Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) | Transcript

A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers embark on an epic quest to retrieve a lost relic, but things go dangerously awry when they run afoul of the wrong people.
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

A charming thief and a band of unlikely adventurers undertake an epic heist to retrieve a lost relic, but things go dangerously awry when they run afoul of the wrong people. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves brings the rich world and playful spirit of the legendary roleplaying game to the big screen in a hilarious and action-packed adventure.

* * *

(wind howling)

(wind gusting)

(driver shouts)

(driver shouts)

(guard 1 shouts)

(horse whinnies)

It’s them!

Get ready.

Two more prisoners coming in!

(guard 2) Prepare for docking!

(guard 3) In position!

(guard 2) Easy!

(guard 2 shouts)

(guard 3 shouts)

(metal clanking)

(guard 2) Gate secure!

(prisoner breathing heavily)

(chains rattling)

(guard 3) Prisoner walking!

(prisoners shouting)

(prisoner 2 screams)

(prisoners coughing)

Oh, great. Another cellmate.

No offense, pal. You seem lovely.

Uh… (sighs) Let’s show you around. Get you situated here.

This is the bucket where our pee freezes. And, um…

Yeah, that’s it.

What’s your name, lass?

Uh, That’s Holga. I’m Edgin. And you are?

I’ve been in a lot of cells. Never shared one with a female.

Think I’m gonna like it.

Word of advice,

Holga doesn’t love to be disturbed while she’s eating her potatoes.

Kind of the highlight of her day. Shut up, you!

Sure thing. Have at it.

Little shy, eh?

I’m not so bad once you get to know me.


Don’t be like that.

We could be very happy to…



I think I’m gonna do this without fingers and make it a mitten.

Who am I trying to impress?

♪ Not fortune found Nor fate divine ♪

♪ Come close to toping The juice of the vine ♪

♪ With cherry crew We sip and sway ♪

♪ Let’s tip the tankard And waste the day ♪

Oi! Stop that singing!

(Edgin) You got it, Tobias.

The Absolution Council is tomorrow.

Don’t get your hopes up, Ed.

What are you talking about?

Jarnathan is on the council this time. He’s an Aarakocra.

If anyone’s gonna free us, it’s him.

Not gonna happen.

I tell you, Holga, this is your last day chopping ice.


By authority of the Lords’ Alliance, this Absolution Council will now come to order in the case of Edgin Darvis and Holga Kilgore.

This is the second year of incarceration for the crimes of grand larceny and skullduggery.

It is the task of this council to determine your eligibility for pardon.

What say you?

Thank you, Chancellor Anderton, esteemed members of the council.

Before I begin, I notice that Chancellor Jarnathan is not present.

Should we perhaps wait?

Chancellor Jarnathan was delayed by the storm. You may begin.

I see. It’s just that I…

We were really counting on him to attend.

Begin or waive your statement.

Very well.

(sighs) I should start by giving you some context.

You may be surprised to learn I wasn’t always a thief.

Years ago, I became a member of the Harpers faction, a network of spies who swear an oath to fight tyranny, defend the oppressed and to ask nothing in return.

My wife, Zia, supported my decision, even though she knew the risks.

By day, I’d eavesdrop on mercenaries, stop bandits in their tracks… and even bring Thayan Red Wizards to justice.

By night, I’d come home to my loving wife, and daughter, Kira.

To be honest, there were times when I began to question the ‘asking nothing in return’ part of my oath.

But my wife would always say, ‘You don’t have to give us everything, you only have to give us you.’

So what’s the latest on Jarnathan?

Is he close by? Because I can wait.

Did you not hear what we said? Right, the storm.

It’s just that based on what I know about Jarnathan, I think he’d be especially receptive to my story.

And I’d hate to have to wait a whole other year to come back in here and… (Anderton) Proceed.

Absolutely. Here we go.

When you’re a Harper, you’re bound to make enemies.

(horse whinnies)

And sometimes those enemies come looking for revenge.

(horse whinnies)

(baby Kira cooing)



(thunder rumbles)

(rain falling)

No cleric can repair the damage from a Red Wizard’s blade.

There was no way to revive her.

When Zia died, so did my devotion to my oath.

(baby Kira wailing)

I’m sorry, it’s just hard to relive this… without Jarnathan here.

Again with this?

But he missed the most important part of my backstory!

How can he judge me without knowing my motivation?

We are entirely capable of deciding your case without Jarnathan.

Get on with it!

Fine. Where was I? Uh…

By night, I’d come home to my loving wife, and daughter Kira.

You went back too far. Stop stalling!

Right, sorry. Yeah, broad strokes.

The next few months were among my most shameful.


That’s when I met Holga.

She took pity on me.

Well, she took pity on the baby.

Holga was a fellow resident of rock bottom.

Many years before, she’d been cast out of her tribe for falling in love with an outsider.

We quickly became like brother and sister.

With a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

Neither of us had money or an honest way to earn it, so we decided to table ‘honest’ and we tried something new.

It’s intoxicating when you realize that what separates you from what you’ve always wanted can be as thin as a pane of glass.

You may be wondering how we could carry on this criminal lifestyle with a young girl at home.

Well, we didn’t leave her at home.

(watchman shouting)Hurry, hurry! Run, run, run!

Kira wasn’t the only new recruit.

We also added Simon, a so-so sorcerer, and a con man named Forge, who pushed us to aim even higher.


Before long, we became a team.

Yes, we were thieves, but I tried to hold us to a certain standard.

We never harmed anyone.

And we only robbed from those who would feel it the least.

But everything changed when we met the wizard Sofina.

We knew almost nothing about her.

Only that she wanted our help in robbing Korinn’s Keep.

That’s a Harper stronghold. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.

I’m sure Jarnathan has.

The keep was filled with the priceless relics seized from evildoers, and only Harpers could gain access to the vault.

Which is why Sofina came to us.

At first, I refused. I wouldn’t stoop that low.

But then Forge told me that among the relics in Korinn’s Keep, there was a Tablet of Reawakening, capable of bringing back a single deceased person.

Even one killed by a Red Wizard’s blade.

You can probably see where this is going.

(Kira) Why can’t I come?(Edgin) Sorry, Kir, this one’s too dangerous.

Then you shouldn’t go.

We have everything that we need.

Not yet. But this is the last one.

Trust me.

Chin up, Bug. We’ll be right back.

(Edgin) I didn’t tell her about the tablet.

It would break her heart if it all went to shit.

And, well, to shit it went.

(whoosh, cogs creak)


See you soon, love.

(guard) Intruders!

There they are!

(speaks Thayan)

(guards grunting)

We don’t hurt anyone.

(speaks Thayan)

(weapons clanking)

She’s caught in the Time Stop! Counter it, Simon!

I can’t. Sofina’s too powerful.

Take the tablet. Keep Kira safe.

You have my word.

The truth is, even if this council were to sentence me to another two years, or 20 for that matter, it would never be punishment enough for the worst crime I ever committed… robbing my daughter of her father.

But know that, if you do choose to free me, I’ll spend the rest of my days trying to right that wrong.

Anything you want to add?

I’m good.

Before you announce your decision, I implore you to please wait for…

(doors creak)

Jarnathan! Pardon my belatedness.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you! Step away!

Holga, now!(Anderton) Guards!

(Jarnathan) Release me, sir!

(Torbo) She’s throwing potatoes!

Oh, Jarnathan!

(Jarnathan screams)

But we approved your pardon!



Fly, bird, fly!

(Jarnathan squawks)

(grunts, shouts)



He’s still breathing.


I told you he’d get us out!

(Edgin laughing)

(children laughing)

Any sign of Kira?

Been empty for a while.

(Holga) Where do you think Forge took her?

I can’t see him leaving the Sword Coast. Forge always liked cities.

