Dune: Part Two (2024) | Transcript

Paul Atreides unites with Chani and the Fremen while seeking revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family.

[male voice in alien language] Power over Spice is power over all

[suspenseful music playing]

[Irulan] Imperial Diary. Year 10,191. Third comment. The battle for Arrakis took everyone by surprise. There were no witnesses.

[somber music playing]

The Harkonnen operation was perpetrated overnight, without warning or declaration of war. By morning, the Atreides were no more. All died in the dark.

And the Emperor said… nothing. Since that night, my father has not been the same. Nor have I. His inaction is difficult for me to accept. For, I know he loved Duke Leto Atreides like a son.

[suspenseful music playing]

[chain clanks]

[Irulan] But my father’s always been guided by the calculus of power. This would not be the first time the Harkonnens have done his dirty work.

[shouts in Harkonnen]

[Harkonnen army shouts]

In the shadows of Arrakis lie many secrets… but the darkest of them all may remain. The end of House Atreides.

[dramatic music playing]

[Paul] Sister, Father is dead. Shouldn’t you go back to the stars, be with him? I’m afraid I won’t have enough time to fix things before your coming. This world is beyond cruelty.

[breathes heavily]

[tense music playing]


[signing] Enemy.

[Harkonnen soldier 1 speaking Harkonnen]

[suspenseful music playing]

[Fremen panting]

[Harkonnen soldier 1 continues speaking Harkonnen]

[Stilgar breathes heavily]

[Stilgar] Stay here.

[mimicking bird]

[Harkonnen soldiers speaking Harkonnen]

[signing] Down. Right.

[Jessica panting]

[Jessica grunts]

[both panting]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[both panting]

[suspenseful music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

[Harkonnen squad leader breathing heavily]

[speaking Harkonnen]

[Paul grunts]

[speaks Harkonnen]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[breathes heavily]

[breathes heavily]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen] They’re close.

[Harkonnen squad leader speaking Harkonnen] Do you hear that? The rats are calling a worm. … Worms! Unit, climb. Now!

[dramatic music playing]


[high frequency whirring]

[speaking Harkonnen] Look for wormsign. … We are ok.


No shields!

[breathing heavily]

[suspenseful music playing]

[speaking Harkonnen]


[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[Harkonnen soldiers speaking Harkonnen]

[Paul gasps, pants]

[Harkonnen soldiers shouting in Harkonnen]

[shots fired]

[Paul and Jessica grunt, pant]

[Harkonnen lieutenant speaking Harkonnen]

[tense music playing]

[Paul panting]

[Paul grunts]

[both shouting, grunting]

[Paul grunts]


[high pitched whirring]

[Harkonnen sniper speaking Harkonnen] I got you, rat.

[Jessica and Harkonnen sniper grunt]

[Jessica shouts, grunts]

[Harkonnen sniper grunts]

[Jessica panting]


[Jessica] Never stand with your back towards the open. How many times do I have to tell you that, huh?

[both panting]

[Paul] You okay?

[Jessica] Yeah.

[Paul] How ’bout her?

[Jessica] She’s fine.

[indistinct chatter]

[Stilgar] [grunts] They do not usually venture this deep.

[Paul] They wanna make sure no Atreides escaped.

[Stilgar chuckles] You think too much of yourself. No, no, we are in the deep desert. Only Fremen can survive here. They were here for us, not for you. [chuckles] Don’t worry. I’m taking you somewhere they will never find us.

[indistinct chatter]


[Stilgar] Filthy water. It’s full of chemicals, but good enough for cooling systems.

[Jessica gags]

[Stilgar] Don’t let it out.



[Paul You okay?

[Jessica] Mm-hmm.

[Stilgar] Don’t let that out.


[Stilgar] Don’t let it out!

[Jessica vomits]

[Stilgar] [speaks Chakobsa]

[Jessica breathes heavily]

[Jessica] I’m okay.

[Paul] Are you sure?

[Jessica] Mm-hmm.

[breathes deeply]

[Chani] You fought well… once you woke up.

[Paul] I wasn’t sleeping.

[Chani] [scoffs]

[Harkonnen soldier grunts, chokes]

[Stilgar mimics bird]

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa]

[Stilgar clicks tongue]

[indistinct talking]

[dramatic music playing]

[Paul] No, no, no. I’ll do it.



[chanting in Harkonnen]

Capital of Northern Arrakis

[suspenseful music playing]

[dramatic music playing]

[chanting continues]

[Harkonnen commander] Lor– Lord Rabban. Now that the spice fields have been secured, I strongly recommend bringing all troops out of Fremen territories. We’re losing too many men to the desert.

[Rabban] Rats.

[chanting continues in the background]

[Harkonnen commander] I beg your pardon?

[Rabban] We’re losing men to rats.

[speaking Harkonnen]

[Harkonnen commander] Fremen! I can’t confirm, my Lord. Communications are hectic in the open sands.

[Rabban] Your orders were to control the whole planet.

[Harkonnen commander] We are.

[Rabban] I see only half of it.

[Harkonnen commander] As you may recall, the South is uninhabitable, my Lord. May I suggest you get some rest?

[both grunt]

[Rabban] Rats! Hairy rats! Kill them! Kill them! Kill them all! Kill them all! Rats! [echoes]

[suspenseful music playing]

[tense music playing]

[Stilgar communicates gutturally]

[Fremen sentinel communicates gutturally]

[sentinel leader speaks Chakobsa]

[speaks Chakobsa]

[Chani] He’s asking why we’re so late.

[continues conversing in Chakobsa]

[Chani] He thinks you’re spies.

[speaking in Chakobsa] You’re not welcome here.

[Chani] He said–

[Paul] I got that. Thanks.

[Stilgar] Stay close to me. Hmm?

[speaks Chakobsa]

[suspenseful music playing]

[indistinct talking]

[Stilgar] Sietch Tabr.

[indistinct chatter]

[speaking Chakobsa]

[angry, indistinct shouting in Chakobsa]

[Stilgar speaks Chakobsa]

[woman vocalizing]

[speaking in Chakobsa] Jamis! Jamis!

[all shouting in Chakobsa] You killed Jamis! Spies! Witch!

[angry, indistinct shouting]

[man speaking Chakobsa] Stop! Stop! They don’t know what they’re saying. Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib! Mahdi!

[angry shouting continues]

[man] Lisan al-Gaib!

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] I need your guidance with the two foreigners.

[speaking Chakobsa] Give them back to the desert.

[elders muttering]

[Stilgar] [speaking in Chakobsa] I saw the signs.

[speaking in Chakobsa] Again.

[all laughing]

[speaking in Chakobsa] Stilgar, your faith is playing tricks on you.

[speaking in Chakobsa] The Lisan al-Gaib has not shown his face yet!

[all laughing]

[Stilgar] [speaking in Chakobsa] He killed Jamis in a fair fight. He speaks our language. He will quickly learn our ways. I’m ready to pledge my life for him.

