower.

The magic is not dying. The house is not breaking.

Luisa’s gift is not fading.

(SOFTLY) No one will know. Just act normal.

No one has to know.



She’s gonna tell everyone.

ABUELA: Time to eat!


The Guzmáns and the Madrigals together will be so good for the encanto.

Yes. Then, let’s hope tonight is not a horrible disaster.


ABUELA: To a perfect night!


ALL: Salud!




MARIANO: Avocado?





Camilo. Fix your face.






The cream, please?

Pá, the cream?



Pepa, the cloud.


(WHISPERING) Clear skies, clear skies, clear skies.





MARIANO: Mirabel?


Everything okay?

(CHUCKLES) Everything is great. She’s just excited.

For you to propose. Which, uh, you should do!


As fast as you can.

Uh, I was actually gonna…

You were actually gonna. Great!

(HESITATING) Well, since everyone here has a talent, my Mariano wanted to begin with a song!

Luisa, could you bring over the piano?



Uh, it’s actually family tradition to sing after.


Isabela, most graceful of all the Madrigals.



You’re doing great.

The most perfect flower…



…in this entire encanto…





Will you marry…




(SHRIEKS) What is happening?

Mirabel found Bruno’s vision. She’s in it.

She’s gonna destroy the magic and now, we’re all doomed!








Señora, por favor!

Abuela, please! There’s gotta be an explanation.

I hate you!

(SOBBING) I’m a loser!


What did you do?

I’m not doing anything! It’s Bruno’s vision! It’s…




The magic is strong! Everything is fine!

We are the Madrigals!















It’s okay, mami.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.








(GASPS) No! No!

Help! Help…

Casita! Casita! (PANTING)

Help me!

Help me!


You’re very sweaty. (GRUNTS)


(GASPS) Oh, no!





No. Hold on!

Wait! Wait!



Why did you take the vision?

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. Knock on wood.

MIRABEL: What does it mean?


Is it why you came back or…


Tío Bruno?

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. Knock on wood.

You were never supposed to see that vision. No one was.

But… (SPITS)

A little salt.





Have you been in here patching the cracks?

Oh, that? No, no, no.

I’m too scared to go near those things.

All the patching’s done by Hernando.

Who is Hernando?

(IN DEEP VOICE) I’m Hernando and I’m scared of nothing!

(IN NORMAL VOICE) It’s actually me. (CHUCKLES)

I used to say my real Gift was “acting.” (CHUCKLES)

(IN ALTERED VOICE) I’m Jorge. I make the spackle.

How long have you been back here?


You never left.

Well, I left my tower, which was, you know, a lot of stairs and here, eh, kitchen adjacent. (CLICKS TONGUE)

Ooh, ooh, plus, free entertainment.

So, what do you like? You like sports?

Game shows? Telenovelas?


Their love could never be.

I don’t understand.

Well, because she’s his aunt and she has amnesia so she can’t remember that she’s his aunt.

It’s like a very forbidden kind of…

I don’t understand why you left, but didn’t leave.

Oh, well, because, huh, the mountains around the encanto are pretty tall.

And, uh, like I said, free food and everything.

You guys love the free food, don’t ya?

Always hungry. Never satisfied.


Yeah, my Gift wasn’t helping the family, but, uh, I love my family, you know?

I just don’t know how to… I just don’t know how to…

Well, anyway, I think you should go, because, um, I don’t really have a good reason, but, if I did, you’d be like, “I should go, because that’s a good reason.”

Why was I in your vision?

Tío Bruno?

I just wanted to make the family proud of me.

Just once.

But if I should stop, if I’m hurting my family, just tell me.

I can’t tell you…


…because I don’t know.

I had this vision the night that you didn’t get your Gift.

Abuela worried about the magic.

So, she begged me to look into the future.

See what it meant.

And I saw the magic in danger.

Our house breaking.

And then, and then, and then, I saw you.

But the vision was different. It… it would change.

And there was no one answer. No clear fate.

Like your future was undecided.

But I knew how it was gonna look.

I knew what everyone would think because I’m Bruno and everyone always assumes the worst, so…

(SIGHS) so…

You left to protect me?