Some supper for you and your wife?

What? No. She’s not my wife. Me with that?

With those lips? That’s so gross. Just the drinks.

So, we take a boat down to Baldur’s Gate and then head north.

And while we’re looking for Forge, I’ll pay Marlamin a visit.

You sure you really want to put yourself through that?

What if he doesn’t want to talk to you? It’s not about what he wants.

Okay. It’s about closure.

He sent you a letter saying he wasn’t your husband anymore.

Wasn’t that closure?

You wouldn’t understand. I don’t.

I clearly, clearly don’t.

Is that…

Son of a bitch.

Forge is Lord of Neverwinter.

How did that clown pull that off?

Well, as long as he’s got Kira, I don’t care.

Come on. Let’s go.

Thanks, pal. What’s wrong with my lips?

They’re too big for your face. What?

A lot of people like my lips.


(Edgin) I’ve never seen this place so crowded.

(Holga) Must be coming in for the High Sun Games.

(Edgin) Yeah, my dad took me to the last one before they were outlawed.

(Holga) Anyone win?

Well, one contestant made it to the final round before a monster ate his upper body, so… no.

It’s nice to see that Forge hasn’t lost his sense of modesty.

How long has it been? Two years.

No, how long have we been waiting here?




(Kira) Oh! (laughs)

I missed you so much.

Hello, Bug.

Come here.



I thought about you every day.

I made you these.

What are they?


Oh. Thanks.

Have you been okay?

Uncle Forge has been very good to me.

‘Uncle’ Forge?

(Kira) Come on. He wants to see you.

I still wear the pendant you got me, Holga.

I use it to sneak around the castle sometimes.

So strange that you’re here. Hey, Kir, look.

I want you to know I am so sorry for how things turned out.

I took a risk.

And it didn’t pay off.

Why do you look mad at me?

Because you’re acting like it wasn’t your fault.

(Forge) There they are!



Old friends.

What a wonderful surprise. Come.


Do I spy a little bit of gray?

I do. I like it.

It’s scoundrelly but professorial.

You look like a… What do you look like?

You look like a well-read fisherman with secrets.

And Holga.

I know you don’t like hugs.

But I need one. Yes?

(Holga) Oh.

(Forge) Mmm. Mmm.

Mmm! Mmm.

These last years must have been dreadful, but I tell you what, I did think you’d serve longer.

Oh! Uh, we… We got an… early release.

Good behavior. Yeah, behaving good.

(Forge) Ah. I see.

Well, welcome. Welcome back.

Oh, that’s blistering. That’s blisteringly hot.

(chuckles) Yet again.

Kira, we really should speak to the kitchen staff, because there’s simply no need for it to be this hot.

Yeah, yeah, the tea’s hot. So, how are you the Lord of Neverwinter?

Right. Before you went off to prison, you charged me with Kira’s well-being.

Didn’t think much of it at the time.

But there came a moment when I looked into her eyes, and I suddenly knew I had to be a better man.

Obviously, I couldn’t give back the treasures we’d stolen, so when Lord Neverember fell ill, I seized the chance to try and, you know, make a difference.

And the money from Korinn’s Keep paved the way for my campaign.

But I will tell you this…

(door opens)

Couldn’t have done it alone.

(footsteps approach)

Ah! And here she is!

You remember Sofina.

You ‘re still working with her? She’s the one that got us caught.

(Forge) Not true, no. Without her, we all would have been caught.

And since then, she has become… my top adviser. Mmm.

The tea is scorching, I do apologize. It’s scorching hot.

Um, Sofina.

Would you mind very much, um…


(steam hisses)


Good. Thank you. I… I’m…

I didn’t realize you were gonna put your finger in the cup, so…

I’m gonna leave that for later.

Well, if you’ll give us the tablet, Kira, Holga and I will be on our way.

Of course that’s why you came back.

No, it wasn’t for me. It was for that Tablet of Riches.


No, it ‘s… it’s the Tablet of Reawakening.

I’m sorry, what’s this now?

The reason why I agreed to the heist.

Is that what he’s told you? That I left you for more riches?

I told her the truth. She has a right to know it.

He’s been lying to you, Kira.

I wanted to… I wanted to bring your mother back.

Oh, Ed, come on. Look, I know how much you crave her forgiveness, but I promise you, more lies is not the way.

You snake!

You know damn well what he was after.

Why wouldn’t you tell me if you were doing it for Mom?

Because I didn’t want you to lose her again if I failed.

But you can’t blame the poor girl for distrusting you.

After all, you have been lying since you set foot in the room, haven’t you?

You escaped?

We were trying to get back to you, Bug.

Kira, look at me.

I swear to you, it was a Tablet of Reawakening.

I was doing it for Mom, for all of us. You have to trust me.

You told me to trust you when you left me.

Kira, no, wait, wait! Kira!

(Forge) Give her time, give her time.

She’s had years to resent you for your absence.

And you’ve had years to poison her against me.

No, that is not true.

We very rarely spoke of you at all.

Give him what he came for. The tablet?

I don’t think I will be returning it.

Or your daughter, for that matter.

You bastard!


(Forge laughing)

(whispering in Thayan)

And now you’re in the floor!

(grunts)Oh, I hate to see that.

Sofina really is a very, very powerful wizard!

You’d have thought that you’d have learned that the last time she trapped you.

You always wanted us to get caught.

No, I wanted you and Simon to get caught, but he managed to escape somehow.

All these years together, and you double-cross us for this witch?

Never put your trust in a con man.

Save for this…

Kira really is happy and very well taken care of here, and I have truly come to love her as my own.

I never actually saw the appeal of being a father till I became one.

But to have another person look up to you and allow you to shape them in your own image.

It’s a bit like a god!

Well, hang on, I’m a god and a lord. I am really doing all right!


Could you possibly return them to prison?

And be sure to collect the bounty.

Well, I must away.

I am expecting two of the wealthiest men from Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep to talk about the High Sun Games, which are back!

So there’s something, isn’t it?

It was genuinely lovely to see you both.


Ah! Ah! (laughs)

Holga! Holga! Holga!

(whispers) Kill both of them.

(creatures chittering)

We got to get her out of there. We will.

But we need to think of our own hides right now.

Yeah, you got this, right?

(Holga) I know you don’t.

(Blackwood) On your knees.

Handsome blade.

Is that the work of Ghelryn Foehammer?

How did you know?

The inlay on the haft.


How’s the weight? Does it parry?

(Blackwood) It’s darksteel.

Mmm. Very nice.

Now put your heads down.


What do you clean it with?

You’re about to lose your head.

This is what you’re concerned with?

If you wouldn’t mind.

Boiled linseed oil. Once a month.

Should be once a week. That’s why you’re getting rust on the bit.

Okay, chop it off. Chop it off, let’s do it.

(soldier 1) Get her!

(soldier 2) Stop her!

Oh, we got ’em now!(shouts)

Before we leave the city…

Get boiled linseed oil, I know.

(Forge) Knock, knock.

I wanted to make sure you were all right.

I knew I’d see him again one day.

I just hoped it would be different.

Well, you have to understand that when he lost your mother, he sort of lost himself.

Why did he lie about the tablet?

Maybe he was ashamed to admit how much he’d given up for so little.

I should probably go speak to him.


Well, he’s gone, my dear. He’s gone.

I gave him the Tablet of Riches and… he left.

Holga, too?

I’m sorry.

And I want you to know that even if he isn’t there for you, I always will be.

I know.

The fact that you see good in me, makes me believe that there might just be some in there.

(Holga) We could shoot an arrow with a message into her room.

(Edgin) What if it hits her? That ‘s a risk we’ re gonna have to take.

Killing my daughter with an arrow? No, it’s not.

Even if she got the message, she wouldn’t come. She thinks of…

Forge as her dad.