[speaking in Chakobsa] The desert will handle his fate.

[oldest elder sighs]

[oldest elder groans, speaks Chakobsa] What about the woman?

[indistinct chatter]

[Paul] Look how your Bene Gesserit propaganda has taken root. Some of them already think I’m their messiah. Others… false prophet. I must sway the non-believers. If they follow me, we can disrupt spice production. That’s the only way I can get to the Emperor.

[Jessica] Your father didn’t believe in revenge.

[Paul] Yeah, well, I do.

[suspenseful music playing]

[indistinct whispering]

[Jessica] What is happening?

[speaking Chakobsa] Too spicy for the foreigner?

[Fremen laughing]

[Paul sighs]

[Jessica] What is it?

[Paul] There is spice in the food.

[woman speaks Chakobsa] He’ll look pretty with blue eyes.

[Fremen laughing]

[Chani speaking Chakobsa] Don’t mock him. He deserves our respect. He’s a good fighter. [scoffs]

[Stilgar] Woman. Come with me.

[praying watermasters chant in Chakobsa] To the well, our water we return


[male watermaster speaks Chakobsa] We bless our brother, Janis

[praying watermasters chant in Chakobsa]

[chanting continues]

[Jessica exhales deeply]

[Stilgar] Thirty-eight million decaliters. None of us, even dying of thirst, would ever drink this water. This is… sacred. Jamis’ water. We have a thousand such places. When we have enough water, the Lisan al-Gaib will change the face of Arrakis. He will bring back the trees. He will bring back… a Green Paradise.

[Jessica] [whispers] So many souls.

[bell rings]

[Stilgar speaks Chakobsa]

[Stilgar] [grunts] Never give your water away, not even for the dead. Hmm?

[Jessica] Why are you showing me this?

[Stilgar] Because you are Bene Gesserit. Because you understand the prophecies. The mother of the Lisan al-Gaib will be a Reverend Mother. Our Reverend Mother is dying.

[Jessica] [whispers] You want me to take her place?

[Stilgar] Yes, I do.

[Jessica] You believe in Paul?

[Stilgar] There are signs. Yes.

[chanting continues in background]

[Jessica] What if I would refuse?

[Stilgar] Mmm. Then, he’s not Lisan al-Gaib, and you have no purpose to serve. What else is left to do then but to return your water to the well? [clicks tongue] Huh.

[indistinct chatter]

[Paul] It’s an honor, isn’t it? I think you should feel honored.

[Jessica] Well, it was a choice between this or death, so, you know, forgive me if I’m not flattered.

[Paul] How does one become a Reverend Mother?

[Jessica] It’s different from one culture to another. Here on Arrakis, I have no idea.

[Paul] You’re afraid.

[Jessica] Reverend Mothers are tasked with holding the memories of all the Reverend Mothers that came before them, so I’ll be given centuries of pain and sorrow.

[Paul] Is it dangerous?

[Jessica] It’s lethal for men. That’s for sure.

[Stilgar speaks Chakobsa]

[suspenseful music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[suspenseful music continues playing]

[Jessica gasps softly]

[indistinct whispering, chanting]

[indistinct chatter]

[group laughing]

[Paul] What are you guys laughing about?

[Chani] Don’t bother. [chuckles]

[Paul] You don’t believe in all this?

[Chani] No, we don’t.

[Shishakli] These are old Southern beliefs.

[Paul] Southern beliefs?

[Shishakli] Southern tribes believe a messiah will come to deliver us from evil.

[Paul] You don’t believe in the Lisan al-Gaib?

[Chani] We believe in Fremen.

[group speaking Chakobsa]

[Chani] You want to control people, you tell them a messiah will come.

[Shishakli] Mm-hmm.

[Chani] Then they’ll wait for centuries.

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa]

[Stilgar] Now, we must pray.

[Paul] What about him?

[Chani] Stilgar?

[Paul] Mm-hmm.

[Chani] He’s from the South. You didn’t notice his accent?

[Chani and Shishakli laugh]

[Stilgar praying in Chakobsa]

[Paul] [sighs]

[Paul] What’ll happen to my mother?

[Shishakli speaking in Chakobsa] She’ll drink worm piss.

[group laughs]

[Chani speaking in Chakobsa] Not funny. He’s about to lose her.

[Shishakli speaking Chakobsa] If she’s stupid enough to drink poison.

[group laughs]

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] Shut up! We are praying.

[Fremen nuns speaking in Chakobsa]

[Jessica] [whispers] I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear, the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will…

[Fremen nuns continue speaking in Chakobsa]

[old watermaster speaking Chakobsa] Here is the Water of Life. It frees the soul. If you drink you shall die. If you drink you may see…

[speaking Chakobsa] Drink!

[Jessica] What is it?

[distorted voice] Drink!

[Jessica breathes heavily]

[indistinct whispering]

[Jessica grunts]

[Jessica gasps]

[Jessica chokes]

[pained grunts]


[shuddering breaths]

[pained grunts]

[Jessica gasps]


[speaking Chakobsa] What have we done. She is pregnant.

[Jessica gasps]


[angry, indistinct shouting]

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa]

[Chani] That was no miracle!

[Stilgar] You saw it with your own eyes!

[Chani groans]

[angry, indistinct shouting]

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] The Mother of the Lisan al-Gaib shall survive the Holy Poison and She did. As written!

[angry, indistinct shouting]

[Chani speaking Chakobsa] Her people wrote that!

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] Blasphemy. The prophecy has been accomplished.

[Shishakli speaking Chakobsa] The Mahdi must be Fremen!

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa]

[Chani speaking Chakobsa] Arrakis must be freed by its own people!

[Paul] She’s right. She’s right! It’s no miracle. My mother was trained to do that. Poison transmutation is something advanced Bene Gesserit can do. I’m not the Mahdi. I’m not here to lead.

[Paul speaking Chakobsa] I’m here to learn your ways.

[Paul] Let me fight beside you. That’s all I’m asking.

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] The Mahdi is too humble to say He is the Mahdi. Even more reason to know He is! As written!

[Fremen speaking Chakobsa]

[Paul] How are you?

[Jessica] Better.

[Paul] How is she?

[Jessica] She was frightened, but she’s… she’s okay.

[Jessica breathes heavily]

[Jessica whispers] Paul. She talks to me. She believes in you.

[ominous music playing]

[Jessica] She says…

[Jessica speaking Chakobsa] Kwisatz Haderach show us the way.

[Jessica] You’re so close now. Only one step remains and you will become the Kwisatz Haderach. Only one step remains. You must do what I did. You must drink the Water of Life. And your mind, it’s gon– it’s gonna open and you will see.

[Jessica speaking Chakobsa] You will see! The beauty and the horror!

[Stilgar] If you wanna fight with us, first thing, you must learn to be one with the desert. So, here is a tent and enough food. I want you to cross that small erg and come back. Travel by night. You know how to use a paracompass?

