Coup de Chance (2023) | Transcript

In "Coup de Chance," Fanny's affair leads Jean to murder her lover. A twist of fate kills Jean as secrets unravel, blending love, betrayal, and irony
Coup de Chance (2023) directed by Woody Allen

Coup de Chance (2023)
Directed by:
Woody Allen
Written by: Woody Allen
Starring: Lou de Laâge, Valérie Lemercier, Melvil Poupaud, Niels Schneider
Cinematography: Vittorio Storaro
Release dates: 4 September 2023 (Venice), 27 September 2023 (France)
Running time: 93 minutes
Countries: France, United Kingdom
Language: French

Coup de Chance revolves around Fanny and Jean, a seemingly perfect Parisian couple whose life spirals into chaos when Fanny embarks on an affair with Alain, an old flame. Jean, suspecting infidelity, hires criminals to eliminate Alain, leading Fanny to believe Alain abandoned her. As they plan to rebuild their life, Camille, Fanny’s mother, suspects Jean’s involvement in a suspicious death. The situation escalates during a hunting trip where Jean attempts to kill Camille to cover his tracks but is fatally shot by a hunter in a case of mistaken identity. The discovery of Alain’s manuscript by Fanny suggests a darker truth behind his disappearance, intertwining love, betrayal, and unintended consequences.

* * *


Fanny Moreau?

Alain Aubert.

You used to write for the school newspaper, right?

Yes, that’s correct.

At the Lycée Français in New York, yes.

Crazy to run into you here. What are you doing now?

I am… I am on my way to work. And what about you?

We were never in the same class, but I saw you often in the hallways.

We had the same French teacher, Mrs. Dufresnes.

I really loved her.

The dead leaves picked up by the shovel.

I can almost hear her. Wait…

You see, I did not forget, The memories as well as the regrets.

Jacques Prévert.

That was already Paris.

Where are you going?

To the office, but…

Do you work and live here?

Weren’t you going the other way?

That’s the beauty of being a writer. You can decide your own schedule.

My dad worked for a French company in New York. So I was there too.

Dad was still with the UN at the time.

So you’re a writer?

I can’t believe I ran into you.

That’s quite a coincidence.

Yes, I am a writer.

I’ve spent the summer here to write a book, but it took longer than expected.

I’ve lived in Paris before.

I was married then. A long story.

Your pieces were very readable.

That’s a big compliment.

Do you live here?

Yes, my husband works here.

What do you do?

I work for an auctioneer.

You’re no longer called Fanny Moreau.

I’m now called Mrs. Fanny Fournier.

To think that you would recognize me.

Certainly, everywhere. I was crazy about you back then.

Don’t get me started on it.

Look, this is where I work now.

Huh? I’m staying just nearby.

But you actually don’t live in Paris?

No, I travel back and forth. I’m often in London now.

And what is your book about? Wait, it’s ten to three.

Nice to meet you, good luck with your novel.

Maybe we can go out to dinner sometime…

…and reminisce about good old times.

Alright, you know how to reach me.

What is your name as a married woman again? Fournier?

Mrs. Fournier…

Those people from Monaco are selling the entire inheritance.

Jewelry, paintings, unique clothing.

Are you writing everything down?


We just have to show up at the cocktail party. We won’t stay long.

Edgar will drive us out of town before it gets dark.

I thought we would remain here this weekend?

But the weather is great. Bernard and Chloé are coming with Pierre Hersant.

You look beautiful.

It feels wonderful when you wear that dress.

Everyone becomes jealous.

Don’t you find it…

…too sexy? Look.

‘Too sexy’ doesn’t exist.

Not ‘too rich’ either.

I have something for you.

Oh, Jean.

How beautiful. This is craziness.

I’m crazy about you.

I like to spoil you.

Indeed you do.

Don’t worry, I spoil myself too. Come.

Is this it?


Yes, this is it.

An antique Märklin circuit that works perfectly.

You’ll never grow up.

I’ll always be a boy.

Good. Put on the ring, then we’ll go.

Don’t you find it beautiful?

Yes, but…

Such an expensive jewel isn’t really my style.

When I first met you, maybe not.

Later, I took another look and saw a princess.

And soon you’ll be my queen.

Here, put it on.

You’re the most spoiled of us, you always get what you want.

Let’s say you resisted, but weakly.

Let’s say I was, above all, vulnerable.

Are you putting on that ring now?

It doesn’t go with the dress.

But it’s such a beautiful ring.


…but it feels uncomfortable.

Always the rebel.

You’re a classy lady now.

Do we really have to go out of town?

You and your friends are obsessed with hunting, but I’m bored down there.

But you can relax, read, and eat well.

And then there are the women.

You mean Delphine.

She’s arrogant and materialistic. Has nothing to say.

Enough complaining.

Put on the ring, then you’ll be the most elegant of them all.

The ring is for a refined lady, but my soul remains rebellious.

Your soul is my concern. You just have to enter stunningly.

Am I a trophy wife?

I swear. No one calls you that.

Jean Fournier and his trophy wife.

She is adorable.

And very clever.

A very beautiful couple.

Yes, definitely.

So he’s very lucky.

And very charming.

Personally, I find him very attractive.

And he is wonderfully wealthy.

Which doesn’t hurt.

A brilliant businessman, they say.

What does he do?

Nobody knows how he makes money.

What are you insinuating?

Is there something fishy?

Anyway, he supports good causes.

I understand her. He seems like a Gatsby. Quite enigmatic.

He had… You don’t have this from me.

He once had a partner who disappeared in the wilds.


Suicide, they say. Or even murder.

I’ve never heard of it.