We have to get into that castle and take her out ourselves.

That’s crazy, Ed.

Castle Never’s tighter than Korinn’s Keep, and you know what happened with that.

We’re gonna need a team.

Team? Who’s gonna help us out?

We have nothing to pay them with. Yeah, but Forge does.

He said the richest people were coming to bet on the High Sun Games.

There’ll be a fortune in that vault.


Not to mention the tablet.

And then Kira will know that…

We abandoned her for the right reason.

I wouldn’t put it like that, but, uh, yeah. Yeah.

Who do we get for this team?

You know, I wonder if Simon’s still in Triboar.

Simon’s a terrible sorcerer.

We haven’t seen him in two years. I’m sure he’s gotten better.

No one can hold a candle to this trick.

How about this one? You people like the smell of fresh-cut grass?

(recites spell)

Smell that? It’s fresh-cut grass.

My five-year-old can do that magic.

But can he do this?

(recites spell)

(heckler) Boo.

He hasn’t gotten better.

I don’t think it’s about what he’s doing up there.

(Simon) This is quite hard to be slightly blurry like this, you know.

Anyone can be very blurry, but to be slightly blurry, that’s the real magic.

Is that…

(audience member 1) What? What was…

(audience member 2) Hey!

(audience member 3 groans)

He’s nickin’ our bits and bobs!

It’s not what you think. It’s all part of the act.

He’s lying.

Get him!


Shield spell!

Shield spell!

(recites spell)

(all shout, grunt)

(groans) That wasn’t a shield spell.

(recites spell)

(strained voice) I am not loving this show.

You’re a dead man!

(recites spell)


(recites spell)

(recites spell)

(recites spell)





Staying for an encore?

Get me out of here.

(squawking, chirping)

(Simon) I could’ve warned you Forge was a prick.

Soon as we left that vault, Sofina tried to kill me and he just stood by.

You know, there’s rumors she made Lord Neverember fall ill to clear the way for Forge.

Her magic is on a whole other level.

Don’t sell yourself short. We saw your show.

Yeah, you can hit her with that fresh-cut grass trick.

That’s funny.

Look, I don’t blame you for wanting to save Kira, and I love the idea of knocking Forge off his perch, but robbing Castle Never isn’t worth the risk.

And robbing your audience is?

How broke are you? Desperately.

I was planning on sleeping in the theater tonight, but now that seems imprudent. So?

Do we even know what sort of arcane magic is protecting the vault?

We’re gonna find out! How?

You gonna sneak past the entire Castle Watch?

Me? No. A druid maybe, a Wild Shape.

They could get in and out undetected as a…

As a mouse or a… A deer.

Yes, a deer! It’ll blend in with all the other deer in the castle.

Don’t mock me.

Where can we find a druid?

I know a druid. Doric.

She’s truly one of a kind.

Sounds romantic in nature.

Yeah. For me it was.

She, however, found my lack of self-esteem unattractive.

(Holga) Not your best trait.

Thank you.

(executioner) In the name of Forge Fitzwilliam, the prisoner is hereby sentenced to death by dismemberment, for the crime of speaking ill of our leader.

The Emerald Enclave will never relent!

Justice cannot be killed!

On my command.

Your Doric’s a bit of a radical.(executioner) Ready?

Oh, no, that’s not Doric.


(executioner) Move in!

Kill her!

(horse nickering)



(executioner) Move in!

Move in!


That’s her.

(guard 1 shouts)



(guard 2 shouts, grunts)

What is that again? It’s an owlbear.

(horse neighs)

(insects chirring)

(birds chirping)

(speaking Elvish)

(Edgin) How high is this place?

(Simon) It’s just up here.

Stay where you are! Wait! Wait! It’s me!

Simon. Simon who?


Simon Aumar. Sorcerer.

I courted you.

You said I made you feel sad.

Not from anything I did, just from who I was.




What are you doing here?

We need a deer. We don’t need a deer.

We’re gonna take down Forge Fitzwilliam.

(Edgin) So, how’d you come to live here?

I was born to humans who decided they didn’t want a tiefling child.

Uh-huh. The wood elves took me in.

I joined the Emerald Enclave to protect them.

That’s all the more reason to join us.

You’re the only one who can get into that castle unseen and tell us what we’re dealing with.

As you can imagine, I don’t trust humans.

I find you to be hateful and selfish.

Well, I’m finding you to be a little mean.

If it helps, I’m only half-human.

But you’re a bad sorcerer.

No, Simon… He’s a mighty sorcerer!

He’s a descendant of Elminster Aumar.

The only way to succeed in this is to have confidence that it can be done.

He doesn’t.Yeah, I suppose that’s fair.

Look, Simon may not have my wit or Holga’s strength, but when it counts, this young man delivers.

It’s why I chose him. He’s also the only sorcerer you know.

Holga, not helpful.

What is it exactly that you bring to this?

Me? I’m a planner. You know? I make plans.

You’ve already made the plan, so what value do you have now?

If, uh, the plan fails… the existing plan… I make a new plan.

So you make plans that fail.

No.He also plays the lute.

Holga, not relevant. Trust me, I’m indispensable.

Well, none of the plans we’ve tried to take down Forge have worked.

We dared to question how he came to power, so he declared us enemies.

Began destroying our homes and executing our people.

If we don’t stop Forge soon, there’ll be nothing left to defend.

I’m not doing this for the money.

I’m doing this for the people who took me in when no one else would.

So we’ll keep your share then.


(Szass Tam) I sense your impatience.

Szass Tam.

But you have always been the disciple I rely on most.

Doff your cowl.

You needn’t hide your sigils from me.

I’d rather be flensed and flayed than spend another hour with Forge Fitzwilliam.

(scoffs) The man is insufferable.

But we never would have come this far without his ‘charm.’

The living have befouled this world long enough.

Take solace in knowing that your work here is nearly complete.

There you are!

With your hood off, I notice.

Probably best to keep that on.

You know, you Red Wizards of Thay are not as popular as you should be outside Thay.

And, of course, you’re about to be considerably less popular.

But far, far be it from me ever to tell you what to do. (chuckles)

Caldwell and Piradost have arrived.

I was gonna give them…

Awful, isn’t it? I really have to do something about these chairs.

(insect buzzing)They’re, uh…

Now, I think you will find that we have taken every imaginable measure to protect the assets that you may… or may not…

Choose to wager during the High Sun Games.

We have new portcullises on every wing of the castle.

If the alarm is raised, nobody gets in or out.(insect buzzes)

And then there is… the vault itself.

My chief adviser, Sofina, can give you all the details.

It is protected by the Arcane Seal of Mordenkainen.

Well, uh… (laughs)

Perhaps not all the details, but, uh, suffice to say it is a seriously powerful spell.

Might I inquire, what prompted you to resume the games?

Lord Neverember considered them quite brutal.

Lord Neverember and I are very different men.

For example, I prefer to be up and about.

He prefers to be in a vegetative state.


You are terrible.

I can be naughty. No, I…

The truth is that the games bring the city together like nothing else.

And it is not the role of government to deny the people what they crave.

Or to deny you rich bastards the right to profit off them.


Now who wants refreshments?


A Wild Shape is among us.




(mouse squeaking)

(guard 1) I can’t grab her!


(metal clanks)


(hawk cries)

(bell tolling)

(guard shouts)

(hawk cries)

(cat yowls)



(squawking, chirping)



(townspeople scream)

So she did become a deer.

Only at the very end.

Are you absolutely sure about Sofina? I saw her markings.

No wonder I couldn’t counter her Time Stop.

Forge knew all along. He’s got my daughter in there with a Red Wizard.

The vault is protected by something called ‘Morty Kamen’s Arcane Seal.’


Yeah, that’s it. Oh, pity.

