Don’t Tell a Soul (2020) – Transcript

Two thieving teenage brothers, stealing money to help their sick mom, match wits with a troubled security guard stuck at the bottom of a forgotten well.
Don't Tell a Soul (2020)

Don’t Tell a Soul follows two young brothers — played by Dunkirk actor Fionn Whitehead and Shazam! star Jack Dylan Grazer — who, when robbing a house to pay for their sick mother’s medical bills, cause a security guard to fall into a forgotten well. Trapped, the security guard (Rainn Wilson) must try to outsmart these two teenagers, as the brothers also come head-to-head.

Alex McAulay made his directorial debut with the feature, which also stars Mena Suvari.




It’s game time, shizznit! Let’s go!


Get your shoes on!

You still haven’t told me…


Matt, just tell me where we’re going.

Will you just hurry up? It’s like walking with a fucking senior citizen.


Ms. Dillard’s place?


Matt, we can’t go in there. Are you crazy? There’s fumes!

Where’d you get that?

Army Navy Surplus. They only had one.

Well, how do you know it works?

I don’t. That’s why you’re going in and I’m keeping watch.

Matt, I’m not going in that house!

Ten grand. Think about it. Think about what it could do for Ma.

Why don’t you go?

I’m the oldest. I made up the plan. I paid for the mask. It’s on you.

But people take everything when their homes get tented.

Not when they’re 82! Look, Tom Chowdee got community service with old folks. He saw the cash. She’s got Alzheimer’s. Second floor bedroom, wooden dresser, bottom drawer. In a candy tin.

Well, I didn’t know there’d be fumes.

You’re not a fucking termite, Joey, you’ll be fine. Cut the tent. Break a window.

[glass shatters]

Holy shit!


Give it! Whoa.

Anyone see us?

No. No. Let’s go before they do. Come on. Let’s go! I knew you had it in you.

Sure you did.


Run. Run!

Hey! You! No! Get back here! Hey!

[guard] Come here! Stop!

I can’t keep up!




[footsteps approach]

We lost him.

No. [panting] No, he fell… he fell in like a hole. I saw him. [panting] You said they didn’t have security.

They don’t!

Then how…

How do I know? Did you say a hole?


I don’t hear anyone calling for help.

I don’t either. Oh, shit, I lost the gas mask.

You owe me 30 bucks.

What about the man? What do we do?

Let’s get home and hide the cash. We don’t know what he saw.

You eat too slow.

You eat too fast.

Damn straight.

Use a napkin.

I’ll use your shirt if I want to.

So what about…

No. Don’t. Not where Ma can hear. Hey, Ma, you can hear us, right?

[woman] Matt? Joey? Can one of you boys fetch me a diet soda?

[newscaster on TV] A developing situation, not only in downtown Louisville. But we understand that usually in the cases where there is an officer shot, or there is a need to get people to emergency care…

Thanks, baby.

[TV continues, indistinct]

You have a fun day?

Um, I guess.

Did you eat yet?

Uh, yeah. Mac and cheese.

Mm. Okay, well… I’ll cook you some shrimp when I feel better. Maybe a steak.

Oh, what a world.

[newscaster] …and Smith. However, according to court records, Smith filed a domestic violence complaint against Gardner in late May. On June 6th, the judge granted an emergency protection order…

[counting indistinctly]

The guy that was chasing us. The guard?


I’m not sure he’s okay. I’m pretty sure he, like, fell in a well or something, something deep.


So shouldn’t we go check on him?

We can’t go back there. When Ms. Dillard gets home, she’ll see she got robbed. She’ll call the cops.

Yeah, but what if he’s hurt?

Fuck that man.


No, come on, say it with me. Say “Fuck that man.” Count of three. One, two, three.

Fuck that man.

In your dreams.

Hello? Anybody down there? Hello? Hello?

[man] Hello?


Oh, thank God! I thought I was trapped down here. I was chasing some kids and then I fell. I think I broke my ankle. You sound young. I need to get some help. Can you… can you tell your parents?

My dad died last year and my mom’s real sick, so…

Do you have a cell phone?

No. How far down are you?

I don’t know. Like 20 feet. Something like that. I can’t climb out. Look, you don’t have a phone?

You already asked me that.

How old are you?

I’ll be 15 in three months.

Okay. What’s your name?


Okay. Listen, Matt. I’m stuck down here, I cannot get out by myself, and I’m gonna need you to call 911. All right? If you can’t do it, then just have your mom do it, all right?

What’s your name?