Nobody knows why he disappeared. However, I think…

Stop it.


The story broke before I came to Paris. He was supposed to have drowned.

Great advantage for Jean. That’s all I know.

It’s only gossip.

I love gossip, it makes life more interesting.

They’re just gossiping, right.

Wow, this is an attentive man.

A magnificent ring.

This is part of an exchange.

I give her such a piece of jewelry, she leaves the city, which she hates.

I love swimming. That’s about it.

Her mother is adventurous. She loves kayaking, fishing, and even hunting.

But this ravishing girl doesn’t.

This weekend, we’re going out of town for some deer hunting. What about it?

It’s very entertaining.

I can’t.

We’re vegetarians.

I didn’t know that. I’m sorry.

But perhaps there is some gossip, something juicy to sink my teeth into?

Dear friend…

A drink?

Are you bored? We’re leaving the city.

The countryside’s great.

But deadly.

I can finish Rendez-vous à Samarra.

A great book.

Thank you.

I ran into someone from school, on Avenue Montaigne.

He recognised me right away.

You have kept your girlish charm.

He said he was crazy about me, back then.

And it’s only now he told you?

It has thrusted me back into the past and I keep thinking about it.

New York. The happiest time of my life, with a promising future.

I remember his jeans and his burgundy shirt.

If he had approached me then, what would have happened?

I could have had a different life.

Why? Do you want a different life?

I learned from my first marriage: it’s not about work or obligation.

It’s not a chore, but something you look forward to.

I went to an auction…

…where jewelry belonging to Marie-Antoinette was auctioned.

Did you buy anything?


I wore it at the ball of the Prince of Monaco. Great success.

I am happy. It did cost me a bit though.

Are we really going deer hunting?

Yes, we are.

I don’t know if I have the courage.

When I see such a creature…

…I don’t know if I’ll shoot it either.

Shooting a deer that looks at you…

…that’s like murdering a child.

Oh, this is delicious. Your wine is incredible.

I bought that one for you.

I can recommend…

… a culinary journey in Japan.

I’m not a fan of Japanese food.

Is it delicious? Our cook has the weekend off.

Our cook has said goodbye.

We’re looking for someone…

…but a good one is not easy to find.

Has she left?

You need to pay them well.

And Pierre is also very difficult.

Delphine is nice, but a snob.

She admires you.

Supporting their foundations does help.

Chloé asked again what you do.

Even as your wife, I don’t know.

This is crazy. Why does everyone find it so mysterious?

I’ve already explained a thousand times.

I know, but…


I am adding to assets. It can’t get any clearer.

Rich people want to become richer.

Less tax, more for the children.

I help with that, and that’s how I earn.

And everything legal?

Uh, yeah.


Yes, Fanny, it’s Alain. Alain Aubert, from school.

Hi, how are you?

I’m fine. Listen. I am now near the gallery.

Do you want to have lunch with me today? Or any other day this week.

Yes, we can have lunch together today.

Great, great. Listen.

I know a good place.

It’s beautiful weather for lunch in the park.

That’s what I was thinking too.

We can grab some sandwiches.

I am in front of your office. Half past twelve, one o’clock?

Great. See you soon.

I live really close by, just behind that building.

But tell me. You’re married, children?

Divorced, no children.

I was married to someone you might know, Anne Sorel.

She was at school with us. She played in Anouilh’s L’Alouette.

I didn’t know her.

Very beautiful girl.



…I fell in love with her because she looked like you.

But that went wrong.

You seemed so straighforward.

Very natural.

I couldn’t look at you.

I feel flattered but also embarrassed.

It was something sacred about you.

I should have paid more attention to lessons and less to boys. Which bench?

Shall we sit here?


So I started dating Anne.

Then we moved to Paris.

We got married.

Then reality knocked on the door.

How long were you married?

Very briefly.

After a few years, we couldn’t stand each other anymore.

I never thought it could become such a chaos.

I went to Barcelona, never wanted to return to Paris. Then I went to London.

Now I’m back in Paris for my book.

You come out broken from a divorce.

I always thought you would marry a painter or a poet.

That’s right. He was a musician. Very sensitive, very addicted.

I find that very sad.

On New Year’s Eve, Jean picked me up as the center of his life.

You were the center of my own!

I was dying to talk to you, but I was powerless against my poor self-image.

I was at rock bottom at that time, and Jean helped me out.

Do you have children?


And what does he do?

Making rich people richer.

How kind.

Tell me about your book.

Do you really want to know or are you just polite?

It takes place in Paris, in a jazz club.

The story of a singer and a percussionist.

I don’t know that world well.

I have never been to such a club here.

Want some chestnuts?

One bag, please.

Actually, the book is about the irony of life.

Everyone’s at the mercy of chance and coincidences.

Here you are.

Life as a cruel joke.

It’s good.

Thank you.

Look at us.

The same school, I’m secretly in love, we don’t talk to each other…

…and I run into you in Paris, on the street.

Can it be more ironic?

Will we become a couple?

Me and the beautiful nerd in a black turtleneck.

I’m sorry…

…but I’m no longer at all like that.

For me, you’ll always be Fanny Moreau.

With a black leather bag and Anna Karenina under the arm.

Except that I’m now Fanny Fournier.

That’s life.

Even though we would like to, we have no control over it.

Sorry, but I am very late.

If you want, I would be delighted to have a sandwich with you again.

Yes, call again.

You look good.

Nice to have you here.

How is the champion mother-in-law?

There was turbulence, drunk neighbor.

Film a total loss. A hellish flight.

Always so funny.

And New York?

Great, I never get tired of it.

Even in the winter.

How long are you staying?

Only today. I’m going to Bretagne to help my sister after her surgery.