What? If the vault has Mordenkainen’s Seal, we’re not getting in. It’s impenetrable.

Can’t you just open it with magic?

Okay, here we go.

I hate how everyone thinks that you can solve any problem with magic.

There are limits. This isn’t some bedtime story.

This is the real world. So there’s no way to open it?

No, I mean, if I were one of the world’s most powerful sorcerers, so, no.

Or if we had the Helm of Disjunction.

The what?

It’s a helmet that disables all nearby enchantments.

But it doesn’t matter. The thing went missing ages ago. We’re done.

Huh? Come on.

What’s the problem? We can find that helmet.

Even if we did, I couldn’t use it without attuning to it, which I’m terrible at.

You can do it. I know you can.

You saying that doesn’t make it so. Yeah, but you saying it does.

But I can’t.

But you can.

But I won’t.

Just say it.

No!(sighs) Fine.

Can we just keep this between us?

I don’t want to hurt the group’s morale. What morale?

Holga knows where the helmet is. You do?

My tribe fought the Cult of the Dragon over it at the Evermoors.

We could just ask them where it went.

That battle was a century ago. They’re all dead.

So? Ask them with magic.

He just made a whole speech how he can’t fix everything with magic.

Actually, that is something I can do.


You can bring back the dead?

I can’t, uh, bring them back, but I have this token that lets me ask corpses some questions, and then they go back to being dead.

Yuck. Yeah, it’s fairly horrible.

It’s fairly wonderful.

We’re off to the Evermoors. Thank you, Simon, for the drinks.

Oh, what? No…

(Holga) Just pay it with magic.

(in Thayan) The Wild Shape must be in league with Forge’s former partners.

Perhaps Forge is working against us?

As long as he profits, he will not interfere with Szass Tam’s conquest.

I will find these thieves.

Before you go, the men behind us allowed them to escape.


(Blackwood in English) He’s a Thayan!

Hey, Ed.

Huh? Look where we are.

Marlamin? Really?

Why would you do that to yourself?

I’m just gonna pick up some of my things.

(villagers chattering)

He painted the shutters.




Hello, Marlamin.

(Doric) That’s Marlamin?

(Edgin) Oh, yeah.

We were all a little surprised the first time we met him.

I thought your sentence was longer.

I busted out of there.


Same old Holga.

So what have you been up to?

(sighs) Oh.

The usual.

I’ve got my garden. I’m working on my book.

I see you still have that walking stick I gave you.

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, you can take it with you if you want.

Gwinn’s not much for rambling. Gwinn?

(Gwinn) You home, darling?(sighs) In here.

Oh! Squashed a pack of bullywugs down at the…

Oh. Hello.

Who’s this, then? Oh, Gwinn, this is Holga.

Oh. (sighs)

Heard a lot about you.(chuckles)

I’d shake your hand, but, uh… (chuckles)


How long you in town for?

Um, just passing through.

Gonna talk to some corpses south of Nesmé.

Oh. Great, yeah.

Gonna get washed up for supper. What we having?

I cured a goose and I gathered some pickleberries.


Nice meeting you, Holga.Yeah.

So how long have you two… Going on a year.

Does she make you happy?

Happier than I did?

Well, I’ll put it this way: She makes her living honestly.

She doesn’t drink herself silly.

And she doesn’t make me weep in the small hours, wondering where she is.

I was in pain.

I was banished from my damn tribe to be with you.

And I tried to build us a home so you could forget that.

But you never could.

Gwinn seems lovely.

You deserve that.

Thank you.

You know, when you left, I lost my family.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find another.

And I wish nothing less than that for you.

My sweet, old Ho-Ho.

We’re gonna take down Forge.

I’m gonna show Marlamin and the Elk tribe they were fools to let me go.


♪ Not fortune found Nor fate divine ♪

♪ Come close to toping The juice of the vine ♪

♪ With cherry crew We sip and sway ♪

♪ Let’s tip the tankard And waste the day ♪

(both) ♪ Ree-raw! Well, ye ken ♪

♪ Our toils can wait For a time ♪

♪ We saw the folly of men ♪

♪ Who rather than revel repine ♪

♪ Ree-raw! Well, ye ken ♪

♪ Our toils can wait For a time ♪

♪ We saw the folly of men ♪

♪ Who rather than revel repine ♪

(animal howls)

(horse snorts)

So many of my kin gave their lives in battle here.

I’d always imagined I’d be buried in sacred ground like this.


Anyone got a shovel?

Okay, Simon, how does this work?

I read the incantation on this cleric’s token.

Should be here somewhere.


All right. Once the dead man is revived, we can ask him five questions, at which point he will die again, never to be re-revived.

Why five questions?

I don’t know, that’s just how it works. Seems arbitrary.

Can we get on with this, please? Right, yes.

(crunch)(Simon grunts)


(clears throat)

(recites spell)

Maybe I’m not saying it right.


I wasn’t scared, merely startled.

(sighs) Here we go.

Were you killed in the Battle of the Evermoors?

Yes. Great!

I mean, not for you. Sorry for your loss.

Four more questions, right?


No. No, no, that wasn’t for you.

Did that count as a question?


Damn it.

Only answer when I talk to you, okay?

Yes. Why did you say ‘okay?’ at the end of that?

I didn’t.

Fantastic. Where’s the shovel?

(Simon recites spell)


(raspy breath, sighs)

Toke Horgath.

During the battle, did you see the Helmet of Disjunction?

It was in possession of my chief, Stanhard Grimwulf.

Okay, good.

And what did Stanhard Grimwulf do with it?

(Toke) As the cultists breached the ridge, we knew we outnumbered them.

But our advantage meant nothing against the dragon Rakor.

(Rakor screeches)

(warriors shouting)

(Stanhard) Horgath!


Take this and run.

Keep it from Rakor at all costs!

Understood, sir. Don’t worry. (shouts)

That’s the last thing I remember.

Oh. Yeah, well…

Thanks for your help.

Let’s go look for Stanhard Grimwulf’s grave.

Hang on! Hang on! Hmm?

Aren’t you going to ask him the last three questions?

Ask him what? He already told us everything he knows.

Well, you can’t just leave him like that. Look at the poor bloke.

Oh, fine.

What’s your favorite food?

Oats. No, barley!

Oh, boy.

Do you like cats?

Not really.


What’s two plus two?

I’m bad at math.

Don’t you feel better? No.

(Stanhard) Oftentimes,

the most onerous decision a leader can take is when to retreat.

I issued the order.

(warriors shout)

I commanded my battle lord to deliver the helmet to our swiftest rider, Ven Salafin.

If we can just make it over the ridge, we can…

Not again.

(gasps) It was the morning of the battle.

As I stepped out my bath, my foot slipped on the stone.

And then you went into the battle?

No. I died. From the fall.

But Stanhard Grimwulf said he gave the helmet to Ven Salafin.

That’s you, isn’t it?


I’m Sven Salafin. Ven’s my brother.

(sighs) This is a nightmare.

(Sven) Is Ven all right?

I was wounded and had lost my horse as I escaped the field of battle.

(warriors shout) I didn’t care about myself.

I just needed to keep the helmet safe.

It was a Thayan, who bore the mark of Szass Tam.

I waited for the killing blow.

But it never came.

He had a kind way.

He told me his name was Xenk Yendar.

He had fled Szass Tam and now lived in exile.

As I died, he promised to keep the helmet safe.

And for some reason, I believed him.

You’re joking. A ‘kind’ Thayan?

I speak truth.

You speak horseshit.

That Thayan lied and you died for nothing.

The helmet’s a dead end. We’ll have to find another way into the vault.

No, I’ve heard of Xenk.

He’s a paladin. He helped the Enclave defeat the Clerics of Talos.

I know the name as well.

My uncle said Xenk fended off a Beholder using only a sharpened gourd.