I don’t know which way it’ll go, but my guess… the family, the encanto and the fate of the miracle itself…

Well, it’s all gonna come down to you.

Or maybe I’m wrong.

You know, it’s a mystery. That’s why this vision is…


Look, if I could help any more, I would, but that’s all I know.

Good luck. I wish I could’ve seen more.




You wish you could have seen more, so see more!

Have another vision.

Oh. No, no. See, I don’t do visions anymore.

But you could.

But I won’t.

You can’t say the weight of the world is on your shoulders. The end.

If our fate’s up to me, me says have another vision.

Maybe it’ll show me what to do.

Look, even if I wanted to, which I don’t, you wrecked my vision cave.

Which is a problem, ’cause I need a big open space.

We’ll find one.


ANTONIO: Use my room.

The rats told me everything. Don’t eat those.

Our family needs help, and you need to get outta here.





You should have told me the second you saw the vision.

Think of the family.

I was thinking of my daughter.

Pepa, calm down.

I’m doing my best.


You’re lucky it’s not a hurricane.

Mamá, you’ve always been too hard on Mirabel.

Look around.

We must protect our family, our encanto.

We cannot lose our home.


Señora, perdon.

People in town are becoming anxious about the magic.

They want to see you.

(SIGHS) Mirabel was in that vision for a reason.

Find her.



We might wanna hurry.

You can’t hurry the future.


What if I show you something worse?

If I see something that you don’t like, you’re gonna be all, “Bruno makes bad things happen. Oh, he’s creepy and his vision killed my goldfish.”

I don’t think you make bad things happen.

Sometimes family weirdos just get a bad rap.

You can do this.

For the nerves.


I can do this. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.





You might wanna hang on.




BRUNO: It’s just the same thing. I gotta stop!

No. I need to know which way it goes.

There’s gotta be an answer.

Something we’re not seeing!

You’re looking at the same thing that I am.

If there was something else…

There! Over there!

BRUNO: Butterfly!

Follow the butterfly!

Where is that?

BRUNO: (HESITATING) It’s all out of order.

It’s the candle. The candle’s getting brighter!

I think you’re gonna help the candle!


Uh, there’s someone with you. And you…

You fight her!


Wait, no, no. Is that a hug?

Am I fighting or hugging?

An embrace. An embrace!

To make the candle bright you have to embrace her.

Embrace who?

BRUNO: Oh… Almost there.

Who is it?

Almost there. Oh, oh.

I got it!


Oh, your sister? That’s great!


(SIGHS) Every time.


MIRABEL: (SCOFFS) Why would embracing Isabela do anything?

I don’t know. Our family got a miracle.

How do you help a family miracle?

You hug a sister.

Mirabel? (SIGHS) Mirabel? (BURBLING)


Well, I think we’re running out of time here.

It’s not gonna work.

She won’t hug me ever, okay? She hates me!

Also, I don’t know if you heard, I ruined her proposal!

Plus, P.S…

(WHISPERS) Mirabel?

…she is just annoying.

Of course it’s Isabela!


What’s her problem with me anyway?

She’s the one with roses coming out of her…

(LOUDLY) Mirabel!

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

You see, you’re missing the point.

The fate of the family, it’s not up to her.

It’s up to you.

You’re exactly what this family needs.

You just have to see it.

By yourself, after I leave. (GRUNTS)

What, you’re not coming?

(IN DEEP VOICE) It was your vision, Mirabel.

Not mine.

You’re afraid Abuela will see you.

(IN NORMAL VOICE) Yep. I mean, yes, that too.

Hey, after you save the miracle, come visit.

After I save the miracle, I’m bringing you home.

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. Knock on wood.



(EXHALES) You got this. Just gonna save the miracle.

With a hug.

Isa? Hey.

I know we’ve had our issues, but I’m (HESITATES) ready to be a better sister… to you.

So, we should just hug.

Let’s hug it out, huh?

ISABELA: “Hug it out”?

Luisa can’t lift an empanada, Mariano’s nose looks like a smashed papaya!

Have you lost your mind?


Isa, I feel like you’re upset.

And you know what cures being upset?

A warm embrace.

Get out.


Everything was perfect.

Abuela was happy. The family was happy.

You wanna be a better sister? Apologize for ruining my life.

Go on. Apologize.