[Paul] Yes.

[Stilgar] Oh. [sighs]

[Paul] Anything else I should know?

[Stilgar] Uh, beside the worms and the Harkonnens, beware of the trapdoor spiders. Centipedes are very nasty. Not the big ones. They are harmless. But the little ones, you have to worry about. And… Oh! Don’t ever, ever listen to the jinn.

[Paul] The jinn?

[Stilgar] Jinn. Desert spirits. They whisper at night. [imitates Jinn whispering] They, they can possess you. Really, be careful. They are demons. [growls, laughs] But it’s true. Don’t listen to them. [grunts]

[Chani speaking Chakobsa] He doesn’t know how to cross. Stilgar is going to get him killed. What is he trying to prove?

[Shishakli speaking Chakobsa] What do you think? “The Prophet shall know the ways of the desert.”

[Fremen speaking Chakobsa]

[Shishakli speaking Chakobsa] I think it’s for the best. … What’s this? You care for him now?

[Chani speaking Chakobsa] He’s not like the other strangers. He’s sincere.

[Jamis laughs, echoes]

[Paul panting]

[Paul] Jamis.

[Chani] You sandwalk like a drunk lizard.

[Paul] [chuckles] Yeah, I’m doing pretty good so far.

[Chani] Yeah, well, you’re not even in worm territory yet.

[Chani] You have to break up your rhythm. Like this.

[Paul] Now, that’s interesting because in the filmbooks I’ve studied, the anthropologists say, in order to properly sandwalk, you actually have– Never mind. Please keep going.

[soft music playing]

[Chani] You know, I’m the only one who believes you’re gonna make it until summer? Everyone else thinks you won’t make it two weeks. If you wanna follow us in the desert, you need to know how windtraps work. So, listen to me. They’re simple, but they require constant attention. Uh, this right here, it captures the moisture and then it carries it into that pocket. Uh, and these are the filters. They need to be changed every three days. What? [chuckles] Stop looking at me like that.

[Jessica] He’s training with the Fremen. He will be back soon. Don’t worry. Mm-hmm. You’re right. If we want to protect your brother, we need all the Fremen to believe in the prophecy.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Jessica] We must convert the non-believers one by one. We need to start with the weaker ones. The vulnerable ones. The ones who fear us.

[Fedaykin fighter breathes heavily]

[Fedaykin fighter whispers] Hey, get out of here. Go.

[Harkonnen soldiers speaking Harkonnen]

[Fedaykin fighter breathing heavily]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[blade swishing]

[Harkonnen soldiers and Fedaykin fighters grunt]

[grunting continues]

[Paul] You okay?

[Chani] Yeah.

[speaking Harkonnen]

[rapid gunfire]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[rapid gunfire]

[Fedaykin fighter grunts]

[Chani and Paul grunt, pant]

[Fedaykin fighter and Chani shouting in Chakobsa]

[Chani] Let’s go! Move!

[both grunt]

[Paul and Harkonnen soldier grunt]

[Chani] Load.

[Paul grunts]

[blade clanking]

[Harkonnen soldier shouts]

[Paul grunts]

[Paul] Chani!

[Chani] Reload!

[Chani] Ugh! Reload.

[Paul] Oh, watch out!

[both grunt, pant]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[Paul] Its shield will only open when it fires.

[Chani] I know that. What do you think I’m trying to do?

[Paul] I’ll trigger it. On my signal. Be ready.

[Paul] Go!

[Paul] [grunts] Ah, shit!

[Paul panting]

[Paul] Go! Go!

[rapid gunfire]

[Paul] [grunts, groans]

[Harkonnen soldier screams]


[Chani laughs]

[dramatic music playing]

[Chani and Paul grunt]

[Fedaykin fighters cheering]

[indistinct chatter]

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] You saw what he did. He saw it coming and he saved her life. He saw it. He can foresee.

[Shishakli sniffing] [speaking in Chakobsa] Muad’Dib likes his smell.

[all laughing]

[Chani] Who taught you to fight like that?

[Paul] My old masters.

[Chani] Hmm.

[Paul] They were close friends. They were massacred. Alongside my father. You’ve been fighting the Harkonnens for decades. My family’s been fighting them for centuries. I know everything about them. Their habits, their ways of thinking. You know everything about the desert. You harness the very power of it. We can stop them together, bury them in the sand where they belong. So that this planet can be yours once more.

[Stilgar] [deeply inhales] What would you have us do? Huh?

[Paul] What would you do, Stilgar?

[Stilgar] I? I would… [sighs] would strike even further north.

[Paul] Then I will go further north.

[Shishakli] And the further north you go, the more likely it is you die.

[Paul speaking Chakobsa] Then I’ll die, maybe you will too. But the others will keep going. And they won’t stop until the Fremen are free.

[Fedaykin fighters chattering]

[Shishakli speaking Chakobsa] He deserves to be Fedaykin.

[all agreeing]

[speaking Chakobsa] He needs names, Stilgar.

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] He does!

[Stilgar] I see strength in you.

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] Like Usul.

[all agreeing]

[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa] The base of the pillar.

[Stilgar] Come, come.

[man laughing]

[Stilgar] You shall be know among us as Usul.

[man] Usul.

[Chani] Usul.

[Stilgar] Usul. And now, a Fedaykin is a fighter and needs a war name. You must choose.

[Paul] How do you call the, uh… The small desert mouse, again?

[all laughing]

[Stilgar] Muad’Dib?

[Paul] Muad’Dib.

[Stilgar] No, no, no. [shushes] Muad’Dib is wise in the ways of the desert.

Muad’Dib… [sighs] creates his own water. The constellation that points to the North Star, we call Muad’Dib. “The One Who Points the Way.” That is a powerful name. Now you are our brother. Mmm. Paul Muad’Dib Usul.

[all cheering]

[man 1] Muad’Dib Usul.

Muad’Dib Usul.

Muad’Dib Usul.

[Paul and Stilgar laugh]

Muad’Dib Usul. Mm.

[man] Muad’Dib.

[Chani] [whispers] Usul.

[Paul shouts] Hey! Stilgar!

[Stilgar speaks Chakobsa, laughs]

[Paul] Father, I found my way.

[soft music playing]

[footsteps approaching]

[Paul] It’s breathtaking.

[Chani sighs]

[Chani] Hmm. Look. Right there. Spice. Arrakis is so beautiful when the sun is low. Where you’re from, does water really fall from the sky?

[Paul] Oh, hm, yes. Sometimes it rains for weeks on Caladan. Where you see sand here, imagine water. Our castle stands on cliffs high above the sea. If you dive in, you can’t reach the bottom.

[Chani] You dive in?

[Paul] Yes, it’s called swimming.

[Chani] [laughs] I don’t– I don’t believe you, Usul.

[Paul] Usul. What’s your secret name?

[Chani] Sihaya.

[Paul] Sihaya.

[Chani] Hmm.