A sharpened gourd? Something sharp.

The Thayans are murderers. End of story.


I’ve heard of him, too.


He fought with my cousin in the Anauroch. He says he’s a good man.

Well, you can all go find this lovely Xenk and braid each other’s hair.

I’ll find another way.

What’s his problem? He’s got a history with the Thayans.

I know how you’re feeling. But we’re running out of time.

I’d be betraying Zia.

No, you wouldn’t. You’d be doing it to save her and Kira.

Look, if Xenk turns out to be a prick, I’ll split him right down the middle.

That’s very sweet. What have we got to lose?

Anyone know where stupid Xenk is?

Last I heard, he was working with the Harpers in Mornbryn’s Shield.

Great! Harpers.

What’s his problem with Harpers?

He’s got a history with them too.

All right, let’s go.

(Ven) Excuse me?

I’m still alive.

Right. Um…

What’s your favorite book?

Mmm, hard to pick just one.

Fifth question, right? Yep.

Good. In terms of historical works,

I’d say The Fanged Tome of Lykanthus Szar.

That was only the fourth question.


Oh, shit.

(villagers shouting)

Heave! Heave!

Come on, we need more! Come on!



(speaking Thayan)


(villagers chattering)

It’s alive!


Thank you!

Thank you, sir.

(chittering, cooing)

He’s interesting. I’ ve seen more interesting.

Ed, go talk to him. You go talk to him.

(Simon) You know, I’ve pulled cats out of fish.

(horse grunting)

Xenk, is it?

That is a query I prefer not to answer without knowing to whom I am speaking.

I’m Holga Kilgore.

This is Simon, Edgin and Doric back there.

And what brings you to Mornbryn’s Shield? You do.

We’re trying to find the Helmet of Dysfunction.


Many lives were lost in defense of that helm.

To speak of it would be to diminish their sacrifice.



Jankleeto you as well, good sir.

You’re known as a man of honor and integrity, and I can assure you, our reasons for wanting the helmet are entirely noble.

Yep. We’re gonna rob someone.

Holga! (chuckles)

Not just anyone. Forge Fitzwilliam.

And the Red Wizard of Thay he’s partnered with.

Come with me.

What is this place?

(Xenk) A Harper sanctuary.

But surely your friend Edgin already knew that.

How’d you know I was a Harper?

You may have forsworn your oath, but your oath hasn’t forsworn you.

(scoffs) Just because that sentence is symmetrical doesn’t make it not nonsense.

Why do you wish to rob Fitzwilliam?

He stole Edgin’s daughter and a great deal of treasure from us.

Also a Tablet of Reawakening.

He doesn’t need to know all that.

I was just…

In other words, Forge is a real son of a bitch.

So you blame his mother for his corruption.


No, it’s an expression.

I see.

I do not traffic in colloquialisms.

You’re not a lot of fun, are you?

If Fitzwilliam is truly allied with a Red Wizard, their intentions must go beyond the mere political.

Over a century ago, the necromancer Szass Tam was one of eight zulkirs who ruled the nation of Thay.

Great, a history lesson.

But Tam’s hunger for power was absolute.

On the eve of the solstice, residents of the capital gathered for a celebration.(thunder rumbling)

Unbeknownst to them, or his fellow rulers, Tam had a plan of his own: to stage an unholy coup.

(thunder rumbling)

(speaking Thayan)

(Xenk) He unleashed the Beckoning Death, a spell that would consume the souls of all who beheld it, enslaving them to his will.(clamoring)

With the aid of his Red Wizards, Szass Tam created an army of the undead, allowing him to conquer the entire nation.

Szass’s power extends no further than the borders of Thay.

I suspect he and his Red Wizards will not be content until they have infected the whole of Faerûn with their maleficence.

You done? Because we already know that Red Wizards are bad.

And so does Forge.

The question remains, if they helped him to take power, what do they stand to gain?

Sounds like we have a common enemy.

You give us that helmet, and we take Forge down.

No one stays Lord without a fortune to back him up.

And the Red Wizards lose their puppet.

What will become of the wealth you burgle?

What does that matter?

I will not be complicit in the illicit use of ill-gotten booty.

Uh… Fine. We’ll divide it amongst the townspeople.

Swear to it. What?

Place your hand on this Harper’s Seal and swear that you will indeed distribute all the wealth you take amongst the people of Neverwinter.

Sure, fine. (chuckles)

(Simon) Go on, Ed.

Promise you’ll give Forge’s money to the people.

Promise I’ll… give Forge’s money to the people of Neverwinter.

Keep this.

You may not yet believe your words, but I do.

Yeah. Good for you. Simon, hold onto this.

Now, where’s the helmet?

In the bowels of the Underdark. The Underdark?

Weren’t you trying to keep it safe? Why would you put it down there?

Because it is the last place that anyone who values their life would go.

Sounds lovely. Quite the opposite.

I-I know. I was being ironic.

I find irony is a blade that cuts he who wields it most especially.

Yeah? Is that what you find, Xenk?

There is an entrance east of the Sword Mountains in the Kryptgarden Forest, from which we may descend to the ruins of Dolblunde.

If I may be so bold, what caused you to renounce the Harpers?

Being a Harper got my wife killed.

I’m sorry.(horse nickers)

Did her assailants find justice?

The Thayans, you mean?

(horse nickers)


The Thayans are not all malevolent.

I was a boy when Szass Tam seized control of Thay.

(all screaming)

I saw firsthand the horrors of the spell.

Honorable men turned to monsters.

Minds wiped clean in moments.

Parents turning on their own child.

(screaming, clamoring)

(breathing heavily)



(Xenk) I escaped, alive, but forever changed.

You and I have both lost a part of ourselves.

All that matters is what we do with what remains.

I told you what I’m gonna do.

I’m gonna break into Castle Never and get my family back.

And the tablet?

You plan to resurrect your wife.


Very well.

I’d only ask that you consider that this plane we call ‘life’ is but one of many.


To drag your lady-love back to her old life is to deprive her of her new one.

Can someone else ride next to this guy?

Follow me to the orifice.

The orifice?

The Underdark has many entrances.

This is one of the less conspicuous.

(rocks clattering)

I’ll go last.

It’s a day’s trek. I’ve chosen a path to avoid the populace.

Stay close and quiet.

Whatever you’ve heard of this place is merely a fraction of its true danger.

Should the way become too dim, you may take my hand, and I will lead you.

I’ll tell you right now, I’m not taking his hand.

Keep your guard up. I don’t trust this guy.

Even though he’s helping us?

Ah, he’s got something up his sleeve.

The only thing up my sleeve is my arm.

(whispers) How could he hear that? I hear that as well.

(whispers) I hate you.

The path to the ruins is just here.

(creatures shrieking)

Keep still!

(creatures grunting)


Intellect devourers. Small but formidable.

They stun their targets and consume the brain, taking control of the body.

What do we do? Make no sound.

They’re drawn to mental energy.

The higher the intelligence of the prey, the more likely they are to strike.


(grunting continues)

Well, that’s a little hurtful.

(Xenk) There it is. The Hanging City of Dolblunde.

The helmet lies on the far side of this chasm.

But be warned, the bridge is protected by an ancient Gnomish trap.

There is a precise formula we must follow so as not to trigger the mechanism.

What’s the formula? It’s quite simple.

Starting from the center, use odd-numbered blocks only, moving forward with each step, except for every fifth step, which must be a lateral move.

Left or right, it matters not, so long as the leader and the laggard remain equidistant.

After which, proceed. Again, odd-numbered blocks only.

However, at the midpoint we switch to even-numbered blocks.

Same pattern, except now a lateral move after the fourth step, until we reach the three… (explosion)

I… I may have… put my foot on the bridge.

Didn’t realize that’s where it technically started.