Hamby. H-A-M-B-Y. Uh, Dave Hamby, but everyone just called me Hamby since high school ’cause there were three other Daves in the class. But, listen, you call 911, okay?

Okay. I’ll call. I mean, I’ll have my mom call.

Okay. Good. Good, that’s great. Oh, that’s good. Thanks so much. This is scary stuff, you know?

Yeah. Um, I’m gonna get you some help, all right?

Okay. Great. Great. Thank you. I’m not going anywhere.

Matt. The guard, he’s still in that hole. His name’s Mr. Hamby.

That’s a dumb name.

He’s stuck and he needs our help.

Why? So he can arrest us? You didn’t tell him who you are?

No. I didn’t let him see me.

Fuck, I’m getting killed.

Matt, we can’t just leave him there.

Someone will hear him if he yells loud enough.

[sighs] But… Oh, fuck!

Wake up. What are you… [moans] We stole 12,600 bucks from Ms. Dillard. Do you wanna get busted? Oh, son of a bitch, I’m dead. Hey. Hey. Don’t cry. We pulled off the perfect crime. If that guard sees you, it’s over. You’re the one who went in Ms. Dillard’s house. Not me.

Because you told me to!

Well, you still did it. Robbery’s a felony. They’ll charge you as a grown-up.

You know what? If you don’t help me get him out of that hole, I’m gonna tell Mr. Hamby exactly who we are!


No, you’re not! We need that money for Mom’s medical bills.

Matt, stop!

[Mother] Guys! No fighting in the house!

We’re just playing around, Ma.

You flinched.

We can’t leave him to die, Matt! If… if you don’t help me out, I’m gonna tell Ma everything.

You don’t have the balls.

Oh, yeah? You’re the oldest, Matt. She knows you push me around. You’ll get in the most trouble.

Fuck. You’re such a girl.

We need to help him. We could take him some water.

Fine. We don’t show our faces.

You made this whole thing up, didn’t you?

I’m telling you, he was in the hole.

Yeah? He better be, ’cause if he’s not…

[Hamby groaning]

Oh, shit!

See? Hey. Mr. Hamby? It’s me.

[Hamby] Oh!

Hey, you’re back. Did you bring the police?

They’re on their way. My mom called them. I brought you some water.

[Hamby] Ah! Ow!

I’m sorry, I dropped it! Why would you do that?

It’s okay! Thanks. I got it.

We checked on him. He’s fine. Let’s go.

He’s not fine. He’s still stuck. We need to tell someone.

Is someone up there with you?

No. It’s just me.

Oh. Yeah. Come closer.

I want to see you.

Yeah. Sure.

What did you say your name was again? Matt?

You told him my name?

It just slipped out!

I can hear you talking to somebody up there.

No. I said I was alone.

Yeah, but you’re not. I can hear you. It’s another boy. [sighs] You’re the two kids I was chasing.

Yeah, there’s someone else here all right.

My name is David Hamby, and I need your help. What are you two, brothers?

[Matt] What’s it to you?

Look, I’m not gonna snitch. Okay? I don’t care what you guys were up to.

What do you think we were up to?

Playing tag? I don’t know. I’ll say whatever you want.

How do we know you’ll keep your word?

Look, I was a kid once too, all right? I know what it’s like.

Let me and my brother talk.

Hey. We can save him. We can do this.

I bet he saw you sneaking out of Ms. Dillard’s house. Twenty years in jail. Think about it.

Let’s tell Ma, okay? This is too big for you and me. She’ll know what to do.

We can’t tell Ma we robbed Ms. Dillard. Are you nuts?

[Hamby] Guys?

Shut up! We’re still talking.

Let’s just make an anonymous phone call. There’s a payphone on Quigley at the 7-11.

Mr. Hamby will sing like Tweety Bird when he’s safe.

But, Matt, he knows our faces. It’ll be worse if someone else helps him and we don’t.

Maybe no one will help him. That could work too.

Boys, come on, please!

I said shut up!

I’m in a lot of pain!

Goddamn it! Shut up!

Matt, don’t yell at him.

How hard is it to fetch a grown-up, you stupid brats?

I’ll show you exactly how hard it is.

Matt, stop! Jesus, Matt!

No! No! Ah!

Goddamn it! Fuck you!

I’m in charge now, and I said shut up!

Are you’re crazy? He’ll hate us now.

He already hated us.

No, he didn’t. Why would you do that?

Because it worked. Listen. Some people only understand a harsh hand. It’s like Dad always said. That man is someone else’s problem. Not mine, and not yours either.

I’m sorry, Mr. Hamby!