But I can’t cross the ocean without visiting my favourite couple.

We are leaving the city this weekend.

Kayaking, hiking, big game hunting.

You would have liked it.

I’ll return via Paris again, but have no idea how long I’ll stay with Sophie.

Are there dumbbells in here?

Books for Sophie.

Don’t you have an e-reader?

No, I prefer paper in my hands.

Turning the pages.

So where shall we eat?

A calm place so we can talk.

But it’s important to your mother with a good foie gras and a glass of Margaux.

What a memory!

Cholesterol! You’re really a pair.

New wallpaper in the guest room, and the lamp has been replaced because…

Is there a plank under the mattress now?

How could I have forgotten that?

It was delicious.

Your mother is a gourmet.

Yes, that is well known.

Good evening. Are you alright?

We’re fine. This is my mother, and this is Caroline and Marcel.

We were with them in Corsica.

This year we consider Polynesia.

A long journey, but sublime.

We could still call about it.

Yes, come along. That will be fun.

I have been there many times, it is very romantic.

Great, have a nice evening.

Have a nice evening, see you soon.

Yes, Polynesia, but not with them. She’s soporific.

He has written about Gauguin.

He is a problem for me.

Not because…

I told you.

Terrible, the way he looks at you. He has a crush on you.

But Marcel is crazy about Caroline and would never cheat on her.

He might make an exception for you.

Marcel Blanc means nothing to me.

I’m sorry but I don’t like the guy.

Very pushy.

It is flattering when your man protects you like a treasure.

Yes, but Jean can also be possessive.

Wait, if you’re not cheating with Marcel Blanc…

…with whom then?

Mick Jagger and Alain Delon are already too old…

…so I don’t know.

My foie gras.

Thank you very much.

Looks very good.

What time are you flying tomorrow?

I’m taking the train.

I’m sorry I can’t stay longer.

So I could have come with you, out of town.

Has Jean already said that we are doing that?

Do you find it annoying?

For me, not for him.

The people he invites are boring.

Doesn’t he have any great friends?

No, very shallow, their only quality is being wealthy.

It’s about money and the best hotels.

If I mention Rome or Madrid, they only talk about fancy restaurants there.

I don’t like hunting and hiking.

So invite your own friends.

No, Jean doesn’t like my friends.

I hardly see Carla, Antoine and Dominique any more.

Excuse me but that’s not a big loss.

You always agree with him.

He loves you. That is cute.

He’s charismatic and much better than your first husband, who was a failure.

A very good change.

Camille, I want to show you something. You’ll like this.

Let’s go see.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

A Märklin circuit from the 1950s.


I always loved trains.

As a little boy, I was bullied by my parents and friends.

To escape, I climbed on some random train, and I was gone.

And look now.

On board the train to nowhere, I enter a tunnel…

…dark, sinister, intimidating.

I see the true face of existence.

I see light at the end of the tunnel, an opening.

And when I come out, I am changed.

I am no longer that fragile, frightened boy.

I am someone else.

It is dreadful to be bullied as a child.

You must have been very cute.

Oh, yes.

Beautiful park, far from the gallery.

When not in Paris, what I miss the most are the beautiful parks.

I’m running a bit late. Not that important though.

I see you walking with that turtleneck, and I see my whole life.

I see myself at school, you are walking through the hallway.

You fly through the hallway, my heart skips a beat.

And your book? I do want to read something.

You’re talking about chance and irony. That makes me curious.

You believe deeply in luck.

Without coincidence, I wouldn’t be in this park sharing a salad with you.

I have longed for you for a long time.

Three euros.

My favorite poet.

They find the right words.

For me, there is nothing higher than poetry.

I’m tired of doing nothing.

I too find you a bit gloomy.

No, it’s fine.

Sorry, but I’m annoying. I don’t do it on purpose.

When I’m busy, I have to keep going.

I have nothing to complain about.

No, leave it on.

I’m afraid it’s going to rain.

That’s why I thought, I live nearby, I’ll prepare something at home…

…and you can read a few pages.

I’d love to.

Can you cook? Or should I do that?

I have a limited culinary repertoire.

I make a good spaghetti bolognese.

I’d like that. Shall I help you?

Of course. Do you enjoy cooking?

Delicious. What kind of wine is this?

No idea. It was on offer.

Jean only drinks expensive Burgundy.

Do you love the Parisian life?

I love New York, grew up in Bretagne, and always wanted to live in Paris.

I wanted to live here too, until my marriage exploded.

Afterwards, the city tasted bitter.

I never wanted to be here again, and be alone. But look.

The beauty of my profession, you work wherever you want.

I have written in Bogotá, and Mexico. Even in Montreal.

Very nice apartment.

I found it like this, fully furnished.

I have already paid six months’ rent.

Perfect for a writer. Bohemian.

I am lucky.

Do you see?

If I hadn’t seen you on the street, my life would be very different.

What are you doing?

The magic of wine at work.

You know my situation.

I’m in love with you. At school in New York, and now in Paris.

I’ve been selfish. I shouldn’t have let things go so far.

Why did you then?

I like you, I enjoy spending time with you.

I also notice that I’m looking forward to our meetings.

Me too.

But it’s not a good idea.

Can I ask a question?

Are you happy as a couple?

I don’t know anymore.

I ended up in this marriage after my hellish first husband.

Then Jean arrived. Energetic and charming.

He took me by the hand and wanted to get married right away.

He is crazy about you.

But at times I feel like a trophy wife.

Do you love him?

Yes, I love him.

What am I doing?

So far, nothing.

Why do I keep thinking about you?

Where were you today?

At the gallery.