[Paul] What does that mean?

[Chani] Means Desert Spring.

[Paul] “Desert Spring.” I love it.

[Chani] I hate it. It’s from some stupid prophecy. I prefer Chani.

[Paul] I prefer Chani, too, then. Do you think Stilgar would teach me?

[Chani] To ride?

[Paul] Yeah.

[Chani laughs] No. Only Fremen ride worms.

[Paul] Well, I thought I’d become one, didn’t I?

[Chani] By name, not by blood. Your blood comes from Dukes and Great Houses. We don’t have that here. Here, we’re equal, men and women alike. What we do, we do for the benefit of all.

[Paul] Well, I’d very much like to be equal to you.

[Chani] Paul Muad’Dib Usul… maybe you could be Fremen. Maybe I’ll show you the way.

[dramatic music playing]

[gun fires]


[all speaking Chakobsa]

[women screaming]


[Baron Harkonnen] Rabban.

[tense music playing]

[breathes heavily]

[Baron Harkonnen] Fremen attacks on your watch.

Your orders were to restore spice production to full capacity.

Do you know what it means if you fail?

The Emperor will take spice out of our control.

Tighten your grip, Rabban.

[breathes heavily, whispers] Uncle.

[Baron Harkonnen] Or feel mine on your neck.

[breathes heavily, groans]

[Chani] Usul? Usul.

[Paul gasps]

It’s okay. It’s okay.


I’m here, I’m here.

It’s been a while since you’ve had one of those nightmares.


[Chani] Tell me, what was it about?

[tense music playing]

[Paul] Nothing’s clear. It’s only fragments.

[water drips]

I’m in the South, and I’m following someone.

And it triggers a holy war.

Millions and millions of people starving to death… because of me.

[Chani] You’ve been exposed to spice for a long time.

It can create weird dreams.

[breathes heavily]

It’s a big day.

We can ask Stilgar to call it off.

No. I’m fine.

[indistinct chatter]

[Stilgar] Usul.

I tuned it myself.


[Paul] Thanks.


Don’t try to impress anyone. You are brave. We all know that.

Heh? Be simple.

Be direct. Nothing fancy.

Nothing fancy.

Hey, I’m serious.

Nothing fancy or you will shame my teaching.

I won’t shame you. I understand.

Shai-Hulud decides today if you become Fremen, or if you die.


[Stilgar speaks Chakobsa]

Hey, Muad’Dib!

[speaking Chakobsa]

[all laughing]

[Stilgar sighs]

[speaking Chakobsa]


[Paul panting]


[whispers] Lower.




Okay. Okay.



[Paul panting]




[gasps softly]

[all murmuring]

[speaking Chakobsa]

Okay. Okay. Okay.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Paul panting]

[tense music playing]

[Paul] Okay.

Okay. Okay!





Come on!


[dramatic music playing]

[Fremen cheering in Chakobsa]


You’re a rider!


[Fremen cheering]

[Paul panting]

[speaking Chakobsa]

[all chanting in Chakobsa]

[nun shouting in Chakobsa]

[all speaking in Chakobsa]

[nun speaking in Chakobsa]

[all speaking in Chakobsa]

[speaking Chakobsa]

[all speaking in Chakobsa]

[all speaking in Chakobsa]

[indistinct chatter]

[suspenseful music playing]

[Jessica] Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. I know they do.

Our task in the North is nearly done.

They believe in Paul.

Now we go South.

There are millions of fundamentalists there.

They will protect him when he comes.

The Kwisatz Haderach will be born in the South.

[both breathing heavily]

[whispering in Chakobsa]

As long as I breathe.

What’s wrong?


There will be trouble.

What are you talking about?

Chani, what do you mean?

The way they look at you.

They worship you now.

The Fedaykin, they count your victories.

They say you can see the future.

Whisper, ” Lisan al-Gaib.”

I’m no messiah.

I’m a Fedaykin of Sietch Tabr.

Yet, we have a Bene Gesserit among us, fanning the flames of your legend,

saying you’re the One.

[Paul sighs]


[indistinct chatter]

[Jessica] Mm.

[male Fedaykin fighter speaking Chakobsa]

She says you should be coming with us.

You know I can’t.

She’s asking why.

Because I must continue fighting in the North, to protect you down there in the South.

She says she can tell when you lie.

Tell her that’s because our mother keeps spreading dangerous tales.

[thumping continues]

What is she saying now?

She says you’re blinded by love, and she reminds you that you must reserve your hand for the most strategic alliance.

She’s also wondering why you don’t believe in who you are.

I do believe.

I believe I matter to these people.

And I believe I’m making a difference in this war.

We’re nearly at the gates of the city.

That’s not what she means.

I know what she means.

Do you not think I also feel the weight of the prophecy?

It’s not a prophecy.

It’s a story that you keep telling, but it’s not their story, it’s yours.

They deserve to be led by one of their own.

What your people did to this world is heartbreaking.

We gave them something to hope for.

[shouts] That’s not hope!

[male Fedaykin fighter speaking Chakobsa]


I’ll be waiting for you.

[distorted voice] All of us.

[ancient voices echoing] All of us.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Jessica] Those storms look bad.

[speaking Chakobsa]

[Stilgar mimicking bird]

[machine whirring]

[alarm blaring]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[Rabban] How much?

[Harkonnen soldier] We lost… eighty percent of our last crop.

My Lord Rabban, you should not leave the security perimeter.

Security perimeter? The rats are already inside.

The Fremen Demon might be with them.

[Rabban] I hope so.

[Harkonnen soldier] We’re tracking them, my Lord.

Today, Muad’Dib dies!

[speaking Harkonnen]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking through comm]

Where is he?

Still negative, my Lord.

[Rabban] Why do I have to do everything myself?

Open range!

[Harkonnen soldier] Range open.

[machine beeps]

Life. Delta, delta, delta.

[Harkonnen soldier speaking through comm]

I’ve lost them.



[Harkonnen soldier] Yes, my Lord.

[machine whirring]

[Harkonnen soldiers speaking Harkonnen]

[Harkonnen soldiers breathing heavily]

[Harkonnen soldiers speaking Harkonnen]

[shouts] Muad’Dib!

Show yourself! [echoes]

[gun fires]

[Harkonnen soldiers speaking Harkonnen]


[blade swishes]

[breathes heavily]

[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[suspenseful music playing]

[blade slices]

[bodies thud]


[Harkonnen soldier speaking Harkonnen]

[Fedaykin fighters chanting] Muad’Dib! Muad’Dib! Muad’Dib!

[dramatic music playing]

[all grunting]

[Fedaykin fighter yells]

[Rabban grunts]





[Fedaykin fighter yells]

[Fedaykin fighter] For Muad’Dib! [grunts]


[Emperor] Muad’Dib.

Some new Fremen prophet?

[Princess Irulan] It’s not the first time we’ve had frictions with the Fremen.

None of this magnitude.