[TV plays indistinctly]

[Mother] It’s cold outside, baby. The TV says 43.


Can you fetch me a diet soda?

Sure, Ma.

What’s wrong? Are we out?


Oh, good. Could you fetch me a glass with some ice too?


[TV continues indistinct]

[sighs] What a world.

Mr. Hamby? It’s me. The nice one. My real name’s Joey. Matt’s my brother. I brought you some food. Mr. Hamby. Are you asleep?

Your brother pissed on my face.

Yeah, I know. Sorry. I brought you some food, though. I brought a bologna sandwich, uh, chips and a soda pop.

Okay. Toss it down. Does your brother know you’re here? Yeah. I didn’t think so. So, Joey, are you gonna help me? Seems like we got a standoff here.

Yeah. You know, um, my brother doesn’t trust you. He thinks that you’re gonna get us in trouble.

Well, you don’t have to do everything your brother says. How old is he?


And you’re what, 15?

In three months.

Well, you’re old enough to stand up to him. You seem like a good kid. You go to church, Joey?

I mean, I don’t get there every Sunday.

But you believe in God, right?


Yeah, so do I. That’s why you gotta do the right thing. You gotta do the Christian thing.

Oh, God! Oh, my leg hurts something awful.

I can get you some of my mom’s painkillers.

I can’t stay down here forever.

I know. I just… I need some time to think.

Think about what? No, you gotta take charge. Gotta step up.

I know. I should.

Are you more afraid of your brother than you are of God? I was afraid of my brother. He once kicked a basketball in my face, broke my nose.

That sounds like something Matt would do.

[chuckles] You have a sister?

No. Just me and Matt. You?

I had one. She died in a car wreck. You love your mom, Joey?

Of course.

Yeah. I love my mom too. But, if you leave me to die down here, how’s she gonna feel?

She’d be sad, I guess.

Real sad. She’d be all alone, except for my brother, and we’ve already determined he’s kind of an asshole.



See, Joey? Help me out. Don’t let the assholes win.

I was so scared of you at first, though. When you were chasing us.

I know, I was scared too. I didn’t think there was anyone else around.

Me neither.

Hey. You know, if you don’t want to call a policeman, is there another grown-up you could call? Or maybe you just get a rope and I could pull myself out, you know, if you tied it to a tree.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Not yet. You know, I gotta go.

No! I mean, wait. Please. I…

I like talking to you.

I’ll be back tonight. I’ll bring you a dinner and some… some blankets.

Okay. Call someone.

I will.

Joey? Joey? Joey!

[Joey] I think they’re taking the tent off.

I want to see if they notice the broken window and if they call the cops. Guess they’re leaving it on longer. They sometimes do that if the infestation’s bad.

Matt? Do you believe in God?

Sure I do. Me and God made a deal just after Dad was killed. God goes his way and I go mine.

[animal calls]

Mr. Hamby?

Joey! I didn’t think you’d come back.

I said I would. Here. Look. I brought you some stuff.

Did you call anybody yet?

Uh, almost. But, uh, look. I brought you something warm. I also brought you more food. And some pain pills for your ankle.


Plus, I got a way for us to communicate with each other when I’m not here.

A cell phone?

Something better. My dad gave it to me. Catch?

Okay. Oh!

It’s got a 20-mile range. It’s got a whole GPS and everything. I got the other one in my room.

Does your brother know about it?


Okay, good. Don’t tell him.

You can’t call out on it. It’s got a set frequency, one channel, so you can only talk to me. No one else.

[sighs] Well, thanks for taking such good care of me, Joey.

You’re welcome.

[animals yelping]

You got a wife and kids, Mr. Hamby?

I used to, Joey.

What happened? You got divorced?

You could say that. Life takes some funny turns. You’re gonna rescue me in the end. You’ll see. Kindness always wins out.

Yeah. Maybe. All right, have a good night, Mr. Hamby.

Good night, Joey.

Where you been?


Oh, yeah? What’s nowhere like these days? And why you got a flashlight?

I was looking for toads.

Oh, yeah? Did you find any?


Good. ‘Cause you haven’t got a bucket to put ’em in, you liar. You were out at the hole, weren’t you? Visiting that man.


Sure you were. Maybe I’ll go out there again, huh? Drop a big old deuce on his head this time.

I wasn’t there, I swear.

If you get busted, you’re gonna ruin everything. We need the cash for Ma. I’m gonna turn it into money orders. Pay off the hospital debts.

I know.

Don’t you even care about Ma anymore?

How can you say that?