I called the gallery.

I had a long lunch.

And your phone?

It was on ‘mute’ the whole time.

And if it had been urgent?

Was it urgent?


I want to be able to always reach you.

You can reach me at any time. I just forgot to turn the sound back on.

Too bad, I wanted to have lunch.

I had a business lunch.

With whom?

People who wanted to sell a Basquiat.

Yes, that was unfortunate.

I had discovered a Japanese restaurant. Where did you eat?


Don’t make it so difficult. Where did you eat?

At Café Philippe.

Café Philippe?

That is very far. And with that transport strike…

Yes, it was a misery.

It’s nice that you’re taking this training seriously now.

Physical fitness is the highest priority!


It’s me.

Great to hear from you. Are you okay?

I don’t know.

Tell me, I want to know everything. What’s going on?

I don’t know why I’m calling.

I feel miserable.

I’m just happy to hear your voice, that’s all.

I don’t know what to say.

A love that has been going on for so long…

What else is there to say? You are my first love.

Are you okay? Who was that on the phone?

Earlier. You seemed tense.

Oh, after training?


That was a client who keeps changing their mind about an auction.

There are people who just can’t make a decision.

Me, I make decisions.

And I stick to them.

Thank you. How much is it?

Three euros.

I find it dreadful to lie.

But I am lying, right?

Thank you, Madame.

What is that?

You asked about my book, and I believe in luck.

Friday there is a huge draw, with a one in 139,838,260 chance.

So it’s very small. But the chance of being born…

…is one in four hundred billion.

You already have the grand prize in your grasp.

The chance is inconceivably unlikely for every person on Earth.

Don’t waste the miracle that is you.

That is the real miracle.

I have a lover.

No, really?

I must talk to someone. If Jean finds out, it’s the end of the marriage.

What am I doing? I’m completely wrong.

Who is it? Or don’t you want to tell?

That guy on the street.

I have told you about him. The one from the Lycée.

How long has it been going on?

I hope I’m not in a romantic delirium.

Is it really serious?

I swore I wouldn’t be swept up in it.

But with each day, the more I fantasise, the more I feel.

He is writing a book here.

Some good advice.

Leave him now while you still can. Before your marriage falls apart.

I try to tell myself, this is just an adventure, I still love Jean.

But I have something with that guy. I don’t understand it, and that’s scary.

I have to let go of everything for him. He has been waiting his whole life.

Ironically, everyone sees you as the perfect couple.

Sometimes I see myself running away with him and change everything.

But I don’t want to give up what I have. I want children, but I only have fears.

It will be fine.

Hello, darling.

What are you hiding?


I saw you holding something.

It’s nothing.


Show me what you’re hiding.

Alright, I’ll show you.

This is what I hide.

A lottery ticket!

How did you get it? Did you buy it?

Since when have you been playing?

I read that there was a big draw.

A big draw.

Do you know what the chance is?

Yes, it’s minimal.

You have to play your whole life…

…many lives even, to win.

Give it to me.

Someone is going to win.

They always say that.

It’s a total fraud.

But why were you hiding that?

Are you afraid that I’d think you’re stupid?

Sweetheart, I never think that of you.


No, she is out to lunch.

No idea. She said it could take the whole afternoon.

I can’t relax when we’re outside.

Isn’t this great, far from the office?

We don’t know anyone.


I’m in a park with a sandwich. The weather is beautiful.

Are you alone?

I have a newspaper.

Should I come?

Don’t bother, I’m almost done.

Good, have a nice afternoon.


Do you write by hand?


And when I’m finished, that’s it.

Fascinating, that creative process.

I write page after page without rest.

I hate rereading.

What are you thinking about?

Time goes too fast since I met you.

Do you still want to return to London?

No, not really.

No one is waiting for me.

No family, no girlfriend.

I feel good here. I am liking it more and more.

That is definitely thanks to you. You make it idyllic.

To be honest, I think I’ll stay here.

Did I say something wrong?

No, not at all.

I’m confused in my head.

I don’t want to put pressure on you.

I know.

You’re married, that’s how it’ll stay.

If you ever decide on something else, I’ll be there for you.


This way.

Josephine, my associate. Please have a seat.

How can I help you?

I think my wife has a lover.

I want clarity on that.

Why do you think so?

Numerous small details.

Nothing decisive, but I sense the signals.

I may be mistaken. I hope I am mistaken. I love her.

But I need to know.

Do you have any idea who the lover is?

No, not really.

Many men find her beautiful. A charming woman.


Extremely desirable.

I need to know everything about her. With photos, if possible.

How fast does this go?

It depends on what your wife does, but generally it goes quickly.

I do count on your discretion.

Do you really want to know the truth?

Yes, I’m sure.

Sometimes it’s such a short affair that the spouse doesn’t notice.

Then, after such a slip-up, the couple can move on and be happy.

Mr. Fournier?

What did you say? I’m sorry.

Do your investigation.

I provide the necessary information and a photo of my wife.

Happy birthday, Jean.

Thank you, everyone.

I’m getting older but not wiser. No instruction manual, huh?

We are celebrating André’s birthday in Venice. You are coming?

I love Venice, but…


I thought we had agreed. You would take time off.

I spoke to your wife. She is a very fascinating person.

Your wife too.

And beautiful, right? Very beautiful.

I admit that.

Thank you for the invitation.

She chose this incredible place?

We come here often, but she likes it.

We are lucky to have such beautiful women.

Aren’t you ever afraid that she might find someone else attractive?

At first, I was, but…

…it’s not in Marion’s DNA to cheat.

But everything’s possible of course.

Do you still remember Olivier Wargon?