So, my dear daughter… how would you deal with this prophet?

[breathes heavily]

If this Muad’Dib is a religious figure, you can’t use direct force.

Repression only makes a religion flourish.

You’ll only end up humiliating yourself.

You underestimate my Sardaukar.

You underestimate the power of faith.


Her Highness proves once again that she was my most acute student.

You’d send assassins?

[Princess Irulan] No.

Prophets get stronger when they die.

Let the conflict on Arrakis turn into war.

You then bring peace. As a savior.

You’d be a formidable empress.

[tense music playing]

Muad’Dib. The prophet.

The one who points the way.

These are our own religious patterns, aren’t they?

This is our doing.

Muad’Dib means kangaroo mouse.

An unusual war name for a Fremen.

What if Paul Atreides were still alive?

[distorted] Enough!

This must not come out. Even to your father’s ears. Understand?

I do, Reverend Mother.

[Reverend Mother Mohiam] If Paul is alive, he likely knows the truth.

And should the Great Houses learn that your father was behind the liquidation of the Atreides, your father will face war and lose the throne.

Then what hope is there?


We are Bene Gesserit. We don’t hope, we plan.

Paul is not our only prospect.

The Baron’s youngest nephew, Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, will inherit Arrakis.

He may be the answer.

Feyd-Rautha? He’s psychotic.

That’s irrelevant.

The question is, can we control him?

And I intend to find out.

[suspenseful music playing]


[Feyd-Rautha] Would you like some fresh meat, my darlings?

Lungs? Or liver?


[Feyd-Rautha] What would you like? I hear they’re big today.

Your new blades for this very special day, na-Baron, Feyd-Rautha.

[weapon master breathing heavily]

[blade swishes]

[attendant chokes]

[bowl clanks]

[attendant chokes]

[body thuds]

[blade stabs]



[Feyd-Rautha] A notch off balance.

[harpies hiss]

[Feyd-Rautha] It’s the tip.

Should be sharper.

[man struggling, grunting]


[door opens]

[slave master] Come.

[Lanville] I won’t die like a fool.

Kill me now.

No drug for you today, Atreides.

[crowd cheering]

[horn blowing]

[gladiator arena announcer speaks Harkonnen]

[dramatic music playing]

[continuous banging]

[gladiator arena announcer continues]

[crowd cheering]

[all chanting in Harkonnen]

[continuous banging]

[Lady Margot Fenring] Welcome to Giedi Prime, sisters.

I hope your travels were agreeable.

[Bene Gesserit sister 1] A long way to come just to watch our prospect

risk his life, Lady Fenring.

[Lady Margot Fenring] No fear.

These fights are all for show.

But we’ll get a good look at him.

[gladiator arena announcer speaking Harkonnen]

[dramatic music playing]

[horn blowing]

[crowd chanting] Feyd-Rautha! Feyd-Rautha!

[crowd cheering]

[gladiator arena announcer speaking Harkonnen]

That slave isn’t drugged.

That bug is walking straight.

You should cancel the fight.

Don’t spoil my nephew’s birthday.

[dramatic music playing]

[breathes heavily]



[Feyd-Rautha grunts]

[both grunt, yell]

[both grunt, yell]


[both grunting]



Happy birthday, dear nephew.

[crowd cheering]

[both grunting]

[Bene Gesserit sister 2] Why do they not stop the fight?

Plans within plans.

[suspenseful music playing]

Show me who you are.

[crowd cheering]

There he is.

[horn blows]

[picadors chittering]

[both yelling, grunting]


[Lanville grunts]

[both yelling, grunting]

[Lanville yells in pain, groans]

Back! Back!

[Lanville grunts]

[Feyd-Rautha laughs]

[picadors chittering]

Stay back!

[Lanville grunting]

[whispers] You have fought well, Atreides.


[crowd cheering]

[Feyd-Rautha grunts]

[upbeat music playing]

[crowd chanting] Feyd-Rautha! Feyd-Rautha!

He’s impressive, indeed.

[crowd chanting] Feyd-Rautha! Feyd-Rautha!

[Feyd-Rautha] The slave wasn’t drugged.

[clicks tongue]

You tried to kill me.

This morning you were a playboy, feared and envied, but tonight you’re a hero.

My gift to you.

I ought to drown you in that tub.

[Baron Harkonnen laughs]

Don’t be hasty.

I have another gift for you.

A bigger one.


[tense music playing]

What about Rabban?

[Baron Harkonnen] He has failed to protect spice production.

Rabban will be reassigned.


Tame Arrakis, Feyd.

Free the spice. I’ll make you Emperor.

[clicks tongue] Emperor?


The Emperor helped me destroy the Atreides.

He lent his own army to the cause.

A serious crime.

If it came to light, the Great Houses would rise against him.

And then… who will sit on the throne?

Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen.

[blade swishes]

You’re following me.

Am I?

I may have gotten lost.

Will you show me the way out of this maze, my Lord na-Baron?

We’ve met, haven’t we?

I don’t think so.

I’m Lady Margot Fenring.

I’m here to honor your coming of age.

You’re not allowed in this section.

How did you get past the guards?

The guards?

[distorted] May I ask, what are you doing here?

You’re not taking part in your own celebrations?

[breathes heavily]

[shudders] You’re Bene Gesserit.

[Lady Margot Fenring] And what makes you say that?

[Feyd-Rautha] I remember now.

I dreamed about you last night.

[Lady Margot Fenring] A pleasant dream, I hope.

[Feyd-Rautha] Don’t mock me, woman.

[Lady Margot Fenring] I wouldn’t dare.

I know your Bene Gesserit tricks.

And what do you know about the Bene Gesserit?

Tell me.

Something wrong?

[Feyd-Rautha] I don’t recognize this place.

This is the guest wing.

[suspenseful music playing]

[Feyd-Rautha] Where are you going?

To my room.

[Lady Margot Fenring whispers] Come. To. Me.


[breathes heavily]

[Lady Margot Fenring whispers] Put your right hand in the box.

[tense music playing]

[Lady Margot Fenring] A sociopath. Of high intelligence.

Driven. Cruel.

But strongly motivated by honor.

He yearns to be hurt.

He loves pain.

[Reverend Mother Mohiam] Can he be redeemed?

[Lady Margot Fenring] He can be controlled.

He’s sexually vulnerable.


The bloodline is secured.

Female, as you requested.

You did well, Margot.

Respectfully, why didn’t you test him yourself?

I’m a motherly figure.

And based on what happened between him and his own mother, I didn’t expect to be effective.

What happened between him and his mother?

He murdered her.

Desire and humiliation.

Those are his levers.

If Feyd-Rautha prevails on Arrakis, we shall know how to control him.

[men vocalizing]

[Giedi Prime announcer speaking Harkonnen]

[speaks in Harkonnen]

Rid me of this Fremen Demon.

[crowd chanting]

[dramatic music playing]

[crowd chanting] Feyd-Rautha! Feyd-Rautha!