I… am… sorry…


…that your life is so great!


Wait! (GRUNTS) Fine! I apologize!

I wasn’t trying to ruin your life!

(GRUNTS) Some of us have bigger problems, you selfish…


…entitled princess!


I’ve been stuck being perfect my whole entire life!

And literally, the only thing you have ever done for me is mess things up!

Nothing is messed up!

You can still marry that big dumb hunk!

I never wanted to marry him! I was doing it for the family!

Oh, my gosh.

Isa, that is a very serious confession.

(SIGHS) Okay, get over here.

Bring it in.



I just made something unexpected

Something sharp Something new

Isa? Uh, this is the part where we…

It’s not symmetrical Or perfect

But it’s beautiful

And it’s mine What else can I do?

Wait Bring it in, bring it in

Good talk Bring it in, bring it in

What else can I do?

Let’s hug Bring it in, bring it in

Free hugs Bring it in, bring it in

I grow rows and rows of roses

Flor de mayo by the mile

I make perfect Practiced poses

So much hides behind my smile

What could I do if I just grew

What I was feeling In the moment?

Do you know Where you’re going?

What could I do if I just knew It didn’t need to be perfect?

It just needed to be And they let me be

A hurricane of jacarandás

Strangling figs


Hanging vines

This is fine

Palma de cera fills the air As I climb and I push through

What else can I do?

Can I deliver us A river of sundew?

Careful, it’s carnivorous A little just won’t do

I wanna feel the shiver Of something new

I’m so sick of pretty

I want something true Don’t you?

You just seemed Like your life’s been a dream

Since the moment You opened your eyes

How far do these roots Go down?

All I know Are the blossoms you grow

But it’s awesome to see how You rise

How far can I rise?

How far can you rise?

Through the roof to the skies Let’s go

A hurricane of jacarandás

Strangling figs


Hanging vines


Palma de cera fills the air As I climb and I push through

What else? What else?

What can you do when you are

Deeply madly truly In the moment?

Seize the moment Keep going

What can you do when you know

Who you want to be Isn’t perfect?

But I’ll still be okay

Hey, everybody clear the way

I’m coming through With tabebuia


Making waves

Making waves

Changing minds

You’ve changed mine

The way is clearer ‘Cause you’re here

And well I owe this all to you

What else can I do?

MIRABEL: Show them what you can do

What else can I do?

There’s nothing you can’t do

ISABELA: What else can I do?

You’re a bad influence.


ABUELA: (ANGRILY) What is going on?



It’s okay! Everything’s…

We’re gonna save the miracle. The magic…

What are you talking about?

Look at our home! Look at your sister!

Please just… Isabela wasn’t happy.

Of course she isn’t happy. You ruined her proposal.

No, no, no. She needed me to ruin her proposal.

And then we did all this!


And the candle burned brighter and the cracks…


That’s why I’m in the vision!

I’m saving the miracle!

You have to stop, Mirabel!

The cracks started with you.

Bruno left because of you.


Luisa’s losing her powers. Isabela’s out of control.

Because of you!

I don’t know why you weren’t given a Gift, but it is not an excuse for you to hurt this family.




I will never be good enough for you.

Will I?

No matter how hard I try.

No matter how hard any of us tries.

Luisa will never be strong enough.

Isabela won’t be perfect enough.

Bruno left our family because you only saw the worst in him.

Bruno didn’t care about this family.

He loves this family.

I love this family. We all love this family.

You’re the one that doesn’t care.


You’re the one breaking our home.

Don’t you ever…

The miracle is dying, because of you.


(GASPING) No, no, no!

FÉLIX: (GASPS) The candle!




Casita! Get me up there!








Careful, Antonio! (GRUNTS)

We gotta get out of here!

Mirabel! Mirabel!

Mirabel, we have to get out!






JULIETA: Mirabel, leave it!


AGUSTÍN: Mirabel! The house is going to fall!

JULIETA: Mirabel, get out! AGUSTÍN: Mirabel!









JULIETA: Mirabel!

Mirabel, are you hurt?


PEPA: Julieta, come quick!



Don’t move. I’ll be right back.

PEPA: How did this happen?

DOLORES: Here, let me help you. Let me help you.