I’ll say what I want! I’m the man of the house since Dad’s gone. Don’t forget it. Call me Daddy.

Fuck off, Matt!

[rock music plays on radio]

Come in, Mr. Hamby? Over. Mr. Hamby, do you copy? Over.

[Hamby] Copy.

Oh, this is so cool. This is so cool! Um, okay, I’m back at home. Are you okay? Are the pain pills helping yet? Over.

Pain pills can’t fix a broken ankle.

You have to say “over,” or it doesn’t count. Over.


All right. Well, take two I think every six hours. Um, but more could hurt your liver.

That’s good to know, Joey. Over.

All right, I’ll be back in the morning to bring you some more stuff. Over.

Bring me something waterproof, okay? The sleeping bag is already wet. And I need toilet paper. Over.

[laughs] This is awesome. This reminds me the time I went camping with my dad in Murfreesboro. We used to talk to each other like this in the tents. He was gonna teach me how to hunt. Over.

Well, that’s great, Joey. Yeah, my daddy used to take me hunting. Taught me how to dress and hang a buck. I bet you loved your dad a whole lot.

Yeah. I did… when he was sober.

You know what? We both keep forgetting to say “over.”

To say “over.” [laughs] Oops.

[knock on door]

[Mother] Joey, are you talking to someone?

Good night, Mr. Hamby.

Joey! What about…

[music stops]

Over and out.


I found that for you last night.

God, you’re disgusting.

So are you. I know you’re bringing food to that man. Don’t deny it.

Okay. So? What if I am?

You got a crush on him?

Do you? You talk about him more than I do.

I want to come with you today when you go see him.

I can’t stop you.

First we gotta run an errand together.

Whatever you say, Matt.

[Joey] I don’t understand you. Why are we back?

[Matt] I need something else from inside.

Are you serious?

Like a cottonmouth on a ball sack.

Matt, we don’t have the gas mask. I’m not going back in that house!

[Matt] It’s okay, crybaby. I’ll go inside this time.

[Joey] We already got the cash. If we get caught we’re fucked!

[Matt] Wish me luck!

[Joey] Matt! Matt. Stop! What are you thinking? We’re gonna get caught! Stop. You’re crazy. Matt! Come on! Matt! Matt!

[coughing, spits]

Jesus Christ.

Nothing can hurt me. Don’t you know that by now?

I don’t understand you, Matt!

All these pieces kept floating around in my head, waiting to become an idea. My brain’s kinda funny that way.

What are you talking about?

Holy shit. Oh, God! Stop!

Catch me if you can, boy!

Mr. Hamby! Mr. Hamby! Mr. Hamby, look out!


Get off me!


The gas will kill him!

It’s for the best! I know he saw what we did!


Joey? [groaning] Joey!

You’ll be a murderer!

Someone’s gotta do something!

[Hamby] What’s going on?

You’re a monster! Don’t! Don’t, please!

You’ll thank me when it’s done.



Mr. Hamby! Mr. Hamby!


[Hamby coughing]

Mr. Hamby!


[Joey coughs, sobs]


It’s over. Let’s go.

No! Mr. Hamby!

It’s over. Let’s go!


Listen to me. Listen. If you ever come back here to check on him…


…then I’ll throw you down that hole too, you understand? I’ll kill you too, right down that hole. I’ll pour some gasoline on you and light you up like a candle. Boom! They’ll never find your body. Nod once if you understand. I’m strong as iron and twice as mean. Don’t tell a soul what you saw here today. We’re going home.

Mr. Hamby? Over. Mr. Hamby? Over. Mr. Hamby. Over! [sobbing] Mr. Hamby. Over. Mr. Hamby? Over. Mr. Hamby?

You boys are quiet today. Not getting along?

No, we’re good.


I’m fine. I’m just tired.

[sighs] The news is back on.

So I booked a room at the Red Carpet Inn tonight. Gonna go party with Tom Chowdee and some girls. You can come if you want. Peace offering. Tom’s got beers.


Oh, yeah?

I don’t want to go anywhere with you ever again.

Good. I didn’t want you to come anyway.


Clean up on aisle pussy.

You know what? Maybe I will go. Especially if you don’t want me to.

Party starts at nine.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey there, bud.

What’s up, Tom?

You know, Matt’s upstairs.

All right.

Hey, take a hit.

No, I don’t… I’m good.

Do it.

Is this your first time?




[continues coughing]

Hey, you’re all right by me, bud. Nice work on Ms. Dillard’s place. Matt told me everything.

He did?