Feyd-Rautha! Feyd-Rautha!


[drums beating fades out]

[suspenseful music playing]


[machine creaking]

[Gurney singing]

♪ Do away with these idiots ♪

♪ I blame ♪

♪ My stillsuit Is full of piss ♪

♪ My hand is caked in sand ♪

♪ Save me from These utter morons ♪

♪ Another world, another land ♪

[man 1] We’re in.

[Gurney] Juicy?

[man 1] Juicy, juicy.

[alarm beeping]

[man 1] Well, it was nice knowing ya.

[Gurney] Oh, yeah?

Radar’s clear. We’re clear.

[Gurney] Cooking time.

Juicy, juicy.

[man 2 through comms] Yeah, I got a meter reading–

[man 1 through comms] All right, guys, worms are on their way.

[man 2] Watch out for abrasions.

[man 1] Get ready to dock.

[man 2] It’s gonna get hot.

[man 1] Crank ’em up! Throw them up!

[indistinct talking over comms]

[Gurney] Hold!

[breathes heavily]

Mine! Mine!

[man 1] Get moving!

[indistinct shouting]

[man 1] East! East!

[man 2] Get clear!


[man 1] Let’s get out of here!

[man 2] Incoming!

[Gurney] Don’t run, fight!

[man 1] We’re in deep Fremen shit.

Holy Mother.

[indistinct shouting]

[Gurney] Oh, fuck.

[indistinct shouting]

[Gurney grunts]

[pants heavily]

[Paul] I recognized your footsteps… old man.

[Gurney whispers] No.

[Paul chuckles]

[Fedaykin fighters shouting in Chakobsa]

[all grunting]

[shouts command in Chakobsa]

[Fedaykin fighters shouting in Chakobsa]

[Paul chuckles]


[Paul laughs]

You young pup.

You young pup!

[panting loudly, chuckles]

[Gurney] Mmm. After the Battle of Arrakeen,

I was able to negotiate a trip back home for the survivors.

Thanks to these guys.

[Paul] Why’d you stay?

Well, I wanted blood.

[Paul] Rabban’s head?


Well, since Muad’Dib’s been driving Rabban crazy, the smuggling business has been quite profitable.

Gurney Halleck the smuggler.

[chuckles softly]

Paul Muad’Dib.

I’ve heard many stories about Muad’Dib.

None of them pretty.

[whispers] You see the fear?

[Paul] When our resources are limited… fear is all we have.

How many men with you?

Two hundred.

Two hundred?


Do you realize what you’re able to achieve with 200 men?

Incredible fighters.

Duncan said there were millions of them.

In the Deep South, yes.

Well, what are you waiting for?

With thousands of these guys, you could take control of the entire planet.

It’s your father’s dream. What are you afraid of?

[Chani whispers] Hey!

Worship, Gurney.

They used to be friends.

Now they’re followers.

Muad’Dib, the Prophet.

Why is that a bad thing? Use it.

It’s not that simple.

You have the power to avenge your father, and you’re afraid to use it?

Spice opened my mind, Gurney.

I can foresee things.

If I go South, all my visions lead to horror.

Billions of corpses scattered across the galaxy.

All dying because of me.

Because you lose control.

Because I gain it.

[machine whirring]

That’s a lot of water.


What? [chuckles] Look at him, he’s hopeless.

He’s family.

[air hisses]


[Fremen laughing]

[Shishakli speaking Chakobsa]

[Chani speaking Chakobsa]

[Gurney sighs]

No need to be a prophet to see what’s ahead.


Your path leads to war.

You know that.

So, war is coming.

What will you do when you feel its breath upon your neck?

[sighs heavily]

If you don’t want to raise an army in the South, you may still have an option.

Fire power… which you don’t have.

And here I am.

I know where your father hid the family atomics.

[Paul] Every House possesses an atomic arsenal.

I thought ours had been lost.

It’s huge, Chani. It could change everything.

I could aim the bombs at the main spice fields.

He who can destroy a thing has the real control of it.

So, you can control it and not us?

You promised me you didn’t want power.

No matter what I do, you still don’t trust me.

‘Cause you’re a foreigner. Like your friend.

I’m not a foreigner.

Not to me.

But to the desert, you are.

My allegiance is to you.

To the Fremen.

I’m doing this for all of us.

Do you believe me?

I’ll talk to Stilgar.

[Gurney] There.

It’s right under everybody’s noses.

Not clever.

That’s the idea.

Nobody would ever look in there because it’s obvious.

Not clever.


Did you find it?

I didn’t look for it.


How many heads exactly?

Enough to blow up the whole planet.

It’s a figure of speech.

You know what I mean.

[indistinct chatter]

[suspenseful music playing]

[breathes heavily]


[Gurney] Only with your genetic heritage.


[door opening]

[tense music playing]

[Gurney] Your great-great-grandfather’s legacy.

The 92 original Atreides family’s atomic warheads.

Now that, that is power.

[Irulan] Imperial Diary. Year 10,191.

Eighth comment.

Reports from the south of Arrakis arrive rarely.

These are barren, burnt lands hidden by sandstorms

which stretch a thousand miles across the equator.

Nothing can live there without faith.

Which is why our Bene Gesserit missionaries have been so productive there.

Through them, we are receiving reports of a mysterious figure taking grip on the imaginations of the Southern fundamentalist tribes.

A new Reverend Mother from the North… spreading word of the imminent arrival of the Lisan al-Gaib, “The Voice from the Outer World.”

With religious fervor rising in the South, and Muad’Dib strangling spice production in the North, everything points to the escalation of war.

[woman speaking Chakobsa]



[suspenseful music playing]





[clicks tongue]

[worm chittering]

[clicks tongue]

[worm chittering]

[speaking in Chakobsa]

Listen carefully.

Soon a man is going to visit your temple and he may want you to perform the rites.

Reverend Mother, it is forbidden.

[speaking Chakobsa]

[distorted] Let him try!

[tense music playing]

[Chani panting]

[distorted voice speaking]



[gunshots in distance]


[indistinct shouting]

What the hell?


[machine creaking]


[Paul] Chani!


[both panting]

[Fremen shouting indistinctly]

Sietch Tabr.

[dramatic music playing]

[chanting in Harkonnen]

[Baron Harkonnen] Old-fashioned artillery.


We’re literally melting rock on their heads.

I want to go on the ground. Prepare my troops.

My Lord. I would recommend you stay inside. There was– [chokes]

Bring his body to my quarters.


My poor darlings are hungry.

There was no food for them on the flight.

[Rabban] What are you doing here?

It’s early morning. What are you doing here?

Kiss my feet, brother.

I’m gonna eviscerate your–

[Rabban yells in pain, grunts]

[breathes heavily]

[Feyd-Rautha] You humiliated our family.

You humiliated me.



[Feyd-Rautha] or die.

[kisses, panting]

We’re even now.

[Baron Harkonnen] Embarrass our family one more time… it will be the last.