He found his wife in the arms of the marriage counselor.

A sad and grotesque story.

Marion would never take advantage of me.

First of all, it’s not in her nature. And she knows she’ll be out at once.

Imagine those two in bed…

…mocking the humiliated husband…

So… back to reality.

We are really happy with our…

Have you seen my train obsession yet?

Absolutely, very impressive.

Very beautiful, isn’t it?

All that fine technology…

It’s incredible.

Excuse me.


Two glasses of red.

A beer, please.

Coming soon.

I need to speak to Jean.

I need time to think, to take care of everything.

I love you.

Tell me honestly. Do you love me too?

At first, I thought…

…that we could be two friends from the Lycée.

But now I want to be with you all the time.

And we just happened to run into each other. What an irony.

I don’t believe in irony…

…nor in coincidence.

I despise people who rely on luck. Luck doesn’t exist.

You must force things.

I’m sorry.

Yes, it is ugly.

But reality is rarely beautiful.

Want to have a drink?

Who is the guy?

Everything is in the report.

Cognac, please.

I’m glad she’s better, Mom.

Just come when you want. Your room is always ready.

It’s okay. I just need to make some decisions.

I will explain when you’re here.

Jean will be home soon. I’ll hang up.

Good evening, sweetheart. Who was that?

My mother.

Is she coming soon?

Yes, in a few days.

I can’t wait. She is so delightful.

Shall we stay home tonight?

You’ve been late all week.

Good idea.

I still have some work to do, so you can read in peace.

How is your work?

It’s quite intense.

Sorry if I have seemed a bit concerned lately.

Everything will be fine.

I am going to make a call. Can you ask for a cognac for me?

Suzanne, Monsieur would like a cognac.

No, the other side. To the left.


Can you talk?

Yes. Is there a problem?

We must meet. Nothing we can’t fix.

Can you do tomorrow at 3:00 PM, at the usual place?

Okay. See you tomorrow.

Everything’s fine?

I’ve been thinking today about how we met.

The first time I saw you, that famous New Year’s Eve at Fred Fox’s.

With your black dress…

Just after the divorce, unhappy.

I never told you…

…but the first time I approached you…

…I was desperately hoping that you weren’t a fool.

Thank you, Suzanne. You were the completely opposite.



Everything I could wish for in a woman.

Are you alright?

The song of that moment is still stuck in my head.

What are you doing? Are you crying?


Nostalgia always makes me sad.

It doesn’t have to.

Everything went well.

With you, I am the happiest man in the world.

Here, the photo and the address. There should be nothing left.

Not like last time. Completely gone. Goodbye, forever.

We have an airplane.

We can throw it out over the Atlantic.

That’s not very nice, huh, Dragos?


But when certain people die, things will automatically get better.

More fresh air for everyone.

We sorted your partner out well.

I’ve worked like mad to get my money.

I was not born rich, so now I think I have earned the right to enjoy it.

We will handle this problem.

He’ll disappear. Right, Milos?

Strange, I hadn’t dreamed for years, but it started after we met.

Isn’t that strange?

Last night, I dreamed we were living in Mexico.

Just because you talked about it the other day.

A simple life with children. We walked in the rain.

When I woke up, I felt happy. I have been all morning.

We share the same dreams. That’s already it.

I keep reading the poems you gave me over and over again.

Beautiful, aren’t they?

In Mallarmé, about the stork trapped in the ice, I cry every time.

We’ll all end up in the ice.

If we do nothing before winter.

Before the ice covers everything.

Then we’ll be stuck forever.

Jean is a fabulous man.

I have to be honest with him, if we want to have a future together.


Did the auction go well?

Yes, Jean. I want to talk…

Later, we are late. Marc and Linda are waiting in the restaurant. Hurry.

You know we were going to Saint-Martin?

What was the local delicacy?

Pig’s nose.

That’s how it goes. On the other hand, someone dies.

That’s life. You eat, you sleep, you live, you die.

Are you okay?

My head is spinning.

You should’ve stuck to the white wine.

Why didn’t you stop me then?

I’m your husband, not your chaperone.

And it was very nice.

Wasn’t it?



It’s at the bottom of the ocean.

Did you take all his belongings?

Diary, computer, phone numbers?

Perfect. We will meet tomorrow at 3:00 PM at the usual place.

You will not be disappointed.

Has Monsieur gone?

He had to leave early and didn’t want to wake you up.

He said you were not well yesterday. Do you want something?

Some coffee, please.

It’s me, I have news. Call me as soon as you can.

The jewels of our Saudi client need to be photographed.

Shall I order something for lunch?

I have a lunch appointment.

Thank you.

Hi, darling. I wanted to check in, because you were a bit tipsy yesterday.

I’m okay. I’m having lunch with clients.


I don’t know yet.

Good. Big hug, see you tonight.

Hopefully you’ll be better. Goodbye.

Do you need anything?

The photos of the Saudi jewels.

Oh yes. Okay…

It’s too many. Please choose some.

Yes, I should have done that. I forgot.

This is fine.

Are you okay? You seem distracted.

Do you need to call someone?

Do you mind? It will be brief.

Go ahead. Do I need to leave?

I have been calling since this morning. Where are you?

I’m worried. Call me back.

Alain? Are you there?

What’s wrong, honey?

You have nothing on your plate.


Are you not feeling well? You haven’t eaten anything.

I am tired, that’s all.

You’re still paying for all that vodka?

Eat something. It’s not good to have an empty stomach.

I think I have to vomit.

Are you okay?

Why is everyone asking that! I’m fine!

Sorry, but you give the impression…

I had a bad night’s sleep.

Leave me alone, please.

Did it go well?