AGUSTÍN: Everyone okay?

PEPA: Antonio, don’t cry, papito.

FÉLIX: How is this possible? The encanto’s broken.

PEPA: What do we do now?

CAMILO: My powers. They’re gone.

What about Antonio? What is he gonna do?


Mirabel! Where’s Mirabel?

Where is she?


FÉLIX: Mirabel?


LUISA: Mirabel?


FÉLIX: Mirabel!

They haven’t found her yet?







ABUELA: Mirabel.


I’m sorry.

(CRIES) I didn’t want to hurt us.

I just wanted to be something I’m not.


I’ve never been able to come back here.

This river is where we were given our miracle.

Where Abuelo Pedro…

I thought we would have a different life.

I thought I would be a different woman.


MAN: (SINGING IN SPANISH) Two caterpillars


In love

Spend their nights and dawns

Full of hunger

They keep walking

And navigating the world

That changes and keeps changing

Navigating a world

That changes and keeps changing

Two caterpillars stop the wind

As they hold each other with warmth and consent

Keep growing They don’t know when

To find some corner shelter

The time keeps changing

They are inseparable

And the weather keeps changing


Oh, caterpillars

Don’t hold each other any longer

You must grow apart and return

That’s the way forward

Miracles are coming

Chrysalises are coming

You must part

And construct your own future

Oh, caterpillars

Don’t hold each other any longer

You must grow apart and return

That’s the way forward

Miracles are coming

Chrysalises are coming

You must part

And construct your own future

Two caterpillars


In two cocoons

All bundled up

ABUELA: I was given a miracle.

A second chance.

And I was so afraid to lose it that I lost sight of who our miracle was for.

And I am so sorry.

You never hurt our family, Mirabel.

We are broken… because of me.



MIRABEL: Abuela.

I can finally see.

You lost your home.

Lost everything.

You suffered so much, all alone, so it would never happen again.

We were saved because of you.

We were given a miracle, because of you.

We are a family, because of you.

And nothing could ever be broken that we can’t fix… together.

I asked my Pedro for help.


He sent me you.


MAN: (SINGING IN SPANISH) Oh, butterflies

Don’t hold each other any longer

You must grow apart and return

That’s the way forward

You are already miracles

Breaking chrysalises

You must fly

And find your own future

BRUNO: She didn’t do this! Whoa!

She didn’t do this!

I gave her a vision!

(GRUNTS) It was me!

I was, like, “Go!” And she was, like…

(BLOWS RASPBERRY) She only wanted to help.

I don’t care what you think of me, but if you’re too stubborn to…



I feel like I missed something important.

Come on.


What… What’s happening? Where are we going?



It’s her! I found her!

I found her!

She’s back! She’s back, she’s back!

JULIETA: Mirabel!



Mi amor, I was so worried.

We couldn’t find you.

There were bees everywhere.

I’ll be okay.

Uh… Not if we don’t have a house.

What? We don’t have a house.

I can’t say we don’t have a house?

What is that? Not a house.


Look at this home We need a new foundation

It may seem hopeless But we’ll get by just fine

Look at this family A glowing constellation

So full of stars And everybody wants to shine

But the stars don’t shine They burn

And the constellations shift

I think it’s time you learn

You’re more Than just your Gift

And I’m sorry I held on too tight

Just so afraid I’d lose you too

The miracle is not Some magic that you’ve got


The miracle is you

Not some Gift Just you

The miracle is you

All of you All of you

Okay so We gonna talk about Bruno?

That’s Bruno?

Yeah There’s a lot to say

About Bruno

I’ll start, okay

Pepa, I’m sorry About your wedding

Didn’t mean to be upsetting

That wasn’t a prophecy

I could just see You were sweating

And I wanted you to know That your bro loves you so

Let it in, let it out Let it rain, let it snow

Let it go

That’s what I’m always saying, bro

I got a lot of apologies I got to say

Hey, we’re just happy that you’re here, okay?

Come into the light

That trip was only a night

And no matter what happens We’re gonna find our way

Yo, I knew he never left I heard him every day



What’s that sound?