[dramatic music playing]

[woman screaming]

[indistinct talking in Chakobsa]

[woman crying, speaking in Chakobsa]

[Stilgar] They didn’t even engage on the ground, like honorable fighters.

[Shishakli speaking Chakobsa]

[man on radio speaking Chakobsa]

[Shishakli speaking Chakobsa]

[exhales heavily]

[tense music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

Usul, in the South… only leaders are allowed to speak.

You must take my place.

I can’t do that.

It is a good time to cross blades with me.

I am weak. I am an easy kill, Muad’Dib.

I’d rather cut off my own hand.

We need you. We need the Lisan al-Gaib to lead our people.

You know what I think of all that, Stilgar.

I don’t care what you believe. I believe.

[tense music playing]


I didn’t see it coming.

The Harkonnens aren’t done here.

They just went back to reload.

We’re setting thumpers.

We’re moving everyone to the South.

I’ll stay behind and cover your retreat.

What are you talking about?

Chani, I can’t go with you.

You know why.

[Gurney] I’ll stay, too.

Nobody stays but me.

[Gurney] Paul.

That’s an order, Gurney Halleck! Go South!

Protect my mother.

My Lord.

[Shishakli] Muad’Dib.

[speaking Chakobsa]

He’s afraid of the fundamentalists.

And he should be.

[ancient voices whispering indistinctly]

[ancient voice 1] Don’t resist.

[distorted growling]

Talk to me, Jamis.

[ancient voices whispering indistinctly]

[ancient voice 2] You see only fragments.

You cannot see the future without seeing the past.

To unlock your mind, you need to drink the Water of Life… and you will see everything.


[Jamis] A good hunter always climbs the highest dune before his hunt.

He needs to see… as far as he can see.

You need to see.

[Jessica] You must drink the Water of Life.

Your mind, it’s gonna open, and you will see.

The world has made choices for us.

If I go South, I might lose you.

You will never lose me,

Paul Atreides.

Not as long as you stay who you are.

I’ll cross the storms with you.

Go South.

Bring your people to safety.

And then I will do what must be done.




Spy. Left behind.

No trace of the others.

[Feyd-Rautha] They’ve gone South to hide in the storms.

Send this message to the Baron.

The North is liberated and secured.

Harvest spice at will.

Yes, na-Baron.

[commander speaking Harkonnen]

You killed nine of my men with one single blade.


[translator] She won’t talk.

[Feyd-Rautha] Tell her that’s fine.

I already know everything I need to know.

Only pleasure remains.



[Maker Keeper speaking Chakobsa]

[ancient voices speaking Chakobsa]

[ancient voice] Now that you can see our past, you can see your future.

[waves crashing]

[Alia] Oh, brother, my dearest brother, you are not prepared for what is to come.

You’ll now learn the truth about our family.

And it will hurt you to the core.


Don’t worry. I’m with you.

I love you.

[speaking Chakobsa]

[guard speaking]

[distorted] Find them.



[crowd murmuring in Chakobsa]


[Chani] Paul?


I’m here. I’m here. Hey.

[gasps softly]

[shouts] What happened?

What happened?

He’s dead.

His vital signs are so low, they can’t be detected.

But he’s alive.

What did you do to him?

No, not that. Why would he do that?

Why would you do that?

[speaking Chakobsa]

Chani, his body is fighting the poison and he needs your help.

You do it.

You did this to him.

You did this to your own son!

You do it!

Fix it yourself.

Chani, you might not believe in the prophecy, but you’re a part of it.

[Chani] You’re the poison.

You and your lies. Why would you do this?

[distorted] Do it.

[speaking Chakobsa]

[crowd speaking Chakobsa]

[whispers] Desert Spring tears.

[ancient voice] Kwisatz Haderach,

climb up. Arise.




Usul, I’m here. I’m here.


[crowd murmurs]

[Chani whispers] Are you okay?


[Paul breathing heavily]

Are you sure?

[breathing heavily]

Thanks to you.


[breathing heavily]

[Chani grunts]

[Jessica] I’m sorry about Chani.

She’ll come to understand.

I’ve seen it.

[whispers] You can see?

The visions are clear now.

I see possible futures. All at once.

Our enemies are all around us.

And in so many futures, they prevail.

But I do see a way.

There is a narrow way through.

I saw our bloodline, Mother.

Written across time.


You are the daughter of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

Did my father know?

I didn’t know myself, until I took the worm’s poison.

We’re Harkonnens.


So this is how we’ll survive.

By being Harkonnens.

[crashing, rumbling]

[deep clicking]

[man chanting in Chakobsa]

[crowd chanting]

[man chanting]

We must talk.

Stilgar, you can stop this. Do you hear me?

You have the power to stop this.

Northern woman!

You are not allowed to speak inside the circle.

If you want to speak, you know what to do.

Stilgar, please. For Arrakis’ sake.

[man chanting]


[crowd chanting]

[crowd murmuring]

This prophecy is how they enslave us!

How they dominate– [groans]

You’ll get yourself in trouble.

This is none of your business.

Rabban Harkonnen himself killed my family.

He gave me this scar to remember him by.

This is all of my business.

[horns blowing]

[crowd murmuring]

[murmuring intensifies]

[crowd exclaiming]

[speaking Chakobsa]

Only tribe leaders can speak.

If you wish to share your voice, you must take his place by defeating him and returning his water to the well.

You think I’m stupid enough to deprive myself of the best of us?

[shouts in Chakobsa]

Take my life, Usul.

It is the only way.

I’m pointing the way!

[crowd murmuring]

[whispers] Slow down.

[shouting in Chakobsa]

[crowd clamoring]


But you think you could have a chance.

[speaking Chakobsa]


Lisan al-Gaib!

[crowd chanting] Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

[speaking Chakobsa]

Lisan al-Gaib!

[shouting in Chakobsa]

[crying] Muad’Dib!

[crowd chanting] Muad’Dib.


[Stilgar speaking Chakobsa]

[speaking Chakobsa]

[crowd exclaiming]

This is my father’s ducal signet.

[gasps softly]

[yelling] I am Paul Muad’Dib Atreides, Duke of Arrakis.

[speaking Chakobsa]

[crowd cheers]

Lisan al-Gaib!

[crowd chanting] Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

Lisan al-Gaib!

[breathes deeply]

[Irulan] Paul Atreides is still alive.

He challenges my father.

You’ve never been on Arrakis.

It’s quite impressive. You’ll see.

Was this all upon your advice?


Did you counsel my father to exterminate the Atreides?

Of course I did. Why else would it have happened?

You tried to sacrifice an entire bloodline.

And I was right to do it.

The Kwisatz Haderach is a form of power that our world has not yet seen.

The ultimate power.

For ninety generations, we have supervised House Atreides.

They were promising, but they were becoming dangerously defiant.

Their bloodline had to be terminated.

That is why we have put many bloodlines at work.