So… sorry.

It’s not very structurally sound.

Can’t you just magic us across?

(groans) It’s too far for telekinesis.

(sighs) I’ve got some rope in my bag.

I could tie it to the axe.

Toss it across so it sticks to the rock.

(Edgin) You know rocks are hard, right?(Holga) Shut up.

Where did you get that?

What, Marlamin’s walking stick?

I swiped it from a wizard over in the Greypeaks.

That’s not a walking stick.

(staff powers up)

It’s a Hither-Thither staff.

A what? Should have a range of around 500 yards.




It works! (chuckles)


Didn’t even need the bridge!

I did good.

Good save.


(mechanical ticking, creaking)

This I give you now, trusting that you will protect it with your very life.

I will.

Hold this.


There is evil here.

(Holga) Are those…

Thayan assassins.

(in Thayan) You look older, Yendar.

Must be all that foul mortal blood.

And you, Dralas, look just as loathsome as the last time we met.

Then I’ll see to it we don’t meet again.

(in English) Leave them to me.


(speaking Thayan)

(both grunting)


(both grunting)



(both continue grunting)

I’m glad he’s on our side.

We must flee.

Why? You killed them all.

‘Tis no simple feat to kill that which is already dead.

(in Thayan) Ready for the next bout, Yendar?

(assassins groaning)

(Xenk in English) Quickly!

(speaking Thayan)

(all grunting)


(creature growling)



That’s one pudgy dragon.

It’s Themberchaud. He must have found a new den.

Did he eat the last one?

(shouting in Thayan)






(chain rattling, creaking)

(Themberchaud groaning)

(all grunting)


I got you!


(Holga) It’s a dead end!

Simon! Up there!



(grunting, shouting)


(Themberchaud groaning)



(both panting)

Thanks for that.

You’d have done the same for me.


Bastard won’t quit!


Come on! He’s stuck!

So are we.

We’re gonna drown!

Well, portal us out of here! I can only portal us to what I can see!

You want to go from that wall to that wall?

It’s salt water.

Simon, you remember that trick you did in Triboar?

Fresh-cut grass smell?

No, the flame finger one.

(Simon) Yeah, why? Holga, hit him!

You want to make him angrier?

When I say so, everybody goes underwater.

And that’ll be your cue, Simon, all right?

What are you looking at?

A Harper shaking off his slumber.


Go, Holga!




This is where I leave you.

I wish you every success on your journey.

You’re not coming? Would that I could.

But this is your quest.

I have given you the tools. You must utilize them.

Can’t you utilize them for us?

Because you’re much better at fighting and strategy and…

Pretty much everything but talking.

Talking to you isn’t great.


In those instances where faith wanes and doubt waxes, I recall the Tenets of the Ancients…

Okay. See you later.

There he goes.

Just wandering off.

Walks in such a straight line.

Uh-oh. Wait a minute. He’s coming up on a rock.

Is he gonna go around?


Right over the rock.

(whispering spell)

What are you mumbling?

I’m preparing to attune.

If I can’t connect with it, it’ll be useless.

That’s a lot of pressure, given all we went through to get it.

Yeah, I realize that.

So our entire fate rests on you.

(sighs) Come on.

(helmet hums)

(boom resounds)

There he is, the great Simon Aumar.

Sorcerer descended from wizarding blood.

Who are you?

Don’t you know me?

My name is Aumar too.

You’re my great-great grandfather.


That’s quite a helm.

What makes you think you’re worthy of it?

I believe in myself?

You’re asking me?

No, I’m… I’m sure.

I’m a great sorcerer.

Are you now?

Funny thing about magic.

It chooses who may wield it.

And it does not suffer fools.

Why are you telling me this?

I think you know, Simon.

(helmet hums)


(Doric) Did you attune with it?

You okay?

I got you.

What happened?

I, uh…

I spoke to someone.


My great-great grandfather. He was… unhelpful.

You spoke to him?

From here, it looked like the helmet flew off the second you put it on.

Well, time moves differently there.

(sighs) Okay, I’ll try a different approach.

Great. New approach. Try it.

(exhales deeply)

You got this. You got this.

(helmet hums)




You’re getting better. You didn’t fly as far.

Stick with it.

We have six hours till we leave for Neverwinter.

You fail, I never get my family back.


(Zia giggling)

I’ve never seen a bigger coward.

(whispers) Coward? You’re under here, too.

Fine. I’ll handle it.

No, no, no.

I’ve got this.

(laughs) And you want to be a Harper.




Oh, God. Damn.

There it is.

Stop trying to capture it.

You just have to let it go.

(Simon) Ed!

Ed! We’ve got a problem.


I can’t do it.

The helmet?

I’ve been at it for hours!

I can’t get past the old bastard!

I said I couldn’t attune. Now I’m the prat!

What’s the racket?

(Edgin) He’s having a little trouble with the helm.

Come on, Simon, just do it.

Oh. yeah, okay. Yeah. Thanks, Holga. I’ll just do it.

This is exactly what I told you would happen back at the tavern, but you wouldn’t listen. What do you mean, you told him?

He said to keep it between us for morale.

I… Do you know why?

Because he is the most pigheaded person I’ve ever known!

You talk us into doing things you know won’t work, and then you blame us when it goes pear-shaped!

If you can’t attune, we’ll figure out a Plan B.

Plan B? We dug up my family.

We went to the Underdark for that helmet.

And you knew the whole time that he couldn’t use it?

You humans. You just can’t help but lie.

I didn’t lie. I really thought Simon could do it.

Guys, look. We got a couple hours till the games begin.

This is what we do. We pivot.

Instead of dwelling on what went wrong and who lied to whom, let’s put our heads together and figure out a plan!

I’m gonna figure out my way home.

I can’t believe I put my faith in any of you.

Yeah, I’m going too. Sorry about Kira.

We’ll find another way to get her. Just not today.

It has to be today. We’re not done until my daughter’s safe.

Aren’t you sick of failing?

No! That’s the whole point!

We must never stop failing, because the minute we do, we’ve failed.

Huh? Look, none of us here can say our lives have gone the way we had hoped for.



You left your tribe to be with a man who left you because you were so upset about leaving your tribe.

And if you quit now, that’s in stone!

Same with you, Simon.

You’re a petty thief masquerading as a pettier sorcerer.

You gonna go back to your show? It’s better than dying.

There’s worse things than dying.

And, Doric, you have integrity, and I am sure the last thing you want to do is tell the Emerald Enclave that you had a chance to save them but you walked away.

Hey, You’re quick to call us failures. What about you, Ed?

Me? I’m the champion of failures!

I lost everything that ever mattered to me and it was all my fault.

You want to know who really killed my wife?

I did.

I decided we deserved a better life than a Harper’s oath would allow us.

But I didn’t know that Red Wizards marked their treasure.

I led them right to our door.

I didn’t even have the good luck to be home when they got there.

I failed the Harpers, I failed my family, I failed all of you.

Which is exactly why I can’t quit.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go sit on this rock and make a plan.

(Holga) Move over.

I ‘d sit too, but there’s no more room on the rock.

How about this?

We use the Hither-Thither Staff to get into the vault.

No, I’ve explained this.

You can’t Hither-Thither into a room you can’t see.

I’m not saying that.

I’m saying we put the portal on something and then sneak that thing into the vault.

Mmm. The only thing going in that vault is treasure.

So we put the portal on some treasure.

Forge did say the richest men in Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep are bringing loot to the city.

They’ll be traveling the High Road.

We could catch one of their convoys! There’ll be dozens of guards.

Yeah, but the guards will be guarding against people taking things out of their wagon, not putting them in!

Holga, I could kiss you! Try it.

(Edgin) Perfect. Thank you so much.