[coughs] Of course he did. Who do you think is paying for this party? It ain’t me. I’m stone broke.

[loud rock music plays]

[indistinct chatter]

You came! Now drink like a fish.

Matt, who’s paying for all this?

What the fuck does it matter?

You’re paying for it, aren’t you, with the money we stole? For a stupid party?

Naw. Well, maybe a little.

You said the money was for Ma’s medical bills.

There’s enough to go around.

Not if you waste it all.

What, you got an MBA now? We owed Tom Chowdee for the tip.

This isn’t about Tom Chowdee. This is about girls and pot and beer and you.

And there’s something wrong with that? Joey, we are gonna have an amazing time.


He ain’t here, Joey.

You said the money was for Ma. It was never for Ma. It was always for you.

That’s not fair! Why you gotta bitch and moan? Don’t you like having fun?

You know where to find me.

She gives head for 20 bucks. I’ll sponsor you.

Get the fuck off me!

What’s the matter, you gay? Hey, it’s cool. I won’t tell. Dad would be so proud of you.

Matt, you’re an idiot and you’re a liar. And you’re gonna get us both caught. Dad would regret your existence.

Well, Dad’s gone, so I’m all you got left.

You’re worse than nothing.

Okay, listen up, everyone! Music off! Music off!

[shuts off music]

Okay, listen. Listen. I got something I wanna say and it’ll only take a sec. This here’s my baby brother, Joey. I love my brother, did you know that? I’m not even sure that he knows that, but it’s true.

[girl] Aw.

But guess what, everyone? I just heard a story that my brother has been robbing from old folks. What do you think about that? A dirty thief. My own brother.

[all booing]

Matt, shut up.

I heard he’s been robbing from old ladies who ain’t even home!

Shut up, damn it.


Better get stepping. Nobody likes a thief.

[boy 1] Little thief!

[boy 2] You better get out of here.

[all shouting]

Why don’t we show him what we think of thieves! He’s tougher than that. He can take more than that.

[all shouting]

Matt killed somebody! Matt killed a man! And nobody knows it but me. His name was Mr. Hamby! David Hamby! And Matt killed him. Matt killed him with poison gas!

[farting sound]

Now that’s some poison gas!

[all laugh]

I’m serious. I swear, I saw him. I saw it.


Matt, what the fuck?

Why the fuck would you say that about me?

Huh? A killer? I didn’t ask to be put in charge. I’m just trying to have a good time.

No, you’re not! You’re trying to get me in trouble! You’re trying to frame me for robbing Ms. Dillard’s place!

You’re such an ungrateful fuckin’ dick! Aren’t you?

Matt, stop!

Pretty easy to get hurt out here. You wanna be careful spreading rumors.

As soon as I get home, I’m gonna tell Ma everything!

You’re not telling Ma. Think about the consequences. Huh? Ma being so frail and all. Bad things happen to weak people. Just look at Dad.

Ah, fuck! [groans, sobs]

Get up, Joe. I said get up. Look at what you’ve done now, hm?



You should face it. I’ll always be one step ahead of you.





[door opens]

[door slams]

Joey, can you…

Get your own damn soda!

Someone’s in a mood. I wasn’t even gonna ask you for a soda. I was… just gonna say, “Can you come and sit down a spell?” But… maybe you need to be left alone. Are you okay, baby?


Matt’s giving you grief again, isn’t he?


He hasn’t been the same since Daddy died.

Sure he has, Mom, but it’s just gotten worse.

I don’t have the strength to deal with him. [sighs] Not like a mother should.

That’s okay, Ma.

You know, as bad as your daddy was… some days I wish he was still here. I’m sorry, Joey.

I know, Ma.

If you ever need to talk… here I am, okay. You know that, right?


Look. A murderer’s on the loose.

A murderer?

Yeah, they’ve been showing his face all day. He shot his wife and kids in Raleigh. He was spotted around here. “Armed and dangerous” is what they say. He doesn’t have the jaw line of a killer, but you can never tell until it’s too late. His name is Randy Michael Sadler. Holy shit! He shot his whole family. Blew their brains out. I guess he just snapped, like people do. Baby?

Holy shit.

Baby! I wasn’t trying to scare you. I just want to keep you safe.

Fuck! Holy fuck. Holy fuck. Holy shit. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

[static on walkie]

[static on walkie]

[Hamby] Joey. Joey. Are you there? Over.

Mr. Hamby?

[Hamby] You forgot to say… “over.”

You’re… you’re alive? Over.

[Hamby] Your brother… Was that… poison?