Very well. But I’m happy to finally rest for a while.

You look a bit pale.

She drank a lot a few days ago…

… and since she hasn’t been herself.

I don’t sleep well.

She works too hard.

It will be fine.

Of course, sweetheart.

That’s not like you.

You don’t drink, you sleep like a baby.

I’m okay, I’m not sick.

I’ll shut up if you go on like this.

We’ll leave her alone.

Let’s go enjoy this beautiful weather.

Let me catch my breath for a moment.

Has she been like this long?

No, she works too much. That’s all.

I’m going to talk to her.

Yes, you’re excellent at that.

What’s bothering you?

I don’t want to talk about it.

I can see something is really wrong.

Okay, fine with me.

Enough. I don’t know what’s going on, but tell me. Jean doesn’t deserve this.

Jean indeed doesn’t deserve it.

And that means?

You don’t understand, you’ll hate me if I tell.

Because you have a lover?

How could you guess?

I’m not stupid.

You are a bundle of nerves. Jean thinks it is overwork.

You change your appearance, you start exercising. It is clear to me.

Okay, who is the guy?

Obviously he can’t be as great as Jean.

It started some months ago.

I ran into him on the street. I know him from school.

I don’t understand how you can cheat on a man like Jean?

You don’t cheat on such an amazing man with a loser, like your first husband.

He isn’t a loser.

Everything’s fine as long as you sleep with him but stay with your husband.

But if you ever tell him that you’re leaving Jean, he’ll be gone.

It’s classic.

He left no message, nothing!

It’s not like him! He was crazy about me at the Lycée.

Maybe something happened to him.

Like what?

Who would harm him? A peaceful poet, with no enemies?

Nothing suspicious about his apartment. He had just removed everything.

Obviously, he must have had doubts, and didn’t have the courage to tell me.

I still wonder if you shouldn’t go to the police.

I did!

But when they asked for my name, I panicked and hung up.

Honestly, it would surprise me if something had happened to him.

I won’t even check on the morgue, he wouldn’t have taken his things there.

You can always go take a look.

Stop dramatising. He’s not there.

I’m not going to get my name mixed up in this. Jean must not know.

It’s so obvious. As a married woman, Alain was happy to be with me in secret.

And sleep with me. But as soon as he realised I might leave Jean, he fled.

Are you sure you can’t make things work out with Jean?

No, to him I’m just a child he can spoil.

There you are.

What’s it about, you look so serious?

None of your business!

Well, while you were chatting, I had a brilliant idea.

We have friends in the US, Jack and Rita Prescott.

Jack told me they are going to renew their wedding vows with a big party.

A brilliant, extremely romantic idea. We’re going to do it too.

Your mother is here, so that works out nicely. What do you think?


We’ll celebrate our years together.

What a cute idea.

Oh, dear. You’re not saying anything.

No, don’t worry. Just…

Don’t you find it a bit cheesy?

Very American, yes.

I don’t care, I think it’s cute.

It’s usual in the US. I helped out at such a party with your dad in Brooklyn.

It was very touching.

Okay, you’re right. It’s cute. Sorry for acting like this.

It doesn’t have to be the party of the century. Just our circle of friends.

I already know what I’m going to wear.

Thank you for coming. We’re now going to renew our wedding vows.

Love is very complicated. The heart is ruthless.

Becauses it’s about feelings, and they don’t compromise.

Some people find each other, for life.

Well, it’s called luck.

Others have the need to renew the vow.

But this ceremony is magnificent!

To the health of the old newlyweds.

We got married on a boat along the Dalmatian coast.

We got very sea sick. A bad omen.

15 years later we are still together.

And still seasick.

I felt a bit sad during the ceremony.

The daughter of our neighbors was about to get married.

She was left behind in the church. Her entire family was present.

Yes, that scoundrel of a fiancé was gone, without explanation.

A month later, in Panama, he was found married to a porn actress.

It’s common to panic just before committing.

More often with men than women.

Wait until the last moment, then bail.


I saw a documentary…

…about the increasing number of people who disappear.

There is now evidence of who is behind it.


I swear that not a single scared fiancé has been abducted by aliens.

It is not impossible though.

Anything is possible now.

Jean’s former partner could be on a spaceship in another galaxy.

Didn’t his body resurface in a lake?

Or perhaps they weren’t sure it was him. He disappeared years ago…

…under mysterious circumstances. He could well be on Mars or Jupiter!

Not in the arms of a Panama prostitute.

So Jean’s partner disappeared?

Yes, it was in the news! Can’t remember the details but he was suddenly gone.

Some said it had to do with embezzlement or something like that.

Recently, it was reported that a body had been found.

The police were not sure it was him. I don’t think the case was ever closed.

Abducted by aliens, and the government is hiding it.

Very nice. Your friends are all nice.

What an evening, what a day.

So nice you were here.

I’ll turn in now.


I am exhausted. I had just white wine and some champagne. I’ll take a shower.

It was a success, and we have absolutely wonderful friends.

They all found you more beautiful than ever.

And you were wild.

Because I was happy.

You drank more than ever before.

I am also happier than ever before.

May I confess something?

The last few months, I’ve been a bit crazy.

I was overworked, lost my footing and sense of what’s essential.

For a time I was annoying or absent.

Now it’s over.

It was a bad time. That’s what I wanted to say. Now I feel really strong.

I have thought about things too.

It’s time to talk about children again.


I’m so lucky.

No, it’s me who’s lucky.

But you don’t believe in luck or coincidence.

That’s because I create my own luck.



They told a strange story about your partner.

That he disappeared some years ago.

You too? Who told you that?

A bit of an eccentric. One Gilles.