(guards chattering)


(both grunt)


(guards chattering)

(Forge) What a profound joy it is to welcome you, the good people of Neverwinter, to the resumption of the High Sun Games!

(crowd cheering)

I guarantee that you are in for the most riveting spectacle on all the Sword Coast.

The rules are very simple: Five harrowing challenges. Five teams of champions.

Whoever survives to reach the Cage of Sanctuary moves on to the next stage.

One thing: I do urge you, please do not leave the arena till the close of the games, as there will be a wonderful gift for each and every one of you!


All right, take me down.

This is absurdly high. It’s not what we discussed.

(guard) Come on. Gotta get it all done.

Oh, no. What happened?

It’s facing the floor. Why would they store it that way?

Damn it. Why does nothing go our way?

Let me try. Maybe I can make a gap.

(horn sounds)

The games have started.

We ‘re going to Plan C.Oh, bollocks. What’s Plan C?

Plan C is we go back to Plan A.

You’re gonna attune to the helmet.

Why don’t you just call it Plan A?

Plan A has a stink on it. You know damn well I can’t attune to the thing.

That’s not true! You couldn’t attune to it.

Look at me. Look at me! Huh?

Do you remember that job in Loudwater?

You couldn’t spider climb until Jolym sicced his dog on you.

And when we robbed the spear of Aoth Fezim, your stoneskin spell failed until the arrows were inches away.

Even in Triboar, you flipped the gravity of a whole theater!

You did?

By accident. It was wild magic, and that only happened because they were gonna kill me. Exactly!

Look, you are at your strongest when you think you’re at your weakest.

But you deliver.

You’re gonna get into that vault, okay?

Not because you can… but because you must.

I’m gonna keep chipping away.

If I can get a quarter inch, I’ll be able to squeeze through as a worm.

As a worm!

As a worm, perfect.

You see this? Now we have a Plan D if Plan C fails.

Isn’t Plan D just Plan B again?

Plan B has a stink too. It all stinks.

Here. Use this to keep in contact.

Well, um, this is a rock.

Actually it is…

(amplified voice) a sending stone.

But they’ll only work for an hour.

Clever.(feedback screeches)


(Holga) So how we gonna get in there?

(Edgin) Easy. We just create a distraction.

Oh, I got a good feeling about Plan C.

(lute playing)

What’s your business here?

♪ When the battle is over Friends become lovers ♪

♪ Sons embrace mothers Brothers and dads ♪

♪ Where once were contenders Now are befrienders ♪

♪ Oh, let’s celebrate Lasses and lads ♪

♪ Where once were contenders Now are befrienders ♪

♪ Let’s celebrate lasses… Celebrate lasses… ♪

♪ Celebrate lasses… ♪

♪ Celebrate lasses… ♪

What’s going on? You’re messing up my song!

My foot is stuck.

Concentrate, Simon.

♪ Brate… brate… brate… Brate… brate… brate… ♪

♪ Brate… brate… brate… Brate… brate… ♪

What madness is this?

(distorted dialogue) ♪ Brate… ♪

I think they’re starting to get suspicious.

(voice stutters)

Nine hells.

There! Interlopers! Come on!

(bell tolling)

Kira’s room should be up there.

Find the vault and we’ll meet you. Go!


(guards shouting)

(guard 1) There she is!

(guard 2) Hold your weapons!

I’ll hold them. Find the vault.

You sure I can’t help? I’m certain.

Mmm, you don’t have to be so certain.

(guard 2) Get her!

(Torbo) Now listen carefully.

I’m with the Absolution Council. They’ve just gone up.

(guard) Go! Quickly!

(guard) Open up!

Just a minute!


I don’t mind that.

Okay, you can do this.

Relax. No rush.

(guard) There he is!(screams)

(helmet hums)


(sorcerer laughs)

Look who’s back. The would-be sorcerer.

I don’t have time for this! Yet I have all the time there is.

You don’t get it. We’re going to die if I don’t attune!

So you die a fool. It’s better than to live as one.

That’s enough! You don’t know me.

I know you’re a stain on your family name!

To hell with my name! Let me attune!

Not while I live. You don’t live!

You had your time. Now it’s my turn.

I won’t allow it.

I don’t care!


Took you long enough.

(helmet hums)

(guards shout)

(recites spell)

(villagers gasp, shout)

(wood rattles, creaks)


Simon, was that you?

It was! I did it!

Well done.

I guess it was just me holding me back.

That’s what I’ ve been saying!

(guard grunting)

(banging on door)

I made it inside the vault.

So did we.

There’s nothing here.

(Doric) What do you mean? It’s all here. Where are you?

Where are you?

I think I’m under the arena.


(guard) This one here.


(crowd cheering in distance)

Oh, that’s not good.

(muffled grunts)

Simon! Doric! You there?

What are you doing here?


I came for you.

We have to go.

You left me.

No. No, I know you think I’m a liar and a bad father, but…

I am a bad father.

And I did leave you.

And I wasn’t trying to bring your mom back.

I was trying to… bring my wife back.

Which if… maybe if you had gotten a chance to know her and love her like I did, you’d understand.

But if you come with me now, you can have that chance.




(laughs) You ‘d think you’d be able to distinguish between your own daughter and a 300-year-old wizard.

Don’t worry, Kira’s safe.

Unlike me, she had no idea you were coming.

I don’t think she knows how tenacious you’ve become. Huh?

Look, Ed, um… I’m really sorry about the way things have worked out.

But I think if you were truly honest,

you’d have to admit I can give Kira a better life.

I hope you can take comfort in knowing that she’s with the father she deserves, yeah?

And now I’m in a pickle because… (muffled grunt) I don’t want to see you die.

Which is why I’m gonna leave the room.

(muffled grunts)


(muffled grunt)

(grunts, pants)

If you’re gonna kill us, at least let us die with dignity.

How do you mean? Put us in the High Sun Games.

Give us a fighting chance. That’s not a chance.

It’s not a chance at all.

I mean, even if you were to somehow survive the tournament, Sofina’s gonna…


It would be much, much better for you to die here than to go to the games.

No. They defeated your men and mine.

Let them fight in the arena.

They deserve that much.

(Holga, muffled) to the games?

(Edgin, muffled) Oh. Yeah. That was sort of a bad day.


You might want to go back to sleep.

(crowd shouting)

Are we…

In the arena.

This dummy talked Forge into putting us in the games.

Dummy? I saved our lives!

And I got us right above where Doric said the treasure was.

Isn’t it a little suspect that Sofina would agree to this?

(sighs) Yeah, she’s definitely planned something.

Where under the arena were you?

Do you remember?

Not sure.

There was a dock down there.

I saw guards loading everything onto a ship.

A ship. Forge wasn’t hiding the loot from us.

He was stealing it for himself.

He never cared about being Lord. That just gave him access to the vault.

He must have brought back the games so the take would be bigger.

What about Kira? He won’t leave her behind. We have to get to that boat.

I don’t understand. If Forge is leaving, what does Sofina get out of this?

(horn sounds)

(crowd shouting)

Maybe I can get us out of here.

Magic suppression cuff. They put one on me too.

And just when you were getting good at it.

(horn sounds)

(crowd cheering)

(contestants chattering)


So we just go through the maze?

(Simon) I guess till we reach the cage?

(contestants shouting)


(contestant) Find the cage!

(Displacer Beast growls)

(contestant shouts)

(Edgin) Follow me!

(contestant screams)

Whoa, whoa!


(low growl)


Where are the others?

(Doric) Come on, this way.

(gongs sound)

Have you tried Displacer Beast meat?

No. It’s too gamey for me.

(whispers) The ship is ready, sir.

It seems my ship is ready, so…

Kira and I will be taking our leave.

I do hope that our collaboration has been as gratifying for you as it has for…

Get out of my city.


Get out of the way!

It’s burning!