From Ms. Dillard’s termite house.

My lungs hurt… and my eyes aren’t right. It’s time. Get me out of here. No more excuses.

Mr. Hamby?


I know who you really are.

Joey… Come see me in the morning.

How come you’re still alive?

You dropped this when I was chasing you. You saved my life.

Why were you chasing us? You’re gonna hurt us?

I saw you robbing the place. I was gonna take what you stole. Things didn’t go according to plan.

So I guess I should call you Randy from now on.

Hey, Joey. How did your dad die? I never asked you.

He got shot.


He was drunk and, um, messed with the wrong person. He had cancer anyway. Lung cancer. [sniffs] My mom got it too.

Tough draw. Both my folks died in a car wreck.

Just like your sister?

Yeah. Just like her, Joey.

You never even had a sister, did you? Why didn’t you ever tell me your real name?

Same reason you didn’t tell me yours.

So is it true? You know, what they said about you in the news? Well, it probably went down a little different than they said it did.

Why’d you want me to call the cops? There’s a manhunt.

Well, maybe I had a plan.

They said that you… you killed your family. Your wife and your two kids, eight and ten. Then you burned your house down.

What do you think about that, Joey?

[Joey] Why were you wearing a security guard outfit? They say you work at a tire factory.

[chuckles] How about that? A tire factory.

Why can’t you just give me a straight answer?

Maybe I ran into a security guard and stole his clothes. Desperate men do desperate things.

So do you still want me to call the cops?

Oh… It’s a bit more challenging now that I’m all over the news. But if you were to get a rope, I wouldn’t say no. Tie it to a tree. I could climb out.

You know, I could turn you in. I bet there’s big reward money.

I bet there is. But you’re not gonna do that, are you, Joey? [groans] Now, go get that rope.

There’s a rope in the garage. I can get it.

Good man. Bring it here quick. We’re running out of time.

First I got a question. Actually, it’s more of a… a favor than a question.

Hit me.

If I get you that rope and help you out… will you come back to the house and punish Matt for me?


Yes, Randy? It would be my delight.

[indistinct shouting]

All you do pop pills and watch TV all day!

Don’t you rag my ass about how I live!

[sobbing] I’m worried about you! The manager of Red Carper Inn called and said…

Screw that guy, he’s lying!

…you and Tom Chowdee…

I’ve never been in that dump!

…threw a party and wrecked a room.

Hey, Matt! Mom!

[Mother] Go up to your room. Lock the door.

Stop talking about me like I’m not even in here!

He’s been stealing my pain pills too.

No, you’re fuckin’ lying!

Matt, stop!

Not my TV!

Matt, Matt, Matt! Okay, I was taking your pain pills. That was me, I was taking them.

What? You?

That was me.

You? Why?

I… I was bored.


Time for rehab.

Shut up!

[sobbing] I feel so helpless with you boys. [sobbing] Baby, can… Can you get me a diet soda?

Sure, Ma.

You two make me sick. Baby. Ma! Baby. Ma! Fuck it.


I hate this place.

I’ll get you that soda, Ma. I’m helping you clean up, okay?

Here, baby. [groans]

It’s okay, Ma.

[Randy] That you, Joey?

Yeah, I got the rope.

Okay. Good man.

[Joey] Yeah, this might take a while.

That’s okay. Take your time and do it right. Tie it around the nearest tree. Do you know how to make a clove hitch?

My dad taught me.

All right. Make sure it’s tight. It’s got to support all of my weight.

Oh, it’ll hold.


Okay, here it comes.

All right. There we go. Good. Come on. Little further. Got it!

All right, Joey, stand back.


[panting, grunting]

Pull me up. Pull me up.

[moans, sighs]

Oh, wow. Get me a branch for a cane. Otherwise I’m no good for walking.


[sighs, pants] I forgot what freedom was. [groans]

Okay. Help me up.

[moans] Okay.

You okay?

Yeah. Ow! [sighs, pants]

Sorry about this, Joey.

Sorry about what?


Randy? Have you had that gun in the hole the entire time?

It didn’t do me much good in the hole. Different story outside.

Are… are you gonna shoot me?


Here. [sniffs]

You take it.

I don’t want it. I don’t want it.

You might like the feel. I wish I had two. I’d take you hunting. Teach you. Like your daddy wanted. Go on, then.

Is it loaded?

It’s loaded. Safety’s off. You could shoot a man.

[imitates gunshots]

[imitates gunshots]

Looks good on you.

Police are looking for you in five states.

Five states, huh? That’s big.

You shot your family and that’s all you can say?