He claimed aliens are abducting people.

Then someone mentioned your partner.

What a jerk, that Gilles.

A drunkard, totally off his rocker. Always aliens.

I understand that the case caused a stir at the time.

They even spoke of murder.

That lasted a week or two.

People became paranoid and came with wacky accusations.

What did they say?

Something about our business.

Honestly, Camille, my partner was crazy.

He invented many stories, I was supposed to have embezzled. Me!

Honestly, some people, Camille…

Then he just suddenly disappeared.

What do you think about it?

Not bad.

Alain would have liked it.

Do you still think about him?

Only when I’m angry because he made a fool of me.

I feel guilty for cheating on Jean. I’ll do everything to make up for it.

And you’re sure Jean doesn’t know?

Yes, completely sure.

And you’re sure his disappearance isn’t suspicious?

Yes, I am not like you, a twisted mind full of distrust.

I am very gentle, just like Dad.

You remind me of that guy who believed in UFOs.


Alain wasn’t taken by aliens, he simply dumped me.

Why are you asking so much?

To give free rein to my macabre mind.

Please stop your sinister imagination, and read fewer crime thrillers.



Thank you very much.

Have you finished your book?

I ran into your mother this afternoon reading at a café.

She was so engrossed by the book that she got startled by me.

What kind of book was that?

A Simenon.

I’ve read one detective novel in my whole life. I don’t like them.

In the books private detectives are always extremely glamorous.

In reality, when I’ve dealt with them, I was very disappointed.

Apart from in films and literature, they are unintelligent.

Have you ever used detectives?

Yes, for my work.

There are lots of shenanigans in the financial world.

I can imagine.

Mr. Fournier recommended you. Jean Fournier.

When it comes to infidelity, you are a very good detective, he said.

He had marital problems but you handled it discreetly.

Discretion is of the utmost importance to me.

We are proud to be both efficient and discreet, as Mr. Fournier can confirm.

I have the impression that my husband is cheating on me.

I want clarity on that.

We need information.

Addresses, photos if possible.


Great. I’ll bring it next time.

At our second meeting?

I just wanted to know how much time you need.

And how much it costs, of course.

Our hourly rate is 450 euros.

Well, that is expensive…

…for following a husband, or in Mr. Fournier’s case, a wife.

There are cheaper agencies, but we deliver top quality.

The required time depends on the person.

Of course, that’s right.

Do you have any further questions?

No, I’m fine.

So far. Thank you very much.

I will call you again soon.

I… Thank you very much.

I hope you enjoyed the information.

Goodbye and thank you.



Mr. Fournier, Henri from Delauny. Do you have a moment?

Yes, I’m listening.

There was a lady here who said that you sent her.

She was not at ease, and very suspect. She seemed like an investigator.

Straight, chestnut hair, golden glasses.

I guess you didn’t tell her anything?

Certainly not. It didn’t feel right. That’s why I’m calling right away.

She clumsily asked about our work.

I knew she wasn’t coming back. I’ll keep you informed.

But did you say something?

Nothing at all.

She seemed to know that you employed us.

If you haven’t said anything, it’s okay.

Thank you for the warning. Goodbye.

That’s the lamp I was talking about. For our bedroom after a renovation.

Not bad.

It was Mom who found it.

Will she be staying long?

No idea.

She is so happy in Paris.

What is she doing in the daytime?

Museums, antique shops.

She loves walking, doing her own things. She has always been like that.


Great idea to have lunch together. I thought you were going to Versailles.

We need to talk.

Oh dear. This sounds serious.

I want you to listen until I have finished.

I know your life has been a roller coaster lately.

And you’re convinced there is nothing suspect about Alain’s disappearance…

But I think it is.

And why do you think that.

Nothing concrete at the beginning…

…but something clicked with that nonsense about aliens.

Are you crazy?

The nonsense about alien abductors got to me…

Mom, come on.

I did say ‘nonsense’.

Then, I’m almost finished, the conversation turned to…

…the disappearance of Jean’s partner who went missing…

…exactly like Alain.

That was long before I met Jean and the case was resolved. They found the body.

It was perhaps suicide. I don’t know the details.

I do. Jean has taken advantage of that disappearance.


He disappeared like Alain, and Jean benefited a lot from it.

At the time, they talked about suicide, kidnapping, even murder.

What are you suggesting now?

All I say is, in both cases Jean had a motive and an interest.

We are done with this.

What if Jean knew about your affair?

What if he suspected?

Out of the question.

Did he have you followed?


By a private detective.

You’re just talking nonsense.

I’m sure he hired someone.


I found a detective card in the drawer of his desk.

You went through his things?

I visited that detective.

Supposedly due to my cheating husband, on the advice of Jean Fournier…

…who had been delighted with his services.

I can’t believe my ears.

It explains everything.

What does it explain?

Jean getting rid of Alain? Nonsense!

It’s worth investigating further.

Sorry, I’m not hungry anymore.

Wait a moment!

Listen to me!

I’m not interested anymore.

I betrayed a man who never stopped loving me…

…who I want to have children with.

Okay, I’m cheating on him with someone out of my past. According to you…

…he has me followed…

…and then he makes Alain disappear.


Why were you looking at me like that?

You have looked at me strangely since morning.

Do you feel guilty about anything?

No, not at all.

Wait, I can’t go on.

Better than running indoors.

At work they said you had lunch with your mother.

We had an argument.

About what?

You know her. A boundless imagination…

…that she feeds with soap operas on TV and detective novels.

Perhaps she has a bit of bad influence on you now?

Sometimes she forgets her medication. A day without makes her a bit paranoid.

Sometimes very paranoid.