I think it’s everyone in town

ALL: Hey

Lay down your load Lay down your load

Roll me down the road Roll me down the road

We have no Gifts But we are many

And we’ll do anything for you

It’s a dream When we work as a team

You’re so strong

Yeah, but sometimes I cry

BOTH: So do I

I may not be as strong But I’m getting wiser

Yeah, I need sunlight And fertilizer

Come on Let’s plant something new

And watch it fly

Straight up to the sky

Let’s go

The stars don’t shine They burn

The constellations glow

The seasons change in turn

Would you watch Our little girl go

She takes after you


Hey, Mariano Why so blue?

I just have So much love inside

You know I’ve got this cousin too

Have you met Dolores?

Okay, I’ll take it from here. Goodbye!

You talk so loud

You take care of your mother And you make her proud

You write your own poetry

Every night When you go to sleep

And I’m seizing the moment

So would you wake up And notice me

Dolores, I see you.

And I hear you.

BOTH: Yes!

CHORUS: All of you All of you

Let’s get married.

Slow down.

CHORUS: All of you All of you

Home sweet home I like the new foundation

It isn’t perfect

Neither are we

That’s true

Just one more thing Before the celebration


We need a doorknob

We made this one for you.

ALL: We see How bright you burn

We see how brave you’ve been

Now see yourself in turn

You’re the real Gift, kid Let us in

Open your eyes


(IN ENGLISH) What do you see?

I see… me.

All of me





Hola, Casita.




Whoa! Come on! Get in here!




Everyone’s coming to celebrate


Party night

Everyone’s coming to have fun

Keep dancing


Happy in my paradise


And revealing


Miracles on every floor

(LAUGHS) Whoa.



A-ha. Yeah, amor!





Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

ABUELA: Everyone, together…

ALL: La Familia Madrigal! BRUNO: Hey!



Opening doors The morning is arriving

They stay open And the coffee is made at home

Happy song So that good wins over bad

Don’t wake me up This looks like a real dream

Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

I always fall in love with your enchantment

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

Your charm continues to bless you






(RAPPING) Colombia, I love you so much

Your name has an enchantment

From Bogotá to Palenque I went with everybody

Colombia, beautiful earth

Mother Nature gave you your form

(IN ENGLISH) Colombia stays my favorite place

(IN SPANISH) Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

I always fall in love with your enchantment

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

Your charm continues to bless you

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

Party night Everyone’s coming to celebrate

Party night Everyone’s coming to have fun

Keep dancing

Happy in my paradise

And revealing

Miracles on every floor



Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

I always fall in love with your enchantment

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

Colombia, I love you so much

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh

May you keep blessing your enchantment








In love and yearning

Spend every evening And morning learning

To hold each other Their hunger burning

To navigate a world

That’s changing Never stops turning

Together in this world

That’s changing Never stops turning

Two oruguitas

Against the weather

The wind grows colder As they’re together

They hold each other No way of knowing

They’re all they have for shelter

And something inside them is growing

They’ll all just stay together

But something inside them is growing

Aye, oruguitas

Don’t you hold on too tight

Both of you know It’s your time to grow

To fall apart To reunite

Wonders await you

Just on the other side

Trust they’ll be there Start to prepare

Don’t wait for tomorrow

Aye, oruguitas

Don’t you hold on too tight

Both of you know It’s your time to grow

To fall apart To reunite

Wonders await you

Just on the other side

Trust they’ll be there Start to prepare

Don’t wait for tomorrow


Two oruguitas

Cocooned and waiting

Each in their own world


What happens after

The rearranging

And so afraid of change

In a world that never stops changing

So let the walls come down

The world will never stop changing

Never stop changing

Never stop changing

Never stop changing

Aye, mariposa

Don’t you hold on too tight

Both of you know It’s your time to go

To fly apart To reunite

Wonders surround you

Just let the walls come down

Don’t look behind you

Fly till you find Your way till tomorrow

Aye, mariposa

Don’t you hold on too tight

Both of you know It’s your time to grow

To fly apart To reunite

Wonders surround you

Just let the walls come down

Don’t look behind you

Fly till you find Your way till tomorrow

Aye, mariposa

Don’t you hold on too tight

Both of you know It’s your time to grow

To fly apart To reunite

Wonders surround you

Just let the walls come down

Don’t look behind you

Fly till you find Your way till tomorrow



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