Sometimes… That doesn’t matter now.

It matters to me.

You better give me that gun back.

Tell me what you were going to say.

Sometimes… you wish you could go back in time. Before life knocked your knees out.

I should shoot you right now.

Probably so.

Take your gun.

Take me to your house. I’m gonna need cash and a car. And we’ll settle that score with your brother.

Right. Let’s just scare him, though, all right? Don’t hurt him.


[indistinct police radio chatter]

Just let me do the talking, all right? She saw you on the news.

Fair enough.

Hey, Ma.

Baby. Can you fetch me a diet soda?

Not today.

You’re… you’re Randy Michael Sadler. From the TV!

Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hurt you. Go sit on the couch by your mom.


It’s okay, Ma. It’s okay. He’s not gonna hurt us. Is Matt home?

Oh, no, no. He’s… he’s out.

You take whatever you need and you get out. Just don’t hurt my boy.

Your boys have some money. And Joey said there’s a car I can use?

In the… in the garage. Their daddy’s old truck.

All right. I’ll get out of your hair soon. I’m sorry about this, ma’am.

You should be.

Your mom have a cell phone?


Grab that phone so she doesn’t call the cops. Get me some fresh clothes and a towel. Meet me by the car.

Sure, Randy.

You’re on his side?

It’s complicated.


Just don’t move ’cause he might shoot you. Also, you still want that diet soda?

Not right now.


Excuse me, Officer Friendly?

You lost, son?

No such luck.

Well, we’re working here.

I need to talk to you about Ms. Dillard’s place.

You know something about that broken window?

I sure do.

And it’s more than just a broken window.

Yeah? Hey, Crane.

What’s going on?

I saw this kid the other day sneak into this house, right through the termite tent. Came out with cash in both his hands. Boats full.

What kid? You know his name?

His name’s Joey. He lives in my house. He’s… Well, he’s my little brother.

He’s your little brother?

Yes, sir. I saw what he stole, and it was a whole lot. I can take you to the cash if you want. You can see for yourself.

It’s really never been driven since your daddy was shot?

My ma’s got a car, but Matt never learned how.

Huh. Well, I’ll tell you one thing. Your dad sure loved this truck. He ever take you riding in it?

Yeah, sometimes. Randy?


Can you… can you take me with you? Wherever you’re going?

Yeah. I knew you were gonna ask me that. I’m not planning on ever coming back here. And besides, I don’t think your mama would approve.

Oh, sure she would.

So I’m the Pied Piper now? Huh? [chuckles]

If you don’t take me with you, I’ll tell the police everything I know about you. Everything.

Blackmail, huh? Say it ain’t so, Joe.

I’m not bluffing!

[chuckles] I know. Why don’t you come on and take a ride with me? [bangs on truck]

What about Matt? You promised.

Yeah. We’ll find him along the way. Come on.

Just up here. It’s the little white house on the corner. Oh, shit, that’s my dad’s truck.

Hey, wait, wait. Matt’s in that cop car. Matt’s in the back of that cop car. What do we do? What do we do?

[laughs] Uh… you got me. We’re gonna be all right, Joey.


Just put your fingers in your ears when the shooting starts.

The shooting? The cops might not know who you are, Randy!

Wait, wait, wait. You, you…

Stay in the car. Fingers in your ears.

Shit. It’s Mr. Hamby from the hole.

[Crane] The hole? This kid don’t make a lick of sense.

No, you don’t understand.

I gotta check it out.

How you doing, officer?

Fucking car. Fuck! Let me out of this fuckin’ car right now!

[Crane] Calm down! What is wrong with you?

Can I help you with something?

If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions.

Oh, yeah.

I have a guy in the back…

No! Gun!

Let me out of this fuckin’ car!

We don’t have to do this! There’s kids around!

I recognize you!

I figured you would.

Put down the gun! I gotta take you in!

Get off the street!

Randy, you shot that cop.

He’ll be okay. He just got to get doctored up.

That’s my brother in your car!

I said get back inside!

You heard the lady. That’s good advice.

[Crane] Put down the gun or I’ll shoot! Jesus Christ, move!

Hey, hey, hey! Wait! You’re not gonna take Randy. All right? You’re not gonna hurt him!

Get out of the…


Stay down! I’m not worth it. Promise.

[Joey] Randy?

If you weren’t here, they’d be dead. Take it.

[Matt shouting, banging] Let me the fuck out of here! Let me out of this fuckin’ car. Unlock this fuckin’ door, Joey. Unlock the fuckin’ door right now!