She must not forget her medication.

Paranoid about what?

She reads too many detective novels.

I was going to take a shower. Do you want anything?

I want to see if you were less paranoid.

I’m absolutely not paranoid.

He had you followed and knew you were cheating.

Are you taking all your medication?

Like clockwork.

Sometimes you forget them. Then it won’t work.

Even if I forget once in a while, all my suspicions don’t come from that.

If I didn’t love you, I would really be insulted by your obsession with Jean.

Let it go, please.

I’m not a professional detective.

I want to explain it to a professional to see what they think.

What kind of professional?

No idea.

I still think you should tell everything to the police.

I hope you’re joking. Am I going to say that I cheated on him?

From now on…

… I want you to only think about hunting, hiking, fishing, and having fun.

Nothing must go wrong now, Dragos.

It has to look like an accident.

What kind?

It must be flawless.

Who is it? What kind of accident?

A hunting accident.

I will take her to a place in the woods. You will be waiting there.

When you see her, you’ll shoot, like a hunter who makes a bad mistake.

The kind of hunter who thought he saw an animal?

A large one. There are many deer and hunters there. Can easily go wrong.

The police might have many questions.

I’ll give you a hunting license and a rifle. I’ll take care of it.

You have the right to hunt, it is tragic, and you are devastated.

But it must be your gun, not mine.

Do you understand?

You’re full of apologies. The police can’t do anything, it was an accident…


I’ll have nothing to do with it, but I’ll take good care of you as usual.

Yes, but there is a problem.

I have never fired a gun.



Not a problem. I’ll help you.

No, I know something better. I’ll shoot, and then give you the gun.

But you have to hold the gun at the end, understand?

In any case, Dragos, that woman must disappear.

She is harmful, dangerous, demanding, and nosy. That’s it.

When should it happen?

We’ll go exploring a few days earlier.

So you’ll be waiting at a good spot.

But you will shoot?

I shoot her, but it’s your responsibility.

Don’t forget it’s your job. Agreed?

And now you go to see your brother?

I was going to go this week…

…but you called. I’ll go next week.

Say hello to him.

Did you forget anything?

Where’s Pierre and Delphine?

We’ll see them there.

I’m eager to go hunting tomorrow.

Camille too, I think. You’re still hunting deer?

I hope with more luck than last time.

I love game.

The only thing we hunt for…

…is his antique stuff.

Eat, eat!

Enjoy your meal.

This lobster is delicious.

Are you coming to the antique shops?

I’m staying here to listen to music.

I am looking for a table.

There are many antique shops here.

I hope the hunt will be a success.

It’s about the search itself.

Yes, we enter a different universe.

It’s all about tracking the animal, you forget everything else.

She inherited her love of nature from her father, an excellent fisherman.

I learned fly fishing as a little girl.

I didn’t inherit any of this.

Definitely not.

Will we see you at lunch?

I don’t think so.

But we’ll try getting something for dinner.

Make sure to spit out the pellets!

You don’t hunt deer with buckshot.

What time is it? Wait. I have to take my pill.

You see how careful I’m about it. Have you seen them?

Are they in your bag?

Oh no. I have left them in Paris.

It’s a four-day weekend.

Alright. In that case, I will…

I’m not going to die.

But I have to go back to Paris.

I can easily go without for four days.

They’re not that necessary.

They are necessary. Edgar’ll get them.

He’ll never find them.

I will do it then. Where are they?

They’re in my jacket. I’m so sorry.

Don’t worry. I’ll go during the hunt.

But you wanted to listen to music.

Edgar is a very calm driver. I’ll rest and listen to music on the way.

Which jacket?

The grey one. It may also be the bag.

She’s going to find them.

But wait, there are several bags.

Come along.

Look carefully.

Bye, darling.

This one is for you.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Come with me.

We are going that way.

Camille, this way is better. I know this forest like the back of my hand.

This forest inspires poets. It is densely overgrown…

…gloomy, and with few deer.

Don’t worry, we’ll soon see some action.

I’ve been in the city for too long. How do you manage to find your way?

On my own I would be lost.

I have something to do. I’ll be back in an hour.

Let’s be honest, who would buy such a thing?

People who appreciate the art of hunting?

For an old country house.

Or for a jockey club, at most.


Fanny, the reception here is bad.

Alain did not flee. You were right. Something bad happened to him.

What are you saying?

I am at his place.

I found your medication and decided to go here, one last time.

Your ideas haunted me, and you were right.

Whoever cleaned out the place…

…didn’t know Alain’s secret spot for his manuscript.

He would never leave without it. It was the only copy.

His soul was in it.

This doesn’t surprise me.

Do you still think Jean is behind it?

I can’t prove anything. But I think the police would.

Put away the cigarette.

Give me your gun.

But Jean… I know him. He has his flaws and obsessions, but this…

Listen, I’ll come back. We need to talk.

See you soon.

Jean, no…

Was that really a deer?

I think it was a man.

Damn it. Are you sure?

No, that was someone.

Wasn’t it a deer?

A deer…

What is it, damn it?

Damn, damn…

We need to get help.

That’s not necessary. He is dead.

Good Lord, this can’t be…

It’s horrible.

I saw something moving among the trees.

It was an accident.

But, no… Oh my god.

It’s horrible.

She drew the conclusion that life was uncertain.

The chance of your existence is one in four hundred billion.

So every life is a miracle.

Every living creature is a jackpot in the cosmic lottery.

Do not waste that miracle.

She felt ready to continue until the end of her choices and her mistakes.

It remained no less terrifying to realise…

…the immense role played in all things by chance…

…and the importance of being lucky.

It was better not to dwell on it.


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