Several prospects.

But it’s backfired.

Paul is alive.

And if he defeats Feyd-Rautha, my father–

Your father will lose the throne no matter who prevails.

But there is one way your family can remain in power and, through you, the continuation of our stewardship.

One. Way.

Are you prepared?

You’ve been preparing me my whole life, Reverend Mother.

You’re heading north with the others?

I’m Fedaykin.

I follow my leaders. If fighting goes north, I go north.

Paul didn’t have a choice, Chani.

I won’t be fighting for him.

I’m fighting for my people.

I came to wish you best of luck.

I’d wish you the same, but it seems you’ve won your battle.


[Gurney] He took the bait.

[Paul] Oh, the Emperor’s very obliging.

He’s right on time.

[speaking Chakobsa]


What is he doing here?

I brought spice production under control.

What do we do?

Send messages to the Great Houses.

Tell them that Arrakis is under Sardaukar attack.

Tell them, their future hangs in the balance.

[whispering in Chakobsa]

[Paul] When the storm hits this ridge, Gurney will open the way for you, Stilgar, so you can enter the basin from the West and distract their defense systems.

Chani, I want you and your Fedaykin to then attack from the East, inside the basin.

I’ll strike from the North, head on, with the Fundamentalist troops.

And I’ll serve Arrakeen for dessert.

Remember, I need the Emperor alive.

[speaking Chakobsa]

[all repeat]

[indistinct chatter]

[whirring, hissing]

[machine whirring, hissing]

[machine whirring, hissing]


[breathing heavily]

[Emperor] Baron, do you have any idea who this Muad’Dib could be?

Some fanatic, your Majesty. That’s all we know.

More. More. Give me more.

He’s a madman!


All Fremen are mad.

[scoffing] That’s all you know?


[Feyd-Rautha] Muad’Dib is dead.

Or he went hiding in the Southern storms which means the same thing.


[Bashar] Your Majesty, the sand storm that’s approaching threatens the integrity of our shields.

We recommend going back into orbit.

Well, the mountains will protect us from most of it, your Majesty.

Baron, have you ever investigated the south regions of Arrakis?

Well, the entire region is uninhabitable.

It’s well known, your Majesty.

[Emperor] Your uninhabited South exhibits evidence of human activity.

[Baron] I wasn’t aware of this.

I swear to you, I wasn’t aware of any of this.

[Baron gasping]



[Emperor] Muad’Dib is alive.

I must find him.

[breathing heavily]

[flags fluttering]


[thumping, clicking]

[crowd cheering]

[shouting in Chakobsa]

[crowd repeats in unison]


[missiles whooshing]




-[clattering] -[Irulan gasping]


[Bashar] Sardaukar! On guard!

[Baron groaning]

[metal creaking]

[crashing in distance]



[blades unsheathe]

[breathing heavily]

[wind whooshing]

[officer shouts in Galach]


[soldiers panting]

[blades unsheathe]

[rattling, deep clicking]


[Sardaukar screaming]

[Fremen shouting]

[Stilgar speaks Chakobsa]

[Fremen fighters shout in Chakobsa]

[panicked shouting]

[panicked shouting]

[Fremen fighters speaking Chakobsa]

[Fremen fighters yelling]

[Chani speaks Chakobsa]

[Fedaykin fighters speaking Chakobsa]

[all shouting]

[Chani grunting]

[soldiers grunt]

[Baron gasping]

[loud thud]

[loud thud]

[soldiers clamoring]

[Bashar screams] Sardaukar!


You die like an animal.


[speaking Chakobsa]

[breathes heavily]

[Fedaykin leader speaking Chakobsa]

[Fremen fighters chanting in Chakobsa]

[all soldiers shouting]


[Gurney] Rabban!

Look who’s back from the dead.




For my Duke, and my friends.

[indistinct chatter]

[Chani speaks Chakobsa]

[Stilgar] Warships.

The Great Houses.

Gurney, it’s time. Bring the prisoners.

My Lord.

[Stilgar speaks Chakobsa]

[speaks Chakobsa]

[speaks Chakobsa]

This isn’t over yet.

I want you to know… I will love you as long as I breathe.


[door opens]

[breathes deeply]

There is a massed armada in orbit.

You’re facing a full invasion, Fremen.

[Paul] How can you be so sure the Great Houses are here for me?

They may be curious to hear my side of the story, don’t you think?

I am Paul Atreides, son of Leto Atreides, Duke of Arrakis.


My Lord.

Send a warning to all ships.

If the Great Houses attack, our atomics will obliterate all spice fields.

You’re out of your mind.

He’s bluffing.

Consider what you’re about to do, Paul Atreides.

[distorted] Silence!

[Reverend Mother Mohiam gasps]


[whispering] Abomination.

Message sent, my Lord.

As a servant of the Imperium, you will bow at my feet.

Your feet? You’ll be lucky to keep your head.

I’ll take the hand of your daughter.

She will remain safe.

And we will rule together over the Empire.

[crowd chattering]

[breathes heavily]

[Paul] But you…

You have to answer for my father.

Do you know why I killed him?

Because he was a man who believed in the rules of the heart.

But the heart is not meant to rule.

In other words… your father was a weak man.

Stand or choose your champion.

[Feyd-Rautha] I am here, Atreides.

I need a blade.

Accept mine.

Do not stain your hands on this animal.

Let me deal with him.

It’s my burden, Gurney.

[Feyd-Rautha exhales]

Why does he take such risks?

Muad’Dib leads the way.

[speaking Chakobsa]

I’m happy to finally meet you, cousin.

Cousin? Is that right?

Well, you wouldn’t be the first relative I’ve killed.

May thy knife chip and shatter.

[chuckles softly] May thy knife chip and shatter.

[both grunting]

[crowd gasps]


She’s your pet?

[breathes heavily]

Any special attention for the pet?

[breathes heavily]

[both grunting]

[crowd gasps]

[Feyd-Rautha yells]

[Paul grunts]

[Paul grunting, panting]



[Feyd-Rautha grunts]

[Paul panting]

[both grunting, panting]

You have fought well, Atreides.


[Paul yells]

Lisan al-Gaib!

[Fremen chanting] Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!



[Paul groaning]


[Jessica] You should’ve believed.

You chose the wrong side.

[Reverend Mother Mohiam] Side?

You, of all people, should know.

There are no sides… Reverend Mother.

The life debt has been paid.

Spare my father now and I will be your willing bride.

The throne will be yours.

[breathes heavily]


[inhales deeply]

My Lord, the Great Houses have answered.

They refuse to honor your ascendancy.

We await your orders, Lisan al-Gaib.

Lead them to Paradise.

[female Fremen] Lisan al-Gaib!

[all chanting] Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

[speaking Chakobsa]

[all chanting] Lisan al-Gaib! Lisan al-Gaib!

[Alia] What is happening, Mother?

Your brother attacks the Great Houses.

The Holy War begins.

[breathing heavily]


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