Ma’am, I’m gonna need your car keys.

[Matt] Shit!

All right, Matt, climb on in. Joey, get that rope, toss it in the hole.

The cops are gonna kill you!

I don’t see any cops around here. Do you?

Joey. Joey, look at me.

Bang! You flinched.

Get going, Matt. Go on.

How do I get down?



Ah! Fuck! [groans]


Ow! I hate your guts, Joey!


So what do we do now?

Now? Now is your big chance.

To do what?

To show him that things have changed. That you rule the roost now.

I rule the roost?

Don’t tell me. Tell him.

I rule the roost, Matt.

Like hell you do!

Come on, louder. Put some muscle behind it, Joey!

I rule the roost!

Go fuck yourself!

Louder! He’s laughing at you!

I rule the roost! Look at you! You’re nobody! You’re as dumb as a brick and everybody knows it!

You’re dead meat when I get out of here. You hear me?

Tell him things are different now. You’re not gonna eat his shit anymore. He’s not the boss anymore! That you’re the man now!

I’m the man now!

You’re the man now!

I’m the boss to you! You’re down there! I’m up here! All right? I’m the boss! [panting]

[chuckles] Hand that over.

I like the feel of that.

Yeah. I thought you would. But… [clears throat] I got some bad news.


There’s only one place for you to go.

Where? Down… down there?

Where else?

Ha! Send him down to me! Yeah, send him down!

I can’t. I can’t go down there. He’ll kill me.

Yeah. That’s how it goes sometimes. Or else you learn to stand up to him and fight, teach him to respect you.

But he’s all riled up. You made me say those things.

No. Those things were inside of you already.

I can’t go down there. I won’t, I can’t, there’s no way.

Okay. Fair enough.



Matt! Matt! Matt!




[muffled sounds]

[Mother] You. Drop your gun.

Is that all of them?

How’d you find me?

[scoffs] GPS. [chuckles] Shit. Better than a cell phone.

Where are my boys?

I had to give them a time out. They’re in a hole not far from here.

Take me there.

There’s no need. You can hear ’em. Listen.

[indistinct shouting]

Get up! Come on, I said get up! Fight me! Fight me! Joey.

Mister. They say you shot your family. And I saw you shoot those cops. I can’t let you go. I’ve known men like you. Violent men. My husband was one of ’em.

Someone shot him, Joey says.

Someone who got fed up with his drinking, who got fed up with getting hit, who got lung cancer from his cigarette smoke when he wouldn’t quit.


Joey? Joey? Joey, you okay?

I haven’t been there for my boys. But I’m here right now.

Anything I could say to get out of this?

We could wait for the cops.

Nah, they’ll just drag it out. Don’t let those boys down. Okay?


Joey? Joey, Joey. Joey! You okay, Joey? Fuck! Wake up, Joey. Joey, wake up, please. Please, Joey.

Joey! Joey! Matt! [sobbing] Please, Joey. Joey, I’m sorry! No! [sobbing] Wake up, Joey! Joey. Joey. No!





You’re okay. You’re okay. You’re okay! You’re okay. I’m so sorry, Joey. I’m so sorry. I did so many bad things. I’m sorry, Joey.

It’s okay.

You were right. This was too big for you and me. I just wanted to take care of things. I didn’t know how! I’m sorry. You’re all I have.

[Mother] Matt! Where are you? Joey! Boys!

Ma! Ma! Ma, help! Ma, help, we’re down here! Ma! Ma, help!


Ma, we need help!

Thank God! My boys!

Ma! Ma! Ma!


Oh, thank God. You’re okay.


♪ An honest man ♪

♪ Don’t exist ♪

♪ Wipe it from your memory ♪

♪ Scratch it off your list ♪

♪ You know me ♪

♪ Hell, I ain’t that kind ♪

♪ I won’t bring you flowers ♪

♪ My love never dies ♪

♪ It’s your hand that holds the gun ♪

♪ I never want to hurt no one ♪

♪ You know I’m always on the run ♪

♪ If what you want is my love ♪

♪ A jealous man ♪

♪ Will tell you everything ♪

♪ Break you down just right ♪

♪ Drive you home at night ♪

♪ But you know me ♪

♪ Hell, I never mind ♪

♪ I won’t keep your secret ♪

♪ I won’t tell no lies ♪

♪ It’s your own hand that holds the gun ♪

♪ I never want to hurt no one ♪

♪ You know I’m always on the run ♪

♪ If what you want is my love ♪

♪ You know I’m always on the run ♪

♪ If what you want is my love ♪


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