(Doric shouts, gasps)

Another minute, I would have lost my hand.

Yeah, but look what you did lose.

Come on.

Doric? Doric!

There must be a way to get out of the arena.



(Simon) Come on! Come on!

(gongs sound)

(Simon laughs, pants)

(contestant) Yeah. Come on!



No, this isn’t the way out.(door closes)

Yes, it is. If we survive this, there’ll be another challenge and another until every last person in that cage is dead.

We have to find a work-around.

(sighs)(gongs sound)

I’ve got an idea. Follow me.

(contestant 1) No! Come back!

(contestant 2) Hey! What’s your idea?

When we hear the gong, we jump in.

Into this thing?

(Holga) You want to end up like that guy?

We will only be inside for a few seconds.

(contestant screams)

Well, If we’re all inside, who’s gonna pull us out?

I will, trust me.


(Doric) Hold.



(gongs sound)Now!

(gel squishing)


Damn it! That stings!

(Edgin grunting)

(gongs sound)

(rumbling overhead)We got to move.

I’ve been here.

(Holga) Our gear.

Simon. Try these on your cuff.

(keys jangle)

Come with me.

Quite a second date, yeah?

(Kira) A trip?

(Forge) Yes.

Something urgent has come up, but if we leave now we’ll be safe.

Safe from what?

What is this?(Edgin) This is an ambush.

On the boat you were gonna use to escape from Neverwinter.

Dad. Hi, honey.

Hey, Forge, why don’t you tell her what this is?

I don’t know. It’s the Tablet of Reawakening, Kira.

It’s the reason why I left you.

Your dad’s been telling you the truth, Bug.

It’s Uncle Forge who’s been feeding you lies.


It’s rubbish. It’s just rubbish!

Come with me, Kir.

We’ll go home, bring back Mom.

We can be a family again.

You’re not taking my money.

Put down the tablet and get off my ship, all of you.

Now! Okay. Okay. Okay.

What are you doing?

It’s all right. Shush, my darling, be quiet.

It’s going down. Just don’t hurt her.

See that, Kira?

Your father knows me.

He knows I’m prepared to do terrible things to get what I want.

Even to those I care about most.

In the end, that’s all that separates the beggar…

(no audible dialogue)

(shouts, grunts)

Nobody hurts my Bug.

Simon, get us out of here!

(recites spell)

Sorry, Ed.

Sorry, Forge!

(low rumbling)

(speaking Thayan)


What’s that one on about? Who knows?

Twenty thousand on the Gray Hands!

I’m sorry I believed him.

What? What are you talking about?

You have nothing to apologize for.

I should have done so many things differently.

I had a whole apology, but I sort of gave it to Sofina.

I love you, Kir.

And nothing will ever get in the way of that again, okay?


I love you too, Dad.

It’s good to have you back, kid.

Do you know how much loot is on this ship?


I’m surprised the boat can float.

(door closes)

All right. So, we’re gonna need to lay low.

What is that?

(thunder rumbling)

(Edgin) It’s the Beckoning Death.

(Simon) That’s why she needed Forge.

The games brought the city together for the spell.

Szass Tam is taking Neverwinter.

Well, shit.

(Holga) So what do we do when we get there?

Working on it. Simon, what did you say the range was in that portal staff?

A quarter mile. Why?

I’m gonna keep that promise I made to Xenk.

(crowd murmuring)

(continues speaking Thayan)

Whatever that is, stop it. Now!

(gambler 1) Look! She’s Thayan!

(gambler 2) Please! Please stop!

(gamblers shouting)

You there! Harbor master person. Are you seeing this?

As Lord of Neverwinter, I demand a ship and crew to chase down five people who have…

What is this? No!

(child) It’s the gift Forge promised!

No! No! No!

No, no, no! No! No!


(Edgin) That’s for you. Enjoy that.

All right.

This isn’t over until we take her out.

Whatever happens to us, stay hidden.

Use your pendant.

(villagers shouting)

Where do you think she’s gone?

(villagers screaming)

(speaking Thayan)

(Simon recites spell)

(owlbear shrieks)

(screeches, roars)

She missed.



(recites spell)



You all right?


What do we do when we get to her?

(Edgin) I got this.

(Edgin shouting)

(speaking Thayan)

(Simon recites spell)

(Holga and Edgin screaming)

(both screaming, grunt)

You know not the scope of my power!



(speaking Thayan)

(Edgin) It’s another Time Stop!

Simon, can you counter it? I can’t. She’s still too strong!

I’m so sorr…

For too long

I endured the arrogance of Forge Fitzwilliam.

The false charm.

The quips.(electricity crackling)

And just as I begin to purge this place of its living filth, you dare interpose.

Now, as you die, rest assured it will not be the end.

For you will forever suffer.


I’m sorry, your breath just smells like… old clothes.

It’s bad.

(metal clinks)(gasps)

What is this?

I countered your Time Stop. I got better.

We had to distract you so Kira could slap on that cuff and so Doric could do this.

(Edgin) I think you got her.

I honestly didn’t think that plan was gonna work.

You assured us it would.

Hey, Holga!

Did we get her? Holga?

Yeah. Yeah, we got her.

Oh, that’s… Oh, God.

That’s not a good spot, is it?

No, it’s not… it’s not bad.


Simon! Simon, help her.

It’s a Red Wizard’s blade. There’s nothing I can do.

Hey. Hey.

We’re gonna patch you up. It’s not gonna be a problem.

(cries) Please don’t go.

Easy, Bug, easy. Please don’t go.

Don’t mourn me.


No, no, no. No final words.

No final words. I’m proud of what I did here.

I’m dying a hero.

And you…

You’re a good man.

A real Harper.

Shut up. I’m a moron, you know that.

Promise me something.

Yeah, anything.

That you’re gonna take good care of our girl.

She’s the best thing you ever did.

I will.

♪ Not fortune found Nor fate divine ♪

(both) ♪ Come close to toping The juice of the vine ♪

♪ With cherry crew We sip and sway ♪

♪ Let’s tip the tankard ♪

♪ And waste the day♪♪ And waste the… ♪

(Edgin) ♪ Ree-raw! Well, ye ken ♪



I need you.

I need you. (sobbing)

(continues sobbing)

We can only use it once.

I know.

(reciting spell)

Holga Kilgore.



Don’t tell me you wasted it on me.

(Kira and Edgin laugh)

Why would you do that?

(fireworks whistling, exploding)

(Simon) Szass Tam won’t be happy about this.

Well, if he comes after us, we’ll be ready.


Oh, that’s right. You don’t like humans, do you?

Some are okay.

What about you? Hmm?

Going back to the Harpers? Be with your people?

I’m with my people.

So, uh,

I know my last attempt to court you was quite bad. (chuckles)

But I wonder if you’d consider having another go at it?

Yeah, all right. Yeah?

Calm down.



(Forge) Damn! Bloody chalice.



Good evening.

(Forge) Of course, you know what happened after that.

With Sofina’s magic expunged, Lord Neverember finally came to.

(gasps deeply)

His first official act was to award

the saviors of Neverwinter the Medal of Heroism.

And to the Emerald Enclave, he granted formal protection of their people and their land.

One could argue that my actions, reprehensible though they were, led to a virtual renaissance for the city.

And while I’ve only served the first year of my sentence, I have to say, it has been eye-opening.

I have taken a look inside and I’ve asked myself, ‘What’s going on in there?’

And, you know, I realized a lot of it goes back to my mum.

She was a stern woman, prone to fits of…

Stop, stop! We’ve heard enough.

Pardon denied.

This session is adjourned.



(shouts, grunts)

(both groaning)

No, no! I’m terribly sorry.

I don’t know what came over me, I’m sorry. I’m sorry!

(wind whistling)


Can somebody please ask me another question?



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